Kanye West Spotted In Dayton, OH ... Smells Like Sunday Service

Kanye West is in Dayton, Ohio ... and all signs are pointing to him hosting his Sunday Service in the same city where 9 people were killed in a recent mass shooting.

Kanye and his family were spotted Friday afternoon in Dayton ... which is pretty interesting, considering that's where his longtime friend Dave Chappelle is hosting a free show Sunday to honor the lives that were lost in this month's tragedy.

Our sources tell us Kanye appeared to be scouting a location for a Special Sunday Service ... and there are rumblings he will be bringing in his choir as well.

We reached out to Kanye's camp for confirmation ... but we haven't heard back.

As you know ... Kanye's Sunday Service has become super popular this year, with tons of celebs attending. He had a huge service at Coachella and has held the rest mostly around Los Angeles.

Stay tuned ...

Kanye West Takes Sunday Service on the Road ... Joins an Actual Church!!!


Kanye West is coming down from the mountain top and taking church goers back to school -- literally he was on a campus this weekend doing his Sunday Service.

That's right ... Ye switched things up Sunday for his weekly spiritual concert -- opting to bring his talents to the people in North Hollywood, where he put on one hell heck of a show for a local congregation that meets up at a middle school in the San Fernando Valley.

We're told Kanye joined forces with the California Worship Center this week, walking in around 11 AM PT and hosting a musical church service 'til about 2 PM. It was quite a spectacle -- but perhaps a bit less so than what his usual services turn out like.

Remember his Coachella gig? This wasn't quite that -- a heavily advertised set at a major music fest with thousands of people -- but the excitement here was just as palpable.


Regardless of the hype, lots o' famous folks stopped by. Eyewitnesses tell us stars like Blac Chyna, Tori Kelly, Gwen Stefani and even manager-to-the-stars Scooter Braun showed up -- not to mention everyone Kanye brought along with him ... which was a ton of heads.

As for how the service itself went, just take a looksy for yourself. Seems it came close to matching what we've come to expect from Sunday Services, only in a bit of a tighter space ... but with just as much energy. That'll happen when you get two churches together.

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Music-wise, we're told KW weaved in a number of samples into the live production -- which was supplemented by a choir and a marching band on hand. Some of the songs he used ... Fred Hammond's "This Is the Day," Jay-Z's "Lift Off," Snoop's "Drop It Like It's Hot," and Tye Tribbett's rendition of "Lift Him Up." Clearly, those in attendance were moved by the spirit -- it was lit.

Now, when it comes to how or why this came together the way it did, we're not entirely sure. But, like the good book says ... ask and Ye shall come through!!!

That's how that goes, right?

Leah Remini Blasted by Church of Scientology ... Your 'Hate Machine' Is Over!!!


Leah Remini's show has come to an end -- and nobody's more ecstatic than the Church of Scientology -- who just went in on the actress.

Remini -- who used to be a member of the Church of Scientology -- just announced the show's 3rd season about the Church will be its last. A rep for the Church tells us Remini's show, 'Scientology and the Aftermath,' was purely a "hate machine" and they couldn't be happier to see the show wrap up.

The rep says, "Leah Remini has blood on her hands. Her show’s lies, distortions and exhortations to hate and bigotry generated assassination threats against the leader of the Scientology religion, physical attacks on Churches, and the murder of a Scientology religious worker whose throat was slashed by a madman egged on by Remini’s horrendous distortions."

Remini's cohost, Mike Rinder, released a statement shortly after the murder of the religious worker, saying, "They basically seek to shift the blame to our show for their abuses. Their statement that this is all caused by A&E and our show because someone apparently looked at a website that mentioned our show -- that's absurd."

'Scientology and the Aftermath' will end after 3 season on A&E ... and Leah promises to sign off with an explosive 2-hour special. Leah, who exited the church in 2013, made it her mission to expose the church with her docuseries.

Danny Masterson & Scientology Sued By Rape Accusers ... Stop Stalking Us!!!


8:47 AM PT -- 8/15 -- A legal rep for the Church of Scientology tells TMZ, "From everything we have read in the press, this baseless lawsuit will go nowhere because the claims are ludicrous and a sham."

They continue that this is "a dishonest and hallucinatory publicity stunt," and also blame Leah Remini, stating she "is taking advantage of these people as pawns in her moneymaking scam."

This is along the same lines of what Masterson also claimed back in 2017 -- stating that Remini was trying to boost ratings for her show, 'Scientology and the Aftermath,' by drumming up trouble for him and the Church.

6:04 PM PT -- Danny just broke his silence in a statement released by his attorney, Andrew Brettler, calling the lawsuit "ridiculous."

