Panic! At The Disco Brendon Urie & Wife Welcome New Baby!!!

Panic! At The Disco singer Brendon Urie said goodbye to his band last month, but hello to a much more significant addition to his life ... a new baby.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ Brendon and his wife, Sarah, welcomed a new baby earlier this week. We don't yet know the kiddo's name or sex ... but we're told everyone is happy and healthy.

The news is significant for a whole variety of reasons, but the timing is interesting given Urie's announcement on January 24.

As we reported, Brendon's Panic! At The Disco band is no more, and in the announcement about the group's end, he mentioned, "Sarah and I are expecting a baby very soon! The prospect of being a father and getting to watch my wife become a mother is both humbling and exciting. I look forward to this next adventure."

Turns out, that arrival might've been sooner than fans expected ... cuz Brendon and Sarah are now mom and dad.


Naomi Osaka Dinner Date With Mom In NYC ... After Pregnancy Announcement

Tennis superstar Naomi Osaka had a night out with her mom in the Big Apple on Monday ... hitting up a Japanese restaurant three weeks after announcing she's preggo with her first child.

The 25-year-old and Tamaki Osaka arrived at Nippon in Midtown for dinner ... one of the few times the mother-to-be has been spotted out in public since her big reveal.

No baby bump in sight, though -- Osaka rocked a baggy brown and green outfit for the occasion.

As we previously reported, Osaka told her fans about the major life update on Jan. 11 ... and TMZ Sports confirmed rapper Cordae is the father.

"I realize that life is so short and I don't take any moments for granted, everyday is a new blessing and adventure," Osaka said in her announcement. "I know that I have so much to look forward to in the future, one thing I'm looking forward to is for my kid to watch one of my matches and tell someone, 'that's my mom,' haha."

Osaka said she will be off the court as she welcomes the baby in 2023 ... but plans to be back for the Australian Open next year.

Tommy Fury & Molly-Mae Hague Welcome First Child ... We Had A Baby Girl!!!

Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague are officially parents ... the pro boxer and English reality star/social media influencer had their first child together -- an adorable baby girl!!

The lovebirds posted a pic of the newest addition to their family on Instagram, born on Monday, January 23.

In the pic, Tommy, younger brother of Tyson Fury, is holding their daughter with Molly by his side. And, the expressions on their faces say it all.

Tommy and Molly have been dating since 2019 ... after meeting on the reality show "Love Island."

TF and Hague announced in September they were expecting ... and after months of excitement and anticipation, their bundle of joy finally arrived.

"A dream come true," Tommy captioned a pic of him touching Molly-Mae's pregnant belly when they announced they were expecting.

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It's been an eventful past few days for Tommy ... on Friday, he and Jake Paul finalized their boxing match for February 26 in Saudi Arabia after their two previous fights were canceled.

But, Jake may have spoiled Tommy's surprise before he shared it ... saying, "Tommy has no excuses now. Baby’s born. Money’s massive. Immigration is not an issue.'"

Nevertheless, Tommy's fight with Jake is still a few weeks away -- so we're sure he's enjoying being a new dad and spending time with his family while he prepares for the biggest fight of his life.

Panic! At The Disco Calling It Quits ... Says Brendon Urie

Panic! at the Disco singer Brendon Urie is wrapping up a HUGE chapter in his life ... because he says his band, which stood for nearly 2 decades, is no more.

Brendon broke the news to his millions of fans Tuesday morning -- starting by saying, "Well, it’s been a hell of a journey."

He goes on to talk about how he and his wife are expecting a baby, which he's obviously thrilled about ... unfortunately, that means he's got to put the music behind him to focus on the fam, instead.

Brendon says, "Thank you all for your immense support over the years ... Whether you’ve been here since the beginning or are just finding us, it has been a pleasure to not only share the stage with so many talented people but also share our time with you."

The frontman goes on to further express his gratitude, before saying, "I am looking forward to seeing everyone in Europe and the UK for one last run together" -- referring to the final leg of his Viva Las Vengeance tour, which ends in Manchester this March.

Panic! was first formed back in 2004 with Brendon's childhood friends, growing huge popularity with their first big hit, "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" the following year.

The band would go on to top charts with songs like "Nine in the Afternoon," "High Hopes," "This is Gospel," "House of Memories," and more ... all while going through several different band members as the years went on, eventually turning the band into a solo project in 2015.

Riley Keough Jets Back to L.A. with Baby Girl ... After Lisa Marie's Funeral

Riley Keough is back home in Los Angeles after burying her mother Lisa Marie Presley at Graceland, and she's revealing Lisa's first grandchild -- the daughter very few people knew Riley gave birth to last year.

