Travis Barker Didn't Hurl Homophobic Slur On 'Punk'd' ... Actor From Resurfaced Clip Says

Travis Barker did NOT hurl a homophobic slur when he was getting pranked on Ashton Kutcher's old MTV show ... so says the actor from a resurfaced clip that's stirring up controversy.

Here's the deal ... Kourtney Kardashian's husband is getting slammed online by folks who claim he used the f-word in an old clip from "Punk'd."


In the resurfaced clip, Travis is having dinner with Shanna Moakler when an actor posing as a waiter comes to the table and starts flirting with her, pretending they used to date.

Travis gets pissed and tells the server, "Yeah, she usually dates (bleep)" ... and it sets off a heated confrontation, with the waiter saying he didn't appreciate the term.

There's online speculation the MTV show bleeped out a slur ... but the actor playing the waiter in the episode, Ahmed Ahmed, tells us that's not the case. Instead, he says Travis exclaimed, "f***ing a**holes."


Ahmed says the Blink-182 drummer was totally cool once Ashton came out and let him know he was being pranked.

For those who might not buy Ahmed's story ... he doubts Travis would have signed the release forms allowing the clip to air on TV if he had actually said what people are accusing him of saying.

Ahmed says his friends encouraged him to speak out on Travis' behalf ... and he's got a message for the Internet trolls coming after Kourtney's man.

'Jersey Shore' Cast Pisses Off MTV 'Ungrateful' Bashing of '2.0'

The cast of "Jersey Shore" has done a lot for MTV -- but now, they've pissed the network off ... with a statement denouncing a new, younger version of the popular reality show.

If you didn't know, MTV announced earlier this week it would be adding a revamped version of the classic, with an all-new cast, to the network's upcoming programming -- a cast in the age range of the OG "Jersey Shore" stars when they started out way back in the day.

Clearly, that didn't sit well with The Situation, Snooki, JWoww, DJ Pauly D, Vinny, Deena or Angelina ... who all posted the same statement slamming the new show, saying, "... we are not in support of a version that will exploit our original show, our hard work and authenticity to gain viewers."

We've spoken to high-level sources at MTV who say show and network honchos were not only blindsided ... they're PISSED, calling the cast "ungrateful" and saying, "It's disgusting they'd take a swipe at the network."

Not only that ... they say the cast's claim MTV was struggling before airing "JS" just isn't true, and was an uncalled-for low blow.

We should mention ... the OG cast isn't going anywhere, at least not yet, and their "Jersey Shore Family Vacation" still has a home on the network.

Can't say the cast never had a shortage of drama ... and here's more proof.

Selena Gomez Talks Mental Health at WH Event ... Dr. Biden & Co. Nearby


Selena Gomez has teamed up with President Biden and his administration to put a spotlight on mental health ... with the help of youth who are also speaking up on the issue.

The singer was on hand Wednesday at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. to deliver remarks and help lead a conversation with the newly formed Mental Health Youth Action Forum ... which was put together courtesy of MTV and Rare Beauty's Rare Impact Fund.

Selena was intro'd by Dr. Jill Biden, and then outlined why she was doing this ... and why it was important to empower people to discuss mental health more openly.

The whole idea of this is to end the stigma surrounding mental health, while also propping up young leaders who work in the field ... via advocacy, entrepreneurship or both. It appears some of those folks were actually sitting around as SG spoke -- it was a packed house.

Some of the things Selena and co. are hoping to achieve with this new forum include changing labor laws to be more sensitive to mental health needs -- including getting extra PTO specifically for mental health, which would be treated almost like sick days.

Selena, of course, has been very public with some of her own mental health challenges. She addressed them recently on GMA ... and made clear at the time this is near and dear to her.

Natasha Bedingfield 'Memba Her?!

London native and singer Natasha Bedingfield was just 23 years old when she took over 2004 with her debut album "Unwritten" which included the hit tracks "Unwritten," "I Bruise Easily" and "These Words."

The popular songs topped the Billboard Hot 100 and "Unwritten" became the opening theme song for MTV's "The Hills" starring Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari. Natasha continued to make top hits including "Pocketful of Sunshine" and "Love Like This."

The talented musician got married in 2009 and welcomed her son in 2017.

"Today is where your book begins ... the rest is still unwritten."

Guess what she looks like today at 40 years old!


