Kanye West 'DONDA' Listening Event ... Breaks Apple Streaming record!!!

Kanye West packed the house for his 'DONDA' listening party -- but he packed in a whole lot more than just that ... dude set a record on Apple that no artist has ever come near.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... Ye's album event this past week at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta broke the Apple Music Global Livestream record ... with 3.3 million viewers who tuned in on their screens.

Courtesy Apple

That's a heck of a lot more than the previous record, we're told, which was set by Gucci Mane and Jeezy in their highly-anticipated Verzuz battle earlier last year -- at a reported 1.8 million viewers. Kanye practically doubled the number as a solo act!

BTW, the 'DONDA' moment was a one-time deal -- meaning it aired live for people to stream, but hasn't gone back up on Apple for folks to watch again. So, that figure -- 3.3M unique sets of eyeballs -- is a one and done. It'd be a little harder to calculate if the thing was in circulation.

Our sources tell us once Kanye releases Donda -- it's projected to drop August 6 -- the Atlanta performance will be posted to Apple for fans to watch again.


Like we first told you ... even though the event is over, the party's still going for Kanye himself ... who's moved into MB Stadium (temporarily) to finish the album. Apparently, he was so inspired by the energy around him Thursday -- he just nestled in and got back to work.

With all the hype -- and hard data to back it now -- ya gotta figure the numbers for this album will follow suit ... and perhaps reach new heights that even Ye hasn't seen.

Joe Exotic Weed Line Package Earns Its Stripes ... Shows Off Its Pride!!!

Joe Exotic has dubbed himself "The New King of Cannabis" ... it's front-and-center in the packaging of his new weed line and TMZ's obtained the first pics.

The colorful packet for his new cannabis line, Joe Exotic Cannabis, will be unveiled next week at the cannabis CHAMPS Trade Show in Las Vegas ... and TMZ has a first look at what Joe and his partners have been up to since announcing their new venture last month.

The packaging's got Joe's touches all over it ... from paying homage to his moniker as the so-called "Tiger King" ... to celebrating his sexual orientation with a display of the Pride flag at the bottom of the package.

There are tigers, lions and cubs drawings on the front of the package ... and Joe's smoking a blunt while sitting on his new throne. As we first reported ... Joe's team struck up a deal with Tango Hotel Charlie Group, LLC and Cannaxxs LTD to launch the line.

Even though Joe's behind bars, he's been pretty hands-on through calls and emails with his attorney, Brad Small.

Joe is working with Joshua Anderson, the founder of Tango Hotel Charlie Group. Joshua will be handling the distribution and brand development. They've partnered with Xotic Flavorz farm in Honeydew, CA to produce the cannabis.


And, get this ... Joe's line will also debut a cannabis seltzer at next week's trade show. The seltzer's name is aptly dubbed "Tiger Piss." Some of the flavors include tiger's blood orange and peach-mango.

CHUG!!! (responsibly) CHUG!!! (responsibly) CHUG!!! (responsibly).

Chris Brown My $100k Smile's Very Attractive ... Thanks to Magnets!!!

Chris Brown's a magnetic kinda guy ... or at least his mouth is, after he dropped a fortune to get some unique dental work done.

The singer's got some shiny new gold grills -- 24 karat gold covering all 28 teeth according to his celeb dentist Thomas Connelly -- but that's not what makes 'em special.

Connelly says it's the magnetic retention design, where Breezy's back molars have magnetic gold crowns embedded on them so the grills fit and lock in the magnets with precision on the fronts of all his teeth.

This means CB's grills have no metal covering the inside of his teeth -- like conventional grills -- so he can basically speak and sing normally while wearing them.

Obviously, dental work this revolutionary doesn't come cheap, and we're told the cost for Brown's job was just under $100,000.

A lot for sure, but considering one of Connelly's other famous clients, Post Malone, dropped $1.6 million on his new diamond-fanged smile last month ... Breezy may have gotten a bargain.

UFC's Gilbert Burns Concerned For Tyron Woodley ... Jake Paul Might Destroy Him!!!


Tyron Woodley should be VERY concerned about his upcoming fight against Jake Paul ... so says Gilbert Burns, who tells TMZ Sports he thinks Paul has a shot to destroy the MMA star.

