LeBron James I Wanna Play Madden At Fenway ... Make It Happen, Sox!!!

LeBron James says he's got next after a mysterious Fortnite session popped up on the Fenway Park scoreboard this week ... calling on his fellow Boston Red Sox owners to let him use the big screen to get in some Madden action of his own!!

A clip from outside the historic stadium made rounds on social media on Thursday ... showing an unidentified enthusiast playing the popular video game on the massive outfield display.

King James -- who owns an undisclosed amount of Fenway Sports Group, which includes the Sox -- got wind of the epic moment ... and he wants to flex his skills on the jumbotron, too!!

"Ayyyyeee!! Let me get some Madden games going on there! @FenwaySportsMgt @RedSox 🤣🤣👑," the Los Angeles Lakers superstar said on X.

Of course, James has a history of using scoreboards for his gaming hobby -- as we previously reported, he got in a Madden sesh on SoFi Stadium's scoreboard during an early birthday celebration in 2022.

Instagram / @kingjames

We take it the four-time NBA champ has enough clout to make it happen ... only question is -- who's gonna be his opponent??

Ex-MLB GM Dan Duquette On Ohtani's $700 Mil Deal ... I Was A Little Uncomfortable With It


Former MLB GM Dan Duquette -- who was inducted into the Red Sox Hall of Fame in 2022 -- tells TMZ Sports if he were in the Dodgers' front office ... he would've had some reservations about signing Shohei Ohtani to a $700 million contract.

The ex-Boston exec explained that while he believes the two-way star is truly one of the most unique talents the MLB's ever seen ... the elbow surgery he recently underwent would make Duquette nervous.

"I was a little uncomfortable with the values given the injury," Duquette said.

Ohtani, of course, had the procedure back in September ... the second major one his throwing arm's undergone since 2018.

Both the player and the Dodgers don't seem too concerned about it -- they each expect him to take the mound again in 2025 ... but Duquette told us it's a risky situation he might not have wanted to be a part of if he were making decisions in LA.

"This guy is a huge player," Duquette said, referencing Ohtani's 6-foot-4, 210-pound frame. "He hit a couple of home runs, he pitched a really good game, and then he got hurt."

"I don't know that the performance at the top-end of the scale for these great big guys is sustainable. Because there's so much power and force going into a pitch, going into a swing."

However, one thing Duquette was fine with was the structure of the deal -- which will reportedly pay Ohtani $20 million for the next 10 years ... before it gives him $680 mil from 2034-2043.

Duquette told us the deferrals will benefit everyone -- from the team, to the player, to the league as a whole.

"If you do it right," said Duquette, who famously signed Manny Ramirez to a Red Sox contract packed with deferrals before the 2001 season, "it's a win-win-win for everybody."

DAVID ORTIZ Lamenta la muerte de Wakefield 'ES COMO MI FAMILIA'

Perdió a un hermano

David Ortiz aún lamenta la muerte de Tim Wakefield ... le dijo a TMZ Sports esta semana que su excompañero de Red Sox era un "gran tipo, hombre".

"Gran tipo", repitió.

Ortiz se sinceró con nosotros sobre Wakefield durante unos minutos mientras se encontraba en Los Ángeles ... unos días después de que el exlanzador estrella de Boston falleciera de cáncer cerebral.

Big Papi dijo que el lanzador de bolas de nudillos era franco "como mi familia, hombre" ... y se puede ver en el video, obviamente aún sigue adolorido por el fallecimiento.

Ortiz y Wakefield formaron una amistad durante su estancia en el Fenway Park - podrán recordar que compartieron un vestidor durante nueve temporadas. Y, los dos formaron un fuerte lazo ... Wakefield asistió a Cooperstown el año pasado para ser testigo del ingreso de Ortiz al Salón de la Fama.

Papi no es el único exjugador de los Red Sox que ha expresado su dolor por la muerte de Wakefield - varios de sus excompañeros de equipo también enviaron sus condolencias y oraciones en redes sociales.

¡¡¡Sube a bordo!!!

Tim tenía 57 años.

Descanse en paz

David Ortiz Mourns Wakefield's Death 'He's Like My Family'


David Ortiz is still mourning the death of Tim Wakefield ... telling TMZ Sports this week his former Red Sox teammate was a "great guy, man."

