Offset Droppin' Big Money at Casino ... No Cardi B in Sight

Migo-ing for Broke

Offset might've spent Valentine's Day with estranged wife Cardi B ... but it seems he's enjoying some alone time on the weekend -- gambling away down in Florida.

We got video of the rapper at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida playing cards on his own Saturday night.

Eyewitnesses tell TMZ ... Offset played for about two or three hours, tossing down an average of between $1,500 and $2,000 a hand.

We're told he wasn't playing a high-limit table ... but, we're told that didn't stop him from dropping a few grand -- pretty obvious from the frustrated expression on his face.


Offset lettin' it ride comes at the end of a pretty noteworthy week in his love life ... we broke the story, the estranged couple grabbed dinner at Carbone in Miami Beach on the day of love -- trying to stagger their entrances to avoid drawing attention.

Didn't exactly work out ... the dinner caused a flurry of speculation about the estranged couple -- who've admitted to getting it on recently -- but, as far as we know, the pair aren't back together.

The couple announced they were splitting up at the beginning of December, but they've seemingly kept things amicable -- spending major holidays with the kids. So dinner on V-Day sans children raised some eyebrows.

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Seems they're not spending every waking minute together though ... 'cause Offset scheduled a date with Lady Luck instead!!!

Cardi B y Offset Disfrutan de una cena en Miami para San Valentín... ¿Aún así no están juntos?

Cardi B pasó San Valentín con su separado esposo Offset, y aunque no se ven muy separados aquí, todavía tienen que confirmar que están definitivamente juntos de nuevo.

La rapera ha tenido a los fans adivinando sobre el estado de su relación con su maridito últimamente. Pasó tiempo con él en fechas clave como Navidad y Año Nuevo e incluso ha dejado que todo el mundo se entere de que han estado pasando tiempo juntos, a pesar de que anunciaron su separación a principios de diciembre.

Cita juntos

Bueno, este es solo el último episodio de su confusa montaña rusa y este miércoles, para San Valentín, estuvieron enviando nuevamente señales mixtas tras aparecer en el restaurante Carbone de Miami Beach para celebrar el día del amor.

La pareja llegó al restaurante italiano juntos y Offset entró unos minutos después.

Él claramente se estaba tomando su tiempo para saludar a los fanáticos y curiosos, incluso compartiendo un abrazo con uno de ellos. Al final, salieron pasada la medianoche y Cardi estuvo firmando algunos autógrafos antes de dirigirse a su vehículo juntos.

Así que, sí están juntos, no hay cuestionamiento en este punto, especialmente en el día V.

Por supuesto, sabemos que Cardi se enfureció con los fanáticos que estaban especulando sobre ellos. La rapera ha hecho descargos en línea, a veces sugiriendo que NO están juntos. Sí, todo es muy confuso y ellos no han proporcionan mucha claridad.

Lo que sea que esté pasando, obviamente, significa que están en buenos términos, o al menos lo suficientemente bien como para pasar juntos un día tan especial como San Valentín. Así que pueden sacar sus propias conclusiones.

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Es seguro decir que Cardi & Offset están arreglando las cosas a su propio ritmo. Feliz Día de San Valentín para ustedes dos.


Cardi B spent Valentine's Day with her estranged husband, Offset -- and while they don't look very estranged here ... they have yet to definitively confirm they're back together.

The rapper's been keeping fans guessing about her relationship status with her hubby lately --- spending time with him on key dates such as Xmas and New Year's ... and even letting everyone know they've banged as of late -- despite having announced their split in early December.


Well, this is just the latest confusing curveball -- they were at it again with mixed signals for Valentine's Day ... hitting up Carbone in Miami Beach for the lovey-dovey holiday Wednesday.

Check it out, the pair arrived at the Italian eatery together ... and Offset went inside a few minutes after Cardi, seemingly trying to stagger themselves.

He was clearly taking his time to greet fans/onlookers, even sharing a hug with one of them. In the end, however, they emerged together after midnight, with Cardi holding her phone up to her face while signing some autographs before they headed into their vehicle together.

So, yeah ... they're together -- no questioning it now at this point, especially on V-day.

Of course, we know Cardi's gone off on people speculating on where things stand between them -- she's gone on online tirades on Twitter randos, at times suggesting they are NOT, in fact, together. Yes, it's all very confusing -- and they haven't provided much clarity.

