Singer Kate Bush 'Memba Her?!

English songwriter, singer and artist Kate Bush was still a teenager when she shot to fame after releasing her debut album The Kick Inside in 1978 which included some standout singles including "Wuthering Heights," "The Man With The Child In His Eyes" and "Moving."

Bush continued her music momentum with a slew of '80s albums like her 1985 record Hounds Of Love which had the break-out dance single "Running Up That Hill" and "Cloudbusting."

To date, KB has released ten studio albums and her music still finds its way to new generations of listeners, making her a cult classic in the UK and around the world.

Guess what she looks like decades later!

Guess Who This Bonnet Baby Turned Into!

Before this blue-eyed baby was a musical superstar performing her hit songs all over the world, she was just another sweet, smiling girl growing up in Santa Barbara, California.

This bonnet babe has taken the world by storm by creating some of the most well-known pop tunes for over a decade. There isn't much this talented artist hasn't achieved ... she's won numerous awards, wowed audiences with her Super Bowl Halftime performance, and even sung at a presidential inauguration.

Now, you can catch her coaching new faces with her musical skills on "American Idol."

Can you guess who she is?

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Hidden within this stretched-out snap is a businessman known for making headlines.

This father of 7 has made waves as the founder of SpaceX and the CEO of Tesla Motors.

Aside from his business ventures, this famous fella has even guest-starred as himself on a number of shows such as "The Big Bang Theory," "South Park," "Rick and Morty" and even recently hosted "Saturday Night Live."

Use the clues above and take one more look at the photo before putting your celeb skills to the test ... See if you have what it takes to uncover which celeb is hiding in this warped photo!

Summer Ready Abs Guess Who!

It looks like this summer is going to be a hot one all the way to the core ... and judging by the looks of these sexy celebs putting on a hot front we know for sure that Hollywood is going to be ab-solutely packed with ripped stars.

From reality stars, models, actors and much more ... see all the hot summer stars showing off their season-ready abs by going through our gallery! And, while you are at it, put your celeb skills to the test and see if you can guess which stud is in the shirtless shot!

It's crunch time!

What's The Big Frigin' Difference?

Don't let these two almost identical images of Miley Cyrus rock your world too much ... keep your focus here and try your best to see if you can spot any of the sneaky switches that have been made to this tricky pic!

The sexy singer was seen out and about in New York City just last week ... and we have made a few changes to the original photo! Look really close and use your detective skills as you attempt to uncover some of the differences between these two super similar snaps!

**HINT -- There are THREE differences in the above photographs!**

Hot Stars Wearing Hay To Put A Lid On Straw Hat Day!

Hollywood loves a good cover-up and celebs like Hailey Bieber, Emily Ratajkowski, and Chantel Jeffries are just a few famous faces to name that have shared their shady snaps ... And since it's straw hat day we thought we'd round up the best celeb shots and share the hottest ones with ya!

Even more stars from Kourtney Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen to Debra Messing, Padma Lakshmi and Jennifer Lopez have been keepin' the sun out, while still raising the temp!

Take a look through our gallery of hot stars in straw hats to see all the other celebs that have been serving looks!

Top it off!

Alex Handris on 'One Day at a Time' 'Memba Him?!

New York City native Glenn Scarpelli was only 14 years old when he landed the life-changing role as the young son Alex Handris -- who stayed on for 60 episodes from 1980 to 1983 -- on the long-running family comedy "One Day at a Time."

Scarpelli was cast alongside some iconic actors including Bonnie Franklin as the busy mother, Ann Romano, and Valerie Bertinelli and Mackenzie Phillips as the two teen daughters, Barbara and Julie ... and of course Pat Harrington Jr. as slapstick super, Dwayne F. Schneider.

Guess what he looks like now four decades later at 54 years old!

Guess Who This Little Swimmer Turned Into!

Before this swimming sweetheart was cheering people up with her hilarious television show, she was just another cute kid playing around in the pool in Long Island, New York.

This splashin' kid kicked off her career by writing, developing and starring in her very own comedy series. You may recognize her as one half of a dynamic duo diving into high jinks on Comedy Central.

She recently made the move to the big screen for a friend-filled getaway in an ensemble cast ... she starred in this dark comedy alongside Scarlett Johansson and Zoe Kravitz.

Can you guess who she is?

'80s Hottie Ami Dolenz 'Memba Her?!

