Brazil Prez Bolsonaro No Vax?!? No NYC Restaurant Seat!!! But Gets Pass at the UN

Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro is unvaccinated, but somehow got a pass to attend a United Nations meeting, but NYC restaurants literally kicked him to the curb.

Bolsonaro, a staunch anti-vaxxer, and several of his cabinet members were relegated to chowing down pizza on a sidewalk Sunday night, because NYC is one of the few cities that's not allowing anyone -- world leader or not -- inside restaurants without proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

It was Bolsonaro's first night on the town ahead of Tuesday's address to the UN General Assembly ... where he was the first world leader to speak.

Yes, the COVID-19 skeptic who still ignorantly believes the virus is nothing more than a "little flu" wore a mask inside the UN's NYC headquarters ... but he also broke the UN "honor system."

The U.N.'s General Assembly president, Abdulla Shahid, had previously sent a memo to its 193-member states stating that its COVID-19 vaccination honor system would continue to be in effect for presidents, prime ministers and diplomats attending the meeting ... meaning the UN was NOT going to require proof of vaccination.

Nevertheless, many world leaders elected to stay away and instead sent a video message. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio also warned Bolsonaro not to bother coming to the Big Apple if he wasn't vaccinated.

Bolsonaro clearly defied de Blasio, but get this ... British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday asked Bolsonaro during a briefing if he's vaccinated ... to which the prez replied by laughing and saying, "No. Not yet."

Bolsonaro, who recovered from COVID last year, also appeared to turn down Johnson's offer to get the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Lil Peep, XXXTentacion Sued 'Falling Down' Is a Total Ripoff!!!

Lil Peep and XXXTentacion straight-up jacked another artist's original guitar riff for their hugely successful collab, "Falling Down" ... so claims the artist in a new lawsuit.

Richard Jaden Hoff -- who used to go by the stage name K.R.i.O. -- is suing the late rappers claiming the guitar riff in his June 2018 Soundcloud track "Under My Breath" was sampled in Peep and XXX's track that dropped just 3 months later without his permission.

Specifically, Hoff claims his guitar riff in "Falling Down" is looped, sped up, filtered and equalized. He says that while Peep and XXX altered the riff, it remained substantially similar to the guitar part in "Under My Breath" and a blatant ripoff."

"Falling Down" quickly gained commercial success ... with over 20m plays on Spotify and over 21m views on YouTube. The single also hit No. 13 on Billboard's Hot 100.

The track ultimately landed on Lil Peep's second studio album, "Come Over When You're Sober, Pt. 2."

There's some weird timing here -- XXX was shot dead 5 days after Hoff dropped his track on Soundcloud. Lil Peep had already died following an overdose in November 2017 -- so, "Falling Down" was a posthumous hit for both rappers.

What's really odd is Hoff's lawsuit, for copyright infringement, is written like Peep and XXX are still alive. He's NOT suing their estates and refers to both of them in the current tense and says they're residents of California. Might be time for a Google search, Hoff.

Hoff also names Columbia Records, Sony Entertainment and several producers of the tracks as defendants. We've reached out to Columbia and Sony, so far no word back.

H.S. Cheerleader Claims She's Blocked From Being On Field ... Because Wheelchair Might Damage Turf

A cheerleader at a Missouri high school says the athletic department is blocking her from joining her team on the field this year ... because officials claim her wheelchair might damage the football turf.

Lacy Kiper -- who was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type 5 that breaks her bone easily -- told FOX 8 that this would have been her second year cheering, but Truman High School is keeping her from being with the team.

The reason behind the school's restriction -- Lacy claims she was told it's due to her wheelchair potentially damaging the turf.

"They didn’t want my wheels, I guess, to be too heavy and damage a little bit of the turf for me to get stuck in it," the 18-year-old says.

"But, even for the basketball gym, they said no. And I was like, 'That’s a floor that I go on all the time.'"

Lacy's father, Charles, is totally against what the school is doing ... but told the outlet he is willing to do anything to allow his daughter to join the team on the field this season.

"I told the school I would put her on the mats if they want, I will be there at every game if they want," Charles says.

"I'll make sure that she's got someone to assist her in anyway to be a part of this team and they have pretty much turned me down on most everything."

The Independence School District released a statement on the matter ... saying it cannot explain its side of things due to not having consent from Lacy's parents.

