Braves' Charlie Morton Breaks Leg During World Series ... But Still Pitches!!!

Atlanta Braves pitcher Charlie Morton etched his name into MLB lore Tuesday night ... 'cause he broke his leg during Game 1 of the World Series -- but still pitched on it!!

Morton took a comebacker off his shin in the 2nd inning of ATL's tilt with the Astros in Houston ... and right away, it was clear something was off with the Braves' ace.

Morton hobbled a bit back to the mound with a pained expression on his face -- but he still managed to get the next two outs to end the inning.

And, despite sitting in the dugout in pain while his team batted in the top of the 3rd inning, Morton still came out to pitch in the bottom of the inning!

The 37-year-old actually struck out Jose Altuve -- but was in so much pain, he was helped off the mound by trainers.

Atlanta officials later revealed Morton's X-rays showed he had broken his right fibula ... and they immediately ruled him out for the rest of the series with the 'Stros.

The Herculean effort, though, was not wasted ... because Morton's pitching helped Atlanta secure the Game 1 victory -- and now the Braves only need 3 more wins to take home the Commissioner's Trophy.

Tough dude.

White Sox Pitcher Ryan Tepera I Think Astros Are Still Cheating 'It's A Different Game Here'


White Sox pitcher Ryan Tepera clearly believes the Astros haven't stopped cheating despite being busted in 2020 ... telling reporters Sunday he thinks something fishy is still happening in Houston.

Tepera made the insinuation following the Sox's first playoff victory over the 'Stros ... saying he can see a tangible difference in Houston's offense at Minute Maid Park vs. away from it.

"It's a different game here at our field," Tepera said. "You play at Minute Maid, and they’re doing something over there that's a little different."

Tepera said the Astros' swings and misses on pitches -- they struck out 16 times on Sunday in Chicago vs. 16 total times in the first two games of the series in Houston -- tell the whole story.

"I mean, it is what it is," said Tepera, who threw two scoreless innings in the White Sox's 12-6 win in Game 3 of the ALDS. "They've obviously had a reputation of doing some sketchy stuff over there. We can say that it's a little bit of a difference."

"I think you saw the swings and misses tonight compared to the first two games at Minute Maid."

Of course, the Astros are no strangers to cheating allegations ... they were found to have used an illegal sign-stealing system back in the 2017 and 2018 seasons that ultimately caused Houston to fire manager A.J. Hinch and general manager Jeff Luhnow.

The team has obviously insisted there's been no cheating since ... but Tepera certainly seems to believe otherwise.

Game 4 is slated to begin in just a few hours on Monday ... anyone listening more intently for trash-can banging now?

Dusty Baker 72-Year-Old Chugs Bubbly Out Of Cleat ... To Celebrate Astros Win!!!


Dusty Baker partied like he was in his 20s again to celebrate his Astros' division-clinching win Thursday night ... chugging champagne straight out of a cleat!!!

The 72-year-old manager drank the bubbly in Houston's locker room after scoring the big 3-2 win over the Tampa Bay Rays ... and check out the video -- it's both gross AND awesome!!!

Just minutes after the 'Stros had locked up the AL West crown, Baker and the guys hit the showers ... and the players lost their minds when their manager pulled off the shoey.

Of course, Baker had good reason to celebrate ... it's the FIFTH different team he's led to a division title in his legendary managing career.

"That was the hardest but greatest year ever for me," Baker told the guys before drinking out of the shoe. "I love you guys, man!"

As for the rest of the 'Stros -- seems they got in the shoe booze game as well ... 'cause they, too, had cleats and alcohol out just before Baker took his sips!!

No worries about hangovers, either ... playoffs don't begin until next week.

In other words ... plenty of time to sleep it off, Dusty!

L.A. Dodgers Fans Troll Astros With Trash Cans ... Boos & 'Cheaters' Chants Too

L.A. fans trolled the hell out of the Astros during their 1st encounter with Houston at Dodger Stadium since the 'Stros were busted for sign stealing ... with people throwing trash cans, mercilessly booing and even breaking out "cheaters" chants.

It all went down Tuesday night ... when Dodgers fans FINALLY got to see the Astros in person in L.A. after the pandemic had prevented them from hitting the ballpark during their games last season.

