Justin Theroux My Angry Neighbor's at it Again ... I Heard Him Threaten to Break His Wife's Teeth!!!


Justin Theroux's ongoing war with his neighbor is getting uglier ... because he claims the guy's been making threats of domestic abuse against his elderly wife.

The actor's filed legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- seeking civil or criminal punishment for his NYC neighbor, Norman Resnicow, because he alleges Resnicow's rage-filled outbursts violate a restraining order put in place as part of their ongoing litigation.

Pryor Cashman LLP

Justin asserts Resnicow's prohibited from harassing or intimidating potential witnesses in the case, including other residents of the building ... which includes his 71-year-old wife.

Theroux claims he's heard Resnicow threatening her with violence multiple times since Governor Cuomo issued a stay-at-home order in March. He says 2 days after the order ... Resnicow locked his wife out of their home because he was mad she wasn't wearing a mask, and angrily screamed at her to leave.

Justin recorded the incident, as well as the second incident later that night, when he says he heard Resnicow "erupting in rage" at his wife back at their home. Resnicow's heard calling her a "stupid woman" and "f***ing moron" on the recordings ... and Justin says he feared for her safety and police were called.

About a month later on April 30, there was another alleged incident which prompted Theroux to call the cops ... but he says Resnicow pretended to not be home when they arrived.

Then, on the evening of May 3, Justin claims he heard a loud verbal attack by Resnicow on his wife and began recording. According to the audio, Resnicow's angry that his wife wants to go out, and says to her ... "No you don’t, because I’ll break your teeth. No, you sit down in your f***ing seat. Sit down in your fucking seat and watch the show."

Resnicow accuses her of "going out deaf" because she listens to podcasts, and adds ... "Sit down and shut up. You’re not going anywhere. You’re not going anywhere. You’re not—you’re gonna watch. Wanna get it? You want broken teeth? I’ll break your f***ing teeth."

Theroux says he called 911 again and police arrived, but he does not know the outcome of their encounter with the Resnicows.

Justin claims other residents in the building have filed affidavits saying these incidents can be traumatic, and Justin says the outbursts caused him "anxiety that continues long after the incidents themselves have ended."

He's asking the court to hold Resnicow in contempt and potentially impose a fine or imprisonment on him. As we've reported ... the nasty fight between the 2 neighbors has gone on for 3 years -- but this is another level.

George Floyd Family Demands Arrest of Officers ... Attorney Calls for State of Emergency


George Floyd's family wants the 4 officers involved in his death arrested, charged and tried for murder -- as their attorney says America needs a state of emergency ... to protect black people.

George's brother, Philonise Floyd, and cousin, Tera Brown, spoke with us Wednesday on "TMZ Live" and reacted to the surveillance video showing the initial moment George was put in handcuffs.

They were, understandably, distraught over what we've all seen in the footage -- George peacefully responding as an officer arrested him ... never physically resisting arrest.

Facebook/ Darnella Frazier

Philonise told us his brother was beloved by everyone who knew him, and said he wasn't shocked to see George was NOT resisting ... as the Minneapolis police first suggested in a statement about the incident.

Dragon Wok

His brother and cousin got emotional explaining what it was like watching the original video showing George slowly get killed on camera. When we asked what Philonise and Tera would like to see happen now, they didn't hesitate -- both want all the officers there on the scene, especially the one kneeling on George, to be arrested for murder.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey echoed the family's words during a news conference Wednesday afternoon, where he called for the Hennepin County District Attorney to charge the officer whose knee cut off George's airway.

Frey said the Floyd family "deserves justice."


We also spoke to the family's attorney, Ben Crump -- and he told us he is now demanding an executive order be issued announcing a state of emergency for protection of all African-Americans.

It might sound like a big ask, but watch -- Crump is deadly serious about his plea, and says in light of George's case, Ahmaud Arbery's and so many others ... it's very necessary.

Mississippi Prisons New Lawsuit Blasts Healthcare System As Jay-Z, Roc Nation Fight for Inmates' Rights


11:46 AM PT -- Centene spokeswoman Marcela Hawn said in a statement, "Centurion and its board of directors are proud of the company’s history of providing outstanding and innovative health-care solutions to this vulnerable population. We look forward to sharing more about our role in the delivery of health-care to these individuals during legal proceedings.”

