Donald Trump Don't Cancel College Football 'Student-Athletes Have Been Working Too Hard'

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Donald Trump is campaigning hard for college football -- urging programs NOT to cancel the 2020 season.

And, he's on board the #WeWantToPlay movement, which is being led by his old fast-food buddy, Trevor Lawrence.

"The student-athletes have been working too hard for their season to be cancelled," POTUS tweeted Monday ... adding the hashtag, "#WeWantToPlay"

Trump made the comments while quote tweeting the Clemson QB's demands for a college football season.

As we previously reported, Lawrence -- along with other top college football stars -- spelled out a list of demands in order for the players to be on board with a 2020 football season.

Among the demands ... "Universal mandated health and safety procedures to protect college athletes against covid-19 among all conferences throughout the NCAA."

"Give players the opportunity to opt out and respect their decision."

Trump and Lawrence go way back -- remember, Trevor's Clemson football team was invited to the White House back in January 2019 to celebrate their national championship season.

Trump was widely mocked for the fast-food catering, but Lawrence had nothing but praise for POTUS on the way out ... saying the food was "awesome."


Dan Snyder I Smell a Rat Behind False Web Stories!!! Claims it's a Fired Ex-Staffer


Dan Snyder claims a fired ex-employee is taking bribes to feed information to a foreign-based website that's out to get him, and now he's naming names in court.

The Washington Football Team owner is calling out Mary Ellen Blair, whom he describes as a former executive assistant in the team's offices. In docs filed Monday morning, Snyder claims Blair -- who was first demoted and then fired in 2017 -- contacted a current team employee in late May or early June to say a Washington Post story was coming out that would "not [be] good for Dan." Snyder insinuates she used stolen information, such as team contacts, to fish for negative information for that story.

BTW, The WaPo story that came out on July 5 claimed "minority owners" of the Washington Football Team are pissed at Snyder and wanted to sell their stakes.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ Sports, Blair contacted team employees again in early July, and said another big story was coming out claiming Snyder did "dirty and illegal" things.

He claims Blair told one employee, you'd "probably make a lot of money" for info on Snyder. Sources connected to Snyder tell us he also has recordings of Blair and multiple affidavits indicating she actually offered bribes to contacts.

Snyder, who's hired high-powered attorney Joe Tacopina, says the employee didn't take the bait, and points out the WaPo story that was published July 16 alleged sexual harassment in Team offices ... but he was not accused.

However, around that time did post stories alleging Snyder was involved in sex trafficking and tied to Jeffrey Epstein. As TMZ Sports first reported, he's filed a $10 million defamation lawsuit against the site, and now wants a judge to allow him to dig into Blair's recent contacts, her finances ... and especially her housing.

Snyder claims she's lived in a swanky apartment for years -- despite being in "dire financial straits" -- and says within the last 60 days she upgraded to an even higher-end home.

Translation: Someone's footing the bill for Blair's lifestyle, and Snyder suspects that someone is behind all the false stories.

Rudy Giuliani Kanye Still a Secret Trump Supporter ... Fuels Spoiler Theories


Rudy Giuliani believes Kanye West secretly wants Donald Trump reelected, and the former NYC Mayor seems to be saying Ye could spoil Joe Biden's chances.

We got the President's personal attorney Sunday in NYC and asked whether he thought Kanye's campaign could shake up the election. Rudy's hesitant to weigh in on Ye's bonafides ... but he does say Mr. West is still a fan of 45.

Rudy goes way further ... insinuating Kanye could be a surrogate for Trump to get the black vote. RG says Kanye is expressing the dissatisfaction African Americans feel about the way they've been treated and ignored for decades, specifically by Democrats.

Kanye has made it clear -- at least publicly -- he's not a spoiler ... that he's in it to win it. Nevertheless, in a close state, Kanye could become a deciding factor if he maintains 2% of the vote or higher.

Remember ... there are multiple reports Republican operatives are working to get Ye on the ballot in various states, including the swing state of Wisconsin.

So, whether Kanye believes it or not, the Trump camp may be banking on West as a secret weapon in a close election.

President Trump Lobbied S. Dakota Governor Add Me to Mt. Rushmore, Please!!!

President Trump reportedly lobbied the Governor of South Dakota to have his mug added to Mount Rushmore, which might explain his 4th of July rally at the site.

Gov. Kristi Noem gifted DT a mini replica of the national monument on July 4th -- with his face carved in next to the other iconic four presidents -- as a joke-y way to make up for the fact she couldn't do it for him in real life ... this after his aides called her asking about it.

According to the NYT, Trump had some White House aides ring Kristi and co. up last year about the process of potentially adding a fifth presidential head on the side of Black Elk Peak. The calls from aides came AFTER Trump had told the Gov. himself during a White House visit that it was his "dream" to be featured on the structure ... which she laughed at.

