Taylor Swift Free To Play All Her Hits During AMAs ... Big Machine Can't Stop Her


Taylor Swift has been complaining she's been blocked from performing her early hits during the AMAs because of her old label, Big Machine, but the label tells us she's dead wrong ... Taylor can perform her entire catalog if she wants.

A Big Machine exec tells TMZ, "Taylor Swift can 100% perform all of her catalog, past and present, on the AMAs." The official adds, BM has no issue with her performance going out on the live broadcast, because it recognizes it doesn't have the right to block her. The official says, "Our confusion with her statement is that we have no legal right to stop this and have never tried. She and her team both know this."

Fact is ... Big Machine is correct. Labels can't block artists from performing any songs -- theirs or others -- live, and since the AMAs are airing live ... have at it, Taylor.

BTW ... it's interesting. Taylor performed "Shake it Off" -- a song from her Big Machine catalog -- live on "Good Morning America" on August 22.

The Big Machine exec says, "We are excited for all her fans, as all of the confusion has now been cleared up, and we now welcome Taylor to perform all of her hits on the AMAs."

Transgender Singer Kim Petras Billboards Razz Homophobic Church ... Get a Load o' Her, Westboro Baptist!!!


Kim Petras is making a huge splash ... first with music fans, and now with the infamously anti-LGBTQ Westboro Baptist Church ... with a bombshell right under its nose.

Kim, an up-and-coming singer who is transgender, has her mug plastered all over 4 electronic billboards in Topeka, Kansas. That's not exactly where you'd expect a singer who's blowing up in the gay community to promote, but it starts to make sense when you realize Topeka is HQ for the hatemongers at Westboro Baptist.

Sources connected to Kim tell TMZ ... they don't know who put the billboards up but they were clearly designed to yutz the church -- known for its campaigns against several entertainers, gay and straight. They once went after Blake Shelton simply because he supports the LGBTQ community.

The billboards are all near the church and, we're told, purposefully directed at Westboro. Pretty great, huh?

So far, Westboro's yet to fire any shots at Kim -- whose music's been compared to early Lady Gaga -- but that's probably only because it didn't know she's transgender, or that the billboards were an intentional jab.

BTW, the ads feature a phone number which is a lyric from Kim's song, "Got My Number." It's also reportedly the real number for friend and fellow singer Jesse Saint John.

Taylor Swift Big Machine Says She's Making Stuff Up ... Selena Gomez, Halsey Take Her Side


Taylor Swift's claim Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta from Big Machine are blocking her from performing her own songs at the AMAs is a complete fabrication ... according to the record label, which thinks she made a calculated move to harm its people.

Big Machine says it was shocked to see Taylor's comments Thursday, and denies ever saying she could not perform at the awards show or blocking her Netflix special. It adds ... "In fact, we do not have the right to keep her from performing live anywhere."

To be fair, Swift never said BM was keeping her from performing ... she specifically stated it was keeping her from performing her own songs, and using her own songs and performance footage in the Netflix documentary.

Big Machine also claims Taylor's admitted to owing the company millions of dollars and it says it was optimistic the 2 sides were working toward resolving the issue ... but then she bailed.

Instead, BM says "Taylor made a unilateral decision last night to enlist her fanbase in a calculated manner that greatly affects the safety of our employees and their families.

The label adds ... "Taylor, the narrative you have created does not exist."

Taylor's spokeswoman says "Big Machine is trying to deflect and make this about money by saying she owes them, but an independent, professional auditor has determined that Big Machine owes Taylor $7.9 million of unpaid royalties over several years."

Despite Big Machine's denial, Swift's friend, Selena Gomez, has her back 100 percent. Selena says she's "sick and extremely angry" over the situation, and accuses the label of "greed, manipulation and power."

Gomez says of BM ... "You've robbed and crushed one of our best song writers of our time an opportunity to celebrate all of her music with fans and the world." She goes on to praise Swift's character, talent and strength ... and says she knows Taylor will not stop fighting.

Halsey echoes many of the same thoughts, accusing BM of making an awful business move and being mean and vindictive. She says the label is banking on people not sticking up for Taylor ... but says it's "barking up the wrong tree."

As we reported ... Taylor's set to be honored at the upcoming AMAs as Artist of the Decade, but as you can tell -- it's about much more than that now.

