IKEA Don't Masturbate In Our Stores ... Reminder After Viral Video

IKEA is NOT the place to get your rocks off ... that's the company's friendly reminder after a woman pleasured herself on camera inside a store in China.

The Swedish furniture company is kindly reminding folks not to masturbate while shopping after footage of a woman doing just that went viral on Chinese social media.

In the raunchy clip, you see a half-dressed woman touching herself while sitting on sofas, chairs and beds displayed throughout the store -- at one point, other shoppers walk by and seemingly get a peep show. The woman even twerks for the camera.

IKEA is very concerned this could become a trend. The Swedish homeware group says ... “We resolutely oppose and condemn this kind of behavior, and immediately reported it to the police in the city of the suspected store."

IKEA's reminding shoppers to visit stores in an "orderly and civilized way." Translation ... hands to yourselves (social distancing and all), but NOT on yourselves, please!

The woman's horny hands are even forcing IKEA's hand -- the company says it's beefing up security in stores.

It's unclear when the video, which has since been scrubbed from Chinese social media was shot ... no one is wearing a face mask in the footage, which makes it seem like the masturbating muse hit up an IKEA before the coronavirus outbreak.

No word if the woman got the idea from "A Night at The Roxbury."

Bottom line for IKEA ... they want you to do it yourself, but that means furniture.

NFL's Telvin Smith Pleads Not Guilty ... To Sex With Underage Girl

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Ex-Jacksonville Jaguars star Telvin Smith is fighting back in his underage sex case -- pleading NOT GUILTY to all charges, court record show.

The 29-year-old linebacker is accused of two sexual encounters with an underage girl back in 2019. Florida officials claim they have a mountain of evidence -- including DNA and text messages -- to prove his guilt.

TMZ Sports has confirmed ... Smith's lawyer sent in the not guilty plea in the mail last week ... waiving his arraignment and right to be present at all pretrial conferences.

Smith allegedly met the underage girl at her work in Duval County, FL days before their first sexual encounter at his home. Officials claim the accuser's coworker made it clear to Smith she was underage.

Officials say Smith and the minor had sex again in his Cadillac Escalade a month later.

As we previously reported ... the girl claims Smith pressured her into taking a $100 bill after the encounter, which she used to buy emergency contraception.

In November, investigators executed a search warrant and seized Smith's Escalade to collect DNA evidence. Officials insinuate in court docs, DNA collected in the car matches the alleged victim.

Unlawful sex with a minor is a Felony 2 ... which means Smith is facing multiple years behind bars if convicted.

Smith was a stud for the Jaguars after being selected in the 5th round of the 2014 NFL Draft ... starting 69 games from '14 to '18 while making 1 Pro Bowl appearance.

Carmen Electra Pornhub Searches Skyrocket ... After 'The Last Dance'


Carmen Electra's appearance on "The Last Dance" left some fans wanting more of her, uh, content, this week ... which translated to some HUGE search numbers on one of the world's biggest XXX sites.

Of course, the former Baywatch bombshell and Playboy model popped up on the uber-popular ESPN doc to discuss her relationship with Dennis Rodman ... which included an infamous mid-season vacation to Vegas.

Oh, yeah ... and the time Michael freaking Jordan barged in on them in bed together. Good stuff.

Electra's appearance on the doc was pretty memorable for several reasons ... which inspired some eager viewers to do more "research" on the sex symbol.

Pornhub (SFW link) tells TMZ Sports ... demand for Electra was ENORMOUS this week ... with more than 1.7 MILLION searches for videos related to her.

To compare ... there were just 14,796 searches the day the show aired ... and then they shot up to 393,000 the day after.

But, the biggest day came on April 28, with more than 588,00 searches!!

Shout-out to Carmen Electra for still dominating the game at 48.

P.S. -- Remember to clear your browser history, folks.

Porn Star Richelle Ryan Chad Should've Leaked Sex Tape ... But I'll Play W/ His Johnson


Chad Johnson should've leaked a sex tape before getting into adult videos ... so says a world-famous porn star who is ready and willing to get a tryst going on camera!!!

