Joe Exotic's Hubby Boatload 'O Fun with Bryce from 'Too Hot to Handle!!!'

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Joe Exotic's husband and Bryce from "Too Hot to Handle" got together for one helluva soirée.

Joe's husband, Dillon Passage, partied with Bryce on Bryce's boat Sunday in Marina del Rey, where witnesses tell us they hung out with Bryce's crew to celebrate his 30th birthday. Huge milestone, for sure. We're told Bryce had his boat parked and had only 15 people at a time every 2 hours. The rest of the partygoers hung out on the dock and beach area.

The obvious question ... how'd Bryce and Dillon even meet? We're told after "Too Hot to Handle" streamed on Netflix, Dillon hit up Bryce to show some love and say he really enjoyed the series. We're told they stayed in touch, and when Bryce planned his birthday party he invited Dillon.

And, how's this for a birthday wish ... we're told Dillon and Bryce each downed a couple of shots and Bryce wished for Joe to be freed from prison. The party -- which included several other "Too Hot to Handle" cast members, including Harry and Matthew -- went pretty late. Actually, pretty early. We're told it lasted till about 5 AM.

A great time was had by all.

Megan Fox Ditches Wedding Ring During Promo ... But 'Green' is Still Her Family Name

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Megan Fox appears to be putting out mixed messages about her relationship status with Brian Austin Green -- her wedding ring's gone, but she's hanging on to something else of his.

The actress made an appearance Wednesday on a live stream hosted by home decor guru, Colin Wayne, who's the CEO of Redline Steel ... which recently partnered with Megan to plug their company and this $2 million Memorial Day giveaway she was hired to promote.

Her online gig was quite telling ... for a couple reasons.

For one, Megan wasn't wearing a wedding ring on camera -- mind you, this chat went down very shortly after Machine Gun Kelly released his new music video, which shows Megan and MGK in intimate scenes. Colin even congratulated her on it.

Reality is, Megan hasn't been wearing her ring for at least a week or two, and ditto for Brian. The weirder moment came when Colin asked her to show off some of her own Redline goodies ... so, she picked up a custom family tree with "GREEN" stenciled at the bottom.


MF referred to it as her "family name" -- going on to add that she's got one with her kids' names carved in it too. It was kind of an awkward moment, considering BAG himself all but confirmed they're dunzo just 24 hours earlier.

She probably ordered those trinkets in better times, but, at least publicly, Megan's not disavowing her estranged husband's last name. Not yet, anyway.

We'll just call this a hopeful sign their break-up will be as amicable as Brian's making it seem.

Luke Hill Former Oregon Football Recruit Arrested For Attempted Murder

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Luke Hill -- one of the top recruits in Oregon's 2020 football class -- was arrested this week ... after he allegedly attempted to murder his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend.

FYI, 18-year-old Hill is of the one best high school cornerbacks in the country. He signed his National Letter of Intent with Oregon months ago ... but the school says they parted ways in the spring. They have not explained why they parted ways, but they're probably glad they did now, based on the allegations.

According to court docs, obtained by TMZ Sports, cops say they responded to a call of a shooting in Prince George's County, Md. -- near where Hill played his high school ball -- at around 7:30 p.m. on Monday.

While on the scene ... cops say the victim told them he was playing basketball when a white car with window tint pulled up and fired on him.

Fortunately, cops say the victim told them nobody was injured by the gunshots ... and went on to say his girlfriend had received menacing messages from Hill -- whom she had had a prior relationship with -- just an hour or so before the incident.

According to the docs, the victim explained Hill had messaged his GF about their relationship and had stated he was "trying to find out where the victim lives."

Cops say when they went to Hill's home after they wrapped up investigating at the victim's ... they saw Hill pull up in a white vehicle that matched the victim's description -- and after they detained him, they obtained a warrant to search the house.

That's when officers say they recovered three firearms from Hill's residence ... including a Glock 22 handgun that was located in a hidden compartment in Hill's bedroom, behind Univ. of Oregon football recruiting letters.

Officers say the caliber of fired shell casings they recovered at the victim's residence matched the gun in Hill's room ... and they arrested the football player shortly after.

In Hill's mug shot, obtained by TMZ Sports, you can see the guy wasn't exactly a happy camper.

Prosecutors have since hit the 5'11", 175-pound defensive back with EIGHT charges ... including felony first-degree attempted murder and felony assault.

