Michael K. Williams Official Cause of Death ... Fentanyl, Heroin Overdose

Michael K. Williams died of a fatal drug overdose ... according to the Chief Medical Examiner in NYC.

The Medical Examiner has determined ... "The Wire" actor's official cause of death is acute intoxication by the combined effects of fentanyl, p-fluorofentanyl, heroin and cocaine. His manner of death has been ruled accidental.

As we told you ... this was suspected by the authorities since Williams was found dead in his Brooklyn apartment on Labor Day, as drug paraphernalia and narcotics were discovered at the scene.

We broke the story ... the apparent drug overdose has triggered an NYPD criminal investigation to locate the source of the drugs that led to the actor's death.

Michael's death is the latest in a tragic string of accidental fentanyl OD cases. The same weekend he died, 4 comedians in L.A. overdosed on fentanyl-laced cocaine ... killing 3 of them, including Fuquan Johnson.

The powerful opioid has also claimed the lives of Shock G, 'Flash' actor Logan Williams, Lil Peep, Mac Miller and Prince ... to, sadly, name just a few.

Williams, a prolific actor known for playing Omar on "The Wire" along with starring roles on "Boardwalk Empire" and "Lovecraft Country," was just 54.

Sarah Jessica Parker Pays Tribute to Willie Garson

Sarah Jessica Parker just paid tribute to her "Sex and the City" costar ... saying the sudden loss of Willie Garson is a crater in her life -- one she's trying to fill with memories of their time together.

SJP poured her heart out Friday ... saying she'll fondly remember their 30-plus year friendship that included road trips, meals, late night phone calls, a devotion to parenthood -- along with all the time they spent on sets ... "most especially Carrie's apartment."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

She added, "I will miss everything about you. And replay our last moments together. I will re-read every text from your final days and put to pen our last calls."

Sarah also expressed her condolences to Nathen ... Willie's 20-year-old son whom he adopted when Nathen was only 7 years old. Sarah said, "You were and are the light of Willie's life and his greatest achievement was being your Papa."​

As we reported ... Willie's sudden death sent shockwaves throughout Hollywood. "Bosch" star Titus Welliver broke the news saying, "There are no words. I love you dear brother. We are fewer." Our sources say Willie had been battling with cancer.

He had a huge HBO following as Carrie's BFF in 'SATC' but he also appeared in a ton of other TV shows. He was only 57.

Brian Laundrie Escaped to Canada??? 'Flustered' Look-Alike Sighting at Hotel

@cwlynnn / TikTok

Brian Laundrie is brazenly attempting to check into Canadian hotels while on the run ... at least that's what one TikToker's suggesting, based on a sighting earlier this week.

According to the woman ... Gabby Petito's fiance -- or at least someone who looks like him -- was at a hotel in Toronto last Monday. She says she saw the guy "getting flustered" as he left the hotel and got into a car with another man.

The woman -- who is TikTok user @cwlynnn and also apparently a flight attendant -- claims she informed the hotel staff it may have been Laundrie, and was told whoever it was ... he didn't have the right hotel and didn't know where he was going.

She also posted a blurry photo of the man ... with a facemask around his chin. It's unclear if the woman reported the sighting to the authorities along with the hotel staff.

As we reported ... there was another potential Laundrie sighting earlier this week in Baker, FL -- about 500 miles from his home -- on a man's trail camera in the wilderness. Police later confirmed it was NOT Brian ... and the search is still on.

Laundrie is officially a wanted man after the feds issued an arrest warrant Wednesday and charged him with one count of use of unauthorized access devices. Specifically, prosecutors claim Laundrie used a Capital One Bank debit card belonging to Gabby, but made it clear that the warrant is "related to Mr. Laundrie’s activities following the death of Gabrielle Petito."

Brian has not been seen for over a week. His family reported he went for a hike with his backpack and never returned ... this was a few days before Gabby's body was found at a Wyoming state park and the coroner ruled her death a homicide.