And, it didn't take long for Dodgers fans to begin spitting fire ... with "boos" raining down HARD during the broadcast of Houston's starting lineup.

The jeers eventually turned into park-wide "cheaters" chants ... and later in the game, fans threw trash bins on the field too.

Of course, MLB officials revealed just before the start of the 2020 season that Houston illegally stole signs using an elaborate trash can-banging scheme in 2017 (the year it beat the Dodgers for their first and only World Series title) and in 2018.

And, clearly, L.A. is still furious over it all ... with things getting so crazy on the field Tuesday, Dodgers P.A. announcers had to remind fans to not throw objects into the outfield.

A number of Dodger fans even threw trash at a nearby Astros fan -- wearing a "0 Fuxgivin" jersey -- in the outfield stands ... resulting in a violent scuffle.

Rose Thomas/@22roseanna22

Houston, though, got the last laugh ... at least in Game 1 of the teams' 2-game series this week -- 'cause it ended up beating the Dodgers 3-0.

Game 2 kicks off Wednesday night at 6:40 PM PT ... with Max Scherzer set to make his L.A. debut.

Getchya popcorn ready.

L.A. Dodgers Fans Invade Houston to Harass Astros! ... 'CHEATERS!!!!'

So much for home-field advantage.

A massive crowd of Dodgers fans flocked to Minute Maid Park in Houston to watch L.A. take on the Astros on Tuesday ... and trolled the living hell outta the home team over the infamous cheating scandal!!

It was the first time fans were in attendance for a Dodgers vs. Astros game in Houston since the 2017 World Series -- which, of course, many believe was tainted due to the 'Stros' elaborate electronic sign-stealing operation.

"Cheaters!" chants? Check. Mean signs? Check. Blowup trash cans? Check. Dominant win for the Dodgers? Big ass check.

The scene was insanity as Clayton Kershaw led L.A. to an easy 9-2 win ... and you gotta think the Dodger fans taking over the stadium had to play a part in it.

Of course, Dodgers players and fans have refused to forgive the Astros for robbing them of a title in '17 ... and let their hatred ring from start to finish.

The signs were aplenty -- with fans saying things like "Read this sign ... you cheated!" and making references to the trash can that was used in the operation as the real MVP of the series.

Dodgers star Justin Turner was a huge fan of the support ... saying, "It was awesome. Some of the guys said tonight it finally felt like we were playing real baseball again."

"We knew it was going to be loud. We knew there was going to be energy in the building tonight. Our Dodger fans obviously traveled really well."

But, bad news for the 'Stros ... Pantone 294 -- the group that organized the takeover -- is teasing it's only gonna get worse for Houston on Wednesday night.

And, to make things more fun, Trevor Bauer -- who hates the Astros with a burning passion -- is on the mound. So, yeah, don't miss it.

L.A. Angels Fans Troll Astros With Barrage Of Trash Cans ... & 'Astros Suck' Chants!!!


Angels fans let the cheating-ass Astros HAVE IT during their game in L.A. on Monday night ... chanting insults at them and trolling them with a symphony of banging trash cans!!!

The scene was epic ... in right field at Angel Stadium of Anaheim, fans had a seemingly endless supply of garbage bins to heckle Houston players with.

It started early in the night when one fan lifted one over his head and banged on it incessantly.

Later, one person actually threw an inflatable trash can onto the field. Then, just minutes after that, someone dumped an entire bin over the wall!

Things got so relentless -- the Angels actually had to set up security in right field to make sure it all calmed down!!!

Eventually, the trash bins seemed to get to Houston ... 'cause it blew a 5-3 lead late in the game and ultimately lost, 7-6!

And, the limited capacity crowd sure let the Astros know about it ... joining in unison to chant "Astros suck!" at players.

Of course, the 'Stros are still hated by everyone after MLB officials determined they illegally stole signs and banged on trash cans to relay them to batters during their World Series run in 2017 and the following year.

The players caught a bit of a break last season with no fans allowed in stadiums ... but it's clear, they ain't gonna get the same kind of treatment this year.

Better get that skin tough, Houston ... it could be a long 2021!!

