Khloe Kardashian 'You Really F***** Up Your Life' ... After Tristan Cheats Again


Khloe Kardashian has clearly had enough of Tristan Thompson and his cheating ways, giving a behind-the-scenes look at her reaction after she'd learned he got another woman pregnant.

Khloe didn't hold back on Thursday's season finale of "The Kardashians" during a chat with sister, Kim Kardashian, Khloe said of TT, "Wow, you really f***** up your life."

During the heart-to-heart, Kim tells Khloe, "If that were me and I was really trying to redeem myself and I was trying to be a better person, I would definitely just keep my d*** in my pants."

Khloe chimes in saying, "You would think. You either wear a condom, get a vasectomy, or you don't f*** random people that you meet in other states. It's not rocket science".

Of course, we know the random person turned out to be personal trainer Maralee Nichols, and Tristan ended up being the father of her son. As you know, Tristan filed legal docs admitting to having sex with her almost immediately after the 30th birthday party Khloe threw for him.


As we've reported, TT caught the full wrath of the Kardashian sisters, including Kylie who called him "the worst person on the planet", but clearly Khloe had a few words to say too.

Khloe and Tristan continue to co-parent their daughter, True, but are no longer together romantically.

Tyler Herro Pens Katya Henry Sweet B-Day Note ... Amid Breakup Rumors

Tyler Herro wished the mother of his child, Katya Elise Henry, a happy 28th birthday with a sweet message ... calling her "the most beautiful girl in the world" amid rumors of a nasty breakup.

The Miami Heat star penned the letter on Tuesday by sharing photos of himself, the fitness model, and their 9-month-old daughter, Zya, on Instagram.

"Happy Birthday to the most beautiful girl in the world," Herro said in the caption.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

"Words can’t describe how much I appreciate you. Aint no tellin where we’d be at without you."

Herro -- who started dating Henry after sliding in her DMs in 2020 -- says she's been holdin' it down since they've met and he looks forward to their future.

"You’ve been my rock holding it down for 2 years, I can’t wait to see what life has in store for us. Enjoy. Smile. More life to 28 biggggg babbyyyy."

This is a good sign that the couple is in good spirits -- even after many thought Henry broke up with Herro after posting quotes about cheating on her IG story.

She also removed all of Herro's photos from her page and unfollowed him on social media.

But, we just checked -- she's following him again.

Seems like things are alright. #WeLoveToSeeIt

Boosie The (Grand)Baby's Not Mine!!! Tootie Supposedly Cleared


Boosie is a happy man this weekend -- he looks like someone who just found out they weren't the father on "Maury" ... except, he's celebrating vicariously through his own seed.

The rapper posted a wild video showing himself screaming in pure joy from within his car ... touting the idea that his 18-year-old, Tootie Raww, was supposedly cleared by a DNA test as NOT being the father to a baby that his GF/would-be baby mama allegedly claimed was his.

Check it out ... his victory lap is hilariously on-brand for Boosie. He's shouting from the top of his lungs and praising Jesus that the baby isn't his ... son's.

Boosie claims Tootie's SO brought somebody else's kid down to his high school graduation recently and sprung it on him like he was the father -- and Boosie thinks it was all BS ... even going on to call it a "conspiracy." Unclear if he's joking or not ... seems to be though.

Tootie appears to have taken ownership ... he was posing for photos with the child. But, his dad was skeptical from the beginning -- saying he didn't think this was Tootie's baby.

Boosie has also posted a ton of alleged receipts that he believes clear this up even further, throwing up photos of the supposed "real" mom and dad ... saying it's further evidence.

At any rate, congrats Boosie ... we think??? 😅

The Secret Formula Emergency Shipment Arrives ... Oh Baby, Finally!!!

The eagle has landed for desperate parents, and it couldn't have come at a more needed time ... replenished baby formula is here, even though it's far from a permanent fix.

