Gladys Knight Provides Backup Vocals ... For Hubby's New Country Song!!!


Gladys Knight is doing something she probably hasn't done a lot of during her career -- and that's taking the backseat on a ditty ... which is exactly what she did for her hubby.

Check out this music video that Gladys helped produce for her husband of 20 years, William McDowell, who's apparently diving into the country music scene ... and making a splash with his first offering called "Country Water" -- which is all about homegrown moonshine!

Watch it for yourself ... it's pretty damn catchy, as Will takes lead singing duties -- and his iconic wife actually backs him up. Sounds like she makes a cameo on the chorus.

We're hearing from people close to GK that this video was actually shot on her and Will's property in North Carolina -- and that it was created during the pandemic. We're told Gladys surprised Will by getting it made ... and we gotta say, it looks (and sounds) great.

Will -- who married Gladys in 2001, and is a whopping 14 years younger than her too -- might seriously have a potential recording career on his hands if he wants to pursue this any further. And, who better to guide him than the one and only?!?

Best of luck, dude!

Michigan 6-Yr-Old Shot Severe Trauma, Needs Therapy ... Dad's in Bad Shape Too


10:25 AM PT -- A GoFundMe has been started for Coby as his family attempts to navigate his recovery.

Coby Daniel, the 6-year-old boy in Michigan who was shot outside a neighbor's home while picking up his bike is struggling mentally to recover, and will absolutely need professional help ... according to his father.

Arnold Daniel tells TMZ ... his son is showing obvious signs of mental scars, and has not been able to sleep alone in his own bed -- something he'd been doing since he was 2.

Coby tries to sleep in his bed, but Arnold says he always ends up next to him ... and sometimes asks troubling questions like, "Why would [the alleged shooter] do that?"

As we reported, the neighbor, Ryan Le-Nguyen allegedly shot Coby in the arm after chasing him with a sledgehammer. Coby put on a brave face describing the incident to a reporter for FOX 2 Detroit -- but Arnold says his boy is utterly confused about why anyone would want to hurt him.

Fox 2

He says he's set up an appointment for Coby to see a therapist next week to help him make sense of everything.

Physical therapy is also on the horizon, but only after Coby's gunshot wound fully heals.

Arnold says he's taking time off from work to care for Coby, and cope with his own anxiety. He says it subsided a bit once Le-Nguyen's bond was revoked, and police took him back into custody.

As we reported, there was a massive outcry over Le-Nguyen's initial release on a $10k cash bond. His bail has since been increased to $100k.

Originally Published --  5:45 AM PT

'American Idol' Star Casey Bishop Screw a Summer Job ... Going On Tour $ounds Nice!!!

"American Idol" sensation Casey Bishop may have to put her summer plans on hold ... 'cause it looks like she's on track to make a nice chunk of change if she's chosen for the live tour.

The 16-year-old high schooler from Fort Myers, FL could rake in a bunch of money if everything goes right ... starting with her being chosen for the 'AI' Live Tour.

According to her minor's contract, obtained by TMZ, Casey would make $1,750/week for her musical performances, $1,200/week for rehearsals and $500 per non-musical appearance at things like meet-and-greets. She also gets a cut of the tour merchandise profit.

'AI' Live Tours are usually 50-date tours ... so Casey could be livin' large this summer. FYI: the tour contracts are drawn up before the 'Idol' competition plays out, and everyone in the top 24 signs them.

The tour roster hasn't been announced yet, but Casey finished fourth after rocking the hell out of her performances -- she had impressive renditions of Billie Eilish and Mötley Crüe hits -- so she's got a great shot.

BTW ... had the 'AI' fan favorite won the whole thing she could have scored a sweet $250k advance on her record deal ... and made even more with sales and royalties.

In the meantime ... Casey's getting ready for her homecoming concert slated to go down June 19 at Buddha LIVE in Fort Myers. Nice warmup for her likely summer job.

Swae Lee $300k in Jewelry Allegedly Jacked From Miami Hotel Room

Swae Lee believes the cleaning staff at a Miami hotel cleaned him out of some very pricy ice ... and now police are looking into it.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the rapper had a room at the Mondrian Hotel in South Beach, and he told cops when he checked out Thursday he realized some of his jewelry was missing -- $300,000 worth!!!

Sources close to Swae say a bracelet and chains got jacked, and he explained to cops why he thinks hotel workers could be the culprits. That's because we're told after he reported the theft to the hotel, the bracelet was turned in -- allegedly by an employee -- but not the chains.

Our law enforcement sources say Miami Beach PD detectives have spoken to Swae and are investigating the incident, but so far cops say there's no evidence hotel staff was involved in the alleged theft.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Mondrian tells us it can't comment on any specifics during an ongoing investigation, but says ... "The hotel is working in full cooperation with the police and authorities. As always, the safety and security of our guests and colleagues remains our top priority."

Swae's been in Miami all week for his birthday, and is performing Friday night at LIV nightclub.

