Martina McBride Good Genes or Good Docs?!

Martina McBride's looks over the years are making the doves all sing!

Here is a 27-year-old version of the singer and songwriter busting out her musical pipes at the 1994 Country Music 'Fanfest' in Pomona, California (left) ... the same year that her hit track "Independence Day" was released.

And, 28 years later ... the 55-year-old mother of four recently grabbed the mic and hopped back onto the stage -- looking like no time has passed for the country icon -- at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium in Tennessee earlier this year (right).

"Let the weak be strong, let the right be wrong!"

The question is ...

Martina McBride ...

Kim Kardashian Sued Over 'SKKN' Trademark ... She Calls it a Shakedown

Kim Kardashian is using her celebrity to bully a small business for the rights to a skincare line, according to a new lawsuit ... but Kim's legal team says it's nothing more than a "shakedown effort."

Kim is being sued for trademark infringement over her new brands, SKKN and SKKN BY Kim, by a company out of Brooklyn called Beauty Concepts, which claims it owns the rights to "SKKN+" and says Kim's use of the moniker on her beauty products is confusing customers.

According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Beauty Concepts says it's a Black and woman-owned business that survived the pandemic, and moved up to a brick-and-mortar store only to learn Kim K was launching her new brand with a strikingly similar name.

In the docs, Beauty Concepts says it reached out to Kim's team after she filed papers trying to lock up rights to "SKKN" ... informing her it already held the trademark for "SKKN+" and asking Kim not to use similar branding. The company claims Kim's team ignored the request and pushed forward, releasing her line anyway.

Kim's attorney, Michael Rhodes, is pushing back, telling TMZ ... "This lawsuit is not what it seems. SKKN BY KIM is a new brand that follows in the footsteps of Ms. Kardashian's successful KKW line of products. Building on independent research and development, her company filed a trademark application for SKKN BY KIM to protect the new branded products. This prompted the current shakedown effort."

Rhodes says, "We applaud Ms. Lunsford for being a small business owner and following her dreams. But that doesn’t give her the right to wrongfully claim that we’ve done something wrong. In its letter, Beauty Concepts claimed to own rights to a logo made up of SKKN+, and had just filed for trademark protection for that logo. The business was a one-person shop offering facials from a single Brooklyn location. The salon had no signage and was by appointment only. To our knowledge, Beauty Concepts sold no products under the SKKN+ name.

He continues, "Beauty Concepts asked that we drop the SKKN name. Of course, we said no. Beauty Concepts then challenged Ms. Kardashian’s trademark applications at the USPTO. Unsurprisingly, the USPTO rejected Beauty Concepts’ own SKKN+ mark saying that “skkn” just means “skin.” Undaunted, Beauty Concepts then tried to make its business seem more than it was – it leased a new storefront, changed its website, etc."

Rhodes says Kim's team tried to work with Beauty Concepts to figure something out, and says he "pointed out running a small esthetician business in Brooklyn does not give it the right to shut down a global skincare line."

Kim and Beauty Concepts are still battling over who has the trademark rights ... and Kim's attorney says BC filed this suit to try to leverage a settlement and score a big payday.

Tamra Judge Good Genes or Good Docs?!

Tamra Judge's looks over the years are peachy keen and those of a fitness competition-winning queen!

Here is a 43-year-old version of the reality star showing some classic Tamra sass with her hands on her hips at an event at The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in California back in 2011 (left).

And, 11 years later ... the now 54-year-old gym owner recently stepped back into the limelight -- complete with her classic hand-on-the-hip pose -- at the "Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip" season 2 premiere at The Bowery Hotel in New York City (right).

"That's my opinion!!!"

The question is ...

Tamra Judge ...

Amy Schumer I Had To Fire Penn Badgley's Wife As Doula ... Just Too Hot!!!


Amy Schumer had to call it quits with Penn Badgley's wife, who was working as her doula while recovering from her C-section ... and looks had EVERYTHING to do with it.

Amy told the "You" star about firing his wife Domino Kirke on his podcast "Podcrushed" Tuesday ... she says qualifications weren't an issue here -- but she was like a goddess roaming her house, while Amy was feeling less than perfect.

A doula acts as a labor assistant for someone that's going through or just finished their pregnancy, providing emotional and physical support ... while it sounds like Domino did her job well, Amy just couldn't get over that perfect look.

She says the "floating siren" made her feel vulnerable after having her 1st kid ... and she couldn't stand melting to her touch for one second more. She admits she feels pretty bad about giving her the boot.