An emergency shipment of specialty formula arrived in the States Sunday via military plane -- which carried with it around 78,000 pounds of Nestle Health Science Alfamino Infant and Alfamino Junior formula ... able to fill upwards of half a million bottles, with more coming.

The touchdown of this new load was brought in from Europe on President Biden's orders -- and while there are another 114 pallets of Gerber Good Start Extensive HA formula scheduled to arrive soon ... it's still not quite enough to replenish shelves across the country.

As you know ... there's a massive shortage going on right now at supermarkets just about everywhere -- with parents reporting having to drive hours, in some cases, to find formula.

There's a variety of reasons for the shortage -- including plants having to either shut down and/or stall production -- but the government's working on getting those up and running again ... including Nestle, which'll do a standard quality check of this shipment ASAP.

After that, they'll be sent to doctor's offices, pharmacies and hospitals -- at least first -- and presumably, to grocery stores thereafter. It appears these shipments coming in are allergy-sensitive ... as it seems parents have struggled mightily to find such products for their kids.

Like we said, there are a number of measures being taken to ease the high demand/short supply -- the FDA has eased regulations of imports so more formula can be sent in. The government's also looking for more providers, so we're not reliant on just a few companies.

Breastfeeding Mom Saves Pet Goose From Bald Eagle

Facebook / Mike Lazic

Here's a real mother goose ... a mom breastfeeding her baby ran out of her house and saved the family's pet goose from a bald eagle's talons ... and it's all on video.

The crazy scene played out this week in Canada, where a family's surveillance camera captured the moment an eagle swooped down and tried to carry off the goose ... springing the mother into action before she could put down her baby or put on a top.

The hero here is Cait Oakley, and she told Global News she was getting her baby ready for bed when she heard the cries of the family's female goose, Frankie.

Cait says the eagle grabbed Frankie by the throat, but she was able to frighten the eagle enough to where the bird of prey let go of the 20-pound goose.

The mom says the goose is like her 4th child and she didn't even realize the moment was captured on camera ... but the family later shared a good laugh over the footage, which is now going viral.

Mothers ... they're amazing.

Tristan Thompson On Ejecting NBA Troll ... He Called Khloe 'A Whore'


Tristan Thompson is finally opening up about ejecting a fan from an NBA game earlier this season ... explaining he had the man booted from the arena after he claims the guy called Khloe Kardashian "a whore."

The incident went down back in November during a Sacramento Kings road game against the Memphis Grizzlies ... but Tristan and the Kings never explained exactly what happened.

Sacramento head coach Alvin Gentry simply said at the time the heckler was spewing "inappropriate things."

On Wednesday's episode of "The Kardashians," though, Tristan, in a conversation with Khloe at the gym, revealed what the heckler told him.

"'She talks to different basketball players, and you're just the next one,'" Tristan said the fan yelled.

"I said, 'Listen here, man,'" Tristan explained. "'Enjoy the game with your girl because she's coming here to see me.'"

He added in the convo with Khloe, who he was dating at the time of the episode's filming, "He called you a whore. Said you date basketball players."

Tristan said it was important to him to have the guy booted for the comments, saying to Khloe that people are "not going to keep talking about my family like that."

Khloe said she appreciated the defense ... calling it all "really cute."

DaniLeigh Drops DaBaby Diss-Missal "Dead To Me" Gives 1st Interview Since Viral IG Live!!!

DaniLeigh has broken her silence over her fractured relationship with DaBaby ... through a new interview with Hop radio legend Angie Martinez.

The Def Jam singer sat through her first major interview since the infamous November 2021 Instagram Live where DaBaby kicked her out of the house and called the cops.


The incident left DaniLeigh with two misdemeanor assault charges but according to her latest testimony, she's a better and stronger woman for it. She does regret, however, the likely chance the 8-month-old daughter the two share together will eventually stumble on the debacle online.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Following the People-premiered interview, DaniLeigh reverted to her artistic bag and released her new single "Dead To Me" ... which has plenty of DaBaby shooting targets tied to the lyrics.

