Logan Paul Hits Insane Stunt In Royal Rumble Debut ... Cody Rhodes Wins

Logan Paul returned to the WWE for the first time since he tore his MCL against Universal Champion Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel -- and the Youtuber-turned-boxer-turned-pro wrestler stole the show in his Royal Rumble debut.

Logan -- who's been out of action since November -- entered his first-ever Royal Rumble match as the second-to-last entrant (#29) ... and immediately made his impact felt.

The Maverick had one of the best spots in the match ... when he collided with WWE superstar and high-flyer Ricochet in a jaw-dropping moment, sending over 51,000 fans into a frenzy at the Alamodome in Texas.

Logan and Ricochet -- positioned on the top rope opposite one another -- launched their bodies at each other ... and collided mid-air in the middle of the ring.

The spot in the match was sick -- and the WWE universe showed their appreciation for the high-risk stunt, cheering both men for pulling off the maneuver.

Ricochet has a flair for flying off the top rope ... but the encounter between him and Logan was remarkable, considering the last time WWE fans saw Paul inside the squared circle was over two months ago.


Another incredible moment during the Rumble match came when Cody Rhodes, son of WWE legend Dusty Rhodes, returned to the ring after being sidelined with a torn pectoral muscle injury since June.

Cody was the last person to enter the Rumble match ... and eliminated Logan, who tossed Seth Rollins, a prohibited favorite to win the contest, over the top rope.

In the end, Rhodes came out victorious ... eliminating WWE intercontinental champion Gunther -- who spent over an hour in the match -- and punching his ticket to challenge for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania 39 at SoFi Stadium.

Valentino Supermodel I'm to blame, not the shoes! After Falling Vid Goes Viral

Twitter / @PRADAXBBY

The supermodel gone viral for taking a tumble at the Valentino Fashion Show in Paris is saying the blame is all on her ... after people online started pointing fingers at the company for the way they design their shoes.

Kristen McMenamy took to Instagram Thursday, after a clip of her taking the hard fall -- then ripping her high heels off -- picked up steam online. She thanked the luxury brand and fashion designer Pierpaolo Piccioli for the opportunity, before adding "I f***ed up."

For those unaware, many put the blame on Valentino, not Kristen, for the slip up ... saying it appeared the shoes she wore looked too small for her to walk in, or that she was given the wrong size. .

Kristen later returned to the runway without the heels, but many pointed out she still seemed to be walking awkwardly.

A rep for Valentino tells TMZ ... the company values the safety and well-being of its models hired to walk in its shows -- adding they were able to practice ahead of time in their shoes, and had the option to wear different ones if needed.

You'll recall, last year's runway for Valentino saw a number of falls, too ... all related to models unable to walk properly in their heels. Looks like Kristen's tumble this time around was an isolated incident, though.

Monterey Park Shooter Citizen Wrestled Gun From Him ... Dramatic New Video


The everyday guy-turned-hero who disarmed the Monterey Park mass shooter wasn't afraid to step in and get physical, and new surveillance video shows just how brave he was in the pivotal moment.

The video was taken Saturday evening, moments after 72-year-old Huu Can Tran entered a popular dance studio in Alhambra, CA.


From the video ... you'll see 26-year-old Brandon Tsay, who helps run the ballroom, confront the suspect, who is holding an assault pistol with an extended magazine. It apparently had a large silencer as well.

The 2 guys seemed to exchange a few words, before Brandon charges at the suspect in the lobby ... and a fight breaks out between them over the firearm. Brandon eventually takes control of the weapon, and Tran runs out the door.

As we told you ... Brandon later spoke about the moment, saying something just came over him when he saw the firearm and sprung into action. Apparently, he didn't even know about the shooting that happened minutes before he confronted Tran.

As you know, Tran killed 11 people and wounded 10 others during a separate festival at Star Ballroom Dance Studio in Monterey Park -- not far from Tsay's ballroom. Law enforcement surrounded his van Sunday in Torrance, where police later confirmed he died by suicide.

As for Brandon, he sat down with Gavin Newsom Monday ... and he seems to be getting his flowers for the courageous act that likely prevented a second mass shooting

You know what they say -- not all heroes wear capes.