Danny says ... "I’m not going to fight my ex-girlfriend in the media like she’s been baiting me to do for more than two years. I will beat her in court—and look forward to it because the public will finally be able learn the truth and see how I’ve been railroaded by this woman."

He continues ... "And once her lawsuit is thrown out, I intend to sue her and the others who jumped on the bandwagon for the damage they caused me and my family.” 

Danny Masterson is being sued by 4 women who accused him of rape ... who claim they've been mercilessly stalked by the Church of Scientology in an effort to silence them.

In a lawsuit, the women claim the "That 70's Show" star is involved in an unrelenting Church conspiracy to cover up their allegations. The stalking claims are pretty brutal. For instance, Chrissie Bixler says in the suit ... her dog mysteriously died after she came forward with the rape claims -- and she says an autopsy revealed it died from unexplained traumatic injuries to its trachea and esophagus.

According to the docs, Bixler adds she's been run off the road by a vehicle that had been following her back in June -- and that same month a friend of Masterson's allegedly threatened to release nude photos of her when she was underage.

Bobette Riales publicly accused Danny of sexual assault back in 2017, claiming he drugged and sexually assaulted her while they dated from 2002 to 2004. She says she's since been surveilled and followed. In one instance, she says neighbors observed a man snapping pictures from her driveway, and then later that night someone broke a window at her home.

The 2 other alleged victims, who are suing as Jane Does, make very similar claims about being mysteriously menaced.

For her part, Bixler says the attempts to silence her started even before she went public with the allegations. In the suit, she says she first disclosed the alleged rape to a Scientology employee ... who told her, "You can't be raped by someone you are in a consensual relationship with." She claims the employee also told her the Church considers it a "High Crime" to report Masterson to cops -- and she would be labeled an SP (suppressive person).

The women are suing Masterson, the Church of Scientology and its leader, David Miscavige.

We've reached out reps for Danny and the Church of Scientology for their response to the lawsuit.

Originally published -- 8/14 5:22 PM PT

Monica Lewinsky Makes BJ Joke at Pence's Expense


Mike Pence wants everyone to get down on their knees, and Monica Lewinsky ain't biting.

Pence was asked about how he deals with criticism of him on the Internet. His answer was predicable -- prayer. The Vice President said, "Spend more time on your knees than on the internet."

Also predictable ... social media erupted with BJ jokes. For instance, a reporter tweeted, "OK, who's gonna tell him?" In other words, someone tell the old guy he's opening himself up to oral copulation barbs.

Monica got in on the fun, hilariously responding, "def not me" with a googly-eyed emoji.

People went nuts for the joke ... telling her she won the Internet. Good on Monica!


Speaking of Lewinsky, she just signed on to Ryan Murphy's new project, "Impeachment: American Crime Story." She'll be a producer on the series. Beanie Feldstein -- Jonah Hill's sister -- is going to play Monica.

Lewinsky is also a contributor to Vanity Fair and an anti-bullying activist.

A$AP Rocky Crashes Kanye's Sunday Service ... Chats Up Ex-GF Kendall


A$AP Rocky is showing his gratitude to one Kanye West for trying to get him out of Swedish custody ... by showing up on a Sunday and partaking in worship.

The just-released rapper was in attendance Sunday for Ye's weekly Sunday Service, where he was wearing a jacket in the hot sun -- but appeared to be in great spirits. He was filmed talking to his old flame, Kendall Jenner, and they seemed pretty chummy.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Kendall and A$AP have history together, they were dating on and off for a number of years. They haven't been seen in a romantic capacity since early 2017.

A$AP was also photographed chatting up Kanye himself, who was decked out in his usual Sunday Service gear. Some thank-yous were probably exchanged ... and for good reason.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As we reported ... Kanye was part of the initial push to get A$AP's legal predicament on President Trump's radar, before he was eventually freed last week pending a verdict. We're told Ye's got a direct line to the Oval, and that he suggested Trump talk to the Swedish PM.

A panel of judges decided to release A$AP while a decision is made in his assault case, which wrapped up Thursday after a three-day trial. Rocky touched down in L.A. early Saturday morning, and seemed ecstatic to be finally be home after a month in jail.

A$AP testified that he and his crew were acting in self-defense, and that they tried to defuse the situation with the alleged victim before things got violent.

The Swedish prosecutor recommended a 6-month jail sentence -- a decision is expected to be made on his fate on August 14, when he has to come back to Sweden.

In the meantime, he's getting back to his normal life. Welcome back, A$AP.

