Amber Rose Looks Amazin' ... Hits Up Concert with BF During BET Weekend

Amber Rose is incapable of looking anything but great ... in all shapes and sizes!!!

Amber and her BF, Alexander "AE" Edwards, hit up Staples Center Friday night, where they took in a concert with the likes of Meek Mill, YG, A-Boogie Wit da Hoodie, and Blueface.

Amber announced on April 3 that she's pregnant, and she showed off the work in progress in spectacular fashion.

There's an interesting connection with AE. He's Tyga's best friend. As you know, Tyga and Blac Chyna had a kid together and Chyna is Amber's best friend.

Hollywood ... it's just a small village.

Kobe Bryant My Wife Gave Birth to Baby Girl ... Middle Name 'Kobe!'

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Kobe Bryant has a new lady in the family -- his wife, Vanessa, gave birth to daughter #4 ... and her middle name is "Kobe."

"So thankful for our newest baby blessing," Vanessa said in a statement ... "Capri Kobe Bryant."

Yes! Baby Mamba has a Mamba middle name!!!

40-year-old Kobe also spoke out ... saying, "We are beyond excited that our baby girl 'Koko' has arrived #BryantBunch #4princesses #blessed."

Capri Kobe Bryant joins 3 older sisters ... Natalia (16 years old), Gianna (13 years old) and Bianka (2 years old).


Kobe isn't the first NBA star to give his name to a baby girl -- Iman Shumpert named his daughter Iman Jr. when she was born back in 2015.

Also, Serena Williams named her baby daughter Alexis after her husband Alexis Ohanian, one of the founders of Reddit.

Robin Thicke's Father's Day Can't Help Myself ... It's Family Photo Time, Baby(s)!!!

Robin Thicke's been in the baby-making mood these past couple years -- and now, he's in the baby-taking mood ... as in taking cute pics with his kids for Father's Day weekend.

The singer was out in Malibu Friday with his baby mama, April Love Geary, their two babies and his 9-year-old son, Julian ... whom he shares with ex Paula Patton. The family of 5 hit up the beach together, where they got an impromptu photo-op in with the kiddos in the sand ... each parent taking turns on camera and lap duty.

A perfect way to ring in the holiday weekend, if you ask us ... especially considering how adorable their latest additions are. And, just check out how happy Robin looks as a new dad (yet again). The guy's absolutely beaming ... at age 42, no less.

Robin and April welcomed their second child, Lola Alain, just a few months ago -- this, of course, less than a year after she gave birth to their first kid, Mia Love ... who's already over a year old and rockin' little blonde curls. AWWW!!!

It seems like just yesterday we were witnessing April breastfeed Mia on the Gram -- now we're another baby in ... with plenty of time left for a third if they wanna keep the streak going. April's only 24, after all -- and looks as great as any mom could 2 kids deep.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Parent life ... it suits these two quite well. Happy Father's Day to Rob ... and a belated Mother's Day to April too!!!

Diddy Shout-Out to Cassie ... Congrats on Pregnancy!!!

Diddy just took the on-ramp to the high road ... showing nothing but pure class and congratulating his ex, Cassie, and her BF on their pregnancy news.

The rapper gave the couple a huge shout-out on Instagram and made it crystal clear ... there's ZERO hard feelings. In fact, he wishes Cassie and her man, Alex Fine, nothing but the best. Well, love to be exact.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As we reported ... Cassie and Alex are expecting their first child together. It's gonna be a girl.

What makes the news HUGE, of course, is Cassie got knocked up less than a year after splitting from Diddy, who had been with Cassie for about a decade.

Remember ... Diddy hired Alex -- a pro bull rider and personal trainer -- to train Cassie. Sources told us Diddy felt betrayed at the time, because he felt they hooked up BEFORE the breakup. Our sources connected to Alex and Cassie insist they weren't together until Diddy was outta the picture.

Whatever the case ... bygones are definitely bygones by now.

