'M*A*S*H' Star Kellye Nakahara Dead at 72

Kellye Nakahara, who played Lieutenant Nurse Kellye on "M*A*S*H," has died ... TMZ has learned.

Kellye died Sunday after a short battle with cancer. Her family was with her when she died at the family home in Pasadena ... this according to a family member. We're told she went peacefully.

Kellye, who was born on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, actually moved to San Francisco as a young adult not to pursue acting but rather a career in art.

She was on "M*A*S*H" for the entire run of the show. In case you didn't know ... "M*A*S*H" was considered one of the best shows ever produced on TV. It still lives in reruns and syndication.


She also appeared in the films, "Clue" in 1985 and "Black Day Blue Night."

She married David Wallett in 1968 and they had 2 kids. She also has 2 grandchildren.

Kellye was an accomplished artist who was awesome with watercolors. She loved making Xmas ornaments and one even hung in the White House. She and her husband were active supporters of the Ronald McDonald House.

Kellye was 72.


The Bounce-Back Stripper My Next Career Move ... Sexy Food Critic!!!


Genea Sky -- the exotic dancer who came crashing down from a 15-foot stripper pole and kept twerking -- has her eyes on a new life after stripping ... she wants to critique food!!!

As you know, Genea says her stripping days are over after her super-scary plunge at a Texas strip club ... and now she's champing at the bit to become a food critic ... but she's gotta heal up from her injuries first, because her jaw is still wired shut!

Genea tells us she's ready and willing to sample anything edible ... but she says she's a chicken wing connoisseur and she's also got a thing for tacos and sushi.

The hardest part of being on the mend, Genea says, is being unable to eat her favorite foods ... and she's got another 3 weeks of getting her meals through a straw.

Genea says she's got the appetite of a football player and she's making her pitch to turn her food critic dream into a reality.

Bon appetit!!!

Drew Carey Ex-Fiancee Murdered


Drew Carey's ex-fiancee, Dr. Amie Harwick, has been murdered after cops say an ex-boyfriend attacked her and caused her to fall from a third-story balcony.

Law enforcement sources say they got a call early Saturday morning of a woman screaming in a Hollywood Hills neighborhood. Cops were met in the street by Harwick's roommate, who said she was being assaulted inside her home.

We're told once officers attempted to get inside Harwick's home, they found her unresponsive underneath a third-story balcony, with injuries consistent with a fall. Harwick was taken to a hospital where she later died from her injuries.

Cops say evidence suggested there was forced entry and a struggle inside Harwick's home before she was discovered. Investigators located surveillance footage in the neighborhood and determined the suspect was a white male dressed in black.

Detectives learned Harwick had recently expressed concerns about an ex-boyfriend -- who she once had a restraining order against -- causing her harm. Cops say the restraining order ended just two weeks ago and Harwick had recently seen the ex.

Cops arrested the ex, Gareth Pursehouse, Saturday afternoon and booked him for murder.

Drew and Harwick started dating in 2017 and announced their engagement in early 2018. However, they split less than a year later.

Tyrann Mathieu Joe Burrow Won't Spurn Bengals ... In 2020 NFL Draft


Breathe easy, Bengals fans ... Tyrann Mathieu says Joe Burrow will NOT spurn Cincy at the 2020 NFL Draft, and will happily play for the team if it picks him No. 1 overall in April!!

"Me just knowing him for the last couple years," the Honey Badger tells TMZ Sports, "He's super competitive ... he knows he can be the guy."

There are A LOT of rumors surrounding Burrow and the Bengals ... with some indicating the Heisman Trophy winner might refuse to play in Cincy if it picks him at the top of the draft.

In fact, ex-Bengals star Carson Palmer seemed to advise Joe to do exactly that in an interview with CBS Sports last month ... saying he doesn't believe Bengals ownership truly wants to win a Super Bowl.

Of course, the move wouldn't be unprecedented ... Eli Manning famously balked when the San Diego Chargers picked him in 2004 -- leading to an eventual trade to the NY Giants.

But, when we got Tyrann -- a former LSU superstar who's become bros with Burrow the past couple years -- at Mr. Chow in L.A. this week ... he told us don't bet on Joe pulling the same trick.

"I think he'll have a great opportunity to kind of help, hopefully, Cincinnati change things around as a franchise," Mathieu says.

There's more ... the Chiefs superstar also spoke with us about who his favorite non-Patrick Mahomes QB is -- and his answer might surprise you.

And, Mathieu even talked about LSU's stacked secondary ... and which Tigers prospect he thinks will be the next big NFL star.

