Racist Rant American Tourist Arrested in Thailand ... Sickening Video


An unhinged American tourist in Thailand went on a disgusting and disturbing tirade in front of a crowd of onlookers ... and got hauled away in handcuffs.

This footage of Daniel Franckowiak's rant is pretty appalling -- he starts by hurling threats at the person filming, saying ... "I kill people, I rape children, I kill f****ts. I'm real! I'll f***ing kill and rape you too!"

He then follows up his homophobic slur with a racist one, calling a woman a "coward c***k bitch."

Franckowiak continues to threaten people in front of a restaurant in Chiang Mai, and tells one man his skin looks like "the ass of a f***ing cow" before the authorities show up to arrest him. His response ... "put me on YouTube and make me famous."

The embarrassing U.S. tourist reportedly hails from Bismark, North Dakota and was busted for criminal damage -- he allegedly broke a window at the restaurant.

Franckowiak was reportedly released from police custody, but is scheduled to appear in court next month, and apparently bragged online about getting sprung from jail 3 times the past several weeks in "corrupt Thailand."

Irv Gotti I Pulled a Gun on Daughter's BF ... But in a LOL Kinda Way!!!


Irv Gotti is standing by his take on T.I.'s controversial parenting choices, and the Murder Inc. honcho has a confession of his own ... involving HIS daughter's boyfriend and a handgun!!!

Irv was on "TMZ Live" Monday and revealed how his birds and bees chat went with his daughter, Angie, and more importantly ... with her BF. Now, mind you, Irv says this was all in good fun, but still ... imagine being the guy in this situation.

The way Irv tells it ... he was simply reminding the young man about the importance of always being respectful when he decided to emphasize the point by pulling out a gun. Again ... just jokes. Haha?

Well, sounds like he made his point -- Irv says the guy's been nothing but respectful towards his Angie during their 8 years together, and he also has a great relationship with Irv.

Huh, wonder why.

Dad's in charge
Ladies Like Us with Nazanin and Nadia

Remember, Irv told us he fully respects T.I.'s right to parent how he chooses -- but also said going to gynecologist appointments with his daughter is not what he would do. Actually, you gotta see Irv describe his honest approach to the sex talk.

BTW ... Angie and her BF are featured on dad's new WEtv show, "Growing Up Hip Hop: New York."

Oh, and Irv's got some extra advice for all the dads out there worried about their little girls.

Popeyes Employee Chicken Sandos Made on Trash Bin Owner Apologizes, Explains


A Popeyes employee was caught making their now-infamous chicken sandwiches above a trash can -- for which the owner has now taken full responsibility and corrected.

TMZ has obtained some pretty shocking photos taken Friday at a Popeyes restaurant in Fairfax, VA -- where it appears an employee behind the counter is fast at work putting together as many sandos as possible. But, it's being done on top of a tray that's conveniently resting on top of a large trash bin ... and the setup was in customers' line of sight.

The placement begs many different questions -- the obvious one being ... WHY? Not enough counter space? Not enough hands on deck? Too much demand? Turns out, it was pretty much all of the above, according to this location's owner.

The guy tells us that on this particular day, the restaurant was overwhelmed after only having been open a few days, and then getting slammed with a 100 chicken sandwich order.


He says when he saw his brand new employees using the bin -- which he claims was totally empty -- he immediately ordered another table, which is in the store now.

Of course, this is just the latest eyebrow-raising behavior that's surfaced over the past week or so since Popeyes reintroduced their viral sensation sandwich.


We already know people have been losing their minds at several different locations nationwide over these things, with customers and employees coming to blows ... and in the worst incident, someone was fatally stabbed.

Cleveland's Francisco Lindor New Video Might Cause Indians Fans ... To Freak Out!!


Everyone wants to know if Cleveland Indians superstar Francisco Lindor will sign a new deal to keep him in CLE after the 2021 season.

So, we asked him about that ... and this video could have Indians Nation super worried!

Here's the deal ... Lindor was out in NYC this weekend and was super nice to our camera guy and other fans, talking about everything MLB related.

He gave love to Cleveland and called it "my home" -- but when we pressed him about staying with the Indians long term ... well, that's when the cat got his tongue.

Watch the video ... Lindor is chatty about every other topic except when we specifically asked about his career in Cleveland.

Of course, Lindor -- who's one of the 10 best hitters in the sport -- has a very uncertain future in Cleveland ... Indians owner Paul Dolan has already hinted he ain't willing to give the shortstop the FAT contract extension he probably deserves.

