Asian Hate Attacker Stabs 2 Elderly Women ... Video, Witnesses Lead to Arrest

Two elderly Asian women are recovering after this brazen and heinous stabbing in San Francisco -- so brutal the blade broke off inside one of the victims.

The attack happened Tuesday around 5 PM along Market Street where an 84-year-old and 63-year-old were randomly attacked by a man. You can see he comes up behind them, completely unprovoked and stabs them with a knife reportedly bigger than one of the victim's arms.

The 63-year-old was stabbed in the back, and then the attacker moved over to the 84-year-old, and used so much force while stabbing her, his knife was lodged in her body -- according to KGO-TV reporter Dion Lim, who first obtained the video

The older victim suffered a punctured lung, and her family shared her X-ray showing the huge blade which doctors later removed.

San Francisco PD says the 63-year-old victim suffered non-life-threatening injuries. Both women remain hospitalized.

Cops identified 54-year-old Patrick Thompson as the suspect -- he was arrested a couple of hours after the attack and booked on 2 charges of attempted murder and elder abuse. Investigators are working to determine if the incident was motivated by racial bias.

Quando Rondo Shot at in Georgia

Quando Rondo and his entourage were caught in a hail of gunfire at a convenience store in Georgia, and one man in his entourage was wounded.

According to law enforcement sources, the shots rang out around 3:20 AM Sunday in Blackshear, while Quando and his crew were in a parking lot off the highway. Cops believe the shooter opened fire from across the road or from the highway.

Our sources say police aren't aware of any bullets striking Quando, because he was not at the scene when cops responded, but we're told he was in the parking lot before the shooting.

The rapper was traveling with a large entourage, and we're told one man in the group was shot in the hand and got treatment at a local hospital.

It's interesting ... law enforcement says it appears Quando and his crew weren't at the convenience store long before shots rang out, and cops believe they were making a quick stop when the shooting started.


As we reported ... cops say Quando Rondo's crew was involved in a November shootout with King Von's entourage outside an Atlanta nightclub, which left Von dead. One of Quando's crew members was arrested for felony murder.

Sunday morning's shooting happened about 10 minutes from the nightclub where Quando performed Saturday night, and we're told the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is on the case.

Kentucky Derby Breonna Taylor Protesters Arrested ... After Diner Points Gun at Them

10:39 AM PT -- Louisville PD finally got back to us on what the protesters were arrested for exactly -- and they're all minor infractions that the police say are related to protesting ... and failing to obey orders when they impeded on the restaurant's property and faced off with customers.

Five different people were booked, and the charges range from disregarding an officer's signals for directing traffic/fleeing, evading police and even hitchhiking ... to disorderly conduct, failure to disperse and possession of an open alcoholic beverage/possession of a handgun by a convicted felon.

The cops insist at least one of the protesters was also armed ... but you can't really see that in the video. The man who was clearly brandishing a gun does not appear to have been arrested.

Several protesters near the Kentucky Derby were arrested Saturday as they protested the killing of Breonna Taylor ... but as for why they got arrested -- well the cops won't say.

Around 50 protesters marched by the entrance of Churchill Downs with signs that read, "We haven't forgotten Breonna."

The protesters ended up at La Chasse restaurant, and suddenly a man dining on the patio pulled out a gun and trained it on the group. There's no evidence from the video that the man was threatened.

Kentucky is an open carry state, so when cops came he was in the clear. But then, there was a foot chase and cops corralled 3 protesters and arrested them.

We contacted the Louisville PD and asked why the protesters were arrested. They wouldn't say but told us to file a public records request and even then they might not tell us. Sheesh.

As you know, none of the cops have been charged for Breonna's death and her family is especially upset that the grand jury proceeding was a sham. Attorney General Daniel Cameron told the media his office had instructed grand jurors on possible homicide charges when grand jurors said they had not been so instructed.

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Jack Harlow Caught in Middle of Fatal Shooting ... Club Outing Turns Deadly


Jack Harlow was feet away from what turned out to be a fatal shooting in Kentucky this weekend -- and TMZ's got video of the moment shots were fired ... and Jack scrambling.

