Kodak Black Threatened for Donating AC to Housing Project ... Olive Branch Extended

3:10 PM PT -- A rep for the Pompano Beach Housing Authority tells TMZ ... while Kodak's donation was "an extremely generous and admirable gesture," there were concerns about AC installations being done properly to meet safety guidelines.

Additionally, the Housing Authority insists all residents were already equipped with AC units, and says the cease-and-desist letter the rapper received addressed other issues too ... like allegedly unauthorized music vid shoots and large gatherings creating a public safety hazard.

The Housing Authority's extending an olive branch though, adding ... "We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with Mr. Black on his efforts to give back to the Pompano Beach community."

Kodak Black is living proof ... no good deed goes unpunished.

Kodak is now in the crosshairs of the Pompano Beach Authority, which seems to have all sorts of problems with Kodak donating air conditioning units in a housing project to help them beat the sweltering Florida heat.

JULY 2021

Kodak personally delivered the AC units back in July, but we found out the Housing Authority fired off a cease and desist letter last month, which accused Kodak of entering the property twice, causing "disturbances." The Housing Authority claimed the rapper caused a disruption by shooting a music video on the property and playing loud music. And, get this ... the H.A. railed on him for daring to install air conditioning in the units.

The Housing Authority said, "Your actions have adversely impacted the Property's residents' right to peacefully enjoy the property."

Kodak's lawyer, Bradford Cohen, begs to differ, firing off a letter to the Housing Authority and saying it was sad and shameful they "wish to stop the assistance to the elderly and underprivileged during a heat wave and 2 year pandemic."

Cohen says Kodak did NOT film any music videos ... there was just some background music that was not loud at all.

Ella Rose Blossoms Poolside In Hollywood Hills!

This week's Summer Hot Shots comes from high up in the Hollywood hills where Ella Rose added some color to the landscape in a floral bikini while laying out at an incredible home in Los Angeles.

When this model mom isn't creating fire warnings with her hot hilltop photos, Ella Rose loves to get lost in a good book, share life's treasures with her adorable daughter, Lily and experiment in the kitchen while creating her own recipes.


We are continuing to whip up our Summer Hot Shots for 2021 from a distance and have collaborated with some mind-melting hotties from around the world for your viewing pleasure!

Be sure to check back all next weekend to see who's over-heating your computer modem.

Conor McGregor Recovering Poolside In L.A. ... All Smiles 1 Week After Surgery

Forget Advil and ice ... Conor McGregor's clearly found a better way to recover from a broken leg -- a pool, some drinks and L.A. sunshine!!!

The UFC star showed Wednesday he's doing just fine 1 week after docs surgically repaired his busted ankle ... posting pics of him loving life in Beverly Hills.

The photos showed Conor is clearly in great spirits despite the lengthy rehab process ahead of him ... getting in what appears to be some cocktails with friends on a lounge chair.

The pics, though, also showed just how brutal McGregor's injury truly is.

Check out the cast on his left leg ... it wraps all the way from his toes to his knee -- and it's bulky too.

As we previously reported, McGregor needed a rod, a plate and screws to fix the leg he broke during his fight with Dustin Poirier at UFC 264.

The surgery went on for 3.5 hours ... and Dana White has said he believes the recovery process will take a full YEAR.

But, Conor doesn't seem too down about it all ... he even filmed himself getting a haircut by the pool Wednesday while flashing a big grin.

@thenotoriousmma / Instagram

Sucks we won't get to see the dude in the Octagon again until 2022 at the earliest ... but hey, at least the early goings of the rehab process appear to be moving smoothly!

Dua Lipa Sizzles & Slithers on Wild Vacay ... Welcome to the 'Feathered Serpent's' Nest

Dua Lipa's vacation rental in Mexico City pays homage to an Aztec serpent god, which explains why it has such a ... unique design.

The pop star posted up in the capital city inside an Airbnb that's been officially dubbed Quetzalcoatl's Nest ... named after the mythical culture hero, Quetzalcoatl. The name translates to "feathered serpent" or "plumed serpent."

