Terence Crawford Gifts Logo Pendants To Team ... As 'Thank You' For Hard Work

Terence "Bud" Crawford is showing just how much he appreciates his team for holding him down throughout his boxing career ... gifting each member iced-out pendants of his signature logo!!

TMZ Sports is told the 40-0 welterweight fighter hit up celeb jeweler and friend Mazza NYC -- whose client list ranges from Jadakiss to Dak Prescott -- with hopes to create something as a "thank you" for their devotion.

Crawford felt his TBC symbol would be the perfect image to make into a keepsake ... and Mazza agreed.

In fact, he took it one step further ... by turning the outline of Crawford's body (the T in the TBC logo) into an actual figure of the undefeated pugilist.

We're told Crawford copped five total pendants, including one for himself ... each decked out in VS E diamonds and 14k rose gold.

Crawford's piece also came with a 21-inch diamond ball chain with VS E diamonds.

"It was created with his team in mind, so they could receive something special for all their commitment and hard work," Mazza told us.

The team certainly deserves it -- they helped Crawford become the best pound-for-pound in boxing following his TKO win against rival Errol Spence.

It's considered one of his best performances in the ring ... and he couldn't have done it without his corner.



Fyre Festival founder Billy McFarland is proving folks can't resist a good comeback ... 'cause the pre-sale for the sequel to his infamous music event has made him a boatload of cash!

Billy boasted about this achievement on IG Thursday -- and he confirmed to TMZ as well ... saying FYRE Festival II has received applications for over $110,000,000 worth of tickets during its second and final pre-sale -- an impressive feat compared to sluggish Coachella.


Pre-sale tickets started up at $2,500 and soared up to a whopping $1M per ticket for the festival which is set for its Caribbean return in December ... and we're told that 40 of those ticket holders were invited to celebrate the $110M figure during an intimate dinner Wednesday night at Le Baratin in NYC.

March 2023

While he's made another fortune, it looks like Billy's learned a few lessons -- 'cause this time around he's leaving it to the pros and letting his operation partners and entertainment bigwigs call the main shots at the festival.


Billy himself said in his IG clip Thursday that the next time people would hear from him was when his partners would officially announce the event ... so he's covering his bases here.

His do-over got off to a flying start when pre-sale was first announced in August 2023. Back then, they released 100 tickets, and they all sold out in a day!

Billy attributed the success to the massive curiosity and interest generated by the epic failure of the 2017 Fyre Fest, telling TMZ at the time that he's living proof of the saying "no publicity is bad publicity."

TMZ Studios

You'll recall ... Billy served 4 years in prison for wire fraud related to the OG Fyre Fest disaster. Clearly, he's hoping FYRE Festival II doesn't go up in smoke like the first one -- and so far, it sounds like it's still got the interest of a lot of party-goers who are down to rage.

Andy Cohen y Bravo Demandados por Leah McSweeney ... Ex de "Real Housewives of New York"

Andy Cohen ha sido golpeado con una demanda por una ex integrante de "Real Housewives of New York", la estrella Leah McSweeney, quien está alegando el mismo tipo de cosas que Brandi Glanville.

De acuerdo con documentos legales obtenidos por TMZ y presentados el martes, Leah, que también protagonizó el "Housewives' spinoff 'Ultimate Girls Trip", afirma que los productores junto con Bravo, NBC Universal Media y otros crearon un ambiente tóxico de trabajo en donde se explotaron su salud mental y su consumo del alcohol para "vender el drama".

Ella continúa alegando que Andy y otros la presionaban para consumir alcohol durante su tiempo en el programa, a pesar de que sabían de su lucha contra la adicción. Como ejemplo, Leah señala un mensaje de texto que recibió de su compañera de "RHUGT", Marysol Patton diciendo: "Me gustaría que todavía estuvieras bebiendo", algo que Leah tomó como una clara referencia a su recién descubierta sobriedad.

La ex estrella de la telerrealidad también afirma que el anfitrión de "Watch What Happens Live" consumía cocaína con otras esposas y estrellas de Bravo y supuestamente premiaba a las que participaban consumiendo drogas con buenas ediciones en televisión.

Un representante de Andy Cohen le dice a TMZ: "Las afirmaciones en contra de Andy son completamente falsas".