Richelle Ryan -- star of over 200 XXX movies, including classics like "Dynamic Booty 5" and "Mom Knows Best" -- says the 'Bachelorette' bad boy is skipping some important steps in his quest for adult video superstardom ... but she has an idea on how to ensure Chad's porn career has a happy ending.


As you know ... Chad told us he's moving to Sin City to buy a house and build his own porn studio, and he's partnering up with the ex-GF he claimed tried ruining his life, Annalise Mishler.

Richelle has been in porn for decades, and she says Chad is already 10 years behind the rest of the bros in Sin City ... but she isn't ready to write him off.

Even though Chad never leaked a sex tape, Richelle thinks he can generate buzz with his 'Bachelorette' background ... and she tells us why she wants to shoot some porn with Mr. Johnson!!!

Chad Johnson From TV Jerk to Porn Star?!? Moving to Vegas Soon

Chad Johnson's ready to unleash his Johnson ... he says he's going into porn.

The 'Bachelorette' bad boy tells TMZ ... he's moving to Sin City soon to buy a house and build his own porn studio. As for who he's partnering up to do all this with ... the ex-GF he claimed last month tried ruining his life, Annalise Mishler.


Chad tells us he's moving to Vegas in a month or so as soon as he finds a huge house there. He says it's way easier and more affordable to fly people into Vegas where he'll have lots of bedrooms and a studio room for others looking to get into OnlyFans-style content.

Chad, as we told you last month, pimped his OnlyFans account when we wanted to get a straight answer whether he's back with Annalise or not after all their drama.


Before this news of Chad's new porn mansion was first reported by Daily Mail, you'll recall, Annalise claimed an argument in late February turned physical. Chad was arrested and charged with 6 misdemeanors stemming from his domestic violence arrest. Chad vehemently denied putting his hands on her.


But, it didn't end there. Cops made a welfare check at Chad's pad after he posted a disturbing picture hinting at suicide.

Cops determined during that visit he wasn't a danger to himself, but less than 24 hours later he was hospitalized and taken in for evaluation after posting some disturbing videos that included him telling someone, "I have no choice."

Netflix's 'Too Hot to Handle' Contestants' Poo Under Surveillance ... Camera On At All Times


Netflix's new reality show, ''Too Hot to Handle,'' was serious when they told their participants no pleasure whatsoever, because producers had eyes on them 24/7 ... even in the John.

Contestant Bryce Hirschberg talked to Dax Holt and Adam Glyn on the 'Hollywood Raw' podcast recently, and revealed yes, they were under surveillance at all times to ensure they wouldn't, y'know ... choke any poultry. Even while they were on the sh***er -- producers were watching on CCTV.

That might sound like an invasion of privacy -- we're sure the stars of the show signed up for it though -- but that's the point of the show ... hold back from "releasing" and take home six figures in the amount of $100,000. The twist -- you're surrounded by temptation.

There's a bunch of hot singles who get thrown into "paradise" ... but they have to refrain from sexual or intimate touching of any kind or risk losing out on the prize money.

Of course, you also can't masturbate -- something you could normally get away with in the secrecy of the bathroom. But, that's out the window with cameras rolling.

Hopefully, the prolonged non-enjoying was worth it for Bryce. He says he didn't earn a dime for appearing, but won a meager $7,500!!! You can hear the whole thing here.

NBA's Terrance Ferguson Won't Face Charges ... After Rape Allegation

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OKC Thunder player Terrance Ferguson will NOT face rape charges after prosecutors say they simply can't prove the 21-year-old committed a crime.

Ferguson was investigated by the Oklahoma City Police Dept. after a woman reportedly claimed he raped her at a house party in 2018.

Officials say the woman didn't file a police report until Feb. 2020.

Details surrounding the case have been thin, to say the least -- but the Oklahoman reports the accuser acknowledged she knew Ferguson before the alleged rape.

Now, Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater says the probe is complete ... and his office will NOT be charging Ferguson with any crimes.

