Porsha Williams I'm Engaged!!! And You Will Recognize My Fiance

Porsha Williams is engaged again, and in real life 'Real Housewives' fashion ... her fiance is the estranged husband of one of her costars. Drama!!!

The 'RHOA' star announced she's getting super serious with a guy she's been dating for just a month -- surprising enough -- but the bigger shocker is the guy is Falynn Guobadia's ex, Simon.

If ya don't know ... Falynn just revealed her split from Simon last month, after 2 years of marriage, saying a "mutual decision was not made lightly." And, she and Porsha are supposedly good friends -- or at least that's what 'RHOA' fans thought considering Porsha brought Falynn on last season as a "friend of the show."

However, Porsha blew up that notion when she announced on IG, "Our relationship began a month ago -- yes we are crazy in love. I know it’s fast but we are living life each day to its fullest."

She adds ... "For all of you that need facts, I get the optics but Simon filed for divorce from a previous marriage in January. I had nothing to do with their divorce filing. That’s between the two of them."

And for the kicker, Porsha claims ... "Falynn and I are not friends, and Simon’s divorce has been settled."

Now, she stopped short of saying she and Simon are engaged in her post, but Simon confirmed that later on his IG. Porsha also claims her ex, Dennis McKinley -- to whom she was previously engaged -- is supportive of the situation.

So, congrats to all? Except maybe Falynn.😬

'BACHELOR IN PARADISE' STARS Evan and Carly Hanging After Split ... Getting Back Together?!?

Evan Bass and Carly Waddell don't look like a couple calling it quits ... the "Bachelor in Paradise" stars are hanging out again after their split.

Evan and Carly were spotted at brunch Sunday at White Limozeen at the Graduate Hotel in Nashville, and folks who were there tell us they were acting very friendly toward one another.

It's interesting ... the brunch outing was on Mother's Day, but their children weren't with them. Seems more like a date than a family holiday outing, right?!?

Evan and Carly split back in December after 3 years of marriage ... and this is the first time they've been seen together in public since the split.

While witnesses say there was no PDA at Evan and Carly's table, we're also told Evan went to the same restaurant the weekend before with a male friend and made a reservation for him and Carly for Mother's Day. So, it sounds like this wasn't a spur-of-the-moment thing.

Looks like there might be hope for an Evan and Carly reunion.

Stay tuned ...

Ben and Jen Hangin' Out in Montana Together!!!

J Lo and Ben Affleck may have crossed the friendzone, because we found out they were hanging out together this past weekend.

Ben and Jen were at the Big Sky Resort in Montana, super close to Yellowstone National Park. They were staying at the same resort and were driving around together ... Ben was driving and J Lo was riding shotgun.

They also flew out of Montana together Sunday from Bozeman, Montana to L.A. When they arrived in L.A. at the Signature Terminal at LAX, they took an SUV together and drove to her house in Bel-Air. All this raises the question, of course ... are they back together?

There's certainly a lot of smoke. The 2 were hanging out together in Los Angeles early last week as well. If you were placing bets, bet on them being reunited as a couple.

Our sources connected to both J Lo and Ben have told us they're just friends ... they've actually been fairly close over the years since their breakup.

They certainly have a lot in common now ... they both recently broke off their relationships.

It was back in 2004 when the two split, and we haven't known either of them to be romantically linked since. Of course, both have gone on to have other serious relationships and raise children as well.

A source close to J Lo told us she keeps her exes close, just look at her relationship with Marc Anthony over the years. The source also told us she's seen Alex Rodriguez since they ended things as well and that the two remain friends. However, it's rare that only J Lo and one of her exes ever hung out without kids in tow, and from what we've learned, Ben and Jennifer were solo in Montana.

A source in Montana who spotted them tell TMZ they seemed very much like a couple.

Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Triple Date with Biebers, Kendall & Devin ... More Happy Together???

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are showing signs that they're back together ... grabbing dinner at a celeb hot spot with famous friends and family.