"The District cannot substantively respond to such inaccuracies without consent to release student records from the parent. In this matter, the parent chose not to sign HIPAA and FERPA releases to allow the District to respond."

"Without those releases, the District is limited in what it can discuss. While the Independence School District cannot respond substantively to the editorial, the District would like to reiterate that it takes the safety of all involved in our activities seriously, and remains committed to ensuring that our programs and activities are inclusive, safe, and welcoming for all students."

U.S.-Mexico Border Agents Use Horse Reins as Whips ... Ward Off Haitian Migrants

Border Patrol agents attempting to push back Haitian migrants trying to cross into the U.S. used what appear to be horse reins as whips to keep them at bay ... and now, the White House says it's looking into the tactic.

The images surfaced this week amid a chaotic situation at various parts of the U.S.-Mexico border, especially in Texas ... where scores of people have been wading across the Rio Grande to the U.S. side -- including thousands of Haitians, many of whom have set up camp under a bridge in the town of Del Rio, which has grown exponentially in recent days.

As a way to deter people ... some border agents on horseback were photographed and taped swinging around what seems to be either reins or lariats attached to the saddle equipment on their steeds. The photos and video here don't appear to show the agents actually make contact with any of the Haitians trying to cross, but still ... it looks bad.

The sheer optics of this -- white border agents apparently trying or threatening to whip predominantly Black Haitian migrants -- has caught the Biden administration's attention.

POTUS's Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, was asked about it repeatedly during Monday's press conference ... and said the staff had seen the footage, but needed more information to make an assessment on what was actually happening before weighing in further.

Still, Psaki did acknowledge that based on what they'd seen thus far ... it didn't seem like anything that'd be appropriate in any scenario, but made a point to say they were trying to gather the full context and more details -- despite reporters pushing back and getting testy.

One journo flat out asked if this is okay under Biden's watch and if it would continue -- but Psaki held the line ... namely, that they were looking into it.

Seth Rogen Calls Out Emmys ... This Ain't COVID Safe!!!


Seth Rogen said out loud what lots of people were thinking ... how did all the celebs at the Emmys Sunday night get a pass when it came to wearing masks indoors?

Seth kinda joked he would have rethought even going to the Emmys had he known it would be held in a hermetically-sealed tent and there was not a mask in sight. He flat out called the Emmy honchos liars, saying, "They said this was outdoors. It's not. They lied to us."

The L.A. County Health Dept. says everyone at indoor events must wear masks ... what with the Delta variant still out of control in these parts. It seems undeniable -- that precaution was ignored as the gussied-up stars were like super-upscale masses huddled together as they cheered each other on. In fact, Seth groused, "There are way too many of us in this little room."

The only possible out for the Emmys is to argue the event was a "television production," but that's a stretch for everyone in the audience. Even if that were the case, it's sure bad messaging to viewers.


"West Wing" star Bradley Whitford begged to differ, saying he thought everything was COVID hunky-dory.

Cedric the Entertainer actually challenged Seth, saying, "It actually feels amazing in here, unlike what Seth was talking about." He noted everyone inside was vaxxed, joking that he didn't have an adverse reaction like the dude Nicki Minaj was talking about.

True enough ... they were all vaxxed, but it sure seems hypocritical to ignore the rules of the COVID road because it spoils a good look.

The Emmy organizers say tables in the room were 6 feet apart and the audience was smaller than normal. Nevertheless, what about masks?

Anthony Anderson told our photog there might be a loophole regarding COVID protocols if there's ventilation ... but that's not what the Health Dept. says.

GAY NASHVILLE COUPLE New Venue After Homophobic Rejection ... After Many Discounted Offers

The gay couple that was denied a wedding venue in Nashville because of their sexual orientation is getting the last laugh ... they found a new spot, and got a discount for their troubles.

Michael Gill tells TMZ … they're getting married at The Grove at Williamson Family Farm, and the venue reached out and offered a discount after learning they were denied at another place because they're gay.

As we first reported ... Michael and Coty were rejected by their first choice, Barn in the Bend, after ownership changed its tune and told them, "We do not offer same-sex marriage ceremonies."

Michael says several venues reached out looking to help after reading their story, with offers coming in from places elsewhere in Tennessee, plus West Virginia and Louisiana.