The rental -- which is just outside the city in a wooded area -- is a 4 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom home that features a snake-shaped structure and twisting, cave-like walkways. Perfect for the budding herpetologist in you.

The place sleeps as many as 10 but make sure you bring friends who are in search of serenity because this place offers peace and quiet thanks to a park with botanical gardens, a cave of minerals and lakes as well.

There are quirky sitting areas to enjoy inside but the jaw-dropping views are better enjoyed outside ... thanks to sprawling green space. And, Dua did exactly that ... while rocking her abs and orange sunglasses with some friends.

Normies can book the incredibly affordable space for just $359 per night, assuming it isn't completely booked.

Dua scored and made us all super jelly with the pics she posted on Instagram. She captioned it "🌱 dream 🏠 🌱." Easy to see why.

Kim Kardashian Wakeboarding's Fun & Very Bumpy!!! ... Wipes Out Riding Wave


Kim Kardashian makes just about everything look so easy and effortlessly. But, wakeboarding? Not so much.

Kim K tried channeling her inner Robert Kelly Slater during a wakeboarding sesh while on a long holiday weekend in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho ... giving the water sport a decent shot.

You can see Kim getting instructions on the fly ... and she ultimately paid the price with a gnarly wipeout after the waves got a little too bumpy for her equilibrium to handle.


It took a couple tries, but eventually Kim gets up ... and, not just that, she eventually mustered the courage to let go of the rope and ride a wave. She threw her arms up in celebration.

Kim's kiddos also went on their own water ride of sorts ... thanks to the epic slide built at Wayne Gretzky's house, where the family visited. You can see Saint helped his little sister, Chicago, down the slide ... though "help" is not exactly the word Kim would have chosen.

Kodak Black Delivers Cool Gift ... To Florida Housing Project Residents

JULY 2021

Kodak Black's not feeling the heat these days, so he wants to return the favor to some folks at a Florida housing project ... in the form of air conditioners.

Kodak bought 100 A.C. units for around $12,500 and shlepped them to the Golden Acres Projects in Pompano Beach. He went door-to-door with the units, presenting residents with the cool gift.

Florida in July is no picnic ... it's super humid and hot. Right now it's in the high 80s with 79% humidity, but those numbers will rise as the summer wears on.

Kodak brought some of the residents to tears ... they were incredibly grateful, especially because it's not the kind of thing they would expect from someone who wants to do a good deed, but for anyone who lives in Florida in the Summer ... it's a Godsend.

He's VERY popular in Florida these days ... June 11 is now and forever Kodak Black Day in Broward County.

Kodak got an assist with the A.C.'s from Francky Pierre, who runs the charity, Philanthropic Work and Outreach.

As you know, Kodak scored a commutation from then-President Trump -- at the urging of his lawyer, Bradford Cohen -- in large part because of his charity work.

Kodak served half of his 46 months in prison for two counts of making a false statement on an application for a firearm.

Cody Simpson Finishes Last In Olympic Trials Gunning For 2024 Games!!!

Cody Simpson is staying positive after finishing last at the Australian Olympic swimming trials on Thursday ... saying he's proud of his progress and looking forward to training for the 2024 games!!

The 24-year-old pop singer -- who was a standout swimmer as a kid before focusing on his music career -- has been working out like crazy in hopes of making it to the trials finals in 2021 ... and he did just that!!

Simpson competed in the 100-meter butterfly final on Thursday ... and while he came in last, he's considering it his big win on the year.

"What an experience racing at my first Australian Olympic Trials," Simpson said Thursday. "To make a final was our goal this year and with less than a year of training we did just that."

"I’ve come so much further than I expected to this year and to be racing the best in the country already is a privilege."

FYI -- Simpson finished with a time of 52.94 ... while Matthew Temple came in first at 50.45, an Australian record.