In fact, Dolan famously said before this past season, "Enjoy him. We control him for three more years. Enjoy him and then we’ll see what happens."

So, is Lindor's silence speaking volumes ... or is this a big ol' nothingburger?

It's not just the Indians fans in our office feeling some sort of way ... and even the non-CLE crowd was shocked by the non-answer answer.

Nice guy though!

Michael Irvin I'm Rooting for Antonio Brown ... 'There's Nothing Wrong with That!'


Michael Irvin says he's still 100% on Team Antonio Brown -- rooting for the embattled NFL star to get his career and life on track ... and he ain't apologizing for it!

The NFL Hall of Famer tells TMZ Sports he knows supporting AB isn't the popular thing to do these days ... but Mike doesn't care what everyone else thinks.

Irvin says he spent his offseason giving motivational speeches -- and talked to kids from "some of the hardest ghetto areas in Miami that Antonio Brown has come from."

"And, I want his story to end well so I can use it as inspiration and motivation for all those other little black kids in the ghettos and in the hells of America that are trying to get out."

Irvin says he knows Antonio is self-destructing with some of his off-the-field antics -- but the Cowboys legend tells us, "Everybody's talking about the problem, but nobody's talking about the solution."

"We as a country get off on the problem because somehow, someway we take that as some kind of self-fulfilling thing that, 'Hey, he made all this money playing football but at least I'm not making the stupid decisions that he's making now.' And, I think that's a sad way to look at it."

Irvin adds, "I want his story to end well so I can use it to inspire others that are growing up in the same hellhole he grew up in and ain't nothing wrong with that, man."

"And, I'm not gonna let anybody make me think there's something wrong with that."

Brown has a BUNCH of obstacles keeping him from playing again -- starting with allegations he raped a woman in 2018. The NFL is currently investigating the situation and, according to multiple reports, he's not expected to play in the NFL again this season.

He was also cut by the Raiders and the Patriots this season after all sorts of behavior -- from potentially illegally recording Jon Gruden to allegedly sending menacing text messages to a woman who accused him of sexual misconduct.

Cuba Gooding Jr. Girlfriend Flips Out on Him at Bar ... Removed by Security


9:23 AM PT -- A source close to the couple tells TMZ Claudine was upset about an incident from earlier in the night with a friend. We're told she was pissed because the friend showed up late to a dinner, and when she told Cuba about it, he took the friend's side. Cuba and Claudine are totally cool now, and it was just a silly argument.

Cuba Gooding Jr. got confronted in the club again -- only this time it was by his own girlfriend ... who freaked out on him during what we're told was her party.

CGJ was down in South Beach Saturday at Mango's Tropical Cafe, where sources tell us he was celebrating his GF's birthday. Her name's Claudine De Niro -- she's the same lady who was with him when he first got accused of groping a woman in NYC this past June.


In video obtained by TMZ, you can see Claudine talking to Cuba at the bar ... getting super close to his face and telling him something that seems to get her worked up.

While Cuba remained stoic in the convo ... Claudine lost her s*** and knocked over at least one shot glass from the bar. Then, she cleared the deck of whatever else was on there.

It's unclear what they were arguing over, but eyewitnesses tell us Claudine was removed from the bar after she got aggressive with security. As for Cuba's side of things ... his attorney, Mark Heller, tells us she got a "little overly playful" while partying with her beau.


As you know ... Cuba's been accused of sexual misconduct by several different women, for which he's now facing criminal charges relating to at least a few of them, and some incidents were even allegedly caught on camera. He's pled not guilty to all counts.

Terry Bradshaw Antonio Brown's Career Likely Over ... 'I Wouldn't Sign Him'


Terry Bradshaw doubts Antonio Brown will ever see another snap in the NFL ... telling TMZ Sports straight-up, "I wouldn't sign him."

"He's erratic," Bradshaw told us in NYC ... "His behavior makes me nervous. I don't know what's wrong with him. It makes no sense."

AB added another chapter to one of the most bizarre NFL stories ever on Thursday ... quitting the league in a profanity-laced social media rant, before eventually backtracking.

Bradshaw agrees the 31-year-old WR is crazy talented, but the off-the-field issues could be too big of a hurdle for him to overcome.

"Ya gotta deal with a lot of stuff. Are you willing to do that?"