Fuentes con conocimiento directo también le dicen a TMZ que muchas de estas afirmaciones han sido expresadas por Leah anteriormente y, según su conocimiento, las acusaciones fueron encontradas inexactas. Las fuentes también nos recuerdan que Andy no ha sido un ejecutivo en Bravo desde 2013, por lo que técnicamente no es ni siquiera su jefe ni tiene la última palabra o más influencia que cualquier otro productor que trabaja en la franquicia.

Aun así, como la red ha dicho antes, todas las acusaciones se investigan sin importar qué.

Leah está demandando por daños y perjuicios no especificados. Alega que la producción la discriminó sobre la base de su conocido problema con el alcohol y otros asuntos y no hizo ningún tipo de acomodamiento durante su tiempo en los programas.

La demanda se produce en medio de otro drama de "Real Housewives" para Andy, quien fue acusado de acoso sexual por Brandi Glanville, integrante de "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" y "Housewives' spinoff 'Ultimate Girls Trip".

Por si se lo perdieron, la semana pasada los abogados de Brandi enviaron una carta a NBC Universal amenazando con una demanda. El mandamás de Bravo fue acusado de invitar a Brandi a presenciar un encuentro sexual con otra personalidad de Bravo por FaceTime.

Andy respondió rápidamente a las afirmaciones de Brandi escribiendo en X que todo el asunto había sido una broma que se fue de las manos. Sin embargo, reconoció que la situación era inapropiada.

TMZ investiga
TMZ Studios

Brandi dejó claro que no se estaba riendo y criticó a Andy por disculparse con su base de fans en lugar de con ella.

Andy Cohen, Bravo Sued by 'RHONY' Alum Leah McSweeney ... You Took Advantage of My Alcohol Abuse

Andy Cohen has been hit with a lawsuit by former 'RHONY' star Leah McSweeney ... and she's alleging the same sorts of things as Brandi Glanville.

According to legal docs filed Tuesday, obtained by TMZ, Leah -- who also starred on the 'Housewives' spinoff 'Ultimate Girls Trip' -- claims the producers ... along with Bravo, NBC Universal Media and others created a toxic work environment where her mental health and alcohol use disorder were exploited all in the "name of selling drama."

She goes on to allege Andy and others were pressuring her to consume alcohol during her time on the show -- despite knowing of her addiction struggles. As one example, Leah points to a text message she says she got from 'RHUGT' costar Marysol Patton saying, "I wish you were still drinking" -- which Leah took as a clear reference to her newfound sobriety.

The reality TV alum also claims that the "Watch What Happens Live" host uses cocaine with other Housewives and Bravo stars -- and allegedly rewards those who participate in the drug use with good TV edits.

A rep for Andy Cohen tells TMZ … "The claims against Andy are completely false."

Leah is suing for unspecified damages, claiming the production discriminated against her based on her known alcohol problem and other issues and failed to make any accommodations during her time on the shows.

This lawsuit comes amid other 'Housewives' drama for Andy -- who has been accused of sexually harassing "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" and 'RHUGT' alum Brandi Glanville.

ICYMI ... last week, Brandi's lawyers sent a letter to NBC Universal threatening a lawsuit -- in which the Bravo honcho was accused of inviting Brandi to watch him hook up with another Bravo personality over FaceTime.

Andy quickly responded to Brandi's claims ... writing on X that the whole thing was a joke that has been blown out of proportion. However ... he did acknowledge that the situation was inappropriate.

TMZ Studios

Brandi made it clear she wasn't laughing -- as she called out Andy for apologizing to his fans instead of her.

Kirk Cousins Gets Titanium & Gold Grillz ... 'Will Add Some Bling!!!'

Kirk Cousins fans lost it when the quarterback showed off his new gold grill this week, but get this -- it's not even a finished product yet -- according to his dentist who tells TMZ Sports he still plans to add bling!

The Minnesota Vikings QB recently shared a photo of his new gold fronts on Instagram, shouting out Dr. Ryan Lebster for the "great work" ... that even got Justin Jefferson's approval.

Dr. Lebster, a practicing dentist for over 20 years, told us he started working with the Pro Bowl QB after Cousins called him and commissioned a grill during this past NFL season.

Cousins went into Dr. Lebster's Michigan office this week to finally try 'em on -- and he loved the grill!