Miguel Cabrera Astros 2017 W.S. Isn't Tainted ... 'That's Bulls***'

The Houston Astros do NOT deserve an asterisk next to their 2017 World Series championship ... so says Miguel Cabrera, who thinks the notion of a tainted title is "bulls***."

The MLB superstar didn't mince words in an interview with ESPN this week ... saying straight-up Houston earned its '17 ring, despite its massive sign-stealing, cheating scandal that season.

"In the end ... it's baseball," the future Hall of Famer said. "[Try to] go ahead and do it like those guys did."

It's a hot take from Cabrera ... considering most of Miguel's baseball peers wildly disagree.

MVPs like Cody Bellinger and Mike Trout have blasted the Astros for their roles in the cheating ordeal ... and were HEATED when none of the players were severely punished.

In fact, former Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia has been so livid over it all ... he's ripped the 'Stros every opportunity he's had, even recently calling Carlos Correa a "clown."

Cabrera -- whose Tigers manager is now former Astros 2017 bench honcho A.J. Hinch -- clearly sees things differently ... saying of the entire ordeal, "I don't care about that."

Cabrera says Hinch has been nothing but a good dude since the Tigers hired him this offseason ... adding, "I don't care what they did in Houston."

"He [was] a big part of the success Houston had the last three to five years."

For the Astros' part ... many of their star players have apologized for the scandal -- and Hinch himself has taken responsibility for his role in all the cheating.

Alex Cora On Astros Cheating Scandal I Served My Penalty and I Deserved It

Alex Cora is apologizing for his role in the Houston Astros cheating scandal -- and admitting he "deserved" the punishment he received from Major League Baseball.

45-year-old Cora was a bench coach for the 'Stros during the 2017 season -- and parlayed his success into a better job, manager of the Boston Red Sox.

Of course, an MLB investigation found Cora and several others used technology to steal pitching signs from other teams -- which ultimately gave an advantage to Houston's hitters. Cora has previously said he was not the "sole mastermind" but he's clearly accepting some of the blame.

After MLB's investigation, Cora was slapped with a 1-year suspension and the Red Sox parted ways with him.

But, now that the ban is up, the Sox have hired him back -- and he broke his silence about the situation Tuesday during a press conference.

"I deserved what happened this year," Cora told reporters about his suspension ... "It's something that I'm not proud of."

"We went through the whole process with the Commissioner's Office and the Dept. of Investigations, at the end, I got my penalty and I served it."

Cora apologized to the Red Sox for putting them in a tough spot after they hired him -- saying he understands it made the organization look bad.

"As a leader, as a person that enjoys the game -- I put this organization in a tough spot and I'm sorry."

Cora says he doesn't want to exploit his 2nd chance "to make it seem like it's a great comeback story."

Instead, Cora says he wants other people to learn from his mistakes so they don't go down the same road.

"This situation is part of who I am for the rest of my career. As a man, I have to deal with it. I don’t want people to make it seem like it's a great comeback story."

He added, "I know there’s a lot of people that I disappointed and for that I’m sorry … I'm still Alex, I made a mistake."

"I'm not proud of it. I'm not happy about it. But, we have to move on."

Ex-Astros GM Jeff Luhnow Sues Team Cheated Me Out of $22 Mil ... Over Cheating Scandal

Ex-Houston Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow is suing his former team for more than $22 MILLION -- claiming he was wrongly made the scapegoat for the cheating scandal despite having nothing to do with it.

53-year-old Luhnow -- who was hired by the Astros in 2011 -- says he signed a deal with the team in 2018 that included $31 million in guaranteed compensation in addition to performance bonuses.

But, when the team fired him for cause following an investigation into allegations the team conducted a high-tech sign-stealing system in 2017 ... Luhnow claims he got screwed out of a ton of money, more than $22 million.

In his breach of contract lawsuit, Luhnow claims the Astros fired him "even though [he] had no knowledge of -- or involvement in -- the sign-stealing schemes."

He adds, "Yet everyone above and below Luhnow in the Astros organization came away unscathed" -- including the "video room employees who conceived and orchestrated the sign stealing system."