Whatever the hell is going on -- obviously, they're on good enough terms to hang on a very special day in the year that's for lovers ... so you can draw your own conclusions.

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Safe to say, C&O are working through things on their own timeline -- happy Valentine's Day, you two.

Larsa Pippen, Marcus Jordan 'Pause' Can't Keep Us Apart ... Duo Breaks Bread On V-Day

Pause, shmause -- Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan spent the most romantic night of the year together on Wednesday ... enjoying a Valentine's Day dinner fresh off putting their romance on ice.

Sources tell TMZ Sports ... the couple hit up ZZ's Members Club in Miami's Design District, where they looked very much like a couple throughout their meal.

Break Up Or Make Up?

Of course, this all comes on the heels of the two pumping the breaks on their romance ... as our sources told us earlier this week they had some trust issues to work on, among other snags.

But the two apparently stayed attached at the hip the entire day -- as we reported, they were also spotted buying roses at a Miami flower shop and Larsa's house on Wednesday.

So either Larcus figured out their problems and are back to normal, or they can at least put their drama on the back burner in the public eye.

Larsa and Marcus were first spotted together back in 2022 ... and have even sparked engagement rumors in the past, and Michael Jordan's son has consistently said a marriage is in the works.

Regardless, it sounds like this relationship hit a detour ... but it ain't heading for Splitsville.

Millie Bobby Brown Cannolis y compras en Nueva York V-Day con Jake Bongiovi

Millie Bobby Brown y Jake Bongiovi disfrutaron de un discreto San Valentín en Nueva York, haciendo algunas compras y probando unos deliciosos pasteles.

La estrella de "Stranger Things" y su prometido pasearon por Chinatown el miércoles por la noche, parando a echar un vistazo a algunas tiendas, incluyendo una divertida galería.


Millie y Jake, el hijo de Jon Bon Jovi, se abrigaron con chaquetas y una bufanda de colores, pero Millie aún tenía un poco de frío y terminó comprando un par de guantes.

Después de pasear por Chinatown, la pareja se dirigió a Little Italy y compró una caja de cannolis de Ferrara Bakery. Millie sonrió antes de darles un mordisco y Jake captó su emoción con una selfie. Tenemos que decir que tenían una pinta deliciosa.

Millie y Jake llevan casi un año comprometidos. Su romance comenzó en 2021, cuando empezaron a publicar fotos juntos.

Los cannolis quedan increíble con el café y estos tortolitos pidieron unos y luego se subieron a un taxi. Simple, pero eficaz y sin duda romántico.

TMZ investiga
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Echa un vistazo a la galería. Millie y Jake no necesitan nada lujoso para disfrutar su V-Day.

Millie Bobby Brown Cannolis and Shopping In NYC ... V-Day With Jake Bongiovi

Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi enjoyed a low-key Valentine's Day in New York City ... doing some window shopping and chowing down on pastries.

The "Stranger Things" star and her fiancé strolled arm in arm through Chinatown on Wednesday night, stopping to browse around a few shops ... including a fun-looking arcade.


Millie and Jake, the son of Jon Bon Jovi, bundled up with jackets and a colorful scarf ... but she still got cold ... and Millie ended up buying a pair of gloves.

After walking around Chinatown, the couple hoofed it over to Little Italy and picked up a box of cannolis from Ferrara Bakery. Millie smiled before taking a bite, and Jake captured her excitement with a selfie. We gotta say, it looks pretty damn yummy.

Millie and Jake have been engaged almost a year now -- and their romance reportedly first popped off sometime in 2021, when they first started posting pics together.

Cannolis go great with coffee, and these longtime lovebirds ordered some java and then hopped in a cab. Simple, yet effective ... and definitely romantic, no doubt.

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Check out the gallery ... Millie and Jake don't need anything fancy to enjoy their V-Day.

Rihanna, A$AP Rocky Besos y más besos en el Día de San Valentín!!!

Un San Valentín especial

Fueron solo Rihanna y A$AP Rocky este Día de San Valentín, además, por supuesto, de un montón de paparazzi que trolearon a la pareja mientras intentaba pasar un tiempo a solas.

Echa un vistazo a este video, donde la pareja aparece compartiendo varios abrazos cariñosos mientras están siendo observados por unos fotógrafos desde algún punto del restaurante César swanky el miércoles en París, y lo más divertido es escuchar los comentarios que estos hacen en francés mientras ellos se están abrazando.

