SpaceX Spectacular Launch!!! Reusable Booster Nails Landing


SpaceX is proving rocket launches never get old, because its latest mission had the precision of ... well, the Rockettes.

The spacecraft shook the ground Sunday at Cape Canaveral in Florida. The mission hurled a bunch of small satellites from both the government and private sectors. There was also SpaceX's Starlink broadband satellite.

The launch was originally set for last month, but was postponed for various reasons. It was scheduled to blast off Saturday, but Mother Nature had other ideas.

What's really amazing ... this is the 5th time the booster was used to rocket SpaceX payload into orbit. It made a perfect, bullseye landing. Really incredible.

Elon Musk once said ... when Delta flies from L.A. to New York, it doesn't throw the plane away when it lands, and SpaceX is mimicking that by making reusable rockets. Again, pretty amazing that NASA couldn't figure it out for all those decades but Elon did.

Nashville Bombing Eerie Police Body Cam Cop Says, 'Good Spot for a Bomb'

Metropolitan Nashville Police Department

The Nashville police officers who were on scene just minutes before the massive blast walked right by the RV that exploded and devastated the downtown area, and you hear one of them say, "Good spot for a bomb."

Metro Nashville PD

Body cam from the Christmas Day explosion was just released, and you hear the 2 cops talking as they pass the RV. One of them says, "That building that it's next to [AT&T] houses all the hard lines for phones throughout the southeast." The other cop says, "Makes sense. Good spot for a bomb."

TMZ first reported, the RV at the scene looked identical to the RV at the home of Anthony Quinn Warner that you can see on Google Maps from last year.

Exactly one minute after the end of that conversation the bomb explodes, decimating the area. One of the shocking things ... the officers don't really react when they hear the bomb go off ... they just go about their job.

You then hear a police dispatcher ordering an immediate roll call, to see if all the officers are safe.

Authorities say Warner was the suicide bomber behind the explosion. Cops believe he may have been paranoid about 5G technology, leading him to carry out the attack.

Anthony Quinn Warner Confirmed as Nashville Bomber ... Died in RV Explosion, Photo Released

Breaking News
WZTV Fox 17 News, Nashville

4:27 PM PT -- CBS has released the first purported photo of Anthony Warner.

Correspondent Jeff Pegues writes, "@CBSNews has obtained a photo of Anthony Quinn Warner, the Person Of Interest in the #Nashville #bombing. Investigators believe he died in the blast...more to come"

Authorities have confirmed the identity of the Nashville bomber -- it's who everyone thought it might be, and his fate is also sealed ... the guy's a goner.

The U.S. Attorney for Tennessee made the revelation Sunday at a presser, saying 63-year-old Anthony Quinn Warner is, indeed, the man they believe detonated a bomb in an RV that was camped out in front of the AT&T building in downtown Nashville early Christmas morning.


He also said Warner died at the bomb site, and that human tissue discovered -- and later analyzed by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation -- matched Warner's DNA profile.

As for the RV ... officials say that, too, also belonged to Warner. They linked the VIN number to him. It appears the vehicle had been in his possession for a while, as it had been seen parked at his property as recently as last year. Neighbors also ID'd it in interviews.

Still no word on motive -- although there's speculation he might've been paranoid about 5G tech, but that hasn't been confirmed. The feds also say they can't link his act to any type of ideology they've picked up on in the early days of their investigation. As a result, they aren't dubbing it as terrorism just yet.

Fortunately, Warner himself is the only fatality from the bombing ... which is pretty miraculous considering how big it was. A few people were injured, but not critically.

The moments leading up to the explosion add an extra layer of unease as the why continues to be a mystery ... Warner had an alarm blaring for several minutes telling people to evacuate, and then right before his bomb went off -- cops say he played Petula Clark's "Downtown."


Surrounding businesses were decimated in the blast -- not to mention other damage to public property -- and several shopkeepers are looking for help as they navigate next steps.

Originally published -- 2:31 PM PT

Nashville Bomber Taunts Cops with Song 'Downtown' Before Blast


The Nashville bomber made a game out of his terror plot ... he not only amplified his 15-minute warning to authorities, he wanted the area to reverberate with a classic song that has a connection to the area.

Authorities and others in the area heard the song, "Downtown" by Petula Clark blaring from the RV that eventually exploded, wreaking havoc in Nashville's downtown area.

A police spokesperson who clearly was unfamiliar with the song by butchering the singer's name -- he's got an excuse because he's too young to know the tune -- said the song is all about shining lights and such.