Katy Perry Loses 'Dark Horse' Trial ... Jury Says it's a Rip-off

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Katy Perry just took an L in court ... a jury ruled her song "Dark Horse" stole heavily from a gospel song that came out 5 years earlier.

Monday's verdict is the latest step in a lengthy legal battle that started back in July 2014, when Katy was sued by the Christian rapper, Flame -- he claimed her 2013 hit song "Dark Horse" is a complete rip-off of his Grammy-nominated gospel song, "Joyful Noise."

Flame's music label uploaded the music video to YouTube way back in 2008, and it's since racked up millions of views. He says Katy jacked the underlying beat ... but she called BS, claiming there are NO meaningful similarities.

According to the suit ... Flame claims Perry also destroyed his reputation in Christian music circles because he's now associated with the anti-Christian witchcraft and imagery that's present in her "Dark Horse" music vid.

The case will now proceed to the damages phase -- AKA, when Katy finds out how much the loss will cost her.


As we reported ... Katy showed up to court last week wearing a mint-colored suit and took the stand, claiming she never heard the song "Joyful Noise" before the filing of the lawsuit.

Katy told the jury she initially heard the beats from Dr. Luke while they were drinking wine in Santa Barbara, and claimed she wrote "Dark Horse" in only 4 hours. She remained calm throughout her testimony.

John Lynch Moment Of Silence For Gilroy Victims ... At 49ers Practice

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San Francisco 49ers

John Lynch asked everyone in attendance at the San Francisco 49ers' practice Monday to participate in a 30-second moment of silence to honor victims of the shooting in Gilroy over the weekend.

Three people were killed and 12 others were injured when a man opened fire at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in Northern California late Sunday afternoon.

Lynch -- who's the Niners' general manager -- wanted to honor everyone affected by the tragedy ... so he called for 30 seconds of prayer before SF's training camp workout.

"Our community was affected by a horrific tragedy last night down in Gilroy," Lynch said ... "and our players, our team, our organization thought it would be appropriate to start practice with a moment of silence."

Lynch added, "Let's give it 30 seconds to think about the people affected by Gilroy in this community."

As we previously reported ... people began running from the Gilroy festival -- which is just 40 miles from the Niners' stadium -- after gun shots rang out during one of the concerts.

An eye witness, Tommy Huxley, tells TMZ the whole thing was scary as hell ... saying chaos and firework-like sounds filled the festival grounds for minutes.


Law enforcement says the shooter used an AK-47-style rifle ... while witnesses claim he was wearing fatigues and shooting at random.

The father of the 6-year-old who was shot and killed in the gunfire was wearing seen wearing a Jimmy Garoppolo jersey at the hospital shortly after the tragedy.

Katy Perry Takes The Stand For 'Dark Horse' Trial


12:40 PM PT -- Katy just took the stand and claims she never heard the song, "Joyful Noise," prior to the filing of the lawsuit. She says she first heard the beats from Dr. Luke while drinking white wine in Santa Barbara and wrote "Dark Horse" in just 4 hours. Katy remained calm throughout her testimony. 

Katy Perry just arrived to an L.A. Federal Courthouse where a trial is set to take place involving her song "Dark Horse."

Perry -- wearing a mint-colored suit -- is expected to testify in the trial today in what has been a lengthy legal battle.

As we reported ... Katy was sued by Christian rapper Flame back in July 2014 after claiming Katy's 2013 hit track "Dark Horse" is a total rip-off of his Grammy-nominated gospel track "Joyful Noise." Flame's music label uploaded the music video in 2008 to YouTube and it has nearly 4 million views.

According to the suit ... Flame says Perry not only jacked their religious music ... she also destroyed his reputation in the Christian music world because they're now associated with the anti-Christian witchcraft and imagery that appears in the "Dark Horse" music video.

Flame claims Katy jacked the underlying beat ... but she's calling BS, saying there are no significant similarities.

Originally Published -- 9:31 AM PT

'Bachelorette' Reject Luke P. Show Unfairly Made Me Look Like I Slut Shamed Hannah B.


'Bachelorette' reject Luke P. feels used by the show and Hannah B., because we're told viewers did NOT hear a conversation that ultimately sent Luke reeling ... which led to him calling her out and allegedly slut shaming her.

Luke was dumbfounded after Hannah B. told him she had sex with another guy in the Fantasy Suite. He squarely showed disapproval, implying she wasn't the right kind of woman for him.

Folks in Luke's world tell TMZ ... he was reacting to a conversation he had with Hannah B. at a bible study during the Hometown episode, where she suggested to him she wasn't open to having sex in the fantasy suites. We're told her comment was on Luke's mind when she blurted out she indeed had sex, and that's why he reacted the way he did on camera.

