'Riverdale' Star Trevor Stines Signs Modeling Contract ... Jason Really Blossoms!!!

The guy who played the high schooler who gets killed in the first season of "Riverdale" is now killing it with his good looks ... and he just landed his first modeling deal.

Trevor Stines -- best known for playing Jason Blossom on the teen drama TV series -- signed with DT Model Management and the agency says it has high hopes for the hunky actor.

DT agent, Ricardo Guerrero, tells us he knew about Trevor from Riverdale, but what really caught his attention was his sexy role in the Lifetime movie, "Purity Falls."

Stargazer Films USA

In the flick, Stines plays a high school wrestler who gets entrapped in a neighborhood woman's male escort business ... but the movie poster really says it all.

Guerrero says the team met with Trevor, and along with his flawless features ... his personality won them over. He adds that DT's hoping to book Stines in ad campaigns, and because of his "classic beauty" and charm ... they want him in fashion shows too.

BTW -- Trevor's 6'1" ... a perfect model height for the runway.

Justin Bieber New Neck Tattoo ... The Bird is The Word


Justin Bieber's latest ink runs afoul afowl ... he's got a giant bird plastered on his neck.

The Biebs unveiled his new neck tattoo as he was leaving church Wednesday night with his wife, Hailey. As you can see ... there's a bird on the left side of his neck with its head facing his Adam's apple, appearing set for flight across Justin's throat.


Hard to tell what kind of bird it is, but it makes a nice addition to all the other animal artwork on his body. As you may know, Bieber has a giant bear tattoo on his chest across from a giant lion tattoo... and an eagle with its wings stretched is inked across his abs.

Justin teased his fans on Instagram about the new tat, saying he got a new one and asked if they wanted to see it ... but he's yet to share a shot of the final product himself.

Unclear if JB was inspired by "Portlandia" while deciding what to permanently add to his neck ... but he definitely put a bird on it!

Jason Derulo I Was Only Semi-Aroused on IG ... AND Fresh Out the Pool!!!


Jason Derulo says he's a victim of a social media double standard -- and he informed us about this while totally gloating about the size of his junk. Well played, JD.

We ran into the singer Wednesday hours after Instagram deleted his famous underwear pic by a pool in Bali -- the very definition of living large. IG's explanation was that Jason was showing off "aroused genitalia" with the giant bulge in his briefs.

Jason's throwing cold water on that theory though ... telling he wasn't all THAT aroused in the photo, calling it more of a "semi" sitch. He says basic knowledge of the male anatomy supports his claim. Buckle up for Prof. Derulo's lesson, class.

Now, as for any potential shrinkage -- he was emerging from a pool, after all -- Jason admits that was NOT an issue.

Yeah, as they say in ancient Rome ... res ipsa loquitur. The thing speaks for itself.

Watch the clip ... there is a serious point Jason wants to get across -- he believes IG is discriminating against his natural blessings. He's demanding equality, and he's ready to chat with Facebook and Instagram about it.

We wouldn't suggest a poolside meeting. Unless ...

Kendall Jenner Saddles Up with Bella ... Poolside in Miami


Here's Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid just trying to stay low-key and under the radar in Miami and ... OH MY GOD KENDALL'S STRADDLING BELLA!!!

The smokin' hot models are in Miami this week for Art Basel, and they took a break from the festivities to soak up rays poolside at The Setai Miami Beach.

Kendall's really feeling the hump day vibes ... climbing on top of Bella and straddling her before getting into their bikinis. Bella certainly didn't seem to mind, flashing a huge and playful grin.


Kendall eventually returned to her own lounge chair, and the girls showed off their flawless figures in some super skimpy bikinis. The sex appeal is real.

BTW ... Kendall and Bella are both officially single.

Art Basel is cool and all ... but these two are the real works of art.

Jason Derulo IG Ain't Having 'Anaconda' Pic ... No 'Aroused Genitalia'!!!

Jason Derulo's got a problem most men would die for ... his penis is too big to post underwear pics on social media.