Luhnow claims the "investigation" -- which he puts in quotes in his suit -- was "deeply flawed" and wrongly made him a scapegoat, claiming he had knowledge of they scheme.

"The truth is the Astros had no basis to fire Luhnow, a respected executive with an unblemished record and a 16 year history of compliance with MLB rules."

The Astros fired Luhnow in January 2020 -- after the MLB report was released.

He was hit with a 1-year ban -- same as manager A.J. Hinch -- but Luhnow has not been hired by another team.

Hinch, on the other hand, was just hired to manage the Detroit Tigers.

So far, no comment from the Astros.

Alex Cora Re-Hired As Red Sox Manager ... After Serving Ban For Role In Astros Scandal

Alex Cora is back in Boston ... the Red Sox have re-hired him as their manager after he spent this past season serving a ban for his role in the Astros' cheating scandal.

The team made the move Friday ... according to MLB Network's Jon Heyman, who added Red Sox brass interviewed Cora last week in Puerto Rico.

"Apparently," Heyman reported, "he answered all their questions satisfactorily."

Of course, the hiring will no doubt cause controversy in MLB circles ... Cora was outed as one of the integral pieces of the Astros' sign-stealing cheating scandal back in 2017.

Commissioner Rob Manfred said in a report last February that Cora -- a 'Stros bench coach at the time -- was the mastermind behind the whole trash-banging scheme.

For his part, Alex didn't deny the cheating and accepted the one-season ban that Manfred hit him with ... but the 45-year-old manager added he was pissed others involved in the scheme weren't hit with similar punishments.

"We all did it," Cora said in an interview with ESPN this summer ... before adding, "Everyone who was part of the team from around mid-May until the end of the season, we are all responsible."

Cora was a great manager for the Sox before his ban ... he won 192 games -- including a World Series -- in 2 seasons with the team after they hired him before the 2018 season.

Sen. Ben Sasse Uses ACB Hearing To Crap On Astros ... 'Miserable Cheaters'


"I'd like to talk about the Houston Astros, who are miserable cheaters."

Nebraska U.S. Senator Ben Sasse used time during the Amy Coney Barrett hearing Wednesday to dump ALL OVER the Astros ... and we gotta say, it was funny as hell!!

The 48-year-old Republican was trying to make a point to ACB ... when he went on a long tangent RIPPING Carlos Correa, Alex Bregman and the rest of the 'Stros.

"All baseball fans know the Houston Astros cheat," Sasse said. "They steal signs. They bang on cans. They've done a whole bunch of miserable things historically."

Sasse continued, "They deserve to be punished probably more than they have been."

Sasse was briefly interrupted by Texas U.S. senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn ... but the dude kept on going forward regardless!

Eventually, Ben got to a point ... he said ACB has to turn down people trying to influence her decisions the same way umpires turn away cheating requests from baseball players.

We know ... kind of a stretch, but, hey, we're chucklin'!

By the way, the Astros are just one game away from being eliminated from the postseason ... if the Rays get the W in Game 4 Wednesday night, it's on to 2021 for Houston.

Everybody got their Tampa hats on?

CC Sabathia Rips 'Clown' Carlos Correa In Epic Rant ... 'Shut The F*** Up!!!'

"The kid’s a clown!"

CC Sabathia lost his mind on Carlos Correa in an epic rant this month ... telling the Houston Astros star to straight-up "shut the f*ck up!"

If you missed it, after Correa and the 'Stros beat the Minnesota Twins to move on into the 2nd-round of the MLB playoffs last week ... Carlos rubbed some salt in Houston haters' wounds.

"I know a lot of people are mad," Correa said after the series W. "I know a lot of people don’t want to see us here, but what are they going to say now?"

Sabathia was asked about those comments on the 'R2C2 podcast' ... and the former New York Yankees ace didn't hold back.

"They cheated and then they’re mad at us!" Sabathia said. "Like get the f*ck out of here!”

"It’s a f*cking joke," CC added. "And, then you finish under .500 this year. Like, shut the f*ck up!"

Of course, CC's had BIG BEEF with Correa and the Astros over their cheating scandal for a long time now ... he's clearly felt burned given his Yankees teams lost to the Astros in both the 2017 and 2019 playoffs.

