Real-Life 'Lake Placid' Alligator Chases Down Swimmer ... Takes a Big Bite!!!


Here's a firm lesson that alligators are NOT the slowpokes they're often made out to be -- especially when they're in their liquid turf ... these bastards are fast and furious!

Check out this wild video of a guy who was swimming in a lake down in Campo Grande, Brazil over the weekend, when he had a freaky run-in with the apex predator that was on his ass as he was trying to swim to shore.

It seems the man had no idea he was being scoped out by the gator -- but once he did realize he had company ... he tried to book it.

As he's approaching the shore, you see the alligator torpedo its way toward the poor dude -- and it actually takes a chomp on his torso, only to release him as he continues to flee. Give credit to this fella for keeping his swim going, 'cause the animal could've easily latched on and taken him under.

Looks like the gator pierced some skin, as the man was indeed bleeding when he emerged. Hard to tell how bad the injury is -- but he's lucky to have walked away in one piece.

And you thought 'Lake Placid' was just a movie (and also an actual place) ... think again!!!

Red Sox Fan Insane Catch On Devers' Broken Bat ... During ALCS Game

Forget the plays in the field made by Alex Bregman and Xander Bogaerts ... the best catch during Wednesday's ALCS game happened in the stands -- when a Red Sox fan caught a splintered bat with one hand!!

The wild play all went down in the 2nd inning of the Sox's Game 5 tilt with the Astros ... when Rafael Devers broke his bat trying to hit a pitch off Houston starter Framber Valdez.

In footage of the play, you can see part of the bat went flying into the crowd -- a very scary sight, considering the piece of lumber had a sharp and jagged edge on it.

But, 41-year-old Matt Ferrera stuck out his hand and managed to catch it regardless ... saving everyone around him and avoiding injury himself.

Ferrera -- who appeared to be allowed to keep the bat by Fenway Park officials -- told Yahoo Sports' Hannah Keyser after the play his life did not flash before his eyes.

"I just saw the bat coming," Ferrera said. "And I was like, 'I got to grab that thing.'"

Seriously, nice catch ... take notes, players!

NHL's Marcus Foligno Throws Wild Superman Punch ... To Kick Off Epic On-Ice Fight

NHL winger Marcus Foligno looked less like a hockey player and more like a UFC fighter Tuesday -- 'cause he threw a WILD Superman punch to kick off an epic on-ice brawl.

Foligno and Jets defenseman, Brenden Dillon, dropped the gloves in the first period of Minnesota's game against Winnipeg ... and it didn't take long for Foligno to try the famous MMA move.

Just seconds into the tilt, the Wild forward leapt into the air and threw the punch ... but fortunately for Dillon, it just barely missed.

The two -- known as some of the best fighters in the NHL -- then traded blows for a few seconds ... with Foligno at one point connecting with a HEAVY uppercut.

The guys were ultimately separated by the refs after about 30 seconds ... and based on the reaction of the two, Foligno clearly felt he won the scrap.

Both guys were hit with penalties for fighting ... though they each returned.

Foligno ended up getting the last laugh on Dillon -- the Wild won in crazy fashion in overtime, 6-5.

But, thankfully for all of us, the Jets and Wild play again on Nov. 26 -- round 2 between Dillon and Foligno coming then?

'AGT: Extreme' Jonathan Goodwin Breaks Silence on Accident 'Nanana Boo Boo' to Death!!!

Jonathan Goodwin has a long road to recovery since the accident on "AGT: Extreme" that almost killed him ... but for now, he's thankful to be alive.

Goodwin just broke his silence from his Georgia hospital bed, striking a funny pose and showing off a bandaged hand as well as cuts and burns on his face. Alluding to his career as a stuntman, Goodwin says, "You can't say you don't get out what you put in."

He then went on to thank people from around the world for their "astonishing" support since his accident as well as his fiancee, Amanda, family and loved ones.


Speaking directly to his horrifying accident, Goodwin says, "I have been to the very brink and dodged the worst that a human being can, without fear…because I was protected by love. Love is all you need, so make sure you get some, cos its good s***."