Brian Laundrie Family Won't Be Repped by Casey Anthony Lawyer, Jose Baez

The family of Brian Laundrie -- the main person of interest in the death of Gabby Petito -- has not retained the lawyer known for representing other notorious defendants like Casey Anthony and Aaron Hernandez ... despite swirling rumors.

Attorney Jose Baez tells TMZ ... he has not spoken to the Laundrie family or Brian himself. He says, "Therefore, I do not represent him or anyone else related to the case" and tells us his current caseload makes it very unlikely he'd be available for this case "given its current complexities."

Earlier Thursday, Laundrie's parents made a 2-hour trip to Orlando and people online noticed they were close to Baez's office ... which sparked speculation they were looking to hire him. But, we're told that's not the case, and the Laundries' lawyer says they were simply there for business.

As you know ... Baez was responsible for getting Casey Anthony acquitted in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.

Baez was also the lawyer for NFL star Aaron Hernandez's in both his 2012 double murder case and his 2013 murder appeal ... until Hernandez killed himself in prison.

As we've reported ... Laundrie is still missing roughly a week after his parents first told authorities he took his backpack and went on a hike. Before that, he was named a person of interest in the disappearance of Gabby, his fiancee, after returning home from a cross-country trip on Sept. 1 without her.

Weeks before that, the couple were involved in a domestic dispute in Utah, in which a 911 caller said he saw Brian slapped and hit Gabby.

Her body was found Sunday in a Wyoming state park near a site where the van the couple was traveling in was spotted by a witness in mid-August. The coroner ruled Gabby's death a homicide, and as of now ... all signs point to Brian -- the last person to see her alive.

'Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain' Film Aims to Open Eyes to Injustice Of 2011 Police-Involved Death


"The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain" star Frankie Faison says he hopes the new Morgan Freeman-produced film brings justice to the family and sheds light on what really happened.

Frankie joined "TMZ Live" on Thursday and explained the film's purpose is to highlight the horrific 2011 police shooting of Kenneth -- a U.S. Marine, whose family is still fighting for a sliver of justice in the case ... after the cops involved were acquitted.

Frankie, who plays the title character, says bringing accountability and opening eyes to those who don't know the complete story is the goal here ... and perhaps a lesson on how to avoid such a tragic thing from happening again.

If you don't know ... Kenneth, a 68-year-old Black Marine veteran who suffered from bipolar disorder, accidentally set off his medical device alarm necklace in his White Plains, NY home in the early hours of November 19, 2011.

Cops ultimately rushed to his home, but a confrontation ensued ... culminating with cops tasing Kenneth before fatally shooting him. At the time, cops initially said Kenneth came at them with a butcher knife ... but an autopsy report later concluded Kenneth's arms were at his side when he was shot.

Soon after, a grand jury decided the cops wouldn't face criminal charges ... and in 2016, the family lost a $21 million wrongful death lawsuit.

Frankie, best known for his role as the deputy commissioner in "The Wire," also told us how Morgan Freeman feels about the critically acclaimed film and what he hopes it accomplishes.

Brian Laundrie Parents Stay Silent ... As Search For Gabby's Fiance Continues

Splashnews.com / momandpaparazzi.com

Brian Laundrie's been missing for nearly 6 days now, and his parents are still not talking as the search for him continues as a person of interest in Gabby Petito's death.

Laundrie's mother and father were leaving their home in North Port, FL Thursday morning when they were asked if they have any info on his whereabouts ... and they had nothing useful to say.

This has been par for the course ever since their son showed up at their doorstep September 1 without Gabby, his fiancee, even though they were on a long trip across the country.

Brian's family has not been forthcoming with many details, other than letting authorities know he went missing last Friday after he was named a "person of interest" in Gabby's case. They said he took his backpack and went for a hike, but never came back.

Moab Police Department

As we reported ... Gabby's body was found 2 days later at a state park in Wyoming, a spot she and Brian are believed to have visited in the days after they had a domestic dispute in Utah.

