William Shatner Files for Divorce Prenup in the Stars


11:54 AM PT -- According to William's divorce docs -- obtained by TMZ -- he lists their date of separation as Feb. 1, 2019.

William Shatner wants Scotty the judge to beam him up and out of his marriage, 'cause he's calling it quits after 18 years ... TMZ has learned.

The 'Star Trek' actor just filed for divorce against his wife, Elizabeth, whom he got hitched with back in 2001. Sources familiar with the matter tell us Bill and Liz's split should move along relatively smoothly, as we're told the couple has a prenup.

Our sources say the Shatners are still negotiating the financial terms -- but one thing won't be an issue ... spousal support. We're told, per the terms of the prenup, neither party will receive any support from the other.

Of course, William and Elizabeth don't have any kids ... so no issues there. We're told divorce docs could soon be submitted for a final signature from a judge. It's almost a done deal at this point.

Elizabeth is Will's fourth wife -- he was previously married to Nerine Kidd, Marcy Lafferty and Gloria Rand ... and only had children with Rand. It's Elizabeth's second go-around ... she was married to Michael Glenn Martin before William. He's 88 ... she's 61.

Disso Queen Laura Wasser is repping WS in the divorce. She's on a nice little roll right now -- Laura Dern just picked up a Golden Globe nom for portraying her in "Marriage Story."

BTW ... Shatner's worth an estimated $100 million.

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Justin Hartley Chrishell Thinks Money Grab Triggered Divorce


Justin Hartley's estranged wife thinks the almighty dollar destroyed her marriage.

Sources connected with Chrishell Stause tell TMZ, the "Selling Sunset" star is privately calling BS on the date of separation Justin listed in his divorce filing. TMZ broke the story ... Justin claims in his docs he and Chrishell separated July 8, 2019. By contrast, she says they were together right up until the day he filed ... November 22, 2019.

We know the 2 were seen out in public together multiple times between July and November, so the early separation date is puzzling. We're told Chrishell doesn't think it's all that puzzling ... that the tea leaves point to some sort of deal Justin may have and she believes he just doesn't want her to get a piece.


As we reported, both Justin and Chrishell acknowledge they were having problems, but she says they never called it quits until she learned from TMZ he filed to end the marriage.

And, as we reported, Chrishell's lawyer, Samantha Spector, is asking Justin to pay her client spousal support ... something he made clear he does not want to pay.

We're told Justin is making big bucks in the wake of his success on "This Is Us." Unclear how the spoils will be divided.

Mohamed Hadid Splits from GF Over Kids ... I Have Enough!!!


Gigi and Bella Hadid won't be getting any little siblings ... their dad and his fiancee called it quits in part because they couldn't agree on starting a family together.

Sources close to Mohamed Hadid tell TMZ ... he and Shiva Safai parted ways about a year ago -- even though she didn't confirm it publicly until this week. We're told the 39-year-old absolutely wanted to be a mom, but Mohamed wasn't looking to go down that road again.

As you know ... Mohamed is already a father to 5 beautiful children -- daughters Bella, Gigi, Alana and Marielle, and son Anwar.

Another reason for the breakup, sources close to Shiva tell us, was her reaction to a woman who publicly claimed she had a relationship with Mohamed. We're told it made Shiva reevaluate things, before having a heart-to-heart with him about their future.

It's still unclear who broke up with who, but we're told Mohamed and Shiva both agreed they were on different pages.

The now-exes got engaged way back in 2014, but we're told he came to the realization he didn't want to be married again -- he's already got 2 under his belt.

Our sources say he hopes Shiva can find Mr. Right, get married and have kids.

One last bit of accounting ... the ring. We're told Shiva's engagement rock is a Hadid family heirloom, and she gave it back to Mohamed, and he's passed it on his eldest sister.

For what it's worth, Shiva's now dating a new guy -- Niels Houweling -- but she and Mohamed are on good terms.

Johnny Manziel Divorce Calls Off Spousal Support Request ... It Was a Mistake!

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6:35 PM PT -- Bre Tiesi says she never intentionally meant to request spousal support from Johnny -- and claims her lawyers simply made a mistake when filing her divorce petition.

In fact, her attorney, Arthur H. Barens, just sent us a statement admitting the error.

"Our firm wishes to make it clear that [Bre] is not seeking either spousal support or property of any kind from Mr. Manziel, but rather solely the dissolution of their marital relationship"

"Inadvertently, in the original petition a box was marked referencing that Ms. Manziel was seeking spousal support. In fact, an Amended Petition has been filed removing that check-mark and making it clear that nothing either property or support is being sought by Ms. Manziel."

Johnny Football could become Johnny Spousal Support ... at least, that's what his estranged wife Bre Tiesi is going for.

