TMZ TV Hot Takes Diddy Grand Jury Convened ... Pope Francis Slur, Hayden Hopkins

We're just getting over the hump in the week, but we're still rolling with some fire TV takes.

TMZ Live


Let's start out on "TMZ Live" ... where Harvey and Charles discussed the latest development in the Diddy saga -- namely, the fact that a grand jury has been convened in the ongoing federal investigation ... and that prosecutors are apparently bringing in witnesses to talk.

Tina Knowles Solange Is a Child of the Nile!!! Reveals Vacay Conception

Tina Knowles popped the lid on the intimate details of how her Grammy Award-winning daughter Solange came into the world ... an African vacay got so steamy, it expanded the family!!!

Miss Tina was a recent guest on Vogue's "The Run-Through" podcast where she shared the complete origin story of both Solange and her eldest Beyoncé.

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

Tina says she got pregnant with Beyonce in Paris, and just so happened to buy a French book of baby names where she discovered the name Solange.

Sofia Richie Our Baby Girl's Here!!! 1st Kid for Her & Hubby

Sofia Richie is officially a mom -- she and her husband Elliot Grainge say their bundle of joy arrived this week.

Lionel Richie's daughter gave birth to her own little girl ... Sofia says she gave birth on Monday, which she calls the "best day of my life."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

And they've already got a name ... Eloise Samantha Grainge.

Justin Bieber Smoochin' On Hailey's Baby Belly

Justin Bieber is all about his wife Hailey's baby belly ... showing the bump some serious love on the streets of Japan.

Check it out ... the singer leans down and plants a kiss on the model's growing bump as they enjoy a babymoon of sorts in Kyoto. Hailey, dressed in jeans and a black top, beams as her hubby gives her and their unborn little one some sweet attention.

The couple first announced they're expecting with an Instagram post earlier this month -- Hailey flaunted her bump in a lace, white gown while she and JB renewed their vows on a hillside in Hawaii.

Hailey Bieber Baby Bump Crops Up Amid Preggo News

Hailey Bieber is showing off her baby bump loud and proud after announcing she's expecting with Justin Bieber ... and even as a preggo mommy-to-be, she looks great!

The model was out and about in L.A. Tuesday with her hubby by her side ... and she was wearing an interesting outfit -- a white crop top underneath a black oversized blazer and matching pants. Of course, her belly was on display ... and yeah, she's showing.

This is the first time we're seeing Hailey and Justin in public since their big news last week -- when they renewed their vows in Hawaii and did a whole maternity shoot together.

Selena Gomez Shares Loving Pics w/ Benny ... After Bieber Pregnancy Post

Selena Gomez hasn't spoken on the Biebers pregnancy announcement -- and likely won't -- but she is touting her own happiness with Benny Blanco since the news broke.

The singer-songwriter posted a bunch of pics and videos today, mainly pushing her new cooking show "Selena + Restaurant," airing her second episode tonight ... but, she also tossed in a pair of cute couple pics too.

On her Instagram story, Selena posted a black-and-white pic of two hands clenched together -- presumably hers and Benny Blanco's, given she's previously posted this kinda shot.

Toosii Shaq's 'Weird Ass' Hit On My GF... Asking For My Son!!!


5/10 -- 11:31 AM -- Toosii's took back some of his Shaquille O'Neal scorn on Friday ... he's now realized Diesel was gunning for his GF and not his kid ... something he wouldn't have even blasted Shaq for. 🤷🏾‍♂️


Shaquille O'Neal's making waves for splashing around with his much younger GF ... which is his MO, according to "Favorite Song" rapper Toosii, who has a bone to pick with the NBA legend!!!

Toosii must have gotten triggered by recent snaps of Shaq and his 21-year-old bae having yachts of fun in Spain.

He called out Shaq for allegedly hitting on his GF Samaria Davis -- about 18 months ago -- with a horndog DM ... "can I have that baby.”

Khloe Kardashian Was Torn About Picking Up Son ... When Born Via Surrogate

SHE MD Podcast

Khloe Kardashian says she was on the fence about picking up her newborn son when he was on the verge of being delivered via surrogacy ... and her doc was willing to help.

The youngest Kardashian sister was on the SHE MD Podcast this week, where she was talking to OBGYN of the stars Dr. Thais Aliabadi and women's advocate influencer Mary Alice -- who host the pod and who brought on Khloe as their most recent guest.

Khloe talked about welcoming her second child with Tristan Thompson -- a boy named Tatum -- for whom they used a surrogate ... and whom Khloe says she had mixed feelings about as the pregnancy was ongoing, including her being torn about going to get him right away.