TMZ broke the story, Goodwin nearly lost his life on the 'AGT' set after a stunt where he was supposed to free himself from restraints before cars swinging on either side of him collided and exploded. He fell 40 feet to the ground and landed on his head. At the time of the accident, those on set believed Goodwin was dead.


Clearly, Goodwin knows just how lucky he was to survive, saying, "nanana boo boo" to death!

Dude's got a long road to recovery ahead of him, but if having a positive attitude contributes anything to feeling better, he's well on his way.

Red Sox Vs. Astros Plane Bound For ALCS Crashes ... Everyone Miraculously Survives

FOX 26 Houston

Twenty-one baseball fans headed for the Red Sox vs. Astros ALCS game in Boston were involved in a horrific plane crash Tuesday ... but somehow, they all miraculously survived.

Officials say a McDonnell Douglas MD-87 carrying the nearly two dozen people attempted to take off from Waller County, Texas ... but crashed before it could ever get off the ground.

Authorities say the plane skidded through a fence and caught on fire ... and images of the aftermath are horrifying.

Yet, officials say all 21 people on board -- including a 10-year-old -- made it out of the aircraft safely ... which seems impossible given the state of the plane following the wreck.

Authorities did say 2 people needed to be taken to the hospital due to injuries ... but both -- along with the other 19 on the ride -- are expected to be just fine.

The wife of the plane's owner told KHOU 11 after the accident that the passengers were all headed for Massachusetts to watch the 'Stros take on the Sox in Game 4 of the ALCS.

It's unclear what caused the accident ... authorities say an investigation is underway.

Connecticut Race Track Car Crashes Into Fence, Multiple Injured ... Wild Video

Scary moment for race fans in Connecticut this weekend -- a car flipped and crashed into a fence mid-race ... leaving multiple people injured.

The wild wreck happened Sunday night at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl during a 100-lap event.

In footage from the track, you can see driver Tim Jordan lost control of his car when he made contact with an opponent while fighting for 5th place.

Jordan's ride ended up on two wheels ... before it terrifyingly crashed into a fence where fans were standing.

Video shows the spectators were horrified, screaming and sprinting for cover as the car exploded just feet away from them.

According to track officials, several people were injured in the incident ... though they claim, thankfully, everyone is expected to recover just fine.

"We're happy to report everyone involved in tonight's incident is okay," the officials said in a statement.

"We will release relevant details about any scheduling plans as soon as they’re made available. Goodnight from the Speedbowl."

Minnesota Vikings Fan Floored By Huge Punch In Wild Brawl ... At Panthers' Stadium


12:48 PM PT -- A spokesperson for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Dept. tells TMZ Sports ... no arrests were made in the incident -- adding, "the situation de-escalated before officers arrived."

A Minnesota Vikings fan was sent crashing to the ground after being socked in the face during a wild melee at the Panthers game Sunday ... and all of the violence was captured on video.

The scene went down at some point during the Vikes' win over Carolina at Bank Of America Stadium ... when a man clad in purple got into a verbal altercation with several Panthers fans.

In footage of the fracas, you can see the Minnesota fan immediately started scrapping with a man in a Jaycee Horn jersey ... before yelling at others in the area.

Several people stepped in to intervene ... and pushing, shoving and screaming ensued.

Eventually, the altercation turned seriously violent ... with the man in the purple shirt being thrown to the ground and then being hit by a thunderous punch.

The guy laid on the floor for several moments ... but got up and appeared to try to continue the fight.

Meanwhile, another woman was knocked to the ground amid all of the chaos.

It's unclear what started the brawl, if there were injuries or if any arrests were made. We've reached out to cops, but so far, no word back yet.


Of course, fighting at NFL stadiums has unfortunately been commonplace this year ... with violent scuffles -- including one at the Bears vs. Rams game earlier this season -- breaking out seemingly weekly.