The rapper -- who hails from the Louisville area -- was partying at a place in town called Vibes Restaurant and Ultra Lounge ... which was throwing a shindig in honor of the Kentucky Derby, something Jack himself had attended earlier in the day Friday.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Later that night, he stopped in at Ultra Lounge ... where he was filmed vibing out near the stage. Check out the video though -- it looks like an altercation unfolds with a woman and at least one man ... who then start leaning into each other before falling over in a scuffle.

Right at that moment, you hear what sounds to be a gunshot go off ... and everyone starts making a run for it, including Jack. It doesn't appear he was injured -- but we got calls in to his rep to make sure.

While it's unclear what exactly led up to the violence or who shot ... it sadly ended with someone losing their life. Police have said a woman was found dead from the shooting and a man was transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

No suspects have been arrested.

'The Wire' Actor Chris Clanton Shot in Baltimore

Chris Clanton -- known for his recurring role on HBO's iconic hit, "The Wire" -- was shot in Baltimore ... TMZ has learned.

A spokesperson for the Baltimore Police Dept. tells TMZ ... cops are investigating a shooting that occurred Thursday around 7 PM, and a 35-year-old man suffered a gunshot wound to the ear. We're told medics responded and took the victim to a hospital for treatment.

It's unclear what led to the shooting or if Chris was even the target, but the good news is ... we know he's already been discharged from the hospital.

The shooting remains under investigation and cops urge anyone with information to call Northeast District Shooting detectives or Baltimore's Metro Crime Stoppers tip line.

While Chris is known for his recurring role on "The Wire" -- he played Savino Bratton in seasons 1 and 5 -- he's also had big-screen roles. He played the lead in the 2009 independent film "Torn," and appeared in the horror flick, 'The Human Centipede 3.'

Dr. Drew Runs for Cover Gunshots Erupt at Famed Steakhouse


Dr. Drew got way more than he bargained for Thursday night at a world-famous Brooklyn steakhouse ... his meal was interrupted by gunshots.

The famous doc joined "TMZ Live" Friday and told a crazy story about finally getting a reservation at Peter Luger Steakhouse where he, his wife and friends chowed down on what he said were incredible steaks.

But then ... the sound of gunfire. Someone who was dining outside had beef with another table. The guy pulled out a gun and fired several times, missing the other patrons but striking 2 bystanders on the street.


What followed is terrifying ... Drew and Co., who were dining inside, huddled in a corner with other diners, not knowing if this was the beginning of yet another mass shooting. The waiters were true heroes, standing tall and protecting their customers.

When the drama ended, they all went back to their meals, and Drew tipped handsomely ... both for the meal service and the security they received from the waiters.

As for the bystanders, a 57-year-old man was shot in the stomach and a 30-year-old man was shot in the shoulder and back. They're expected to be ok.

Michael B. Jordan Shoots His Shot Gun Range Fun with Lori Harvey!!!


Michael B. Jordan may have a case of gun fever, because he returned to an indoor shooting range where he'd trained for a role -- but this time it was just for fun with his girlfriend.

Michael took Lori Harvey to the Field Time Target & Training facility in the O.C. this week to do some shooting and, no, Lori wasn't just watching MBJ in action ... she opened fire too.

The team at FT3 Tactical tells us the couple were at the place for a couple hours Wednesday night, and enjoyed target practice. We're told Michael was there a few months ago to train with the staff for his upcoming movie, "Without Remorse."

Obviously, he liked the spot enough to return for date night.

FT3 says he was super nice, cool and humble and spent time chatting with employees and taking photos. They've even named him an honorary member of the team.

Fans who want to see how Jordan's gun range training paid off can see for themselves now ... his action flick just dropped on Amazon Prime.

Tamika Mallory Cops Did Andrew Brown Jr. Wrong ... I Know It Without the Vid!!!


Video evidence isn't required to see there's a problem with the policing of Black people -- that's activist Tamika Mallory's take on a judge blocking the release of body cams in the fatal cop shooting of Andrew Brown Jr.

We got Tamika in Bev Hills, and she went in on the judge's decision to withhold the Pasquotank Sheriff's Dept footage from the public ... at least for now. She says the judge's ruling only adds to the distrust of the entire criminal justice system and perpetuates the idea that the authorities would rather protect each other ... than protect citizens from police brutality.


