MTV Award Show Won't Have Live Audience

The MTV Movie & TV Awards are going on without a host ... and now there won't be a live audience anymore either.

The upcoming award show, set to air Sunday on a bunch of TV channels, is pivoting away from a live audience ... according to Paramount Global exec Bruce Gillmer.

Bruce, who is also executive producing the award show, tells TMZ ... "As we carefully navigate how best to deliver the fan first awards show we envisioned that our team has worked so hard to create, we're pivoting away from a live event that still enables us to produce a memorable night full of exclusive sneak peaks, irreverent categories our audience has come to expect, and countless moments that will both surprise and delight as we honor the best of film and TV over the past year."


The change comes on the heels of Drew Barrymore bowing out as host in a show of solidarity with striking Hollywood writers.

Sources at MTV tell TMZ ... the show is not live, but it's still happening, there just won't be a live audience.

The 2023 MTV Movie & TV Awards are scheduled to air Sunday at 8 PM ET on MTV ... with simulcasts on BET, BET Her, Comedy Central, CMT, Logo, MTV2, Nickelodeon, Paramount Network, Pop, TV Land and VH1.

Drew's signed on to host next year ... when a live audience will presumably return.

Drew Barrymore I Refuse To Host MTV Award Show ... I Support Writers' Strike!!!

Drew Barrymore is going on strike ... she's backing out from hosting duties for the upcoming MTV Movie & TV Awards to show solidarity with the writers fighting for better pay.

The actress was supposed to host this weekend's award show, but announced Thursday she was pulling out.

Drew explained her decision in a statement to Deadline, saying ... "I have listened to the writers, and in order to truly respect them, I will pivot from hosting the MTV Movie & TV Awards live in solidarity with the strike.

She continues ... "Everything we celebrate and honor about movies and television is born out of their creation. And until a solution is reached, I am choosing to wait but I’ll be watching from home and hope you will join me."


As you know ... the Writers Guild of America started striking earlier this week, with writers going up against major studios for a bigger slice of the pie.

Drew's set to host next year's award show, and Deadline reports MTV is not going to replace her this weekend, instead opting to go without a host this year due to the strike.

The producers who put on the MTV Movie & TV Awards also sent a statement to Deadline, saying ... "We understand and deeply respect her decision. She's a legend – as a host and a fan – and we are excited to welcome her back in 2024."

See ya next May, Drew.

Aretha Franklin's Family Not Mad at Madonna ... For Flubbed VMAs Tribute

Madonna tried (and failed) to adequately pay tribute to Aretha Franklin at the VMAs this week -- and while many of Aretha's fans are pissed ... the woman's own kin isn't.

We spoke with one of Aretha's nephews, Tim Franklin, who says the family was not upset over Madonna's awkward VMAs speech about how Aretha led her to who she is today. It was long-winded and rambling ... but more importantly, all about herself and not Aretha.


Tim tells us not only are the Franklins not mad, but they believe Aretha herself would not have been upset either. While they didn't catch Madonna's misfire, their point is this ... Aretha's far bigger than any kind of tribute, and her fans shouldn't be so sensitive. She wouldn't have been, according to Tim.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Madge herself addressed the controversy Tuesday, saying her "tribute" was never meant to be a full-blown thing or production. She says she was instructed to share a personal anecdote about Aretha, and that's exactly what she did. Considering the tight restraints of a televised award show, Madonna says ... "I could never do her justice in this context or environment."

As we reported ... Aretha died last Thursday from advanced pancreatic cancer. Tributes of all forms have been coming in from across the country since she passed.

Not sure if Madonna's really counted, but it doesn't seem like the family is taking it personally.

Nicki Minaj 'I Am the New Harriet Tubman'


Nicki Minaj isn't just comparing herself to Harriet Tubman -- she's now saying she IS Harriet Tubman ... just new and improved.

We got the "QUEEN" MC leaving her hotel Monday night on her way to the VMAs at Radio City Music Hall, where our camera guy asked about a new controversy swarming around Nick from a tweet she put out earlier in the day ... conjuring Harriet's name, and drawing comparisons.

Some Twitter fans were furious Nicki insinuated she was in the same league as Harriet, although Nicki never explicitly compared herself to the civil rights icon. Until now, that is. Our photog has her on camera saying it straight-up ... "I am the new Harriet Tubman."

We press her to make sure she knew what she's saying, and the implications of her remarks -- which are certainly shocking. She pushes right back, insisting she is the next Harriet Tubman. You do you, Nick?


BTW ... we also got Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner heading to the VMAs, and asked if they were gonna try to squash the beef Nicki started on Sunday. They were mum on all that ... but we're guessing that whole mess will sort itself out in the stands.


We got 50 Cent out after the VMA's and asked him what he thought about the Harriet Tubman reference and he was ... guarded.

2018 VMAs Space Out with the Stars ... Behind the Scenes

The 2018 VMAs were out of this world, and you can tell by just how damn happy everyone was behind the scenes.

Radio City Music Hall was lit up with A-listers Monday night during MTV's signature award show, and based on what we're seeing here ... it was kinda the Cardi B/Ariana Grande/Jennifer Lopez show heading inside. They definitely took up a lot of the spotlight.

Cardi was radiating in her purple gown just over a month after giving birth, and AG was showing plenty of PDA with her fiance, Pete Davidson. As for J Lo ... well, she was just being J Lo with A-Rod. 'Nuff said.

