Pro Surfer Makua Rothman 100-Foot Wave Ride Caught On Video ... World Record?!?

Larry Haynes

Pro surfer Makua Rothman successfully rode a wave that was estimated to be about 100 feet tall over the weekend ... and the insane ride -- which some believe is a world record -- was all caught on video!!

The drop-in went down in Hawaii on Saturday ... when Rothman and some of the rest of the country's best big wave surfers hit up a famous area known as "Jaws" in Pe'ahi to tackle some gnarly swells.

At some point during the day, though, Rothman beat out the other surfers to catch a Holy Grail type of ocean ride -- tackling a wave that was estimated to be between 80 and 100 feet high!!

Surf industry officials close to Rothman tell TMZ Sports the wave might very well be the tallest ever surfed -- beating Rothman's previous record of around 66 feet.

After he finished the epic ride, Rothman was PUMPED over it all ... telling us, "I'm so stoked on this ride and everyone who made that day possible!"

FYI, for as good as Rothman is ... he ain't a stranger to falling on these types of waves -- remember back in 2018 when he got thrashed by a huge one??


Yeah ... definitely don't try this at home, kids!!

Animal Print 'Karen' Busted For Trespassing After Refusing To Wear Mask 'You're Violating My Personhood!!!'

Even for maskless Karens, this arrest is bizarre ... a woman -- decked out in animal print -- accused cops of violating her "personhood" and trying to kidnap her and steal her purse.

Cindy Falco-DiCorrado was arrested Thursday in Palm Beach County, Florida where she was filmed maskless inside an Einstein Bros. bagel joint ... after management says she refused to leave. She claimed it was her constitutional right to not wear a mask.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

According to the arrest affidavit ... Falco-DiCorrado told cops she was within her constitutional right to not wear a mask, but when cops tried to arrest her for trespassing, the 61-year-old accused the cop of violating her "personhood." A second cop eventually comes in to help get her out of the bagel shop.

Falco-DiCorrado's finally taken outside where she's arrested. She then starts accusing the cops of trying to steal her purse. Then ... she starts praying. You can see the cops are amused.

She was eventually arrested and booked for trespassing and resisting arrest. BTW, it's not the first time she's been embroiled in controversy.

Falco-DiCorrado, a staunch Trump supporter, was forced to resign from her volunteer seat on the County's Community Redevelopment Agency Advisory Board in 2017, following controversial remarks made during a meeting to designate Boynton Beach a sanctuary city.

Falco-DiCorrado allegedly told Black residents at the meeting, "You're lucky we brought you over as slaves, or else you'd be deported too." She later told the Palm Beach Post her comments were misinterpreted and she didn’t mean any harm.

Senator Chuck Schumer Trumper Screams at Him ... She Was 'Sexually Excited' By Riot


Senator Chuck Schumer just said Donald Trump sounds exactly like a dictator, but his words were drowned out by a crazy protester who threatened that Trumpers are going to his home and Pelosi's to take care of business.

The woman was off the rails, screaming she and her flock would descend on Pelosi's home to destroy her vineyards. She compared Schumer to Hitler, ranting as she said she fully supports the insurrectionists. She says she was "sexually excited" to see Schumer and other Democrats flee from the riot.

And, she said this ... "As long as there's outrage and unrest in our hearts, there's gonna be unrest in these streets."

Schumer wants all of the rioters placed on the no-fly list ... presumably, so many of them cannot return to D.C. for the inauguration.

As we reported, there was a meeting with members of Congress Monday night where they were told the rioters are coming back to D.C. with a vengeance ... creating a perimeter around the Capitol on Inauguration Day where they were planning on blocking and even shoot Democrats.


Schumer also responded to Trump saying his words to the rioters were "appropriate," saying, it's a "pathological technique used by the worst of dictators."

U.S. Capitol Riots Bloodied Cop Screams for Help As He's Crushed by Mob


Here's an up-close and graphic view of the kind of violence police were facing as the mob stormed the Capitol -- an injured officer screaming for help as the rioters crushed him between a riot shield and a door.

The intense video captures the moment insurrectionists tried to bully their way inside the halls of Congress, clashing with the Capitol Police Department and leaving one officer on the front lines fighting for his life.

The cop was bleeding from his mouth as he was pinned against a door guarding the entrance to the west side of the Capitol. You could hear the mob yelling "heave ho" as they attempted to push through the police line -- and officers were swinging batons and deploying pepper spray to keep them back.