Tamika's also not buying the judge's intent to let the situation cool down a bit before releasing the video ... because she says the nationwide temperature is up to stay as a result of the long list of Black people killed by cops.

Regardless, Tamika tells us it shouldn't matter what happens with the body cam footage because she believes the basic facts in the case show Brown was shot in the back of the head by police as he was trying to flee ... and that's just wrong.

As we reported ... the judge in Brown's case ruled the fatal encounter with cops in North Carolina can be viewed, but only by his family and NOT the media. The judge will reevaluate making it available to more eyes in 30-45 days.

Brown was killed in Elizabeth City on April 21 as cops were trying to execute a search warrant, but his family believes his death was an "execution" and say he was killed by one bullet to the back of his head ... supported by the findings of a private autopsy.

Ahmaud Arbery Murder Suspects Face Federal Hate Crimes

The men already charged for the alleged murder of Ahmaud Arbery are now facing federal charges as well -- the U.S. Dept. of Justice just slapped them with hate crimes.

The U.S. DOJ announced Wednesday Travis and Gregory McMichael, as well as William "Roddie" Bryan, were indicted by a federal grand jury on multiple charges ... including interference with rights and attempted kidnapping.

The McMichaels face even more counts -- using, carrying and brandishing a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence. Travis was also indicted for discharging the firearm ... a Remington shotgun, according to prosecutors.

As it relates to the kidnapping claims -- the feds allege all 3 men attempted to unlawfully seize and confine Ahmaud by chasing after him in their trucks. Prosecutors claim they did this in an attempt to restrain him, restrict his free movement, corral and detain him against his will ... all while Ahmaud was running down a public street in Brunswick, GA.


The feds say Gregory McMichael also brandished a .357 Magnum revolver during the chaos.

The indictment also notes the McMichaels and Bryan are currently facing murder charges at the state level ... which is a separate case from these federal charges.

Ahmaud's mother, Wanda Cooper, tells TMZ she's grateful for the federal charges ... especially since this wasn't even a possible outcome not too long ago in the state of Georgia. It's only because of a new law they passed there last year that this could become a reality.

Wanda also called the indictment a bittersweet moment, noting Ahmaud didn't die in vain. She does say, though, that true justice won't be served until a guilty verdict comes in across the board ... at the state and federal level.

Andrew Brown Jr. Police Shooting Vids Can Be Seen ... But Only by His Family!!!


10:37 AM PT -- The family's legal team is "deeply disappointed" by the judge's decision to keep the police footage from the public, saying ... "In this modern civil rights crisis where we see Black people killed by the police everywhere we look, video evidence is the key to discerning the truth and getting well-deserved justice for victims of senseless murders."

It adds ... "Just look at the murder of George Floyd – if the world had not seen that clear and disturbing footage, there might not have even been an ounce of accountability for those officers."

Brown's family lawyers vow to keep the pressure on until the body cam videos are made public and they "get to the truth."

All police body cam videos of Andrew Brown Jr.'s fatal encounter with cops in North Carolina will be viewed, but only by his family and not the media ... a judge just ruled.

The Pasquotank County judge just made the highly-anticipated and controversial decision after hearing arguments for the release of police video in the case of Brown's killing ... in which an autopsy revealed he was shot 5 times.

The judge ruled the footage should be available to the family within 10 days, but also ordered that the faces of any deputies and other identifying information in the video be blurred. The judge will reevaluate making it available to more eyes in 30-45 days.

As we reported ... Brown's family says it was one bullet to the back of his head that killed him, and the findings of the private autopsy released Tuesday show he also suffered 4 gunshot wounds to his right arm.

Brown's family and their legal team have been calling for the release of the full police body cam footage from last week's fatal shooting, claiming he was gunned down in an "execution" while cops were trying to execute a search warrant.


So far, the family says they've only seen a "snippet" of police body cam ... just 20 seconds of one deputy's body cam with the faces blurred of other deputies on the scene.

The family claims what they did see only confirms their belief Brown was murdered by cops. Since his killing, peaceful protests and demonstrations in Elizabeth City have continued daily ... with the mayor there declaring a state of emergency.

