Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan Officially Single ... Divorce Final


Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan wanted to be single in the eyes of the law while they settled their divorce ... and a judge just granted their wish.

The former couple recently filed court docs asking the court to grant the divorce while they hash out a property settlement and custody agreement. As for why they wanted the divorce decree now ... we're told they're both in relationships and it just makes things easier. It also clears the path if they want to remarry.

According to the new docs, filed by Jenna's lawyer Samantha Spector, the divorce judgment became final Tuesday. So, now they have to work out custody and support issues involving 6-year-old Everly.

Jenna recently announced she and her new boyfriend, Steve Kazee, are expecting their first child together. Rumors of a coming engagement have been swirling ever since.

While it would appear Jenna is the one zeroing in on another marriage, that doesn't mean Channing hasn't moved on himself ... he's just as free to tie the knot.

As we reported ... he's been dating Jessie J as of late, but things don't seem to have been moving as fast as they have for Jenna and Steve.

Jenna filed for divorce a year ago, months after they went public with their split.

Tyga's Date Kylie Look-alike Revealed!!!


Tyga's got a type, and TMZ's confirmed she's got a name too ... other than "Kylie Jenner Doppelganger."

As we reported ... the rapper left Delilah restaurant in WeHo Saturday night in a fire red Ferrari with a fire date who looks a lot like his ex. We've learned that's Ana Beatriz Boaretto.

Our sources say the 2 met through mutual friends and have been hanging out since May ... though it's unclear if they're officially dating or not.

Ana's listed as a creative director on Yella Beezy's new music video for "Restroom Occupied," which features Chris Brown. From the looks of it ... she's also an aspiring model.

As for Tyga ... he's been linked to the actual Kylie a couple times lately. The 2 were spotted together at Hyde nightclub on the Sunset Strip last month, and were also in Vegas together at the end of summer.

The sightings fueled some rumors of a rekindled romance, but Kylie shot them down ... and Tyga's letting his actions do the talking.

Pete Davidson & Kaia Gerber First Time for Everything ... Public Lip-lock in the City!!!


Pete Davidson and Kaia Gerber are making it official -- unintentionally, we think, but they're finally at the kissing in public stage of their situtationship.

The 'SNL' star and model, who's 8 years younger than him, were out Monday night at Webster Hall in NYC to catch singer Charlotte Lawrence in concert. Pete and Kaia had a great view from the balcony, but their eyes were mostly on each other.

At one point, they went in for a smooch -- and were standing with each other pretty much the entire time. It looks like they came back for seconds later in the show.


Pete was rocking his signature hoodie look, but when he kissed Kaia he lost the hood ... meaning he ain't being shy about them being a couple.

PD and KG have been hanging out a lot lately -- they were seen going into her apartment together after a late night on the town, and have been pretty much inseparable since late October, when they first hooked up over a meal in the Big Apple.

We don't know who Kaia was seeing prior to this, but Pete's dating history has been well documented since his engagement to Ariana Grande.

Halsey Not Preggo!!! ... Just Pancakes

6:17 AM PT -- 11/19 -- Halsey clarified the belly rub, letting everyone know it was just a stomach full of pancakes -- not a bun in the oven. She wrote, "Is it a boy? Is it a girl? It's pancakes."

Halsey's stirring the pregnancy pot with a hand gesture that could mean there's a bun in the oven ... or a bad meal just wasn't sitting right.

The singer was out Sunday with her boyfriend, Evan Peters, in Santa Monica -- where they both went in for a drawn-out rub of Halsey's belly, and they both seemed pretty happy about it. Toss in the fact she was wearing a baggy jumpsuit ... and ya get the rumor mill in full swing.

The couple went on to hit the beach, going into full-blown make-out sessions a few different times. They certainly look smitten after just a month or so of dating -- Halsey and Evan went public just this past October.

Prior to hooking up, Halsey was reportedly dating singer Yungblud as recently as this summer -- and before that, she was linked to Machine Gun Kelly and, of course, G-Eazy.

Evan was engaged to actress Emma Roberts for 3 years until breaking things off just a few months ago. He's mostly known as a regular on "American Horror Story," but he's been in a ton of stuff over the years ... including roles in the most recent 'X-Men' movies.

As for these suspicious belly rubs, we've reached out to Halsey's rep. So far, no word back.

