Gorilla Glue Girl to Nicki Minaj Thanks for the Shout-Out in New Track!!!

It's official ... Tessica Brown is now forever etched, or glued, into pop culture, now that Nicki Minaj is shouting her out on a new track, and Tessica's flattered!!!

The Harajuku Barbie just dropped her song, "Fraction" and it includes lyrics referencing the moniker Tessica will have forever... Gorilla Glue Girl. Nicki raps, "... head game slicker than little miss gorilla glue."

Pretty dope, and Tessica tells TMZ ... she thought the line was cute. She says normally she's offended if someone calls her Gorilla Glue Girl, instead of her name, but Nicki gets a pass.

She says even though Nicki didn't reach out in advance to brief her about the shout-out, she hopes to meet her in person one day.

Nicki's still working on her next album -- which Tessica says she'll cop, for sure -- and the new track is part of the "Beam Me Up Scotty" mixtape she just dropped on streaming platforms.

It's been one helluva 2021 for Tessica -- from the Gorilla Glue incident and medical scare to announcing she's pregnant ... and now, getting name-checked in a Nicki verse!!! She's cleaning up.

Justin Bieber Crazy Hairdo ... Give it a Nest!!!

Justin Bieber's fortunate there were no birds around as he headed in for his dinner date with Hailey, or they might have tried to set up shop on his new 'do -- a pulled-back take on locks.

The Biebs and his wife hit up Craig's restaurant in WeHo Monday night, arriving with very contrasting styles -- Hailey dressed to the nines, while JB had a more chill teen look ... at least it matched his bird's nest-like hair.

Speaking of that new coif, Justin partially covered -- or wrapped -- his locks with a black bandana, and umm ... pulled them back into pigtails. Ya can't say he's half-stepping into the new look.

Justin rounded out his ensemble with sneakers, jeans and a baggy red sweatshirt ... and seemed to be in his own world on his phone.

It should go without saying, but this style Bieber's putting down ain't for everybody -- yet somehow, it's working for him.

Tekashi 6ix9ine's Baby Mama Medical Scare After Butt Lift

Tekashi 6ix9ine's baby mama flew down to Colombia for a little mommy makeover but it came at a high cost ... in the form of a severe reaction.

69's baby mama, Sara Molina, had gone through a bout of depression from being holed up at her house during the pandemic ... according to her manager. So, she went down to Colombia for a little pick-me-up in the form of a Brazilian butt lift and a 360 liposuction.

Thing is ... after Dr. Humberto Peña performed the 5-hour surgeries over the weekend, Sara, who has Multiple sclerosis, had a severe MS flare-up hours after the surgery ... her entire body was racked with pain.

We're told Sara was given nausea medicine but doctors also removed a pain pump that had been placed under the skin of her abdomen to funnel medication directly to the source of the pain. We're told this helped, but she still has big issues. She can't even lie flat.

Sara now rests in a special recliner and although she's still experiencing pain ... we're told she's recovering at the posh Lluxe Recovery facility in Colombia until mid-May.

All that said ... Sara's happy with the results of the surgery. It's almost 5 months into 2021 but ... #NewBodyNewMe is still in full force.

Cardi B Looking to Start Own Glam Line??? Gimme 'Bardi Beauty'!!!

Cardi B seems to be looking to break into the beauty biz -- and it looks like she wants to keep her B-branding at the forefront of her new venture.

The rapper's company, Washpoppin Inc., just filed legal docs to lock down the rights to the phrase "Bardi Beauty" -- which she apparently wants to slap onto a ton of different merch that screams of the fabulous life.

According to the trademark docs, Cardi is apparently aiming to hawk a bunch of glam products -- including stuff like cosmetics, fragrances, haircare, skincare, nail polish, nail enamel ... pretty much the works when it comes to a beauty line.

Here's another interesting thing ... the docs actually include Cardi's signature -- with her real name, of course -- Belcalis Almanzar -- as the CEO of Washpoppin. Take a gander at that beauty ... it definitely has all the volume and flair you'd expect from CB.

