Garden Bros Circus Acrobat Dodged Death, But Will Need Surgery ... Hopeful for Comeback


4:40 PM PT -- Carlos' surgery went well and he was released from the hospital.

The Garden Bros Circus performer who nearly front flipped into a deadly fall during a steel pendulum act is about to go under the knife.

TMZ's learned the 31-year-old acrobat, named Carlos, initially thought he'd escaped unscathed after that nasty fall he suffered Monday night in Toledo. Carlos tells us he had a series of tests and scans immediately after the accident that didn't show any major injury.

Then on Wednesday, further testing revealed a fracture in his left foot near the ankle.


Carlos says doctors recommended surgery, requiring a plate and screws to set everything in place, and it'll be about 6 weeks before he can walk on the foot afterward. He's nervous but hopeful ... saying he plans to return to performing, because it's all he's done since he was 17.

Despite the fact several spotters failed to break his fall, Carlos says he doesn't blame anyone for the scary mishap -- he's chalking it up to timing and says it was just an accident. He doesn't really remember what went wrong ... he's just thankful he landed feet first and not on his head.

His surgery is scheduled for later Thursday, and Carlos says Garden Bros is covering the medical costs.

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Garden Bros Circus Stuntman Falls During Wheel Act ... The Show Must Go On!!!

Exclusive Video

10:55 AM PT -- A rep for the show tells us the performer got X-rays and results confirmed nothing was broken. He will get an MRI later Tuesday ... and he'll be sore for a while.

Crazy video here of a circus acrobat who plummeted to the ground in the middle of a dangerous, death-defying act ... bringing the circus to an abrupt halt -- but the miracle is somehow the guy survived.

The acrobat was part of the Garden Bros Circus performing in Toledo, Ohio Monday night at the Huntington Center. In this exclusive footage, obtained by TMZ, you can see the guy and his partner pulling insane moves in and outside of giant spinning wheels -- kinda like human hamsters, if hamsters could do flips.

The crowd screamed in horror though when one of the guys slipped while doing a front flip on top of the spinning wheel. He did not stick the landing and crashed to the ground.

WTOL News 11/Amber Ledford

Fortunately for him, the fall happened as his end of the apparatus was closer to the ground ... as opposed to its highest point, which seems to have seriously helped the dude. Spotters couldn't do much to break his fall.

His partner eventually got out of his own wheel and rushed down a ladder to help.

Paramedics quickly responded too ... and according to Huntington Center brass, the performer was released from a hospital with minor injuries. As of now, he's set to return for Tuesday night's show.

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Leopard Attack Big Cat Terrorizes Indian Villagers ... 6 People Injured


A wild leopard has an entire village scrambling, quite literally, for their lives in India -- the animal showed up in someone's house and attempts to capture it only pissed it off and made it go on the attack.

The video's crazy ... it starts with Forest Department officials in Jalandhar city trying to throw a net down on the animal from above, but it leaps up on the wall and pounces on one of the guys. Then it's absolute pandemonium -- the leopard hopped another wall and unleashed its fury on everyone in its path.

The crazed cat seemed to go out of its way to maul some of the panicked villagers, and at one point an undersized dog gave chase, but the leopard was already on the move.

Six people were reportedly injured during the rampage, but fortunately none of the injuries are believed to be life-threatening. As of now, officials are still trying to subdue the cat with tranquilizers.

Ryan Reynolds Out of the Way!!!! Shoots Pricey Car Chase


Here's your first look at Michael Bay's new action movie starring Ryan Reynolds, and judging by this wild car chase ... it's gonna be a thrilling and very expensive ride!

Ryan was tearing through a busy plaza in Florence, Italy in a lime green Alfa Romeo Giulia. Tires screeching, engine roaring and people jumping out of the way ... as they filmed "Six Underground." The Bay-directed flick has a reported budget of $150 million -- the most expensive Netflix original movie ever.

So far, they're keeping the plot under wraps. Thanks to this clip, we at least we know you're gonna get a heavy dose of Ryan's mug hanging out windows like a golden retriever.

Good Ryan, verrry good Ryan!

Chinese Tourists Crushed After Ceiling Collapses

Horrific scene out of Huayin City in China's Shaanxi Province where a ceiling collapsed ... crushing and trapping tourists riding down an escalator.

The terrible incident happened inside the Huashan Mountain tourist center ... a popular visitors' destination. You can see a throng of tourists going down an escalator when, out of nowhere, they look up and notice the ceiling's about to land on top of them.

It happened so fast they never had the chance to run for cover. The incident triggered immediate panic as tourists rushed to free others trapped under the debris.

At least 9 were injured and taken to a local hospital, though one report says -- perhaps miraculously -- no one was seriously injured. The tourist center is investigating what caused the ceiling to collapse.

Phoenix Open Streaker Naked Breakdance Moves?! ... Hilarious Video

Exclusive Video

The streaker who busted onto the green at the Phoenix Open on Wednesday didn't just run around -- he TRIED really hard to pull off some naked breakdance moves ... and TMZ Sports has the footage.

The wannabe dancer is Adam Stalmach -- a 24-year-old idiot who somehow snuck onto the 17th fairway during the Pro-Am in front of hundreds of people ... and put on a naked show before cops rushed in and arrested him.

Shocker ... cops say he was probably wasted.

He's been charged with indecent exposure and two counts of disorderly conduct.

Also, he kept his socks on the entire time ... so technically, not a full streaker???

Good luck with the hangover, bro ...