Gun-Toting Toddler Points Barrel At His Neck On Video ... Dad Arrested For Neglect


A toddler waved around a loaded handgun at an Indiana apartment complex -- even pointing the barrel at himself at one point and pulling the trigger ... and his dad is now under arrest.

Check out this stunning Ring camera video showing the little boy in a diaper playing with the firearm on the second-floor landing of a Beech Grove, IN, residential building.

In the footage -- shot Saturday night -- the boy is seen standing at the foot of a staircase, holding the gun near his head and pointing it down at his neighbors.

The video cuts to the child aiming the firearm at an apartment door. The boy then moves around the landing, carelessly turning the gun barrel upward toward his neck.

He continues to walk around the landing, training the gun on various doors. CNN said he also pulled the trigger, but the gun likely didn't go off because there were no bullets in the chamber, although 15 rounds were in the magazine.

NBC News reported that the boy -- who appeared to be a toddler or of preschool age -- finally went inside one of the units.

Beech Grove police responded to the building after a neighbor called 911 to report a boy with a gun. The officers -- who were filming in real time for Reelz network's "On Patrol: Live," encountered the boy's father, Shane E. Osborne, who claimed that he didn't own a gun. But, cops searched his apartment and found the alleged firearm under a TV in the living room.

Osborne was arrested and booked into the county jail for felony suspicion of neglect of a dependent. He has not been accused of gun possession, but the investigation is ongoing. He's due in court Thursday afternoon.

Nepal Plane Crash Kills At Least 68 ... Passenger Video of Final Moments

final moments

A plane crash in Nepal has killed dozens ... but the most harrowing aspect, perhaps, is the fact the final moments from inside were captured by a truly unsuspecting passenger.

The tragedy occurred Sunday during a 27-minute Yeti Airlines flight from Kathmandu to the town of Pokhara -- carrying 72 onboard, including crew members. The plane was in touch with the airport it was headed to, but reportedly lost contact shortly before it went down.

When the plane smacked into the ground, it immediately erupted into flames ... and townspeople rushed out to the crash site. First responders descended onto the scene and attempted to transport as many victims as they could to the hospital. Thus far 68 people are reported as dead, and an additional 4 are still missing ... with search efforts underway.

At this point, it's unclear what caused the aircraft to nosedive -- the matter is under investigation. However, footage taken from the ground seems to show the the last few seconds the plane was in the air before it collided into a gorge ... and it's terrifying.


Even more disturbing footage was taken from the cabin itself. An unidentified man who was in the plane right before it torpedoed was actually going live on Facebook, and as you can see in his clip -- which has since gone viral -- he has no clue they're about to crash.

Before long, he's filming some other passengers in front start to tilt to their right ... and suddenly, the plane hits the ground -- with flames taking up the entire view of the camera.

It sounds like the man recording might've survived the incident, but it's unclear what his status is now. YA has canceled all flights for Monday to mourn the deceased.

Snowboarder Survives Terrifying Avalanche ... Caught On Video

Blake Nielson

A snowboarder sprang into survival mode when an avalanche interrupted his run over the weekend ... and the scary incident was captured on video.

Boarder Blake Nielson was shredding at Big Cottonwood Canyon in Salt Lake City, Utah when an isolated wind slab broke loose above and below him ... which knocked him to the ground and "took me for a ride."

Nielson -- who says he tested the Kessler Peak area for instabilities before his run -- was able to stay above the surface as the snow shot him down the slope ... using swimming motions with his arms and kicking his board to keep from going under.

In the video, Nielson is heard yelling over the radio to his partner ... saying, "Logan, I'm sliding!! ... I'm staying on top, but I am sliding!!"

Nielson predicts he was swept about 300 feet before he was able to come to a complete stop ... and the slope slid around 1,300 feet.

In Nielson's report of the incident, he says it's imperative to respect the wind.

"Even a small 'manageable' wind pocket can break and carry you a long way in steep terrain with long runouts," Nielson told the Utah Avalanche Center.

