FL Sec. of State Blackface Photos Come Out ... Resigns from Office

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Florida Sec. of State Michael Ertel is learning the same lesson Megyn Kelly learned about blackface, but in a much harsher way -- he's stepping down after offensive Halloween pics of him emerged online.

Waiting for your permission to load the Facebook Post.

Ertel had the audacity to wear blackface 14 years ago when he dressed up as a female Hurricane Katrina victim. His costume also included a headscarf and fake boobs.

Newly elected Gov. Ron DeSantis, who appointed Ertel, got wind of the pics Thursday morning after the Tallahassee Democrat newspaper obtained them. Shortly thereafter, Ertel resigned his post.

The photos were taken in 2005, 2 months after Katrina ripped through Louisiana, and while Ertel was serving as Seminole County's supervisor of elections.

Worth noting, Gov. DeSantis had his own racial controversy during his hotly contested campaign against Andrew Gillum. You might recall his "don't monkey this up" comment. If ya don't, here it is ...

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Jenna Dewan & Channing Tatum Separate Ways with New Baes!!! Halloween Reunion Over

Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum seem to really have the conscious uncoupling thing down -- going from peaceful reunited exes one night to love birds with their new boos the next.

Jenna was spotted out Thursday near Palm Springs with her boyfriend, Steve Kazee, holding hands and enjoying a mid-day walk. She had a grin on her face while chatting on the phone -- and, honestly, couldn't look happier.

Meanwhile, Channing took their daughter, Everly, to Jessie J's concert in L.A. later that night. He's been dating the pop star for at least a couple months after splitting from Jenna earlier this year.

Speaking of Everly, her mom and dad DID link up on Halloween to go trick-or-treating with her.

Both Channing and Jenna are clearly moving on, but they also don't seem bitter over the breakup -- especially since they each have their own new relationship.

It's more proof Chris Pratt and Anna Faris aren't the only ones reading Hollywood's new divorce/co-parenting playbook.

O.J. Simpson Killer Gynecologist


Here's the scariest thing we've seen this Halloween -- O.J. Simpson.

Oh, also he's dressed up as a gynecologist ... which is way scarier than run of the mill O.J..

The ex-con spent his Halloween evening at the Blue Martini Lounge in Las Vegas, Nevada -- one of his fave haunts -- dressed up as an OB/GYN ... with the name Dr. Seymour Bush written on his doctor's coat lapel.

GET IT? SEYMOUR BUSH!!! Juice got jokes, y'all.

As usual, there were no lack of fans lining up to take photos with O.J., despite ... you know.

As far as we know, no one was stabbed to death at the bar that night. Only 2 questions remain: Where did O.J. get that jacket, and has anyone seen the real Dr. Bush?

Seriously ...

Chris Pratt & Anna Faris Tricks-AND-Treats!! Do H'ween Together WITH New BF & GF

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are doing divorce as well as ANY Hollywood couple ever has -- cause they went trick-or-treating together ... WITH their new significant others, and everyone was all smiles!

The freshly divorced duo, along with Katherine Schwarzenegger and Michael Barrett, took Jack out for Halloween in full couples costumes too. Chris and Katherine were Vikings, while Anna was Snow White and Michael took a shot at Khaleesi from 'GoT.' Jack was cool as ever as a ninja.

Costumes aside ... ya gotta check out the gallery, because not only are Chris and Anna getting along -- but Anna and Katherine were chummy and laughing. Bonus for Chris! Always better when the ex and the GF get along.

The modern fam was so NOT awkward, Chris and Kat were even sucking face during the outing.

As we reported ... Chris and Anna officially finalized their divorce two weeks ago.

This is becoming a thing in Hollywood -- we just saw Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry and Miranda Kerr chopping it up.

See what ya started, Gwyneth and Chris?

Kim Kardashian West Apologizes for Using R-Word To Insult Guests At Halloween Party

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9:50 AM PT -- Kim has apologized for using the word, telling us, "I want to apologize for what I said in a recent video post that is inappropriate and insensitive to the special needs community. I try to learn from my mistakes and this is one of those times. Please know that my intention is always pure, and in this case, it was a mistake. I’m sorry."

Another huge star has offended the special needs community -- this time, it's Kim Kardashian West who used the r-word to insult Halloween party guests who couldn't guess her costume.

Kim dressed up as Pam Anderson to attend Kendall Jenner's Halloween bash Wednesday night -- but was jokingly irritated when she quizzed guests about her costume and they couldn't figure it out.

But, in a video Kim posted -- and has since deleted -- on Instagram to her 120 MILLION followers, Kim used the word "r******d" to describe guests who were too dumb to decipher her Halloween character.

Of course, the problem ... tons of special needs groups have spoken out about the dangers of using the r-word because it essentially uses a serious condition as an insult.

In fact, earlier this week, Shaun White issued an apology after dressing as a special needs character from the movie "Tropic Thunder" for a Halloween party.