Ahora, no es que hablemos el francés muy fluido, pero por su tono definitivamente parece que se están burlando de ellos hasta que A$AP se da cuenta.

Es seguro decir, que con la ventana de cristal que había entre ellos, probablemente no se dio cuenta de que estaban siendo objeto de burlas o comentarios, pues decidió sonreír y saludar a los paparazzi, apenas se dio cuenta.

Al parecer estaba en las nubes y la razón es obvia: estaba saliendo con Rihanna, que se veía increíble en un vestido de seda y un bolero de piel.

La pareja ha pasado mucho tiempo en Francia últimamente. El mes pasado, se reunieron con el presidente francés Emmanuel Macron y Rihanna también asistió a Paris Fashion Week, ¿quién puede olvidar su encuentro con Natalie Portman?

No está claro si se quedarán en París para celebrar el cumpleaños de Rihanna el próximo 20 de febrero. Pero no importa, donde quiera que estén la cantante va a ser mimada con lujosos regalos de su esposo.

A$AP le dijo a TMZ Hip Hop a principios de este mes que no le era difícil encontrar un regalo para su dama porque tiene buen gusto y sabe lo que busca.

TMZ investiga
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¡¿Suponemos que un montón de diamantes?!

RIHANNA, A$AP ROCKY Trolled by Parisian Paps ... Baiser, Baiser on Valentine's Day!!!


It was just Rihanna and A$AP Rocky on Valentine's Day ... plus, of course, a whole bunch of paps who trolled the hell out of the couple as they tried having some alone time.

Check out this hysterical video ... the couple shares several cozy hugs while blissfully unaware they're being watched inside the swanky César restaurant Wednesday in Paris -- all against the backdrop of hilarious French commentary by the photogs.

Now, we're not exactly fluent in French over here ... but by their tone, it definitely looks like they're poking fun at them for a while before A$AP realizes quite the crowd has gathered behind him.

Safe to say, with the glass window between them, he probably didn't realize they were being mocked ... choosing to wave and smile at the paps, so he was a good sport about it all.

He was apparently on cloud nine, and the reason why is obvious -- he's dating Rihanna, who looked incredible in a silk slip dress and a furry bolero ... so it's clear why he couldn't keep his hands off her.

The couple have been spending a lot of time in France recently. Just last month, they met up with French President Emmanuel Macron, and Rihanna also attended PFW -- who can forget that meeting with Natalie Portman?!

It's unclear if they'll stay in Paris for Rihanna's bday on February 20. But, no matter where they'll be ... looks like the singer's gonna be showered with lavish gifts from her boo.

A$AP told TMZ Hip Hop earlier this month that finding the right gift for his lady is easy peasy 'cause he has good taste and knows what to look for.

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We're assuming a whole lotta diamonds then?!


Bruce Willis' wife, Emma Heming, paid a heartwarming Valentine's tribute to him ... letting the actor, who is battling dementia, know that he'll always have her by his side.

"Love is a beautiful thing ❤️ Wishing you all a Happy Valentine's Day 🫶🏽," Emma wrote in an IG post Wednesday, which shows the 68-year-old "Die Hard" actor's face pressed up to her while posing at Niagara Falls.

She revealed in the comments it was an old school photo from March 2010, which was two years after they went public with their romance.

Emma's love for Bruce is clearly stronger than her ... proving she'll never leave his side, especially amid his grueling dementia battle. His family announced his aphasia diagnosis two years ago, and his retirement from acting.

Bruce's condition worsened exactly one year ago when he was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia.


Emma's spoken candidly of his health ... telling 'Today' that it's "hard to know" how aware he is and he'd lost the ability to make decisions for himself -- and it looks to be taking a toll on her, too, as she's become his caretaker.

Of course, Bruce has a huge family ... and the rest of his nearest and dearest, including his ex, Demi Moore, and all of his adult children, have stepped in to help, too.

TMZ Studios

Family always has a way of pulling through, especially when times get tough.

Emma Heming publica un emotivo post de San Valentín

La esposa de Bruce Willis -Emma Heming- hizo un conmovedor homenaje de San Valentín, haciéndole saber al actor que siempre la tendrá a su lado.

"El amor es algo hermoso ❤️ les deseo a todos un Feliz Día de San Valentín 🫶🏽", escribió Emma en un post de Insta el miércoles, que muestra la cara del actor de 68 años de "Duro De Matar" apretada contra ella mientras posaba en las cataratas del Niágara.