Former MTV 'Making The Band' star Chopper has been busted for sex trafficking ... with law enforcement accusing him of being a pimp.

Chopper was arrested earlier this month in Maryland and he's being extradited to Las Vegas to face sex trafficking charges in Sin City.

According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, an undercover vice detective in Nevada posing as a sex worker says Chopper direct messaged them on Instagram with an apparent offer to make money through prostitution.

The undercover cop says they searched Chopper's IG account and noticed several posts related to prostitution and pimping, including posts where Chopper flaunted wealth and made references to being a pimp ... including one image of him inside a plane with a phone alongside the caption, "Sending em," with a money bag and crown emoji.

In the docs, the undercover cop says they launched an investigation into Chopper after seeing social media evidence of a potential sex trafficking operation.

The undercover says Chopper called them and bragged about frequent travel and having 7 homes across the country, including one in Las Vegas, while also telling the undercover Sin City was not a safe place to do business because law enforcement was cracking down.

What's more, the undercover says they had a phone interview with Chopper and after passing the test, Chopper told them he would make them part of his "team" and "stable."

The undercover says Chopper then became aggressive with them over the phone, ordering them around like he might do to a sex worker, telling them to pack their belongings, get to the airport and meet him in Charlotte, N.C. to join his "stable."

From there, the undercover says they stalled by telling Chopper they were scared to leave home ... with Chopper trying to verbally force them to make the trip, getting angry and demanding a $2,000 fee.

Between the alleged social media posts, direct messages, phone calls and fee demand ... the undercover says there was then enough evidence to arrest and charge Chopper with felony sex trafficking.

We reached out to Chopper's camp ... so far no word back.

'Jersey Shore' Cast Films New Scenes in San Diego ... But No Ronnie

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro said he's going to return to 'Jersey Shore' for the upcoming season ... but he was nowhere to be found when his reality TV family recently started filming.

TMZ obtained these photos of some 'Jersey Shore' stars shooting scenes Easter Sunday at a winery in Southern California ... and there's no sign of Ronnie.

Here's who was at the Cordiano Winery in Escondido for filming ... Vinny, Snooki, Deena, JWoww and Mike The Situation ... plus some wives, husbands, girlfriends and boyfriends. The other main cast member who wasn't there was Pauly D.

We're told the 'Jersey Shore' cast took over the winery ... shutting the place down for filming, including the tasting room, and forcing everyone else to order food and wine from a separate bar.


It's interesting Ronnie is still missing from the action ... remember, he told us back in August he was sober and planning to return to the MTV show for the second half of the 5th season.

There's a chance Ronnie wanted to steer clear of shooting scenes at a winery ... but until we see him filming with his 'Jersey Shore' fam, it's fair to wonder if he's really coming back.

Bam Margera Settles Lawsuit against Johnny Knoxville, Paramount

Bam Margera has settled his wrongful termination lawsuit against Johnny Knoxville, Spike Jonze, Jeffrey Tremaine along with Paramount Pictures, MTV, Dickhouse Entertainment and Gorilla Flicks.

Bam had sued because he claimed he was forced to sign an agreement he called psychological torture, with so many conditions it was impossible to comply. As a result, he claims, he was fired.

According to a new court doc, obtained by TMZ, Bam is asking to dismiss the lawsuit ... and all signs point to a settlement. The terms of the settlement remain private.

Bam claimed in the lawsuit he was pressured into signing a "wellness agreement" while he was in rehab in 2019 ... this was a condition to his participation in the "Jackass Forever" flick. Bam says because of the circumstances he didn't have an opportunity to run it by a lawyer.

April 2021

The agreement required Bam to submit to regular drug and alcohol tests and he was also forced to take various Rx drugs ... drugs he claims left him depressed and drained.

Bam did not comply -- he tested positive for Adderall -- and was booted from the production. He says what made it particularly unfair was that doctors had prescribed the drug for him for a decade.

He claimed in the suit the defendants were "inhumane" and "discriminatory" ... likening his predicament to the Britney Spears' conservatorship.

Stephen Colletti from 'Laguna Beach' 'Memba Him?!

The OG of the OC Stephen Colletti brought the best out of high school surfing, girls, reality (well that's questionable) and straight-up DRAMA from his days on MTV's "Laguna Beach."