TMZ Sports has obtained Bre's divorce petition in which she specifically asks the judge to award her spousal support ... despite separating after only a year.

379 days to be exact.

In the docs, Bre says they got married on March 10, 2018, and she lists the date of separation as March 24, 2019 ... which is interesting.

We've learned ... Bre was in Bali on a girls' trip with friends on the date of the split -- and Bre has publicly accused Manziel of "breaking vows."

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what she's implying ... that he cheated on her while she was away. In the docs, she cites "irreconcilable differences."

So, let's get down to the money ...

Obviously, Bre doesn't have a claim to any of the NFL cash Manziel made BEFORE they were married ... but she could be entitled to the money he made during their union.

Remember, Johnny played in the Canadian Football League after he tied the knot -- from May 2018 until he was cut and banned from the league in Feb. 2019.


Unclear how much cash Manziel made in the CFL, but that could factor in to a potential settlement and possibly into a spousal support deal.

Tiesi will likely argue she became accustomed to a lavish lifestyle -- and she believes Manziel should fork over money so she can continue to live that way.

Will a judge agree? Maybe, maybe not ... but this could get very interesting.

Oh, and Bre also wants Johnny to pay her attorney's fees.

Stay tuned ...

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Johnny Manziel Bre Tiesi Files For Divorce

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It's officially Splitsville for Johnny Manziel and Bre Tiesi -- the model has filed for divorce, TMZ Sports has learned.

We knew this was coming for months ... Bre and Johnny initially broke up earlier in 2019 after only a year of marriage.

Tiesi had previously called Manziel out for allegedly cheating on her ... saying, "vows were broken."

Bre filed docs Wednesday morning in Los Angeles ... which starts the process of officially ending the marriage.

The 2012 Heisman Trophy winner and Bre started dating in 2016 and got married shortly after.

The star quarterback previously credited Tiesi with saving his life ... while he worked to beat off the field demons.

Of course, Johnny has been fighting to get back to football after the Cleveland Browns cut him in March 2016. He had a brief stint in the Canadian Football League before getting kicked out for breaking his contract agreement.

Manziel also played 2 games in Alliance of American Football before the league suspended football operations this past April.

Tiesi kick-started the Manziel cleanse back in August when she had all her Johnny-related tattoos removed ... saying there was a ZERO percent chance for reconciliation.

Shortly after they broke up, Manziel spoke with TMZ Sports about the split, saying ... "This is all very, very personal and very sad."

"I appreciate everyone who has been so supportive of both of us and I would just ask that everyone respect our privacy at this difficult time."

"My hope is to put my head down and be allowed to focus on work and what is required of me on the football field."

'This Is Us' Star Justin Hartley Wife Responds in Divorce Strongly Hints She Was Blindsided!!!


Chrishell Hartley and "This Is Us" star Justin Hartley see a huge 5-month difference in when their marriage fell apart and, according to her, his divorce filing was a total blindside.

Chrishell just filed her response to Justin's divorce petition and, according to the docs -- obtained by TMZ -- she's listing their date of separation as Nov. 22, 2019 ... literally the day Justin ran to court and filed his petition.

Meanwhile, he says they separated on July 8, 2019 ... which seemed crazy because we'd seen them out together multiple times since then, most recently in November -- just a week before his divorce filing.


Besides the separation date -- Chrishell and Justin don't see eye to eye on a couple of other issues. According to her docs, filed by celeb attorney Samantha Spector, Chrishell says she wants him to pay spousal support ... and he doesn't want to pay.

She also wants him to cover her attorney's fees, but -- you guessed it -- Justin wants her to cover her own legal expenses.

Chrishell seemed to indicate the breakup was bitter with a not-so cryptic post on Monday about watching people change.

Oh, and speaking of change ... Chrishell has one other request in her docs. She's going back to her maiden name ... Stause.

Ray J Already Ditched My Wedding Ring ... As Wife Threatens Divorce


Ray J is traveling a little lighter now that Princess Love says she doesn't wanna be married to him anymore -- he's no longer wearing his wedding band.

Check out this pic of Ray J catching a flight at LAX Monday ... his wedding ring is noticeably MIA from his left hand.


A zoomed-in view even reveals the tan line where Ray's ring used to be. It's been more than 3 years since he slipped it on when he and Princess Love got hitched.


Ditching the ring is a big change for Ray J. He was wearing his wedding band as recently as last month, but that was before his blowout fight in Vegas with Princess ... and her threats of divorce with baby #2 less than a month away.


As we first told you ... our sources say Ray J desperately wants to work things out after she accused him of leaving her and their daughter "stranded" in Vegas. We're told Princess isn't talking reunion though, and is still strongly considering pulling the plug.

Let's face it, ringless Ray J ain't a great sign for reconciliation.

