Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn No Pics of the Bday Boy Overarching Umbrella Policy???


Taylor Swift and her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, have been seen out in public before -- but on his 29th birthday ... they seemed to go above below and beyond to hide for some reason.

Here's the deal ... paps got photos of these two goofballs Saturday walking out of London's Bob Bob Ricard restaurant, completely covered in umbrellas. They were following each other out to a waiting SUV and a flock of photogs ... and clumsily boarded the vehicle.

Fact is ... we're being told this is supposed to be Taylor and Joe -- and hey, it was the guy's 29th birthday on Friday -- but you never really see them, so it's hard to say for sure.

That said ... one of T-Swift's BFFs, Ed Sheeran, was also seen leaving the restaurant shortly afterward -- so it wouldn't be outside the realm of possibility that these two umbrella-heads were, in fact, the man and woman of the hour. Plus, frankly, this is kinda Taylor's M.O.


She famously tries to hide from lurking paparazzi, sometimes going to extreme lengths ... like when she put up an entire makeshift sheeted walkway while serving as a bridesmaid in 2017. Some of the fans that had gathered outside even booed the cloaked gesture.

Now, when it comes to Joe ... Taylor's also been pretty low-key about being spotted out with him -- although, they absolutely have been seen holding hands and packing on a little PDA.


They made a run for it once while hitting up the Jingle Ball concert in NYC, not giving paps a chance to snap some decent shots. Now, they appear to have upped the ante more so.

Listen, we know what you guys look like already. Chill, TS and JA ...

Adrien Broner Arrested At Wilder Vs. Fury Weigh-In

Exclusive Details

Adrien Broner was just arrested and taken away by cops at the Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury weigh-in ... and TMZ Sports has the video.

30-year-old Broner -- who is no stranger to run-ins with the law -- was cuffed and hauled away by Las Vegas Metro police officers on Friday after Broner refused to leave the MGM Grand Garden.

Here's the deal ... back in November, AB was twice told he was NOT allowed to visit the property (it's unclear exactly why). Regardless of the warning, Broner showed up at the weigh-in.


We're told AB was asked to leave, but he ignored the request ... so hotel security detained him until police took over.

We're told Broner is being taken to the county jail ... where he will be processed ... before being released with a misdemeanor trespassing citation.

Broner (33-4-1) -- once considered one of the best boxers in the world.-- hasn't fought since losing to Manny Pacquiao in January 2019 and has been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Story developing ...

L.A. Kings Fans Massive Brawl In Stands ... Shirtless Haymakers & Popcorn Showers!!!


Here's one of the craziest and most violent in-arena brawls EVER -- courtesy of some fans at Thursday night's L.A. Kings game.

The hometown squad was in a tight matchup with the Florida Panthers ... when one witness tells us he noticed a fight beginning to break out in the Staples Center lower bowl.

You can see in the video what happens next ... a scrap escalates into AN ALL-OUT BRAWL!!

The scene is insane ... there's a woman throwing a FLURRY of right hands to start -- and then things get even crazier.

A shirtless man runs into the scrum with a flying left haymaker ... and then for some reason, a fan dumps popcorn all over the action!!!

It's all followed up by some more punching, pushing and shoving ... before in-arena security is FINALLY able to break it up.

We reached out to our law enforcement sources ... and they tell us it appears no one was arrested ... and say Staples security usually handles this on their own by ejecting fans.

As for the game ... seems the brawl fired L.A. up -- 'cause the Kings won 5-4.

Wandering Bear Smarter Than the Average ... Humans with Phone Cams, Not So Much!!!

Breaking News
FOX 11

9:23 AM PT -- Animal control tranquilized the bear around 8 AM and it's being removed from the neighborhood. Hopefully, the bear is being returned to the wild.

Fox 11

This is NOT what the saying "grin and bear it" is all about -- but a bunch of Southern California residents seem to think so -- coming face-to-face with one of nature's purest killing machines.

