'Friday' Star Anthony Johnson Family Burdened w/ Funeral Costs ... Wife Calls Out 'Fake Love'

Anthony Johnson's death has left his family scrambling to find a way to cover his burial -- something his wife says isn't being made easy with the empty lip service they're getting.

Lexis Jones Mason tells TMZ ... she and her family have been getting a ton of what she describes as "fake love" left and right in the wake of her husband's sudden passing earlier this month ... which she's quite upset about, seeing how she needs financial assistance.


This interview's heartbreaking -- Lexis fights back tears as she explains how the Johnson family has started a GoFundMe, but have come up way short of the $20k goal they set to properly bury him and give him the service he deserves ... so far raising less than $800.

And, in spite of people apparently telling her they'd donate and chip in ... Lexis says much of that just hasn't materialized, and seems folks would rather lend emotional support instead of actually helping out in a way they really need right now.

Lexis isn't asking for a handout either, BTW ... literally just enough to do right by Anthony. And, as many know, funerals are not cheap by any stretch of the imagination.

While she says she doesn't expect anything from anyone, Lexis would absolutely appreciate any donations friends or fans of AJ could contribute. And, if no one comes through, Lexis says she'll probably cremate him -- and will go back to work ASAP to cover that on her own.

Considering just how beloved Anthony was ... something tells us she'll reach her goal. She's laying it all out there here with us -- and someone's gotta come through for the Johnsons.

'Jackass' Star Patty Perez 'Goddess' Dead at 57 ... After Diabetes Battle

Patty Perez -- AKA, "Goddess Patty," who made a memorable cameo in a 'Jackass' film -- has died ... TMZ has learned.

The actress and Internet sensation's daughter, Priscilla, tells us ... Patty passed away last Friday at a hospital in Reno, where she lived -- and where she was being treated for complications related to her type 1 diabetes, which she'd been dealing with since birth. BTW, this wasn't COVID-related

Priscilla says her mom's kidneys were failing -- the result of a lifelong struggle with her health and weight that she'd endured for years and years.

Patty lived her life out loud despite her health concerns. She ended up becoming featured in 'Jackass 2' back in 2006, as well as "Jackass 2.5" the following year -- portraying herself in a hilarious skit they filmed with Jason Acuna, AKA Wee Man ... and gaining notoriety from it.

It was a segment of the film that they called "Magic Trick" in which they'd make WM disappear. The means for that, as it turned out, was having Patty jump onto him while lying on a bed ... and her body practically enveloped him. Johnny Knoxville shows up at the end, cracking up and asking where Wee Man went -- it's pretty hilarious.

Patty went on to star in one episode of "My Big Fat Fetish" ... where they showcased her sitting on guys who wanted to pay for that type of pleasure. There are other clips of her on the Internet, in which everyday activities are seen as a struggle for her.

Her family has set up a GoFundMe to help cover funeral and other expenses -- for now, they have a $6,000 goal. Priscilla also tells us, "We want to express our immense gratitude for the love and kindness everyone has shown to our mom." She adds, "Being able to entertain and bring light and happiness to people was the highlight of her life. She was so proud of the work she did in the film industry."

Patty's survived by her four children, her mother and her grandchildren. She was 57.


Michael K. Williams Family Says Oscar, Emmy Coming Soon ... Despite Emmy Loss

Michael K. Williams' family is convinced a posthumous Oscar and Emmy is in the cards ... based on not-yet-released projects he starred in before his tragic passing.

Dominic Dupont, Michael's nephew, tells TMZ ... while the family's bummed Michael didn't win Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for "Lovecraft Country," they're hopeful a few upcoming projects could clinch him the coveted gold statues.

For starters, Dominic points to two upcoming films Michael starred in ... the Indi thriller "892" and Civil War-era drama "Surrounded." Dominic hasn't screened either film but believes the flicks give Michael a chance for an Oscar. As for why Dominic feels this way ... he says it's because Michael had the unparalleled ability to bring characters to life.

