The infamous Creel House from "Stranger Things" is changing hands ... TMZ has learned the owners of the home already have a buyer.

Our real estate sources tell us the homeowners accepted an offer Wednesday -- the last day for bids to be submitted for the Georgia estate -- and the home is under contract. The place went on the market with a $1.5 million asking price just over a month ago. The agents are being tight-lipped on the buyer's identity.

The Victorian-style "haunted house" is featured in "Stranger Things" season 4 as the Creel family home and Vecna's lair in the Upside Down ... and it was originally built way back in 1882, but it's undergone extensive renovations.

The main house has 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms ... and there's a separate guest house in the backyard of the one-acre lot.

Lucie Content / Toles, Temple & Wright, Inc

The property is in Rome, GA and it was once a very successful bed and breakfast before its Netflix fame.

Producers for "Stranger Things" used exterior shots of the home, plus some of the interior ... and the house was also recreated on a sound stage near Atlanta.

Jeb Arp, Katie Gettis Edwards and Mimi Richards of Toles, Temple & Wright Inc. hold the listing.

Jay-Z Bacardi Rejected My $1.5B Offer!!! Claims He's Getting Played in D'Usse War

Jay-Z made Bacardi an offer he thought it couldn't refuse -- he was willing to spend $1.5 billion to buy full ownership of D'Usse, but still got rejected.

TMZ broke the story ... Jay's in a legal war with Bacardi, trying to force the company to buy him out of their 50/50 partnership in the luxury cognac line. But, according to new docs, it was Jay who first tried to buy out Bacardi, back in December 2021.

Here's what's weird, months before his offer ... Jay says he and Bacardi exchanged valuations of the brand. They were light years apart -- Jay felt his half of D'Usse was worth $2.5 billion, and Bacardi thought it was only worth a measly $460 million!

According to the docs, Jay went back to the drawing board and then in December he offers to buy out his partner for the $1.5 bil ... which, keep in mind, would still be 3 times what Bacardi said it was worth. Sweet deal, right?

Apparently not to Bacardi, since it rejected the offer -- and that's why Jay-Z thinks there's something shady going on here.

In the docs, Jay basically accuses Bacardi of unduly influencing a third party that was called in to appraise the brand. It's unclear what number the appraiser came up with, but it's a fair bet it's closer to Bacardi's value than Jay-Z's.

We say that because Jay's now asking the court to modify the result of an arbitration both parties went through to settle the sale. As we've reported, Jay-Z is ready and willing to part ways with D'Usse ... he simply doesn't want to get cheated on the price.

There's a hearing set for Thursday afternoon in NYC to address the matter.

Lakers Second Fan Nails Half-Court Shot ... Makes $25k!!!

Courtesy of NBA

The Lakers might need to switch up their promotional giveaways at this point ... 'cause yet another fan sank a half-court shot at Wednesday's game -- resulting in a $25,000 payday!!

The unbelievable moment went down during a break in the action at Crypto.com Arena ... when the man selected for the MGM Rewards Big Shot Jackpot pulled up from deep -- and drained the shot!!

The dude fell to his knees to soak in the moment ... before getting back up and hyping the crowd.

It's a helluva shot, but it's even more insane considering what went down at Tuesday's game.

Remember, a fan went ballistic just two days ago after succeeding in the same challenge ... which came with a fat $75k check. The bucket had the Lakers players going wild ... with Anthony Davis giving the guy a big hug.

Courtesy of NBA

The probability of this happening AGAIN is so slim ... especially when most participants can't even make it to the end of the court, let alone come close to nailing the shot.

The scoring continued for LeBron James and Co. ... with the Purple & Gold running away with the 128-109 win over the Portland Trail Blazers.

Maybe switch it up to full-court shots???

Erica Mena Mind Ya Biz, Child Support Critics ... Kids Are Expensive!!!


Erica Mena is advising all the haters invested in her child support drama with ex-husband Safaree to find a new hobby … because they're not paying her bills!!!