In fact, despite being buds with Astros manager Dusty Baker ... CC made it crystal clear he's hoping the A's whoop Houston in their upcoming ALDS series.

"Man," CC said, "f*ck them dudes, man."

L.A. Dodgers' Joe Kelly Rips 'Little Bitch' Astros ... 'Not Respectable Men To Me'

Big Swing Podcast hosted by Ross Stripling and Cooper Rules

"I think I'll be irritated forever."

L.A. Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly just RIPPED the Houston Astros ... calling the players "snitches" and "little bitches" over their cheating scandal in a scathing rant.

The reliever sounded off on his teammate, Ross Stripling's "Big Swing Podcast" ... making the comments shortly after he was suspended 8 games for his role in a near Astros-Dodgers brawl last month.

Kelly explained to Stripling how he thought his ban was BS ... and then went absolutely IN on the Astros for the way he believes they passed off blame in their 2017 cheating scandal.

Kelly says the players wrongly let bench coach Alex Cora and GM Jeff Luhnow -- who were both fired after MLB's investigation -- take the fall for the sign-stealing scheme ... saying, "all they do is go snitch like a little bitch, and they don't have to get fined, they don't have to lose games."

Kelly added, "When you take someone's livelihood ... to save your own ass, that's what I don't like. Cheating? They cheated. Everyone knows they're cheaters."

"They know they're cheaters. It's over. That's been there, done that. But now, they mess it up by ruining other people's lives, so they f*cked it up twice."

Kelly -- who wasn't on the 2017 Dodgers team that lost to the Astros in the World Series but did play under Cora in 2018 with the Red Sox -- says Houston players' actions were "one of the worst things that you could probably do."

"They're not respectable men to me," Kelly said.


As for his role in the infamous Astros-Dodgers game last month ... Kelly says he has no idea why baseball banned him -- insisting when he threw at Alex Bregman and Carlos Correa, it wasn't intentional.

In fact, Kelly blamed the Astros for all of the ensuing commotion ... saying he was the one who properly socially distanced and followed CDC guidelines amid the chaos.

"They walked out of their dugout, walked toward us," Kelly said. "Carlos Correa f*cking spit at our team."

Kelly has since had his suspension reduced to five games after his appeal. The Dodgers, meanwhile, are slated to play the Astros again for a two-game series in September.

Oakland A's Laureano Charges Astros' Dugout ... First MLB Brawl Ensues

The first actual brawl in the 2020 MLB season just unfolded before our eyes -- and lo and behold ... it was against the Houston Astros.

The A's were playing Houston Sunday for a day game, and during the 7th inning ... Astros pitcher Humberto Castellanos beaned A's outfielder Ramon Laureano in the back, which ticked him off. He had words for Castellanos, but then directed his anger at the dugout.

It looks like one of the Astros hitting coaches was chirping at Laureano, which then prompted the A's slugger to charge the dugout. Several Astros players stepped in before Laureano could reach his target -- it looks like Dustin Garneau took him down and others piled on.

This led to the benches clearing and other players to tussle and wrestle on the ground, while others tried pulling one another off. Some were wearing masks, others weren't -- and the fact it was the first actual physical brawl of the COVID-era season made it all the more bizarre.

Of course, there's likely going to be some harsh penalties dished out here because of this -- MLB has strongly discouraged physical closeness/confrontations ... especially if they can be avoided. They've said they'll hand down whatever regular fines or suspensions they normally do in these types of situations, but won't cut 'em down at all for the shortened season.

We already saw what the Dodgers-Astros bench-clearing ruckus drew as far as punishment -- imagine what'll be issued here where fists and bodies actually collided.

Diamondbacks' Archie Bradley Appears To Flip Off Cheater Astros ... After Mammoth HR

Courtesy of MLB

The hatred for the cheating-ass Houston Astros looks to be still rolling along smoothly ...

Here's video of Arizona Diamondbacks closer Archie Bradley appearing to flip off the 'Stros after a huge home run Wednesday night ... and it's pretty hilarious!!!

In the 5th inning of the D'Backs' rout of Houston in Phoenix ... Nick Ahmed blasted a moon shot bomb deep to left-center field that had Arizona's players going crazy.

