Brian Laundrie Possible Sighting in FL ... Man Believes He's Got Him on Video!!!


Brian Laundrie might have been pedaling along a country road -- purposely out of public view -- on a rickety old bike ... that is, if you buy what someone says they see in this video.

Check out this clip, obtained by TMZ, which one witness tells us was shot from a surveillance camera on the outskirts of his property on October 9 in Dunnellon, FL -- a tiny town, about three hours north of Laundrie's hometown of North Port, where his family resides.

We're told there are several acres of rural land behind this guy's property, which is apparently where this footage was taken ... along what we're told is a rugged sugar sand path that hardly anyone ever ventures down ... on foot or anything else.

Weirdly enough, this unidentified guy was cruising down the trail on a bicycle ... and having a difficult time at it, as you can see. He's riding with an oversized backpack on, and heavy clothing ... and in the homeowner's eyes, was trying to lay low.

Add on the fact this mystery man -- at least at first glance -- appears to bear a passing resemblance to Laundrie in the face ... and we might have a legit sighting on our hands.

We're told this video was submitted to the FBI for review, as the property owner felt it was enough of a match to flag it. Then again ... we've seen a lot of these that turn out to be red herrings, and some folks have even had run-ins with the law over a mistaken identity.

Still ... this could be a good lead, and could put the authorities back on the right track.

Vanessa Bryant Files 'KB24' Trademark Plans Kobe Sports And Entertainment Empire

Kobe Bryant's legacy will live on in the form of media, clothes, trading cards and more ... with Vanessa Bryant filing to trademark "KB24" to create a sports and entertainment empire surrounding her late husband's name.

TMZ Sports has learned ... Vanessa submitted docs earlier this month to lock in the trademark for digital collectible items, websites, training camps, broadcasting platforms, podcasts, TV shows, movies, documentaries and music ... as well as sports cards, food/drink containers and t-shirts.

Kobe, Inc. -- the Lakers legend's company -- is listed as the applicant of the filing ... with Vanessa signing off as the president of the business.

The move almost certainly provides a blueprint for what the Bryant family plans to do in the future ... with the "KB24" brand poised to enter a number of outlets.

As we previously reported, Vanessa decided to cut ties with Kobe's longtime sneaker and clothing partner, Nike, after issues over money and shoe availability.

It appears the "KB24" brand will look to grow without the Swoosh ... naming a large number of clothing items in the application -- although shoes are NOT listed.

However, Vanessa filed for "Mamba and Mambacita" back in March ... with the intent of using it for clothes and shoes, so that might explain why "KB24" may not be focused on sneakers.

"KB24" adds to the growing list of trademarks the Hall of Famer's estate has filed since Kobe and Gigi's tragic deaths back in January 2020 ... including "Mamba Sports Academy," "Mambacita," "Lady Mambas," "Lil Mambas" and more.

Flavor Flav Arrested for Domestic Battery

Flavor Flav landed in jail after being arrested for a domestic violence incident earlier this month in Nevada ... TMZ has learned.

According to law enforcement ... the Public Enemy co-founder was booked on a misdemeanor charge of domestic battery on Oct. 5 by the Henderson PD.

We're told cops responded to a call about a domestic disturbance and when they got there Flav was placed into custody and taken to the Henderson Detention Center.

According to the criminal complaint, obtained by TMZ, Flav allegedly poked his finger on the alleged victim's nose, grabbed her, threw her down and grabbed a phone out her hand.

The City Attorney tells us Flavor Flav is officially charged with misdemeanor battery constituting domestic violence.

Flav's attorney, David Chesnoff, tells TMZ ... "in alleged domestic violence cases, there are often 2 sides to the story and we will explain our side in the courtroom and not in the media."


We recently got Flav out at LAX, where he laid out his demands for Chuck D and what it would take for a Public Enemy reunion.

Meanwhile, Flavor Flav's manager tells us Tuesday will mark one year of sobriety from alcohol for Flav ... and added that it's been 15 months since he quit smoking cigarettes.