In the chorus, the 27-year-old singer croons "Momma never liked your ass / Brother wanna fight your ass / Daddy hate your trifllin' ass."

Waiting for your permission to load Spotify album.

While we can't speak for her parents, it's definitely true the brother — Brandon Billswanted to fight DaBaby at one point ... and did. Unsuccessfully.


DaniLeigh says the two "broke up a lot" during their whirlwind relationship and aren't on the best of terms (he hasn't apologized for the IG thunderstorm) but are indeed focused on co-parenting for the sake of their daughter.

DaniLeigh concluded the interview by announcing a new EP titled "My Side" and feeling optimistic about her resuming her career.

We just wonder how DaBaby will feel about the new track.

DaBaby Bowling Brawl Case Hits Roadblock, Victim Has Gone South

The investigation into DaBaby's bowling alley fight has hit a snag ... and we're told, oddly enough, the alleged victim is the reason.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the investigation into DaBaby's bowling alley brawl with DaniLeigh's brother, Brandon Bills, has hit an unexpected roadblock because the alleged victim is no longer cooperating with police.


We're told, even though much of the fight was caught on camera, it's very difficult to move forward without a victim.

As we showed you, DaBaby and his crew got into a massive fight with Brandon at a CA bowling alley, back in February. Cops were on the case, after video footage seemingly showed the "Suge" rapper throwing the first punch ... before his crew gets involved.

After reviewing the footage, police reportedly opened an investigation into the rapper.


ICYMI, beef between DaBaby and Brandon escalated ... after Brandon's sister, DaniLeigh -- DaBaby's baby mama -- publicly aired some issues. At one point, DaBaby and DaniLeigh got into a blowout fight and DaniLeigh was arrested for assault.


We're told the bowling alley investigation remains active but isn't going anywhere at the moment ... because Bills isn't working with police.

No word on why Bills isn't cooperating ... but of course, he could change his mind.

Last week, DaBaby shot a trespasser on his North Carolina property. In the 911 audio following the shooting, DaBaby talked back to the dispatcher and told them he'd refuse to put his gun down when cops arrived.


The trespasser went to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Soulja Boy I'm Having a Son ... Meet the Mother of My Child!!!

baby soulja is a-comin'!!!
Instagram / @souljaboy

Soulja Boy is about to have himself a little junior running around, because the dude is having his first kid ever ... plus, the identity of the woman carrying their baby has been revealed.

The legendary rapper made the surprise announcement Saturday, posting a video of himself at a gender reveal party in what appears to be a hillside mansion somewhere here in L.A. SB throws down an egg, and it explodes with a ton of blue dust ... AKA, it's a boy!!!

There's a young lady next to Soulja while all the celebrating is going down, who he embraces with a kiss. Sure enough, that's his baby mama, but until now, not many knew who she was ... 'cause Big Draco didn't tag her, nor has he been linked to her publicly.

We did a little digging and figured out who she is -- her name is Jackie -- and she's a celebrity hairstylist living in L.A. She posted the same video to her own IG page (among others) and has been getting tons of congratulatory messages left and right.

Now, while it's unclear how long she's been with Soulja and just how far along she is in the pregnancy ... the one thing we do know about her is she's very plugged into the biz.

Jackie's done hair work for the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Brandy, Nicki Minaj, Elyanna, The Weeknd, French Montana, Cordae, Rich the Kid, Ty Dolla $ign and yes ... even Kim K. Needless to say, she's quite successful -- and now, she's about to be a new mom.

Congrats to all!

Young Thug Mother of His Child Shot & Killed After Bowling Alley Dispute

Young Thug's family is suffering through an unimaginable loss, as the mother of one of his children was shot and killed after a fight at a bowling alley.

Law enforcement sources tell us the Atlanta Police Department responded to Metro Fun Center Thursday night on a report a woman had been shot. We're told when they arrived, they found LaKevia Jackson dead -- having suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

Cops say they've learned Jackson was involved in some sort of a dispute inside the venue over a bowling ball which eventually escalated to gunfire.

