Tropical Storm Isaias Topples Trees Across NYC and NJ ... One Man Crushed to Death

Tropical Storm Isaias is leaving a deadly trail across the New York City area, knocking out power and uprooting dozens of trees ... one of which crushed a man in his car.

That horrific incident went down Tuesday afternoon in Queens as the storm pounded the city. According to reports ... the man was sitting in his car when an enormous tree violently crashed down on him.

The storm's intense, high winds have taken out trees in neighboring New Jersey and Connecticut as well -- destroying a lot of property. Plenty of videos popping up on social media show trees toppling over on tight city streets.

Let's face it, when big trees go down in congested areas like NYC, there's no margin for error -- there's gonna be damage.

So far, the Queens man is the only fatality in the NY area, but Isaias -- which made landfall yesterday in the Carolinas as a category 1 hurricane -- has killed 3 other people as it marched up the east coast.

The storm is also creating life-threatening flooding in many areas.

Naya Rivera Fans Hold Vigil at Lake Piru

Naya Rivera fans said their goodbyes Saturday night, as they gathered near the lake that took her life.

The vigil was personal as fans told stories about Naya and how she touched their lives. The role that many fans singled out ... Naya playing Santana Lopez, a lesbian character on "Glee." Some of the fans said watching her play Santana gave them the courage to come out.

One fan starkly said, "Without 'Glee,' I swear I would not be here. I would not be alive."

The fans organized on the Twitter fan page, "Naya Army," and they came from various states to celebrate her life and mourn her death.

The banks of Lake Piru were festooned with various memorials for Naya, who was swimming with her son last month when something went horribly wrong. Naya's body was found 4 days after she went missing.

Wilford Brimley Dead at 85 ... Diabetes, Quaker Oats Spox


Wilford Brimley -- an iconic actor who was the face of Quaker Oats for years, as well as a spokesperson for diabetes education -- has died ... a rep tells TMZ.

We're told Brimley passed away Saturday morning at his home in Utah. Sources with direct knowledge of Wilford's health tell us he was in an ICU wing of a hospital on dialysis, and very sick for days.

Wilford had a lengthy career on camera, dating back to the 1970s with over 70 acting credits. He's perhaps most known for roles in cult classic films like "Cocoon," "The Natural," "The Thing," "Hard Target," and countless other memorable on-screen appearances, big and small.

Brimley started out as mostly a TV actor, landing one-time roles on TV series like "How the West Was Won," 'Kung Fu,' "The Oregon Trail," and then eventually ... a recurring part on "The Waltons." He went on to star in a bunch of TV movies, such as "The Wild Wild West Revisited," "Amber Waves," "Roughnecks," "Rodeo Girl," 'The Big Black Pill,' and so on.

In the '80s, he started breaking out into more traditional films, appearing in flicks like "High Road to China," "10 to Midnight," "Tough Enough," "Jackals," "End of the Line," and a bunch of other B-movies where he'd often play an authority figure or a grandfatherly figure with his deep, comforting Southern accent. One of the best character actors without a doubt.

He went on to star in countless other movies and shows, notably on "Our House," in which he starred in over 40 episodes, as well one-off appearances in hit series like "Walker, Texas Ranger," "Seinfeld," and so many others.

Folks might remember Wilford more for commercials though over the years -- specifically, his campaigns with Quaker Oats through the '80s and '90s, and maybe even more memorable ... his classic diabetes ads for Liberty Medical -- which was often spoofed, but also beloved.

Wilford was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus in 1979, and managed the disease ever since then -- obviously, he was very open about it. The American Diabetes Association honored him for his lifetime of advocacy in 2008.

A rep for Wilford tells TMZ, one of his favorite quotes was from a sign at a blacksmith's shop. It read, "There is nothing made, sold, or done that can't be made, sold, or done cheaper. If price is your only concern, please do business with my competitor."

He's survived by his wife, Beverly, and his three children.

Wilford was 85. RIP

Travell Mazion Crash Report Boxer Crossed Centerline While Speeding


Undefeated boxing star Travell Mazion was speeding around a curve when he crossed over the centerline and slammed head-on into oncoming traffic ... this according to the crash report obtained by TMZ Sports.

Mazion -- who was just 24 years old -- was fatally injured in the July 15 wreck in Travis County, Texas at around 9:40 p.m.

In the crash report ... cops say the weather was clear and the road was dry -- but they add it was a dark and not well-lit area.