"Great guy," he repeated.

Ortiz opened up to us about Wakefield for a few moments while out in Los Angeles ... just days after the former Boston star pitcher died from brain cancer.

Big Papi said the knuckleballer was straight-up "like my family, man" ... and you can see in the clip, he's obviously still in pain over the passing.

Ortiz and Wakefield grew close during their time together at Fenway Park -- you'll recall, they shared a locker room with one another for nine seasons. And, the two formed such a strong bond ... Wakefield actually showed up to Cooperstown last year to watch Ortiz get inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Papi is hardly the only former Red Sox player to express heartbreak over Wakefield's death -- multiple former teammates sent thoughts and prayers on social media as well.


Tim was just 57 years old.


Tim Wakefield Dead At 57 Days After Schilling Revealed Diagnosis

Knuckleballer Tim Wakefield, a 2x World Series champion, has died at the age of 57 ... just days after former teammate Curt Schilling revealed the longtime starting pitcher was battling brain cancer.

The Boston Red Sox, Wakefield's team for all but two of his 19 MLB seasons (he spent his early days with the Pirates), announced the devastating news on social media.

"Our hearts are broken with the loss of Tim Wakefield," the BoSox wrote on X.

"Wake embodied true goodness; a devoted husband, father, and teammate, beloved broadcaster, and the ultimate community leader. He gave so much to the game and all of Red Sox Nation."

"Our deepest love and thoughts are with Stacy, Trevor, Brianna, and the Wakefield family."

On the mound, Wakefield could be nearly unhittable … thanks to his knuckleball. TW won 200 games and retired with a 4.41 ERA. Tim struck out over 2,100 batters and earned a trip to the All-Star Game in 2009.

He won two World Series in 2004 and 2007.

Wakefield retired in 2011 ... and was later inducted into the Red Sox Hall of Fame.

Of course, it wasn't publicly known that the former All-Star was sick until Schilling, on his podcast last week, revealed Tim was battling cancer and fighting for his life, seemingly against the Wakefield family's wishes.

The Curt Schilling Baseball Show

Curt even acknowledged "I don't even know if he wants it shared," but explained he was Christian and remarked ... "I've seen prayer work and so I'm going to talk about it."

Schilling categorized the illness as "a very serious, very aggressive form of brain cancer."


Many were outraged by Schilling's actions ... Jason Varitek's wife, Catherine, blasted the World Series MVP-winning pitcher. The Red Sox also condemned Curt, saying, "Health is a deeply personal matter they intended to keep private as they navigate treatment and work to tackle this disease."

The MLB team added that the Wakefields were asking for "privacy at this time."

Sadly, just three days later, the legendary knuckleballer and father of two, passed away.

Many from the baseball community have begun reacting to the terrible news, with Tim's former teammate, Kevin Youkilis, summing Wakefield up perfectly.

"He was a great teammate and just a great friend."


Red Sox Legend Jason Varitek Wife Rips Curt Schilling ... 'F*** You' For Revealing Tim Wakefield's Cancer Diagnosis


10:29 AM PT -- The Red Sox just confirmed Curt Schilling did reveal Tim Wakefield's diagnosis without the former pitcher's permission ... saying in a statement Tim and his wife's "health is a deeply personal matter they intended to keep private as they navigate treatment and work to tackle this disease."

The MLB team added that the Wakefields are asking for "privacy at this time."

The wife of Red Sox legend Jason Varitek is furious with Curt Schilling for revealing Tim Wakefield's cancer diagnosis ... saying straight up on Thursday, "F*** you Curt Schilling."

The former Boston star pitcher leaked the news of Wakefield's tragic health condition on his "The Curt Schilling Baseball Show" podcast on Wednesday ... admitting at the time, "I don't even know if he wants it shared."

"But, as a Christian and a man of faith," Schilling continued, "I've seen prayer work and so I'm going to talk about it."

The Curt Schilling Baseball Show

Schilling then revealed Wakefield -- a knuckleballer who starred for the Red Sox from 1995 to 2011 -- is battling "a very serious, very aggressive form of brain cancer."

Schilling went on to call the situation "incredibly serious" ... adding that Wakefield recently underwent surgery for the issue. Schilling then asked for prayers.