"Evidence to support the reporting person's allegations that the sexual conduct was not consensual was absent,” Prater told The Oklahoman over the weekend.

In other words, cops seem to be acknowledging that a sexual incident took place -- but can't seem to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that was rape.

Ferguson's attorney, Billy Bock, issued a statement saying -- "Terrance Ferguson is a very respectful young man who has recently had to defend himself regarding some false allegations."

"He cooperated fully with the investigation and appreciates the professionalism of the investigators with the Oklahoma City Police Department and Mr. Prater's office, which has declined to file charges."

"He continues to deny any wrongdoing and is looking forward to having this experience behind him."

Ferguson has started 123 games for the Thunder since it picked him with the 21st overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft. He's logged 4.9 points per game for the team in his 3-year career.

As for the Thunder, the team said in a statement, "We were made aware of the situation, followed the protocols that are in place, and allowed the legal process to take its course."

Playboi Carti Arrest Cop Says He Mouthed Off ... I'll Bang Your Daughter!!!


Playboi Carti went all Johnny Badass on a cop who pulled him over -- according to the cop, anyway, Carti dragged the deputy's daughter into it!!!

TMZ got a hold of the police report detailing Carti's arrest about a week ago in Clayton County, Georgia -- and cops say the rapper was mouthing off big time when a Sheriff's deputy pulled him over and smelled weed.

The deputy says he asked Carti to get out, and the bad attitude started right away. Carti allegedly told the officer to take him to jail and said he didn't even care anymore.

Upon conducting a search, the deputy says he found drugs and guns inside Carti's Lambo -- specifically, marijuana, Xanax, codeine and oxycodone and 2 handguns. Carti had a pal with him and cops arrested both of them ... but the trash-talking wasn't done yet.

According to the officer, Carti told him he'd "f*** my daughter" and that he had a hot wife. He also allegedly said he didn't give a damn about his exotic sports car, cause he'd just buy another one anyway.

In the end, Carti was booked for expired tags, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and failure to move over. His buddy ended up getting busted for the harder drug and gun possession charges.

Carti was released on bond shortly afterward.

'Love is Blind' Casting For Season 2 ... So Who's Gay, Bi or Straight?


"Love is Blind" contestants might be blindsided by their fiance's sexual orientation, but the shot callers sure won't ... they're already asking potential cast members how they identify.

Here's the deal ... the popular Netflix reality dating show was recently renewed for a second season and is currently casting in the Chicago area, with producers asking a pretty personal and important question: What's your sexual orientation???

Remember, it became a huge deal first season ... Carlton didn't tell Diamond he was bisexual until AFTER they got engaged, leading to an epic spat and some much-needed therapy.

The questionnaire asks potential cast members if they consider themselves straight, gay, bisexual or other.

The other casting questions are pretty standard ... age, ethnicity, hair color, eye color, occupation, hobbies etc. Casting also wants face photos and complete body shots.

There's also questions about dating status, where the applicant meets prospective mates, what qualities they look for and deal-breakers like religion, ethnicity and cultural differences.

The casting call also asks about cigarette and alcohol use, desired and undesired physical traits in a partner, and descriptions of current dating history and longest relationships.

Interesting ... no questions about politics, which has become a tried-and-true dealbreaker.


The big question now ... do producers want another Carlton situation or not?!?

Joe Buck Stop Sending Me Your Sex Tapes ... I'm Not Gonna Narrate Them!!!

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Tragic news for people with great sex tapes ... Joe Buck says he will NOT narrate them -- SO STOP SENDING THEM HIS WAY!!!

The legendary sports broadcaster has been doing some fun charity work this month ... providing play-by-play of fan-submitted videos on social media in exchange for good-cause donations.

Buck's voiced over some pretty wacky clips -- a guy making chicken wings, some dude throwing darts and even marble racing were all part of his package last week.

But, Joe said in an interview with KMOX on Monday ... some of the vids fans are sending his way are straight-up NSFW -- and he'd appreciate if people stopped doing it.

"I've had a couple of submissions from let's say, a man and a woman, that just didn't seem appropriate to put my voice to in this stage of my life," Buck said, "Maybe later in life, but not now."