Bradshaw says if he were running an NFL team, "I'd have to sit him down and I gotta make sure he's okay."

Brown has already been cut by TWO teams this season -- the Raiders and the Patriots -- and he cussed out the NFL on Thursday, saying the league treats black players unfairly.

The Seattle Seahawks reportedly looked into signing Brown recently but opted to sign Josh Gordon instead ... ultimately deciding Brown was not worth the trouble.

Brown is also being investigated by the NFL over allegations he raped his former trainer at his home in 2018. AB has denied the allegations and said the accuser's lawsuit is nothing more than a cash grab.

And, don't forget ... while Brown was on the Pats, he sent menacing text messages to a woman who accused him of sexual misconduct. The NFL is investigating that incident as well.

Irv Gotti T.I.'s Parenting is His Own Business ... Leave the Man Alone!!!


Irv Gotti says he would NOT rip a page outta T.I.'s parenting handbook, but quickly adds ... that doesn't mean Tip deserves to be bashed for keeping gynecological tabs on his daughter's virginity.

We got the Murder Inc. Records honcho outside Le Pain in WeHo and wanted to get his take on T.I. stirring up controversy by revealing he's been taking his daughter to the gyno, for years, and sits in for the results ... strictly to confirm she's still a virgin.

Dad's in charge
Ladies Like Us with Nazanin and Nadia

From the jump, Irv says he's not gonna judge T.I. on how HE chooses to parent HIS kids. But, if it were his daughter ... it's pretty clear where Irv would stand.

As we reported, T.I. earned tons of backlash for his admission on the 'Ladies Like Us' podcast. In fact, the cohosts -- Nazanin and Nadia -- also took a bunch of heat for how they handled the interview. They apologized and deleted the episode.

Our camera guy asks Irv if T.I.'s comments mean he's going to be canceled. That really gets Irv fired up.

Dr. Oz to T.I. Forget Hymen Checks ... Conversation's a Better Approach


Dr. Oz has some breaking news for T.I. -- while most are blasting his method of checking his daughter's virginity as abusive, the good doc says it's also ineffective ... and there's a much better way.

We got Oz Thursday outside NBC's 30 Rock studios, where he gave us a medical take on T.I. saying he's been taking his now 18-year-old daughter, Deyjah, to the gynecologist for years ... to make sure her hymen is intact.

Dad's in charge
Ladies Like Us with Nazanin and Nadia

He explained exactly why -- anatomically-speaking -- T.I. would be highly disappointed to know the hymen doesn't guarantee what he thinks it does. We're guessing the knowledge the Doc drops here will benefit a lot of people ... not just Tip.

Oz suggests a different approach that would get the rapper far more accurate information about his daughter -- and it's got nothing to do with an OB/GYN.

As we reported, the backlash against T.I. has been so overwhelming. Nazanin and Nadia -- the hosts of the 'Ladies Like Us' podcast where he made the remarks -- made the decision to delete the episode.

They also apologized for their "knee jerk" reaction, laughing awkwardly at T.I.'s revelation about his daughter.

Antonio Brown Backtracks On Quitting NFL ... 'I'm Just Very Frustrated Right Now'

Breaking News

2:11 PM PT -- That didn't last long.

Antonio Brown says he was in his feelings when he claimed he was quitting the NFL ... tweeting he's still hoping to make a return to football.

"I'm just very frustrated right now with the false allegations and slander to my name. I love football and I miss it."

"I just want to play and I'm very emotional about that. I'm determined to make my way back to the NFL asap"


AB just posted a rant on social media implying the NFL treats black players unfairly -- and advises fantasy football owners to finally abandon hope of him coming back.

"F**k @nfl I’m going down another path no more making money off my blood and sweat," Brown wrote.

"No more control of my name and body clear my name I am done with it ! So you fantasy f**ks can let it go."

Brown continued ... "Imagine conforming to a system giving it a 100 percent to see them treat me like this is unfairly ! Making money off my sweat and blood F**k the @nfl."

"I’ll never play in that s**t treat black people the worse! Clear my name and go f**k your self."

It's the second time Brown has sworn off the NFL in the last 3 months -- back in September, after he was cut by the Patriots, AB said, "Will not be playing in the @NFL anymore."

"These owners can cancel deals do whatever they want at anytime we will see if the @NFLPA hold them accountable sad they can just void guarantees anytime going on 40m 2 months will see if they pay up!"

