Justin Timberlake Gives Emotional Speech After DWI Bust ... 'It's Been A Tough Week'

Justin Timberlake opened up about his DWI arrest during his Friday night concert in Illinois, emotionally telling the crowd he had "a tough week."

The singer/actor hit the stage at Chicago's United Center for his first performance of his 'Forget Tomorrow' world tour since he was busted last week for DWI in New York.

Check out the video ... Justin was standing at the mic with an acoustic guitar strapped around his body as the audience cheered.

Justin Timberlake Fans Hawking Mug Shot Merch After DWI Arrest

Justin Timberlake fans are capitalizing on his legal woes ... turning his glassy-eyed mug shot into merchandise.

Check it out ... several Etsy creators have already released products centered on Justin's DWI arrest ... t-shirts, shot glasses and mugs have popped up on the e-commerce site.

One shirt -- which comes in a variety of colors -- features JT's mug and pokes fun at his song, "SexyBack" ... the tee is emblazoned with, "I'm Bringing Tipsy Back."

Justin Timberlake DWI Arrest Body Cam Vid ... Won't Be Released Anytime Soon

Justin Timberlake's DWI arrest was caught on body cam video -- but cops aren't planning to release it to the public anytime soon ... at least not until their investigation is wrapped.

TMZ officially submitted a request for a copy of the video -- which we know was taken during the time of the arrest early Tuesday -- and Sag Harbor PD just got back to us with their response ... saying they're denying the request for the footage, and citing a statute that's interesting.

According to SHPD ... the reason they won't drop the body cam video (for now) is because of a specific New York law that deals with the release of public records.

Justin Timberlake No Plans for Rehab ... Focusing on World Tour

Justin Timberlake isn't nearly as concerned about his DWI case as some fans are, because he's not following the typical celeb playbook after such an arrest ... TMZ has learned.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... Justin has no plans to check into a rehab facility following Tuesday morning's arrest in Sag Harbor, NY. It's not uncommon for Hollywood types to take proactive steps after a drug or alcohol-related arrest to look good before a judge.

Voluntarily seeking treatment in rehab or alcohol education classes can put them in a position for a better plea deal, but Justin has a different plan, and, perhaps ... for good reason.

Justin Timberlake DWI Arrest Enrages MADD CEO

Justin Timberlake has a prime opportunity to save lives in the wake of his arrest, but only if he's willing to own up to the alleged DWI ... so says Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Stacey D. Stewart, CEO of MADD, tells TMZ that JT is seriously lucky his night out in Sag Harbor, NY didn't end tragically ... with himself or someone else getting hurt. But, that being said, she's imploring the singer to use his celebrity to condemn impaired driving.


At the moment, it doesn't look like that will happen, not for awhile -- not until the case is settled, and JT's high-powered lawyer is, at least, saying they're ready to fight tooth and nail.

Gayle King Justin Timberlake's Not 'Reckless' ... Alleged DWI a Clear Mistake

Clearly a Mistake

Gayle King's sticking up for Justin Timberlake ... saying he's a responsible, upstanding dude who just made a one-off bad decision when he allegedly chose to drink and drive.

The newscaster gave her take on "CBS Mornings" Wednesday after a segment about JT's arrest ... saying he's a great guy who isn't usually a reckless person -- and, calling his alleged slip-up a "stupid mistake."

Gayle adds there's no excuse for driving drunk in general ... and says she's sure Justin knows he messed up.

*NSYNC's Chris Kirkpatrick Breaks Hand In Softball Game ... Keeps Playing!!!

Instagram / @jeremyloper

Chris Kirkpatrick of *NSYNC was totally Pete Rose'd in the middle of a celebrity softball game ... getting leveled at home plate and breaking his hand in the process -- but somehow, the dude kept playing through the injury!!

TMZ is told ... the musician was one of several big names invited to participate in the Rock 'N Jock fundraiser for Folds of Honor in Nashville on Monday -- and at one point in the friendly competition, CK proved just how tough boy bands can be!!

The moment went down in the third inning ... when local radio host Jeremy Loper rounded third base and headed for home.