This fairly beefy-sized bear is taking a leisurely Friday morning stroll through driveways, front yards and streets of Monrovia, CA -- which is a little northeast of L.A. -- and the neighbors are giving him the paparazzi treatment.

FOX11 LA's camera people are pretty brave to capture these images, but at least they get paid -- unlike the locals who are getting dangerously close to what we think is a black bear.

Officials suspect this is the same bear that was spotted outside an elementary school on Thursday ... but now it's getting even more comfortable in the 'hood.

So far, it's walked right up to several front doors, and even nearly came nose-to-nose with a dog. We're happy to report no people or animals have been harmed yet. Bear sightings are common in this part of SoCal, but we don't usually see them linger this long and take this much interest in just about everything.

So far, this guy doesn't seem aggressive -- probably just seeking a picnic basket or 2 -- but still, he's got huge claws!!! Those too-curious humans are not nearly as big or as fast.

Just sayin' ...

Originally Published -- 7:20 AM PT

Corey Feldman Detained At Airport ... For Carrying Taser


6:16 AM PT -- 2/21 -- Officials tell TMZ, this is the Taser TSA found in Corey's carry-on. They posted it on social media as a warning to other future passengers.

Corey Feldman allegedly tried to bring a Taser on an airplane in New York ... and he almost got arrested.

Sources close to "The Goonies" star tell TMZ ... Corey was detained Thursday at LaGuardia Airport, after going through a security checkpoint with a Taser.

We're told Corey always travels with a Taser ... which he normally puts in his checked luggage. He's taken it to England and Canada with no issues, but didn't remember he had it on him until it was too late.

Our sources say when Corey went through security, TSA swooped in and detained him. Newsflash for Corey, it's illegal to have a Taser in your carry-on.


Corey was in New York promoting his upcoming documentary, and after a visit to XM Radio HQ, he and his wife headed for LaGuardia.

The mix up proved costly for Corey, even though he wasn't arrested. We're told he had to buy some luggage to pack the Taser and check it, but he missed his flight.

Originally Published -- 2/20 3:27 PM PT

AOC Cool Climate Change Story, Jeff Now Clean Up Amazon, Plz


Jeff Bezos pouring tons of money toward fighting climate change is all fine and good in AOC's eyes -- but he's still got a hot mess on his hands when it comes to his own company.

We got the freshman congresswoman Wednesday in NYC and asked her about Bezos' big announcement this week -- that he's dumping $10 billion of his own fortune toward a new fund to pay for scientists, activists and NGOs working to manage the climate.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez says it's a nice gesture, but in reality ... the guy's company, Amazon, leaves a major carbon footprint -- which he needs to address first and foremost before becoming a champion of the cause. There's other issues too, BTW.

AOC points out Bezos' Amazon workers have complained about wages for a long time, so she thinks he needs to get his house in order here domestically before taking on the world.

Interesting insight from the Congresswoman -- she's been very outspoken about climate change and is trying to push through the Green New Deal. Doesn't sound like she believes Bezos is on the front lines of this fight -- regardless of his funding powers.

Oh, and check out the insane number of posters and pics she signs here for a bunch of fans (and constituents?). AOC even gives a little girl an exclusive interview on the spot.


'Sonic the Hedgehog' Star Teeth Redesign Was Well Worth It We Made Bank in Week 1!!!


'Sonic the Hedgehog' took a cue from the fan base -- and rightly so, because the movie's rolling in the dough as a result ... so says one of the film's stars.

Actress Tika Sumpter was leaving Craig's in WeHo Tuesday night, and she weighed in on the massive box office haul her new flick pulled in over the weekend -- upwards of $70 million here at home, and projected to make a lot more than its estimated $85 mil budget.

Paramount Studios / SEGA

According to her, the secret formula for success here was the fact Paramount Studios listened to the feedback from potential viewers on social media earlier last year ... when everyone ripped Sonic's original look, and his eery human-like teeth that nobody seemed to like.