We're told Luke is upset producers did not air the full bible study convo, which would have put his comments on Monday night's show in context. He comes off as a heel.

Our Luke sources say he's had hell to pay in the last 16 hours ... he and his family are getting skewered on social media and his Christian faith is being weaponized against him.

Luke, meanwhile, has already filmed the 'Tell-All' episode, and we're told it didn't go well ... with Hannah and the other guys ganging up on him. That said, our sources say he's been met with love and support from his local community ... and he's moving on.

We reached out to ABC regarding the unaired moment ... they had no comment.

Beth Chapman CO Memorial in the Hands of Kim Fields ... 'Facts'!!!

TMZ/Getty Composite

Beth Chapman's upcoming memorial service -- where thousands are expected -- is being run like a major Hollywood production, which is why showbiz vet Kim Fields is running point ... TMZ has learned.

Kim is coordinating security and overseeing production details, right down to the flower arrangement, as director of visual and social media at Beth's church ... according to sources close to Beth's family. How the 'Facts of Life' and 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star ended up in charge is pretty serendipitous. 

Kim relocated to Aurora, CO earlier this year and joined Beth's place of worship ... Heritage Christian Center. We're told Kim's pastor in Georgia asked her to help him with his new Colorado church and she happily obliged.

While Beth and Kim never met in person, we're told Kim took on this massive project because she felt like God was calling her to help people in mourning. 

Kim's many decades on Hollywood productions, and her obvious celeb experience, made her a natural fit to help Dog Chapman and his family pull off the high profile event. As we first reported, the family has been working with local police to make sure the venue is extremely safe and secure, in anticipation of a massive crowd. 

Some of the security protocols are interesting ... we're told all weapons will be banned at the service even though Colorado is an open carry state. All bags will be searched, and we're told the heightened security is partly related to the community still being sensitive to Aurora's 2012 movie theater shooting, and of course the nearby Columbine massacre.

Beth's Colorado service is her final sendoff ... following the heartwarming ceremony in Hawaii.  


The service Kim's planning is part of Beth's final wishes, and we're told the church will be heavily decorated with hundreds of stargazer lilies -- Beth's favorite flower.

Gavin Rossdale Obsessed Fan Visits Crib Twice in 12 hrs ... Let's Talk Illuminati!!!


Gavin Rossdale had a rude awakening that quickly turned from creepy to downright scary in a matter of hours.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... a Caucasian woman believed to be in her 40s showed up to Gavin's L.A.-area crib late last week just after midnight, rang the doorbell and started talking gibberish about the Illuminati.

Our sources say Gavin was home at the time but didn't say anything to the woman, who apparently thought nobody was home and left. But, later that afternoon ... she came back and spotted the Bush frontman in his car about to pull out of his driveway, so she pulled up right next to him.

We're told Gavin came face-to-face with her ... thinking the woman was a delivery person -- but when she tried talking to him he immediately recognized her as the Illuminati woman.

Our sources say Gavin bolted, leaving the woman in his driveway, and immediately called cops. LAPD is now investigating.

TMZ broke the story ... Chloe Grace Moretz had a similarly creepy and dangerous situation when an obsessed man knocked on her front door twice within days. The second time coming right after he got out of jail for the first incident.

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Baby Archie Becomes a Christian ... Welcome to the Club!!!

Getty Composite

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's son just hit a new milestone in Royal life ... becoming a Christian under the Church of England ... even though nobody really got to see it happen.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex held a closed-door christening Saturday morning for baby Archie in the Private Chapel at Windsor Castle, where only about 25 people were reportedly in attendance for the intimate ceremony. They snapped this pic afterward.

It's the whole family here pretty much -- sans Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip -- with Meghan and Harry front and center, and Archie on mommy's lap.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Check out the mug on the baby BTW -- it's the first time we're seeing the kid's face in full view since he was born, and lo and behold ... the 2-month-old is absolutely adorable.

As for other details, the Royals have been pretty tight-lipped -- only saying in their announcement, "The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are so happy to share the joy of this day with members of the public who have been incredibly supportive since the birth of their son. They thank you for your kindness in welcoming their first born and celebrating this special moment."

A rep added, "Their Royal Highnesses feel fortunate to have enjoyed this day with family and the godparents of Archie." No word on ID of godfather -- keepin' it in the family, it seems.

And, if you were wondering about the christening wear of the child, the Royals explained that too, saying it's actually a replica of a traditional gown that's been worn by royal infants for 11 years. Of course, the Royals are all about tradition ... in religion and otherwise.