Harriet Tubman Debit Card Spikes Bank Numbers ... What Controversy?!? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


The bank under fire for its Harriet Tubman debit card design says its sales are the only thing on fire ... 'cause new and old customers are clamoring for the new debit card.

We're told OneUnited Bank -- claiming to be America's largest black-owned bank -- is seeing exponentially larger volume than usual after debuting the Harriet Tubman card. We're told the bank is seeing 10x their normal volume in terms of bank account sign-ups, account holders requesting to switch to the new debit card design and banking inquiries.

OneUnited Bank

It's only been 72 hours ... but OneUnited knows when they've got a huge winner 'cause they saw similar numbers back in 2016 after partnering with Killer Mike's #BankBlack movement.

The goal back then? Move money to black-owned banks. OneUnited claims more than $50 million in deposits was moved to black-owned banks across the country. This time around, OneUnited feels it's got a hit on its hands based on the early numbers.

As we reported ... OneUnited caught flak for the design but its president, Teri Williams, doubled down and said the bank stood behind its Tubman design. She added the bank is "unapologetically black" ... so expect the card to stick around for a while.

Jussie Smollett Osundairo Bros. Praying for Him ... To 'Finally Tell the Truth'


Jussie Smollett's alleged accomplices in staging a hate crime are speaking on camera for the first time since Jussie was hit with felony charges again ... and they're practically pleading for him to come clean.

The Osundairo brothers -- Abel and Ola -- were leaving Fina Estampa restaurant in Chicago Friday afternoon when they opened up about Jussie ... and how they feel about the whole debacle.

Ola starts by telling us they are praying for Jussie to "build up the courage to finally tell the truth" ... clearly implying they're sticking to their story -- that it was all a hoax perpetrated by Smollett.


Abel, who's walking with his brother and their lawyer, Gloria Schmidt, goes on to say the brothers feel remorseful for being involved in the incident and causing people pain ... especially real victims of hate crimes who may have been marginalized because of what they did.

As we reported ... Jussie's facing a new 6-count indictment for allegedly lying to law enforcement about his "attack" back in January 2019. He also still has to deal with the City of Chicago's lawsuit against him for around $500k in investigative costs.

The Osundairos have said they remain "fully committed to the public knowing the truth" and will cooperate with the renewed investigation, and tell us if that means testifying ... they'll do what needs to be done.

NBA All-Star Weekend 3,000 Strippers Descend On Chicago ... Offset, Kid Capri Hosting

TMZ/Getty Composite

The strip club cavalry has arrived in Chicago with THOUSANDS of dancers, literally, making sure NBA superstars and fans are well entertained during All-Star Weekend!!!

The good folks at Ocean Gentleman's Club, Factory and Club O tell TMZ Sports ... they've hired Last Coast Entertainment to promote events at all the clubs this weekend. We're told that means 3,000 strippers will be swarming around poles all over Chi-town.


The forecast calls for some serious rain, because we're told each club will have $450,000 in single dollar bills on deck each day for customers -- NBA and otherwise -- to spend on the dancers. The clubs are ready to bring in the Brinks trucks too, if they need even more Washingtons.

As for who's leading all this fun ... Offset will be front and center hosting an epic after-party Sunday at Ocean Gentleman's Club, following the All-Star Game. Also, Kid Capri's hosed that club's Saturday night bash.

The clubs also tell us they already have 10 tables reserved each night, exclusively for NBA ballers -- and their kitchens will be working OT to serve up lamb chops, burgers, wings and shrimp. BIG dudes have BIG appetites!

BTW, NBA All-Star Weekend is like an annual Super Bowl for the strippers ... so there's high-demand to get work in the host cities each year. We're told the dancers have to fork over $300 to $350 per night to a club just to get their high heels in the door.

Other gentlemen's clubs around Chicago -- like Scores and Rick's Cabaret -- are adopting NBA themes. Dancers will wear basketball uniforms, to start anyway, and of course, there will be VIP sections just for NBA studs.

And, get this ... one club tells us they're flying in girls from New York, Los Angeles and Miami to diversify their lineup. Now that's thoughtful!!

Rick Moranis Huuuuge Get for 'Shrunk' Reboot ... Says OG 'Shrunk' Kid

Getty Composite

A reboot of "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" without Rick Moranis would be like cereal without milk, it wouldn't be right ... according to the woman who played his daughter in the original movies.

Amy O'Neill played Amy Szalinski in the theatrical releases and tells TMZ ... the reboot would have been incomplete without Rick agreeing to return. Amy says without him ... the new production just couldn't work.


Josh Gad is reportedly the star attached to the film -- with original director Joe Johnston also returning -- but Amy told us why Rick's flair was the critical ingredient.

