Mets' Daniel Vogelbach Hot Mic Catches F-Bomb ... 'I Can't Buy A F***ing Hit!!!'

Daniel Vogelbach's mom ain't gonna be too happy about this ... right after a groundout Wednesday, the Mets DH let an F-bomb fly -- and it was so loud, hot mics actually picked it up on the game's broadcast!!

The whole scene was actually pretty funny -- well, for everyone except Vogelbach -- because after the 30-year-old got thrown out at first base in the sixth inning of NY's spring training game against Houston despite a sharply hit ball, he screamed, "I can't buy a f***ing hit!"

Cameras then captured him walking off the diamond completely defeated.

Obviously, there won't be any punishment for Vogelbach -- that is, if Momma lets this one slide -- but being caught cussin' on live TV hasn't always been the best look.

Then again, letting out some frustration seemed to help wake up his bat -- 'cause just two innings later, he singled to right center, bustin' out of a mini-slump.

The Mets still ended up losing, though, 5-2 -- which we're sure led to a whole lot more swearing in the dugout.

Houston Astros Gifts For The Champs ... Team Logo Diamond Pendants!!!

Ez Access

The Houston Astros will have more than just a championship ring to celebrate their World Series win ... the team is also getting custom diamond pendants too!!!

TMZ Sports has learned ... the bling is coming courtesy of Houston rapper Trae Tha Truth and celeb jeweler Iceman Nick -- who were so pumped that the home team got the dub over the Phillies this month, they wanted to get them some drip to show their appreciation.

A total of 60 chains were made by the duo after Houston locked up the Fall Classic ... and most members of the Astros' org. -- including players, coaches, owners and some staff members -- will get them.

The gifts are pretty awesome ... they feature an Astros logo that's encrusted in diamonds. And, we're told each pendant is valued at $5,000!

Some players received the ice at a ceremony on Wednesday -- and the guys were stoked over the new jewelry. Others members of the title squad, we're told, will get them delivered at a later date.

To victors go the spoils, for sure!

Houston Astros Fans Get In Wild, Hair-Pulling Brawl ... At World Series Parade

Two Houston Astros fans got into a wild brawl during the team's World Series celebration on Monday -- where hair was pulled, and PLENTY of punches were thrown.

The fight took place at some point during the MLB team's through-the-streets festivities in Houston ... when two women grew so upset with each other, they decided to settle their beef with their hands.

Video shot by a fan near the fracas shows the two immediately went for each others' hair ... and, eventually, the woman in an Alex Bregman jersey was hurled down to the sidewalk.

You can see in the clip, the Bregman fan tried her best to fight back ... throwing a slew of punches from the ground -- but she got pummeled until others tried to step in.

No word on if anyone suffered any injuries ... or if any arrests were made.

Sen. Ted Cruz Hit By Beer Can At Astros Parade ... Man Arrested


8:43 AM PT -- 11/8 -- The Houston Police Dept. has ID'd the can-throwing suspect as Joseph Halm Arcidiacono, who they say has now been charged with aggravated assault over the incident.


In his mug shot, Arcidiacono appears to be wearing a Houston Astros throwback jersey.


2:30 PM PT -- According to the Houston Police Dept., a 33-year-old man who allegedly threw the beer can was arrested at the scene.


"The beer can struck the Senator in the chest/neck area," cops said. "The Senator did not require medical attention."


Police say the man -- who's yet to be ID'ed -- has been taken to jail and is facing potential assault charges.


1:43 PM PT -- Things went from bad to worse for Ted Cruz during the parade ... because after he had been booed and flipped off during the celebration -- he was then pelted by a beer can.


Video from the parade route shows the empty drink made a beeline for his head ... but, thankfully for the senator, it clanked off his outstretched arm and didn't appear to do any damage to the 51-year-old.


It's unclear if any arrests were made over the throw, we've reached out to cops ... but so far, no word back yet.