The actress stepped off a private jet Monday afternoon at Van Nuys Airport, carrying her baby girl in her arms -- marking the first time we've seen her child in public.

Riley and her Hollywood stunt man husband, Ben Smith-Petersen, made the surprise reveal about their daughter's existence during Lisa Marie's celebration of life ... when Ben read a letter Riley wrote to her mom, which referenced the little girl.


The letter, which Riley entitled "A Letter to My Mama," reads in part ... "I hope I can love my daughter the way you loved me, the way you loved my brother and my sisters."

Ben and Riley had never gone public about having a baby, and, obviously, Riley did a top-notch job of keeping her pregnancy private.

The baby was born in 2022 and her name has not been revealed. Riley's daughter is the first grandchild for Lisa Marie and the first great-grandchild for Elvis and Priscilla.

Kylie Jenner First Photos of Son's Face ... Finally Reveals Name Too

Kylie Jenner is finally showing off her baby boy almost a year after he was born -- posting the first photos where his face is in clear view ... while also declaring his new name.

The new mom did a photo dump Saturday, which contained 4 pictures of her son ... whom she delivered in February 2022. The first pic shows her cradling her little one and taking a mirror selfie, the 2nd and 4th slides show him solo and the 3rd is of a photo shoot.

The caption's reads, "AIRE." Unclear how that pronunciation goes, but the mystery is finally solved -- this after months of keeping both her child and his new moniker under wraps.

FWIW, this name is of Hebrew origin, and it means "Lion of God," according to a ton of baby name sites. It also seems to be thematically in line with her other child's name ... Stormi. Of course, she's getting a ton of love for the post -- from her sisters, friends and fans alike.

You'll recall ... Kylie and her BD, Travis Scott, announced in March that they were scrapping their son's original name, Wolf, because they apparently felt it didn't quite fit him. It wasn't done in a snap either -- there was a whole legal process the parents had to undertake.

Kylie's been leaking out little snapshots of the baby's hands and feet here and there ... but clearly didn't feel like being rushed in introducing her new bundle of joy to the world.

Well worth the wait, we'd say. Congrats again!

Blueface & Chrisean She Announces Pregnancy!!! He Wants DNA Test

Hip hop's most dysfunctional couple, Blueface and Chrisean Rock, are expecting a baby -- according to her, anyway ... but he's not buying cigars just yet. So, congrats?

Chrisean dropped the big baby bombshell on social media ... showing 3 at-home pregnancy test sticks and the caption, "Guess how many heart beats?"

Normally, that kinda post gets people feeling all warm and fuzzy -- but, of course, Blueface and Chrisean are far from a normal couple.

The rapper's immediate response was to announce they're no longer together, accuse her of sleeping with 10 other dudes and finally ... demand a DNA test before he'll believe he's the father of Chrisean's child.

Blueface's reaction is hardly shocking -- remember, this is the couple that's had multiple domestic violence incidents.

YouTube/ Billy John

TMZ broke the story, one of their most violent spilled out into the streets of Hollywood and saw both of them striking each other multiple times -- and after another fight in a Phoenix bar, she got arrested for trespassing.

Chrisean's insisting Blueface IS the father, and as far as them breaking up ... she claims he's just mad and they'll get back together soon. If not, she says she'll be fine on her own.


While some fans are sending congratulations on social media ... others think this is simply adding fuel to the fire for a dangerously volatile couple.

So, again ... congrats???

Baby Names Brian/Bryan Drop in Poplularity ... Laundrie, Kohberger & Walshe to Blame?!?

The names Brian and Bryan are now the male version of Karen ... because those names are plummeting in popularity, and the switch appears to be tied to 3 notorious owners of the monikers.

Admittedly, this would be rock bottom on the list of alleged crimes committed by Bryan Kohberger, Brian Laundrie and Brian Walshe ... however, a spokesperson for tells TMZ they're seeing a steep decrease in those names.

We're told since last August, not a single user added "Brian" to their list of favorites. While it had already been slowly decreasing in popularity -- it was considered "dated" from the 1970s -- it's now fallen off a cliff.

As for "Bryan," we're told it stands a little more popular, but has decreased by about 10 percent recently ... and it might be too early to see the full effects of the Idaho students case and the alleged quadruple murderer.

No doubt, it's been an odd and ominous run for Brians and Bryans, going back to the summer of 2021 ... when Laundrie -- Gabby Petito's boyfriend -- murdered her while on a road trip. His remains were eventually found in a nature preserve in Florida where he died by suicide.