We're told the couple received several offers with deep discounts, including one from The Grove, and they settled on the venue in Murfreesboro, TN because it checked a lot of their boxes.

Michael says the couple also got tons of offers from wedding photographers offering discounts as well ... and they're going with Jared Laycock from Wish Well Photography.

With an inclusive venue and photographer locked down, we're told the couple is still on the hunt for a caterer and florist comfortable with working a gay wedding ... so they're still piecing together their big day.

As for the venue with the homophobic denial, we're told Michael and Coty haven't heard a peep from Barn in the Bend since the story blew up.

Madonna, Teyana, Normani Trigger Angry Complaints to FCC ... Some Viewers Outraged By VMA Antics

Madonna, Teyana Taylor and Normani have triggered complaints to the FCC ... over what some say were raunchy displays at the VMAs.

TMZ's obtained the complaints, and it seems like these folks primarily had two artists in their crosshairs ... Normani and Teyana for their performance of Normani's hit single, "Wild Side."

Someone from Kansas felt it was bad enough seeing a woman in a leotard spreading her legs, writhing on the floor, dancing like a stripper and putting "her fingers near her vagina." But, what really pissed off this viewer was seeing Teyana and Normani simulating a brief makeout sesh and Normani practically giving Teyana a lap dance.

The person said, "This programming was on at 9pm, our children were with us watching TV. We had to make them leave the room during this porno ceremony."

A viewer from Tennessee described seeing Normani "move upward until she was able to stick her crotch directly in [Teyana's] face and on the girls lips exhibiting oral sex."

The viewer said, "this was so extreme and should NEVER have been allowed to be on any TV show." Ditto for a viewer from Weatherford, Texas ... who said Normani glamorized and mimicked sex, bondage and assault rape.

A parent from Michigan said the performance was so awful they "had to keep changing the channels so my 12-year-old son wouldn't watch that s***!"

As for Madonna ... there's a complaint from someone in Illinois who said Madonna appeared drunk at the start of the show and wore sexually explicit clothing. The viewer was upset MTV didn't issue warnings that it might be inappropriate for small children.

And, get this ... someone from St. Louis wants "$1 million declaratory ruling on my behalf" 'cause he's pissed about, among other things, Lil Nas X "rooting for his 'gay agenda' after his act." BTW, complaints to the FCC about Lil Nas X are nothing new, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

'Shang-Chi' Star Simu Liu Allegedly Compared Pedophilia, LGBT ... Once Upon a Time on Reddit

Marvel's newest action hero actor, Simu Liu, allegedly once compared being a pedophile to being gay -- which he likened to a genetic mutation and an illness ... and something he was sympathetic toward.

The lead star of "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" is in the crosshairs of Twitter right now, as people have resurfaced old Reddit posts from an account that's being attributed to him ... and which even appears to have ID'd itself as belonging to Simu at various points.

The account has since been deleted, and a lot of those posts are scrubbed, but content lives forever on the internet ... and many of the posts in question -- including the pedophilia ones -- have been screen-grabbed and cataloged ... and the dude's catching major heat for it now.

The pedophilia posts are the most outrage-inducing ... as the account literally says pedophilia is no different from being gay, from a biological standpoint. It goes on to dissect research that the owner of the account says they'd done for a role of theirs in which they played a pedo.

We won't get into the nitty-gritty -- you can read their full take above -- but let's just say ... the user here suggests pedophiles need help -- but NOT conversion therapy, something that's been used (controversially so) among certain groups to "treat" gay people's sexual orientation.

The user also makes it clear that taking advantage of minors is wrong -- but the whole argument is weird and convoluted ... and gets into dicey territory. Of course, this person roping in LGBT folks to get their point across makes it all the more inflammatory.

Simu himself seems to have responded to this controversy -- linking back to a 2019 tweet of his in which he says he's only advocated for positivity in his life, and to direct any anger at him to "the system that did this to ALL of us."

He also replied to that with this new thought, "Twitter is a slanderous place sometimes, and it feels good to shut down trolls and bad faith actors who want to drag your name through the mud." Unclear what that might mean exactly, or if it's an admission of ownership of the posts.

We've reached out to Simu's team to confirm the authenticity of these Reddit musings, and for further clarification. So far, no word back.