The camera panned around to everyone while Ahmed was rounding the bases -- and when it got to the Diamondbacks' bullpen, you can see Bradley clear as day pumpin' a middle finger toward the diamond.

Was it directed at the 'Stros players? Seems like it. Was it because Houston was caught in a massive sign-stealing, cheating scheme that rocked baseball? Probably.

Bradley hasn't addressed the single-barrel salute with media yet ... so it's all unclear at the moment.

What is clear, though ... is everyone still hates the Astros for their roles in a 2017 cheating scandal.


Remember, Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly was just suspended 8 GAMES by MLB after he almost incited a brawl by nearly beaning both Alex Bregman and Carlos Correa in a game last week.

Kelly has since appealed the ban ... saying it wasn't intentional -- but MLB has yet to make a final ruling.

L.A. Dodgers' Joe Kelly Suspended 8 Games For Throwing at Cheater Astros Players


2:12 PM PT -- MLB has just hit Joe Kelly with an 8-GAME suspension for throwing at multiple Houston Astros players during Tuesday night's game.

The league cited Kelly's history of intentionally throwing at batters for the lengthy punishment. Remember, it's only a 60-game season so 8 games is a big deal.

"Kelly, who has previously been suspended in his career for intentional throwing, threw a pitch in the area of the head of Alex Bregman and later taunted Carlos Correa, which led to the benches clearing," MLB said.

Kelly is appealing his suspension -- but good luck with that.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts also got a 1-game suspension as a result of Kelly’s action.

Both Kelly and Roberts will begin their suspension Wednesday night -- when the Dodgers continue their series with Houston.

Additionally, Astros manager Dusty Baker was fined for the bench-clearing incident that ensued.

L.A. Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly was a man out for REVENGE on Tuesday -- firing baseballs at the cheating ass Houston Astros ... and nearly igniting a brawl in the process.

He talked trash to the players. He threw a 96 MPH fastball at Alex Bregman's head. And, mocked several players from the mound.

He also struck out Carlos Correa and shouted, "Nice swing, bitch!"

It was all part of a highly anticipated matchup between the Dodgers and the Astros -- the first time the teams had played since an MLB investigation revealed Houston had cheated their faces off during the 2017 season.

Kelly wasn't on the Dodgers during that 2017 World Series run -- but he was on the Boston Red Sox, which had been eliminated by the Astros in the ALCS earlier that year.

So, yeah ... a bunch of people had some serious axes to grind.

Fast forward to Tuesday when Kelly took the mound in the 6th inning of L.A.'s game against Houston in Texas ... it didn't take long for him to appear to try to exact some revenge.

After getting Jose Altuve out ... Kelly got down 3-0 in a count to Bregman -- and then fired a 96 MPH fastball that missed the star 3rd baseman's head by inches.

Just two batters later ... Kelly threw a breaking ball that nearly clipped Correa in the back of the head as well!!

Neither player was happy with the throws ... and after Kelly struck out Correa a pitch or two later -- Kelly mocked Carlos on his way off the mound.

Joe made crying faces at the shortstop, then appeared to yell, "You gotta cheat to hit!" and other cuss words ... and that's when both benches cleared and almost got into an all-out brawl!!

Houston Astros

Cooler heads ultimately prevailed ... but Astros manager Dusty Baker was PISSED at Kelly after the game, saying his actions put Bregman and Correa's careers in danger.

"When you throw a 3-0 fastball over a guy's head, now you're flirting with ending his career," Baker said. "And then a couple other guys, balls were close. And then what really enraged everybody is when he told Carlos when he struck him out, he told him, 'Nice swing, bitch.'"

For their part, Kelly and Dodgers manager Dave Roberts both said there wasn't any intent behind the pitches.

But, with Correa and Bregman being the two most famous players associated with the Astros' sign-stealing, trash can banging scandal that perhaps cost the Dodgers a World Series ring in '17 ... it's not hard to see through this one.

L.A. ended up winning 5-2, by the way ... but there's still another game left in the series Wednesday night.

Getcha popcorn ready!!!

Originally Published -- 6:29 AM PT

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