Los Angeles local Ami Dolenz followed in her father's footsteps and shot to stardom in the '80s after landing some head-turning roles including the swan-story hottie, Katie, in "She's Out Of Control" and the eye-popping girlfriend, Sloane Peterson, in the television version of "Ferris Bueller."

Ami shared the big screen with Tony Danza as her confused father, Doug, in "She's Out Of Control" and the small screen with Jennifer Aniston as Jeannie in "Ferris Bueller."

Fun Fact: Ami's dad, Micky Dolenz, is also superfamous as the founding member of the '60s rock group, The Monkees.

Guess what Ami looks like now at 52 years old and still in a swimsuit!

Guess Who This Bowl Cut Kid Turned Into!

Before this cheesing child was growing up fast on the big screen, she was just another kid with a bowl cut hairstyle living in Houston, Texas.

This little lady made her breakout film debut in an age-defying romantic comedy starring alongside a hulky hunk of a leading man. Also, she showed off her acting range on television by portraying a secret agent in a thrilling science fiction show.

Now, you can find this mother of three in a new Netflix original movie where the word no doesn't exist in her vocabulary. It's fun for the whole family!

Can you guess who she is?

Officer Lewis in 'RoboCop' 'Memba Her?!

New York City native Nancy Allen has a long list of acting credits from the late '70s and early '80s, but is best known for her role as the cyborg police partner Officer Anne Lewis -- who helps Officer Murphy find himself within the law-enforcing robotic exterior -- in the iconic '80s sci-fi film "RoboCop" ... as well as the '90s sequels "RoboCop 2" and "RoboCop 3."

Nancy Allen shared the big screen of the futuristic film with some notable actors including Kurtwood Smith as the crime-riddled Clarence Boddicker, Miguel Ferrer as the cop-creator, Bob Morton ... and of course Peter Weller as the RoboCop, Officer Murphy.

Guess what she looks like now!

Mother's Day Mini-Mes Twinning!

It might be all about moms this weekend, but these celebs love showing off the small stars in their lives that made them mamas in the first place!

Padma Lakshmi, Chrissy Teigen, and Tia Mowry are just a few stars to name that have shared some of their matching moments with the kiddos ... they're passing down style tips to their little ones and now we're sharing all the cute pics with you!

See stars such as Eva Longoria, Cardi B, Kourtney Kardashian, Jana Kramer, Cassie, Kylie Jenner and Gabrielle Union modeling with the next generation of famous faces!

Scroll through our gallery to see all the celeb mini-mes!

Happy Mother's Day!

What's The Big Frigin' Difference?

Don't let these two almost identical images of Uma Thurman have you feeling confused. There are a few sneaky switches that have been made to this tricky pic and now it's up to you to try and find 'em!

The actress was recently seen in New York City on the set of her television show ... and we have made a few changes to the snap of her. Take a really good look at the two photos above and do your best to try and find the differences between these two super similar snaps!

**HINT -- There are THREE differences in the above photographs!**

Summer-Ready Bods Guess Who!

Even though the days are warming up we are still not quite in the summer season ... but it hasn't stopped these sexy stars from taking to social media to show they are ready to switch on the hot!

From poolside pics to babes just having some fun in the sun, there are so many celebs that are lookin' very ready for this next season!

See the babes strippin' down and posting their summer-ready bods by scrolling through our gallery ... And while you're at it, put your celeb skills to the test and see if you can guess which famous face is in the sweet snap!

Guess Who This Brunette Boy Turned Into!

Before this brunette boy was delivering some of the most hilarious lines as an iconic character, he was just another smiling sweetie posing for a school portrait in Seattle, Washington.

This smirking star had previously made his acting debut as small characters in some of the most beloved films ... such as "Galaxy Quest" and "Almost Famous;" however, he is most recognized for his breakout starring role in an ensemble comedy cast. As a quirky salesman, this favorite funny man earned Emmy Award nominations for the role -- which he portrayed over the course of 8 years.

Can you guess who he is?

Harriet Brindle on 'Small Wonder' 'Memba Her?!

Los Angeles local Emily Schulman was only 8 years old when she shot to stardom after she landed the role of the curious little girl next door, Harriet Brindle -- who was always getting in the family's business and even fancied Jamie -- in the robotic '80s family sitcom "Small Wonder."

Emily shared the small screen with some iconic actors including Dick Christie and Marla Pennington as the parents, Ted and Joan Lawson, Jerry Supiran as the older brother, Jamie Lawson ... and of course Tiffany Brissette as the adorable android, Voice Input Child Identicant ... also known as Vicki.

Guess what she looks like all grown up!

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