Breonna Taylor Mom Thankful to Students Who Stood Up Against GA Teacher


Breonna Taylor's mother is hurt and troubled by a Georgia teacher spreading lies about her daughter's death, but also deeply appreciates the students who pushed back.

Tamika Palmer's attorney, Sam Aguiar, tells TMZ his client saw the video of the Zoom class where Pebblebrook High's Susan McCoy told students Breonna's death was her own fault ... and spread misinformation about the case.

We're told it was disturbing for Tamika to witness, and troubling in that the real facts still aren't quite understood by all ... and that a twisted version of it is being forced onto youths by educators.

@genn.ey / Instagram

The one upside ... the kids themselves, whom Aguiar says Tamika was proud of as they spoke out against McCoy in real-time and fired back with the truth -- namely that Breonna was NOT with a man wanted on charges, but with her current BF at the time, Kenneth Walker.

Of course, you've heard the rest ... Louisville cops insist they knocked and made their presence known before entering. Walker, however, claims the exact opposite ... saying he thought burglars were entering their home.

He says he fired in self-defense, at which point the officers fired back ... killing Breonna in the crossfire. The students in McCoy's class made that known, and for that ... we're told Tamika is grateful, especially as BT's death anniversary looms on March 13.


No word on what Tamika would like to see happen to McCoy, but school district officials say they're reviewing the matter and weighing their options.

Ms. McCoy has since apologized for her remarks, calling them ignorant.

Creighton's Greg McDermott 'Deeply Sorry' ... For 'Plantation' Analogy In Postgame Speech

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Greg McDermott -- head coach of the 14th-ranked Creighton University men's basketball team -- is pleading for forgiveness days after using the word “plantation” in a post-game speech.

Following Creighton’s 77-69 loss to Xavier on Saturday, McDermott admits he made the following statement to his squad ... "Guys, we got to stick together. We need both feet in. I need everybody to stay on the plantation. I can't have anybody leave the plantation."

Yeah ... not a good look.

Now, McDermott -- head coach at CU since 2010 and dad of NBA player Doug McDermott -- is apologizing for the “terribly inappropriate analogy” in a statement posted on his social media page.

“On February 27th, after an emotionally tough loss on the road, I addressed our student-athletes and staff in the postgame locker room and used a terribly inappropriate analogy in making a point about staying together as a team despite the loss."

That's when McDermott says he uttered the racially insensitive analogy.

The head coach says he knew right away that he screwed up.

"I immediately recognized my egregious mistake and quickly addressed my use of such insensitive words with the team. I have never used that analogy and it is not indicative of who I am as a person or as a coach."

"I am deeply sorry. I have apologized to our student-athletes and to our staff, as well as to President Hendrickson and Director of Athletics Bruce Rasmussen."

Creighton -- currently 2nd place in the Big East -- has had a great year on the floor ... with wins over teams like Villanova and Seton Hall.

McDermott will lead the Bluejays into the NCAA Tourney later this month.

Jake Paul Canelo Alvarez Is An 'Old Hater' For Kicking Fans Out Of Ring

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Jake Paul is firing back at Canelo Alvarez for kicking 2 of the YouTube star's fans out of the ring during his post-fight interview on Saturday ... calling the champion an "old hater" who's ducking the real competition.

Of course, Canelo and Jake have had a beef brewing for months ... with the 30-year-old boxer saying the Paul brothers are disrespecting the sport of boxing.


The feud reached new levels when fans -- donning Jake and Ben Askren's faces on their shirts -- invaded the ring after Alvarez's dominant win over Avni Yildirim ... with Canelo telling them to "get the f*** out."

Jake is now speaking out about the incident ... and while he's not saying whether he knew about the prank beforehand, he's mad at how Alvarez handled the situation.

"Canelo, what's your problem, bro?! Why you hate me so much?!," Jake said on Tuesday.

"Canelo's mad. He has this thing against me. Said I'm bad for the sport. I'm disrespecting it, which doesn't make sense at all."

"I'm actually just bringing more eyeballs, more awareness to the sport of boxing. But since Canelo, you wanted to start this beef, let's do it!"

Jake goes on to say Canelo isn't the true pound-for-pound fighter in the world ... claiming he's hiding from real competition.

"Why not fight Caleb Plant? David Benavidez? BooBoo Andrade? You're ducking them. You're ducking them, Canelo! You're an old hater, that's what you are."

But, Canelo ain't the only boxing superstar going after Paul -- heavyweight champ Tyson Fury also had some words for Jake, seemingly trying to get him to fight his little brother, Tommy Fury.

