Kwame Brown Rips D-Wade Over Zaya's Kobe Dress ... 'Disrespectful!!!'

Ex-NBA player Kwame Brown is livid with Dwyane Wade's daughter's fashion tribute to Kobe Bryant ... saying her #8 jersey dress was "disrespectful" to the Lakers legend.

14-year-old Zaya Wade showed love to the Bryants in an Instagram post on Wednesday ... wearing the outfit and captioning the post, "always remembering and honoring Kobe and Gianna."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Seems harmless, right?? Not in Brown's eyes ... as the 2001 #1 overall pick unleashed on Dwyane during his "Bust Life" YouTube show on Thursday ... saying the ex-Miami Heat star doesn't "level up as a man."

"You are letting your woman control your house," Kwame said ... claiming Kobe's wife, Vanessa, and kids would not honor Kobe the same way Zaya did.

Kwame strongly believes Zaya's tribute does a disservice to everything Kobe stands for ... citing his work ethic, masculinity, and faith.

"I'm not saying there's anything against homosexuals, but [Kobe] is a heterosexual man. Why is he being honored by making his jersey into a dress? Wear his goddamn jersey for the day to honor him without the dress part," Brown added.

"Let's please not show our Black brother in this light. This is no offense to nobody else. This man was a heterosexual man with a wife and a family. There's no reason for this to be tied to Kobe Bryant. None whatsoever."

D-Wade has been nothing but supportive of Zaya ... and has spoken out about how the family has grown in understanding over the years.

Brown's rant is clearly irrelevant to Dwyane ... who said he was a proud "girl dad" in the comments on Zaya's post.

Lamar Odom Joins 'Celebrity Big Brother' Cast ... UFC's Miesha Tate, Too

Lamar Odom is going back to TV -- the former Lakers star will be joining the cast of "Celebrity Big Brother" this season ... where he'll be competing for a $250,000 cash prize.

The series announced Odom will be a guest for its third season on Thursday ... releasing a video on social media introducing all the celebs who'll be living under the same roof for the competition.

"My name is Lamar Odom [and] people may know me for winning two championships with the LA Lakers," Odom said in his intro.

"They also may know me for marrying Khloe Kardashian. We had our own TV show. Our own reality show."

Odom is no stranger to television -- when he was still married to Khloe, they had their own show, "Khloe & Lamar" ... which was a spinoff of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."

Speaking of Kardashians ... CBB will have another guest who has a tie to their family. Shanna Moakler -- whose ex-husband, Travis Barker, is engaged to Kourtney Kardashian -- will join Odom in the house.

Other notable guests include UFC star Miesha Tate, NSYNC singer Chris Kirkpatrick, SNL's Chris Kattan and 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star, Cynthia Bailey.

Lamar made more than $114 million during his NBA career ... but recently opened up about his struggles with money management -- even going to Kobe Bryant to help him get out of a gambling debt.

The new season of CBB kicks off next week.

Charles Oakley MJ & Pippen Will Never Talk Again ... 'It's Over'

The most dominant duo in NBA history will never speak to each other again -- so says ex-teammate Charles Oakley ... who truly believes Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen have no chance at burying the hatchet.

Scottie has made it clear for months how he really feels about #23 ... saying he deserves much more credit for the Chicago Bulls' 6 NBA championships ... and claiming MJ used the "Last Dance" doc to say young fans into thinking he's better than LeBron James.

Oak -- who played in Chicago from 1985-88 -- was asked if the relationship between MJ and Pip could ever be fixed ... and it sure sounds like a lost cause.

"No, I think it's over," Oakley said on The Bill Simmons Podcast this week. "Yeah, I think it's over. It wasn't great from the get-go."

Oakley says the "Last Dance" doc left a bad taste in Pip's mouth ... as the Hall of Famer felt left out of the story.

"I think he feels like they didn't present him more in the Last Dance," the 58-year-old said. "I think they did Dennis Rodman more than Scottie and Steve Kerr."

"But my thing to that is, Kerr did way more off the court than Scottie. Dennis probably has, too. But on that court, Scottie did a lot more than both of them, but Scottie felt like he was left out of there."

"And he felt like Jordan wouldn't have six rings if it wasn't for him."

In Scottie's words, he said last year in his memoir, "Unguarded," that the popular Netflix doc didn't put an emphasis on the rest of the squad.

"They glorified Michael Jordan while not giving nearly enough praise to me and my proud teammates," the 58-year-old said in his book.