J Lo I Feel Like an Outsider in Hollywood

Jennifer Lopez shared something pretty shocking that at first blush seems ridiculous but when you think about it, you get it -- she says she feels like an outsider in Hollywood.

J Lo's featured in a new video on her J Lo Beauty Instagram page. As she hyped her products for Sephora, she opened up about her time in Tinseltown, confessing she often feels she doesn't belong in Hollywood.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

On the surface, that seems absurd ... she's got 30 movies in the can, yet she said she feels like "an outsider."

Ben's GF said, "I think for me, I know it is important for all of us to feel like we belong, um, and like most people there's so many times in your life when you feel like an outsider, I feel like that in Hollywood sometimes."

Now she could be unloading her feelings because she wasn't nominated for "Hustlers," which was a little surprising giving some serious Oscar buzz. Tyler Perry went off on the Oscars, saying she richly deserved a nom.

There are plenty of folks who are big stars who don't get embraced by center Hollywood ... and some of it's clearly jealousy and ego. In J Lo's case, she gets more publicity than just about anyone for things she does offset and people she dates, and that probably annoys other actors who don't get the shine she does.

Bottom line ... dropping that nugget probably helps sales of her beauty products, so it just proves she's a grade-A marketer!

Donald Trump's Walk of Fame Star Dog Pooper Revealed!!!

Donald Trump got s*** on this week, and now we know the culprit ... and his name is Axl.

As we reported, someone dumped a load of poop on Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of fame. It's not vandalism -- because there was no damage -- but it would seem it's a violation of the L.A. Pooper Scooper ordinance ... HOWEVER, we've learned there's a twist.

Well, TMZ has cracked the case. Turns out Axl, an 18-month-old rescue, was walking on Hollywood Blvd. with his owner, James Hawkins, when nature called. Axl took a giant poop near Trump's star, and rather than picking it up, Hawkins decided it should adorn Trump's star.

James tells us he picked up the poop and placed it on 45's star. He took a photo to keep the memory alive. A short time later, James bagged the poop and left the scene of the crime.

James is a photographer from Rhode Island, who was in town on business. He tells us he's a democrat, and he's not a fan of Trump's ... in fact, he said he thinks Trump is "a piece of s**t," so James felt one good piece deserves another.

BTW ... it doesn't appear James violated the Pooper Scooper ordinance because he blue-bagged the excrement in short order.

As for Axl, he spent Friday with James who was skateboarding on the beach, so he's having a fab time in L.A.

Trinidad James Nicki Minaj Deserves Respect ... Despite Bogus COVID Vaccine Claims


Trinidad James is not onboard the trash Nicki Minaj train for putting out bogus information on COVID vaccines, saying she's an important voice and deserves respect.

We got the Trinidadian-American rapper Friday at LAX, and he seemed frustrated people were going after Nicki hard after she said she heard someone in Trinidad had a reaction to the vaccine that enlarged his balls. There's never been such case that was verified, and health officials in Trinidad were pissed they wasted time trying to track down the phantom person with such an affliction.


Trinidad James says Nicki and the health minister should sit down and have a chitchat, but it's unclear what good that would do ... he's already said she's off base, though TJ doesn't seem to necessarily buy it.


He also gives a peek into COVID on the island. He says Trinidad is so small, just a few cases trigger much greater concern than in the U.S., which views coronavirus on a much larger scale.

In addition to Trinidad health officials railing on Nicki, Dr. Fauci joined the chorus. And, after she said the Biden Administration invited her to the White House to talk about it, Jen Psaki checked her, saying it was never meant to be an in-person visit.

Jermichael Finley Packers Should Turn To Jordan Love Early ... If Aaron Rodgers' Struggles Continue


Jermichael Finley says if he were coaching the Packers, Aaron Rodgers would be on a short leash ... telling TMZ Sports he'd bench the MVP by Week 4 if the QB's struggles continue.

"If you don't see it," Finley said, "let's go to [Jordan] Love."

It might sound crazy -- considering Rodgers is coming off one of his best seasons EVER -- but Finley says the way Aaron played this past weekend in a blowout loss to the Saints has him very concerned.

"Aaron Rodgers looks tired," said Finley, who earlier in the week also said Rodgers looked like he had lost his "hunger."

"I bet the guy probably don't want to play football anymore," Finley added.

