Actor Fred Willard Cause of Death ... Cardiac Arrest

Fred Willard died from a heart attack ... according to his death certificate.

According to the doc, obtained by TMZ, the veteran comedic actor's immediate cause of death is a cardiac arrest. The underlying causes are listed as myelodysplastic syndrome and coronary artery disease.

We broke the story ... Fred died May 15, and his daughter Hope told us her father passed away peacefully and made his family "happy until the very end." The doc says he died at his home at 6:45 PM.

The death certificate also notes Fred was a veteran of the United States Armed Forces and had 60 years in the entertainment biz, and it says he was laid to rest at the famous Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles.

As we reported, at the time of his death, Fred's family said ... "He kept moving, working and making us happy until the very end. We loved him so very much. We will miss him forever."

Fred was famous for his role as Ron Burgundy's news director in the 'Anchorman' movies and he starred in countless cult comedies throughout his career, including ... "American Wedding," "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle," "How High," "The Wedding Planner," "WALL-E," "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me" and on and on.

He was 86.

Spanish on 'Old School' 'Memba Him?!

Brooklyn based actor Rick Gonzalez was in his early twenties when he landed the role of the rushing fraternity brother, Spanish -- who helps his greek brothers keep their newly formed frat house while enduring hilarious hazing -- in the iconic 2003 party comedy, "Old School."

Rick Gonzalez shared the big screen with an epic cast of characters including Vince Vaughn as the ear-muffing stereo salesman, Bernard "Beanie" Campbell, Luke Wilson as the newly single responsible one, Mitch "The Godfather" Martin ... and of course, Will Ferrell as the beer-chugging dart-shooting streaker, Frank "The Tank" Ricard.

Gonzalez can more recently be spotted on the CW show, "Arrow," as Wild Dog.

Guess what he looks now at 40 years old!

Stephen Jackson Emotional Speech At Floyd Rally Fighting For A Conviction

Breaking News

Stephen Jackson is at the forefront of the fight for justice in the killing of his friend George Floyd ... saying he's going to do whatever it takes to make sure the officers are convicted.

The ex-NBA star revealed this week that he's known Floyd for more than 20 years ... saying they even called each other "twin."

Jackson -- alongside Timberwolves center Karl-Anthony Towns, rappers Bun B and Trae The Truth, and actor Jamie Foxx -- gave an emotional speech at a news conference in Minneapolis on Friday.

"I'm here because they're not gonna demean the character of George Floyd, my twin," Jackson said.

"You can't tell me when that man had a knee on my brother's neck, taking his life away with his hand in his pocket that that smirk on his face didn't say, 'I'm protected.'"

"You can't tell me that he didn't feel that it was his duty to murder my brother and then he was gonna get away with it."

The officer -- Derek Chauvin -- has been arrested and charged with 3rd-degree murder and manslaughter ... and Jackson says he will fight to make sure all officers involved get proper punishment.

"I'mma use everything I have to get a conviction, to get all these motherf**kers in jail. Excuse my French, I'm angry. I'm a proud black man."

Earlier this week, Jackson said he had hoped prosecutors would seek the death penalty -- but it does not seem that is on the table for a 3rd-degree murder charge.

Julia Roberts Hail to the Chief Face Mask Sorry, Trump ... It's Obama

Julia Roberts is making a political statement with her face mask -- one that's sure to irk President Trump ... on so many levels.

The actress stepped out Thursday wearing a face covering with former President Barack Obama's face on it. Julia was strolling around the Malibu Country Mart as she did her part to mitigate the spreading of the coronavirus.

Let's face it, she was also further politicizing face coverings -- something the current POTUS started by refusing to wear one ... even though his own administration's guidelines say everyone should in public. Arguably, Trump's adamant stance is why we've seen clashes around the country over face masks.

Of course, 45 trashes 44 every chance he gets ... so the Oscar winner's pandemic fashion statement would no doubt get a thumbs down from the White House.

We're confident in saying ... Julia wouldn't give a crap.

Steve Harvey Buys Tyler Perry's Former Mansion ... For $15 Million!!!


Steve Harvey is moving into Madea's old house ... we've learned the legendary comedian/host and his wife just scooped up Tyler Perry's former Atlanta digs.

The Buckhead mansion once owned by Tyler just sold for a cool $15 million ... and we've learned the buyers are Steve and his wife, Marjorie.

