42 dugg goes on homophobic rant ... To Defend Kissing Son's Neck

too far???

42 Dugg has responded to a now-viral video of him kissing and licking his son's neck -- and he's firing back with nothing but homophobia.

The rapper addressed a clip he posted late this week in which he's seen being affectionate with his young son -- who just turned 3 -- aboard a plane, which entailed hugging him from behind ... and slobbering all over his neck -- including licking, kissing and sucking.

You can see the kid kinda squirm a bit, but he eventually giggles as if to escape his dad's canoodling. One could argue this was innocent father-son fun, but others took it differently.

Some folks said it was inappropriate, and in some cases ... many just called it gross and speculated it might be child abuse, invoking Child Protective Services and considerations to call them over this. The interaction itself was up for debate ... but Dugg's fiery retort isn't.

Instead of tackle the crux of the issue -- whether this video is fatherly love gone too far -- Dugg went on a rant that was riddled with homophobic language and sentiments ... not entirely different from what DaBaby spewed. Now, he's catching backlash for this too.

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We won't get into all the nitty-gritty from his post -- you can read the since-deleted IG Story above -- but essentially ... Dugg seems to want to distance himself from any talk of homosexuality as it pertains to his relationship with his kid ... further saying he feels he's having same-sex vibes shoved down his throat by famous people and society at large.

Whatever point Dugg was trying to make gets lost in the clear bigotry and apparent hatred he seems to have when it comes to the LGBT crowd. Not a good look ... all the way around.

Bill Maher Rips Cultural Appropriation, Cancel Culture

Real Time with Bill Maher/HBO

Bill Maher is back with a vengeance ... and he's making a case that cancel culture and cultural appropriation are destroying America.

Bill's back from a month-long hiatus and he zeroed in on the honchos at the Olympics who were 86'd for decades-old infractions.

He then targeted a subset of cancel culture -- cultural appropriation, and made a case that it's anathema to empathy. In other words, sharing cultures -- rather than walling them off -- is a celebration of diversity rather than exploitation. His example is surfing -- an AP story called the new Olympic sport an indignity to Hawaiians. Bill calls BS ... you gotta watch and judge for yourself, but he's got some solid arguments.

As for real grievances ... well Bill jumps to the defense of the Olympic horse -- of course, of course.

Air Traffic Controller Video Game Skills Got Me This Job ... FAA Wants More Gamers Like Me!!!


Marcus Brice helps Air Force One take off and land almost every day as an air traffic controller ... and he says it's all because he spent hours playing video games.

The FAA is recruiting the next generation of air traffic controllers, like Marcus, and they're specifically targeting gamers because as it turns out ... skills honed by video games are coming in handy at airports.

Marcus joined us on "TMZ Live" Friday and put a face and a cool story to the FAA's "Level Up" hiring campaign, which seeks to hire 4,300 new air traffic controllers over the next 5 years ... with heavy recruitment going towards gamers, women and minorities.

It's pretty cool ... Marcus explained which video gaming skills set him up with the tools to be an air traffic controller at Joint Base Andrews. And, while the stakes are much, much higher ... he says air traffic control is very much like certain games.

Another bonus Marcus was too humble to brag about ... the gig pays pretty well, with the FAA saying the median annual wage for air traffic controllers is just over $138,000.

See kids, you're not necessarily wasting your time on that screen -- here's a guy who turned it into real-world benefits!!!

Michael Che Shares Tasteless Simone Biles Jokes ... One References Larry Nassar

Michael Che is half-heartedly trying to do damage control after sharing some harsh and tasteless jokes about Simone Biles dropping out of Olympic events.

The 'SNL' star announced late Thursday night on social media he intended to try out some Simone jokes on stage in NYC. That apparently set off a bunch of his followers ... who suggested some material he could add to his act, and Michael reposted them -- including one referencing now convicted molester, Larry Nassar ... Simone being one of his victims.

Che reposted, "Larry Nasser understands Simone Biles better than anyone. He too had to quit doing what he loved at the pinnacle of his career because of mounting pressure."

He critiqued it, writing ... "goddamn, that's rough. absolutely tasteless," but gave it a 9 out of 10. Again, Nassar was convicted of molesting 10 young women in the U.S. gymnastics program.

Che also shared a far less brutal "joke" when he reposted, "Who said black don't crack?"

It's unclear if he actually followed through and tried his, or any of his followers', material onstage. He claimed to have about 3 minutes worth of Biles material on his own.

