Robert Horry Only 'Idiots' Use Championships ... To Measure Greatness


"All these other idiots who don't play basketball and never played basketball, when they say you wanna judge a guy's greatness by number of championships ... they're idiots."

It's safe to say Robert Horry is fed up with NBA fans using rings instead of common sense in debates ... telling TMZ Sports titles don't mean a damn thing when talkin' G.O.A.T.s.

"Here's the thing that people are so stupid about. They measure great players by how many championships they win. It's the stupidest thing," Big Shot Bob told us at the California Strong charity softball game on Sunday.

Of course, the reason we brought it up with Horry is because his old teammate, Kobe Bryant, recently joined the "All The Smoke" podcast and admitted he's "pissed" he didn't catch Michael Jordan in the ring count.

But, Horry says the whole debate over championships is pointless ... 'cause not everyone is able to win in their careers.

"That's like saying Karl Malone, Charles Barkley and Patrick Ewing are not great players."

Horry points out using that logic would make him one of the greatest hoopers to ever walk the earth, considering he's got 7 championships.

Big Shot Bob says Kobe having one less ring than MJ should have ZERO impact on his legacy ... but admits Mamba has always compared himself to Jordan.

We also asked Horry which of his 7 title runs was his favorite ... and you'll have to check out the clip to get his answer.

Lakers' Alex Caruso All-Star Votes Keep Piling Up!!! ... More Than Russ, Steph

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The Carushow may be making a stop in Chicago ... 'cause the 3rd round of NBA All-Star Game fan votes have been released ... and Alex Caruso is near the top of the list!!!

FYI, fans account for 50% of the overall All-Star voting. NBA players account for 25% and a media panel gets 25%.

The L.A. Lakers guard has become a phenomenon in the NBA over the past few seasons ... there have been memes, highlight reels and a bunch of other tributes to the 25-year-old from his cult following.

It's gotten to the point where LeBron James even calls his teammate the "G.O.A.T." every time they run into each other.

Caruso Mania has taken another step on Thursday ... 'cause the beloved player has gotten more All-Star fan votes than superstars like Russell Westbrook, Steph Curry (who has only played 4 games this season due to injury), Devin Booker and Donovan Mitchell in the West.

As of this post, Alex has more than 894k fan votes!!! Seriously, the dude's even beating guys in the East like Kyle Lowry, Ben Simmons and Bradley Beal.

Yes ... it's that wild.

FYI -- 5 starters and 7 reserve players get picked for the game ... and Caruso is currently 4th in the conference for guards.

Realistically, Caruso probably won't make the final All-Star squad ... but it's fun to watch!!

Oh, and the "Bald Eagle" ain't the only fan favorite getting major love ... the 7'6" Boston Celtics giant Tacko Fall is still a possibility to make it in the East ... he's 6th in the frontcourt with more than 757k fan votes!!!


Kim K and Kanye Watch Lakers Smash Tristan Thompson ... Courtside at Staples

2:46 PM PT -- Kim just tweeted about the game, saying, "I was there to support him! And was cheering screaming LETS GO TRISTAN!!!!! I would never boo anyone. I don't go to hate, only to cheer!"

8:54 AM PT -- Sources tell us Kim and Kanye were at the game to support Tristan. There's a video on social media of Kim "boo'ing" Tristan during free throws, but we're told it was simply in good fun. As for their courtside seats, our sources say Kim and Kanye got those independently, they weren't a hookup from TT.


Think Kim Kardashian takes pleasure in watching her sister's ex take an L in public??? HELL YEAH, SHE DOES!

Check out the smiles on Kim and Kanye's faces during the Lakers game Monday night -- grinning from ear to ear as LeBron and company put a beatdown on Tristan Thompson's Cleveland Cavaliers in a 128 to 99 shellacking!

Kim even posted a pic of Tristan on the court on her IG.

For the record, Tristan and Khloe Kardashian seem to be on decent terms these days -- but with all the drama he put her through, it must still be fun to watch him get wrecked on the court.

There were a TON of stars at Monday's game -- from Halsey and Courteney Cox to Judge Mathis and Emily Ratajkowski ... even Lily Collins and boxing star Gervonta Davis.

Andrew Yang Recruits LeBron For 2020 Campaign 'Let's Work Together!!!'


Andrew Yang is looking to get a King's endorsement for his 2020 presidential campaign ... telling TMZ Sports he wants LeBron James on his side!!

The entrepreneur-turned-Democratic candidate already has a solid list of celeb backing -- from Donald Glover to Elon Musk to Rivers Cuomo from Weezer -- but no big-time athletes ... yet.