Originally Published -- 7:06 AM PT

'America's Got Talent: Extreme' Car Stunt Gone Wrong ... Captured in Terrifying Video


Jonathan Goodwin's horrific car stunt gone wrong was every bit as shocking as it sounded -- which you can now see here in video of the accident that's gut-wrenching to watch.

TMZ has obtained footage of the moment the stunt got underway Thursday during an 'AGT: Extreme' rehearsal, and the moment Goodwin got sandwiched between two cars ... resulting in a massive fireball to explode, and Goodwin being rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Check out the clip -- you see the professional daredevil hanging mid-air in a straight jacket ... with the two vehicles also suspended on each side of him. When they release the cars -- which then start to swing toward Goodwin -- they unhook his harness as well.

Goodwin was supposed to fall underneath the cars before they collided, but the timing was off ... and he was crushed between them as they came together. After that, he fell to the ground and hit his head -- but this video, fortunately, doesn't show any of that gnarly aftermath.

As we reported ... Goodwin was unresponsive at first, and folks on the set of the production thought he'd been killed. He did eventually come to, however, while being airlifted to a nearby hospital, where he underwent surgery. We know he was taken to a trauma unit, but his condition remains unclear at this point.


NBC confirmed the seriousness of the accident ... and offering their thoughts and prayers to Goodwin's family. The guy is a longtime stuntman and escape artist -- having appeared on the regular version of 'AGT' with death-defying stunts prior to his migration to this spinoff.

Another Shooting Gunfire Erupts at High School Football Game Intense Video of Chaos

A high school football game abruptly ended Friday night after gunfire erupted and 4 people were shot.

Players from Williamson High School were on the field against rival Vigor High School at the Ladd-Peebles Stadium in Mobile, Alabama, when gunfire rang through the stadium, just before 10 PM.

Two of the 4 people shot were minors ... one person is in critical condition.

It's unclear where the shots came from, but it appears the shooter was not on the field or in the stands. As you see from the video, the players dropped to the ground and people in the stands fled ... leaving the stadium in a panic.

The shooter was not apprehended and it's unclear if police have any leads. A witness told cops 2 people and possibly more fled the stadium in a white sedan after the shooting, but it's unclear if they had anything to do with the shooting.

It's the latest in a string of shootings across the country, and not the first incident at a high school football game.

MMA's Superbon Knocks Opponent Out Cold ... w/ Brutal Head Kick

This is one of the most brutal head kick knockouts you'll ever see -- courtesy of combat sports star Superbon Banchamek -- who starched opponent Giorgio Petrosyan with a perfectly placed strike, to win the ONE Championship title.

31-year-old, #2 ranked Superbon fought 35-year-old, #1 ranked Petrosyan Friday in Singapore for the inaugural ONE Championship Featherweight Kickboxing Championship.

The knockout happened in the 2nd round of a scheduled 5-round fight ... with 2:35 minutes remaining.

Just beating Petrosyan, one of the best kickboxers in the world, is an awesome accomplishment ... he's got a pro kickboxing record of 104-3-2.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

If you're not familiar with Superbon ... he signed with ONE in 2020. He made his debut with the promotion last July, beating Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong.

As for Giorgio's condition after the scary KO ... he was reportedly conscious in the arena after the fight. He was taken to a nearby hospital where he is being evaluated by doctors.

Predators Vs. Kraken Fans Throw Violent Uppercuts ... In Wild Brawl In Stands

9:51 AM PT -- Cops tell TMZ Sports ... the combatants were stopped and questioned, though none of the men wished to move forward with charges, so no arrests were made.

The Predators vs. Kraken game Thursday looked more like a Mike Tyson fight -- at least in the stands -- 'cause fans of the two teams got in a wild brawl where they threw HEAVY uppercuts at each other.

The scrap all went down at some point during Seattle's 4-3 win over the Preds in Nashville ... when two guys kicked off an insane melee by throwing hands.

Two separate witnesses filmed the fight ... and you can see in the clips, it appeared to begin when a Kraken fan began throwing right hands at a Predators' fan's face.

At some point, though, the Preds supporter was able to break free ... and he threw some huge uppercuts of his own that appeared to land flush.

