J Lo She's Still Got that $1.8 Mil Engagement Ring!!!

J Lo and A-Rod may have broken up, but there are still some housekeeping matters to tend to  .... notably, who gets the $1.8 million engagement ring?

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... J Lo still has the ring in her possession. As you may know, an engagement ring legally is a "gift in contemplation of marriage." When the couple breaks up before hitting the alter, in most states the person who proposes gets the ring back.

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Our sources say there's been no discussion between J Lo and A-Rod over the fate of the ring. However, our sources are quick to add ... the former couple exchanged "massive amounts of jewelry." A-Rod bedazzled J Lo with all sorts of bling, and she fortified his massive watch collection. So, they could just call it a wash, but they haven't decided yet.

We're told the engagement ring is NOT in the Dominican Republic, where J Lo's been shooting a movie. She didn't want it lying around every day while she films ... for security reasons.

Our sources say there will be no conflict over jewelry ... they are getting along well, and even plan to stay in business together, so don't look for J Lo and A-Rod on a "Judge Judy" episode.

J Lo & A-Rod Announce Split & End Engagement

8:07 AM PT -- In what may have been his biggest split-clue of all, A-Rod also posted a video showing a table full of J Lo photos while Coldplay's "Fix You" played in the background. Not to mention, he tagged Jennifer with a heart in the post.


Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have called it quits, and this time, it's more permanent ... announcing the end of their engagement, and each is going their own way professionally.

In a joint statement to TODAY, the couple announced, "We have realized we are better as friends and look forward to remaining so. We will continue to work together and support each other on our shared businesses and projects. We wish the best for each other and one another’s children. Out of respect for them, the only other comment we have to say is thank you to everyone who has sent kind words and support."

The couple's been together for four years, getting engaged in March 2019. They had a wedding planned before COVID hit in early 2020, putting the ceremony on ice.

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Of course, it was early March when sources close to the couple had told us they first split, but in less than 24 hours they reassured us the two were back together and everything was fine ... A-Rod even flew to the Dominican Republic to be with J Lo as she worked on a movie.

Sources connected to the now exes tell us, both made a real attempt to work things out -- remember those pics of them kissing down in the DR -- but the first real sign it wasn't working out came last week.

Alex announced he was buying the Minnesota Timberwolves, but Jennifer was not part of the ownership team. That's a significant change, because J Lo was front-and-center when they tried and failed, to purchase the New York Mets.

Jennifer also continued to post photos on her Instagram account without wearing her engagement ring -- and on Wednesday Alex sent up his own IG red flag.

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In a post that was all about what he's grateful for ... there was no mention of J Lo, and no picture of her or her kids. Just a throwback shot of A-Rod and his daughters.

Game over.

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'RHOC' Braunwyn Windham-Burke Ends Relationship With 1st Girlfriend After Coming Out as Lesbian

Braunwyn Windham-Burke, the first real housewife to come out as lesbian, has reached another couple of firsts ... her first breakup with her first girlfriend.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... the 'Real Housewives of Orange County' star called off her romantic relationship with Kris over a month ago, and the split was amicable.

We're told Braunwyn and Kris, who met on a dating app, remain friends and their relationship didn't end abruptly ... it was a typical end to any relationship that simply runs its course.

TMZ broke the story ... Braunwyn and Kris were all over each other during a WeHo lunch date in November, not long after she came out.

Since the split, our sources say Braunwyn continues to date other women, but she's not in any committed relationships. We're told she's still finding her footing after coming out.

While Braunwyn's seeing other women, she remains married to her husband, Sean Burke, and we're told they still have no plans to divorce after 20 years of marriage and 7 children together.

Talk about a modern family.

Jennifer Lopez Mixed Signals Over A-Rod Sitch??? 'Sunday Mood' w/ Drake 🎵

Jennifer Lopez sure seems to enjoy her kitchen, 'cause she's stirring the pot on her relationship woes with an interesting song choice ... from none other than an old flame.