The bout is set to go down in Cleveland at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse on Aug. 29 -- and it will be Paul's 4th boxing match -- and Woodley's first.

And, according to Burns, don't be surprised if the YouTuber is the one who walks away from the ring victorious.

"Jake Paul is really proving himself as a hard worker, a great boxer, heavy-handed," Burns said. "He's very big ... I don't see an easy fight for Tyron Woodley."

Burns knows a thing or two about that ... remember, the Brazilian MMA fighter beat Woodley pretty good in a UFC match back in May 2020 -- winning by unanimous decision.

Woodley went on to lose his next two fights after that ... and it's all got Burns really wondering if the fighter can pull out the win over Paul.

"I see the pressure's on Tyron Woodley," Burns says. "He has to win that fight. Otherwise, it's going to be a horrible way to recover from."

As for if Burns has any tips for Paul, Gilbert says the key to beating Woodley is pressure and the counter punch.

"The one thing that I learned for Tyron Woodley, he's very afraid to get tired," Burns says. "I think Jake's go-to stay calm, put pressure on him, watch out for that right hand, but at the same time when the overhand right comes, it opens a lot of things."

Burns continued, "I got to watch this one close, but I'm not that confident that Tyron Woodley's gonna pull that one-off."

Just about a month away from fight night ... getcha popcorn ready!

Liziane Gutierrez Model Undergoes Emergency Surgery ... For Toxic Face Fillers!!!

Talk about botched ... Liziane Gutierrez is dealing with painful repercussions from a cosmetic facial procedure, and needed emergency surgery to avoid potential death.

The Brazilian model had to undergo the potentially life-saving procedure last week in her home country, because the filler she had injected in her cheeks and lips, back in 2019, was causing flare-up and grotesque swelling.


We're told Liziane's doctors believed she was at risk of an infection that could get into her blood and kill her -- so Dr. Laertes Thomaz went into her face to manually scoop out the filler.

Obviously, watch the footage at your own risk!!!

Her initial facial procedure might be the all-time worst return on investment. We're told Liziane paid about $3k for the botched Botox job back in 2019 -- which had already required multiple follow-ups -- and this latest surgery cost another $10k!!!

That's 5-figures to remove a tiny, but toxic, amount of filler.

And, don't forget, less than a year before she got the stuff injected into her face ... Liziane barely survived slipping into a coma after a liposuction gone awry.

Here's hoping she recovers safely this time, and avoids plastic surgery for a bit. Or ever.

Morgan Wallen I'm Leaving the Neighborhood ... Sells Home Where He Dropped The N-Word

Turns out, Morgan Wallen is looking for a fresh start in more ways than one ... he's leaving the neighbors who called him a menace to the hood and heard him hurl the n-word after a late night out with friends.

According to real estate docs, Wallen sold his 4-bed 3-bath home in Nashville earlier this month for $835,000. The home is part of a duplex with updated features, a rooftop patio and a backyard perfect for privacy.


It was on the driveway where Wallen was captured on a video calling a friend the n-word. When TMZ obtained the video of the incident, neighbors told us Wallen's late-night, rowdy antics were a problem ... and he routinely arrived home in the wee hours, making a whole lot of noise which pissed off everyone who was trying to sleep.


While it doesn't appear Morgan spent much time at the home since February -- he recently revealed to GMA he spent 30 days in rehab -- the neighbors won't have to worry about him anymore ... and vice-versa.

Morgan hasn't hit any big stages since the incident, but he did recently perform at a Nashville bar where the crowd went nuts ... you gotta imagine he'll have a massively successful tour when he makes a full return.

@madisonnduriee / Instagram

As for the house hunt ... his album spent 11 weeks on top of Billboard's Country Chart, so he'll have plenty of cash handy to land a new pad.

'Mighty Ducks' Goalie Shaun Weiss Celebrates Drug Court Graduation ... In Familiar Diner!!!

Shaun Weiss, the goalie in the 'Mighty Ducks' movies, got all nostalgic celebrating his graduation from a drug court program ... chowing down at a diner that's special to him.

Just days after getting his certificate of completion from the D.A.'s Office in Yuba County, CA ... we're told Shaun and his good friend, Drew Gallagher, hit up the super-popular Brent's Deli in the San Fernando Valley.


