Jason Kelce I'm Retiring ... Gives Tearful Goodbye

Philadelphia Eagles

Jason Kelce's NFL career is over.

The Philadelphia Eagles superstar just revealed he's officially retiring ... saying at an emotional news conference Monday afternoon he's done.

Jason cried while making the announcement ... in fact, tears streamed down his face even before he began speaking at the event. Several times during his speech, he needed breaks to compose himself.

Plenty of family and friends turned out to watch the 36-year-old center say goodbye ... including Travis Kelce, who was also emotional as his big bro addressed the crowd.

Throughout his speech, Jason thanked a ton of people -- namely coaches and ex-teammates. He also referenced losing the Super Bowl to Travis.

Jason talked about meeting his wife, Kylie, as well. And, he drew some big laughs, too, when he talked about Nick Foles' "big d***" and Darren Sproles' "4-foot-8" height.

After he thanked the city of Philadelphia one more time, he left the podium without taking questions -- and gave a big hug to Travis.

Jason got his start in the league back in 2011, when the Eagles took him in the sixth round of the NFL draft. He went on to play in every game for Philly that season -- and three years later, in 2014, he earned his first Pro Bowl selection.

Jason went on to make the Pro Bowl six more times ... while recording All-Pro honors six total times as well.

In 2018, he won his first Super Bowl when he helped the Birds beat Tom Brady and the Patriots. Jason nearly logged another SB win in 2023, but his younger brother and the Chiefs came out on top in an epic matchup.

While Jason was a star on the field for nearly the entirety of his 13 seasons ... his off-the-field career really exploded this past season.

After Travis began dating Taylor Swift, the duo's "New Heights" podcast took off. Jason also got a bunch more camera time on various networks while the Eagles were on off days.

Many expect Jason's next move to be a broadcast booth -- but for now, it'll be a well-deserved celebration of a Hall of Fame career.

JASON KELCE "ME RETIRO..." Se despide entre lágrimas

La carrera de Jason Kelce en la NFL ha terminado.

La superestrella de los Philadelphia Eagles acaba de revelar que se retira oficialmente, diciendo en una emotiva conferencia de prensa el lunes por la tarde que ha terminado.

Jason lloró al hacer el anuncio, de hecho, las lágrimas corrían por su rostro, incluso antes de empezar a hablar en el evento. Varias veces durante su discurso, necesitó pausas para serenarse.

Un montón de familiares y amigos acudieron a ver el centro de 36 años de edad, decir adiós, todos, incluso su hermano Travis Kelce.

Jason comenzó en la liga en 2011, cuando los Eagles lo eligieron en la sexta ronda del draft de la NFL. Pasó a jugar en todos los partidos para Philly esa temporada y tres años más tarde, en 2014, ganó su primera selección Pro Bowl.

Jason llegó al Pro Bowl seis veces más, mientras obtuvo honores All-Pro seis veces en total.

En 2018, ganó su primer Super Bowl cuando ayudó a los Birds a vencer a Tom Brady y los Patriots. Jason casi registró otra victoria de Super Bowl en 2023, pero su hermano menor y los Chiefs salieron victoriosos en un enfrentamiento épico.

Mientras que Jason fue una estrella en el campo durante casi la totalidad de sus 13 temporadas, su carrera fuera del campo realmente explotó esta última temporada.

Después de que Travis comenzó a salir con Taylor Swift, el pódcast "New Heights" del dúo despegó. Jason también consiguió un montón más de tiempo de cámara en varias redes mientras los Eagles estaban en sus días de descanso.

Muchos esperan que el próximo movimiento de Jason sea una cabina de transmisión, pero por ahora, será una merecida celebración de una carrera en el Salón de la Fama.

Cam Newton Dragged Into Brawl ... Fight at 7v7 Football Event


Cam Newton appeared to get in a fight with a group of guys recently ... and it was all caught on video.

The former NFL quarterback's right in the middle of a group of guys who have jumped on him, and he's trying to hold them back without swinging back.

As they spun around, another man in a white t-shirt came up and threw a punch at Cam, a blow that appeared to make contact with someone.

