BRITNEY SPEARS ¡atrás POLICÍAS! Esto Es Abuso De Poder

Britney Spears se fue contra la policía el sábado, exigiendo una disculpa después de que vinieron a su casa hace unos días para hacer un control de bienestar.

Como ustedes saben, Brit estaba bailando con cuchillos el lunes y parecía bastante peligroso. Ella dijo que eran cuchillos de utilería, pero los fans no se lo creyeron después de que ella publicó otro video un día después con un vendaje en el brazo y un corte en la pierna.

¡no son reales!

Los policías llegaron a la casa para ver si todo estaba bien, luego de que un miembro de la policía de Los Ángeles que tuvo interacciones anteriores con Britney se alarmó.

Britney no se lo cree: "¿Es una broma? ¿En las noticias de nuevo y diciendo que vienen a ver si estoy bien? Vamos América, somos mejores que eso, ¿verdad? Los oficiales vinieron a mi casa y dijeron que no se irían hasta que hablaran conmigo, tal como la gente habla con ellos durante cuatro minutos. Estoy recibiendo una disculpa. He sido intimidada en mi casa durante tanto tiempo... ¡ES SUFICIENTE! Esto es abuso de poder policial".

con vendajes

Luego apuntó a su madre: "Como mi madre opta por el silencio cuando papá hace preguntas acerca del bienestar de su propia hija... no, es solo un juego. La gente tiene que ser responsable de sus acciones".

analizando los hechos

Como informamos, Lynne Spears estuvo en la ciudad durante todo el asunto de los cuchillos para ver a su hija, Jamie Lynn, actuar en "Dancing with the Stars". Britney ha vuelto a cortar con Lynne así que ahora mamá se calla cuando los paparazzi le hacen preguntas. Brit ha interpretado esto como una traición.

Es una situación en la que todos pierden.

Britney Spears Back Off, Cops!!! This is an Abuse of Power

Britney Spears went off on cops Saturday ... demanding an apology after they came to her house a few days back to do a welfare check.

As you know, Brit was dancing with knives Monday, and it looked perilous. She said they were prop knives, but fans weren't buying it after she posted another video a day later with a bandage on her arm and a cut on her leg.


Cops came to the house to do a welfare check, after someone from the LAPD who had prior interactions with Britney became alarmed.

Britney's not buyin' it ... “Is it a joke in the news again with welfare checks??? Come on America … we cooler than that, right ??? The officers came to my home and said they would not leave until they spoke to me as people do 4 minute performances with them. I am getting an apology. I’ve been bullied in my home for so long now…ITS ENOUGH! ... It's about power for cops."


She then took aim at her mom ... "As my mom does the silent treatment when paps ask questions about her own daughter as if I’m in the wrong…nope it’s an old game. People need to be responsible for their actions!"


That's kind of a catch-22. As we reported, Lynne Spears was in town during the whole knife thing to watch her daughter, Jamie Lynn, perform on "Dancing with the Stars." Britney has cut Lynne off again, so Mom is now mum when paparazzi ask her questions, and Brit has interpreted that as a betrayal.

It's a lose-lose proposition.

Ryan Clark James Harrison's A 'Borderline' HOFer ... But I Hope He Gets In!!!


James Harrison says he's not a Hall of Famer, and Ryan Clark fears the Steelers legend might be right ... but he tells TMZ Sports he's hoping like hell his old teammate ends up being wrong.

Harrison admitted last week he doesn't believe his numbers are good enough to one day get a bust in Canton ... and when we spoke with Clark this week, he said he shares the same concerns as the guy he played with from 2006-2012.

"I would say he's borderline," Clark said of the ex-Pittsburgh pass rusher. "I don't know if he gets in."


Clark tells us ... he's unsure if Harrison sustained a level of excellence for long enough to sway voters -- though he did note the guy's Super Bowl wins and Defensive Player of the Year award might ultimately be enough.

"My bias says he deserves it, but I understand how it works," Clark said ... before adding, "I hope he gets in."

Harrison played in the NFL from 2002 to 2017, but he was only a full-time starter for about seven years. He logged 84.5 sacks in his career ... as well as 811 combined tackles.

The totals were good enough to earn him a place in Pittsburgh's Hall of Honor this season ... and, clearly, Clark is hoping it'll one day get him into the Pro Football Hall of Fame too.

"It would be an honor to be in the stands and in the crowd to hear James Harrison accept that gold jacket," Clark said.