Vanessa Hudgens está embarazada y se lo hizo saber al mundo de la manera más grande posible, apareciendo en los Oscar con una gran barriguita de embarazada a cuestas.

La actriz es una de las anfitrionas en la alfombra roja el domingo en el Teatro Dolby de Hollywood, donde la ceremonia se llevará a cabo, y antes de que todas las estrellas llegaran a acaparar la atención, Vanessa se lució frente a los fotógrafos.

Vanessa dejó ver orgullosamente que está esperando un hijo, y es la primera vez que esto se hace público.

Por supuesto, esto es una gran noticia, ya que sería el primer hijo de Vanessa, y lo mismo para su marido, Cole Tucker. Recordemos que se casaron hace unos meses en México, y ahora van a tener un hijo juntos en un tiempo récord. No hay nada como el presente, ¿verdad?

Cole y Vanessa han estado juntos como pareja desde 2020 -después de que ella rompió con su novio de mucho tiempo, Austin Butler- con quien había estado durante muchos años.

Vanessa y Cole eran dos gotas de agua, ella dijo que sabía que él era el indicado de inmediato.

Mientras que ella está claramente feliz con su marido, el tema de su relación con Austin ha surgido bastante últimamente, especialmente con él siendo lanzado al estrellato a través de todas estas películas que ha estado en el último par de años, incluyendo "Elvis".

Vanessa acaba de decir la semana pasada que está feliz de que su ruptura con Austin la llevara a Cole, y Austin, mientras tanto, ha dicho que valoraba su tiempo con Vanessa y que todavía la respetaba y se preocupaba por ella.

Austin no tiene previsto estar en la ceremonia de los Oscars de hoy, aunque ha asistido a fiestas relacionadas con los Oscars este fin de semana.

Así que podría aparecer esta noche. Es imposible no preguntarse como se sentirá al respecto.

En fin... ¡¡¡felicidades!!!

Vanessa Hudgens Preggo with First Child ... Shows Off Baby Bump at Oscars!!!

Vanessa Hudgens is pregnant, and she let the world know in the biggest way possible -- showing up to the Oscars ... with a big ol' baby bump in tow!

The actress is one of the hosts on the red carpet Sunday at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood -- where the ceremony will be going down later today -- and before all the stars arrived to take their own pictures ... Vanessa made sure to steal the spotlight with shots of her own.

She had a very good reason, too ... clearly, Vanessa is expecting a child -- and this is the first time anyone's hearing about it publicly. On its face, it seems she's fairly far along.

Of course, this is major news ... seeing how this would be VH's first child, and ditto for her husband, Cole Tucker. Remember, they just got married a few months ago down in Mexico ... and now, they're having a kid together in record time. No time like the present, right?!

Cole and Vanessa have been together as a couple since 2020 ... after she broke things off with her longtime boyfriend, Austin Butler -- with whom she'd been with for many years.

Vanessa and Cole were two peas in a pod ... she said she knew he was the one right away.

While she's clearly happy with her hubby ... the topic of her relationship with Austin has come up quite a bit lately -- especially with him being launched into superstardom through all these movies he's been in the past couple years, including 'Elvis.'

Vanessa just said last week she's happy her split with Austin led her to Cole -- and Austin, meanwhile, has said he valued his time with Vanessa ... and still respected/cared about her.

Austin himself is not scheduled to be at today's Oscars ceremony -- although, he has been out and about for Oscars-related parties this weekend.

So, he might be around somewhere later tonight as well. Ya gotta wonder how he might feel about this big development.

Anyhoo ... congrats!!!

BHAD BHABIE ES VISTA DISCUTIENDO CON SU NOVIO... Antes de la pelea en West Hollywood

a los gritos

Danielle Bregoli estaba discutiendo con su novio antes de que una pelea estallara en un restaurante de Los Ángeles este fin de semana y parece que estaba bastante enojada, al menos basándonos de este nuevo video.

TMZ ha obtenido más imágenes que muestran a Danielle -aka, Bhad Bhabie- gritándole a su pareja: "pronto vas a ser papá de un bebé, Le Vaughn". Todo esto ocurrió el sábado por la noche en West Hollywood, no mucho antes de que sus amigos comenzaron a tener problemas con una mesa vecina, lo cual también fue capturado por la cámara.

"alcansenme adentro"

En este nuevo ángulo, se puede ver a Bhad perdiendo la calma con su hombre, aunque es difícil decir exactamente lo que estaban discutiendo. Fuera lo que fuera, que tenía a Danielle bastante enfurecida.

Recordemos que el representante de Danielle nos dijo que ella y su grupo simplemente reaccionaron a ser provocados por "mujeres borrachas" que supuestamente los estaban acosando, pero esto parece sugerir que algo más estaba pasando, aunque no está claro qué.