Paul has some words for the Gypsy King as well ... saying he likes the guy and wants no beef -- but Tommy is a different story.

"If Tyson Fury took a s**t, it would be his little brother."

There's a lot more in the video. Check it out.

Chris D'Elia Sued You Stole My Virginity at 17 and Called it 'Hot' ... Comedian Denies Allegations


Chris D'Elia had sex with a 17-year-old high school student and she says when she told him her age, he said it was "hot" ... this according to a new lawsuit and Chris denies the allegations.

The comedian is being sued by a Jane Doe for allegedly violating federal child sexual exploitation and child pornography laws. She is not suing because the two allegedly had sex when they met in Connecticut. The age of consent in CT is 16.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Chris' alleged victim claims she started communicating with him over social media in 2014 when she was just 17 and he quickly started demanding nudes. She says two months later he invited her to his hotel room before one of his shows, where they had sex.

The woman claims Chris D'Elia demanded eye contact when they had sex and says when she told him she was 17 and still in high school, Chris responded by saying it was "hot."

As you know ... Chris recently got emotional addressing allegations he was grooming underage girls online and allegedly exposing himself to several women, saying sex controlled his life.

A spokesperson for Chris, in addressing the new lawsuit, tells us, "Chris denies these allegations and will vigorously defend himself against them in court."

According to the docs, the girl says she was a virgin before having sex with Chris, who also asked her to send him pornographic videos of her having sex with other boys her age. She also claims he asked her to meet and have sex with his friends.

Years after the alleged hotel encounter, the woman claims she was disturbed to see Chris' character in the Netflix series, "You," as he plays a comic who preys on underaged girls.

She's suing Chris for damages and asking a judge to stop him from possessing or taking any action regarding the alleged pornographic images of her.

Dr. Seuss' Stepdaughter Stop Hopping On My Pop ... Don't Pull Books, Add Disclaimer


Dr. Seuss' books should NOT be yanked from shelves -- because all they need is a little context on page 1 ... so says a woman who was raised by the man himself.

Leagrey Dimond -- one of Dr. Seuss' stepdaughters -- tells TMZ she doesn't think his work needs to be censored or stored away from public view ... which is essentially what Dr. Seuss Enterprises did on Monday.

Instead, Dimond suggests adding a disclaimer to the 6 books in question ... something a lot of media companies have been opting for lately for questionable or outdated material with racist depictions. The same thing should happen here, in Dimond's eyes anyway.

She also has this to say about Seuss' work -- yes, some of his earlier publications and illustrations DID feature racist imagery, but his legacy shouldn't hinge on that alone ... as she insists the full breadth of his literature shows he's a good guy and evolved over time.

Dimond says Seuss publicly regretted some of his earlier work -- such as ads, comic strips and political cartoons he helped craft during the WWII era -- which featured blatantly racist drawings of Black people and Asian people.

But, there's a bigger reason the org bearing his name should hold off, per LD ... nobody who runs the place knew him personally.

Dimond says since coming into Seuss' care at age 9, she never once experienced any hatred, hate speech or bigotry of any kind ... which she says was emblematic of his character at large. The fact people are judging him in death, she says, doesn't sit right with her.

You'll recall -- the Enterprise announced it was ceasing further sales of 6 Seuss children's books -- including "And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street," "Scrambled Eggs Super!" "If I Ran the Zoo," "McElligot’s Pool," "On Beyond Zebra!" and "The Cat’s Quizzer"

Some examples of the problematic imagery -- from 'Mulberry' and 'Zoo' -- feature Asian stereotypes ... like referring to one character as a "Chinaman ... with sticks."

In any case, his stepdaughter thinks it's a shame he's being muzzled all these years later -- and on his birthday, no less.

Dr. Seuss 6 Books No Longer Published ... Due to Racist Imagery

Dr. Seuss books have been beloved by children and adults for generations, but 6 of them will no longer be published because they are racially offensive ... according to the business that preserves the author's legacy.

Dr. Seuss Enterprises says these 6 Seuss books -- including "And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street" and "Scrambled Eggs Super!" -- "portray people in ways that are hurtful and wrong."

The company says it made the decision to cease sales on these books -- which also include "If I Ran the Zoo," "McElligot’s Pool," "On Beyond Zebra!" and "The Cat’s Quizzer" -- after consulting with educators and reviewing its catalog.