He also learned cross-loading is something to look out for ... as he did not expect it to be that big of a problem.

Nielson also suggests making a ski cut ... saying had he done so, he could have decreased some hazards.

Be careful out there, folks.

TikTok Attack Man Charged with Hate Crimes ... Racist & Homophobic Assault

TikTok / @arinekim

A disgusting verbal attack on two TikTokers eating at an In-N-Out has led to charges for one man after the video went viral.

The clip, filmed on Christmas Eve inside a California In-N-Out shows a Korean male and his female friend sitting at a table and trying various menu items from the fast food joint.

You hear a man -- seemingly unprovoked -- ask if the pair are filming themselves eating and then ask if they're Korean or Japanese. When the TikToker says he's Korean, the man goes into a racist and homophobic tirade, accusing the TikToker of having sexual relations with Kim Jong-un.

After the verbal exchange, the TikTokers claim the man waits for them outside for quite some time -- you can tell just how freaked out the two are during the video.

Turns out, San Ramon Police Chief, Denton Carlson, got wind of the video and not only tracked down the TikTokers -- but conducted to an investigation to find the man who was allegedly making the disgusting remarks.

Carlson says Jordan Douglas Krah, a 40-year-old from Denver, has been arrested as a result and charged with two counts of committing a hate crime.

Waffle House Fists, Food and Chairs Fly In WWE-Style Brawl!!!


Customers at a Texas Waffle House were treated to their own private WrestleMania over the holiday -- as fists and chairs flew between customers and some employees.

The video is insane, starting with some type of verbal argument between a female customer and restaurant staffer. The employee is seen throwing a plate from behind the counter and then all hell breaks loose -- with the customer jumping up on the counter and falling on employees.

From there, punches are thrown -- including several from one of the employees that connect with the original customer's head.

Finally, things seem to get under control, but only for a few seconds.

In what's probably the most insane part of the video, the employee catches a chair thrown by one of the customers in midair.

Eventually, other customers step in and things cool off ... but you gotta imagine given the plates and food all over the floor -- service was wrapped for the night.

Cowboys' Sam Williams New Crash Pics Show Debris Everywhere ... After Plano Accident


11:53 AM PT -- TMZ Sports has obtained more photos from Sam Williams' crash scene ... and you can see the collision between the two cars was so violent, it sent debris all over the road.


The pics show pieces of the cars spanned through roughly four lanes.


The Cowboys, meanwhile, have officially ruled Williams out of their game against the Eagles on Saturday ... with the team confirming Friday that Williams suffered a concussion and a neck strain in the accident.

Dallas Cowboys rookie Sam Williams is clearly very fortunate to have walked away from Thursday's car crash unscathed ... because new video from the accident's aftermath shows his Corvette was severely mangled in the collision.

Williams was involved in the wreck at around 2:15 PM in Plano, Texas, according to cops, after his black sportscar struck another vehicle that had attempted to turn in front of oncoming traffic.

Video obtained by FOX 4 shortly after the crash shows Williams' ride was hit so hard, it completely lost its front wheel. It also had significant damage to both its front and rear driver's side fenders.

Somehow, however, Williams was not seriously injured in the accident. Cops say he and the driver of the other car were transported to the hospital, though it was solely "for precautionary reasons."

Williams told Cowboys nation in a tweet on Thursday night he was "okay" and "so is the other person that was involved." He added prayer and heart emojis.

Cops say they're still investigating the accident, but do not suspect alcohol or drugs were involved.

As for his availability in Saturday's key game against the Eagles, the Cowboys have not yet ruled the pass-rusher out for the contest.

Originally Published -- 6:18 AM PT

Dog-Walking Horror Demon-Like Figure Crosses Path ... Chilling Sight Caught On Camera

Kennedy News & Media

A dog-walking couple says they bumped into something pretty terrifying -- a creepy-looking figure crossed right in front of them in the dark, and although they caught it on camera, they have no clue what the thing is.

Hannah and Dave Rowett were strolling with their pups through Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire, England this month when they nearly bumped into the shadowy creature ... you can see it seemingly appear out of thin air, and cross their path before disappearing.