Jason just had his recent Instagram shot flaunting his manhood taken down for violating the platform's community guidelines on nudity and sexual activity ... and a Facebook spokesperson tells TMZ Jason's post got the heave-ho because it featured "aroused genitalia."

Glad we got to the bottom of that!!!


Jason's not taking the removal too kindly ... he says it's a double standard because women flaunt their bodies all over the 'gram. He points out he's covering his junk with underwear and says it's a clear example of discrimination because he can't help his size.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Dude may have a point ... we did some snooping and found a pic of The Game showing off his endowment in some nut huggers, and it's yet to be removed after over a year. Sorry bud, guess you ain't on Jason's level!!!

Anyway, the next time Jason feels in the mood to show off his family jewels ... he can safely share it on Twitter.

Sofia Richie Sexy Thanksgiving With Scott Disick ... Miami Is The Place To Be!!!


Sofia Richie is giving Scott Disick plenty to be thankful for ... hitting the beach on Thanksgiving and wearing the hell out of a skimpy bikini.

Sofia is flaunting her smoking-hot body, rocking this sexy lavender bikini during a romantic Turkey Day getaway to South Beach with Lord Disick.


As you can see, there's plenty of sun in Miami ... Sofia's blocking the rays with some Chanel sunglasses, and Scott's got his shades on too.

He clearly made the right choice with his Thanksgiving plans ... Scott's got a front-row seat to watch his chick work on her tan. Sexy holiday trips are kinda their thing -- they were in Mexico earlier this year for Easter.

Miami seems like the place to be for celebs this Thanksgiving ... Justin and Hailey are also living it up in the 305, with the Biebs teasing some new tunes.

While you're here, check out the gallery ... and thank us later.

David Guetta & GF Mad Love in Miami ... Beach Bods on Display!!!

David Guetta and his girlfriend -- but definitely not his fiancee -- are still going strong, and reminding everyone they're one of the hottest and fittest couples out there.

The EDM superstar and Jessica Ledon hit up the beach Tuesday in Miami and went through the full course of PDA -- hugging, kissing, and lovingly holding hands.

The shirtless DJ and the curvaceous actress are a sight to behold, as is the rock on her ring finger.

Don't get too excited, though ... as we told you last year, David and Jessica are NOT engaged because Guetta doesn't believe in marriage anymore. That giant diamond she's flaunting is a promise ring she got from him, vowing "love and commitment" ... but no wedding.

Guetta was married for 24 years before getting divorced in 2014, and he and Ledon have now been dating since 2015.

Seems like the promise ring's doing the trick.

Russell Wilson Futbol In Mexico With Ciara ... During Seahawks' Bye

There's no football for Russell Wilson this week ... so he decided to get in a little futbol during the Seahawks' bye -- hitting Mexico for some soccer with Ciara!!!

The Seattle superstar grabbed his fam and smokin' hot wife and headed down to Cabo for a little R&R ... and the Wilson clan seemed to be having a blast on the Seahawks' off week.

Wilson had the guns out ... Ciara was in a bikini top ... and the whole crew looked thrilled to be getting some kicks in away from the rain in Seattle.

Of course, it ain't like there was much else Russ needed to escape in the Pacific Northwest  ... the QB is having the season of his life, and is a front runner for the NFL MVP award.

But, hey ... when you can go to Cabo with a bikini-clad Ciara -- nobody's gonna have a problem with that!!!

Stay winning, Russ!!!

Alex Bregman Island Vacay With Smokin' Hot GF ... What Astros Scandal?!?

Breaking News

Here's Alex Bregman super concerned about the Astros' cheating scand -- AHH JUST KIDDING, BREGS CLEARLY COULDN'T CARE LESS ABOUT YOUR ACCUSATIONS!!!

The 'Stros superstar bolted from all the drama in Texas this week to get in a sick island vacay with his smokin' hot GF -- proving no matter what's going down in Houston, he's still winning!!!

The third baseman joined up with his GF, Reagan Howard, and his Astros teammate, Jake Marisnick (plus some other buds), to hit up St. Barts in the Caribbean ... and there's obviously zero worries about the possibility his 2017 World Series title could now be tainted.