That clearly didn't sit well with Spiro, who tells us, "Over forty inmates dying in the last few months at Mississippi DOC alone is neither outstanding nor innovative. And it's definitely nothing to be proud of."

Jay-Z's legal eagle is keeping the pressure on Mississippi's infamous Parchman Penitentiary by filing a new lawsuit that calls out the prison's healthcare provider.

As we've reported, Jay's company, Roc Nation, backed a group of Parchman inmates suing Mississippi's Dept. of Corrections over filthy, violent, unhealthy and deadly conditions ... and all of that was before COVID-19 made things worse.

Now, attorney Alex Spiro -- who Roc Nation hired to rep the inmates -- has filed a new lawsuit against Centene ... the parent company of Centurion, which provides healthcare at Parchman. This time, Spiro's client is a Centene shareholder who's seen the brutal news about 40 inmates dying in Mississippi prisons, including Parchman, since December.

The shareholder suspects Centurion's alleged poor care is exposing the company to lawsuits and potentially tanking its stock. In docs, obtained by TMZ, the shareholder calls out Centurion for poor inmate mental health treatment, and a lack of testing in for illnesses -- a glaring issue for prisons amid the pandemic. In short, the suit alleges an "entire breakdown in [Mississippi prisons'] healthcare system."


Parchman, in particular, has been plagued by riots, fires and suicides -- videos from inside the prison showed the dire conditions allegedly exacerbated by the prison being woefully understaffed.

According to the suit, Centurion is actually losing money on its deal with the state of Mississippi -- which the shareholder suspects might be why the company's allegedly bailing on providing proper healthcare at the prisons.

The shareholder wants a judge to force Centurion to open its books to provide a full picture of where money is, or isn't, going when it comes to inmate healthcare.

Obviously, that information could also be crucial for the Parchman inmates' lawsuit. Fair to say, it's no coincidence Spiro is repping the shareholder as well as the prisoners suing Mississippi's DOC.

Jay-Z and Yo Gotti have both vowed they're in this for the long haul ... until the prison conditions vastly improve, and this could go a long way toward that goal.

Originally published -- 8:22 AM PT

Pablo Escobar's Bro Sues Apple for $2.6 Billion ... iPhone X Almost Killed Me!!!


Pablo Escobar's brother says his life was threatened because of lax security protocols on his phone ... so, now he wants Apple to cough up billions.

The notorious Colombian kingpin's bro, Roberto, is suing Apple for a whopping $2.6 BILLION, claiming someone hacked his smartphone and found his address through FaceTime, even though he claims an Apple employee assured him the iPhone X was the most secure on the market.

According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Pablo's brother bought an iPhone X back in April 2018, and he claims the security promise fell horribly flat. One year after buying the X, Roberto claims he got a life-threatening letter from someone named Diego, who said he found Roberto's address through FaceTime.

In the docs, Pablo's bro says he had to relocate for his safety, and lost a ton of money beefing up his security ... not to mention the emotional distress he says he suffered as a result of the security breach. Roberto claims he had several assassination attempts on his life before buying the iPhone X, and only bought the phone because he'd been assured his info would be safe from hackers.

In the suit, Roberto says he conducted his own investigation after receiving the letter, and found his iPhone had been compromised due to a FaceTime vulnerability.

Pablo's brother is not stopping at a lawsuit ... Roberto is also going after Apple's bread and butter.


Roberto just launched a limited edition gold-plated iPhone 11 Pro 256GB, which his Escobar Inc company is hawking for $499. Roberto says it's his way of fighting Apple -- selling their phones at a lower price, with gold-plating and sexy girls showing off the phones.

Pablo's brother says ... "Apple can never do that."

Roberto also bought and launched the domain name www.ripapple.com, which links to his gold-plated iPhone. He says the website will have "proof showing how the people of the world were scammed by Apple Inc, buying crap for crazy prices."

If he wins the lawsuit, Roberto says he will share the dough with people who bought iPhones and "ultimately donate it all."

We reached out to Apple ... so far, no word back.

Hailey & Justin Bieber Ticked at Doctor's TikTok ... Threaten to Sue Over Plastic Surgery Claims


A Beverly Hills plastic surgeon's blowing up on TikTok after posting a video suggesting Hailey Bieber's had some work done on her face, but now it's got him in legal hot water with Hailey and Justin.