Simpson knew making it to Tokyo was going to be a long shot this year .. but it's clear he wants to go to Paris in 2024.

"I’m so psyched to get back to training. See you in 3 years."

Floral Bikini Babes Flower Power!

Spring has sprung with these stars and their flower power!

Elsa Hosk, Selena Gomez, Olivia O'Brien, and Anastasia Karanikolaou are just a few stars to name that have been seen in these sexy sets printed with the growing trend.

Whether they're laying out by the pool or just soaking up the sun, these babes are bringing their bests floral swimsuits out for show!

Celebs from Kendall Jenner and Halsey to Addison Rae and Sailor Brinkley-Cook have all been posting pics on the gram wearing these pretty patterns, and now we're sharing these sweet snaps with you!

Scroll through our gallery of floral bikini babes to see all the other sexy stars wearing these bloomin' suits!

Summer-Ready Bods Guess Who!

Even though the days are warming up we are still not quite in the summer season ... but it hasn't stopped these sexy stars from taking to social media to show they are ready to switch on the hot!

From poolside pics to babes just having some fun in the sun, there are so many celebs that are lookin' very ready for this next season!

See the babes strippin' down and posting their summer-ready bods by scrolling through our gallery ... And while you're at it, put your celeb skills to the test and see if you can guess which famous face is in the sweet snap!

Selena Gomez Shows Off Kidney Transplant Scar ... 'I Feel Confident'

Selena Gomez is not hiding her scars anymore ... she's showing 'em off and is damn proud.

The singer revealed Thursday ... ever since she got her kidney transplant she's made every attempt to hide the scar it left behind ... but no more. Selena posted a picture on Instagram showing off the scar ... calling it body empowerment.

She captioned the photo, "When I got my kidney transplant, I remember it being very difficult at first showing my scar. I didn’t want it to be in photos, so I wore things that would cover it up. Now, more than ever, I feel confident in who I am and what I went through."

Selena also tagged a swimsuit company promoting inclusivity and added, "All bodies are beautiful."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As we reported ... Selena underwent a kidney transplant in the summer of 2017. She was on the verge of death ... before her BFF Francia Raisa stepped in to save her. Later that year, Selena said she couldn't ask anyone to sacrifice a kidney, but Francia wasn't having it ... she stepped up and volunteered.

Selena told NBC's "Today" that her kidneys "were just done." The singer sounded like she was ready to give up. She also got emotional talking about how Francia literally saved her life.

Harry Styles The James Bond of Rock Stars!!! For Speedy New Music Vid

Here's Harry Styles whipping around in a fancy sports car and a super cool speedboat in Italy for a music video shoot ... which could double as his audition to be the next 007.

The former "One Direction" singer is giving off serious James Bond vibes shooting the video for another song off his album, "Fine Line," and looks like he's loving his new toys. Harry's behind the wheel of a vintage Alfa Romeo, dropping the top and tearing through curves on a windy cliffside road. Take that, Daniel Craig!

He's also steering a pretty baller speedboat off Italy's famed Amalfi Coast, unbuttoning his shirt and doing his best "Titanic" pose ... or maybe "Live and Let Die."

Harry's sub'd in cars and boats for models and watermelons ... after shooting his "Watermelon Sugar" video back in January on a Malibu beach. Check out the gallery, we'd say the trade is a toss-up!!!

Wakesurfing Stars What A Ride!

Talk about social distancing in style ... These famous faces are getting off land and are clearly heading to open water to pass the last seconds of summer!

Stars like Julianne Hough, P!nk, and Gus Kenworthy and boat-loads more celebs have been showing off their water sport skills one IG selfie at a time.

Plenty of other celebs have shared their balancing act as well and now we are bringing the surfing shots to you ... Join in on the action by taking a look through our gallery of wakesurfing stars to see who is all about that surf life!

What a gas!

Beyonce & Jay-Z The Carters Take Croatia ... On Massive Superyacht!!!