Aaron Carter Cops Plea in Georgia DUI Case ... No Jail Time

Aaron Carter can finally close the book on his DUI case from 4 years ago in Georgia -- and he's gotta be pretty happy, because he's walking away without doing a day in jail.

A court clerk from Habersham County tells TMZ ... Aaron struck a deal with prosecutors, agreeing to plea no contest to reckless driving for the 2017 stop where he refused to submit to a breathalyzer test. The DUI charge goes away.

We're told Aaron will be placed on 12 months of probation, while also having to complete 40 hours of community service and take some DUI risk reduction classes ... plus, shell out around $1,500 in court fees and fines. AC will also be subjected to a drug and alcohol evaluation, and has to comply with whatever other treatment is seen as appropriate.

Assuming all goes well during his probation, he won't have to spend any time behind bars -- which was technically on the table as a possibility when he got arrested.

You'll recall ... Aaron got pulled over in Habersham while cruising with his then-girlfriend, Madison Parker, but declined to submit to the breathalyzer when cops suspected he was under the influence.

Now, the case is officially over and done with.


So, what's next for Carter? He previously told TMZ Sports he's eyeing another celeb boxing match after losing his first one to Lamar Odom.

Based on that first fight, he should pray Lamar shows as much mercy as prosecutors did on the DUI case!!!

'AMERICA'S GOT TALENT: EXTREME' Stuntman Suffers Horrific Injuries In Car Stunt Gone Wrong

Jonathan Goodwin's terrifying car stunt gone wrong left him riddled with injuries over much of his body ... and it sounds excruciating.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, the professional daredevil suffered multiple broken bones in both of his legs, plus cuts all over his face and burns.

It sounds like Jonathan got super lucky ... the responding officer says he was able to observe the stuntman after the incident and he was conscious and alert. Police say EMTs determined Jonathan had good vital signs.

Still, the injuries were bad enough that he needed to be airlifted to a nearby hospital, where he underwent surgery.


We broke the story ... the incident was captured on video, and the footage shows the moment Jonathan is sandwiched between 2 cars, causing a massive fireball to explode.

Jonathan was supposed to fall under the cars before they smashed together, but the timing wasn't quite right ... and instead, he got crunched.

After the impact, the police report notes Jonathan fell another 40 feet and missed the airbag that was supposed to catch him. So, this was a double whammy.


No wonder the 911 caller said Jonathan was close to death.

Kourtney & Travis Cameras Rolling for Engagement ... Hulu Show to Benefit

The Kardashian's new project with Hulu has already scored a massive family life event thanks to Kourtney and Travis' engagement, cameras were rolling for the special moment and celebration that followed with loved ones ... TMZ has learned.

Barker popped the question at The Rosewood Miramar Beach Hotel in Montecito Sunday, and while it was mostly roses that surrounded the couple, cameras caught the moment too. We're told immediately following the proposal, there was a dinner to celebrate which was filmed for the upcoming family show as well.

Kourtney's sisters, Kris Jenner, Corey Gamble and Travis' kids, Landon and Alabama, all attended the dinner at The Rosewood, which was prepared by chef Massimo Falsini.

As expected, everyone ate well while the cameras rolled ... on the menu were different choices of pasta, lobster, cod, and filet. Not to mention, the table was filled with dozens more roses.


TMZ broke the story, Travis got down on one knee after nearly a year of his and Kourtney's relationship. The two had been friends for a decade, but were never romantic before getting together at the beginning of 2021.

Obviously, it's still early for wedding details, but there's a good chance Hulu cams will also roll on the big day.

Drake Kids in Wheelchairs Looked Up to You!!! Org Calls 'Degrassi' Role Pivotal

Drake might wanna reconsider the hatred he reportedly had for his 'Degrassi' character being in a wheelchair -- because lots of kids in wheelchairs actually felt validated thanks to his portrayal.

