Kate Upton Fangirls Out at Texans Game ... It's JJ Watt!!!

Kate Upton and Justin Verlander had the best seats in the house at the Houston Texans game on Thursday -- getting the ultimate VIP treatment ... plus hugs from JJ Watt!

The Houston Astros pitcher was being honored at NRG Stadium in Houston for winning the 2019 AL Cy Young Award ... his 2nd Cy Young ... and they picked the right game to attend!

Deshaun Watson threw for nearly 300 yards and 2 TDs as the Texans escaped with a 20-to-17 win over the Indianapolis Colts.


Kate and Justin not only got field access before the game to rub shoulders with stars like Watt, Watson and others ... but they later got to chill in a VIP suite!

There was even a moment where the Texans put Kate and Justin on the Jumbotron -- and Kate shot herself being shot ... and put it on IG!

After the game, the couple got to go back in the locker room where Watson hooked 'em up with a signed jersey (it looks game worn, but we're told it's not. Still cool though!).

Next up for the Texans ... they take on the New England Patriots on Dec. 1 -- maybe they should invite Kate and Justin back for good luck?!

MLB's Felipe Vazquez Accused of Child Pornography ... Hit with 21 New Felonies

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1:29 PM PT -- Vazquez's next court appearance has been set for late January -- and because he was denied bail, he'll remain in jail until that hearing.

More terrible allegations against MLB pitcher Felipe Vazquez -- the Pirates star has just been hit with multiple child pornography charges in his already disturbing child sex case.

The 28-year-old All-Star showed up to a Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania courtroom on Tuesday with shackles on his ankles and wrists ... and was reportedly looking to be released on bond after he was arrested back in September for allegedly sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl.

But, not only did a judge not let him out of jail Tuesday -- prosecutors announced they were bringing 21 new charges against Vasquez.

Among the new crimes ... Vasquez has been hit with 10 counts of child pornography, 10 counts of unlawful contact with a minor and 1 count of corruption of minors.

In court docs, authorities say they found photos and videos of the alleged underage victim in "various stages of nudity" in Vazquez's phone.

All 21 charges are listed as 3rd-degree felonies ... which carry a maximum of 7 years in prison each if Vazquez is convicted.

As we previously reported, Vazquez is accused of having sex with a 13-year-old girl in his Ford Mustang in Pennsylvania back in 2017.

Officials say the MLB closer also sent the girl graphic videos and photos -- and told her in text messages he was planning to have sex with her again.

The texts were discovered by the alleged victim's mother -- who alerted police. Investigators say the images depicted numerous "unique and distinguishable" tattoos on his body ... which they were able to match to Vazquez through public images on the Internet.

Getty/IMAGN Composite

Cops claim Vazquez admitted to the crime during a Sept. 17 interrogation ... telling investigators he had "sex but not really" with the victim.

Vazquez was initially charged with 3 felonies in Pennsylvania -- including statutory sexual assault, unlawful contact with a minor and corruption of minors.

Vazquez is also facing 2 felony charges in the case in Florida -- where the alleged victim's mom initially reported the relationship to authorities.

Vazquez is a 2-time All-Star who had a great season for the Pirates in 2019. He signed a 4-year, $22.5 million contract in 2018.

Originally published -- 11:08 AM PT

Doc Gooden '90 Phillies Brawl Proves I Can Fight ... Watch the Video!!!


Remember when Dwight Gooden charged the mound and PUNCHED PAT COMBS IN THE FACE?!

Doc sure does ... and tells TMZ Sports if there's anyone questioning his fighting ability, they need to watch that video!

Of course, the 55-year-old MLB legend is gearing up for a celebrity boxing match against 29-year-old comic Catfish Cooley on March 7 in Atlantic City.

Some people are concerned for Gooden since Cooley is a big dude who squats 600 pounds -- but Doc tells us HE CAN SWING, BRO!!

In fact, Gooden brings up that crazy brawl from August 1990 -- when Phillies pitcher Pat Combs threw at Doc and he charged the mound with bad intentions!

We found the clip -- and yeah, Doc's right ... he hit Combs with a solid right to the face that ignited a bench-clearing brawl! Good stuff!