Bottom line -- special needs people are not punchlines, insults or Halloween costumes and people like Kim and Shaun should be more understanding.

Kim deleted the video off her IG page, but the internet backlash was immediate. Some comments about the clip ...

"@KimKardashian using the R word on her IG story from yesterday is disgusting. And I really liked her. Watched, followed, bought shit, spent like 3 grand on her game. My brother is an ANGEL sent from Heaven and if you use it generally, you use it ALL THE TIME. Done."

"It's 2018, we don't say the r word anymore."

"Ughh @KimKardashian saying the R word in her IG story made me cringe."

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Heidi Klum Rocks Insane 'Shrek' Costume ... In Front of Mike Myers!

Heidi Klum's incredible Halloween party is like an onion -- it's got layers of awesomeness, baby -- starting with the fact she rocked an amazing "Shrek" costume ... in front of Mike Myers!!!!

Klum used a team of makeup artists and prosthetics experts to put together a super detailed Princess Fiona getup ... and after hours and hours of prep, the big reveal TOTALLY DELIVERED!

Of course, Heidi's boyfriend, Tom Kaulitz, went as Shrek -- and when Mike Myers (the VOICE of Shrek) turned up, they had to bring him in for a photo.

The party was a huge hit -- with some guests even copping a feel of Fiona's giant fake boobs (with consent).

It all went down at Lavo Nightclub in NYC -- with a crazy guest list that included everyone from Mel B to Ice-T to Neil Patrick Harris, Questlove and Zac Posen.

The Weeknd and Bella Hadid went as Beetlejuice and Lydia. Kat Graham went as The Mask. Harry Connick Jr. trotted out his New Orleans Saints uniform.

There were sexy people. Scary people. And, funny people.

And, while we LOVE Daymond John, dude went in a simple skeleton jumpsuit -- COME ON, MAN!!!!

Gotta try harder next year!

Kate Hudson & Bradley Cooper Tag Team Trick-or-Treat Duties!!!

Bradley Cooper and Kate Hudson aren't about that Hollywood bar scene -- scoring candy bars with the kiddos is more of their thing.

Bradley and Kate teamed up on Halloween in Brentwood for a little trick-or-treating ... with Kate's BF, Danny Fujikawa, also in tow. Bradley sure got in the spirit with a bear costume as he happily carried his 1-year-old daughter, Lea, on his shoulders.

Hard to tell what Kate and Danny were going for -- comfy PJs maybe? Anyway, their daughter, Rani, is only a month old -- too young for candy hunting -- but they ushered some other kids ... probably relatives. Knocking on a door with 2 huge movie stars behind ya has to help score better candy, right?

Hopefully no candy corn. #WorstHalloweenCandyEver

Cute pics, and a reminder of simpler times ... when Halloween was for kids.

Halsey, Rihanna, Emily Ratajkowski Get Down with Halloween Getups!!!

It's kinda terrifying ... Halloween's officially behind us but luckily these celebs went all out for one last scary ass bash in 2018.

Halsey, Rihanna and Emily Ratajkowski are just a few of the celebs who brought their best on Halloween night. Halsey was a spooky, but very sexy, cheerleader when she hit up Delilah in WeHo. Emily was also there ... and give her a damn hand 'cause she knocked it outta the park channeling her very sexy Raquel Welch.

RiRi was across the pond doing her thing ... busting out Catwoman gear at Annabel's in London. Did we mention it was very sexy? The Weeknd and Bella Hadid killed with their couples outfit, and Fergie went full Pink Ranger.

Face it, some people just do Halloween better. And, sexier. Ask Heidi, if you don't know.

'Flipping Vegas' Stars Cops Shut Down Horseback H'ween

The stars of "Flipping Vegas" got someone flippin' pissed at their Halloween stunt -- riding horses on the beach -- and they ended having a run-in with Johnny Law.

Scott and Amie Yancey hit Malibu Tuesday evening on horseback while in costume -- Scott was the Headless Horseman, and Amie looked like Daenerys from "Game of Thrones." As you can see in the video ... onlookers at the Sunset Restaurant were in awe, but eventually ... the party on hooves was stopped in its tracks.

Scott's rep tells us cops arrived shortly after the couple trotted their steads down Westward Beach Road and told them they couldn't ride on the street.

Their costumes must have impressed the officers, because they were merely escorted to the trailers where the horses were stowed. Their show's been off the air since 2014, but seems like they still have fans in law enforcement -- Amie and Scott were allowed to go on their way ... on foot.

Nice Halloween treat for 'em.

TMZ's Halloween 2018 Dynamic Duo Costumes Kill It ... Guess Who?!!!

If the calendar says Oct. 31, TMZ staffers are dressing to the nines to honor the best (and sometimes worst) pop culture moments -- and these costumes slayed, if we do say so ourselves. And we do.