The couple posted the spooky clip on Facebook, where it's gotten some serious buzz ... and people are torn as to whether or not this thing is legit, or just a well-edited video.

Dave even referred to himself as a skeptic of ghosts ... but says this encounter made him a believer.

FYI -- Clumber Park is supposedly haunted by a spirit called "Grey Lady" ... known as a woman in a long coat, often described as a demon, crawling on her long limbs -- which lines up pretty well with the hunched-over thing seen in the clip.


Word of advice for the Rowett's -- there's gotta be another park to walk your dogs!!!

Just sayin' ... 🤷🏽‍♂️💀

Tom Cruise Casually Freefalls Out of Chopper ... New 'M:I' Holiday Promo!!!

Tom Cruise is capping off a great year with an even better video -- showing the dude dropping like a rock out of a helicopter ... yet another teaser to his latest action flick.

The legendary actor posted the stunning footage Sunday, where we see him sitting on the edge of what looks like a chopper next to director Christopher McQuarrie -- who's helming these next couple of 'Mission: Impossible' movies and has cameo'd in all these wild clips.

Tom gives thanks to all the moviegoers who hit theaters this year -- especially as it pertains to his blockbuster smash hit, 'Top Gun: Maverick' -- and says he hopes they do the same for his next two movies, "Mission: Impossible -- Dead Reckoning' Pt. 1 and 2.

Suddenly, McQuarrie tells him they're running short on time and have to get this shot ... which prompts Tom to bid him farewell and fall backwards, without so much as a flinch.

What happens next is something to behold ... a close-up shot showing TC casually freefalling. He continues to talk to the cam, saying it's the honor of a lifetime to continue to entertain audiences on the big screen. Eventually, he breaks from the camera and falls further.

Ya gotta imagine he's gonna activate his parachute at some point ... but we never see it happen on the screen, leaving us on a literal cliffhanger.

Between this and the airplane nosedive he was riding passenger to a while back ... it's hard to say which is the crazier stunt. In any case, it's clear Tom's still doing all his own work.

See you at the movies, TC!

Berlin Aquarium Tank Holding 1,500 Fish Explodes!!!


The world's largest freestanding cylindrical aquarium is blown to smithereens ... creating a flooding disaster in Berlin that's also killed 1,500 fish.

The Friday morning catastrophe destroyed a 260,000-gallon tank at Sea Life ... the aquarium sat in a complex that also houses a museum, cafes and a Radisson hotel.

The huge tank stood 46 feet high, so you can imagine the tragic scene that was left when it shattered.

All of the water, glass and, sadly, fish ... spilled out into the surrounding plaza and washed through the hotel lobby out onto the street.

More than 100 first responders and rescue dogs reportedly swarmed the area, and amazingly there were no fatalities. A few people got minor cuts from pieces of glass, and 350 hotel guests were evacuated.

As for what caused the disaster -- that's still under investigation. Officials don't see a clear cause yet. As one hotel guest put it, "The whole aquarium burst and what’s left is total devastation. Lots of dead fish, debris."

Slingshot Ride Horror Cord Snaps, Riders Crash Into Beam ... Scary Video Shows


A popular thrill ride went terrifyingly wrong in the UK when a massive cord snapped, hurling passengers directly into a support beam, and horrifying video shows the whole thing unfold.

The slingshot ride in London's Hyde Park normally shoots 2 people directly up in the air using 2 cords, as the name suggests ... but when one of the cords snaps off as guests launch up, they're catapulted directly into one of the support beams.

Guests at the park's Winter Wonderland event instantly start to panic as it smashes and whips around uncontrollably ... before dangling by the support of only 1 cord.

The riders were eventually escorted off the ride, according to a spokesperson for the event ... who told Daily Mail they were "checked by our on-site medics and were not injured." The spokesperson says an investigation is taking place, adding all other attractions are still operating.

Ride malfunctions at theme parks can sometimes lead to serious injuries, or even death -- as we reported, a 14-year-old boy fell to his death on a FreeFall ride in Orlando earlier this year ... and we were told the company that operates the ride was scrapping it as a result.