As for a future Emmy ... Dominic says his role in season 2 of the Vice TV docuseries "Black Market" could sway voters. Dominic, who traveled with Michael during the filming of "Black Market," says after 5 Emmy nominations ... everything teed up for an Emmy win next year.

Dominic says everyone at the Emmys was gracious to him and his wife ... and that they felt Michael's energy in the room. Dominic tells us Billy Porter and Jurnee Smollett greeted him and his family and expressed their sympathy ... while also making it clear they wanted Michael's legacy to live on.


We caught up with Dominic after the Emmys and he told us he was bummed his uncle didn't get an Emmy (it went to Tobias Menzies for his portrayal of Prince Phillip in "The Crown"), but he told us he very much appreciated Kerry Washington's gesture in honoring him onstage.

Maybe soon ... Dominic will accept a statue on Michael's behalf.

Victoria on 'Twilight' 'Memba Her?!

Canadian actress Rachelle Lefevre was in her 20's when she landed the role of the rebel vampire Victoria -- who plots to kill Bella after her coven leader James is destroyed -- in the 2008 fantasy film "Twilight" and the 2009 sequel "The Twilight Saga: New Moon."

Lefevre shared the screen with her coven cast including Edi Gathegi as the "vegetarian" vampire, Laurent ... and of course Cam Gigandet as the bloodthirsty leader, James.

In a surprise switch-up, Rachelle Lefevre was replaced in the final film "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" by Bryce Dallas Howard.

Guess what she looks like two decades later!

'Friday' Star Anthony Johnson Dead at 55

8:31 AM PT -- Johnson's rep tells TMZ ... "Our BH Talent family is saddened about the loss of an amazing iconic legend in comedy, our client and friend Anthony "AJ" Johnson."

The rep adds ... "We are praying for all those that were touched by his comedy, acting, but most of all his life. We are especially praying for his beloved Wife, Children, Siblings and Manager."

Anthony Johnson -- best known for his roles in "House Party" and "Friday" -- has died ... TMZ has learned.

Johnson's nephew tells us ... A.J. was found lifeless in a store earlier this month in Los Angeles and rushed to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. So far, no cause of death has been released.

The actor and comedian's career took off in 1990 after he landed the role of E.Z.E. in "House Party" and going on to do stand-up all over L.A.

After that, he appeared in films like "Lethal Weapon 3" and "Menace II Society" before his breakout role playing Ezal in the 1995 comedy "Friday."

A.J. would go on to appear in nearly 50 films and TV shows, including "Moesha," "Martin," "Malcolm & Eddie," "The Players Club" and "I Got the Hook Up" and its sequel. It's also rumored Johnson was cast to reprise his role in the upcoming "Last Friday."

Johnson was 55.


Originally Published --  6:30 AM PT

Tyler Perry One False Move, Moose Gets It!!!

@tylerperry / Instagram

7:40 AM PT -- We found out the moose on the loose were outside Tyler's place in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Tyler Perry is full of Bullwinkle.

It's pretty shocking ... a GIGANTIC moose somehow made its way into Tyler's backyard, and it's both a glorious and frightening sight. A moose can be super dangerous, but when you stand back and watch ... well, it's awesome.

It's unclear where the video was taken -- frankly, it looks like his backyard in the Hills of Beverly. But, we've never seen a moose in these parts, so it's more likely somewhere like Montana or Wyoming. He's been working remotely lately, managing and producing shows for his massive ATL studio compound.

Tracee Ellis Ross posted photos and vids of the scene, with the caption, "this is magic!!! They are sooooo beautiful !!!!!"

And, get this ... It's not Tyler's first moose encounter ... back in August, he posted a selfie with a moose, saying "Writing season 4 of Sistas. New meaning of working remotely!"

'Shang-Chi' Star Simu Liu Allegedly Compared Pedophilia, LGBT ... Once Upon a Time on Reddit

Marvel's newest action hero actor, Simu Liu, allegedly once compared being a pedophile to being gay -- which he likened to a genetic mutation and an illness ... and something he was sympathetic toward.

