Mischa Barton Not Coming Back for 'Hills' Season 2 ... Production Sources Say She's Too Boring


Mischa Barton won't be back for Season 2 of the 'Hills' reboot -- we've learned she's being replaced with someone who's got more spunk ... and a few more Hollywood stories too.

Sources familiar with the production tell TMZ ... Mischa wasn't asked to come back for the new season of 'The Hills: New Beginnings' -- in fact, we're told she's the only one who isn't returning to reprise her role ... everyone else is slated to make a comeback.

The reason ... our sources say producers found Mischa's story line a bit bland, and her personality a little boring. Bottom line, she wasn't bringing much drama to the show.

Now, who MTV brass think will add a little much-needed juice ... the one and only Caroline D'Amore -- the D'Amore's Pizza heir-turned-DJ and one-time Tinseltown socialite. Caroline used to party it up with Kim K and Paris Hilton back in the day, so she's been around the block.

As for Mr. Brody Jenner -- who was part of the OG cast -- he'll be coming back with a much heavier wallet than he started out with. We're told he held out 'til the bitter end, and walked away with a pretty sweet deal ... our sources say he scored around $50k an episode.

New beginnings ... and at least one new face. Bring on that 2000s nostalgia!!!

Quavo, Monica Among Diddy's Picks as Advisers ... for 'Making the Band' Atlanta Auditions


Diddy's ready to get down to recruiting in the ATL for his "Making the Band" reboot ... and he's relying on some serious hometown talent to help him get it done.

Production sources tell TMZ ... the music mogul's locked down Quavo, Monica and 112 to serve as advisers when 'MTB' kicks off its official open casting call Friday in Atlanta's famed Center Stage Theater.

And, get this ... Quality Control Music honchos Pierre "Pee" Thomas and Kevin "Coach K" Lee -- who claim Cardi B and Migos, among others, to their label -- have also signed on to help Diddy find the next R&B supergroup.

The casting call goes from 10 AM to 6 PM ... with invitation-only callbacks slated to go down Saturday. The casting call will eventually make its way to Houston, Charlotte and NYC.

And, speaking of Charlotte ... DaBaby's lending Diddy a hand in his hometown. He's already signed up to help there. The show returns to MTV later this year.


As we reported ... Diddy made a surprise announcement back in July 2019 about a possible "Making the Band" reboot. He had some doubts but ultimately forged ahead. And there's been no shortage of former 'MTB' stars wanting to get back in the game.

As we first reported ... Day26, which formed at the end of "Making the Band 4," wondered if Diddy's keeping them in mind in his MTV plans. Ditto for O-Town.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Catches Tiny Break In Domestic Violence Case


Ronnie Ortiz-Magro has won a battle in his domestic violence case but there's still a full war to settle.

Prosecutors dropped 2 charges against the 'Jersey Shore' star in his domestic violence case with Jen Harley. Ronnie was arrested last October after an explosive fight at their Airbnb in L.A., and faced 7 charges. Now, according to docs obtained by TMZ, prosecutors asked the judge to drop 2 of those charges -- brandishing a weapon and criminal threats.

The judge has already signed off on the prosecutor's request.

A rep for the City Attorney's Office tells us they amended the complaint based on the evidence. Ronnie's attorney, Scott Leemon, tells us, "The facts and circumstances relating to the arrest and charging of Ronnie were exaggerated and actually incorrect."

He went on to say, "The City’s Attorney agreed with us and dismissed 2 of the pending charges against Ronnie. They agreed that these allegations were baseless and made up. We are hoping further investigation will yield similar results."

As we reported ... Jen alleged she suffered bruises and scrapes during an altercation with Ronnie that resulted in cops busting through the door and Tasing him before slapping cuffs on him and wheeling him out on a gurney.

He later pled not guilty to 7 misdemeanors -- domestic violence, child endangerment, brandishing a weapon, criminal threats, false imprisonment [of Jen] and 2 counts of resisting arrest. It's now down to 5 misdemeanors.

The news comes less than a month after cops in Vegas recommended Jen be charged for allegedly attacking Ronnie with eyeliner. Prosecutors have yet to make a decision in that case.

Jenelle Evans I'm Living With David Again ... And We Got A New Goat, Too


1:54 PM PT -- E! says Jenelle told them she and David were not living together again, but we know they are ... and as we reported, she splits time between her place in Nashville and the former family home in North Carolina. The two continue to co-parent their daughter Ensley.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason are once again living under the same roof ... and they've got a new pet that doesn't bite.