The coroner ruled Gabby's manner of death homicide, and while the obvious suspect is Brian ... he's not officially been named one by police, at least not until they find out where he's at.


If Geraldo gets his wish ... it won't even come to that.

Celeb Jeweler Ben Baller I'll Make Aaron Jones A Stout Piece ... For Dad's Ashes


Celeb jeweler Ben Baller says he'll fix Aaron Jones' necklace issues ASAP -- offering to make the Packers star an indestructible piece that'll safely harbor his father's ashes forever.

The 48-year-old said he'd build Jones something similar to a device he already has on his keychain -- explaining the NFL player would never have to worry about losing his priceless contents ever again once he's done with the job.

"Look, Aaron, holler at me bro," Ben said. "Send me a DM. Send me a text. I'll make you one of these joints."

"Screw it on, boom. It's not coming off. You can secure your pops' ashes in there, man."

If you missed it, Jones headed into Monday's Packers vs. Lions game wearing a locket that had his father's ashes in it ... but he lost it at some point during the big win.

Fortunately, Green Bay trainer Bryan "Flea" Engel was able to find it after a frantic search ... though it's now unclear how Jones is going to proceed with the jewelry going forward.

Ben told us if Jones wanted, his contraption could be iced or it could be kept simple with yellow gold or platinum. Baller added he'd secure it all with one of his sturdy chains.

"If they coming off," Ben said, "then the neck is coming off. They're strong. Secure."

Gabby Petito Public Blowout with Brian at Restaurant ... Says Possible Witness

Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie had an aggressive and public dispute days before she allegedly disappeared -- and things got so bad, the couple was booted from a Wyoming restaurant ... according to a possible witness.

A woman named Nina Celie Angelo says she and her boyfriend were at The Merry Piglets, a restaurant in Jackson Hole, August 27 and spotted the couple in a "blowout of a situation." Angelo says Gabby and Brian were sitting at the table next to hers.

@ninacelie / Instagram

Angelo claims Gabby was hysterically crying, and at one point Brian and Gabby were even fighting with the restaurant hostess before Gabby went out and stood on the sidewalk.

Angelo says she doesn't know what started the fight, but thought it had to do with the bill.

Brian allegedly came back into the restaurant several times to argue with staff after Gabby left, and Angelo claims he had an "aggressive" demeanor.

We called Merry Piglets to ask about the incident, but they had no comment. They would not specify if they've spoken to authorities, but Nina said she's reported all this to law enforcement.

Brian allegedly returned to his parents' Florida home on September 1 ... without Gabby.


As we've reported, Gabby's body was discovered by investigators Sunday afternoon in Wyoming. After an autopsy, the coroner ruled her death a homicide, but has not released a cause of death yet.

Meanwhile, Laundrie's whereabouts are still a mystery as the massive manhunt continues.

Geraldo Rivera Note to Gabby Petito's BF ... Hey Brian, Kill Yourself Already


Brian Laundrie would be better off dead than alive at this point in the Gabby Petito case -- at least that's how Geraldo Rivera feels ... despite there being so many unanswered questions.

The FOX News personality gave us his unfiltered take on the streets of NYC Wednesday when we asked what he made of the saga, and the fact that Brian is still nowhere to be found. In true Geraldo fashion, he did not hold back whatsoever -- he says the dude should off himself.

He's a little flip here, but GR seems to mean what he says ... adding Brian should have some dignity and spare us his hypothetical BS rationale -- assuming he's ultimately charged -- by just drowning himself in a Florida swamp.

Oof ... harsh.

Now, Geraldo does wind it back a little when our photog suggests Brian should give up and turn himself in -- conceding, yes, at the very least. You can tell he's fired up about this story, but there's a major problem with his solution.

Moab Police Department

It leaves too many loose ends, and wouldn't serve as true justice ... especially not for the Petito family, who are seeking the truth about what happened to Gabby and WHY.

Brian committing suicide wouldn't achieve any of that, and in this case ... capturing him while he's still breathing would be ideal for everyone.

