Mod Sun Bella's Off-Base About Girl Code ... Tana and I are Tight


Mod Sun says Bella Thorne getting up in arms over girl code is ridiculous ... because she doesn't play by the rules in any of her relationships.

The rapper was out near Hollywood Thursday when we asked about his ex-girlfriend beefing on Twitter with her ex-girlfriend, Tana Mongeau -- who's also sort of his ex-GF -- and he clearly sides with Tana.

For the uninitiated, Bella dated both Mod and Tana -- at the same time -- and all 3 were cool with the arrangement ... until Bella had breakups with both earlier this year.

Then, after Mod was spotted getting dinner with Tana this week, Bella tweeted she was "no longer good" with Tana ... because she broke girl code.

Mod tells us this new rift is definitely about him hanging with Tana. As we've reported ... things haven't been good between Mod and Bella since their split, so it seems pretty clear she's upset Tana's still cozy with him.

Mod thinks that's totally unfair, though, because he's close with Tana from their time together while he was also dating Bella ... and he says they also worked on music together.


Making matters all the more complex ... Tana recently got engaged to fellow YouTube star, Jake Paul. We got the couple at Craig's Thursday night, and while Tana says she respects the girl code Bella's accused her of breaking ... she adds that all that really matters is her love for her new fiance.

Bradley Cooper, Irina Shayk Solid Co-Parents Sharing Joint Custody in Big Apple

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Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk may have parted ways, but they have come together as parents in a big way ... agreeing to live in the same town and share custody ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the former couple tell us, they have agreed to joint legal and physical custody of 2-year-old Lea De Seine. We're told it's a 50/50 split, although with work schedules it varies from month to month.

And, what's more ... our sources say they do NOT have a formal, written custody agreement.  They're so in sync with co-parenting, they don't feel the need to memorialize it.

We're also told they agreed to live in the same city ... New York City. They had a home in L.A. and also one in New York that they bought last October. It's unclear if Bradley will still be spending much time in L.A.

Bradley and Irina started dating in 2015 and split last month.

Aubrey O'Day Yes, Don Jr. is My Soulmate But He Chose Politics Over Me

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Donald Trump Jr. opted for a life of faux conservatism and mud-slinging politics over a happy ever after with his one true love ... so says his self-described soulmate, Aubrey O'Day.

The Danity Kane singer chopped it up Tuesday night with a photog, who asked about her recent musing about Don Jr. as the one who got away. She confirms what TMZ first reported ... and it sure sounds like she considers him her meant-to-be. 

Aubrey says it point blank ... that she and Don are soulmates, and the dude trumpeting his dad's policies is NOT the guy she knew (and fell in love with) once upon a time.

As you might know, Aubrey and Don Jr. allegedly had an affair back in 2011, when she was a guest star on the "The Apprentice." 

She tells the pap that Donnie probably thinks they're connected as well, but wouldn't ever admit it ... especially now that he's dating Kimberly Guilfoyle and seemingly following in his father's footsteps, possibly even into public service. 

Speaking of that, Aubrey weighs in on potential First Lady title under the pretense they were still together. She says that'd never happen though based on their political differences.

And, if you're wondering whether Don Jr. and Aubrey still stay in touch, watch the clip. Something tells us they just might.

Dina Lohan It's Over with Online BF ... He's Pals with My Ex-Husband!!!


Dina Lohan's done with the California man she's had an online relationship with but has never actually met, but not because of that ... it's because he's buddied up with her ex-husband.

A rep for Lindsay's mother tells TMZ ... she's called it quits -- officially this time -- with Jesse Nadler for a "myriad of reasons," but most significantly ... due to Nadler being in constant contact with Dina's ex-husband, Michael.

Dina's side says despite her having an abusive relationship with Michael, he "makes a habit of inserting himself in her life even after many years apart and remarrying" ... including getting close to Nadler.

Apparently the guys' connection was the final straw for Dina, who was already miffed at her catfish-questionable boyfriend for going to the media to air their personal biz.

Dina's rep says Jesse "became obsessed with having his name in the press and then made delusional statements of proposals, diamond rings, elaborate meet ups and breakups," adding it was all "grossly exaggerated for his personal notoriety."

As we've reported ... the couple's been on-and-off ever since Dina revealed their e-relationship on "Celebrity Big Brother" last year. It appeared to be over in April, but then Jesse claimed he bought her an engagement ring and planned to propose once they finally met. They never did.

News of another breakup came in June, but the 2 seemingly reconciled -- based on lovey-dovey social media comments -- as of just days ago.