Brown had a change of heart after that tweet and has been training like a maniac to get back in the league -- but now it seems he's ready to move on ... for real this time.

The NFL is finally hearing Antonio Brown's side of the story in his rape case ... the superstar receiver is set to meet with league investigators next week.

AB is accused of raping his former trainer, Britney Taylor, at his Florida home back in 2018 ... and after she filed a lawsuit against the 31-year-old over the incident, the NFL launched a probe into the matter.

It's been about two months since they kicked off the investigation ... and many around the league feel it's the reason AB has yet to sign with a new team since being cut by the Patriots in September.

But, Brown is finally ready to have the meeting with league officials ... and according to multiple reports, it could take place as soon as next Thursday.

Don't expect it to spell the end of Brown's time as a free agent, though ... NFL Network's, Ian Rapoport, says next week's meeting will likely be the first of several in the case.

"The league's investigation into civil allegations of sexual assault & rape is not expected to conclude any time soon," Rapoport said.

Brown has vehemently denied Taylor's allegations, saying through his attorney in September, "Any sexual interaction" between Taylor and Brown "was entirely consensual."

Antonio's been working out like a maniac despite the investigation ... but admitted on Twitter a few weeks ago that it's looking like he won't return to an NFL field until 2020.

Originally Published -- 8:27 AM PT

Ben & Jerry's Cofounder Jane Fonda Inspired Us ... We're Ready to Get Arrested!!!


The founders of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream know they're most likely about to spend a night in cold jail cell, but they're totally down to follow Jane Fonda's lead in protesting climate change.

Jerry Greenfield and Ben Cohen are joining forces with Jane for her "Fire Drill Fridays" demonstration on Capitol Hill ... and Jerry told us on "TMZ Live" it didn't take much pressure from Jane to join her on the frontlines. He said climate change would have been enough, but this Friday's demonstration also focuses on war and the military -- 2 subjects he and Ben have strong feelings.


As we've reported ... Jane has been arrested each of the past four Fridays as part of her climate change crusade, and her arrest last week resulted in her spending a night in the slammer.

Jerry says he's ready to do the same, because of the grave consequences for our planet's future.

Ben & Jerry's

Ben and Jerry have been sounding the climate change alarm for years -- there's even a Ben & Jerry's flavor called Save Our Swirled -- but Jerry says Jane's helped him realize more has to be done.

Ted Danson and Sam Waterston are some of the other celebs who have already been arrested alongside Jane, and Jerry explains why Fonda's able to inspire others to join the cause.

Donald Trump Jr. Tries to Flip Script on Joy & Whoopi ... You've Done Dirt Too!!!


Donald Trump Jr. didn't hold any punches when going toe-to-toe with Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar ... clapping back hard when the cohosts called out POTUS.

The heated exchange went down Thursday morning on "The View" where DTJ appeared, with his GF, Kimberly Guilfoyle, to promote his new book, 'Triggered.' The conversation throughout was tense but things really reached a boiling point when the panel accused President Trump of lowering the level of discourse in the country ... on almost all topics.

Trump Jr. turned the tables ... first on Joy by calling her out for allegedly wearing blackface. Joy took offense to the accusation and denied it. FWIW, Joy admitted in 2016 she had dressed as a "beautiful African woman" at a Halloween party when she was 29, and yes ... it involved makeup "a little bit darker than my skin."

Junior emphasized his point that "we've all done things that we regret" ... by going after Whoopi for defending disgraced director Roman Polanski amid rape allegations. Back in 2009, Whoopi said whatever Polanski's guilty of wasn't "rape-rape."


Trump Jr.'s appearance was also pretty rocky outside the studio -- protesters surrounded him on his way in and out. Things heated up when some of the protesters surrounded his SUV ... slamming the President's son for his big game hunting.

T.I. Gynecology Topic Handled Terribly ... Podcast Hosts Apologize and Delete Episode

Breaking News

T.I. should have been immediately called out when he opened up about annually taking his daughter to a gynecology appointment to ensure she's a virgin ... so say the podcast hosts, who are now apologizing.

Nazanin Mandi and Nadia Moham have gotten a lot of backlash after their interview with the rapper on their "Ladies Like Us" podcast, and they now admit they had a "knee jerk reaction" when they simply burst out in laughter.

It does seem like awkward laughter ... but, still, they feel they reacted TERRIBLY to T.I. saying he sits in on his daughter Deyjah Harris' gyno visits to confirm her hymen is intact.

