Elon Musk Cybertruck Tough Enough for Malibu ... No Shattered Windows!!!

Elon Musk is taking his super cool looking Cybertruck out for real-world spins now -- and it made its debut in ... Malibu, of course.

The Tesla honcho rolled into Nobu Saturday night with the Cybertruck and some friends ... and his ride was instantly the biggest celeb in the always celeb-packed joint. Not shockingly, the valets left Cybertruck upfront, and patrons circled around it taking photos all night.

We know what you're thinking ... and no heavy objects were hurled at the whip's Armor Glass.


Elon eventually came out with actor Ed Norton in tow, who clearly wanted to catch a glimpse of the electric truck.

As you know, the innovative vehicle made its debut last month with a splashy live streamed event from SpaceX HQ -- but it didn't go as scripted when a demo ended with metal balls shattering the supposedly shatterproof glass.


Like many Hollywood celebs needing an image makeover -- Cybertruck put on its best dress and headed out for a photo op in the 'Bu.

Well played.

FaZe Banks Jarvis' Fortnite Ban Is Permanent ... But He's In Good Spirits!!!


FaZe Banks tells TMZ Sports that Jarvis' Fortnite ban is real -- saying there's NO CHANCE the kid plays the game again ... but he says the 17-year-old is still in good spirits regardless!!

"Jarvis is doing really good, man," Banks says. "He's holding in there."

As we previously reported, Jarvis was hit with a perma-suspension after he was caught using Aimbots during a recreational game that he streamed on his ultra-popular YouTube channel.

Essentially, Jarvis was cheating by illegally hacking the game so his guns could auto-focus on his opponents.

Turns out, Fortnite officials were SUPER pissed over the incident ... and gave him the boot from the game FOR LIFE!!!

Banks -- the founder of the clan Jarvis is a part of -- had previously told us there was at least some hope Jarvis could eventually be "freed" from the punishment.


But, Banks changed his tune when we got him out in L.A. last week ... saying, "The chances of him playing Fortnite are zero."

Good news, though ... Banks says the door is open for Jarvis to at least make SOME kind of Fortnite content in the future -- despite not being able to play it anymore.

Small consolation prize ... but hey -- beats working a 9-5, right???

Ozzy Osbourne $25k Reward for Stolen Music Gear Rhoads' Store Ransacked!!!


Ozzy Osbourne is willing to put some big dough if someone can help track down the thieves who looted a music school with ties to his late pal, Randy Rhoads ... we're talking thousands.

The Black Sabbath frontman posted some sad news Saturday about the Musonia School of Music in North Hollywood, saying it had recently been broken into and looted for a lot of its instruments and precious valuables. Ozzy says at least 6 items were taken by crooks.

Among them ... Randy's first electric guitar, as well as Randy's mother's Great Depression-era trumpet that she'd been gifted in childhood. High value, sentimental stuff, in other words.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Welp, Ozzy's got a solution of his own ... $25,000 of cold, hard cash in the form of a reward.

He writes, "I am heartbroken that these treasured physical memories of Randy and Delores have been taken from the family so I’ve decided to personally offer a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction and/or return of all stolen items."

Ozzy went on to put down contact info that people can reach out to if they got any leads. Considering the hefty bundle waiting for them, we imagine he'll be getting blown up.

Cardi B Nigerian Strippers LOVE Me!!! 1st Africa Gig Already LIT


Cardi B's gonna mess around and bring floods to Africa ... if she keeps making it rain the way she did in a Nigerian strip club ahead of what's going to be a historic gig for her.

Actually, Cardi's already making history if you ask the dancers inside the club she took over Friday night in the city of Lagos. Not only did seemingly EVERY stripper jump in a giant selfie with the rapper, but they went home covered in naira.

Here's your international travel tip for the day: Nigeria's currency is the naira, and Cardi came with stacks on stacks on stacks of 'em when she hit the VIP. The video is pretty insane.

While the DJ pumped Cardi's music, every stripper got a chance to entertain the queen.

Mind you, this is a business trip. Cardi's performing at the Livespot X Festival Saturday in Lagos, and then in neighboring Ghana on Sunday. This is Cardi's first time on the African continent, and she said on IG she wants to experience the "real" Nigeria ... not just a hotel.