Originally Published -- 11/18 10:25 AM PT

Big Sean & Jhene Aiko Back Together?!? Uh, 'None of Your Concern'


Big Sean and Jhene Aiko's on-again, off-again relationship appears to be very much so back on after they released a super personal song with a little TMI attached.

The rapper and singer -- who've dated and broken up at least a couple different times over the past few years -- were spotted grabbing dinner in Malibu Saturday at a fancy place called Geoffrey's ... where they looked like more than just friends and collaborators.

TMZ obtained photos of Jhene sitting on Sean's lap at one point as they looked out at the ocean on the restaurant's patio deck. He's holding her pretty tenderly too, BTW.

This, of course, is a major development considering the new song they released together Thursday. JA's single, "None of Your Concern," caught fans off guard with a Big Sean feature.

The song is incredibly introspective, and touches on their relationship ... and a big takeaway from Sean's verse was how he pleases his lady in the bedroom. Apparently, he once made Jhene orgasm 9 times in a day -- and he doesn't think any average Joe deserves her.

Well ... it certainly seems the collab might've brought 'em closer than ever -- 'cause the homie-lover-friend wheel they often spin seems to be on the lover corner right about now.

Oh, and if you're wondering who picked up the tab during this intimate meal ... it looks like BS did, as he's seen signing off on the bill here. Good man right there.

Tyga Yeah, I Got a Type


Tyga's undeniably got game ... and you don't have to go further than this pic for proof.

Kylie Jenner's ex was leaving Delilah restaurant in WeHo Saturday night in a fire engine red Ferrari and a beautiful woman riding shotgun. Is it just us or does she resemble Kylie in a big way?

Several people at Delilah -- including our photog -- tell us Kylie was also there, but we have no evidence of that. The 2 were seen together at Hyde nightclub on the Sunset Strip last month, fueling rumors they were getting back together. They were also in Vegas together at the end of Summer. Hard to know ... but based on the photo it sure looks like Tyga's moved on.


Kaia Gerber, Pete Davidson Hook Up After 'SNL'

Pete Davidson and Kaia Gerber sure seem like a couple ... of course they're a couple, and if there was any doubt, check out the photos.

A photog got the two turning in for the night -- 3:30 AM to be exact -- after Pete assumed the role of Michael Avenatti on "Saturday Night Live."

BTW ... Pete turned 26 Saturday, so his 18-year-old GF hit up the famed Magnolia Bakery in the West Village and scooped up a large, round birthday cake and banana pudding.

They entered her apartment together at 3:30 AM after his SNL performance and after-party in New York.

They've been pretty much inseparable for about a month. The first time we saw them together was at a New York City restaurant on Oct. 24.


Kevin Hart's Friends First Images from Hospital Bed ... After Car Accident

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Kevin Hart's 2 friends who survived that car crash with him are giving us a glimpse into their recovery for the first time since sustaining very serious injuries.

Rebecca Broxterman, the backseat passenger, posted images of the driver -- and her fiance -- Jared Black in a neck brace following the accident. She says the hospital bed photos of Jared are from Sept. 17 ... a little more than 2 weeks after the wreck.

Not surprisingly, Rebecca called the night of the accident the scariest of her life.

More than 2 months later, she's opening up ... saying after the accident she was terrified when she had to be separated from Jared when they were airlifted from the crash scene to the hospital.


Jared, who suffered very similar spinal injuries as Kevin did, underwent major back surgery, and Rebecca says they're doing physical therapy together a few times each week.

TMZ broke the story ... Kevin's 1970 Plymouth Barracuda -- driven by Jared -- crashed into a ravine Sept. 1 and Hart suffered serious back injuries which required surgery and a grueling physical therapy routine.


Now, Kevin's counting his blessings and moving around quite well ... and it's good to see Rebecca and Jared progressing, too.

Hayden Panettiere Me & BF Brian Are All Good, Man ... We Never Even Fought!!!


Hayden Panettiere is shrugging off any suggestion that she and her boyfriend were ever anything but a-OK -- despite the fact he got arrested for allegedly roughing her up.

The actress was at LAX Tuesday when we ran into her and asked for a life update, considering the last time we heard from her was in a very negative light -- her new-ish BF, Brian Hickerson, had been charged with felony domestic violence against her.

As we reported ... the couple allegedly got into a scuffle earlier this year at their home that left red marks on Hayden's body, and police took Brian in for it.

