Amber Portwood Alleged Machete Incident on Audio ... Argument on Video

Without A Crystal Ball

Amber Portwood alleged machete incident with her baby daddy was captured on audio -- and it's pretty terrifying to listen to, as Amber can apparently be heard hacking at a door.

Video and audio of the entire blowout between the "Teen Mom OG" star and Andrew Glennon from this past 4th of July has surfaced, and it gives you a sneak peek as to what led up to the alleged shoe throwing and machete wielding from Amber.

Without A Crystal Ball

Ring video that the family has set up in their home shows Andrew and Amber getting ready to head out with their 1-year-old son, James, to catch fireworks. But, the family has to turn around after leaving in their car due to a main road being closed ... which pissed off AP.

You can then hear Amber unloading on Andrew, telling him to STFU after he chastises her for being ill-prepared every 4th of July. The argument escalates after they head out in the car yet again, after which the family comes back to the house for a 2nd time.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department

This is where s*** kinda hits the fan ... as you can see and hear Amber threatens to toss a bunch of Andrew's stuff out on the street, and then you hear Andrew ask if she chugged a bunch of her meds in one sitting ... the implication being she's threatening to kill herself.

Without A Crystal Ball

At this point, Andrew gets behind a door -- supposedly while holding their son -- and you hear Amber demanding he open the door. Then comes the hacking -- 3 strikes, from what Andrew says is a machete. Amber seems to acknowledge it is, in fact, a machete.


As you know ... Amber copped a plea deal in the DV case -- pleading guilty to domestic battery and intimidation, this after initially denying any such machete attack.

She and Andrew are currently locked in a custody battle over the kid -- he wants to move to Malibu, but she's trying to prevent that by any means.

Farrah Abraham Jenelle Leaving David Just for TV That Seems Wrong to Me


Farrah Abraham is glad that Jenelle Evans is leaving what she considers to be a bad relationship with David Eason ... but isn't totally satisfied with the apparent motivations.

We got the fellow 'Teen Mom' alumna Saturday in L.A., where she weighed in on the big news that broke this past week ... Jenelle announcing that she's leaving David and would be proceeding with divorce. Farrah says that's great ... if she's doing it for the right reasons.

As far as FA is concerned, she tells us that herself and others have been trying to get Jenelle to split from David for a while -- but now that it's actually happening ... Farrah says she only sees an unflattering headline out of it. Namely, Jenelle wants back in with MTV.

TMZ broke the story ... Jenelle's vying for a spot back on the show that made her famous, and one of the reasons she called it quits was in hopes for a possible reality TV comeback.

We've been told Jenelle feels David was screwing her over financially and holding her back from potential deals, so with him gone ... she's hoping she can make some cash again.

Farrah doesn't like that rationale -- even though we know that's not the only reason Jenelle's splitting from David. Still, that seems to be all Farrah's hearing ... and she says Jenelle hopefully cut it off with David for way more important things ... like, ya know, the safety of her kids, which Farrah insinuates might be an afterthought here for JE.

She also believes Jenelle crawling back to the 'Teen Mom' well is a bit desperate, and kinda hacky all these years later. She's moved on ... sounds like she thinks Jenelle should too.

Paramore's Hayley Williams Lists Nashville Cottage ... I've Gone Hollywood!!!

Paramore's lead vocalist, Hayley Williams, is spending most of her time these days in Los Angeles ... so she's looking to sell her crib back home in Tennessee.

Hayley's super cute cottage just hit the market ... and the 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom pad is listed at a cool $1 million.

The historic home is made of stone, and it's got a modern touch despite being built in 1935 ... it's decked out with a screened-in porch with a swing, plus a fireplace in the living room and a sprawling basement perfect for a man cave, home gym or studio.

Hayley's 3-story house is gated for extra privacy, and it's got a stand-alone garage and a large grass lawn. The interior features hardwood floors, tile and vinyl.