It's wild to think Cardi hasn't already gone the Kardashian-Jenner route to roll out her own line. She's been serving up fashionable looks (both wardrobe and makeup-wise) ... and has even teamed up with different companies, like Fashion Nova, for signature collections and curated items, but doesn't appear to have offered up one that's uniquely her own just yet.

Better late than never, though, we suppose. If all goes to plan, Bardi Beauty could be coming to a retail store near you.

Jeffree Star Pics of Wrecked Rolls-Royce ... Involved in Wyoming Crash

Jeffree Star just posted photos of the Rolls-Royce that was crushed during his horrific car accident -- but turns out, this beast of a machine might've saved the guy's life.

The makeup mogul gave a health update Saturday from the Wyoming hospital where he and a friend were treated after slipping off the road near Cody ... and barreling into a snowbank as their vehicle flipped over multiple times.

After Jeffree was discharged from the hospital -- with a back brace attached, no less -- he went over to the tow yard where the Rolls was being stored ... snapping and posting photos of the wreckage and aftermath. Yes, it looks bad -- but it could've been much worse.

JS writes, "This was hard but I had to go see my car today. Thank God a #RollsRoyce is built with highly reinforced steel because it saved our lives 🙏 Time to heal and let my body repair."

Jeffree also shared more deets about what exactly happened on his IG Story ... confirming what we'd been told -- that he lost control of the car after hitting some black ice, which sent him and his passenger flying off the road. While he's leaving doctors' care, his friend, Daniel, isn't ... as he revealed he's dealing with some lingering colon issues.

While it's great to see both of them in high spirits following a life-threatening wreck ... it's not great to hear how people apparently responded to word that they were okay and alive. Jeffree says he and Daniel were sent incredibly hateful messages, wishing them death.

As Jeff and Dan put it ... "f*** those haters." Well said.

Jeffree Star Hospitalized After 'Scariest' Car Crash

5:38 PM PT -- Jeffree says he's in "excruciating pain" after suffering fractures in his spine as a result of the crash, which he calls one of the "scariest moments" in his entire life.

The good news ... Jeffree says he's grateful to be alive and his doctor expects him to make a full recovery, though it might take a few months to get back to speed.

1:35 PM PT -- Cops say Jeffree was behind the wheel at the time of the crash, and thankfully, both were wearing seatbelts.

12:35 PM PT -- Wyoming Highway Patrol tells TMZ ... preliminary findings suggest drugs and alcohol do NOT appear to be a factor in the crash, though the investigation is ongoing.

We're told the crash happened around 8:30 AM on Hat 6 Road, with the Rolls Royce Jeffree was riding in losing control and rolling over after experiencing slushy road conditions.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

BTW ... Jeffree's been showing off a hot pink RR on social media lately, but it's unclear if this is the car involved in the crash.

Police also say it's too early to tell if speed was a factor in the accident.

Jeffree Star is in a hospital bed with a neck brace ... and he says he's lucky to be alive after his car flipped 3 times in a scary accident.

The YouTube star and beauty influencer says he was in a severe car accident Friday -- the car he was riding in lost control on black ice and ended up tumbling over.

Jeffree says his friend Daniel was in the car with him, and he posted a photo of them both in hospital gowns ... but as you can see, it looks like Jeffree got the worst of it.

The rollover reportedly went down near Casper, Wyoming ... with local reports saying Jeffree is getting treatment at Wyoming Medical Center and he's in stable condition.

Jeffree was reportedly driving a brand new Rolls Royce, with Daniel as his passenger.

Story developing ...

Originally Published -- 11:56 AM PT

K.C. Chiefs Heiress Gracie Hunt Wins Miss Kansas USA 'Hope to Make Everyone Proud'

The Hunt family just keeps winning ...