2 Chainz 'Bummed' Over Julio To Titans ... But I'll Rock His Jersey!!!


Rap star 2 Chainz says he's sad as hell to see the Atlanta Falcons trade his good friend Julio Jones ... but tells TMZ Sports he's still gonna support his guy by coppin' his new Titans jersey!!

Of course, the "Grey Area" MC is a diehard Dirty Birds fan ... and has been tight with JJ over the years.

Now that the Falcons are entering their first season since 2011 without Julio ... we had to ask how 2 Chainz is holding up.

"I'm bummed out about it, man," Julio told us outside Amiri on Rodeo Drive. "I'm a Falcons fan, but "I'm a Julio fan. He's a great friend of mine."

"I'm a huge Julio fan," he added. "Somebody today called me about the suites up there at the Falcons. I don't know how I feel yet."

2 Chainz explains Falcons fans had a strong relationship with Julio ... which is why it stings to see him go.

But, good news for Julio -- 2 Chainz says he's gonna be sure to get Jones' new #2 jersey with the Titans ... after all, the number couldn't be more perfect.

We also chatted about the Hawks and just how much money he's been making off their wins ... and how much he threw down for Friday night's game!!

Shawn Porter Impressed W/ Logan Paul's Boxing Skills ... Keep On Fighting!!


"I hope this reaches Logan Paul. You looked good [Sunday] night! You looked really in control and you look like you could do some things in this sport."

That's Shawn Porter -- former 2x welterweight world champion -- cosigning Logan's career as a pugilist ... telling the YouTube star to KEEP BOXING!!

TMZ Sports talked to 33-year-old Porter about Paul following his 8-round exhibition fight vs. Floyd Mayweather last weekend ... and the boxing star had a message for Maverick.

"You have a built-in audience! You can make this money fighting this completion, build yourself up and then when the time is right, you say, 'Yo I'm ready for a world championship title' and I think by then, everybody that has rocked with him to this point will continue to rock with him."

Porter continued ... "He'll pull fans from the boxing arena and boom, you can't be mad at dude after that! You can't be mad at the money-making after that!"

Speaking of money, Logan previously told us he expected to make at least $20 million for the Mayweather fight.

That pissed off some star fighters (see Francis Ngannou) ... so we asked Shawn if he was upset inferior fighters were making BANK.

"You can't be mad at the hustle! I cannot knock the hustle! I'm happy for them dudes, I'm happy for them to get the money the way they've been getting it."


Sea Shepherd Capt. We Busted Infamous Pirates!!! Through Hell & High Water


If you've ever wondered who hunts down poachers and pirates in international water, and brings them to justice ... you're looking at him, and he has a crazy story to tell.

Captain Peter Hammarstedt joined "TMZ Live" Friday to give us the inside scoop on his crew's chilling, high-stakes mission to track down an illegal fishing boat called Thunder. He says they spent more than 100 days in dangerous, iceberg-filled water, and their efforts are the subject of the new documentary, 'Chasing the Thunder.'

The Captain explained why his organization, the Sea Shepherd Society, was after "the most notorious poaching vessel in the world" and details the extreme conditions his ship, Bob Barker, battled to keep up and try to capture it.

The pursuit crossed 3 oceans and covered more than 10,000 nautical miles ... and you gotta see Captain Pete's reveal of how it ended. It's absolutely wild, and shows you the kind of people he was up against out there.

The documentary's available now on Discovery+. You can also check out the full interview with the Captain on Friday's episode of "TMZ Live."

J Lo's House Wave of Fake 911 Calls Won't Stop ... LAPD Fed Up!!!

Someone has beef with Jennifer Lopez and way too much time on their hands, and it's pissing off cops, who continue to get flooded with 911 calls to go to her L.A. home ... nearly 6 months after this annoyance started.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... LAPD units are still responding to the singer's house because someone keeps calling 911, but we're told this isn't your typical swatting where people report a fatal shooting or mass carnage.

We're told the 911 caller reports other complaints ... like loud music or other disturbing noise coming from the house. Our sources say each time officers get to the pad, there's no such disturbance and J Lo's security tells them everything's fine.

In one instance, we're told cops found a gardener at Jennifer's pad -- but security quickly assured them the gardener wasn't blaring music.

Our sources say cops are struggling to track down the 911 callers because the calls aren't coming from a landline -- and the bogus calls have become a huge waste of time and manpower.

TMZ broke the story ... the calls started almost immediately after J Lo performed at President Biden's inauguration, and the operating theory was the calls were politically motivated.

We're told J Lo's security is working with LAPD in an effort to solve the mystery -- but it's already such a headache, cops desperately want the offender busted, convicted and locked up to the max.

Mama June Claims Dentist Lied Through His Teeth ... Left Me High, Dry and in Pain!!!

Mama June's going after a dentist she claims promised to fix her teeth in exchange for some Instagram publicity, but allegedly pulled a bait-and-switch ... leaving her mouth in major pain.

