Bieber's Girl In 'One Time' Music Video 'Memba Her?!

Kristen McDow (maiden name Kristen Rodeheaver) got a glimpse of the limelight when she was cast as the teen crush in a striped shirt -- who JB falls for during the synchronized dancing and pool-splashing teen party ... complete with silly string fights -- in the music video for Justin Bieber's 2009 single, "One Time," on his debut album, "My World."

McDow isn't to be confused with Jasmine V who played the bowling and breakdancing crush in the 2010 follow-up music video, "Baby."

Since it's creation, the pop music video has racked up over 600 million views on youtube!

Guess what she looks like now!

Holly on 'Land Of The Lost' 'Memba Her?!

Massachusetts-native Kathleen "Kathy" Coleman was only 12 years old when she gained fame for her role as the young time-hopping survivalist, Holly Marshall -- who dodges grumpy Tyrannosaurs and befriends dopey Brontosaurs -- in the thrilling '70s sci-fi series, "Land Of The Lost."

Kathy Coleman was cast in the prehistoric show with some other throwback actors including Wesley Eure as the big brother and protector Will Marshall, Spencer Milligan as the less-than present father Rick Mitchell, Ron Harper as the uncle Jack Marshall ... and of course Phillip Paley as the furry little friend, Cha-Ka.

Guess what Kathy looks like now at 58 years old!

Melissa in ''The Longest Yard'' 'Memba Her?!

American actress and model Anitra Ford is best known for playing the super-sexy love interest in lace, Melissa -- who calls the cops after getting roughed up ... which leads to Paul doing hard time -- in the 1974 cinematic sports classic, "The Longest Yard."

Anitra Ford was cast alongside some classic actors including, Eddie Albert as the team-driven Warden Hazen, Ed Lauter as the hardball Captain Knauer ... and of course, Burt Reynolds as the pro player turned con player, Paul Crewe.

Anitra Ford was also widely recognized as one of the first models on "The Price Is Right."

Guess what she looks like now!

Dudley on 'Diff'rent Strokes' 'Memba Him?!

New York native Shavar Malik Ross was only 8 years old when he landed the role of the adopted best buddy, Dudley Johnson, in the long-running classic '70s and '80s television show, "Diff'rent Strokes."

Shavar Ross was cast alongside some other great actors including Conrad Bain as the millionaire father figure, Philip Drummond, Todd Bridges as the big brother, Willis ... and of course Gary Coleman as hilarious Arnold.

Shavar can also be spotted on "Family Matters" as Weasel, "The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air" as Noah and "Friday the 13th: A New Beginning" as Reggie.

Guess what he looks like now at 48 years old!

J.F. Sebastian in 'Blade Runner' 'Memba Him?!

Memphis-born William Sanderson is best known for his role as the chess-playing replicant designer, J.F. Sebastian -- who double-crosses his mentor, Dr. Eldon Tyrell, and brings a fast-aging and desperate replicant to his penthouse -- in the classic 1982 version of the futuristic film, "Blade Runner."

Sanderson scared the big screen with an awesome cast of actors including Joe Turkel as Dr. Tyrell, Rutger Hauer as the killer, Roy Batty, Sean Young as the engineered love interest, Rachael ... and of course, Harrison Ford as the humanoid-hunting blade runner, Rick Deckard.

William Sanderson has also taken on other notable roles including E.B. Farnum in "Deadwood" and Sheriff Bud Dearborne in "True Blood."

Guess what he looks like now!

Betty Childs in 'Revenge Of The Nerds' 'Memba Her?!

Kansas City (Missouri)-local Julia Montgomery was in her early 20s when she landed the role of the Pi Delta Pi babe, Betty Childs -- who teams up with the beefy Alpha Betas but ultimately falls for a geeky Lambda Lambda Lambda man -- in the 1984 classic college flick, "Revenge Of The Nerds" and returned as Betty in "Revenge Of The Nerds III: The Next Generation" and "Revenge Of The Nerds IV: Nerds In Love."

Julia Montgomery was cast alongside some epic actors including Donald Gibb as the nerd-hating jock, Ogre ... and of course Ted McGinley as the uber handsome Alpha male and quarterback, Stan Gable.

Guess what she looks like now in her late 50s!

Nathan Bookman on 'Good Times' 'Memba Him?!?

Florida-born Johnny Brown started his rise to fame as a singer in the '60s with catchy songs like "Walkin', Talkin', Kissin' Doll" and "Don't Dilly Dally, Dolly" ... but gained long-lasting fame after he landed the role as the robust superintendent, Nathan Bookman, on the '70s CBS sitcom, "Good Times."

Johnny Brown was surrounded by awesome actors including Esther Rolle as the matriarch, Florida Evans, John Amos as the patriarch, James Evans ... and their three hilarious kids Jimmie Walker as J.J., Ralph Carter as Michael ... and of course BernNadette Stanis as Thelma.

Guess what he looks like now at 82 years old!

Finch in 'American Pie' 'Memba Him?!?

New York-native Eddie Kaye Thomas was still a teenager when he was cast as the mochaccino-loving, ladies man, Paul Finch -- who has an explosive fear of public bathrooms -- in the classic 1999 teen comedy, "American Pie" ... as well as "American Pie 2" and "American Wedding."

Eddie Kaye Thomas shared the big screen with a great group of young actors including Jason Biggs as the awkward main character, Jim, Seann William Scott as the beer-chugging Stifler, Shannon Elizabeth as the eye-popping exchange student, Nadia ... and of course Jennifer Coolidge as the sultry love interest, Stifler's Mom.

