'Tiger King' Star John Finlay I Got New Chompers!!! Got Some Issues with Netflix, Too

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John Finlay -- one of the stars of the hit Netflix docuseries 'Tiger King' and Joe Exotic's ex-husband -- has a nice new set of pearly whites ... that almost make him look like a different person.

John tells TMZ ... he actually got his teeth redone in July 2019 all at once -- they're dentures -- and he's a little miffed at Netflix and the filmmakers because they never showed it.

We're told there's plenty of footage and photos of John fixing his smile but for whatever reason ... none of it made the final cut of 'Tiger King.'

Finlay also wants to clarify something about his gnarly teeth -- they weren't the result of meth abuse. Though John admits meth was a drug of choice for him in the doc, we're told his teeth were messed up before that, due to genetic reasons. He told us he has not touched drugs in 6 years.

John is currently working as a welder and living in central Oklahoma with his fiancee Stormey. We're told she's the one with John at the end of the series when he's getting his Joe Exotic tattoo reworked.

As for why Finlay's shirtless the entire time he's being interviewed on 'Tiger King' ... our sources say that was the idea of one of the producers, and John went with it.

For more on Finlay, ya gotta watch 'Tiger King' on Netflix, and also check out the podcast "Joe Exotic: Tiger King" by Robert Moor on Joe Exotic's story ... including more with John.

Kim Kardashian's KKW Beauty Halts Shipping Over Coronavirus ... Still Taking Orders Though

Kim Kardashian's beauty line is putting a pause on its operations because of the coronavirus -- telling customers their orders won't show up on their doorstep anytime soon.

KKW Beauty made the announcement Monday, saying because of statewide health orders being imposed in California ... they're temporarily closing the company's fulfillment center, where they ship out products. That means they can't guarantee any delivery dates at this time.

The company does say that as soon as shipping is allowed to resume, any customers' order in limbo at the moment will receive top priority. And, for anyone who doesn't wanna wait that long, KKW Beauty says it'll let folks cancel unshipped orders at any time for a full refund.

The only catch is your order has to have been placed on or after March 16, 2020 -- when most nationwide coronavirus policies started to take effect -- in order to be eligible for the refund.

KKW Beauty says it'll continue to keep its customers and fans updated on all its social media feeds, and will push forward with beauty tips and other content in the meantime.

Magda in 'There's Something About Mary' 'Memba Her?!

Michigan born actress Lin Shaye has been in the TV and movie game since the mid-'70s, but is best known for her bronzed and blonde role as the neighbor Magda -- who loves her puffy and clam dip -- in the 1998 Farrelly brother's film "There's Something About Mary."

Lin's other big Farrelly bros role was of the trashy landlord in the bowling classic "Kingpin."

Shaye has now carved out a scream-worthy niche in the horror film genre with credits on fright films like "The Grudge," "Insidious," "2001 Maniacs," Ouija," "The Black Room" and many, many more!

Guess what she looks like now at 76 years old!

Drew Brees Debuts New Buzz Cut For Charity ... 'It's Going Off!'

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Drew Brees is showing off his brand new look -- a buzz cut -- and it's for a great reason!!

The New Orleans Saints QB took some clippers to the dome on Tuesday for the Saving By Shaving charity event for the Boston Children's Hospital ... and helped raise a TON of money.

For a guy who's pretty calm under pressure, Brees looked a bit nervous to try out the new 'do (or lack, thereof) ... but cracked a few jokes in the process!!

"It's gonna be a lot easier to wash my hair now!!," the 41-year-old said.

The best part?? Brees says Granite CEO Rob Hale made an incredible $7 MILLION donation during the event.

Lookin' good, Drew!!

Beauty Influencer Michelle Grace I 'Beat the Crap' Out of My Toddler ... I Hit So Hard I Hurt My Hand

Michelle Grace YouTube

A beauty vlogger is under fire after she posted a video in which she bragged she beat the hell out of her 2-year-old daughter for ruining her makeup ... adding her hand hurt from the beating.