Justin Timberlake Halts Concert To Help Fan In Need


Justin Timberlake's always looking out for his fans ... slamming the brakes on his show in Texas to point out one who seemingly needed medical assistance.

The singer-songwriter hit the stage at the Moody Center -- an arena at the University of Texas at Austin -- Saturday night ... and, during his show, he stopped and shouted for the house lights to come up.

Check out the video of the incident ... Justin apologizes to the crowd for pausing the show before pointing at a fan he says is about five rows from the stage who desperately needs assistance.


*NSYNC has major music labels poking around to produce a new single or album, amid talks of a possible reunion stadium tour ... TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... the band, which hasn't released a stand-alone *NSYNC single since 2002, has been receiving calls from multiple music labels like Warner Music and Universal Music that are eager to learn about the band's current status.

We're told the guys could find themselves in the middle of another bidding war -- this time with the labels possibly wanting a new single or album from the group.



*NSYNC's Chris Kirkpatrick is stirring the pot ... telling TMZ, talks about getting the band back together are indeed heating up.

Chris says he's definitely had lengthy discussions with JT, JC Chasez, Lance Bass, and Joey Fatone about the band's future -- and it's just a matter of getting everyone on the same page about what they wanna do next.

He confirms to us they're working on it, and it's not a categorical no to a stage comeback -- much to the delight of tour promoters and music labels eager to cash in on the guys getting back together.


*NSYNC's appearances over the last year have stirred up so much excitement that two major tour promoters are bidding on a possible reunion stadium tour ... convinced the group could pack stadiums and be one for the history books.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... both Live Nation and AEG have thrown their hats in the ring, reaching out to the members of the popular boy band just a couple weeks ago to let the guys know they're down to explore the idea of a tour.

We're told their interest was piqued, especially after witnessing the love and support the group received last year when they reunited for a song in the latest 'Trolls' movie.

*NSYNC Live Nation y AEG claman por una gira de reunión

Las apariciones de *NSYNC en el último año han despertado tanto entusiasmo que dos grandes promotores están clamando por que el grupo realice una posible gira de reunión, ya que están convencidos de que podrían llenar los estadios y pasar a los anales de la historia.

Fuentes familiarizadas con la situación le dicen a TMZ que tanto Live Nation como AEG han expresado su interés, y contactaron a los miembros de la popular boy band hace apenas un par de semanas para que exploren la idea de una gira.

Nos dicen que la propuesta despertó su interés, sobre todo después de presenciar el amor y el apoyo que recibió el grupo el año pasado cuando se reunieron para tocar una canción de la última película de "Trolls".

Angelina de "Jersey Shore" Recibe una serenata de AJ McLean y Joey Fatone

Jersey en casa!!!

Angelina Pivarnick vivió el sueño de todo millennial al unirse a AJ McLean de Backstreet Boys y Joey Fatone de *NSYNC y disfrutó como cualquiera de nosotros lo haría.

TMZ obtuvo un video con la estrella de "Jersey Shore" disfrutando de un concierto lleno de los boy band en Newark, Nueva Jersey la semana pasada. Joey y AJ estuvieron en el New Jersey Performing Arts Center y Angelina estaba al frente y al centro como una megafan.

Parece que su adoración por los muchachos valió la pena, porque la invitaron al escenario para cantar y bailar y ella hizo mucho de ambas cosas.

'Jersey Shore's Angelina Pivarnick Serenaded on Stage by AJ McLean & Joey Fatone


Angelina Pivarnick lived every millennial's dream by joining Backstreet Boys' AJ McLean and *NSYNC's Joey Fatone for a show ... and yes, she rocked out like any of us would.

TMZ has obtained video featuring the "Jersey Shore" star enjoying a boy band-filled gig in Newark, NJ last week ... where Joey and AJ teamed up for a concert at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, and where Angelina was front and center as a megafan.

It seems her adoration for the fellas paid off ... 'cause they brought her onstage to sing and dance ... and she did plenty of both.

Joey Fatone *NSYNC no está esperando a Justin Timberlake... ¡¡Le hemos dicho que no!!