Guess what he looks like now!

Chainsaw in 'Summer School' 'Memba Him?!

Illinois-local Dean Cameron (real name Dean Eikleberry) was only 25 years old when he landed the super-stoney roll of the school flunky and movie lover, Francis "Chainsaw" Gremp -- who earns a screening of "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" for the class -- in the classic 1987 class comedy, "Summer School."

Dean Cameron was cast alongside some other stellar young actors including Mark Harmon as the lax teacher, Freddy Shoop ... and Kirstie Alley as the hot teacher next door Ms. Robin Bishop.

Cameron was also known for his small-screen surfer character, Jeff Spicoli, on the one (and only) season of the 1986 TV series "Fast Times."

Guess what he looks like now in his late 50s!

Information Society Singer Kurt Harland 'Memba Him?!?

Minnesota-born Kurt Harland (aka Kurt Harland Larson) was only 25 years old when he gained fame for founding and fronting the '80s experimental synthpop group, Information Society, which released their hit single, "What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy)" that was also found on their 1988 self-titled album Information Society.

Fun Fact: In the "What's On Your Mind" song there's a super catchy sample of the words "pure energy" ... which was a soundbite from Leonard Nimoy's "Star Trek" character Spock on a classic 1967 episode titled "Errand Of Mercy."

Guess what he looks like now in his late 50s!

Little Nathan Jr. in 'Raising Arizona' 'Memba Him?!

Southwest-native T.J. Kuhn was only a toddler when he landed the biggest movie role of his life as the kidnapped baby, Nathan Jr. -- who gets taken on a crazy cat and mouse mission to evade the police and bounty hunters -- in the Coen brother's hilarious 1987 movie masterpiece, "Raising Arizona."

T.J. Kuhn was in the funny film alongside a stellar cast of stars including Trey Wilson as the furniture slinging, Nathan Arizona Sr., Holly Hunter as the baby crazy police officer, Ed ... and of course Nicolas Cage as the bumbling baby snatcher H.I.

T.J. Kuhn is now a real estate agent in serving the Phoenix, Arizona area.

Guess what he looks like now in his mid 30s!

Counselor Troi in 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' 'Memba Her?!?

British-born actress Marina Sirtis was in her early 30s when she landed the role that would change her career forever as the half-human space pirate with a sweet ponytail, Counselor Deanna Troi -- who advises Captain Jean-Luc Picard and works with the ship's crew -- on the long-running science fiction television show, "Star Trek: The Next Generation."

Marina Sirtis was aboard the USS Enterprise-D alongside an epic cast of characters including Jonathan Frakes as Commander William Riker, Brent Spiner as Lieutenant Commander Data, Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard ... and of course LeVar Burton as Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge.

Marina is now reviving her classic role on the 2020 sci-fi series, "Star Trek: Picard."

Guess what she looks like now at 64 years old!

Terri Alden on 'Three's Company' 'Memba Her?!?

New Jersey-native Priscilla Anne Barnes is best known for her role as the super-smart, blonde nurse and Jack's final roommate, Terri Alden, in the '80s seasons of the long-running, ABC sitcom, "Three's Company."

Although Priscilla Barnes was never seen alongside Suzanne Somers as Chrissy Snow (because Priscilla replaced her) ... Barnes still shared the screen with other classic cast members including Joyce Dewitt as the reliable roommate and plant lover, Janet Wood ... and of course John Ritter as the straight navy vet and aspiring chef, Jack E. Tripper Jr.

Guess what Priscilla Barnes looks like now at 65 years old!

Tell It To My Heart Singer Taylor Dayne 'Memba Her?!

New York-native Taylor Dayne (real name Leslie Wunderman) used her powerful vocals and an epic hair crimper to shoot to stardom in the late 80s after her first single "Tell It To My Heart" became a worldwide hit ... followed up by "Prove Your Love," "I'll Always Love You" and "Don't Rush Me" ... all on her 1988 Arista Records album "Tell IT To My Heart."

The platinum pop star went on to pepper the world with a handful more albums including "Can't Fight Fate" as well wrote a book and still found time to raise twins!

Guess what she looks like now at age 57 ... and in a bikini!

Parker Lewis In 'Parker Lewis Can't Lose' 'Memba Him?!?

Arkansas-born Corin Nemec (real name Joseph Charles Nemec IV) gained fame after taking the lead role of the Santo Domingo High School student, Parker Lewis -- who makes life as the popular kid look like "not a problem" -- on the '90s teen show, "Parker Lewis Can't Lose."

Corin Nemec was cast alongside his onscreen best buds Billy Jayne as the rockin' right-hand man, Michael "Mikey" Randall and Troy Slaten as the book smart student and formal friend, Jerry Steiner ... and of course Jennifer Guthrie as the leading love interest, Annie Faith Sloan.

Guess what Corin Nemec looks like now!

Veruca Salt Band Babes 'Memba Them?!

Chicago-natives Louise Post (left) and Nina Gordon (right) were both in their early 20s when they joined forces on guitar and vocals to front the girl grunge group Veruca Salt and dropped the fuzz-toned feedback infused songs "Seether" and "All Hail Me" in the late 90s.

Louise Post and Nina Gordon weren't the only two musically inclined people in the group ... they were joined by Steve Lack on the distorted bass and Jim Shapiro completing the band's backline with snappy snare and drums.

The original group reunited after 14 years to record their album "Ghost Notes" back in 2015.

Guess what Louise and Nina look like now!

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