Amy and her husband Chris Fischer welcomed baby Gene in 2019 -- their first kid together. The comedian decided to document her entire experience through the docuseries, "Expecting Amy."

Sorry, Domino ... maybe next time!!!

Hailey Bieber New Skincare Line Sued By Same-Name Company ... You Stole Our Name


11:37 AM PT -- A source connected to Hailey's brand tells us she owns the trademark for skincare, and the other Rhode holds the trademark for clothing. The source also points to the fact Hailey's legal name is Hailey Rhode Bieber.

Hailey Bieber and her new skincare line are being dragged to court already ... they're getting sued for trademark infringement by a fashion line of the same name.

According to legal docs obtained by TMZ, clothing company Rhode NYC claims Hailey and her business, Rhode, taken from her middle name, could easily wash away all the hard work they've put into their brand.

They say Hailey and co. previously tried to acquire the "RHODE" trademark but owners Purna Khatau and Phoebe Vickers refused to give it up. Rhode NYC, founded in 2013, claims the "Rhode" logo looks very similar to the one they have.

They believe Hailey's celebrity status is the reason her company is already taking off ... not to mention her famous husband Justin Bieber has also promoted the company to his 243 million Instagram followers.

The owners say they've already faced issues online ... people have been tagging Hailey's company by mistake instead of theirs, which they think shows there is clearly consumer confusion.

They are asking the judge to force Hailey's company to stop using the Rhode name and come up with something else to avoid further confusion and harm to their brand.

Kim Kardashian I Asked Therapists, Waited 6 Months Before Pete Met My Kids


Kim Kardashian wanted to make sure she waited long enough before introducing her kids to new BF Pete Davidson, consulting therapists and asking friends in similar situations how much time should pass before an appropriate meeting.

Kim was on "Today" Tuesday -- chatting about everything from Kanye to Marilyn Monroe's dress and her skincare line, SKKN by Kim -- but she also dished about things behind the scenes with her and Pete.


Hoda Kotb asked Kim about the timing on introducing her 4 kids to Pete. Kim says she met with friends who had experienced introducing their kids to new partners and even spoke with therapists -- who all recommended 6 months ... so that's what she did.


Remember, it was in April when we first saw Pete with one of Kim's kids, when he and North were spotted cruising around in a golf cart. Considering the first time we saw Kim and Pete together in public was back in October, it appears she truly did follow the 6 month rule.

Since then, we've even seen Pete with Saint at Walmart and making a stop at The Grove shopping center in L.A.

Kim was also asked about how things were going with Kanye, she said things were "good" and that she and the kids spent Father's Day at the house together with Ye. TMZ broke the story -- Kim and Kanye have been communicating again, as it pertains to the kids -- a huge step compared to where things were just a few weeks ago.

Quavo Your #1 Customer Has Arrived!!! Barbershop Patron Booted

What Quavo wants, Quavo gets -- and in this case, that would be a haircut ... no matter who's in line in front of him.

Check out this video that's now going viral ... it shows the Migos rapper walking into a barbershop with a small crew, and immediately getting the attention of the clipper in chair #1 -- who seems to know Quavo needs a trim and needs it now ... in that exact spot.

Unfortunately for the dude who was already sitting there -- a fella named Lance, it seems -- he got the boot from the barber ... who jokingly tells him he's gotta go and make way for Q.

Lance is a good sport and slowly starts to eject himself as the barber removes the apron and all the cutting gear he's got on him. Everyone seems to just know and accept ... this is Quavo's chair, and he takes priority over anyone else there -- even if it is mid-cut!

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

It's actually getting some reactions online -- like some saying they wouldn't budge, even for Quavo -- but everyone at Diamond Cuts here knows the drill ... and there's no hard feelings.

Jiri Prochazka Chops Off Epic Hair ... Buzz Cut!!


UFC light heavyweight champion Jiri Prochazka has chopped off his AWESOME hair in favor of a .... buzz cut.

It's hard to describe the hairstyle pre-cut ... but it was long, high, and pretty damn cool. Sometimes he wore it in a bun.

Why'd he do it?! Jiri told Ariel Helwani it was about a new beginning.

“I cut my hair because I needed to end one chapter of my life. So now I can start with new energy, new wave. Honestly.”

Of course, Jiri just beat then-LHW champ Glover Teixeira at UFC 275 ... forcing the 42-year-old future Hall of Famer to tap with less than 30 seconds left in the fight.

Prochazka was losing the fight ... but none of that mattered after the rear-naked choke.

Asked if he'd grow back the luscious locks, Jiri was indecisive.

"We will see."