A source connected to Tyler tells TMZ ... "Tyler has a lot of great memories from the house and is happy his friends Steve and Marjorie will be calling it home."

The gated estate rests on 17 acres and is nearly 35,000 square feet. The 7-bedroom mansion is decked out with an underground ballroom, a massive infinity pool with a bar, lighted tennis court, gym, spa, theater, indoor resistance pool, wine cellar and a guest house.

Oh, and get this ... the place even comes with a runway for remote control airplanes!!!

Tyler bought the sprawling property way back in 2007 for $9 million and poured in millions to completely renovate the estate, eventually selling it to evangelist and entrepreneur David Turner in 2016 for $17.5 mil.

Perry's places are a hot commodity among celebs ... Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are staying at Tyler's L.A. mansion while they search for a place of their own.

As for Tyler ... he's doing something kind of awesome. His massive studio in ATL is back in business. He's shooting several of his shows on the property, and cast and crew get tested before coming on, and they're quarantined at the facility for 2 1/2 weeks while they shoot the season's episodes.

'Juwanna Mann' 'Memba Them?!

New York City actor and writer Miguel A. Nunez Jr. is best known for his role as the out of work basketball player Jamal Jeffries -- who dons drag and takes on a female alter ego to infiltrate the women's WUBA professional basketball league -- in the gender-bending 2002 sports film "Juwanna Mann."

Miguel A. Nunez Jr. was cast alongside a strong cast of power female actors including Kim Wayans, Vivica A. Fox and Lil Kim.

Nunez can also be spotted in the 1985 horror-ish movie "The Return Of The Living Dead" as Spider ... and as Marcus Taylor in the late '80s television show "Tour Of Duty."

guess what he looks like now!

Miami Dolphins Converting Stadium Into Drive-In Theater ... Social Distancing!!!

Breaking News

This looks AWESOME!!

The Miami Dolphins have announced they're converting Hard Rock Stadium into a drive-in, outdoor theater ... so you can watch live events, movies, etc. from your CAR!!

And, the mock-up photos look pretty cool!

"[Hard Rock Stadium] will now feature both an open-air and drive-in theater that will showcase select Miami Dolphins matchups from the team’s 54-year history, classic motion picture films, host commencement ceremonies and other events," the team said in a statement.

"The family friendly experiences will provide a unique environment while staying in accordance with social distance policies."

The drive-in event space can hold up to 230 cars -- while the open-air theater "can host small groups for an intimate viewing experience on the complex’s south plaza."

Unclear when the drive-in theater is set to open -- but it seems like it's a priority, since it could be a long time until we get live fans back at NFL games.

Question is ... how much would you pay to drive-in to watch a football game or a movie?

Earlier today, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross said he expects the 2020 NFL season to go on as planned -- so, in theory ... you might be able to drive-in to the stadium to watch the Dolphins play an away game if you're craving that stadium experience.

'Seinfeld' Actor Richard Herd Dead at 87 ... Played Mr. Wilhelm

Richard Herd -- who played George Costanza's Yankees boss on "Seinfeld" -- has died.

The veteran actor -- who's possibly best remembered as Mr. Wilhelm on the hit sitcom -- passed away Tuesday at his home in L.A. due to complications from cancer.

Herd only appeared on 11 episodes of "Seinfeld," but his time was memorable (and hilarious). He portrayed a (fake) New York Yankees executive who supervised George when he was the assistant to the traveling secretary, and would often give GC complicated tasks he'd fumble his way through completing (or not completing, more often).

Mr. Wilhelm eventually stole George's dream gig of scouting for the Mets ... a great farewell to his character.

Richard had many, many roles besides "Seinfeld," though -- he acted in huge films like "All the President's Men," "Get Out," "The China Syndrome," and "Planes, Trains and Automobiles."

On TV, he also appeared on "Simon & Simon," "Murder, She Wrote," "Quantum Leap," "SeaQuest 2032," "Dallas" and "Hart to Hart."

He's survived by his wife, Patricia, and his three children.

Richard was 87. RIP

Little Tony in 'Escape To Witch Mountain' 'Memba Him?!

Texas child actor Ike Eisenmann was only 13 years old when he shot to stardom after taking on the role of the harmonica playing orphan alien, Tony -- who uses his psychic abilities and cunning kid smarts to find his way home -- in Disney's 1975 fantasy film, "Escape to Witch Mountain."