Zach Randolph Advising Ja After Gun Vid Incidents ... 'He'll Bounce Back'


Grizzlies legend Zach Randolph is confident Ja Morant will bounce back from his off-court issues ... telling TMZ Sports he's been sharing advice with the young NBA star following his 25-game suspension.

Memphis will be without its face of the franchise for the first chunk of the upcoming season as a result of his second gun-related social media post that surfaced back in May ... but Z-Bo says it's just a bump in the road for the two-time All-Star -- revealing what he's been telling Morant in their conversations.


"Man, I just tell him, Ja, you're lil bro," Randolph said at LAX. "We all been through some stuff. If it was social media like it was when I was playing, I'd be in some stuff, too."

"You gon' be all right," he added. "You just go through growing pains, and you be resilient and you bounce back."

"That's what he is. He'll bounce back."

Instagram / @_dtap2

24-year-old Ja initially faced criticism for flashing a gun at a strip club back in March ... resulting in an 8-game ban.

Despite his claims -- and alleged video proof -- that the weapon shown in the second video was actually a lighter, the league elected to hand down his current lengthy punishment.


We also talked to Z-Bo about LeBron James recruiting the NBA's biggest American stars for the 2024 Olympic Games ... as well as his successful venture into the Memphis rap scene.

Rep. Jamaal Bowman Pulls Capitol Hill Fire Alarm ... Delays Spending Bill Vote

A U.S. congressman pulled a fire alarm on Capitol Hill this weekend right before the House was set to vote on a spending bill in hopes of avoiding a government shutdown.

Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) copped to the apparent delay tactic Saturday ... with a rep from his office saying, "Congressman Bowman did not realize he would trigger a building alarm as he was rushing to make an urgent vote. The Congressman regrets any confusion."

Capitol Police released a photo to the public, which appears to show Bowman pulling down the lever inside the Cannon House Office Building -- adjacent the Capitol itself -- which obviously set off a siren in the building and evacuation to follow. He's now under investigation for the stunt ... and Republicans are slamming as unpatriotic.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said he was appalled that Dems would resort to something like this ... accusing them as a party of trying to force the federal government into a freeze.

Now, as for the actual vote itself ... it eventually continued, and a bill proposed by House Republicans actually got enough votes to pass -- which will now get kicked over to the Senate. They gotta vote on it soon ... come midnight, the shutdown goes into effect.

The bill -- which was voted in as a bipartisan, 45-day stopgap -- has a lot of disaster relief funding in it ... but no extra cash for Ukraine, which is something Dems were seeking.

The White House says this House bill should do the trick for now, but they expect McCarthy to bring a separate bill "shortly" to address the Ukraine issue. Time will tell if he does.

If the Senate fails to pass the House's bill, we'll go into a shutdown until Congress reconvenes on Monday. A prolonged shutdown is no bueno for federal workers, not to mention the economy at large. It's happened before, and it could well happen again.

Lil Tay Explains Years-Long Absence ... Slams Dad, Defends Mom


Lil Tay spoke out for the first time this weekend since her alleged death went viral ... and she's pointing the finger at her dad for her years-long absence, accusing him of a lot.

The former child internet sensation -- who's now a teenager -- went live on IG Saturday, but not before she dropped a new song and video treatment minutes earlier. It's called "Sucker 4 Green," and it seems to be the official mark of her comeback into music.

The video features Tay singing/dancing in scantily-clad outfits and posing in front of a bunch of luxury cars while at a super nice house. She's going on about her love for money, etc.

As for the live chat itself ... it started out as mostly a performance, with Lil Tay hopping on different instruments and covering famous songs -- showing off her musical prowess. Eventually, she talked on camera ... and she was doing her typical foul-mouthed shtick.


Once she got past that ... Tay got serious and addressed the elephant in the room -- namely, where the heck she's been and why she's been making these accusations against her dad.

Long story short, LT claims her dad got involved in her life while she was getting famous several years ago -- and says he successfully gained custody of her for a good while ... a chapter in her life during which Tay alleges she was abused and mistreated by her father, Chris Hope, and his now wife. She alleges physical and mental abuse, among other things.

After airing a lot of allegations, Tay explained the death hoax ... which she claims was her father's doing -- not to mention a person she says has gone around claiming to be her ex-manager. Tay claims this person has been lying ... alleging they're in cahoots with her dad. She claims they wanted to fake her death as part of some sort of crypto scheme -- although the exact details of that aren't clear. Frankly, her diatribe was sorta all over the place.