According to Dina's rep ... there'll be no more of that, and insists the relationship between the couple was just a friendship.

We're told Dina is "ready for a real relationship with a present and caring man." We reached out to Nadler who confirmed the split. 

Madonna Tupac's Love Letter Finally Goes to Auction ... For a Bloody Fortune!!!

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Madonna's infamous love letter from Tupac Shakur has been in limbo for years -- an auction wants to sell it and she wants to block it -- but it's finally hitting the block, and all the conflict and legal threats that made headlines have inflated the value, because it's expected to fetch a fortune.

Tupac penned the breakup letter when he was in prison, and the handwritten and signed note is going up for auction through the memorabilia company, Gotta Have Rock & Roll ... and the opening bid is $100,000 ... and when the gavel drops the expectation is someone's gonna snag the letter for around $300k!!!

In his three-page breakup note, Pac confesses he broke off his sexual relationship with Madonna because she's white.

As we've reported ... Madonna previously filed a lawsuit against Darlene Lutz, her old pal and art consultant, to stop the sale ... but a judge tossed out her suit out said a release she signed back in 2004 meant she couldn't sue. Darlene consigned the letter to the online auction house.

The legal battle didn't end there, because Madonna filed an appeal ... but just last month she whiffed on her chance to slam the brakes on the sale of the letter.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Darlene is a breast cancer survivor. 

Bidding starts online July 17.

'Bachelor' Creator Mike Fleiss Files for Divorce


'Bachelor' creator Mike Fleiss could end up on his own show, because TMZ has learned he just filed for divorce.

According to legal docs, Fleiss, whose net worth is around $100 mil -- maybe more -- has a prenup with wife Laura Kaeppeler. We're told last year alone Fleiss made around $25 mil.

The couple has a 4-year-old son and he is asking for joint legal and physical custody.

Fleiss, who's repped by Disso Queen Laura Wasser, will pay Kaeppeler, who won Miss America in 2012, both child and spousal support -- and that's all spelled out in the prenup.

Mike and Laura, who share an estate in Malibu, were married in 2014. The ceremony was officiated by "The Bachelor" host Chris Harrison.

Fleiss rules the roost over one of the most successful reality franchises in TV history. "The Bachelor" debuted in 2002 and is going into season 24. "The Bachelorette" is in Season 15. 

Matt Lauer Annette Files Divorce Settlement ... Judge to Make it Final

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Matt Lauer and Annette Roque are one signature away from being legally single.

Annette filed divorce docs Tuesday in Suffolk County, NY and, according to court records, Matt's not contesting. Makes sense ... last month, the couple reportedly hammered out a settlement that has her walking away with $20 million in assets. 

It's unclear exactly how they're splitting up their properties -- they've got a ton in NY state and even New Zealand -- but the NY Post reported Annette's getting their horse farm in the Hamptons.

The couple split up back in 2017 after Matt was fired from 'Today' over a slew of sexual harassment allegations at NBC. 

Matt and Annette, and of course their lawyers, hashed out the division of their assets in private before filing the paperwork with the court. Annette's attorney, John Teitler, confirms to TMZ that the matter has been settled.

Now, they just need the judge to sign off and they'll be ready to mingle, as they say. Court officials say there's no timeline on when they'll get that stamp of approval -- there's no waiting period, it just depends on the judge's workload. 

Khloe Kardashian Tristan Threatened Suicide to 'Get a Reaction' After Jordyn Woods Scandal

Khloe Kardashian claims Tristan Thompson went overboard in showing remorse after he confirmed he cheated on her with Jordyn Woods ... to the point where he threatened to kill himself.

On Sunday's episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," Khloe was telling Scott Disick about Tristan's text messages to her after she confronted him about his fling with Woods.

She says she got her questions answered, but then her baby daddy bombarded her with messages of regret and sorrow ... including threatening suicide.

Khloe told Disick ... "He's like, 'I can't stop thinking about you and what a mess I have caused.'" She added, "He's doing this to get a reaction out of me. Oh, so I'm just allowed to say 'I'm going to kill myself' at any time? That's crazy."


Despite her disgust over Tristan's behavior, Khloe apparently asked his friend to check on him to make sure he was okay ... which Disick said "just goes to show that Khloe is an unbelievable person that loves so hard and so much."

Scott added ... "Somehow she just keeps getting the short end of the stick, and it's unfair and it's hurtful and it's really hard to me to sit and watch."

As you know ... Jordyn and Tristan's cheating scandal broke in February, and Woods explained her side during a 'Red Table Talk' interview shortly afterward, claiming she wasn't a homewrecker and there was just one kiss.