Despite the public criticism from Pippen, Oakley thinks MJ will avoid responding to his nemesis.

"He's just gonna keep doing what he's doing. Play golf, fish, relax and smoke cigars."

Kobe & Gigi Bryant Statue Erected At Crash Site ... 160-Pound Sculpture

A sculptor in Los Angeles has honored the anniversary of the deaths of Kobe and Gigi Bryant by placing a statue of the two at the site where they tragically passed away in 2020.

The artist, Dan Medina, tells TMZ Sports he created the 160-pound bronze figure and pulled it up to the scene in Calabasas via a wagon on Wednesday.


The sculpture is only a temporary piece -- Medina says he'll haul it back down at sunset -- but the artist tells us he's hoping the city will allow him to put up a larger, more life-sized version permanently at the site.

The artwork, while smaller than what Medina hopes it'll ultimately end up being, is incredible -- it's a depiction of Kobe in a Lakers uniform with his arm around Gigi, who's also in a basketball uniform holding a ball.

At the base of the statue, Medina added the names of all nine of the victims who tragically died in the helicopter crash on the Calabasas hillside on Jan. 26, 2020.

"Heroes come and go," words on the base of the statue read, "but legends are forever."

As we previously reported, Kobe, Gigi and the others were on their way to a girls basketball game, when the chopper suddenly wrecked in the terrain.

Tributes to the Bryants and the other victims of the crash have poured in on the anniversary Wednesday, with athletes and celebs from all over remembering them all on social media.

In fact, Kobe's old Lakers teammate, Lamar Odom, was gifted a diamond pendant on Wednesday to honor and remember the Bryants.


Lamar Odom Gifted Kobe & Gigi Bryant Chain On Anniversary Of Death

Lamar Odom will now have Kobe and Gigi Bryant with him everywhere he goes -- the ex-Lakers star was just gifted an incredible piece honoring the late NBA legend and his daughter on the second anniversary of their tragic helicopter accident.

TMZ Sports has learned ... LO -- who played alongside Kobe from 2004-2011 and remained close friends with the Hall of Famer in retirement -- received the special tribute to the Mamba and Mambacita from his manager, Tonita B.

The finished product is a diamond chain and pendant featuring Kobe kissing Gigi on the head ... which was based off a famous picture of the two sitting courtside at a Laker game in 2019.

We're told the chain -- designed by Scoobie Da Jeweler -- is made of 25 carats of VS diamonds ... and the whole finished product is worth around $17,000.

The back of the piece features a special quote from Kobe ... which reads, "Rest at the end, not in the middle."

We're told this all came to be when Tonita decided to do something unique for Lamar to commemorate their new Savvy Talent Management Group partnership ... and given his admiration for Bryant and his family, she chose a Mamba-related keepsake.

Odom has previously spoken about the impact Kobe left on his life after the fatal accident on Jan. 26, 2020 ... saying he not only helped him on the court, but was by his side during his darkest times.

Odom posted about his new gift on social media minutes ago ... saying, "To understand that Kobe meant the world to me and have this made as a constant reminder for me to keep going has me at loss for words. 💜"

RIP Mamba and Mambacita.

Kevin Ferguson Jr. AKA 'Baby Slice' Fighting Ex-Bachelorette Contestant Iggy Rodriguez ... In Celeb Boxing Match

Kevin Ferguson Jr. -- MMA fighter and son of the legendary street fighter turned pro Kimbo Slice -- is stepping into the ring ... but he isn't takin' on a fellow pro fighter, he's boxing former Bachelorette contestant "Iggy" Rodriguez.

Yes, for real!

29-year-old Ferguson -- aka "Baby Slice" -- is transitioning from the Bellator cage to the squared circle ... where he'll duke it out with Rodriguez at a Celebrity Boxing event in March.

Of course, 5'11", 155 lb. Kevin Jr. -- 3-3 as a pro -- has fighting in his pedigree, and it shows. His dad, Kimbo, is the most famous street fighter of all-time. The 6'2", 235-pound fighter transitioned from backyard brawling to professional fighting ... where he had a record of 5-2-1.

As for his opponent? Iggy's claim to fame didn't come from punching guys. Rather, Rodriguez was fighting for love when he made his debut on the 13th season of "The Bachelorette."

In fact, the 35-year-old Californian native and consulting firm CEO became a true household name ... when he was depicted as a "snitch" for badmouthing other competitors on Rachel Lindsay's season.

Rodriguez was ultimately eliminated from the show ... after failing to make the top 12.