Che clearly knew there would be severe online backlash for taking shots at such a beloved athlete. Early Friday morning he posted, "I got hacked today. can't believe they got me. yall kno I only do jokes about whites and cops."

The "hack" claim is clearly an attempt at humor. The fact is Che dared to go "there" ... as comedians do. We'll see if he suffers any consequences for it.

Kim Kardashian Beauty Brand Fires Warning Change SKKN Trademark Or Else

Kim Kardashian's just hit a speed bump as she tries to trademark "SKKN" for her new beauty line ... seems there's another brand claiming they've already locked down the name.

Lawyers for Beauty Concepts LLC fired off a cease and desist letter to KK's legal team, claiming since July 2017 it's provided salon and skin care services under its SKKN+ brand name, owned by Cydnie Lunsford.

In the letter, obtained by TMZ, Beauty Concepts says it also operates a website and social media handles using the same block letters. What's more ... Beauty Concepts claims it applied to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office back in March to register the SKKN+ logo.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The company claims it's invested considerable time, effort and money to develop and market its SKKN+ services over the last 3 years, and Kim's play for the same name would cause confusion in the marketplace.  Them's magic words, because it's the basis on which the Patent and Trademark Office would reject an application.

Kim's attorney, Michael G. Rhodes, tells us, "We certainly appreciate and support small businesses, and our hat is off to Ms. Lunsford. But the question at hand is one of trademark law and we’ve not done anything deserving of legal action by her."

He continues, "We are disappointed that she has chosen to run to the media knowing that we were scheduling a call for tomorrow, requested by her attorney. So while disagreeing with the letter, we’re hopeful that we can smooth things over once both sides speak.”

In the legal letter, Beauty Concepts says Kim's trademark application for "SKKN" is a ripoff of their innovative moniker and simply adding "By Kim" does little to differentiate the brands.

What's more ... Beauty Concepts says it has used the SKKN+ name for 3 years before Kim's company applied for its trademark.

As we've reported ... in addition to filing for the trademark, SKKN.com and @SKKN social media handles were all locked down by Kim's team in December 2020 ... indicating this had been in the works for a while.

Beauty Concepts wants Kim K's company to back off ... or else.

DaBaby Drops Out of UK's Parklife Festival ... Rep Says Homophobic Comments Not to Blame

1:34 PM PT -- A rep for DaBaby tells us the rapper wasn't dropped from the festival because of his homophobic comments. The rep says he pulled out of the festival months ago when events were being canceled because of COVID.

The festival had promoted DaBaby as a performer as recently as 7/14, but the rep says that was solely a mistake made by the festival, the rapper was already out.

DaBaby's social calendar for mid-September just opened up ... 'cause he's been dropped from a music festival across the pond.

The rapper was originally slated to perform at Parklife 2021 in Manchester, England where he was supposed to be one of the headliners ... along with Megan Thee Stallion and Young Thug. But, that's not the case anymore.

You can see DaBaby's name -- which used to practically be front and center -- has now been removed from the lineup card on the festival's website.

It was just 2 weeks ago when the festival was proudly showing off its lineup on Instagram, featuring DB. They seemed pretty excited about it ... with the caption saying, "PARKLIFE 2021 🔥 TWO MONTHS TO GO 🙏🏼."

The excitement over DB headlining the event has quickly dissipated following his controversial comments at the Rolling Loud Festival. And, his removal from Parklife is just the latest in a series of dominos falling.

As we've reported ... the clothing company, Boohoo, stopped working with DaBaby soon after the ignorant comments about HIV/AIDS. Sure, he attempted an "apology," but only made things worse.

Dua Lipa's just one of the many stars who were horrified by the comments. In fact ... her collab with DaBaby -- the "Levitating" remix -- has reportedly been removed from multiple Apple Music playlists.

Originally Published -- 12:05 PM PT

Jagger Eaton Olympic Cardboard Beds Really Sucked ... They Were Tough!!!


Team USA skateboarding bronze medalist Jagger Eaton is spilling the beans on the infamous cardboard beds at the Tokyo Games ... telling TMZ Sports they really did SUCK!!!

The beds in the Olympic Village went viral leading up to the Games ... with many believing airweave's design was meant to prevent athletes from getting freaky.

But, the big question -- how on earth the things could actually supply enough comfort for world-class athletes??

So, when Eaton returned from Tokyo on Tuesday, we had to ask about 'em ... and he played it straight!!

"Ugh, those cardboard beds were tough!!" Eaton told us at LAX.