Why there? Well, for starters the pastrami is to die for ... but also, we're told the deli's the first place Shaun went when he was released from jail in August 2017 during one of the worst points in his life.

Shaun's had several stints in jail after that, but in going back now, he wanted to reminisce on all the progress he's made ever since.

His pal Drew practically rolled out a red carpet ... showering Shaun with congratulatory balloons and a hearty meal of matzo ball soup.

TMZ broke the story ... The D.A.'s Office was super complimentary of Shaun for staying on the straight and narrow -- and that good behavior prompted prosecutors to dismiss the burglary case against him.

Besides getting sober, Shaun also got a new set of chompers.

So, what's next for Goldberg ... he plans to do speaking engagements to share his story in hopes of inspiring others who are trying to dig themselves out of their own rut.

Gervonta Davis Boxer Gets Massive 'Baltimore' Back Tat ... Reppin' My City!!!

Gervonta "Tank" Davis is a proud Baltimore native -- and the star boxer loves his city so much, he just got it tatted all across his upper back!!!

Of course, the Maryland city is where Davis started down his road to stardom ... learning to box there at just 7 years old.

And now, the 26-year-old champ is deciding to give a major salute back to his hometown ... hitting up his go-to guy, celeb tat artist Josh Levario, for some awesome B-more ink.

The tat came out HUGE ... with the word "BALTIMORE" spanning from Davis' left shoulder all the way to his right.

The piece also came out impressive as hell -- considering Levario (who also did Tank's movie icon tattoo) tells us it only took 3 hours to get done.

Gervonta has already been honored in the past by the city of Baltimore, with Mayor Jack Young once presenting him a key to the city.

Perhaps the new tat persuades Young to give him even more?!?

Stay tuned!

Ex-Bad Wolves Frontman Sues Ex-Manager ... You Booted Me Over Trump Support!!!

Ex-Bad Wolves frontman Tommy Vext wasn't "black enough" to be part of the band due to his political stances and support for Donald Trump ... so he claims in a new lawsuit against his ex-manager, who allegedly openly dropped n-bombs.

Vext's suing Allen Kovac claiming that, in response to major political differences between them, Kovac cooked up a scheme to steal the heavy metal band they co-founded in 2017.

In legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Vext says Kovack disagreed with his social media posts criticizing protests in L.A. and Portland, as well as statements he made about the attack on the U.S. Capitol.

And, because of that, Vext alleges Kovac launched a campaign to drive him out of music by demanding radio and streaming services stop playing Bad Wolves -- and they complied because Kovac has that kinda "pull" in the industry.

In the docs, Vext claims Kovac tried to block him from making political statements ... and when he refused to be silenced, Kovac tried and failed to try to buy Bad Wolves. That's when Kovac set about getting Vext booted ... according to Vext, anyway.

Vext, who is Black, believes his old bandmates soiled his good name by locking him out of the band's social media, and insinuating he "was not black enough" because of his political statements.

Vext is also accusing Kovac of regularly and openly using "n*****" in casual convos to belittle him, though he doesn't indicate how the alleged racism relates to his lawsuit. Vext only says it caused him to feel intimidated by Kovac ... "an executive showing he clearly felt so powerful as to think he could use the word with impunity."

He's suing for breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty, and wants tens of millions of dollars in damages.

Tommy tells TMZ, "For several years I've poured all of my energy and passion into building Bad Wolves. We've toured the world several times and charted 6 billboard number 1 singles. All the while I've had to endure disparaging, manipulative and at times racially charged misconduct from my former manager Allen Kovak and his record company Better Noise Music."

He continues, "Allen has forced me out of my own band and is now attempting to slander and cancel me. After several failed attempts to settle amicably, I'm now forced to place this in the hands of the courts."

Cody Garbrandt Down To Fight Brandon Moreno ... Promises KO Or Submission


Cody Garbrandt is ALL IN on a fight with Brandon Moreno ... telling TMZ Sports he wants a tilt with the champ, and he's promising a knockout or a submission when it happens!!

"No Love" broke it all down for us outside the Roosevelt Hotel on Friday ... saying he's been eyeing a move from bantamweight to flyweight for a while.

And, he tells us a fight with Moreno -- who just called Cody out this week -- is the perfect opportunity to finally make that happen.