Ted Cruz is back in Texas, but he's still hearing boos -- the senator just got an earful of jeers from fans in Houston while he was riding in the Astros' World Series parade.

Cruz was on a military jeep as part of the celebration for the best team in baseball ... and cameras caught fans laying into him as his ride made its way through the streets.

People booed loudly ... and, according to Astros reporter Ben DuBose, some even flipped the lawmaker the bird.

Of course, this is far from the first time Cruz has heard the heckling ... in fact, just two weeks ago, fans at Yankee Stadium tore into him during NY's ALCS game against the 'Stros.

Cruz, who was reppin' Houston with an orange shirt and a blue vest, got booed loudly, with one man even calling him a "racist piece of s***."

Hunter Walker Via Storyful

Cruz appears to have gotten the last laugh on everyone, though -- his beloved Astros closed out the Yankees that night, and then went on to beat the Phillies, 4-2, in the W.S. this weekend.

As for the rest of the parade, the guys all seem to be having a blast celebrating their second title in six seasons.

Originally Published -- 11/7 11:40 AM PT

Houston Astros Celebrate W.S. Win W/ 50 Cent's Booze ... $388K Worth Of Bubbly!!!

Houston Astros

The Houston Astros spared no expense when it came to celebrating their World Series title this weekend ... TMZ Sports has learned they popped nearly $400,000 worth of 50 Cent's champagne during their postgame party.

We're told the team unloaded just over 250 bottles of the rapper's Le Chemin du Roi Brut ... right after they finished off the Philadelphia Phillies on Saturday night to win the Fall Classic.

In total, there were 250 bottles of Rose, 10 Magnums of the bubbly, and one, huge 15-liter bottle as well. The final bill for it all came out to $388,750!!

Of course, the 'Stros enjoyed every bit of it ... soaking in it for hours following their 4-1 win in Houston.

Star pitcher Lance McCullers Jr. seemed to get the most out of it though ... kickin' off Houston's epic celebration by coating his teammates in it first.

The Astros will continue the party later on Monday -- their championship parade is slated to go down at around 11 AM CT.

No word yet whether Fiddy's booze will be consumed there ... but it seems like a safe bet!

Phillies vs. Astros WAGs Take Over World Series ... Fall Classics

The Astros and Phillies are duking it out in the World Series -- but the players wouldn't have gotten to this point without the passionate support from their lovely partners -- so let's meet them!

Astros ace Justin Verlander's wife, Kate Upton, needs no introduction -- the SI swimsuit model has been by JV's side for the Astros' previous three World Series appearances.

Houston's third baseman Alex Bregman and his wife, Reagan, hope they have another reason to celebrate in a few days ... after welcoming their first child, Knox, in August.

Zach Wheeler has been having quite the season -- and his wife, Dominique, has been cheering for the 32-year-old every step as he tries to help the Phillies secure a championship.

We'd be remiss if we didn't mention Jose Altuve, the fiery, talented second baseman for the Astros, and his wife, Giannina (aka Nina), who've been married since they were teenagers.

Win or lose, Wheeler's teammate, Aaron Nola, will have reason to be happy -- the 29-year-old flame-throwing righty is reportedly marrying his fiancée, Hunter Harrington, next month.

Phillies right fielder Nick Castellanos is quickly becoming a fan favorite in Philly for his brilliant defense -- making his wife Jess extremely proud of her hubby.

The Astros have a 3-2 lead on the Phillies as the series shifts back to H-Town ... so expect to see these women in full force over the weekend!!

Philadelphia Phillies Wouldn't Be In W.S. With Joe Girardi ... Says Nick Swisher


Nick Swisher says the Phillies would not be two games away from a World Series title if they had kept Joe Girardi ... telling TMZ Sports the team's new manager, Rob Thomson, is the biggest reason for Philly's success this year.

"If it was Joe Girardi in this position," the former Big Leaguer told us, "I don't think Philly would be in this spot."

The Phils had started the season with Girardi at the end of the bench -- but put him on ice back in June after a disappointing 22-29 start. Thomson then became the interim manager, and the team took off.