Tika says the proof is in the pudding in terms of Paramount's reward for taking note -- and it sounds like she thinks other studios may follow suit with future projects.

Funny enough, Tika invokes another animated classic with teeth issues of its own. She says we've advanced beyond the one-block denture depiction, but aren't quite ready to see cavities, it seems.

Ain't that the truth!

'Bachelor' Host Chris Harrison Look, Seniors Want 💖 Too Bring What Ya Need for Fantasy Suites


Chris Harrison isn't one to discriminate when it comes to love, which applies to age too -- 'cause he all but confirms producers are bringing senior citizens into the 'Bachelor' fold.

We got the longtime host of the ABC dating series Tuesday at LAX and asked him about this casting call one the supervising producers posted in search of men and women aged 65 and older who are in their "Golden Years" ... and who won't fall over and die on camera.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Chris definitely won't deny they got something cooking in the kitchen -- if anything, his coy response pretty much guarantees they're working on it ... and for good reason too.

Apparently, one of the biggest questions/requests Chris gets asked about all the time is from the elderly community ... who say they want a shot at love too! Awwwww!!! Wait, what about Fantasy Suites and stuff, you may ask??? Chris has an answer for us on that as well.

Long story short ... love is love, whether it's brought on chemically or not. Bring what you need to get it on, ya old farts! Kidding.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As for this rumor about Peter ending up with 'Bachelor' producer Julie LaPlaca at the end of this current season --  which appears to be true -- Chris won't shoot that down either.

This guy's poker face is awful ... jeez.

Ex-NCAA Coach Mark Richt Only The Best For My Birthday ... Hot Dog Delight!!!

TMZ Composite

Mark Richt said to hell with a steak dinner at a 5-star restaurant for his birthday ... the ex-Georgia and Miami coach is going with "hot dog delight" for his big day.

And, it looks horrific.

Of course, the 60-year-old broke down the unique dish during Miami media day back in 2018 ... saying it's a combo of 2 pieces of bread, a sliced hot dog and American cheese HAMMERED with baked beans and ketchup.

Richt says it's "delightful." We're calling BS.

But, the birthday boy proved he's really about that HDD life on Tuesday ... and you gotta appreciate his dedication to the meal.

"Hot dog delight! My favorite birthday dinner!" the coach tweeted.

Naturally, the Twittersphere opened fire in the replies ... asking if the coach is okay, calling the dish a "dumpster fire" and predicting a long night in the bathroom is in his future.

Others were actually open to the idea ... asking how to copy the travesty.

Enjoy the birthday, coach ... and the dinner??

Meghan & Harry Must Drop 'Royal' from Sussex Brand ... Queen's Orders!!!

Breaking News
Getty Composite

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry can't call themselves Royals anymore -- even on their own websites -- after Queen Elizabeth reportedly dropped the hammer.

Meg and Har have been told to drop the word "royal" from their online branding "Sussex Royal" ... according to the Daily Mail. They've been trying to lock down international rights for that brand, as they roll out their own post-Megxit ventures, but HRH's new rule would send them back to the drawing board.

As we've reported ... there were substantial discussions with the Palace, pre-and-post-Megxit, about which titles they can use. We already knew they'd been stripped of their HRHs.

The Royal command about using "royal" is reportedly because QE2 feels it is inappropriate for Meghan and Harry since they've decided to go their own way.

As of Tuesday, their Instagram account and personal website still bear the "Sussex Royal" title. It's unclear if the Queen gave 'em a hard deadline, but it's a sign she's taking a hard line with royal defectors.

Message to the next generation, perhaps?

H.S. Hockey Insane On-Ice Brawl ... Players Violently Launched Into Boards

Breaking News

H.S. hockey players in Illinois turned themselves into human missiles over the weekend, launching their bodies at each other in a wild brawl ... and footage of the fight is insane.

Evanston's varsity squad was facing off with Lake Forest on Saturday at a local college rink in the Chicago area ... when a fight broke out and escalated IN A HURRY.