Ike Eisenmann was cast alongside Eddie Albert as the helpful dude with an R.V., Jason O'Day ... and of course, Kim Richards (yes, the one from "The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills") as the telepathic sister sidekick, Tia.

Ike went on to act in the 1978 sequel, "Return from Witch Mountain," and can even be spotted in the 2009 remake, "Race to Witch Mountain," featuring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Guess what he looks like now at 57 years old!

Alyssa Milano Here's My Sure-Fire, Hand-Knit Mask ... It's Got a Filter Inside!!!

3:31 PM PT -- Turns out Alyssa DOES have something underneath to keep the 'rona out -- there's a filter inside ... which she just pointed out to her followers.

She tweeted out the update, saying ... "Mask has a filter in it for f**** sake. A carbon one. My mom makes them. 🙄 #WearAMask."

Glad she cleared that up, 'cause for a minute there ...

Alyssa Milano's new face mask is getting the double-take treatment -- 'cause it's got tons of holes in it ... and it's unclear if she's aware of its ineffectiveness.

The actress posted a photo Saturday of her in the car with her fam, including hubby Dave Bugliari and their two kids, Elizabella and Milo. Everyone had masks on -- including Alyssa -- but hers was about as penetrable as a fishnet ... looks like a homemade crochet job.

She definitely had the covering in mind when throwing this up, saying ... "Show me your masks! Masks keep people safe and healthy. Show me yours! Ready? Go! #WearAMask"

Now, it's unclear if Alyssa's in on the absurdity of this, or if she's got some type of protection under there we can't see -- but the internet didn't wait for a punchline or more context ... people had a field day with her hand-knit mask promo, showing off other joke-y ones that might be just as great at keeping out droplets of 'rona (why we wear 'em to begin with).

One lady showed off a feather mask, which only covered the upper part of her face ... and said they're one in the same. Tons of other people had examples of non-protective masks of their own ... snorkeling goggles, pantyhose, mesh beekeeping veils ... and on and on.

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

Of course, it also reminded people of this gas station lady that went viral a few weeks back ... who cut a hole in her own mask so she could breathe easier. Just one of many mask fails documented during the pandemic.

Both that woman and Alyssa might be better off going out with a classic hands-to-face shocked look 🙊. Stay safe out there, y'all.

Originally Published -- 3:19 PM PT

Cardi B Baby's Got Tat!!!

Cardi B's body now plays host to a massive new art installation ... because the ink has just dried on her insanely colorful back tattoo.

Cardi showed off her latest handiwork, which she says took months to complete, with a special shoutout to the tattoo artist. The piece traverses Cardi's entire backside, from the top of her back down to the middle of her thigh. It's festooned with flowers, butterflies and even a hummingbird.


The new tattoo isn't Cardi's first -- she already had some serious ink on her other leg -- but her latest, thanks to the steady hand of Jamie Schene, is a spectacle if not spectacular.

Cardi isn't the first to engage in a rear-view coverup. Ben Affleck revealed an insane back piece a while ago. Fans thought he was clowning, but turns out it was the real deal.

Now that we think about it ... what a perfect time to do something massively dramatic -- while no one can see. Then, when we actually can re-emerge back into society ... voila!!! We wait eagerly for the shock and awe of it all!!!

Jaime King Divorce Ex Wants Custody of Sons ... Claims She's an Addict, Won't Get Help


4:15 PM PT -- The judge ruled that Kyle must stay away from Jamie, and we've obtained the documents filed by the actress alleging torment. King alleges Kyle has tracked her electronically, isolated her from friends and work opportunities and has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars out of their account. She says she feels sick to her stomach with every encounter with Kyle.

2:22 PM PT -- A rep for King tells us, "This is another vicious, failed attempt of Kyle to continue his abuse of Jaime and manipulate the court system. Today Kyle was denied all requests for emergency orders and the judge granted Jaime shared legal custody of their two children. The temporary domestic violence restraining order remains in place to protect Jaime."

Jaime King and Kyle Newman are in an all-out war for their kids ... with Kyle now saying he needs sole physical custody because her alleged opioid and alcohol addiction is out of control.

The director requested an emergency hearing Friday morning, asking the judge to let him take custody of their 6 and 4-year-old sons, James and Leo. According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Kyle claims the actress/model has "spent the last decade high" and refuses to get any meaningful help for her opioid addictions.