The cops here put up a valiant effort ... but with the mob seemingly pouring in from all angles, other entrances were breached.

NJ 'Karen' Hurls N-Word at Woman On Video ... Charges Filed

Tameka Bordeaux/Facebook

5:10 PM PT -- The woman cops say hurled the n-word in the video has just been criminally charged ... according to police.

The Bayonne PD says the woman was charged with bias intimidation and harassment. Cops say the video helped them identify the woman and quickly find her, and police say she was taken into custody without incident.

Police say the incident started when the woman started talking to a mail carrier about late-arriving mail, and she started shouting racial slurs when approached by a neighbor.

A new "Karen" in NJ, who went on a disgustingly racist tirade, is the last straw for an elected official who says it's time to stop excusing this behavior ... and she's calling for an investigation.

Tameka Bordeaux posted this video of her encounter with an elderly woman in Bayonne, NJ -- the woman hurled n-word after n-word as she followed Tameka down a street. Tameka captioned the video with, "The racism I had to endure walking to the store. 2021 started with a bang. Thank god for my neighbors."

At one point, a man stepped in to berate the older woman, saying ... "Why do you keep following her?" and points the opposite way while saying, "Go that way."

The video caught the attention of NJ Assemblywoman Angela McKnight who is calling for an investigation into the incident. McKnight said, "This behavior is becoming so common now that we simply refer to these racist people as 'Karen' and let it go. I can’t just do that."

She added, "This matter needs to be investigated for sure but regardless of the outcome of the investigation, one thing for certain is that Tameka was incredibly wronged today."

McKnight was also alarmed at the number of people defending the behavior. As she put it, "To read the comments of some white people now making an excuse or defense for this behavior is alarming and gets us to the real problem of this systemic situation."

Originally Published -- 8:26 AM PT

H.S. Hoops Star Shatters Backboard With Vicious Dunk ... Gets Love From Ref!!!

Breaking News

Ever seen a dunk so vicious it broke the backboard AND earned love from the game's ref?!?

Now you have ... 'cause Texas high school basketball star Tyler Stone did just that mid-game Saturday -- and the video is INSANE!!!

The scene all played out in Joshua H.S.'s game against Ennis H.S. in the Dallas-Fort Worth area ... when 6'3" Stone got the ball on a breakaway.

You can see in the clip, the senior guard rose up quickly to try to score before the two defenders chasing him could get to the hoop ... and what happened next was wild!

Stone slammed the ball through the rim so hard, it shattered the glass backboard -- raining shards all over the floor!!!

The crowd in the gym went from elated, to stunned, to downright raucous ... and the play was so cool, even the ref slapped hands with Stone afterward!!!

Don't worry ... nobody was hurt by the raining glass -- and seems officials were able to replace the hoop no problem, 'cause the game went on without a hitch.

Of course, Stone's team didn't let him leave the night without a W (Joshua won, 70-62) ... and we're guessing the dude's popularity on campus has never been higher!

Dog Rescue Cops Save Poor Pup From Icy Waters!!!


Watching this daring dog rescue might make you shiver, but the end result is heart-warming ... a much needed boost to end the year.

A Boxer found itself in peril Wednesday in the town of Cheektowaga, outside Buffalo, NY, stuck in an icy cold creek as temperatures were barely above freezing.

Cheektowaga PD says the super timid pup -- recently rescued from a puppy mill -- got spooked, ran from its owner and unfortunately headed toward the creek.

Cops had a hard time locating the poor pooch, but Patrolman James Rutkowski eventually spotted it and jumped into the chilly water -- up to his waist -- for the rescue mission.

Officer Rutkowski was slipping and sliding over trees to get to the cold doggie, but fortunately, it was already wearing a harness ... which allowed him to lift the dog out to safety and hand it to another cop closer to dry land.

Crisis averted, and the boxer was checked out at an animal hospital ... all's well.

Amazon Delivery Driver Drops Package, Pulls His Out & Pees ... And it's On Camera!!!


Talk about a piss-poor decision from an Amazon delivery driver ... this one in Florida -- shocker -- where the driver was caught on video peeing in front of the customer's apartment door.

This whizz incident went down at the Palms of Boca Del Mar apartment complex in Boca Raton, where a resident was expecting a trace laser ... typically used on pistols.

We're told the customer heard a loud slam from inside his apartment ... apparently the package hitting the ground. He looked at his security camera (ironically an Amazon Blink XT2) and was horrified seeing the driver handling his own package with care ... peeing inches from his front door. The driver appears to have zero qualms about relieving himself.