Beyonce and Jay-Z are sailing the high seas of Europe right now -- aboard one of those baller mega yachts, and this one might be more gorgeous on the inside than out.

Paps recently snapped shots of B&J stepping off their luxury vacay vessel with a couple of their kids in tow in Croatia. Aside from the spectacle of seeing the Carters anywhere in the world, their floating home away from home is also turning heads.

Their ride is called LANA, which is exclusively for charter with Imperial Yachts. This one's brand, spanking new in their line of mega ships, and it's top of the line as far as luxury is concerned. Take a look for yourself.

LANA is longer than a football field, and it's jam-packed with amenities, accessories and plenty of room to spread out and relax. It fits up to 12 guests -- not counting the 34 crew members it also accommodates -- in 8 en-suite staterooms, 7 VIP rooms and a master suite.

There's more ... the superyacht comes with its own pool on the deck, a theater, a spa with professional masseuses, foldable terraces ... plus, a crap ton of "toys," including a jet ski, wakeboards, SEABOBs, water skies, inflatable paddleboards, fishing equipment, etc.

We could go on, but honestly ... we're already blushing, and we haven't even mentioned the price -- about $2 mil a week. Even for Beyonce and Jay-Z ... damn.

Tacko Fall Hilarious Swimming Lessons W/ Help From Jaylen Brown, Enes Kanter


Look out Ryan Lochte, there's a new guy in the pool gunning for gold -- 7'6" Boston Celtics center Tacko Fall!!

Of course, the fan-favorite giant has been using his free time in the NBA bubble to try out some new sports ... including hitting the links to golf with Orlando Magic center Mo Bamba.

The big guy is now taking on another challenge -- swimming -- and jumped in the pool with his teammates Jaylen Brown and Enes Kanter for his very own lesson.

The results are hilariously awesome ... with Kanter and Brown carrying Tacko through the pool while he works on his form.

There are no water wings in sight ... but then again, all Fall has to do is stand up in the water and he'll be good.

The Celtics have been HOT since entering the bubble and currently have a 1-0 lead on the Raptors in the 2nd round of the playoffs, so there's still plenty of time for improvement.


Coast Guard Shoots at Shark Stalking Swimmers

U.S. Coast Guard Pacific Area

Every week is Shark Week for the United States Coast Guard ... a shark was stalking a ton of swimmers in the ocean, and a hail of bullets saved the day!!!

Check out this video from the Coast Guard Cutter Kimball deployed near Hawaii ... there are 40 crew members swimming just off the boat when all of a sudden a massive shark surfaces and swim towards the swimmers.

Petty Officer 1st Class Samuel Cintron springs into action ... the maritime enforcement specialist -- pretty sweet job title -- takes aim and fires several rounds at the shark, which the Coast Guard says was between 6 and 8 feet long!

It's pretty wild ... the bullets hit the water scarily close to the swimmers, as they scramble to avoid the shark and swim back to safety on the boat.

The scene is straight outta "Jaws" and it comes with a happy ending ... all 40 crew members safely cleared the water and the shark appeared uninjured as it swam back into the depths.

This time they did NOT need a bigger boat ... thanks to the Coast Guard.

Brad Pitt Jetting Off To The South of France ... With My Model Travel Partner

Brad Pitt is flying private on a trip to the south of France ... and he's got quite the new companion on what is shaping up to be a super romantic getaway.

The "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" star made a low key arrival at France's Le Bourget airport Wednesday, accompanied by stunning German model Nicole Poturalski.

Brad and his rumored new flame wore face coverings and dressed casually as they boarded a private plane to the South of France.

Some folks think Nicole bears a striking resemblance to Brad's estranged wife, Angelina Jolie.

As we reported ... the Oscar winner wasn't focused on the dating scene back in March, shooting down rumors he was seeing Alia Shawkat or getting back together with Jennifer Aniston after a warm embrace at the SAG Awards. Not the case.

But, Nicole's different ... she's the only one jet-setting with Brad.

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