The Univ. of Oregon has told multiple media outlets Wednesday it had parted ways with the football player earlier this spring prior to the arrest... despite receiving his National Letter of Intent earlier in the recruiting cycle.

Hill was previously expected to be one of the Ducks' best incoming freshman in 2020 ... he had picked to play at Oregon over reported other offers from major schools like LSU, Auburn and Florida.

Asian 'Murder' Hornets Possible U.S. Sightings Spike ... Not Many Are Accurate

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Asian "murder" hornets arriving on America's doorstep are creating a mass panic we haven't seen since ... well, last month, and one state is already inundated with mostly false reports ... TMZ has learned.

The Washington State Dept. of Agriculture tells us ... its office has received HUNDREDS of reported sightings from all over the country. The flood of calls came in the last few days ... in the wake of a NYT story about the first confirmed encounters with the giant insects in the Pacific Northwest.

That's scared the crap out of people, but fortunately, we're told most if not all of the reports to the WSDA have been erroneous. It's usually not the Asian giant hornet (gov't name for "murder" hornets) folks are seeing, but instead ... its Western cousin, the European hornet -- which isn't nearly as scary.

The main differences between the two are pretty noticeable -- so hopefully this helps people chill out and STOP blowing up phones at the WSDA. The agency wants people to contact their own local agriculture agencies. We're told staffers are even getting calls from Great Britain.

As for how to tell which is which -- the European hornets, a dime a dozen in the States, are actually LARGER than the Asian "murder" hornets, and they look different too, if you look closely. European hornets' thoraxes and abdomens feature more yellow, while the Asian hornet is mostly black/dark brown in appearance ... with a yellow stripe closer to its stinger.

Of course, that all assumes you can safely observe the bugger up close.

For an even closer look at what European hornets look like -- here's a shot of one a Philly-area resident took over the weekend, mistakenly thinking it was Asian. He reported it to the Pennsylvania Dept. of Agriculture ... and they assured him it wasn't a "murder" hornet.

One last thing ... we spoke to some beekeepers in the Washington area, and they didn't seem all too concerned about the so-called "murder" hornets. They definitely wanna get the issue under control -- which scientists say they're doing now -- but they say it's not on a pandemic level of bad quite yet.

Edgerrin James Violent Dunk Destroys NFL Legend's Hoop ... Insane Video!!!

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Edgerrin James will be spending some quarantine time online shopping for a new basketball hoop ... a college player just destroyed the NFL legend's hoop with a vicious dunk -- and the video is insane!!

Justin Tucker -- a Campbellsville Univ. junior (who's transferring to Keiser Univ. next fall) -- is the man guilty of the backboard assault ... committing the rim crime last week.

The 22-year-old, who's been family friends with James for YEARS, says he and a few other college hoopers got in some run at James' home court in Orlando, Fla. on Thursday.


The games were going smoothly -- the guys were trying their best to exercise and stay safe during the pandemic -- when all the sudden Tucker caught a lob ... and all hell broke loose.

You can see in the vid, Tucker's authoritative slam rattled the hoop so hard ... the backboard crumbled into a thousand pieces!!!

Don't worry ... the 6-foot-8, 225-pound forward says he was just fine afterward -- and admitted everyone was just in awe of the feat.

In fact, Justin claims Edgerrin ran up to him after the slam and asked him straight-up, "ARE YOU SERIOUS?!"

As for the hoop, Tucker says James ain't making him pay for it -- and has plans to replace it ASAP.

By the way, if you didn't know ... Edgerrin's 15-year-old son is a budding hoops phenom as well -- and Justin says he was actually playing against the kid just before the violent dunk!!

And, don't be surprised if James' son is breaking backboards of his own in a few years -- 'cause Justin says the teenager is the real deal!!

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

'Little Women: Atlanta' Star Ms. Minnie Dead at 34 in Car Wreck ... Cops Say She Lost Control

"Little Women: Atlanta" star Ashley Ross -- better known as Ms. Minnie -- has died from injuries suffered in a car accident ... but TMZ has learned there's a dispute about what caused it.

Minnie's management team says the reality TV star "succumbed to injuries from a tragic hit and run car accident." The wreck reportedly happened around 11 PM Sunday outside Atlanta. While the rep is saying it was a hit-and-run, cops investigating the accident tell TMZ ... it appears Ms. Minnie lost control of her Nissan Sentra and swerved into opposing traffic.