Now, Doc says he's been training for his next fight and even hit up his old pal, Mike Tyson, for advice.

Turns out, Doc and Mike have been friends for decades -- remember when they kicked it together with Darryl Strawberry at Shea Stadium back in '86?

As for why Doc's fighting again, it's all about raising awareness for causes dear to his heart.

"I'm trying to do something positive to bring awareness to mental health as well as sobriety," Doc says.

"That's what I've been involved with for the last 15 weeks. Got myself better and I thought it would be a great thing to bring awareness."

Cody Bellinger In Tears After Winning NL MVP ... 'It's What You Dream Of'

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Got tissues nearby? Better go grab 'em ... 'cause Cody Bellinger started crying after winning the NL MVP award Thursday -- and he says it's all 'cause of a celebration hug with his dad!!!

"That's what made me emotional right there for sure," Bellinger said.

The LA Dodgers superstar had an unbelievable year in 2019 ... hitting 47 home runs with 115 RBIs while batting .305 -- and he earned the MVP award over Christian Yelich because of it.

When MLB Network had Cody on shortly after to talk about the honor ... the outfielder couldn't hide his emotions -- saying an embrace with his pops made him break down.

"It's what you dream of, man," Bellinger said.

Of course, Cody and his dad, Clay, are SUPER tight ... Poppa Bellinger is a former MLB player who Cody has often credited for his ultra-successful baseball career.

Cody also had a bunch of other family and friends join him for the celebration ... and he called the whole moment, "pretty cool."

"It's absolutely incredible," Bellinger said ... "A little emotional. So, it's pretty cool."


Alex Bregman Island Vacay With Smokin' Hot GF ... What Astros Scandal?!?

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Here's Alex Bregman super concerned about the Astros' cheating scand -- AHH JUST KIDDING, BREGS CLEARLY COULDN'T CARE LESS ABOUT YOUR ACCUSATIONS!!!

The 'Stros superstar bolted from all the drama in Texas this week to get in a sick island vacay with his smokin' hot GF -- proving no matter what's going down in Houston, he's still winning!!!

The third baseman joined up with his GF, Reagan Howard, and his Astros teammate, Jake Marisnick (plus some other buds), to hit up St. Barts in the Caribbean ... and there's obviously zero worries about the possibility his 2017 World Series title could now be tainted.

Bregs has been cruisin' around the island with Howard -- soakin' in the beach and the pool and very obviously not covering all parts of his bod with sunscreen.

Looks like great times are being had by all!!!

Of course, back home in Houston ... things are going less swimmingly. The Astros have launched an investigation into claims they stole signs during the 2017 season.

Bregs has yet to comment on the matter ... but seems he's pretty comfortable letting these pics do all the talking for him.

And, hey, if the team DID cheat during 2017 ... it's not like Alex should care all that much -- 'CAUSE HAVE YOU SEEN HIS GIRLFRIEND?!?

Houston Astros Investigating Cheating Claims ... From 2017 Season

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The Houston Astros have launched an investigation into claims the team cheated during the 2017 MLB season ... the same year they won the World Series.

Former 'Stros pitcher Mike Fiers said in an article posted by The Athletic on Tuesday that he personally witnessed Astros players going above and beyond to steal signs from opposing teams back in '17.

"That’s not playing the game the right way," said Fiers, a current Oakland A's pitcher who left Houston after the 2017 season. “They were advanced and willing to go above and beyond to win.”

The Athletic, citing multiple MLB sources, reports Houston used an outfield camera to record other team's catchers ... and watched video of the footage in the clubhouse hallway.

The report states Astros staffers and players would then try to decode the signals ... and when they felt they had them down, they would relay the expected upcoming pitches to batters using a loud banging noise.

The report claims the alleged cheating took place during the regular season ... but says it's unclear if it continued during the Astros' epic playoff run that year.

Houston released a statement saying they're looking into the matter, writing, "The Houston Astros organization has begun an investigation in cooperation with Major League Baseball."

"It would not be appropriate to comment further on this matter at this time."

Of course, the 'Stros have become no stranger to controversial MLB investigations ... just a few weeks ago they fired high-ranking exec Brandon Taubman after a probe revealed he directed taunts about Roberto Osuna to female journalists.