We caught Erica out in Miami a few weeks after her divorce dust settled and she says the single life is treating her well, basically calling it a relief to be wedding ring-free!

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

A recent “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” episode captured the moment Erica broke down in tears when she learned Safaree’s monthly support payout for their 2 children would be $4,305.

Of course that went viral, and Erica found herself the target of social media slander -- much the way Kim Kardashian's getting it now -- but she wants all her critics to know it takes 2 to tango ... and quite frankly, kids are expensive.

Erica says she's been happier following the divorce ... getting more time to spend with her children and focus on herself.

TMZ Hip Hop broke the story, Safaree and Erica put a cap on their divorce in September ... but judging from the latest 'LHH' reunion, the co-parenting unity may be an uphill battle. 😬

Floyd Mayweather Spends $1.7 Million At Miami Art Show ... Warhol, Calder, Robert Indiana


6:05 PM PT -- Floyd Mayweather isn't just figuratively burning cash (he's got it) at Art Basel in Miami ... the 50-0 fighter, after dropping over $3 million Tuesday night, just spent another $1.7 million on art at the famed festival, including taking home 4 Andy Warhol pieces and a large sculpture of burned money, sources tell TMZ Sports.


We're told Mayweather paid on the spot before taking the artwork back to his Miami mansion.


In addition to the Warhols, we're told Money copped Robert Indiana and Alexander Calder pieces, too.


As for the money sculpture, it's a giant stack of burned $100 U.S. bills ... along with a red Supreme duffel bag full of cash.


Floyd's been livin' it up in Miami. After dropping $3.1 mil last night, he, along with friends like Jas Mathur and "The GOAT" docuseries collaborators James McNair, Deon Taylor and Jona Rechnitz hit up an Art Basel event where they partied with stars including Odell Beckham Jr.


Floyd Mayweather was in the mood to shop ... so the 50-0 boxing superstar just spent $3.1 MILLION in about 60 minutes, taking about a dozen fancy/expensive pieces of art off the wall at the SCOPE Art Show in Miami, sources tell TMZ Sports.

Mayweather, along with billionaire Robert Smith, an investor in Floyd’s "The GOAT" docuseries, and friends Jona Rechnitz, James McNair and Jas Mathur linked up for a shopping spree. They're in south Florida for Art Basel.

It's unclear exactly what Floyd purchased ... but we're told it was between 10 and 12 pieces, totaling around $3.1 million.

Of course, Art Basel routinely draws some of the biggest celebrities and athletes in the world. In fact, on Tuesday, stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Martha Stewart, Amar'e Stoudemire and Sylvester Stallone, in addition to TBE, were in the building.

But, there's a good chance none spent more than Floyd.

And, it doesn't sound like he's done just yet ... we're told Mayweather's set to attend another show tomorrow -- and don't be surprised if he makes another big purchase.


Originally Published -- 11/29 6:24 PM PT

Yasiel Puig Reverses Course ... Pleads Not Guilty To Lying In Illegal Gambling Case

Yasiel Puig will not plead guilty to lying to the feds during their investigation of an illegal gambling ring after all.

The former MLB star announced on Wednesday he's now pleading not guilty in the case -- saying in a statement, "I want to clear my name."

"I never should have agreed to plead guilty to a crime I did not commit," he added.

As we reported, Puig had initially agreed to plead guilty to one count of making false statements ... after federal prosecutors accused him of lying about participating in an illegal gambling business during an interview earlier this year.

Puig hoped to avoid jail time with the plea deal ... but now, he's decided to fight the charge and faces up to five years in prison if convicted.

Puig's attorney, Keri Axel of Waymaker LLP, said the course reversal came following the reveal of "significant new evidence" ... explaining that during Puig's interview with the feds, he was in essentially no condition to properly answer their questions.

"At the time of his January 2022 interview, Mr. Puig, who has a third-grade education, had untreated mental-health issues, and did not have his own interpreter or criminal legal counsel with him,'' Axel said.