J Lo posted some smoking videos of herself Sunday in a pool -- apparently from down in the D.R., where she's been shooting a movie lately. Ms. Lopez was vibing out in the water, knocking back what appears to be a mimosa and enjoying the "Sunday Mood."

Of course, the music she chose as an overlay for this picturesque scene was telling ... it's Drake and DJ Khaled's 2020 track "Popstar," to which she was dancing and feeling herself.

She captured herself with the chorus playing and part of Drake's first verse -- which is all about him enjoying the popstar lifestyle ... AKA, living single, care-free and rich. It's certainly interesting -- and you could interpret it any number of ways coming from Jen.

On the one hand -- it could just be a song she likes and wanted to post ... with no other meaning attached. She is, after all, a pop star and lives a pretty ballin' life. However, one can't really ignore the Drizzy element here ... because J Lo is kinda linked to him forever.

You might recall ... they appeared to have a fling a few years back -- at least that's what they seemed to be communicating in some cozy photos, not to mention lyrics from Drake himself. It might've been all for show, but the public perception is that they hooked up.

Pair that with the fact Jen and A-Rod have been on a rocky road of late, and it makes you wonder what's going through her mind. Alex was down there just last week and it looked like they were patching things up nicely, with the both of them planting kisses on the other.

We're looking into whether A-Rod is still around in the D.R. at this point and where things stand between them. On the face of it though, it feels like a message is being sent.

Joe Exotic Husband Dillon's Leaving Him ... Heading for Divorce!!!

Joe Exotic just got a gut punch behind bars ... his husband Dillon Passage says he wants out of the relationship and divorce is now on the table.

The 'Tiger King' star's attorney, Francisco Hernandez, tells TMZ ... Joe is distraught after getting a phone call in prison from Dillon saying he's planning to leave him.

We're told Joe felt like his stomach got pulled out of his body when Dillon broke the news -- and now we're told Exotic's considering beating him to court, and filing a divorce petition before Dillon can.

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Dillon says the split wasn't an easy decision -- but adds he'll continue to support Joe while he's in prison. He says they are still on good terms and hopes it stays that way ... although it doesn't sound like Joe would second that emotion.

As you know ... Joe and Dillon got hitched back on Dec. 11, 2017, tying the knot 2 months after Joe's previous husband, Travis Maldonado, shot himself in a fatal accident.

We've learned that after the emotional phone call, Joe fired off an email to a friend ... saying he feels abandoned and alone and just wanted to mean something to someone. The way Joe explained it, Dillon's getting lonely with Joe locked up and wants a boyfriend.

We're told Joe is undecided on whether he'll file for divorce -- he's got a lot on his plate just trying to gain his freedom -- but of course, Dillon could pull the trigger first.

Stay tuned ...

Quavo Didn't Repo Bentley He Gave Saweetie ... Rumor After Split is False

Saweetie said 'Take care' -- but Quavo did NOT say "take Bentley" in response ... despite what the Internet has accepted as fact.

Rumors were swirling this weekend that the Migos rapper had his now ex's luxury ride repossessed as payback for breaking up with him so publicly this past week -- but we're here to tell you definitively ... there's simply no truth to it.

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Sources directly connected to Quavo tell TMZ ... he didn't repo the Bentley, and anything suggesting otherwise is flat-out false. Reports surfaced Saturday that Quavo sent the Repo Man out to Saweetie's home in the wee hours of the morning to take the car back.

Supposedly, he leased it and never put it in Saweetie's name -- and a deal he struck with the dealership allowed him to end the contract early ... which he's alleged to have done in the wake of their split. That's a cool story and all -- but we're hearing it just didn't happen.

You don't have to take our word for it either -- there's literally no evidence of this going down ... no photos or video suggesting anyone repo'd anything. The whole thing's based on speculation, as is often the case with these things.