BTW ... the customer's laser was damaged. We're told Amazon's already shipping him a new one and looking into the incident.

As for the pee ... a rep for Amazon tells us, "We have very high standards for our associates, and expect every package to be handled with care. This incident does not reflect those standards. We’ve notified the right teams internally and will work with the customer directly to make it right."


This isn't the first time Amazon's turned smiles into scowls. You'll recall back in April another delivery driver peed on a customer's driveway. Remember, when nature calls ... HOLD IT!!!

Boston Dynamics Robots Dance to 'Do You Love Me' Neat ... and Terrifying!!!

The robot apocalypse is looking a lot closer -- and a little funkier -- because some advanced machines are flaunting their dancing skills ... complete with choreography!!!

Boston Dynamics released a video to ring in the New Year, which features their two signature machines -- ATLAS and Spot (the dog robot) -- looking very *NSYNC-like ... dancing in unison to the Contours hit, "Do You Love Me."

BD writes, "Our whole crew got together to celebrate the start of what we hope will be a happier year: Happy New Year from all of us at Boston Dynamics." What they don't mention ... how and WHY they got their droids on the good foot like this???

The A.I. is terrifyingly state-of-the-art here -- robots putting on their best "So You Think You Can Dance" audition.

We shoulda seen the choreographed number coming ... we've already seen ATLAS and Spot do everything from parkour to opening doors and picking up boxes.

So, while this is neat and all ... we're personally praying the Boston Dynamics team has a fail-proof shutdown for these things.

They still can't sing, though (right?) -- so, we're gonna ride or die with The Temptations!

Nashville Bombing Eerie Police Body Cam Cop Says, 'Good Spot for a Bomb'

Metropolitan Nashville Police Department

The Nashville police officers who were on scene just minutes before the massive blast walked right by the RV that exploded and devastated the downtown area, and you hear one of them say, "Good spot for a bomb."

Metro Nashville PD

Body cam from the Christmas Day explosion was just released, and you hear the 2 cops talking as they pass the RV. One of them says, "That building that it's next to [AT&T] houses all the hard lines for phones throughout the southeast." The other cop says, "Makes sense. Good spot for a bomb."

TMZ first reported, the RV at the scene looked identical to the RV at the home of Anthony Quinn Warner that you can see on Google Maps from last year.

Exactly one minute after the end of that conversation the bomb explodes, decimating the area. One of the shocking things ... the officers don't really react when they hear the bomb go off ... they just go about their job.

You then hear a police dispatcher ordering an immediate roll call, to see if all the officers are safe.

Authorities say Warner was the suicide bomber behind the explosion. Cops believe he may have been paranoid about 5G technology, leading him to carry out the attack.

Native American Man Tased Repeatedly by Park Ranger ... Went Off-Trail to Social Distance


10:50 AM PT -- A rep for the National Park Service adds, "While we work to gather the facts of this specific situation, we cannot speculate on the events leading up to what was captured on video. We take any allegation of wrongdoing very seriously, and appreciate the public’s patience as we gather the facts of this incident."

A Native American man found himself on the painful end of a taser during a standoff with a park ranger ... all over leaving a hiking trail.

The video is intense, showing the man -- who goes by Chief House on social media -- screaming as he was tased multiple times Sunday by a park ranger at Petroglyph National Monument in New Mexico.

The ranger continuously tells House to put his hands behind his back, among other commands, but House refuses ... saying he did nothing wrong.

At one point, House explains to the ranger he went off-trail -- which is forbidden in some parts of Petroglyph -- when he saw another group approaching and wanted to maintain social distancing.

Finally, after another ranger arrives, House is finally cuffed, and rangers explain he's being detained for failing to identify himself.

House, who says he's a Marine, was eventually issued 3 citations for the incident ... interfering with agency functions, concealing identity and being off trail.

He also linked his situation to the current climate between many communities and law enforcement, saying, "You would think with George Floyd and Breonna Taylor with the Black Lives Matter Movement authorities would try to avoid having to pull a weapon out."

A rep for the National Park Service told local station KIRO, "This incident is under review and has been referred to our internal affairs unit for a thorough investigation."

Originally Published -- 8:38 AM PT

Nashville Bombing New Video of Immense Impact Nearby Biz Recorded, Exterior Shots Too


3:16 PM PT -- The full scope of the Nashville explosion can now be seen from both inside and out -- because new footage has emerged that depicts a straight-on shot of the moment the RV went up in flames ... all while people, including cops, were in close proximity.