Madeline Robinson, executive director of Wheelchair 4 Kids, tells TMZ ... she hopes the rapper knows his role as Jimmy Brooks on 'Degrassi' really helped a lot of young people.

She says he actually made them kind of cool and, though he might not have known it, he instilled confidence and made their lives a little better. Robinson says Drake's character brought much-needed representation.

She explains ... kids in wheelchairs are often left out of things like getting invited to birthday parties or movies. She asked, "When was the last time you went to a mall and saw a kid in a wheelchair hanging out with other kids?" Sadly, she says it's rare.

ICYMI ... a writer of the Canadian teen drama show recently claimed Drake threatened to quit and took legal action against the show to get a rewrite, removing Jimmy's character from the wheelchair.

The writer claimed Drake made the demand because he worried it made him look soft. Jimmy was left paralyzed after a shooting, but ultimately underwent stem cell surgery ... allowing his character to stand with crutches in the season 7 finale.

It should be noted ... the show's writer also added that Drake relented and agreed that his character being in a wheelchair was a powerful moment on TV.

Robinson, whose org strives to give physically disabled kids a better quality of life, agrees ... saying, "It is great when we see our kids being represented." Ditto.

Erika Jayne Pleads Ignorance ... Says Tom's Firm Handled All Her Money

Erika Jayne's blaming her estranged husband to deflect allegations of shady financial dealings, saying his firm managed her money while they were married ... and she was none the wiser.

As you know ... "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star has been sued for allegedly hiding assets through a "sham divorce" with Tom Girardi, who's accused of stealing money intended for families of the victims in the 2018 Lion Air Flight 610 crash.


So, there's been a cloud of suspicion hanging over Erika regarding how much she knew of Tom's business dealings, and how involved her company, EJ Global, was ... especially since Tom reportedly transferred $20 million from his law firm to EJ.

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ ... Erika insists she had zero clue what Tom was actually doing with his or her money, claiming every dime she earned went straight to him or his law firm, Girardi & Keese.

We're told Erika trusted he would manage it properly and make sure all the financial dealings -- like paying for a music vid production crew -- were handled appropriately, and she never actually monitored it.

Our source says all of Erika’s independent income -- from 'Housewives,' paid appearances, sponsorship deals, etc. -- went to EJ Global ... but Erika insists Tom ultimately managed the money.

As we told you, Erika's not watching the airing of the 'RHOBH' reunion, because too much of it is about her financial scandal, and she doesn't want to relive it again.

We reached out to lawyers for Tom ... no word back so far.

Boxer Rolando Romero Gonna Knock Tank Davis 'The F*** Out' ... In The 1st Round!!


"Tank's gonna knocked the f*** out. And, whoever believes otherwise can go f*** themselves."

That's 26-year-old, undefeated rising boxing star Rolando Romero -- aka Rolly -- declaring that he will not only beat Gervonta Davis when they fight December 5 in Los Angeles, but Tank will get flatlined within 3 minutes!!!

It's an incredibly bold prediction ... especially considering most experts have picked Davis to beat the very talented Romero.

But, Rolly -- who we spoke with leaving Wilder-Fury 3 -- is adamant he isn't just running his mouth ... he believes he's got a size and power advantage.

"The best thing about Tank is that he's a puncher, and I'm a bigger puncher and bigger person. What the f*** does he have?" Rolly tells us.

"I punch way harder than him. Ask anyone that knows us both. They'll tell you straight up."

Of course, Tank is known as one of the hardest punchers, pound-for-pound, in the entire sport. All but 1 of his 25 wins are by knockout ... and the uppercut he dropped Leo Santa Cruz with is one of the most devastating punches of all time.

But, Rolly's power definitely isn't anything to scoff at ... all but 2 of his 14 wins are also by KO.

So, Romero's prediction?!?

"I'm gonna knock him the f*** out."


"1 round. He's gonna run into something."

