Model Josephine Skriver Gets Over Raiders Loss Just Boobs, Baby!!!

Victoria's Secret model Josephine Skriver doesn't need a Raiders win -- or clothes -- to have a good time ... 'cause the Las Vegas super fan is getting over her team's loss by posting some jaw-dropping pics!!

Of course, Skriver has been a diehard Raiders fan for years ... and has always showed serious love for her squad by posting plenty of hot shots decked in Silver and Black.

Monday night's game against the Chargers was no different ... with the 28-year-old Danish model posting a number of topless pics to help fans forget about the 28-14 loss.

"Win, lose or tie .. @raiders till I die ☠️🖤🏈," Josephine said on Instagram shortly afterwards.

Derek Carr and the Raiders weren't able to come back from a 21-0 deficit as Justin Herbert, Austin Ekeler and the Bolts ran away with the home win (let's be honest, do you really care about that right now, though?)

It's a bummer for the Black Hole fanbase -- it's the first loss of Las Vegas' season -- but hey, at least Skriver's keeping spirits high.

Emily Ratajkowski Robin Thicke Groped My Breasts ... During 'Blurred Lines'

Emily Ratajkowski claims Robin Thicke grabbed her breasts during the filming of the "Blurred Lines" music video ... an allegation she's speaking about publicly for the first time in a new book.

According to the Sunday Times -- which says it obtained an early excerpt of Ratajkowski's "My Body" -- the supermodel claims it happened on set for the 2013 vid, which featured Ratajkowski topless through most of the video.

Ratajkowski reportedly describes it like this ... "Suddenly, out of nowhere, I felt the coolness and foreignness of a stranger's hands cupping my bare breasts from behind. I instinctively moved away, looking back at Robin Thicke."

ER goes on to say that while she enjoyed most of the shoot, she claims Robin started to get out of hand, which made her think he was drunk.

When the alleged groping happened ... Emily says the video's director, Diane Martel, apparently shouted at him, asking him what the hell he was doing, if she was OK and wrapping production right then and there. Martel confirmed the account to the Times.

Ratajkowski says she felt shame wash over her and feels she didn't handle the alleged situation as well as she could have. Martel also says Robin apologized afterward, and speculated he wouldn't have done it if he was sober.

We've reached out to Thicke's reps for comment ... so far, no word back.

Shemar Moore Cameos as (Four) Framed Pictures .... In Woman's Viral Alize Post

Some folks can't get enough Shemar Moore -- even in 2021 -- and that goes for the younger generation too ... just ask this woman who's got the dude's shots hanging at her crib.

A gal named Aliyah Vallen has set the Internet ablaze after posting a photo of five Alize bottles sitting on a counter at her house -- of varying flavors -- and adding the caption, "THE ALIZE FREAK." As interesting as that title is ... it's not what people are noticing.

Check the background -- there are a couple framed photographs of Shemar in his prime hanging on the wall. Super caj too -- as if they were family portraits or something. So many questions and theories ... the biggest being, this has to be someone's auntie's place, because no one younger than 35 really knows the dude beyond 'Criminal Minds'/'SWAT' fame.

Well, that turned out to be false -- because Ms. Vallen appears to be a bona fide millennial (or even a Gen Z'er) ... who apparently REALLY appreciates Shemar's early work as a model. Also ... she revealed the truth about how many photos she has of him ... it's 4.

Her explanation for the Shemar shrine pretty much boils down to ... she just likes him, and she thinks the pics themselves are funny --- plus, they might make for some good conversation pieces as decor.

And, for those who are "concerned" about her decorative taste, Aliyah has a simple response ... "don't be. it's not your house." Well said -- how she chooses to style her pad is no one else's business but hers.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Now, it doesn't look like SM himself has taken notice of the viral name-drop yet -- he's a little busy down in Mexico, it seems ... plugging a new season of 'SWAT' while he's at it. But, something tells us if/when he catches wind of this, it'll make him feel pretty darn good.

Ladies and gents continue to be in awe of his killer good looks ... like fine wine, as they say.

Linda Evangelista Cosmetic Procedure Left Me 'Permanently Deformed'

Linda Evangelista says she's stayed out of the spotlight after a popular cosmetic procedure left her "permanently deformed" and "unrecognizable" ... but she's hiding no more.

The supermodel is finally sounding off about her ordeal and, in part, explaining why her career has stalled all these years while her peers have been thriving.