As we reported, authorities are looking at a person of interest ... 63-year-old Anthony Quinn Warner, who had an RV that looked just like the one that exploded and has not been seen since the bombing. He's also the right age to know the song, which became a massive hit in 1964.

There's another verse -- the opening one, actually -- that could be more telling ... "When you're alone and life is making you lonely you can always go, downtown."

The FBI seems to be working on the theory Warner, who did IT work, was paranoid over 5G technology, believing it was being used to spy on Americans. The AT&T building was heavily damaged. It's unclear if it was the target of the attack.

Nashville Bombing Bomber May Have Been Paranoid ... Over 5G Technology

The Nashville bomber may have had a motive that had nothing to do with hurting people ... it seems the FBI believes he may have been paranoid over 5G technology.

As you know, one of the structures damaged was the AT&T building. The person of interest authorities are honing in on -- 63-year-old Anthony Quinn Warner -- may have feared 5G was being used to spy on Americans ... this according to a report by the NBC affiliate in Nashville.


The FBI interviewed a Nashville real estate agent who had hired Warner to do IT for him. Agents asked the realtor if Warner had mentioned anything about his feelings toward 5G technology, but he had not.

As we reported, Warner had an RV on his property that was similar to the one carrying explosives that detonated Xmas Day in the business district of Nashville, knocking out AT&T service.

There's another interesting turn ... Warner apparently had conveyed the property to a 29-year-old woman last month ... this according to the NY Post. He transferred title without charging her a penny. The woman told The Post she had no knowledge of the transfer.


Warner and his RV have not been seen since the bombing, at least not publicly. As we reported, tissue was found at the scene which authorities say could be human remains. The operating theory seems to be this was a suicide bombing.

Nashville Bombing New Video of Immense Impact Nearby Biz Recorded, Exterior Shots Too


3:16 PM PT -- The full scope of the Nashville explosion can now be seen from both inside and out -- because new footage has emerged that depicts a straight-on shot of the moment the RV went up in flames ... all while people, including cops, were in close proximity.

Waiting for your permission to load the Facebook Video.

Check out this video that's circulating on Facebook right now -- which shows officers on the scene trying to evacuate the area. Word is that at least 4 cops were on the ground telling people to steer clear and to head back inside for cover, and very likely saved lives.

The street appeared to be blocked off as police investigated the suspicious RV, which was blaring an evacuation alarm of its own for several minutes. As they attempted to figure out what was going on, the RV blew up and scorched the surrounding area.

Another video apparently shows someone who was walking their dog right before the explosion -- captured from nearby surveillance video -- and a cop who approaches them to ward them off. They're both caught in the blast, but neither appeared to be seriously hurt.

You can also hear the raw blast for the first time here -- it sounds like something out of a movie (in a bad way).

The Nashville explosion that rocked downtown sent shards of glass and rubble flying all about in neighboring businesses -- including this one ... which was just a few short yards away from the blast.

TMZ has obtained new video captured from inside a sports bar named Buffalo's -- which sits at 2nd Ave and Commerce Street ... literally right down the block from where the RV in question blew up in a ball of fire. It's clear from this clip -- the impact was absolutely immense.

The security footage from inside shows 4 different angles from within the building -- all of which documented the moment shock waves from the explosion came roaring through their building early Christmas morning ... sending window fragments and debris in every direction.


The apparent bombing seems to have been orchestrated to go down in the wee hours -- right before 6:30 AM, based on what we're seeing here -- which is fortunate for the Buffalo's team ... because it doesn't look like anyone was inside yet. If they were, they would've almost certainly been seriously injured, or possibly killed by the explosion or flying debris.

Of course, there are reports of 3 injuries -- but, thankfully, none of them critical. Law enforcement has identified one person of interest, and agents are at his home now investigating ... but so far, nobody is in custody. It's likely the suspected bomber is dead.

As for Buffalo's ... they're especially in need of some help right now. Not only were they struck hard by the pandemic and new COVID measures in Davidson County, but their staffers have also been affected by natural disasters from earlier this year -- and now, this mess.

They got a GoFundMe set up to help hold over hourly employees' living expenses as upper management figures out the next steps. Any and every little bit helps, we're sure.

Originally Published -- 2:22 PM PT

Nashville Explosion Person of Interest Had Similar RV ... Apparently Ran Alarm Biz

Exclusive Details

1:29 PM PT -- The man who has reportedly been identified as a person of interest appears to have run a private electronics business that specializes in custom alarms ... something people say jibes with the evacuation alarm that went off before the RV in question exploded.

