Jacqueline Avant Suspect Shot Himself in Foot with AR-15 ... Caught on Video After Attack


3:30 PM PT -- Maynor was sentenced to 4 years for second-degree robbery with enhancements for prior felony conviction in November 2018. He was released on parole supervision on Sept. 1, 2021 after serving his full sentence.

The man who allegedly killed Jacqueline Avant was caught in a backyard roughly an hour after shooting the 81-year-old ... and video shows him handcuffed to a wheelchair after being taken into custody.

According to cops, Aariel Maynor traveled from Beverly Hills to the Hollywood Hills after his attack on the Avant home. He attempted to break into another home in the Hills, and in the process somehow shot himself in the foot with an AR-15.

You can see in new video, Maynor was tended to by paramedics, and handcuffed to a wheelchair while he was loaded into an ambulance. Maynor appears to be quite chatty with first responders, though it's unclear exactly what he was saying.

His right foot -- presumably the one he shot -- is bandaged.

TMZ broke the story, Maynor was arrested in connection to Avant's case ... cops say neighborhood surveillance helped them connect him from the crime in Hollywood to the murder at the Avant home.

At a press conference Thursday, Beverly Hills Police Chief Mark Stainbrook said it was still too early to decide whether or not the attack on the Avant home was random or if Maynor knew the family.

Demi Lovato I'm No Longer 'California Sober' ... Cuts Weed & Booze

Demi Lovato will no longer drink alcohol or use cannabis ... announcing they're now kicking their "California Sober" lifestyle.

The singer just posted a message on Instagram, saying, "I no longer support my 'California sober' ways. Sober sober is the only way to be." It's unclear exactly what caused the revelation, but Demi had previously been criticized for talking so highly about the lifestyle, which allowed for alcohol and marijuana use.

MARCH 2021

As we reported, Demi revealed in an interview earlier this year that they were "5-10 minutes from death" when they overdosed on heroin in 2018.

After a lengthy stint in rehab, Demi was able to get back to their singing career and share their message of struggle with substance abuse.

In March, Demi released "Dancing with the Devil" on YouTube TV ... which chronicled their struggles, singing career, and even praised the "California Sober" lifestyle. They later released a song called "California Sober."

Chris Cuomo CNN Suspends Him Indefinitely ... For Helping Bro, Andrew

Chris Cuomo will be off the air for the foreseeable future on CNN's airwaves -- the cable news network just suspended the guy ... all over his efforts to protect his brother.  The question ... does Chris survive this at CNN?

CNN just announced they're benching Chris indefinitely over newly released evidence put out by the New York Attorney General's Office, which shows purported texts Chris sent to people on Andrew Cuomo's team in the middle of his sexual harassment scandal.

They say the new transcripts and exhibits that were dumped Monday "shed new light on Chris Cuomo's involvement in his brother's defense. The documents, which we were not privy to before their public release, raise serious questions."

CNN goes on to add Chris told them he admitted he'd offered advice to his brother's staff, breaking their rules ... which the network acknowledged publicly some time ago.

A network rep says they understood where he was coming from at the time, but in light of this -- they say, "[T]hese documents point to a greater level of involvement ... than we previously knew." As a result, he's suspended pending further evaluation.

ICYMI ... Chris was revealed to have texted about specific accusers, including Anna Ruch -- who accused Andrew of kissing her at a wedding. CC allegedly wrote to a staffer of Andrew's ... "I have a lead on the wedding girl," which implies he was looking into her.


The NY AG docs also suggest Chris was reaching out to his media industry sources to get recon on who else might be coming forward with allegations against his bro.

As you know ... Gov. Cuomo ultimately resigned from his post, maintaining he never purposely did anything inappropriate. However, he has since been embroiled legally as well ... now facing criminal charges over some of the claims against him.

Cuomo's ratings have tanked over the last few months, and the fact CNN is characterizing his suspension as "indefinite" opens the door to the question ... will CC ever return to the CNN anchor seat?

Stay tuned

Evander Kane Claims He's Fully Vaccinated Dodges Fake Card Questions

San Jose Sharks

No need for Evander Kane to have a fake COVID-19 vaccine card now -- at least that's what he's claiming -- 'cause the NHL star says he's now fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.

The 30-year-old pro faced the media as he was assigned to the AHL's San Jose Barracuda on Tuesday ... and naturally, he was asked about allegedly getting busted for submitting a bogus COVID-19 vaccine card to the NHL.