However, you'd never know anything was wrong by the way Hayden reacts here ... insisting the two of 'em never even fought ... comparing it to a squabble with the family dog.

Lions Share News

We kept pressing her to make sure things were good, asking if family members were right to worry for her well-being -- especially after she's been seen with Brian again lately, including last week at the airport -- but Hayden doubles down ... noting she can handle herself.

A couple things oughta be noted here -- for one, Brian's criminal case in L.A. was recently dismissed for not being able to secure a "material witness" -- aka, Hayden. Also ... HP seems awfully nervous here as she boards a waiting car that seems to be driven by Brian.

She's got an explanation for that too though -- here's hoping she truly is okay, after all.

Anna Faris All Smiles Talking Engagement!!!


Anna Faris finally confirmed that new rock on her left hand is NOT a promise ring -- she IS engaged!!! But, still nowhere near ready to start talking about a wedding date.

Anna and her fiance, cinematographer Michael Barrett, were leaving a dinner party over the weekend in Santa Monica -- and when paps started taking photos, you could see she was glowing. Anna smiled and thanked the photogs who were congratulating her on Michael putting a ring on it.

When they asked if she's ready for the big day, Anna thought about it and confessed ... she's not at that stage just yet. Cut her some slack ... it was just last week when Anna was first seen wearing her new diamond ring.

The Image Direct

As we reported ... Anna's not the ring-wearing type of gal so when she was walking around L.A. with that rock, we suspected Michael had popped the question.

Diamonds that size don't lie. Congrats!!!

Justin Bieber Does His Best Maverick ... With His Own 'Bike'


Justin Bieber seems to still have Tom Cruise on his mind, 'cause he unwittingly recreated an iconic movie moment made famous by the actor ... just without as much horse power.

JB was out with his wife, Hailey, Sunday riding around L.A. on what looks like a pretty nifty bicycle, which has a seat attached on the back. Hailey was riding top shotgun, holding on about as tight as Kelly McGillis did on Tom's Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle all those years ago.

Take my breath away

Yes, we're referring to 'Top Gun' ... and if you check out the video of Mr. and Mrs. Biebs cruising around Bev Hills, it's reminiscent of Maverick and Charlie's ride through San Diego.

Of course, Justin himself might've had to work a little harder here than TC did in the flick. The bike doesn't look or sound motorized in any way, so he was definitely pedaling his heart out to get the missus off the busy main roads ... with traffic building up behind him.

Who knows if Justin actually knew he was harkening back to the '80s here with this joyride, but we'd like to think so ... assuming he still wants to go toe-to-toe with Tom, that is.

Hey, celeb fights are all the rage right now. No better time to start beating that drum again.

Miley Cyrus Gets Vocal Cord Surgery ... Post-Tonsillitis

Miley Cyrus had more issues with her throat than just her inflamed tonsils -- her vocal cords were also jacked up, requiring her to go under the knife ... TMZ has confirmed

Sources close to Miley tell TMZ ... Miley was recently hospitalized and underwent vocal cord surgery for an unspecified issue she was experiencing -- something she supposedly had been dealing with for years without realizing it. She's out of the hospital now, and on the mend.

Now, as she heals, Miley will apparently have to put a sock in it, per doctors' orders. Her recovery process will include several weeks of silence. Mind you, Miley had already noted she was on "vocal rest" following her tonsillitis procedure from last month.

Now, it looks like we won't be hearing her voice for a little while as she gets back to 100%. Our sources say Miley is expected to get back to singing early next year.

The most recent hospital visit comes just weeks after she had surgery for another throat-related problem ... tonsillitis. Based on Cody's IG story post -- which he labeled with "success" -- it would appear the vocal cord procedure went well ... and these 2 are still going strong.

Remember, she also had Cody to lean on when she got back from the hospital the first time ... and it doesn't seem much has changed in that department.

The big question now ... how is Miley gonna sound when she gets back on the mic???

Odell Beckham Goes IG Official With Smokin' Hot Model GF!!!

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Odell Beckham has been sorta privately dating an absolute BABE for months -- but they've finally gone IG official!

OBJ's lady is Lauren Wood -- a model/actress who's appeared on shows like "Ballers" and "Wild 'N Out." Her Instagram page is also FIRE!!!

Wood had been spotted at Browns games supporting the WR -- even hanging with Odell's mom -- but they hadn't taken their relationship public ... until this week!