You can see in the video ... there's pushing and shoving. At one point, a Lake Forest player LAUNCHED himself into an Evanston player ... who crashed head first into the boards.

Later in the fight, ANOTHER Lake Forest player did the same thing ... violently throwing his body at the pile and sending two Evanston players crashing to the ice.

In another angle of the scrap ... you can see the massive magnitude of the brawl -- with haymakers, wrestling and pulling going down all over the rink.

Eventually, order was restored ... but it's unclear if any injuries were suffered. It's also unclear what started the melee. We reached out to reps from both programs, but so far, no word back yet.

In a bulletin post on Evanston's website Tuesday ... an official wrote, "Dear All - please do not share photos or videos from last weekend's game."

"It exemplifies bad behavior that is not indicative of our club. It was an unfortunate end to the last game of the season, so it's best to leave it behind. Thanks for your compliance."

Julius Erving Gordon Should've Won Dunk Contest ... But It Was Super Close!!


Julius Erving's one of the GREATEST DUNKERS in the history of basketball ... and he tells TMZ Sports that Aaron Gordon deserved the dunk contest win!!

We talked to Dr. J -- who was in the building for the dunk contest -- at Reagan National Airport in Washington D.C. on Monday ... and we asked the hoops legend if the Orlando Magic star was robbed by the judges in Chi-town.

"I don't know if robbed is the right term, if it had ended in a tie, I don't think anybody would've been upset. But, a contest like that going into basically 2 overtimes. Third overtime. You hate to have a loser."

BUT, forced to pick a winner, Dr. J -- who won the inaugural ABA Dunk Contest in 1976 -- says Gordon's final dunk was justtttttttt a little better than Derrick Jones Jr.'s jam.

"I think [Gordon's] last dunk was cleaner. Neither one of them were 50's because they had shot their load in terms of their best stuff."

Of course, AG literally jumped over the biggest dude in the NBA -- 7'5" Boston Celtics giant Tacko Fall -- but somehow, someway, Scottie Pippen, Chadwick Boseman and Jones’ ex-teammate Dwyane Wade only gave him a 9.

Gordon missed tying Jones and forcing another round of dunks by 1 point ... and flat-out beating him by 2 points.

After the contest, Gordon -- who also took an L via a controversial decision in 2016 -- declared he'd never again compete in the dunk contest.

'New Amsterdam' Star Ryan Eggold Coronavirus Could Infect Our Show ... Or Some Kinda Outbreak


Ryan Eggold -- who plays a doctor on TV -- says the coronavirus may very well spread to TV plotlines like his NBC hit ... 'cause "Law & Order" ain't the only show ripping stuff from headlines.

We ran into Dr. Max Goodwin from "New Amsterdam" Monday on the streets of NYC and asked if the potentially deadly disease is in the running for a future episode. Ryan says it's definitely possible ... apparently, the series hasn't quite tackled an outbreak of this magnitude.

You can tell Ryan's been thinking about this stuff -- he actually told us there's another important medical issue he wants worked into a script ... something impacting pregnant women at an alarming rate.

"New Amsterdam" is a 20-plus episode per season type of show, so there's likely time to work in both. In any case, viewers might be in store for a viral subplot sooner rather than later.

Our photog asks Ryan if being on a medical show makes him more aware and conscious of real-life health scares happening in the world. Like any good actor, it sounds like he takes his work home with him and keeps his eyes and ears open for new ideas all the time.

Harriet Tubman Debit Card Spikes Bank Numbers ... What Controversy?!? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


The bank under fire for its Harriet Tubman debit card design says its sales are the only thing on fire ... 'cause new and old customers are clamoring for the new debit card.

We're told OneUnited Bank -- claiming to be America's largest black-owned bank -- is seeing exponentially larger volume than usual after debuting the Harriet Tubman card. We're told the bank is seeing 10x their normal volume in terms of bank account sign-ups, account holders requesting to switch to the new debit card design and banking inquiries.