Dad's in charge
Ladies Like Us with Nazanin and Nadia

They're directly addressing the criticism they didn't stand up to T.I. for his remarks ... which an overwhelming majority of listeners felt was an invasion of his daughter's privacy.

Nazanin and Nadia say they "were completely caught off guard/shocked and looking back, we should have reacted much differently in the moment." The hosts went on to say, "We are not perfect, take full accountability for our lack of action."

T.I.'s comments have so widely been seen as offensive and misogynistic that Nadia and Nazanin made the decision to take down that episode of their podcast.

T.I. Takes Daughter to Gyno To Make Sure She's Still a Virgin!!!

Dad's in charge
Ladies Like Us with Nazanin and Nadia

T.I. says he still accompanies his now 18-year-old daughter for an annual gynecology check-up ... just to make sure her virginity is intact.

The rapper recently made the revelation on the podcast "Ladies Like Us," saying he's been taking Deyjah Harris to the gyno for years now, and sits in for the results with the intent of confirming her hymen has not been broken.

Tip got into the convo when the hosts -- Nazanin and Nadia -- asked if he's had the sex talk with his daughters. He told them he schedules the doctor's visit each year ... usually right after Deyjah's birthday.

T.I. says he's simply exercising his right as a parent to steer his daughter away from what he considers bad decisions. As he put it to Nadia and Nazanin -- who's singer Miguel's wife, BTW -- "I think that most kids in hindsight, looking back, they always thank their parents for not allowing them to damage themselves as much as they could have."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Deyjah turned 18 this year, and it's worth noting she put the Internet, and any guys looking to holler at her, on notice. She warned just 'cause she's 18, it doesn't give older guys a right to try to get with her.

John Stamos 'Likes' Aunt Becky Going to Jail Tweet Oops, Itchy Twitter Trigger?


10:31 AM PT -- A source close to John tells us the tweet was "liked" on accident -- there was a ton of love for his performance last night -- and the Loughlin tweet got mixed in. John has since "unliked" the tweet.

John Stamos, or someone on his social media team, might have some 'splaining to do with his pal, Lori Loughlin ... after what seems like a Trump-esque Twitter flub.

John's verified account liked a tweet praising his performance Tuesday night on "The Little Mermaid Live!" ... but it came with a catch -- namely, a jab at his former "Full House" costar.

The tweet Uncle Jesse liked said, "Aunt Becky's going to jail but @JohnStamos is BACK and crushing it on #LittleMermaidLive."

Maybe the review of John's performance was just too flattering to NOT give it a like -- but obviously Lori wouldn't feel so good about the message. It's kinda shocking because John's been mostly mum about Lori's role in the college admissions scandal.

As we've reported ... Lori and her husband are facing new charges of bribery after allegedly paying $500,000 to mastermind Rick Singer to get their daughters into USC via the rowing team and some fake pictures. They've pled not guilty to all counts.

Fact is, John is getting plenty of praise for playing Chef Louis on 'Mermaid' ... so it's not like the Twitter user was alone with his or her review. However, we're guessing John would like to take back at least half of his "like" on that tweet.

Too bad that's not an option on Twitter. Not yet.

We reached out to John's team for clarification ... no word back, so far.

Originally Published -- 10:05 AM PT

George Lopez On Battery Acid Attack ... White People Don't Get To Decide Who Belongs Here!!!


George Lopez is making an emotional plea to all Americans ... either we all get along, or we all pack up and ship out and leave this country to the people who were really here first.

We got the comedian at LAX and asked for his reaction to the white man arrested for allegedly dousing a Latino with battery acid ... and George says it's another example of what's tearing this nation apart.

In case you missed it ... Mahud Villalaz, a U.S. citizen who immigrated from Peru, suffered second-degree burns to his face after being confronted and attacked by a white man outside a restaurant in Milwaukee. Authorities say they are investigating the case as a hate crime.


George gets super emotional, calling the incident horrible and making note that victims like Mahud never retaliate. He says this isn't the America we should strive to live in.

The way George sees it, what happened in Milwaukee is part of an alarming trend ... he says he's seen too many white people acting like Captain America, pretending they are the "f**king keeper of the f**king border" and confronting minorities in the street.

George says we're all outsiders when we boil it down ... so no one gets to decide who belongs and who doesn't.

It's a fascinating conversation all around ... and George says there's only one man to blame.