Bianca Censori and Kanye West Afternoon of BBQ and Bikinis ... Out to Lunch in Tiny Top!!!

Kanye West and Bianca Censori are dressed for the hot summer weather ... 'cause she settled on a tiny metallic bikini covering just the bare minimum of her boobs!

The rapper and his wife hit up Bludso's BBQ in Los Angeles Saturday ... and, ya gotta check out the pics 'cause BC's top's putting in some hard work to contain her chest.

Bianca's bikini's really only covering her nipples, quite frankly ... and, her spandex short bottoms ain't hiding much downstairs either.

Star Eater Geoff Esper Major League Eating Should Act ... After Cheating Scandal


The competitive eating world was rocked for the second time in as many months -- this time with an alleged cheating controversy involving Nick Wehry -- with star eater Geoff Esper telling TMZ Sports something needs to be done!

Earlier this week, the NY Post reported Wehry, hubby of the 10-time mustard belt champion Miki Sudo, was accused of adding a plate to his final tally at the 2024 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating contest on the Fourth of July.

At the time, NW denied the allegations, saying he "stole nothing."

Chow Down With These Salty Stars Eating Fries ... Happy Fry-day!

It's National French Fry Day y'all, so what better way to celebrate than with Hollywood's hottest fry lovers?! Check out our gallery and chow down with sizzlin' stars like Karol G, Gigi Hadid, J Balvin and lots more ... There's plenty to go around🍟!

Have a Fry-tastic Fry-day!

Kendrick Lamar Tam's Burgers Owner Says K. Dot Gets Lifetime Carte Blanche!!!


Kendrick Lamar's "Not Like Us" video brought big business to his hometown fast-food spot and its owner says the Compton rapper has his pick of the menu -- for life!!!

TMZ Hip Hop spoke with Spiro Vovos, owner of Tam's Burgers this week and he tells us the first few days following the premiere of "Not Like Us" on July 4 were exciting, to say the least.

Kendrick and Mustard shot several scenes in front and inside the Compton Tam's ... Spiro says the euphoria has died down a bit but their managers tallied upwards of 40% increases at one point!!!

Beastie Boys Sue Chili's Chili's Didn't Have Our Baby Backs!!! So We're Suing Them for Jacking Our Song

Beastie Boys are accusing Chili's of committing the ultimate party foul on their legacy ... using one of their songs without permission -- and it happens to be their classic hit "Sabotage" at that!!!

According to court docs obtained by TMZ Hip Hop ... surviving Beastie Boys members Michael Diamond, Adam Horovitz and the late member Adam "MCA" Yauch's widow claim Brinker, the parent company of Chili's, jacked the band's iconic, 1994 music video for a commercial.

The lawsuit alleges Chili's ran an ad on social media in November 2022, synchronizing the famous track and styling it after the Spike Jonze-directed video. The video featured three characters wearing the same conspicuous '70s-style disguises as the Beasties ... where they comically rob a Chili's restaurant of its secret ingredients.

Margarita Funnel Couple Warning: A Little Tequila Up the Butt Will Get You Arrested!!!

Jose Cuervo is not a friend of a Georgia couple who engaged in some gross margarita shenanigans ... because they've both been busted.

The man -- who tried funneling a drink down the woman's ass -- has been ID'd as Joe Boyett. He, along with Mary Sweat, were arrested for misdemeanor public indecency ... after video of their hijinks went viral.

As if their clowning wasn't bad enough, Mary triggered the arrest after she went to cops and complained someone had leaked the video and it was spreading like wildfire on social media. Up to that point, police were in the dark, but once they saw the video the couple got arrested.

Competitive Eater Nick Wehry Cheater, Cheater, Hot Dog Eater??? ... Denies Claim


2:14 PM PT -- Wehry is maintaining his innocence ... but is now asking MLE to adjust his score back to 46.75 dogs over the fact he touched an opponent's plates, which "gives the appearance or possibility of impropriety," he told the Post.

Competitive eater Nick Wehry -- husband of women's champ Miki Sudo -- is facing bombshell allegations stemming from this year's hot dog contest ... being accused of cheating to increase his end result.

This year's fourth-place finisher was initially handed a score of 46.75 tube steaks eaten at Thursday's Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island ... but after a recount, his total was changed to 51.75.

As we previously reported, Patrick Bertoletti won the Joey Chestnut-less outing after downing 58 weenies.

Kevin Durant Logan Paul + KSI Sign NBA Superstar ... Joins Mahomes, Judge!

If Red Bull gives you wings, Logan Paul and KSI's Prime Hydration is a rocket ship ... and the brand has literally (and figuratively) made its biggest move yet -- signing NBA great and future first-ballot Hall of Famer Kevin Durant to a sponsorship deal that'll see the seven-footer get his very own drink!