Taylor Swift Scooter and Scott Won't Let Me Sing My Songs at AMAs ... Their Team Says She Owes Them Millions and is Unreasonable

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TMZ/Getty Composite

Just when you thought Taylor Swift's beef with Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta from Big Machine couldn't get any more bitter ... she now says they're blocking her from performing her own songs at the upcoming American Music Awards ... but sources connected to Big Machine tell TMZ they have tried to reach a compromise with Taylor, but she's rejected everything and is out for blood.

Taylor says she planned to do a medley of her hits throughout the decade at the AMAs -- which is presenting her with the Artist of the Decade Award -- but says Scooter and Scott claim that would be rerecording her music ... something she's not allowed to do until November 2020, because Big Machine owns the masters.

On top of that, Swift revealed Netflix is making a documentary about her life, but she says Scooter and Scott have declined the use of her older music and performance footage for that project too ... UNLESS she bows down to their demands.

Our Big Machine sources say Taylor has admitted she owes the label more than $7 million and hasn't paid for more than a year. The sources add she also owes BM masters and video content. The sources say Scott and Scooter have extended an olive branch to Taylor, asking her to sit down with them and try to bury the hatchet, but she flatly refused, threatening if they didn't give her exactly what she wanted she'd go public and tell people to attack Big Machine as well as Scott and Scooter.

Taylor says BM demanded she NOT rerecord copycat versions of her songs next year like she's planning ... and to stop talking about them. Or as she puts is ... "be a good little girl and shut up. Or you'll be punished."


Swift says she's at wit's end and doesn't know what else to do, so she's asking her fans to speak out and let Scooter and Scott know how they feel about this.

Ultimately, she says she hopes other artists Scooter manages "can talk some sense into the men who are exercising tyrannical control over someone who just wants to play the music she wrote."

Our Big Machine sources say Taylor's lawyer told them he couldn't contain what she does or what she says publicly about them.

Kodak Black Drugged And Set Up For Prison Fight!!! Rapper's Reps Claim


Kodak Black was set up and possibly drugged when he got into a fight behind bars ... at least according to the rapper's camp.

Sources close to Kodak tell TMZ ... his team believes last month's prison fight, which left a guard injured, was all a setup because they claim someone slipped something in his drink to set him off.

We're told surveillance video shows Kodak drinking a cup of coffee about 20 minutes before the fight broke out ... and his reps believe Kodak's coffee was spiked with a chemical substance intended to make him lose control.

Our sources say an agent from the FBI testified Wednesday that witnesses said Kodak appeared to be under the influence during the brawl.

As for the fight itself ... we're told Kodak got into it with another inmate, and a corrections officer sprayed KB with mace. Our sources say it took several prison guards to restrain Kodak, who displayed incredible strength after allegedly being drugged.

Bureau of Prisons spokesperson Emery Nelson tells us a staff member was physically assaulted during the fight and was taken to a hospital for treatment.

As we reported ... Kodak was sentenced Wednesday to 46 months in prison after pleading guilty in his federal gun case. Prosecutors were gunning for 96 months after KB was involved in the fight.

Kodak's camp thinks it's suspicious the other inmate in the fight was placed in KB's prison pod earlier in the day, and the same inmate was released on bond about 12 hours after the brawl. Kodak's team says the fact the fight went down 2 weeks before his sentencing is also fishy. KB's been behind bars before, and we're told it's the first time he got in trouble.

Black's reps tell us they don't know for sure who allegedly drugged him, but they have their suspicions ... telling us a lot of people want to see him jammed up.

We reached out to the U.S. Attorney's Office ... but they have no comment.

Kodak's attorney, Bradford Cohen, declined comment other than to say he's investigating the prison fight.

Mo'Nique I'm Suing Netflix for Discrimination

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3:19 PM PT -- Netflix tells TMZ, "We care deeply about inclusion, equity, and diversity and take any accusations of discrimination very seriously. We believe our opening offer to Mo'Nique was fair -- which is why we will be fighting this lawsuit.”

Additionally, a source with direct knowledge tells us the executive Mo'Nique claims used the n-word during a meeting was fired over the incident.

Mo'Nique is finally taking her accusations against Netflix for discrimination to a court of law ... she's filed a lawsuit.

In the suit, the Oscar-winning actress and comedian accuses Netflix of race-based discrimination for how it negotiated a comedy special with her. She says Netflix offered Amy Schumer $11 million for an hour-long stand-up special (she eventually got $13 mil), but only offered Mo'Nique $500,000 for her stand-up special.