Waiting for your permission to load the Facebook Video.

Check out this video that's circulating on Facebook right now -- which shows officers on the scene trying to evacuate the area. Word is that at least 4 cops were on the ground telling people to steer clear and to head back inside for cover, and very likely saved lives.

The street appeared to be blocked off as police investigated the suspicious RV, which was blaring an evacuation alarm of its own for several minutes. As they attempted to figure out what was going on, the RV blew up and scorched the surrounding area.

Another video apparently shows someone who was walking their dog right before the explosion -- captured from nearby surveillance video -- and a cop who approaches them to ward them off. They're both caught in the blast, but neither appeared to be seriously hurt.

You can also hear the raw blast for the first time here -- it sounds like something out of a movie (in a bad way).

The Nashville explosion that rocked downtown sent shards of glass and rubble flying all about in neighboring businesses -- including this one ... which was just a few short yards away from the blast.

TMZ has obtained new video captured from inside a sports bar named Buffalo's -- which sits at 2nd Ave and Commerce Street ... literally right down the block from where the RV in question blew up in a ball of fire. It's clear from this clip -- the impact was absolutely immense.

The security footage from inside shows 4 different angles from within the building -- all of which documented the moment shock waves from the explosion came roaring through their building early Christmas morning ... sending window fragments and debris in every direction.


The apparent bombing seems to have been orchestrated to go down in the wee hours -- right before 6:30 AM, based on what we're seeing here -- which is fortunate for the Buffalo's team ... because it doesn't look like anyone was inside yet. If they were, they would've almost certainly been seriously injured, or possibly killed by the explosion or flying debris.

Of course, there are reports of 3 injuries -- but, thankfully, none of them critical. Law enforcement has identified one person of interest, and agents are at his home now investigating ... but so far, nobody is in custody. It's likely the suspected bomber is dead.

As for Buffalo's ... they're especially in need of some help right now. Not only were they struck hard by the pandemic and new COVID measures in Davidson County, but their staffers have also been affected by natural disasters from earlier this year -- and now, this mess.

They got a GoFundMe set up to help hold over hourly employees' living expenses as upper management figures out the next steps. Any and every little bit helps, we're sure.

Originally Published -- 2:22 PM PT

Hit and Run Driver Hits Car, Flees, Smashes into Second Car

This kid needs driver's ed, stat. And, while he's at it, a conscience would also be helpful.

The teenager was driving his mom's car and, apparently, sideswiped a car in what looks like a mall parking lot ... we think it's in Alabama.

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

The kid drives away after being asked for insurance info, then crashes into another car before exiting and jogging off.

The kid tells the lady whose car he struck, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. It's my mom's car." For the record, not meaning to hit another car is still negligence.

Well, the law requires the kid to exchange info with the other driver. But, when she asks for his insurance card and says she's calling the cops, he gets in his Honda SUV and flees, but not for long. The kid then annihilates a pickup truck.

The teen apparently decides fleeing at this point would be a bad idea, so he goes toward one of the stores ... possibly to call his mom.

Wild Arrest Video Woman Goes Off On Cops ... As She Watches Son Get Arrested


3:59 PM PT -- Law enforcement sources tell us, the sheriff's department has seen the video and is considering sending the D.A. a report on the woman for possible obstruction of justice charges.

A vile woman whose son was being taken into custody did everything she could to make a simple arrest turn violent, as she ordered her son to escape the cops and then hurled obscenities at the officers.

This all went down in Valencia, about 35 miles north of L.A., where Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Deputies were searching for a stolen Tesla in the area -- and happened upon another stolen vehicle ... a Chevy Camaro.

Cops descended on a cul-de-sac with guns drawn, ordering the driver out of the Camaro.  He was taken into custody, but then cops set their sights on a passenger -- the woman's son.

She comes out of the house with her daughter and then gets crazy ... telling her son to come in the house, defying the cops. Remember, police had their guns drawn.

Her kid mouthes off to the cops, swearing at them ... "I see the bitch in all of your f***ing eyes." He then orders cops to unload their guns ... seriously.

His mother then totally loses it ... hurling epithets at the cops. They tried explaining to her they were investigating a crime, and she fired back ... "I don't give a s*** about your f***ing investigation."

She then orders the cops to "get the f*** out of here." When they approach her she screams, "Get the f*** out of my f***ing face." Oh, there's more ... "F*** you and your f***ing mother who birthed your f***ing ass."

