Kim & Kanye Threaten Ex-Bodyguard with Huge Lawsuit ... Quit Mouthing Off About Us!!!


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are going after a former bodyguard for talking smack about them -- something he's done before -- and warns if he opens his mouth again ... he can expect a multi-million dollar lawsuit.

The couple fired off a cease and desist letter to Kanye's ex-bodyguard, Steve Stanulis, claiming he went on the "Hollywood Raw Podcast" a few weeks back and made "false and defamatory" statements ... while also breaching their confidentiality agreement.

According to the letter, Kim and Kanye claim Steve signed the agreement in February 2016, and it prohibits him from blabbing any personal or business info about them ... something they say he did big time on the podcast.

If you missed it, Stanulis claimed Kanye had "ridiculous rules" -- like walking 10 paces behind him on city streets, and claimed he got angry if Steve blocked a paparazzi shot. He also called Yeezy the "moodiest" and "neediest" celeb who's hired him.

Kim and Kanye don't specify which of Steve's statements are false and defamatory, but they're threatening to sue him for at least $10 million for breaching their confidentiality deal ... if he does it again.

Here's the thing, though -- this isn't the first time they've threatened Stanulis for the same thing. It happened in May 2016 as well, but back then they also demanded a public apology. They didn't ask for an apology this time around.

We reached out to Stanulis, who switched careers in 2016 and is now an actor and director ... he has been working on a movie called "5th Borough" starring Tara Reid, which comes out June 3rd.

His publicist, Zack Teperman, tells us "... no breach of any confidentiality agreement was done. My client went on a podcast to promote his new film, and old stories that were already out there were brought up."

He adds ... "For Kanye and Kim's counsel to send out a threatening letter to bully my client against his rights is unwarranted. My client has already made it clear that he respects Kanye, their time working together."

Teperman says, "If Kanye and Kim wish to continue this further, that is up to them, but I think their time and money would be better suited helping out with more pressing matters in our society than what happened many years ago."

Shaun White IG Official With Nina Dobrev Wins Quarantine Gold

Breaking News

Shaun White and Nina Dobrev are quarantining together and want everyone to know ... with the new couple going official on Instagram!!

The duo sparked rumors when spotted out in public earlier this year ... and have been spending a LOT of time together ever since.

The 33-year-old superstar pretty much confirmed everyone's speculation on Friday ... showing off the 'Vampire Diaries' star trimming his signature red locks for a quarantine cut. You know, cute couple-y stuff.

Dobrev has a passion for snowboarding and White is one of the best to ever do it (3-time Olympic gold medalist) ... so it seems like a natural fit!

White has previously dated Sarah Barthel of Phantogram ... and Dobrev most recently dated filmmaker Grant Mellon.

As for the haircut ... White's new look isn't bad at all. Maybe Nina's got a second career in cosmetology??

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Of course, this ain't the first couple to blossom during the global pandemic ... as we previously reported, Lakers star Kyle Kuzma and supermodel Winnie Harlow started dating in quarantine ... and were even spotted out holding hands last month.

Love is in the air!! ... just keep your masks on.

Ellen DeGeneres Flirts with Portia in a Porsche ... During Dinner Run

Ellen DeGeneres is no masked singer ... but she's definitely singing her wife's praises as a stellar photog.

Ellen got flirty with her wife, Portia De Rossi, while grabbing dinner Sunday in her hometown of Montecito. The TV host rode shotgun in Portia's souped-up Porsche convertible ... then went inside the restaurant to order food while Portia waited in the car.

They both wore masks for their food run but while they waited for their grub, Ellen posed for some pics and Portia looked like she was more than happy to snap away. When it was ready to go, the waiter delivered it safely ... mask and gloves were standard fares.

Brody Jenner Not Back With Kaitlynn Carter ... Just Co-Parenting Dogs


Brody Jenner and Kaitlynn Carter may SEEM like they're rekindling a lost romance, but they're not getting back together ... instead, they're just co-parenting pooches.

Here's the deal ... fans have noticed Brody and Kaitlynn lookin' pretty chummy recently -- BJ was the muscular hunk in the reflection of one of KC's snaps, and they both posted similar photos from the same beach -- but we've learned there's nothing brewing, other than a new dog in the mix.

Sources close to the famous exes tell TMZ ... Brody and Kaitlynn have hung out and bumped into each other a few times, but it's NOT a sign they're getting back together.