Ultimately, Cam fended off these people long enough to receive help from others -- including a police officer who came in and backed several individuals away from Newton.

There's not a lot of context about what started the brawl which seems to have taken place at the B.E.S.T. Academy 6-12 in Atlanta.

TMZ Studios

It seems Cam was there for an event put on by his foundation C1N, a 7v7 league that plays tournaments all across the country.


Another angle of the brawl shows a couple of the guys shoving Cam around before the group goes flying off into an area covered by trees -- but, outside of that, it's unclear what might've set off such an explosive situation.

We've reached out to Cam's camp and Atlanta police ... so far no word back.

We covered it all on the latest episode of The TMZ Podcast, available on all podcast platforms.

Donald Trump Defeats Nikki Haley in S.C. Primary ... Trounces Former Gov. In Her Home State!!!

Donald Trump is one step closer to the White House ... destroying Nikki Haley in another primary -- this time in her home state!

Saturday's South Carolina primary has been projected for the former president just minutes after polls officially closed in the state ... with at least 29 delegates heading Trump's way.

The whole state's got 50 total, with the last 21 being divided up based on the winners of the seven congressional districts ... three delegates for each district a candidate wins.

Regardless, Trump's already apparently won the majority of delegates in the state -- a state where Haley not only was born but also where she served as governor from 2011 to 2017.

She left the post after then-President Trump named her United Nations Ambassador ... and, it seems voters would rather go with the man who appointed her to the post than their former gov.

Fox News

Nikki's had a very difficult run as of late ... becoming embroiled in controversy caused by comments she made about the Civil War while her opponent's dominated every single primary so far.

Of course, it ain't over 'til the lady sings ... but, with her home state now squarely in Trump's camp, it seems only a matter of time before Nikki cuts bait and 45 stands unopposed in the Republican party.

BTW ... Trump's already delivered a victory speech where he praised how united his party is at this moment -- and also looked past Haley and said he was looking to take President Joe Biden's job instead.

TMZ Studios

Super Tuesday's less than two weeks away ... and, it's hard to imagine Haley hanging in there for that long after tonight's crushing defeat.

Stay tuned ...

Chiefs Rally Fatal Shooting New Video Reveals Rapid-Fire Shots AR-Style Rifle Seized, 22 Gunshot Victims



4:45 PM PT -- A bit of good news ... an official at the local children's hospital tells us the 11 minor patients they are treating, ages between 6 and 15, are expected to survive. 9 of the victims were treated for gunshot wounds.

3:26 PM PT -- Kansas City officials just held a press conference and the scale of this mass shooting ... and it was much larger than anyone thought.

For starters, there are a total of 22 gunshot wound victims at this point ... and 7 of them have suffered life-threatening injuries -- way more than what was initially reported.

Fox 4 Kansas City

3 individuals have been detained at this point ... but it's unclear if they've been arrested and charged with anything just yet. The cops say that one of people detained stemmed the viral tackling that went around on social media -- where an apparent AR-style rifle was seized.

At least one person was killed in the shooting.

3:11 PM PT -- We're now learning more about the victims from this shooting -- a majority whom are apparently children.

Multiple reports are pouring in that say of the 12 patients at a local hospital -- 11 of them are children ... and 9 of those 11 have gunshot wounds.

2:37 PM PT -- As it turns out ... an AR-style rifle may well have been used during this shooting -- something you can now see clearly in zoomed-in footage of a man getting tackled.

In the clip below -- where bystanders take a man down and pin him until cops arrive -- you see a woman in white pick up what appears to be a clear firearm ... and from the looks of it, it's a long rifle. The gun itself seems to be black -- but it's unclear if it belonged to the person who was tackled.


A lot of questions still need to be answered ... and cops are looking into it. On the face of it though -- this could've been a lot worse than it already was.

The Chiefs also addressed the tragedy ... saying, "We are truly saddened by the senseless act of violence that occurred outside of Union Station at the conclusion of today's parade and rally."

"Our hearts go out to the victims, their families, and all of Kansas City."

The team added it will continue to stay in contact with law enforcement and local officials ... and shared their appreciation to all the first responders who took action.

New video, obtained by TMZ, shows the moment a flurry of shots rang out at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl victory rally.