Chrishell Hartley Divorce Shout-Out to Justin?? Posts 'People Change' Quote


"This is Us" star Justin Hartley has his now estranged wife, Chrishell Hartley, scratching her head about who he's become -- in the wake of his divorce filing -- or so it seems.

The "Selling Sunset" star and veteran soap actress posted a not-so-cryptic quote Monday that reads a lot like a dig at her ex -- "It's hard to watch people change right in front of you. But it's even harder remembering who they used to be."

Paying attention, Justin? We'd be willing to bet a limb that quote -- from Indian writer Nishan Panwar -- is intended for him.

We broke the story ... Justin filed for divorce just over a week ago after just 2 years of marriage to Chrishell, citing irreconcilable differences. The shocking part is he lists their separation date as July 8, 2019 ... despite the couple being seen together multiple times after that and as recently as mid-November.


Point is ... it sure seems like Mrs. Hartley was blindsided by the divorce -- yet another reason he might be the target audience for Chrishell's post.

As for the divorce details ... Justin says in the docs he does not want to pay Chrishell spousal support and he wants her to pay her own lawyer's fees. It's unclear if there's a prenup.

The now-exes met through a mutual friend in the soap opera world -- he had a role on "The Young and the Restless" while she was on "Days of Our Lives" -- and dated for 3 years before he proposed.

They wed in 2017, just as he was starting to rise to TV superstardom -- or as Chrishell (and Nishan) put it ... "people change."

Vanilla Ice Marriage on Ice, Ice Baby ... Divorce Finalized!!!


Vanilla Ice and his now ex-wife are officially single people again ... they've hammered out a divorce settlement a mere 3 years after she filed to end their marriage.

According to docs obtained by TMZ, a judge in Palm Beach County, FL has already put his John Hancock on the divorce settlement filed by Rob and Laura Van Winkle. The couple had been together for nearly 20 years when Laura filed back in October 2016.

The judge's stamp of approval makes their divorce a done deal, but according to the docs ... the judge is reserving the right to drag the exes back into court if they don't stick to the terms of the settlement ... especially when it comes to health insurance and underpaid alimony.

Laura and Ice signed their settlement back in October, but the judge just recently signed it. They're keeping the terms of their deal private.

They have 2 kids, but both are adults ... so no child custody issues.

Ice and Laura hung together through some tough times -- such as 2 domestic battery arrests ... before they split up. Although Laura filed in 2016 ... they both acknowledged they'd been separated for a couple of years before that.

We'd love to say there was a problem and ... yo, they solved it -- but that's not how this song ends.

Word to your mother.

Fergie & Josh Duhamel We Agree on Divorce Terms ... Amicable on Child Custody

Exclusive Details
TMZ/Getty Composite

1:43 PM PT -- Neither Fergie or Josh will be forking out child support. According to docs, obtained by TMZ, they've agreed both are flush enough with cash to take care of little Axl on their own. BTW, they also agree to on sharing legal and physical custody.

As for splitting up assets and finances -- that remains confidential under their settlement agreement.

Josh Duhamel and Fergie are seeing eye to eye ... about how to NOT be together -- they've agreed on the terms of their divorce, and they did NOT rush into anything.

More than 2 years -- it's actually closer to 3 -- since they separated, Fergie and Josh filed their divorce settlement Friday in L.A. Superior Court. We don't know the terms of their agreement yet, and a judge still has to sign off.

Fergie filed to divorce Josh back in May ... but they announced they were separated back in September 2017 -- although both acknowledged they'd been apart for several months before that.

The exes have one child -- their 6-year-old son, Axl. Fergie wanted joint legal and physical custody. She also wanted to go back to her maiden name, Ferguson.

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Justin Hartley Files for Divorce ... This is No Longer Us


3:59 PM PT -- The plot just thickened. Justin lists the date of separation as July 8, 2019 ... months ago. The weird thing is ... they've been together a number of times since then ... as recently as last week. And, in his docs, Justin says he does not want to pay Chrishell spousal support and he wants her to pay her own lawyer's fees. It is possible they had a prenup that would make spousal support unnecessary.

Justin Hartley has filed for divorce after only 2 years of marriage.

Hartley filed legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- in which he claims irreconcilable differences as the reason for the divorce from Chrishell Stause, who has been on "Days of Our Lives" and is a star of the Netflix show, "Selling Sunset."

It's almost like this came out of the blue. Justin and Chrishell were together just last week, so something seems to have happened.

The couple has no children together, so custody won't be an issue. It's unclear if they have a prenup. BTW, Justin has one child from a previous marriage.


Justin and Chrishell dated for 3 years before he proposed. They met when their mutual friend encouraged them to go on a date since they were both starring in soaps at the time and were single. He was on "Young and the Restless," and the soap community is small.