Cops say she struck a Ford Focus, and the driver of that car suffered minor injuries. Ms. Minnie was seriously injured and transported to Grady Memorial Hospital. She died there nearly 24 hours later.

Her family confirmed her passing with a statement posted on her Instagram account. Ross had been on Lifetime's spinoff of "Little Women: LA" since it started in 2016. Several of her cast members posted condolences and memories of her after hearing about her death.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Minnie is survived by her mother, grandmother, aunt, uncle and other family members.

She was 34.


Undertaker WWE Selling Dirt From Mania Match ... 'Demand Is Strong!!!'

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Wanna own real live dirt The Undertaker used to bury A.J. Styles at Wrestlemania 36???

Better act fast because the WWE has collected the soil and put it up for sale -- and we're told it's already in super-high demand!!

If ya missed it ... 55-year-old Undertaker beat Styles in an epic "Boneyard Match" at Mania back on April 4 -- which featured the two wrestling stars fighting it out in a cemetery.

Now, to commemorate the tilt, WWE is selling real dirt from the night ... and the piece is actually pretty sick.

The memorabilia features a plaque with photos from the evening as well as a capsule full of the historic Earth that Styles was ultimately buried under.

WWE is listing the items for $74.99 a pop ... and is limiting quantities to just 536 total.

One source tells us ... "Demand is strong and it's already a top-selling item" on the official WWE online shop.

Of course, while it is just dirt ... WWE mementos tend to age pretty well -- some of the game-used items from iconic wrestlers in the past have sold for thousands!!

So, happy buying!!

Pastor Tony Spell On House Arrest After Playing Coy On Potential Church Service

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Pastor Tony Spell had to consult God on whether he'd continue defying Louisiana's stay-at-home order after getting released from custody -- but a judge didn't wanna wait for the man upstairs ... putting an ankle monitor on the preacher instead.

The Baton Rouge minister got placed on house arrest Saturday after playing coy with a court magistrate, who demanded to know whether Tony was planning to hold a church service this coming Sunday -- this, of course, after he bailed out of jail with a $5k bond.

The Advocate (Baton Rouge, LA)

Welp, PTS didn't have a clear answer for the judge -- and after he was given 'til the end of the day to tell him his plans, Pastor Spell instead sent a cryptic response ... a scripture from the Bible, Peter 3:14, specifically, which is all about doing the right thing despite the uproar.

It reads, "But and if ye suffer for righteousness' sake, happy are ye: and be not afraid of their terror, neither be troubled." Sounds like Tony WAS planning to do it. And, lo and behold, that was enough for the judge to say enough ... confining him to his home.

Tony's attorney, Joe Long, tells us the monitor was placed on his client around 9 AM this morning. When we reached out to Pastor Spell, he sent us a photo of Rosa Parks with a quote that reads, "You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right."

Central City News

See ya Sunday then?

Jennifer Love Hewitt Check Out My Palisades Pad ... Yours For $4.2 Million

Jennifer Love Hewitt is selling her Pacific Palisades home, and the palatial pad can be yours ... if you're ready and willing to break the bank.

The "9-1-1" star just put the home on the market for a cool $4,199,000 ... and the pics of the property are amazing.

JLH's former estate is tucked away in the picturesque neighborhood of El Medio Bluffs in fancy schmancy Pacific Palisades ... and it's 3,160 square feet of pure luxury, making it the perfect space to shelter in place.

The contemporary-style pad has 4 bedrooms in an open floor plan, and it's hard to miss with the wood-paneled siding and butterfly-style roof. The backyard is very zen, with a waterfall, pool, fire pit and outdoor fireplace surrounded by bamboo.

The master suite has an expansive closet and dressing room, and the suite leads to a private patio. The spacious main floor is surrounded by glass doors, offering pretty views of the surrounding bluffs and cool ocean breezes.

There's also high ceilings with steel and glass accents, plus an ultra-modern chef's kitchen with a large wine fridge.

Jennifer just bought a bigger property in Pacific Palisades for $6 million, so it makes sense she would list her old pad, which she bought back in 2013 for $3.25 mil.

Stamie Karakasidis of Rodeo Realty has the listing.

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