You hear someone in the crowd scream out, "Patrick f**king Mahomes," seemingly in celebration of the Chiefs' victory. Then, in the distance, you hear a series of gunshots ... appearing to come from either an automatic or semiautomatic weapon, based on the rapid fire.

People then scramble for safety and victims fall to the ground.

At least one person was killed and authorities say 10 to 15 people were injured. None of the players, coaches or staffers were injured in the shooting.


Two people are in custody in connection with the shooting.

Several people in the crowd had eyes on someone who they believed was one of the shooters. You see them run and then tackle that person to the ground ... while another bystander seems to grab what looks like a rifle, moving it away from the scrum until police arrived on the scene.


The shooting occurred just after the parade ended.

The Scary Scene
X / @NPNOWMeikel / @Vince_Lovergine

Police do not know the motive.

Originally Published -- 2:01 PM PT

tiroteo en la celebración incautan un fusil y hay 22 víctimas de disparos


abriendo fuego

4:45 PM PT -- Algunas buenas noticias... un funcionario del hospital infantil local nos dice que se espera que los 11 pacientes menores de edad que están tratando, de edades comprendidas entre los 6 y los 15 años, sobrevivan. 9 de las víctimas fueron tratadas por heridas de bala.

3:26 PM PT -- Funcionarios de Kansas City acaban de hacer una conferencia de prensa y la escala de este tiroteo fue mucho más grande de lo que nadie pensaba.

Para empezar, hay un total de 22 víctimas heridas de bala hasta el momento y 7 de ellos han sufrido lesiones que amenazan sus vidas... esto es mucho más de lo que se informó inicialmente.

actualizando la situación
Fox 4 Kansas City

Tres personas han sido detenidas, pero no está claro si han sido arrestados. La policía dice que una de las personas detenidas la encotraron gracias al seguimiento viral que dio la vuelta en redes sociales, y donde se incautó un rifle de estilo AR.

Al menos una persona murió en el tiroteo.

3:11 PM PT -- Ahora estamos aprendiendo más acerca de las víctimas de este tiroteo - la mayoría de los cuales son aparentemente niños.

Múltiples informes están llegando que dicen que de los 12 pacientes en un hospital local - 11 de ellos son niños ... y 9 de los 11 tienen heridas de bala.

2:37 PM PT -- Resulta que un rifle AR-15 podría haber sido utilizado durante el tiroteo, algo que ahora se puede ver claramente en estas nuevas imágenes.

En el clip se puede ver como los transeúntes tienen un hombre inmovilizado para entregarlo a la policía. Se ve a una mujer de blanco recogiendo lo que parece ser un arma de fuego,  y por lo que parece, es un rifle largo. El arma en sí parece ser negra, pero no está claro si pertenecía a la persona que fue inmovilizada.

un tacleo heroico

Todavía quedan muchas preguntas por responder... y la policía está investigando. A primera vista, esto podría haber sido mucho peor de lo que fue.

Un nuevo video obtenido por TMZ, muestra el momento en que una ráfaga de disparos aterrorizó la celebración de la victoria de los Kansas City Chiefs en el Super Bowl.

Se oye a alguien entre la multitud gritando "Patrick f**king Mahomes", aparentemente para celebrar la victoria de los Chiefs. Entonces, en la distancia, se oye una serie de disparos que parecen venir de un arma automática o semiautomática.

A continuación, la gente lucha por su seguridad y las víctimas caen al suelo.

Al menos una persona murió y las autoridades dicen que entre 10 y 15 personas resultaron heridas. Ninguno de los jugadores, entrenadores o miembros del personal resultó herido en el tiroteo.

Dos personas están detenidas en relación con el tiroteo.


Varias personas de la multitud tenían los ojos en alguien que creían que era uno de los tiradores. Se les ve correr y derribar a esa persona al suelo y sujetarla hasta que llegaron los policías y se hicieron cargo.

El tiroteo se produjo justo después de que terminara el desfile.

un momento aterrador
X / @NPNOWMeikel / @Vince_Lovergine

La policía no sabe el motivo.

Historia en desarrollo...