A little backstory on this Bentley ... Quavo gifted it to Saweetie back in late December of this past year as an early Christmas present. It had a bow on it and everything -- and Saweetie was ecstatic at the time when it was unveiled to her. Makes sense, it is a beaut after all.

Of course, this all comes after Saweetie declared she was single -- while also strongly suggesting Quavo cheated during their time together as a couple. Quavo responded to her, basically saying he was disappointed in her and that she wasn't who he thought she was.

As for the Bentley issue, we've reached out to Saweetie's team for official comment as well -- so far, no word back.

Comedian Gary Owen Wife Files For Divorce

Gary Owen's wife is waving the white flag on their marriage after nearly two decades together ... because we've learned she just filed for divorce.

The comedian's wife, Kenya Duke, filed divorce docs Friday in Los Angeles County Superior Court ... according to online records.

Gary and Kenya tied the knot way back in 2003 and they have two sons and a daughter together. It looks like the kids are all adults now ... the docs say they have no minor children.

Gary's famous for his stand-up comedy, and he's also appeared in several movies ... including "Daddy Day Care," "Think Like a Man" and "Ride Along," just to name a few.

It's unclear what led to the split.

Saweetie Splits with Quavo

3:28 PM PT -- Quavo just broke his silence over the split, saying, "I had love for you and disappointed you did all that. You are not the woman I thought you were.  I wish you nothing but the best."

1:30 PM PT -- A source close to the couple tells us Quavo is upset by the split and did nothing but love and support Saweetie. We're told, however, he was recently angry that Saweetie hopped on Justin Combs' podcast because JC and Saweetie used to date, because he felt she only did it to be disrespectful.

The source refused to comment on the cheating allegations.

Saweetie wants the world to know she and Quavo are no longer a couple ... and she's strongly suggesting it's because he was unfaithful.

Fans had recently started to speculate the pair were donezo after Saweetie unfollowed Quavo on Instagram, and he did the same. She put the speculation to an end Friday, saying, "I’m single. I’ve endured too much betrayal and hurt behind the scenes for a false narrative to be circulating that degrades my character."

It's not entirely clear what narrative Saweetie is referring to, but she does drop some more hints, saying ... "Presents don’t band aid scars and the love isn’t real when the intimacy is given to other women."

What's more, Saweetie was recently on the "Respectfully Justin" podcast repeatedly saying she doesn't like liars in relationships ... but didn't specify if that meant Quavo.

The two first got together in 2018 after Quavo says he slid into Saweetie's DM's on Instagram. It's a good bet there will be others doing the same now that she's declared herself single.

We reached out to Quavos' rep for comment ... so far, no word back.

Originally Published -- 12:33 PM PT

Rachael Kirckconnell Matt was 'Love of My Life' ... But it's Time to Move On

Rachael Kirkconnell is both disappointed and hopeful in wake of "The Bachelor" finale and her split from Matt James ... which was revealed in the "After the Final Rose" special.

Rachael says she wishes things turned out differently and says of Matt ... "I truly believe he was the love of my life." But, she says she respects his decision to break it off with her because of her history of alleged racism and believes "there is a reason for everything."


That's not the only reason for her sorrow, though. Rachael says she also feels bad because what was supposed to be a "monumental season" was overshadowed by her controversy. As we reported ... this led to host Chris Harrison defending her, then deciding to step away from his role after major backlash.

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Rachael says this was all very unfair to the other ladies who were also vying for Matt's love. She calls them "some of the strongest, most brilliant, most extraordinary women" and adds that she was lucky to meet them ... and will continue to support them.

Finally, Rachael says she hopes this season will spark conversations and understanding about racial issues and "initiate change."

As for changes to the 'Bachelorette' franchise ... as we told you, Harrison will be replaced as host by former stars Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe. And, the next 2 Bachelorettes have been announced -- Katie Thurston for the upcoming season, and Michelle Young the season after that. Young was just the runner-up to Kirkconnell.