When Brody and Kaitlynn were "married" -- it was never a real marriage, there was a ceremony in Indonesia but they never made it legal -- they shared 3 dogs together ... Radar, Tank and Shoey.

Our sources say Brody and Kaitlynn had an agreement when they split ... he would take the dogs full time, and she had visiting rights.

We're told Kaitlynn adopted a new dog, Dash, a couple months ago and wanted to introduce the pup to the pooches she co-parents with Brody, so the exes set up a meet-and-greet for the dogs.

They all hit it off -- the dogs, not Brody and Kaitlynn -- freaking out and playing like good boys and girls.

Brody and Kaitlynn are getting along too ... we're told they said hello and were friendly when the bumped into each other at the beach in Malibu, in what sources say was not a scheduled hangout.

The exes are both moving on, but we're told there's no bad blood ... Brody was spotted quarantining with a UCSB grad and witnesses say Kaitlynn went on a date this week with Amber Heard's ex, Kristopher Brock.

Bottom line for Brody and Kaitlynn ... they'll continue to be in each other's lives because of their dogs and families, but that doesn't mean they're getting back together.

Brian Austin Green Describes Split with Megan Fox ... Don't Blame Her or MGK!!!


Brian Austin Green's opening up about his marriage with Megan Fox, saying signs of trouble first came to him in a dream ... but then became a sad reality.

The "90210" actor addressed rumors on his podcast Monday that things are rocky at home -- on the heels of Megan seen hanging out with MGK Friday in L.A. -- and basically confirmed it's true ... and they may be done for good this time.

Brian says he began to feel uneasy around Halloween time in 2019 while Megan was out of the country for a few weeks shooting a film. He says he had a dream she came back and was distant and things were off, and sure enough ... that's how it played out when she returned.

Brian claims after a couple weeks he asked Megan if he should be worried about their marriage ... and her answer was telling. He says she admitted while she was away shooting the movie she realized she feels "more like myself" when they're apart ... so they decided to separate and try that situation out for awhile.

Long story short -- Brian says things didn't improve between them and it started sinking in for him that this might be it and they're heading for divorce ... after 15 years together, 10 years of marriage and 3 kids together.

On the bright side ... Brian says he's not upset with Megan for being honest with him, and he even seems totally cool with her meeting MGK on set and spending time with him recently.

As he puts it, he doesn't want them to be vilified ... and he's not looking for any sort of pity party. You can listen to the whole thing here.

Netflix's 'Too Hot To Handle' Francesca and Harry ... Sexy Workout 101

Here's "Too Hot To Handle" stars Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey teaching a class on sexy couple's workouts 101 ... and you're gonna wanna pay close attention!!!

The reality show love birds hit up UCLA Friday for a steamy workout on campus, and they were all over each other from start to finish.

No dumbbells needed for Harry -- he just used his super hot workout partner instead. Just look at his perfect form as he picks Francesca up for some shirtless curls. HOT!!!

Chivalry definitely ain't dead, as Harry and Francesca learned on that secluded island ... and he took those lessons to heart, giving her a piggyback ride down some stairs. SUPER HOT!!!

Francesca and Harry brought their masks -- it's how you work out in the age of COVID-19 -- but you already know they ditched the face coverings to make out. They also got some help from trainer Shahin Safai of Royal Personal Training between make out sessions.

Harry stands out at 6'4", and Francesca's a straight-up dime ... so take notes as she shows off her bod during a round of sit-ups.

Maybe we don't need to rush back to gyms after all.

Aaron Sorkin Producing Romantics Now ... Helps Student Pop the Question!!!


Aaron Sorkin didn't write or direct "The Proposal" ... but he had his hand all over this proposal ... after helping an aspiring screenwriter propose to his GF.

Spoiler alert ... SHE SAID YES!!!

So, here's how it went down ... the famed writer/producer/director was a guest lecturer Thursday at L.A.'s American Film Institute Conservatory -- a prestigious institution once ranked the No. 1 film school in the world.

Before the Harold Lloyd Master Seminar kicked off, John Graney -- a student studying screenwriting at the Institute -- hit up his professor and asked if there would be any way to get Sorkin to help him propose to his GF, Leticia, who's also a student at the Institute and a HUGE Sorkin fan. Side note: who ISN'T a huge Sorkin fan? "A Few Good Men?!" "Moneyball?!?" "The West Wing."