Kansas City Chiefs Tiroteo en desfile... 22 personas heridas de bala, 1 fallecido

La aterradora escena
X / @NPNOWMeikel / @Vince_Lovergine


3:29 PM PT -- Las fuerzas policiales acaban de revelar que un total de 22 personas fueron alcanzadas por los disparos del tiroteo de este miércoles, diciendo que ocho de esas víctimas sufrieron heridas "que ponen en riesgo su vida".

Nuevas actualizaciones
Fox 4 Kansas City

No se ha revelado el posible motivo del ataque, aunque las autoridades dijeron que tres personas han sido detenidas en relación con el fatal incidente.

1:51 PM PT -- La jefa del Departamento Policial de Kansas City acaba de decir en una reunión con miembros de los medios de comunicación que "más de 10 a 15" personas resultaron heridas por disparos, con un fallecido. Añadió que no creía que ninguna de las víctimas fueran niños.

Dos sospechosos en custodia
Fox 4 Kansas City

El alcalde de Kansas City, por su parte, dijo que todos los jugadores, entrenadores y empleados de los Chiefs se encuentran a salvo.

En cuanto al posible motivo del tiroteo, el jefe dijo que todavía no está claro, ya que la investigación sigue en curso. Dos sospechosos, sin embargo, están bajo custodia, dijo.

1:22 PM -- La policía dice que una persona murió en el tiroteo, mientras que otras nueve resultaron heridas.

1:19 PM -- Acaba de surgir un perturbador y explícito video de la escena que muestra a varias personas que necesitan atención médica mientras la sangre corre por el suelo.

Intento de reanimación

El desfile de los Chiefs por el Super Bowl acaba de tomar un giro horrible: unos disparos estallaron en la fiesta y varias personas han resultado heridas.

El Departamento de Policía de Kansas City dijo en un comunicado que poco después de que Travis Kelce y Patrick Mahomes se dirigieran a los cientos de miles de fanáticos del Kansas City en Union Station, estallaron unos disparos alrededor de un garaje cercano.

Conmoción en las calles

Según la policía, "varias personas fueron alcanzadas" por las balas, aunque no está claro la gravedad de sus lesiones.

La policía dice que "dos personas armadas" fueron "detenidas para más investigación".

Entrando en acción
Fox 4 Kansas City

Las autoridades están ahora instando a todos a abandonar la zona "con el fin de facilitar el tratamiento de las víctimas del tiroteo".

Un video de la escena muestra cómo se desencadenaron estos lamentables hechos. En las imágenes se pueden ver múltiples policías con sus armas desenfundadas mientras corrían dentro de Union Station para hacer frente a la situación.

El KCPD dijo en su declaración que los oficiales estaban "trabajando para proporcionar la seguridad de todos dentro de la estación y acelerar la atención de los heridos".

Mientras tanto, James Palmer, de NFL Network, dijo que él y sus colegas fueron instruidos inicialmente para meterse debajo de un escenario después de que estalló el tiroteo. Minutos después, sin embargo, fueron escoltados fuera de la escena.

Tras el caos, el linebacker de los Chiefs Drue Tranquill publicó oraciones por los heridos en su página de X escribiendo: "Oren para que los médicos y los primeros en responder tengan manos firmes y que todos experimenten una curación completa".

Historia en desarrollo ...

Kansas City Chiefs Gunfire Erupts At Parade ... 22 Shot, One Dead

The Scary Scene
X / @NPNOWMeikel / @Vince_Lovergine


3:29 PM PT -- Law enforcement just revealed a total of 22 people were struck by gunfire in Wednesday's shooting ... saying eight of those victims suffered "immediately life threatening" wounds.

Fox 4 Kansas City

No potential motive for the attack has been released ... although authorities said three people have been detained in connection with the shooting.

1:51 PM PT -- The Kansas City Police Dept. Chief just said in a meeting with media members that "upwards of 10 to 15" people were injured by gunfire ... with one deceased. She added that she did not believe any of the victims were children.

Fox 4 Kansas City

K.C.'s Mayor, meanwhile, said all of the Chiefs' players, coaches and staffers are accounted for and safe.