She's off to a great start!!!

BTW, don't be alarmed by the video -- it's about 400 nairas to $1 US -- so Cardi won't go broke in the club.

Meg Ryan Sells Island Home for $9 Million!!! So Long Chappaquiddick

Getty Composite

Meg Ryan's no longer an island girl ... she's unloaded her Chappaquiddick Island mansion, and it's gotta connection with Barack and Michelle Obama's new island pad.

Our Massachusetts real estate sources tell us Meg just closed the deal to sell her 6,600-sq-ft crib for $9.125 million. She's been in the home -- which sits on just over 5 acres -- for about 10 years. We're told she bought it for about $6 million.

The spread has 7 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and isn't far from the water to the east and west. Translation: tremendous sunrise and sunset views from inside the home.

We know all you history buffs are wondering, so we Googled for ya. Meg's old place is less than 3 miles from the infamous Chappaquiddick bridge where Ted Kennedy crashed in July 1969.

Meg was repped in the sale by Tom LeClair and Gerrett Conover of Landvest. If those names sound familiar, it's because they're having a helluva week!

They also helped the Obamas close on their new $11.75 million estate on neighboring Martha's Vineyard.

We reached out to Gerrett and Tom about Meg's sale ... but they had no comment.

Papa John's Founder Wife Files for Divorce ... After His Bizarre Interview

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Papa John's founder John Schnatter might be scarfing down even MORE pizzas -- he's officially heading for the bachelor life after his wife of 32 years filed for divorce.

Annette Cox filed the paperwork Thursday in Kentucky, saying her marriage to John is "irretrievably broken." According to the docs ... she says they separated back in April. They've been married since April 1987.

In her divorce petition, Cox points out she's self-employed but adds John is not employed. It plays like a shot, but those are just the facts. As we've reported, he was ousted from his pizza company last year following the n-word scandal.

According to docs, Annette and John already have a property settlement agreement, and she just wants the judge to sign off on it. They own several homes, including million-dollar pads in Utah, Florida and Kentucky. They also have 2 kids, but they're adults ... so no child support issues.

Schnatter's worth an estimated $500 mil, even after the fallout at Papa John's. We don't say we saw the divorce coming, but the man did say -- during a recent, bizarre interview -- he'd eaten 40 Papa John's pizzas in 30 days. Just sayin' ...


Divorce is just the start of his legal troubles ... Schnatter's also suing the creative advertising firm, Laundry Service, and its parent company because he claims it leaked the audio that led to him losing his PJ's gig.

John claims a "secretly-taped meeting led by Laundry Service in May 2018" resulted in the news story alleging he used a racial slur ... which he calls false reporting.

Schnatter's consistently defended himself over the comments in that meeting, insisting they were taken out of context and used as an excuse to get rid of him. He claims it was a revenge job because he refused to pay Laundry Service a $6 million fee.

Quavo One IG Joke Turned into ... Real Popeyes Dough for Migos!!!


Quavo is living the dream -- turning Instagram mockery into cold, hard cash, baby ... courtesy of the Popeyes chicken sandwich craze.

We got the Migos rapper and his GF, Saweetie, in WeHo Thursday night as they left the GQ Men of the Year Awards After Party ... and we had to ask him about his group jumping into the fast-food game.

Quavo explained how Migos' partnership with Uber Eats came about, telling us it all started with a video he posted back in August ... when everyone was losing their minds during the first round of Popeyes mania.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Quavo says someone -- besides his fans -- must have taken notice of his joke about selling the chicken sandwich out of his trunk ... because a few months later Migos was on the menu!

If ya missed the news ... you can now order 4 different combo meals off the Migos Menu from Popeyes, but only through Uber Eats.

Appropriately, "The Quavo" is the only one that includes the stupidly popular chicken sando ... 2 of 'em!!!

Jason Derulo His Anaconda's Worth $500k!!! IG's Loss, Porn Site's Gain?


Jason Derulo's penis is worth 6-figures to a site pushing adult content, and it says he's welcome to post pics of his junk ... without the discrimination he says he's getting from the 'gram.