"I made them from a dentist's viewpoint," Dr. Lebster said about the fun process. "They're strong, thin, and durable titanium with gold."

"I did it digitally instead of the gold casting technique. A quicker way to get them done."

Even though the grills are dope just the way they are, Dr. Lebster says he's not finished with the wearable jewelry. He plans to upgrade the mouthpiece.

"I'm not done yet," Dr. Lebster said, "I'm gonna bling them out soon."

The price tag for Kirk's grill remains a secret ... but Dr. Lebster said it'd likely run a few thousand bucks!


Of course, Cousins' "love" for jewelry started a couple of seasons ago ... when the 35-year-old started wearing his teammate's iced-out chains after a Vikings win.

That new side of Kirk got a ton of love from Vikings fans and earned the 4x Pro Bowler the nickname "Kirko Chainz" ... and now, aka "Kirko Grillz!"


A Kentucky couple's nuptials became a one-stop shop for love and convenience ... taking place in a gas station bathroom.

Tiana Abney tells TMZ about how she and her partner Logen went from joking about it to actually saying "I do" in the famous "disco bathrooms" of the HOP Shops convenience store in Verona, KY ... pulling the whole thing off in a matter of 3 weeks.

TikTok / @hopshopconveniencestore

They tell us the gas station didn't just provide the venue -- on Valentine's Day, no less -- they covered the whole shebang, with expenses totaling between $700 to $800!

And, if that wasn't sweet enough, they threw in a wedding cake!

As you can see by the pics, there was quite the turnout to Tiana and Logen's bathroom ceremony -- from parents and siblings to friends, cousins and coworkers, everyone they knew seemed to be there.

The gas station even closed the restrooms for a whole 2 hours to accommodate the ceremony ... offering free fountain drinks to other customers as a token of appreciation for the inconvenience -- which seems counterintuitive when ya can't go pee, but a nice gesture, nonetheless.

There is a limit to the HOP Shops hospitality, though ... no lifetime discounts for the newlyweds. With the price of gas, that would've been the ultimate wedding gift!

On its website, HOP Shops bragged the wedding is a reminder "love knows no bounds and that true romance can be found in the most unexpected of places."

TMZ Studios

Bet the happy couple's gassed for their wedding pics!!!

'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Man Tried To Break Into My House ... We're Safe, But Shaken Up

Scary moment at home for Jenelle Evans ... cops say was the victim of an attempted break-in at her place in North Carolina this past weekend, and she tells us her family is rattled.

Jenelle, through her manager August Keen, tells TMZ … "With everything going on already this couldn't have happened at a worse time. Me and my children are safe, but a bit shaken up, the local community and police department are doing everything to ensure the capture of this person"

She adds, "I'll soon be exposing the details of what exactly happened that night. For now, we ask for prayers and privacy until me and my family recover from this terrifying experience. Thank you to everyone who is helping us to catch this perpetrator."

The attempted break-in comes only days after Jenelle regained custody of her 14-year-old son, Jace -- who's been at the center of a lot of drama in her family life lately.

At this point, police in North Carolina have confirmed to TMZ there was an attempted breaking and entering at Jenelle's place.

The Columbus County Sheriff’s Office tells us … on Sunday, a deputy responded to Jenelle's home for a call about a breaking and entering, but when they got there the suspect had fled the property.

Cops say an unidentified man attempted to force his way into Jenelle's home from the back of the residence, and when he was unable to get inside he went into her garage and began throwing her personal items into the yard.

The Sheriff's Office says when the deputy arrived, no items appeared to be missing ... though the lock on the back door where the man tried to enter the home was damaged.

TMZ Studios

In case it wasn't clear, Jenelle was home during this terrifying incident. We're told an investigation is ongoing.

'MIGHTY DUCKS' Star Shaun Weiss Video Sparks Relapse Concern Among Fans ... But He Says He's Clean

Instagram / @shaunweiss

Shaun Weiss has some fans thinking he relapsed on drugs ... but he says folks are reading way too far into a video he posted online.

The "Mighty Ducks" star shared a video Wednesday on Instagram, talking about how blessed he is to be paid to travel around and interact with fans ... but his physical appearance seemed to throw people off.

