'Addams Family' Star Felix Silla Dead at 84 ... Played Cousin Itt

Felix Silla, who famously played the mysterious and hairy Cousin Itt on "The Addams Family," is dead after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

Felix died Friday afternoon in Las Vegas ... according to Gil Gerard, Felix's co-star on the old NBC series "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century."

Gil says he's sad to see his friend lose his cancer battle, but says he's glad Felix is no longer suffering.

Although we never saw his face on the show ... Felix was extremely well known for playing the mumbling Cousin Itt on the 1960s sitcom. For the young 'uns... he dressed in sunglasses, a bowler hat and a hairpiece covering his entire body. The audience never understood what he was saying, but members of the Addams Family did.

Silla also didn't get any face time as Buck Rogers' robot sidekick Twiki, or as a hang-gliding Ewok in "Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi" ... but folks knew him because he stood barely 4 feet tall and weighed about 70 pounds.

Felix did have at least one famous role where he actually showed his mug ... in 1975 he shaved his head to play the villainous Litvak in "The Maltese Falcon" sequel "The Black Bird."

Born and raised in Italy, Felix moved to the United States way back in 1955 and toured around with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, working for several years as a tumbler and trapeze artist before landing in Hollywood in 1962 as a stuntman.

Felix did stunt work on "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial," "Batman Returns," and "Poltergeist," among other films ... and also appeared in the OG "Planet of the Apes" and "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom."

Silla was 84, and is survived by his wife of more than 55 years, Sue, and their children, Bonnie and Michael.


Helen McCrory 'Peaky Blinders' & 'Harry Potter' Star Dead at 52

Helen McCrory -- best known for playing Aunt Polly on "Peaky Blinders" -- has died of cancer ... according to her husband, "Billions" star Damian Lewis.

Lewis announced his wife's death on Twitter, saying ... "I'm heartbroken to announce that after an heroic battle with cancer, the beautiful and mighty woman that is Helen McCrory has died peacefully at home, surrounded by a wave of love from family and friends."

He adds ... "She died as she lived. Fearlessly. God we love her and we know how lucky we are to have had her in our lives. She blazed so brightly. Go now, Little One, into the air, and thank you."

Along with starring as the matriarch of the gangster Shelby family on 'Blinders,' McCrory played Narcissa Malfoy in 3 "Harry Potter" films.

She also had roles in the HBO series "His Dark Materials" and the Showtime horror show, "Penny Dreadful."

Helen also appeared in several popular movies since her acting career began in the early '90s, such as "Skyfall," "The Queen" and "The Count of Monte Cristo."

McCrory and Lewis wed in 2007 and have a daughter and son together, both teenagers.

She was 52.


Miles Teller ArcLight Cinemas, Pacific Theatres Closing Sucks ... But Movie Theater Industry Won't Die


Miles Teller is nowhere close to predicting the end of the movie theater industry on the heels of ArcLight Cinemas and Pacific Theatres announcing they're shutting their doors ... he says theaters will still exist, but it would sure be nice if someone would come to the rescue.

We got the "Top Gun: Maverick" star out Thursday in L.A. and asked about the mega-chains announcing earlier this week they're closing nearly 300 screens ... obviously the result of financial hemorrhaging during the pandemic.

Miles recalled some fond memories at the Cinerama Dome on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood ... where his films "Project X" and "The Spectacular Now" premiered.

Miles thinks ArcLight and the Cinerama could borrow a page from Netflix and find someone who will underwrite the pivot. He has a name in mind, and it's a big one.

ICYMI ... Netflix bought Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre in L.A. last year, so its original movies can qualify for the Oscars.

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis GET PROTECTION FROM ALLEGED STALKER ... Says He's 'Struggling to Stay Sane'

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis are getting protection from a man she claims keeps showing up at her home, imagining he's her boyfriend, and venting his frustration over Harry Styles.

Olivia's lawyer, Shawn Holley, beelined it to court Monday and got a temporary restraining order ... to protect her and her family, including Sudeikis, from a 30-year-old man named Eric Nathanial Fuhs, whom she claims has been harassing her for months.

According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Olivia claims she has security footage showing the man showing up to her home on multiple occasions to leave notes falsely claiming they're in a relationship. One note is addressed to Sudeikis, saying "how she [Olivia] was unhappy in her relationship, and how she wanted to start a new relationship with me."  He goes on ... "This continued almost every day ... until January, when Harry Styles got credit for what I was doing."

In the docs, Olivia says the guy initially barged in on a private zoom call she was on back in October and harassed her, and ever since he's gotten bolder by showing up at her home.

Olivia also says she's scared the man was able to find her home, because she's never shared her address, and she says one of his notes is ominous ... "I, as of March 19, 2021 am now struggling to stay sane whilst being hidden."