Linda, one of the hottest supermodels in the '90s who graced Vogue covers, says around 5 years ago she underwent a fat-reduction procedure called CoolSculpting -- no doubt, you've seen and heard the ads.

But, Linda claims instead of freezing fat cells, the procedure did the exact opposite.

She claims the procedure left her "brutally disfigured" and increased, not decreased her fat cells ... and left her "permanently deformed even after undergoing two painful, unsuccessful, corrective surgeries."

Linda added, "I have been left, as the media has described, ‘unrecognizable.'"

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Linda says she then developed Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia or PAH ... when fat cells grow larger rather than smaller. It's a rare but serious side effect that mostly happens to men.

Linda says she was NOT made aware of this risk before undergoing the procedure. She says PAH "has not only destroyed my livelihood, it has sent me into a cycle of deep depression, profound sadness, and the lowest depths of self-loathing."

She's not only speaking out on social media, Linda filed a federal lawsuit this week against Zeltiq Aesthetics, the company she says created, marketed and distributed the CoolSculpting system. She's seeking no less than $50 million.

Linda says she's tired of hiding and wants to "walk out of my door with my head held high, despite not looking like myself any longer."

Hailey Bieber Rumors That Justin Mistreats Me ... Are Complete Bull Crap

Hailey Bieber is putting a rumor about her and her husband, Justin Bieber, to bed -- namely, that he's a jerk to her ... which she says is so out of touch with reality that it's laughable.

The model spilled with Demi Lovato on the latter's '4D' podcast this week, addressing what she called a persistent narrative about them as a couple ... and one consistent theme she seems to notice time and again is that Justin supposedly isn't nice to her, or mistreats her.

It's BS ... so says Hailey, who tells Demi the best way to combat those types of phony POVs from fans online and elsewhere is to simply know the truth -- which she says she does.

That truth ... is the complete and utter opposite of what folks might speculate. She says JB makes her feel special each and every day, and that he's incredibly respectful. HB also says everyone around them knows that to be true as well, and that they have to remind each other of this fact ... because apparently, the outside noise can get to both of them.

hug 'snub'?

Hailey isn't making this up BTW -- people are constantly taking clips and moments of her and Justin together out of context, and running wild with theories on what it may or may not mean. One recent example of that was during the VMA's last week, when JB won an award ... and didn't appear to hug Hailey on his way up. Some took that as a shady move.

Of course, he shouted her out on stage while accepting ... so this is just one of many moments where folks connect dots that aren't there. Another happened earlier this summer.

A viral TikTok clip showed Justin walking through a Vegas hotel following a show, and you can see him animatedly talking to Hailey. Some twisted that into him "yelling" at her -- but as Hailey is suggesting here, that's complete nonsense. Eyewitnesses say he was simply hyped.

With that said, Hailey's nod to Lizzo sounds about right ... believe what you want, people!

'BACHELOR' STAR HANNAH ANN Sues Procter & Gamble ... Stop Using My Pic to Sell Detergent!!!

'Bachelor' star Hannah Ann Sluss is not down with seeing her face on Downy laundry products, and she's fed up enough to raise a legal "stink" with a slew of huge companies.

Hannah just filed suit against Procter & Gamble, CVS Pharmacy, Target and Walmart ... claiming P&G is still using a pic of her to sell products on those store shelves, even though its license to do so has expired.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Hannah claims she licensed one of her modeling photos to be used on a single product from October 1, 2017, to October 1, 2019 ... but she says P&G continued using it on multiple products after she got way more famous following her stint on 'The Bachelor.'

In her suit, Hannah claims her image is still being used to hawk at least 6 Downy products ... nearly 2 years after the licensing deal ended.

She's particularly upset one of the products is associated with P&G's "Life Gets Stinky" campaign ... calling it "especially egregious because it associated [her] with the word 'stinky.'"

Hannah's going after P&G, CVS, Target and Walmart for money ... and she's asking the judge to order them to stop selling the products featuring her picture.

We reached out to reps for the companies ... so far, no word back.

Kim K, Bieber, MGK Balenciaga's Met Gala After-Party Takes Over NYC!!!


The Met Gala's the time of the year when celebrities dress up like royalty and whisk past their subjects to party the night together in elite fashion ... and this year did not disappoint.