Apparently, Donnie wasn't joking at all ... and had his people follow up on it, which appears to have prompted the strange make-up gift. Of course, the issue of adding a fifth face to Rushmore has been kicked around -- to no avail. It's said to be virtually impossible, as there simply isn't enough room to do it without compromising the whole thing.

Funny enough, the National Park Service says it's actually a question/request they get pretty often from a number of different groups -- so it's not just Trump's ego that's enormous. More importantly, Mount Rushmore was made to showcase America's birth and growth through its first 150 years ... at least that's how the OG sculptor Gutzon Borglum reportedly envisioned it.

Of course, DT made a big show during his speech there last month ... now, it's pretty clear why he was so dead-set on having it there in the first place. He wants to get in on it!

Tech N9ne Plays Packed Home State Concert ... Guess Where, Missouri!!!


Tech N9ine got on the mic for a bunch of never-ending partiers down in Missouri -- and the joint looked about as packed as any of their shindigs lately.

The rapper put on a homecoming show Saturday night at the Regalia hotel in Lake of the Ozarks -- he's from Kansas City, BTW ... so it was definitely a special occasion to have Tech come out and perform. He took to the stage in front of what we're told were upwards of 1,000 people.

That didn't seem to bother Tech N9ne though -- ditto for the concert promoters and the hotel folks hosting the event. As you can see ... it looks eerily similar to all the other Ozark water ragers we've seen of late. No masks, little distancing ... and just a whole lot of bodies.

Aside from the bad idea of hosting any type of large gathering like this -- indoors or out -- the fact Tech N9ne is in the mix here seems to signal something else that's fairly troubling ... the idea that in-person concerts are coming back with more regularity, slowly but surely.

@hybridtrapmusic / Instagram

We've seen some well-known artists over the past couple months performing to large crowds -- sometimes with blatant disregard for safety, and other times letting things get out of control despite their best intentions ... looking at you Chase Rice and the Chainsmokers.

@eyeoftheo / Instagram

Granted, Keith Urban seemed to have a bit more success with his own drive-in show -- in any case, it's clear artists are getting restless too and are trying to secure that concert bag.

We reached out to Tech N9ne's rep ... so far, no word back.

Nick Cannon Kanye's Got My Vote!!!


Nick Cannon says America needs another Black man in the White House ... that's why he's team Kanye 2020.

Nick was at LAX Friday when the photog asked him what he thought of Ye's run. Answer: "I love it!"

Now, the photog took it a step further and asked if he'll still be with Kanye when he casts his ballot, and Nick gave the semi-emphatic "Yes." We say semi because there's clearly a slight smirk.

On another subject ... Nick was asked about his recent troubles over some anti-Semitic comments. Nick has been earnest in attempting to educate himself ... even meeting with rabbis.

Viacom gave Nick his walking papers for "Wild 'N Out" ... so the photog asked if he felt "cancel culture" was out of control. Nick's answer was genius ... it shouldn't be cancel culture, it should be counsel culture.

Jewish MLB Player Cody Decker Anti-Semitism Is Rampant In Pro Baseball


Ex-MLB player Cody Decker says that Nazi salute at the Oakland A's game is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to anti-Semitism in pro baseball ... insisting the problem is MUCH worse than it seems.

Decker -- who is Jewish -- was drafted by the San Diego Padres in 2009 and made his MLB debut in 2015. He retired from pro baseball in 2019.

In other words, Cody's been around the game a LONG time and has personally dealt with anti-Semitism ... a lot.

"I mean the amount of Nazis jokes I've dealt with throughout my entire career is pretty staggering," Decker says.

When it comes to Oakland A's bench coach Ryan Christenson -- who threw up a Hitler salute during Thursday's game -- Decker says things would have gone down much differently after the game if he was on that team.

"If I was in that locker room, what I’d have to go into that office and have to do with that coach?! We would have to have a very harsh conversation or we would have to shut the door and maybe throw punches because that's unacceptable. Plain and simple."

During our conversation, Decker describes several times he dealt with blunt anti-Semitism from other players, coaches and fans ... and it's downright ridiculous.

"If you think ant-Semitism is not rampant throughout baseball!? ... It's a very, very, very Christian sport and not all of the players that are very, very Christian are the brightest of Christians. That's not knocking Christianity by any stretch of the imagination, I'm just telling you what I've death with throughout my career by being called multiple Jewish slurs by fans, by teammates."

So, what should happen with Christenson?

"I think a fair thing would be a suspension," Decker says ... while suggesting an educational component to educate Christenson on the dangers of anti-Semitism.

"I would like him to educate himself on the situation, understanding why this is so offensive, why this isn't funny to people like me and honestly players like me. Let him know what I've been through that's he's never been through and what my family's been through that his family luckily didn't have to go through and why this is unacceptable."