The pad is in the Nashville suburb of Franklin, the same town where Hayley's rock band traces its roots.

Donna Brevard of Zeitlin Sothebys International Realty has the listing.

Fun fact ... Hayley's place was once featured on an episode of MTV Cribs!!!

Farrah Abraham Squashes Beef w/ Jenelle Evans!!!


Farrah Abraham is retracting the claws and slipping on kid gloves for Jenelle Evans ... declaring their long-running feud is over.

We got Farrah out in Hollywood with her daughter, Sophia, and asked why she recently attended Jenelle's JE Cosmetics launch event. It's interesting because, as true 'Teen Mom' fans know, Farrah and Jenelle have been at each other's throats for a loooong time.


In fact ... just a little over 2 months ago, there was some serious mud-slinging -- Farrah called Jenelle a bad mother and David a horrible man for killing the family dog. True to Jenelle form, she quickly fired back ... slamming Farrah as a prostitute.

But, somewhere along the way, Farrah and Jenelle let bygones be bygones. Seems it started with Farrah getting invited to Jenelle's event in NYC. So, why exactly did Farrah accept Jenelle's invite? Farrah says they've found common ground.

French Montana Mad as Hell After Post-VMA Attack


11:10 AM PT -- We've obtained an additional video from the incident -- shot by the man in the red shirt -- which shows French as the aggressor. He's clearly pissed at his security guard after a different bystander allegedly threw a punch.


French Montana wanted heads to roll after some guy allegedly threw a sucker punch ... and TMZ's got video of him going off on his security team for apparently letting it happen.

Sources close to the situation tell us ... French was in NYC early Tuesday morning -- after leaving the Amish Market in Tribeca -- when a guy in a red shirt attacked French's crew from behind. We're told the guy didn't hit French, but did hit someone and that set off a brawl.

In the video, you can see French chewing out some bodyguards, and just as things seem to calm down ... there's another flare-up.

NYPD showed up eventually, responding to a call of a physical fight at the Amish Market. We're told the store was a mess when officers arrived, but everyone involved in the fight was gone.

No report was filed for assault and no injuries were reported.

As far as French is concerned ... no blood, no foul but we're told he was pissed his security let someone get close enough to pop him.

Originally Published -- 7:36 AM PT

Heidi & Spencer Pratt There Will Be Peace with Brody Jenner ... Next Season??


Heidi Montag's been sticking up for her man in the ongoing feud with his former bestie, Brody Jenner ... but she's also confident she can help mend fences.

Heidi and Spencer Pratt were leaving Matsuhisa Wednesday night in Bev Hills when we asked the couple about her saying her husband's an easy scapegoat on "The Hills: New Beginnings" ... especially for Brody.

Spencer pooh-poohs it a little bit, but suggests the 2 bros will be able to work it out ... just maybe not until season 2 of the show. Always leave 'em wanting more.

Heidi also insists there's nothing but love for Jenner -- even as she jabs him a little -- and says she's prepared to extend the olive branch and bring the buds back together.

For those who don't know ... Spencer and Brody's tensions have been rising all season as they've aired grievances about the past and called each other out for perceived slights. Pratt has described their volatile relationship as "very Game of Thrones-ish" ... which doesn't sound promising.

Still, he seems more optimistic here.

By the way ... "Speidi" also have some interesting insights on the report that almost a third of food delivery drivers admit to eating your food. Watch the clip ... Spencer might be on to something.

O-Town to Diddy Need Mentors for 'Making the Band' Reboot?!?


Diddy's search for mentors is OVER ... O-Town's offering their services if Diddy needs a hand for his "Making the Band" reboot.

We got the band out Monday in NYC and had to get their take on Diddy bringing back the famed reality show. If ya missed it ... Diddy announced earlier this month he's bringing back the MTV series that helped launch bands like O-Town and Danity Kane. It's set for a 2020 return.