Kane was suspended as a result of the investigation ... and now that he's back after being waived by the Sharks, he was given the chance to clear the air -- but dodged the hell outta the question.

“You'll have to refer to the NHL statement they put out via suspension," Kane said. "I served my time, did my 21 games and now I'm back."

Kane has faced a number of issues this season -- he was accused of betting on games and sexually and physically abusing his estranged wife, which he's adamantly denied.

Cody Bellinger's Model GF Baby Bellinger Is Here!!! ... 'Welcome To The World'

Cody Bellinger and his model GF, Chase Carter, are officially parents -- the Dodgers announced the couple's baby girl has just been born!

Bellinger's team said in a social media post Tuesday that the newest Belli entered the world this week ... and revealed her name is Caiden Carter Bellinger.

The team congratulated the star outfielder and his significant other ... giving a "welcome to the world" caption to the latest member of the Bellinger family.

No official word yet from either Mom or Dad on the birth -- we're sure a post is being prepped as we type -- but the two both shared the Dodgers' post and are no doubt thrilled about the addition nonetheless.

As we previously reported, Chase -- who's been dating Cody for about a year now -- revealed her pregnancy on Instagram back in July ... and Cody was thrilled about it all at the time, writing on Chase's post, "Ay ay ayyyyyyyy!!"

The best part for Cody -- baseball season is months away from kicking off ... meaning Belli's got plenty of time to enjoy his new role as Dad.


Dr. Oz Official Candidate for U.S. Senate


11:53 AM PT -- Dr. Oz just made the announcement official, posting a video to reveal he's running for Senate. He talks his TV accomplishments, how he believes leaders in Washington D.C. got handling COVID wrong and vows to be a candidate who will "tell it like it is."

Matthew McConaughey may have chickened out in running for Texas Governor, but we've learned Dr. Mehmet Oz is going full bore in Pennsylvania ... because our sources say he has decided to run for a U.S. Senate seat.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... Dr. Oz has just made a multi-million dollar media buy in the state ... a media buy to push his impending candidacy.

Oz appeared on TMZ Live recently and was coy about running, but he sounded like he was leaning in that direction. Since then, we've learned he now has a full campaign staff, including Chris Hansen -- not the Chris Hansen from "To Catch a Predator" -- to manage the campaign. Hansen ran the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Dr. Oz will run as a Republican for Pat Toomey's seat ... Toomey is retiring.

As for his show, we haven't gotten official word, but it's likely Dr. Oz will step back from the talk show -- at least, over the next few months.

We're told Oz may make the announcement Tuesday night on FNC's "Hannity."

Bill Cosby U.S. SUPREME COURT Needs to WEIGH IN ... Prosecutors Say PA's High Court Got It Wrong!!!

Bill Cosby is a free man, but prosecutors are asking the highest court in the land to review his case ... claiming he was never given immunity from a PA prosecutor in the Andrea Constand case.

According to new legal docs obtained by TMZ ... prosecutors in Pennsylvania are asking the U.S. Supreme Court to look at the PA Supreme Court's ruling which overturned Cosby's conviction -- leading to his immediate release from prison.

JUNE 2021
FOX 29

Remember, Cosby walked free back in June after serving more than 2 years of a 10-year sentence in his sexual assault case. The PA Supreme Court ruled the conviction was bogus because Cosby had relied on an agreement with a previous prosecutor to not criminally charge him when he was deposed in the Constand case.

In new docs, prosecutors are calling on the U.S. Supreme Court to right what they say is a "grievous wrong," arguing Cosby's overturned conviction is a slippery slope that could set a dangerous precedent.

They insist Cosby wasn't given lifetime immunity from prosecution just because the former prosecutor declined to criminally charge him at the time.

The appeal is a bit of a Hail Mary on behalf of prosecutors. The U.S. Supreme Court hears less than 1% of petitions, but there's still a chance ... however slim.

Cosby's spokesperson, Andrew Wyatt, is ripping prosecutors over the appeal, saying the D.A.'s Office is "unwilling to accept its epic loss" and he's calling it a "pathetic last-ditch effort that will not prevail."

Brian Laundrie Parents Discovered Missing Gun ... Never Made Public

Brian Laundrie may have killed himself with a handgun he took from his parent's home, but information about the missing gun was kept secret ... until now.

The Laundrie family attorney, Steven Bertolino, tells TMZ, Chris and Roberta Laundrie voluntarily surrendered all of the guns in their home to police back on Sept. 17. At the time they were aware a handgun was missing.