A local reporter spoke to Jackson's mom who said LaKevia was at the bowling alley to celebrate a friend's birthday ... and that the alleged shooter waited in the parking lot for about 20 minutes for her to leave.

Young Thug and LaKevia have a 14-year-old son, Kyvion, together ... the rapper has 6 children.


Kylie Jenner Back in Biz ... 3 Weeks After Giving Birth

Kylie Jenner is back in action -- checking out real estate -- just three weeks after giving birth to her second child ... and she's got her mom right by her side.

Check out these pics of Kris, Kylie and a couple others checking out a home under construction in So. Cal ... unclear if the pad already belongs to Kylie, or if she's scoping it out to buy.

The 24-year-old mommy of two looks great, and we're told Stormi came along for the ride. Family sources tell us the 4-year-old loves helping with Wolf.

It's the first time we've seen Kylie since she and Travis Scott welcomed their son, Wolf Jacques Webster, into the world on February 2nd.

TMZ broke the story, Wolf's middle name is an ode to his famous pops ... Travis' real name is Jacques Webster. Interestingly enough, Kylie's middle name is Kristen -- after her mom -- the middle name shout-outs continue.

We're still waiting on the first full pics of Wolf. In announcing his birth, Kylie posted a pic of Stormi holding her baby brother's hand, but all we see is his hand.

Not only is she scoping out homes, but Kylie also launched a new Kylie Cosmetics collection thing week ... so one thing's for sure, the billionaire mom is back in business.

Hazel-E Plastic Surgery Nearly Killed Me ... So, I Promise I'm Done!!!

It's Tricky with Raquel Harper

Hazel-E is getting some tough love, and through her tears, the 'Love & Hip Hop' star is vowing she's done with cosmetic surgery ... after 2 other procedures nearly turned deadly.

Hazel opened up about feeling pressure to "snapback" to pre-pregnancy fitness when she went on the "It's Tricky with Raquel Harper" podcast. She even named names, saying her goal was to recover like Teyana Taylor famously did after she had kids.

Now, she's admitting the surgeries -- including liposuction and BBLs -- got out of hand. Here's the thing ... Raquel and Hazel are friends, but Raq didn't hold back in strongly suggesting she lay off the procedures.

Actually, the wording was pretty blunt -- telling Hazel to quit "f**king herself up."

March 2021

The clip is raw, and Hazel's reaction to the friendly advice gets pretty emotional. In the end, though, she swears off going under the knife again ... with just a couple of exceptions.

The language here definitely isn't for kiddos, but it's real AF.

Follow "It's Tricky with Raquel Harper" on Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts -- or wherever you get your pods -- to get this full episode, and she'll have new ones every week!

DaBaby's Lawyer Bowling Brawl Lawsuit is BS!!! DaniLeigh's Bro Making Shameless $$$ Grab

DaBaby's lawyer wants to make a couple things VERY clear -- DaniLeigh's brother has no basis to sue the rapper over that bowling alley brawl -- and the whole thing smells like a shameless cash grab.

Drew Findling, who reps DaBaby, says it was Brandon Bills who first initiated threats against DaBaby when he told our photog last year he wanted to fight, saying, "It is offensive that this alleged victim threatened and instigated violence and has now used this incident to make a quick money grab."


Findling believes cops should stop wasting their time with the criminal investigation, because BB's decision to immediately file a civil lawsuit is a clear sign ... he's all about the Benjamins. Beyond that, Findling says a criminal case would be laughable.

TMZ broke the story, DaBaby and his team outnumbered Brandon Bills in a beatdown at a CA bowling alley last week ... a beatdown that had everyone slipping and sliding down the lane.


Cops are indeed investigating it as a possible assault with a deadly weapon. In the meantime, DaBaby and his crew have been banned from the alley.

Findling added ... "Garbage like this has no place adding to the backlog and wasting law enforcement time and energy."

IKYMI, things between the rapper and Brandon heated up, seemingly after DaBaby and his child's mom, DaniLeigh, got into a fight ... she was arrested on 2 counts of assault.

