Danny Bonaduce Brain Issue Forced Me to Sell My Home It's Just Too Dangerous!!!

Danny Bonaduce's recent health scare and upcoming brain surgery has forced him to list his stunning home ... telling us the property is just too dangerous for him to navigate in the wake of his struggles.


Bonaduce's 2,178 square-foot Seattle home -- with views of the entire city -- just hit the market for $1.6 million. It's a 3-bedroom and 3-bathroom with a chef's kitchen, massive walk-in closet, and a place Danny thought he'd live in forever until a mystery illness changed his life.

TMZ broke the story, Danny will undergo brain surgery Monday for a condition called hydrocephalus ... a neurological disorder caused by a buildup of liquid in the brain.

Danny tells us the disorder makes it hard for him to move at all, and the home just has too many stairs and rooms for him to get around safely. He and his wife, Amy, recently moved into their condo downtown where living is easier.

As for the house he just listed, Danny bought it back in 2015 for $1 million, and it's got premium appliances and outdoor decks with views of the Space Needle ... scenery Danny says he's gonna miss, but knows it's for a better way of living.

George & Melanie Beasley of Realogics Sothebyโ€™s International Realty hold the listing.

Pete Davidson Disappoints PETA With New Dog ... Don't Shop, Adopt!!!

Pete Davidson getting his new dog from a pet store and not from an animal shelter comes as a disappointment to the folks over at PETA.

Daphna Nachminovitch, the Senior VP of Cruelty Investigations over at PETA, tells TMZ ... "It's tragic that Pete didnโ€™t seek out a borough-born mutt from a city animal shelter, because a scrappy New Yorker with charm, personality, and unconventional handsomeness could have been his perfect match."

Instagram / @citipupsnyc

As we reported ... Pete and his actress girlfriend Chase Sui Wonders picked up a cavapoo puppy last month from Citipups in Manhattan, and the dog is from a breeder.

PETA is urging Pete to consider adopting the next time he needs a four-legged friend, with Daphna telling us ... "Since shelters in New York and across the country are overflowing with homeless animals, PETA urges Pete to show some big heart energy by adopting, not shopping, in the future."

Remember ... Pete picked out the pup after seeing a photo of him on Citipups' website.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Of course, the whole reason Pete was looking for a puppy in the first place was because his dog Henry recently died at just 2 years old.

WWE's Shayna Baszler Winning Tag Titles W/ Ronda Rousey ... Highlight Of My Career


Shayna Baszler is a 3x WWE Tag Team Champion, but last week's title was the most special in her decorated wrestling career ... 'cause she did it alongside her longtime friend, Ronda Rousey!

"It's not like we set out a plan," Baszler said, "We just both wanted it and did our thing to get us here, and so here we are. It's cool."

Shayna and Ronda -- whose friendship dates back to their days in the UFC -- won the Tag Team Titles in a Fatal 4-Way tag team match on "RAW," defeating Raquel Rodriguez and Shotzi, Bayley and IYO SKY, and Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green.

"That moment at the end of the match where I crawl back in the ring, and we're hugging was a real emotional moment," SB said. "When we think back to trying to pay for enough food to eat throughout the week and still make weight and living on the beach in Venice."

Baszler got emotional as she reflected on winning the titles with Rousey, explaining the journey to becoming champs wasn't easy and instead full of obstacles.

"I don't think people really understand how much we had to fight for this," Baszler said. "Maybe that's something for a book in the future. It's not like it's been easy. It's not like this is just handed to us. We had to fight and claw and demand for this opportunity."

"The Queen of Spades" believes reaching the pinnacle of the women's division with Ronda after all the work they've put in to reach this point is a career-defining moment.

"I love my job. I love my work. I'm proud of everything I've done, but who doesn't want to do all that with one of their best friends? No matter what your job is. It's a pretty good time."

Yung Gravy Arm Healing, NOT Suing Festival And Tall Guys May Be Outdated ... But Not Me, DDG!!!


Yung Gravy is on the mend from a nasty nosedive that left him with multiple fractures, but the charismatic rapper isn't up in arms over the music festival accident ... even if that arm's currently in a sling!!!