As far as a potential motive for the shooting, the chief said that's still unclear -- as an investigation remains ongoing. Two suspects, however, are in custody ... she said.

1:22 PM PT -- Law enforcement says one person died in the shooting -- while nine others were injured.

1:19 PM PT -- Disturbing and graphic video has emerged from the scene ... showing multiple people needing medical attention -- while blood is clearly on the ground nearby.


The Chiefs' Super Bowl parade has just taken a horrifying turn ... cops say gunfire has broken out at the party -- and multiple people have been wounded.

The Kansas City Police Dept. said in a statement that shortly after Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes addressed the hundreds of thousands of K.C. supporters at Union Station ... gunfire erupted around a garage nearby.


According to cops, "several people were struck" by bullets ... though it's unclear the severity of their injuries.

Cops say "two armed people" have been "detained for more investigation."

Fox 4 Kansas City

Authorities are now urging everyone to leave the area "in order to facilitate treatment of shooting victims."

Video from the scene shows just how horrifying things got ... you can see in footage multiple cops had their guns drawn as they raced inside Union Station to deal with the matter.

The KCPD said in its statement the officers were "working to provide for the safety of everyone inside union station and expedite care of those injured."

NFL Network's James Palmer, meanwhile, said he and his colleagues were initially instructed to get under a stage after the gunfire erupted. Minutes later, though, they were escorted from the scene.

Following the mayhem, Chiefs linebacker Drue Tranquill posted prayers on his X page for those injured ... writing, "Pray that doctors & first responders would have steady hands & that all would experience full healing."

Mahomes also posted prayers on X ... writing, "Praying for Kansas City…"

Originally Published -- 12:16 PM PT

El rey Carlos III diagnosticado de cáncer


10:43 AM PT -- El rey Carlos III ha notificado a sus dos hijos -el príncipe Guillermo y el príncipe Harry- sobre su diagnóstico y ambos se apresuraron a estar a su lado. Se dice que Will está en contacto regular con su padre, y obviamente está cerca de verlo en persona también.

En cuanto a Harry, nos informan que va a volar al Reino Unido los próximos días para ver a su padre.

El Rey Carlos III está luchando contra el cáncer...

El Palacio de Buckingham -la residencia real del Reino Unido- emitió un comunicado oficial el lunes diciendo: "Durante el reciente procedimiento hospitalario del Rey por un agrandamiento benigno de la próstata, se observó una cuestión separada de preocupación. Las pruebas de diagnóstico posteriores han identificado una forma de cáncer".

El Palacio añade: "Su Majestad ha comenzado hoy un programa de tratamientos regulares, tiempo durante el cual se le ha aconsejado por los médicos posponer los deberes de cara al público".

El palacio dice que Carlos continuará con sus asuntos de Estado y trámites oficiales a pesar del diagnóstico.

Como informamos, Carlos ingresó en un hospital londinense el mes pasado para someterse a un "procedimiento correctivo" por un agrandamiento de próstata. Kate Middleton estuvo en el mismo hospital al mismo tiempo para una cirugía de estómago.

tmz investiga
TMZ Studios

El Palacio dice que Carlos "sigue siendo totalmente positivo sobre su tratamiento y espera volver a su plena función pública tan pronto como sea posible".

La familia real dice que está anunciando el diagnóstico de Carlos "para evitar especulaciones y con la esperanza de que pueda ayudar a la comprensión pública para todos aquellos en todo el mundo que se ven afectados por el cáncer".

Es curioso... El anuncio del cáncer de Carlos llega justo después del Día Mundial contra el Cáncer.

La esposa del Rey, la Reina Camilla, inauguró la semana pasada un nuevo centro de apoyo contra el cáncer en el Royal Free Hospital del Reino Unido.

Publicado originalmente -- 10:08 AM PT

KING CHARLES III Diagnosed With Cancer Will & Harry Looped In


10:43 AM PT -- King Charles III has notified both of his sons -- Prince William and Prince Harry -- about his diagnosis ... and both of them are rushing to be by his side. Will is said to be in regular contact with his dad, and is obviously nearby to see him in person too.

As for Harry ... he's reported to be flying into the UK in the coming days to see his father.

