Soledad O'Brien Pay Up on My Impeachment Bet!!! TMZ Photog a Little Short

double or nothin'?

Soledad O'Brien was right about President Trump getting impeached -- and now, she's here to collect on her bet ... which we'll have to pay her back for later.

We got the veteran TV journalist Tuesday at LAX, and our photog recalled she'd placed a bet with our D.C. guy about whether the Dems would actually go through with impeachment.

You'll recall ... Soledad and our boy pinkie promised on a whopping 5 bills -- dollar bills -- with Soledad taking the over/under on the House pulling the trigger. Obviously, she won and we lost. Pelosi and co. intro'd 2 articles ... abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.


Fast-forward to Tuesday ... and our cameraman in L.A. was desperately trying to pay up on behalf of his TMZ coworker. Sadly, he came up short by a buck so -- and Soledad wasn't trying to get paid in parts. Don't worry ... our man in D.C. will pay up, SO!!!

Just for kicks, we asked if Soledad wanted to run another bet on whether the Senate would convict -- but she pumped the brakes on that one. It ain't happening, she says.

Now, on the topic of 2020 reelection ... it sounds like Soledad is a bit more confident. We'll circle back in a few months.

Peloton 'Wife' Monica Ruiz I Feel Really Lucky ... Everyone's Been Nice, Jokes are Hilare!!!


The "wife" in the derided Peloton ad is taking the mockery in stride, and unlike the "husband" in the spot ... she says everyone's been cool to her about it, and she considers all the hubbub to be a positive thing.

The actress, Monica Ruiz, was out walking her dog Sunday when she was asked about all the backlash to the commercial ... and she pretty much laughed it off like it's no big deal.


Monica says everyone's been really nice to her since the ad started getting roasted online -- along with being labeled sexist -- and contrary to popular belief ... she feels really lucky to have been part of it.

She also says she saw the jabs "Saturday Night Live" took at the ad over the weekend ... and she thought it was all hilarious.


It's interesting, because the actor who plays the Peloton hubby, Sean Hunter, seems to be having the opposite experience of Monica's. He said he doesn't find the situation -- or the 'SNL' jokes --- to be all that humorous, because he's getting flooded with hate mail while the world laughs.


Of course, Sean wasn't recruited to be in an ad for Ryan Reynold's Aviation Gin to help make light of the controversy like Monica was ... so he kinda got the shaft there.

It doesn't seem to be sour grapes, though ... because Hunter told us he's proud of Monica for making the most of the situation. She's clearly leaning into all the buzz.

Jeff Ross Welcome to the Jewish Tribe, Tiff ... Come One, Come All!!!


Jeff Ross is welcoming Tiffany Haddish to the Jewish faith with open arms -- and he's also inviting anyone else of color to get on-board and enjoy the perks of Tribe membership.

The comic gave us his two cents Saturday outside of his Roastmaster's pop-up coffee shop on Ventura Blvd. in L.A. -- telling us what he made of Tiff recently embracing her Jewish heritage and celebrating it with a Black Mitzvah in conjunction with a new comedy special.

Watch ... Jeff seems ecstatic over the news and gives her a couple tips on how live like a Jew. He also has a message for other black celebs who are thinking of converting ... which sounds like great material he might use in a roast setting. That's sorta his thing.

Our photog pivots to Hanukkah, asking if Jeff thinks TH might enjoy that over a traditional Christmas. He's got a hilarious take on that too ... comparing Tiffany to a menorah.

'Tis the season ... to let the edgy jokes fly. Happy holidays!!!

Peloton 'Husband' 'SNL' Mockery Sucks ... While I'm Getting REAL Hatred!!!


The Peloton controversy might be big laughs for 'SNL' -- but the guy who plays the husband in that ad is pissed, because while everyone else is laughing ... he's flooded with hate mail.

