'Saturday Night Live' Disses Kamala in Biden's Classified Docs Scandal

"Saturday Night Live" poked fun at the classified documents scandal engulfing President Biden, but the most biting humor was reserved for his Veep.

'SNL's Mikey Day played Attorney General Merrick Garland, kicking things off with a speech about how former Trump VP Mike Pence found classified docs at his Indiana home. Kenan Thompson, as an FBI agent, followed with a few wisecracks about Pence.

Then came the bit about Kamala Harris ...comedian Ego Nwodim, playing an FBI agent, bluntly said: 'Come on now. Joe Biden won't even give this woman a pen. You think she has classified documents? Please, Kamala Harris with classified documents."

Ego then walked away as Day returned to the mic, adding..."Well, we had to at least check."


Funny skit, but it also had to sting, since it implied Joe didn't trust Kamala enough to share the nation's secrets. Harris, as you know, has been dogged by criticism about her competence in her role as second in command.

Of course, Joe isn't the only president under federal investigation for mishandling classified docs. His predecessor, Donald Trump, has been embroiled in an ongoing battle with the feds over this very issue since he left office over two years ago, and Trump has been anything but cooperative.

Steve-O Bringing Bam On First Leg Of Comedy Tour... He's the Britney Spears of 'Jackass'!!!


Steve-O's new opening act for the first 9 shows of his comedy tour is Bam Margera ... and the 'Jackass' alums hit the stage together to workshop some new material.

We got video of Steve-O shocking the packed house at the Elsinore Theatre in Salem, Oregon last Sunday -- and Bam's surprise appearance drew huge applause from the crowd.

In the video, Steve-O helps Bam work on some jokes ... comparing Bam's life to Britney Spears' and telling a few stories from rehab.


Steve-O told the crowd he's bringing Bam along for "The Bucket List Tour" because he was terrified Bam was going down a path that would end in an early death. He said he wants his buddy on the road with him to see if it's possible for him to lead a healthy life and find a happy ending.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Remember ... Bam recently revealed on Steve-O's podcast he was pronounced dead in a hospital back in December, when he had 4 seizures and a nasty blood infection.

Steve-O's Wild Ride!

But, it looks and sounds like Bam's doing better now, and it's good to see him having a blast with Steve-O.

Comedian Gary Owen I Want Burrow To Sleep W/ My Family ...'He's The Best'


Bengals super fan Gary Owen REALLY loves Joe Burrow ... so much so, that the comedian tells TMZ Sports he'd be thrilled if the Cincinnati quarterback ever wanted to hook up with his family members!!

Let's be honest -- the thought of relatives getting freaky in the sheets is enough to weird anyone out ... but Owen is an exception when it comes to Joey B, 'cause he says his obsession with #9 has led him to welcome the idea with open arms.

"If somebody in my family wants to sleep with him, do it," Owen joked to TMZ Sports. "Do it. Like, you don't ever want to think of any females in your family sleeping with anybody. But Joe Burrow?? Yeah, I'll drop you off. What time do you need me to pick you up??"

Owen was in Buffalo to watch his beloved team beat up on the Bills in the divisional round ... and he said he will 100% be in Kansas City for the AFC Championship game on Sunday.

But it's not just Burrow that has Owen raving about his Bengals -- he says the defense also deserves a ton of credit, even with their hands full against a dominant Chiefs offense.

"I've never been more confident in a team," he added.

The Bengals and Chiefs face off at Arrowhead Stadium in just a couple hours ... and a spot in the Super Bowl is on the line.

Bill Maher I Confess, I Fly Private ... And So Does Every Celebrity Who Can!!!

Bill Maher has a confession -- something he's kept under wraps for years -- he flies private, and if anyone expresses outrage they can suck it, because they'd do it too if they could.

The "Real Time" host bore down on climate change and how ridiculous the "everyone pitch in" concept has become. As Bill says, we gotta do something, but shopping with a laundry bag isn't gonna do the trick.

Bill says, "Humans are not good people," and when asked to pitch in to save the environment, their response is, "What's in it for me?"

We are now talking about banning gas stoves, yet people are more than happy to pollute the earth with Amazon deliveries, because it's so damn convenient. Cell phones use more energy than refrigerators, but getting rid of your cellphone ... hahahahaha.

Now the confession ... Bill Maher flies private. There it is -- he's a polluter/offender, but at least he's honest about it.

He regales us with image after image of socially conscious people -- some huge environmental activists -- who are more than happy to jump on a private jet -- because they can. Just a few -- Oprah, George Clooney, Leo DiCaprio, Paul McCartney, Harry and Meghan, Sting, Beyonce and Jay-Z, and on and on.