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 250k Bikers Rolling into Town!!! Masks & Distancing Rare

COVID-19 isn't stopping the legendary Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, but with hundreds of thousands arriving ... it's gonna be near impossible for the bikers to avoid spreading the virus.

The small town of Sturgis, South Dakota is packed to the gills as Friday kicks off the 80th edition of the famous biker convention. They're expecting a quarter million people to ride through over the next 9 days, but these opening day images show face coverings are scarce.

Spotting a face mask in the crowds is like flipping through a "Where's Waldo." If you thought those Georgia high school hallways were alarming, Sturgis could be way worse.

Once parked, social distancing is gonna be tough for the bikers. People are jammed up like sardines in bars, and the streets are super crowded too. Yes, the fresh air helps, but there's a limit when establishments get filled.

At least the liquor stores are hawking "Full Throttle Hand Sanitizer."

The event is easily the largest gathering in America since the pandemic began, which raises another issue. Once the Sturgis rally ends ... people will ride off to another destination, and possibly trigger a spike.


GA School Student No Longer Suspended!!! ... For Posting Hallway Pic Showing COVID Risk

9:08 AM PT -- 8/7 -- Watters is free!!! The teen just announced that this morning "my school called and they have deleted my suspension." It appears the school came to its damn senses amid outrage over the school's so-called violation of school policy about social media.

This back-to-school pic didn't just alarm parents worried about their kids and coronavirus ... it also got at least 2 teenagers suspended.

Georgia's North Paulding High School hit the student, 15-year-old Hannah Watters, with a 5-day suspension for posting that photo -- a shot she took out of concern for her safety ... as well as her classmates'.

Hannah had captioned the pic, "Day two at North Paulding High School. It is just as bad. We were stopped because it was jammed." She added that she was pushed multiple times, and defiantly posted, "This is not ok. Not to mention the 10% mask rate."

The school's stance is that Hannah, and another student who posted the crowded hallway image, violated school policy about social media and posting images of minors without consent.

That's the letter of the school's law, obviously, but one could easily argue ... the safety of students and faculty should be getting some consideration here. Hannah clearly posted the photo because she was alarmed at the inability to social distance.

Hannah told BuzzFeed News she feels her suspension is excessive.

The photo went viral Tuesday as it highlighted the fears of parents, and for that matter ... teachers, as students return to schools for the first time since the pandemic began.

Originally Published 8/6 11:49 AM PT

H.S. Cheerleading Student Demands School Action ... After Teammates Pose W/ Confederate Flag

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A Black cheerleader in Alabama is so LIVID over seeing her white H.S. teammates posing with a confederate flag ... she quit the squad and is now demanding school action ASAP.

Reagan Coleman says back in early July ... one of her cheerleading teammates at Daphne High School posted a picture on Instagram that deeply disturbed her.

In the photo, six girls -- all of whom are white -- held up a T-shirt that read, "I Heart Redneck Boys" ... with a confederate flag placed inside of the heart's image.

Coleman told WKRG-TV in Alabama when she first viewed the picture, she immediately saw "hate." Reagan's mother, Latitiah, said she had a similar reaction.

"There’s no two sides to that flag," Reagan's mom said. "That means hatred, That’s what it stands for for us."

Reagan and her mom say even though the photo was eventually taken down after backlash ... they still wanted to see action from school officials over it all.

But, Latitiah says when she went to complain ... she claims she got the runaround at every level.

"I went from the coach to the principal, from the principal to the superintendent. And I kept getting vague answers. It was almost like everybody was reading a script," Latitiah said.

Reagan, who's one of just two Black members of the cheer team, says when she showed up to practice about two weeks after the picture was posted ... nothing was done, so she quit.

Now, she's created a petition to implore school officials to punish the girls for the photo.

"They have faced remotely no consequences and are still on Daphne’s Cheer Team," Reagan said. "As 1/2 black girls on the cheer team, I knew I needed to speak up about this matter and Daphne’s negligence."

Baldwin County Public Schools released a statement on the matter saying, "We are aware of the situation and it has been handled at the local school level. As with any student issue, federal law prohibits us from discussing disciplinary actions, if any, involving our students."

"Our system has implemented sensitivity programs and Superintendent Tyler has stressed that we have a zero-tolerance for racism and bullying in our system."

Reagan, though, insists little-to-nothing has been done.

"I am not trying to ignite hate on these girls, I just simply want everyone to see what Daphne High School allows," she said in the petition. "Daphne’s Administration team has failed to release any statements or contact anyone back concerning this matter. Daphne is known for keeping things like this hidden and swept under the rug."

"I don’t want this to be another one of Daphne’s well-kept secrets. Something has to be done, and these girls need to face consequences for their actions."

