Andrew Yang I Bonded with Kamala Right Away ... She Didn't Big Time Me!!!


Andrew Yang is a big fan of Sen. Kamala Harris as a candidate, but more importantly, as a person ... and says they bonded early, when he was a political unknown.

The former presidential candidate joined us on "TMZ Live" Wednesday and heaped tons of praise on Joe Biden's running mate, telling us what separated Kamala from the pack.

Andrew says he first met Kamala early on in the Democratic primaries and they forged an instant bond on a number of non-political issues they have in common.

He added ... there was something else about the VP candidate that really impressed him. Andrew says Kamala was always warm and friendly, which stood out to him because no one knew who the hell he was early in the Democratic primary races.

Andrew says that taught him a lot about his then-opponent's character, which is why he thinks Kamala makes a great veep.

Andrew's ready to go to bat for Biden and Harris at next week's Democratic National Convention, and broke some news about the event.

On Tuesday, he tweeted his disappointment about not getting an invitation to speak -- but he told us he WILL have a role at the DNC, and took some parting shots at President Trump.

Wendy Williams & Ex-Hubby Unload New Jersey Mansion ... At a Reduced Price!!!


Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter have tied up another loose end following their divorce ... but didn't make the dough they'd hoped to on the deal.

The ex-couple finally closed on the sale of their New Jersey mansion -- which they called home for years -- after putting it on the market in August 2019.

Though it was originally listed for nearly $2 million, it sold for $1.475 mil ... quite a significant price cut.

Jamie Silverman, who exclusively repped Wendy and her ex-husband in the sale, tells TMZ ... the reason for the price reduction was the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jamie says the buyers are a young family who are very excited about the property -- calling it the home of their dreams -- and are also fans of Wendy's ... so they were stoked when she dropped by to pay them a visit and wish them well.

Along with a sweet deal, the family's getting an awesome place to live ... the pad's 5,700 square feet with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, including a master suite with huge walk-in closets, plus a marble bath, jacuzzi and steam shower.

As we reported ... Wendy and Kevin's divorce was official in January, and now they've officially moved on from their old house.

College Football Considering 2 Seasons in 2021 ... Spring and Fall


With the Pac 12 and the Big Ten shut down for 2020 -- sources tell TMZ Sports there are serious discussions about having 2 football seasons in 2021, 3 months apart.

The proposed plan, according to our sources would be a season that runs from February to April -- followed by 3 months off.

The 2nd season would kick off in August and run through the rest of the year ... on the normal college football schedule.

All of this is predicated on the notion that it will be safe to play again by the spring. In other words, there needs to be a real plan on the handle to handle the COVID threat. A cure would be nice.

With PAC 12 programs shut down until at least January, coaching staff can NOW start to focus on recruiting top players for the Fall 2021 season ... and coaches aren't wasting time.

There are other issues facing major college programs regarding how to handle players currently on campus -- keep them around or send them home?

One source tells us ... it will be up to players if they want to stay on campus or return to their homes. With most classes available online and no team practices allowed until January, some players will see no reason to stay.

But, with scholarship athletes still getting lodging and food plans covered by the schools, some are expected to stick around.

Another issue ... several programs are expecting some of their top players to opt out and prepare for the NFL Draft instead of waiting out the college football season.

As one source put it, "It's a smart move for some players with so much money at stake."

The bottom line -- there's A LOT of money being lost without college football in 2020 and everyone's scrambling to find a way to make it back as quickly as possible.

Tekashi 6ix9ine Broken Wrist is My Dog's Fault ... I Was Tripping at 3 AM!!!


Tekashi 6ix9ine is in a cast after breaking his wrist in a bizarre accident at home.

Tekashi tells TMZ ... he went downstairs to grab a bite around 3 AM Tuesday when he tripped over his 1-year-old French bulldog, Poppy, and injured himself as he tried to break his fall.

6ix9ine says his hand got caught in the stairway banister and he broke a bone in the back of his wrist. He tells us he felt pain, but didn't know his wrist was broken until later in the morning when he woke up and it was still hurting.

69 says he went to the doctor and X-rays revealed the fracture. Tekashi posted video of his arm and wrist getting wrapped, and he tells us he will spend the next 3 to 5 weeks in a cast.

We know the saying ... snitches get stitches, but in Tekashi's case, it's a cast.