More recently, Idaho murder suspect Bryan Kohberger has been accused of gruesomely killing 4 college students, and is being held without bail until his trial this summer.

Then there's Brian Walshe, who pled not guilty this week to killing and dismembering his missing wife, Ana.

While Walshe and Kohberger have yet to be judged in a court of law ... the court of public opinion seems to have a verdict on their first names.

John Legend & Chrissy Teigen Welcome Child ... Singer Announces At Private Concert

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen just added a new bundle of joy to their growing fam.

The Grammy Award-winning singer announced he and his model wife had welcomed their fourth child on Friday morning ... and John delivered the happy news during a private performance that night, according to People.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

"What a blessed day," John gushed to the audience. He then said he "didn't get a lot of sleep," but he "feels energized" despite long hours at the hospital.

The crowd went wild ... and some fans promptly took to social media to break the big news to the world.

One person wrote, "@johnlegend just told us he had a baby this morning."

The couple has 2 other children, Miles Theodore, 4, and Luna Simone, 6. You may recall, though, Chrissy sadly lost newborn Jack in September 2020.

Congrats you two!!

Tyler Herro Welcomes Second Child W/ GF Katya ... Say Hi To Harlem!!

Tyler Herro is not just a #GirlDad anymore ... 'cause the Miami Heat star's famous girlfriend just gave birth to their first baby boy -- and his name is Harlem!!

The 22-year-old guard and fitness model Katya Elise Henry announced last June they were expecting their second child ... and Harlem finally arrived on Thursday.

"Welcome to this big beautiful world baby Harlem," Henry wrote alongside a photo with her son.

Herro -- who missed Thursday's game due to the birth of his son and an Achilles injury -- was right by Katya's side and even shared a photo of the dry erase board in their hospital room containing a special message ... "Happy Birthday Harlem 😀"

Side note, Katya's dancing might've played a part in their son's arrival ... the 27-year-old posted an IG video just five days ago where she said ... "last time this dance put me into labor lol".

This is the second bundle of joy for the couple who started dating in 2020. Their daughter, Zya Elise Herro, was born in September 2021.

BTW, Herro has been beastin' on the basketball court, averaging 21.2 points, 6 rebounds, and 4.4 assists per game.


Naomi Osaka I'm Pregnant!!! First Child with Cordae

Tennis superstar Naomi Osaka just shared a major life update -- she's expecting her first child ... and TMZ Sports has confirmed it's with rapper Cordae!!

The 25-year-old made the announcement just minutes ago ... saying, "The past few years have been interesting to say the least, but I find that its the most challenging times in life that may be the most fun. These few months away from the sport has really given me a new love and appreciation for the game I've dedicated my life to."

Osaka shared a picture of a sonogram on Twitter ... adding, "I realize that life is so short and I don't take any moments for granted, everyday is a new blessing and adventure. I know that I have so much to look forward to in the future, one thing I'm looking forward to is for my kid to watch one of my matches and tell someone, 'that's my mom,' haha."

Osaka -- who went public with Cordae in 2019 -- says she will not be competing in the meantime ... but plans to return for the Australian Open in 2024.

"I don't think there's a perfectly correct path to take in life but I always felt that if you move forward with good intentions you'll find your way eventually," she added.


Brody Jenner I'm Gonna Be a Dad!!! ... With GF Tia Blanco

Brody Jenner is about to venture into fatherhood -- announcing that he's got a bundle of joy on the way with his pro surfer girlfriend, Tia Blanco.

The couple shared the news together Sunday, taking to IG with a joint post that shows off an ultrasound being conducted on Tia ... which reveals there's a little baby growing in her belly. You can hear both Brody and Tia, with BJ noting there's a heart that's forming.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The clip then jumps to the actual sounds of the heartbeat, and it's going pretty strong. It appears the procedure was done earlier in December -- on the 9th -- so it sounds like Tia's been pregnant for a little bit now.

Brody and Tia's caption reads, "To start off this new year, we’d like to take this opportunity to wish all of our friends, family and followers health, happiness & an abundance of love. We truly appreciate & love you all. We are excited to share with you the blessing of a new life in the new year…Our little angel is on their way 💙 Happy new year!"

It's major news, as this would be both Brody and Tia's first child together ... and first child for either of them, period. Plus, they're a relatively new pair in general -- Brody and Tia went public this past June, this after rumblings that they were dating surfaced in April.

Less than a year later ... and they're expecting. No word on whether the kid's a boy or a girl, but it seems like things are moving along nicely for the parents-to-be. Also, this means a new Jenner is being welcomed to the family -- which is always welcome.

Worth noting ... Brody has broached the topic of kids in his past relationships -- including with Kaitlynn Carter -- but never seemed to be able to land on the same page with anyone.