'Judge Judy' Bailiff Down For Another Court Show ... Already Drawing Interest

Petri Hawkins-Byrd, the bailiff from "Judge Judy," wants to work on another courtroom TV show now that Judy Sheindlin is moving on without him ... and he's getting some bites.

A rep for Petri tells TMZ ... he's not actively pursuing a spot on another show, but he'd consider any offers that come in, and some producers are showing interest.

We're told Petri's manager is having ongoing conversations with TV producers who are working on a new court TV show idea/concept ... and another big-name producer made Petri's camp an offer for a new project, with room for negotiation.

Petri's 25-year run working with Judy came to a sudden end -- a shock to him -- when she dropped the promo for her new show, "Judy Justice," and he wasn't in it.

We're told Petri called Judy and asked what was up, and she told him he was too expensive.

Petri's rep says he's not going to let it ruin his life ... he's confident God has a plan for him and something new is coming his way.

Sounds like there's no bad blood between Petri and Judy, despite how things ended ... we're told Petri knows he wouldn't be where he is without her.

In addition to drawing interest for potential new shows, Petri recently starred in an episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" ... and we're told he's down to film for the soap again or even land a recurring role.

Jay-Z & Beyonce This New Orleans Mansion is Fire ... Yours for $4.45 Million!!!

Jay-Z and Beyonce are saying au revoir to New Orleans with a fire sale, of sorts -- just months after their mansion there ignited, they're selling it.

The power couple is listing the 1925 pad, asking for $4,450,000. The 13,292 square foot pad has 7-bedrooms, 8-bathrooms and was originally a Presbyterian church. It's since been retrofitted to not only house the rich and famous, but also hold special events.

Nestled in NOLA's Historic Garden District -- and just steps from the main Mardi Gras parade route -- the home's hosted weddings, salons and major recording stars and corporate execs.

It's easy to see why the rapper and singer loved this place ... the mansion's acoustics are unparalleled. According to the listing ... a Grammy winner once said, "I did my best writing ever, while watching the sunset from the rooftop garden!" The listing doesn't reveal who said that, but it easily could have been Jay or Bey.

In any event, the 3-story building with 26-foot ceilings features Spanish baroque architecture. The building itself is divided into one main residence with 3 apartments that are each approximately 1,000-square-feet.

One big bonus ... the house will be painted to the new owner's liking prior to the deal closing.

The listing comes nearly 3 months after the mansion caught on fire. The blaze lasted a little over 2 hours, and it was classified as simple arson.

Unclear how much damage the building sustained, but we imagine the Carters are leaving it in pristine condition ... so the next owner can laissez les bon temps roulez!!!

Michael Jackson Passport App Up For $ale ... Yours For $75,000

A rare piece of Michael Jackson history that highlights his globetrotting status as the King of Pop is hitting the open market, and could be an incredible conversation piece in your home ... if ya got deep pockets.

Here's the deal ... MJ lost his passport in the early 1990s and had to fill out an application for a replacement -- and now that document is going up for sale at Moments In Time.

As you can see, Michael included 4 passport photos in his application, which is filled out with all of his information ... and it's even got his John Hancock.

The pics are pretty cool ... they're Polaroids -- that alone is a blast from the past -- and even though Michael's not cracking a smile, his hair is looking great.

Also note how he put his occupation as "entertainer" and check out his huge, sweeping signature.

The documents and pictures look to be in excellent condition ... which is part of the reason why this Michael artifact has a $75,000 price tag.

David Ortiz Barry Bonds Is The Best Ever ... Belongs In HOF

It ain't Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle or Willie Mays ... no, according to David Ortiz, the greatest baseball player ever is Barry Bonds.

The Red Sox legend made the claim to TMZ Sports out in Beverly Hills this week ... saying Bonds is his MLB G.O.A.T.

"He's the best player of all-time," Big Papi said.


Ortiz added he believes the San Francisco Giants legend is, definitively, a Hall of Famer.

Of course, there's no denying Bonds is statistically the greatest ever ... he hit 762 home runs and stole 514 bases while winning SEVEN MVP awards in his 22 years in the Big Leagues.