Gabby Petito Family To Laundrie's Lawyer ... Don't You Dare Use Her Photos!!!

Gabby Petito's family's going after the lawyer for Brian Laundrie's family for using one of her photos on Yelp ... and they're warning him he better not do it again.

The Petitos' attorney, Richard Benson Stafford, sent a cease-and-desist letter to attorney Steven P. Bertolino demanding that he remove the photo of Gabby from his Yelp business page ... and gave him a deadline of 2 PM Wednesday.

It seems Bertolino complied, because Gabby's pic no longer appears there, but Yelp has added a notice to his page saying his business is being monitored.

In addition, Gabby's family's warning Laundrie's family lawyer to not use any of her photos on any of his other accounts -- social media or otherwise -- to promote his business ... or they'll take legal action.

As of now, it doesn't look like Bertolino has any other accounts featuring photos of her.

Obviously, the situation between the 2 families is very tense ... as the coroner has ruled Gabby's death a homicide and her fiance, Brian -- a person of interest believed to be the last person who saw her alive -- is also missing.

With all that happening, legal issues are inevitable ... and this seems to be just the start.

We've reached out to Bertolino ... no word back yet.

Gabby Petito Prosecutors Need to Tie Up Loose Ends Who Killed Her, Is Brian Laundrie Still Alive?

Gabby Petito's death has put her fiance, Brian Laundrie, in the crosshairs of law enforcement, but TMZ has learned prosecutors are not making a move until 2 primary loose ends are tied up.

Law enforcement sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... Laundrie is their suspect, despite the fact he's being officially called a person of interest. That said, we're told federal prosecutors are now in a waiting game, in large part because they don't know if Laundrie is still alive.

What's more ... our law enforcement sources tell TMZ, even if Gabby was murdered -- which seems to be the case since the Coroner has already ruled her death a homicide -- they would need to prove who did it. Our sources point out, it's possible Laundrie left Gabby out in the wilderness and someone else killed her ... whether it's probable or not, it's still possible.

As for why federal prosecutors will handle the case, it's because Gabby was apparently killed in the Grand Teton National Park, which is federal land.

Moab Police Department

We're told law enforcement is viewing Laundrie as their prime suspect, but there's a leap between that and actually charging someone with murder.

Fox News

As we reported, a witness called 911 and told the dispatcher Laundrie had slapped and hit Gabby shortly before she went missing.

The Coroner is expected to reveal the cause of death shortly.

'Friday' Star Anthony Johnson Family Burdened w/ Funeral Costs ... Wife Calls Out 'Fake Love'

Anthony Johnson's death has left his family scrambling to find a way to cover his burial -- something his wife says isn't being made easy with the empty lip service they're getting.

Lexis Jones Mason tells TMZ ... she and her family have been getting a ton of what she describes as "fake love" left and right in the wake of her husband's sudden passing earlier this month ... which she's quite upset about, seeing how she needs financial assistance.


This interview's heartbreaking -- Lexis fights back tears as she explains how the Johnson family has started a GoFundMe, but have come up way short of the $20k goal they set to properly bury him and give him the service he deserves ... so far raising less than $800.

And, in spite of people apparently telling her they'd donate and chip in ... Lexis says much of that just hasn't materialized, and seems folks would rather lend emotional support instead of actually helping out in a way they really need right now.

Lexis isn't asking for a handout either, BTW ... literally just enough to do right by Anthony. And, as many know, funerals are not cheap by any stretch of the imagination.

While she says she doesn't expect anything from anyone, Lexis would absolutely appreciate any donations friends or fans of AJ could contribute. And, if no one comes through, Lexis says she'll probably cremate him -- and will go back to work ASAP to cover that on her own.

Considering just how beloved Anthony was ... something tells us she'll reach her goal. She's laying it all out there here with us -- and someone's gotta come through for the Johnsons.