J Lo & A-Rod Keeping Their Kids Happy a Key Factor In 'Working' on Relationship

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez reaching a breaking point came as a total shock to their kids -- and that's one major reason the couple's together right now in the Dominican Republic trying to patch things up.

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ ... neither of them expected news to break on Friday about their split, and as a result, they didn't have time to prepare their 4 children ... who've all grown very close.

We're told J Lo's 13-year-old twins, Emme and Max, and A-Rod's teenage daughters, 16-year-old Natasha and 12-year-old Ella, were all devastated by the discussions the modern family had on Friday of a possible break up. As one source put it, "There were many tears."

As we first told you ... people close to the couple acknowledged things were "bad" between J Lo and A-Rod that day -- but on Saturday morning they told us "We are working through some things," and there was no third party involved in their issues.

We're told the kids weighed heavily in the long conversation Alex and Jen had Friday night.


The fact is, both families have blended as one, enjoying holidays and vacations together and all the other fun stuff kids do, so there's a lot at stake.

TMZ broke the story ... Alex fueled up the jet and flew to the D.R. to be with Jennifer, who's been down there shooting a movie. They'd been apart for about 2 weeks, but on Monday morning Alex posted video from their oceanfront pad, tagged J Lo and said he was moving "onward" and "upward" in the new week.

One last thing ... we're told the kids aren't the ONLY factor behind J Lo and A-Rod's reunion, but they're both keeping their family unit in mind as they try to work this out.

Alex Rodriguez Flies to Dominican Republic ... Onward, Upward with J Lo???

Things are looking up between Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez ... at least that's how A-Rod seems to view their relationship, now that they're in the same place.

@arod / Instagram

TMZ has confirmed A-Rod flew to the Dominican Republic, where J Lo has been shooting a movie, and Monday morning he posted video from their luxury digs down there. His caption said, "Happy Monday. New week,. New day. Onward. Upward."

BTW, he also tagged J Lo tag in his post.

Remember, A-Rod told a photog Saturday in Miami he is definitely NOT single. He and Jennifer told TMZ, "We are working through some things."


Sources with direct knowledge told us those issues they're working on do not involve a third person.

Now, we're told A-Rod's been going to the DR every few weeks while Jen's been there shooting -- so this current trip could've been planned all along. Still, the fact he's carried through with it ... is a sign they might work it all out, after all.

Stay tuned ...

Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Break Up, Wedding Off!!!

J-Rod is J-Done!!!

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are over -- they've called it quits after 4 years together, sources connected to the couple confirm to TMZ.

The superstars first got together in 2017 and Alex put a massive ring on it in 2019.

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Unclear what caused the split. We're working on it. We're told they broke up Friday.

The two had started wedding planning before COVID hit in early 2020 -- but obviously, the pandemic threw a huge wrench in their plans.

A-Rod posted photos of himself on a yacht in Miami early Friday, saying, "Don't mind me, just taking a sailfie ... What are your plans for the weekend?" The last time he posted a photo with Jennifer was February 28.

She's in the Dominican Republic filming a movie, while he's staying put in Miami.

The split comes shortly after claims he got cozy with "Southern Charm" star Madison LeCroy. A-Rod's people said they never even met, but the story circulated.

Before that, they were exploring buying the NY Mets together -- and had rallied some of their very rich and famous friends to put together a competitive offer ... but it didn't pan out.


The last time we saw J-Rod in action was at President Biden's Inauguration when Jennifer performed ... and the two of them looked very much in love.

We broke the story ... the couple bought a $40M home together on Star Island in Miami last summer.

Page Six was the first to report the split.

Story developing ...

Lamar Odom Rips Ex-Fiancee Sabrina Parr ... She Used Me For Clout

Lamar Odom just went scorched earth on his ex ... blasting Sabrina Parr as "deceitful" and accusing her of using him in a shameless attempt to get famous.

The former NBA star -- who split with Parr last year after the two announced their engagement late in 2019 -- went on "The Real" on Monday and unloaded on her.