BTW ... the woman recklessly let her dog out without a leash in the middle of all of this, and it sure looks like a pit bull.  It walked up to the officers, and she's lucky the dog wasn't shot.

Incredibly ... the mother, who gives Karens a bad name, was not arrested. Her son was arrested on weapons charges.

Originally published -- 12:21 PM PT

Police Chase Police Subdues Stolen Car Suspect


A police dog took a bite out of crime -- literally -- on Xmas Eve.

The incident went down Thursday afternoon in Ontario, CA, just outside L.A. Cops spotted a stolen car on the 15 freeway and tried stopping the driver, to no avail.

The car eventually stopped on the freeway and cops tried negotiating with the suspect for at least 10 minutes ... before unleashing the K-9.

You see the dog leap through the driver's side window and latch on to the suspect's arm.  The suspect tried fighting off the dog, but the dog had other ideas. A bunch of officers came in for the assist and took the suspect into custody.

Traffic was backed up for miles on Xmas Eve as a result.

Rajon Rondo Accuser Punched In Face By NBA Star's Girlfriend ... Video Shows


Rajon Rondo appeared to nudge a woman into a car and then stand by as his girlfriend punched her in the face ... new video obtained by TMZ Sports shows.

Rondo, his GF and another woman were involved in an altercation at an apartment complex in Los Angeles back on July 28 ... and according to a lawsuit filed last week, it all stemmed from a dispute over a parking space.

In court documents, Toktam Jorshari says she parked next to Rondo's $300k Rolls-Royce SUV, which she claims was parked in a handicapped parking spot.

In the suit, Jorshari says the NBA star was pissed over how close she parked to his driver's side door ... and claims the Atlanta Hawks player and his GF cussed her out and then attacked her for it.

In video of the alleged incident, which does NOT contain audio, you can see the whole scene unfold.

Jorshari entered the parking structure and had an animated conversation with Rondo and his GF.

At one point, Rondo's GF got on her phone ... and that's when Jorshari got close to her and seemed to shout something.

Rondo then appeared to put his elbow into the woman's body and nudge her into the front of her car.

Rondo's GF then lunged at Jorshari, but Rondo briefly held her back. Suddenly, though, Rondo appeared to let her go ... and that's when the fists started flying.

Video shows Rondo's GF threw several punches at the woman, who never appeared to fight back.

In Jorshari's lawsuit, she claims she suffered injuries ... and is suing both Rondo and his GF for assault and battery, infliction of emotional distress, and conspiracy. She's seeking unspecified damages in excess of $1 MILLION.

In a statement released this week, Jorshari's attorneys -- Eddie Tehrani & Arnold Gross from State Law Firm -- say the video proves their client was the victim in the case.

"In the NBA, unnecessary and excessive contact is considered a Flagrant 2 foul, which can result in a fine, ejection and possible suspension of a player," the attorneys said. "Outside the NBA such conduct is considered an assault and battery. No man should ever put their hands on a woman, ESPECIALLY an NBA basketball player with superior height, and strength. The video speaks for itself."

The attorneys continued, "The defendants have no desire to resolve this matter and we will be looking forward to trying this case and obtaining a favorable verdict by a jury of her peers."

We reached out to Rondo's attorney, Mark D. Baute, over the video on Tuesday ... and received these statements:

"Mr. Rondo tried to separate them and keep them away from each other, he did not push anyone."

"I saw the videotape in July, during the first Covid surge. Rajon Rondo had a broken thumb in a cast at the time, and his vehicle was correctly parked in a handicapped spot while he was picking up his girlfriend."

"The plaintiff chose to park her car two inches from Mr. Rondo’s door, and the plaintiff was not in an assigned parking spot. The plaintiff refused to wear a mask during a short 30 second encounter, and also refused to move her car."

Baute continued, "The plaintiff and Mr. Rondo’s girlfriend had an unpleasant encounter that lasted roughly 10 seconds, and Mr. Rondo tried to prevent them from any further interaction, which was awkward due to (a) his thumb being broken, and (b) the plaintiff not wearing a mask."

"The plaintiff then left on her own, hired a lawyer, filed a lawsuit, and we have chosen to offer nothing, pay nothing and to defend the case on the merits, and win. The focus in July was on winning another championship with the Lakers. The focus now is on playing the best possible basketball for the Atlanta Hawks."

Rondo is set to make his debut with the Hawks against the Bulls on Dec. 23. It's unclear if the NBA is investigating the incident.

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