Considering Yang's a big NBA fan, we asked -- hypothetically -- which baller he'd most want as his running mate ... and it took him like, a millisecond to give us his answer.

"I'd have to go with LeBron James," Yang tells us. "He's already shown he's got a heart of gold and loves the American people."

Yang showers the Lakers superstar with praise and throws some major shade at President Trump in the process ... saying, "He certainly could do better than the guy who's currently there."

Of course, Bron has shown support for Hillary Clinton in the past ... and even introduced her at a rally in Ohio.

LBJ has also made his feelings about POTUS crystal clear ... calling him a "bum" and a clown since #45 began his presidency.

Yang thinks LeBron would be a great addition to his team ... and gives him a personal message.

"LeBron, if you're watching ... let's work together."

Jack Nicholson Bros Out With Tory Lanez ... at L.A. Lakers Game

Rare Jack Nicholson sighting at Staples Center on Tuesday -- where the Hollywood legend returned to his old stomping grounds to watch the Lakers crush the Knicks.

... and during the game, he became BFFs with rap star Tory Lanez!

Remember, 82-year-old Jack used to be a regular at Lakers games -- and was even considered the Lake Show's #1 fan!

But, a few years ago, when the Lakers were in the thick of sucking ass ... Jack basically stopped going to games and even offered to sell his floor seats to TMZ (we couldn't afford 'em).


Good news though ... the Lakers are GOOD AGAIN (they're in 1st place in the West) and Jack is excited enough about LeBron James and co. to return to his courtside seats!

You can see in the pic, Jack and Tory became fast friends -- the 3rd guy in the pic is fashion mogul Umar Kamani. Jack's 27-year-old son, Ray Nicholson, was also there!

A bunch of other big stars came out for the game including Jimmy Iovine, Michael Che, Hannibal Burress, Andy Garcia and more!

Final Score -- 117 to 87, with LeBron dropping 31 points in 31 minutes.

Maybe we'll start seeing Jack more often!

Myles Garrett Sits Courtside With LeBron's Buddies ... At Laker Game

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Hey, look everybody!! Myles Garrett!!

The suspended Cleveland Browns superstar made a rare public appearance at the L.A. Lakers game at Staples Center on Sunday ... and he was pretty easy to spot -- wearing a bright orange jacket.

Of course, Garrett has been almost completely MIA since his infamous helmet-throwing attack on Mason Rudolph back in November ... and aside from a charity appearance for Thanksgiving, the dude's been keepin' it lowkey.


But, the hiding came to an end Sunday ... with the 24-year-old posting up with LeBron James' best friends and business partners, Rich Paul and Maverick Carter, as the Lake Show put up a dub against the Detroit Pistons.

Was it a business meeting?? Possibly ... with Myles being one of the biggest stars in Cleveland now that King James is in L.A., anything is on the table.

As for the game, the Lakers won again, 106-99, and Anthony Davis and LeBron combined for 45 points ... making their record 29-7 on the season.

Yeah, they're good.

LeBron James Happy 35th Birthday!!! ... Celebrates with Cake and Strippers


LeBron James celebrated his 35th year on earth in grand fashion.

LeBron's party was swanky -- black tie and gowns. It started at the famed Sunset Tower hotel on the Sunset Strip, and some of LeBron's teammates, including Anthony Davis, Dwight Howard, Jared Dudley, Danny Green and Kyle Kuzma. Al Harrington, Cuttino Mobley and 2 Chainz were also front and center, along with LeBron's wife, Savannah.

LeBron was smokin' a huge stogie and chowin' down on a 3-layer cake, along with his guests.

That wasn't the end of the evening. The group moved the party to Crazy Girls strip club in Hollywood. Savannah joined LeBron and crew for some late-night fun.


It's interesting ... the inscription on the cake read "LBJ." So, these days ... who's more identifiable with the letters, LBJ ... LeBron or former Prez Lyndon Baines Johnson?

Metta World Peace LeBron's Lakers Are 'Bigger' Than Kobe's


Metta World Peace is enamored by the current Lakers squad -- telling TMZ Sports they're a "bigger" sensation than his 2010 Championship team ... at least right now.

"I think they're bigger than us to tell you the truth," Metta said ... "They're 24-6 at this point? They're bigger than what we were at this point in the season."

No shade ... but Metta's wrong.

The current Lakers are 24-7. During the 2009-10 run, Metta's Lakers were 24-6 at this point.

Let's do a squad vs. squad analysis.

2009-10 Lakers -- Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Ron Artest, Derek Fisher, Lamar Odom, Shannon Brown, Andrew Bynum.

2019-20 Lakers -- LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Dwight Howard, Kyle Kuzma, JaVale McGee, Danny Green, Rajon Rondo.