Swisher told us he believes none of that ensuing success was a coincidence ... saying Thomson -- who was one of the outfielder's coaches during his time with the Yankees -- is just that good of a honcho.

"Rob Thomson has given that team the freedom to be themselves," Swish said. "He has given them the freedom to go out and play with freeness and be open and authentic."

Swisher clearly believes the guy and his team can close out the Astros this week, too ... telling us with the talent they have, and the fan support in Philly -- two more wins shouldn't be hard to come by.


As for what Swisher's been up to outside of watching this year's Fall Classic -- he's actually launched a new podcast, "The Nick Swisher Show," where he'll be interviewing people from all different walks of life about the importance of positivity.

"On this podcast, man," he told us, "we jump in!"

Can't wait!

Justin Verlander Phlips Off Phillies Fans ... Before Game 3

Phillies fans made sure Justin Verlander got anything but a warm welcome when he showed up to the stadium for Game 3 of the World Series ... and the ace returned the favor by flipping them off!!

The playful moment went down when the Houston Astros' team bus made its way to Citizens Bank Park for Monday night's matchup ... and when it passed by a group of Philadelphia backers, JV decided to give the finger.

The fans loved it ... with one person even saying, "That was great!!"

But, once Justin got off the bus, he gave a thumbs up before doubling down on the gesture -- giving the bird once again with a big smile on his face.

"Hey, that's for you!!" Verlander said.

The fans erupted in laughter ... and it's clear the whole interaction was all in good fun.

It won't be as lighthearted when the Astros and Phillies take the field in a few hours -- the series is currently tied up at 1-1 ... and both teams will be eager to get a lead.

Ted Cruz Booed & Flipped Off At Yankees Game 'You Racist Piece Of S***!!!'

Hunter Walker Via Storyful

8:21 AM PT -- Ted Cruz told TMZ Sports on Monday morning he had absolutely no hard feelings toward Yankees fans over the reception.


"It was an awesome game -- it was spectacular," he said. "And I appreciated the great New York hospitality."

Baseball fans were all over Ted Cruz during Sunday night's playoff game at Yankee Stadium ... booing the senator relentlessly and flipping him off as he moved around his seat behind home plate.

The Texas politician -- a huge Astros fan -- showed up to the Bronx wearing orange and blue to cheer on his favorite team as it tried to punch its ticket to the World Series with a win over the Yankees.

Cruz was seen smiling before the opening pitch ... but throughout the night, he was NOT received well by fans near him.

Video of the senator shows as he got up from his seat during the game, fans jeered him over and over again. Several could be heard in the footage calling him a "f***ing loser" and a "racist piece of s***."

A photo of Cruz at the game also shows two fans even flipped him the bird from just feet away.

The 51-year-old kept his cool during it all ... smiling and waving to other fans in the crowd. At one point, he even took a selfie with a man in an Aaron Judge jersey.

Despite the scene, Cruz ended up with the last laugh, 'cause Houston beat New York, 6-5, giving them the sweep over the Pinstripes in the ALCS.

Cruz now won't have to travel far from home to watch his team play next ... the Astros host the Phillies in Game 1 of the World Series on Friday.

Originally Published -- 7:15 AM PT

Houston Astros Break Out The Bubbly & Brooms!!! ... Epic ALCS Celebration After Sweep Over Yankees

The Houston Astros embarrassed the New York Yankees ... and then they danced all over their graves -- bustin' out the brooms AND the booze for an epic locker room celebration.

The party all went down on Sunday night in New York ... after the 'Stros clinched the American League Championship Series, 4-0, with a 6-5 win over the Pinstripes.

Houston's players stayed on the field after the final out to receive their trophy at a ceremony in the middle of the Yankee Stadium diamond ... but then they hit the showers -- and turned up.

The guys grabbed brooms to signify their sweep over Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton ... and grooved to music with champagne well into Monday morning.

