'Bachelorette' Clare Crawley Replaced Mid-Season by Tayshia Adams ... Second Black Female Lead

Clare Crawley's journey on "The Bachelorette" is a short one, it turns out, and now her replacement, Tayshia Adams, will be the 2nd black leading woman on the show.

TMZ has confirmed the 39-year-old 'Bachelorette' (who was getting a second shot at love) apparently found her perfect match early on during taping. Sorry, spoiler alert -- but there's been a buzz about it for a couple days.

In light of Clare finding her perfect dude ... producers have decided to switch up the storyline -- bringing in Tayshia, who competed on Colton Underwood's 'Bachelor' season, and then went on to appear on "Bachelor in Paradise." So, she's a familiar face.

Word is that the season will start with Clare's story ... and then pivot to Tayshia. Unclear if the guys who were still standing for Clare will stick around for Tayshia, or if they'll get a whole new crop for her to choose from. Either way, its gonna make for great TV.

Rumors of the change started percolating on social media this weekend, especially after Tayshia teased a possible surprise for Bachelor Nation. Clare is also said to have liked an IG post talking about Tayshia being the new 'Bachelorette' -- a huge signal in and of itself.

Of course, she follows in the footsteps of Rachel Lindsay -- the first black 'Bachelorette' ever -- and it also comes on the heels of Matt James being cast as the first black 'Bachelor' a couple months ago.

Congrats to Tayshia ... and Clare! Again, spoiler alert.

Wilford Brimley Dead at 85 ... Diabetes, Quaker Oats Spox


Wilford Brimley -- an iconic actor who was the face of Quaker Oats for years, as well as a spokesperson for diabetes education -- has died ... a rep tells TMZ.

We're told Brimley passed away Saturday morning at his home in Utah. Sources with direct knowledge of Wilford's health tell us he was in an ICU wing of a hospital on dialysis, and very sick for days.

Wilford had a lengthy career on camera, dating back to the 1970s with over 70 acting credits. He's perhaps most known for roles in cult classic films like "Cocoon," "The Natural," "The Thing," "Hard Target," and countless other memorable on-screen appearances, big and small.

Brimley started out as mostly a TV actor, landing one-time roles on TV series like "How the West Was Won," 'Kung Fu,' "The Oregon Trail," and then eventually ... a recurring part on "The Waltons." He went on to star in a bunch of TV movies, such as "The Wild Wild West Revisited," "Amber Waves," "Roughnecks," "Rodeo Girl," 'The Big Black Pill,' and so on.

In the '80s, he started breaking out into more traditional films, appearing in flicks like "High Road to China," "10 to Midnight," "Tough Enough," "Jackals," "End of the Line," and a bunch of other B-movies where he'd often play an authority figure or a grandfatherly figure with his deep, comforting Southern accent. One of the best character actors without a doubt.

He went on to star in countless other movies and shows, notably on "Our House," in which he starred in over 40 episodes, as well one-off appearances in hit series like "Walker, Texas Ranger," "Seinfeld," and so many others.

Folks might remember Wilford more for commercials though over the years -- specifically, his campaigns with Quaker Oats through the '80s and '90s, and maybe even more memorable ... his classic diabetes ads for Liberty Medical -- which was often spoofed, but also beloved.

Wilford was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus in 1979, and managed the disease ever since then -- obviously, he was very open about it. The American Diabetes Association honored him for his lifetime of advocacy in 2008.

A rep for Wilford tells TMZ, one of his favorite quotes was from a sign at a blacksmith's shop. It read, "There is nothing made, sold, or done that can't be made, sold, or done cheaper. If price is your only concern, please do business with my competitor."

He's survived by his wife, Beverly, and his three children.

Wilford was 85. RIP

Tamar Braxton Released by WE tv ... New Reality Show Will Still Air


11:54 AM PT -- WE tv tells us ... 'Get Ya Life!' will air as it was intended -- the network will not be changing the show or further editing based on Tamar's complaints.

Tamar Braxton's upcoming reality show will still be released, but the network says it's honoring her request and severing ties with her going forward ... following her recent suicide attempt.

WE tv says ... "Tamar Braxton has been an important part of our network family for more than a decade. As she focuses on her health and recovery at what is clearly a difficult and personal time, we will work with her representatives to honor her request to end all future work for the network."

The network adds that it wishes her nothing but the best, and confirms with TMZ that Tamar's new series, 'Get Ya Life!,' will premiere Sept. 10.