Stormi's parents did a triple date night Sunday at West Hollywood hot spot, Catch LA, with Justin & Hailey Bieber and Kendall and her NBA star boyfriend, Devin Booker.

The 6-some all brought their own sense of fashion and style -- with JB still proudly rocking yet another new hairdo -- but Kylie was the only one who managed to duck the photogs all night. She's a pro!

We know she was there for the triple date, though, which only fuels speculation she's back together with Trav ... something that really kicked up a notch when she flew to Miami last weekend to celebrate his birthday with him.

You don't do fancy dinner dates with other happy couples unless you are feeling those same vibes yourself, right???

Just sayin'.

'Bachelor' Matt James Still Holding On Tight to Rachael ... Reunited, Feels So Good in NYC

Matt James is keeping Rachael Kirkconnell very close by his side -- strolling around NYC -- as they attempt to bounce back as a couple after her racism scandal.

The former 'Bachelor' was hanging out Tuesday with Rachael in the Big Apple -- walking side by side on Manhattan's Lower East Side and even putting his arm around her back as they walked into a building.

Matt told People last week he was "focusing" on his relationship with Rachael, trying to make it work, and these shots show just how much energy he's pouring into it. An eyewitness tells us the couple was holding hands at one point.

He's still keeping a low profile, though, under a hoodie and sometimes a face mask. Kinda similar to what we saw a little more than a week after we saw them grabbing a beer with some friends in Santa Monica. Again, Matt was hiding out under a hoodie.

Despite all the public attention and pressure ... their NYC hangout sure looks like they're moving past the race issues. Even if 'Bachelor' nation hasn't since Matt rejected her during the 'After the Final Rose' ceremony.

As you know ... Rachael had posed for pics with sorority sisters at an antebellum-themed party, and also liked racially insensitive pics on IG, some featuring the Confederate flag.

Rachael made it clear she was still in love with Matt after the split, and all signs point to him being all-in for her as well.

Cue that Peaches & Herb track!

Chris Harrison Not Married ... Despite Wedding-ish Pic

Chris Harrison's wedding-y photo with his girlfriend might seem like it's cause for celebration -- but it's not really, because they're not hitched. Not yet, anyway.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... Chris' latest IG photo with his girlfriend, Lauren Zima, is misleading -- especially if fans only looked at the image. Yes, it kinda looks like they're dressed for their own nuptials, but that's not the case ... they were just at a friend's wedding in Dallas, where Lauren was a bridesmaid.

You can't really blame Chris for people getting the wrong idea, either ... 'cause his caption was a dead giveaway. He wrote, "'I’d stop the world and melt with you' @laurenzima there’s no one I’d rather celebrate love with and I’ll be your plus one anytime."

Grooms don't typically refer to themselves as a "plus one" at their own wedding. Not out loud, anyway.

BTW, you might also be wondering why Chris is in Dallas and not on the set of the 'Bachelorette' ... which just wrapped filming. Remember, he's on a hosting hiatus due to the racism scandal after his controversial convo with Rachel Lindsay.

Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe have replaced him for this season, and his future with the 'Bachelor' franchise remains up in the air at this point.

At least he seems to be enjoying romance elsewhere.

Travis Barker Dogs Don't Bite Me, Only Humans ... Kourtney Comes Fangs Out

Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian are keeping their public love fest going strong -- letting us all know that there seems to be some biting at play in their relationship 😁.

The rocker appears to have just given some insight into how he and Kourt get down ... which KK herself seems to have confirmed. He posted some ADORABLE photos of him and his French bulldog, Louis, frolicking in the grass -- making some for very nice shots.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

His caption was telling ... "Dogs never bite me. Just humans." Oooh, okay Trav -- we see you there with the not-so-subtle double entendre! And, if that wasn't obvious enough ... Kourtney chimed in for good measure.

She responded with a vampire emoji, seemingly backing up his account that ... she's a biter.

KK and TB certainly have NOT shied away from showing each other affection out in the open like this, be it physically or, as we're seeing now, with descriptive words as well. Not that there's anything with that, of course ... although, it does come as TMI more often than not.