The problem ... many believed the former outfielder used performance-enhancing drugs to help his game -- which is why he still hasn't been enshrined in Cooperstown.

Still, it's clear Ortiz believes that's a wrong that needs to righted ... and if you've seen any sorts of Bonds highlights -- it's hard to argue, right?

Jeff Lowe Evicted From 'Tiger King' Park!!!

Jeff Lowe is taking his show on the road, but not voluntarily -- he's being evicted from his "Tiger King" Park, and now has to set up shop in a new location.

According to new legal docs obtained by TMZ ... the owner of the park went after Jeff claiming he owes more than $10,000 in unpaid rent and other damages. Court documents show the judge ruled Jeff had to fork over $10,000 and vacate the premises by Oct. 22 at noon.

Our sources tell us Jeff's wife, Lauren, showed up to court and said Jeff was taking care of their sick child ... so she asked for an additional 30 days before the eviction, but that request was denied.

Jeff tells TMZ ... he is going to move the zoo to a new, still to be determined, location.


Remember, this was the same zoo raided by the feds a couple times earlier this year, with some of his exotic animals and big cats getting hauled away.

NFL's Isaiah Rodgers Cops Insane Terminator Cleats ... That Light Up!!!

Indianapolis Colts DB Isaiah Rodgers will be channeling his inner-Terminator for next weekend's game ... 'cause he just copped cleats featuring images from the classic 1984 action thriller -- that light up!

TMZ Sports has learned artist Rodney Jackson was workin' on some Terminator cleats with the idea of highlighting the T-800 model by using actual lights for the eyes.

And, when Jackson finished them ... he shared 'em with Rodgers and said the NFL player wanted 'em ASAP!

The cleats are dope -- they feature a detailed image of Arnold Schwarzenegger with a shotgun and dark shades ... the exact image of the '84 movie poster.

On the other side, the Terminator is painted on -- with red eyes that flash!

Jackson -- who also made Candyman cleats for Nyheim Hines earlier this season -- says it took a lot of wiring and a lot of work ... but he managed to get the spikes done in just one day!

You can catch 'em on Rodgers' feet during pre-game warmups next week ... when the Colts take on the 49ers.

UFC's Islam Makhachev Is A Better Version of Khabib ... Says Mgr. Ali Abdelaziz

How good is #5 ranked UFC Lightweight, Islam Makhachev? His manager, Ali Abdelaziz, believes he could be one of the most dominant fighters of all time.

"I think [Islam's] gonna be one of the greatest fights ever. I think he's a better version than Khabib. I truly believe he is. He's not now, but he can be. He's a future world champion, for sure," Ali tells TMZ Sports.


Obviously, Nurmagomedov (literally) NEVER lost ... finishing his legendary career with a 29-0 record. He beat Justin Gaethje, Dustin Poirier, and Conor McGregor.

If you're not familiar with 30-year-old Makhachev ... he's a beast. Islam's 20-1 ... with his sole defeat coming in his 2nd UFC fight way back in 2015.

Ever since ... he's dominated.

Next on the agenda is #6 ranked Dan Hooker at UFC 267 on October 30 ... a fight Abdelaziz says Hangman can only win with a fluke punch.

"Dan Hooker, great fighter, great guy, he's showing up for a paycheck. The only way he can win is a lucky punch."

Ali says he's personally witnessed Makhachev beat much bigger UFC stars in the gym.

"Let me tell you something, Islam Makhachev, I see him in the gym beating D.C. (Cormier), beating Luke Rockhold, beating some of my guys who's top 5 middleweight. Beating guys in the top 5 at welterweight."

"[Makhachev] is a problem. He is one of the worst guys to train with. He beats your ass. Khabib beats you, lets you relax. Islam beats you every second of the round. He does not give people time to breathe. He is very dangerous, striking, on the ground, wrestling, you have not seen the best Islam Makhachev yet, I promise you that."

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