Remember, the show was supposed to debut July 30, but got postponed after Tamar's apparent suicide attempt on July 16 at an L.A. hotel. Tamar called it "my attempt to end my pain and my life."

As we reported ... Tamar opened up about the incident, claiming years of mistreatment in reality TV pushed her to the brink. She claims over 2 months ago, she wrote a letter to WE tv asking to be freed from her contract because of the "demise" she was experiencing ... but says her cry for help was ignored.

Sources close to Tamar told us she was upset over her portrayal on the first episode of "Get Ya Life!" and felt she was lied to by producers.

Originally published 11:31 AM PT

Sharon Osbourne I WANNA BELIEVE IN UFOs ... But I Need to See it Myself!!!


Sharon Osbourne says seeing is believing when it comes to paranormal activity and other-worldly beings ... she wants to believe we're not alone, but needs her own hard evidence.

Sharon joined us on "TMZ Live" and we wanted to know if she's a UFO believer like her son, Jack.


While Sharon says she's seen our footage of a possible UFO over the skies of Long Beach -- lots of folks reported seeing something flying over L.A. too -- she tells us why the video alone is not enough to convince her 100 percent.

Sharon's getting the hard sell on UFOs back at home ... the famous family has a new show on Travel Channel, "The Osbournes Want To Believe," where Jack tries to convince her and Ozzy about the existence of aliens, Bigfoot, poltergeists, haunted dolls and other strange beasts.

Sounds like Sharon is ready to chalk most footage up to visual tricks, but she tells us what Jack showed her to change her perspective on one scary phenomenon.

Tamar Braxton Reality TV Pushed Me to the Brink ... I'm Healing After Suicide Attempt

Exclusive Details

Tamar Braxton is opening up about her attempt to end her own life, claiming her years in the reality TV business and the "toxic, systemic bondage" that dwells there almost killed her ... but now she's healing and speaking up.

Tamar says the July 16 incident was "my attempt to end my pain and my life," and only by God's grace and mercy did she make it out alive.

As you know ... Tamar was rushed to a hospital July 16 after her boyfriend, David Adefeso, called 911 from their hotel room in downtown L.A. EMTs found her unconscious inside her room when they arrived.

Tamar says her pain has been building for 11 years, and had eaten away her spirit and caused her to suffer mental illness. She says over the past 5 years, in particular, she has been overworked, underpaid, taken advantage of and betrayed by reality TV producers. She flat out accuses them ... claiming they "filmed the damage made, for monetary gain."


She says over 2 months ago, she wrote a letter to WE tv -- the network producing her new series, "Get Ya Life!" -- asking to be freed from her contract and explained the "demise" she was experiencing. She claims her cry for help was ignored.

Instead, she says the network pushed forward with the new series, which she says tainted her spirit and her soul. She adds ... "It was witnessing the death of the woman I knew, that discouraged my will to fight. I felt like I was no longer living, I was existing for the purpose of corporations gain, and that killed me."

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ ... the final straw for Tamar was when she viewed the first episode of "Get Ya Life!" and felt the network and producers did everything they promised they wouldn't ... including portraying her as the "angry black woman" who was choosing a man over her family.

We're also told she was very upset about how her BF, David, was used by the network and came off in the show.

Now, as we first reported, sources connected to the Braxton family told us the family believes it was David who got angry about his portrayal in that first episode, and that's what fueled Tamar's emotions.

First episode aside, Tamar clearly has a bigger issue with reality TV and its treatment of minorities. As she put it, "They promise us opportunity but produce exploitation."

As we've reported ... WE tv has delayed the premiere of Tamar's new show until September as she focuses on healing. However, our sources say she does not want it to air at all.

Dave Chappelle Hanging with Letterman ... For Netflix & Comedy Show!!!

Here's Dave Chappelle hanging with David Letterman in Chappelle's hometown for what looks like a new episode of Letterman's show ... and possibly for one of Dave's socially-distanced comedy shows.

The two comedy giants shared a laugh and a cup of coffee Wednesday in Yellow Springs, Ohio, sitting on a bench outside Dark Star Books and Comics. You don't see this every day.

Chappelle and Letterman, who had a Chappelle-branded face mask hanging off his ear, were followed by a big camera crew -- which seems to indicate they're shooting an episode of Letterman's interview show, "My Next Guest Needs No Introduction."