Officers say in the report, Mazion was speeding as he entered into a curve in the roadway ... crossed the centerline, clipped a car and then crashed head-on into another vehicle.

The report doesn't say how fast Mazion was going ... but the cops say he WAS wearing a seatbelt.

According to the report, Mazion was pronounced dead just a few minutes after the crash. He was not tested for drugs or alcohol at the scene.

The driver of the other car -- a 61-year-old male -- was pronounced deceased at a local hospital hours later.

Mazion was 17-0 as a pro -- and most recently defeated Fernando Castaneda in San Antonio in January. He was considered a rising star in the sport, and was once backed by NFL All-Pro Von Miller.

Oscar De La Hoya's Golden Boy Promotions, which repped the fighter, said of Travell after the crash, "Mazion was a kind, charismatic young man who lit up every room he walked into and brought excitement to fans inside the ring."

"We send out heartfelt prayers and thoughts to his family. May he rest in peace."

'Deadliest Catch' Mahlon Reyes Dead at 38

Mahlon Reyes, a deckhand on one of the "Deadliest Catch" crab fishing boats, is dead ... TMZ has learned.

Mahlon's wife tells us he died in his hometown of Whitefish, Montana after he suffered a heart attack last Saturday morning. Although he survived it, and was transported to a hospital ... he never regained consciousness.

His wife says the family decided Sunday to take Mahlon off life support. She says he was surrounded by loved ones.

We're told he had no existing health conditions his family knew of, so they're all completely shocked by the massive heart attack. His wife tells us Mahlon was cremated and his "Deadliest Catch" crew is going to spread some of his ashes in the Bering Sea.

We're told Mahlon was working his butt off to recover from a recently torn Achilles, suffered while crabbing on the boat, and was doing everything he could to get back to Alaska for another crab season.

The Flathead County Sheriff's Office says his official cause of death has not been determined yet ... pending autopsy and toxicology results.

Mahlon, who worked on 2 "Deadliest Catch" boats ... the Seabrooke and Cape Caution. He's survived by his wife and 4 children.

Mahlon was only 38.


Harvey Updyke Auburn Tree Poisoner Dead At 71

Breaking News

Harvey Updyke -- the Alabama fan who gained national fame for poisoning the famous oak trees at Auburn in 2010 -- has died ... his son said Thursday.

He was 71 years old.

Bear Updyke added to his father passed away of natural causes.

Harvey became a part of college football history back in the 2010 season ... when he called into The Paul Finebaum Show and admitted to putting poison on Auburn's beloved Toomer's Corner trees.

"Let me tell you what I did,” Updyke said. "The weekend after the Iron Bowl, I went to Auburn, Alabama, because I live 30 miles away, and I poisoned the two Toomer’s trees."

"I put Spike 80DF in 'em ... they’re not dead yet, but they definitely will die."

Harvey was eventually tracked down and charged for the act ... and later, in 2013, he pled guilty to felony criminal damage.

Harvey spent time in jail over the crime ... and was ordered to pay nearly $1 million in restitution.

The tree poisoning wove him into the fabric of the Tigers vs. Tide history ... he was prominently featured in ESPN's famous 30 for 30 about the schools' rivalry.

Auburn, meanwhile, was forced to replace the trees despite efforts to save them.

John Lewis Laid to Rest in ATL President Obama Delivers Eulogy, Calls Out Trump

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Fox 5 Atlanta

Rep. John Lewis' home-going was a rousing, inspiring ceremony -- highlighted by President Obama's eulogy which took aim at President Trump's actions ... while also urging all Americans to vote.

The roughly 3-hour funeral in Atlanta's historic Ebenezer Baptist Church featured speeches from President George W. Bush, President Clinton and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi ... who all spoke before Obama delivered his eulogy for the longtime Congressman and Civil Rights leader.

Obama went after Trump without naming him, saying, “Even as we sit here, there are those in power who are doing their darnedest to discourage people from voting by closing polling locations and targeting minorities, and students with restrictive ID laws and attacking our voting rights with surgical precision; even undermining the postal service in the run-up to an election that’s going to be depending on mail-in ballots so people don’t get sick."

He also invoked George Floyd's memory saying, "Today we witness with our own eyes kneeling on the necks of black Americans" as well as the civil unrest that's been going down for more than 50 straight days in Portland.

Obama had opened his tribute to Lewis, saying ... “It a great honor to be back in Ebenezer Baptist Church in the pulpit of its greatest pastor, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., to pay my respects to perhaps his finest disciple.”