"I'll finally get to fight at my natural weight [of 125 pounds] where I think I can perform my best," says Garbrandt, who tells us he's already started the process of changing around his diet and workout routine.

"I feel like I'm a way better fighter than him."

Don't get it twisted, though ... Garbrandt respects the hell out of Moreno -- telling us he believes the dude is a legit champion.

But, if the fight does get made ... Cody says he sees it all ending with him on top via some kind of finish.

"I'll finish him for sure," Garbrandt says. "KO, submission. Whatever."

Ya hear that, Dana White? Let's make it happen!

Kanye West Living In MB Stadium To Finish 'DONDA' Album!!!

Kanye West's listening party might be over and done with -- but the man hasn't left the venue where he held it ... he's made the stadium a home until he finishes his album.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... Mr. West will miss his weekend performance at Rolling Loud in Miami because he has literally moved into Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

MBS was the location of Kanye's massive album party Thursday -- where scores of people came together to jam out to his new offering, "DONDA," and watch Ye perform.

We're told Ye is STILL IN THE BUIDLING ... and Kanye and team have created a studio space, living quarters and even have a chef to prepare his meals inside MBS.

Kanye was spotted at the Atlanta United soccer game Saturday wearing the exact same outfit he wore at the Donda event ... and had fans wondering -- what are you doing here, bro??? Well, we have the answer -- to put it simply, the guy is still working.

We're told Kanye was so inspired by the "Donda" crowd, he wanted to stay in Atlanta and finish things up ... with a new August 6 release date as the goal.


It's unclear if any totally new tracks will come from Kanye's stadium visit -- or if he's just mixing and mastering -- but it's certainly a unique way to get things done.


Soooo ... if you're a night shift worker there and you hear some eerie sounds emanating from the lower deck somewhere -- don't stress, it's not the Phantom of the Opera. It's just Ye!

Mike Mitchell 'Gladiator,' 'Braveheart' Actor Dead at 65 From Heart Attack

10:18 AM PT -- A rep for Mike Mitchell tells TMZ Mike died of a heart attack.

Actor Mike Mitchell, who appeared in "Gladiator" and "Braveheart," has died ... TMZ has learned.

Mitchell's rep tells TMZ the actor/bodybuilder died Friday on a boat in Turkey. The family says they believe he suffered a death from natural causes, although they weren't more specific.

The rep says, "It was very hard to believe ... The sudden death of an international actor we managed, an honest person, a real actor, a true friend, my dear friend, has saddened us deeply. I've always been honored to be your manager. I wish patience to you wife, dear Denise Mitchell, and your children. Getting to know you and gaining your friendship is invaluable. Sleep in the lights. RIP."

Mitchell started out as a bodybuilder and rose to the top ... he won Mr. Universe along with numerous World Fitness Federation's Fitness World Championships.

Mitchell competed for a bunch of titles, including Britain's Strongest Man.  He won 5 Masters Mr. World titles along the way. In 2010, he was given the WWF's highest honor ... the Living Legend Award.

As for acting, he got a big break in 1994 that has shades of Arnold Schwarzenegger. He got cast in "Braveheart" because of his imposing physical presence. He went on to appear in "Gladiator," "The Planet," "One Day Removals," "City of Hell," "Life on the Line" and "Emmerdale."

Mike suffered a serious setback in 2006 after winning his 5th World Fitness title -- he was stricken with a serious heart attack.

He lived on a boat in Turkey with his wife. Mike was 65.


Originally Published -- 6:52 AM PT

Derek Chauvin First Look Since Prison Sentence

Here's the first look at Derek Chauvin behind bars since he was sentenced for murdering George Floyd, and he looks ... well, sleepy with a measure of defiance.

TMZ's obtained Chauvin's first mug shot in prison ... a place he'll call home as he serves his 22.5-year sentence. He kept a stiff upper lip as he mugged for the camera in his orange standard issue. He also looks like he's struggling to keep his eyes open ... he looks out of it.

Fox 9

We're told the Minnesota Department of Corrections snapped the new mug shot June 28 ... just 5 days after his sentencing.

As you know ... Chauvin was found guilty of 2nd-degree unintentional murder, 3rd-degree murder and 2nd-degree manslaughter ... but the 2nd-degree conviction is what sticks.