Dr. Daniel Barrett's been hit with a cease-and-desist letter by the couple's lawyers, who claim he's using Hailey's name, image and likeness in his video without permission to advertise his practice and "spread false, uncorroborated claims that Mrs. Bieber has undergone plastic surgery."


On top of that, Barrett's being accused of copyright infringement for his use of lyrics from Justin's song, "Sorry," in the TikTok caption.

In the vid, which was posted over the weekend, the plastic surgeon compares a 2011 photo of Hailey to a more recent one and one from 2016. He says he thinks the physical changes are impossible without some cosmetic procedures ... specifically to her nose.

Barrett also speculates Hailey's undergone genioplasty and has lip fillers.

Hailey and Justin's legal team say the TikTok includes a number of violations, including "misrepresentation, defamation, slander, false light, violation of rights of publicity, copyright infringement, trademark and service mark infringement" and more.

They're demanding Barrett take down the video and issue a public retraction in the next 24 hours ... or else the legal fury is coming.

Dr. Barrett tells TMZ ... he doesn't believe his comments in the video are disparaging, and he finds it "crazy" that the Beibers want to chase him down for something like this.

He says his video is intended to educate about plastic surgery, and he does not plan to remove it and will deal with the legal ramifications.

Ahmaud Arbery Family Attorney Says FBI Conducting Criminal Investigation ... D.A.'s, Cops on the Hot Seat


The lawyer for Ahmaud Arbery's family says the federal authorities met with them last week and said they have launched a criminal investigation into the conduct of 2 district attorneys and members of the police department that allegedly covered up Ahmaud's killing.

Lee Merritt appeared Monday on "TMZ Live" and said the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Georgia informed the family they were looking at both civil and criminal action against the officials.

Merritt also talked about the text message the police sent to a homeowner, telling him if there was "action" on his doorbell he should call Gregory McMichael, one of the accused murderers.

Merritt worries the police conduct may have effectively deputized the elder McMichael, such that the citizen's arrest laws don't apply and he would be treated as a law enforcement officer. As you know, McMichael's son, Travis, is the one who fired the shots, but Merritt says it could still be a problem given what the police did.


Nevertheless, the family is pleased William Bryan, the man who videotaped the shooting, has been charged with Ahmaud's death. Merritt says it was especially galling for the family to see Bryan's "media tour" proclaiming his innocence.

Elon and Grimes What's in a [Baby's] Name??? ... Name Changed to Comply with Law

Elon Musk and Grimes pushed the envelope thaaaaat much too far because it turns out their baby's name is against the law!!!

As you know, Elon and Grimes had a baby boy earlier this month, whom they named X Æ A-12 Musk.

But then, people started digging in and found under California law, birth names must be limited to the following characters ... abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.

Grimes clearly got the message, because someone noticed a change and asked, "Did you change the baby name because of California law?  What is the baby's new name?" She replied, "X Æ A-Xii," adding, "Roman numerals. Looks better tbh."

As for what it all means ... the X stands for an unknown variable, Æ is like AI, and if you know anything about Musk he's intrigued and concerned about it.

Grimes explained A-12 -- "A-12 = precursor to SR-17 (our favorite aircraft). No weapons, no defenses, just speed. Great in battle, but non-violent."

The "A" has musical significance to Grimes ... it stands for "Archangel," her favorite song.

As for how to pronounce ... Musk told Joe Rogan, "I mean it's just X, the letter X. And then, the Æ is, like, pronounced 'Ash'... and then, A-12, A-12 is my contribution."

Hope that clears it up.

'Floribama Shore' Kirk Medas Pulled Celeb Card During GA Bust ... Do You Know Who I Am?!??

TMZ.com / SWNS

Here's "Floribama Shore" star Kirk Medas pulling the ol' "don't you know who I am?" card on cops during his arrest down in Georgia ... and it backfires in spectacular fashion.

Kirk was arrested for disorderly conduct this month in Woodstock, GA ... and he tried to tout his celebrity status as he was being hauled off in handcuffs.

Kirk yells, "I'm on a TV show by the way," as cops slap on a pair of cuffs and curious bystanders laugh as they try to figure out exactly what the hell he's famous for.