The bottom line ... Tay says her mom has regained custody and that she's ready to move on and restart her career. LT fiercely defends her mother as her biggest supporter -- and, clearly, Tay herself is onboard with the game plan here ... namely, getting into showbiz.

Now, as far as where Tay's dad lands on all this ... he told us last week that her abuse claims were BS -- and strongly suggested legal action was coming toward whoever was putting his kid up to this. Sounds like there's some unsettled business between her parents.

In any case, Lil Tay's ready for the spotlight again ... going the way of Danielle Bregoli, it seems. BTW, it's unclear how old Tay even is -- some have her pegged between 14-16.

Lil Tay Explica su larga ausencia Critica a su padre y defiende a su madre

Aclarando las cosas

Lil Tay habló por primera vez este fin de semana desde que su supuesta muerte se hizo viral, y está responsabilizando a su padre por su ausencia de años, acusándolo de mucho.

La sensación en Internet, que ahora es un adolescente, realizó un vivo video en directo por Instagram el sábado. Minutos antes dio a conocer una nueva canción y un video, la que se llama "Sucker 4 Green" y parece ser la  señal oficial de su regreso a la música.

En el video aparece Tay cantando y bailando con poca ropa y posando delante de un montón de carros de lujo en una casa muy bonita. Allí habla de su amor por el dinero, etc.

En cuanto al chat en directo, este comenzó como una actuación, con Lil Tay tocando diferentes instrumentos y versionando canciones famosas que demuestran su destreza musical. En cierto momento, habló hacia la cámara, con su estilo malhablado que la caracteriza.

Intro del Instagram Live

Luego de eso, se puso seria y abordó el elefante en la habitación, es decir, la pregunta sobre dónde diablos ha estado todo este tiempo y por qué ha estado haciendo acusaciones en contra su padre.

En pocas palabras, Lil Tay afirma que su padre se involucró en su vida mientras se estaba haciendo famosa hace varios años, un capítulo de su vida durante el cual alega que fue abusada y maltratada por su padre, Chris Hope, y su actual esposa. Lil alega abuso físico y mental, entre otras cosas. Su padre había obtenido la custodia para cuidarla durante un buen tiempo.

Después de airear un montón de acusaciones, Tay se refirió al engaño sobre su muerte, que según ella fue cosa de su padre, por no hablar de una persona que según ella ha ido por ahí diciendo ser su ex-manager. Tay afirma que esta persona ha estado mintiendo, alegando que están confabulados con su padre. Afirma que querían fingir su muerte como parte de una especie de esquema criptográfico, aunque los detalles exactos no están claros. Francamente, su diatriba fue un poco por todas partes.

En conclusión, Tay dice que su madre ha recuperado la custodia y que está lista para seguir adelante y reiniciar su carrera. Defiende ferozmente a su madre como su mayor apoyo, y claramente, la propia Tay está muy bordo con el plan de entrar en el mundo del espectáculo.

Ahora, en cuanto al rol del padre de Tay en todo esto, él nos dijo la semana pasada que las denuncias de abuso eran mentira y sugirió fuertes acciones legales a quienquiera que esté poniendo a su hija en esta situación. Parece que hay algunos asuntos pendientes entre sus padres.

En cualquier caso, Lil Tay está lista para ser el centro de atención nuevamente. Al parecer va por el camino de Danielle Bregoli. Por cierto, no está claro qué edad tiene Tay, algunos la sitúan entre los 14 y los 16 años.

RFK Jr. ¿Va independiente? Al parecer se está preparando

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. ha tenido un duro intento de presentarse a las elecciones presidenciales como demócrata, por lo que ahora parece que va a intentar otra manera... como candidato independiente.

La figura política, que ha causado un gran revuelo tratando de desafiar a Joe Biden por la nominación demócrata en los últimos meses, puso los rumores en marcha el viernes con un teaser de su gran anuncio el 9 de octubre, cuando dice que va a tener grandes noticias.

RFK Jr. dará un discurso en Filadelfia ese día y basándonos en lo que está señalando aquí, de seguro suena que va a probar suerte lejos de los demócratas y los republicanos, y seguir su propio camino.

Por cierto, hay informes que sugieren que eso es, de hecho, lo que va a suceder. En cuanto a por qué, bueno, no es ningún secreto... el tipo se ha sentido muy frustrado con el Comité Nacional Demócrata.

Kennedy ha estado pidiendo un debate entre él y Biden desde hace un tiempo, pero el equipo de Joe no ha dado luz verde a la solicitud, al igual que Comité Nacional. La sensación es que no se están tomando en serio su candidatura, pero RFK Jr. insiste en que Joe Biden (el actual presidente) debería ganarse la reelección, pasando primero por él. Ahora, ha encontrado una manera indirecta de irrumpir.