Shaun, who recently celebrated 4 years of sobriety, is looking kinda thin and he has a red substance smudged between his eyes ... leading some to wonder if he busted his head open, even though his caption says it's "consecrated ash from Sadhguru."

Shaun tells TMZ ... he's still 100% clean and has not relapsed.

Josh Rivera

He says he's doing great and has never been better, adding ... "If I ever need help I promise I will reach out to people. No going backward."

As for what's on his forehead, Shaun tells us it's from his "spiritual practice." He says it's supposed to "activate my third eye."

Shaun says he's getting into the inner engineering teachings of Sadhguru, a famous Yogi ... telling us, "It has been a game changer in terms of my overall balance and levels of joy."

The video that first sparked relapse concern among fans was on Shaun's page for about 5 hours until we talked to him ... and he's since uploaded a new video where he wipes off the red substance from his face and says he's fine and there's nothing to worry about.

TMZ Studios

Bottom line ... Shaun says he's okay and no need for concern.

Adrian Peterson My Stuff's Being Sold Without My Consent ... I'm Not Broke!!!

Instagram / @adrianpeterson

Ex-NFL star Adrian Peterson claims his most prized possessions are being sold without his consent ... and now, he's planning to sue over the matter.

Numerous items belonging to the All-Pro running back -- including his 2012 Most Valuable Player and 2007 Rookie of the Year trophies -- hit the auction block this week ... which led many to wonder if Peterson had fallen on hard times and was looking to make a quick buck after earning more than $100 million on the field throughout his career.

The former first-round pick cleared the air on Wednesday ... saying he was just as shocked as everyone else when news of the auction made rounds on social media.

"I want to clarify recent rumors and media reports," Peterson said in a video. "An estate sale company without my authorization included some of my trophies in a sale, despite clear instructions to leave personal items untouched."

Peterson's rep, Denise White, further explained to TMZ Sports he had a storage unit full of old stuff ... so he hired the Texmax Auctions company to get rid of whatever he didn't want anymore -- but he had no intent to include anything of personal value.

Worth noting -- Peterson made his way around the league during his lengthy career ... so we're told he had several storage units throughout the country and had no clue these specific items would be included.

White tells us they've made several attempts to make contact with the company to fix the issue ... but have not heard back as of this post.

Peterson continued ... "I did not authorize the sale of my trophies and am taking legal action. Trusting the company without supervision was my mistake. We allowed them to go into several of our storage units with clear instructions. They clearly did something unlawful."

"I want to emphasize that I am financially stable and would never sell off my hard-earned trophies or personal sports items."

Kodak Black Cops to Probation Violation in Drug Case ... Released After Sitting in Jail for Weeks

Kodak Black has been sitting in Florida jail for weeks after his arrest for drug possession back in December triggered a probation violation ... but we've now learned the "Super Gremlin" rapper finally got out on Wednesday and will no longer have to deal with supervised release.

According to court docs, Kodak admitted to violating the terms of his supervised release but the judge sentenced the rapper to time served without any further supervised release ... and it sounds like it's all due to Kodak's lawyer really going to bat for his client in his drug possession case.

Ever since the arrest, Kodak's lawyer Bradford Cohen has argued that lab testing proves the substance Kodak was caught with wasn't cocaine, but rather a prescribed medication ... insisting his client was the victim of a false arrest.

TMZ Studios

Lab tests determined that to be true and Cohen even sent a fiery letter to the Mayor of Plantation, FL, Nick Sortal over it, saying the officer's conduct exposed the city to a federal civil rights claim.

Now that he's a free man, Kodak can attend to bigger family matters ... his girlfriend is expecting his 2nd child soon and she wants him home to help raise the child!!!

'90 Day Fiance' Stars Colon Cancer Fundraiser Nixed ... As Doubts Arise from Fans

A "90 Day Fiance" couple pissed people off by backtracking on a cancer announcement and seemingly trying to fundraise off it -- something the platform they used shut down quickly.

Here's the deal ... Brandan and Mary Denuccio -- who got hitched after appearing on '90DF: The Other Way' last year -- told their followers over the weekend that Mary had colon cancer ... something they came out with pretty definitively at first, without any doubt.

As part of the announcement -- in which they said flat out that Mary had been diagnosed with colon cancer after experiencing symptoms for years -- they also asked for donations for a fundraiser they started ... which they said would go toward surgery she'd need to remove it.