Anywho ... Aaron was game. Sorkin prefaced the proposal by warning Leticia he's dead serious about what's about to go down. You nearly hear more than 150 students in class hold their collective breaths.

Some of John's buddies cheered for him before he pulled out the engagement ring. John and Leticia officially sealed the proposal with a kiss.

See, a few good men still exist.

G-Eazy & Ashley Benson Cozy Ride for Delish Take-Out ... Side Order of Dating Buzz

G-Eazy and Ashley Benson are each other's ride or die ... for eating out and also for dating, it appears.

The rapper and actress were hanging out again on Wednesday as they and another couple hit up the popular joint Apple Pan Restaurant in L.A. to pick up some grub. Ashley was behind the wheel while G-Eazy dialed things riding shotgun.

They were kicking it on the same day pictures surfaced of them together last weekend on a grocery store run, so food seems to be their thing. Hey, these are the quarantine rules.

The apparent new coupling comes about a month after Ashley reportedly split from Cara Delevingne. Ashley and Cara were last seen together in late March going on ... what else? A grocery store run with their new pup.

For her part, the "Pretty Little Liars" star tried throwing cold water on the new hookup rumor by liking a fan account's IG post shutting down the G-Eazy buzz.

To be fair, it's quite possible G-Eazy and Ashley became super-close friends after they collaborated on Radiohead's "Creep." G-Eazy posted that video to his YouTube page a few weeks ago. They've seemed inseparable since then.

Where there's smoke?

Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas Baby on Board ... Bumpin' in Public!!!

Sophie Turner's not hiding it anymore -- she's pretty pregnant ... which she casually revealed on a walk with her hubby, Joe Jonas.

Up to this point, the baby rumors have been swirling ... but the cat's out of the bag after the married couple was spotted strolling in L.A.

Sophie and Joe both had masks on and held hands as they ventured out for some fresh air, but what everyone's more fixated on -- her blossoming baby bump.

She was also spotted out with Joe a couple days back in a loose-fitting, men's button-up dress shirt ... so it's starting to add up. There were also reports earlier this year she was pregnant, but no word from the couple.


In any case, neither have publicly addressed the pregnancy rumors and confirmed ... so we'll hold off on the congratulations ... for now.

A-Rod & J Lo Drop Bid to Buy NY Mets ... Swing & A Miss!!!

Breaking News

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are callin' it -- reportedly ending their pursuit to buy the NY Mets after it became clear they were way too far apart on price.

As we previously reported, the power couple was looking for investors to buy the team for somewhere around $1.5 billion.

The current owners, the Wilpon family, were looking for something closer to $2.5 bil.

J-Rod had reportedly teamed up with billionaire investor Wayne Rothbaum to make a run at the team -- but there were 2 major snags in negotiations, according to the NY Post.

First, the price ... Rothbaum was hoping to get the team for a cool $1 BILLION.

How, you ask? The $2.6 billion valuation accounts for the team's stake in the SNY cable network (the primary local broadcaster of Mets games). Rothbaum reportedly has no interest in the network and feels the team is worth significantly less without it.

Plus, due to the COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc on MLB, he thought he could get the team at a "fire sale" price.

The other issue ... Rothbaum reportedly wanted more control over the team than Alex and Jennifer were willing to give up.

Our sources told us Alex feels there's tremendous upside in buying the Mets -- and saw it as a huge business opportunity -- but for now, it just ain't working out.

Of course, it's possible Alex and J Lo could find another billionaire partner and take another stab at buying the team ... but for now, it's back to the dugout.

Vanessa Bryant Shares Letter From Kobe On Birthday ... 'From, Tu Papi'

Breaking News

Vanessa Bryant was able to open one last letter from Kobe on her birthday ... revealing she waited until her special day to read an unopened envelope from her late husband.

"Yesterday I found an envelope labeled To: The Love of my Life. From, Tu Papi," Vanessa said. I waited to open one more letter on my birthday."

"It gave me something to look forward to today.❤️"

It's Vanessa's first birthday without the Lakers legend and their daughter, Gigi ... whose 14th birthday would have been May 1.

Vanessa's friends were quick to comment messages of support, including Lala Anthony who said:

"That's beautiful V. Today is your day. We celebrate you. We love you. We got your back forever. Happy happy birthday."

Michelle Williams from Destiny's Child added, "Sending you love today!! Happy birthday Vanessa."