Major health update out of Buckingham Palace ... King Charles III is fighting cancer.

Buckingham Palace – the United Kingdom's royal residence – released an official statement Monday saying ... "During The King’s recent hospital procedure for benign prostate enlargement, a separate issue of concern was noted. Subsequent diagnostic tests have identified a form of cancer."

The Palace adds ... "His Majesty has today commenced a schedule of regular treatments, during which time he has been advised by doctors to postpone public-facing duties."

Charles, the Palace says, will continue with his state business and official paperwork despite the diagnosis.

As we reported, Charles was admitted to a London hospital last month for a "corrective procedure" for an enlarged prostate. Kate Middleton was in the same hospital at the same time for stomach surgery.

TMZ Studios

The Palace says Charles "remains wholly positive about his treatment and looks forward to returning to full public duty as soon as possible."

The Royal family says it's announcing Charles' diagnosis "to prevent speculation and in the hope it may assist public understanding for all those around the world who are affected by cancer."

It's interesting ... Charles' cancer announcement comes on the heels of World Cancer Day.

The King's wife, Queen Camilla, last week opened a new cancer support center at Royal Free Hospital in the UK.

Originally Published -- 10:08 AM PT

WWE's Vince McMahon Resigns ... Amid Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Vince McMahon is out at WWE.

The wrestling legend tendered his resignation as the Executive Chairman of TKO, the company that owns WWE ... just a day after an explosive lawsuit was filed by a former WWE staffer, alleging McMahon sexually assaulted her on numerous occasions.

78-year-old McMahon released a statement reiterating his innocence with respect to the disturbing allegations but would step down because it's the best move for the wrestling promotion he built decades ago.

"Out of respect for the WWE Universe, the extraordinary TKO business and its board members and shareholders, partners and constituents, and all of the employees and Superstars who helped make WWE into the global leader it is today, I have decided to resign from my executive chairmanship and the TKO board of directors, effective immediately."

McMahon was not running the day-to-day operations for WWE ... but still had a prominent role within TKO. TKO Group Holdings has owned WWE since its purchase in 2023.

Curent WWE president Nick Khan announced the news to his employees late Friday, sending an email to the staffers.

"[Vince McMahon] has tendered his resignation from his positions as TKO Executive Chairman and on the TKO Board of Directors. He will no longer have a role with TKO Group Holdings or WWE," Khan wrote.

The massive shakeup comes after a federal lawsuit was filed in Connecticut on Thursday by Janel Grant ... where she claimed she was subjected to degrading sexual acts at the hands of Vince.

Amid the allegations, Grant accused McMahon of defecating on her during a threesome in 2020.

She says the situation left her "miserable and enraged," though she didn't leave because "in her years of experience with McMahon, she knew her requests to stop would be ignored at best or used to destroy her career and reputation at worst."

Ultimately, Grant claimed McMahon distanced himself from her in early 2022 after his wife Linda McMahon became aware of their alleged relationship.

Some time after, McMahon, according to Grant, agreed to pay her $3 million in exchange for signing a non-disclosure agreement, but she says he failed to pay the full amount.

McMahon has claimed the allegations contained in the lawsuit are meritless, calling the suit "replete with lies, obscene made-up instances that never occurred, and is a vindictive distortion of the truth."

Former WWE executive John Laurinaitis was also named in the lawsuit.

Story developing ...

Vince McMahon de la WWE Renuncia... En medio de una demanda por agresión sexual

Vince McMahon está fuera de la WWE.

La leyenda de la lucha libre presentó su dimisión como Presidente Ejecutivo de TKO, la empresa propietaria de la WWE, justo un día después de que un ex empleado de la organización presentara una explosiva demanda alegando que McMahon la agredió sexualmente en numerosas ocasiones.

McMahon, de 78 años, emitió un comunicado reiterando su inocencia respecto a las inquietantes acusaciones, pero decidió renunciar porque considera que es la mejor decisión para promover la lucha libre que construyó hace décadas.

"Por respeto al Universo de la WWE, al extraordinario negocio de TKO y a sus miembros del consejo y accionistas, socios y electores, y a todos los empleados y superestrellas que ayudaron a convertir a la WWE en el líder mundial que es hoy, he decidido renunciar a mi presidencia ejecutiva y al consejo de administración de TKO, con efecto inmediato."