The judge granted Olivia's temporary restraining order and Fuhs must stay 100 yards away from her, Jason, and their kids at all times. It's interesting ... although Olivia is now with Harry Styles, she says in the docs, "I live with Mr Sudeikis and our two children."

Sharon Tate 'Disgusting' People Selling Phony Items ... Sister Rips eBay Sellers!!!

Sharon Tate would be upset by the handful of fraudulent items being sold in her name on eBay ... this according to her sister, who insists they never belonged to her late sibling.

Here's the deal ... there's a handful of eBay listings for jewelry and dresses -- including a ring with a $180,000 asking price -- with product descriptions claiming they were owned and worn by Sharon ... but her sister says it's all a scam.

Debra Tate tells TMZ ... none of the items with Sharon's famous name attached were ever worn, owned or given to her sister, and the sellers' tactics are "disgusting."

Sharon's sister says attempts to have eBay take down the fraudulent items have so far been unsuccessful.

As you can see, some of the items Debra claims have no connection to Sharon include antique jewelry, a 14k yellow gold necklace allegedly from her mother, and a white dress.

Debra believes the sellers are trying to hawk items that look like something Sharon might have once owned, but Debra says Sharon would have never been caught wearing the dress.

It's interesting ... Debra thinks interest in "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" might be driving up the prices for phony Sharon Tate items.

We reached out to eBay ... so far, no word back.

Harvey Weinstein Nearly Blind, Losing Teeth ... Lawyer Claims at Extradition Hearing

Harvey Weinstein's been indicted on sexual assault charges in L.A. and now faces extradition from New York, but he's hoping to stay put because his health is failing... so claims his legal team.

The disgraced movie producer appeared Monday for his extradition hearing via video conference along with his attorneys, Mark Werksman and Norman Effman, who argued against him being sent to L.A. for "humanitarian" reasons.

Effman claims Weinstein is technically blind and has major dental issues -- he's allegedly lost 4 teeth and is in danger of losing more. According to his lawyer, prison officials in NY have scheduled 2 medical procedures for Weinstein ... one for his sight and one for his teeth.

On top of all this ... Effman says his client's still suffering from cardiac issues, diabetes and back pain, along with sleep apnea.

For all of these reasons, Weinstein's team's asking the judge to allow him to remain at the medical unit he's been confined to at the maximum-security prison in New York, where he's serving his sentence for rape.

The judge set the next hearing for later this month, so for now Weinstein will stay put in his prison cell.

As we've reported, despite his 2020 conviction in New York, Weinstein was still facing criminal charges in Los Angeles ... where a grand jury recently indicted him on 11 counts of sexual assault connected to alleged assaults of 5 women.

It should be noted -- during Monday's hearing, Weinstein's lawyers insisted their client believes he can beat the charges.

Macaulay Culkin I'm a Daddy!!!

Here's something to make ya feel old ... Macaulay Culkin is now a proud parent!!!

Macaulay, best known as Kevin McAllister in the insanely popular 1990s 'Home Alone' movies, just announced the birth of his first child with his partner, actress Brenda Song.

Macaulay and Brenda welcomed their son, Dakota Song Culkin, into the world last Monday in Los Angeles. A rep for the couple says he was named after Culkin's sister who passed away in 2008.

The baby boy is healthy after weighing in at 6 pounds, 14 ounces.

It's pretty jarring to think of Macaulay as a father and not as little Kevin ... entire generations have grown up knowing MC only from his classic Christmas movies, and the Google holiday ads reprising his iconic role.

In fact, filming wrapped on the OG 'Home Alone' a few months before Macaulay's 10th birthday, and he was 11 years old when he played Kevin in the 1992 sequel.

Now, he's a first-time father at 40 ... and with baby Dakota joining the fold, Macaulay and Brenda will no longer be home alone. Also, their sleep will most likely suffer.

Congrats!!! 👏🏽

Kevin James To Play NFL Coach Sean Payton In Movie Based On Saints' Bountygate Scandal

Paul Blart: NFL coach!?

Kevin James is all set to play New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton in an upcoming Netflix project ... and it's all based around the fallout from the infamous "Bountygate" scandal.

Remember, Payton was suspended for 1 year after the NFL found Saints defensive players were getting cash payouts from 2009 to 2011 for targeting and injuring opponents during games.

But, the movie doesn't sound like a dark look into the violent side of the scandal ... it's reportedly based on Payton's decision to focus on coaching his son's youth football team during his time away from the league.

The movie is being produced by Adam Sandler's Happy Madison Productions -- so it seems the flick will be a lighthearted, family-friendly depiction of the situation ... despite the heavy and despicable nature of the suspension in the first place.

The movie is titled "Home Team" ... and Payton is reportedly heavily involved, according to Peter King -- who says Payton received a copy of the script and actually submitted a round of notes to producers.