Jake Paul Focusing on Boxing Amid FBI Probe ... Not Bailing on Fight


Jake Paul is NOT backing out of his upcoming boxing match with NBA star Nate Robinson despite the mysterious FBI investigation involving him, TMZ Sports has learned.

In fact, our sources say Jake is focusing on the fight to help keep his mind off the ordeal while it all plays out.

Paul vs. Robinson was initially set for Sept. 12 on the undercard of the big Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. fight on Triller ... though reports say the date is being pushed back until Nov. 28.

We did some digging to find out if Jake's legal situation had anything to do with the new date -- and as one source put it, "As of right now, Jake Paul is still confirmed. Don't expect that to change."

As we previously reported, the FBI raided his Calabasas home on Wednesday -- seizing multiple firearms from the residence.

Officials say the investigation stems from alleged criminal activity that went down at a George Floyd protest at the Scottsdale Fashion Square mall back in May.

Paul was initially charged with a misdemeanor for his alleged role in the incident, but that charge was dropped.


The FBI has now taken over the probe in Paul -- though they have not said specifically what he's accused of doing wrong.

Meanwhile, we're told Jake has been channeling his energy into boxing training ... working out constantly over the past few days.

Our sources also say Jake is trying to limit communication with friends outside of his boxing team.

He's also has been reevaluating his friendships and his team in order to cut out negative influences.

We're told Jake has also cut ties with former friend Armani Izadi -- whose Vegas home was also raided last week.

As for the fight, Jake and Nate have been talking trash to each other for months -- and it seems they're down to brawl whether it's in a ring or in the street.


Ryan Reynolds, Paul McCartney Wanna Be Chief?!? First Nation Nominates 'Em


Ryan Reynolds or Sir Paul McCartney could become the next chief of a First Nation in Canada ... the native community has spoken, and the famous non-natives are up for election.

Ryan and Paul have been nominated as Chief for Walpole Island First Nation, a reservation nestled on an island bordering Michigan and Canada ... according to the indigenous community's director of operations, James Jenkins.

He tells TMZ ... the actor and rock icon were nominated by 2 eligible electors this weekend, which instantly qualifies the celebs as official nominees for Chief.

It's pretty interesting ... we're told Ryan and Paul don't technically have to be part of the native community to be nominated or even rise to the top as Chief. There's a loophole from way back in 1868, when Walpole Island First Nation elected a non-member as chief, forging a precedent allowing nonmembers to run for Chief.

Now, Ryan and Sir Paul just have to get on the ballot. Actually, they're already on, but we're told they have until Thursday to contact the Walpole Island membership office to have their names removed. If the deadline passes without a peep from either, we're told they'll both remain legit candidates for Chief when the election is held Sept. 19.

If one of them wins, the First Nation would contact them, and Chief Ryan or Chief Paul would have to assume office or resign.

The intentions behind the nominations remain unclear, and we're told there are mixed emotions about it. Some members believe either has the stuff to be an effective leader because of their wildly successful entertainment careers.

What else would ya think after seeing 'Van Wilder' ... right? And, that's why others think their nominations are an inappropriate joke.

The Chief, we're told, is similar to being mayor ... they're the head of the council and the voice of the community, tasked with overseeing programs and services run by administrators. Naturally, we're told Chief is the most respected position in Walpole Island First Nation, which has about 5,000 members.

Walpole Island is no stranger to celebs ... we're told Cher and Kid Rock have spent a great deal of time in the area, going fishing and duck hunting.

One last caveat ... we're told Ryan or Paul would likely have to move close to the reservation if elected Chief. Sorry, you can't attend tribe meetings on Zoom.

Ryan's at least Canadian, so that gives him a leg up, but ... Paul's a Beatle.

Good luck, candidates!

Mike Tyson Explains New Date for Roy Jones Fight ... Adds Badou Jack to Undercard


Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. has officially been moved to Nov. 28 -- with another former world champ fighting on the undercard, TMZ Sports has learned.

The fight was originally set to go down on Sept. 12 -- but now, we're told the new date is locked in.

So, why the change to Thanksgiving weekend?

"Changing the date to November 28th will give more people the opportunity to see the biggest comeback in boxing history," Tyson said in a statement.

"This temporary inconvenience will last longer than Roy Jones Jr. He better be ready, I'm coming full force."

The company behind the event, Triller, says the move was made to accommodate a larger audience than originally anticipated.