At first, Khloe didn't buy it and blamed her for breaking up her family, but later backed off and placed the majority of the blame on Thompson. Still, the incident caused a rift between Woods and the family ... and she moved out of Kylie Jenner's guest house. The 2 ex-besties have been on amicable terms since.

Bella Thorne Ex-BF Mod Sun on The Passport Sitch ... A Well-Timed Lie!!!


Bella Thorne's ex-boyfriend, Mod Sun, is setting the record straight over allegedly keeping her passport from her and damaging her career ... and he's calling BS.

The rapper was heading into Beauty & Essex Friday in Hollywood where our photog asked for his side of the story -- which Bella has been very open about in interviews since the couple split in April. According to her, MS withheld her passport and caused her to miss a flight ... and, ultimately, an important gig. She broke it down for Jenny McCarthy.

Mod Sun clarifies things a bit, telling us she called him out of the blue two months after they'd broken up ... and, essentially, told him she needed her passport back just a couple hours before she was set to take off to Paris. You can listen to the rest ... it's a doozy.

Oh, and as far as her captive laptop that she implies is still out of her possession -- Mod says she got it back the day she "broke in" to his place.

As we first told you, Bella got the boot from Mod's place shortly after they'd broken up when she went to collect her stuff. Cops were called and no one was arrested -- but Mod says she didn't walk away empty-handed ... she left with her laptop. So he's not sure why she's talking that up.

We also asked about Bella questioning Mod's sobriety on Instagram. He tried celebrating being 32 days sober, when she hit him in the comment section with a, "But ur not sober."


Check out his response ... sounds like her jab left him on the verge of a damn-near relapse. He also explains what substances he's off of at the moment and fighting to avoid.

Diddy Shout-Out to Cassie ... Congrats on Pregnancy!!!

Diddy just took the on-ramp to the high road ... showing nothing but pure class and congratulating his ex, Cassie, and her BF on their pregnancy news.

The rapper gave the couple a huge shout-out on Instagram and made it crystal clear ... there's ZERO hard feelings. In fact, he wishes Cassie and her man, Alex Fine, nothing but the best. Well, love to be exact.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As we reported ... Cassie and Alex are expecting their first child together. It's gonna be a girl.

What makes the news HUGE, of course, is Cassie got knocked up less than a year after splitting from Diddy, who had been with Cassie for about a decade.

Remember ... Diddy hired Alex -- a pro bull rider and personal trainer -- to train Cassie. Sources told us Diddy felt betrayed at the time, because he felt they hooked up BEFORE the breakup. Our sources connected to Alex and Cassie insist they weren't together until Diddy was outta the picture.

Whatever the case ... bygones are definitely bygones by now.

'OITNB' Star Lorraine Toussaint Files for Divorce


"Orange is the New Black" star Lorraine Toussaint is bailing out of her marriage ... she's filed for divorce.

According to court records ... Lorraine filed her divorce petition Thursday in Los Angeles to make the split from her husband, Robert Michael Tomlinson, official, legally.

According to the docs they have no minor children together ... although there have been reports they have a teenage daughter. They were married on June 25, 2017.

Lorraine is asking the court to award her spousal support, and to block the court's ability to award support the other way around.

Lorraine played inmate Yvonne "Vee" Parker on season 2 on the hit Netflix show, 'OITNB.' She's also appeared on many other TV shows ... including "Where I Live," "Amazing Grace," "Law & Order," "Judging Amy," "Ugly Betty" and "Friday Night Lights."

But, Vee was definitely her breakout role -- she even won a 2015 SAG Award for it, along with her co-stars. Lorraine also garnered rave reviews from TV Guide and Vanity Fair.

She's also done several films, and got praise for her role in "Selma."

Story developing ...

Ariana Grande Chokes Up in Mac Miller's Hometown ... Couldn't Sing His Name


Ariana Grande found a few different ways to honor Mac Miller during her first show in his hometown since he died, but she was way too emotional to actually sing his name ... so the crowd stepped up.

Ariana's Sweetener Tour was in Pittsburgh Wednesday night, and it was obvious how moved she was to be in her ex-boyfriend's city as she performed "Thank U, Next."

When it came time to sing the line, "Wish I could say, 'Thank you' to Malcolm" ... Ariana choked up. Her fans quickly realized and sang it for her and cheered wildly for Mac. She eventually recovered for the rest of the song.

Ariana also got upset during the opening number, "Raindrops (An Angel Cried)" and was unable to finish the song through her tears.