En cualquier caso, las cosas se pusieron feas. Algunas de las amigas de Danielle se enfrentaron con otras damas en el restaurante... hasta que las separaron.

Danielle no parece estar directamente involucrada en actos violentos, y mientras testigos afirmaron que ella y Le Vaughn se pusieron agresivos, no hay evidencia que lo respalde, aparte de este clip que los muestra teniendo una acalorada discusión.

Como se puede ver, Danielle está a punto de estallar con el niño de Le Vaughn en su vientre, y no hace mucho tiempo lucían como una pareja feliz durante una reciente fiesta de bebé.

Teniendo en cuenta que están a punto de darle la bienvenida a un bebé al mundo juntos, esperamos lque puedan resolver sus problemas -sea cual sea- y llegar a una solución pacífica.

Ella ha recorrido un largo camino desde sus días de Dr. Phil hasta ahora, y en estos momentos previos a ser madre, te imaginas que quiere alejarse de todo el caos.

Bhad Bhabie Seen Arguing with Boyfriend ... Before W. Hollywood Fight


Danielle Bregoli was arguing with her boyfriend before a brawl erupted in an L.A. restaurant this weekend -- and it looks like she was pretty pissed ... at least based on this new video.

TMZ has obtained more footage that shows Danielle -- aka, Bhad Bhabie -- screaming at her partner/soon-to-be baby daddy, Le Vaughn, Saturday night in WeHo ... not long before her friends started scrapping with a neighboring table ... which was also caught on camera.


In this new angle, you can see BB losing her cool with her man -- although, it's hard to say exactly what they were bickering about. Whatever it was ... it clearly had Danielle fuming.

Remember, Danielle's rep told us she and her group simply reacted to being provoked by "drunk women" who were allegedly harassing them -- but this seems to suggest something else was going on besides these outside parties recording them all. Again, unclear what.

In any case ... it all came to head with blows from each side -- namely, some of Danielle's friends duking it out with other ladies in the restaurant ... that is, until they were broken up.

Danielle didn't appear to be directly involved in the violence herself here -- and while eyewitnesses claimed she and Le Vaughn had gotten physical amongst themselves ... there's no direct evidence to back that up, aside from this clip of them in a heated exchange.

As you can see, Danielle is just about to ready to pop with her and Le Vaughn's child -- and not that long ago ... they were looking like a happy couple during a recent baby shower.


Considering they're about to welcome a baby into the world together, here's hoping they can work out their issues -- whatever those might be -- and come to a peaceful resolution.

She's come a long way since her Dr. Phil days ... and now that she's going to be a mom -- you figure she wants to pivot away from all the chaos that had followed her early on.

Lakers' Christian Wood Granted Temporary Restraining Order ... Claims Son's Mom Vandalized Car

Los Angeles Lakers big man Christian Wood was just granted a temporary restraining order against his model ex-girlfriend ... after he claimed the mother of his child made his life a living hell following their breakup in December 2022.

The allegations are all laid out in court documents obtained by TMZ Sports ... with the 28-year-old hooper accusing Yasmine Lopez -- who boasts more than a million followers on social media -- of causing not only mental and emotional stress, but also financial damage to his valuable property.

Wood claims on February 23, 2024, Lopez and her friends trespassed at his California residence by climbing a fence ... and she proceeded to scratch the hood and doors of his Mercedes-Benz.

He says Lopez then entered his other vehicle, opened the front gate and began walking in his yard -- and neighbors who witnessed the incident called the police, resulting in her arrest.

Wood -- who has an 8-month-old son, Kobe Sean, with Lopez -- says cops then told him to pick up his son from her friend's house to avoid being processed through child protective services... but she refused to hand him over and began "making allegations against me and misrepresenting facts to the media to gain favor."

Wood also details an August 2023 incident in which he says Lopez broke into his home in Encino ... destroying statues, glass and vases and attempting to hit him. He says friends who were present at the time called the police, who de-escalated the situation.

It doesn't end there -- Wood also accuses Lopez of trespassing at his home in January 2023, when he was a member of the Dallas Mavericks ... claiming she spray-painted his Lamborghini.

Wood believes Lopez is stalking him by using his publicized work schedule to track his location and vandalize his property.

Wood is also accusing Lopez of getting physical with him on numerous occasions and alienating him from their son.

He requested joint legal custody and primary physical custody of their child.

As part of the restraining order, the judge ordered Lopez to steer clear of Wood. She must stay at least 100 yards away from the hooper ... whether he's at home, at work, or even in his car. The one exception is for "brief and peaceful contact" ... which is permitted, but only when it comes to conversations about their child.