@mikerreports / Fox News Digital

Bertolino says law enforcement felt it was best not to reveal the gun was MIA. He also says Brian's parents "were shocked the gun was missing and they were upset."

Fox 13 Tampa Bay

As we reported, a Florida medical examiner concluded Brian Laundrie died by a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Authorities have not said if the missing handgun was found at the scene.

What's puzzling ... if there was well-placed suspicion Brian Laundrie had a gun, why wasn't a warning sent out that he might be armed and dangerous? After all, he was missing for weeks and he could have been on the run.

As you know  ... Brian returned to Florida from a cross-country trip he'd gone on with his fiancee, Gabby Petito, but he came back by himself -- with no Gabby in sight. Shortly after touching down in North Port again and seeing his parents ... Brian himself disappeared without a trace. Gabby's body was discovered weeks later. The M.E. says she died from strangulation.

Stephen Sondheim Broadway Legend, Songwriter, Composer Dies

Broadway legend Stephen Sondheim, famous for his song writing and music compositions, has died.

Stephen died Friday at his home in Roxbury, CT ... according to a New York Times report citing his lawyer, F. Richard Pappas.

The cause of death is currently unclear ... but it sounds sudden, because Stephen's lawyer says he had celebrated Thanksgiving dinner with his friends in the area.

Simply put, Stephen is the godfather of the American musical ... writing lyrics for famous plays like "West Side Story" plus "Follies," "Into The Woods," "Pacific Overtures," "Sweeney Todd," "Company," "A Little Night Music," "Merrily We Roll Along," "Sunday in the Park With George," "Passion," "Assassins" and "Gypsy."

Stephen's decorated Broadway career includes three Tony awards, a lifetime achievement award from the Kennedy Center and a Presidential Medal of Freedom from Barack Obama.

In addition, his name now adorns the famous Broadway house in New York City formerly known as Henry Miller's Theater.

Stephen celebrated his 90th birthday in March 2020, but the pandemic postponed a Broadway revival of his famous "Company" ... though he was later honored by Broadway performers singing his famous songs.

SS recently got some movie love ... he's portrayed in the new Lin-Manuel Miranda movie "Tick, Tick...Boom!" which just dropped this week on Netflix ... with Bradley Whitford playing the role.

Stephen was 91.


Jessie J Emotional Performance Day After Miscarriage


Jessie J gave an emotional, 2-hour performance Wednesday night, just a day after her miscarriage.

Jessie says she found out about the devastating news when she went for her third scan and was told the baby did not have a heartbeat.

Jessie showed up in L.A. for the acoustic show at The Hotel Cafe, and told the crowd ... "I decided to have a baby by myself and by a miracle it worked for a while and yesterday it was f***ing s***." She went on ... "This year has been hands down the hardest year I've ever had to get through ... I lost my baby and I know I'm going to be OK."

As for how she mustered the strength to put on a performance, she answered that before the show, saying, "What I do know is that I want to sing tonight. Not because I'm avoiding the grief or the process, but because I know singing tonight will help me."

Before the show, Jessie posted, "I started singing when I was young for joy, to fill my soul and self-love therapy, that hasn't ever changed and I have to process this my way," adding, "I want to be honest and true and not hide what I'm feeling. I deserve that. I want to be as myself as I can be in this moment. Not just for the audience but for myself and my little baby that did its best."

She ended by saying, "I'm still in shock. The sadness is overwhelming. But, I know I am strong, and I know I will be ok ... It's the loneliest feeling in the world."

LeBron James Gets Two Courtside Fans Ejected ... During Overtime Win

8:11 PM PT -- LeBron just spoke about the incident ... and while he wouldn't specifically reveal what went down, he said obscene gestures and words would not be tolerated.

"I would never say it to a fan and a fan should never say it to a player."

LeBron James was ejected on Sunday, but it was his turn to do the booting on Wednesday ... with the Lakers superstar getting two courtside fans removed from the game during an overtime thriller.

The moment went down with 2 minutes left in OT against the Indiana Pacers ... right after Bron hit a three-pointer to put L.A. up 117-114.

It's unclear what set James off, but whatever it was triggered him to approach an official and point at a man and a woman sitting in the front row.

In the video, you can hear a fuming LeBron say "right f***ing here" and pointing directly at the fans.

Shortly after, they were being escorted out of the arena by security ... with the female fan getting one last jab in at Bron by making an animated crying gesture towards him.

Eventually, the game was resumed and the Lakers held on for the win, 124-116.

It's not the first time James has had fans removed -- last season, he had a "Courtside Karen" escorted out after being heckled in a game against the Atlanta Hawks.