Ella reveló en los comentarios que se trataba de una vieja foto escolar de marzo de 2010, es decir, dos años después de que hicieran público su romance.

El amor de Emma por Bruce es claramente muy fuerte, demostrando que nunca se separará de su lado, especialmente en medio de su agotadora batalla contra la demencia. Su familia anunció su diagnóstico de afasia hace dos años y su retiro de la actuación.

La condición de Bruce empeoró hace exactamente un año, cuando se le diagnosticó demencia frontotemporal.


Emma ha hablado con franqueza de su salud, diciendo en "Today" que es "difícil saber" lo consciente que es y que había perdido la capacidad de tomar decisiones por sí mismo  ahora es ella quien tomó las riendas de su cuidado.

Por supuesto, Bruce tiene una gran familia, y el resto de sus seres más cercanos y queridos, incluyendo a su ex -Demi Moore- y todos sus hijos adultos han intervenido para ayudar.

tmz investiga
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La familia siempre sabe salir adelante, sobre todo cuando los tiempos se ponen difíciles.

Joaquin Phoenix & Lady Gaga Get Up Close And Personal ... In New 'Joker' Movie Pics

Lady Gaga and Joaquin Phoenix celebrated their love for one another on Valentine's Day, but it's not what you might think ... their affection was only on display for the new 'Joker' movie.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Todd Phillips, director of the upcoming "Joker: Folie 'a Deux," posted three photos on Instagram Wednesday, showing Phoenix as Arthur Fleck, better known as the infamous Joker, and Gaga as his criminal sidekick Dr. Harleen Quinzel, AKA Harley Quinn.

In the snaps, Phoenix and Gaga literally seem gaga for each other, while dressed in their costumes and makeup. The photos show them standing face-to-face and nose-to-nose, as well as slow dancing on a rooftop, during which Phoenix dips Gaga with her arm swung around his neck.

Under the photos, Phillips wrote in the caption, "Hoping your day is full of love. 10.4.24." October 4th is the film's scheduled release date.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Last Valentine's Day, Phillips posted an IG photo of Phoenix and Gaga in their characters, apparently in the throes of maniacal sex with their red lipstick smeared across their faces. Phillips has also uploaded several other spooky images of the stars on set.

TMZ Studios

Specific details about the forthcoming flick have been kept under wraps. Yet, based on what has trickled out so far, the sequel to the original 2019 "Joker" film should be one helluva ride.

Joaquin Phoenix y Lady Gaga Comparten nuevas fotos del "Joker"

Lady Gaga y Joaquin Phoenix celebraron su amor en el Día de San Valentín, pero no es lo que se podría pensar, su afecto solo tiene que ver con la nueva película del "Joker".

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Todd Phillips, director de la próxima película "Joker: Folie 'a Deux", publicó tres fotos en Instagram el miércoles, que muestran a Phoenix en el personaje de Arthur Fleck, más conocido como el infame Joker, y a Gaga, en el de su compañera criminal la Dra. Harleen Quinzel, alias Harley Quinn.

En las fotos, Phoenix y Gaga parecen literalmente flechados el uno por el otro, mientras lucen vestidos y maquillados en sus icónicos personajes. Ambos están de pie, cara a cara, como si estuvieran bailando un lento en una azotea.

Bajo las fotos, Phillips escribió: "Espero que su día esté lleno de amor. 10.4.24." El 4 de octubre es la fecha prevista para el estreno de la película.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

El pasado San Valentín, Phillips publicó una foto de Phoenix y Gaga en sus personajes, aparentemente en medio de una escena de sexo, con el pintalabios rojo esparcido en la cara de ambos. Phillips también ha subido otras curiosas fotos de las estrellas en el set.

TMZ investiga
TMZ Studios

Los detalles específicos de la próxima película aún se han mantenido en secreto. Sin embargo, basándonos en lo que se ha filtrado hasta ahora, la secuela de la película original del "Joker" de 2019 debería ser un viaje infernal.


Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan are hanging out in public again -- the first time, in fact, since we revealed they'd taken a break amid a rough patch ... and boy, that was fast!

The couple was spotted together at Trias Flowers & Gifts in Miami on Wednesday -- AKA, Valentine's Day -- confirming our earlier report that they are very much on amicable, talking terms while figuring things out romantically. As it turns out, they're still seeing each other too.

Break Up Or Make Up?