The guys were in the middle of dishing some advice for the reboot but also took it a step further ... shooting their shot and literally telling Diddy to call them about possibly serving as mentors on the show.

The guys also talked to us about their 4th upcoming album and how they funded the project -- through its fans. That's right ... the guys crowdfunded on Kickstarter and raised nearly $100k to get it done. How'd they repay their fans' generosity? Watch ... it's actually pretty awesome.

Aubrey O'Day Donald Trump Jr. Is My Soulmate!!! Kimberly is 'Crazy Looking'


Aubrey O'Day is still holding a candle for Donald Trump Jr. ... she's absolutely convinced the President's son is her soulmate and she's about to say it on national TV. 

Aubrey is featured on MTV's reality show, "Ex on the Beach," and sources tell TMZ ... the singer openly talks lovingly about her ex, Don Jr., while cameras are rolling.

Our sources say Aubrey also takes shots at Junior's current girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle ... calling her "crazy looking" and begging Don to dump her. 

Aubrey and Don Jr. had a steamy affair back in 2011, when his wife was pregnant ... but since early last year, Junior's been dating Kimberly. 

Seems Aubrey fancies herself as some kind of political seer ... our sources say, on the show, she talks about President Trump and theorizes his days in the Oval Office are numbered. We're told the way she put it was, "The White House fiasco is about to be over." 

While she sure sounds like she's holding out hope Don Jr. washes up on the beach with the exes of other cast members ... he does NOT make an appearance. 

Sorry, Aubrey.

'Wild 'N Out' Star Karlous Miller Here's How I Got Back on the Show & Squashed S*** w/ Nick


Karlous Miller -- an OG cast member on Nick Cannon's "Wild 'N Out" -- says his triumphant return to the show came as a result of a heart-to-heart with its host. 

The comedian -- who got fired from the show last year after a reported falling-out with Nick -- told us his guest appearance on Sunday's episode happened after he and Nick hashed out some lingering issues. The tension between them was obvious during an October interview on "The Breakfast Club." 

ICYMI ... Karlous and his 85 South Show pals aired out some dirty laundry on how he got canned -- and suggested it was because he made a crack about going on a date with his ex, Mariah Carey, and her new beau. 

Karlous (half-jokingly?) implied Nick didn't like that, and things were never quite the same in their relationship. Eventually, he says the "white people" gave him the boot, but appeared to believe it was Nick's doing. In that same interview, Nick flat-out denied it.

Fast-forward to this weekend, when Nick brought out a masked MC known as Ski Mask the Bird God ... only to reveal it was actually Karlous, shocking the audience and the cast.

They battle-rapped and even made light of the situation ... with Nick joking about Karlous getting fired on his day off. In the end, though, it was clearly all love between 'em. 

Karlous drove that point home to us, explaining why he'll never turn his back on Nick and his 'WNO' fam. Sounds like the hatchet is fully buried ... and more guest spots could be coming.

'Floribama' Star Nilsa Prowant Arrested For Smashing a Window After Showing Off Breasts

St. Petersburg Police Dept

"Floribama Shore" won't have any shortage of drama for its upcoming third season, 'cause one of their stars was arrested this weekend for some truly wild s*** down in the Panhandle.

Nilsa Prowant -- who's been a regular on the "Jersey Shore" MTV spin-off for the past couple seasons -- got taken in by cops early Saturday morning in St. Petersburg after allegedly flashing onlookers in public ... and then kicking in a car window. Quite the night!

According to the arrest report, obtained by TMZ, Nilsa was observed by officers -- and a large crowd -- revealing her breasts from a balcony, telling folks down below to sneak a peek. 


The report says that Nilsa was told she had to beat it after that, but cops say she became belligerent and erratic. They also say that once she got into a car for a ride home, she started to lose it ... allegedly kicking the rear driver side window, until it shattered. That was the last straw, it seems -- witnesses say one cop said, "You got to go." 