Everyone in the locker room got rowdy -- including 73-year-old Dusty Baker, who was spotted holding a bottle in one hand and the ALCS trophy in the other.

We're sure the hangover sucks today ... but the Astros have a few days to shake it off before the World Series begins -- Game 1 against the Phillies kicks off on Friday night in Texas.

Houston Astros Fan Runs On Field, Hugs Jose Altuve ... Gets Arrested

A Houston Astros fan ran onto the field during the team's playoff game against the Yankees on Thursday night and hugged Jose Altuve ... and TMZ Sports has learned he was ultimately arrested over the stunt.

The man hopped Minute Maid Park railing during the ninth inning of Game 2 of the ALCS ... and quickly made a beeline for Houston's biggest star.

The guy -- later ID'ed as 27-year-old Jose Alvarado -- dodged security long enough to actually get to Altuve ... and then he planted a big hug on the Astros second baseman.

Altuve surprisingly didn't seem bothered by the interaction, stayed calm, and hugged the fan back. He even appeared to be down to take a selfie with the guy right in the middle of the outfield grass.

Eventually, however, security came in to break the scene up -- with six guards wrestling him to the ground.


A spokesperson for the Houston Police Dept. tells us Alvarado was taken into custody and booked on a misdemeanor criminal trespass charge.

Jail records show he's still behind bars.

Altuve said after the game he wasn't concerned the fan had bad intentions when he saw the man's Astros jersey.

"He just said, 'We need to win -- I spent all my money on the ticket,'" Altuve said of the incident. "And I was trying to tell him that, 'Yes, we're trying to win.' We were about to take a selfie, but then security guys got there and did their job."

Despite dealing with the arrest -- seems the fan at least was happy while in the clink, considering Altuve and the Astros did go on to secure the win, 3-2.

L.A. Kings Troll José Altuve Using Trash Can During 'Look-Alike' Game

José Altuve is still public enemy #1 in Los Angeles ... and the L.A. Kings made that clear by trolling the Houston Astros' star second baseman with a trash can reference during Thursday night's game.

The Kings were playing the Seattle Kraken at Arena ... when the announcer decided to have some fun at the expense of Altuve by playing a "look-alike" game on the jumbotron.

The game started innocently by showing people in the stands who resembled professional athletes like Dodgers star pitcher Tony Gonsolin and infielder Max Muncy -- but then it came time to have some fun.

The scoreboard then showed Altuve's picture, which was met with a chorus of boos ...  and then the image of a trash can was displayed as his doppelganger.

The fans immediately began cheering once they saw the side-by-side of Altuve and the trash can on the big screen ... and to make matters worse, someone was throwing out trash.

Altuve and the 'Stros defeated the L.A. Dodgers in seven games in the 2017 World Series, but L.A. fans feel robbed of that title after the Astros were found guilty of cheating.

In 2019, MLB determined that the Astros illegally used a video camera system and pounding on trash cans to steal signs during the 2017 regular season and postseason and parts of the 2018 season.

Since the scandal, the Dodgers have won the World Series in 2020 when they defeated the Tampa Bay Rays in six games ... and are currently vying for another this postseason.

But, no matter how successful the storied franchise is, L.A. fans ain't letting go of their beef with Altuve.

Astros Star Yordan Alvarez Carted Off Field ... After Scary Collision With Teammate


2:26 PM PT -- The Astros say both Alvarez and Pena are being evaluated for concussions.

Scary moment during the Mets vs. Astros game Wednesday ... Houston star Yordan Alvarez collided with his teammate in the outfield, and the crash was so violent -- the slugger had to be carted off the field.

The collision between Alvarez and shortstop Jeremy Pena happened in the bottom of the 8th inning ... when Pena was trying to snag a pop-up in shallow left field.

He, though, didn't see Alvarez -- who was also charging in to catch the ball -- and the two huge athletes slammed into each other.

Pena's arm hit Alvarez square in the face ... while Alvarez's elbow appeared to run right into Pena's head.