Regardless, fans say she put on an amazing show in tribute to Mac ... which also included having an empty seat reserved for him and pumping his music through the speakers of PPG Paints Arena before she took the stage.

Ariana started that trend at the very first Sweetener tour show back in March ... but it was way more special in Pittsburgh.

Bella Thorne's Ex-BF Selling Her Crap Was a Joke ... But Really, She Owes Me $$$


Mod Sun has some unanswered questions about Bella Thorne -- the first being, why can't she take a joke? The second being ... WHERE'S MY MONEY?!?!

We got Mod Sun as he was leaving The Nice Guy in WeHo, and had to ask him about what he said a couple of weeks ago. ICYMI ... he told our friends over at TooFab that Bella's stuff was still at his place -- dubbed the Mod Sun storage unit -- and threatened to hawk it all on eBay.

Bella, of course, didn't take too kindly to this ... and blasted Mod as a fame whore.

Mod strongly hints Bella's stuff is STILL at his place, but he also says his issues with her go beyond that. We're talking finances, and specifically ... debt!!! He claims she owes him some cold hard cash, and it sounds like the already bad breakup could get way worse.

As we reported ... Mod and Bella ended their 18-month fairy tale romance after their weekend in Coachella back in April -- and when she tried to get her stuff from his place, the ugliness began.

Bradley Cooper Looks Gaga About Single Life ... Out with Friends in H'Wood

Bradley Cooper's clearly not sweating his reported breakup with Irina Shayk ... he's back on the Hollywood scene and looking quite comfortable too.

The "A Star is Born" star/director hit up the Sunset Tower lounge Monday night with some of his buddies. Bradley showed up at around 8:30 PM and was seen leaving about 2 hours later.

Hardly a night out raging on the town -- but after 4 years of practically married life, and co-parenting a 2-year-old ... he might need to ease in to single life.

Meanwhile, Irina's hardly showing any outward signs of heartbreak amid the reports she and Bradley are dunzo -- she's just hard at work. The model's been posing all over Iceland for a photo shoot.

She posted this pic from her day at the office, and fans teed off on her baby daddy in the comments, saying things like, "Bradley is crying somewhere" ... and, "Biggest L of 2019 goes to Bradley Cooper."

In the words of Jay-Z and Swizz Beatz ... on to the next one.

Wendy Williams Hanging Out With New Guy in L.A. ... Taking Him To NYC


Wendy Williams met a young hotshot in Los Angeles ... and now she's taking him with her back to New York.

Sources close to Wendy tell TMZ ... the beloved talk show host met her new hunk Saturday when she was kicking it with Blac Chyna during her Cali vacation, and while she's not ready to jump into a relationship just yet, she likes him enough to keep him around.


Turns out, Wendy's mystery man is the same guy who was riding with her Sunday night, when a photog caught up with them at Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles. He's in his late 20s, and doesn't have any kids.

As you know ... Wendy's dealing with a lot of family drama, she's in the middle of divorcing husband Kevin Hunter and her son recently got arrested for punching his dad. We're told Wendy's feeling vulnerable right now, and being with someone new is making her feel better about herself.

Wendy's already showing him off on social media, posting a pic of them holding hands with some interesting hashtags ... #oldenoughtobeyourmother, #verysexyman and #mynewlife.

Wendy Williams Divorce Be Damned ... I'm Still Rocking Huge Diamonds!!!


12:44 PM PT -- Turns out the thing Wendy ISN'T giving up during her divorce is her taste for glam. We've learned that ring on that notorious finger is not her original wedding ring, but some very serious flower bling nonetheless.

Wendy Williams isn't letting an ugly breakup and divorce get in the way of a beautiful, massive diamond ring ... and she's making sure everyone knows it.

Wendy's out on the left coast and Thursday night we got her outside Craig's, where she was having a business dinner. Photogs quickly noticed her gajillion-carat wedding ring -- hard not to, it's blinding -- and asked her about it, point-blank.

Watch the vid ... she doesn't speak much, but she says a lot by blatantly flaunting the ring to cameras.

As you know Wendy filed to divorce Kevin Hunter back in April, shortly after he and his alleged mistress had a baby. It's been a nasty split ... with Kevin getting booted from his job as executive producer on her talk show -- and more recently getting into a fight with their son, Kevin Jr.

Despite all of that, Wendy's continued rocking the rock, on and off TV. Don't read anything into it, though -- our Wendy sources say there's absolutely no reconciliation going down.

Husbands come and go, but y'know what they say about a girl's BFF.