Patrick Mahomes Hits Cabo With Thonged-Out GF ... No Coronavirus Fears Here!!!

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Patrick Mahomes STAYS winning!!!

The Super Bowl MVP avoided the coronavirus pandemic this week by soaking in some Mexico rays -- and he did it all with his bikini-clad GF and a grip of her friends!!

The Chiefs superstar hit up a boat with his boo, Brittany Matthews, and her crew down in Cabo ... and as you can see, there wasn't a COVID-19 concern insight.

Mahomes sucked face with Brittany often, chilled on the boat's bed ... and it sure as hell looked like he and everyone else had a blast.

"Great times with Great people!!" Mahomes said of the trip.

Of course, it's just the latest in a long line of Ws for the 24-year-old ... who just can't seem to lose these last few weeks.

Remember, the QB put on a clinic in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl against the 49ers last month ... and he partied his face off just about every day after!!


FYI, Mahomes is also in the middle of a 4-year, $16 MILLION deal that could get ripped up by the Chiefs for the richest contract in NFL history this offseason.

Yeah, some guys just have it all.

Gisele Bundchen Perfectly Timed Beach Getaway ... Feelin' Fine in Costa Rica!!!

Gisele Bundchen's having a helluva time on her annual vacay ... splashing around on a beach, and proving she's still got bikini model game!!!

Tom Brady's supermodel wife is down in Costa Rica for their family's off-season getaway ... and she decided to splash around and strike a few fun poses for a photog.

Gisele's looking every bit like the Brazilian bombshell who became the world's highest-paid model -- rocking her chocolate bikini top and animal print bottoms, and showing off her legs and perfectly toned abs. Yes, she's officially retired from modeling, but ... c'mon.

There's plenty of uncertainty about Tom these days -- no one knows where he's gonna play for the upcoming NFL season, after 20 years with the New England Patriots.

These pics make one thing very clear ... he doesn't have to play. Giselle can still bring home the bacon!!!

Ben Affleck Oscar-Winning Instagram BF ... Romantic Pics with Ana!!!

Ben Affleck's already got a handle on the Instagram boyfriend lifestyle -- he's happily snapping beach shots of his hot new girlfriend, Ana de Armas!!!

The couple's down in Costa Rica for a romantic getaway after finishing filming on their upcoming movie. There have been plenty of rumors about them hooking up, but these shots of their romantic stroll confirm it ... they're totally smitten.

Ben couldn't take his eyes off his "Deep Water" costar during Tuesday's walk in the sand -- and not only because he was taking pics of her. When he wasn't behind the lens, Ben got up close and cozy ... snuggling with Ana on the beach.

The PDA proves the chemistry just keeps flowing between these 2 after playing husband and wife for the big screen. We recently saw them in Ana's native Cuba, so things are definitely heating up.

As they say in CR ... pura vida, Ana and Ben!!! Pura vida, indeed.

Liam Hemsworth The Water's Great Down Under ... Not to Mention My New GF

Liam Hemsworth's post-Miley Cyrus life is going swimmingly -- and by that, we mean he and his new girlfriend are making a casual dip in the ocean look smoking hot.

The Aussie actor was splashing around with model Gabriella Brooks this weekend in Byron Bay -- the coastal town where he and bro, Chris Hemsworth, both live. It looks like they went out pretty deep at first, and then started a leisurely swim back toward the shore.

Check out the walk-up back onto the beach ... looks like they're making their bid for a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover. And yes, GB shows off all her best sides here -- Liam too for that matter. These 2 might be couple goals, fitness goals and life goals all-in-one.

The couple was first linked back in December, but it wasn't until January that a bunch of PDA pics surfaced that it was confirmed they were dating. No better way to ring in the new year -- and a finalized divorce with Miley -- than flaunting your new boo.

Of course, Miley's moved on as well. The kids are alright.

Mama June's Kids Plastic Surgery For Anna and Jessica ... From Not To Hot?!?


Mama June's kids are following suit in going from not to hot ... because we've learned they recently went under the knife for a slew of plastic surgeries.

Sources close to the family tell TMZ ... two of June's kids, Anna Cardwell and Jessica Shannon, ventured to Los Angeles Friday for extensive cosmetic procedures ... and it cost a small fortune.

Anna's plastic surgeries included a breast lift and implants -- going from a B cup to a D cup -- courtesy of Dr. Michael K. Obeng. She also got 16 veneers from Dr. Aamir Wahab. All told, Anna's tab ran $47,450.

We're told Anna wants to feel good after having two kids and going through a divorce ... and she felt going under the knife in Bev Hills was the way to go.

As for Jessica, our sources say she was 230 lbs and now down to 185 lbs after getting a weight loss balloon in her stomach from Dr. Samuel Kashani. She also got liposuction on her back, flanks and bra area, plus a tummy tuck, all from Dr. Obeng. Jessica's got new teeth too -- 8 veneers from the same doc who operated on Anna.

We're told Jessica wants to be a plus-sized model and meet a man, and she feels the $80,895 surgical makeover will boost her confidence.

Anna and Jessica are now recovering from the procedures at a home in Encino, and when the bandages come off, they'll look a lot different than this pic from last month.

As you know ... Mama underwent an incredible surgical transformation herself and turned it into her own reality show, "Mama June From Not To Hot."

Mama's not looking too hot these days though ... so hopefully, Anna and Jessica don't follow June's exact blueprint.

Celebs Piggin' Out Happy Pig Day!

It's pig day and there really is no better way to celebrate this wacky holiday than to share some snaps of piggies hoggin' up famous feeds!

From stars such as Khloe Kardashian and Nick Lachey to Jessica Burciaga and Anthony Anderson these celebs have helped some sweet snouts get a good whiff of their lavish life.