"We have reviewed the evidence, including significant new information, and have serious concerns about the allegations made against Yasiel.''

Puig -- who's now playing baseball in South Korea after seven seasons in the MLB -- added in a Tweet late Wednesday afternoon, "All my life's I been told to be quiet and do what I was told. No mores."

Gucci Mane I Wanna Sign B.G. For $1 Mil!!! Once He's Outta Prison

Hot Boys rapper B.G. was centered in an internet hoax this week, and Gucci Mane took the bait -- but in doing so, he revealed the cards he's playing for the incarcerated Cash Money Records OG.

Gucci excitedly tweeted Tuesday ... posting a pic of B.G. with a $1 million offer to sign with his 1017 Records, highlighting the respect he had for the Louisiana-born rapper.

Once the purported video of B.G. was debunked -- it wasn't really him -- Gucci deleted the tweet ... seemingly crushing his hopes to boost his So Icy Boyz roster.

Gucci does have some open slots -- he recently dropped an up-and-coming rapper from the label in a 24-hour timespan -- but many signs point to B.G. returning to Cash Money if he stays in the rap game.

Cash Money boss Birdman has been teasing B.G.’s early release from his 14-year prison sentence for months … despite his 2021 conditional release being denied.

The Chopper City rapper is currently holed up in California’s FCI Herlong Detention Center with a current release date of April 7, 2024. He’s been incarcerated on a federal gun charge since 2012.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

He’s currently asking fans to send pics, but if Birdman's right he'll be able to meet some fans in person soon enough!!!

Afroman I'm Missin' $400 in Cash After Raid ... Thinks Cops Swiped It


Afroman says he's hundreds of dollars short after cops returned the cash they seized during a raid of his home ... and he believes it's the cops who may have their hands on his missing dough.

Afroman joined us on "TMZ Live" Wednesday, telling us after he counted the returned money from the Adams County Sheriff’s Office in Ohio on Tuesday, he realized he was $400 short.

William Brooks

He believes either someone swiped the cash from the evidence lockup, or they took it from his pad during the raid. Either way, he tells us he's gearin' up for legal action.


As we reported, the rapper's home was raided back in August ... and he told us at the time they were in search of narcotics but came up empty-handed.

Afroman mentions a kidnapping charge against him regarding the raid -- and law enforcement tells TMZ someone called the cops in August, saying there was a person being held in his home against their will.

For their part, cops simply say the sheriff's office has called in state investigators to help look into Afroman's claims about the missing cash.

Balenciaga Suing Marketing Agency to Shift Blame ... Production Sources Claim

Balenciaga's looking for a scapegoat after the backlash against its child BDSM-themed campaign, and that's the real reason it's suing a marketing agency for $25 million ... so says a source close to that agency.

Sources connected to the controversial photo shoot tell TMZ ... the agency, North Six, has worked with Balenciaga in the past, but wielded no creative power on this particular photo shoot. Instead, we're told its employees only dealt with logistics like crew, equipment and locations.

More specifically, we're told the company had absolutely nothing to do with the set design for the shoot ... which featured young models posing in a cluttered office with a desk that appeared to have legal docs regarding a Supreme Court case dealing with child pornography.

Our sources also say North Six staffers weren't present at the time of final staging, but we're told the agency did hire a 3rd party set designer, Nicholas Des Jardins. He's also listed as a defendant in the lawsuit, but it's unclear if Balenciaga is directly blaming him for placing the child porn document on the desk.

We've reached out to Nicholas for comment ... so far, no word back.

Another source tells us Balenciaga is just slamming outside parties like North Six as a way to deflect negative attention from letting this happen. Remember, Kim Kardashian -- who's long partnered with the brand -- condemned the design house and demanded it takes action to avoid this kind of scandal in the future.

We're told many believe there's no way a brand as big as Balenciaga wouldn't have seen the photos before approving the campaign.

As we reported, the luxury fashion brand sparked outrage and calls for a boycott after the ads were released ... showing children gripping teddy bears wearing what many saw as S&M gear.