One last fun fact -- the guy who handled Archie's christening -- Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby -- is the same dude who baptized Meg before she got hitched with Harry. She was already raised Christian, but it never hurts to make things official.

Ditto for Archie ... congrats!!!

NBA's Andre Iguodala Thinks Mark Jackson's Been Blackballed ... Over Religious Views

NBA star Andre Iguodala believes ex-Golden State Warriors head coach Mark Jackson has been blackballed from coaching in the NBA ... and it's all over his religious views.

Andre has been playing for the Warriors since 2013 -- and spent one year under coach Jackson -- who's been often credited with building the Warriors into the dynasty they are today.

But, ever since Jackson was fired, he hasn't been hired as a coach by any other NBA team -- and when Andre went on "The Breakfast Club," he explained his theory to Charlamagne tha God.

"One particular issue was -- from what I heard -- was his views on gender, or marriage, or what the bible said on your sexuality."

FYI, Jackson is a very religious Christian minister -- who would often livestream his church services to his congregation from the Warriors team facility.

Jackson also came under fire back in 2013 for comments he made when NBA player Jason Collins came out as gay.

"As a Christian man, I have beliefs of what’s right and what’s wrong," Jackson said at the time ... "That being said, I know Jason Collins, I know his family, and am certainly praying for them at this time."

Iguodala suggested Jackson's views were not received well by Warriors exec Rick Welts -- who's openly gay -- and the relationship between Mark and the team deteriorated from there.

"There was conflicts with that that were widespread," Andre said.

Jackson was fired in 2014 -- and Iguodala believes other powerful NBA execs have essentially conspired to keep Mark out of the league ever since.

What's interesting ... Andre says Jackson was beloved by his players. And, we know Jackson still has a tight relationship with several core members of the Warriors team and other powerful players around the league.

Lil Durk Not Taking Newfound Freedom for Granted ... Enlists Pastor's Guidance


Lil Durk -- the rapper accused of attempted murder -- wants to stay on the straight and narrow path after bonding out of jail ... and his childhood pastor's taking up the cause.

We've learned Durk's going back to his roots by placing himself back under the wings of his pastor who presided over the church he attended as a kid in Chicago. The pastor -- who's like a second father to Durk -- he flew from Chicago to Atlanta to vouch for the rapper at a recent hearing -- plans to use his ATL connections to get Durk involved in the community.

Durk apparently plans to spend time at shelters and soup kitchens. We're told he wants to get his hands dirty ... just like he used to in Chicago with the guidance of his pastor. He'd mentor kids there but, for obvious reasons, Durk's work in Chi-Town's been put on hold given the serious charges.

As we reported ... Durk posted $250k bond Friday after a judge agreed he's not a flight risk. Dude was so ecstatic getting outta jail ... he literally skipped all the way to his waiting SUV. Durk will have a curfew and have to wear an ankle monitor.


He turned himself in nearly a month ago after an arrest warrant was issued in connection to a February shooting outside a restaurant called The Varsity. A detective said in court, cops have surveillance video showing Durk firing a weapon from a car. The victim, shot in the thigh, survived.

Durk was booked last month for 5 felony charges ... including criminal attempt to commit murder, aggravated assault, possession of a firearm during commission of a felony, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and another charge of associating with a criminal street gang to participate in a crime.

Notre Dame Cathedral Archbishop, Priests Rockin' Hard-Hats ... In First Mass Since Fire

Paris' archbishop ditched his holy headgear for something a little more practical during the first mass in the Notre Dame Cathedral since the fire ... opting for a helmet instead.

Archbishop Michel Aupetit and a number of his fellow clergymen held their first church service Saturday in a chapel behind the choir, which was deemed safe by construction experts who'd been consulted on the ceremony ... according to AP.

Auteptit wasn't the only one protecting his noggin from any potential lingering debris from the ravaged roof -- which was set ablaze in April. A bunch of other priests on hand, as well as about 30 others who were present, all appeared to be wearing hard-hat helmets.

Hey ... better safe than sorry, right? Authorities have said the place is still very much so in the rebuilding phase -- and will be for the next 3 years -- and it's likely somewhat hazardous after the inferno destroyed much of the roof as well as the structure's spire.


You don't wanna leave anything to chance ... or faith, for that matter. Treating it like a construction site's a good idea if you're going in there. And go in they certainly did.

According to reports, Saturday's mass marked the anniversary of the consecration of the cathedral's altar, which is apparently celebrated each year in June. Fire or not ... these guys clearly take the affair seriously enough to risk injury or worse.

What's also interesting ... if the priests were able to get in this early and hold mass, ya gotta wonder if they'll reopen their doors early to the masses as well.

Hard hats for everyone? Lordy ...