Fox 5 Atlanta

Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush sat near the front row as they paid their respects. Bush spoke first, saying ... “We will never forget joining [John] in Selma, Alabama for the 50th anniversary of his march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge, where we got to watch President Barack Obama thank John as one of his heroes."

President Clinton was up next and warmly quipped, "I must say, for a fella that got his start speaking to chickens John’s gotten a pretty finely organized and orchestrated and deeply deserved sendoff this last week.”

Clinton closed his remarks, saying ... “I would infect every American with whatever it was that John Lewis got as a 4-year-old kid and took through a lifetime to keep moving and keep moving in the right direction and keep bringing other people to move and to do it without hatred in his heart."

Fox 5 Atlanta

The funeral closed with the gospel family the Winans performing an original song, "Good Trouble," written for John Lewis, who famously urged young people to "get into good trouble" ... by being activists.

President Obama had awarded Lewis the Medal of Freedom in 2011, and said during that ceremony ... "Generations from now, when parents teach their children what is meant by courage, the story of John Lewis will come to mind."

The funeral of Congressman Lewis, who represented Georgia's 5th Congressional District for 17 terms, is the final farewell in a series of remembrances since his July 17 death from pancreatic cancer.

The tributes began in Troy, Alabama where he was born, and carried on to Selma's infamous Edmund Pettus Bridge. His body was then flown to D.C. for a memorial in the Capitol rotunda Monday, and finally ... his public viewing Wednesday at the Georgia State Capitol, which drew thousands to pay their respects.


To coincide with his funeral, Rep. Lewis sent an essay to The New York Times 2 days before his death to be published today. In his last words, Lewis called for Americans to "answer the highest calling of your heart and stand up for what you truly believe."

He said he was inspired in his final days by the social justice movement following the killing of George Floyd and others, saying ... "You filled me with hope about the next chapter of the great American story when you used your power to make a difference in our society."

The Congressman ended with this ... "walk with the wind, brothers and sisters, and let the spirit of peace and the power of everlasting love be your guide."

John Lewis was 80.

Herman Cain Dead at 74 from COVID ... Attended Trump Tulsa Rally

Herman Cain, once a GOP Presidential hopeful, has died from COVID-19 ... Cain contracted the coronavirus after attending Trump's Tulsa rally.

The businessman and politician's death was announced Thursday on his website. A statement read, "Herman Cain -- our boss, our friend, like a father to so many of us -- has passed away."

Cain fell ill shortly after attending President Trump's rally in Tulsa on June 20 -- he was hospitalized for about a month ... getting oxygen treatments.

Cain posed for a photo, without a mask, at the rally with a caption that read, "Here’s just a few of the #BlackVoicesForTrump at tonight’s rally! Having a fantastic time!"

Remember, at the time of the rally, Oklahoma was in grips of a spike in coronavirus cases. Afterward, reports surfaced that the Trump campaign asked Tulsa venue organizers to remove social distancing signs.

Trump later canceled an Alabama rally out of fear of a COVID-19 outbreak.

Cain's Twitter account had kept his followers up-to-date on his condition, and a post on Monday -- just 3 days ago -- read, "doctors say his other organs and systems are strong" and that "re-strengthening the lungs is a long and slow process, and the doctors want to be thorough about it." The post added, "He really is getting better, which means it is working."

Cain, who Trump once considered to run the Federal Reserve, is one of the highest-profile public victims of the coronavirus.

He was 74.


LeBron James To Rock Kobe Tribute During NBA Restart ... 'Let's Get It'

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LeBron James will be repping Kobe Bryant when the NBA season restarts Thursday night ... wearing a #24 finger sleeve on his left hand.

Bron has been honoring Kobe with the sleeve since Mamba passed away back in January ... but wanted his fans to know he's keeping the tribute alive in the NBA Bubble in Orlando.

"Stucc in the Grind! The Marathon Continues tonight and forever. Let’s Get It," James posted on IG with a photo of the finger sleeve.

The lyrics are a tribute to another late L.A. legend, Nipsey Hussle.

The Lakers will rebegin their season Thursday night against the L.A. Clippers -- both teams are favorites to win the NBA title.

Kobe and his daughter Gianna died on January 26th in a helicopter crash in Calabasas.

LeBron -- and really most of the NBA -- was devastated by the loss. With several high profile players getting tattoo tributes to honor the legend.

In fact, Bron and his Lakers teammate Anthony Davis got similar Kobe Bryant tattoos on their legs in the weeks following Bryant's death.