However, Chappelle's been doing socially-distanced comedy -- which he's dubbed 'Chappelle Summer Camp' -- and Letterman popped up there too. It's unclear if Letterman actually did a little standup.

Chris Rock's already flown in for one of Chappelle's shows, which have featured Jon Stewart, Jon Hamm, Tiffany Haddish, Michael Che, Erykah Badu, Common, Donnell Rawlings, Talib Kweli and Michelle Wolf.

In any event, whatever Chappelle and Letterman are cooking up, it's sure to be funny!!!

Stay tuned.

Esteban on 'The Suite Life of Zack and Cody' 'Memba Him?!

Florida-born actor Adrian R'Mante is best known for his role as the fumbling Peruvian bellman, Esteban (full name Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramírez) -- who hangs around the Tipton Hotel and tries to keep the peace between the teens' kooky antics -- in the early 2000s Disney Channel sitcom, "The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody."

Adrian R'Mante was cast alongside some awesome young actors including Brenda Song as the hotel heir, London Tipton, Ashley Tisdale as the candy kid, Maddie Fitzpatrick ... and of course, Dylan and Cole Sprouse as Zack and Cody Martin.

Guess what he looks like now ... and shirtless!

'RHOC' Continuing to Film Season 15 ... Despite Shannon Beador's Positive COVID Results


The 'Real Housewives of Orange County' will not halt production just because one of their own is positive with COVID-19 ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the production tell us ... Bravo isn't hitting the brakes as it continues to shoot the other housewives for season 15 -- despite the fact, Shannon announced last week she and her 3 teenage daughters all recently tested positive for coronavirus.

ICYMI ... the reality star said, "This photo was taken pre-pandemic. Today, we are Covid positive times 4. The girls and I are blessed to be quarantining in the same home (but isolating in separate rooms)."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

She added, "A huge thank you to all of the medical personnel that have been patiently guiding us through this illness. Sending prayers to all of those affected. 🙏🏻❤️"

Now, as for why Bravo and the other ladies -- including Braunwyn Windham-Burke, Kelly Dodd, Gina Kirschenheiter, Emily Simpson and newbie Elizabeth Vargas -- are forging on? We're told the team doesn't feel like they're in danger of getting sick.

When production resumed a couple weeks ago, our sources say the above-mentioned women, sans Shannon, took a cast trip to Lake Arrowhead. Because Shannon wasn't there, the others didn't come in contact with her ... and as a result, they're confident in moving forward with current safety guidelines, without having to close up shop again.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Speaking of those ... we're told the precautions being taken right now are similar to those being administered to the 'RHOA' cast -- Bravo's doing temp checks, avoiding filming in crowds and having the crew members wear masks on set. Same stuff across the board.

The only difference here -- an actual cast member is sick -- but not even that can stop the 'Housewives' train.

BTW, Shannon has to test negative twice before rejoining the group -- for now, we're told she's filming from her phone at home when she feels up to it, but isn't doing any in-person, on-camera work at the moment.

Charlie Balducci 'True Life' Star Dead at 44


Charlie Balducci -- best known for his time on the MTV reality show "True Life" -- has died ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Balducci was found unresponsive in his bed Saturday. He was last seen around 2 AM that morning and they found him on his right side of his bed later that evening around 9 PM. Paramedics responded, but pronounced Charlie dead at the scene.

We spoke to Charlie's mom who tells us Balducci passed away unexpectedly since he didn't exhibit any kind of sickness. She said the last words he spoke to her were that he's happy to have his boys, who are 17 and 19, respectively.

Balducci was a trailblazer of sorts as a pioneer of reality TV. In 2001, Balducci allowed MTV cameras to follow him 4 months before getting married to Sabrina ... resulting in one of the most infamous rants ever caught on TV.

On the day he was set to get married, the limo driver was running late, prompting Balducci to threaten the limo driver, "I will gut you like the piece of s**t you are" and "I'll hunt you down like cattle."

Charlie and Sabrina were one of 3 couples featured on the reality show "True Life: I'm Getting Married." They were discovered during a dress fitting after Sabrina said a woman came up to them saying they were hysterical. And when the opportunity to appear on the show came up, Balducci jumped all over it.

Charlie and Sabrina were married for over a decade and had two children together.

He was 44.