Story developing ...

Ahmaud Arbery Suspects Found Guilty of Murder

Fox News

Ahmaud Arbery's death was a cold-blooded murder -- this according to a jury ... who just decided on the issue definitively.

Travis and Gregory McMichael, as well as William 'Roddie' Bryan, were all just found guilty of murder and a slew of other charges.

FOX30, Action News Jax.

All three defendants had been indicted on 9 counts each -- in addition to malice murder, the McMichaels and Bryan were also up against four counts of felony murder, two counts of aggravated assault, one count of false imprisonment and one count of criminal attempt to commit false imprisonment ... and now, they face life in prison come sentencing.


Gregory McMichael and Bryan were found not guilty on the charge of malice murder. Bryan was also found not guilty on one of the felony murder charges and a felony assault charge.

In attendance was Ahmaud's mom, Wanda, who was seated next to Rev. Al Sharpton.

The trial has been ongoing for a couple weeks now -- and the main defense -- for Travis McMichael, anyway, who shot and killed Ahmaud -- was that he was only acting in self-preservation ... with his defense attorneys arguing he feared for his life.

Travis claimed he didn't want to shoot Ahmaud, but felt he had to after they got into a scuffle on the road ... with TM alleging Ahmaud went for his gun, and he thought he'd use it.


As for the rest of them ... they all contended in court they were simply trying to make a citizen's arrest -- in the context that the McMichaels had previously been informally deputized to help out the local cops. Officers in the trial denied any such bestowment of duty.

In any case, it was a hard sell for the defendants from the beginning ... as prosecutors outlined what they described as a modern-day lynching of a Black man the defendants believed had committed a crime -- and then hopped into their vehicles to chase him down.

Georgia Bureau of Investigation

Prosecutors say Ahmaud was simply jogging through their neighborhood -- however, there was footage showing him stopping by a construction site and walking through. Because of this, the McMichaels say they approached Ahmaud to ask what he was doing there -- as there had been thefts at that same property in the weeks leading up to his arrival that day.

Before long, Ahmaud was off and running ... and the McMichaels gave chase in their truck, rounding up Bryan in the process, who trailed them and filmed the deadly moment on camera.

Despite the McMichaels' and Bryan's assertion they were just trying to rein Ahmaud in for questioning -- the jury felt they went too far, and crossed a line that cost him his life.

The entire trial has been marred with controversy from the start ... with 11 jurors being selected, all of whom were white -- save for one Black juror. People felt that would create a bias in favor of the defendants ... but, clearly, that didn't turn out to be the case.


Of course, there was also the issue of pastors in court -- or at least what one defense attorney argued was an issue, after Reverend Al Sharpton made an appearance in the gallery alongside the Arbery family.

The attorney suggested the mere presence of Black pastors could intimidate the jury -- but the judge shot him down ... as it was a ridiculous theory.

Now that their fates are sealed, sentencing comes next ... and considering the guilty verdict, many expect these men to serve out the rest of their lives behind bars. They'll appear before a judge in the near future.

As you might expect, the results are being hailed as justice ... not just by the Arberys, but by millions of people around the country. The Arbery killing was a flashpoint in 2020 -- one of several cases that led to a larger conversation about racial equity in the U.S.

U.S. Dept. of Defense Launching New UFO Task Force ... To Investigate Phenomena

11:55 AM PT -- We had UFO expert Jeremy Corbell on TMZ Live, who didn't seem too happy about the announcement, in fact, Corbell believes this is a strong-arm movement by The Pentagon to control the UFO research and hard work experts have put in over the years.


Uncle Sam wants to wrangle in the UFO phenomenon that's clearly starting to go mainstream -- and they're doing it by launching a whole new team specifically designed to dig in ... or, we should say, probe deeper.

The U.S. Dept. of Defense announced this week it's starting a task force called the Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group to look into what several people claim they've seen in the skies, dating back decades.

This new unit is going to replace the Navy's Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force -- which just got created last year. Seems like the Pentagon wants to broaden the scope here.

In a press release, the DoD says the purpose of this new group will be to "detect, identify and attribute objects of interests in Special Use Airspace," and not just that -- but also, "to assess and mitigate any associated threats to safety of flight and national security."

Translation: We wanna know who or what's flying around us, and if they come in peace!!!

DoD notes the move comes under direct orders and in coordination with top intelligence officials ... while pointing out this is the direct result of that DNI report earlier this year, which turned out to be a big nothing burger.