The reality star's legal team has fired off a letter to a dentist in Beverly Hills. In the document, obtained by TMZ, June says she made a deal with the dentist to fly into town to get her chompers fixed ... and all she'd have to do for payment is tag him and promote his work on social media.

June's rep, Gina Rodriguez, tells us June arrived on Monday for her appointment and booked accommodations for 12 days per the dentist's suggested timeline for the procedure to fix her top and bottom teeth.

According to the letter, the Doc removed her temporary dental implants from a previous procedure but then, "after placing her in a vulnerable (and painful) position," told her he would not complete the process unless she agreed to do media appearances to endorse his services.

June's team says this was never discussed at any point before the removal of her temporary implants, and now she's scrambling to find a new dentist to complete the work because her mouth is exposed ... and she's in a great deal of pain.

June's attorney, Jeffrey R. Klein, is demanding the dentist either complete the work as agreed upon -- or pay her $35k to cover the costs of her travel and getting the work done by another dentist. If he does neither, they say their next move could be a lawsuit.

We've reached out to the dentist ... no word back so far.

UFC's Marvin Vettori Hates Israel Adesanya 'I Get to Beat His Ass And Get His Belt!!!'


If you thought Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier had bad blood ... you're right.

But, also, Marvin Vettori and Israel Adesanya CAN'T STAND EACH OTHER -- and Marvin tells TMZ Sports he can't wait to punch the guy in the face this weekend!

"There's nobody that I would like to beat up more and I get to do it Saturday night," the 27-year-old Italian tells us.

"At the end of the day, I'm happy, I get to beat his ass and get his belt."

The two are clashing at UFC 263 in Glendale, Arizona -- a rematch of their 2018 fight, which Adesanya won by split decision.

But, this time, there's more at stake -- Izzy is the reigning UFC middleweight champ ... and Marvin is OBSESSED with taking his belt.

"I'll stop him with punches," Marvin says ... "I'm coming to get the belt. Keep it tight for now because it's not gonna be long until I get it."

Marvin was also tapped for an endorsement deal with Dolce & Gabbana -- and says he's looking to make them proud on Saturday!

Let's goooo!!!

Elizabeth Warren Jeff Bezos Is Laughing At Us!!! We Financed His Space Trip


Sen. Elizabeth Warren is going scorched earth over Jeff Bezos leaving Earth -- she's pissed about his trip to space, and says everyone who pays their taxes should be too.

We got the Senator Thursday at Reagan National Airport, and asked her about the world's richest man adding himself to the first crewed flight to space for his aerospace company, Blue Origin.

Warren says Bezos launching himself into space is a total insult to U.S. taxpayers because the trip is, effectively, being financed by them -- while Bezos does not pay his fair share in taxes ... at least according to the Senator.

As she puts it, the Amazon honcho's laughing all the way to space.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As we reported ... Jeff and his brother are traveling to space July 20 in a rocket ship named New Shepard, and they're auctioning a spot on the 6-seat capsule, with the highest bid currently approaching $5 million.

Fact of the matter is, Bezos is worth around $190 billion -- so, regardless of how much he pays in taxes, he could more than afford a ticket aboard the rocket.

Of course, that kinda strengthens Sen. Warren's point. Check out the video ... you can feel her disdain for Bezos.

Singer Montana Tucker H.S. Bullies Made Me Eat in Bathroom ... Inspired My New Song


Montana Tucker's dropping a new single that's all about self-confidence, but make no mistake ... she has vivid memories of bullies tearing down her confidence and forcing her into bathroom stalls.

The singer dug into her pain locker to reveal what fueled "Be Myself" ... her new single featuring Todrick Hall. The track aims to inspire self-acceptance and inclusivity ... something Montana says she works hard to convey on social media, and in real life.

On Thursday's "TMZ Live" she told us high school bullies called her MAN-tana because she was "a little bit bigger than the rest of the girls."

The bullying got so out of hand, Montana tells us she was relegated to sitting in the bathroom for lunch every day.

Her official "Be Myself" music vid -- which includes a flash mob routine in Times Square -- drops Friday, and Montana says it will also draw on some of those experiences she and Todrick had in school.

As for cyberbullying these days ... Montana told us how she deals with hate now, and she has an interesting take on people who hide behind keyboards to talk smack.

Dr. Dre I'm Officially Single!!!

Dr. Dre is officially a very eligible bachelor ... because a judge just restored his single status, legally speaking.

The judge just signed off on the music mogul's request to become officially divorced from Nicole Young. That's not the end of the story. Both Dre and Nicole will now battle it out over the validity of the prenup, which will determine their property settlement.

Nicole wants the prenup declared invalid, and also claims Dre agreed he would not enforce it. Dre says that never happened and the prenup is ironclad.

We broke the story ... Dre asked the court for single status back in March, saying his split from Nicole had reached the point of no return.

As we've told you ... the contentious split has dragged on through abuse claims, diss tracks and allegations of mistresses and love children.

But now, Dre and Nicole are at least officially single in the eyes of the law.

Old news is old news!
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