The two crumpled to the ground and stayed down on the field for several minutes ... before they each got medical attention from the Astros' trainers.

Eventually, Yordan was carted off the field, while Jeremy tried to give it a go but was ultimately forced to leave the game.

Unclear if either guy suffered injuries in the collision -- we're still awaiting word from the 'Stros.

Houston Astros Prospect Fooled By Perfect Hidden Ball Trick ... You're Out!!!

A Texas Rangers farmhand completely befuddled a Houston Astros prospect with a perfectly executed hidden ball trick on Thursday ... and the epic play was all captured on video!

The trickery happened in the third inning of the Corpus Christi Hooks game against the Frisco RoughRiders -- after 'Stros prospect Justin Dirden knocked a base hit into right field.

As Dirden was celebrating the feat with his first base coach, Trey Hair devised a plan. The Rangers prospect hid the ball in the back of his glove and slowly made his way to Dirden.

In footage of the play, you can see Hair made a swipe at the bag, which caused Dirden to leave it -- and then he casually tagged the runner out.

Dirden was left perplexed, and questioned the umpire about the call. But, it turns out the ump said everything was legal -- and Dirden was ruled out!

Awesome play -- but Dirden ended up getting the last laugh ... the 24-year-old went 3-for-3 with a home run and 4 RBIs, and the Hooks ended up winning 9-5.

Braves' Charlie Morton Breaks Leg During World Series ... But Still Pitches!!!

Atlanta Braves pitcher Charlie Morton etched his name into MLB lore Tuesday night ... 'cause he broke his leg during Game 1 of the World Series -- but still pitched on it!!

Morton took a comebacker off his shin in the 2nd inning of ATL's tilt with the Astros in Houston ... and right away, it was clear something was off with the Braves' ace.

Morton hobbled a bit back to the mound with a pained expression on his face -- but he still managed to get the next two outs to end the inning.

And, despite sitting in the dugout in pain while his team batted in the top of the 3rd inning, Morton still came out to pitch in the bottom of the inning!

The 37-year-old actually struck out Jose Altuve -- but was in so much pain, he was helped off the mound by trainers.

Atlanta officials later revealed Morton's X-rays showed he had broken his right fibula ... and they immediately ruled him out for the rest of the series with the 'Stros.

The Herculean effort, though, was not wasted ... because Morton's pitching helped Atlanta secure the Game 1 victory -- and now the Braves only need 3 more wins to take home the Commissioner's Trophy.

Tough dude.

White Sox Pitcher Ryan Tepera I Think Astros Are Still Cheating 'It's A Different Game Here'


White Sox pitcher Ryan Tepera clearly believes the Astros haven't stopped cheating despite being busted in 2020 ... telling reporters Sunday he thinks something fishy is still happening in Houston.

Tepera made the insinuation following the Sox's first playoff victory over the 'Stros ... saying he can see a tangible difference in Houston's offense at Minute Maid Park vs. away from it.

"It's a different game here at our field," Tepera said. "You play at Minute Maid, and they’re doing something over there that's a little different."

Tepera said the Astros' swings and misses on pitches -- they struck out 16 times on Sunday in Chicago vs. 16 total times in the first two games of the series in Houston -- tell the whole story.

"I mean, it is what it is," said Tepera, who threw two scoreless innings in the White Sox's 12-6 win in Game 3 of the ALDS. "They've obviously had a reputation of doing some sketchy stuff over there. We can say that it's a little bit of a difference."

"I think you saw the swings and misses tonight compared to the first two games at Minute Maid."

Of course, the Astros are no strangers to cheating allegations ... they were found to have used an illegal sign-stealing system back in the 2017 and 2018 seasons that ultimately caused Houston to fire manager A.J. Hinch and general manager Jeff Luhnow.

The team has obviously insisted there's been no cheating since ... but Tepera certainly seems to believe otherwise.

Game 4 is slated to begin in just a few hours on Monday ... anyone listening more intently for trash-can banging now?

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