Cassie I'm Having a Baby Girl!!! BF Alex Fine's the Daddy

Cassie's got HUGE news, less than a year after splitting from Diddy ... the singer and her new BF, Alex Fine, are expecting their first child ... but it might not have ever happened without Diddy.

Cassie announced she's having a girl by posting a pic late Wednesday of herself and Alex with the caption, "Can’t wait to meet our baby girl." The couple wasted very little time starting a family.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As we reported, Diddy and his longtime on and off GF broke up about 8 months ago. They'd been together for about 10 years and, before they split, our sources say Diddy had hired Alex -- a pro bull rider and personal trainer -- to train Cassie.

At the time, we were told Diddy felt betrayed because they'd hooked up before the breakup. Sources connected to Alex and Cassie insisted they weren't together until Diddy was out of the picture.

Anyway, Alex has mind on fatherhood now. He posted a "Letter to my Daughter" ... saying, "I never thought my heart could grow bigger after meeting your mother... then I found out we were having you and I instantly felt a love that is so indescribable."

Mazel tov.

Kim K Here's Psalm!!! First Pic of New Baby

Kim Kardashian just revealed her latest bundle of joy, and much like his older brothers and sisters ... the kid is cute as hell.

Kim posted a photo of Psalm West Monday morning ... the first one since his birth. She captioned the pic, "Psalm Ye" ... so guess we know what his nickname is gonna be. And, yes ... it's only a nickname. We've seen his birth certificate, and it doesn't list a middle name.

Anyway, back to Psalm's adorable mug. He's looking pretty chill in a onesie for his big public debut. We know what you're thinking, and yeah ... the Kardashian is strong with this one.

As we reported ... Kim and Kanye welcomed Psalm -- their fourth child together -- last month via surrogate. He arrived at 6 lbs and 9 oz., and was delivered by go-to Kardashian doctor, Dr. Paul Crane.

Welcome to the show, Psalm! We know he's already got a manager/grandma ... if he wants one.

Marilyn Monroe Pregnant Pics From Secret Affair??? Seller Says Rumors Are True


Marilyn Monroe is clearly pregnant in a collection of extremely rare photographs -- at least that's what the person trying to sell them is saying, but they're not alone.

The pics, purporting to show a pregnant Marilyn in 1960, are going up for sale through the memorabilia company, Moments in Time -- where they're hawking the shots for a cool $95,000 ... and pushing the pregnancy angle.

The stunning pics were shot by Marilyn's confidant, Frieda Hull, who long ago claimed Monroe told her she was pregnant with actor Yves Montand's child when they snapped the pics in New York.

The alleged pregnancy is a big deal because Marilyn was married to Arthur Miller at that time, and she had just worked with Montand on the movie, "Let's Make Love." How's that for timing?

Hull dubbed the shots, "The Pregnant Slides," but there's never been any solid proof Marilyn was actually preggo at that time.

The photos were sold as part of Marilyn's estate after she died, and they were purchased by her neighbor, Tony Michaels, for $2,240. Marilyn never gave birth before her death in 1962, and Frieda told Michaels the actress lost the baby -- but it's unclear if that was by miscarriage or abortion.

Fans have been trying to debunk the pregnant rumor for years. Frieda died in 2014, so she can't help prove or disprove it.

Either way, no one's debating one fact -- Marilyn looked as BOMBshell as ever in the photos.

Amber Rose Take it From My Man ... Sex During Pregnancy is Fire!!!


Amber Rose's pregnancy is not slowing down her love life, according to the baby's daddy who tells us intercourse is kinda different now ... but it's still hot!!!

We got Amber and her BF, Alexander "AE" Edwards, out on a lunch date in L.A. and our guy just had to ask the burning question all parents-to-be get. No, not the baby's sex, and not potential names. The other one.

Are ya still "getting it in" while pregnant?!?