We've also contacted Balenciaga for comment, but no word back yet.

Kim and Kanye Divorce Settled!!! Kim Gets $200k a Month in Child Support


6:11 PM PT -- Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's divorce settlement calls for them to have equal access to their kids, and that appears to be exactly what's happening ... with Kanye picking up North from school Tuesday and taking her to a mall.


As you can see, Kanye was waiting outside North's school Tuesday evening ... with daddy and daughter leaving together in an SUV.


A short while later, Kanye and North rolled up to a mall ... entering the shopping center through a Macy's.


Remember ... Kanye and Kim's divorce also calls for them to split expenses for their kids' education and security ... and Kanye had security in tow at both North's school and the mall.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have settled their divorce ... TMZ has learned.

The former husband and wife have resolved both child custody and property-related issues.

According to the settlement, Kim and Kanye will get joint custody with "equal access" to their 4 children. Although the docs say equal access, sources with direct knowledge tell us Kim will have the kids the lion's share of the time. Even Kanye has acknowledged Kim already has the kids 80% of the time.

According to the settlement, Kanye will pay Kim $200,000 a month in child support. Our sources say Kanye's not footing the full bill for child support -- that's just his share. In addition, he's responsible for 50% of their kids' educational expenses, including tuition. He's also responsible for 50% of their children's security expenses.

Now, this is interesting ... if there's ever a dispute regarding the children, Kim and Kanye agree they will participate in mediation. If one of them fails to participate, the other gets to make the decision in a dispute by default. Not hard to read between the lines.

As for the $200k ... it's due the first day of each month and must be wired into her account.

As for property, the division of assets is in accordance with their prenup. And, according to the prenup, both Kim and Kanye waived spousal support.


Our sources say Kim has walked a tightrope over the last year, with Kanye going off the rails and refusing to participate in resolving the divorce. As we reported, he's gone through half a dozen lawyers and has blown off depositions. As one source put it, "Kim's patience was tested, but she handled things calmly and ultimately Kanye came around."

The secret weapon in settling -- Disso Queen Laura Wasser, who played Henry Kissinger (Google it) ... going back and forth to resolve the outstanding issues.

TMZ broke the story ... Kim filed for divorce in February 2021 after 7 years of marriage. The divorce stalled because Kanye refused to engage, and Kim went to court last March to get an official decree ending the marriage, with both custody and property to be resolved at a later date.

The settlement came Monday, on the eve Kanye was scheduled to have his deposition taken in case the matter went to trial next month.


The book is now closed on the marriage of Kim and Kanye.

Originally Published -- 2:26 PM PT

Kanye West Gives Kim House He Bought Next Door In Divorce Settlement


2:23 PM PT -- 11/30 -- Kim Kardashian and Kanye West purchased two properties neighboring their Hidden Hills estate, one in 2019 and the one Kanye bought during the divorce proceedings in 2021. Kanye will keep the home he purchased during the divorce, and will transfer the property purchased in 2019 to Kim.

Kanye West spent $4.5 million to buy the house next door to Kim Kardashian after she filed for divorce, and now he's decided to give it up in their settlement.

According to the divorce settlement, obtained by TMZ, Ye will transfer the title of the 3,650 square foot, 5 bedroom home to Kim -- and she'll now be responsible for all expenses related to the property. The home borders Kim's lot, so she'll likely just tear it down -- as it needs a ton of work -- and add to her acreage.

Remember, Kanye said he bought the house in order to be close to his kids, but the divorce settlement states they'll have equal access to the kids -- so he'll still be able to see them whenever he'd like.

The settlement also states Kanye will keep his $60 million home on the beach in Malibu, 2 ranches in Wyoming, 300 acres in Calabasas, a home in Belgium and his childhood home which he bought in Chicago.

Kim will retain property she owns in Idaho and of course, the $60 million Hidden Hills estate that she and the kids call home.