Another man came into the scrum several seconds later and landed a big punch on the Predators fan ... but, eventually -- and thankfully -- everyone was held back before more damage could be done.

Unclear if the guys were injured, or if they were arrested. We've reached out to cops, but no word back yet.

Originally Published -- 8:10 AM PT

Las Vegas Golden Knights Unveil Insane On-Ice Show ... Before Kraken Game

What happens in Vegas certainly shouldn't stay in Vegas -- at least when it comes to pregame hockey shows -- 'cause the Golden Knights unveiled a wild one on Tuesday, and it was INSANE!

Just minutes before the Knights opened their season against the Seattle Kraken ... the team showed off a virtual masterpiece on their ice to hype up the home crowd.

The show started with a giant octopus circling underneath the rink, while a knight mascot skated above it.

Eventually, the squid busted through and put the knight in danger ... and the optics of it all looked like a scene straight out of a Hollywood movie.

The knight, of course, ultimately came out on top of the giant creature ... which sent the crowd into a frenzy and absolutely lit up social media.

The pregame juice seemed to help the Knights too ... 'cause Vegas ended up winning the season-opener against the Kraken, 4-3.

Next home game is slated for Oct. 20 against the St. Louis Blues ... good luck topping this show there.

DTLA Gunman Shot, Killed by SWAT ... Amid Hostage Situation


A crazed gunman on an alleged crime spree in L.A. ended his trail of terror by taking a woman hostage -- only to be killed by cops who stormed in ... all of which is on video.

LAPD says this guy was on a criminal tear before fleeing into the Santa Fe Loft & Apartments high-rise building in downtown Friday ... running into a lady in the halls as police were hot on his trail, and forcing her into her unit at gunpoint -- barricading himself inside.

From there, a tense standoff unfolded -- but even prior to what you see on video here -- captured by another DTLA resident from across the way -- cops say the gunman was running amok on the streets ... allegedly shooting folks in a business, trying to carjack someone and even attempting to shoot someone in the head, with the gun failing to go off.

Like we said, this was his final stop -- and as you can see ... it was truly life or death, as the guy clearly appears to have had his own gun at her head while she was on her knees.

Helicopters were zooming ... and within minutes, a SWAT team was at the door, trying to negotiate with the man -- but ultimately decided to bust in and take control of the sitch, which they did. Luckily, the victim was unharmed as they unloaded their weapons on him.

She'd been moved to another area of the apartment, and was taken to a hospital afterward for an evaluation. Considering the violence this man is alleged to have inflicted before this ... it's a miracle the woman was left relatively unscathed, and walked away with her life intact.

The cops explained their actions on Twitter ... saying that based on what they'd been told the man had already done and the dire nature of the moment -- in addition to what they themselves were seeing via surveillance -- SWAT decided to take action ... and an officer-involved shooting occurred, killing the suspect on the scene.

You can actually see them shooting and killing the man in the clip -- and it appears there was more than one officer who fired. It's a graphic scene ... so viewer discretion's advised.

Chargers Vs. Raiders Keenan Allen Fan Eats Punches ... In Another Fight During 'MNF' Game


9:29 AM PT -- 10/7 -- TMZ Sports has obtained video of ANOTHER fight at SoFi Stadium on Monday ... this time with a Keenan Allen fan getting involved in a violent scrap with a Raiders supporter.

In the footage, you can see the man in the #13 Allen jersey got into an argument with a Raiders fan during the Chargers' "Monday Night Football" game against Las Vegas.

It's unclear what the two were quarreling about, but at one point, the fan in the Allen jersey attempted to grab the Raiders fan and pull him away from his seat.

That led to the Raiders fan throwing a flurry of punches at the Chargers supporter ... many of which appeared to land right on the guy's face.

Eventually, the two were separated ... with a witness telling us the L.A. fan was pulled away by friends. The witness added there was no further drama in the section after that.

The NFL's fighting problem clearly ain't going away ... 'cause TMZ Sports has obtained more video of fans scrapping in the stands -- and, once again, it's violent.