The lead star of "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" is in the crosshairs of Twitter right now, as people have resurfaced old Reddit posts from an account that's being attributed to him ... and which even appears to have ID'd itself as belonging to Simu at various points.

The account has since been deleted, and a lot of those posts are scrubbed, but content lives forever on the internet ... and many of the posts in question -- including the pedophilia ones -- have been screen-grabbed and cataloged ... and the dude's catching major heat for it now.

The pedophilia posts are the most outrage-inducing ... as the account literally says pedophilia is no different from being gay, from a biological standpoint. It goes on to dissect research that the owner of the account says they'd done for a role of theirs in which they played a pedo.

We won't get into the nitty-gritty -- you can read their full take above -- but let's just say ... the user here suggests pedophiles need help -- but NOT conversion therapy, something that's been used (controversially so) among certain groups to "treat" gay people's sexual orientation.

The user also makes it clear that taking advantage of minors is wrong -- but the whole argument is weird and convoluted ... and gets into dicey territory. Of course, this person roping in LGBT folks to get their point across makes it all the more inflammatory.

Simu himself seems to have responded to this controversy -- linking back to a 2019 tweet of his in which he says he's only advocated for positivity in his life, and to direct any anger at him to "the system that did this to ALL of us."

He also replied to that with this new thought, "Twitter is a slanderous place sometimes, and it feels good to shut down trolls and bad faith actors who want to drag your name through the mud." Unclear what that might mean exactly, or if it's an admission of ownership of the posts.

We've reached out to Simu's team to confirm the authenticity of these Reddit musings, and for further clarification. So far, no word back.

J Lo I Feel Like an Outsider in Hollywood

Jennifer Lopez shared something pretty shocking that at first blush seems ridiculous but when you think about it, you get it -- she says she feels like an outsider in Hollywood.

J Lo's featured in a new video on her J Lo Beauty Instagram page. As she hyped her products for Sephora, she opened up about her time in Tinseltown, confessing she often feels she doesn't belong in Hollywood.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

On the surface, that seems absurd ... she's got 30 movies in the can, yet she said she feels like "an outsider."

Ben's GF said, "I think for me, I know it is important for all of us to feel like we belong, um, and like most people there's so many times in your life when you feel like an outsider, I feel like that in Hollywood sometimes."

Now she could be unloading her feelings because she wasn't nominated for "Hustlers," which was a little surprising giving some serious Oscar buzz. Tyler Perry went off on the Oscars, saying she richly deserved a nom.

There are plenty of folks who are big stars who don't get embraced by center Hollywood ... and some of it's clearly jealousy and ego. In J Lo's case, she gets more publicity than just about anyone for things she does offset and people she dates, and that probably annoys other actors who don't get the shine she does.

Bottom line ... dropping that nugget probably helps sales of her beauty products, so it just proves she's a grade-A marketer!

Jamie Foxx Emotional Over Death of Michael K. Williams


Jamie Foxx gave a street eulogy for Michael K. Williams, and it was emotional, stirring and clearly heartfelt.

Jamie was leaving Caffe Roma Friday in Bev Hills, and our photog asked if Williams, who died earlier this month of an apparent drug overdose, should finally win an Emmy. That opened the door to a flood of emotions.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Jamie says MKW was better than the rest ... that he was in the league of Joe Morton and Samuel L. Jackson.

It was clearly hard for Jamie to process Williams' death ... he says they broke bread and talked about life just a few weeks back.

Jamie waxed poetic, saying Michael lived an artistic life and should be honored with the elusive award.

Michael is nominated for best supporting actor for his work on "Lovecraft Country." Fact is ... he was considered the shoo-in even before he died.

If he wins, his nephew, Dominic Dupont, will accept the award in Michael's honor. Jamie has some simple advice for Dominic on what to say and how to say it.

As we reported ... Michael was found dead on Labor Day in his Brooklyn apartment.

Bobby Brown Whitney Houston's 'Bodyguard' Remake ... That's a Bad Move!!!