Amber is not the kiss and tell type, not now anyway, but AE has no shame in his game ... and told us what's going down in their bedroom.

We also got the cute couple's thoughts on Beyonce's epic side-eye at the NBA Finals, and Amber gave us an update on her annual SlutWalk.

But, let's face it, you're probably here for the sex. So, check out the clip -- ya might learn something about the joys of childbirth ... or what leads up to it, anyway.

NFL's Nick Foles Wife Suffers Miscarriage ... 'Traumatic Loss'

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Jacksonville Jaguars QB Nick Foles is revealing why he's been MIA at team workouts this week -- saying his wife suffered a miscarriage in her 15th week of pregnancy and the family is devastated.

Nick's wife, Tori (who was pregnant with their 2nd child), penned an emotional statement on social media explaining how she felt sick on Sunday morning after fighting some sort of "virus" ... but things escalated quickly.

"I went into sudden labor and knew something was wrong," Tori says ... "Not long after we learned we had miscarried our baby boy."

"To fully labor and deliver and even see our baby boy was a pretty devastating process."

Tori says he later found out she had contracted an infection of pneumonia in her blood.

On Wednesday, Tori said she's back home after being released from the hospital and she's continuing to recover "physically from the infection with antibiotics (already much better) as well as emotionally from this traumatic loss."

She added, "The emotions go back and forth from immense and overwhelming sadness, confusion and anger to a firm belief that God has this fully in his hands and will use this for good. We cannot always understand or explain, but we know that is true."

Nick also issued a statement saying, "Tori has written a beautiful heartfelt post explaining what we have gone through this last week. We are grateful for all the love, support and prayers."

Josh Duhamel Hangin' with New, Young Date ... Future Baby Mama???

Josh Duhamel says he's in the market for a woman who can give him another kid or 2, and he's definitely found a new candidate ... at least based on the look of the YOUNG woman with him.

The actor was grabbing dinner Monday with a mystery brunette at Nobu in Malibu. There was no blatant PDA here, but it sure seems like it was a dinner date. It was only the 2 of 'em hanging out.

Here's what makes it super interesting -- Josh went on Dax Shepard's "Armchair Expert" podcast late last year and said he wants to father more children, and if he settles down again it's gonna be with someone who's young enough to make it happen.

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

Funny enough, Josh had been seen getting cozy with actress Rebekah Graf right around that same time. They aren't hanging out so much these days -- case in point, these pics -- and it should also be noted that Rebekah is already 36 years old. Josh -- who's only got 1 kid so far with his ex, Fergie -- is 46.

We don't know how old this woman here is -- looks to be a 20-something, though -- but based on what he wants ... she might very well be the perfect fit.

Get busy, y'all. Ticktock, ticktock!!!

Kim & Kanye We Named Baby #4 Psalm!!!


Kanye West and Kim Kardashian thought long and hard on a name for their fourth child together ... and the proud parents are going with Psalm !!!

It makes a lot of sense ... Kanye's Sunday Service -- where he performs gospel and his own hits with a live band and choir -- has become a massive success, and his Coachella performance was one for the ages. And what do they sing at church services ... psalms!

Kim tweeted a text exchange from Kanye which read, "Beautiful Mother's Day. With the arrival of our fourth child. We are blessed beyond measure."

As for Mother's Day ... Kanye played a special Sunday Service show which included his and Kim's kids along with other members of the family and the children of family friends.

Kim says Psalm looks like Chicago's twin brother. He joins older sister North and big bro Saint as the sixth member of Kim and Kanye's growing family.

As you know ... KK and KW welcomed their new kid into the world last week, and he weighed in at 6 lb and 9 oz.

As we first told you... Kim and Kanye hired a new surrogate to carry their 4th kid to term -- but not because they were unhappy with the last one -- she was simply unavailable this time. The woman, who was in her early 20s, had a kid of her own back in December ... less than a year after popping out baby Chicago. So, the couple had to find another surrogate, whose profile still remains a mystery.