You'll recall, our government was unable to properly identify or explain 143 out of 144 flying objects that had been witnessed and/or documented since 2004. The Defense Dept. says the new agency is being formed to improve a system that's clearly flawed.

@jeremycorbell / Instagram

While this might seem like exactly what needs to happen in light of Congress members publicly demanding the Pentagon fess up on what it knows ... some actually see it as a bad thing, that'll only cloak info in more secrecy.

Critics claim this appears to be a shadow move by the government to keep the public in the dark -- and it's only be passed off as an attempt to discover the truth.

WNBA Players Suspended Over Wild Brawl ... Courtney Williams, Crystal Bradford

WNBA players Courtney Williams and Crystal Bradford have been punished over their involvement in a wild brawl in Atlanta back in May ... with both players getting hit with suspensions.

As we previously reported, Williams and Bradford -- who played for the Atlanta Dream at the time -- got in a violent altercation in front of a local food truck.

In the video, you can see CW squaring up and going after several women throughout the scuffle, with Bradford seemingly kicking and throwing punches at the same time.

Williams -- who posted a YouTube vid making light of the situation -- will miss the first 2 games of the upcoming WNBA season as a result of the brawl ... and apologized again for her actions Tuesday.

"It was a terribly unfortunate incident, I know that and I sincerely regret my part in it," the All-Star said in a tweet.

"Definitely was a learning life lesson! As I said before, I have a-lot more growing to do, and I’m committed to doing just that!"

Bradford was suspended one game.

Both players no longer play for the Dream and are current free agents. They'll serve their suspensions as soon as they join a team.

Waukesha Parade Suspect Charged 5 Counts of Intentional Homicide

2:32 PM PT -- Brooks' bail was just set at $5 million. There are also now reports a 6th person, a child, has died because of injuries suffered at the parade.

The man cops say is responsible for running his SUV through a Wisconsin Christmas parade, killing 5 people, and injuring dozens more has just been charged ... and is about to make a first appearance in court.

According to documents released Tuesday, Darrell Brooks Jr. has been hit with 5 counts of first-degree intentional homicide -- one count for each person killed. The docs recount how Brooks ignored attempts by both civilians and police officers to stop his vehicle.


Not only that, officers claim there were several moments when Brooks had the opportunity to exit the parade route and he stayed in ... increasing his speed and mowing people down.

In all, there were at least 62 injured by Brooks ... the 5 casualties were all adults, but we know children were among the injured.

Daniel Rider / TMX

As we reported, Brooks' arrest was captured on doorbell surveillance shortly after the massacre. He had asked the homeowners to use a phone, saying he was waiting on an Uber ... but cops were quick to catch up to him.

Brooks, who at one time had a very small-scale rap career featured the same vehicle he used in the attack in one of his videos.

Originally Published -- 2:10 PM PT

Brian Laundrie Died by Suicide Gunshot Wound to the Head

Brian Laundrie died as a result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head -- this according to the family attorney.

TMZ spoke with Steve Bertolino, who says both of Laundrie's parents have been informed the cause of death was suicide. He tells us both parents are still mourning the loss of their son, and "hope these findings bring closure to both families."

Of course, this news comes after Laundrie's bones were examined by an anthropologist.

As we reported, Laundrie's body was found out at Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park by investigators, on the advice of his parents who suggested they search that same area again.

Remember, Brian's remains were in such a state that a medical examiner could not easily determine how exactly he'd died -- and this anthropology examination was commissioned to get to the bottom of it. One part of his remains that were intact enough were his teeth ... that's how they ultimately discovered this was, indeed, Brian -- with matching dental records.

Fox 13 Tampa Bay

This seems to finally close the book on this whole saga ... at least partially, anyway. We now know how exactly Brian and Gabby Petito died ... of course, we still don't know what happened in the middle -- namely, who killed Gabby ... and what Brian's role in that was.

As we reported ... Brian returned to Florida from a cross-country trip he'd gone on with his fiancee, but he came back by himself -- with no Gabby in sight. Shortly after touching down in North Port again and seeing his parents ... Brian himself disappeared without a trace.

There was a nationwide manhunt for him that carried on for weeks and weeks -- with different would-be sightings springing up all over the place.

In the end, the guy was literally in his own backyard (metaphorically) ... and the FBI said the reason they hadn't found him earlier is that the area he ended up being in was underwater for a majority of their initial search.

Moab Police Department

Many suspected Brian's parents had perhaps been helping him or not being truthful in what they knew -- something they always denied -- and as of now, it's unclear if any charges will be brought against them.

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