Sean Hunter was out in Hermosa Beach, CA Saturday night .. after he'd seen 'SNL' take not one, but two shots at the Peloton spot that seemed to urge men to buy the exercise bike for their wives for Christmas. You can tell in the video ... Sean's still in his feelings over all the backlash.

If ya missed it, Colin Jost took a direct shot during the Weekend Update segment, calling the ad sexist ... but added a really funny punchline. Sean says the joke was "frustrating" to him.

He added 'SNL' was "reinforcing that that's what people are thinking about it. I don't feel that way. That's not the truth about the commercial at all."

Sean says he's in no mood to laugh about the commercial yet, because of what keeps popping up on his social media.


Interestingly, he said he WAS entertained by the Aviation Gin ad his costar, Monica Ruiz, did ... which clearly poked fun at the theory Sean was playing an emotionally abusive husband in the spot.

As for getting his own Peloton? Sean, whose day job is being an elementary school teacher, sure seemed to be in the market earlier on Saturday. He was checking out a ride in an L.A. Peloton store.


Apparently, he was just window shopping -- or looking for some publicity -- because he explained why there won't be one under his tree this year.

But, as the Temptations put it ... Sean ain't too proud to beg.

Peloton 'Wife' Ditches Bike Gifting Hubby for Gin ... Courtesy Ryan Reynolds!!!


All that controversy over the Peloton commercial critics are blasting for body-shaming just landed the star of it a hilarious new gig ... with Ryan Reynolds.

Monica Ruiz is the actress who plays the wife -- sorry, long-suffering wife to many -- in that Christmas gift themed fitness spot, but now she's also starring in an ad for Aviation Gin ... and it plays perfectly off all the Peloton buzz.

Based on the commercial ... the formerly spinning-crazed wife is now more interested in downing booze with her girls. The strong insinuation here is she's left the husband who "forced" her to get on the bike every day.

The ladies toast to "new beginnings" before the wife pounds her martini. One of her GFs even says, "You look great, by the way."

Of course, Aviation is Ryan's company ... and ya gotta hand it to his marketing team for capitalizing off the social media uproar over Peloton.


All the backlash against the Peloton has impacted the ad's actors -- Monica and her "hubby" Sean Hunter -- who've dodged interviews all week. Hunter did eventually speak out in "Psychology Today."

Leave it to Reynolds, though, to lighten the mood. He tweeted his company's commercial with the caption, "Exercise bike not included."

Bottoms up!!! Meaning the martini glass, not her ... ya know.

Post Malone I Just Tested Positive ... For Real Diamonds


Post Malone can rest easy knowing his diamond chains and pendants are the real deal ... he just got his bling tested for authenticity, and passed with flying colors!!!

We ran into Post Malone outside The Nice Guy Wednesday night as he was getting his diamonds certified on the street by Youtuber, Simbaoranks, with a high-tech device.

Post says he's always wanted to get his ice tested, and seems pretty confident he ain't rocking fakes. The tester makes his way up Post's neck from piece to piece, and ya gotta see the rapper's reaction when he gets the results!

It's kinda funny ... the guy asks Post how much his Dallas Cowboys bling costs, and PM has no clue!

For those scoring at home ... the Boys' bling is worth a cool $250,000. When ya got Post Malone money, you don't worry about how much you're spending.


We also asked Post about French Montana dropping an album Friday, one week removed from getting out of the ICU ... and Post says the dude's a "f***ing legend."

They've got a new single together, and it sounds like Posty's mom is gonna be first in line to cop the new EP.

Andrew Yang I'm a 'Full-Service' Candidate ... Whipped Cream Shots for Kneeling Fans!!!

Andrew Yang celebrated opening a new office with a never before seen method in politics ... MUCH to the chagrin of his campaign manager.

The trending presidential candidate has stayed in the race with some unconventional ideas ... but this one takes the cake. He christened the new digs in New Hampshire by spraying whipped cream into the mouths of supporters on their knees.