Houston -- which won the World Series over the Dodgers in 2017 -- fell in 7 games to the Nationals earlier this month in this year's championship.

MLB's Nelson Cruz Launches Ball To Moon At Top Golf ... Cleared The Netting!!!

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Wanna see how far one of the MLB's best power hitters can launch a golf ball??

Good ... 'cause Minnesota Twins slugger Nelson Cruz pulled out the driver at a Top Golf earlier this month -- AND HE SENT A BALL TO THE FREAKIN' MOON!!!!

The Babe Ruthian swing all went down on Nov. 1, when Cruz was getting in some offseason golf hacks at the range.

Cruz only posted one video ... but it was seriously epic -- he blasted a ball that appeared to clear the top of the netting some 300-ish yards away!!!

Of course, Cruz is 6-foot-2, 230 pounds and is used to killin' balls ... he's hit 37 or more home runs in the MLB for 6 straight seasons.

But, it ain't like power in one sport always translates to another ... just ask 6-foot-6, 284-pound NBA beast Zion Williamson, who REALLY sucks at golf!!!


As for Cruz, the 39-year-old seemed impressed with himself after the hack ... writing on his social media page, "¿Futuro golfista?"

SI, SI, SI!!!!!

Cleveland's Francisco Lindor New Video Might Cause Indians Fans ... To Freak Out!!


Everyone wants to know if Cleveland Indians superstar Francisco Lindor will sign a new deal to keep him in CLE after the 2021 season.

So, we asked him about that ... and this video could have Indians Nation super worried!

Here's the deal ... Lindor was out in NYC this weekend and was super nice to our camera guy and other fans, talking about everything MLB related.

He gave love to Cleveland and called it "my home" -- but when we pressed him about staying with the Indians long term ... well, that's when the cat got his tongue.

Watch the video ... Lindor is chatty about every other topic except when we specifically asked about his career in Cleveland.

Of course, Lindor -- who's one of the 10 best hitters in the sport -- has a very uncertain future in Cleveland ... Indians owner Paul Dolan has already hinted he ain't willing to give the shortstop the FAT contract extension he probably deserves.

In fact, Dolan famously said before this past season, "Enjoy him. We control him for three more years. Enjoy him and then we’ll see what happens."

So, is Lindor's silence speaking volumes ... or is this a big ol' nothingburger?

It's not just the Indians fans in our office feeling some sort of way ... and even the non-CLE crowd was shocked by the non-answer answer.

Nice guy though!

Johnny Damon Players Should Visit White House ... Talk About Your Issues!!!


Johnny Damon says players like Sean Doolittle and Steph Curry should NOT ditch The White House because of President Trump ... telling TMZ Sports it's the perfect time to make their voices heard with the leader of the free world!

Of course, it's become a major debate in sports ... with huge athletes boycotting celebratory visits to 1600 Penn. as a way to stick it to POTUS.

So, when we saw Damon, we spoke with the ex-Yankees superstar about some Washington Nationals players like Doolittle, Anthony Rendon and more deciding to sit out the trip last weekend ... and JD says that's the WRONG thing to do.

"That's one of the things you wanted to do when you won the World Series was go to The White House, regardless of what political affiliation you may or may not have," Damon told us outside Capitale in NYC.

"I think it's a great thing and if you do have an issue, that's the greatest time to talk about the issues that you see and try to make things work."

Damon says there's too much hate going around between both sides ... and refusing to talk it out isn't gonna make anything better.

"I'm glad the Nationals went there. I'm glad there was a great support for the president. I hope other teams elect to go in the future so they can talk about the issues that are bothering them."

As for those who DID go to The White House ... the visit looked, uh, interesting. Just ask Kurt Suzuki.


We also talked ball with Damon ... and he tells us why the Red Sox should NOT trade Mookie Betts.

Ex-MLB Star Nick Swisher Buys Beverly Hills Pad With Pool ... For $6 Million!!!

Ex-MLB All-Star Nick Swisher is still swinging for the fences in retirement ... shelling out nearly $6 million for an awesome Beverly Hills pad with a pool!!!