The business is registered in the area, but it's not located at a storefront as you might imagine ... instead, the address is linked to a residential home on a sleepy street near the neighborhood of Murray Heights -- about 20 minutes from central Nashville.

The phone number associated with the business does not appear to be operational at this time either. It's unclear if the person of interest has been taken into custody or not -- but ATF agents are currently at his home and have taped off the premise.

12:44 PM PT -- The person of interest who cops and feds are raiding right now had a very similar looking RV parked on his property as recently as last year.

Check out what we found on Google Maps ... a shot of the guy's home in Antioch, TN -- just a stone's throw away from Nashville -- and it shows an RV that appears eerily similar. It's unclear if it's the same RV that blew up in downtown Nashville Friday, but it certainly could be based on this.

The guy -- whom TMZ is not yet naming -- has not been taken into custody yet as far as we know. As we reported, it appears authorities believe the culprit blew himself up in the explosion.

No current threat
Fox News

The person who intentionally set off a massive explosion in Nashville has apparently died -- because authorities say they aren't actively searching for anyone who might be directly responsible ... which would be standard operating procedure if they were alive.

Cops and federal official held a news conference Saturday with an update on where things stood after an RV blew up in downtown and caused devastating damage ... and the main takeaway here is that there's no manhunt underway for the culprit, which is telling.


Considering law enforcement came out early and said this appeared intentional means somebody's to blame -- and there's no way in hell cops and agents wouldn't be pounding the pavement if they thought the person who did this might still be walking free.

Tie that with the fact that officials have also said it looks like they've found possible human remains at the scene -- that leads one to believe that the culprit was blown to smithereens.

Here's another thing that makes us think the bomber is a goner ... he was referred to as the "ultimate Scrooge" by the U.S. Attorney there -- that's not the tone one takes when your man is on the run.

Now, cops have said they're pursuing over 500 tips for possible leads about others who might've been involved ... and there's a report there is one person of interest. A raid's going down at a Nashville-area home, where neighbors apparently saw a similar looking RV parked in recent weeks.

There've been no reported arrests ... just a lot of speculation. Cops say there are no more active threats they're aware of either -- which also points to the fact this was probably a successful suicide bombing, and an isolated incident.

The how and why are still unknown -- but law enforcement is scrambling for answers.

Originally Published -- 12:16 PM PT

Murdock, Minnesota Approves Whites-Only Church

Just like ol' times in Murdock, Minnesota, where a "whites-only" church just got approval to open its doors.

It's true ... The Asatru Folk Assembly applied and was granted a conditional use permit to preach its pre-Christian messages. The Church, which formed in Northern Europe, operates openly to exclude anyone but white people.

The Murdock City Council approved the permit this month, but not without protest. There's a petition drive opposing the Council's move and it has 50,000 signatures, though clearly not just from the town. Murdock has a population of 280.

Many locals have also protested, saying they support the growing Latino population in the town and favor them over the views of the church.

It's unclear what factors went into the Council's decision to approve the permit.

Neo-Nazis T-Shirts Sold with Holocaust Message ... '6 Million Wasn't Enough'

A neo-Nazi t-shirt is being hawked online, with a message bemoaning that more Jews were not exterminated during the Holocaust.

The shirt is emblazoned with letters and numbers ... "6MWE" -- that's code for 6 million wasn't enough.

It's important to note these do not seem to be Holocaust deniers ... they're actually acknowledging that 6 million Jews were savagely murdered, but they feel like the Nazis could have done more.

The logo has a resemblance to the Proud Boys logo, but it's unclear exactly who's behind this disgusting display.

We reached out to, the company selling the shirt ... so far, no word back.

Jupiter & Saturn Shine Bright in Rare Alignment ... Dubbed 'Great Conjunction'

If you saw an extra bright star in the sky Monday evening, you're not alone -- our Solar System's 2 biggest planets crossed paths ... closer than they've been since the year 1226!!!

Monday's winter solstice -- the longest night of the year -- happened to coincide with a rare celestial occurrence star-gazers call the Great Conjunction, when Jupiter and Saturn align in their respective orbits around the sun ... only this time, they got extra cozy in space.

While Jupiter will pass Saturn every 20 years, the last the gas planets appeared as together as they do this right now was some 800 years ago. That time, they nestled up too close to the sun, so hardly anybody could see. Now, they're crystal clear in the night sky.