You'll recall ... the couple was showing major PDA down in the OC last week, where they were all over each other like a pair of high school sweethearts in their teens. Of course, they're not in their teens -- both of them are in their 40s, hot as it was.


There was also the thumb-sucking video Travis posted as part of his birthday tribute post to Kourtney -- which also felt a little too intimate for our gawking eyes 👀.

But, hey, don't let us rain on the lovey-dovey parade ... the more we know, the better, right? #KnowledgeIsPower

'Lucifer' Star Tom Ellis Cops Investigating Creepy Mail Package

"Lucifer" star Tom Ellis and his screenwriter wife, Meaghan Oppenheimer, got a devil of a scare in the mail ... cops are investigating a strange package sent to the couple.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... someone sent a glitter package last month to Tom and Meaghan's Los Angeles home, and we're told the couple found the delivery creepy enough to call cops and file a police report.

We know what you're thinking -- what the hell's a glitter package??? We're told it was a box filled with glitter, which might not sound all that menacing -- however, what concerned the couple is that it was addressed to Meaghan ... and not her more famous hubby.

LAPD's Threat Management division is now on the case, and we're told they do have a lead on a suspect.

It's unclear where the mysterious package was sent from, but we're guessing it wasn't the gates of hell. Lucifer would certainly notice that handiwork.

DMX Fiancee Gets 'Dog Love' Tattoo ... Commemorates His Death

DMX is forever inscribed on the flesh of the woman he was set to marry before his untimely death -- because she got some new ink to honor him ... and it's right up his doggone alley.

Desiree Lindstrom -- who was engaged to X, and birthed his 15th child -- actually enlisted the services of a famous tattoo artist in NY to show her love for her late fiance in endearing terms ... hitting up one-time 'Black Ink Crew' star Krystal Kills for the custom job.

As you can see, Desiree got "Dog Love" written on her forearm ... with a big X underneath it. The meaning might seem self-explanatory -- if you know DMX, you know canines were a big part of his artistic aesthetic -- but this wording is actually a bit more personal than that.

We're told Desiree got "Dog Love" etched in for 2 reasons -- one, it's something X himself used to say. Second, our sources say Desiree considers a dog's love to be unconditional, much like X's. BTW, she got this done Friday night ... not too long after he passed.

As we reported ... X died after his organs started failing and brain function never returned.

Desiree was on hand with their young son, Exodus, for one of the vigils held for X right outside the hospital -- part of the outpouring of fan love for him during his final days.

In light of all that, it's touching to see Desiree now has a way to hold on to his memory for good and by such intimate means. X popped the question to her at Exodus' birthday party in 2019.

Aaron Rodgers, Shailene Woodley Happiest Couple On Earth!!! ... Pack On PDA At Disney

Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley's tour of love continues -- the engaged couple hit up Disney World during Easter weekend ... and they couldn't keep their hands off each other!!

Of course, the NFL MVP and actress are fresh off a romantic getaway to Mexico ... which was the very first time we got a glimpse of the duo together since Rodgers announced their engagement back in February.

37-year-old Rodgers and 29-year-old Woodley now appear to be a lot more comfortable showing their love for each other out in public ... holding hands and hugging while walking through Disney in Orlando.

In fact, the couple adorably decided to wear matching Star Wars-themed masks ... and while Woodley added some Minnie Mouse ears, Rodgers settled for a ballcap and Star Wars shirt.

Remember -- Rodgers is a grade-A Star Wars super-nerd ... so we're sure he couldn't wait to get the VIP treatment while checking out the SW: Galaxy's Edge area during his visit.

The couple has a lot to celebrate -- Rodgers' debut episode as interim host of "Jeopardy!" premiered on Monday ... and Woodley hyped up her man by praising his man bun and "super sexy, super attractive" look.


What are ... relationship goals, Aaron??

Sorry, bad "Jeopardy!" joke.

Lori Loughlin's Hubby Mossimo Released from Prison Early Reportedly in Home Confinement

12:50 PM PT -- According to reports, Mossimo is serving out the rest of his sentence under home confinement.

