Good Samaritan Run Over, Killed By Carjacker ... Captured on Video


A man in North Carolina paid the ultimate price after trying to stop a carjacking ... with the driver running him over and killing him in a now-viral video.

The video -- which hit social media just this weekend though the incident took place last month -- sees a Lumberton, NC man in a reflective construction vest come up to the side of a tow truck and point what looks to be a gun at another man.

Gunshots pop off ... and, though it's hard to tell, it seems the two men are exchanging gunfire because the man outside the truck doesn't stand still and fire.

Grimes Technical Issues at Coachella ... Angry Screams During Set

YouTube / @Coachella

Grimes' Coachella performance didn't go as planned ... plagued by constant stoppages she blamed on technical difficulties -- before she let off several frustrated shrieks.

The singer-songwriter took the stage on Saturday night out in Indio, CA, presumably ready to bring the house down ... though ultimately she couldn't keep the music up.

Check out the clip ... Grmies' show on the Sahara Stage is moving along just fine before an incorrectly timed transition throws the musician into a bit of a tailspin.

Lionel Messi's Bodyguard Uses Super-Speed to Tackle Fan ... Runs on Field Mid-Game!!!

Lionel Messi's bodyguard showed off his own athleticism ... barreling onto the field mid-game to take down a fan -- and, it was all caught on video.

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

Messi's Inter Miami CF took on Sporting KC in Arrowhead Stadium Saturday night when an overexcited fan tried to snap a pic with LM while the game was in progress.

Check out the clip ... the fan comes running up to Messi while the ball's actually in play -- but Messi's man, Yassine Cheuko, gets there just as quick and barely leaves enough time for the dude to snap a selfie before he's thrown to the ground.

Cam'ron Slams Caitlyn Jenner Over O.J. ... You Killed People, Too!!!

It Is What It Is

Cam'ron's defending O.J. Simpson's legacy ... saying people need to back off since a jury acquitted him -- and blasting Caitlyn Jenner in the process.

The rapper hopped on the "It Is What It Is" podcast Friday to discuss Simpson's legacy the day after he died, and immediately started defending the controversial figure.

Cam points out a jury found O.J. not guilty of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman in his 1995 criminal trial ... so, he says he's shocked people think it's fine to call him a murderer.

Morgan Wallen All Good w/ My Ex ... Photos Post-Arrest End KT Smith Feud Rumors

Morgan Wallen's squashing rumors he's feuding with his ex, KT Smith ... hangin' out with Smith and their son Indigo in the first photos taken since his arrest.

The singer-songwriter stepped out in Nashville in a casual outfit ... t-shirt and jeans just days after cops arrested him for allegedly tossing a chair off the roof of a popular Nashville bar.

KT's also dressed in a causal outfit ... great for running after their little one, Indigo -- who's turning four this summer. She's holdin' the little dude in some pics and just tryna keep up in others.

Sydney Mall Massacre Video Shows Terrifying Knife Rampage ... Many Dead, Including Suspect


A knife-wielding killer went on a cold-blooded rampage through a mall in Australia, slaughtering 6 people and injuring several more before he was shot dead by police.

And, in what has become commonplace for these types of incidents, witnesses used cell phone cameras to capture pieces of Saturday's frightening massacre in Sydney's busy Westfield Bondi Junction mall.

Check out this dramatic footage ... the alleged 40-year-old suspect was confronted on an escalator by a man trying to fend him off with a pole.

Los Angeles Intersection Truck T-Bones Ambulance ... Carrying Patients Inside!!!


A truck in Los Angeles smashed full-tilt into an ambulance Sunday ... and the emergency vehicle held two patients when the crash happened.

Check out the video obtained by TMZ ... traffic's totally stopped down at this Culver City intersection with the ambulance slowly approaching -- when the silver truck comes streaking out of nowhere.

It runs smack into the ambulance's side, rocking the vehicle a bit ... though it's strong enough to survive the big hit.

Boeing 737 Flight Video Shows Engine Cover Ripping Away ... Emergency Landing

A Boeing 737 had to quickly brake when the plane's engine looked like it was starting to fall apart ... and the whole ordeal was caught on video.

The Southwest Airlines flight, heading from Denver to Houston, took off Sunday morning ... when some of the passengers noticed a piece of metal ripped off the side of the plane and flapped around as the plane began its takeoff.

Check out the video ... the engine cowling covering the sides of the giant turbine flies up, seemingly only held together by a few strands of stray metal -- at first, not slowing down the jet one bit.

Morgan Wallen Fans Boo Taylor Swift ... After Attendance Joke

Morgan Wallen fans whipped into a frenzy after he cracked a joke at his concert ... with America's sweetheart Taylor Swift the focus of their outrage.

The country singer-songwriter performed at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis this week ... where he claims he set the attendance record for the building on back-to-back nights, the first person to ever do so.