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'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D' Actor Brett Dalton Files for Divorce


3:55 PM PT -- According to the docs -- obtained by TMZ -- the two split August 1, 2019. Dalton wants joint legal and physical custody and will pay Melissa child support.

Brett Dalton's marriage could no longer be shielded ... from the ultimate blow of divorce.

The "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D" star filed for divorce Friday in L.A. from his wife Melissa Trn ... TMZ has learned. The couple wed in December 2015 but dated for several years before he popped the question.

Brett and Melissa have a 7-year-old daughter together, so they'll have custody and child support issues to work out ... among other things of course.

The 2 met while they were attending the Yale School of Drama together. Melissa is a costume designer, currently working in NYC.

Brett's best known for playing Grant Ward on the first 5 seasons of 'S.H.I.E.L.D.'

Liam Hemsworth Epic Surf Sesh ... After Sis-In-Law Says He Deserves Better Than Miley

Liam Hemsworth is boo-less in Malibu ... but he's still having a helluva time being single, ripping waves on his surfboard with older brother Luke.

Liam and Luke took full advantage of a nice swell Thursday in the 'Bu, paddling out to catch some waves and get away from all the drama back on dry land.

The youngest Hemsworth bro looked happy and at ease in the water, hanging ten before showing off his toned bod as he got out of his wetsuit.

As you know ... Liam's single for the first time in over a decade after filing for divorce from Miley Cyrus. She's already moved on to Kaitlynn Carter and now Cody Simpson.


Aside from an outing with Australian actress Maddison Brown last month in NYC, Liam's pretty much been flying solo.

Liam's sister-in-law, Elsa Pataky, made headlines Thursday when she said Liam "deserves much better" than Miley. Chris Hemsworth's wife also said her brother-in-law is a little bit down and coping well with the split.

It's the right idea here for Liam ... surfing's good for the mind, body and soul.

Josh Homme Wife Files For Separation

TMZ/Getty Composite

Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme is splitting from his wife ... she just filed for separation after 14 years of marriage.

According to court records ... Josh's wife, Brody Dalle-Homme, filed docs Friday for legal separation. It's not clear what led to the split.

Josh and Brody tied the knot way back in 2005 after dating for a couple years. The former couple has three children together ... including 13-year-old daughter Camille, 8-year-old son Orrin and 3-year-old son Wolf.

Brody's from Australia and was 17 when they first met. Josh was 23.

This was Josh's first marriage.

David Eason Claims His Dog's Been Stolen!!! Calls Cops Amid Jenelle Drama


Jenelle Evans' estranged husband is in the midst of another dog scandal -- this time he claims one was stolen from his property.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... David Eason contacted the Columbus County Sheriff's Office Tuesday to report his dog missing, and he believes it was stolen. It's unclear who David thinks is responsible, but it's a decent bet he might point the finger at Jenelle.

As we've reported ... Jenelle threw in the towel on their marriage last week, saying, "that's what is best for me, and for my kids." She says she's left David and moved away from the family's North Carolina home.

We broke the story ... Jenelle's been taking care of their 2-year-old daughter, Ensley, since the split, and our sources say she's planning on going for full custody if their case goes to court.

However, we're told she wants David to have contact with their daughter because she believes he's a good dad.

As for the allegedly stolen dog ... David and Jenelle got a couple of new pups just months after he shot and killed the family dog for nipping at Ensley. Jenelle's said nothing about whether she took any pets when she bolted.

We've reached out to her and David ... no word back, so far.

Anthony Mackie Got Divorced on the Low ... Amicable Split w/ Wife


Anthony Mackie stayed true to his Marvel character when he flew under the radar in divorce court ... splitting from his wife, but leaving things nice and neat before anyone could notice.

We've learned the actor -- who plays Falcon in the 'Avengers' movies -- and his now ex-wife, Sheletta Chapital, are in fact dunzo ... and have been for a minute. We looked into it -- Anthony filed for divorce in late 2017 and finalized things last year.

Sources close to the former couple tell TMZ that the split was amicable. It's unclear why things went south between them, but it's good to hear they left on good terms.

Funny enough, Anthony first married Sheletta -- his reported childhood sweetheart -- at a low-key wedding back in 2014. Looks like he followed the same model on the way out too.


We're told Anthony and Sheletta share 4 kids together -- and they've decided to share joint custody of them. No official word on any spousal or child support though.

BTW, worth noting ... Anthony showed up to the "Avengers: Endgame" premiere earlier this year, and he didn't pose with a significant other on the red carpet. Relevant ... 'cause he and Sheletta have shown up to events together before, shoulder to shoulder.

Don't feel bad for AM either -- the dude is super busy at the moment, and seems to be beaming on the set of his new series, "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier." He'll be fine.