Lori Loughlin's husband, Mossimo Giannulli, has been sprung from prison early as the dust settles on the college admission scandal -- the only question now ... is he at home, or is he holed up in a halfway house?

Federal prison records show that Mossimo is, indeed, now "located" at a facility called RRM Long Beach -- which is a residential reentry management field office that oversees inmates transitioning back to public life.

RRMLB itself does NOT appear to be a halfway house, but it does regulate inmates who stay at halfway houses. It's also where inmates released to home confinement have to check in routinely until their actual release date -- per our law enforcement sources. In Mossimo's case, that won't be until April 17. In other words, this place is literally just an office ... not where he'll be staying.

So that raises this pickle ... if Mossimo isn't behind bars anymore, where the heck is he? It's possible he could be staying at a halfway house nearby until his deadline -- it's also just as feasible he's been sent home to serve out the remaining days of his 5-month sentence.

Remember, Mossimo was doing his time at FCI Lompoc, which is just outside Santa Barbara -- about a two-hour drive north of L.A. He checked himself in back in November, sporting a new bald look -- which had all the markings of a tough guy heading to the pokey.

MG got the stiffer sentence between him and Lori for their roles in the admissions scheme -- having paid Rick Singer upwards of $500k to help get their daughters into USC ... under elaborate and false pretenses, of course. After initially pleading not guilty, the couple eventually caved ... and copped a plea deal as pressure from prosecutors mounted.

Lori ended up getting just a couple months behind bars, and served a majority of that time ... getting released in December, just 2 days shy of her official release date. Mossimo, however, got three more months on top of that, and has been dealing with COVID/solitary issues.


You'll recall ... Lori was brought home in a jet -- but we wouldn't expect Mossimo to get the same treatment. He's in L.A. County, and it wouldn't make too much sense to fly him back to their home in Hidden Hills. Lori was coming all the way from the Bay Area, so flying her in (private, no less) was definitely the move.

Still, nothing says "Daddy's home!" like wheels up, we suppose.

Originally Published -- 10:51 AM PT

PGA's Brooks Koepka Engaged To GF Jena Sims For A Month ... No April Fools' Here!!!

Before you read this -- no, this ain't an April Fools' Joke!!

Golf superstar Brooks Koepka got on one knee and popped the question to his gorgeous GF Jena Sims ... and she said, "YES!!!"

... A MONTH AGO!!!

Of course, 30-year-old Brooks and 32-year-old Jena are known to have a good time and some lighthearted fun -- and their engagement announcement was no exception.

Living up to their steez, the couple decided to wait nearly a month to announce their plans to get hitched on the biggest "Fake News" day of the year -- April Fools' Day.

"Forever is no joke 💕," Jena captioned the photo of the proposal Thursday ... showing a huge diamond ring on ~that~ finger.

Sims revealed the actual date of the proposal on Instagram ... saying he popped the big Q in Jupiter, FL on March 3, 2021.

The current #8-ranked Koepka and Sims have been dating for around 4 years ... and their relationship burst onto the scene after he won the U.S. Open in 2017.

Congrats on the engagement ... will the wedding be on April 1st, too?!

Hailey Bieber Justin Helped Me Deal with Cyberbullies ... Limiting IG Helps a Lot!!!

Hailey Rhode Bieber / YouTube

Hailey Bieber is learning how to unplug from social media, while silencing online trolls at the same time ... a process she says her hubby, Justin, is guiding her through.

Hailey was talking to Dr. Jessica Clemons -- a world-renowned psychiatrist -- about mental health and social media when she dished on how she navigates Instagram, Twitter and other apps these days ... while also processing vile comments from complete strangers.

For starters, Mrs. Bieber explained how she's actually come to limit her Instagram use ... swearing it off Monday through Friday and only hopping in on weekends. That's apparently helped drown out a lot of noise ... and so has completely nixing Twitter from her rotation.


Check it out ... she describes it as very toxic, and is realizing what a lot of users have about the bird platform in 2021.