So ... who ya got???

Of course, Metta's squad went on to beat the Boston Celtics in 7 games. Kobe was the series MVP.

For what it's worth, Metta thinks LeBron's Lakers will win it all this season -- "I think so. I know so!"

First, the Lakers gotta get by Portland on Saturday. Stay tuned ...

Kobe Bryant Good Samaritan After Car Crash ... Comforts Drivers


Kobe Bryant watched a major car crash unfold right in front of him in Newport Beach, CA on Friday -- but didn't leave the scene ... he stuck around to comfort everyone involved.

TMZ Sports obtained video shot moments after the accident -- we're told it was T-bone crash at an intersection -- and you can see Kobe in his fresh pink sweatsuit taking control of the situation.

In the footage, you can see Kobe walk right into the wreckage scene to speak with the people involved -- directing traffic and calling the shots before help arrived.

Witnesses couldn't believe their eyes when they saw the NBA legend get involved ... but he seemed to be making a real impact and really helped.

Tommy Hilfiger Get Me Lizzo, I Need to Work with Her ... 'She's a Star!!!'


Lizzo is going to be VERY busy in 2020 ... especially if Tommy Hilfiger can get her people on the line, because he's got big plans for the singer.

Tommy was leaving an Autism Speaks event Wednesday night at David Yurman Jewelry in L.A., and we asked about his upcoming collabs. He's already said he and J. Balvin will be getting creative in the fashion arena ... so we wanted to know what else he's got cooking, and with whom.

He said there's a long list of big names he wants to team up with, but when pressed to name just one ... L-I-Z-Z-O rolled off his tongue. You gotta see it, because you know Tommy can line up just about anyone in show biz -- but he was totally beaming when Lizzo came up.

L&L Talent

And, btw, all that controversy over Lizzo's assless outfit at the Lakers game this week ... it's not scaring off the Hilfiger brand. Tommy told us why he's anxious to work with her, no matter what she's wearing.

One word: "Star."

Lizzo Takes a Crack at Dancing Like the Laker Girls ... It's a Thong of Beauty!!!

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Lizzo damn near blew the lid off Staples Center when she twerked her butt off.

It all went down Sunday night during a break at the Timberwolves-Lakers game ... while the Laker Girls were performing to the rapper's famous track "Juice," Lizzo got all hyped up ... rapping along before going HAM.

Lizzo -- who was sitting courtside -- was right there on the jumbotron for all to enjoy ... dancing before turning around and putting on a twerk show ... proudly displaying a black thong and fishnet tights. The crowd went absolutely NUTS.

BTW ... during an interview with FOX Sports, Lizzo shoots her shot at T'Wolves star Karl Anthony-Towns. Lizzo loves her some KAT ... like, A LOT.

Not to be outdone ... the Lakers steamrolled past the T'Wolves 142-125 behind Anthony Davis' season-high 50 points.

Maybe Lizzo's a good luck BB charm.

Luke Walton Accuser Drops Sexual Assault Lawsuit

TMZ Composite

12:34 PM PT -- Kings head coach Luke Walton gave TMZ Sports a statement ... saying, "I remain 100 percent focused on coaching the Kings and will have no further comment.ā€

The woman who accused Luke Walton of sexually assaulting her in a hotel room in 2017 has officially dropped her lawsuit against the NBA coach, TMZ Sports has learned.

Kelli Tennant -- a former sports reporter -- had sued Walton claiming he forced himself on her in a Santa Monica hotel room while he was an asst. coach with the Golden State Warriors.

In her lawsuit, Tennant claimed Walton forced kisses on her neck, face and chest -- and despite telling to stop, he held her down, groped her breasts and groin, and rubbed his erection on her leg.

Tennant claimed she was "in shock and fear. She was afraid she was about to be raped," the suit states.

Walton, who now coaches the Sacramento Kings, had adamantly denied wrongdoing -- claiming Tennant, was the person who initiated their meet-up, insists it was "platonic" and nothing sexual ever occurred.

Now, Tennant has filed new court docs calling off the suit -- asking a judge to dismiss with prejudice, which means she can't refile it.

Unclear if Walton and Tennant struck a settlement -- but it's not uncommon in situations like this.

We reached out to Tennant's attorney for comment, so far, no word back.

The NBA also investigated the allegations -- but decided NOT to punish Walton and noted Tennant did not cooperate with their probe.

After she filed the lawsuit, Tennant held a press conference -- and said she did not go to law enforcement because she feared it would jeopardize her career.


We asked if there was any video or photo evidence to help prove Tennant's case, and her attorney essentially told us no.