Many, however, slammed the former World Series MVP for leaking the diagnosis to the public before Wakefield could ... including Catherine Varitek, who tweeted, "F*** you Curt Schilling, that wasn’t your place!"

Schilling has yet to respond to the backlash.

For his part, Wakefield has not commented on the matter either.

Originally Published -- 9:06 AM PT

DraftKings Apologizes For 9/11-Themed Parlay

DraftKings issued a mea culpa on Monday morning ... after the gambling site posted a 9/11-themed parlay that many viewed as insensitive.

The bet that fans could place money on was called "Never Forget" ... and it allowed people to wager on if the New York Mets, New York Yankees and New York Jets would all win on Monday -- the 22nd anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks in NY.

Immediately after it was posted, though, it was ripped by social media users ... who called it tone-deaf and crass.

In wake of the backlash hours later, DraftKings pulled it from its site ... and issued an apology.

"We sincerely apologize for the featured parlay that was shared briefly in commemoration of 9/11," a DK spokesperson said in a statement to the Boston Globe. We respect the significance of this day for our country and especially for the familys of those who were directly affected.”

The Jets are slated to play the Bills at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey on "Monday Night Football." Meanwhile, the Mets will take on the Diamondbacks at Citi Field in New York -- while the Yankees will face the Red Sox at Fenway Park in Boston.

Draftkings Se disculpa por la apuesta temática del 11/9

DraftKings emitió un mea culpa el lunes por la mañana, después de que el sitio de apuestas publicara una apuesta temática del 11-S que muchos consideraron insensible.

La apuesta se llamaba "Nunca Olvides" y permitía a los aficionados apostar a si los Met, los Yankees o los Jets de Nueva York, ganarían el lunes, cuando se conmemora el 22 aniversario de los ataques del 11 de septiembre de 2001 en Nueva York.

Inmediatamente después de su publicación, los usuarios de las redes sociales empezaron a tacharla de insensible y grosera.

A raíz de esta reacción DraftKings lo retiró de su sitio horas más tarde y emitió una disculpa.

"Nos disculpamos sinceramente por el parlay (apuesta) destacado que se compartió brevemente en conmemoración del 11-S", dijo un portavoz del sitio en un comunicado al Boston Globe. Respetamos el significado de este día para nuestro país y especialmente para las familias de aquellos que fueron directamente afectados."

Los Jets jugarán contra los Bills en el MetLife Stadium de Nueva Jersey el "Monday Night Football". Por su parte, los Mets se enfrentarán a los Diamondbacks en el Citi Field de Nueva York, y los Yankees a los Red Sox en el Fenway Park de Boston.

Justin Verlander Furious W/ Sox Manager ... 'F*** Off, Alex!!!'

Justin Verlander was so pissed at Alex Cora during their game Tuesday night, he straight up told the Red Sox manager to "f*** off" ... and the heated dispute was all captured on a hot mic!!

The Astros ace had been dealing with some PitchCom issues during the second inning of Houston's tilt with Boston at Minute Maid Park ... and he needed a break from the action to get it all squared away.

But, when Cora thought he was taking advantage of the situation to avoid a pitch-clock violation ... he came out to argue -- and the two then got into it.

"You shook him off five times!" Cora could be heard telling the right-hander.

"I didn't shake that at-bat!" Verlander fired back. "I didn't shake that at-bat! F*** off, Alex!"

The situation was so unique, one of the game's announcers could be heard on the broadcast letting out a loud chuckle.

Ultimately, Verlander would go on to get the last laugh in the situation ... 'cause once he returned to the pitching rubber, he shoved -- going six strong innings while allowing no earned runs and striking out nine.

The Astros won the game 7-3 ... but, there are still two more games left in the series this week -- opening the door for plenty more fireworks between the guys down in Texas.

SF Giants Dude Wipes To The Rescue!!! ... After Players Get Runs In Mexico

The San Francisco Giants have a new cleanup hitter ... 'cause after Logan Webb admitted most players were dealing with "the s***s" following their Mexico City trip, the whole team got hooked up with a ton of Dude Wipes!!

Remember, the pitcher was brutally honest about how the team was doing after their two-game series against the Padres in Mexico City last week ... saying three-quarters of the squad was dealing with the runs.

NBC Sports

TMZ Sports has learned ... the folks at the popular poo companion company got wind of the ball club's issues ... and decided to help out by sending over enough product to keep their asses clean for the rest of the season!!