Gracie Hunt -- whose family owns the K.C. Chiefs -- has won the Miss Kansas USA pageant ... just like her mother did back in 1993!

The 21-year-old is the daughter of Clark Hunt -- the chairman, CEO and co-owner of the Chiefs.

Clark's father, Lamar Hunt, was a football pioneer who founded the American Football League and eventually merged it with the NFL. Lamar also came up with the name of "The Super Bowl."

And now, Lamar's granddaughter is making a name for herself in the pageant world -- taking the top spot at Miss Kansas USA on Sunday.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

After the victory, Grace posted a celebratory statement on social media.

"I cannot put into words how honored I am to join the VANBROS family and Miss Kansas USA legacy & represent the amazing state of Kansas!"

"Thank you to everyone who believed in me and to God for making my prayers a reality. I hope to make everyone proud through the next part of my journey. And so the adventure begins ..."

Gracie notes she also works in marketing and development for the Chiefs -- while pursuing a Master's Degree in Sport Management from the University of Kansas.

Gracie also serves as a global ambassador for the Special Olympics.

Gracie's mom, Tavia, was a beauty queen back in the day -- after she won Miss Kansas USA, she was runner up in the 1993 Miss USA pageant.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.


Grimes I'm Out of this World ... Huge 'Alien Scars' Tat Unveiled

Grimes might not be of this planet ... that's one possible theory after dissecting her massive new back tattoo, which she describes as "beautiful alien scars."

The Canadian musician unveiled her body art Sunday, a painful-looking assortment of tangled lines that at first glance ... make you think her tattoo artist was just a little high.

Instead, Grimes says it was planned this way from the get-go... with white ink and some help from the "alien computer brain" of another designer.

She says this is the best photo she has so far because "it hurts too much and I need to sleep," adding ... "it’ll be red for a few wks , but gna be beautiful alien scars."

It's all right on brand for Elon Musk's partner and mother to their child, whom they initially named X Æ A-12 Musk ... Grimes explaining the X stood for "the unknown variable."

They later had to change the A-12 to A-Xii due to California law not allowing numbers, but were still able to keep the theme of their son's name ... which also includes aspects of artificial intelligence and their favorite aircraft.

It's all stuff we've come to expect from Elon and Grimes ... though her tat is still pretty shocking.

Botched Botox Patient I'm Droopy and Irregular ... But I'll Do it Again, Beats Wrinkles!!!

Whitney Buha's recent cosmetic procedure was an eyebrow-raising failure, but she's not scared to try again ... because she says the pros of youthfulness outweigh the cons.

The life and style blogger from Chicago's still dealing with the effects of botched Botox injections from a month ago, which resulted in a droopy left eye and a wide-open right peeper.


ICYMI ... Whitney details in the vid what went down, and how the Botox clinic made her appearance far worse than before she came in.

Buha says on top of everything else ... she suffers from dryness in her right eye because it's open wider to compensate for her left eye, blurred vision and headaches.

The good news -- as you can see -- her eyes are returning to normal, and she says doctors have assured her this is all just temporary. Still, it's a pretty scary experience, so it begs the question ... will Whitney get Botox again???

She tells us it's very likely she will and offers a sensible explanation. One thing's for certain ... she won't be going back to the same clinic.

Whitney also says offers have been rolling in for free Botox from all over the country in wake of her ordeal.

The eyes have it.

Billie Eilish's Brother New Style = Blonde Hair Growth!!!


Billie Eilish traded in her iconic green hair for blonde locks to demonstrate her evolution as a person and an artist ... so says her big brother.

We got Finneas O'Connell leaving Blue Bottle Coffee in Los Angeles and asked about the big hair change, and why it's such a big deal for her fans.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Finneas, who co-wrote and produced most of Billie's tracks on her debut album, says a new hairstyle is one of the easiest ways to change your persona ... and he says Billie did it because she's growing.

Remember, Billie's only 19 and she's already snagged 7 Grammys ... so she's already done A LOT of maturing, and it sounds like the image now needs to match the accomplishments.