Something else she's fired up about is seeing the new special effects. Remember, when "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" was first released in 1989, its special FX were considered cutting-edge. She says the green screen the film used back in the day was the largest of its kind at the time. More than 30 years later ... she can't even imagine what kinda technology will be used to pull it off this time. She's champing at the bit to see it, though.

Everett Collection

And yes, she addressed the obvious question too -- is she returning ... as Rick's daughter, or a cameo role? Let's just say she's totally down for a reunion.

Becky Lynch Warns Khabib ... Conor Will Dominate Rematch!!


Conor McGregor WILL get a victory in a rematch with Khabib ... so says Becky Lynch, who tells TMZ Sports she believes Conor's got a whole new strategy for The Eagle!!

"I think he's been working," the WWE superstar says. "You saw it in the last fight. He's got a new game plan, his head is firmly in it and I think he wins it."

Becky admits she is biased -- she's from Ireland, after all -- and tells us, "Of course I'm going to say me countryman!"

But, The Man clearly believes Conor's got a real shot regardless.

"I think he's got that dedication," Becky says. "He backs it up, man. He backs it up."

The last time Conor and Khabib squared off in the Octagon ... things didn't go so well for the Notorious, who lost after he tapped out in the 4th round.

And, it remains to be seen if Khabib will even get in the cage a second time with Conor ... he just said earlier this month he wouldn't fight McGregor again for $100 MILLION!!!

But, let's be real ... that's a lot of cash, and now that Becky tells us Conor's got a chance -- LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

Bellator's Ilima-Lei Macfarlane Chokes Out TMZ Staffer ... With Her Legs!!


Wanna see one of the baddest females in the world nearly choke the life outta a TMZ employee?!?

We thought so.

29-year-old Bellator champ Ilima-Lei Macfarlane came through the TMZ office ... and naturally our in-house crash test dummy, Lucas Widman got a one-on-one demo of her triangle choke.

Lucas -- who's faced MMA stars like Jon Jones, Paige VanZant and Brian Ortega -- tapped QUICK ... like Chris Johnson's 40-time quick.

No shocker there ... Macfarlane is a killer in the cage -- the 29-year-old is an undefeated 11-0.


The crazy part ... Ilima-Lei sat down with Michael J. Babcock and told him she only got into MMA a few years ago, so she could drop weight she put on during college.

Little did she know she'd turn into one of the best damn fighters in the game.

Liziane Gutierrez Ball So Hard ... For All-Star Weekend!!!

Bikini model Liziane Gutierrez is getting out of her bubble -- ditching the glamorous life for the bump-and-grind of basketball, and she has King James on the brain ... and her cheeks.

The Brazilian poser and a gal pal had no problem choosing sides for the NBA All-Star Game, which is going down this weekend in Chicago. Liziane took on her friend in a game of hoops -- in MUCH-shorter shorts than the pros -- and just to keep it real, they made their allegiances known.

Liziane took an L on her butt for team LeBron James, while her friend's a straight G ... for Team Giannis Antetokounmpo. Those are the actual teams competing in Chi-town.

Anyway, check out the pics of their game -- it was truly a thong o' beauty. No word on who won. Luckily, we know you don't really care.

Keanu Reeves Playing John Wick as Neo for 'Matrix 4' ... Trinity There Too!!!

Keanu Reeves is back as The One for the upcoming 'Matrix' movie -- but oddly enough ... his new Neo looks a lot like another action hero he's been playing lately, to much acclaim.

TMZ obtained new photos of Keanu, Carrie-Anne Moss (who played Trinity) and director Lana Wachowski on the set of "The Matrix 4," which has been filming in San Francisco these past couple weeks or so. These latest pics were shot Friday in the Financial District.

You can see Keanu here, and it looks like Lana and co. have Mr. Anderson rocking a fresh look we're not used to when it comes to Neo -- who was clean-cut in the OG flicks. Now, The One has a striking resemblance to the widowed hitman John Wick. Like, to a T.

He's got the same shoulder-length hair JW has, and the same messy beard too. Shoot, Neo's even got the same dark outfits John wears -- although, Neo did it first, technically.

Other shots of Keanu on set have surfaced lately, and it seems to confirm Lana's got Neo in a bummy state within the Matrix. Who knows what his "real-world" appearance will be.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Even cooler than seeing Keanu back in action ... getting a glimpse of Carrie-Anne on set, who's reprising her role as Neo's love interest. We're told she too was on set Friday, and we got a shot of her with her back to the camera, sporting her signature short hair.

Oh, and Keanu's girlfriend, Alexandra Grant, was spotted hanging around as well. Supporting her man, it seems.