They have since tried to co-parent their daughter, but it seems like it'll be a long long time before they're one big happy family ... if ever.

Kylie Jenner Say Hello to Wolf!!! Reveals Name of Son with Travis Scott

Kylie Jenner just revealed the name of her newborn son with Travis Scott ... Wolf Webster.

Kylie announced the name Friday on social media ... putting an end to constant speculation about the name of her and Travis' second child.

As we reported ... Kylie and the baby are doing great and Stormi is excited to be a big sister.

Kylie first announced she had given birth to a baby boy back on Feb. 2 ... posting a picture Sunday of what appeared to be Stormi's hand reaching out and touching her baby bro.

Remember ... news about Kylie's second pregnancy broke in August, following weeks of speculation and Internet sleuths uncovering near-daily signs that she was expecting.

Kylie officially announced she had a bun in the over not long after the toothpaste was out of the tube ... sharing a super emotional video documenting the early stages of her pregnancy, with lots of footage of Kris Jenner, Travis and Stormi.

Kendall Jenner also revealed her sis broke the news to her the OG way ... phoning her up and showing off the sonogram.

Kylie's second pregnancy was a lot more public than her first ... leaving the house more and not being too shy about showing off her baby bump.

Remember ... Kylie has said she felt pressure to give Stormi a younger sibling, and now the official Kardashian kids crew stands at 11 ... and that means Caitlyn Jenner has 19 grandkids.

Welcome to the fam, Wolf!!!

Cristiano Ronaldo's GF Georgina Shows Off Baby Bump ... In Bikini

Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, is having some fun in the sun before welcoming twins ... showing off her growing baby bump during a beach vacation in Dubai!!

CR7 and his longtime partner revealed back in October they were expecting 2 new additions to the family ... and as they await the new arrivals, the lovely couple decided to take a trip to paradise.

Georgina posted pics from the beach on Monday ... showing off her belly in a number of steamy snaps while rocking a 2-piece bikini.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As we previously reported, Ronaldo is preparing for babies #5 and #6 ... which is one short of his goal of 7 baby Ronaldos.

This will be Cristiano and Georgina's second and third child together ... as Ronaldo's 3 other children came via surrogate mother.

There's a lot to celebrate recently -- Georgina just had her 28th birthday on the 27th ... and Ronaldo had a few days off before taking the pitch for Manchester United.

The babies are due later this year ... and we're sure the announcement will be nothing short of epic.

Tristan Thompson Requests Emergency Gag Order ... In Paternity Case

Tristan Thompson is trying to keep a tightly-sealed lid on info from his latest paternity case -- asking a judge to silence the woman who claims she's carrying his child from leaking info about the case ... while he continues to blast her as being out for fortune and fame.

The NBA star filed an emergency petition Tuesday in Harris County, TX -- asking the judge to issue a gag order in the case ... barring the parties (himself and Maralee Nichols) from speaking out about the case as it plays out in court.

Tristan points to multiple instances in which he believes Maralee has violated what he claims is a confidentiality order the judge orally granted earlier in the case after she sued him over paternity.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Tristan claims Maralee has been doing interviews with the media, leaking personal info and even taking to IG and other social media to spread what he says are blatant lies about himself and his family. Specifically, he claims certain Snapchat messages -- which Maralee has claimed were sent to her by Tristan -- were fabricated.

The reason Tristan thinks she's doing all this is "to achieve some sort of notoriety and gain for herself in this lawsuit."

Bottom line ... Tristan wants to keep this entire proceeding under wraps, including any discovery or evidence submitted by either side. He also wants the court to sanction Maralee for the alleged leaks.

To hit that point home, he wants a judge to force her to fork over a $30k bond to ensure she has some money on the line if she breaks the confidentiality order.

As we reported ... Maralee says Tristan is the father of a baby that's due any day now, something he's denied. She also claims he tried to pay her to keep quiet about the whole thing, in the amount of $75k.

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