The surrogate went into labor while Kourtney and Kris Jenner were taping an episode of 'Ellen' with all the Kardashian kids. Kim was supposed to be there, but she obviously skipped the taping to attend a more pressing matter. It's pretty crazy, even Kris didn't know she was about to have another grandchild!!!

Kim's got a ton on her plate with the newest addition. She's actively studying to become a lawyer and recently helped with the release of 17 prisoners in the last 90 days. Not to mention she's a social media mogul, runs a cosmetics line and stars on "Keeping Up with The Kardashians."

Kim and Kanye used a leftover embryo they created to bring Psalm into the world.

Welcome to the fam, kiddo!!!

'Game of Thrones' Star 'Sucks' That Fans Want a Do-Over For Our Final Season


"Game of Thrones" star Jacob Anderson is a straight shooter -- he's got sage advice for some 'Thrones' fans and a harsh reaction to that angry fans' petition, but his opinions are totally Unsullied.

The actor who plays Grey Worm on the HBO series was out in NYC Thursday afternoon snapping selfies with fans and even quoting lines from the show when we hit him up about 2 hot topics.

First, he weighs in on the baby-naming craze inspired by 'GoT' characters, which many parents might be regretting after what Daenerys did last week. Even though Jacob says he's happy with Grey Worm's final curtain call on the show, he doesn't recommend naming a little one after him.

Seems like a good call.

His next take's a little more controversial -- Jacob had just 2 words for pissed off fans who are circulating a petition to remake the show's 8th and final season because they think the writers are blowing it. We think Dany would be proud of his take.

BTW, Jacob's already turning the page from 'GoT' ... with his music career.

He performs under the name Raleigh Ritchie, and his music's been skyrocketing in popularity along with this 'Thrones' character.

At least that doesn't 'suck.'

Kim & Kanye Surrogate Gives Birth ... Baby #4 is Here!!!

Exclusive Details

9:36 AM PT -- Sources close tell us baby #4 was born Thursday and weighed 6 lb. 9 oz.

5/10 9:05 AM PT -- The new baby West has arrived. Kim just tweeted, "He's here and he's perfect!" She continued, "He's also Chicago's twin lol I'm sure he will change a lot but now he looks just like her."

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are about to be the proud parents of a brand spankin' new baby boy -- their surrogate's in labor!!!

Kourtney and Kris Jenner taped an episode of 'Ellen' Thursday with all of the Kardashian kids ... including Kim and Kanye's. Kourtney acknowledged Kim was supposed to be on the show but couldn't make it because there were urgent matters to attend to ... i.e., labor! And, get this, we're told Kris didn't even know.

Our sources say Mom and Dad were at the hospital Thursday night with the surrogate. Don't know for sure if they'll be in the delivery room, but she was the last time around for the birth of Chicago.

As we reported ... KW and KK hired a new surrogate to carry their fourth kid to term -- not because they were dissatisfied with the last one ... she was simply unavailable. The woman -- who was in her early 20s -- had her own child this past December ... less than 12 months after popping out baby Chicago. As a result ... the couple had to go with another surrogate.

This new surrogate's profile never became clear ... but ya gotta imagine Mom and Dad went with someone who was equally capable.

Kim and Kanye used a leftover embryo they created to bring this newest baby to life. He'll join three siblings -- North, Saint and Chi -- as the sixth member of the family.

As you know ... Kim's got a full plate. Aside from studying to become a lawyer and running of beauty empire, she's dedicating much of her time to prison reform, helping first free Alice Marie Johnson and Matthew Charles. Just last week, she helped free a man given a life sentence.

We'll keep ya posted on when baby #4 pops out ... but here's an early CONGRATS!!!

Originally Published - 5/9 7:05 PM PT

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Here's Archie!!!

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9:05 AM PT -- If you're the betting type, and the type who loves a long shot ... you might have just cashed in big time. Ladbrokes, an online betting site, had Archie odds set at 100/1. Congrats if you just came up.