The "influencer" is Michelle Grace, and people are now calling for an intervention or at the very least a Child Protective Services check  ... but Grace is defending her actions.

Here's what happened -- Grace shared a video titled "My Toddler Ruined My JSC Alien Palette|Now I'm sad..." on her YouTube channel, and went on to say "My 2-year-old just got her ass beat" ... all while her child can be heard crying in the background.

Grace continues by explaining her daughter found her Jeffree Star Cosmetics eye-shadow palette and another palette and ruined them ... even though she's told her in the past to not do such things. Reminder -- the daughter is 2.

By the way ... Grace grouses she doesn't know what to do ... she says it's like she has to put her makeup in a safe to keep it away from her child. Well, that's a better solution than beating her.

That's not all ... Grace later reiterates how badly she "beat the crap" out of her child to the point she injured her own hand.

Though the beauty vlogger's fans are shocked, concerned and appalled ... Grace defended her parenting skills and later on Twitter, said her girl is intelligent and knows right from wrong, and justified the physical discipline as teaching a lesson.

Grace also claimed her hand hurt before the incident ... and some of her daughter's crying was due to taking her iPad away.

She added ... "And I know a lot of parents might not agree with me ... but I don't normally, I don't normally spank my child, unless I really have to, and usually, it's just a pop. And it barely hurts. She cries for like, five seconds."

Apparently this time was more than that ... because the crying lasted for a lot longer than 5 seconds.

Lizzo Hilfiger Thong Line, Though??? ... Yeah, I'm Into It


Lizzo says Tommy Hilfiger has connected with her on a future collab, and the article of clothing she thinks they can peddle best ... butt cheek dental floss.

We got the pop superstar Sunday outside of the Sweet Chick waffle house in L.A., where our guy asked what's on the horizon for her after a year of praise and accolades. Before she can even answer, Lizzo tells us straight-up ... she's pretty hungover. So, we helped her out.

Our photog suggests politics as a new lane she could pursue, but Lizzo literally laughs in his face. Hm, okay ... maybe not. On the fashion front, however, she's apparently making moves.


You'll recall ... we ran into Tommy in December when he told us he wanted to work with Lizzo in some capacity for a potential new line ... telling us he thought she was a star.

Welp, it seems TH may have gotten in touch ... and Lizzo says she's landed on good old-fashioned thongs as what they might be working on. Makes sense, that's kinda her thing.

Lizzo's certainly not afraid to show (and shake) what her momma gave her, as we've seen in the recent past. She actually showed off her thong at a Lakers game in December, and now ... it looks like a Tommy Hilfiger partnership could follow. Assuming either of 'em is serious.

In any case ... Lizzo's upgraded from "kiss my ass" to something a bit more graphic. We'll let her explain for herself.

Hair Club for Men Founder Sy Sperling Dead at 78

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Sy Sperling -- the founder and president of Hair Club for Men known for his TV commercials in the '80s and '90s -- has died in Florida.

Sperling died in Boca Raton after a lengthy illness ... according to his spokeswoman, Terri Lynn.

Sy's career path began being forged in the late '60s when he was a balding swimming pool salesman in New York City who'd grown tired of wearing toupees.

So, he took $10k in credit card debt to open a Madison Avenue salon and used a hair weaving technique he learned from a stylist to implement a system where a nylon mesh cap was glued to a person's scalp ... allowing their hair to grow through it, then additional matching hair purchased from women was woven into the mesh.

Sounds pretty odd, but business took off ... just not to the point where Sperling wanted it to be. Enter, the TV commercials.

Sy began advertising his hair replacement system on TV and went national in 1982, with spots running 400 times daily on late-night TV. They reportedly cost $12 million a year but generated 10,000 calls a month.

The ads featured before-and-after photos of happy customers, but ended with Sperling himself proclaiming ... "I'm not only the Hair Club president, but I'm also a client." They became a cultural phenomenon almost instantly.

The company's now simply referred to as Hair Club and began offering services for women in 1995. Sy retired in 2000 after selling the company for $45 mil. It's helped more than 600,000 clients restore their hair over the years.