Regis Philbin To Be Buried at Notre Dame Campus ... Was ND Superfan

Breaking News

Regis Philbin's final resting place will be at the Notre Dame campus -- fitting because the guy was an absolute Fighting Irish superfan!

A spokesperson for Notre Dame confirms ... Philbin's funeral service will take place at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart at the campus in South Bend, Indiana.

Philbin -- who graduated from ND in 1953 -- will be buried at the Cedar Grove Cemetery, which is on campus. No date has been set.

University spokesman Dennis Brown confirmed Sunday that Philbin, who died Friday of heart disease, will have a funeral service at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart and be buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery on campus. The date has not been set.

We're also told the Notre Dame is considering different ways to honor Regis during the football season due to the fact he was such a massive supporter of ND football ... and really all ND sports.

He used to passionately talk about ND football on every platform he could -- remember when he brought the Leprechaun on "Regis and Kelly?"

In fact, Philbin was such a big ND supporter, he famously donated $2.75 million to the University in 2001 to create the Philbin Studio Theater, a performance art venue on campus.

Notre Dame president Rev. John Jenkins praised Philbin in a statement,

“Regis regaled millions on air through the years, oftentimes sharing a passionate love for his alma mater with viewers," Jenkins said.

"He will be remembered at Notre Dame for his unfailing support for the university and its mission, including the Philbin Studio Theater in our performing arts center."

As we previously reported, Philbin early Saturday after suffering a heart attack at his home.

He was 88.


Osundairo Bros. Get Stuff Back from Jussie Case ... But Not Ski Mask and Hat


Jussie Smollett's alleged "attackers" picked up some of their possessions seized by cops over a year ago -- including a large gun -- but the judge said they still gotta wait for a couple more infamous items.

Abel and Ola Osundairo were granted permission by the court to get back many of their belongings no longer considered to be pertinent to Jussie's case ... including a shotgun, a safe, household supplies and their clothes.

However, according to legal docs ... authorities are still holding several items connected to the 2019 alleged fake attack on Smollett -- most notably a black face mask and a red hat.


As you'll recall, the brothers were seen on security footage buying some of the items the day before the "attack" on Jussie.

The brothers' attorney, Gloria Rodriguez, says they both went to the Chicago PD evidence pickup spot earlier this month to get their stuff ... but left with less than they thought they'd get.


As you can see ... Abel's carrying 2 gun cases, but we're told one is empty. That's because, according to Rodriguez, another shotgun was misclassified in the paperwork, but they hope to get that back soon.

Also, Rodriguez says there's a third firearm -- a 9MM -- the cops kept because it was in the brothers' safe. According to the legal docs, prosecutors and Jussie's defense are allowed to review the contents of the safe before they go back to Abel and Ola. The brothers did already get back the actual safe.

We're told Smollett's camp has not been given a chance yet to review the remaining safe items for his upcoming criminal trial.

As we've reported ... Jussie's still facing 6 felony counts for allegedly lying to cops.

Dorota Kishlovsky on 'Gossip Girl' 'Memba Her?!

Polish-American actress Zuzanna Szadkowski shot to stardom after she landed the role of the Waldorf family's wacky maid, Dorota Kishlovsky -- who gets wrapped up in all the drama revolving around the Upper East Side elite -- on the long-running CW drama "Gossip Girl."

Zuzanna Szadkowski was cast alongside an epic group of young actors including Blake Lively as the BFF, Serena van der Woodsen, Taylor Momsen as the fashionable friend, Jenny Humphrey ... and of course, Leighton Meester as the Constance Billard it girl, Miss Blair Waldorf.

Szadkowski can more recently be spotted on "Worth," "Minyan" and "Loserville."


Guess what she looks like now!

Kelsey Grammer Daughter Spencer Slashed Cops Release Video of Suspect

11:04 AM PT -- 7/26 -- Cops just released surveillance video of the man they suspect of wielding a knife at a NYC restaurant's staff, leaving Spencer Grammer and others injured.

The NYPD Crime Stoppers' official account on Twitter released a brief 12-second clip of the suspect, who appears to be talking to someone inside a building -- presumably, this is at The Black Ant in the East Village, and it would appear this showed the moments before they mayhem.

The police say, "WANTED🚨for an Assault in front of 60 2nd avenue.  #Manhattan @NYPD9Pct  On 07/24/20 @ 11:28  PM💰Reward up to $2500👓Seen Him? Know who he is?☎️Call 1-800-577-TIPS or DM us!📞Calls are CONFIDENTIAL! #yourcityyourcall."