TMZ Hip Hop linked with Gravy at LAX, where he said he's got no beef with the Hangout Music Festival, the Alabama event, where he recently took the tumble while working the crowd.


Gravy says HMF is graciously covering his medical bills, and took the blame for him tripping over a wooden plank.

The fall was that much harder because the "Betty (Get Money)" rapper happens to be 6'6" -- and his height made it mandatory we get his thoughts on DDG proclaiming tall dudes are outta style in 2023.

Now, DDG's dating the 'Little Mermaid' herself, Halle Bailey, so he's brimming with confidence right now -- but surprisingly, Gravy agrees with him!

He told us he's happy to see the little guys get some shine after being overlooked ... although he does consider himself an exception in this circumstance.

On cue, Gravy did provide an exceptional musical update -- he tells us he's fresh off a trip from Cambodia and recorded music with one of the YSL rappers. ๐Ÿ‘€

It wasn't Gunna though ... Gravy says he still needs a bit of clarity on the details before he faceplants into that particular situation.

Jonathan Majors & Meagan Good We're Taking Our Romance Overseas ... Shopping In Morocco

Jonathan Majors and Meagan Good are going strong overseas ... popping up in Morocco, where they're shopping for pottery.

TMZ obtained these photos of Jonathan and Meagan perusing a pottery shop in Fez, Morocco.

Folks who were there tell us the couple stopped by a shop called Art Naji, where they appeared to take an interest in a fountain and a fireplace.

The shop hails itself as the biggest handmade factory shop of pottery and zellige, Morrocan tiles, in the country ... and we're told Jonathan and Meagan seemed to be negotiating a deal with staff, though it's unclear if they pulled the trigger.

Jonathan and Meagan have been traveling a bunch since they linked up ... we've also seen them on both coasts, but now they're going international.

IG Model Liziane Gutierrez Small Dog Maced, Hospitalized During Vegas Burglary


Instagram model Liziane Gutierrez and her 10-lb pooch fell victim to some nasty crooks who not only broke into her home but decided they also needed to mace the pup in the process.

Check out the video, obtained by TMZ, showing 3 men break into Liziane's Vegas home Thursday night through a back door. You see her maltese, Duchess, approach the intruders in a friendly manner only to be blasted with pepper spray.


From there, the men rush upstairs and into Liziane's bedroom, ransacking her closet and making away with Gucci bags, a Rolex, a gold chain and designer sneakers.

Thankfully, Liziane was at the gym at the time of the incident ... but she tells us the men made away with over $50K in luxury goods. She called the cops as soon as she got home.

As for Duchess, she was taken to the vet -- given a bunch of baths and some medication for her lungs and eyes -- we're told she's still having a tough time recovering and isn't yet back to 100% ... though things are looking good.

Cops tell us the incident is still under investigation, and no arrests have been made.

Aaron Gordon Gifts Jamal Murray 'JM27' Pendant ... Ahead Of NBA Finals

Instagram / @milehighjewelers

Aaron Gordon is a helluva basketball player and apparently one whale of a teammate too ... 'cause TMZ Sports has learned the Nuggets star gifted Jamal Murray a sick diamond pendant before the start of this week's NBA Finals.

We're told AG was so thrilled over the way Murray's helped lead Denver this season ... he hit up Mile High Jewelers to make a custom piece to show his appreciation.

Gordon wanted the new bling to represent Murray's signature on-court celebration ... and the jeweler certainly delivered.

You can see the piece features a bow and arrow ... with Murray's initials and jersey No. 27 in it. We're told it's all filled with 10 carats of white and blue VVS diamonds.

We're also told it took 10 days to make, which is an expedited time as Gordon wanted to be sure Murray had it before the start of the NBA Finals on Thursday.

And, check out the video, Murray was pumped to receive it earlier this week!!

"[Aaron] wanted to show his appreciation for his outstanding play, effort and being a great teammate/brother during his time in Denver," the jeweler told us.

Murray is certainly deserving of the present from Gordon -- the 26-year-old averaged 20 points, 6.2 assists and 4 rebounds per game in the regular season ... and has absolutely balled out this playoffs.

Up next for Jamal ... pairing a new NBA championship ring with the necklace? Stay tuned!