Kim Kardashian showed up to the Balenciaga bash in a superhero-looking outfit Monday night at Cathedrale Restaurant in NYC. It's a Balenciaga getup that seems inspired by Kanye. We got her stepping out of her SUV looking like the lead in Marvel's next blockbuster.

Justin and Hailey Bieber followed. The Biebs is the poster boy for Balenciaga, so it kinda makes sense he hosted the party.

Machine Gun Kelly showed up in a black jacket with roses on his shoulders, and GF Megan Fox looked her typical amazing self in a red dress.

Winnie Harlow made her way inside, all the while smiling. Chance the Rapper wore his signature hat with the #3 ... the 3 reps his third mix tape -- "Coloring Book." Chance left for Rihanna's party at Davide, where he handed out Benjamin to the homeless.

Ashanti Good Genes or Good Docs?!

Ashanti's timeless beauty is not for the foolish.

Here's a 22-year-old version of the singer sporting a time-appropriate velour tracksuit and fresh face at the World Music Awards in Monaco back in 2002 (left). This is the same year she released her self-titled debut album that featured the smash hits "Foolish," "Happy" and "Baby."

And, nearly two decades later ... the artist -- who also dabbles in acting and fashion -- was photographed at her long-time friend Fat Joe's birthday party with a stylish top knot and floral gown in NYC last month (right).

We keep on running back to her.

The question is ...

Ashanti ...

Natalia Bryant Gets Cover of Teen Vogue ... 'So Beyond Grateful!!!'

Natalia Bryant's modeling career has officially begun -- in a big way -- 'cause Kobe's daughter got the cover of Teen Vogue!!

The 18-year-old shared the cover of the TV September issue Wednesday on Insta ... along with a video showin' what went down at the cover shoot!

She also spoke with the magazine about being KB's daughter ... and how her family has handled life since the tragic death of her dad and sister, Gianna.

"September cover! So beyond grateful!" Natalia said, "Thank you SO much Teen Vogue!"

It's Natalia's first major cover ... and she is STUNNING!

Her mom, Vanessa, was very proud ... commenting on Natalia's post, "I love you!!!! You are so beautiful. Congratulations Mamacita!!!!!!"

But, the love isn't just coming from inside the fam ... everyone from Ciara to NBA star Pau Gasol (who they call Uncle Pau) is saying, "You’re amazing, Natalia Bryant!! So proud of you, always! #Family"

Remember, Natalia signed with the major modelling and talent agency, IMG back in February .. saying, "I have a love for the industry and ever since I can remember I wanted to model."

So, Teen Vogue ... safe to say a dope start to her modelling career!

Natalia also started just her freshman year at USC.


Amanda Ventrone Donut Take Your Eyes Off Of Her!

Today's Summer Hot Shots come from the East Coast where model and influencer Amanda Ventrone made mouths water while she dipped into an inflatable doughnut and snacked on a slice of ripe watermelon in Colts Neck, New Jersey.

When this platinum-haired hottie isn't serving up $$$ for you to eat up on her Instagram account ... Ventrone chills at the park with her pooch, traveling the world to exotic locations and even has a degree in accounting!

Count us in!

We are continuing to whip up our Summer Hot Shots for 2021 from a distance and have collaborated with some mind-melting hotties from around the world for your viewing pleasure!

A HUGE thank you to Rikki Gage, Anastasia Alexander, Paige De Cinque, Stefania Ferrario, Ella Halikas, Bayleigh Amethyst, Valter Silva, Ella Rose, Monifa Jansen, The Silverfox Squad and Jessica Dykstra for all their hot contributions to the 2021 Summer Hot Shots series.

Monifa Jansen Brightens Up Curacao In Hot, Pink Bikini!

Today's Summer Hot Shots come from the Lesser Antilles Islands where model turned artist Monifa Jansen shined bright in neon pink swimwear while basking in the sun atop Cas Abou Beach in Curacao.

When Monifa ... who is also known as ''La Barbie Del Barrio'' ... isn't warming up the tropical shores of the Caribbean Sea with her hot shots ... she loves to travel the globe, make cameos in music videos for musicians like Bad Bunny, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and Rick Ross ... and even makes some tunes of her own!

That's music to our ears eyes!

We are continuing to whip up our Summer Hot Shots for 2021 from a distance and have collaborated with some mind-melting hotties from around the world for your viewing pleasure!

Be sure to check back all weekend long to see who's over-heating your computer modem as we wrap up this year's features.