Soon ... the doubters started coming out of the woodwork and questioning their claim online, which resulted in Brandan and Mary slightly changing the wording of the cancer diagnosis -- making it seem like she hadn't actually gotten any official word from a doctor just yet.

Before long their entire fundraising campaign was halted -- and the whole thing came down.

At the time, the only message that was up on the page read ... "GoGetFunding has been requested or required to stop this campaign." Now, though, we have a bit more clarity.

At first, it was unclear if the campaign -- which, by all accounts, had only raised about $1,300 or so before it was nixed -- was halted by Brandan and Mary themselves ... or the company, but a rep for GoGetFunding tells TMZ ... they're the ones who actually pulled the plug.

We're told the company was quickly flagged by users about the fact it was suspicious -- and after doing some digging on it ... GGF felt enough evidence existed to yank it all down.

Now, in terms of what happened to people's money -- as far as those who donated -- GoGetFunding says the donations were received via PayPal for this campaign ... and no funds passed through their site, so there's no way for them to refund anyone specifically.

GGF goes on to say that they advised anyone who donated and who contacted them afterward for help to dispute any charges/withdrawals with their banks -- and to report any suspicious activity to the police if they felt it rose that level. Unclear if anyone did.

TMZ Studios

As far as what Brandan and Mary have to say about it all now ... they actually tell us they were the ones who stopped the GoGetFunding campaign because people were inundating them with hate. Mary adds, "I know i announced i have colon cancer. It’s just im so scared that time because i was in pain and i got all the symptoms. But we are still going back and forth to the hospital and have do all the laboratory requested by the doctors."

Mary tells us she's not going to post anymore about this, as she's very stressed right now.

We covered it all on the latest episode of The TMZ Podcast, available on all podcast platforms.


Machine Gun Kelly has unveiled his most dramatic tattoo yet -- a layer of solid black ink across almost his entire upper torso ... and yes, we've confirmed it's the real deal.

The rapper dropped his new look on IG Tuesday ... and you can see that the black ink saturates virtually half of his upper body ... with some of his OG inkings peeking through strategically placed paneled gaps down his arms and in between a cross symbol across his chest.

Machine Gun Kelly's decision to undergo this transformation was a deeply personal one, according to his tattoo artist ROXX who did this job for the artist -- and who tells TMZ that MGK had a "spiritual consultation". We're told he explained to her all his tatts were too chaotic for him now and he was seeking change and order in his life.

This is also something MGK makes clear in his IG caption ... explaining that the blackout cover-up was for "spiritual purposes only." FWIW, Kelly made sure no one could comment.

Oh, and if you're wondering whether it was painful ... ROXX praises him for being the toughest client she's ever had in 30 years. So, safe to say ... it hurt a lot.

Roxx tells us they started the process in mid-Dec with MGK coming to see her at her private L.A. studio 4 days a week for 13 six-hour sessions -- making it one of the biggest projects she's done in such a short time. She's not done yet either ... ROXX says she's got a bit more tattooing to do on him to finish the job.

TMZ Studios

Bottom line ... MGK definitely knows how to make a bold statement. Nothing screams change quite like this.

Actress Cocoa Brown Georgia House Burns Down ... GoFundMe Started for Help

Cocoa Brown's home burned down in a devastating fire this week -- and her friends are now coming together to help her out ... understandable when you see the extent of the damage.

The actress/comedian -- famous from "For Better or Worse," and lots of other shows and movies -- suffered a massive blow Sunday when flames overtook her entire property in Fayetteville, GA ... where she lives with her young son, Phoenix.

In terms of how this even happened, sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... Cocoa believes a lit candle may have fallen into some clothes in the house -- and by the time the fire alarm went off ... CB ran to the room, but it was quickly becoming an inferno.

We're told Cocoa tried her best to put out the fire with an extinguisher she had on hand -- but the fire started overtaking the whole house ... and she had to escape while she could.

Our sources say Cocoa was able to get her kid and her pets ... and they fled the home with nothing but the clothes on their backs -- and we're told they're lucky they made it out OK.

In the aftermath ... Cocoa's loved ones have started a GoFundMe for her -- with a goal of $50,000 -- and so far, a lot of people have come out to support her during this trying time.