Originally Published -- 10:06 AM PT

NRA Honcho Wayne LaPierre Elephant Hunt Vid of Brutal 'Sport' ... And His Shoddy Aim

This is gonna be stomach-churning for some ... video of NRA exec Wayne LaPierre and his wife hunting elephants in Africa, and his lack of marksmanship at crunch time made the brutal event even more inhumane.

The disturbing footage shows the LaPierres in Botswana during a 2013 trip, and as they trek through the bush with guides and a couple of friends, they find what they came to kill -- an adult elephant grazing nearby.

The New Yorker and The Trace obtained this video of Wayne taking aim at the animal and taking it down with a single rifle shot -- but one of the guides said the bull wasn't dead, and instructed Wayne on where to aim for the kill shot. The National Rifle Association's Executive VP took 3 more shots -- from about 20 feet away -- but couldn't put the poor elephant out of its misery.

The guide finally asked someone else in the group to make the shot.

Later that day, it was Wayne's wife, Susan's turn, and she killed an even bigger elephant from closer range ... as it seemed to be staring right at her. It's hard to see any "sport" in what happens in this video.

According to the New Yorker, the video was supposed to be used for a TV show called "Under Wild Skies," but never saw the light of day ... due to the NRA's concerns about a PR blowback. Both Wayne and his wife celebrated with smiles, hugs and high fives after their kills. Susan is seen cutting off the elephant's tail and shouting, "Victory!"

BTW, the hunt was totally legal -- Botswana auctions off 100+ elephant hunting licenses each year which typically cost tens of thousands of dollars. The 2020 hunting season was canceled because of the pandemic. Sadly, the country reportedly plans to issue nearly 300 licenses this year to make good with last year's hunters.

Andrew Brown Jr. Police Shooting Shot Five Times, Once In Head ... Private Autopsy Reveals

11:09 AM PT -- Civil rights attorney Ben Crump -- who's repping Andrew Brown Jr.'s family -- came on "TMZ Live" Tuesday to discuss the private autopsy results ... which he says jibes with what the family has seen, a flat-out execution.


Crump suggests there's a major cover-up at hand with this ... and it all seems to have started with what deputies told dispatchers when this all unfolded last week -- that Andrew was shot in the back, and not in the back of the head, which is what ultimately killed him.

It's just one more piece of an ugly puzzle that Crump says is coming together slowly but surely. Speaking of time, he made a point to explain why the Brown family is trying to get this body cam video uncovered publicly ASAP ... as opposed to letting it trickle out at the County's discretion.

He says he doesn't want people to forget Andrew Brown Jr. ... like so many other Black people who've been shot fleeing the police, whose stories came to light much later, after the fact.

Andrew Brown Jr. was shot 5 times during his fatal interaction with police, according to the autopsy ... and his family says it was one bullet to the back of the head that killed him.

Brown's family and attorneys released the findings of a private autopsy Tuesday, and they say he suffered 4 gunshot wounds to his right arm and one to his head.

The autopsy, performed Monday, says Brown died from the gunshot wounds ... and while the docs don't say which bullet killed him, the family believes it had to be the one to the head.

As we reported ... Brown's family is calling for the release of the full police body cam footage from last week's fatal shooting at the hands of sheriff's deputies in North Carolina.

The family says Brown, who was gunned down while police were trying to execute a search warrant, was killed in an "execution."

So far, the family has only seen a "snippet" of police body cam ... just 20 seconds of one deputy's body cam with the faces blurred of other deputies on the scene.

One family attorney says the video begins with Brown sitting in his car in his driveway, blocked in by police, with his hands on the steering wheel and deputies demanding to see his hands.

The fam says multiple cops were shooting at Andrew, and he tried backing out of the driveway to escape a hail of bullets, but ended up slamming into a tree.

Brown's killing has sparked protests and demonstrations in Elizabeth City and surrounding areas, with the mayor there declaring a state of emergency.

There's still no official word on when the shooting video will be revealed to the public, but 7 deputies were already placed on administrative leave, 2 resigned and one retired.

Originally Published -- 9:20 AM PT

John Keller CMU QB Shot After Fight At Party ... 'Fighting For His Life'

John Keller -- a 20-year-old quarterback for the Central Michigan Univ. football team -- was shot Saturday morning ... and his family says he's now "fighting for his life" at a hospital.