El hecho es que como independiente, Kennedy podría potencialmente hacer daño a la campaña de Joe desviando votos de personas que no necesariamente quieren votar por Biden y prefieren una tercera opción a la de Bernie Sanders, que en realidad nunca hizo lo que RFK aparentemente está a punto de hacer.

Arrestando al impostor
Tik Tok/@teamkennedy2024

Por la misma razón, la independencia de RFK Jr. también podría perjudicar a Trump, porque hay un montón de conservadores a los que les gusta el tipo, así que no está claro a quién podría afectar más.

En cualquier caso, es el último desarrollo en una campaña que ya ha tenido algunos dramas aquí y allá. Un hombre fue arrestado por tratar de infiltrarse en uno de los eventos de RFK como un falso policía y las implicaciones de eso eran aterradoras, teniendo en cuenta su historia familiar personal.

Permanezca atento.

RFK Jr. Going Independent??? Reportedly Gearing Up

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has had a tough go at running for president as a Democrat -- so, now, it sounds like he's gonna try another way ... as an independent candidate.

The polarizing political figure -- who's caused a stir trying to challenge Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination over the past several months -- kicked the rumors into high gear Friday with a teaser to his big announcement on Oct. 9 ... when he says he'll have big news.

RFK Jr. will make a speech in Philly that day -- and based on what he's signaling here ... it sure sounds like going to pivot away from Dems and Republicans, and go his own way.

BTW, there are reports suggesting that is, in fact, what's going to happen. As for why -- well, it's no secret ... dude's been very frustrated with the Democratic National Committee.

Kennedy has been calling on a debate between himself and Biden for a while now ... but Joe's team has brushed the request off, as has the DNC. The feeling is -- they're not taking his candidacy seriously ... but RFK Jr. insists JB (the incumbent) should have to earn re-election by having to go through him first. Now, he's found a roundabout way to disrupt.

Fact is ... as an independent, Kennedy could potentially do damage to Joe's campaign by siphoning away votes from people who don't necessarily wanna vote for Biden and prefer a 3rd option ... a la Bernie Sanders, who never actually did what RFK's apparently about to.

Tik Tok/@teamkennedy2024

By the same token, RFK Jr. going independent could also ding Trump -- 'cause there's tons of conservatives who like the guy ... so it's a bit of a toss-up over who it could hurt more.

In any case, it's the latest development in a campaign that's seen some drama here and there -- a man was arrested for trying to infiltrate one of RFK's events as a fake cop ... and the implications of that were scary, considering his personal family history. Stay tuned.

Bill Maher Biden no debería postularse nuevamente "Hay un periodo para Joe Biden, pero no 2"

Bill Maher tiene una gran estima por el presidente Biden, dice que ha hecho un buen trabajo y que ha traído un poco de normalidad de nuevo a la Casa Blanca, pero que ahora tiene que pasar la antorcha a otra persona o Trump será reelegido.

El presentador de "Real Time" volvió con fuerza tras la huelga de guionistas y no puede estar más entusiasmado con lo que viene en 2024. Bill dice que Donald Trump debe ser derrotado o la democracia seguramente morirá, pero cree que Biden no puede vencerlo porque los votantes tienen temor respecto a su edad, así como su agudeza física y mental.

Maher dice que ya no importa en este momento si Biden es lo suficientemente perspicaz para un segundo mandato. Incluso los demócratas tienen profundas reservas y la percepción es ahora la realidad.

Maher dice que la edad no debe ser un descalificador automático, que eso debe revisarse caso a caso. Y hablando de eso, tienen que oír Bill hablar de Mitch McConnell, quien se ha quedado petrificado varias veces en público.

En cuanto a Trump, dice que a pesar de que tiene más o menos la misma edad que Biden, de alguna manera parece más vibrante: "Trump es como KISS. Se pone la pintura en la cara y la peluca y ¡se parece al mismo de 1978!".

Y hablando de Trump, Bill hilarantemente tiene algunos consejos para el futuro posible compañero de celda del expresidente. Tienen que verlo.

Cuento corto, Maher dice que Joe no debe aspirar a convertirse en Ruth Bader Biden, cree que uno debe saber cuándo decir adiós.

Bill Maher Biden Should Not Run Again ... 'There's a term for Joe Biden, But Not 2'

Bill Maher has high praise for President Biden -- he says he's done a good job and has brought some normalcy back to The White House -- but he needs to pass the torch now, or Trump will get reelected.