Wood wished Beckham a happy birthday (he turned 27 on Tuesday) and posted a few pics of the two hanging out ... one shot featured the couple in bed together!

"Happy birthday @obj ! Your soul is pure gold. U know I can write lot about you, but I rather keep passing these love letters," Wood wrote.

"PS this blurry will always be my fave pic of us bc wtf is going on lol yumiii af."

Beckham commented back saying, "YUMI ... I’m riding wit u, I got ur back. U kno what it is. LOVE queen!"


Baker Mayfield's wife, Emily, commented, "Cuties💕 love u guys!"

So, there you have it ... happy off the field, not so much on it!

Kaia Gerber Holds 'P' Close to Her Heart ... 'P' As In 'P'ete Davidson?!


Kaia Gerber is now rocking a gold necklace with her new bae Pete Davidson's first initial ... or so it seems.

The 18-year-old model flashed her million-dollar smile Wednesday at the Women's Guild Cedars-Sinai Annual Luncheon at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. She was also flossing some new jewelry around her neck.

You'd be hard-pressed to say the "P" necklace has nothing to do with Pete ... unless you wanted to ignore the fact they've been on 2 dates -- that we've seen -- on 2 coasts in recent weeks.

As we first reported ... Kaia and Pete were spotted having dinner a couple of weeks ago at Sadelle's in NYC. If you look closely, she's wearing one necklace during that date. It's the same one she was wearing -- next to the "P" necklace -- at the Bev Hills event.

So, let's cover all bases here -- Kaia's brother is Presley, but wearing a "P" to honor her bro would be kinda weird. Kaia's middle name is Jordan, so that ain't it. Her mom Cindy Crawford's middle name is Ann, so no dice there. And, pops Rande doesn't have a middle name.

Simple deduction ... the "P" is for Pete.

Whitney Houston BFF Robyn Crawford Opens Up on Love Affair

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Whitney Houston's longtime pal, Robyn Crawford, is now saying what everyone in Whitney's world knew ... she had a physical relationship with the singer.

Robyn -- who made the revelation in her new book, "A Song for You: My Life with Whitney Houston" -- says she met a then 16-year-old Houston in 1980 at a summer camp, and that their friendship quickly turned physical and romantic.

We were lovers
NBC News

Robyn told NBC News in a new interview ... it started with a kiss, and then eventually went on to sleeping together. Robyn says it wasn't planned -- it's just something that happened.

Over the next 2 years ... Robyn explains Whitney told her they had to stop seeing each other, as she felt it would sink her music career. On top of that, Robyn says there was family pressure.

Here's what's crazy ... Robyn says Whitney wanted to keep things on the down-low, yet people we've spoken with who were close to the singer say she often flaunted her relationship with Robyn in public. One source says he saw them at the Crillon Hotel in Paris, and they were full-on making out in the lobby, with numerous people watching.

Shutterstock Premier

Robyn goes on to say, in the interview airing Saturday on Dateline, Whitney told her that her own mother -- a gospel singer -- had issues with them being together, saying it wasn't natural.

Whitney married Bobby Brown and had one child with him -- Bobbi Kristina Brown. Whitney died in 2012, and her daughter passed a few years later. As you know, they both eerily died in a bathtub and drugs were involved.

With her book, Robyn says she hopes to shed more light on who Whitney truly was. She'll be live on 'Today' November 11 ... the day before her book comes out.

David Eason Claims His Dog's Been Stolen!!! Calls Cops Amid Jenelle Drama


Jenelle Evans' estranged husband is in the midst of another dog scandal -- this time he claims one was stolen from his property.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... David Eason contacted the Columbus County Sheriff's Office Tuesday to report his dog missing, and he believes it was stolen. It's unclear who David thinks is responsible, but it's a decent bet he might point the finger at Jenelle.

As we've reported ... Jenelle threw in the towel on their marriage last week, saying, "that's what is best for me, and for my kids." She says she's left David and moved away from the family's North Carolina home.

We broke the story ... Jenelle's been taking care of their 2-year-old daughter, Ensley, since the split, and our sources say she's planning on going for full custody if their case goes to court.

However, we're told she wants David to have contact with their daughter because she believes he's a good dad.

As for the allegedly stolen dog ... David and Jenelle got a couple of new pups just months after he shot and killed the family dog for nipping at Ensley. Jenelle's said nothing about whether she took any pets when she bolted.

We've reached out to her and David ... no word back, so far.