The duo was photographed waiting in line at the flower shop ... and eyewitnesses tell us they appeared to leave the store with a huge vase and bouquet of 1-2 dozen roses.

From the looks of it, they're putting in the work to get their relationship back on track, and quite quickly ... seems V-Day's giving them the perfect opportunity to do exactly that.

BTW, Marcus and Larsa were also seen going to her pad in Miami on Wednesday -- so they were out and about together ... and weren't really hiding it either. On its face, it seems to suggest that their "break" might be coming to an end ... or at least nearing that anyway.

Again, they were at the florist ... and also at her house. Ya gotta figure they'll be spending the evening together as well.

We broke the story ... MJ and LP pressed pause in their relationship and were figuring out how to move forward romantically while remaining on good terms -- but they appear to have figured out some things in short order.

Our sources told us their split wasn't caused by one specific thing. Instead, they've just hit a difficult patch in their relationship.

But the fact that they're still communicating and going out to get flowers is a promising sign that things are bloomin' back into place.

TMZ Studios

It's almost like they never even broke up in the first place.

San Valentín 2024 Famosos se ponen modo Cupido... Rosas, chocolates y besos

Hollywood sabe cómo celebrar y los famosos ya sintonizaron en su modo cupido para este Día de San Valentín, comprando rosas y chocolates y dejando surgir el romance.

El presentador de "Catfish" Nev Schulman está desnudando su amor por todos mientras luce abriendo una caja de bombones en la cama con su esposa Laura Perlongo. Los dos están en topless, así que se ve que están de humor.

Al igual que Nev y Laura, hay otras parejas que dan ganas de imitar como Alicia Keys y Swizz Beatz.  Mientras tanto, Victoria y David Beckham se están besuqueando en la playa con una hermosa puesta de sol de fondo. Romance en su máxima expresión.

No te olvides de las flores, Charlie Puth se aseguró de enviarle a su novia Brooke Sansone un hermoso ramo de rosas. Bien hecho, Charlie.

Los solteros también están compartiendo su amor. Sam Asghari, por ejemplo, todavía tiene sus rosas y chocolates y, por supuesto, hay un montón de reuniones Galentine's también.

TMZ investiga
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Echa un vistazo a la galería. Hollywood está pintando la ciudad de rojo.

Valentine's Day 2024 Celebs Going All Cupid ... Roses, Chocolates, Kisses

Hollywood knows how to do holidays ... and celebs are going all cupid for Valentine's Day ... breaking out the roses and chocolates, and pouring the romance on thick.

"Catfish" host Nev Schulman is baring his love for all ... opening a box of chocolates in bed with his wife Laura Perlongo ... they're both topless, so you know they're in the mood.

Like Nev and Laura, there's some serious #CoupleGoals vibes from Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz ... these lovebirds are catching flights and feelings.

Meanwhile, Victoria and David Beckham are smooching on the beach with a beautiful sunset background. Romance at its finest.

Don't forget the flowers ... Charlie Puth made sure to send his fiancée Brooke Sansone a beautiful rose bouquet. Nicely done, Charlie.

Single celebs are sharing the love too ... Sam Asghari's still got his roses and chocolates ... and of course, there's a bunch of Galentine's get-togethers too.

TMZ Studios

Check out the gallery ... Hollywood is painting the town red.

V-Day Drug Bust Cop Dresses as Teddy Bear ... Lures Suspect for Arrest!!!

Teddy Bear Bust

A cop in Peru got creative this week to lure out a suspected drug dealer -- and it seems their holiday-themed scheme worked to a T ... teddy bear costumes usually do the trick, right?

Check out this wild video out of Lima ... which shows police officers going undercover and committing to the bit, full stop -- with one cop getting into a whole ass bear costume, complete with props and everything.

It's pretty clear what's happening -- ahead of Valentine's Day, they wanted to attempt to arrest a woman they suspected of drug dealing ... and figured an in-person telegram would do it.

As it turns out -- they were right. The lady they were after did, indeed, come outside to see what the deal was ... and once she was in their sights, the officers moved and pinned her to the ground.

You can hear the lady say she hasn't done anything and didn't have anything on her -- but they cuffed her anyway and searched her apartment after.

Unclear if they ended up finding any drugs on her -- but they dragged her to the station for booking, it seems. Operation V-Day can be considered a success ... con amor, por supuesto.

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Happy Valentine's Day!

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