There's more Hailey does to filter out unnecessary negativity on IG -- she explains how she limits her comments to just people she follows, from whom she knows she won't get any out-of-pocket/mean-spirited remarks just 'cause. She also says good old-fashioned therapy has helped her deal with relentless bullying.

Hailey also heaped praise on Justin for giving her great advice and much-needed perspective on how to look at these sorts of things ... seeing how he's been through this on the biggest stage.

Hailey recently launched the channel, and has already featured guests like her BFF Kendall Jenner. The channel is produced by Michael D. Ratner’s OBB Pictures ... the same team behind Demi Lovato’s 'Dancing with the Devil' and Justin Bieber’s 'Seasons.'

Quavo & Saweetie Elevator Altercation Caught on Video ... Before Their Breakup

DRAGGED to the ground

Quavo and Saweetie's issues appear to run much deeper than alleged infidelity because they had a fight in an elevator -- before they split -- and the altercation was all captured on video.

TMZ obtained surveillance footage of the struggle, which went down at an apartment complex in North Hollywood. It shows both of them standing outside an open elevator, and when the video starts Saweetie is swinging on Quavo.

Quavo dodges the hit, dropping an orange Call of Duty case in the process ... which Saweetie tries to pick up. Quavo grabs it, and as they struggle for the case, he grabs her arm and swings her into the back elevator wall, then they both go down.

As Saweetie lay on the ground -- possibly injured -- Quavo stands there without helping her up. Eventually, the elevator opens with a guy standing outside ... but he doesn't get on and the door shuts again.

Finally, the door opens on another floor and Quavo starts to get off with the case, using it to keep the door open ... and Saweetie picks herself up and limps off.

We spoke with sources on both sides ... and they both say this incident went down in 2020 at an apartment building where Saweetie was renting.

Remember, Saweetie publicly broke it off with him -- alluding to him cheating ... which he denied. There were also rumors he repo'd a car he'd gifted her, but he claimed that wasn't the case.

As for this ugly moment -- it doesn't appear the police were called.

Jeezy & Jeannie Mai Wedding Bells Ahead!!! Apply for Marriage License

Jeezy and Jeannie Mai are gearing up for their wedding day ... or so it seems, because they just applied for a marriage license.

According to the Fulton County Court Clerk in Georgia ... the rapper and 'The Real' host came in Monday to get the documents required to become husband and wife.

The clock’s now ticking -- once issued, it means Jeezy and Jeannie have to tie the knot sometime in 2021, because in Georgia it's only valid for 6 months. They could re-apply after that, but who wants that hassle?

As you might know ... the couple started dating in late 2018, and announced their engagement in April 2020.

Gossip of the City was first to report the two were close to tying the knot.

For many couples, the wedding comes about a year after the proposal ... so don't be surprised if Jeannie's walking down the aisle sooner than later.

Aaron Rodgers Wheels up with Shailene Woodley ... After Mexican Getaway

Here it is ... Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley in the same place at the same time, for the first time since they got engaged -- which might be what they were celebrating down in Mexico.

The happy couple was on the tarmac Monday in Costa Careyes ... moments before boarding a private jet. The Green Bay Packers QB and "Big Little Lies" star were with a group of friends getting ready for takeoff. It's unclear if they're continuing the vacay somewhere else or heading home.

We know what fans desperately wanna see -- Shailene's engagement ring, so here's the best we can do. Even zooming in, it's hard to tell if she's wearing one on that left hand.

We do know the ring exists, but up to this point, the only time we've seen it was when Shailene was on the 'Tonight Show' in February, talking to Jimmy Fallon about the engagement.

Still, looks like they enjoyed the warmer weather down south after they were together earlier this month in freezing Montreal ... where Shailene was shooting the cop thriller "Misanthrope" and sending Aaron out to walk her dog.

Zenith Watches

As we reported ... Aaron announced his engagement to Shailene back in February after winning the NFL's MVP award for the 2020 season, and he's since gushed about their relationship and set his sights on having a kid with her.

But, until then ... travel the world while ya can!!!

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