TMZ broke the story, Kim and Kanye were supposed to go to trial next month -- nearly two years after she first filed for divorce -- but hammered out a settlement Monday night. Kanye will pay $200k/month in child support and they'll split education and security expenses for the kids.

Originally Published -- 11/29 2:26 PM PT

Paddy 'The Baddy' Pimblett Accepts Jake Paul Offer To Spar ... Meet Me In Vegas Next Wk!


UFC star Paddy The Baddy" Pimblett is responding to Jake Paul's $1 million sparring challenge ... telling us he's 100% down to box the Problem Child this week in Las Vegas!

The 27-year-old UFC star joined Babcock on the "TMZ Sports" TV show (airs weekdays on FS1) ... where he was asked about 25-year-old Paul's offer to spar, and whether he's truly interested.

"Of course [I'm interested], but I'm under contract by the UFC and [Jake] said this knowing full well I'm fighting next week, know what I mean?" Paddy said.

"As if he does not know I'm fighting next week and he's like, 'I'll fly you to Puerto Rico.' Come to the PI next week. Come to the [UFC Performance Institute] next week and bring $1 million in a bag and I will spar with you."

"I'm in the PI in Vegas on Thursday, I land on Thursday, so even though I'm low on calories and I'm only about 170, he likes picking on smaller people anyway," he added. "But, if he wants to wait until after my fight, until the Monday, because I'm still in Vegas 'til the Tuesday, but I'm about 185, 190 pounds, I'm game!"

"Tell him not to worry, he can come to PI and we can get in the cage. Simple as."

If you haven't seen it yet, Jake posted video to his social media pages Tuesday throwing down the gauntlet ... offering Pimblett a mil if he could beat him in a sparring session. If Paul wins, he wants Paddy to commit to joining his United Fighters Association (UFA).


"I have a proposition for you. Since you wouldn't rig a fight, right? Let's spar. Fly to Puerto Rico. I'll get you a private jet. We can do 5, 3-minute rounds, boxing. If you win, I'll give you a million dollars," Jake said.

"But, if I win you have to join the United Fighters Association and help me sign up all the fighters in the UK. Let's spar. Since you wouldn't rig a fight. A million for you. Put your money where your mouth is. Let's go."

As Paddy said, he can't be in Puerto Rico next week because he's the co-main event at UFC 282 on December 10 (he's fighting Jared Gordon) at the T-Mobile Arena. But, he's down to spar in Sin City.

Despite the trash talk coming from both guys, Pimblett was somewhat complimentary of Jake's abilities in the ring (6-0, 5 KOs).

"I don't even think he's a bad boxer. I think he's a decent boxer now 'cause all he's done is boxing in the past two years. I think he'd beat Tommy Fury. I know he wouldn't beat me."

Paddy also sent a message to Jake ... in the event they were to set a real bout, and not just spar.

"Lad, I've been doing this a lot longer than you mate. I've got more heart and determination and grit than you, and if we did get the fight done and I just focused on boxing for 3 to 6 months, I'd just punch him around the ring!"

Commanders' Brian Robinson 'Big Hat' Sales Skyrocket 2,000 Percent Increase!!!

Washington Commanders star Brian Robinson's big hat resulted in some BIG sales for the company behind the massive lid ... 'cause TMZ Sports is told their business saw a whopping 2,000% increase in orders!!

Robinson's hat quickly went viral after Sunday's 19-13 win over the Atlanta Falcons ... and the running back hilariously told reporters -- "If you want a big hat, let me know."

Noggin Boss -- the company that sells big hats starting at $75 -- tells us the impact was immediate ... with Monday being one of the biggest days in the brand's history.

As it turns out, NB says a bunch of major television networks hit them up to get Noggins for their on-air talent following Robinson's appearance ... but ESPN's Scott Van Pelt was one of the lucky ones who got one "years ago" -- and he wore it on "SportsCenter" Monday night!!

If the look seems familiar, Noggin Boss co-founders Gabe Cooper and Sean Starner appeared on "Shark Tank" earlier this year. The guys were seeking $50k for 25% of the company ... and ended up sealing the deal with Daymond John for 30%!!