Now, we're told this latest scene consisted of a SWAT team going in and out of a building -- with a black SUV parked out front under green neon lighting. Very 'Matrix'-esque, right?!

Still no sign of any of the other stars who've been tied to the project, including Jada Pinkett, Neil Patrick Harris, Priyanka Chopra, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II ... or Laurence Fishburne.

The latter hasn't been announced as being involved yet, but ya gotta imagine Morpheus will be back. He better be, anyway!

American Airlines Passenger Threatens Defamation Lawsuit Against AA


Wendi Williams, the woman whose reclined seat was repeatedly punched by a passenger on an American Airlines flight, is ready to pick another fight ... this time with the airline!!!

Wendi tells us she met with an attorney Friday to discuss legal options she can take against AA ... and she's threatening the airline with a defamation lawsuit!

Williams is bristling over what an American Airlines rep told TMZ -- that the whole seat-reclining incident started when she first reclined and knocked over the other passenger's drink. Wendi claims it never happened. BTW, even if she did, it would have been an accident and no big deal.

She believes she was slandered when AA accused her of being disruptive, spilling a drink and also all the things that the flight attendant said to her on the plane -- that she was the bad person in the dispute -- all defamatory, Williams says. BUT ... she's not interested in suing the passenger, although she's told us she'd like to see him prosecuted for assault.

Wendi also claims she was respectful to everyone else on the plane and didn't make a scene. Remember, she previously told us a flight attendant handed her a passenger disturbance notice for refusing to delete her video of the man behind her punching her chair.


As for the reclining-seat debate ... Wendi says the airlines should be the ones determining if it's an issue, not fellow passengers.

Wendi's also got another threat for AA ... telling us, "They have pushed me way too far, literally and figuratively." Them's fighting words ... as in lawsuit.

AA's drawing its own line in the sand ... a source at the airline tells us Wendi reached out Tuesday asking for compensation, but she won't see any money because AA sees this as a passenger vs. passenger dispute.

We're also told AA won't be referring the incident to authorities, and it's up to Wendi if she wants to go down that road.


As we previously reported ... Wendi is worried the repeated whiplash from the seat punches may have damaged her vertebrae -- she says she has a medical history -- and she wants AA to fork over some money to pay for an MRI and possible medical bills.

J.J. Watt and Fiancee Kealia Ohai We're Hitched!!!


5:48 PM PT -- Looks like J.J. Watt has officially tied the knot. Again ... congrats!

J.J. Watt is preparing to be a married man today!!!

J.J. and fiancee Kealia Ohai are getting hitched Saturday at a fancy hotel in the Bahamas, and lots of family and friends are on hand for the nuptials.

The couple was hanging at the hotel all week with their broods, hanging by the pool and celebrating during meals.


A big tent was erected Friday for the ceremony ... it's pretty extravagant -- a tent with chandeliers.

As TMZ Sports reported, J.J. and Kealia took out a marriage license this week in Harris County, Texas. They have exactly 90 days to seal the deal, but we're told that all goes down this evening.

J.J. and Kealia got engaged 9 months ago. They started dating 2 years ago.  BTW, Kealia is a soccer star who plays for the Chicago Red Stars.


Originally Published -- 7:31 AM PT

Jonah Hill Kills It Shredding the Gnar!!!

Jonah Hill has mad skills in the water, which is incredible ... considering it was a great fear of his until just last year.

Jonah hit the sand with his surfboard just before 10 AM Friday in Malibu.

Pretty impressive ... considering the waves off PCH can be pretty intense.

He joined around 20 people who were catching waves as they enjoyed the sunny SoCal weather. Sorry Chicago, sorry New York, sorry New Hampshire, sorry Vermont, sorry South Dakota ... and especially sorry North Dakota.

After surfing for an hour, Jonah mugged with some of his fellow surfers before braving Pacific Coast Highway for the ride home.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Back in August, when Jonah started surfing, he said, "Been terrified to surf my whole life. Totally random fear and at the same time always been a secret dream of mine."

Fear conquered.

Kendall, Bella and Justine Grocery Run for Galentine's Day!!!


Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Justine Skye grabbed some grub Friday ... presumably to celebrate Galentine's Day.

The famous trio hit up Whole Foods in the Big Apple. Judging from the shopping cart, it doesn't exactly look like a feast, but not everyone has to gorge on V-Day ... or G-Day.

They were all in NYC for Fashion Week, which ended Wednesday. Unclear whether Kendall hooked up with Ben Simmons at some point Friday. It seems pretty clear they're back together.

Anyway ... they looked great traversing the aisles of Jeff Bezos' pricey store.

Happy Valentine's Day -- belatedly -- ladies.