Hot Zaddies Who'd You Rather?!

Welcome to your Zaddy appreciation post ... where Zads from all over are putting their good looks front and center just for you!

Yes, tomorrow celebrates all the paternal dads out there, but why not jump into the Daddy vibes with Hollywood's hottest Zaddies ... bringing style, swag, scruff and Zad bods! After all, age is but a number and these gents slay zlay 😜!

Kick off your Father's Day weekend by scrolling through our gallery of zelicious Zaddy's ... Take a real good look before voting on which fine fella you like best because the fate of these long-running Hollywood studs now lies in your hands!

Stars In Flower Suits Who'd You Rather?! Hollywood Carnation Day!

With April Showers wrapped up, it's peak season to honor all the blossomed buds, so we've planted some of Hollywood's hottest stars ... side-by-side and decked out in floral swimwear. It's now up to you to crown your fave bloomin' babes for ... Hollywood Coronation Carnation Day!

Bow down to bombshells like Hailey vs. Halsey who both snapped a mirror selfie showcasing their flower power, but the scenery doesn't stop with these two ... There is a bountiful bunch of other beauties like Stassie vs. Tessa -- and a bunch more babes -- stepping up to take the throne in their flower print swimsuits.

So, without further ado ... step into our blooming palace of nature's finest floral 'suits and use your authority to cast your vote for Who'd You Rather?!

WWE Superstars Who'd You Rather?!?

WrestleMania 37 is kicking off this weekend and we're getting the competition started, and seeing which pro wrestler you're backing in each round!

We've put together a gallery of pics for you to scroll through and pick your favs! From Sasha Banks vs. Bianca Belair and Mike "The Miz" vs. Damian Priest, to Seth Rollins vs. Cesaro ... there's 37 matchups this weekend, and just as many votes to cast here!

In the first round here we've got Drew McIntyre vs. Bobby Lashley ... Click on the pic to vote who'd you rather, and scroll through the rest to see who else is going head-to-head!


2020 National Championship Burrow vs. Lawrence Who'd You Rather?!

The Tigers and Tigers are set to face off in the 2020 National Championship Game on Monday ... which means one of these hunks is going home with a shiny, new trophy.

Clemson superstar Trevor Lawrence and LSU's Heisman Trophy winner, Joe Burrow, have led their teams to the biggest night of the season ... and both have looked damn good in the process.

Numbers-wise, the winner is Burrow ... who threw for 5,208 yards and 55 TDs and added 310 yards and 4 TDs on the ground ... while Lawrence threw for 3,431 yards and 36 TDs and rushed for 514 yards and 8 TDs.

While the LSU Tigers are favored to take home the hardware, Clemson's been on this stage a lot as of late ... it's the reigning national champs.

But, that's not why we're here. We can focus more on the footballs Monday night. The REAL reason we're here is to ask ... who'd you rather!?!?!

Who'd You Rather?!

Hot Stars Seeing 2020 Who'd You Rather???

It's a brand new year and these stars are starting to see things a whole lot clearer!

Start your year off right by looking at these hot Hollywood sights! And, there won't be any need to grab your glasses ... famous faces such as Emily Ratajkowski seem to be just fine losing their lenses with 2020 in the air!

See all the celebs that have swapped their sweet specs for these crystal clear snaps by scrolling through our gallery of hot stars with 2020 vision ... take a real good look before voting on which version of the celeb you like best!

So, what will it be ... 2020 or nah?

The Kardashians Who'd You Rather?!

With the season finale of "Keeping Up With The Kardashian's" airing tonight, we're giving you a chance to take a real good look at the lovely ladies in the fam and decide who you might like best!

From Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe to Kendall and Kylie, it's up to you to speak your mind about which Kardashian-Jenner sister takes the cake!

Since these Calabasas babes are always the talk of the town, it seems like it's a good time for you to join the convo! Decide for yourself who you might like better by scrolling through our gallery of these sexy sisters and simply cast your vote for who'd you rather!

Who will it be?

Smooth vs. Scruff Who'd You Rather?!?

Novem-beard is that time of year where the fellas are letting it all grow out and we mustache you the hairy question ... who'd you rather?!?