The announcement was made on Tuesday, March 2 -- Dr. Seuss's birthday -- though the decision was made last year. The move comes as President Biden also omitted mention of Dr. Seuss on Read Across America Day ... which is held annually on the author's bday.

Dr. Seuss -- born Theodor Seuss Geisel -- has come under increased scrutiny over the years as his history of racist and anti-Semitic work has been uncovered. A study of 50 Seuss books in 2019 found 43 of 45 characters of color had characteristics aligning with "Orientalism" and 2 "African" characters had anti-Black qualities.

Of the 6 books being pulled ... "The Cat's Quizzer" and "If I Ran the Zoo" were cited in the study specifically for examples of Orientalism and white supremacy.

Youngstown State Football Staffer Banned From Sidelines ... After Checking Opponent

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A Youngstown State football official has just been booted from the sidelines for the foreseeable future ... after he knocked an opposing player to the ground with his shoulder.

The scene was pretty wild ... during YSU's game against the University of Northern Iowa on Saturday -- Panthers star receiver Quan Hampton was speeding toward the YSU sideline when Director of Player Personnel Tim Johnson appeared to throw himself at the guy.

Hampton took Johnson's shoulder at full speed ... and tumbled to the ground awkwardly -- clearly fortunate to not suffer any serious injures.

FYI -- Johnson is a BIG man (6'0, 245 lbs) with a history of tossing around football players ... he was a former All-American linebacker at YSU who played in the NFL and was later inducted into the school's Hall of Fame in 2010.

You can see in the replay of the check, Hampton was clearly disturbed by Johnson's actions ... and pointed him out to refs immediately after hitting the ground.

Despite no penalty called, YSU launched an investigation into the incident ... and on Monday, the school announced it was banning Johnson from the sidelines for the rest of the spring football season.

The school also said Johnson -- who's in his first year on the YSU football staff -- had accepted the punishment.

"I apologize to UNI, Youngstown State, the Missouri Valley Football Conference and our community for what occurred on Saturday," Johnson said.

"As a member of the YSU Football staff, my actions are held in high regard and that should have never occurred. Again, I deeply apologize to all who have been impacted by my actions."

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Doubles Down on LeBron Comments ... Stay Out of Politics!

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic is not backing down from his criticism of LeBron James -- reinforcing his belief that athletes should stick to sports and stay out of politics!

"Athletes unite the world, politics divide it,” the soccer superstar said at a news conference Tuesday morning.

"Our role is to unite the world by doing what we do best. Athletes should be athletes and politicians should do politics."

Ibra -- one of the most famous athletes on the planet -- has been under fire for going after LeBron last week during an interview with Discovery+ in Sweden.

At the time, Zlatan said, "[LeBron] is phenomenal at what he's doing, but I don't like when people have some kind of status, they go and do politics at the same time."

"Do what you're good at. Do the category you do. I play football because I'm the best at playing football."

"I don't do politics. If I would be a political politician, I would do politics. That is the first mistake people do when they become famous and they become in a certain status. Stay out of it. Just do what you do best, because it doesn't look good."

LeBron clapped back in a big way -- saying he'll NEVER just shut up and dribble because he understands his voice can make a real impact for those who aren't being heard ... and feels it's his responsibility to use his platform to make positive change.

Zlatan clearly doesn't feel the same way -- saying athletes can do more for the world by simply providing pure entertainment that will unite people from all walks of life.

Capitol Police Officer Exodus Could Spell Doom Vulnerable To Attack???


The potential mass exodus of Capitol Police officers could have devastating effects ... police fear Capitol Hill may soon be open to another attack like the insurrection.

Here's the deal ... the union representing USCP officers says many officers are leaving the force soon, and at least one of those officers tells us why the departures could spell trouble for Capitol Hill.

The USCP officer, who is planning to leave the department by the end of the year, tells TMZ ... the sheer number of officers planning to leave the department will put the Capitol at more risk and could make the building more vulnerable to another riot or attack in the future.

We're told there are around 20 USCP officers leaving in the next 6 months, and they're packing their bags because of how the department has been pointing fingers since the riots, with little to no accountability from the top down.

@chevlove68/Tik Tok

The way this outgoing officer sees it, there are 2 factors that could lead to another January 6th ... less manpower, and a high degree of uncertainty from officers on what to do the next time a mob were to attack.

Part of that uncertainty, we're told, involves the use of deadly force. We're told USCP officers are still scared to use their guns, for fear of being suspended like the officer who shot and killed Ashli Babbit.