Kirk ain't lying ... dude was a regular on the "Jersey Shore" spin-off ... but it seems he doesn't really know his audience. The bystanders definitely didn't know him.

As for the arrest ... cops say they were responding to a call regarding a drunk and disorderly male, later identified as Kirk, who had been kicked outta Pure Taqueria.

Police say bar staff told Kirk he had to hit the road after he threw up, and that's when he allegedly became belligerent. Medas was cited for misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

In the video, you hear bystanders saying cops have their guns trained on Kirk ... but the cops say they just pulled out tasers.

Bad publicity is good publicity ... maybe you'll be recognized next time, Kirk.

Ryan Leaf Arrested for Domestic Battery Mug Shot Released


12:33 PM PT -- 5/23 -- Ryan's mug shot has been released, and he looks none too pleased to be in police custody. BTW, the guy's still in a jail cell as of Saturday.

Ryan Leaf has been arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery in Palm Springs, CA ... TMZ Sports has learned.

The former NFL quarterback was taken into custody around 2 PM PT on Friday, May 22nd.

According to jail records, he was booked for domestic battery -- and bail was set at $5,000.

As of now (the time of this post), Leaf is still in custody.

44-year-old Leaf is listed on his booking sheet as 6'6", 250 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes.

We're working on the details ...

Of course, Leaf was the #2 overall pick in the 1998 NFL Draft -- but his career flamed out fast and his life fell apart soon after.

Leaf has been arrested multiple times for things like drug possession and burglary ... but he had sobered up and became a program ambassador for an organization that runs sober houses in multiple cities including L.A. and N.Y.

He's recently been covering college football for ESPN.

Originally Published -- 5/22 7:01 PM PT

Jaime King Divorce Ex Wants Custody of Sons ... Claims She's an Addict, Won't Get Help


4:15 PM PT -- The judge ruled that Kyle must stay away from Jamie, and we've obtained the documents filed by the actress alleging torment. King alleges Kyle has tracked her electronically, isolated her from friends and work opportunities and has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars out of their account. She says she feels sick to her stomach with every encounter with Kyle.

2:22 PM PT -- A rep for King tells us, "This is another vicious, failed attempt of Kyle to continue his abuse of Jaime and manipulate the court system. Today Kyle was denied all requests for emergency orders and the judge granted Jaime shared legal custody of their two children. The temporary domestic violence restraining order remains in place to protect Jaime."

Jaime King and Kyle Newman are in an all-out war for their kids ... with Kyle now saying he needs sole physical custody because her alleged opioid and alcohol addiction is out of control.

The director requested an emergency hearing Friday morning, asking the judge to let him take custody of their 6 and 4-year-old sons, James and Leo. According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Kyle claims the actress/model has "spent the last decade high" and refuses to get any meaningful help for her opioid addictions.

Kyle says things came to a head on January 12, when he and 14 of Jaime's friends staged an intervention ... begging her to get help. He gave her an ultimatum -- get treatment "or the kids and I need to leave for their own safety."

Kyle claims Jaime went to Cirque Lodge rehab facility in Utah, but left shortly after arriving because she tried to check in with a bunch of pills on her ... including Adderall and Clonazepam.

In the docs, he says Jaime was working in Canada in early February and asked him to send the boys to spend a couple weeks with her -- but 3 days into the visit she sent them back to Kyle. He claims she later admitted she was having an affair and using booze and drugs at the time.

Kyle says he and the boys have been quarantining in Pennsylvania, and Jaime has only seen them for 3 days in the past 2 months. On May 15, he says he and Jaime were laying out plans to divorce, when she accused him of "stealing" their kids ... even though she was the one who insisted they go to Pennsylvania. He tried to reassure her, but claims she got angrier and threatened to ruin him.

TMZ broke the story ... Jaime filed divorce docs on May 18, and also requested a restraining order to keep Kyle away from her and the kids. As we reported, the judge ruled the boys could remain with Kyle, who says Jaime blindsided him with her court filings.

Two nannies and one of Jaime's former assistants submitted declarations, describing her alleged addiction to opioids, and claim she's putting the children at risk by -- among other things -- driving with them while under the influence.