It doesn't look like they've caught the guy yet based on this -- word is he wandered off on foot and made a clean escape.

Kelsey Grammer's daughter, Spencer, got cut up by a man who started swinging a knife in NYC -- all because the restaurant she was at was about to close and wouldn't let him in.

Law enforcement sources confirmed the scary incident went down late Friday night at a place called The Black Ant in the East Village -- which was about to close up shop right before midnight as some guy -- whom witnesses described to cops as seemingly drunk -- walked up and demanded entry ... only to be turned away by the staff.

We're told that sent the guy into a rage, because he whipped out a blade and started hacking away in a full-on brawl with guests and employees. During the mayhem, we're told Spencer and a friend of hers were 2 of the victims who got slashed as the man raged.

Our sources say Spencer and her friend were actually among some of the people trying to pry the maniac off people, and as a result they suffered gashes ... Spencer to her arm and the friend to her back. They were taken to a hospital and treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

We're told the man fled by foot and cops are investigating. BTW, in case you're unfamiliar with Spencer -- you probably know her voice ... she plays Summer Smith on 'Rick & Morty.'

Just another crazy day in the time of 'rona -- and it goes to show ... even celebs and their kin can fall victim to the madness. The New York Post broke the story. Get well, Spence.

Originally Published -- 7/25 12:43 PM PT

Regis Philbin Dead at 88 Cause of Death: Heart Disease

4:19 PM PT -- Regis' other longtime co-host, Kathie Lee Gifford, has paid tribute to her famous on-screen partner in an emotional post.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Kathie took to Instagram with a photo of the two of them, writing ... "There are no words to fully express the love I have for my precious friend, Regis. I simply adored him and every day with him was a gift. We spent 15 years together bantering and bickering and laughing ourselves silly -- a tradition and a friendship we shared up to this very day."

She added, "I smile knowing somewhere in Heaven, at this very moment, he’s making someone laugh. It brings me great comfort knowing that he had a personal relationship with his Lord that brought him great peace. I send all the love in my heart to Joy, to his children, to the rest of his family and to the innumerable people he touched over his legendary life. There has never been anyone like him. And there never will be."

3:36 PM PT -- TMZ has confirmed with the Medical Examiner that Regis died from heart disease. He was pronounced dead Saturday at Greenwich Hospital in Greenwich, CT.

1:44 PM PT -- President Trump has responded to Regis' passing, taking to Twitter to say ... "One of the greats in the history of television, Regis Philbin has passed on to even greater airwaves, at 88. He was a fantastic person, and my friend. He kept telling me to run for President. Holds the record for 'most live television', and he did it well. Regis, we love you...."

1:21 PM PT -- Kelly Ripa -- Regis' longtime daytime co-host -- just responded to news of his death with a heartfelt message.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

She took to Instagram and posted a photo of herself, Ryan Seacrest and Regis together, writing ... "We are beyond saddened to learn about the loss of Regis Philbin. He was the ultimate class act, bringing his laughter and joy into our homes everyday on Live for more than 23 years."

Kelly continued, "We were beyond lucky to have him as a mentor in our careers and aspire everyday to fill his shoes on the show. We send our deepest love and condolences to his family and hope they can find some comfort in knowing he left the world a better place."

Regis Philbin has died ... TMZ has learned.

The iconic TV host, actor, singer and all-around media personality who was once dubbed "the hardest working man in showbiz" passed away this weekend -- this according to a statement from his family.

They told People, "His family and friends are forever grateful for the time we got to spend with him – for his warmth, his legendary sense of humor, and his singular ability to make every day into something worth talking about. We thank his fans and admirers for their incredible support over his 60-year career."

A source tells TMZ Regis died early Saturday after suffering a heart attack at his home, possibly the one in Connecticut -- although, we have not confirmed that with the family at this point.

We know he'd been battling heart disease for a while now -- even having an angioplasty done in the '90s, not to mention a triple bypass surgery in 2007. Up until last year, Regis had said he was feeling relatively healthy in retirement.

In light of his death, we must say ... Regis was a star among stars, and had a storied career.

Regis got his start in Hollywood back in the '50s while working on "The Tonight Show," under which he served as a page. He went on to work in local news for a bit and even had his own show before getting more network exposure in the '60s on "The Joey Bishop Show."