Some honorable mentions who looked stoked to be there ... Blake Lively, Blac Chyna, Tiffany Haddish, Amber Rose, Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino ... and plenty more.

Waffle House Hero James Shaw MTV Honor was Nice ... But It's No Medal of Freedom!!!


James Shaw Jr.'s still stoked Chadwick Boseman shouted him out at the MTV Movie & TV Awards ... but his sights are set on a more prestigious prize as he continues his quest to make the world a better place.

The Waffle House hero tells TMZ ... he's hoping to get an invite to the White House to receive a Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award in the U.S. Shaw's certainly earned it for courageously disarming the Tennessee Waffle House gunman and saving several lives.

It's not all about him, though -- James says he'd like the award so people will get off President Trump's case about it ... and everyone can move forward.

Shaw also touches on his foundation to improve mental health awareness, the tragic death of XXXTentacion ... and his plan to take over the rapper's mission to reach 5 million kids and positively impact their lives.

As we reported, the star of "Black Panther" won the Movie award for Best Hero Monday, but turned the spotlight on the real-life hero ... and gave Shaw his golden popcorn award.

Chadwick Boseman Gives MTV Award to Waffle House Hero

Chadwick Boseman got an award for playing a super hero on the big screen, but he couldn't accept the award without acknowledging a real-life hero just several feet away from him. Enter James Shaw Jr.

The "Black Panther" star won the Movie award for Best Hero Monday at the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards ... and he thanked the fans for making 'BP' a monumental success. But then something incredibly special happened ... so, get ready for goosebumps.

Watch the clip ... Chadwick turned the spotlight -- rightfully so -- on Shaw ... who heroically wrestled an AR-15 from a gunman at a Waffle House in Tennessee back in April.

Shaw's gotten props from his favorite player, Dwyane Wade, and tons of celebs raised money for him. Now, add Chadwick's special honor in front of a live audience -- super cool.

Tiffany Haddish 'Black Panther' Face-Off ... For Right to Host MTV Movie & TV Awards

Tiffany Haddish will come face-to-face with the Black Panther himself before taking over hosting duties of the MTV Movie & TV Awards.

Production sources tell us Monday night's show will open with a "Black Panther" spoof featuring Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith and Lil Rel Howery. In the spoof, Haddish will battle T'Challa -- played by Chadwick Boseman -- for the right to host the show.

Haddish, of course, comes out on top and will celebrate with a victory tune -- Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow."

The show premieres tonight at 9 PM ET.

Ice Cube I 'Was Robbed' Comment Was Not a Diss to Paul Walker

Ice Cube is setting the record straight ... saying he was not taking a huge shot at Paul Walker when he griped about losing to him at the MTV Movie Awards -- and claims his words were misinterpreted.

Cube raised eyebrows when, according to USA Today, he said ... "We was robbed" in the Best Onscreen Duo category. He and Kevin Hart's "Ride Along" lost to Paul Walker and Vin Diesel's "Fast & Furious 6."

He added, "We had the best chemistry of everybody nominated, for us not to win was crazy."

Sounds like Cube was getting some heat ... because he's now saying, "I wasn't really mad we didn't win. So I would never diss the actors who won. Not even Paul Walker."

Ice Cube also tweeted, "Ice Cube is not a sore loser. I was born losing. This winning s*** is what I gotta get use to."

Sources close to the actor/rapper tell us he had a joking tone during the USA Today interview ... and was just busting on award shows since he doesn't take them seriously.

We feel you on that, Cube.

2013 MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet Rewind!

Take some deep breaths and try not to panic because the 2014 MTV Movie Awards are just hours away -- but before they smack you in the face with this year's hottest looks -- take a magical trip back in time and check out all of the looks from last year's fashion photos.

**Head over to TooFab to check out all of this year's MTV Movie Awards awesomeness!**

Joey Fatone Lie, Lie, Lie (Probably)

Joey Fatone has arrived to New York ... where he's rumored to reunite with *NSYNC at the MTV VMAs this weekend ... but when we asked him about it, he seemed to be LYING like a rug.

Don't get us wrong ... he totally denied being in NYC for the alleged performance. But c'mon Joey ...

Ya gotta watch the clip -- it's jam packed with a suspicious alibi, awkward laughter and facial expressions that scream "I'VE GOT A SECRET!!!!!"

Now we're no Columbo ... but we think we know when someone's playing games with our heart (wrong band, but you get the idea).

So, we gotta ask ...

Snoop & Ke$ha Whatcha Smokin'?

This isn't a pimp and hoes costume party, it's just Snoop Lion and Ke$ha joining forces to smoke some sorta cigarette on stage at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday.

Whatever will keep her from singing.

Selena Gomez 'Come and Get It', Justin!

Just in case you needed further proof why Justin Bieber is a fool ... here's Selena Gomez at the MTV Movie Awards.

Her new song is called "Come and Get It."

Don't worry, she's 20.

Kim Kardashian My Pregnancy Has Legs!

Kim Kardashian has once again gone black.

The mom-to-be flashed her smooth pregnant gams at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday.

Even pregnant gals love an LBD.

Snooki How Many Things in This Pic Are Fake?

The latest version of Snooki was unveiled at the MTV Movie Awards in L.A. on Sunday.

No assembly required.

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