Finneas also tells us why Billie's hair needed 6 weeks to go from green to blonde ... and he drops some hints about a new album and how long she'll be rocking the new 'do.

Khloe Kardashian Speaks Out on Leaked Bikini Pic ... Everyone Has a Right to Be Happy

Khloe Kardashian is speaking out after an unauthorized photo of her surfaced over the weekend, causing many on social media to comment, critique and bully her appearance.

Khloe looked great in an untouched, unedited video from her bathroom Wednesday, showing fans her unfiltered appearance ... she also included a lengthy statement.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Khloe says, "When someone takes a photo of you that isn’t flattering in bad lighting or doesn’t capture your body the way it is after working so hard to get it to this point ... you should have every right to ask for it to not be shared - regardless of who you are."

The photo -- showing Khloe poolside in a bikini without any substantial photo edits or airbrushing -- was quickly pulled by Khloe's team, and publications were asked to take it down.

Khloe says the criticism she's faced her whole life, being called "the ugly sister," questions as to whether Robert was her real dad and accusations of weight loss surgery have taken their toll on her mentally.

She continues, "It’s almost unbearable trying to live up to the impossible standards that the public have all set for me. For over a decade now in photos, every single flaw and imperfection has been micro-analyzed and made fun of to the smallest detail and I am reminded of them everyday by the world."

In closing, Khloe says that while her family has been a tremendous foundation of support and positivity, "You never quite get used to being judged and pulled apart and told how unattractive one is, but I will say, if you hear anything enough then you start believe it."

She says everyone, including her, should have the right to remove a photo they might not like, and to post what makes them feel happy, saying, "I have realized that we cannot continue to live life trying to fit into the perfect mold of what others have set for us. Just do you and make sure your heart is happy."

World's Longest Fingernails She Clips Them After 29 Years ... Nothing Cuticle About It!!!

The woman who's been taking care of her keratin for nearly 3 decades said so long to her world record fingernails ... but she needed a power tool to do it!

Ayanna Williams HAD been the Guinness World Record holder for longest fingernails on a pair of female hands since 2017 -- when they nearly measured a combined 19 feet -- but she turned in her title for a much-needed manicure ... and it's pretty insane to see.

Williams went to Dr. Allison Readinger of Trinity Vista Dermatology in Texas earlier this month to get her fingernails sawed off with an electric rotary tool, after revealing she'd been growing them for about 29 years.

She told the doc she had "mixed emotions about my babies going" but said the time had come, because she'd grown tired of them ... for obvious reasons, we think.

After the procedure, Williams said she felt a lot of relief and her knuckles seemed to really loosen up. BTW, her chopped-off nails are on their way to Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum in Orlando.

No word if Ayanna plans to start growing her fingernails again, but she might have to go 40 years if she wants to set the women's all-time record -- it's 28 feet and 4 inches, set by Lee Redmond before she reportedly broke her nails in a car accident in 2009.

Kim Kardashian Billionaire Status is Official!!! Forbes Rolls Out Welcome Mat

Kim Kardashian has joined the 10-figure club for the first time -- she's officially a billionaire ... this according to Forbes, and she can thank her massively successful makeup and shapewear lines for most of it.

The magazine estimates KK's net worth has ballooned to a cool billion bucks -- up from around $780 million last they checked in October. The Forbes team says Kim's cosmetics line, KKW Beauty and her SKIMS brand are a huge portion of the increased wealth.

By their account, KKW Beauty was bringing in about $100 mil annually since its launch in 2017 -- and when Kim sold 20% of her ownership stake in the company to beauty conglomerate Coty, that put a tidy sum of $200 mil in her back pocket. Forbes says the remaining 72% stake she still has in the company is worth around $500 million on its own.

Then there's SKIMS -- which hasn't disclosed its financials, per Forbes, but the mag still pegs her ownership stake at around $225 million.