Now, he's there. Congrats!!!

Nick Cannon Scoffs at Vasectomy Question ... 'My Body, My Choice!


Nick Cannon has words for anyone who thinks he's had too many kids ... "My body, My choice!"

Nick appeared on CNN's NYE show and the ever-inquisitive Andy Cohen asked him if he'd consider getting a vasectomy. Nick's response was essentially ... not anyone's biz but mine.

Andy pressed the father of 12 ... "Do you want to hit 20?"

Nick was honest, even if the answer wasn't especially satisfying ... "Clearly, I don't have a plan. That should've been clear from the jump."

As we reported, Nick welcomed baby #12 last month. Another great name -- Halo, the little girl he had with Alyssa Scott.

A month before that, Nick welcomed another baby girl, Beautiful Zeppelin with Abby De La Rosa. And in September, he welcomed son Rise Messiah with Brittany Bell.

Two weeks before Rise was born, Nick welcomed daughter Onyx Ice with LaNisha Cole, a 'Price is Right' model.


And in June, he and Bre Tiesi welcomed their first child together, Legendary.


And 2023 has just begun!

Nick Cannon I'm a Dad x12!!! Welcomes Baby Halo

Nick Cannon is likely already reallllly good at changing diapers, but he's about to get even more reps in ... as he just welcomed baby number 12 to the world.

Alyssa Scott, who Cannon previously had a child with, broke the news Thursday -- revealing their daughter, Halo, was born on December 14. Scott says, "I will remember the sound of Nicks voice saying "it's a girl" and the look of everything we've been through flash across his face."

She continues, "I will remember the sound of her crying out with her first breath and feeling her heartbeat against mine. My sweet girl, I got my surprise!! We love you Halo Marie Cannon!"

Previously, Nick and Alyssa had a baby boy together named Zen, who died at only 5 months after brain cancer.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Scott remembered Zen in the announcement of Halo, writing, "Zen is in every breath I take. I know his spirit was with us in the room that morning. I know he is watching down on us. He shows me signs everyday. I will hold onto this memory forever."


MLB Hall Of Famer Dennis Eckersley Daughter Criminally Charged In New Hampshire... Left Newborn Baby In Freezing Temps

The adopted daughter of MLB Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersley was arrested in New Hampshire for leaving her baby in freezing temps for over an hour after prematurely giving birth, TMZ has confirmed.

Alexandra Eckersley is facing serious charges ... endangering the welfare of a child, falsifying physical evidence, assault and reckless conduct. Eckersley was arraigned Tuesday and held on $3,000 bail.

Eckersley delivered her baby boy about 3 months early inside a tent in a wooded area of Manchester, NH ... according to NBC Boston. She reportedly was 4 to 5 months pregnant.

Eckersley called police to report she had just given birth, but she initially lied to officers as to the baby's whereabouts -- sending them on a wild goose chase. She was apparently embarrassed she was homeless and living in an encampment with her boyfriend.

As a result, the baby was left inside the tent for 73 minutes in 15-degree weather. Eckersley finally gave the right coordinates and cops found the infant alive, but struggling to breathe. EMS workers performed life-saving measures on the child and rushed him to a hospital, where he was intubated to assist his breathing.

Officials believe Eckersley was high on drugs at the time, although she denies it. When asked why she lied, Eckersley reportedly told cops, "What do they tell when a plane goes down? Save yourself first." Her boyfriend, who was with Eckersley when police first arrived, may also face charges.

Her dad, Dennis Eckersley, was inducted into baseball's Hall of Fame in 2004 after a storied 24-year career as a pitcher for a number of top teams, including the Boston Red Sox and Oakland A's.

Diddy Take A Look At My Beautiful New Girl! Shows Her Off For 1st Time

Diddy just dropped something major on social media, and it ain't new music -- it's the first full look at his beautiful new baby girl.

Sean 'Diddy' Combs put up the cute pic Tuesday ... showin' off his daughter, Love Sean Combs, to the world -- this after spending the holiday weekend with his family in the Caribbean.

The comment section is going nuts, BTW ... because just about everyone thinks she's perfect. One even wrote, "What in the most beautiful baby in the world is going on here 🥺."

As we reported, Love was born on October 15 in Newport Beach, CA ... and he had her with 28-year-old cyber security specialist Dana Tran.

Yung Miami, someone Diddy's also publically dated, recently confirmed he made her aware of the upcoming newborn before October, too.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

In case you missed it, fans almost got a glimpse of Love's face the other day ... but Diddy had to tease everyone, facin' her away from the camera.

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