In real life, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was FURIOUS with Payton and the Saints for the scandal -- saying it gave the league a serious black eye.

An NFL investigation found that Payton both knew about the bounty situation AND made efforts to conceal it from the league during subsequent investigations.

One of the players who had a bounty on his head was Brett Favre -- who got the snot beat out of him during the 2010 NFC Championship game. The beating he took that day was exceptionally violent.

The NFL ultimately found Payton failed to "act in a responsible manner" to shut down the bounty scheme and suspended him for the entire 2012 season.

During his suspension, Payton helped out his son's 6th-grade youth football team.

According to Peter King, Payton used the suspension to "re-assess his life and put it in some perspective" -- and that will serve as the theme for the upcoming movie.

There is already some backlash on social media from people who are afraid the movie will paint Payton as some sort of hero. Then again, people can change ... right?

James -- who has starred in TV's "King of Queens," the Paul Blart movie series and a bunch of other Sandler projects -- will transform into the Saints coach when filming kicks off later this year.

Henry Cavill My New GF's a 'Super Sweet 16' Star ... And She Kicked My Ass At Chess!!!

Henry Cavill's got a new girlfriend!!! And he said so himself.

The "Superman" stud introduced GF Natalie Viscuso to his followers, although a bunch of you probably know her already. She was featured on "Super Sweet 16" back in 2005. It's a show about rich kids and their birthday parties. On the show, she somewhat famously said, "I deserve everything I have because I've always been the nice girl, never just the rich girl."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As for Henry, he posted a pic of them going at it in a game of chess, with the caption, "This is me looking quietly confident shortly before my beautiful and brilliant love Natalie, destroys me at chess."


The "Witcher" star has been linked in the past to Lucy Cork, Tara King and Kaley Cuoco.  Unclear how Henry and Natalie hooked up, but this is pandemic love, which tends to be on the down-low -- just ask Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley. Apparently, it was a thing in 2020.

DMX Rolled with 'The Golden Girls' ... So Says Gabrielle Union

DMX was a man of many passions, and one of them was watching "The Golden Girls" reruns ... according to Gabrielle Union's hilarious, resurfaced anecdote.

Union was filming an episode of the popular food show "Hot Ones" back in 2017, when she told host Sean Evans that a "real fun fact" about the rapper is he used to love laughing along with Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia.

She claims she learned this while working with DMX on the set of the 2003 film "Cradle 2 the Grave." Union says there was a dog-biting incident with one of the PAs, so she was tasked with going to get the rapper because she's a dog person.

But, instead of coming right out, DMX would apparently invite her in for a drink and to join him in watching the popular '80s sitcom ... exclaiming, "This s**t is funny!"

Union says he would then "laugh hysterically" at the show as they enjoyed a drink ... and sounds like Gabrielle was a pal and a confidant.

As you know ... DMX sadly passed Friday, a week after suffering an overdose that cut off oxygen to his brain for about 30 minutes. Since his death, tributes have been pouring in from friends and fans ... along with heartwarming stories like this one.

Bill Maher Skewers Oscars Did They All Quit Cocaine at the Same Time?

Bill Maher obliterated the Oscars Friday night ... musing that the choices the Academy is making for best films require a name change to the Debbies ... as in Debbie Downer!!!

The 'Real Time' host ticked off the nominees for Best Motion Pic, and viewing may require a serious dose of Prozac, 'cause they're all super depressing.

Bill goes down the list -- "Judas and the Black Messiah," "Promising Young Woman, "The Sound of Metal," "Nomadland," "The Father," "Minari" ... Bill describes each and then lowers the boom with this ... "The 2021`Oscars, brought to you by razor blades, Kleenex and rope."

It's a hilarious ride ... Bill wonders, "What happened to show business? Did they all decide to quit cocaine at the same time?"

It wasn't just funny ... Bill had a point -- “Academy nominations used to say, ‘What great movies we make. Now they say, ‘Look what good people we are.’”

Again ... best political show on TV.

'Remember The Titans' T.C. Williams High School Changes Name ... Over Racist Ties

T.C. Williams High School in Virginia -- famously featured in the movie, "Remember The Titans" -- is getting a complete makeover ... in an attempt to distance itself from its racist history.

But, don't worry, they're still the Titans!!!

The school was originally named after former superintendent Thomas Chambliss Williams -- a known racist who "did everything possible to slow down the process of integration in Alexandria," according to the school website.

As it turns out, the school became popular for the exact opposite reason -- the T.C. Williams football team integrated in 1971 and went on to win a state championship ... an accomplishment that was turned into the Disney flick starring Denzel Washington as legendary head coach Herman Boone.

Despite the feel-good story of "Titans," the school's official name remained a dark cloud in the city of Alexandria for decades ... and a petition was started in early 2020 to get rid of "T.C. Williams."