Just a few days ago, Bryant asked friends, family and fans to show support for her daughter's birthday last week by wearing Gigi's favorite color, red.

Kobe and Gigi -- along with John, Keri and Alyssa Altobelli, Sarah and Payton Chester, Christina Mauser and Ara Zobayan -- were killed in a helicopter crash on January 26.

In her IG caption, Vanessa added, "Missing the Love of my Life and my sweet little Mamacita- my fellow Taurus. Grateful to wake up to my 3 sweet girls today. Wish we were all together."

Dog the Bounty Hunter Engaged to New Girlfriend ... 10 Months After Beth's Death

Dog the Bounty Hunter's ready to get married again ... to a different woman than the one he was ready to wed a few months ago.

Sources close to the reality TV star tell TMZ ... he's engaged to his new girlfriend, Francie Frane, and they are very happy and looking forward to a long life together.

We're told Dog's kids are supportive of the relationship ... which was not the case the last time around.

As you'll recall ... Dog quickly got involved with Moon Angell after the death of his wife, Beth Chapman, which led to some family turmoil when they began living together.

Dog shockingly proposed to Moon in bizarre fashion on "The Dr. Oz Show" in January, but it was chalked up to him just being overly emotional ... and never led to an engagement. Moon later moved out.

Dog and Francie apparently began dating after that, and he proposed to her recently at his Colorado home -- as was first reported by The Sun --and she said yes!

He's reportedly said he wants to have "the biggest wedding there's ever been" with Francie and open it up to all his fans.

We broke the story ... Dog's wife, Beth, died in June after a long battle with cancer.

Channing Tatum & Jessie J Hop Back on the Horse ... Actually, a Motorcycle!!!

Breaking News

Channing Tatum and Jessie J have reunited and it feels ... like we've been here before.

The on-again, off-again couple hit up the picturesque Mulholland Drive in L.A. Wednesday night on Channing's BMW bike for a nice sunset ride. It's unclear if they've been quarantining together but you know it's "safety first" with them ... look at those sturdy helmets. She also has her arms wrapped around him ... you can make the PDA or safety argument here.

Looks like these two crazy kids just can't deal with being split up. Remember, they dated for about a year before calling it quits in December ... only to get back together a month later.

Then, earlier this month, they split up again. The breakup didn't seem acrimonious at all, because just a few weeks after breaking up Jessie J took to Instagram to wish Channing a happy 40th birthday with a series of pics and vids. She also tagged him in that post.

And, just a few days after that post ... we see them riding together. The heart wants what the heart wants, right?

Motocross Legend Marty Smith And Wife Dead ... In Dune Buggy Accident

Exclusive Details

Tragic news in the motocross community ... legendary pro racer Marty Smith and his wife, Nancy, were both killed in a freak dune buggy accident in California, TMZ Sports has confirmed.

He was 63.

Officials tell us Marty and Nancy were in a buggy that flipped at the Imperial Sand Dunes and rolled down a hill. We're told Marty was not wearing a safety harness and Nancy was only wearing a lap belt.

We're told emergency responders raced to the scene -- but couldn't do much. Marty was pronounced dead at the scene. Nancy was airlifted to a nearby hospital where she later passed away from her injuries.

Marty's best friend, Lee Ramage, was at the scene at the time of the crash and posted a statement on social media.

"It’s with the heaviest, grieving heart that I have to tell you Marty and Nancy Smith we’re killed yesterday in a rollover accident in his dune buggy at the imperial sand dunes," Ramage said.

"My wife, Tammi and I were in the buggy and were unhurt."

"We spent at least an hour trying to save their lives before first responders arrived. Marty took his last breath while I was holding his head, keeping his airway clear."

"Marty was my best friend and I tried with everything in me to save him while Tammi tried to save Nancy."

"There is so much to know about this man and how he wanted to leave this earth when God called him him."

"Please keep his children, Jillyin, Brooke and Tyler and all his grandkids in your prayers."

Marty took the industry by storm after going pro at age 17 in 1974 ... winning the inaugural AMA 125cc National Motocross Championship ... and defending his title in 1975.

Smith went on to win the 500cc championship in 1977 ... solidifying his spot as a superstar in the sport.

Marty retired from professional racing in 1981 ... but remained active in the motocross community as a coach.

Smith was later inducted into the AMA Motorcycle Museum Hall of Fame in 2000.

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