KD joins an already super impressive list of Prime partners ... including Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Judge, Tyreek Hill, and Israel Adesanya, among other stars from baseball, football, soccer, boxing and MMA.

“What the PRIME team has built in such a short time is incredible, and I’m as excited about the growth of their business as I am about the product,” Durant said of the partnership, adding, “I’m looking forward to working together.”

Mexican Restaurant Hijinks Have a Margarita on Me, It's Crackin'!!!

This gives new meaning to "Bottoms Up!!!"

A man in Waycross, GA decided to buy a woman a drink at Rodeo Mexican Restaurant, but his orifice of choice was not her mouth.

The dude somehow got his hands on a funnel and tried his hardest to pour the drink down her butt. The funnel gets 86'd and he pours a pitcher of margarita right in between the crack.

Kendrick Lamar Beef Selling Beef!!! 'Not Like Us' Boosts Compton 🍔 Joint's Sales

Kendrick Lamar highlighting his hometown burger joint in his "Not Like Us" video is paying big dividends ... as the folks at Tam's Burgers say they're stacking bread and cheese, just like their signature dish!

TB manager Lauro Hernandez and his son Bryan Noe tell TMZ Hip Hop ... customers have been flooding their Rosecrans Ave location in Compton all weekend, after K. Dot released the smash music vid on July 4.

They say many fans who came in, told them "Not Like Us" was the reason for their visit -- and while they still have steady support from locals, Lauro and Bryan say they're picking up lots of tourist business.

Slutty Vegan's Pinky Cole Calls Out Rival Restaurant for Adding Meat to Menu


Slutty Vegan founder Pinky Cole is weighing in on the controversy surrounding Sage Regenerative Kitchen & Brewery ... calling out their vegan rival for adding meat and cheese to its menu.

ICYMI ... earlier in June, protesters began picketing in front of various locations for the Los Angeles chain after they switched up their vegan menu by adding non-vegan items. While the restaurant has defended its right to change things up, local vegans -- and now Pinky -- do not agree.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

For Pinky, who just launched her Los Angeles residency for Slutty Vegan, slammed SRK's decision as a "big no-no."

'Great British Baking Show' Contestant Dawn Hollyoak Dead at 61

'Great British Baking Show' 2022 contestant Dawn Hollyoak has died at the age of 61.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Dawn's death was announced on her Instagram page on Friday, July 5.

Dawn hailed from Bedfordshire and was an IT manager before she joined the show ... and appeared on seven episodes.

Celebrities Grilling ... Sizzling Stars!

We've been busy marinating Hollywood's finest folks and by the looks of what's goin' down on their grills ... your eyes are about to be pleasantly full! The holiday weekend ain't over yet ... so grab another plate and meat your maker!

It's burgers for the ballers, Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman who doubled up on the meat and patties ... you already know where to find Ramona Singer: heatin' up at her South Hampton home and feast your eyes on Harry Jowsey's perfectly charred wieners!

See what's cooking in Hollywood with our gallery of sizzlin' stars putting food on the table!

Nathan's Hotdog Eating Contest Miki Sudo & Patrick Bertoletti Prevail ... After Joey Chestnut Drama


Joey Chestnut may not have competed in the annual Nathan's Famous Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest on Coney Island ... but the competition was still a memorable one.

First up, Miki Sudo made history with her recent win at the annual contest ... as she set a new world record in the women's division. The dental hygiene student from Florida nabbed her 10th women's title Thursday, where she consumed 51 hot dogs in 10 minutes ... 11 and 1/2 more than last year's competition.

Miki beat her own personal best, as she previously ate 48 and 1/2 hot dogs in a prior competition. Remember, 48 and 1/2 hot dogs was the women's world record heading into Thursday's competition.

Angel Reese In Talks With Reese's ... Hershey's Deal Incoming?!?

Angel Reese's Reese's Pieces could be coming to a grocery store near you ... TMZ Sports has learned Hershey's is in talks with the WNBA superstar about a potential partnership.

The connection first playfully began after the Chicago Sky's thrilling win over Caitlin Clark's Indiana Fever late last month ... when Reese went to X to call her followers "Reese's pieces."

"Where yall at?????" she wrote.


Forget packing the chocolate, marshmallow and graham crackers, 'cause now you can slurp up all that goodness in one bowl ... of ramen! Yeah, that's not a typo.

Nissan Foods just dropped a limited-edition instant Cup Noodles flavor described as a "gooey, sweet noodle experience" to apparently satisfy your s'mores cravings beyond the great outdoors.

There's a bunch of sweet ingredients in this usually savory treat -- brown sugar, honey, molasses, and good ol' cocoa all mixed into these instant noodles.

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