Ana Montana I'm Beefing Up My Security ... After IG Model's Death


Ana Montana says she's taking extra precautions in the wake of another IG model's shocking death ... including beefing up her personal security.

We got Ana leaving Toast in Los Angeles and asked if she's doing anything differently safety-wise in reaction to Miss Mercedes Morr's recent death, which cops in Texas say is an apparent murder-suicide.

Ana says she's thinking about adding muscle and she's being extra cautious about where and when she posts on social media, because she thinks Morr might have had a stalker.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

It's interesting ... Ana says lots of IG models and influencers are talking about Morr's death, and it seems like it's been a wake-up call to some folks.

Ana tells us she's warning other influencers to be extra careful about giving away too much information about their personal lives in their profiles ... and she says it's not smart to tag locations while they're still physically there.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Ana's also got a message for her followers, and it sounds like she's dealt with some creepy fans before.

Bottom line from Ana ... social media influencers and models need to watch their backs!!!

Stefania Ferrario and Paige De Cinque Double Trouble Down Undah!!!

Today's Summer Hot Shots comes from a steamy impromptu Polaroid photo shoot in Melbourne where model hotties Stefania Ferrario and Paige De Cinque slipped into some little bikinis and snapped some private pics of each other in Australia.

The eye-popping pair live under the same roof and the roomies are always collaborating together on some awesome Aussie photos for Stefania and Paige's Instagram accounts ... but be sure to click to the end of the gallery to get a sneak peek at some of the provocative Polaroid pics that were snapped for their personal collection.

These are keepers!

We are continuing to whip up our Summer Hot Shots for 2021 from a distance and have collaborated with some mind-melting hotties from around the world for your viewing pleasure!

Be sure to check back all weekend long to see who's over-heating your computer modem as we wrap up this year's features.

Cardi B Gets Props From Slain Model's Family Invite To Memorial Service

Cardi B is getting applauded by the family of slain IG model Miss Mercedes Morr ... they're thankful Cardi is shining light on the tragedy and they invited her to the funeral.

The late model's mother, Jeanetta Grover, tells TMZ ... the family's grateful Cardi brought awareness to her daughter's tragic death, because Cardi took the attention away from her daughter's alleged murderer and put it back on Mercedes.

MMM was found dead last month at her home in Houston in what authorities are calling an apparent murder-suicide.

Cardi defended Mercedes online after some folks tried to blame Morr for her own death.

The family tells us Mercedes was a huge fan of Cardi's, with a fiery spirit and a kind heart, and they reached out privately to Cardi to extend an invite to the memorial service.

We're told there's no pressure on Cardi to attend the celebration of life Saturday in Houston ... the family says they understand she's a busy woman and they're just thankful Cardi brought awareness to the case.

Mercedes's mom says if Cardi does show up, her daughter would have been blown away and excited ... and everyone would just be grateful CB took the time to pay respects and send love.

Ella Rose Blossoms Poolside In Hollywood Hills!

This week's Summer Hot Shots comes from high up in the Hollywood hills where Ella Rose added some color to the landscape in a floral bikini while laying out at an incredible home in Los Angeles.

When this model mom isn't creating fire warnings with her hot hilltop photos, Ella Rose loves to get lost in a good book, share life's treasures with her adorable daughter, Lily and experiment in the kitchen while creating her own recipes.


We are continuing to whip up our Summer Hot Shots for 2021 from a distance and have collaborated with some mind-melting hotties from around the world for your viewing pleasure!

Be sure to check back all next weekend to see who's over-heating your computer modem.

Kendall Jenner Gets Handsy, Kissy with Devin Booker On Italian Lunch Date

Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker are giving Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck a run for their money ... because there's no shortage of PDA with this famous couple either.

The supermodel and the NBA star are continuing their romantic trek through Italy, and Kendall couldn't seem to keep her hands -- or her lips -- to herself as she and her boyfriend grabbed a bite to eat at a restaurant in Salerno.

No doubt about it ... the 2 are undeniably into each other ... keeping the romance going after their meal by hopping back on their yacht and enjoying the sunshine and scenery.

As we reported ... K & D have been inseparable lately, starting with a lake boat trip in the States, followed by their European getaway that includes floating around in Sardinia and of course, showing off their hot bods.

We've said it before but we'll say it again ... it's good to be young and rich.

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