The famous faces in this gallery have rocked several looks over the years, from full-on facial hair to a clean shave, and everything in between! It is up to you to decide which style you like best for these stars! And, who knows, maybe this fall fad will grow on you!

To help you decide just take a really good look through these fuzzy photos of smooth vs. scruff ... see for yourself and pick who you'd rather!!!

Celebrity BFFs Who'd You Rather?!

It takes two to tango ... And survive in Hollywood.

These dynamic duos are conquering it all and don't need to be part of a power couple to make it through ... After all, that is what best friends are for!!!

From Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, Kylie Jenner and Anastasia Karanikolaou, to John Stamos and Glen Powell, Diplo and Dillon Francis ... There are plenty of famous faces buddying up!

The real question here is, who'd you rather?

Settle down and take a deep dive through our gallery of celebrity BFFs -- Get a good look at these sexy stars and decide for yourself.

Big decisions!!!

Adam Levine vs. Travis Scott Who'd You Rather?! (Halftime Edition)

Here's a shirtless shot of rapper and Kylie Jenner's parenting partner, Travis Scott (26), on stage in full sicko mode before his Super Bowl LIII halftime debut (left) ... and a smooth looking shot of the Maroon 5 singer and "The Voice" judge Adam Levine (39) standing tall and topless(right).

While nobody knows whether Tom Brady and the New England Patriots or Jared Goff and the Los Angeles Rams will take home the Vince Lombardi Trophy in this year's best gridiron game ... we gotta ask.

Who'd You Rather?!

Rams vs. Saints Cheerleaders Who'd You Rather?!

The New Orleans Saints take on the L.A. Rams on the field in the NFC Championship Game on Sunday ... but the REAL battle is actually going down on the sidelines ...

Yeah, we're talking cheerleaders, baby!!!

The 2 cheer squads have crushed it all season long ... and now it's up to you to decide which team's women take the pom-pom crown and deserve to move on to the Super Bowl!

Scroll through our gallery of some of the finest members of the cheer teams and vote for who you'd rather in this head-to-head showdown!

Mustache Men Who'd You Rather?!

We're getting Movember going with some famous fuzz!

These scruffy stars are almost unrecognizable with without their upper lip look, which leads us to an important question we mustache you ... Who'd you rather?!

Scroll through our gallery of mustache men, and decide for yourself if you prefer them with or without their whiskers!

Celeb Halloween Costumes Who'd You Rather?

Halloween in Hollywood means everyone is dressed to impress ... but it's up to you to decide which famous look takes the costume crown!

Scroll through our gallery of similar celebrity halloween costumes and vote for who'd you rather in our head-to-head showdown!

LA Rams vs. LA Chargers Cheer Squads Who'd You Rather?!

It's the L.A. Rams vs. the L.A. Chargers in the ultimate football showdown ... the battle for the hottest cheerleaders!

Get your game face ready as you flip through the gallery and vote for the squad with the winning babes.


Falcons vs. Patriots Cheerleaders Who'd You Rather?!

It’s the Atlanta Gal-cons vs. the New England Patri-ettes in the ultimate Super Bowl LI showdown ... the battle for hottest cheerleaders.

Get your game face on as you flip through the gallery and vote for the squad worthy of the Lombardi Trophy.

Bring it on!

Joe Jonas Move Over, Nick ... I'm in the Shred Zone Too

Joe Jonas is flaunting his body of work ... 16 weeks of intense work to be exact.

The DNCE frontman bulked up and then shredded by weight training and boxing at Unbreakable Gym in West Hollywood. The gym's co-founder (and 'NFL On FOX' star) Jay Glazer says Joe committed to a pro-athlete training regimen that included specific caloric intake and two-a-day workouts.

Can't argue with Joe's results, but here's the thing -- his little bro, Nick, pumps up at the same gym, and recently showed off a bulkier physique.

So, we gotta ask ...

Who'd ya rather?

New England Patriots WAGS Who'd You Rather?!

While the New England Patriots battle it out on the field for a spot in Super Bowl LI, their sexy significant others are battling it out off the field in the ultimate showdown ... the title of hottest WAG.

Rush through the gallery and vote for the gal you wouldn’t mind scoring with.


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