We're told the team has 100 packs of Dude Wipes coming their way ... as well as four Dude Bomb "toilet stank eliminators" and 12 toilet sprays -- just in case the guys continue to "turn two" in the clubhouse.

It's not the first time the company had to step up to the plate for baseball stars -- as we previously reported, Dude Wipes helped Red Sox player Kiké Hernandez get back on track after he revealed he crapped his pants in the middle of a game.

Way to turn a crappy situation around!!

MLB's Enrique Hernandez Dude Wipes Hooked Me Up For Season ... In Case I Crap Myself Again!!!

MLB star Kiké Hernandez's ass is covered in case he accidentally poops his pants again ... 'cause he was gifted more than a thousand Dude Wipes to get him through the season!!

ICYMI, the 31-year-old recently revealed in a Q&A with Justin Turner he accidentally sharted on the field during the 2020 National League Division Series ... and blamed it on antibiotics he was taking for a tooth infection at the time, which caused him to have diarrhea.

Boston Red Sox

Well, the folks at Dude Wipes got wind of Kiké's misfortune ... and decided to send him a ton of butt-friendly items -- just in case disaster strikes again.

We've learned the personal care brand hooked up the World Series champ with regular and to-go wipes and some toilet spray ... and Kike was stoked!

In fact, Hernandez was so thrilled that he took a photo with a bunch of the product ... smiling from ear to ear.

It was great timing on Dude Wipes' part  ... Red Sox Opening Day is in just two weeks!

And, ya never know when 💩 might happen.

Red Sox Star Justin Turner Drilled In Face By Pitch ... Needs 16 Stitches


3:49 PM PT -- Justin Turner's wife said in an Instagram post late Monday afternoon the Boston star needed 16 stitches to close the wounds suffered in the hit by pitch ... but, thankfully, he's doing well now.


"He's resting," she said, before adding, "(okay - maybe listening to the replay of the game). 16 stitches and a lot of swelling but we are thanking God for no fractures & clear scans!"


12:18 PM PT -- The Red Sox announced Justin Turner has been taken to the hospital and is being evaluated for a concussion.


"Justin is stable, alert, and in good spirits given the circumstances," the team said.

Red Sox star Justin Turner just got drilled in the face by a pitch during a spring training game ... and the blow was so violent, it left him oozing blood at home plate.

The scary incident happened during Boston's exhibition tilt with the Tigers ... when Turner came up to bat with two runners on base in the bottom of the second inning.

Detroit right-hander Matt Manning threw a ball up and in ... and Turner couldn't get out of the way -- and it caught him flush in his face.

The former L.A. Dodgers third baseman immediately dropped to the ground in pain ... and video from the game's broadcast showed he was bleeding profusely from his face.

Red Sox trainers raced out to tend to him, covering his mouth with a towel before ushering him into the locker room.

The Sox -- who acquired Turner last December in free agency -- have yet to announce an update on the 38-year-old's status.

Originally Published -- 11:25 AM PT

Enrique Hernandez Admits To Pooping Pants On Field 💩 ... During 2020 NLDS Game

Boston Red Sox

Get a *load* of this ... former Dodgers infielder Kiké Hernandez admitted he crapped on himself on the field during a 2020 playoff game!!

Hernandez's teammate, Justin Turner, who reunited with Kike in Boston with the Red Sox, asked KH for his most embarrassing moment during a Major League Baseball game, and he dropped a bombshell (yes, pun intended).

The Sox utility man told Turner he was taking antibiotics for a tooth infection a few years back, and one of the side effects of the medicine was ... you guessed it, diarrhea.

Kiké recalled the crappy incident, saying he was so pumped after the team got a big out in a pressure-packed situation in the National League Division Series (NLDS), he screamed, "F Yeah!"

"I was DHing and I thought I farted," Hernandez said to Turner. "I went out to lead off the inning. I struck out in three pitches."

He continued ... "When I went in the dugout, I went straight to the bathroom, pulled my pants down, completely sharted."

"So you're saying you misjudged a fart," Turner asked Hernandez. "Uh, no. What I'm saying is I s*** my pants during a game in the playoffs," Hernandez replied to Turner.