The 'Real Time' host is back in full force after the writers' strike settled, and could not have been more fired up about 2024. BM says Donald Trump MUST be defeated or democracy will surely die, but he believes Biden can't beat him ... because voters are scared about his age, as well as physical and mental acuity.

Maher says, it doesn't matter at this point whether Biden is sharp enough for a second term -- even Dems have deep reservations, and perception is now reality.

Maher says age should not be an automatic disqualifier ... it should be case by case. And speaking of ... you gotta hear Bill talk about Mitch McConnell ... that the freezing episodes looked like Mitch was in a "buffering state."

As for Trump ... he says even though he's around the same age as Biden ... somehow he seems more vibrant -- "Trump is like KISS. He puts on the face paint and the wig and he looks like he did in 1978!"

And speaking of Trump ... Bill hilariously has some pointers for the future possible cellmate of the former Prez ... you gotta watch.

Short story ... Maher says Joe shouldn't want to become Ruth Bader Biden ... he says you gotta know when to say goodbye.

Matt Riddle Ex-WWE Superstar Appeared To Be Drunk At Airport


Ex-WWE Superstar Matt Riddle seemingly had a few too many drinks during a plane delay earlier this month ... grabbing a microphone and shouting at fellow passengers -- and TMZ Sports has the video.

The incident went down at JFK Airport on September 9 ... the same day the two-time Raw Tag Team Champion accused a Port Authority police officer of sexual assault, which led to an investigation.

Our video shows what went down prior to the allegations.

A witness tells us their flight to Orlando was postponed multiple times, so Riddle and his friend waited it out by enjoying drinks at a nearby restaurant.

The witness says Riddle was becoming "incredibly obnoxious" throughout the delay ... being "extremely loud and rude."

Once it was almost time to board, the witness noticed Riddle walking around, yelling and asking when the plane would take off -- before going up to the gate's front desk and grabbing the mic.

In the video, Riddle -- who's holding a drink -- is heard asking fellow passengers if they're capable of flying the plane. It's all in a playful manner, but staffers were quick to put an end to it.

The passengers eventually got on the plane ... except Riddle, who was denied entry due to his state.

Our witness tells us he grew upset, asking "So are you telling me I'm not going home today?"

As we previously reported, cops responded to a "disorderly person" -- AKA Riddle -- but when they met with him at the terminal, he apologized for his behavior. Cops did not file a police report ... and Riddle was free to go.

Of course, Riddle then went to Instagram to accuse an officer of sexual assault and harassment ... but the post was later deleted. The investigation into his claims remains ongoing.

Riddle -- who has faced multiple issues outside the ring during his career -- announced his departure from WWE on September 22.

Matt Riddle de la WWE Ex súper estrella parecía estar borracho en el aeropuerto

Amenaza portuaria

La ex superestrella de la WWE, Matt Riddle aparentemente tomó unas copas de más durante el retraso de un avión a principios de este mes, pues agarró un micrófono y se puso a gritarle a los demás pasajeros, y TMZ Sports tiene el video.

El incidente ocurrió en el aeropuerto JFK el 9 de septiembre, el mismo día que el dos veces Raw Tag Team Champion acusara a un oficial de policía de la Autoridad Portuaria de asalto sexual, lo que llevó a una posterior investigación.

Nuestro video muestra lo que sucedió antes de las acusaciones.

Un testigo nos dice que su vuelo a Orlando se pospuso en varias ocasiones y que Riddle y su amigo decidieron pasar el rato tomando unas bebidas en un restaurante cercano.

El testigo dice que Riddle se volvió "increíblemente odioso" durante toda la demora del avión, siendo "extremadamente ruidoso y grosero".

Cuando ya era casi hora de embarcar, el testigo lo vio caminando, gritando y preguntando cuando despegaría el avión antes de ir a la recepción de la puerta y agarrar el micrófono.

En el video, se escucha a Riddle, quien tiene un trago en la mano, preguntar a los demás pasajeros si son capaces de pilotar el avión. Todo es en tono de juego, pero el personal se apresuró para ponerle fin.

Los pasajeros finalmente se subieron al avión, excepto Riddle, a quien se le negó la entrada debido a su estado.

Nuestro testigo nos dice que se enfadó y preguntó: "¿Me estás diciendo que no me voy a casa hoy?".