TMZ Sports has learned ... the 38-year-old ex-Yankees stud and his actress wife, JoAnna Garcia, copped the super private Hidden Valley home recently ... and the "forest-like sanctuary" comes with everything you could ask for.

The 6,780-square-foot crib has 5 bedrooms and 7 baths, a media room, bar, library and office, gourmet chef's kitchen, master suite, walk-in closets and a dope pool/hot tub outside with a yard!!!

And, don't bother trying to visit Swisher's new palace unannounced -- the place has 24/7 guarded security. Yeah, dude ain't messing around.

Not only is the pad cool and private, it's also in a perfect location for hitting up all the Beverly Hills hot spots -- it's only about a 5-mile drive to Mastro's!!!

Final closing price -- $5.95 million (just a little bit of change for a guy who made over $94 million in his career).


Giancarlo Stanton I Want Cole & Strasburg w/ Yanks ... 'Let's Go, Both Of 'Em!'


Giancarlo Stanton is ready for two more superstar teammates ... the Yankees outfielder tells TMZ Sports he wants NYY to sign BOTH Gerrit Cole AND Stephen Strasburg!!

"You can never go wrong with Cole and Strasburg!" Stanton says.

The two stud pitchers are set to be free agents this offseason after epic playoff runs for the Astros and Nats respectively ... and when we got Stanton outside of Il Pastaio, he made his Pinstripes pitch to both guys.

"I'm pretty sure Gerrit grew up a Yankees fan, so he'd always like to do that," Stanton tells us. "And, Stras, we debuted together, so he'd like that!"


As for if there'd be any jealousy in a clubhouse full of superstars adding TWO MORE to the mix ... Stanton says hell no, telling us, "You can never have too many!"

So, could it actually happen? Maybe. Both guys are reportedly in line for some MASSIVE contracts, and everyone knows the Yankees have the cash to bring in big free agents.

By the way, Stanton -- who only played in 18 of 162 regular season games -- also tells us he's ALREADY working to make sure a repeat of his injury-shortened 2019 season doesn't happen again next year.

The 29-year-old slugger says he's trying to start his workouts WAY earlier this offseason ... and showed us he's serious about it -- already decked out in gym attire!

As for his future in NY, Stanton tells us, despite the rocky start to his Yanks career ... he's all in with the squad, saying, "We got to bring a championship. That's what we need."

Alex Rodriguez Praises Mets For Beltran Hire ... 'He's A Baseball Savant'


Alex Rodriguez says the Mets are going to be SUPER HAPPY with their new manager, Carlos Beltran ... telling TMZ Sports he thinks the guy is "a baseball savant."

"The Mets are going to love him," A-Rod says.

New York has stumbled the last few years with Mickey Callaway and Terry Collins running the dugout ... but Rodriguez seems convinced 42-year-old Beltran will turn things around next year.

Of course, A-Rod is a bit biased -- dude played with Carlos for a few years with the Yankees earlier this decade -- but he swears the ex-outfielder will kill it with the Mets.


"Love Carlos," Rodriguez says. "Great hire. Great person. New Yorker. His wife, Jessica, lives right here in the city. And, he's a baseball savant. I think the Mets are going to love him."

As for Beltran having NO managing experience heading into the gig ... Rodriguez says he has zero concerns about growing pains, telling us, "He'll do great, he'll do great."

By the way, Rodriguez has some new beginnings going on this week too ... he was out in NYC promoting his new show, "Back In The Game," which debuts Wednesday night.

Rodriguez tells us the CNBC project is all about coaching and mentoring former athletes and celebrities to try to get them out of a rut ... kind of like what Beltran is tasked with doing for the Mets!

Lauren Summer & Kayla Lauren WS Boob Flashers Get VIP Treatment ... at L.A. Chargers Game

Flashing your boobs to the whole country at the World Series definitely has its perks... 'cause models Lauren Summer and Kayla Lauren got the VIP hookup at the L.A. Chargers game!!!

Of course, just last week the ladies made global headlines for exposing their chests while Gerrit Cole was on the mound during Game 5 of the Fall Classic.

MLB booted them from the ballpark and banned them from all MLB events FOR LIFE --  but apparently, they're still welcome at NFL games!!!