Bill believes anyone who could afford to fly private would absolutely do it. As he says, it's like heroin -- try it once and you're hooked.

Jay Leno I Won't Stop Riding Motorcycles ... Despite Bone-Breaking Crash


2:29 PM PT -- We got this footage of Jay picking up food from Philly's Best in Burbank one day after the accident. He's wearing a sling.


Jay Leno isn't letting a few broken bones stop him from getting back on his motorcycle ... telling us he's got no plans to quit riding despite a recent scary accident.

Jay tells TMZ ... everyone's telling him to stop riding motorcycles, but "when you're 72, crashing a motorcycle is better than slipping in a walk-in bathtub."

As we reported ... Jay recently revealed he crashed his vintage motorbike January 17, suffering a broken collarbone, two fractured ribs and two cracked kneecaps during the accident -- an incident that flew under the radar.

Jay tells us he still plans on riding motorcycles despite the accident, because ... "Once men get past the age of 40 you can't teach them anything!"

The TV host says he didn't even realize how badly injured he was after flying off his motorcycle when he was clotheslined by an unmarked wire stretching across a parking lot ... he says he actually drove himself to the doctor, where he was diagnosed with broken bones.

As for the bike, Jay says it kept going after he was knocked off ... crashing into a building. He tells us the bike is at his famous Burbank garage and he plans on fixing it.

Jay's shouldering the blame for the incident ... telling us he's not going to sue whoever strung up the wire without hanging a flag from it, because he's not a "lawsuit guy."


The former 'Tonight Show' host is having some pretty scary accidents of late ... back in November, he sustained severe facial burns and other injuries in a car fire at his garage.


Jay insists he's fine, though ... telling us he plans to perform Sunday night at The Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, CA for a sold-out crowd.

Originally Published -- 12:31 PM PT

Jay Leno Shattered Bones In Motorcycle Crash ... Months After Car Fire

Jay Leno got into a motorcycle crash last week and his injuries were no joke -- he shattered several bones.

The comedian told the Las Vegas Review-Journal he suffered a broken collarbone, two fractured ribs and two cracked kneecaps during the January 17 accident that went unreported until now.

Jay said he's currently feeling "Ok," but he's still recovering.

This accident comes on the heels of his frightening car fire in which he sustained severe facial burns and other injuries in his Burbank garage.


In his latest accident, the former 'Tonight Show'  host said he was riding a vintage motorbike and started to smell gas leaking, so he turned into a parking lot, heading directly for trouble.

“Unbeknownst to me, some guy had a wire strung across the parking lot but with no flag hanging from it,” Jay said. “So, you know, I didn’t see it until it was too late. It just clotheslined me and, boom, knocked me off the bike."

Jay added ... “The bike kept going, and you know how that works out."

Seems like Jay is gonna be fine ... hobbies can clearly be dangerous.

Joseph The Bully In 'This Is 40' 'Memba Him?!

Austin, Texas native and actor Ryan Lee was 15 years old when he was cast as the mini Tom Petty lookalike Joseph -- the school's cyberbully who goes face-to-face with a pushy pregnant mom -- in the comedy film "This Is 40" back in 2012.

Lee shared the big screen with Hollywood greats including Leslie Mann as the mom who is anxious to turn the big 4-0, Debbie, Paul Rudd as the father and record label owner, Pete ... and Maude Apatow as the 13-year-old daughter who doesn't make the hot list, Sadie.

Ryan was also in the show "Trophy Wife" as well as David Guetta's music video for "Titanium."

Guess what he looks like now!

Chelsea handler As for Prince Harry's Chilly Willy ... I've Heard Enough!!!

The CW

Chelsea Handler isn't afraid to let Prince Harry know how she feels about all the intimate details he's been sharing ... as she made his royal family jewels the butt of some icy jokes at the Critics Choice Awards.

The comedian took the stage Sunday night in L.A., and during her opening monologue she took some jabs at a ton of folks ... including Harry and his recently released memoir, "Spare."

Chelsea was talking about Niecy Nash-Betts' nomination for the Netflix series "Dahmer", but deftly segued to poke fun at the Duke of Sussex.

She said, "Dahmer became the third highest viewed show on Netflix with a combined watch time of 1 billion hours, which apparently is the same amount of time we're going to have to listen to Prince Harry talk about his frostbitten penis. It's enough, already".

And, it seemed to go over well with a lot of the audience ... cause she got laughs all around the room.

Of course, she was referring to details from Harry's book, where he shares his John Thomas got frostbitten back in 2011 during a charity trek to the North Pole.

Prince Harry wasn't the only one to catch some strays from Chelsea ... she also made fun of James Corden and his restaurant debacle.

BTW, Niecy wound up taking home the award for Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Series ... so it was a moment to remember for more reasons than one.