Sammy Guevara, Tay Melo More Nervous For Pregnancy Reveal ... Than AEW Title Match


Sammy Guevara just wrestled in the biggest match of his career, and the wrestling star says he was freakin' out before stepping inside the squared circle ... but it had virtually nothing to do with his big title fight.

Nope ... Sammy says he was scared to death to announce he and his wife, fellow AEW star Tay Melo, were expecting their first baby!!

If you missed it, Guevara and Melo made a grand entrance before his Double or Nothing championship match at the T-Mobile Arena in Vegas last Sunday ... using cue cards to announce their first bundle of joy was on the way.

Sammy and Tay joined us on the "TMZ Sports" TV show (airs weekdays on FS1) where Guevara revealed the couple wanted to announce the pregnancy to the fans in a creative way ... and came up with the idea of doing it before his historic match against Darby Allin, Jack Darby, and the champ, Maxwell Jacob Friedman in the main event.

"I was personally more excited for the entrance," Guevara said. "I feel like we were like opposite. She was more nervous for me for the match, and I was more nervous, excited for the entrance."

Guevara says he didn't know how fans would receive the news ... especially since the couple hasn't always been a crowd favorite, and admits he almost got caught up while in the ring thinking about the bombshell reveal.

"I had to snap out of it," Sammy said. "I almost started crying. It was just very surreal. Us four young guys, wrestling for the world title and then right before that, going out there and announcing we're having a baby."

"The crowd's coming back around on me," Sammy said. "We were not always the most loved people out there. For them to give us that big reaction. Everyone's happy, showing us the love. It was just like, overwhelming in a way where I was like, ok, we gotta get back into it."

As for Tay, she tells us she's looking forward to traveling with Sammy while she's sidelined ... but says she plans to return to the squared circle as soon as possible because she loves wrestling!

Beneil Dariush A Win Over Oliveira Earns Me Title Shot ... UFC Told Me


Beneil Dariush has won 8 fights in a row, but if the UFC star extends that streak to 9, he'll earn himself a title shot against the lightweight champion ... all he's got to do is beat Charles Oliveira, one of the baddest men in the world.

TMZ Sports caught up with 34-year-old, #4 ranked Dariush a week before his UFC 289 co-main event scrap against current #1 contender "do Bronx" ... and asked him what a win would do as he continues his quest for the belt.

"The UFC said if I win this fight, I'm the number 1 contender, so yes [they told me I'll get the next title fight]," Dariush told us.

Dariush, who first fought for Dana White's organization in early 2014, has been fighting in every sense of the word for a title fight, and now he's finally on the doorstep.

Though, BD's supporters would argue he's long deserved the opportunity ... and it's hard to argue with his resume.

Beneil hasn't lost since March 2018. During his 8-fight win streak, he's beaten Tony Ferguson, Drew Dober and Mateusz Gamrot.

We asked Dariush if being so close to a title shot provided extra motivation ... and his answer may surprise you.

"To be honest with you, when it comes to motivation, I don't lack any. It's hard to add on to the motivation that I have right now," Beneil told us, adding, "My biggest motivation is knowing that God has given me a gift, and I'm not gonna waste it. I'm not gonna squander it."

There's much more with Dariush ... we talked to him about the stylistic matchup, pitting two Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belts against each other, and whether BD believes the fight will stay on the feet, or go to the ground.


We also talked to Oliveira ... who is looking to earn another title shot himself.

Of course, Charles was previously the champion at 155 lbs. ... but lost to current belt holder Islam Makhachev in October 2022.

Now, Oliveira is ready to make another run at the title ... "I feel good, I feel happy, I'm ready, and focused on getting the win," Charles told us.

As for a title shot ... CO says he hasn't explicitly been told he'd be next with a win, but he believes it's pretty clearly what should happen.

"Nobody told me, I don't know about Ben, but I think that will happen. I think we both deserve it, whoever wins this Saturday should get a title shot."

UFC 289 goes down Saturday, June 10th from the Rogers Arena in Vancouver! ๐Ÿ’ช

Tom Sandoval Fans Show Love in KY ... Screw Scandoval, Sign My Body!!!


Tom Sandoval may be the most hated guy in reality TV, but he sure as hell is king when he's performing onstage ... as evidenced by his latest concert!!