Sources close to Jenelle and David tell TMZ ... they've been living together off and on for several weeks at their home in North Carolina, and while they're taking things slowly the second time around, things are going smoothly and their time apart is what they needed.

It's a big change, of course, for Jenelle ... this after David shot and killed the family dog, her children were taken away, she got canned from "Teen Mom" and on and on.

As you know, Jenelle even threatened divorce ... but it sounds like that's off the table now because North Carolina law says a couple must be separate and apart for one year before you can file. She's also dropped the restraining order against David.

Jenelle and David are also giving pet ownership another shot ... they both posted videos Wednesday of the same baby goat, and we're told the animal is living with them in NC.

The rekindled relationship is even crossing state lines.

As we first told you ... Jenelle and David were seen walking side by side with their daughter, Ensley, in Nashville in January, and just last week they were spotted again in the Music City at Jason Aldean's Kitchen + Rooftop Bar.

Our sources say Jenelle's been splitting her time between NC and Nashville, and David often comes to visit.

While Jenelle and David are working on repairing their relationship, we're told they're not looking to return to MTV in any capacity.

'Floribama' Star Nilsa Prowant Window-Smashing Rampage ... Caught on Camera!!!


Here's MTV's "Floribama Shore" star Nilsa Prowant flying off the handle and smashing a car window to pieces during a drunken arrest ... and ya gotta see the damage!!!

The wild video picks up with Nilsa giving revelers the middle finger and spewing profanities as she climbs into the back of a taxi cab after a night of partying in St. Petersburg.

Nilsa's talking to cops after flashing onlookers in public, and you hear an officer standing outside the taxi tell her she's free to go if she calms down.

All of a sudden, Nilsa becomes belligerent ... she starts pounding the rear driver's side window with her fists, and when she starts kicking the glass, it shatters!!!

After the glass flies everywhere, sirens wail and police swarm, with cops ordering Nilsa to get out of the car before leading her away in a pair of handcuffs.

We broke the story ... Nilsa was arrested and booked for disorderly conduct and exposure of sexual organs.

The arrest is real bad news for Nilsa, but great for her producers -- who got some killer content for the episode airing tonight at 8/7c on MTV.

Of course, that won't mean crap to a judge. Too bad, so sad, Nilsa.

Jenelle Evans & David Eason Already Reunited ... Co-Parenting in Nashville


Jenelle Evans is back spending time with her estranged husband, David Eason -- almost immediately after dropping a restraining order -- but there's no romance ... TMZ has learned.

We got this pic of the ex-'Teen Mom' stars walking side-by-side Tuesday in Nashville ... along with their daughter, Ensley, who was holding Mom's hand -- and is the crucial part of the picture.

As we reported ... the exes had a court hearing for the restraining order, but it was dismissed at Jenelle's request.

Sources close to Jenelle tell TMZ ... the reason for her change in tune is because she wants Ensley to be able to see her dad. We're told she's also very tired of going to court.

Still, the sight of the 3 of them back together -- having some family fun in Music City -- is pretty surprising. Remember, Jenelle said, "I am scared for my life and my children's well-being," when she got the temporary restraining order in November ... days after filing for divorce.

Our sources say David and Jenelle's reunion is definitely not a sign they've reconciled their marriage -- the divorce is still happening. However, we're told Jenelle wants to co-parent with David -- like she does with her other ex, Nathan Griffith -- and hopes they can remain civil.

As you'll recall .... major issues started between them early in 2019, after David killed the family dog for nipping at Ensley. There was an investigation and Eason was never charged -- but clearly the incident impacted their family -- temporarily losing custody of their kids -- and their relationship.

MTV's 'Are You The One?' Alexis Eddy Dead at 23

Alexis Eddy -- who rose to fame on MTV's "Are You The One?" -- has been found dead in West Virginia ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... cops got a call just before 7AM Thursday morning for a female in cardiac arrest. We're told no foul play is suspected, but authorities are still waiting on a toxicology report to determine cause of death.


A West Virginia native, Alexis was a contestant on the reality dating show back in 2017, and she caused quite a stir in the house for her character and backstory, revealing on-camera her cousin is a convicted murderer.

Alexis was very open on social media about her struggles with substance abuse ... but as recently as late September she said she and her father were both clean and sober. She also posted pics comparing the 2 in a side-by-side from a couple years ago.