Mo'Nique never accepted their offer, and went on a public campaign ... which included coming on "TMZ Live" and calling for a boycott against the company.


According to the suit, she claims Netflix has a severe lack of diversity, which contributes to their discriminatory practices. Specifically, she claims one Netflix exec. -- the Chief Communications Officer -- used the n-word in a meeting with 60 people in 2018. Mo'Nique was not present for that meeting.

She also claims Netflix allowed Kevin Spacey to use the n-word while on the set of "House of Cards" without any consequence. In the suit, she alleges Spacey complained to his personal security guards, "I don't want [n-words] on my set anymore." She's not suing Spacey.

Mo'Nique also used a major pay gap on the Netflix hit, "The Crown," to illustrate alleged discrimination. She says the actress who plays Queen Elizabeth II was paid $14k per episode less than the actor who played Prince Philip -- and it only righted the wrong after there was a public outcry about it.

She's suing Netflix for unspecified damages, and for an injunction forcing the company to change its discriminatory policies.

We've reached out to Netflix and Kevin Spacey for comment.

Originally Published -- 9:08 AM PT

O.J. Simpson Warns Kaepernick Your 'Friends' Are Hurting You!

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O.J. Simpson says he's CONCERNED about Colin Kaepernick -- claiming the QB's friends are hurting his chances of getting back to the NFL ... and he needs to shut them up!

Simpson wasn't specific about which "friends" he was referring to -- but a bunch of people close to Colin (from Eric Reid to Brandon Marshall) have publicly said they think the NFL workout could be a sham.

Both guys have said the circumstances surrounding the workout are "fishy" since Kap was only given a few days notice and because it's being held on a Saturday so late in the season.

"I'm a guy that's been through just about everything," Simpson said in a new video ... "and the one thing I've learned is that sometimes your friends, and I don't doubt these are your friends, but sometimes they can say and do things that aren't in your best interests."

"You're an intelligent guy ... maybe you should tell some of these friends that you can speak for yourself."

Colin hasn't said much about the workout -- but tweeted this week, "I’ve been in shape and ready for this for 3 years, can’t wait to see the head coaches and GMs on Saturday."

Simpson wants to make it clear he's ROOTING for Kap -- adding, "Go down to Atlanta and kick ass! There's some NFL teams that I and everybody knows could use your skills."

Honest question ... wonder how Kap feels about having O.J. in his corner?

PayPal Pulls Out of Pornhub Business

PayPal's making a ton of adult performers moan, and not in a good way because it's putting an end to processing payments on Pornhub.

The devastating news for independent porn actors was announced late Wednesday night when PayPal decided to join several other banks and apps refusing to help them get paid for personal video clips posted on the porn site.

Pornhub allows independent performers to upload and sell their own videos, but they need a method to collect money from users. Financial institutions like JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Capital One, Square and Venmo have been out of the Pornhub biz for awhile ... so PayPal was one of the last remaining ways for performers to get paid.

Not anymore ... Pornhub says it's devastated by PayPal's decision to stop payouts "to over a hundred thousand performers who rely on them for their livelihoods." The platform is now scrambling to help performers who have pending PayPal payments.

PayPal hasn't said exactly why they're bailing, but the other financial institutions started making the same move after Congress passed the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act in 2018.

This is the latest blow for Pornhub, which just last month cut off all content from Girls Do Porn -- a separate company that was accused of coercing dozens of women into adult videos.

We've reached out to PayPal ... so far, no word back.

Dog Boutique Store Under Investigation Amid Dog Abuse Video

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Rip Royce/Twitch

9:02 AM PT -- Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Bark n' Bitches is under investigation. We're told the City of L.A. Department of Animal Services is conducting the investigation. What's more ... sources say the LAPD's Animal Cruelty Taskforce is aware of the incident.

And, get this ... a separate complaint prior to the horrific dog-throwing incident triggered the Department's probe. It's unclear what sparked the initial investigation, but we're told the Animal Cruelty Taskforce fielded the complaint.

We've reached out to the Dept. of Animal Services ... so far, no word back.

A poor pup was violently launched across a room by her neck by an irate employee and landed on her head on a concrete floor ... and the disgusting incident was caught on video.