Tom and his crew hit the stage Thursday at Headliners Music Hall in Louisville, Kentucky for the latest stop of the "Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras" tour -- and one eyewitness told us he brought the house down ... with fans showing him a ton of love during his hour-long set.

Throughout the night, he played a number of '70s, '80s and '90s hits ... including "Somebody to Love" by Queen and "Groove Is in the Heart" by Deee-Lite, and the fans ate it up.

Sandoval busted out his go-to moves -- going shirtless and snapping photos with fans, and before the night ended ... he signed "Stay Fancy" in marker on a woman's arm.


Of course, all the love he's getting while performing is a huge contrast to the way things are going IRL.

As you know, the "Vanderpump Rules" star has been in very hot water ever since word got out he was cheating on his longtime partner Ariana Madix with their friend/costar Raquel Leviss.

Naturally, that put a hard stop on their 10-year relationship, and almost all of his cast members have been ripped left and right, in public and on the "Vanderpump Rules" reunion.


Despite all this, we were told he's still selling out shows. You'll recall, his security team kicked out one fan from his Pittsburgh show after she held up a #TeamAriana sign.

For the most part, though, ticketholders to his shows seem to be proudly #TeamTom!!!

Danny Masterson Kept Out of Gen Pop in Jail ... Same Pod Where O.J., Suge Once Stayed

Danny Masterson won't be like all the regular folk behind bars while he awaits sentencing ... we've learned he'll be in the same area where some high-profile inmates stayed in the past.

Law enforcement tells TMZ ... the "That '70s Show" actor is not in lockup with the general population at the L.A. County Men's Central Jail, as he waits to be sentenced for his rape conviction. Instead, we're told he's being kept in "administrative segregation" for his safety.

Our sources say he's in the same unit where some very famous inmates once stayed ... including Suge Knight and O.J. Simpson.

As we reported, DM was found guilty on two rape counts he was facing ... the jury was deadlocked on the third count. The verdict was reached this week in Los Angeles ... after his first trial ended in a mistrial.

There's no TV in his cell, but he'll have books from the jail's library, and will be allowed out of his cell for 2 hours each day, at which time he can go to the day room and have access to a phone and TV.

He'll get time for recreation 3 hours a week. He's able to shower every other day ... unless he's going to court, and then he can shower daily.

He is due back in court on August 4.

Ty Dolla $ign Confirms Dance EP ... I Want Good Vibes Over Negative Music


Ty Dolla $ign wants to put the "Motion" back in everyone's ocean this summer, because he thinks things in the music game have gotten too bleak.

We caught up with Ty$ outside Dash Radio in Hollywood ... fresh off the release of his new vibey dance track, "Motion." It's an upbeat mood-changer, and he tells us that was 100% intentional on his part.

He's following up that single with a full dance EP, and firmly believes it's necessary. Ty$ says the current frequency of the soundscape needs an overhaul from all its negative energy!!!

Hip hop music has been under fire, more than usual, in the past few years ... as dozens of rappers have had their murders play out on social media, and a few others had their lyrics used as evidence in criminal cases.

Ty$ says his "Motion" movement is about having the drive to conquer one's goals and is already looking toward his next wave of positivity -- a project with Juicy J!!!

Bam Margera On Video Smiling and Arm Wrestling Day After Drug, Suicide Threats


Here's Bam Margera without a care in the world the day after threatening to smoke crack until he dies ... laughing and arm wrestling while out at lunch.

TMZ obtained this video of Bam having an absolute blast Friday at Teca Restaurant in West Chester, PA. He's also sporting a bunch of new tattoos on his neck, face and legs.

Bam's pretty energetic in the footage ... laughing, smiling, joking and trying like hell to win an arm wrestling match -- using two hands against his opponent's one.

Folks who were there say the former "Jackass" star was super chatty, and told people he was getting lunch before hopping on a private jet to fly back to California and start rehab.

Bam was accompanied by a friend and a giant stuffed lion, for some reason.


His behavior here stands in stark contrast to the day before ... when he posted an emotional rant on social media threatening to smoke crack until he's dead unless he could see his son, Phoenix.

Remember ... Bam is desperate for a relationship with his kid, but his camp says Bam's estranged wife Nikki won't let him see their boy.