The rest of her cash sits in cash and other investments -- including real estate. Since 2012, Forbes says Kim's been collecting at least $10 mil a year (pre-tax) from 'KUWTK,' endorsement deals and other biz ventures she waded into over time.

Kim now joins her own sister, Kylie, who became a billionaire with her own makeup empire ... plus a slew of other celebs that have gotten into the billionaires club in recent years, including her estranged husband, Kanye.

She hasn't commented on her new status yet ... but you know she's gotta feel good.

Kim Kardashian I Want Some Skin In The Game ... Just Like Kylie!!!

Kim Kardashian seems to be taking a page from little sister Kylie Jenner's playbook ... 'cause she's tapping into the skincare business.

Kim filed trademark docs to lock up the rights to a skincare line she presumably plans to launch ... and it looks like she's calling it "SKKN BY KIM."

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, KK is looking to slap the name on a wide range of products for skin, hair and nails, plus fragrances and cosmetics ... pretty much anything people buy to make their skin and bodies look and feel good.

It's kinda hard to believe, but Kylie is the only sister with her own dedicated skincare line, Kylie Skin ... at least now.

Guess Kim didn't want to follow her other little sister into the tequila biz ... at least for now, that's all yours, Kendall!!!

Michael Strahan My Gap Tooth Prank is a Bonanza for My Dentist!!!

Michael Strahan may have been joking about "fixing" his iconic gap tooth, but now lots of folks who actually want the real procedure are flocking to Strahan's doc.

Dr. Lee Gause, Strahan's dentist, tells TMZ ... he's been flooded with calls from people from all over the country who don't care if it was an April Fools' prank ... they feel Dr. Gause made Michael look way better, and they want of piece of that action. In all, more than 100 dentally-challenged people have called.


He says some prospective patients have already booked their flights to get the procedure done at his Smile Design Manhattan clinic in NYC.

The cost ain't cheap -- between $5k and $50k ... depending on how wonky the chompers. Now, it's possible people want something temporary like Mike ... the wax used to stage the joke -- a Prenew Preview -- runs a very reasonable $350.

Now, Dr. Gause says Strahan's a real patient of his, but if he asked to permanently fill the gap, he wouldn't do it because it's his signature trademark. Hmm ... we will take him at his word.

'RHOSLC' Star Jen Shah Pleads Not Guilty to Fraud Charge ... Judge Forbids Drinking Too Much

3:49 PM PT -- Shah's bail terms include several additional strict conditions she must abide by ... according to new legal docs obtained by TMZ.

She must continue mental health treatment at a specific facility, she's forbidden from using "alcohol to excess" or any narcotics or controlled substances, and perhaps unsurprisingly ... the judge says she must stay away from all things telemarketing.

As for the allegations against Shah, her defense lawyers Daniel R. Alonso and Henry Asbill say... "She maintains her innocence of these charges, and is eager to defend herself in a court of law. She puts her faith in the American legal system."

Jen Shah has pleaded not guilty to the charges in her telemarketing scam case ... and it seems she prepped for it by getting her hair done.

"The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" star appeared in a federal court in Manhattan on Friday via video conference call with her lawyers, and entered not guilty pleas to both charges -- conspiracy to commit wire fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

As we previously told you ... Jen was released on strict conditions after her arrest, and on Friday the judge granted her continued release on a $1 million personal recognizance bond.

The judge said there is a flight risk with Shah but gave her 2 weeks to fork over a $250k secured bond in cash or property in order to remain out of jail until her trial ... which is set for Oct. 18.

@hairbyendo / Instagram

In other news ... Jen apparently spent the evening before her arraignment getting her hair silk-pressed and just chilling out.

BTW -- Shah's assistant Stuart Smith, who was arrested with her and is facing the same charges in their alleged fraud scheme, also pleaded not guilty and was granted continued release on a $1 mil personal recognizance bond.

No word if he got a fresh cut or style for court.

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