We had everyone from Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson (pre-split), Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ... and Tonya Harding and her ma, LaVona Golden.

These were just a few standouts, but check out the gallery to see the rest -- including Bert and Ernie, Freddie Mercury (guess who dared), Tekashi69, bruised Cardi B and a very realistic Grinch and Cindy Lou Who.

Until next year ... Happy Halloween!!!

2018 Halloween Celebs Catch the Freaky Spirit!!!

Hollywood knows how to do Halloween ... it's like they've got a sixth sense for this based on the outlandish 2018 costumes.

Celebs were in the mood to throw on their best getups for tons of Halloween parties this year ... like Christina Milian getting decked out in pink Hello Kitty gear for the Galore Magazine party. Ciara repped Wakanda well with an elaborate "Black Panther" costume at a Bacardi bash in NYC.

Meanwhile, Bella Thorne nailed Chucky's bride Tuesday night in Los Angeles.

If the horror's too much to swallow ... check out the gallery for Elsa Pataky and her kids trick-or-treating or Cristiano Ronaldo getting his fam in the spirit. 'Memba when Halloween was for kids?

And, of course, ya gotta see Kylie Jenner's ... it's required.

Damien Wayans H'Ween Whiteface, Blackface Okay ... But At Your Own Risk


If you've got love for Marlon and Shawn Wayans going full whiteface, then feel free to do the same on Halloween ... according to their nephew, who is hysterically tiptoeing around the subject of race and costumes.

We got Damien Dante Wayans outside L.A.'s Sunset Plaza and asked him about 2 specific costume ideas -- "White Chicks" and "Black Panther." DW told us he appreciates people paying homage to his uncles' cult classic flick, but you gotta see his reaction when we brought up "Black Panther."

As our photog put it ... the Marvel movie was huge this year, and lots of people -- black, white and otherwise -- are feeling inspired. Well, Damien seems to be giving Panther costumes a thumbs-up too ... verrrry nervously, though.

Just watch. The takeaway -- put whatever on your face today, but do it respectfully.

And, don't blame Damien when you catch s**t!

Post Malone Haunted Curse Box To Be Opened on Halloween, If ...


The haunted box that seemed to curse Post Malone is about to see the light of day on Halloween, 'cause its new owner wants to take a peek inside ... but on one condition.

"Ghost Adventures" star Zak Bagans tells TMZ he plans on opening the dybbuk box in his Haunted Museum Wednesday night, and he'll be doing it live on his show. As crazy as that sounds, it's even worse when you hear what Zak's been going through lately.

He tells us he's been getting ominous signs left and right leading up to the event that would make even Damien Thorn shake. It's pretty freaky sh*t -- stuff like dreams about people and animals being killed, calls from an unknown number telling him people will die ... and illness plaguing him for the past few weeks.


Remember ... this is the same box that supposedly put Post Malone's life in danger these past few months after he was in the same room with Zak, who ended up touching the thing. Post didn't touch it himself, but he did touch Zak's shoulder ... and Zak says that's enough to trigger a curse.

There is an upside, though, that hopefully keeps Zak from prying this devil box open. He tells us he'll only do it if he does NOT feel the same supernatural sensation he and Post felt in the room this summer.


Considering this box has made people pass out on sight -- like this poor woman here -- we're guessing he'll feel something. BTW ... we're told this lady collapsed after coming into the same room with the box just a week after Post visited. She had to be taken to the ER.

Here's hoping that thing stays closed. But, if not ... good luck, Zak!!!

Kate Hudson 'Wild Wild Country' Costume Gets Love From Cult's Ex-Lawyer


Kate Hudson's catching some flak for dressing up as a follower of Bhagwan Rajneesh -- the cult leader in the Netflix docuseries, "Wild Wild Country" -- but one of his former disciples LOVES it.

We talked to Philip Toelkes -- who used to go by Swami Prem Niren when he served as the top attorney for the controversial Rajneeshpuram in the '80s -- and he tells us Kate and her friends were well within their rights to celebrate the group.

Kate faced backlash online after posting the pic, apparently at a Halloween party, because some people felt she was glorifying the "cult."

Let's face it ... Rajneeshees will be a hit Halloween costume this year -- with the popularity of the Netflix series -- and Phil says he's totally on board with that. He also thinks Bhagwan -- aka Osho -- would be too, as long as it's respectful.


Phil also took aim at the haters, who say the Rajneeshees almost ruined a way of life for many Oregonians, saying they never understood their movement.

On the other hand, the mayor of Antelope, OR -- which had been overrun by the Rajneeshees -- tells us, "They plotted to assassinate someone. How friendly would others be if [someone] dressed up as a terrorist for Halloween?"

As for the fake gun one of Kate's pals flashed, Phil says it's not far off from the truth. He says the Rajneeshees were well-armed and ready to protect themselves in those days.