Como informamos anteriormente, los policías respondieron a una "persona desordenada", pero cuando se reunieron con él en el terminal, se disculpó por su comportamiento. Los policías no presentaron un informe policial y Riddle quedó libre de irse.

Por supuesto, luego acudió a su Instagram para acusar a un oficial de agresión sexual y acoso, pero el post fue borrado más tarde. La investigación sobre sus afirmaciones sigue en curso.

Riddle, que se ha enfrentado a múltiples problemas fuera del ring durante su carrera, anunció su salida de la WWE el 22 de septiembre.

Maino Quit Shaming Brittany Renner's Body Count ... Sign Me Up to Be #36!!!


Brittany Renner's sexual partner tally of 35 people is of little consequence to Maino -- he says the slut-shaming needs to stop, and while defending Brittany decided ... why not shoot his shot.

TMZ Hip Hop caught up with the "Way Up With Angela Yee" correspondent amid NYC's torrential downpour, and got his thoughts on the "Basketball Wives" star's recent confession.

Club Shay Shay

Brittany's 35 trysts were too much for Shannon Sharpe to swallow, but Maino didn't flinch ... telling us he's down for the long haul with BR. He says he'd be happy to fill her next few slots.

Neither the rain, nor his faulty umbrella, stopped Maino's defense of Brittany ... as he told us the men criticizing Brittany are insecure about their sexuality, and added marriage and sexual relations fall under different categories ... in his book, anyway.

We're not sure people wearing wedding rings will agree, but he's adamant.

Despite all the haters sounding off, it's pretty clear Brittany has plenty of supporters -- she can also count Plies as a fan ... and volunteering suitor.

Giannis Antetokounmpo Mixed Emotions Over Lillard Trade 'Jrue's My F***ing Brother'

Damian Lillard's trade to the Milwaukee Bucks is bittersweet for Giannis Antetokounmpo -- the Greek Freak finally opened up about the deal that sent his "brother" Jrue Holiday to the Trail Blazers ... saying he's both excited and crushed.

"Jrue is my f***ing brother for life," Antetokounmpo told Bleacher Report. "I love his family. I love him. I appreciate him. I wish him nothing but the best."

Giannis' reaction comes days after the Blazers-Bucks-Sun blockbuster trade, where the Bucks gave Portland their 2029 unprotected first-round pick and several players -- including Holiday -- for Lillard.

It's understandable why Antetokounmpo is sad -- he's been teammates with Holiday since 2020, and they won the NBA Finals a year later.

"He blessed me with a f***ing championship," Antetokounmpo said.

"He’s the one who made that huge steal in Game 5 of the Finals. I went to battle with him multiple times. F*** basketball. F*** the media s***."

On the flip side, Giannis said he's stoked to play with Lillard ... explaining the 7-time All-Star gives them a legit shot at another NBA title.

"I’m excited to play with the caliber of player that he is," Antetokounmpo said. "He can score the ball in his sleep and shoot the lights out."

Lillard -- who requested the trade out of Portland in July -- is hyped to play with Giannis and the Bucks as well ... but admits he will miss his teammates, fans, and Portland dearly.

"I do believe a day will come where I put a Blazers uniform on again," the 33-year-old said in a farewell letter on Thursday.

"Hopefully by then, I'll be forgiven for breaking your hearts along with my own."

The Bucks play against Portland twice this season in November and early 2024 ... and it will definitely be a must-watch!

Quando Rondo Prosecutors Want Him Banned ... You Keep Getting Shot At!!!

Quando Rondo's presence is his community is apparently a cause for concern ... prosecutors want him banned from his hometown in Georgia because they say he's a target for violence.

TMZ Hip Hop obtained court docs in which prosecutors are asking to modify the Never Broke Again rapper's current bond conditions ... they want the judge to keep him out of Chatham County, Georgia pending his trial.

Quando currently resides in Midway, GA ... a town roughly 30 miles outside of Savannah and where they say doesn't have the same dangers for Quando in Chatham County, a more urban area.

On the flip side, prosecutors say Quando has been targeted in violent shooting attacks at least 3 times in urban settings, including a September 20 attack at a local barbershop where at least 2 people were shot and 30 shell casings were collected at the scene.

Officials note that Quando's bond was granted for him to continue his rap career -- but prosecutors say he was not performing or doing anything related to his music career "while loitering outside" at the time of the September shooting.


The docs also make mention of the August 2022 shooting when Quando's friend was killed in his presence.

We broke the story that kicked off this latest legal jam ... Quando was charged with drug possession over Father's Day weekend.

The judge has yet to rule on the latest motion.

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