OneUnited Bank

It's only been 72 hours ... but OneUnited knows when they've got a huge winner 'cause they saw similar numbers back in 2016 after partnering with Killer Mike's #BankBlack movement.

The goal back then? Move money to black-owned banks. OneUnited claims more than $50 million in deposits was moved to black-owned banks across the country. This time around, OneUnited feels it's got a hit on its hands based on the early numbers.

As we reported ... OneUnited caught flak for the design but its president, Teri Williams, doubled down and said the bank stood behind its Tubman design. She added the bank is "unapologetically black" ... so expect the card to stick around for a while.

'Bachelor' Contestant Victoria F Sorry for 'White Lives Matter' Shoot ... It Was to Support Fish!!!

'Bachelor' contestant Victoria F is finally addressing a controversy that's been dogging her for a minute now -- issuing a mea culpa for being part of a 'White Lives Matter' campaign.

The model -- who's currently still in the running for Peter Weber's final rose -- took to social media Saturday with a Notes-written apology for her eyebrow-raising shoot, which she posted on her Instagram story. It says, "I would like to sincerely apologize for my involvement with We Love Marlins. My intention was only to support an endangered species."

She continues in her post, "I want to say that I unequivocally reject the beliefs of the white lives matter movement or any propaganda that supports racism of any kind. I would like to specifically apologize to people of color that are affected by racism daily."


VF finished by saying, "It was never my intention to add fuel to the racial fire in this country. This has truly been an educational moment for me and I hope to be a voice against racism moving forward. I hope I can be shown grace as I navigate through this process."

The timing of her apology is interesting ... as we reported and as 'Bachelor' nation now knows, Victoria is in the final four group of girls who are taking Pete to their hometown.


We knew about the 'WLM' campaign -- which was meant to be a 'BLM' pun to raise awareness about over-fishing white Marlin -- but it went unaddressed as the show continued. About a week ago, however, Cosmo scrapped Victoria from their digital cover because of it.

No word if she ends up going the distance with Pete -- rumor has it he doesn't choose any of the remaining girls -- but it seems her post-'Bachelor' life demanded she speak on this.

Keanu Reeves Playing John Wick as Neo for 'Matrix 4' ... Trinity There Too!!!

Keanu Reeves is back as The One for the upcoming 'Matrix' movie -- but oddly enough ... his new Neo looks a lot like another action hero he's been playing lately, to much acclaim.

TMZ obtained new photos of Keanu, Carrie-Anne Moss (who played Trinity) and director Lana Wachowski on the set of "The Matrix 4," which has been filming in San Francisco these past couple weeks or so. These latest pics were shot Friday in the Financial District.

You can see Keanu here, and it looks like Lana and co. have Mr. Anderson rocking a fresh look we're not used to when it comes to Neo -- who was clean-cut in the OG flicks. Now, The One has a striking resemblance to the widowed hitman John Wick. Like, to a T.

He's got the same shoulder-length hair JW has, and the same messy beard too. Shoot, Neo's even got the same dark outfits John wears -- although, Neo did it first, technically.

Other shots of Keanu on set have surfaced lately, and it seems to confirm Lana's got Neo in a bummy state within the Matrix. Who knows what his "real-world" appearance will be.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Even cooler than seeing Keanu back in action ... getting a glimpse of Carrie-Anne on set, who's reprising her role as Neo's love interest. We're told she too was on set Friday, and we got a shot of her with her back to the camera, sporting her signature short hair.

Oh, and Keanu's girlfriend, Alexandra Grant, was spotted hanging around as well. Supporting her man, it seems.


Now, we're told this latest scene consisted of a SWAT team going in and out of a building -- with a black SUV parked out front under green neon lighting. Very 'Matrix'-esque, right?!

Still no sign of any of the other stars who've been tied to the project, including Jada Pinkett, Neil Patrick Harris, Priyanka Chopra, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II ... or Laurence Fishburne.

The latter hasn't been announced as being involved yet, but ya gotta imagine Morpheus will be back. He better be, anyway!

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