"[She was] very deceitful," Odom said of Parr. "You know, I really used to like take her word for everything. She was like really lying to me, the whole time."

"But I guess she got what she wanted, that was the 'blue check,' so I guess I was good for something."

Odom says he and Parr had planned a reality TV show and had shot some portions of it -- but the 41-year-old claims she and her manager released it without telling him it was going out.

"It was just about me and her," Odom said of the reality show. "I knew what I was doing, I knew what I signed up for."

"But I would think that when you were putting it out to the world, you would let me know. That’s a greaseball move. Something that I can't respect, from her and that manager dude."

Odom went on to say the whole failed relationship makes him "sad."

"I really don’t like nobody taking advantage of me," Odom said, "especially for monetary reasons."

Odom and Parr only dated for 3 months before he popped the question in Nov. 2019.

And in his previous marriage to Khloe Kardashian, they only dated for 1 month before Lamar proposed.

Next time ... maybe just date for a while before buying a ring?

Chrishell Stause Splits with Keo

Chrishell Stause is single, like really single ... cuz just around the time her divorce from Justin Hartley was finalized, her relationship with her new boyfriend also came to an end.

Sources close to the former couple tell TMZ ... the "Selling Sunset" star and Keo Motsepe came to a mutual decision to end their relationship after about 3 months of dating.

Our sources say Chrishell's relationship with the 'DWTS' star had simply run its course. They started dating back in December 2020, so it was short and sweet.


We got Chrishell and her "Selling Sunset" co-star, Mary Fitzgerald, Wednesday afternoon at The Butcher, The Baker, The Cappuccino Maker in West Hollywood ... and Chrishell was reluctant to say much of anything about Keo. Now it makes sense, they were on the outs.

TMZ broke the story ... Chrishell and Justin finalized their divorce Monday, so it's been an eventful week for her.

Justin's still going strong with his girlfriend, Sofia Pernas, but now Chrishell is flying solo.

Holly Madison & Zak Bagans We Broke Up ... But It's Not So Horrific!!!

Zak Bagans and Holly Madison are ghosting their relationship ... 'cause they've broken up.

Sources close to the former couple tell TMZ ... the "Ghost Adventures" star and former Playboy model called it quits a few weeks ago. It's unclear what led to the split after nearly 2 years of dating ... but we're told there's no bad blood between them, no pun intended.

In fact ... our sources say they remain friends and are still on talking terms.

TMZ broke the story ... Holly went to Zak's Haunted Museum in Las Vegas back in May 2019 and sparks started flying. It wasn't long before they started dating. They had kept the relationship on the down-low but their cover was blown thanks to some hawk-eyed fans who picked up similarities on their Instagram stories ... sparking questions as to whether they're an item or not.

Along the way, it seemed some of Zak's paranormal interests rubbed off on her ... like when she and Bridget Marquardt reunited for a séance to reconnect with a famous ex.

Holly, of course, famously dated Hugh Hefner. She would go on to marry Pasquale Rotella in 2013, but Pasquale filed for divorce in September 2018.

Dr. Dre Let's Have a Judge Decide Prenup's Validity ... Now

Dr. Dre and his estranged wife, Nicole, have several areas of conflict in their contentious divorce, but the biggest stumbling block is the validity of their prenup, and Dre wants a trial ... STAT.

Dre's lawyer, disso queen Laura Wasser, has filed legal docs asking for a 5-day trial over the prenup. As we reported, Nicole signed the prenup before they married but claims Dre came to her shortly after the nuptials, saying he regretted "pressuring" her to sign it and tore up multiple copies right in front of her. Dre denies he pressured her and denies he ever tore it up ... and points to a clause in the document that says altering it must be in writing.

Dre has asked to remove the case from the court system and have a private judge handle the divorce case -- away from the public spotlight -- but Nicole has rejected that, favoring instead a traditional court trial. If it stays in the courts, it may take a very long to for a judge to hear the case ... because the pandemic has caused enormous trial delays.

To be continued.

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