The TRO specifically directs Lopez to "not abuse" Wood, including any harassing, attacking, striking, threatening, or stalking of her ex-boyfriend.

There are several other boilerplate restrictions ... Lopez cannot possess a firearm while the order is active.

The temporary restraining order expires on March 20.

Rick Ross New GF Posts His New Infant Daughter... 'Stranger Danger' Screams the BM!!!

Rick Ross' new two-month-old daughter subtlely made her IG debut this week -- only to have the spot blown up by the rap kingpin's new GF ... who might have overstepped her boundaries a bit.

Model Cierra Nichole made a post introducing their daughter Au’mei Moon Roberts ... with Rozay sharing in the congratulations for the bundle of joy by liking the news on Hollywood Unlocked.

All appeared to be well until Cristina Mackey -- Rozay's current gf -- reposted the pic, gushing over how beautiful the baby was.

Cierra didn't approve and let Cristina have it ... "stranger danger" never sounds good when it's hurled in your direction! BTW, Cristina seems to have gotten the message loud and clear, 'cause she deleted the baby post.

Now, Cristina's been spotted on RR's arm for weeks, and has quickly grown familiar to fans ... for rubbing them the wrong way with frequent posts of her lavish lifestyle, and she's even discussed their relationship in interviews.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

She's been catching a little heat for flaunting her lifestyle with Rick -- but her response to the haters is they'd be stupid not to post all the jet-setting and sightseeing they do.

Looks like she got checked, though on the baby boundaries.

Meanwhile, Rozay was just honored with the keys to his Miami hometown ... so he doesn't seem to be stressin' about any of it.

La madre del bebé de Soulja Boy acude al médico y le recetan ansiolíticos tras demandar a Blueface

La madre del bebé de Soulja Boy, dice que su demanda por difamación contra Blueface está haciendo mella en su salud mental. Sus abogados dicen que está viendo a los médicos y tomando nuevos medicamentos para la ansiedad y el insomnio.

Los abogados de Jackilyn Martínez, Vadim Yeremenko y Tara Licata, le dicen a TMZ que su clienta se siente angustiada por las declaraciones de Blueface sobre su hijo y las amenazas que ella dice que ha recibido de sus fans. Nos dicen que ha estado viendo a un terapeuta y un psiquiatra y que le han prescrito algunos medicamentos.

TMZ publicó la historia, Jackilyn demandó a Blueface después de que él dijo que tuvieron relaciones sexuales el 2022 e insinuó que el hijo que comparte con Soulja podría ser de él.

Blueface hizo más daño más en una serie de mensajes... y como resultado, toda esta situación ha sembrado la discordia entre Soulja y el niño.


También nos informan que Jackilyn y Soulja Boy ahora se comunican muy poco.

March 2022
Instagram / @souljaboy

Jackilyn parece estar pasando por mucho, su demanda afirmó que recibió amenazas de muerte de los fans de Blueface, y ahora su equipo legal nos dice que desde entonces ha desactivado los mensajes en las redes sociales.

La demanda fue presentada en diciembre y los abogados nos dicen que sirvieron Blueface mientras hacía un meet and greet en Fountain LA en Koreatown, la misma noche que nuestro fotógrafo lo encontró allí con Jaidyn Alexis.

CONsiguiendo ESe DINERO

Todo un drama.

Soulja Boy's Baby Mama Fallout From Blueface Defamation Suit ... Doctor Visits, Anxiety Meds

Soulja Boy's baby mama says her defamation lawsuit against Blueface is taking an extreme emotional toll -- her lawyers say she's seeing doctors and taking new medications for anxiety and insomnia.

Jackilyn Martinez's attorneys, Vadim Yeremenko and Tara Licata, tell TMZ ... their client is feeling distressed over Blueface's statements about her child and threats she says she's getting from his fans. We're told she's been seeing a therapist and a psychiatrist, who have prescribed her meds.

TMZ broke the story ... Jackilyn sued Blueface after he said they had sex the day before her and Soulja Boy's baby shower back in 2022 ... and insinuated the son she shares with SB could actually be his.

Blueface took more jabs at Soulja and Jackilyn in a series of social media posts ... and as a result, we're told this whole situation has sowed discord between Soulja and the baby boy.


We're also told Jackilyn and Soulja Boy now have minimal communications themselves.

March 2022
Instagram / @souljaboy

Jackilyn seems to be going through a lot ... her lawsuit claimed she received death threats from Blueface fans, and now her legal team tells us she's since disabled messages on social media.

The lawsuit was filed in December and lawyers tell us they served Blueface while doing a meet and greet at Fountain LA in Koreatown ... the same night our photog got him there with Jaidyn Alexis.


Drama on top of drama.

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