Johnny Wactor Friend Organizes March in DTLA ... 1 Mo. After Unsolved Murder


Johnny Wactor's close friend is pressuring L.A. officials to find his murderers and hold them accountable ... organizing a march through downtown to keep the late actor's memory alive.

Micah Parker -- a fellow actor and one of Johnny's best pals -- spearheaded Wednesday's march, and we talked to him in the street  ... with him telling us Johnny's murder should be a wake-up call for the city, hoping those in power acknowledge there is a problem with crime.


TMZ broke the story ... Johnny was shot and killed by a group of thieves who were trying to steal his catalytic converter ... a type of theft that many Angelinos are very familiar with.

Atlanta Bus Hijacking Video Shows Wild Police Pursuit ... One Passenger Killed


A crook hijacked a city bus in Atlanta, holding the driver at gunpoint and taking passengers hostage before leading cops on a high-speed pursuit across the city ... ending in a death.

Aerial footage shows law enforcement pursuing the bus through Atlanta Tuesday ... the bus speeds through city streets, weaves through traffic and smashes through civilian cars and cop cars during a chase that played out over miles and miles of road.

When police finally stopped the bus, passengers ran for safety ... and the suspect was hauled off in handcuffs. SWAT officers cleared the bus and found a passenger suffering from a gunshot wound. They were rushed to a hospital in critical condition and ended up dying.

USM Football's MJ Daniels Dead At 21 ... Shot And Killed In Car

University of Southern Mississippi cornerback Marcus "MJ" Daniels Jr. -- who also played for Ole Miss -- was tragically shot and killed in his car this week, police confirmed.

He was just 21 years old.

The Hattiesburg Police Department said the shooting happened Tuesday night near Highway 49 in Mississippi.

Compton, CA Pool Party Ends in Fatal Shooting ... New Video Shows Chaos


A pool party in Compton ended in bullets flying and people running for their lives -- and TMZ has new video showing the chaos on the ground ... which ended with at least one death.

Check out this footage we obtained from a get-together on Friday in the L.A. neighborhood -- where a ton of folks were enjoying themselves and splashing around in the water, just in time for summer. Unfortunately, gunshots started to ring out when somebody opened fire.

Unclear what led up to the shooting, but the aftermath was tragic -- with at least one person left dead, and several others injured -- and now ... we can see how scared people were.

Hunter Biden Guilty in Federal Gun Case ... Faces 25 Years In Prison


9:08 AM PT -- President Biden just addressed the conviction, saying in part ... "So many families who have had loved ones battle addiction understand the feeling of pride seeing someone you love come out the other side and be so strong and resilient in recovery."

He adds, "As I also said last week, I will accept the outcome of this case and will continue to respect the judicial process as Hunter considers an appeal."

8:56 AM PT -- Hunter Biden just walked out of court after being found guilty in his gun case -- and he was holding his wife and Jill Biden's hands ... and he seemed to be in relatively good spirits. A sentencing date hasn't been set -- but the judge reportedly noted sentencing typically goes down about 120 days after a verdict is rendered.

Florida Sniper Shoots Bank Robber Through Computer ... Rescues Two Hostages


New footage from a bank robbery earlier this year shows just how delicate the situation was ... with one police sniper taking a seemingly impossible shot to rescue hostages.

Officers for the Lee County Sheriff's Department surrounded a Fort Myers Bank of America after a 36-year-old man attempted to rob the establishment in February. The culprit took 2 hostages inside the bank ... using them as shields while communicating with a negotiator.

The Sheriff's Department released video of the standoff -- with a sniper steadying his aim onto the suspect while right outside ... balancing his gun on another deputy's shoulder.

Saquon Barkley Dad Arrested In NYC

Saquon Barkley's father, Alibay, was arrested on Wednesday night ... after cops say he was cruising around New York City with a loaded gun in his car.

According to the NYPD ... Alibay was pulled over at around 7 PM after officers claimed the 2019 Corvette he was driving had "obstructed license plates that did not match the vehicle."

During the ensuing stop, cops say they discovered Alibay's ride was unregistered. They also say they found a firearm illegally in the car too.

Deadly Shooting CA Gunman Opens Fire At Passing Cars ... Father of Four Killed


A gunman unloaded a full clip of bullets at passing cars on a busy California street -- and he ended up killing a dad ... something that was caught on video.

The horrifying incident played out in Riverside County Monday -- where law enforcement alleges 39-year-old Julio Rodarte opened fire at vehicles that were cruising down a road ... randomly shooting into traffic as he walked down the sidewalk in broad daylight.

Surveillance video shows the shooter opening fire with what looks to be a semiautomatic ... pointing at cars from close range and repeatedly pulling the trigger. At one point, you see him unload an entire magazine, tossing it to the ground before loading another clip.

Halyna Hutchins' Family's Attorney Blasts Alec Baldwin Show Announcement ... 'Cynical' PR Move!!!