Bobby Brown's heard the rumors about the possible remake in the words of Whitney Houston's "Bodyguard" ... and he's not feeling it at all.

We got Bobby out Thursday at LAX, and our camera guy asked him point-blank if he thinks remaking such a classic is a bad move, Bobby didn't hesitate ... saying, "Yeah" without a second thought.

Tony-nominated playwright Matthew Lopez has reportedly been tapped to write a reimagining of the iconic 1992 romantic drama starring Whitney and Kevin Costner -- and much like Bobby, many fans' reaction to the news was essentially, "That's a no for me dawg."

The film was not only a monumental success at the box office with more than $400 million grossed worldwide ... but the soundtrack is the bestselling movie soundtrack of all time, featuring classic Whitney hits like, "I Will Always Love You."

Now, Bobby had a much better reaction to some other musical news -- the fact Rolling Stone named Aretha Franklin's "Respect" the No. 1 song of all time. Bobby gives it 👍🏽.

As for that 'Bodyguard' remake -- no word yet on a possible cast, but that's just fine with fans who are already destroying the concept.

One fan wrote on Twitter, "This is such a horrible idea. There is no need for a remake of the legendary movie, The Bodyguard. Hollywood refusing to invest in new talent and create new stories is pure laziness at this point." Someone else wrote, "If it ain't starring Whitney, I don't wanna see it! Nope!"

'Waterboy' Star Peter Dante Busted for Allegedly Threatening to Kill Neighbor

Peter Dante -- you've seen him play goofy roles in just about every Adam Sandler film -- is in serious trouble after cops say he threatened to kill his neighbor over construction noise.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... cops showed up at Peter's L.A. area home Wednesday morning after he allegedly went berserk on a neighbor. Cops say Peter was upset about loud noise from construction work at a neighbor's house.

Apparently, it set Peter off ... cops say the actor ended up confronting his neighbor in a big way. Officers say they were told the confrontation escalated to the point Peter threatened to kill the neighbor and harm his wife and their kids.

Our sources say after talking to everyone involved ... cops arrested Peter for making felony criminal threats. He was taken into custody but posted bail and was released.

It's not the first time Peter's been accused of making threats. As we reported ... he was arrested back in 2013 and thrown out of an L.A. hotel after allegedly making violent threats and using racial slurs.


We've reached out to Peter for comment ... so far, no word back.

Jason London Dazed, Confused and Arrested ... For Public Intoxication

Jason London is harkening back to his most popular movie role, but in the worst way possible -- cops say he was so drunk he swerved off a road and crashed his car ... multiple times.

According to a police report, obtained by TMZ, the "Dazed and Confused" star was arrested late Tuesday around 11:30 PM in Ocean Springs, Mississippi when cops found him behind the wheel of a 2010 Nissan Maxima that was on fire and stuck in a ditch.

Cops say London's passenger was standing near the car -- which had sustained heavy damage on the passenger side -- and London claimed someone had sideswiped them and run them off the road.

According to cops, London -- who played football star Randall "Pink" Floyd in the 1993 Matthew McConaughey film -- reeked of booze, could barely keep his balance and had slurred speech.

Cops investigated the scene and believe he swerved off the road, mowed down a sign, got back on the road, and then hit a concrete object before driving into a ditch.

London was booked for public intoxication and leaving the scene of an accident. When they got him to jail in Jackson County, cops say he was so drunk and out of it they couldn't fingerprint him.

As for why they didn't hit him with a DUI -- an Ocean Springs PD spokesperson tells us the officer used his discretion, and instead decided to arrest him on the other charges. We're guessing the thought process was he hadn't observed London driving.

Bam Margera Wife Files for Custody of Son ... Does Not File for Divorce

Bam Margera's tough times aren't getting any better ... his wife's asking for custody of their 3-year-old son, but hasn't pulled the trigger on ending the couple's marriage.

According to court records ... Nicole Boyd filed docs Wednesday in Los Angeles seeking full custody of their child, Phoenix Wolf. She's willing to give Bam visitation, but only with a monitor -- whom he can select -- but she must approve.