So, Lauren and Kayla threw on some Keenan Allen jerseys and hit up the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, CA on Sunday where they got special field access during warmups before the Bolts took on the Packers.

Don't worry, they kept it PG this time.

No sign of Julia Rose at the game, so the trifecta wasn't totally complete ... but 2 outta 3 ain't bad!

For the record, it's unclear if the women were invited by the Chargers -- or if they got hooked up from someone else. We reached out to the team for comment but haven't heard back.

Seems the women were good luck charms for the Chargers -- considering L.A. easily handled the Pack in a 26-11 victory with Aaron Rodgers having one of his worst games of the season.

Maybe he was just distracted.

Alex Ovechkin Rides Topless Nationals Staffer ... Insane D.C. Celebration!!!

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Washington Nationals

Wanna see Alex Ovechkin get a topless piggyback ride from a husky Washington Nationals staffer?!?!

Good ... 'cause during the insane Nats-Capitals World Series celebration at D.C.'s hockey game Sunday -- Ovi stripped down to bare chest and rode a shirtless Nats BP pitcher around the locker room!!!

The insane scene all went down at Capital One Arena in Washington ... where the Nats continued their weekend-long World Series title celebration with beer and no shirts.

The guys were all over the arena ... they partied in the Caps locker room, they raged in their luxury box -- and they even rode the intermission Zamboni half naked!!

But, the best part of their wild night? After the Caps beat the Calgary Flames, 4-2 ... Nats manager Davey Martinez hooked up Ovi with staffer Ali Modami.

If you're unfamiliar, Modami gained fame earlier this year for giving Brian Dozier a post-home run piggyback ride in the team's dugout.

So, Martinez made him replicate that in the Caps' locker room ... and it was seriously epic!!!

Some other highlights from the party ...

-- After slamming a million Bud Lights, Nats players poured them on fans ... and then signed the empties and threw them to the crowd!!!

-- Adam Eaton hilariously pulled a T.J. Oshie -- drinking a beer right through his Capitals jersey!!!

--The Caps joined in on a post-victory "Baby Shark" dance with the Nationals ... and then sang a little Queen in the locker room!!


Carlos Correa We Want Cole Back ... 'That'd Be Great'


Carlos Correa is holding out hope Gerrit Cole resigns with the Houston Astros ... telling TMZ Sports having the stud pitcher back in 2020 "would be great."

Of course, that might be wishful thinking at this point ... Cole's behavior after the Astros lost the World Series certainly suggests he'll be on someone else's mound next year.

If ya missed it ... Cole wore a Scott Boras hat -- NOT an Astros one -- to his post-World Series loss presser and wrote a note on social media shortly after that sounded like a farewell to Houston.

But, when we got Correa out in NYC this weekend, the 'Stros star shortstop told us he's got high hopes that Houston's execs can find a way to bring the ace back.

"I hope so," Correa said. "That'd be great."

As for how Carlos is handling the loss to the Nationals ... he told us the squad's already thinking about next season -- and he also gave some props to Washington for the W.

"They competed, they played great -- so congratulations to them."

By the way, Carlos says while he's already gearing up for 2020 ... he ain't quite hitting the bench press or the squat rack just yet.

"Nah. Rest, and then we train!"

Doc Gooden Signs Celebrity Boxing Deal ... Fighting In March


The Doc is in ...

Dwight Gooden has signed a contract to participate in a Celebrity Boxing match on March 7 in Atlantic City, TMZ Sports has learned.

The former MLB star -- who has recently been dealing with substance abuse issues -- has decided that getting physically active again could be the best thing for him ... so he's agreed to box.

54-year-old Gooden has been working with Celebrity Boxing promoter Damon Feldman for months -- in fact, Doc was the guest referee for Dustin Diamond's (Screech) last fight back in Sept.

But now, he'll get back in the ring as a competitor ... though CB is still working on locking up an opponent for the baseball star.

Celebrity Boxing has had some issues lately with stars like Lenny Dykstra and the Angry Bagel Boss Guy dropping out at the last minute -- but we're told Doc is fully committed.

One thing to watch ... Doc has been getting tons of support lately from his old pal Darryl Strawberry -- wonder if he'll attend the fight in person?