Kyle is asking for sole physical custody, shared legal custody and wants Jaime out of the family home in L.A. ... so he can live there with their sons.

Friday morning, the judge rejected his emergency order for custody, and said both sides can argue their cases at a later court date. So for now, it's status quo ... the kids can remain with Kyle in Pennsylvania.

We've reached out to Jaime's camp, but no word back yet.

Originally Published -- 12:08 PM PT

Man Named Jesus Confesses After Vandalizing Church ... Arrested In N.C.

A North Carolina man named Jesus has confessed after vandalizing a local church's historic stained glass window ... this according to cops.

Police arrested Jesus Jose Arellano after he used a foot-long sandstone rock to smash a Tiffany glass window at Grace Moravian Church. The stained glass window, which dates back nearly 100 years to 1925, now has a 2-square-foot hole thanks to Jesus.

Cops say Jesus confessed to his sins when he was arrested the day after the vandalism -- in a nearby cemetery, no less. Jesus was charged with injury to real property.

Jesus had to work pretty hard to vandalize the church ... cops say he used the sandstone to break through 6 inches of Plexiglass before smashing the stained glass window.

Neil Ruth, the church's pastor told WXII the Grace Moravian is a symbol of kindness in its Mount Airy community, and he found it odd Jesus would do such a thing.

Ruth says the congregation is upset by the vandalism, but also concerned about Jesus.

Ahmaud Arbery Videographer William Bryan Confined Victim ... Charged with False Imprisonment, Murder

Exclusive Details

7:20 AM PT -- Authorities say Bryan was cutting off Arbery while Travis and Gregory McMichael were chasing Ahmaud.

According to new docs, Bryan "did attempt to confine and detain Ahmaud Arbery without legal authority, by attempting to confine ..." adding, Bryan was "utilizing his vehicle on multiple occasions during the above time frame, with the intention of confining and detaining Arbery."

So, the felony is false imprisonment, and if such a felony results in someone's murder, that person can be charged with felony murder.

5:40 AM PT -- 5/22 -- TMZ has just obtained Roddie's mug shot.

3:21 PM PT -- Attorneys for Ahmaud's parents -- S. Lee Merritt, Benjamin Crump and L. Chris Stewart -- tell TMZ ... the family is relieved Bryan has been taken into custody.

The legal team says ... "We called for his arrest from the very beginning of this process. His involvement in the murder of Mr. Arbery was obvious to us, to many around the country and after their thorough investigation, it was clear to the GBI as well."

The lawyers say the family's "thankful for the diligence of the GBI and the way in which they tirelessly pursued the evidence in this case."

William "Roddie" Bryan, the man who recorded the video of Ahmaud Arbery's killing, is now the third suspect to be arrested for the young man's murder.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation just announced the arrest, saying Bryan's been hit with charges of felony murder and criminal attempt to commit false imprisonment.


The GBI says the charges stem from the February 23 incident that resulted in Arbery's death. Bryan will be booked into the Glynn County Jail.


As we reported ... Roddie claimed he was simply a witness to the slaying and had zero involvement with what went down between Arbery and the 2 men previously arrested for his murder -- Gregory and Travis McMichael.

Bryan said after his video leaked online that he was fearful for his life and was receiving death threats. The GBI said Bryan and his video were under investigation, and he was initially named in the police report for allegedly trying to block Ahmaud during the chase while he was jogging. Bryan denied any involvement, though.

As we told you ... Arbery's family and legal team strongly believed Bryan was involved in the incident, along with the McMichaels, and wants him to face justice.

Originally Published -- 3/21 3:06 PM PT

'Ink Master' Star Daniel Silva Devastated By Corey La Barrie's Death ... Attorney Confident He's Not Guilty of Murder


"Ink Master" star Daniel Silva is reeling from the fatal car crash that killed his friend, YouTube star Corey La Barrie ... according to his attorney, who's confident Daniel will beat a murder charge.

Sources close to Daniel tell TMZ ... Silva had been working hard all day leading up to the deadly crash, and showed up to Corey's birthday party totally sober. We're also told Daniel was only at the party for 2 hours, but was seen drinking White Claw hard seltzer.