To put it politically -- the optics are very interesting here.

Check out the vid ... the Yang fan in a MATH ("Make America Think Harder") hat clearly eggs on the Democratic hopeful, even insisting to Yang's resistant campaign manager, Zach Graumann, that the questionable celebration is "just a joke."

Andrew gleefully partakes, but then makes the jaw-dropping display even more baffling by declaring ... "That's a full-service presidential candidate!"

Yang goes on to say the whipped cream shot is how you open an office in style, then sprays it into the mouth of ANOTHER kneeling supporter ... before Graumann pulls him away.

It's too bad, Yang was really about to give Jonah Ryan's behavior in New Hampshire a run for its money.

Sherri Shepherd Husbands Buying Pelotons for Wives Are Living Dangerously!!!


Sherri Shepherd has some advice for hubbies looking to whip their wives in shape for the holidays with the help of a new Peloton -- go for diamond earrings instead, pal.

We talked to the comedian Tuesday night about Peloton's new severely mocked ad -- in which a wife documents the highs and lows of her fitness journey a year after her husband gifted her the workout bike for Xmas. It's hilariously awkward.

Sherri's take on the spot -- that might be why she's single. She mockingly said who wouldn't love a bike instead of diamonds and jewelry. Sherri added, she wishes a future husband would buy her a Peloton ... but you have to see HOW she says it.


If you haven't heard the criticism so far, the general idea is that this fake TV husband is pretty freakin' tone-deaf with his gift. As for the wife ... well, people think she's not all there either with how gung-ho she seems to be about the suggestive surprise.

The criticism has hurt the company's bottom-line too -- its stock price dropped about 6 percent on Tuesday.

Sherri's got a hilarious explanation about why husbands should accept their significant others for who they are. Fellas, before you order that bike ... at least listen to her take. Could save ya in the long run.

Originally Published -- 8:19 AM PT

Tiffany Haddish I'm 40 and Jewish ... Time for a 'Black Mitzvah'!!!

Tiffany Haddish is celebrating 3 things at once, and they all center around her Jewish heritage ... something she's leaning into as she hits the big 4-0.

The comedian and actress turned 40 on Tuesday and decided to ring it in by throwing a 'Black Mitzvah.' What the hell is that? Well, it's not only the title of her new Netflix stand-up special -- which dropped Tuesday -- but it also looks like a kick-ass freakin' party.

Tiff's bday bash/bat mitzvah went down at the SLS Hotel in Bev Hills, where friends like Jimmy Kimmel, Kevin Nealon and Sinbad -- to name just a few -- helped her celebrate.

If you hadn't heard, Tiffany learned she was part Jewish a bit late in life -- age 27, apparently -- with her father revealing he was an Eritrean Jew. That spurred her to learn more about the culture, and now she's dedicated her comedy special to it.

She's also been studying Hebrew, so she seems to be taking it seriously. Funny enough, Tiff used to work at bar and bat mitzvahs -- she says she was an "energy producer" at events. You can see that's a perfect gig for her.

Now, she's finally come of age ... complete with the "Hora" and "Hava Nagila." 28 years delayed, but better late than never. Mazel, Tiff!!!

Kevin Pollak 'The Irishman' Was Great ... But Pacino & Co. Looked a Bit Aged


Kevin Pollak says Martin Scorsese's new mobster flick, "The Irishman," was as good as it gets for the genre -- but there was a little issue according to him ... the stars were too damn old.

We got the veteran actor right on the heels of the new flick landing on Netflix and asked for his thoughts on it ... considering he starred in Marty's "Casino" and tons of other crime movies. Turns out, he loved 'Irishman' ... with one caveat, and it's hard to tell if he's joking.

Kevin says at one point ... the film played more like a trio of old coots who lost their keys instead of menacing mobsters in their prime. He does some hilarious impressions too, to drive home his point. Pretty spot-on with his versions of Pacino, Pesci and De Niro. Well, the first 2 ... he kinda phoned it in for Bobby D.