While he was at the restaurant, we're told Bam also talked about his son, Nikki, his current girlfriend and mixed in stories about going out the night before to a strip club. In other words, Bam was all over the place.

As for his claim about going to rehab -- we know lots of people in his life hope it's true.

The Game, Dom Kennedy Helping Start Summer Hoops League ... Benefitting College Players

College hoopers looking for a place to showcase their skills this summer just got some great news ... The Game, Dom Kennedy and a host of other hip hop stars are helping to start a new basketball league in L.A.!!

The program is called the Real Run College Basketball Summer League -- and it's all slated to begin on June 17 ... and run until August 13.

It'll feature both women's and men's basketball players ... and ex-NBA player Pooh Jeter, who's partnering up with Real Run founder Deanthony Langston, tells TMZ Sports he's hoping it'll change countless lives.


Jeter explained ... the league will not only offer high-level games for college players, but rappers like Game, Dom Kennedy, BlueBucks Clan and G PERICO will all be in charge of teams -- and will help provide athletes a bridge from sports to musical culture in addition to on-court competition.

"A lot of the rappers was like, 'This is something amazing,'" said Jeter, an L.A. native who played for the Sacramento Kings in 2010. "'This is something we can change the game with.'"

Jeter says college basketball stars like Boogie Ellis and JuJu Watkins have already planned to play ... and he's hoping it will all eventually inspire other musicians to join in too.

"I would love for Diddy and Snoop or whoever!" Jeter said. "If you from L.A., show up, and let's do something amazing for our community."


In addition to it all, Jeter -- who also owns an L.A. sneaker store called Laced -- said participants in the league can also take part in a nine-week virtual learning program with NBA execs and others that will help them learn about mental health, finance, media, fashion, music, real estate, marketing and more.

Manti Te'o Done With Football ... 'Playing A Different Game Now'


Manti Te'o is adamant his football career is over ... telling TMZ Sports his purpose in life is now to help other people -- not crack running backs on a gridiron anymore.

The former linebacker made the revelation to us out at LAX ... saying he's officially hung up his spikes at 32 years old.

"I'm playing a different game now," the Notre Dame legend said. "I'm trying to empower people. Trying to inspire people. That's the game that I'm playing now, and I'm trying to be the best at that."

Te'o -- a second-round pick in the 2013 NFL Draft -- last played in the league in the 2020 season ... when he suited up for the Chicago Bears.

He spent most of that year on the team's practice squad, though he did play in the team's postseason game against the Saints, logging six tackles.

Some believed he still had football left in his body -- if not for the NFL, perhaps for the XFL or the USFL -- but he said that's simply just not the case.

Instead, he told us he now wants to help people learn from the hard times he's endured, most notably his 2013 catfishing incident.

"If my life can be that for people -- to show people that, 'Hey, it may not be sunshine and roses all the time, but if you just keep your head down and keep working and believing in yourself and putting God first, everything will be all right.'"

Te'o -- who played eight seasons in the NFL -- also spoke briefly about his documentary, "Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn't Exist" ... and said he's glad people finally get to see and hear his story.

"It's more of an understanding now," Te'o said. "It's a beautiful thing because all the facts weren't out there ... I'm grateful that people have all the details and that people are able to see everything and that God's timing is perfect timing. So, everything works out."

Kaley Cuoco Sellin' LA Home for $7 Mil

Kaley Cuoco is lookin' to unload her gorgeous Los Angeles-area home a little over a year after picking it up ... and it comes with a pretty steep price tag.

The 'Big Bang Theory' actress has put her Agoura Hills pad on the market for a whopping $7 mil. She bought the place from Taylor Lautner last April for $5.25M -- and is now lookin' to score a profit.

Kaley's 5,647-square-foot house that sits on nearly 9 acres is tucked away in a gated community and was built back in 2020. Aside from some stellar, panoramic views, the place comes with a floating staircase, a speakeasy-style lounge, a 45-foot-long infinity pool, spa, and a bocce ball court!

Kaley did some renovations -- adding things like a wine wall, a wet bar, and some other cool exterior features.

Jordan Cohen of RE/MAX co-holds the listing alongside Kaley's dad, Gary -- a true family affair!

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