"The funny thing, want to know something funny, I didn’t complain about it once because I knew if I complained about it, I would not get sleep."

But, Eaton came up with a solution -- he tells us he would purposely tire himself out all day ... so when it was time for bed, he'd be out like a light!!

"I ended up just taking my days really long and making them exhausting so I could just sleep."

It definitely worked out for the 20-year-old pro skater -- he ended up winning the bronze medal, the first Olympic skateboard medal for the US!!!

Eaton told us all about his Olympic experience ... saying it was a "friendly battle."

"I feel like I thrive on skating with my friends, that’s what I was doing," Eaton said.

"I was skating with my buddies and I know we’re all going head-to-head, but that’s also why I love these boys and they’re my friends because they want to win too."

Eaton also gave us a glimpse of his shiny Olympic medal and told us he doesn't have his own place yet, "so it’s gonna go to my mom."


Dominique Dawes I sympathize with simone biles ... Tons of Pressure Around Her


Simone Biles pulling out of the Olympics for her own well-being is totally understandable, that is -- if you take into account the pressure around her, and what she's survived ... so says Dominique Dawes.

The legendary gymnast -- who hit the mat as part of Team USA's gold medal-winning 'Magnificent Seven' in '96 -- came on "TMZ Live" Wednesday to talk about Simone's stunning decision to forgo competing in the all-around competition later this week ... and give up defending her gold.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

It may have come as a shocker to many, but Dominique tells us she gets it ... and that her heart goes out to Simone for toughing it out as long as she has.

Check out what Dominique says Simone has been dealing with, expectation-wise, for quite some time now. As she goes down the list, ya realize ... SB truly had the weight of the world on her shoulders -- as she alluded to on IG -- especially ahead of the women's gymnastics events in Tokyo, which is off to a shaky start for the Americans.

There's one other major factor that some perhaps forgot about, which Dominique thinks may have played a role here -- namely, the fact Simone is the last Larry Nassar survivor still out there competing, and all the pressure, direct or indirect, stemming from that alone.

Of course, there's also the social media aspect that athletes today have to face ... something she says she didn't have to process when she was in her heyday, but which can get ugly fast if one focuses on the negativity online.

Dominique's got some advice for that ... fellow Olympians would be wise to heed it for these games.

Kyrie Irving My New Nike Kicks Are Trash!!! Disses 'Kyrie 8' Sneaker

Kyrie Irving is absolutely eviscerating his newest Nike signature sneaker ... calling the kicks "trash" and claiming he has nothing to do with the upcoming release.

The Brooklyn Nets superstar -- who signed with Nike in 2011 -- reportedly makes over $10 million a year as a Swoosh athlete ... and has dropped seven super-popular Kyrie shoes since 2014.

But, Irving is distancing himself from the latest shoe after pics of his "Kyrie 8" leaked on Instagram ... saying, "I have nothing to do with the design or marketing of the upcoming #Kyrie8, IMO these are trash!"

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

"I have Absolutely nothing to do with them!"

Kyrie says there's no hope of working with Nike to make any last-minute changes before the shoe drops later this year ... apologizing to all his fans who love his brand.

We can't think of any other time an athlete has completely bashed their own shoe -- even Kobe Bryant didn't go this hard on his abomination of the Adidas Kobe 2.

Look, the Kyrie 8 shoes aren't completely hideous, but they definitely give off "dad at the local YMCA" vibes more than an "I'm an NBA superstar" kinda feel. So, we get what Irving's beef is.

We've reached out to Nike for comment ... so far, no word back.

Kanye West Here's My 'Donda' Stadium Digs

Kanye West might be a billionaire, but he certainly isn't living like one ... he just showed off his living situation inside Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium ... and it's pretty bare-bones.

Mr. West posted this picture of what we're guessing is his bedroom somewhere inside the stadium ... and it's just a bed, some clothes, workout equipment and a TV. Yeezy's also got a couple pairs of shoes and a bottle of water next to the bed ... and it seems he's living out of the suitcase on the floor.


As we first reported ... Kanye is living inside MBS while he finishes up his upcoming album, "Donda."

The stadium played host to Kanye's massive album party last week, and we're told he was so inspired by the crowd, he wanted to stay in the ATL and finish things up as he targets an August 6 release for the album.


Ye and his team have created a studio space and there's a chef on hand preparing his meals inside the stadium ... but so far, we've only seen Kanye's living quarters.