Carnival Cruise Passenger Who Fell Off Ship Swam with Sharks ... How Many Drinks Before Falling into the Ocean?!?

Coast Guard Air Station New Orleans

The man who fell off a Carnival ocean liner and treaded water for 20 hours before being rescued literally swam with sharks and miraculously survived, but there's one big mystery -- how many drinks did this dude consume before going overboard?!?

James Michael Grimes had an amazingly entertaining chitchat Friday on 'GMA,' where he described the harrowing experience last week in the Gulf of Mexico.

He concedes he had been drinking the day of the fall, although he can't remember how much he had. He remembers downing a few, and winning one in an air guitar contest.

The 28-year-old told a family member he was going to the bathroom, and that's the last anyone saw of him. He doesn't remember going to the bathroom, falling off the ship or hitting the water.

The first thing he recalls is that he was in the ocean with no boat in sight. He was actually passed out in the water after the fall. Unreal!

James was treading water in an area known as a feeding ground for sharks, and it appears he encountered at least one. You gotta watch the video and hear how he survived that.

Eventually, he saw a freighter and swam with the little energy had left ... heading toward the vessel. When a Coast Guard chopper lifted him out the water, the first thing he did was warn one of the military guys he was naked!

This guy wins most entertaining person of the year ... and most amazing survival story.

Drew Brees Not Struck By Lightning, Doing Fine ... Despite Scary Video


8:15 AM PT -- New video, obtained by TMZ Sports, shows the whole thing was, in fact, staged ... with Drew Brees revealing it was all an effort to make people aware of the gambling platform's "free lightning bets."


In the new footage, Brees explained the situation ... before joking again about being struck by lightning.

No, Drew Brees was not struck by lightning despite a scary video that appeared to show he was ... the NFL legend said Friday a bolt never touched him, and he's doing fine.

Brees relayed the message in a text to ESPN Saints reporter Katherine Terrell ... just hours after footage surfaced seemingly showing the ex-New Orleans quarterback in danger.

In the clip, which was apparently shot while Brees was filming a commercial for the sports gambling platform PointsBet in Catatumbo -- an area in Venezuela known for its consistent thunderstorm activity -- you can see a lightning bolt making a beeline for Brees' back.

The footage shows the bolt cracked onto the ground, sending the 43-year-old former football player and others scurrying away from the scene in a hurry.

It's unclear if it was all fake, staged or edited ... PointsBet refused to confirm or deny the situation in a statement released Friday morning.

"We are aware of the media coverage regarding PointsBet brand ambassador Drew Brees," the org. said.

"We are in communication with Brees' team and will continue to monitor events throughout the coming hours. At this stage we will not be making any further comment."

Brees, meanwhile, had tweeted earlier this week that he was "excited to be flying to a top-secret location later this week to shoot the new promotional video for @PointsBetUSA."

We've reached out to reps for Brees for comment, but so far, no word back yet.

Originally Published -- 7:46 AM PT

Base Jumper Slams Into Cliff, Dangles Above Ground ... In Death Defying Video

A parachute likely saved a base jumper's life, but not the way you think ... the chute got stuck on a rock moments after the man slammed into a cliff wall, preventing him from careening to the ground at high speeds from 100 feet above.

It all happened over Thanksgiving weekend at the Kane Creek Canyon in Moab, Utah ... about 4 hours southeast of Salt Lake City.

Hikers at the location recorded a base jumper leaping off a 400-foot cliff known as the Tombstone ... when out of nowhere, a gust of wind seized the parachute, forcing him right into a rock wall at a high rate of speed, seemingly knocking him unconscious.

What happened next probably saved the jumper's life ... the chute got caught on the cliff and stopped him from falling to the ground with, at best, a partially deployed chute.

The jumper was rescued after hanging on to the chute and the cliff for over an hour, according to FOX 6 ... and was airlifted away.

Of course, base jumping is the sport of jumping off of fixed objects like buildings, bridges and in this case, cliffs. Yes, it's very dangerous ... jumping from relatively low heights, and near objects, the chance for serious injury or death is very real.

Stay safe, everyone!

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