The former Minneapolis police officer learned his fate 2 months after the verdict.

Alexandra Shipp Sean Penn is Saving Lives ... With COVID Vaccination Demand


'X-Men' star Alexandra Shipp is praising Sean Penn to the skies, saying she's down with his demand that no one be allowed on a movie set who is not vaccinated.

We got Alexandra at LAX Friday and asked about Sean refusing to set foot on any set where unvaccinated people are allowed in. She thinks Sean's a hero and is saving lives.

Sean has said he won't return to the set of his new production, "Gaslit," until the entire crew gets the shot. The movie is modern day version of Watergate ... Sean plays Attorney General John Mitchell, who played a pivotal role in the scandal.

Penn represents a growing number of people who are sick of the unvaccinated calling the shots. It's become infuriating for some that mask and other mandates have been imposed on the vaccinated because of those unwilling to get a COVID shot.

France has an interesting solution ... anyone who isn't vaccinated by September won't be forced to get a shot, but they'll be barred from restaurants, concerts and sporting events.

Sounds like a good plan.

Morgan Wallen 'GMA' Talk Over N-Word Rings Hollow Nashville NAACP Prez Says

Morgan Wallen explaining on 'GMA' his rationale behind using the n-word is gibberish ... so says the NAACP Nashville chapter president.

Sheryl Guinn tells TMZ ... she believes Morgan's sit-down with Michael Strahan is the result of Morgan being sorry not for what he said but for getting caught using the racial slur. She says it's a travesty Morgan never thought about the meaning behind the hateful word.


What's more ... Sheryl says his white privilege was on full display for never caring to learn the hurt that word causes. And, she's is dismayed by Morgan trying to contextualize the word ... saying he used it in a "playful" way.

Sheryl does believe Morgan can turn things around ... and she has a punch list.

According to Sheryl ... Morgan can make amends by addressing serious issues, like inequality. Morgan broached the subject a bit when he told Strahan "it would seem" country music has a race problem ... though he hasn't thought about it too much.


Sheryl says he can start in his hometown of Nashville ... where Morgan is hugely influential.

The NAACP honcho says while Morgan's at it, he should encourage his community to get vaccinated. Less than 40% of Nashville got the shot ... and it's devastating marginalized communities.

She says he can also take up other issues ... like speaking out against voter suppression.

Dominique Dawes Simone Biles Would've Smoked Me In Competition ... She's 'Unreal!!!'


Gymnastics legend Dominique Dawes is keepin' it real ... telling TMZ Sports Simone Biles would've SMOKED her in competition -- even during her prime!!

"Biles is unreal," the 3-time Olympian says. "She is so talented, and I am so grateful that Iโ€™m retired because I would have just not even had a chance going up against this young girl."

It's high praise, considering Dawes is a gymnast icon -- remember, she was part of the famous Magnificent Seven Olympic team in 1996, and she also won silver and bronze medals at World Championships in the '90s.

She and teammate Betty Okino were also the first African-American females to win the Olympic gold in gymnastics.

But, despite that resume ... Dawes says she just flat-out wouldn't stand a chance against Simone.

And, she might not be wrong -- after all, Biles has been killin' it, and is the favorite to take home some golden hardware in Tokyo this summer, especially if she hits her Yurchenko double pike move -- a twist that Dawes says is absolutely insane!

"I remember when I was maybe fooling around in the gym once with one of the National Team coaches and he wanted me to try a double," Dawes said. "And, I was like, 'Not going to happen.'"

Dawes added, "Like, it was unheard of, even with a free-foam pit I was unwilling to do it. And yet, sheโ€™s doing it almost to perfection, and doing it on a hard landing and even over-rotating it."

Dawes tells us she believes Biles will be "on top of that podium" in this year's Olympics ... beating all types of records -- including her own!

"I mean sheโ€™s going to probably surpass what I accomplished." the 44-year-old says.

"But, again I canโ€™t stress the importance of how much I admire her, not for just being an athlete but for her being a spokesperson and activist and recognizing that thereโ€™s a lot of changes that need to be made in the sport of gymnastics."


We also asked Awesome Dawesome what she's been doing since retiring in 2000 ... and she tells us she's been having a lot of fun with her awesome Gymnastics & Ninja Academy.

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