If you haven't seen it yet, the movie captures one hit man's journey from start to end, so the actors' appearances do change a lot.

Of course, the gimmick with the film is the digital de-aging technology the 3 stars were put through -- especially De Niro.

Some say it was distracting -- others say it was great -- but Kevin seems to be alluding to the fact these fellas might've made this a little late in their careers.

Tony Rock Pete Davidson's NDA is Ballsy!!! Eddie Murphy Should Do It Too


Tony Rock's giving Pete Davidson mad respect for making his fans sign very pricey non-disclosure agreements to attend his shows ... something he thinks is long overdue.

We got the comedian at LAX Monday and asked about the 'SNL' star's new million-dollar NDA policy ... he's fully behind Pete, telling us it's a bold but necessary move to balance power between stand-up comics and their fans.

Tony tells us the current culture -- where people bust out their phones to record everything and post it online instantaneously -- makes it hard for comics to try out new material ... and he's praising Davidson for "having the balls" to take a stand against it.

As he puts it ... the fans have gotten away with too much for too long, and it's time for a little get-back.

Rock admits the threat of a million-dollar penalty for breaching the NDA by simply talking about Pete's content might be too much ... but ya gotta start somewhere.

Tony also suggests other comics -- including himself -- should follow Pete's lead ... especially Eddie Murphy. As you may know, the legendary comedian's set to make a return to stand-up on Netflix ... and Tony thinks the NDA is absolutely necessary for Eddie to avoid his comeback getting spoiled.

It's an interesting perspective for sure, but you have to wonder if people will really put up with strict rules like Davidson's to go see a comic perform. After all ... Pete isn't necessarily the gold standard of being a crowd-pleaser.

Pete Davidson Wanna See My Show?!? Sign a Million Dollar NDA Then!!!


Pete Davidson seems to be over chastising misbehaved crowds at his stand-up shows -- so now, he's putting his money where their mouths are with a very expensive NDA.

According to reports, the 'SNL' star has recently been having fans sign non-disclosure agreements in order to see his live shows ... one of which was put on blast by an annoyed ticket holder who posted screenshots of the alleged document that she says was emailed to her prior to the show. It was for his SF stop right before Thanksgiving.

The woman says the agreement has strict rules -- no phones inside, and no commentary about his content in any way, shape or form thereafter, especially online.

Oh, and if ya break those rules and get found out by Pete and co. ... you're subject to a million dollar fine, plus any other expenses incurred for your conduct. The document reads, "In the event of breach of this agreement, individual shall pay company, upon demand, as liquidated damages, the sum of one million dollars, plus any out of pocket expense."

It's not uncommon for comedians to demand phones be surrendered before coming into a venue that's gonna host them ... but the million-dollar NDA seems pretty over the top.

Then again ... Pete has had issues lately with stand-up gigs, whether it's for one reason or another. And on at least one occasion, he's unloaded on his audience for crappy etiquette.

Welp ... this is one sure fire way to make sure people fall in line. Put up or shut up, literally.

Louis C.K. Tells Jewish Audience I'd Rather Be in Auschwitz Than NYC

Louis C.K. rolled the dice in front of a Jewish audience with what many might consider an incredibly insensitive joke ... but it sounds like it paid off for the guy.

The comedian was performing a stand-up show Thursday near Tel Aviv, and in front of a reportedly packed house of predominantly Jewish citizens ... he cracked, "I'd rather be in Auschwitz than New York City," adding a caveat ... "I mean now, not when it was open."

For the record, Louis is part Jewish on his father's side. And, besides that, he also got a big laugh out of the crowd, according to reports. In other words, the joke landed.

A bit of context, Louis was reportedly talking about how rough it's been for him in NYC in the wake of his 2017 #MeToo scandal -- in which he admitted to years of sexual misconduct -- notably, masturbating in front of women and abusing his power in the comedy world.