Dua Lipa to DaBaby 'Horrified' By Your Homophobic Rant!!! ... Clothing Line Drops Him

7:00 AM PT -- 7/28 -- The clothing company, Boohoo, has now sent DaBaby packing. Boohoo announced it has cut ties with the rapper following his so-called apology. The clothing company said, again, it condemns the use of homophobic language but this time it confirms it'll no longer be working with DaBaby.

3:59 PM PT -- DaBaby's issued an apology of sorts to people affected by HIV and AIDS, calling his comments "insensitive" but saying he didn't mean to offend anyone ... and that's pretty much where his contrition ends.

The rapper's offering no apology to "any brands, networks, or artists that like to profit off of black rappers influence on the culture," claiming they don't understand "what comes with the position we play in our culture" ... and telling them to keep their money next time.

Earlier, DaBaby tweeted of his controversy, "I tell fans to put a cellphone light in the air y’all start a million man March." He added ... "Now show this same amount of support when a racist cop kill one of our black ass…YA NOT."

He concluded, "Other than that y’all cheer the f**k up & be proud of who you are cuz you can’t make me feel less of myself."

1:37 PM PT -- The clothing company, Boohoo -- which has a collaboration with DaBaby -- is also speaking out against his comments, saying it "condemns the use of homophobic language" and is reviewing its relationship with him.

Boohoo adds that it supports the LGBTQ+ community, saying ... "diversity and inclusion are part of our core values and we pride ourselves on representing the diverse customers we serve across the globe."

Dua Lipa says she's "surprised and horrified" by DaBaby's anti-gay and sexist diatribe during his set at Rolling Loud ... she says it doesn't sound like the artist she thought she knew.

Dua Lipa, who worked on a song with DaBaby last year, just responded to his homophobic rant ... saying she can't believe he's spewing all that hate.

DL says "I don't really recognize this as the person I worked with" ... alluding to their 2020 collab on the song, "Levitating."

Rolling Loud

As we reported ... DaBaby told folks in the Rolling Loud crowd to put up their cell phone lights, encouraging them to do so in a very disturbing way by telling them ... "If you didn't show up today with HIV/AIDS or other STDs that'll make you die in 2-3 weeks" and "Fellas, if you didn't suck a n**** d*** in the parking lot."

dababy's explanation

DaBaby tried clearing up the vile comments following tons of backlash, posting a video where he claims the words weren't directed at his gay fans because his gay fans aren't "nasty gay n****s" or "junkies." In other words, he only made things worse.

Dua Lupa makes a clear distinction between her values and DaBaby's rant ... saying she stands "100% with the LGBTQ community" and calling on folks to come together to fight the ignorance and stigma around HIV and AIDS.

Originally Published -- 7/27 1:10 PM PT

Black Woman To HAIR-Y 'KAREN' I Don't Want You Canceled ... Kill Her With Kindness!!!


The Black woman selling hair care products who was approached by a white woman asking if the transactions were drug deals doesn't want folks going after this "Karen" ... but she hopes a lesson was learned.

Ronnie Marie, owner of Marie's Luxury Hair Extensions, tells TMZ ... she doesn't want "Karen" to lose her job or get canceled over the incident.

Instead, Ronnie wants folks to keep supporting her hair care biz, like they have since video of the interaction went viral ... because she says kindness is how you kill a "Karen."

@prettii_tb/Tik Tok

As we reported ... Ronnie was approached by a white woman in Sacramento, CA while she was selling hair care products off her bicycle, with "Karen" saying the transactions looked like drug deals to some folks in the neighborhood.

Ronnie, who remained calm the entire time, tells us she delivers her products to customers at the same location every day at the same time ... and claims folks in the area know her well.

She says the positive support from customers and strangers on the Internet is the best way to discourage this kind of behavior from "Karens" ... and she's not planning to take any legal action against the woman.

Ronnie's also got a message for this particular "Karen" ... about minding your business and being careful about who you approach.

MLB's Nick Wittgren Fan Threatened To Murder My Family ... After Loss

Cleveland Indians pitcher Nick Wittgren says fans hurled homophobic insults at him and threatened to kill his family after he had a poor outing during a game over the weekend.

The comments that Wittgren says he received after he gave up five earned runs in the Indians' loss to the Tampa Bay Rays on Friday night were deeply disturbing.

In one of them, Wittgren says a fan wrote to him after Cleveland's 10-5 loss, "I know where you live. I will get you tonight and kill your family."

Wittgren says the fan continued, "I will get your home at midnight. I will shot your family and stab your necks."