Sperling is survived by his wife and 2 kids.

He was 78.


JaVale McGee I Produced A Song For Bieber!!! ... On 'Changes' Album

JaVale McGee's music career has reached Justin Bieber status ... 'cause the L.A. Lakers star helped write and produce a song on the Biebs' new album!!

Yes, you read that correctly -- the 7-foot tall NBA center is a big-time music producer in his free time ... and officially got credit for his role in making Bieber's song, "Available," on his new project, "Changes."

Of course, McGee has dabbled in music for years ... and has worked with old Lakers teammates like Lonzo Ball in the studio in the past.

But, this is the first time McGee -- going by the pseudonym, "Pierre" -- has worked with someone on JB's level.

McGee has said in the past he's using his platform as an NBA player to push his music career ... and it's clearly working. It's Justin freakin' Bieber we're talking about here.

Pierre spoke about the opportunity, saying "I was blessed to write and produce on the song 'Available'! 2020 is about elevation and growth and following your dreams and this has always been one of mine to be a producer!"

As for the album ... it's well on its way top of the R&B charts after dropping on Valentine's Day.

McGee already has 2 NBA titles -- is a Grammy next?!?

Kylie Jenner & Hailey Bieber Mean Business on Valentine's Day ... By Flexing Legal Muscles


It was apparently "Trademark Day" on Valentine's Day for 2 big stars in Hollywood ... 'cause Kylie Jenner and Hailey Bieber put love aside and got down to business.

According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Kylie filed to trademark "Kylie Body" and "Kylie Body by Kylie Jenner" and the hope's to slap those names on tons of products including hair and beauty products, creams and perfumes.

This, of course, is nothing new with Kylie. She's filed docs to register trademarks for just about everything under the sun ... including her famous wake-up call "Rise and Shine." Her expanding empire also includes "Kylie Baby" and "Kylie Hair."

As for Hailey ... docs show she's looking to register the trademark "HB Beauty by Hailey Bieber." Seems she's ripping a page out of Kylie's playbook cause she wants to slap those names on beauty and wellness products.

She's no stranger to the trademark game. She filed docs back in October 2018 to lock down her own name, Hailey Bieber, which she wants to use on a possible clothing project.

Proving yet again, the heart wants what the heart wants ... money.

Justin Bieber Finally-Time-to-Shave-February Bye Bye, Selleck Stache!!!


Justin Bieber is going through changes -- and one of them just happened on his face.

The singer posted video Sunday showing himself taking an electric razor to his mustache, which he's been rocking proudly for a minute now. Unclear why he decided to get rid of the epic stache, but his follicle fans shouldn't panic. JB says it'll be back in due time.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

In the videos, Justin shows off a cool feature on Instagram Stories -- being able to embed snippets of songs and having the lyrics superimpose over your uploaded clip. For the stache shaving, the Biebs went with a few solid "goodbye"-themed tunes. Quite fitting.

He chose the Rolling Stones' "Miss You," Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone," 'NSYNC's "Gone," and of course ... Ray Charles' "Hit the Road Jack." Good taste in music.

He also showed off his freshly shaven mug, calling himself "Baby face Bieb." Yeah, he does look younger -- facial hair has that kinda magic. BTW, his wife, Hailey, seems to dig it. She responded to his post with a 😍  emoji, so the missus is happy. Good move.

Until we meet again, young Selleck 👋🏽

Kendall, Bella and Justine Grocery Run for Galentine's Day!!!


Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Justine Skye grabbed some grub Friday ... presumably to celebrate Galentine's Day.

The famous trio hit up Whole Foods in the Big Apple. Judging from the shopping cart, it doesn't exactly look like a feast, but not everyone has to gorge on V-Day ... or G-Day.

They were all in NYC for Fashion Week, which ended Wednesday. Unclear whether Kendall hooked up with Ben Simmons at some point Friday. It seems pretty clear they're back together.

Anyway ... they looked great traversing the aisles of Jeff Bezos' pricey store.

Happy Valentine's Day -- belatedly -- ladies.

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