Bobbi Althoff I Don't Sleep w/ Guys I Interview!!!

Bobbi Althoff's sounding off on rumors that she bangs the dudes she awkwardly interviews ... saying she doesn't have to sleep around to get ahead.

The social media star -- who's skyrocketed into viral fame over the past year and change -- launched into a diatribe on her Instagram story late Tuesday night ... responding to a hater's direct message claiming she spent her weekends jumping from famous guy to famous guy.

BA says she doesn't usually respond to DMs like these -- which she claims she's received repeatedly of late -- but goes on to explain she's sick of seeing these claims from people who have no idea why her marriage ended ... and she wants to set the record straight.

Argentina's Enzo Fernández Sorry For Singing Racist Chants ... After Copa América Win

Soccer star Enzo Fernández has issued a mea culpa for singing racist and homophobic chants with his Argentinian teammates following their Copa América win over the weekend ... writing in a statement "there is absolutely no excuse" for the behavior.

The midfielder, who plays for Chelsea when he's not logging minutes on Argentina's national team, filmed himself and others on a bus crooning crass words about France after beating Colombia, 1-0, in Miami on Sunday.

In the footage, which Fernández posted on his Instagram page, you can see the footballer and several others with big grins on their faces as they belted out hateful words.

Joe Biden 'Black Jobs' Include Presidency & Vice Presidency ... How Ya Like That Trump?!?


Joe Biden torched Donald Trump's comment about "Black jobs" -- saying the guy must not know the highest positions in government have been occupied by African Americans.

The Prez stopped by the annual NAACP convention in Vegas Tuesday, where he gave a keynote address ... in which he brought up his political rival's debate claim that "Black jobs" are being taken away by illegal immigrants as a result of the border crisis.


Many have blasted 45 over the remark -- calling it racist -- which is probably why Biden invoked it yet again in Sin City ... this time spinning it to note that Barack Obama and Kamala Harris have carried some of the most important "Black jobs" in American history.

Tenacious D's Kyle Gass Dropped By Talent Agency ... After Trump Comment

Tenacious D singer Kyle Gass' birthday wish about taking out Trump has turned into his worst nightmare -- 'cause his management team is cutting him off ... TMZ has learned.

Michael Greene of Greene Talent -- which was repping Kyle of late -- tells TMZ ... they've parted ways with Kyle, and no longer represent him as a direct result of his incendiary comments.


This comes shortly after Jack Black announced they're pulling the plug on the rest of their tour ... so it looks like Kyle's career has taken a hit, for now, following his "Don't miss Trump next time" comment ... which pissed off a helluva lot of people.

Trump RNC Secret Service Detail Beefed Up, Devoid of Female Agents 🧐


Donald Trump showed up to the Republican National Convention this week with an army of Secret Service agents ... none of whom were women, which is sparking an interesting convo.

The ex-Prez -- who just survived an assassination attempt over the weekend -- popped up in Milwaukee for night #1 of the convention ... marking the first time he appeared at a public event since Thomas Matthew Crooks tried putting a bullet in his head Saturday.

Of course, since then ... everyone has been saying his security detail would be beefed up -- including President Biden, who dedicated more protection -- and that was apparent Monday.

JACK BLACK Cancels Tour After Tenacious D Bandmate Rooted for Another Assassin ... Kyle Gass Apologizes

Jack Black has pulled the plug on his tour after his Tenacious D bandmate made a birthday wish ... grousing that the would-be-assassin didn't take out Donald Trump.

Jack says he was blindsided by Kyle Gass' remark on the heels of the shooting. KG made the comment at their show in Sydney over the weekend, as he celebrated his birthday onstage, saying he hoped another would-be assassin not miss the target next time. As you can imagine, the remark caught a ton of backlash.

Black says he would never condone violence, hate speech or encourage political violence of any sort.

Pepa From Salt-N-Pepa Kicked Off Southwest Flight ... I Bought 2 Seats, Ended Up With None!!!

Sandra "Pepa" Denton was left grounded in Vegas this AM after a Southwest Airlines crew deemed her a safety risk on their flight!

The Salt-N-Pepa rap legend tells TMZ Hip Hop she was on a flight from Las Vegas to Nashville for a meeting -- a flight she takes frequently because it's the only direct one.

Instagram / @darealpepa

Due to a previous knee injury from a 2018 car crash, she paid for 2 seats and used the services of a greeter for wheelchair assistance.

JACK BLACK'S TENACIOUS D BANDMATE Says 'Don't Miss Trump Next Time' ... After Assassination Attempt


Jack Black's Tenacious D bandmate Kyle Gass had one wish for his birthday -- and it's being called a disgusting sentiment after someone tried killing Donald Trump.

Gass was performing alongside JB in Sydney, Australia over the weekend -- and when Jack asked him what his birthday wish was onstage ... KG said, "Don’t miss Trump next time" -- a clear reference to Thomas Matthew Crooks firing a shot at DT over the weekend.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... Jack wasn't aware Kyle would say this, and that he doesn't condone violence.

DONALD TRUMP SHOOTING Tone-Deaf Article Nixed ... Black Voters Set to Be Swayed?!?