The vid shows several dogs running around and barking in the Bark n' Bitches Dog Boutique in L.A. when it appears one dog begins to play a little too aggressively with a smaller dog.

That's when the worker steps in and viciously grabs the larger dog by the neck, picks her up high and tosses her several feet ... to the shock and horror of others in the store.

After the throw, a sickening thud is heard as the dog hits the ground. The sound is the dog's head hitting the floor ... according to the person who first posted the video on Twitch.

Some of the people in the store go to check on the poor pooch afterward, as it hid under a nearby table.

Bark n' Bitches has responded to the horrific incident, saying ... "We will not tolerate this or any actions that put our rescues in harm's way. The appropriate actions are being taken. This is NOT what we stand for."

It added ... "The dog was playing and acting normal after this incident. She was taken to the vet and was cleared 100 percent."

The owner of the shop followed up by confirming the employee in the video has been fired and the dog is doing fine. The owner added the boutique has been in business for 14 years and "this is a first."

Hopefully, it's also a last.

Originally published -- 6:34 AM PT

'DOOL' Star Chrishell Hartley Listen Up, 'Days' Fans ... You Can Save the Show!!!


The days don't have to be numbered for "Days of Our Lives," because there's still a way to keep the show going strong according to one of its stars ... but it's in the hands of the fans.

We got Chrishell Hartley -- she plays Jordan Ridgeway on the long-running soap -- out in Studio City, and she's got some advice for folks who don't want to see the 'Days' end after its upcoming 55th season.

Chrishell tells us it's important for fans to tune in as much as possible the day of the show to give ratings the best boost ... and just keep watching! Hartley seems very optimistic the famous sudser's not going anywhere ... despite the recent contract news.

As we reported ... the NBC soap is going on indefinite hiatus after season 55 and released its entire cast from their contracts, meaning they're all free to get new jobs.

Hartley says they should definitely do that, because the nature of the soap biz allows actors to come and go ... and nobody is ever really gone. She includes her Jordan character in this assessment.

All in all, Chrishell doesn't believe the situation is as dire for 'Days' as people think, and she predicts there will be more episodes after the current well runs dry in Summer 2020.

Until then, she's going to keep working on her other big show, "Selling Sunset," but might do some lowkey research on how to play a soap opera ghost too ... just in case.

NFL's Brandon Marshall Kap's NFL Workout 'Seems So Fishy'


Colin Kaepernick's friend and former teammate, Brandon Marshall, says there's something "weird" about the NFL's workout for the QB ... telling TMZ Sports, "It seems so fishy."

"It could be disingenuous," Marshall says ... "It could be a PR stunt just to get away from the blackball talk."

Marshall has known Colin since he was 17 and they played college ball together at Nevada. Brandon says he's convinced the QB still has the talent to excel at the highest level.

But, when it comes to the Saturday workout, organized by the NFL, Marshall says there's something that rubs him the wrong way.

"There's so many questions to this. That's why everyone's looking at it sideways. Like, what's going on with this?"

Some of the questions ... why isn't the NFL more flexible with the workout date? We're told Colin's camp wanted to move the workout to a weekday because most teams have games on Sunday and it's tough to send decision makers to a Saturday workout.

Also, why didn't interested teams just go directly to Colin's camp in the first place instead of the NFL?

Brandon says, despite the questions, he REALLY hopes the workout is legit and Colin gets an opportunity to show what he's capable of.

As for Brandon's own career, the 7-year NFL vet says he's working on his own comeback and can't wait to prove his doubters wrong.


George Lopez Says Let Impeachment Hearings Play Out ... Then Let's Unite as a Country!!!


George Lopez has a take on the House impeachment hearings that might actually surprise you -- let it sort itself out and whatever the outcome, find common ground as Americans.

We got the comedian out at LAX Wednesday afternoon and wanted to get his take on the historic hearings. George's initial default was to joke about it -- saying it's must-see TV like the Super Bowl -- but then it turned serious.

George, an ardent critic of President Trump, said if the hearings result in Trump's impeachment, then the efforts proved valid. And, if the hearings return empty results, George says he'd be the first to say, "my bad."

But, get this ... George says whatever the outcome, he wants everyone to find a way to find common ground. Because in the end ... everyone should just want what's best for this nation.


Not the G-Lo you're used to hearing when it comes to Trump.