CamSoda is making an offer they hope Jason can't refuse ... up to $500,000 just to share thirst traps of his anaconda over the next 6 months, and he does NOT have to pose nude to get the dough.

Sounds like it could be the easiest money Jason's ever made. CamSoda says it will create his own page where he can share pics, videos and live streams in his underwear. Although, we're sure they'd be thrilled if he opted to show his, umm ... blessings in the buff.

As you know, Instagram recently removed Jason's famous underwear pic coming out of a steamy pool in Bali. IG says JD violated the platform's guidelines by showing off "aroused genitalia."


Jason says he's fallen victim to a social media double standard and maintains he wasn't fully-aroused in the photo.

Semi, fully, or not at all ... CamSoda will take Derulo in any phase of arousal, which is why it's dangling so much cash for his Haitian jewels.

Johnny Manziel Divorce Calls Off Spousal Support Request ... It Was a Mistake!

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6:35 PM PT -- Bre Tiesi says she never intentionally meant to request spousal support from Johnny -- and claims her lawyers simply made a mistake when filing her divorce petition.

In fact, her attorney, Arthur H. Barens, just sent us a statement admitting the error.

"Our firm wishes to make it clear that [Bre] is not seeking either spousal support or property of any kind from Mr. Manziel, but rather solely the dissolution of their marital relationship"

"Inadvertently, in the original petition a box was marked referencing that Ms. Manziel was seeking spousal support. In fact, an Amended Petition has been filed removing that check-mark and making it clear that nothing either property or support is being sought by Ms. Manziel."

Johnny Football could become Johnny Spousal Support ... at least, that's what his estranged wife Bre Tiesi is going for.

TMZ Sports has obtained Bre's divorce petition in which she specifically asks the judge to award her spousal support ... despite separating after only a year.

379 days to be exact.

In the docs, Bre says they got married on March 10, 2018, and she lists the date of separation as March 24, 2019 ... which is interesting.

We've learned ... Bre was in Bali on a girls' trip with friends on the date of the split -- and Bre has publicly accused Manziel of "breaking vows."

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what she's implying ... that he cheated on her while she was away. In the docs, she cites "irreconcilable differences."

So, let's get down to the money ...

Obviously, Bre doesn't have a claim to any of the NFL cash Manziel made BEFORE they were married ... but she could be entitled to the money he made during their union.

Remember, Johnny played in the Canadian Football League after he tied the knot -- from May 2018 until he was cut and banned from the league in Feb. 2019.


Unclear how much cash Manziel made in the CFL, but that could factor in to a potential settlement and possibly into a spousal support deal.

Tiesi will likely argue she became accustomed to a lavish lifestyle -- and she believes Manziel should fork over money so she can continue to live that way.

Will a judge agree? Maybe, maybe not ... but this could get very interesting.

Oh, and Bre also wants Johnny to pay her attorney's fees.

Stay tuned ...

Originally Published -- 12:29 PM PT

Holly Sonders Hits Strip Club with Vegas Dave ... We're Dating!

8:51 AM PT -- They're dating!

We spoke with both Holly and Dave who told us they're all couple'd up!

Here's sports reporter Holly Sonders hittin' the strip club with notorious high-stakes gambler Vegas Dave ... begging the question -- you guys a couple or what?!

Sonders and VD have been pretty tight recently -- she's been promoting him like crazy on social media ... the assumption is that she was doing paid promo work for the guy.

But, Wednesday night Holly and Dave were holding hands on the way into Crazy Girls in Hollywood ... and inside she was kissing the guy on the face while throwing stacks of cash.

So ... dating?


FYI, Vegas Dave -- real name David Oancea -- is currently on probation stemming from a federal criminal case where he was accused of using other people’s Social Security numbers to open player accounts at casinos.

Dave denied the allegations but ultimately cut a plea deal with prosecutors and was sentenced to 3 years probation, community service, ordered to stay out of Vegas sportsbooks for 3 years and he also had a complete a gambling treatment program.

But, apparently, he's still cool to hit strip clubs and date celebrities!!!

For the record, we've reached out to both Dave and Holly for comment -- so far, no word back.

Karen McDougal Sues Fox News ... They Lied About Me Extorting Trump!!!