Originally Published -- 6:26 AM PT

LeBron James KING OF FARTS (Give Us the Pulitzer)


Here's LeBron James tearing such a ferocious fart in an Oklahoma City parking lot ... it made Chris Matthews' coffee mug blush.

There's a story here ...

LeBron and Chris Paul were leaving Mohagany Prime Steakhouse in Oklahoma City on Thursday night (one day before the Lakers played the Thunder) ... when a couple of young fans spotted the stars in the parking lot.

The fans shouted out to the NBA superstars hoping to get an autograph (they were shut down) ... but they got something better.

Bron -- wearing sweatpants -- stopped in his tracks, lifted his left leg, and blasted out an ass honk so loud, you could hear it across the parking lot.

Notice, if you will, the increase in volume and intensity as he tries to clear it out before getting inside his waiting SUV.

Not only did the fans crack up laughing (because farts are hilarious) but you can hear the guys in the car give Bron some crap for trailing it into the car.

C'mon bro ... don't hotbox the ride!!!

Of course, LeBron's farts have made news before -- when he stink bombed the Cleveland Cavs bench wayyy back in the day.

You're welcome, America.

DeMarcus Cousins Harassment Charge Dropped In Threatening Call Case

Exclusive Details

DeMarcus Cousins just caught a huge break in his harassment case ... the NBA star's charges have been dropped, TMZ Sports has confirmed.

We broke the story ... the Lakers center's ex-girlfriend, Cristy West, told police she recorded a phone call with Cousins in which he threatened to "put a bullet in your f**king head" if she wouldn't let their 7-year-old child attend his wedding.


Cousins was facing a domestic violence charge -- 3rd-degree misdemeanor for harassing communications -- which carries a maximum sentence of 1 year behind bars.

Cousins was slated to have his arraignment Friday -- but the case was dropped and won't be moving forward.

One source close to DeMarcus tells us, "It was a just and fair outcome."

Unclear exactly why the case was dropped but it's not unheard of for prosecutors to bail on a case like this if the victim stops cooperating with authorities.

Despite the court situation, the NBA is still investigating on their own and could mete out punishment if they deem necessary.


Meanwhile, Cousins is still recovering from an ACL tear he suffered in the offseason and is hoping to be healthy enough to join the team if they make a playoff run.

Rob Gronkowski Dances His Face Off With Lakers Girls ... And Venus Williams!!!

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The newest Laker Girl is ... GRONK?!

Yep, the (ex?) NFL superstar hit the court at Staples Center on Tuesday night to join the Laker Girls with Venus Williams and James Corden ... and it was ... something!!!

There were high kicks, hip thrusts and some booty poppin' ... and LA's home crowd LOVED IT!!!

If we had to guess, seems the routine was all for a bit for Corden's "The Late Late Show" ... because why the hell else would this happen?

One person who was (sorta) impressed? Rob Gronkowski's girlfriend Camille Kostek, who used to cheerlead for the Patriots.

"Still deciding if Iā€™m a proud girlfriend over this," Camille said. "Nevertheless .... this is an EPIC #NeverNotDancing moment I am proud to witness by Mr James and Robert James I LOVE YOU BOTH"

The wild show capped off an eventful day for Gronk ... 'cause just hours before he broke it down at Staples Center, he announced he was staying retired this season and opting to party instead.

As for how the Lakers fared with the 6'6", 265-pound beast rootin' them on ... they kicked ass, beating Oklahoma City, 112-107.

Maybe LeBron can do some more recruiting to L.A. and get Gronk there full-time???

Dave Chappelle Puts Up Shots At Lakers Practice ... Fans Out With LeBron

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Dave Chappelle worked on his jumper at Lakers practice on Monday -- and if that's not the most L.A. sentence of the day, we don't know what is.

Chappelle linked up with the whole squad at the team facility and even posed for pics with LeBron James, who was wearing some REALLY short shorts (are Dave's arms bigger than Bron's BTW?)

But, when the team took the court, Chappelle went with 'em and even got pointers from Lakers guard Quinn Cook to improve his stepback game, according to Lakers reporter Dave McMenamin.

Of course, ya can't watch Dave hoop without thinking about that legendary "Chapelle's Show" skit with Charlie Murphy ... you know the one, THE PRINCE BASKETBALL GAME!

Chappelle kept his street clothes on this time around ... and while we wasn't exactly hitting all his shots, he's no Chance The Rapper either.

No word on why Dave was at practice ... but the team HOOKED HIM UP with his own custom Lakers jersey!! Wonder if they brought pancakes too?!

RIP Charlie Murphy ... and just for old time's sake, click here.