Pete Buttigieg Glad I Got Trump's Odds ... But Our Campaigns Are Way Different


Pete Buttigieg says while his odds to the win the White House might be similar to Donald Trump's a year out from election day ... he's going about getting there with a full 180.

The South Bend Mayor spoke to us Wednesday on "TMZ Live" after news broke that he's the leading Democratic candidate in Iowa, according to a new poll ... not to mention that his chances at going the distance are eerily similar to DT's from this time 4 years ago.

He weighs in on both, telling us the new poll reflects what he's been feeling on the ground ... a connection to voters and a groundswell that just can't be stopped.

As for the Trump comparison, he says the only thing he wants to share with 45 is the final destination. That said, he does admit there are similarities in how folks perceived their campaigns early on -- namely, they were seen as odd men out despite later success.


Then, we got into what could become a problem ... how PB plans to deal with religious voters -- especially in the South -- who may view the fact he's gay as a dealbreaker.

Check out his answer ... sounds like he believes even the most homophobic of folks can look past that, so long as he gives them something to believe in. He's confident he can.

Gov. Gavin Newsom Trump's Threats Don't Scare CA ... His Economy NEEDS Us!!!


California Governor Gavin Newsom says President Trump isn't going to bully the Golden State into doing what he wants -- even with threats that could put thousands of lives at risk.

The Gov. was on "TMZ Live" Tuesday with a fierce response to POTUS tweeting he might cut federal funding to help fight California's wildfires ... if Newsom didn't get his "act together" to stop the fires.

Newsom made it clear he's not about to bow because the reality is the Prez needs Cali more than it needs him. He says Trump likes to spew threats as "political theater," and also because he can't stand NOT getting his way in the most populous state.

As the Gov. put it, Trump's political pressure won't fly in Cali.


On a much lighter note, we also got Gov. Newsom -- who just might have the best gubernatorial hairline in America -- to talk about this year's CA Hall of Fame inductees ... who include George Lopez, RuPaul, Wolfgang Puck and the late Dr. Maya Angelou.

The ceremony goes down in Sacramento on December 10, and Newsom's honored to be inducting such a diverse group of talented people.

Cuba Gooding Jr. Grand Jury Didn't See Security Vids ... My Indictment's Bogus!!!

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Cuba Gooding Jr. is outraged he was indicted by a grand jury that NEVER saw multiple videos of the alleged incidents of sexual misconduct.

Cuba's attorney Mark Jay Heller filed a motion to dismiss the 6-count indictment against him in NYC. According to the docs, Gooding calls it "grossly inappropriate and unjust" that the District Attorney didn't show the videos during the grand jury proceedings.

Gooding and his lawyers say the D.A. "chose here to trick the system by not giving the Grand Jury a fair opportunity to evaluate all of the facts and evidence."

JUNE 2019

TMZ broke the story ... there are videos of Cuba's June 2019 incident at Magic Hour Rooftop Bar, where he allegedly touched a woman's breast. There's also security footage at TAO Nightclub in NYC from last October 2018 when he was accused of touching a server's butt.


Gooding's indictment is for 3 separate incidents -- the third was at LAVO in NYC -- and his legal team has beef with that too. In the docs, they say the alleged incidents should be judged individually -- and lumping them together increased the risk of bias among the grand jury. BTW, according to Gooding's team ... there's also video of the LAVO incident

The actor wants the whole indictment tossed out of court. The judge has yet to rule.

The Manhattan D.A.'s Office had no comment on Gooding's attempt to get the case dismissed.

Trina Lady Called Me N***** When I Tried to Console Her!!!


Trina is dropping a bombshell about that heated Walmart confrontation with a white woman who called her the n-word -- the whole thing started with the rapper trying to help a stranger.

The iconic emcee was on "TMZ Live" when she revealed what led up to the madness last Friday in a Florida Walmart. Trina says all she did was try to console the woman, who was openly crying in the store.

You have to see Trina break down what happened after she asked the weeping woman if she was okay. As they say, no good deed ...


As you know, Trina wasn't having it after the woman called her "n****r bitch." TMZ got the video of all hell breaking loose ... as Trina fired back at her, but only verbally.

Trina told us she was able to restrain herself and not inflict any physical harm on the woman -- which she notes likely would've resulted in major legal trouble for herself instead of the mouthy customer.


The only silver lining in this whole mess -- Trina said other Walmart shoppers were supportive after the incident, with at least one of them coming up, tearfully, to hug her.