7:52 AM PT -- A rep tells TMZ ... “FOX News will vigorously defend Tucker Carlson against these meritless claims.” It should be noted, McDougal is NOT suing Carlson, only the network.

Former Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal insists she did not extort Donald Trump ... as Fox News host Tucker Carlson repeatedly claimed, so now she's suing the network.

You'll recall, McDougal went public last year claiming she and Trump had a 10-month affair, beginning in June 2006. Carlson covered the alleged affair on Dec. 10, 2018 ... and according to the suit said, McDougal "approached Donald Trump and threatened to ruin his career and humiliate his family if he doesn't give [her] money."

Fox News

She says Carlson continued, "Now that sounds like a classic case of extortion."

McDougal, 1998's Playmate of the Year, says Carlson repeatedly mentioned the "extortion" as "undisputed fact" during the broadcast, but she says that's completely false. In the suit, she says she never threatened Trump over his career or his family -- and no one involved in the payments Trump allegedly made to McDougal ever accused her of trying to extort Trump.

According to the docs, she never had any communication with Trump about money -- instead, she claims it was Trump's confidante and former National Enquirer honcho, David Pecker, who negotiated with her lawyers in the summer and fall of 2016.

She says AMI ultimately paid her $150k in exchange for her life story. She also claims former Trump attorney Michael Cohen and Pecker admitted the reason they were paying her was to "suppress McDougal's story" so it wouldn't derail Trump's campaign.

McDougal is suing Fox News Network for defamation and unspecified damages.

Originally Published -- 7:10 AM PT

Kaskade Sues Kaos Over Residency You Bombed, But We Have a Contract!!!


Kaskade's no longer dropping beats at Las Vegas' club Kaos ... he's just dropping lawsuits on them for, in his eyes, screwing him out of a 2-year deal.

The world-famous DJ is suing FP Holdings, the company behind the Palms Casino Resort ... where Kaskade was hired to spin at Kaos -- a massive indoor/outdoor dayclub and nightclub. Problem is, Kaos closed almost as quickly as it opened.

According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Kaskade signed a 2-year deal with the casino to perform 30 gigs in 2019, and 30 more in 2020. He did 20 this year, through September, but then the company canceled Kaskade's 3 October performances ... and apparently never mentioned anything about closing. However, it did pay him for those 3 shows.

Kaskade says he offered the club alternate dates when he could make up those dates -- but on Nov. 5 the casino announced Kaos was closing its doors for good. He asked the casino for alternative locations to perform, but says he didn't get a response.

As they say, Kaskade ain't got no time for sympathy -- just because the club closed, he says he's still got a deal, and he's suing to get the money he's owed under that contract.

As for how much he's owed for those 37 more shows -- Kaskade redacted all his fees from the lawsuit.

Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino Giving the Gift of Free Rehab ... Get Sober Like Me!!!


Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is sponsoring a scholarship you don't see every day ... a free 30-day drug and alcohol treatment program.

Here's the situation ... Mike and his wife, Lauren, are partnering with Banyan Treatment Centers and they're going to hook up one lucky person with the gift of free rehab.

The scholarship application just went live online, and Mike and Lauren will pick one worthy recipient before announcing their choice on Christmas Eve -- the 4-year anniversary of Mike's sobriety.

Banyan is putting up the money for the cost of the 30-day treatment and will screen all applicants.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The "Jersey Shore" star recently toured one of Banyan's rehab facilities in Florida, and there are other locations in Illinois, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

As you know, Mike went to rehab in 2015 after rising to fame on "Jersey Shore" ... and now he's using his platform to help save someone else's life.

Rehab ain't cheap ... so Santa Sitch is paying it forward.

Barack & Michelle Obama We're On the Vineyard Now!!! Close on $11.75 Mil Estate

Barack and Michelle Obama are busting out the champagne, we imagine, to celebrate closing the deal for a mega-estate on Martha's Vineyard.

The Obamas got the keys Wednesday for the awesome mansion which sits on 29 acres of beachfront property. TMZ broke the story back in August when the former Prez and First Lady were in escrow on the luxurious home ... formerly owned by Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck.