Kyle says things came to a head on January 12, when he and 14 of Jaime's friends staged an intervention ... begging her to get help. He gave her an ultimatum -- get treatment "or the kids and I need to leave for their own safety."

Kyle claims Jaime went to Cirque Lodge rehab facility in Utah, but left shortly after arriving because she tried to check in with a bunch of pills on her ... including Adderall and Clonazepam.

In the docs, he says Jaime was working in Canada in early February and asked him to send the boys to spend a couple weeks with her -- but 3 days into the visit she sent them back to Kyle. He claims she later admitted she was having an affair and using booze and drugs at the time.

Kyle says he and the boys have been quarantining in Pennsylvania, and Jaime has only seen them for 3 days in the past 2 months. On May 15, he says he and Jaime were laying out plans to divorce, when she accused him of "stealing" their kids ... even though she was the one who insisted they go to Pennsylvania. He tried to reassure her, but claims she got angrier and threatened to ruin him.

TMZ broke the story ... Jaime filed divorce docs on May 18, and also requested a restraining order to keep Kyle away from her and the kids. As we reported, the judge ruled the boys could remain with Kyle, who says Jaime blindsided him with her court filings.

Two nannies and one of Jaime's former assistants submitted declarations, describing her alleged addiction to opioids, and claim she's putting the children at risk by -- among other things -- driving with them while under the influence.

Kyle is asking for sole physical custody, shared legal custody and wants Jaime out of the family home in L.A. ... so he can live there with their sons.

Friday morning, the judge rejected his emergency order for custody, and said both sides can argue their cases at a later court date. So for now, it's status quo ... the kids can remain with Kyle in Pennsylvania.

We've reached out to Jaime's camp, but no word back yet.

Originally Published -- 12:08 PM PT

Denzel Washington Helping a Homeless Man in Distress

Denzel Washington did a good deed for someone in need Thursday ... helping a homeless man who was clearly in distress.

Denzel was driving in WeHo at around 1 PM when he saw the man in the street ... in some peril with oncoming traffic.

MoPho/London Entertainment

Denzel got out of his car, talked to the man and brought him to safety on the sidewalk. Denzel was wearing a protective mask, but the man he was helping was not. Despite the risk, he needed help and DW was the man for the job.

Police arrived and as they talked to the man as Denzel continued to comfort him. The man was detained -- not sure why but possibly to make sure he was okay -- then released. It's not clear, but it seems he didn't know who Denzel was, but we do ... a real nice guy.

'Tiger King' Star Saff Surprise, It's Johnny Tsunami!!! Movie Role, Eh?!?

The Relunchables Podcast

Heeeere's Johnny Tsunami -- the iconic Disney Channel character -- shocking the hell outta 'Tiger King' star Saff Saffery, and it's an awesome moment of mutual fandom!

The surprise celeb encounter went down on "The Relunchables" podcast, while Saff was being interviewed by the host, Jordan Holtzer.

Saff's made no secret about wanting former Disney Channel star Brandon Baker -- star of '90s classics "Johnny Tsunami" and "The Jungle Book: Mowgli's Story" -- to play him on the big screen. As you know, everyone's expecting Joe Exotic's tiger tales to become a feature film.

So, when Saff sat down for the podcast, he got a big surprise -- Jordan hooked it up and got Brandon to join the Zoom call, and Saff went full fanboy. His initial reaction is priceless!

Brandon and Saff chatted for about 20 minutes, and while Saff is clearly a "Johnny Tsunami" superfan -- turns out Brandon's a big 'Tiger King' fan too.

So, yeah ... sounds like he has the inside track for a 'TK' movie role, if it happens. Ya know it's gonna.

Jason Momoa I'm a Harley Man Cruising These Hills!!!

Sometimes Jason Momoa just needs to feel the wind blowing through his ... beard, which is why he's ruling the road on his sweet vintage motorbike!!!

"Aquaman" busted out his sick 1947 Harley for a joyride through some of the most scenic roadways in L.A. County ... the rolling countryside of Agoura Hills. And, yeah ... you can see he was in full badass mode.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Seriously, the '47 chopper was exactly what Jason needed to cut loose and blaze a trail during his weekend ride. No room for his wife, Lisa Bonet, on the bike ... but looks like he was joined by a couple friends on their own motorcycles.

The "Game of Thrones" star is used to riding stallions with his Dothraki warriors, but Jason's gotta helluva lot more horsepower with this Harley.

On the downside ... no Khaleesi.

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