McMahon no dirigía las operaciones diarias de la WWE, pero seguía teniendo un papel destacado dentro de TKO. TKO Group Holdings ha sido propietaria de la WWE desde su compra en 2023.

El actual presidente de WWE, Nick Khan, anunció la noticia a sus empleados a última hora del viernes, a través de un correo electrónico.

"[Vince McMahon] ha presentado su dimisión de sus cargos como presidente ejecutivo de TKO y en el Consejo de Administración de TKO. Ya no tendrá ningún papel en TKO Group Holdings ni en WWE", escribió Khan.

La masiva reorganización se produce después de que Janel Grant presentara el jueves una demanda federal en Connecticut en la que afirmaba haber sido sometida a actos sexuales degradantes a manos de Vince.

En medio de las acusaciones, Grant acusó a McMahon de defecar sobre ella durante un trío en 2020.

Ella dice que la situación la dejó "miserable y enfurecida", pero no se fue porque "en sus años de experiencia con McMahon, sabía que sus peticiones de parar serían ignoradas en el mejor de los casos o usadas para destruir su carrera y reputación en el peor".

Finalmente, Grant afirmó que McMahon se distanció de ella a principios de 2022 después de que su esposa Linda McMahon se enterara de su supuesta relación.

Algún tiempo después, McMahon, según Grant, acordó pagarle 3 millones de dólares a cambio de firmar un acuerdo de no divulgación. Sin embargo, ella dice que él no pagó la cantidad total.

McMahon ha afirmado que las acusaciones contenidas en la demanda carecen de fundamento y la ha calificado como "repleta de mentiras, obscenos casos inventados que nunca ocurrieron y una distorsión vengativa de la verdad".

El ex ejecutivo de la WWE John Laurinaitis también fue nombrado en la demanda.

Historia en desarrollo ...

Alec Baldwin Hit with New Criminal Charge ... In 'Rust' Case

Alec Baldwin is being dragged back into criminal court in the "Rust" case -- and he's facing the same charge as before ... involuntary manslaughter.

The actor just got hit with a new grand jury indictment out of Santa Fe -- and it says he's being rung up on one count of involuntary manslaughter involving negligent use of a firearm. However, there's an alternative charge he could face ... involuntary manslaughter without due caution or circumspection.

The reason there are 2 charges listed is because the grand jury basically agreed there is enough evidence for him to be prosecuted on either ... but the D.A.'s office will presumably only pursue one of these.

Remember, Alec has already been put through the wringer on this front -- he was charged with involuntary manslaughter, but those charges were eventually dropped.


He might've thought he was out of the woods, but prosecutors have been signaling for months they were leaving the window open to possibly re-charge ... and now they've followed through with the grand jury's indictment.


Alec pled not guilty at first -- and we imagine he'll enter the same plea again. His attorneys, Luke Nikas and Alex Spiro, signaled as much ... telling TMZ, "We look forward to our day in court."

Lil Nas X se disculpa por el video "J Christ" tras recibir críticas


Lil Nas X está tratando de limpiar el caos que su single "J Christ" ha causado en la comunidad cristiana, pero el daño podría estar hecho, si las reacciones de estos artistas significan algo.

El Sr. Montero se expresó en Insta el lunes para pedir disculpas por todas las reacciones, pero también admitió que estaba sorprendido por el nivel de odio que recibió.

Lil Nas X dice que se imaginaba que las masas habrían captado su sátira, es decir, su lucha contra Satanás en el video y su alejamiento del lado oscuro, por así decirlo. Continúa diciendo que la inspiración en Jesús pretendía ser una metáfora de su carrera resucitada.

Admite, sin embargo, que su video promocional quizás llevó las cosas demasiado lejos. Se disculpa por las payasadas, al tiempo que niega ser el anticristo enviado para arruinar los valores familiares.

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A pesar del "lo siento" de Nas X, varios de los principales raperos cristianos de hoy en día no están de acuerdo. Piensan que su nueva campaña "J Christ" se burla abiertamente de su religión y ¡no están de acuerdo!