And the Palace wants to make it clear ... his name is Archie, NOT Archibald.

BTW ... the middle name of Harrison is quite fitting. The root of the name is Henry's son, and Henry is Harry's actual birth name. So, there ya go.

8:42 AM PT -- Welp, it's official. Baby Sussex is now Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

What a mouthful.

All of Queen Elizabeth's descendants take the family name Mountbatten-Windsor -- which is a combination of the Queen's official last name, and Prince Phillips' surname.

The long wait to see the royal baby is over ... but the wait to learn his name continues.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made an appearance outside of Windsor Palace with their newborn son and the royal couple was all smiles as they introduced their baby to the world.

When asked how the baby has been, Meghan told reporters, "He has the sweetest temperament. He's really calm."

"I wonder who he gets that from," Prince Harry responded with a smile as he cradled "Baby Sussex" in his arms. Meghan called them her "two best guys in the world."

The couple plans to bring the baby to meet the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh this afternoon.

In the days leading up to the big reveal, oddsmakers in the UK were taking bets on what names the couple might choose ... with Spencer a strong favorite. Spencer was the maiden name of Princess Diana, Harry's mother.

Other names heavily favored included the more traditional Alexander, James, Arthur and Philip.

Oddsmakers were uncertain if the couple would go with a traditional name ... or buck tradition and go their own way as they have in other ways. For now ... everyone waits. As we reported ... Meghan gave birth at 5:26 AM Monday, London time to a healthy baby boy weighing in at 7 lbs. 3 oz.


Harry announced the happy news, telling the media he was thrilled and in awe over what women go through during childbirth. He said they were still thinking about the name even though they had some extra time, and also ... he couldn't stop smiling.

Kensington Palace revealed in October 2018 that Harry and Megs were expecting ... just about 5 months after their star-studded wedding ceremony.

The couple's kiddo is 7th in line to the throne, right behind his father.

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Amy Schumer Welcomes First Child, A Boy ... With Hubby Chris

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Amy Schumer has given birth to her first child ever with her husband, Chris Fischer -- which ends what's been a bumpy pregnancy for the comedian over the past 9 months.

Amy announced the birth Monday, saying she popped overnight around 10:55 PM.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

She posted a photo of her, her husband and the new kid on Instagram with the caption ... "10:55 pm last night. Our royal baby was born."

No word on a name yet -- much like Meghan and Harry -- but we're sure that'll come soon. She didn't release the baby's weight stats either.

Like we said -- it's been a rough ride for Amy these past several months, which included multiple episodes of sickness ... and yacking. You'll recall, Amy was even hospitalized at one point for hyperemesis -- aka severe morning sickness -- which forced her to cancel a comedy show.

She was back on her feet shortly after though, but not before hitting the toilet again in a very public way the following month.

We can only imagine she's glad that ride is over. Congrats!!!

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West No 4th Child Yet ... Despite Reports


11:01 AM PT -- Kim just shut the reports down too, saying, "Wait just saw news our baby boy came but that's not true! It's Met Monday, I'm in NYC. I would be at the hospital lol"

Kim Kardashian has 3 children, not 4, despite reports her surrogate has given birth.

There are stories circulating the surrogate just gave birth to a boy, a story that may have been fueled by one of Kim's posts Monday, in which she displayed a text from Kanye saying, "This is your life. Married with four kids. Get people out of jail. Cover of Vogue. Go to church every week with your family. Dreams come true."

Our Kardashian sources say it's not so. That said, we're told the surrogate is expected to give birth sometime this week.

As you know, the 4th baby will join the brood, with 5-year-old North, 3-year-old Saint and 1-year-old Chicago.

Kim's gonna be juggling a lot of babies. She's in the throes of studying for the Baby Bar. And, she's knee deep in fighting for prison reform, and she's been extremely successful at it.

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