Waffle House Hero Appreciates Prez Trump But, Phone Call Was 'Lackluster'

5/16/2018 1:53 PM PDT

Waffle House Hero James Shaw Jr. Says Trump's Call Was 'Lackluster' But Appreciated


President Trump's call to Waffle House hero James Shaw Jr. left a lot to be desired ... according to James.

We talked to him Wednesday on the heels of his $241k donation to the Waffle House shooting victims and their families ... and his Monday phone call from the White House. While James was quick to thank the Prez for reaching out, he also described the conversation as "lackluster."

It's worth noting, the call came 22 days after James heroically wrestled an AR-15 from a gunman ... saving countless lives. He acknowledged, Trump's a busy guy.

James also revealed he's having trouble at his job due to one giant misperception about him. Still, he says he's focused on his mission -- he just started a community service group in Nashville.

Long-term goals include winning a Nobel Peace Prize, and a sit-down with Oprah or the Obamas. Who's gonna say no to this guy?