Somos más que un cameo

Algunos fans piensan que los chicos de *NSYNC están a entera disposición de Justin Timberlake por estos días. Esto, en medio de las pequeñas colaboraciones que han estado haciendo juntos, pero Joey Fatone dice que eso es mentira.

Nos encontramos con el cantante de la boy band en el aeropuerto de Los Ángeles el lunes y le preguntamos sobre su reciente concierto con Justin en Los Ángeles por el lanzamiento de su último álbum, donde hay una canción en la que aparece *NSYNC y es solo otra de las cosas que han hecho juntos en el último tiempo.

Por supuesto, nuestro fotógrafo le preguntó sobre la posibilidad de que se reúnan propiamente tal como *NSYNC, a lo que Joey respondió lo que hemos venido escuchando desde hace meses, esto es, "que no ahora, pero tal vez un día".

Básicamente, Joey dice que todos están ocupados, así que no se ve una reunión oficial en el futuro próximo, pero reconoce que si se metieran en el estudio de nuevo para hacer algo en 2024, probablemente sonaría muy parecido a su nueva canción "Paradise".

El nuevo sonido de *NSYNC

También dice que a *NSYNC no le importa reunirse con Justin Timberlake cuando pueden. Aunque, cuando nuestro camarógrafo le preguntó si están a la espera de que Justin los llame por estos días, como algunos han sugerido por Internet, se apresuró en decir que esa no es la dinámica del grupo para nada.

Joey nos dice que entiende por qué algunos podrían sacar esa conclusión. Recuerden, *NSYNC no solo hizo un cameo en el nuevo álbum de Justin, sino que hizo lo mismo para su nueva película "Trolls", aunque Joey nos asegura que el grupo ha rechazado las peticiones de Justin en el pasado ... Muchas veces, de hecho.

En palabras de nuestro camarógrafo, los chicos de *NSYNC no son "la amante" que Justin puede llamar cuando le dé la gana (o booty call en inglés) como algunos podrían suponer. Joey lo deja muy claro: todos están reservados y ocupados en sus respectivas carreras, así que cuando colaboran es solo porque funciona para todos.

Los chicos están de vuelta en la ciudad

Es bueno saberlo, pero no hace falta decir que la gente se muere por una nueva era de *NSYNC. Por desgracia, eso probablemente no ocurra en el corto plazo, o eso parece.

Joey Fatone *NSYNC Not on Call for Timberlake ... We've Shot Him Down!!!


Some *NSYNC fans think all the other guys are at Justin Timberlake's beck and call these days amid these little mini collabs they've been doing... but Joey Fatone says that's BS.

We got the boy band singer at LAX on Monday and asked him all about their recent gig with JT in L.A. amid his latest album drop -- where there's a song that features *NSYNC, serving as just the latest team-up they've done in the studio ... with fans wanting the real thing.

Of course, our photog asked about the prospect of a proper reunion for *NSYNC ... and Joey gave us the standard line of not-now-but-maybe-one-day, which we've heard for months.

Basically ... Joey says everyone's busy, so there's no official coming-together happening in the near future -- but does acknowledge that if they were to get in the studio again for brand new music in 2024, it'd probably sound something very much like their new track "Paradise."


He also says that *NSYNC doesn't mind coming together for JT when they can. Although, when our camera guy asked if they're on call for Justin these days -- as some online have suggested -- he shot that notion down entirely ... saying that's not the dynamic here.

Joey tells us he understands why some might draw that conclusion -- remember, not only did *NSYNC cameo on JT's new album, but did the same for his new 'Trolls' movie too -- he assures us that the group has turned down Justin's requests before ... many times, in fact.

As our camera guy puts it ... the *NSYNC guys are NOT Justin's industry booty call -- despite what some might assume. Joey makes it very clear ... they're all booked and busy in their own respective careers, so when they collaborate ... it's only 'cause it works for everyone.

Boys Are Back In Town

Good to clear up, but it goes without saying ... people are dying for a new era of *NSYNC. Unfortunately, that probably ain't gonna happen anytime soon -- that's how it sounds anyway.

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