Cocoa is a working actress and comedian, and while she has worked A LOT -- with over 60 acting credits to her name, plus a ton of comedy specials as well -- having your house go up in flames and it becoming as damaged as it clearly did here is a major setback for her.

As the GFM rightly notes ... "Cocoa Brown has brought laughter and light to countless lives with her talent and humor. Now, it's our turn to rally around her and show our support in her time of need. Together, let's shine a beacon of hope and happiness in this time of darkness."

Here's hoping she can get back on her feet soon. 🙏

Cubren la estrella de David de la estatua de Amy Winehouse Con la bandera de Palestina

Una estatua de Amy Winehouse en Londres ha sido pintarrajeada. Unos manifestantes han cubierto el collar con la estrella de David de la estatua con una bandera palestina, lo que ha causado indignación entre algunos, pero no necesariamente en su propia familia.

Manifestantes pro-Palestina mancillaron la estatua de la difunta cantante el fin de semana durante una protesta masiva en Londres, donde alguien colocó una pegatina de la bandera palestina en la imagen de Amy.

En la estatua aparece Amy con un collar de la estrella de David, símbolo de la identidad judía y del judaísmo, y la pegatina de la bandera de Palestina tapó el colgante. Amy era británica y judía.

Naturalmente, Internet está indignado, con la gente llamando al vandalismo vergonzoso, repugnante y antisemita.

Mitch Winehouse -el padre de Amy y administrador de su patrimonio- sin embargo, está dando una respuesta más comedida, diciendole a TMZ: "No es muy agradable, pero era solo una pegatina".

La estatua de bronce de Amy en el mercado londinense de Camden fue inaugurada en 2014, un par de años después de su muerte en 2011, y los fans suelen dejar flores para presentar sus respetos.

No está claro cuánto tiempo estuvo la pegatina con la bandera palestina en la estatua de Amy, pero ya ha sido retirada.

Amy Winehouse Statue Defaced In London ... With Palestinian Flag

An Amy Winehouse statue in London has been defaced -- with protestors covering up the statue's Star of David necklace with a Palestinian flag, causing outrage among some ... but not necessarily in her own family.

Pro-Palestine demonstrators besmirched the late singer's statue over the weekend during a massive protest in London ... with someone placing a sticker of the Palestinian flag on Amy's likeness.

The statue features Amy wearing a Star of David necklace, a symbol of Jewish identity and Judaism, and the Palestine flag sticker covered up the pendant. Amy was British and Jewish.

Naturally, the internet is outraged ... with folks calling the vandalism disgraceful, revolting and antisemitic.

Mitch Winehouse -- Amy's dad and the administrator of her estate -- however is taking a more measured response, telling TMZ ... "It's not very nice but it was just a sticker."

Amy's bronze statue in London's Camden Market was unveiled in 2014, a couple years after her 2011 death, and fans often leave flowers to pay their respects.

Unclear how long the Palestinian flag sticker was on Amy's statue, but it has since been removed.

Fallece a los 85 años el compositor Ben Lanzarone Marido de la actriz Ilene Graff

Ben Lanzarone -un compositor detrás de la música en programas de éxito como "The Love Boat" y "Happy Days"- ha muerto... TMZ ha confirmado.

La esposa de Ben, la actriz Ilene Graff le dice a TMZ que Ben falleció en paz mientras dormía el viernes después de una batalla contra el cáncer de pulmón.

Graff dice que estuvo con Ben, con quien estuvo casada durante más de 45 años, cuando murió.

Mientras que muchas personas pueden no conocer el nombre de Ben, sin duda han escuchado su música, ya que su trabajo aparece en muchos programas icónicos de los años 70, 80 y 90.

Entre ellas... "The Love Boat", "Happy Days", "Dinastía", "Mork y Mindy", "Laverne y Shirley", "The Tracey Ullman Show", "The Colbys" y "Mr. Belevdere".

Ben e Ilene se conocieron en el set de "Grease" -donde Ben trabajó en el video musical de "Summer Nights"- y más tarde trabajaron juntos en "Belvedere" donde Ilene interpretó a Marsha Cameron Owens durante 118 episodios.

Ben fue galardonado con el premio ASCAP's Most Performed Underscore Award en 1986 y le sobreviven Ilene y su hija Nikka.

Ben tenía 85 años.


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