The 30-year-old says another fan also called him "f****t" repeatedly.

"Sadly this is considered 'normal' in professional sports," Wittgren said of the vile comments. "It’s happened to 90% of players I know and basically after every bad outing a player has."

"But there is nothing normal about threatening someone and their families lives."

Wittgren's wife says she, too, received threats and heinous remarks over Nick's game ... saying in a statement on social media, "Y’all I get it, my husband had a bad day at work."

"But sending both of us very explicit death threats aimed at him, me, and our children is absolutely inexcusable."

The Indians say law enforcement has been contacted over the messages ... adding the team is investigating the threats as well.

"We continue to work through all available security channels in an ongoing attempt to identify individuals who engage in this type of behavior towards our team members and eliminate future instances," Indians officials said.

"Abusive and threatening language undermines the ability of social media platforms to create positive, healthy connections."

Wittgren has yet to pitch since Friday's game. Cleveland, meanwhile, went on to lose to the Rays again on Saturday night before beating them to close out the series on Sunday.

German TV Reporter Her Name is Mud Suspended After Pretending to Help in Flood Clean-Up

DOH!!! A TV reporter in Germany was caught redhanded smearing mud on herself moments before going on air to pretend she'd been helping with a massive flood cleanup effort.

It all unfolded on a report covering the aftermath of torrential floods in Germany and across Europe. But little did the reporter, Susanna Ohlen, know ... some onlooker secretly recorded her casually smearing mud on herself before going live.

The network had apparently been so impressed with her faux effort, it posted a story with the headline "Cleaning up after the flood: RTL presenter Susanna Ohlen lends a hand in Bad Muenstereifel."

Ohlen is seen during her report talking about the extensive damage caused by the flooding. She's holding what appears to be a shovel and some gloves ... presumably to telegraph they were the tools she used before going on the air.

The secretly-recorded video was eventually uploaded on Twitter ... and just hours later the story applauding her help was yanked and Ohlen was suspended.

A spokesperson for the network said, "Our reporter's approach clearly contradicts journalistic principles and our own standards. We, therefore, gave her leave of absence on Monday after we heard about it."

So, what gives? Ohlen, who later apologized, explained it this way -- "After I had already privately helped out in the region on previous days, on that morning I was ashamed to appear on camera in front of the other aid workers with a clean upper body."

She added, "So I unthinkingly smeared mud on my clothing. This should never have happened to me as a journalist. It happened to me as a person whose heart was touched by the suffering of all those affected."

This is where getting in the mud might have been a good thing.

Coi Leray at Rolling Loud Audience Leaves Her Hangin' ... But She Powers Through!!!

Coi Leray had to deal with an age-old adage of show biz -- and that would be, sometimes you gotta deal with a tough crowd ... and, boy, did she deal at Rolling Loud.

The female rapper -- who's relatively new(ish) to the scene but definitely an up-and-comer -- took the stage Sunday for the multi-day music fest in Miami, and let's just say, her many spectators were ... well, less than enthusiastic as she started getting into her set.

As soon as Coi started rapping ... there were a lot of people toward the front of the stage who were just standing around and looking on -- this while CL did her thing with gusto.

The deer-in-the-headlight stares apparently went on for quite some time ... and the performance started trending, with jokes flying at Coi's expense. Some people were making cracks about her, but the sleepy audience was also getting grilled ... rightly so, frankly.

Who knows why the people weren't as hyped as they perhaps could've been. Again, Coi isn't as recognizable of a name just yet -- but still ... you'd think if that many people came to and/or stuck around for her performance, they'd at least show some love/basic signs of life.

No matter, though ... because Coi, professional as she is, powered through the performance -- and eventually found a way to jumpstart the RL zombies who were watching. She ended up jumping down to their level, and at that point, got some reactions and cheers.

In other words, she stuck to her guns and stayed the course ... regardless of what was going on -- or not, rather -- around her, making sure to put on a good show for concert-goers.

Sounds like word of the memes and whatnot eventually made its way to Coi, because she seemed to have responded to the fact she'd gone viral over this. There, too, she showed grace ... and took the high road, showing off her thick skin and sense of humor.

Coi said she appreciates all the love she gets, and that the love actually outweighs any hate. She also added this ... "It's about over 100 artists who performed on that lineup and all people wanna do is eat up my cack. Lol. Gotta love this shit fr I got good problems 😂🖤🤙🏼."

That's the spirit -- keep on keeping on! Also, here's another showbiz saying ... any publicity is good publicity. That seems to apply here.

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