It's a rare, cool thing ... one that's colloquially been called the "Christmas Star" -- y'know, from the Bible and all. The planets might look conjoined to the naked eye, but even then -- they're about one-tenth of a degree apart from our vantage point.

Up there, though, they're really hundreds of millions of miles apart. Still, there's no way you could've missed their closest point Monday if you looked to the southwest shortly after sunset ... assuming weather conditions allowed for a peek. Tons of folks snagged photos too.

Jupiter and Saturn will remain in close proximity for the remainder of the month, but after that, they'll drift back apart to their usual distance.

Just think ... NONE of us will be around the next time it happens. Pretty neat we were able to see it, huh?!?

Boston PD Cops Pepper Spray, Strike Protesters ... 'I wanna hit this Asshole'


12:31 PM PT -- Boston Police Commissioner William G. Gross tells TMZ ... “As soon as these videos were brought to my attention, I immediately ordered my Bureau of Professional Standards to open and conduct a thorough and fair investigation into this matter, and the totality of circumstances involved."

"I have placed a Sergeant involved in this incident on administrative leave and I will take any additional action as necessary at the conclusion of the investigation. I want to encourage people to bring these matters to our attention so that we can investigate them appropriately.”

Some Boston cops were excited about pepper-spraying people protesting police brutality ... unloading on them almost like warriors ... and it was apparent, some of them were nervous that body cams were recording their actions and their words.

The incident went down in June, in the wake of George Floyd's death. Protesters were in the Boston Commons area, where cops attempted to disperse the crowd.

You see and hear a cop armed with pepper spray saying, "I got a little left. I wanna hit this asshole."

Shortly thereafter, you see a demonstrator with hands up, but a cop levels the protester with a billy club to the chest.

You hear other cops say, "Start spraying the f*****rs." There was even talk among the cops of using vehicles as weapons.

At the beginning of the video, you hear one of the cops say "I'm f***ing hitting people with the car," and then a fellow cop whose body cam is recording the conversation, quickly and nervously walks away and then announces, "This thing is on." Then the story changes and the cop says "I didn't hit anybody."

The body cam video, which was just released, has triggered an internal affairs investigation.

Originally Published -- 7:58 AM PT

Connie Chung Working with Sawyer and Walters Was Like Tonya Harding Kneecapping Nancy Kerrigan

5:10 PM PT -- A rep for Barbara tells TMZ, "Barbara paved the way for every female journalist that came after her. She has been a tremendous supporter for all women."

Connie Chung just went scorched earth on some huge names in news ... saying working with Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer was "not unlike what Tonya Harding did to Nancy Kerrigan."

Chung was on "The Originals" podcast for L.A. Magazine and dished about her time as an anchor at ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN. She said, "When I got to ABC news, I joined with Both Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer there and I thought, "Oh, this is going to be great. It'll be three women who get along."

Chung says it couldn't have been further from the truth, claiming her fellow anchors big footed her out of the best interviews ... per ABC news execs.

She was famously paired with Dan Rather as co-anchors of the "CBS Evening News," and says teaming up with Rather was right out of "Psycho."

And, there's more. Connie, who's been married to Maury Povich since 1984, frequently appeared on David Letterman's show. There was a lot of chatter they were flirting with each other, although Connie says, "I had this thing for him, and he had a thing for me, and I really think it was inexplicable in that respect." But, then she went on to say, "And yet, I really didn't have a thing for him. Do you know what I mean?" Sorta.

She went on to say Dave's "a dark, unhappy sort of, I don't mean he's unhappy. He is a kvetch ... He's anti-social is what he is."

Chung also had harsh words for Hugh Grant ... she had a cameo in "The Undoing." She says, "He was not very friendly. I had interviewed him right after 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' for his next movie. So when I saw him I said, 'Oh hi. I interviewed you ... do you remember? And he said, 'No."

We reached out to reps for Dan, Diane, Barbara and Dave ... so far, no word back.

Originally Published -- 4:59 PM PT

COVID Vaccine Black Woman First to Get it in NY State ... Black Doctor Led Research

Breaking News

12:09 PM PT -- There's nothing for African-Americans to fear about the vaccination effort, because it wasn't rushed and a Black doctor was at the forefront of research ... so says Dr. Louito Edje.


The good doc joined us on "TMZ Live" Monday and offered an easy-to-understand analogy about the vaccine process ... telling us why it's like a cake that's been carefully baked for 20 years and just needed the right icing.