A unanimous vote was passed last November to kickstart the rebranding process ... and on Thursday, the school board revealed the new name.

Alexandria City High School!!!

The school says the change will become official in July ... and noted it will ALWAYS be the home of the Titans.

Good move.

'The Rock' for President Early Poll Promising ... Nearly Half Back the People's Champ!!!

If Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson does indeed run for U.S. President as he's hinted he might, he nearly has all the votes needed to win already ... at least based on a new poll.

The former WWE superstar turned Hollywood A-lister has the support of 46 percent of adult Americans if he were to make a Presidential run in 2024 ... according to a recent online poll of 30,138 potential voters between April 2 and April 4.

The same poll found 29 percent would support dual campaigns by The Rock for POTUS and Matthew McConaughey for Texas Governor ... something the actor's also suggested he's considering.

Other notable poll results include 30% support for Angelina Jolie for Prez, 27% for Oprah ... and a shockingly low 22% for Tom Hanks.

Overall though, nearly 2 out of 3 adults polled said they believe celebs make good politicians if they have a good team and possess "political aptitude."

As ridiculous as that may seem to some, it also makes sense. Ex-Prez Donald Trump still has major support in the Republican party, and several other past Hollywood stars went on to make big political splashes ... Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jesse Ventura, Al Franken and Ronald Reagan, just to name a few.

As for the Rock ... he's been floating the idea of a White House run since 2016, and added fuel to the fire on 'Ellen' in 2017 and 'The Late Show' in 2018 by continuing to say he's seriously considering it.

More recently, he told a reporter he'd run for POTUS "if that's what the people wanted." Well, Rock ... it looks like you have your answer.

George Clooney & Ben Affleck Batter Up!!! Playin' Ball on Set


George Clooney stepped into the batter's box in between takes on the set of his new movie, taking hacks while Ben Affleck tried shagging balls in the outfield ... and for one of them, it didn't go so smoothly.

George took a break from directing "The Tender Bar" Wednesday in Boston for a little batting practice on the softball field where they were filming ... and he was swinging for the fences.

The Red Sox probably won't come calling if any of their scouts see this video, but at least George makes contact and looks like he's having a helluva time.


Ben, meanwhile, tried tracking down George's deep fly balls in the outfield ... and well, let's just say the sun didn't play ball. Error, Affleck.

After struggling in the field, Ben took the mound while the cameras were rolling. As you can see, his orange softball uniform reads, "The Dickens," the name of the bar where his character works in the film.

Check out the videos ... lotta star power, even if the action isn't exactly All-Star caliber.

'Harry Potter' Actor Paul Ritter Dead at 54

Paul Ritter -- best known around the globe for playing Eldred Worple in "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" -- has died.

A rep for the British actor says Paul died of a brain tumor Monday night. He died peacefully at home with his wife Polly and sons -- Frank and Noah -- by his side. The rep added, "He was fiercely intelligent, kind and very funny. We will miss him greatly. Paul was an exceptionally talented actor playing an enormous variety of roles on stage and screen with extraordinary skill."

Some of Paul's bigger credits include appearing in the James Bond movie "Quantum of Solace" as government adviser Guy Haines. In his homeland ... Paul was best known for playing the family patriarch in the long-running Channel 4 comedy "Friday Night Dinner."

He was also a brilliant stage actor that landed him both Olivier and Tony Award nominations. Paul's work in "Coram Boy" earned him an Olivier nomination in 2006. His starring role in "The Norman Conquests" in 2009 snagged him a Tony nomination.

He was most recently in the HBO miniseries "Chernobyl" ... portraying Anatoly Dyatlov, the supervisor who was blamed for not following safety protocols leading to the nuclear disaster.

Paul was also set to appear in the upcoming World War II drama "Operation Mincemeat."

He was 54.

Christen Harper Goff's GF Lands S.I. Swim Photoshoot ... Dream Come True!!!

Jared Goff is officially dating a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model -- the Detroit Lions QB's longtime GF, Christen Harper has landed a photoshoot with the S.I. Swim Issue!

26-year-old Harper made the announcement minutes ago ... saying it's always been her lifelong dream to be an S.I. Swim model -- and now it's a reality!!

"SI is the reason I became a model and for years I tried to get a casting with them but never quite made it," Harper said Monday.

"Instead of just accepting that and moving on I decided to take things into my own hands and chase this dream myself! This is a sign to go after your dreams and never look back!!!"

Harper earned the spot by entering the outlet's highly competitive "Swim Search" ... where people from all over the world audition to be part of the upcoming issue.

The California native -- who's been linked to Goff since early 2019 -- joins a stacked list of WAGs in S.I.'s lineup ... including names like Olivia Culpo, Kate Bock and Camille Kostek, who have already announced their return for the July 2021 issue.

No word from Goff, yet ... but we take it he's THRILLED!!


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