As we first told you ... a deadly force policy still remains unclear within USCP, and we're told there has still been no communication between top brass and rank and file as to how to handle another insurrection.

Making matters worse, we're told, is the union's overwhelming 92% vote of no confidence for acting chief Yogananda Pittman, who got the job 2 days after the insurrection.

It sounds like USCP can't do much to stop the impending exodus among the rank and file ... we're told the officers are just tired of working there with all the "organizational dysfunction."

Oh, and there are rumblings of another QAnon event March 4. We're told USCP leadership has provided no game plan or guidance for officers.

Questlove on 'Golden Globes' Tina, Amy Ripping HFPA is Lip Service ... Until it Diversifies!!!


Questlove says Amy Poehler and Tina Fey calling out the Golden Globes organization for a lack of diversity doesn't amount to much more than a performance ... at least for now.

We got "The Tonight Show" band frontman heading into work Monday at NBC Studios in New York City and asked about Amy and Tina taking shots at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for having NO black members during the award show.

It certainly seemed strange for the show's own hosts, and other celebs, to openly raise the issue during the broadcast -- but Quest, for one, was not impressed.


He called the remarks purely "performative," and put it squarely on the HFPA to actually add Black members. Until then, he's basically saying ... spare me the lip service.

There's been a lot of backlash against the HFPA, whose members vote on the Golden Globes. As you might have heard ... it's got 87 members, and not a single one is Black.

It doesn't sound like Questlove is holding his breath for it to happen, but like many others, he wants to see real change before next year's Globe nominations.

Amazon Fixes App After Design Furor ... Did Nazi Mustache Mistake

Amazon's done some much-needed trimming to its new app icon after users noticed it looked a lot like a very infamous mustache -- Hitler's.

The company just made a rather simple but effective fix to the new design, which was updated in January from the longtime blue shopping cart logo to a brown cardboard box-colored icon.

The new icon featured its well-known smiling arrow with a piece of blue tape -- resembling one of its packages -- but problem was ... people thought the serrated edge of the tape looked like a Hitler-esque mustache.

Obviously, Amazon had no choice but to correct this major design flaw ... so the blue tape's is flat now, with a corner folded back. Looks more like an innocuous nose now.

Hopefully, innocuous ... said the Amazon design team.

Texas FB's Caden Sterns Claims Rich Alumni Threatened Team ... Over 'Eyes Of Texas' Song Boycott

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A former Texas Longhorns safety says several rich alums gave players an ultimatum over the school's polarizing alma mater -- support the song, or never find work in the state.

UT's alma mater, "The Eyes Of Texas," has been at the center of controversy for years ... with many calling for the school to distance itself from the song's apparently racist origins.

In fact, almost every player on the Texas football team boycotted the song in 2020 ... by heading to the locker rooms while "The Eyes" played after UT's loss to Oklahoma in October.

Texas defensive back Caden Sterns says the debate got so serious, he and his teammates were told to support the song or risk future employment in the state by rich alums.

"My teammates and I got threatened by some alumni that we would have to find jobs outside of Texas if we didn’t participate," Sterns tweeted Monday.

Sterns' claim comes on the heels of a new report, which stated wealthy boosters were so pissed off by the players' boycott, they threatened to pull their 7-figure donations in scathing emails sent to the school, according to the Texas Tribune.

For example, one donor allegedly wrote the following email back in October ... "My wife and I have given an endowment in excess of $1 million to athletics. This could very easily be rescinded if things don’t drastically change around here."

"Has everyone become oblivious of who supports athletics??"

As for the university, Texas launched a committee to review the song's origins ... but school prez Jay Hartzell has supported "The Eyes Of Texas" up to this point.

George Floyd Trial Courthouse Barricaded ... Barbed Wire, Fencing, Etc.

The courthouse where Derek Chauvin will be tried for murdering George Floyd looks like the same fortress that's around The U.S. Capitol right now ... heavily reinforced to block out the general public.

Construction crews have been hard at work over the past week fortifying downtown Minneapolis with de facto forcefields, including areas where protests and unrest are expected as Chauvin's murder trial gets underway in the coming weeks.

The blockade's going up around the Hennepin County Courthouse, the Minneapolis City Hall building and the Hennepin County Jail -- and it includes concrete barriers, non-scalable fencing and barbed wire down below.

The precautions aren't too surprising considering the City Council just carved out a piece of their budget to hire 6 social media influencers to help spread their message during the trial as well.