Luenell 50 Apologized To Meg Because He Was Horny!!! These Jokes Write Themselves, People!!!


50 Cent made a rare public apology to Megan Thee Stallion this week ... but Luenell is not entirely convinced he did so out of the kindness of his heart.

We bumped into the sassy comedian on Friday in NYC and she quipped that 50 was simply trying to get into Meg's good graces so he could then get in her bedroom.


Luenell tells us Meg's best revenge will just continue to be the same Grammy Award-winning, platinum-selling success that got her to this point.

We also had to pick Luenell's brain on the current climate in comedy, in the wake of Eddie Murphy's Will Smith joke at the Golden Globes ... which weirdly angered Tyrese, who in turn, angered Ray J.

Luenell tells us Eddie's punchline was killer and the Will Smith slap jokes are here to stay, now that the dust has settled on the controversy.

Perhaps she'll bring some to "The Daily Show" ... as she officially tossed her name in the hat to be Trevor Noah's replacement.

We gotta say, 50 would be a hell of a first guest.

ANDY DICK Arrested On Two Charges ... Public Intoxication, Failure To Register As Sex Offender

More legal trouble for Andy Dick ... and it all started with alcohol.

Andy was arrested early Friday morning in Lake Elsinore, CA after sheriff's deputies say they got a call about an intoxicated person.

Law enforcement says when deputies arrived, Andy was showing signs of being drunk ... and he was arrested without incident.

Sheriffs say they checked Andy's records during the arrest and determined he was a registered sex offender who was not up to date on his registration ... so he got dinged for that too.

Andy was ultimately booked into a detention center on two charges ... being under the influence of alcohol in public and failing to register as a sex offender.

The sheriff's department says they are still investigating.

YouTube/ Captain Content's RV

It's the second arrest in 8 months for Andy ... as we first reported, Andy was busted in Santa Barbara, CA back in October for allegedly stealing power tools from someone's garage. Andy was also arrested last May, when he was accused of sexual battery, and the arrest was live streamed.

Ray J to Tyrese Stop Giving Eddie Murphy Advice ... Before YOU Catch a Slap!!!

Ray J is coming to the defense of Eddie Murphy -- whether or not he needs it -- by warning Tyrese to shut up about Eddie's Golden Globes joke referencing the Will Smith slap.

An incensed Ray J hit the comment section Thursday on The Jasmine Brand to voice his disapproval of Tyrese's sentiment that everyone, including EM, should stop bringing up Will's infamous slap of Chris Rock at last year's Oscars.

As Ray sees it ... Tyrese is in no position to give Eddie advice, seeing as how his resume doesn't have any classics to measure up to "Beverly Hills Cop" and "Coming to America."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

He also seems to think Will isn't above an encore performance, suggesting he might have to unload on Tyrese to get him in line.

It's clear there's bad blood between them, because Ray added, "You know how i feel about you and your antics.!"


We're not sure where Tyrese's sense of humor went -- Eddie all but brought the house down with his joke. It might be a little old, but it was brilliantly delivered.

Back when the slap was still fresh, Ray J tried to coordinate a $100M boxing match between Will and Chris. Pretty obvious the new fight card should be Ray and Tyrese!!!

Whitney Houston Golden Globes Death Joke Was 'In Poor Taste' ... Says Singer's Estate

This year's Golden Globes host, Jerrod Carmichael, garnered gasps when he mentioned Whitney Houston's death during the show -- something the estate was equally shocked by.

Pat Houston -- Whitney's longtime manager and sister-in-law -- tells TMZ through a rep ... "The Whitney Houston Estate is disappointed in the joke, and felt it was in poor taste." Pat is the sole executor of the estate, BTW ... so she controls all things Whitney-related.


As for whether Carmichael's joke was alerted to anyone connected to Whitney prior to Tuesday's broadcast -- sources with direct knowledge tell us nobody was given a heads-up.

It's unclear if anyone at NBC knew JC was going to mention Whitney during his hosting gig -- in the moment, his remark seemed off the cuff ... and it very well may have been.

In case you missed it ... after the Globes came back from commercial break at one point, Carmichael said he had been asked to shout out the venue, after which he quipped ... "So, we are here, live, from the hotel that killed Whitney Houston, the Beverly Hilton."

Of course, he's referring to the fact Whitney overdosed in one of the hotel rooms back in 2012. Some folks laughed, but a lot more seemed taken aback and others even groaned.

It was just one of the controversial moments from Jerrod -- another came when he mentioned Shelly Miscavige ... a high-ranking Scientologist who's been out of public view for years.

Eddie Murphy Uses Will Smith Slap ... For Killer Golden Globes Punchline!!!