The fallout for him was pretty swift and fierce -- his movie "I Love You, Daddy" got yanked from its scheduled release, and Louis went into seclusion for a while before attempting a comeback -- which has been hit or miss, but mostly miss in the court of public opinion.


On the Auschwitz joke, he was complaining about the scrutiny he receives nowadays in the city he once loved and called home, which he seems to think has gotten too PC. At one point in his set, he joked about how he gets flipped off randomly at diners and on the street.

Louis is finishing his international tour with a few shows in Slovakia and Hungary, and then coming back to the states in 2020. For now, no shows in New York are scheduled.

Rihanna Comes Together w/ Paul McCartney ... In a First Class Reunion!!!

hey paul

Rihanna and Paul McCartney just proved they truly are two peas in a pod -- but in this case, they were two passengers in a plane.

The singers bumped into each other Friday while on a commercial flight to London -- in which they were both riding first class, of course. RiRi documented the whole run-in ... and it's a sweet moment. Must've also been pretty awesome for the other passengers on board.

In her vids, Rihanna says she's about to put Paul on blast ... and then jokingly asks out loud how is it possible he's on her plane. PM played along, pretending not to know her.

Rihanna calls herself a peasant, and Paul ribs her by backing that up (all in jest, mind you). Check it out ... they clearly have a ton of fun together, and it's all love between 'em. Later on, they were seen arriving at the same airport, London's Heathrow ... all smiles.

As you might be aware, Paul and Rihanna are certainly no strangers to each other. Outside of being some of the biggest names in music, they actually collab'd on a song in 2015.

The track's called "FourFiveSeconds" and it's a pretty folksy type of tune -- right up Paul's alley, and RiRi and Ye's too as it turned out. And, on that note, take it away y'all!!!

D.L. Hughley Melania's Balt. Boos Deserved ... But 'Cowardly' Husband Set Her Up!!!


D.L. Hughley's not lending any sympathy to Melania Trump after she got an unfriendly welcome in Baltimore ... because she should have known what she was getting into and, according to D.L., so should her cowardly husband.

The comedian was outside the Laugh Factory in Hollywood Tuesday night when we asked about the First Lady getting booed at the Baltimore Youth Summit before she spoke about the nation's opioid crisis.


D.L. tells us she deserved it, because her husband disparaged the city by calling it a "disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess" ... so this was a justified way of firing back.

Hughley says more importantly, the whole scenario shows how cowardly POTUS is ... because he sent his woman in to take the heat for him.

He also thinks the Trumps made another mistake -- not only did they put the wrong person onstage ... but she was talking about the wrong drugs.

Cedric the Entertainer I'm a Singer Now!!! Check Out My Xmas Album


Cedric the Entertainer is getting us all in the holiday spirit ... lending his unique voice to a new Christmas album, and taking his first nutcrack at singing!!!

Cedric's already conquered the world of comedy, movies and television ... and now he's making his singing debut on the holiday EP, "A Powerbase Christmas." Ya gotta listen to his version of "Winter Wonderland."

Yes, in the tradition of Bing Crosby, Michael Buble and Johnny Mathis -- Cedric's in the meadow building a snowman ... with a bit more swag.

Give it a listen ... makes ya wonder what took Cedric so long to lay down his first vocals?

Joining Cedric on the 7-track 'Powerbase Christmas' are Grammy-nominated artists Dave Koz and Rascall Flatts' Gary LeVox -- plus Sonna Rele, Sheléa, MAJOR, Matt Cusson, Suri White, Brittany LeVox and pop-country trio Auburn Road.

Other classic tunes on the record -- which comes out on Black Friday -- include "Silver Bells," "Last Christmas" and "Christmas Time is Here." Ced doesn't sing on all of them, but he produced the whole shebang.

If his "Winter Wonderland" gets stuck in your head for the next month ... go ahead and blame us.