City Council members say it's only meant to help spread information more readily and to as many people as possible, but many see it as a PR tactic to help control the narrative.

As for the new exterior look -- we know that's not the only thing that'll be different in this case. The inside of the courthouse got a COVID-safety facelift that includes lots of plexiglass installments.

Jury selection is set to begin March 8, and opening arguments are expected toward the end of the month.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Cops to Being Too Jokey, Playful ... Amid Sexual Harassment Claims

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Governor Andrew Cuomo has admitted he has, at times, made inappropriate jokes with staffers that might've crossed the line in others' minds ... this as an independent investigation ramps up to probe sexual harassment claims against him.

Cuomo issued a new statement Sunday, in which he said he never intended to cause harm or to offend anyone in the way he carried himself at the office or among subordinates.

With that in mind, he did say this ... "At work sometimes I think I am being playful and make jokes that I think are funny. I do, on occasion, tease people in what I think is a good natured way. I do it in public and in private."

He adds, "You have seen me do it at briefings hundreds of times. I have teased people about their personal lives, their relationships, about getting married or not getting married. I mean no offense and only attempt to add some levity and banter to what is a very serious business."

Cuomo went on to say that some of his interactions in the past may have been insensitive or too personal ... and considering his position of power, might've made others feel uncomfortable. He goes on to explain, "I acknowledge some of the things I have said have been misinterpreted as an unwanted flirtation. To the extent anyone felt that way, I am truly sorry about that."

He does make this clear from his POV ... he asserts he never inappropriately touched anyone, and never propositioned anyone either. In light of that, he says he has asked for an independent investigation to be undertaken, by someone the NY AG's Office picks.

The remarks come after two ex-staffers -- Charlotte Bennett and Lindsey Boylan -- alleged misconduct ranging from an unwanted kiss to remarks about their appearance or about their sex life -- including Cuomo allegedly asking if Bennett had slept with older men.

This scandal comes fresh on the heels of another for the Gov -- undercounting COVID deaths in nursing homes ... for which he has partially taken responsibility.

Donald Trump at CPAC 2021 Attacks Transgender Community ... We Must Protect Women's Sports

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Donald Trump took direct aim at the transgender community at CPAC 2021 -- complaining women's sports were being turned upside down ... and vowing to protect it at all costs.

Trump made the inflammatory remarks Sunday during his first speech since leaving office in January, kind of out of nowhere too. He said Democratic policies were ruining women's sports ... and then he mused that a lot of new records were being shattered like never before, and he hated to break it to the ladies. He talked about weightlifting and how it wasn't even challenging for some new competitors lately.

Then came the transphobic haymaker -- Trump said girls and women are incensed that they're having to compete with individuals who were biologically born as males. He added that if this wasn't addressed, it would end women's sports as we know it.

He then said unequivocally ... "We must protect the integrity of women's sports."

Trump's administration had it out for transgender people -- remember, he banned them from joining the military early in his presidency ... something Biden undid as soon as he was sworn in.

George Floyd Trial Minneapolis Hiring Influencers ... For 'City-Approved' Messaging

George Floyd's murder case is bound to be the new trial of the century -- and it seems Minneapolis wants to get ahead of any bad publicity ... 'cause they're bringing on "influencers" to peddle their narrative as it unfolds.

The City Council made the announcement this week, saying they're rolling out a new initiative ahead of jury selection/opening arguments next month ... namely, to partner with influential social media users to share public information with underserved communities -- some of which, they say, might not tune in or have access to traditional news mediums.

The Council described the effort, in part, this way ... "The goal is to increase access to information to communities that do not typically follow mainstream news sources or City communications channels and/or who do not consume information in English."

Sounds nice, but reading between the lines ... many folks are saying this is actually a move by the City to play spin doctor for itself -- as these influencers won't be able to post freely.

Fact is ... the 6 users they bring on will be paid $2,000 a pop -- so they're temporarily on the City's payroll. Not just that, but the Council made clear the messaging will be "city-approved" ... which made ears perk up and start to question the whole thing. A lot of people are already speculating the content will be fully pro-City/defense.

You'll recall ... Minneapolis experienced unrest in the months after the George Floyd video surfaced. The peaceful protests, at times, spun out of control into violence. Some believe the City wants to avoid that kind of reaction again, and are trying to get ahead of it.

Unclear who the City has in mind to hire -- but for $2,000 ... something tells us it ain't gonna be anyone top-tier as far as mainstream influencers go. It'll also be interesting to see how this plays out in real-time -- especially since the City's already catching flak.

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