Bregs has been cruisin' around the island with Howard -- soakin' in the beach and the pool and very obviously not covering all parts of his bod with sunscreen.

Looks like great times are being had by all!!!

Of course, back home in Houston ... things are going less swimmingly. The Astros have launched an investigation into claims they stole signs during the 2017 season.

Bregs has yet to comment on the matter ... but seems he's pretty comfortable letting these pics do all the talking for him.

And, hey, if the team DID cheat during 2017 ... it's not like Alex should care all that much -- 'CAUSE HAVE YOU SEEN HIS GIRLFRIEND?!?

John Legend I'm the Sexiest Man Alive!!!


John Legend has just joined the ranks of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Chris Hemsworth and Idris Elba as People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive.

The announcement was made Tuesday night, much to the excitement of John's wife, Chrissy Teigen, who tweeted, "my secret is out. I have fulfilled my dream of having boned @people's sexiest man alive!! an honor!!!!!" and "I cannot WAIT for people to get mad about John being the sexiest man alive. it's my new Starbucks holiday cup."

Legend's accomplishments include singing and acting -- to name a few -- and he most recently completed the cycle for an EGOT by winning a Tony award for co-producing the play, "Jitney."

John married Chrissy in 2013 and they have 2 kids together.


Caroline Wozniacki Ripped to Shreds ... Check Out These Abs!!!

Breaking News

Turns out, being a pro tennis player helps keep Caroline Wozniacki in INSANE shape!!!

Check out the 29-year-old showing off her shredded bod while rocking a bikini on an L.A. rooftop this week.

Wozniacki has been super busy this year -- when the former #1 ranked player in the world isn't playing tennis, she's been taking classes at Harvard Business School as part of a program that helps athletes build a second career outside of sports.

Caroline is enrolled in the course with her husband, ex-NBA star David Lee, figure skater Ashley Wagner, Knicks guard Reggie Bullock and more.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

There are rumblings Wozniacki -- who had a rough 2019 season -- could retire soon, partly due to her battle with rheumatoid arthritis. But, her brother, Patrick, recently announced she will be playing in at least 2 major tournaments in 2020.

"Right now, in January, she plans to compete at a WTA tournament in Auckland and then the Australian Open," Patrick told TV2 in Denmark.

"So she'll play in 2020, and that's always nice. But I don't know what else is on the program."

Stay tuned ...

Lauren Summer & Kayla Lauren WS Boob Flashers Get VIP Treatment ... at L.A. Chargers Game

Flashing your boobs to the whole country at the World Series definitely has its perks... 'cause models Lauren Summer and Kayla Lauren got the VIP hookup at the L.A. Chargers game!!!

Of course, just last week the ladies made global headlines for exposing their chests while Gerrit Cole was on the mound during Game 5 of the Fall Classic.

MLB booted them from the ballpark and banned them from all MLB events FOR LIFE --  but apparently, they're still welcome at NFL games!!!

So, Lauren and Kayla threw on some Keenan Allen jerseys and hit up the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, CA on Sunday where they got special field access during warmups before the Bolts took on the Packers.

Don't worry, they kept it PG this time.

No sign of Julia Rose at the game, so the trifecta wasn't totally complete ... but 2 outta 3 ain't bad!

For the record, it's unclear if the women were invited by the Chargers -- or if they got hooked up from someone else. We reached out to the team for comment but haven't heard back.

Seems the women were good luck charms for the Chargers -- considering L.A. easily handled the Pack in a 26-11 victory with Aaron Rodgers having one of his worst games of the season.

Maybe he was just distracted.

World Series Boob Flashers Rip Topless Double Standard ... Men Can Do It!

Exclusive Details

12:10 PM PT -- TMZ Sports spoke with the 3 women who bared their breasts at the World Series ... who say it's completely UNFAIR for them to be banned for life while men have been going topless at sporting events for decades!