"Given the enormous interest, the holiday weekend will make this historic battle an even bigger viewing event," the company says ... "marking the first live Pay-Per-View event brought to the world by Triller as the first of the 'Triller Battles' series."

Triller is also officially announcing the addition of new undercard fights ... including Badou Jack vs. Blake McKernan.

Badou Jack is one of Floyd Mayweather's fighters -- he's 22-3-3 and a former world champ in 2 weight classes.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Jack says he's donating a portion of his fight check to the Badou Jack Foundation to "continue to give kids across the globe a fighting chance in life."

Also added ... Viddal Riley vs. Rashad Coulter.

Vidal is pretty talented British fighter who's also famous for training up KSI for his fight with Logan Paul.

Coulter is a former MMA fighter who competed in the UFC until 2018.

And, of course, Jake Paul is still set to fight ex-NBA star Nate Robinson as the lead-in to the main event.

We're told the Tyson vs. Jones fight -- the first event in a series under Mike's "Legends Only League" -- will be sanctioned and scored by a recognized sanctioning body. 

 Oh, and the winner will get a specially-commissioned belt!!!


Kanye West Democrats Spied On My Campaign ... Battle Brewing In Wisconsin


Kanye West is firing back at the Wisconsin Democratic Party, and now officially beefing with it ... accusing the Dems of spying on his presidential campaign.

Kanye's responding to a complaint in the Badger State asking officials to block Ye from the ballot due to allegedly submitting fake signatures and failing to get signatures in on time -- and make no mistake, he believes the WI Democratic Party is behind it.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Kanye claims the Dems hired a private investigator to track his signature-gathering street team ... as part of an "organized effort of harassment and intimidation" against his candidacy.

He also says the Dems spies merely wasted their time because they turned up nothing nefarious.

As we reported ... Kanye filed signatures and paperwork last week to get his name on the ballot for Prez in Wisconsin. He needed 2,000 signatures from registered voters in the state to get on the ballot, and his third-party petitioning group, Let The Voters Decide, helped him obtain the signatures.


Ye claims the complaint filed on Friday seeking to prevent him from getting on the ballot was submitted by a man who is widely reported to be a front for the Democratic Party. The complaint suggests Kanye's campaign submitted bogus signatures and includes affidavits from people who claim they were tricked into signing their names on Yeezy's paperwork.

So, what's next? We're told the state's Elections Commission will review the legal papers and make a recommendation -- about Kanye's slot on the ballot -- to a bipartisan panel of 3 Dems and 3 Republicans.

Kanye's already been booted off the ballot in his home state of Illinois, where election officials say more than half his submitted signatures were invalid -- and now he's trying to prevent that from happening in the far more politically important swing state of Wisconsin.

NY Giants Co-Owner Steve Tisch Daughter Hilary Dead at 36 ... Lifelong Battle with Depression


Hilary Tisch, one of New York Giants co-owner Steve Tisch's daughters, is dead after taking her own life ... TMZ has learned.

Hilary attempted suicide over the weekend, and died Monday in a hospital, according to sources with direct knowledge. The Giants honcho mourned his daughter's death in a statement to TMZ ... remembering her as "a kind, caring and beautiful person."

Steve adds ... Hilary's "mother, sisters, brothers and I are devastated by her passing. It leaves a hole in our hearts and our lives. She, like so many others, bravely fought the disease of depression for as long as she could."

Our sources say Hilary, a successful jewelry designer, had struggled through depression for many years. Despite that, she poured her heart and soul into volunteering with Operation Smile, a nonprofit medical service organization that's provided over 220,000 free surgeries around the world for kids and young adults born with cleft lips, cleft palates and other facial deformities.

Hilary's father says the Tisch "family is utterly heartbroken and is mourning its tragic loss. We love and will miss her dearly."

Hilary was 36.


Lili Reinhart More LGBTQ+ TV Characters, Please It's Good to be Bisexual!!!


Lili Reinhart says there should be more LGBTQ+ representation on TV and in media because it teaches kids to know it's fine to be who you are, and Lili knows from where she speaks.

The "Riverdale" actress was leaving a restaurant Sunday night in L.A. when our camera guy congratulated her on recently coming out as bisexual. We ask if she has any advice for others who might still be in the closet -- and her wisdom is simple but effective.

ICYMI ... Lili announced she was bi back in June before attending a BLM protest in West Hollywood, where LGBTQ+ allies were also marching. Of her decision to finally come out, she said she'd never felt more solidarity or more welcomed -- and simply thought it was time.