As we told you, it was listed for $14,850,000 ... but our sources told us the Obamas were paying much less. Now we know how much less. According to real estate records, they're plunking down $11.75 million.

That kinda dough gets them 6,900 square feet with 7 bedrooms. The enormous pad has a pool, outdoor fireplace, and vaulted ceilings. It also has 2 guest wings off the main home.

Michelle and Barack test drove the house over the summer ... when they were renting it. Obviously, they were impressed and decided to make it permanent.

Tom LeClair and Gerret Conover of Landvest were realtors for the transaction. We reached out, but they had no comment.

Congrats to the new homeowners! Did we mention their estate comes with a private beach and a boathouse?

Translation: The housewarming party next summer is gonna be lit!

Jason Mraz to Coors Light I'm Not Yours!!! Sues Over Beer Ad


9:29 AM PT -- A spokesperson for MillerCoors tells TMZ, "We are very surprised they have chosen to take this route. Despite having the contractual rights to post the short Instagram video in question, we immediately removed it as a courtesy to  Mr. Mraz and his team when they reached out."

They continue, "MillerCoors contracted the rights to the BeachLife Festival and video assets through the event's promoter, so if they truly feel there has been a violation here, we are not the party they should be suing."

Jason Mraz won't hesitate no more ... to go after the brewing giant he says used one of his hit songs without permission.

The singer-songwriter's got a major legal battle on tap for MillerCoors -- he's sued 'em for a Coors Light advertisement he spotted on Instagram. According to Jason's lawsuit, the ad contains an unauthorized clip of him performing "I'm Yours" live.

In the suit, obtained by TMZ, Mraz says the clip was from his performance at the BeachLife Festival in Redondo Beach, CA back in May -- and 13 seconds of footage were included in the summer-themed ad.

Mraz points out the spot also features his image along with the Coors Light logo and a can of the beer prominently displayed. He says he gave MillerCoors a heads up it was committing copyright infringement, but it failed to seek his permission and has "never acknowledged the wrongfulness of the use."

It's unclear if MillerCoors is holding out for Jason to look into his heart and find love for their ad ... we've contacted the company to find out.

For now, Mraz wants the Coors Light ad killed and he's suing for damages.

Kid Rock Bails on His Detroit Restaurant ... Blames 'Racist' Backlash, Al Sharpton Responds

Breaking News

11:39 AM PT -- Sharpton's clapping back at Kid Rock ... by telling him to take a look at the scoreboard.


The civil rights activist shed some light on why the musician took a shot at him -- he tells us it stems from his organization protesting Kid Rock's use of the Confederate flag back in 2015 and pushing for General Motors to cut ties with him.

The Rev says now that KR's announced he's leaving Detroit, he's chalking it up as another victory ... and gets in a parting shot of his own. We smell another Kid Rock rant coming soon.

Kid Rock's saying good riddance to his hometown restaurant because he's sick of people labeling him a racist -- due to his Oprah rant -- and he's taking a parting shot at Al Sharpton on his way out.

The rocker announced he's not going to renew his licensing agreement next year for his Made in Detroit restaurant at Little Caesars Arena -- effectively closing one of the signature dining spots at the home of the Pistons and Red Wings.

The news comes on the heels of Kid's drunken rant about Oprah last week at his Honky Tonk bar in Nashville. Some people in the crowd, and many others who saw the video, took it as a racist diatribe -- and he even acknowledged that during the rant, but insisted it's not true.

KR says he still has love for Detroit, but he learned long ago to "go where you're celebrated, not tolerated." He adds, "I guess the millions of dollars I pumped into that town was not enough."


He's certainly not been celebrated since his verbal attack on Oprah, and organizers were planning to protest at his restaurant Wednesday before his decision was announced.

As for being called a racist, Kid Rock says ... "I may be guilty of being a loud mouth jerk at times, but trying to label me a racist is a joke, and actually only does a disservice to the black community, which I have supported my entire life."

He also sent a personal message to Sharpton, with whom he's been beefing for years -- "PS - Hey Al Sharpton, you or your cronies will never beat me you tax evading, race baiting clown!" Kid also threw in a "Trump 2020!!" for good measure.

Guess it really is "so cold in the D."

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