Known as the beach town's hot surfer boy, he was the instigator of one of the most iconic high school love triangles which obvi included himself, the sassy hot junior Kristin Cavallari and the quiet wholesome senior girl, 'LC' aka Lauren Conrad.

Stephen would later go on to act in shows like "One Tree Hill," "Hit the Floor," and was Taylor Swift's love interest in her music video "White Horse."

See what the rad star looks like now!

Stella Carlin in 'Orange Is the New Black' 'Memba Her?!

Australian actress and model Ruby Rose intrigued us all when she was locked up on the crazy popular prison show as the side-shaved Stella Carlin for season 3 of Netflix's hit show "Orange Is the New Black" back in 2015.

She shared the screen with lead actress Taylor Schilling who played the poorly adjusting inmate, Piper Chapman and Laverne Cox as the salon boss, Sophia Burset.

Rose was also an MTV Australia presenter and co-hosted "Australia's Next Top Model" in 2009 as well as "The Project" until 2011.

Today Ruby enjoys lounging around and hanging with her fur-babies.

Guess what she looks like today with spikey hair!

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Under this smooshed celeb face lies a tanned man from the East Coast, and now it's up to your discretion to guess who the diamond-studded star is.

The reality star has been on television for over a decade and has been making his special 'juice' for even longer. His fresh, crisp white T-shirt just came out of the wash, as laundry is one of his favorite pastimes. Need one more clue on who this may be ... just think of 'beating up the beat.'

By the whiskers on his chinny chin chin, can you make an educated guess on who this scrambled celeb is?

Bill Maher TLC, ACLU, MTV, WW, ETC ... They're All Trying to Fool Us

Bill Maher bent minds Friday night ... with the premise companies and organizations have hidden behind old images of who they once were ... changing everything but their name.

The "Real Time" host ticked off some pretty undeniable examples ... TLC used to be about learning ... now, "My Teen Is Pregnant and So Am I." Yet it's still called TLC.

A&E used to be about arts -- now, "Psychic Kids."

The History Channel offers nothing historic anymore, and MTV has nothing to do with music.

As Bill says, "You can have a petting zoo and turn it into a bondage dungeon, but you gotta change the sign!"

And, then there's Playboy, and Bill harkens back to the 'ol days when it was a "whack-off mag" for straight guys. Now, the woman are gone and the mags gone in every which direction.

And, then there's the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue ... and here he drops a line you'll just have to listen to yourselves.

Two more. Weight Watchers, which he says used to be a club for people to lose weight. Now, he says, despite the fact obesity is linked to a slew of serious diseases, it's recast as body positivity. The company's now ashamed of its name, he says, so it's now just WW and people who talk about weight loss are slammed.

And, finally -- and maybe most ominous -- the ACLU. The "L" stands for liberty, and the old ACLU used to be about protecting free speech, no matter how offensive. Now the ACLU has  turned its back on its calling, and cautions it will NOT fight for speech that is offensive to marginalized groups or speech "contrary to its values." As Bill says, "Free speech is a more important value than never being offended."

'Challenge' Star Johnny Bananas Ukraine Mission Eye-Opening ... Be Thankful for What You Have, America!!!


"The Challenge" star Johnny Bananas is overseas helping as many Ukrainian refugees as he can, and says the heartbreaking effort is shining a light on just how good we have it here in the U.S. of A.

Right now, Johnny's splitting his time between Poland and Ukraine -- he's joined a humanitarian convoy with the Humanosh Foundation, and earlier this week helped deliver 3 ambulances and 3 vans loaded with food, military gear and medical equipment.

He says the mission's made him realize American issues pale in comparison to what Ukrainians are facing.

With people in the U.S. currently upset about soaring gas prices and inflation at the supermarket -- Johnny thinks we should imagine a world where there is no gas to be found!

Johnny says Americans have gotten "too comfortable," and coming to a war-torn country like Ukraine really put things into perspective for him.

BTW ... the Humanosh Foundation is a nonprofit that provides shelter and aid to refugees and soldiers.


Last week Johnny's friend called asking if anyone he knew with a big platform would be willing to help show the world the good the nonprofit is trying to accomplish.

Three days later Johnny arrived in Warsaw and has been helping ever since.

'The Challenge' Jordan Wiseley Hands Out Supplies in Ukraine ... Helps Humanitarian Efforts

"The Challenge" star Jordan Wiseley is finding more ways to make an impact on the ground in Ukraine ... distributing much-needed supplies brought over the border from Poland.