Forbes pulled an article suggesting Black voters might relate to Donald Trump and feel more likely to vote for him after the assassination attempt ... probably for good reason.

The piece was titled "Will Surviving Gunfire Be Donald Trump's Next Appeal To Black Voters?" -- and it was written by USC professor and DEI expert Shaun Harper ... who himself is Black, and was more so posing this premise as a hypothetical rather than a statement of fact.

Still ... his argument that Trump may try to use this moment -- which he hasn't yet -- as a way to appeal to Black voters was met with a lot of pushback ... with many calling it racist.

Terrell Davis Hauled Off Plane In Handcuffs ... After Incident With Flight Attendant

Terrell Davis was placed in handcuffs and taken off an airplane following an incident with a flight attendant over the weekend ... but the Denver Broncos legend is adamant he did nothing wrong.

The scene unfolded after Davis said he and his family boarded a United Airlines flight from Denver to Orange County on Saturday.

The two-time Super Bowl champion said in an Instagram post on Monday that his son had asked a flight attendant for a cup of ice during drink service ... but when the steward didn't respond to the request, Davis says he leaned over and calmly tapped the man's arm to get his attention.

Alyssa Milano Shannen Doherty Relationship was 'Complicated' ... World Is Worse Without Her

Alyssa Milano isn't sugarcoating her ties with Shannen Doherty ... acknowledging they had a complex relationship -- but, making it clear the world's worse off without her.

The actress spoke with Page Six Sunday just hours after Shannen passed away following a fierce cancer battle ... admitting to the outlet her relationship with the late actress wasn't always easy.

Milano says, "It’s no secret that Shannen and I had a complicated relationship, but at its core was someone I deeply respected and was in awe of. She was a talented actress, beloved by many, and the world is less without her. My condolences to all who loved her"

Gypsy Rose Blanchard Trolls Use Baby Registry to Send Hate Messages

Gypsy Rose Blanchard's baby registry appeared fulfilled within minutes, but TMZ has learned that's not the case ... 'cause we're told trolls only made it look that way to send Gypsy hate messages.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... Gypsy uploaded a public Babylist registry on the same day she announced her pregnancy with Ken Urker filled with common items like diapers, bottles, burp cloths and some expensive items like a $550 Nuna stroller and a $500 Carter’s by DaVinci Arlo Recliner.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

While all the items appeared to have been purchased within half an hour of the list going up, our sources say the items weren't actually bought. Instead, haters online clicked "purchase" on the item so they could direct message GRB.

Trump Rally Witness Claims He Saw Gunman Climb Roof Ignored by Authorities???

BBC News

A man who claims to have seen the alleged gunman open fire on the Trump rally has quite a story -- including the lead-up ... not to mention apparently being ignored after trying to notify law enforcement.

The guy, who called himself Greg, got interviewed by the BBC Saturday in Butler, PA right after everything went south -- just outside the rally itself -- where he says he and his friends were partying, only to head up a hill outside the facility to watch Trump's remarks from afar.


That's when Greg says he and his pals saw a man shimmy up a nearby building -- which was also outside the main grounds of the rally -- with what he says was a rifle in hand.

Star Eater Geoff Esper Major League Eating Should Act ... After Cheating Scandal


The competitive eating world was rocked for the second time in as many months -- this time with an alleged cheating controversy involving Nick Wehry -- with star eater Geoff Esper telling TMZ Sports something needs to be done!

Earlier this week, the NY Post reported Wehry, hubby of the 10-time mustard belt champion Miki Sudo, was accused of adding a plate to his final tally at the 2024 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating contest on the Fourth of July.

At the time, NW denied the allegations, saying he "stole nothing."

Jerry Rice Threatens Reporters On Golf Course ... 'I Will F*** You Up!!!'

"I WILL F*** YOU UP!!!"


4:16 PM PT -- The two journalists -- who work for Starcade Media -- just released a statement on the matter ... insisting they did not mean to rile up Jerry Rice with their Chiefs-related question.

The guys said on their Facebook page they merely wanted to know if Kansas City's 2024 wideout group "had improved enough to continue winning at a high level" ... and nothing more.

Waiting for your permission to load the Facebook Video.

"We meant absolutely no disrespect to Jerry or the 49ers when asking this question," they said. They added that they'd love the opportunity to discuss things further with the Hall of Famer.

Eminem's 'Fuel' 'Get Popped Like Halyna Hutchins' ... Calls Out Baldwin, 'Rust' Shooting


While Eminem's fans are celebrating the release of his 12th album, the family of slain "Rust" cinematographer Halyna Hutchins is probably furious over him referencing her death.

The ninth track on "The Death of Slim Shady (Coup de Grâce)" is called "Fuel," and he closes the song with a verse that name drops Halyna, as well as Alec Baldwin, who is currently on trial for fatally shooting Halyna in 2021 on the set of "Rust."

Em leads up to the blistering line by bringing up guns -- "Clutchin' the nine millimeter, tuckin' the heat. Got the toaster like an English muffin. No, I mean, "Toast to" like you drink to somethin' But it's in a holster, I proceed to bust it."

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