Eddie Murphy is a stand-up comedian, first and foremost, which is why he was able to deliver wisdom and a huge laugh to the Golden Globes audience ... while reliving Will Smith slapping Chris Rock.

Eddie graciously accepted the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement Tuesday night at the Golden Globes Awards -- he really did thank almost every huge producer and director he worked with over his 40+ years in showbiz, but like we said ... he's a comedian, so he spiced up the speech with humor.

He wrapped up with a piece of advice to folks looking to achieve success and make it in Hollywood -- "I want to let you know that there is a definitive blueprint that you can follow to achieve success, prosperity, longevity and peace of mind. It's very simple, it's three things."

The first 2 drew plenty of laughs -- pay your taxes and mind your business -- but you've gotta watch the clip for #3, which brought down the house.

Even Will and Jada Pinkett Smith would have to laugh at the line and Eddie's delivery. Hell, Chris Rock would love it too.

In case you were living under a rock this year ... Will shocked the world by slapping Chris Rock right in the face during the Academy Awards after he'd made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith's bald head.

Will's been banned from attending the Oscars for 10 years, but clearly, Eddie Murphy feels it wasn't too soon to get in a good laugh over the whole thing.

Golden Globes Jerrod Carmichael I'm Hosting Because I'm Black ... Jokes About HFPA Scandal


Jerrod Carmichael says he's hosting the Golden Globes because he just so happens to be a Black comedian ... making fun of the diversity scandal that tarnished the awards show.

The 80th Golden Globes are underway on NBC live from the Beverly Hilton and Jerrod just gave his opening monologue, where he addressed the massive elephant in the room ... the diversity controversy involving the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which hands out the awards.

Jerrod addressed the topic head-on... refusing to call the HFPA racist, but pointing out there wasn't a Black member in the group until George Floyd died.


Remember ... the Golden Globes did not air last year after NBC called out the HFPA for a lack of diversity within the organization ... and the hosts of the 2021 show, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, took some shots at the HFPA too.

Jerrod then took a seat on the stage steps and told the crowded room of celebs how he was offered the job ... joking that one moment he was making tea at home and the next he was being "invited to be the Black face of an embattled white organization. Life comes at you fast!'"

JC says he called up one of his friends for advice about taking the gig, and when he told her he was being paid $500,000, he got his answer.

All jokes aside ... Jerrod ended by saying he ultimately took the job because he wanted to perform in front of the star-studded audience, and he doesn't really care about the HFPA's controversial past.

Bob Saget Wife Kelly Asks Elon to Verify His Twitter Account On 1-Year Death Anniversary

Bob Saget's wife Kelly Rizzo is making sure the world remembers her husband on the anniversary of his death ... sharing a heartfelt tribute and requesting that his legacy lives on with the help of a blue checkmark on Twitter.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Kelly took to Instagram Monday, posting a series of pics and videos writing, "One Year. Our hearts are so heavy. How could I not have talked to or seen my loving husband in a whole year? The surreal-ness never subsides. I’ve accepted the reality long ago but it still seems unreal when I see photos or videos of him so full of life."

She also tweeted directly at Elon Musk, asking Bob's Twitter account -- with more than 2 million followers -- get verified, writing, "I saw he’s no longer verified? My husband truly loved Twitter. Out of respect for his legacy, can something be done? Thank you kindly."

She continues, "And the only reason I’m addressing this at all is because I know Bob would be very bummed about this. He’d say “hey, if someone goes to see my page and all the jokes I’ve tweeted over the years, how will they know it’s for sure me!?”"

As we reported ... the beloved comedian died January 2022 at The Ritz-Carlton in Orlando after suffering a brain bleed. Investigators believe he possibly struck his head on the hotel headboard before going to sleep, causing the injury that killed him.

EMILY RATAJKOWSKI I'm Really Into Comedians ... Date Night with Eric Andre

Emily Ratajkowski is apparently swapping one comedian for another as she goes all in on the dating scene after her divorce ... the next man up is Eric Andre.

Emily and Andre enjoyed a romantic evening together Saturday in New York City, going out for food, drinks ... and presumably lots of laughs.

The model and comic appeared to be super into each other, walking with their arms around one another as they shuttled between a couple stops. We're told they hit up Japanese hot spot Sakagura in Midtown, dining there for 3 hours.

Emily's been super active on the dating scene since she filed for divorce from estranged husband Sebastian Bear-McClard in September ... the 31-year-old model's been linked to DJ Orazio Rispo, artist Jack Greer and, of course, Pete Davidson.

But, Emily and Pete's fling seemed to seriously cool off last month ... when Pete hit up a Rangers game with the actress from his "Bodies Bodies Bodies" movie.

Now, Emily's found a new comedian to date.

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