Dee-1 no es ajeno a llamar la atención a artistas que siente que están llevando a los fans por caminos oscuros, y publicó una foto junto a un mural de Lil Nas X advirtiendo que su sello discográfico —Columbia Records— le estaba permitiendo ser un maniquí de choque para los cristianos.

Dee sugirió que Lil estaba "Herido por la iglesia", siendo rechazado por ser gay.

Lecrae, el primer rapero en ganar un Grammy al Mejor Álbum Gospel, se hizo eco de pensamientos similares e instó a sus seguidores a orar por Lil, argumentando que no es una causa perdida, todavía.

no se juega con el nombre de jesús
Instagram / @hurricanechrisofficial

El huracán Chris —que nos dijo que le dio crédito a Jesús por su veredicto de inocencia tras ser absuelto de asesinato— fue mucho menos indulgente y amenazó con resucitar las Cruzadas y luchar por su Señor y Salvador contra lo que él percibe como el mal en la canción de Nas X.

El tiempo dirá lo sincero que está siendo Lil. A primera vista, suena como si fuera un poco en serio. ¿Es hora de confesarse y buscar penitencia?

Lil Nas X Meant No Disrespect w/ 'J Christ' ... Christian Artists Pile On


Lil Nas X is trying to clean up the mess that his "J Christ" single has caused in the Christian community ... but the damage might be done, if these artists' reactions mean anything.

Mr. Montero hopped on IG on Monday to apologize for all the backlash but also admitted he was surprised by the level of hate he received all the same.

Lil Nas X says he figured the masses would have picked up on his satire ... namely, him combatting Satan in the video and turning away from the dark side, so to speak. He goes on to say the Jesus inspo was aimed to be a metaphor for his resurrected career.

He does admit, however, that his communion promo video perhaps took things too far ... he apologizes for the antics ... while denying he's the anti-Christ sent to ruin family values.

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Despite Nas X's I'm-sorry ... several of today's top Christian rappers may beg to differ ... they think his new "J Christ" campaign openly mocks their religion and they're not going for it!!!

Dee-1 is no stranger to calling out artists he feels are leading fans down dark paths and posted up next to a mural of Lil Nas X ... and warned him his record label Columbia Records was allowing him to be a crash dummy for Christians.

Dee suggested LNX was suffering from "church hurt" -- shunned for being gay but still told him to cut it out.

Lecrae, the first rapper to ever win a Grammy for Best Gospel Album, echoed similar thoughts and urged his following to pray for LNX -- arguing he's not a lost cause, yet.

Don't Play With Jesus' Name
Instagram / @hurricanechrisofficial

Hurricane Chris -- who told us he credited Jesus for his not guilty verdict after being acquitted of murder -- was far less forgiving and threatened to resurrect the Crusades ... and slide for his Lord and Savior against what he perceives as the evil in Nas X's song.

Time will tell how sincere LNX is here ... on its face, it sounds like he's kinda serious. Time to hit confession and seek penance???

White House Swatted!!! Fake 911 Call Reports Fire

Somebody swatted the White House this week, if you can believe that -- and, apparently, the prankster actually got first responders to rush over to POTUS' crib.

According to the Associated Press, a fake 911 call was placed Monday morning in the D.C. area just after 7 AM ... and the person who phoned in filed a BS report of a fire breaking out at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., while going on to claim someone was trapped inside.

President Joe Biden and his family were not at the WH this morning, BTW ... they were over at Camp David, and not long after -- he touched down in Philly for an MLK event later today.

It's unclear if JB was immediately aware of the swatting attempt -- but in any case, it sounds like it worked ... 'cause AP reports that the local fire department rushed over to the White House, where they met with Secret Staffers to figure out what the hell was going on.

Of course, none of it was true ... something official realized quite quickly. AP says that when the authorities tried calling the number that first called in -- the person on the other end denied placing any such call ... so the whole thing was just an elaborate practical joke.

Swatting incidents happen to celebs all the time -- but it's stunning D.C. got duped at the most famous residence in the world. You'd think they'd have cams on the place ... apparently not!

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