Speaking of that, Lili also talks about the fact more gay and bi characters are being introduced to mainstream networks and streaming services, especially on Disney. There's a new show they're rolling out called "Owl House," which features an openly bi character ... and Lili's all for it.

She says it's time for our media to start reflecting the real world -- and that's something we shouldn't hide from our kids as taboo any longer.

'Fixer Upper' Stars Chip & Joanna Hunting for New Projects in Waco ... Here's What We Need!!!


"Fixer Upper" is back -- but, before Chip Gaines can shout, "It's demolition day!" he and Joanna gotta hunt down the right projects ... and that's where you can help 'em.

The "Fixer Upper" reboot will be coming to the couple's new Magnolia Network in 2021, but in the meantime, they've put out a casting call for current homeowners in the Waco area looking for a stunning home renovation.

To be eligible, homeowners have to live within 30 miles of Waco ... though most hardcore fans of the show already know that. The new wrinkles include having at least a $50k remodel budget, handing over all design and renovation decisions to Chip and Joanna ... and be willing to vacate during the renovation.

They expect that to start later this fall.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

It's interesting ... during the show's 5 successful seasons on HGTV, which last aired in April 2018, the Baylor football-loving couple usually trotted around town with their clients looking for a house they wanted to buy and renovate.

It looks like this time around ... they're considering "only homeowners who have closed on a home and/or currently living in their 'Fixer Upper.'"

The projects will last between 30 to 35 weeks, so anyone who gets picked will have to provide their own alternative housing. And, in case you've ever wondered ... the furniture used to stage the renovated home is available for purchase at a discounted rate after the big reveal.

All homeowners are expected to be picked by September 2020 ... so hit up if ya wanna be considered. For those who just want to admire from afar ... catch it when the DIY Network becomes Magnolia Network in 2021.

Harvey Weinstein Don't Send Me to L.A. to Await Trial ... Jails Are COVID Infested!!!


Harvey Weinstein doesn't want to be dragged to Los Angeles to face further prosecution for alleged sex crimes ... because he's already serving a 23-year sentence in New York and feels a trip to an L.A. jail would be a death sentence because of COVID.

The L.A. County D.A. wants Weinstein extradited to Los Angeles for another sexual assault trial, but Weinstein's lawyer, Norman Effman, tells TMZ ... he's gonna fight the move.

Effman says his client's health would be at serious risk if he's transferred to L.A. -- where coronavirus cases have been surging -- especially the county's jail system which has been plagued by COVID-19 outbreaks.

As you may recall ... Weinstein tested positive for the virus in March and recovered, but his lawyer says that's no guarantee he's immune now.

Effman points out the Wende Correctional Facility in upstate New York -- where Weinstein's currently locked up -- has had a low infection rate and zero COVID deaths.

So, he argues, there's no reason to send Weinstein from a relatively safe environment to a dangerous one.

Effman says Weinstein's not fighting extradition altogether ... he just wants to wait until the conditions are safer. The coronavirus outbreak already delayed his extradition back in May. A hearing's set for this week to address the issue again, but it's clear ... Weinstein won't go quietly.

Weinstein was sentenced in March to 23 years in prison in New York after being convicted of committing a criminal sex act in the first degree and rape in the third degree.

He's still facing 5 felony charges in L.A. -- sexual battery by restraint, forcible rape, sexual penetration by use of force, sexual battery and forcible oral copulation.

Sylvester Stallone Unloading Siiiiick Escalade for $350k Gonna (Look) Fly Now!!!

Sylvester Stallone is rarely EVER down for the count ... but when it comes to his tricked-out Escalade, he's decided it's time to hang up the gloves and sell the whip for a small fortune.

The folks over at Becker Automotive Design did the customization and now are handling the sale of Sly's 2019 Cadillac Escalade. But, it's no ordinary Escalade, not when Rocky's the owner. The pimped-out whip is the stretched version ... 20 inches to be exact, and it's decked out for the VIP of all VIPs.

The beast is loaded with a 43-inch UHD LCD smart TV built into the electric center divider partition, plus rear 12-inch LCD screens for rear-facing passengers. It's also loaded with two SIM cards from different carriers to ensure you always have the most reliable internet connection.

Got back problems? Enjoy the massagers built into the seats with thermoelectric cool and heat functions.