From there, the ball kept rolling -- he went on to replace talk show host Steve Allen on his own show, but fell short up against Johnny Carson's strong ratings. Regis then bounced around in media, but stayed on with hosting gigs ... everything from radio shows, variety shows, game shows, lifestyle shows, talk shows and more. The guy was getting airtime.

In the late '80s, he perhaps got his biggest break by landing a co-hosting gig with Kathie Lee Gifford, which most know as "Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee" -- a nationally-syndicated morning talk show that has continued to this day, with other hosts filling in over the years ... perhaps most notably, Kelly Ripa, who replaced Kathie Lee when she left her hosting gig.

Regis co-hosted the show until 2011, when Michael Strahan replaced him. But, even during all those years in between, the man stayed busy -- as game show fans might already know.

Of course, Regis is also super well known for being the original host for the uber game show, 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' -- which he hosted from 1999 through 2002 ... as well as a couple different special event series spinoffs in '04 and 09. He hosted other game shows as well throughout the 2000s, not to mention the first season of "America's Got Talent."

Regis has worked on countless TV series and shows over the years as a special guest, guest host, co-host or just cameos in general, including recurring appearances on "Today," 'Rachael Ray,' "The Talk," "The Meredith Vieira Show," 'The Tonight Show,' "Entertainment Tonight," "The View," "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson," "Late Show with David Letterman," "Jimmy Kimmel Live!," "Good Morning America," "Wheel of Fortune," "Late Night with Conan O'Brien," "Jeopardy!," "The Rosie O'Donnell Show," and on and on.

Regis is survived by his wife, Joy, his three children as well as his grandchildren. His son, Danny, died in 2014.

He was 88. RIP

Originally Published -- 12:11 PM PT

Rob Gronkowski Freaks Out Over 'Outer Banks' ... I Binged In 2 Days!!!

Rob Gronkowski says he's all about that POGUE LIFE ... 'cause the NFL superstar is coming clean about his newest addiction -- Netflix's hit show "Outer Banks."

For those who haven't heard, the new series hit the streaming service earlier this year and quickly became the #1 show on the platform.

The show covers a dude named John B. and his friends in Outer Banks, NC ... who go on a hunt for treasure. It's a bit more complex than that ... but if you want, check the trailer.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers TE is one of the millions of viewers who quickly became hooked on the show ... crashing his S.I. Swim model girlfriend Camille Kostek's interview to rave about his obsession.

"Outer Banks ... best show ever!" Gronk told Barstool Sports' Chicks In The Office. "I love John B! ... "They need season 2 to come out."

"We watched season 1 in the first 2 days and then when it ended we were all mad, we were like, dang it!"

BTW -- yes, the ending will most definitely piss you off ... and as of right now, Netflix hasn't confirmed a follow-up season.

It's probably good for Gronk that he's done with the show -- now he can refocus on gearing up for his big NFL comeback with old teammate Tom Brady.

Although Gronk says he loves John B, he definitely gives off Kook vibes.

If you don't know what that means, watch the show already.

Brian Austin Green Having a Beachin' Time With My Kids ... After Split From Model

8:43 AM PT -- Brian's not letting his breakup keep him down in the dumps ... instead he's spending some quality time with his kids.

BAG spent his Wednesday afternoon on the beaches of Malibu, playing in the sand with his children. Seems he's taking Tina's message to heart, and focusing on himself and his fam.

Check out the gallery ... unconditional love.

Brian Austin Green's first legit post-Megan Fox rebound is over and done ... we've learned he's split from Australian Maxim model Tina Louise.

Sources close to Tina tell TMZ ... the short-lived relationship officially ended this week, when she broke things off with the '90210' star.

Several factors spelled doom for the former couple ... we're told Tina was getting a lot of social media hate from Megan and BAG fans. Sources say the bullying was disheartening and really affected her and definitely played a part in the breakup.

The timing wasn't right for Brian and Tina either ... we're told she realized he doesn't want to settle down after separating from his wife, and Tina's looking for something more serious.

As we reported ... Brian and Tina started seeing each other last month, with a Taco Tuesday lunch date helping him try and move on from Megan.

Our sources say Brian had Tina over at his home and introduced her to his best friends, but things just didn't work out.

We're told Tina still thinks BAG's a great guy going through a tough time who needs to focus on himself ... and while they're still friendly, they're taking a huge step back.

Originally Published -- 12:40 AM PT

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