A family member tells us Alexis came home to her mom's house Wednesday night around 11 PM and seemed to be fine. She was found by another family member ... and they believe she was still sober.

In October of 2019, Alexis announced she was engaged, but it appears that engagement was recently ended.


Nev Schulman Warns Parents ... Don't Let Santa Catfish Your Kids!!!


Nev Schulman may be Jewish but he's all in on Christmas ... and even setting boundaries when it comes to Saint Nick.

We got the "Catfish" host at LAX and it's pretty clear ... even though he's discovered he loves Christmas as an adult, there's a bit of a conflict -- how to tell his daughter about Santa.

Our camera guy, Charlie, reminds the MTV star the whole Santa Claus story is a bit like catfishing ... and Nev totally agrees!!! Check it out ... he says there's an easy way to distinguish Santa Claus from catfishers.

Nev says he's dressing up as Santa but no way in hell is he letting his daughter meet the old dude with the white beard.

MTV's 'Ridiculousness' Star Steelo Brim's Pad Hit by Burglars ... $100k in Collectibles Jacked


MTV's "Ridiculousness" star Sterling "Steelo" Brim partied his ass off only to come home to a major party foul ... after thieves allegedly broke into his pad and took off with valuable collectibles.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Steelo returned to his L.A. area pad around 8:30 AM after a night of partying. But, something was amiss ... he noticed stuff missing.

We're told security footage showed at least one person people going in and out of his house. A safe was stolen as were valuable collectibles and figures. All in all ... he told cops around $100k worth of stuff was pilfered.

LAPD is on the case and sources say it appears thieves got into his crib through a side door. It's unclear if the side door was unlocked or if it was jimmied open.

Our sources say cops are also in possession of the security footage and they're reviewing it for more clues.

Onyx Singer Fredro Starr 'Memba Him?!

Brooklyn born Fredro Starr (real name Fred Lee Scruggs Jr.) was only 22 years old when he shot to stardom with bangers like "Slam," "Shiftee" and "Throw Ya Gunz" as the raspy rapper with a grimey style in the influential east coast rap group, Onyx.

Fredro Starr was in the hardcore hip-hop group alongside Sonny Seeza and Big DS for a portion of their rap reign but has maintained the Queens base Onyx with his longtime partner in rhyme, Sticky Fingaz.

Fun Fact: Starr also has acting credits that include "Save The Last Dance" and "Moesha."

Guess what he looks like now at 48 years old!

Amber Portwood Alleged Machete Incident on Audio ... Argument on Video

Without A Crystal Ball

10:11 AM PT -- A rep for Amber tells TMZ, "These recordings, obtained without Amber's knowledge and disseminated without her consent, serve as a painful reminder of a challenging and complicated time in her life she would like to move on from. Her full focus continues to remain on reaching a move favorable custody agreement for her son, James."

Amber Portwood alleged machete incident with her baby daddy was captured on audio -- and it's pretty terrifying to listen to, as Amber can apparently be heard hacking at a door.

Video and audio of the entire blowout between the "Teen Mom OG" star and Andrew Glennon from this past 4th of July has surfaced, and it gives you a sneak peek as to what led up to the alleged shoe throwing and machete wielding from Amber.

Without A Crystal Ball

Ring video that the family has set up in their home shows Andrew and Amber getting ready to head out with their 1-year-old son, James, to catch fireworks. But, the family has to turn around after leaving in their car due to a main road being closed ... which pissed off AP.

You can then hear Amber unloading on Andrew, telling him to STFU after he chastises her for being ill-prepared every 4th of July. The argument escalates after they head out in the car yet again, after which the family comes back to the house for a 2nd time.

This is where s*** kinda hits the fan ... as you can see and hear Amber threatens to toss a bunch of Andrew's stuff out on the street, and then you hear Andrew ask if she chugged a bunch of her meds in one sitting ... the implication being she's threatening to kill herself.

At this point, Andrew gets behind a door -- supposedly while holding their son -- and you hear Amber demanding he open the door. Then comes the hacking -- 3 strikes, from what Andrew says is a machete. Amber seems to acknowledge it is, in fact, a machete.


As you know ... Amber copped a plea deal in the DV case -- pleading guilty to domestic battery and intimidation, this after initially denying any such machete attack.

She and Andrew are currently locked in a custody battle over the kid -- he wants to move to Malibu, but she's trying to prevent that by any means.