Finley said he'd be willing to give Rodgers the first quarter of the season to show if he still has the MVP skillset left in him ... but he made it clear, if signs aren't pointing upward by then, he'd start Jordan Love.

"You've got one of the highest-paid backup quarterbacks sitting right behind Aaron Rodgers, so you might as well utilize him and get him going for the future," Finley said.

As for if he thinks Aaron can turn it around ... Finley tells us he's rooting for the QB, but he ain't exactly optimistic it'll happen.

"I don't think [the Packers] are going to have a good year this year," Finley said.


BTW ... Jermichael is promising to give more hot takes on the Packers all season on his new podcast, "Inside Spin With J Fin" -- saying you can catch it weekly on his social media platforms.

Donald Trump Star Covered in Dog S*** ... The Straight Poop

Donald Trump has given a lot of people s**t, so someone decided to return the gesture in kind ... with a load of dog poop plastered over his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Someone dropped a load on the star Thursday ... much to the chagrin and delight of tourists ... depending on their political bend.

And, this is interesting ... whoever dropped the do-do won't be prosecuted, because it's not vandalism. According to CA law, someone can be prosecuted for vandalism if they "deface with graffiti or other inscribed material" or if they damage or destroy someone else's property.
Here, a hosing down will do the trick, and it's too much of a reach.

Now, it's possible to cite the offender with violating L.A.'s pooper scooper law, which requires dog owners to pick up after their pets.


There has been lots of vandalism on that star over the last 5 years. James Otis, a member of the famed Otis Elevator fam, took a pickax to the star in 2016 and several times in the years that followed. He pled no contest to vandalism and got community service and a $4,400 fine. He was placed on 3 years probation.

Deadline Hollywood

He was arrested and charged with felony vandalism last year ... it appears that case is ongoing.


George Lopez pretended to pee on the star back in 2018 ... but faking peeing doesn't get you prosecuted.

And, there have been other instances of vandalism as well. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which manages the Walk of Fame ... has always restored or replaced the star, although at one point they put a barrier around the star.

Bobby Brown Whitney Houston's 'Bodyguard' Remake ... That's a Bad Move!!!


Bobby Brown's heard the rumors about the possible remake in the words of Whitney Houston's "Bodyguard" ... and he's not feeling it at all.

We got Bobby out Thursday at LAX, and our camera guy asked him point-blank if he thinks remaking such a classic is a bad move, Bobby didn't hesitate ... saying, "Yeah" without a second thought.

Tony-nominated playwright Matthew Lopez has reportedly been tapped to write a reimagining of the iconic 1992 romantic drama starring Whitney and Kevin Costner -- and much like Bobby, many fans' reaction to the news was essentially, "That's a no for me dawg."

The film was not only a monumental success at the box office with more than $400 million grossed worldwide ... but the soundtrack is the bestselling movie soundtrack of all time, featuring classic Whitney hits like, "I Will Always Love You."

Now, Bobby had a much better reaction to some other musical news -- the fact Rolling Stone named Aretha Franklin's "Respect" the No. 1 song of all time. Bobby gives it 👍🏽.

As for that 'Bodyguard' remake -- no word yet on a possible cast, but that's just fine with fans who are already destroying the concept.

One fan wrote on Twitter, "This is such a horrible idea. There is no need for a remake of the legendary movie, The Bodyguard. Hollywood refusing to invest in new talent and create new stories is pure laziness at this point." Someone else wrote, "If it ain't starring Whitney, I don't wanna see it! Nope!"

T.I. & TINY No Charges For Alleged Sexual Assault

T.I. and Tiny won't be charged for allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting a woman in 2005 in Los Angeles ... we've learned prosecutors declined to move forward with the case.

According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, prosecutors decided not to charge the couple because the case falls outside the statute of limitations.

As we reported ... the accuser filed a police report earlier this year, alleging T.I. and Tiny drugged and assaulted her sometime in early 2005 after the trio met at a club.

In the docs, prosecutors say the 10-year statute of limitations has expired.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

It's a similar outcome to other allegations against T.I. and Tiny in Las Vegas ... where another woman claimed she was drugged and sexually assaulted in 2010 after meeting Tiny at the airport and being invited to hang with the couple.

As we first told you ... the Las Vegas case also fell outside the statute of limitations, so there were ultimately no charges.

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