Robinson's hat -- customized with the Commanders' logo -- was a gift from a family friend ... and the dude almost certainly started a trend in the sports world, with teams even photoshopping big hats onto their players.

NB tells us there's no official partnership with Brian ... but there are some "pretty huge" endorsement deals in the works.

Los Angeles Lakers Fan Hits Half-Court Shot ... Gets $75,000 & Hug From AD!!!

Courtesy of NBA

A fan had the time of his life at the Lakers game on Monday night -- he hit an epic half-court shot, won $75,000 ... AND got a hug from L.A. superstar Anthony Davis!!!

It all went down at Crypto.com Arena during the Lake Show's contest with the Pacers ... when L.A. officials invited a man wearing a black Lakers-fitted cap to shoot his shot at a $75K cash prize during a break in the action.

The fan took one dribble, got a running start -- and then heaved up the basketball that somehow found nothing but the net!

The dude then did his best Justin Jefferson impersonation, hitting "The Griddy" all over the court ... while high-fiving courtside fans.

AD was so happy the guy got the cash ... the Lakers big man had to join in the celly too -- throwing his arms around the fan near center court.

Unfortunately for the guy and the rest of the Lakers supporters in attendance, the half-court shot was just about the only highlight of the evening ... as L.A. blew a 17-point lead to lose the game 116-115.

Somehow, we're sure 75,000 big ones will make the L a little easier to swallow.

Tommy Lee Mansion Trashed by Burglars ... As He's Trying to Sell It

Tommy Lee's dealing with a new break-in at his crib ... no sex tape was taken this time, but the suspects did make off with some strange items and left his home looking like a hotel room after a Mötley Crüe party.

Cops alerted the Crüe drummer there had been a break-in at his Calabasas area home last week ... according to our L.A. Sheriff's Dept. sources. Tommy hasn't been living in this house, he's actually selling it, but he rushed over to check out the damage once he got wind of the burglary.

We're told, someone got in through a back glass door, and absolutely trashed the inside of the home.

LASD says the thief, or thieves, broke glass, lamps and even one of Tommy's side gates. As for what they stole -- just a bathroom mirror and some cabinet handles.

Remember, way back in 1995 ... a contractor infamously stole a sex tape -- yes, that one -- from Tommy and his ex-wife Pamela Anderson's home.

So far, there's been no arrest in last week's burglary, but the total damage/loss is estimated to cost the rock star drummer around $5K.

As we've reported, the rock star drummer listed the beautiful home back in September for a second time ... after having no luck with a sale in May of 2020.

Unfortunately for Tommy ... he's in good company when it comes to recent celeb burglary victims. TMZ broke the stories of Megan Thee Stallion and Nas' homes being hit while they were out of town, and Arsenio Hall's pad was hit twice while he was home.

We reached out to Tommy's rep ... so far, no word back.

Babyface Relists Longtime L.A. Home ... After Knocking Off $500K

Babyface is hoping with a lower price, he'll be able to get his longtime L.A. home off his hands and to a new owner.

The R&B legend relisted his Bel Air Crest estate for $7.495 million Monday, a decent discount given the house was first listed at $8 million. The home sits in a private and gated neighborhood -- so there's plenty of security for the new potential buyers.

The 5-bedroom, 6-bathroom beauty features a gourmet chef's kitchen, premium appliances and a primary suite with a fireplace. A spa-like bathroom overlooks the backyard.

The lower level has a temperature-controlled wine room -- that looks like it's straight out of Italy -- two gym areas, a theater with seating for over 15 people ... and if you don't feel like taking the stairs, there's an elevator.

There's also a music studio in the home -- which makes a lot of sense for the star.

As we've reported, Babyface and his ex-wife Nicole Pantenburg split in July of 2021, after 7 years of marriage -- and the home was listed shortly thereafter.

"Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles" stars Josh and Matt Altman hold the listing.

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