The Dodgers got the last laugh that season ... the team won the World Series after defeating the Tampa Bay Rays in 6 games.

MLB Hall Of Famer Dennis Eckersley Daughter Criminally Charged In New Hampshire... Left Newborn Baby In Freezing Temps

The adopted daughter of MLB Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersley was arrested in New Hampshire for leaving her baby in freezing temps for over an hour after prematurely giving birth, TMZ has confirmed.

Alexandra Eckersley is facing serious charges ... endangering the welfare of a child, falsifying physical evidence, assault and reckless conduct. Eckersley was arraigned Tuesday and held on $3,000 bail.

Eckersley delivered her baby boy about 3 months early inside a tent in a wooded area of Manchester, NH ... according to NBC Boston. She reportedly was 4 to 5 months pregnant.

Eckersley called police to report she had just given birth, but she initially lied to officers as to the baby's whereabouts -- sending them on a wild goose chase. She was apparently embarrassed she was homeless and living in an encampment with her boyfriend.

As a result, the baby was left inside the tent for 73 minutes in 15-degree weather. Eckersley finally gave the right coordinates and cops found the infant alive, but struggling to breathe. EMS workers performed life-saving measures on the child and rushed him to a hospital, where he was intubated to assist his breathing.

Officials believe Eckersley was high on drugs at the time, although she denies it. When asked why she lied, Eckersley reportedly told cops, "What do they tell when a plane goes down? Save yourself first." Her boyfriend, who was with Eckersley when police first arrived, may also face charges.

Her dad, Dennis Eckersley, was inducted into baseball's Hall of Fame in 2004 after a storied 24-year career as a pitcher for a number of top teams, including the Boston Red Sox and Oakland A's.

David Ortiz Shooting Gunman Sentenced To 30 Yrs In Prison ... In Dominican Republic

The man accused of putting a bullet in David Ortiz's back during a 2019 assassination attempt was sentenced to 30 years in prison this week ... authorities announced Tuesday.

27-year-old Rolfi Ferreras Cruz, who allegedly shot the former Boston Red Sox star at a bar in the D.R. back in June '19, learned his fate at a hearing on Monday.

Nine others were also ordered to spend time behind bars due to their alleged roles in the shooting -- including 28-year-old Alberto Miguel Rodríguez Mota ... who prosecutors said "paid those who carried out the act."

Mota was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

But, the alleged mastermind behind the attack, Víctor Hugo Gómez Vásquez, was acquitted ... due to insufficient evidence.


As we reported, Ortiz was struck by gunfire while he was sitting with friends at the D.R. hotspot ... and was rushed to a nearby hospital.

Officials said his liver and his small and large intestines were damaged by the bullet -- and the former baseball player required multiple surgeries in the ensuing days to fix the issues.

The 47-year-old has since made a full recovery ... returning to his role as an MLB analyst for Fox -- while also making regular appearances at Red Sox games.

Authorities ultimately said they did not believe Big Papi was the intended target of the attack ... instead, revealing they believed a man named Sixto David Fernandez was the man the shooter wanted, allegedly because he'd once ratted out a drug runner to cops.

Cruz had also said from his jail cell following his arrest in 2019 that Ortiz was not his intended target.

LeBron, Draymond, Kevin Love Buy Pickleball Team ... New Big Three!!!

LeBron James has a new team -- the four-time NBA champ is the newest owner of a professional pickleball team ... and he's teaming up with a group of other hoops stars!

Major League Pickleball announced Wednesday an ownership group, LRMR ventures, led by LeBron James and business partner, Maverick Carter, had purchased a new squad.

Joining the four-time MVP in his latest business venture is his former teammate in Cleveland, Kevin Love, and his good friend and rival over the years, Warriors star Draymond Green.

As MLP expands, the list of high-profile names wanting to associate with the growing sport rises.

Retired NFL quarterback Drew Brees became the owner of the Mad Drops Pickleball Club in July ... joining Lakers co-owner Jim Buss who is a part of the ownership group.


James already has an ownership stake in Fenway Sports Group, the owner of the Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park, and Liverpool F.C., the English Premier League soccer team.

And now, James can add this latest acquisition to his impressive portfolio.

James -- who's set to enter his 20th NBA season and 5th with the Lakers -- became the first active player to reach billionaire status in June ... and moves like this further solidify his status.

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