Halyna Hutchins' family's attorney is pissed about Alec Baldwin's new reality show ... side-eyeing the timing of the announcement and referring to it as a public relations stunt.

Gloria Allred -- who's repping members of the late cinematographer's family -- tells TMZ ... she's not buying any sort of coincidence in the announcement's release coming just a month before his involuntary manslaughter criminal trial begins.


She says, "This appears to me, to be a calculated and cynical public relations move to try to influence the jury pool in New Mexico to think of him as a sympathetic family man rather than as the killer of Halyna Hutchins, who was the beloved daughter of our clients Olga Solovey, Halyna’s mother, Anatolii Androsovych, Halyna’s father, and Svetlana Zemko, Halyna’s sister."

Hunter Biden Trial Ex-GF Claims ... He'd Smoke Crack As Soon As He Woke Up

Different kind of wake-and-bake for Hunter Biden ... at least that's what his ex-girlfriend claimed on the stand, alleging he'd light up a crack pipe upon waking up in his drug days.

Hunter's ex, Zoe Kestan, testified in court out in Delaware Wednesday in the President's son's federal gun trial ... with her testimony touching on a lot of Hunter's alleged drug habits while they were together years ago.

Zoe testified Hunter's crack use was near constant in private and that he "would want to smoke as soon as he woke up." On the flip side, she also says he was universally liked while out in public ... telling jurors he was "charming."

Will Smith Watch Me Handle a Gun & a Camera ... At The Same Time!!!

Instagram / @willsmith

Will Smith has picked up a thing or two in his decorated Hollywood career ... because he's now able to film himself starring in his blockbuster action movies!!!

Fans are going gaga over some new, behind-the-scenes footage from Will and Martin Lawrence's new flick, "Bad Boys: Ride or Die." The BTS video shows Will handling a firearm and also working the camera in a hectic shootout scene ... yep, doing both simultaneously.

It's pretty incredible ... Will's got a camera strapped to his waist and films himself shooting up some bad guys. At one point, Will flips the camera around to show his POV and then goes back to his face.

Costa Rican Man On Video Shooting Neighbor Dead ... After Heated Argument


A neighborhood dispute turned deadly in Costa Rica after a man opened fire on another guy ... and the horrific moment was caught on video, which shows the killing.

In the harrowing surveillance footage from earlier this week that's making the rounds, 2 neighbors and their respective wives are seen getting into an argument, yelling at one another from their adjoining homes in the city of Escazú. The disagreement moves to the front yard, where the 2 parties continue to hurl words back and forth.

As the argument heats up, Otoniel Orozco Mendoza -- the man who ended up getting shot, and later identified by local media -- makes the quarrel a physical one ... throwing punches at his neighbor, Eduardo Ramírez Zamora. Unfortunately, Zamora pulled a gun out in response.

Texans' Tank Dell Breaks Silence On Shooting ... 'Wrong Place, Wrong Time'

Million Dollaz Worth Of Game/Barstool Sports

Houston Texans star wideout Tank Dell is opening up about the shooting that almost derailed his sophomore season in the NFL ... saying the incident was simply a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

As we previously reported, Dell was wounded after gunfire broke out at a Florida nightclub back in April ... which was sparked by a verbal altercation between a 16-year-old and another individual at the club.

Dell was hit during the incident ... and suffered minor injuries.

Hunter Biden Trial Begins In Federal Gun Case

Move over Donald Trump, it's now Hunter Biden's time to go to court.

President Joe Biden's son is on trial in Delaware, where federal prosecutors previously indicted Hunter on gun charges. Hunter showed up at a Wilmington courthouse bright and early Monday, and jury selection is currently underway.

The Bidens are making history here ... Hunter's trial is the first ever involving the child of a sitting president.

'GH' Actor Johnny Wactor Bar He Worked At Speaks Out ... Police Have Video

"General Hospital" actor Johnny Wactor's employer is addressing his death -- and the internal outrage over alleged safety concerns  ... meanwhile, we got a big update on the criminal case itself.

Level 8 -- the bar where Johnny worked in downtown Los Angeles before he was shot and killed this weekend following a shift -- posted to Instagram Friday ... remembering him as a beloved coworker and cherished team member who was lost to a senseless act of violence.

Right after this tribute, though, Level 8 went on to tackle a growing chorus of employees and associates who've been blasting them over Johnny's death -- with claims that the bar hadn't done enough to protect their workers -- and they say they're going to delve into this issue.

Johnny Wactor Coworker Describes Details of Murder ... Died in My Bloodied Arms


The woman who was with Johnny Wactor the night he died just went on camera to describe exactly how his murder went down -- and it sounds tragic ... not to mention dramatic.

Anita Joy -- Wactor's coworker who was walking to his car with him Saturday morning in DTLA before he was shot and killed -- went on 'GMA' Friday to break down what happened ... including the moments right before his death, and the moments after he was gunned down.

Check it out ... she says they approached his vehicle, which was partially up on a jack -- they came upon a group of guys whom they thought were tow people taking the car.

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