In honor of this big day we're sharing some of the best pig appreciation pics with you ... Dive right into our gallery of celebs pigging out to see all the famous faces making some new four-legged friends!

These guys are far from boar-ing!

Lizzo Hilfiger Thong Line, Though??? ... Yeah, I'm Into It


Lizzo says Tommy Hilfiger has connected with her on a future collab, and the article of clothing she thinks they can peddle best ... butt cheek dental floss.

We got the pop superstar Sunday outside of the Sweet Chick waffle house in L.A., where our guy asked what's on the horizon for her after a year of praise and accolades. Before she can even answer, Lizzo tells us straight-up ... she's pretty hungover. So, we helped her out.

Our photog suggests politics as a new lane she could pursue, but Lizzo literally laughs in his face. Hm, okay ... maybe not. On the fashion front, however, she's apparently making moves.


You'll recall ... we ran into Tommy in December when he told us he wanted to work with Lizzo in some capacity for a potential new line ... telling us he thought she was a star.

Welp, it seems TH may have gotten in touch ... and Lizzo says she's landed on good old-fashioned thongs as what they might be working on. Makes sense, that's kinda her thing.

Lizzo's certainly not afraid to show (and shake) what her momma gave her, as we've seen in the recent past. She actually showed off her thong at a Lakers game in December, and now ... it looks like a Tommy Hilfiger partnership could follow. Assuming either of 'em is serious.

In any case ... Lizzo's upgraded from "kiss my ass" to something a bit more graphic. We'll let her explain for herself.

'Jersey Shore' Star Vinny Takes Third Crack at Chippendales ... Business is Huuuuuge!!!

Vinny from "Jersey Shore" sure is a tease, but luckily for the ladies -- and fellas -- out there, he aims to please ... 'cause he's returning to his Chippendales gig to quench everyone's thirst.

The self-proclaimed Keto Guido will embark on a 7-week engagement beginning April 24 through June 7 at the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino. He'll perform 3 nights a week during that run ... and it's easy to see why they've scheduled him for multiple nights a week.

The self-proclaimed Keto Guido has been great for Chippendales' bottom line after not one but TWO sold-out engagements in 2019. Since his first performance, Chippendales has seen huge demand for him to return.


You'll recall Vinny let it all hang out in May 2019 in a steamy shower scene. He returned for a 6-week engagement later that summer. And, not long after he got Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino to get onstage himself ... but only as a judge. Baby steps.

Lindsey Vonn February Is Bikini Season!

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It's 42 degrees in New York. 18 degrees in Chicago. And, PERFECT BIKINI WEATHER wherever the hell Lindsey Vonn is!

The world-class ski legend is on a secret trip for a secret project with her adorable pup Lucy Vonn ... and it doesn't take a whole lotta investigative reporting to know it's a bikini thing.

Vonn recently hooked up with L Space -- a bikini company -- and by the looks of things, they made a good choice in a spokesperson!

The 35-year-old Olympic superstar has had a pretty massive year -- she got engaged to her NHL star boyfriend P.K. Subban (remember they proposed to each other?!) and officially retired from competitive downhill skiing.

The good news ... she's got options!

Steph Curry and Ayesha What's Poppin'?!? Grinding It Out On Vacay!!!

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Steph Curry didn't attend the NBA All-Star game ... he had better plans!

The superstar is currently on a pretty sick beach vacation with his wife, Ayesha (looks like they're in Mexico) ... and clearly, they're super into each other.

Here's Steph bustin' out a little hip thrust while a bikini-clad Ayesha licks on his face.

Steph posted a caption, "Vacation vibes with my one and only like dat!"

Ayesha replied, "You coulda at least popped a filter on this. I love you though"

The couple got some social media love from Steph's NBA pals -- with people like Kevin Durant commenting, "Living your best life bro."

Dwyane Wade added, "Like That!!!"

Steph and Ayesha have been married since 2011. They have 3 kids together.

So, why didn't Steph play in the All-Star game? He's still recovering from a hand injury he suffered back in October. Curry insists he's still aiming to return to the court this season, but it doesn't really make a lot of sense since the Warriors are 12-43, the worst record in the NBA.

Just enjoy your vacation, bro.

Liziane Gutierrez Ball So Hard ... For All-Star Weekend!!!

Bikini model Liziane Gutierrez is getting out of her bubble -- ditching the glamorous life for the bump-and-grind of basketball, and she has King James on the brain ... and her cheeks.

The Brazilian poser and a gal pal had no problem choosing sides for the NBA All-Star Game, which is going down this weekend in Chicago. Liziane took on her friend in a game of hoops -- in MUCH-shorter shorts than the pros -- and just to keep it real, they made their allegiances known.

Liziane took an L on her butt for team LeBron James, while her friend's a straight G ... for Team Giannis Antetokounmpo. Those are the actual teams competing in Chi-town.

Anyway, check out the pics of their game -- it was truly a thong o' beauty. No word on who won. Luckily, we know you don't really care.

WWE Superstar Lana Thong-Out For Valentine's Day ... Screw Flowers!!!


Forget chocolate hearts and teddy bears ... this is the best Valentine's Day gift ever!!

WWE Superstar Lana blessed us all with a behind-the-scenes video of a boat photo shoot ... and it's amazing.

Lana donned the white and pink teenie-bikini ... and said "#HappyValentinesDay!!!"

Lana's been out on a Bahamas vacay ... and thankfully she's found a strong enough Wi-Fi connection to wish everyone a special V-day.

Of course, the drama in Lana's love life has played out for the world to see in the squared circle ... she's in the middle of a love triangle with husband Rusev and Bobby Lashley.

Lucky, lucky guys.

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