She was arrested and booked for disorderly conduct and exposure of sexual organs -- both misdemeanors. Funny enough, it sounds like the cops were gonna let her slide for the alleged peep show ... but couldn't ignore the busted window. Go figure. 

Officers note in their report that there was an indication she was under the influence. 

Luckily for her, Nilsa's bail amount was set at just $400 ... and she walked free around 6:30 AM ET. Unclear if cameras were rolling for this incident, but something tells us they might've been ... the show is reportedly in the middle of filming right now, and airs in the fall.

We've reached out to Nilsa for comment ... so far, no word back. 

Jenelle Evans & David Eason Time to See the Kids ... Family Back in Court


Jenelle Evans and David Eason are back in court, hoping to regain custody of their kids ... but most likely just getting an opportunity to see them face to face.

The troubled couple walked quietly into the courthouse Tuesday morning in Whiteville, North Carolina, where there's been no shortage of tense moments in recent weeks. As you know, all of Jenelle's kids -- 9-year-old Jace, 4-year-old Kaiser and 2-year-old Ensley -- were removed after a judge decided the couple's issues -- especially David killing the family dog -- put the kids at risk.

While Jenelle has said she's sticking with David no matter what ... they've agreed to attend counseling in hopes of getting back their children. Still, the drama's continued even at these court-monitored visits with the kids.


You'll recall, Jenelle got into a nasty little exchange with her mom, Barbara, earlier this month outside the courthouse. Jenelle said her own mom has blocked her number. Barbara insinuated the only reason Jenelle was hugging her daughter, Ensley, was for the cameras.

Then, there's Jenelle's ex, Nathan Griffith. You might recall Jenelle and David confronted Nathan, who was talking to our guy. David flipped them off. Nathan tried to make things right with them but to no avail.


Today's hearing comes a few days after Jenelle and David were in Washington, D.C. ... scootin' around town between her business meetings.

Jenelle Evans & David Eason Gotta Scoot ... E-Cruising Around D.C.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason are in the nation's capital on business, but there's NO gridlock for them -- they're dodging D.C. traffic, and having fun while they're at it ... on scooters.

Sources close to Jenelle tell TMZ ... the couple's spending some time in Washington D.C. because she's attending meetings about her upcoming cosmetics line. She's meeting with potential distributors -- the launch is set for August -- and Thursday, David was clearly along for the ride.

The duo was cruising around on rented electric scooters near the National Mall with David leading the way.

Jenelle and David's D.C. excursion's probably a little easier to pull off than normal, because they still don't have their 3 children ... as they continue fighting to regain custody. This is the first time we've seen them in public someplace other than the North Carolina courthouse where they've had court-monitored visits with the kids.


As you know ... the couple's custody issues began last month after David shot and killed the family dog. Since then we've learned police have been going to their home with alarming frequency.

TMZ broke the story ... there were 25 emergency calls to their home over the course of a year -- something that certainly can't help their child custody case.

We don't know how Jenelle's biz meetings went, but she could use a win.

Lindsay Lohan Closing Up Shop ... Beach Club is No More

Lindsay Lohan's beach club is no longer the heart of the party scene in Mykonos ... it's completely deserted and looks like an eerie ghost town.

Check out these pics of what was once the fabulous Lohan Beach House on the picturesque Greek island -- but the only people partying there now are construction workers. Or more like deconstruction workers.

This glamorous scene was once where LiLo shot her MTV reality show, "Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club" ... but a rep for Lindsay, Anna Rothchild, tells us she's canceling the show after its inaugural season.

As you can see ... the rows and rows of cabanas, beach chairs and umbrellas that once covered the landscape have disappeared, leaving behind nothing but sand. The images are from May, according to the person who snapped the pics.

All traces of Lindsay are pretty much gone as well ... the iconic sign with the Lohan Beach House logo has been removed, and the backdrop full of succulents just looks desert dead.