Becker Automotive Design

For extra privacy, the windows are outfitted with electric curtains, and for a more comfy ride -- 2 fully electric rear bucket seats and electric leg rests. The car alone cost $89,500 but the interior enhancements -- for a cool $136,330 -- are what really make this a powerhouse on wheels.

So, why's Sly selling this beast? He says, "I ordered my Becker ESV for a specific purpose, however, my requirement for it has recently changed and I no longer have a need for this beautiful vehicle." Whoever lands this luxury room on wheels will enjoy the Stallone touch ... considering he personally designed the luxurious interior. Howard Becker, BTW, also worked with Tom Brady for his 2017 Cadi.

Sylvester says, "The on-board electronics and ride quality are second to none. I hope the new owner gets years of fulfilling use from this sensationally appointed Becker Cadillac ESV."

The original price came at a whopping $408,000 ... so whoever buys this Cadi -- with only 1,000 miles on it -- is getting a solid discount. Asking price is a mere $350k or best offer.

Coronavirus Pandemic Party in Bev Hills


We told you Saturday there would be a big bash in Bev Hills, and it went down as advertised.

The house was packed with partygoers, including former UFC champ Chuck Liddell, Tyga, Logan Paul and Nyjah Huston.

The person who shot the videos says alcohol was flowing and weed was plentiful as people partied until 4 AM.

The party was indoors and out by the pool. There were even VIP rooms set up.

And, yes ... the masks were few and far between, and forget social distancing.

FOX 11

As we reported, there are efforts underway to skirt L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti's threat to shut off water and power in homes that host these parties. This party was blocks from the L.A. border, but since it was in Bev Hills it was outside the Mayor's domain.

Cops never came ... not that there was much they could do.

LAPD Not Down with Mayor's Plan To Cut Utilities at House Parties


The LAPD is pushing back against Mayor Eric Garcetti's threat to kill power at homes defying COVID-19 orders ... because cops don't want any more beef with citizens.

Here's the deal ... Garcetti authorized the city to turn off water and electricity to residents who have big parties in violation of health orders, and he put LAPD in charge of making those requests with the Mayor and other City officials.

FOX 11

So, if cops respond to a home and find a large party going down -- like the one last week in Los Angeles that ended with a fatal shooting -- officers can make the call to kill utilities there within 48 hours.

LAPD sources tell TMZ ... no officer wants to shut the power off at a residence, in part because many folks are already pissed at cops. We're told they'd rather focus on reducing real crime, and not turning off home necessities.

Our sources say if the decision is left to officers' discretion ... very few will follow through with Garcetti's threat.

RMG News

We're told, cops are worried about homeowners who rely on electricity to power a breathing device or food spoiling in fridges. Any of those situations would create way more tension in communities they police.

Bottom line ... we're told cops will absolutely cite a homeowner for throwing an out-of-control party, but cutting someone's power is not a burden they want to bear.

Juelz Santana Meek Facilitates Prison Release


Juelz Santana is enjoying his newfound freedom thanks in part to Meek Mill ... and now he wants to give back to the inmates he met while behind bars.

Here's the deal ... Juelz is fresh outta prison after serving 19 months of his 27-month sentence in his airport drug case, and he's got Meek to thank for some smooth sailing.

Our sources tell us Meek helped Juelz by connecting his wife, Kimbella, with a lawyer who helped guide them through the process to ensure everything worked out. Courts and the prison system can be tricky, and we're told Meek wanted to ensure things would work out for Juelz.

The Dipset MC was able to come straight home and skip the halfway house he was originally destined for. Many halfway houses are shut down because of the pandemic.

Juelz is now on supervised release, which, as we first reported, means he'll have to submit to a drug test within 15 days of his release.

Now that he's out, Juelz tells us he wants to give back to inmates by working with non-profits whose missions include overturning sentences for wrongly convicted prisoners. Juelz says he also wants to help people in prison find a platform for the music and movie scripts they write in lockup.

On that same front, Juelz tells us he wrote a ton of new music on the inside, as well as a script for a TV series. He says he's going to get back in the studio Monday, but also wants to take time to focus on his family and make up for the 19 months he spent in prison.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Juelz's wife is happy to have her husband home ... she says it's surreal to have him back, wake up next to him and see him with their kids.

Sounds like Meek's inspired Juelz too ... his wife says she and Juelz will be working on prison reform efforts.

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