It's interesting ... you usually see child custody issues attached to a divorce, but Nicole made custody a stand-alone. She did not file a divorce petition to end their 8-year marriage.

As you know ... the "Jackass" star has had an incredibly turbulent past couple years, which recently culminated with him suing Johnny Knoxville and several other members of the "Jackass" team for alleged "inhumane treatment."

This came well after Bam got booted from the fourth installment of the film franchise for failing to stay clear of drugs and alcohol, escalating attacks on the "Jackass" crew and rants about suicide. Things got so bad, director Jeff Tremaine got a restraining order against him.

@bam__margera / Instagram

Of course, before that, Margera's had multiple stints in rehab and various legal issues ... and has simply had a hard time getting his life on track.

'Grease' Actor Eddie Deezen Arrested for Restaurant Disturbance ... Allegedly Chucked Plates at Cops!!!

Actor Eddie Deezen's restaurant problems have escalated, because he just got arrested for assault after cops say he refused to leave one -- and unloaded on officers on his way out.

According to a police report, Eddie -- best known for playing nerdy Eugene Felsnic in the original 'Grease' movies -- was causing a scene at a restaurant in LaVale, Maryland around lunchtime Thursday and refusing to leave, so cops were called.

Law enforcement says when deputies arrived, Eddie ran to hide behind a woman in a booth and refused multiple orders from cops to exit, so he had to be forcibly removed.

According to the report, Deezen threw numerous items at deputies during the incident -- including plates, bowls and food and actually struck one of the deputies.

Eddie was eventually removed -- shirtless, as you can see -- and hauled off to jail, where he's been charged with second-degree assault, disorderly conduct and trespassing.

You may recall ... Deezen was involved in a bizarre situation earlier this year where a Maryland waitress accused him of being a creep and harassing her, but then he went on social media and accused her of cyberbullying.

It's unclear if this incident has anything to do with that story ... we're working on it.

Octavia Spencer Apologizes To Britney, Sam ... Over Prenup Warning

10:42 AM PT -- Sam just publicly responded to Octavia's apology, saying ... "you are very kind to clarify but I have no hard feelings whatsoever."

He adds ... "Jokes and misconceptions come with the territory."

Octavia Spencer is saying sorry to Britney Spears and Sam Asghari ... she acknowledges her prenup comment on their engagement announcement wasn't funny.

The Oscar-winning actress says she was just trying to make a joke when she left a comment on Britney's social media post saying, "Make him sign a prenup" ... and she says she's since privately apologized to both Britney and Sam.

Octavia says her "intention was to make them laugh not cause pain" ... and now she hopes to "restore just a smidge of happiness they were robbed of."

The actress wasn't alone in telling Britney to get a prenup ... and as we reported, Sam told fans almost right away he would sign a prenup alright ... joking the prenup would be designed to protect his Jeep and shoe collection.

Octavia's singing a different tune in the wake of her apology ... she says she's thrilled for Britney and thinks the singer has found happiness after going through a lot of pain.

@britneyspears / Instagram

But, here's the real story ... Britney IS getting a prenup, because our sources say literally a day after she got engaged her team was on the case.

No word if Octavia's getting a wedding invite.

Originally Published -- 10:26 AM PT

Sgt. Callahan in 'Police Academy' 'Memba Her?!

Nebraska native Leslie Easterbrook was in her 30s when she landed the role as the sexy blonde Sergeant Callahan -- whose buxom bod is only matched by her serious school attitude towards the incoming cadets -- in the classic cop comedy "Police Academy" ... and the decade worth of sequels to follow!

The iconic funny films were also home to some other notable actors including Bubba Smith as the hilarious Hightower, David Graf as the gun-totting, Tackleberry ... and of course Steve Guttenberg as the troublemaking, Mahoney.

In the '80s Easterbrook could also be spotted on some big-name TV shows including "Laverne & Shirley" and "Ryan's Hope."

Guess what she looks like now in her 70s!

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