All 3 women say they're proud supporters of the "Free the Nipple" campaign and all work (and pose) for a magazine that promotes topless equality and sexuality.

The women say they planned the stunt to raise awareness for breast cancer month (they also admit it was a plan to promote their own careers) ... but point out the ridiculous double standard when it comes to women going topless.

The women have been banned indefinitely from attending MLB games while men who have lost their tops regularly face ZERO punishment.


2 smokin' hot models flashed their boobs during Monday night's World Series game ... and now MLB has BANNED the women!!

The incident -- caught by TV cameras -- went down in the 7th inning of Game 5 of the WS between the Nationals and Astros in Washington D.C.

Julia Rose and Lauren Summer -- who have 2.8 and 1.5 million followers on Instagram, respectively -- were seen lifting their shirts up as Gerrit Cole prepared to throw a pitch.


The game was briefly held up ... and security apprehended Rose and Summer and escorted them from their seats.

Rose and Summer's accomplice, Kayla Lauren (also a model), claims the women were taken to police headquarters ... before being released.

Rose posted a letter she says she got from Major League Baseball ... that banned her from MLB events.

The letter, from baseball's VP of Security, says ... "On October 27, 2019, you attended World Series Game 5 at Nationals Park in Washington D.C. During the game, you violated the fan code of conduct by exposing yourself during the 7th inning, in order to promote your business."

"You are hereby banned from all Major League Baseball stadiums and facilities, indefinitely."

"You were also part of a scheme in which you induced others to expose themselves to promote the business."

Why'd they do it? Julia says the motivation was a mix between promoting their publication, ShagMag ... and raising awareness for breast cancer.

Originally Published -- 7:01 AM PT 

Paris Hilton Halloween Hits Hollywood ... Bashes Kick Off!!!

Halloween has officially hit Hollywood -- with massive parties to kick-off the holiday -- including star-studded events held by Paris Hilton and Dan Bilzerian.

Paris' party was held at a massive estate in Beverly Hills ... guests included Heidi Klum and her hubby, Kelly Osbourne, Paris Jackson and Ryan Phillippe. Paris was decked out in a super-hero worthy costume.

Bilzerian held his bash at a mansion in Bel Air with celeb buddies Diplo and Jason Derulo in attendance. The party even featured a neon haunted house for brave guests to walk through.

There are still plenty more parties ahead -- with Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber's Casamigos event Friday -- so keep an eye out for the best-dressed celebs.

Joe Looney Celebrates Cowboys Win With Topless Undies Dance!!!

Breaking News

How are Cowboys backup offensive linemen celebrating their big win over the Eagles???


Dallas beat the hell out of Philadelphia in an absolute must-win game Sunday night ... and for the party Monday, their backup center, Joe Looney, got graphic.

The big fella -- measuring in at 6'3", 315 pounds -- stripped off his shirt AND his pants ... and gave us all a pose-off and a jig that were truly epic.

Looney's known as the team's class clown ... and his Monday victory vid definitely didn't do a damn thing to dispute that!!!

Of course, Looney and the 'Boys have every reason to celebrate ... their win over the Eagles puts them at 4-3 and in sole possession of first place in the NFC East.

It's a bye for the Cowboys next week ... but they meet the Giants on "Monday Night Football" in their next contest on Nov. 4.

So, what's Joe got planned for that Tuesday if Dallas comes down with another W???

Stay tuned ... if you dare!!!

Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino Chippendales Debut Just a Judge ... For Now


Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino hopped onstage at a Chippendales show, but he didn't let it all hang out ... he judged how well other guys could hang.

The "Jersey Shore" star was in Vegas Sunday night along with his wife, Lauren, and Pauly D to watch Vinny Guadagnino reprise his now-legendary routine for one night only ... and his pal invited him up to join the fun.

Vinny asked Sitch to judge a contest to see which of 3 aspiring dancers was most fit to be a Chippendales performer, but he tried to coax Mike into trying out himself.

Check it out ... Situation insists to the crowd, including Lauren, he's just there to judge, but adds a "for now" ... hinting he might put his stripper background to use sometime soon.