'Sex and the City' Willie Garson Dead at 57 ... After Cancer Battle

Willie Garson -- famous for his role in the "Sex and the City" series and movies -- has died ... according to his close friends.

"Bosch" star Titus Welliver broke the news of Willie's passing with a post that said, "There are no words. I love you dear brother. We are fewer," and he attached a photo of Willie.

Willie's fellow actor and friend Rob Morrow also posted a tribute.

Sources connected to the 'SATC' star tell us he'd been battling cancer, though we've not confirmed it as his cause of death.

Willie was a fan fave from the hit HBO series ... playing Sarah Jessica Parker's male BFF, Stanford Blatch -- a gay socialite who Carrie Bradshaw often called "Stanny."

He didn't appear in every episode, but for the 27 he did pop up for over the course of 6 years ... his scenes were always memorable.

Willie was also in both 'SATC' movies ... and he's at least slated to appear with SJP and co. in "And Just Like That..." -- the new HBO Max series. We know he shot scenes in NYC this summer with Sarah Jessica and Mario Cantone.

WG's roles went well beyond 'SATC' though -- he's been in tons of shows and movies throughout his career ... including stuff like "White Collar," "Hawaii Five-0," "Quantum Leap," "Girl Meets World," "Mr. Belvedere," "Just Shoot Me!" "Big Mouth," "Supergirl," and many, many more.

He's got a total of 170 acting credits to his name, dating back to the '80s.

Willie was 57. He leaves behind his son, Nathen.


Gabby Petito Body Found Is Hers ... Coroner Says It Was Homicide

Gabby Petito's body has, indeed, been recovered in Wyoming -- and the Coroner says this was a homicide.

As we reported, the Teton County Coroner was conducting the autopsy Tuesday on the remains cops found over the weekend in Grand Teton National Park. The Coroner's Office is now confirming the body is Gabby's. Attorney Richard Stafford said the same.

Before today, the feds simply said they believed it was Gabby. You'll recall the corpse was found near an area where the white van she and fiance, Brian Laundrie, were traveling in was spotted.

While Laundrie has not yet been named a suspect, the FBI is conducting a manhunt for him. As you know, Laundrie had returned to his parent's home in Florida ... without Gabby.

Plus, the guy has mysteriously disappeared without a trace ... although, there was a potential sighting this week. A man in Baker, FL reported that he believed he saw a man matching Brian's description pop up on his deer cam ... some 500 miles away from North Port, FL, where Brian lives.

Gabby and Brian had been on a cross-country road trip together for months now -- documenting their stops in a white van they'd taken out. Another thing that was also caught on camera was an alleged domestic disturbance ... the aftermath of which a police officer filmed on his body camera upon pulling them over.

Moab Police Department

While Gabby was distraught, Brian denied he'd hit her ... despite a 911 caller claiming he did exactly that. In any case, the cop cut both of them loose after they both refused to press charges.

Gabby has been unaccounted for since late August. Her family first reported her missing on Sept. 11 -- and believe Brian has something to do with her fate.

The Rolling Stones 'We're Playing for You, Charlie!!!' Dedicate First Tour Stop to Late Drummer


The Rolling Stones are officially out on their first-ever tour without Charlie Watts, and the loss was obvious at their first show ... which they dedicated to the only drummer they've ever had.

Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and co. performed Monday at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA -- a private gig for Patriots owner Robert Kraft -- and before things got started, MJ made sure to shout out Charlie, who died last month.

The last 3 Stones -- Keith, Mick and Ron Wood -- stood shoulder-to-shoulder as Mick explained how much they miss Charlie, on and off the stage, and recalled the memories they'd all made together over 59 years.

You could hear Mick start to choke up a bit as he dedicated the show to their late drummer ... and raised his drink to the crowd.

Mick telegraphed his thoughts, wondering out loud what song they'd open with, and admitting he was a little emotional.

The concert went off without a hitch after that -- with the guys playing their beloved hits, plus some new ones. Steve Jordan has the unenviable job of drumming, but by all reports ... he did Charlie proud.

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