But, back to the fight. Ferguson and Rodriguez won't be the only attraction that night.

Lamar Odom's ex-fiancée, Sabrina Parr, will fight Jenn Harley, Ronnie Ortiz's former GF -- in a battle of the exes.

The event goes down at the Showboat Hotel, March 26, in Atlantic City.

Lamar Odom Launches Talent Mgmt Company ... Gunning To Be Like Klutch!!!


NBA champ Lamar Odom is looking to share his experience with the next generation of celebrities -- he's launching his very own talent management company.

TMZ Sports has learned ... the ex-Lakers star teamed up with his manager, Tonita B, to kickstart the Savvy Talent Management Group with the intent to help young ballers and entertainers find their way in the industry.

We spoke with L.O. about his decision to get involved ... and he said he wants to prevent young talent from making the same mistakes he did during his career.

"I wish I would have learned how to save my money a little bit more," Lamar tells us.

"I wish I would have been able to do my due diligence on how to read people the right way, so I can keep the right people in my life that deserve to be there."

Odom -- who played in the NBA from 1999-2014 -- has high aspirations with STMG ... and he's been studying up on other success stories in the industry.

"The vision I got is sort of like LeBron James and Rich Paul with Klutch Sports."

Odom says he's looking to work with both athletes and celebrities in navigating their young careers ... and he knows firsthand that "the fame game is for real."

"There's so many talented people out there -- [I want to work with] whoever needs guidance and help at being an entertainer or celebrity. It's not easy."

As for partnering with his manager, Odom says the decision was a "no-brainer."

"I'm the beauty, she is the beast. Together we get the job done," he says.

"Had I been prepared and mentored [early in my career], my outcome may have been different."

Pelicans' Jaxson Hayes Charged After Scuffle W/ Cops ... 12 Misdemeanor Counts

2:15 PM PT -- The Los Angeles Police Protective League -- a group that represents thousands of cops in L.A. -- is blasting controversial county district attorney, George Gascon for failing to bring charges (the city attorney ultimately filed the charges).

The org. also criticized the NBA and Hayes.

“Luckily, when it comes to holding criminals accountable for their crimes, the residents of Los Angeles are not solely dependent on George Gascon and can rely on the United States Attorney and City Attorney to do their jobs."

"We’re pleased that the City Attorney evaluated the evidence and charged Jaxon Hayes for assaulting an LAPD officer, domestic violence, and ten additional crimes. It’s disappointing that the NBA has remained silent on Mr. Hayes’ behavior despite the video evidence and its stated zero-tolerance policy on domestic violence."

"There are fundamental values at play in this incident that Mr. Hayes, George Gascon, and the NBA must recognize, it’s never acceptable to engage in domestic violence or attack police officers.  It’s no more complicated than that.”

Pelicans center Jaxson Hayes has been hit with 12 misdemeanor charges in Los Angeles -- including domestic violence and using violence against a police officer -- all stemming from an incident involving Jaxson, his GF, and police.

TMZ Sports has learned 21-year-old Hayes was charged by the city attorney in L.A. County ... 6 months after he tussled with police.

Hayes has been charged with 12 counts ... including inflicting corporal injury (domestic violence charge), destroying property, use of force, resisting a police officer, using force and violence against an LAPD member, amongst other charges.

Los Angeles Police Department

Remember, back in July 2021, Hayes' girlfriend alerted her cousin that Jaxson was acting erratically, and the GF was worried for her safety.

LAPD responded to the L.A. home where Hayes was staying. However, Hayes wouldn't allow them inside ... and a struggle ensued. Jaxson appears to push an officer into a wall -- sustaining an injury to his arm.

One officer used his Taser ... and Hayes -- the 8th overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft -- was finally taken into custody.

During the arrest, Hayes claimed he couldn't breathe. The claim sparked a use of force investigation within the LAPD.

The results of that investigation are not yet known.

As for Jaxson -- who's averaging about 7 points and 3 rebounds a game this season -- he's facing time behind bars, if convicted.

T-Wolves' McKinley Wright IV A-Rod As Owner Is 'Big Blessing' ... 'He's One Of The G.O.A.T.'s'


It's safe to say Alex Rodriguez is fitting in as part-owner of the Minnesota Timberwolves ... 'cause rookie guard McKinley Wright IV tells TMZ Sports it's a huge advantage!!!

We spoke with Wright out in NYC this week ... and asked the 23-year-old how it is to have the Yankees legend on board.

"Big blessings," Wright said. "One of the G.O.A.T.'s on the baseball field. It's a blessing."