We broke the story ... Daniel was arrested and charged with 2nd-degree murder after wrecking a black McLaren sports car earlier this month. Corey, his passenger in the car, died from injuries suffered in the crash. They had just left Corey's 25th birthday party.

Daniel's attorney, Mike Cavalluzzi, tells TMZ ... Silva "This is a horrible tragedy and our hearts go out to Corey's family and friends. We are reviewing all of the evidence and will reserve comment for a later time. For now, it is most important that everyone involved is given time and space to grieve."

Remember ... our law enforcement sources say witnesses claim Silva allegedly tried to flee the scene but was stopped by bystanders. Witnesses also say Daniel was drinking before getting in the driver's seat, but he has NOT been charged with DUI.

We're told Cavalluzzi believes prosecutors will not be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt Daniel was driving drunk. He says the crash was nothing more than a horrible accident.

Aaron Judge's GF DUI Arrest Video ... 'Do You Know Who My Boyfriend Is?!?'


Aaron Judge's GF brought up her relationship with the Yankees star during a DUI arrest in February ... straight-up asking officers during the stop, "Do you know who my boyfriend is?!"

It's all in new police video obtained by TMZ Sports ... which shows Judge's longtime GF, Samantha Bracksieck, name-dropping the NYY outfielder several times to arresting officers.

And, spoiler alert ... it didn't go so well for her.

Here's the deal ... the 26-year-old was pulled over at around midnight on Feb. 25 in Scottsdale, AZ after cops say they spotted her driving without her headlights on.

During questioning ... video shows she admitted to an officer she drank two glasses of wine at Mastro's Steakhouse before getting behind the wheel.

When cops suspected her of being too drunk to drive ... they put her through field sobriety tests and administered a breathalyzer. And, after they say she bombed the tests and blew a .12 ... they put the cuffs on her.

That's when Samantha became standoffish toward officers ... telling them, "Do you understand what you're doing right now?"

"I just need to get home," she added. "Do you know who my boyfriend is?!"

The officers responded, "We don't."

"This is going to be bad for me," Sam continued. "I'm just saying that right now."

Officers didn't even ask a follow-up and put her in the back of a squad car ... but that's when she pulled the Judge card a few more times to another cop.

"My boyfriend is not in a spot where I should be, like, having this happen," Bracksieck said. "He's like a public figure. So, like, me being arrested for, like, having two glasses of wine is not okay."

Bracksieck continued, "My boyfriend is in the spotlight of New York media in general. And, now here I am handcuffed here in Arizona ... like, that is not good."

The cop clearly didn't care all that much ... and eventually took Bracksieck to the station, where officers say in the police report they tested her breath two more times -- claiming she blew a .169 and .181.

Prosecutors ultimately hit Samantha with five charges over the incident, including extreme DUI -- which is classified as a BAC of .15-.19.

Samantha -- who's due in court for a hearing on the case in June -- is facing jail time and fines if she's convicted.

We've reached out to Bracksieck and the Yankees for comment ... but so far, no word back yet.

Fetty Wap's Estranged Wife Alleges He's a Booze-Hound Abusive Cheater ... Fetty Wap Denies It


Fetty Wap's estranged wife is blowing the lid off what led to their divorce ... alleging the rapper was an alcohol and drug abuser who cheated on and beat her, but Fetty's calling BS.

Leandra Gonzalez filed legal docs claiming Fetty -- government name Willie Maxwell -- beat her face to a pulp less than a month after getting married back on August 3, 2019 in Toronto. She also claims the marriage was severely impacted by his drug and alcohol abuse.

According to docs, obtained by TMZ, Leandra claims they got into an argument that turned physical. She claims Fetty struck her in the face with a closed fist causing her pain, bruising, and a black eye.

Leandra claims the substance abuse was a problem during their short marriage. As for the adultery claims ... Leandra claims Fetty engaged in extra-marital affairs with several women. What's more ... Leandra claims back on New Year's Eve, Fetty traveled to the Bahamas with a woman with whom he'd been having an on-going affair. Leandra also claims about a month before that trip, Fetty got the name of one of his mistresses tattooed on his wrist.

Fetty denies he was ever physically, verbally or emotionally abusive in the marriage. The rapper also denies abusing booze or weed. He also flatly denies ever taking a trip to the Bahamas with another woman or getting a woman's name tattooed on his wrist.

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