Police say Keller was involved in a dispute at a party near the CMU campus at around 1 AM Saturday when he was struck by gunfire.

The QB was rushed to the hospital in "serious condition," according to the Isabella County Sheriff's Office.

The gunman, meanwhile, fled the scene and is still at large, cops say.

Keller's family and friends said in a GoFundMe set up on Sunday to help cover the cost of the quarterback's medical bills that Keller was shot in the chest and "remains in critical condition."

Officials added in an update Sunday afternoon that Keller -- and another CMU student who was shot during the altercation -- were "recovering."

Cops say they are still searching for the shooter ... and are asking anyone with information to call 989-773-1000.

Keller -- who graduated from Hoover High in Canton, Ohio in 2018 -- began his college football career as a walk-on at Cincinnati. He later transferred to CMU, where he sat out the 2020 season.

Ma'Khia Bryant Man Asks Cops If They'd Kill Him Like Her Cop Says Yeah, If He Had a Knife

A confrontation between police and a black man got heated with an officer's response to the question ... Will they kill him like they killed Ma'Khia Bryant?

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

The incident went down in Washington D.C. ... as one of the officers responded, "Are you going to stab somebody like her?"

That set the man off, as he fired back, "No, but she called y'all for help!"

It's unclear if the man was stopped by police or if it was just a conversation, but the exchange has drawn heavy criticism. The Metropolitan PD is aware of the incident and is investigating.

Columbus Police Department

As you know by now, Ma'Khia Bryant, a 16-year-old from Columbus, OH, was shot and killed by a police officer as she lunged at another girl with a knife. The incident has raised questions, including why police didn't use a non-lethal taser and why the officer fired 4 times.

Authorities are investigating the shooting ... one of numerous such investigations that are being conducted around the country.

Pretty Ricky's Baby Blue Takes His First Steps in Hospital Since Florida Shooting


Baby Blue's a fast learner ... just one day after saying he'd have to learn to breathe and walk again he got up out of his hospital bed to start the process and take his first steps.

TMZ's obtained this video showing the Pretty Ricky rapper on Friday with hospital staff helping him get on his 2 feet and use a walker to stroll down the hallway of the Florida hospital where he's recovering from gunshot injuries.

It's clear Baby Blue's not completely out of the woods just yet ... but this vid is a good sign for his recovery. Plus, we're told he's now breathing on his own after he initially needed a ventilator.

TMZ broke the story ... Blue was shot in the shoulder area, with the bullet piercing his lung and getting stuck in his back. That prompted him saying he'd have to "learn to breathe & walk again" ... but he also added, "God Got Me."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As we reported, Baby Blue was trying to protect his cousin earlier this week during an attempted armed robbery. He grabbed the gun from one of the suspects ... and ended up getting shot.

It all went down outside the SpareZ Bowling Alley in Davie, Florida ... the 2 suspects pulled up while BB and co. were standing by their cars, and tried to steal the rapper's gold chain.

Steelers' Justin Layne Arrest Video ... DB Said In Cop Car 'I Got One Blunt!!!'


TMZ Sports has obtained police video from Justin Layne's arrest Friday ... and the Steelers DB can be heard in the back of a squad car saying, "They acting like I got some drugs -- I got one blunt!"

The 23-year-old -- who was a Steelers third-round pick in 2019 -- was pulled over after cops say he was doing 89 MPH in a 60 MPH zone in his 2020 Dodge Charger.

During the stop, officers put him in the back of a patrol car while they searched his ride ... and that's when Layne got on the phone with some of his friends to talk them through his situation.

While on the line ... Layne can be heard telling one friend, "I'm nervous as f***, bro. They about to get me."

Layne continued, "They might get me for the pistol, bro." He later told his friend that he had a blunt in the car.

Cops say they eventually found weed residue, a grinder and a loaded Glock 9mm pistol during their search of his car ... and released photos of their findings to TMZ Sports.

Layne was ultimately arrested and booked on a felony charge of improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle.

What's interesting ... Layne mentioned twice during the stop he was an NFL player -- and even at one point told an officer he played for the Steelers.

For their part, the Steelers said they were aware of the situation and were gathering more information.

Layne has played in 26 games for Pittsburgh since 2019 ... tallying 25 combined tackles.

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