Wright -- who's in his first season with the team after 4 years at Colorado -- mentioned that he and Alex have spoken ... and the 2-time MVP gave him some sound advice.

"Just continue to be yourself," Wright says A-Rod told him, "And be who you are. Don't change for nobody. Do what you gotta do to win games."

Of course, A-Rod's tenure as an NBA owner got off to a pricey start -- back in November, Minnesota was slapped with a $250,000 fine after he hosted a team gathering at his Miami mansion during the offseason.

Unfortunately, for Alex and Co., the NBA had a rule in place that prohibited teams from organizing or paying for offseason practices -- in addition to restricting teams from conducting workout sessions outside of their market.

But, it certainly seems like aside from rule-breaking parties, A-Rod's got this new gig down!

Charles Oakley I'm With Devin Booker... Raptors Mascot Needs To Chill!!!


Charles Oakley says Devin Booker was right to get pissed off about the Toronto Raptors mascot's free throw antics ... telling TMZ Sports the dino was crossing the line.

We spoke with Oak about the Phoenix Suns star's ongoing feud with mascots across the league ... and he says the 25-year-old should be left alone -- especially when fans aren't in the stands.

Of course, Oakley is referring to when Booker called on officials to move the Raptor from underneath the basket while at the charity stripe last week ... during a game that was played in Toronto's empty arena due to COVID-19 protocols.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Oak says if fans aren't in the stands, there's no need for the dino to be hanging out around the court ... and it definitely shouldn't be trying to impact the game.

The Knicks legend says if things get worse between Booker and mascots across the league, he thinks the NBA will intervene and tell the furry creatures to cut it out.


We also spoke with Oak about his book, "The Last Enforcer," which drops next month ... and he says he's dishing on what went down with some of the biggest names in his era.

"Tyrone Hill, Dennis Rodman, Charles Barkley Pat Riley. Everybody in the book. Bringing 'em out."

And, what'll happen if those guys get upset over what's in the book?

"I don't care if they happy or not."

Lakers Lead NBA In Merch Sales ... Despite Sucking

The Los Angeles Lakers might be a dumpster fire right now, but that hasn't stopped fans from buying up all their gear ... with the Purple & Gold leading the NBA in merchandise sales this season.

The league just released its list of most popular fan purchases through the 2021-22 season so far ... and LeBron James sits at the top of the throne for player jersey sales, with the Lakers coming in at #1 for overall team merch sold on the NBA Store website.

It's pretty interesting, considering the Lake Show has stunk up the place this season -- they're 22-23 and head coach Frank Vogel is on the verge of losing his job.

But, it's clear fans aren't going anywhere ... stocking up on their swag as the team falls apart.

Stephen Curry comes in at #2 in jersey sales, with Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kevin Durant and Luka Doncic rounding out the top 5.

Russell Westbrook -- who's had a pretty tough year -- didn't make the list ... but Anthony Davis was able to come in at #7.

The Dubs, Bucks, Nets and Celtics follow the Lakers in team sales.

At least the Lakers are first in something, right??

Charles Barkley Goes On Epic Lakers Rant ... They're Wussies And They Suck!!!

Charles Barkley is so tired of the Lakers, he went on an epic rant on Thursday saying the team flat-out sucks and is a bunch of "cowards" and "wussies."

The "Inside the NBA" host held nothing back on the set of the insanely popular TNT hoops show ... railroading L.A. for its recent losses and the team's responses to them.

"The Lakers are such wussies," Barkley said, "and I only say wussies because I can't say the word I want to say."

"The way they have tried to throw Frank Vogel and Russell Westbrook under the bus is really pissing me off."

Ernie Johnson, the show's host, interrupted Charles ... reminding him that they had a scheduled guest about to come on, but CB wasn't about to let some interview stop him from going in on the Lakeshow.

Check out the clip ... Barkley responded to Johnson by saying, "The Lakers still suck when we get back from this interview."

Barkley went on to express his disgust for the Lakers' front office ... accusing it of "running and hiding" after putting together a crappy roster.

"I'm not going to sit at like all these clowns on other networks that got they heads up the Lakers booties," Barkley said.

"The people up top who put that trash together are running and hiding like cowards. You put all them old geezers out there. The best guy, other than LeBron, for the last month has been who? Stanley Johnson."

"It's ridiculous, man," an exasperated Barkley continued.

Charles ultimately said he doesn't care who wins or loses ... joking that he can't wait for the season to be over so he can golf and fish.