Joe says people shouldn't try to sneak it in behind seemingly normal videos either ... 'cause he claims he's going over even the benign videos with a fine-tooth comb!!

"I look at these videos very carefully and pick the ones that seem the most wholesome to put my voice to."

Translation ... keep it in your pants, you perverts!!

Future's Alleged Baby Mama You've Got 7 Baby Mamas What's So Private About Yo Sex Life?!?


Future's alleged baby mama is bringing receipts in the lawsuit the rapper brought against her ... calling his invasion of privacy suit laughable 'cause his tea's been spilled PLENTY of times.

Eliza Seraphin filed legal docs and laid out bullet point after bullet point why she thinks Future's lawsuit should be dismissed. In docs, obtained by TMZ, Eliza says Future's argument -- that had he known Eliza would kiss and tell he would have never slept with her -- is BS.

She says, for starters, if Future didn't wanna get caught up in a paternity case he should have wrapped it up. But, he didn't ... triggering his SEVENTH case of baby mama drama.

And, speaking of baby mama drama ... Eliza claims Future can't call airing his dirty laundry through a paternity case invasion of privacy because his sexual relations with a bunch of other women with whom he's fathered kids with "are all documented and widely reported on the internet and discussed on social media. It is unknown why he would think this one would be any different." Boom.

Eliza wasn't done yet. She also said if Future didn't want her talking about their sex life, he should have just taken a paternity test. She says a hookup that results in the birth of a child is not a private matter when the mother's "had to resort to the court system because the child's father refuses to acknowledge paternity."

According to docs, Future complains about Eliza's allegations that he's the biological father of her 11-month old daughter but, she says, "it should be noted that while [Future] has not admitted to being the child's father, he has not actually denied it either."

Problem for Eliza is ... her motion was TOO LONG cause the judge denied it on a technicality ... turns out her motion exceeded the page limit. But, she can try to refile a shorter version or ask for a page-limit extension down the road.

Her paternity case, however, remains a contentious issue.

NYC Health Dept. Choke the Chicken During Outbreak ... But No Orgies!!!

The Big Apple doesn't want its residents banging like rabbits during the coronavirus outbreak -- so it's got a set of strict (and graphically specific) guidelines on how to get it on during these contagious times.

The NYC Health Department posted recommendations over the weekend on how folks can have sex, while keeping the risk of catching COVID-19 low. For starters, they say sex with another person probably isn't a good idea right now ... so, they suggest masturbating.

If you are going to have sex with someone else, they have recommendations on who to bang first. The department says if you must, sleep with someone you live with, and try NOT to screw anyone outside the household if you can help. They also say limit the number of partners you're hooking up with ... which probably means no orgies either. Aw, man!

The most graphic suggestions come in the form of rim jobs (anus to mouth contact) and oral sex too. They say don't eat ass right now -- it probably ain't safe -- and if you're gonna get slurped up by a partner ... use a condom or a dental dam to reduce saliva swapping.

The Health Dept. also notes ... if your partner's not feeling well, skip the sex. And, for all the online daters, keep the interaction there for now too. What a time to be alive!

NBA's Jamal Murray Apologizes For Oral Sex Vid On IG ... I Was Hacked!!!

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Denver Nuggets star Jamal Murray claims he's been HACKED ... and a graphic video that surfaced on Instagram on Saturday was never intended for public consumption.

The video in question popped up on the 23-year-old's IG stories late Saturday night and was deleted a very short time after it went up -- but it still left his 450k followers in shock.

Sunday morning, he addressed the situation head-on ... saying, "First and foremost I would like to apologize to my fans. My account has been hacked, currently working on the issue. Thanks."

Obviously, we're not gonna post the video here.

We understand why Murray is apologizing ... but if what he's saying is true, an apology isn't necessary -- he's a victim and doesn't have to apologize for anything.

Murray had gone viral earlier in the week over a clip of him playing the piano while social distancing.

At least he's finding ways to stay busy while the whole world is on lockdown.

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