Farrah Abraham Jenelle Leaving David Just for TV That Seems Wrong to Me


Farrah Abraham is glad that Jenelle Evans is leaving what she considers to be a bad relationship with David Eason ... but isn't totally satisfied with the apparent motivations.

We got the fellow 'Teen Mom' alumna Saturday in L.A., where she weighed in on the big news that broke this past week ... Jenelle announcing that she's leaving David and would be proceeding with divorce. Farrah says that's great ... if she's doing it for the right reasons.

As far as FA is concerned, she tells us that herself and others have been trying to get Jenelle to split from David for a while -- but now that it's actually happening ... Farrah says she only sees an unflattering headline out of it. Namely, Jenelle wants back in with MTV.

TMZ broke the story ... Jenelle's vying for a spot back on the show that made her famous, and one of the reasons she called it quits was in hopes for a possible reality TV comeback.

We've been told Jenelle feels David was screwing her over financially and holding her back from potential deals, so with him gone ... she's hoping she can make some cash again.

Farrah doesn't like that rationale -- even though we know that's not the only reason Jenelle's splitting from David. Still, that seems to be all Farrah's hearing ... and she says Jenelle hopefully cut it off with David for way more important things ... like, ya know, the safety of her kids, which Farrah insinuates might be an afterthought here for JE.

She also believes Jenelle crawling back to the 'Teen Mom' well is a bit desperate, and kinda hacky all these years later. She's moved on ... sounds like she thinks Jenelle should too.

Paramore's Hayley Williams Lists Nashville Cottage ... I've Gone Hollywood!!!

Paramore's lead vocalist, Hayley Williams, is spending most of her time these days in Los Angeles ... so she's looking to sell her crib back home in Tennessee.

Hayley's super cute cottage just hit the market ... and the 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom pad is listed at a cool $1 million.

The historic home is made of stone, and it's got a modern touch despite being built in 1935 ... it's decked out with a screened-in porch with a swing, plus a fireplace in the living room and a sprawling basement perfect for a man cave, home gym or studio.

Hayley's 3-story house is gated for extra privacy, and it's got a stand-alone garage and a large grass lawn. The interior features hardwood floors, tile and vinyl.

The pad is in the Nashville suburb of Franklin, the same town where Hayley's rock band traces its roots.

Donna Brevard of Zeitlin Sothebys International Realty has the listing.

Fun fact ... Hayley's place was once featured on an episode of MTV Cribs!!!

Farrah Abraham Squashes Beef w/ Jenelle Evans!!!


Farrah Abraham is retracting the claws and slipping on kid gloves for Jenelle Evans ... declaring their long-running feud is over.

We got Farrah out in Hollywood with her daughter, Sophia, and asked why she recently attended Jenelle's JE Cosmetics launch event. It's interesting because, as true 'Teen Mom' fans know, Farrah and Jenelle have been at each other's throats for a loooong time.


In fact ... just a little over 2 months ago, there was some serious mud-slinging -- Farrah called Jenelle a bad mother and David a horrible man for killing the family dog. True to Jenelle form, she quickly fired back ... slamming Farrah as a prostitute.

But, somewhere along the way, Farrah and Jenelle let bygones be bygones. Seems it started with Farrah getting invited to Jenelle's event in NYC. So, why exactly did Farrah accept Jenelle's invite? Farrah says they've found common ground.

French Montana Mad as Hell After Post-VMA Attack


11:10 AM PT -- We've obtained an additional video from the incident -- shot by the man in the red shirt -- which shows French as the aggressor. He's clearly pissed at his security guard after a different bystander allegedly threw a punch.


French Montana wanted heads to roll after some guy allegedly threw a sucker punch ... and TMZ's got video of him going off on his security team for apparently letting it happen.

Sources close to the situation tell us ... French was in NYC early Tuesday morning -- after leaving the Amish Market in Tribeca -- when a guy in a red shirt attacked French's crew from behind. We're told the guy didn't hit French, but did hit someone and that set off a brawl.

In the video, you can see French chewing out some bodyguards, and just as things seem to calm down ... there's another flare-up.

NYPD showed up eventually, responding to a call of a physical fight at the Amish Market. We're told the store was a mess when officers arrived, but everyone involved in the fight was gone.

No report was filed for assault and no injuries were reported.

As far as French is concerned ... no blood, no foul but we're told he was pissed his security let someone get close enough to pop him.

Originally Published -- 7:36 AM PT

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