Dr. Edje also points out Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett, an African-American scientist, led the team behind the COVID-19 vaccine and even got the shot herself.

The first vaccine in New York was administered Monday -- and the person they chose to give it to speaks volumes about very real concerns regarding safety and mistrust of the government.

The recipient was intensive-care nurse Sandra Lindsay, a Black woman working in healthcare, and she got the shot at the Long Island Jewish Medical Center in Queens. Before the deed was done, Sandra was hailed for her bravery ... for getting vaccinated in public, and for months of work treating COVID patients on the front lines.

As the doctor, also a woman of color, injected the needle ... Sandra didn't even flinch, and got a big round of applause.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo was on standby, watching the inoculation virtually. He noted Sandra didn't make a fuss about it and that the doc who did it -- Dr. Chester --- must have a good touch. Sandra responded that it felt like any other shot or vaccine she's gotten before.

The fact New York decided to publicize the first Pfizer vaccination with 2 women of color shouldn't be lost on folks.

As we've mentioned, and as the federal government has noted too, African-Americans are highly suspicious of this vaccination effort, and many say they won't take it or don't trust it.


There's a myriad of reasons why, but we got an up-close and personal look at that mindset this weekend with none other than Offset ... who told us straight-up he wasn't planning to get the shot.

Originally published -- 8:29 AM PT

SpaceX Starship Test Flight Ends with Fiery Crash ... Back to Drawing Board!!!


Elon Musk, we have a problem.

SpaceX's much-hyped high-altitude test flight of Starship -- a spacecraft designed to take people and cargo to the moon and Mars -- ended in a fireball as it crash-landed Wednesday in South Texas.

Video shows the large reusable capsule, which is supposed to land vertically, came down way too hard and instantly exploded. However, even though the footage is crazy ... it was not unexpected.

Musk predicted Starship would likely crash land, but said data gathered in the test flight would be critical in moving the mission forward. SpaceX stated ... "With a test such as this, success is not measured by completion of specific objectives but rather how much we can learn."

Hopefully, the company and its CEO learned a lot from what looks like one very expensive experiment.

Spike Lee Presents Teen with Courage Award ... For Recording George Floyd's Death

PEN America

Spike Lee praised Darnella Frazier -- the teen who captured George Floyd's death on video, sparking worldwide protests -- while presenting her with an award for courage.

The famed director said he was "proud of my sister" in presenting Frazier with the 2020 PEN/Benenson Freedom of Expression Courage Award during Tuesday night's PEN America Virtual Gala. Spike made note of what everyone's been saying about Frazer ... her courage to stand there for more than 10 minutes to record every minute of George's last dying breath reverberated around the world.

For her part ... Frazer said everything that transpired after posting the video on social media has been a lot to take in and NOTHING she would have ever imagined. She also said she felt honored about Spike presenting the award.

The org noted Frazer didn't set out to change the world on May 25 ... just another teenager looking out for her young cousin heading to a nearby store when she saw Floyd's encounter with cops ... including ex-cop Derek Chauvin pressing his knee on Floyd's neck.

MAY 2020
Facebook/ Darnella Frazier

As we reported ... Darnella's bravery didn't come without her facing her own consequences in the aftermath of her video. Her family told us they sought therapy to help Darnella cope with the emotional trauma.

Her video would ultimately spark a worldwide movement against racism and injustice, resulting in the Minneapolis cops involved to be fired and face criminal charges, including murder. And, it was Frazier's video that sparked the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act ... passed by the U.S. House of Representatives. The video also led to police reform in more than 20 U.S. states.

COVID-19 Vaccine Russians Told to Avoid Drinking ... No Shots After Shots!!!

Russia's vodka industry is taking a major hit -- leaders over there are telling citizens to lay off the sauce when they get the coronavirus vaccine.

Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova says Russians who receive the Sputnik V vaccine -- which is administered in 2 phases 21 days apart -- must abstain from alcohol for 42 days ... because it's an immunosuppressant.

That's not all -- Russians planning to get the vaccine are also supposed to give up drinking 2 weeks before their first injection. So, that's about 2 months of sobriety for people living in the nation known to be one of the world's leading alcohol consumers.

Anna Popova, head of Russia’s consumer watchdog agency, says beer and liquor are a strain on the body, adding ... "If we want to stay healthy and have a strong immune response, don’t drink alcohol." Smoking cigarettes is also being discouraged.

So far, Russian officials estimate 100,000 have received the Sputnik V vaccine.

We know what you're thinking, and there's no word of a similar instruction for the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines.

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