Texas Tech Women's Hoops Coach Fired Over Toxic Culture Claims ... 'Evil & Manipulative'

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7:08 AM PT -- One of Stollings' assistant coaches, Nikita Lowry Dawkins, has also been fired in wake of the former players' allegations ... a Texas Tech spokesperson told USA TODAY on Friday.

Texas Tech's women's basketball head coach, Marlene Stollings, was fired Thursday ... after multiple former players claimed she created a toxic culture and was straight-up "evil and manipulative."

More than 10 ex-Red Raiders made the allegations in a USA TODAY report this week ... with some saying Stollings was so abusive, they described some of her acts as "torture."

Several of the women claim Stollings (who took the head coaching job in 2018) and her staff berated them constantly, calling players things like "trash," "disgusting" and "fat pig."

Other former players say Stollings forced them to play through injuries ... and even developed a heart rate monitoring system for games in which players were punished if they dipped below a certain level for just a few minutes.

Things were allegedly so bad, 12 of 21 players had left the program over the past 2 years -- including 7 recruited under Stollings.

One ex-Red Raider, Emma Merriweather, says during a meeting with Stollings' strength and conditioning coach ... she was forced to step on a scale and then berated over her weight.

"I was just so embarrassed," Merriweather said of the incident. "I think that might have been the most embarrassing moment of my life."

Merriweather claims she went on to have a panic attack later in the day over it all.

"A lot of these girls had never experienced depression or extreme anxiety before they came to Tech and they experienced it with Marlene,” Merriweather said. “Coach Marlene was evil and manipulative and vindictive in a quiet watered-down manner, so you can’t outwardly say, 'This person is evil.'"

"That woman is a millionaire off being evil."

Other players say Stollings' strength and conditioning coach made sexual comments toward them ... and one former Red Raider accused the man of touching her inappropriately under the guise of a recovery exercise.

Earlier this week, Stollings had released a statement defending her team's culture, saying, "Our administration and my staff believe in the way we are building and turning this program around here. Our student athletes are developing a disciplined approach both on and off the court."

Initially, school athletic director Kirby Hocutt defended Stollings' program as well ... but in a statement Thursday night, he said he was firing the 45-year-old coach, and promised to reveal more details in a news conference Friday.

Originally Published -- 6:53 AM PT

Kanye West 'The Goal is to Win' Presidency ... Not Just Spoil Biden's Run

Kanye West insists he's out to become America's 46th President, not just play spoiler for Joe Biden in the upcoming election -- that is, if you buy into his vision boards and ALL CAPS tweets.

The rapper's presidential campaign is facing increased scrutiny and skepticism lately, as various reports suggest it's being fueled by Republican political operatives working for President Trump to get Kanye on certain states' ballots ... in order to steal votes from Biden in November.

Kanye even seemed to indicate this is the case in his latest interview with Forbes when he didn't deny the spoiler accusation, but later he tweeted ... "THE GOAL IS TO WIN."

So ... he's sticking to being serious about winning, even if all signs point to him having no chance.

Kanye also shared his "2020 Vision" board, but it doesn't do much to clarify things.

As we reported ... a Wisconsin official is outraged over what he calls a "shameful, pitiful" ploy by the GOP to use Kanye -- despite his mental health issues -- for what he believes is a trick to lure black voters away from Biden in his state.

Kanye has enlisted the help of a third-party organization in order to acquire enough signatures needed to get him on the presidential ballot, especially in major swing states like Wisconsin and Ohio.

Trump has denied any involvement in this push to get Kanye on the ballot, but he did say he likes him a lot.

President Trump Blares 'Live and Let Die' at Ohio Event ... Crazy Hype Song Choice in a Pandemic!!!

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Someone on President Trump's campaign team is painfully tone-deaf, opting to crank "Live and Let Die" before his Ohio event ... as about 1,000 Americans are killed daily by COVID-19.

Ya probably wouldn't believe it, if there wasn't video, but a reporter covering Trump's speech at a Whirlpool factory posted it -- and Guns N' Roses version of the Paul McCartney classic was, sure enough, blaring on the live feed.

The reporter, Robert Mackey, points out the obviously disturbing nature of the track blaring at a time like this. Not to mention, Ohio's Governor, Mike DeWine, couldn't attend the event because he just came down with COVID-19.

And, of course, the virus is on the rise in a majority of states and killed more than 1,400 Americans just Wednesday.

Bottom line: It's either the worst timing ever or someone's idea of a sick twisted joke. BTW, Mackey says it played twice!

For the record, GnR frontman Axl Rose is no fan of Trump or his handling of the coronavirus, and actually used the song title to mock the President back in May.

The band released a bunch of shirts reading ... "Live N’ Let Die With COVID 45."

You absolutely can't make this stuff up.

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