The latest melee went down Monday night during the Chargers vs. Raiders game at SoFi Stadium ... when a Bolts supporter grew upset with a Silver-And-Black-clad fan in his row.


In the footage, you can see the two men aggressively got in each other's faces ... before the L.A. fan threw a wild haymaker that just missed tagging the guy in the Raiders jersey.

Immediately after the punch whiffed ... all hell broke loose, 'cause multiple other Raiders fans jumped in to take shots at the man in the Chargers jersey.

Video shows the Chargers fan ate multiple punches ... before the recording stopped.

One witness tells us people in the area were adamantly calling for security during the fight -- but the guards were already busy dealing with another incident several rows away.

Eventually, we're told stadium personnel and law enforcement arrived on the scene to break it all up.


The incident is just the latest in a long line of fan violence at NFL games this season ... with Rams and Bears fans going at it a couple weeks ago and Cowboys and Chargers fans getting into last month as well.


No word yet if the NFL or its teams are making any extra attempts to tamp down the craziness ... but it's clear, something needs to be done.

Originally Published -- 10/6 12:37 PM PT

George Floyd Protests Minneapolis Cops 'Hunting' Protestors ... In New Body Cam Vids

Attorney Eric Rice

3:37 PM PT -- A spokesperson for the department tells us the Lieutenant resigned from the force shortly after a series of bodycam vids were released back in September.

Minneapolis police officers were pumped up to fire non-lethal bullets at protestors during the unrest after George Floyd's murder, and boldly talked on camera about "hunting" people out past curfew.

The new body cam footage, from late May 2020, provides a shocking look at the cops' forceful response to the protests and riots in the city on the evening of May 30 into May 31. A cop is heard saying how it's a "nice change of tempo" for officers to be out actively hunting people instead of just chasing them around.

Another officer replies, "F*** these people."

In another clip, Minneapolis cops are enthusiastically ordered to shoot non-lethal rounds on "the first f***ers we see."

According to CNN, these videos from multiple police body cams were released by Eric Rice, the lawyer for a man who was recently acquitted on charges of firing a gun at officers on May 30 after they fired nonlethal bullets at him.

There's also a clip of an officer expressing his disdain for the media, then going off on proving the mayor wrong about the race of protestors. He then makes a racist comment, suggesting only Black people are responsible for looting and fires.

According to CNN, this officer is Lt. Johnny Mercil, who currently oversees MPD's use of force training. He was also a prosecution witness in the trial of Derek Chauvin, who was convicted of murdering Floyd.

Brazilian Soccer Player Charged With Attempted Murder ... After KOing Ref With Violent Kick

A Brazilian soccer player has been charged with attempted murder after he disgustingly kicked a referee in the head during a game, appearing to knock the man out cold.

The insane incident all went down on Monday in São Paulo de Rio Grande's match vs. Guarani de Venancio Aires ... when William Ribeiro lost his mind after not getting a call.

Video from the game shows Ribeiro was so livid over the ref's decision ... he shoved the man to the ground and then violently kicked him in the temple.

The ref laid motionless on the turf for several moments ... and was eventually transported to a local hospital.

Ribeiro, meanwhile, was arrested just minutes later at the stadium ... and ultimately charged by prosecutors.

"His attack was very strong and violent," local authorities told reporters following the incident, "kicking the referee in the head and making him pass out."

"The referee had no chance of defending himself."

The play was called "revolting" by Ribeiro's team president, Delvid Goulart Pereira, who announced shortly after the game that Ribeiro had been cut over the kick.

"Rest assured, we are sorry and deeply ashamed," the club exec said. "We send all the apologies in the world to the injured referee and his family as well as apologizing to the public in general for the lamentable scene seen today."

"The contract of the offending player is terminated. Furthermore, all possible legal measures in relation to the incident will be taken."

It's unclear whether Ribeiro will be allowed to be released from jail or if he'll remain under custody while an investigation unfolds.

The ref, meanwhile, was released from the hospital on Tuesday ... and is expected to be okay.

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