The Lakers -- and every other team in the bubble -- will play 8 "regular season" games before the playoffs begin.

At that point, the playoff tournament will run in the usual way.

Breonna Taylor Graces O Magazine Cover ... First Time in Mag's HISTORY Without Oprah

Breonna Taylor posthumously made history by landing on the cover of Oprah's Magazine ... the first time EVER in the magazine's 20-year history O herself was not front and center.

Oprah stepped aside for one of her final print editions ... dedicating the September cover with Breonna's image, declaring, "If you turn a blind eye to racism, you become an accomplice to it." These words are emblazoned on the cover ... "HER LIFE MATTERS."

O dropped the news on Insta ... where she gave a touching tribute to Breonna ... "She was just like me. She was just like you. And like everyone who dies unexpectedly, she had plans. Plans for a future filled with responsibility and work and friends and laughter."

Oprah went on, "I think about Breonna Taylor often. Imagine if three unidentified men burst into your home while you were sleeping. And your partner fired a gun to protect you. And then mayhem. What I know for sure: We can’t be silent. We have to use whatever megaphone we have to cry for justice. And that is why Breonna Taylor is on the cover of @oprahmagazine."

MLB's Brian Goodwin Honors Kobe & Nipsey With Cleats ... Then Balls Out!!!

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How's this for an amazing tribute!?!?

L.A. Angels outfielder Brian Goodwin threw on custom cleats to honor Kobe Bryant and Nipsey Hussle for his game Wednesday ... and then he balled out of his mind at the plate!!!

29-year-old Goodwin -- who's often publicly spoken about his love for the Mamba and Nipsey -- pulled out the fresh Under Armour kicks for the Halos' home matchup against the Mariners.

The spikes were pretty amazing ... one was all yellow and featured depictions of Kobe, his old jersey #8, and the L.A. Lakers logo.

The other, meanwhile, was baby blue with a black and white checkerboard ... and also featured a picture of Nipsey and a cursive "Crenshaw."

But, when Goodwin took the diamond in the cleats ... he took the tribute a step further, going 2-for-4 at the dish with a double, a home run and 3 RBIs!

The dinger was particularly impressive ... it traveled well over 400 feet -- and Goodwin made sure he showed off the cleats as he emphatically stepped on home plate.

The Angels ended up losing the game (their bullpen is atrocious) ... but, hey, Goodwin sure as hell looked good!!

Drake Tupac Jesus Rocks Worth Whopping $600k!!!!

Exclusive Details

All eyez will be on Drake with his new twin Tupac Jesus pendants.

Mr. OVO is the new owner of what soon will become 2 of America's most wanted ... these Tupac pendants dripping with diamonds and gold. The rapper commissioned the celeb jeweler, Jason of Beverly Hills, to pull off the twin pendants depicting Pac with white and yellow diamond crowns of thorns.

@champagnepapi / Instagram

Each pendant comes with a diamond chain with a total of approximately 70 carats of flawless white and yellow diamonds, plus ... over a HALF KILO of gold in total. Total price for each piece was $300k!!!

We're told Jason and his crew spent about 5 weeks completing the Pac-Jesus pieces. Drake initially came to Jason with an idea about what he wanted ... and they worked together to come up with the final tribute.

When they were delivered to him, Drake couldn't have been prouder ... posting video of the final product and saying, "Always wanted twin Jesus pieces thank you @jasonofbeverlyhills."

Congressman John Lewis Public Viewing in Atlanta Draws Thousands Paying Respects


The body of late congressman John Lewis arrived and is now lying in state at the Georgia State Capitol ... drawing long lines of constituents looking to pay their final respects.

The procession -- led by a score of police escorts -- weaved its way through downtown Atlanta Wednesday before making its stopping at the Gold Dome for an hours-long public viewing of the closed casket in the State Capitol's rotunda. Lewis, who'd been in Congress since 1987, is only the fourth Black person to lie in state in the Georgia Capitol -- the others being Coretta Scott King, Senator Leroy Johnson and civil rights icon/Lewis' longtime friend, C.T. Vivian.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms were among the dignitaries who greeted the honor guard that arrived with Lewis' body.

The Civil Rights leader will be laid to rest Thursday ... with his funeral taking place at the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church beginning at 8 AM PT. Barack Obama will reportedly deliver the eulogy, and former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton are expected to attend.

The funeral will mark the end of a week-long memorial from the nation's capital to Selma ... where the procession traveled across the infamous Edmund Pettus Bridge. That's where a 25-year-old Lewis, and others fighting for voting rights in 1965, was brutalized by cops who fractured his skull.