TikTok/ @tylermayer5

After giving his thanks to the crowd, MW decides to crack a joke ... saying he'd keep hold of the record until Swift eventually came to the stadium in the fall.

Dwayne Johnson Verbal Altercation With WWE Fan ... 'Watch Your F***ing Mouth'

beef city

The Rock cooked up some beef during the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, but it wasn't with a fellow wrestler ... instead, he got into it with a WWE fan.

Dwayne Johnson attended Friday night's ceremony in Philadelphia to pay tribute to his late grandmother Lia Maivia -- a wrestling promoter -- who earned a spot in the WWE HOF.

While walking off a platform, a fan appears to yell something at DJ ... who stops on a dime and walks over to the barricade for a convo.

Insane Body Cam Footage Drunken Florida Woman Wails ... As Police Remove Her From Hotel

Kicked Out & Cuffed

Julia ReJean Moorhead learned the hard way it's never a good idea to mouth off to Florida cops, especially when you're being recorded by their body cameras.

Check out this crazy police footage released this week after staff at The Ben Hotel in West Palm Beach called 911 to report that Moorhead was trespassing.

Officers responded to the October 2023 incident ... Moorhead was in the hotel lobby, claiming to be trying to get back upstairs to the room she shared with her boyfriend.

But the employees had already deemed her an unwanted guest who was ordered to leave. It didn't help Moorhead any that she was drunk and acting abusive.

Jelly Roll Plane Performs Emergency Landing ... Flight to CMT Awards!!!


Jelly Roll's private jet came to a sudden halt earlier this week ... with JR's wife revealing the plane turned around mid-flight because of technical issues.

Bunnie Xo -- another big-time star and Jelly's better half -- shared a terrifying clip to TikTok Thursday where the captain of their flight came out to speak with passengers.

It's sorta hard to make out what the pilot's saying ... but, it definitely didn't sound cheery -- and the room's in nearly utter silence as the captain seemingly tries to provide reassurance.

Dwayne Johnson Encara a un fan de la WWE... "Cuida tu pu*** boca"

Pelea en la ciudad

La Roca cocinó un poco de bronca durante la ceremonia del Salón de la Fama de la WWE, pero no fue con un compañero de la lucha, sino que con un fan de la WWE.

Dwayne Johnson asistió a la ceremonia del viernes por la noche en Filadelfia para rendir homenaje a su difunta abuela Lia Maivia, una promotora de la lucha libre que se ganó un lugar en el Salón de la Fama de WWE.

Mientras salía de una plataforma, parece que un fan le gritó algo que lo hizo detenerse y acercarse al público para un cara a cara.

Salvaje video Una mujer borracha hace un berrinche... Mientras es arrestada!!!

Arrestada y esposada

Julia ReJean Moorhead aprendió por las malas que nunca es buena idea reclamarle a la policía de Florida, especialmente si estás siendo grabado por una de sus cámaras corporales.

Echa un vistazo a estas imágenes publicadas esta semana después de que el personal del Hotel Ben en West Palm Beach llamara al 911 para informar de que Moorhead estaba entrando ilegalmente en la propiedad.

Los oficiales respondieron al incidente de octubre de 2023. Moorhead estaba en el vestíbulo del hotel, alegando que quería regresar al cuarto que compartía con su novio.

Pero los empleados ya la habían considerado como una huésped no deseada y le había solicitado que se fuera. No ayudó en nada que estuviera borracha y actuara de forma abusiva.

Spirit Airlines Flight Woman Has Absurd Meltdown ... While Being Removed

TikTok / @realkingjon

A woman had a cartoonish meltdown on a Spirit Airlines flight -- and while cops were trying to remove her ... she tried invoking the name of George Floyd.

This video is making the rounds online, which captures an incident on a Spirit plane from March 23 -- which seems to have been in the process of taking off from Vegas. Unclear what happened that led to the ruckus, but right from the get-go in the clip ... cops are on hand.

You can see the police put one handcuff on her as the woman protests, and when they tell her she's under arrest -- she says that's fine ... noting she's "been there before."

Vuelo de Spirit Airlines Mujer tiene una absurda crisis... Mientras intentan detenerla

Perdiendo la cabeza
TikTok / @realkingjon

Una mujer tuvo una alucinante crisis en un vuelo de Spirit Airlines, y mientras los policías estaban intentando detenerla, ella trató de invocar el nombre de George Floyd.

Este video, que captura un incidente en un avión de Spirit el 23 de marzo, se está haciendo viral en las redes, y al parecer muestra el momento del despegue del vuelo desde Las Vegas. No está claro qué fue lo que llevó a la bronca, pero desde el principio del clip, se puede ver a los policías tratando de contenerla.

Se puede ver cómo la policía le pone unas esposas mientras la mujer protesta, y cuando le dicen que está detenida ella dice que está bien, señalando que "ha estado allí antes".

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