Check out these images from Ukraine, where Jordan and his actor roommate Kevin Pasdon are making a daily trek across the border to aid the humanitarian efforts underway.

Jordan's routine includes loading up vans with boxes full of supplies ... driving the goods in from Poland and handing them out to the Ukrainians, who are having their cities and towns shelled by the Russians.

Remember ... Jordan and Kevin flew to Poland earlier this month with the goal of helping out in Ukraine, but they didn't have a plan ... and they quickly found work transporting supplies, thanks in part to their U.S. passports, which allow them to cross the border with ease.


As you see in the videos, the folks in Ukraine are desperate to get their hands on whatever supplies they can ... and Jordan's working hard to unload the boxes and distribute essential items, like food and blankets.

They have started a fundraising campaign for donations that will go towards Ukrainian aid for both military and humanitarian relief.

Jordan and Kevin told us they're mostly working with Ukrainians, and speaking little English ... but it looks like the language barrier isn't a problem, and they're banding together to help win the war.

'The Challenge' Jordan Wiseley I'm Driving Supplies To Ukraine Army ... Felt I Had To Help Somehow


"The Challenge" star Jordan Wiseley wanted to find a way to help the crisis unfolding in Ukraine, so he flew to neighboring Poland ... and now he's got a key role in the war effort.

Jordan's staying about a kilometer from the Ukraine border at a small border crossing in Poland, along with his actor roommate Kevin Pasdon, and they're crossing the border in a truck and delivering crucial supplies to Ukrainian troops.

As Jordan explains, he felt drawn to the crisis and recently bought plane tickets to Poland with Kevin ... and while they landed last week without a plan, they knew they would find a way to pitch in, and they did.

Jordan and Kevin say their U.S. passports are being put to good use ... the travel docs allow them to cross into the country with relative ease, unlike other truck drivers who came to help from countries in the European Union.


It also helps Jordan knows how to use a manual transmission ... he says he grew up driving all sorts of vehicles back in the States ... and Jordan's tale of how they got their gig is pretty incredible.

While the deliveries are being made to Ukraine military forces, Jordan and Kevin are not exactly running firearms here ... they say they are delivering essential items, like food, blankets and gasoline.

There's also a bunch of manual labor involved ... they've got to load up the trucks each day with boxes, then unload them once they make it to their drop spots in Ukraine.

Jordan and Kevin have been on the ground in Poland and Ukraine since March 3, and they're not sure when they will leave ... but they tell us why their Ukrainian comrades are confident Vladimir Putin's invasion will be foiled.

Guess Who This Colorful Little Kid Turned Into!

Before the brunette little doll with a rainbow-striped shirt was bringing some colorful commentary to her roles on a long list of reality shows, she was just another happy girl smiling for her school photos while growing up in East Greenbush, New York.

While this bright-eyed gal with blunt bangs is most known for work on MTV ... she's also a mom with an attitude that was sure to make a lasting impression even while on family vacations.

Give yourself a fist pump if you can guess who this cute little kid is!

Farrah Abraham Sophia's Piercing is Just the new 13 ... Get Over it, Haters!!!


Farrah Abraham says she's putting her child's happiness first, and standing by her decision to allow Sophia to get a septum piercing for her 13th birthday.

The "Teen Mom" star tells TMZ ... she's doing her best as a parent -- despite what her critics say -- to make sure her teen is happy and healthy, and if that means Sophia getting a needle through her nose, so be it!

What's interesting is Farrah acknowledges she wasn't personally a fan of Sophia getting the piercing, but says it was more important to her that it be done by a professional ... rather than Sophia sneaking off to do it herself.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Despite not being for it, Farrah sure sounded happy to celebrate the piercing as a new Abraham family milestone. As for Sophia, she's also blocking out the haters, and called her new nose bling a "birthday wish come true".


Seems like the reality star is in a much better place, compared to last month. You'll recall, she was arrested outside a club after allegedly slapping a security guard.

Since the incident, she's moved away from L.A. while threatening to sue the club. She's also said she's had suicidal thoughts due to the arrest.

Still, Farrah's proud of herself for posting the attack and putting the club on blast, and adds she's focusing on recovering by going to a trauma treatment center in Texas for 28 days.

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