Lewis and Obama walked hand-in-hand across the bridge back in 2015 on the 50th anniversary of the brutal assault.

Lewis died July 17 at 80, after battling pancreatic cancer.

The Roots Co-Founder Malik B. Dead at 47

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Malik B., one of the founding rappers of The Roots, has died.

The hip-hop group announced Malik's passing Wednesday with a tribute post that read, in part, "It is with heavy hearts and tearful eyes that we regretfully inform you of the passing of our beloved brother and long time Roots member Malik Abdul Basit."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

They added, "May he be remembered for his devotion to Islam, His loving brotherhood and his innovation as one of the most gifted MCs of all time. We ask that you please respect his family and extended family in our time of mourning such a great loss."

It's unclear what caused his death ... neither the band nor Malik's family have released details.

Malik helped start The Roots with Questlove and Black Thought back in the late '80s, and appeared on four of the group's albums through the '90s before distancing himself in the 2000s. He was featured prominently on "Organix," "Do You Want More?!!!??!," "Illadelph Halflife" and "Things Fall Apart."

He reportedly departed from the Philly band during the recording of their 2002 album, "Phrenology," although he'd previously said he never quit and was never fired. Malik went on to be featured in a number of their songs afterward.

Black Thought -- the lead MC of The Roots -- posted a lengthy tribute to his partner in rhyme, saying ... "We made a name and carved a lane together where there was none. We ressurected a city from the ashes, put it on our backs and called it Illadelph."

He added, "In friendly competition with you from day one, I always felt as if I possessed only a mere fraction of your true gift and potential. Your steel sharpened my steel as I watched you create cadences from the ether and set them free into the universe to become poetic law, making the English language your bitch."

Malik was 47.


GLOW Wrestling Sally the Farmer's Daughter Dies ... After Cancer Battle

Exclusive Details

Ex-pro wrestler Beckie Mullen -- famously known as Sally The Farmer's Daughter from GLOW -- has passed away after a long fight with cancer, TMZ Sports has confirmed with multiple family members.

We spoke with Beckie's daughter, Brittani Rabay, who tells us, "Mom had stage 4 kidney, colon and liver cancer."

Mullen was diagnosed in October and was told she didn't have long to live. She passed away earlier this week at a hospital in Palm Springs, CA.

"She fought as long as she could."

We also spoke with Beckie's mother, Jackie, who tells us her daughter was suffering and she's now confident she's moved on to a better place.

Beckie's mom tells us the wrestler was 55-years-old when she passed.

We've spoken with several former GLOW wrestlers who worked with Beckie and are devastated by the news. Beckie was clearly well-liked amongst her peers.

She first appeared on "Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling" back in 1986 -- the inaugural season.

There has been renewed interest in GLOW after Netflix launched a scripted series based on the wrestling promotion starring Marc Maron and Alison Brie.

After her wrestling career, Beckie scored some acting roles in Hollywood -- appearing on shows like "Married with Children," "MadTV," "Renegade" and "Pacific Blue."

She was also featured in the 1991 music video for Van Halen's "Poundcake."

Pro Golfer Camilo Villegas 22-Month-Old Daughter Dies ... After Brain Cancer Battle

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Devastating news ... PGA golfer Camilo Villegas has revealed his 22-month-old daughter has died after battling brain and spine cancer.

Mia Villegas passed away on Sunday in Miami, PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan confirmed. Mia is the only child of Camilo and Maria Villegas.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Mia was initially diagnosed in March -- and underwent surgical procedures to try and remove the cancerous tumors found on her brain and spine.

Just last month, the family said Mia was set to undergo a second round of chemotherapy.

Unfortunately, the treatments just weren't effective enough.

"The PGA Tour is deeply saddened having lost a member of our family, Mia Villegas," Monahan said.

"We grieve with Camilo and Maria and our thoughts and prayers are with the Villegas family."

Back in May, Maria wrote an emotional note on IG to her daughter -- saying, "Being your mom has been the greatest gift in my life!"

"I thank God every day for this experience that we are going through together. Yes, it has been the most difficult challenge I have ever experienced but it has also been the most beautiful."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

"I am thankful for the lessons. You are the strongest warrior and I am so proud of you, of us."

38-year-old Camilo joined the PGA Tour in 2004 -- and the Colombian golfer has 4 tournament wins on the PGA Tour since turning pro.


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