If the Lakers -- who play in Orlando against the Magic tonight -- don't get their act together soon ... they might get a head start on Charles and the crew on all that.

Katya Elise Henry Mushy B-day Note To Tyler Herro ... 'I Love TF Out Of You'

Tyler Herro's girlfriend just poured her heart out for his 22nd birthday ... penning an emotional tribute to the Miami Heat baller on his big day.

"Happy birthday to my best friend, boyfriend, baby daddy, my dawg, my rock, my twin, my soulmate, my heart," Katya Elise Henry said on Instagram ... sharing a pic of the couple getting cozy on a boat in South Beach.

"I am so proud of the man and daddy to Zya you’ve become. You are wise beyond your years, it’s my favorite thing about you."

KEH gushes over Herro as the "most genuine, giving, loving, smart, driven, hard working" and "most focused" guy she's ever met ... all while being a dedicated father and partner.

"This man does it all," she added. "I love doing life with you! You are so appreciated and I am so grateful for your love. You deserve everything and more. I love tfffff out of you Tyler ❤️"

Herro and Henry became an item early in 2020 ... with the sharp-shooter seemingly shooting his shot on social media. They've been inseparable ever since ... and welcomed their daughter in September 2021.

HBD, Tyler.

Kyrie Irving Fined For 'Motherf***er' Clapback At Fan ... $25,000


Kyrie Irving clapped back at a fan and now it's going to cost him -- the NBA just fined the Nets star $25,000 for his "motherf***er" retort in a game on Monday.

The league announced the punishment on Thursday afternoon ... saying in a statement they levied the fine "for directing obscene language toward a fan."

The incident took place during Brooklyn's game against the Cavaliers in Cleveland ... when in the second quarter of the Nets' 114-107 loss, a fan appeared to ask Irving, "Kyrie, you need LeBron?"

Check out the clip ... you can hear Irving fired back at the troll by saying, "I got ya'll a championship and ya'll motherf***ers still ungrateful."

The back and forth between the hecklers and Kyrie continued ... as another fan appeared to yell, "It was just one. It was just one."

Irving -- who is only allowed to play in the team's road games due to his vax status -- then told the crowd, "Keep it, keep it. Save it."

It's not hard to see why Irving had an issue with the heckling in Cleveland -- after all, he averaged 27.1 points in the 2016 NBA Finals and helped deliver (alongside LeBron James) Cleveland its first major sports championship in 52 years at the time.

Kendall Jenner Hits Jumps, Carves Up Mountain ... Epic Snowboarding Run


NBA superstar Devin Booker might not be the most athletic person in his relationship after all ...

Here's video of Kendall Jenner absolutely carving up a mountain on a snowboarding trip in Aspen on Wednesday -- reaching high speeds and hitting jumps with ease!

The supermodel (and Booker's girlfriend) posted the footage of her epic run to her social media page ... and it's clear, she's got skills on the board.

Kendall flew down the mountain and stuck the landing on two jumps ... and then nearly landed a third one flawlessly before she skidded to a stop on her backside.

Of course, the Shaun White-style athleticism shouldn't surprise anybody -- Kendall's got great genes (thanks, Caitlyn Jenner!) and is one of the most in-shape people on the planet.

Your move, D-Book.

NBA Referees Rip Dak Prescott ... For 'Condoning Violence' Against NFL Officials

NBA referees just called out Dak Prescott -- pressuring the league to take action against the Cowboys QB after he praised fans who threw objects at officials after the playoffs game with the 49ers.

If you missed it ... Cowboys fans were pissed over the controversial ending to the wildcard game (Dallas lost 23-17) on Sunday ... which abruptly ended their season.

Of course, Dallas fans blame the refs for the L -- since the ump wasn't able to spot the ball with enough time for Dak to get a snap off and clock the ball ... leaving time for one last play in the end zone.

After the game, reporters asked the Dallas Cowboys QB about fans throwing stuff ... and he simply replied, "Credit to them. Yeah, credit to them."

Well, the NBA referees (NBRA) feel some type of way about it ... and called him and the league out.

"The NBRA condemns the comments by Dak Prescott condoning violence against game officials," the National Basketball Referees Association said via Twitter on Tuesday.

"As an NFL leader, he should know better."

The NBRA added, "We encourage the NFL to take action to discourage this deplorable behavior in the future."

The NFL has been totally mum ... neither addressing Dak's comments, nor the NBA Refs' statement. Does anything change now that the refs have called on the league to punish Dak?

Stay tuned.

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