It definitely ain't Insta-worthy these days.

While Lindsay's closing up shop in Mykonos after less than a year of operation ... the actress says she's planning on opening a new location in Athens.

2019 MTV Awards Stars Shine, Princess Love Squirms ... During Zachary Levi's Kim K Sex Tape Joke

Zachary Levi didn't waste time firing zingers during his opening monologue at the MTV Movie & TV Awards ... most laughed sans Princess Love.

The star-studded affair was taped Saturday at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica but aired Monday night. Jada Pinkett Smith (Trailblazer Award) and The Rock (Generation Award) were just some of the honorees. Hollywood's heavyweights rolled through ... from Tiffany Haddish and Tessa Thompson to Elisabeth Moss and Melissa McCarthy.


But, things got off to an awkward start during Zachary's opener when he decided to go there. As Princess Love and Ray J sat side by side ... Zachary delivered a Kim Kardashian sex tape joke.

Check out the clip ... Ray J stands up when he hears his name but moments later is reduced to sitting with a blank stare on his face after Zachary's punch line. Princess Love was none too amused ... giving cameras the double bird.

See, awk. Guessing a great time was still had by mostly all.

Nev Schulman Ariana's on the Hook to Guest Host ... Just Gotta Reel Her In!!!


6/15 -- Ariana Grande seems to be on the same page as "Catfish" creator Nev Schulman. She posted a photo of them together on her social media, just a day after we posted our story about Nev wanting to get her on the show.

From the looks of this side-by-side ... we'd say AG and Nev would make great co-hosts together. Helluva tease here -- now, make it happen please!!!

Nev Schulman says he's flattered to have an uber-famous fan, who also follows him on Instagram -- and now he'll get a trifecta ... IF he gets Ariana Grande to join him on "Catfish." And, yes ... he's saying there's a chance!!!

We got the host at LAX and when we asked if he has a celebrity wish list of guest cohosts ... he revealed something we didn't know about Ariana. Watch the clip ... Nev fanboys pretty hard for the "Sweetener" singer, even though he claims he originally played it cool when he reached out to her on IG.

Seems like whatever Schulman did worked, because he says she's interested in appearing on his show ... it's just a matter of making it happen.

As we reported ... Nev lost his longtime cohost, Max Joseph, last year when Max decided to pursue filmmaking full-time.

As far as replacements go ... safe to say Ariana would make a big splash.

Originally Published -- 6/14 12:40 AM PT

Princess Love Not Leaving 'L&HH' ... Starring In Show's New Ad Campaign


Princess Love fans rejoice ... Ray J's wife is NOT leaving 'Love & Hip Hop' ... quite the opposite, actually, she's starring in the franchise's biggest ad campaign of the year!!!

Princess raised eyebrows a few weeks ago when, out of the blue, she announced she was leaving the reality show ... but we've learned she's not going anywhere.

Sources close to the famous couple tell TMZ ... Princess had an issue with the show's production schedule and producers, and that's why she threatened to leave 'L&HH' in the dust. In the end, cooler heads prevailed, and now she's front and center in a major show promo.

We've obtained video and photos of Princess Love and Ray J on set for a new crossover ad campaign between VH1, MTV and the upcoming 'Fast & Furious' movie ... and it's pretty awesome.

Princess and Ray J are starring alongside 'Jersey Shore' alums Pauly D and Vinny, who are promoting their new MTV show ... and the ads are gonna make it look like the reality stars are in the new blockbuster.

The couple's manager, David Weintraub, tells TMZ, "Starring in L&HH is a rollercoaster, when you ride that ride, there are days when you want to be in the show and some days you want to quit. Love always prevails and sometimes you just have to shoot it."

VH1 and MTV wanted their BIGGEST stars for the promos, and that's why Ray J and Princess Love were picked. Seems like it was enough to sweeten the pot and keep Princess rocking with 'L&HH.'