Golf Star Paige Spiranac Dubbed World's Sexiest Woman ... In New Maxim Issue

Already holding the title of most-followed golfer on social media, Paige Spiranac just added another impressive item to her resume -- Maxim's Sexiest Woman Alive.

The mag just announced the honor ... officially crowning the golf star and influencer hottest on the planet in its latest "Hot 100" edition on Thursday.

And, Paige was fired up to hold the title ... saying in a post on her Instagram, "I am so honored by being named the sexiest woman alive by @maximmag this year!"

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

"When I got the call," she added, "I kept asking them, 'are you sure?' because I was truly in disbelief."

Paige gained fame several years ago after winning a golf tournament, when fans noticed her swing -- and her looks.

Soon after, Paige became a social media star ... and now has more followers on IG than Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson!!

Paige is no longer competing as a pro golfer -- she spends most of her time working on business adventures and her podcast -- but, don't it get it twisted, she's still got plenty of game on the course.


You'll recall, she made a hole-in-one last year in front of Gary Player!!!

Yeah, talk about a great eight months!

Joe Maddon Got Mohawk To Bust Angels' Slump ... But Fired Before Team Could See

Joe Maddon chopped his hair into a mohawk in an effort to try and break the Angels' losing skid earlier this month -- but his team never got to see it ... because he was fired before he could show it off.

ESPN's Tim Kurkjian reported the somber story as part of a bigger piece on the Angels that aired before L.A.'s game against the New York Mets on Sunday night.

In the report, Kurkjian said the 68-year-old manager got the new 'do following the Halos' 12th straight loss on June 6 ... in an effort to try to bring better juju to his floundering squad.

The problem? Angels brass fired him unexpectedly -- and none of his team could see it.

Maddon had been hired by the Angels prior to the 2020 season. He piled up a 130-148 record in his two-plus seasons with the team.

The Angels are 2-4 since his firing.

Britney Spears & Sam Asghari Behind the Scenes at Our Wedding!!! 'Fairytales Are Real'

Britney Spears is celebrating a bunch of "fairytale" moments from her wedding day -- including her own horse-drawn, Disney princess arrival to marry Sam Asghari.

Turns out Brit made quite the entrance Thursday night in a carriage covered in flowers ... before meeting Sam at the altar.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

This video takes fans behind the scenes of some of Brit and Sam's fashion planning with Versace, shows them saying their vows ... and posing for a bunch of pics after the nuptials.

While most brides might wait for a wine night with friends to screen their wedding videos -- Brit decided to share at least some of hers with fans, and you can tell she's still over the moon about how it all came together.

She captioned her post, "Fairytales are real."

BTW, the soundtrack on her vid ... "Can't Help Falling in Love" ... is what was playing when she walked down the aisle -- and the video includes Versace sketches of the bride and groom in the gown and tux they wore for their big day.

Britney admitted she'd gotten super nervous about the event -- although she didn't mention anything about her ex-husband, Jason Alexander, showing up uninvited to her house -- but clearly, that didn't help her nerves.

Still, they pulled it together in a pretty awesome way. As Sam put it in his comment on Brit's post ... "Out of a movie ❤️."

Johnny Depp Smells Like Victory Dior Ad Goes Prime Time

prime time promo

If there's any question as to whether or not brands will work with Johnny Depp again following his trial ... look no further than a resurrected Dior campaign airing in prime time this week.

Depp's face and musical talent are on display in a spot for Dior's Sauvage men's scent, and we caught it on air during "MasterChef" on FOX Wednesday night in the 8-9 PM hour.

Depp signed on with the company back in 2015 as the face of the scent, but it appears to have a resurgence as of late, given the buzz surrounding his trial with Amber Heard. The commercial was shot years ago when the campaign first launched, but for obvious reasons, hadn't exactly been in heavy rotation.

More evidence of the comeback ... Sephora also started pushing the fragrance with an Instagram ad that started popping up again in late May.

We reached out to Dior to ask if the company's purposely putting Depp's face back in play with the men's scent, but they haven't gotten back to us.

Interestingly enough, a recent report stated Sauvage sales had increased at both Sephora and Ulta -- making it one of the best-selling fragrances for the stores' online sales.


As we've shown you -- both during and immediately following the trial -- Depp's achieved rock-star status ... jamming out on stage with Jeff Beck and getting a warm welcome just about every place he goes.

The Dior deal isn't technically a new one, but it will be interesting to see if other brands pay attention and join in on Depp mania as well. And, the bigger question -- will major movie studios do the same?

Camila Cabello Orange You Glad I Wore a 2-Piece??? Steamin' on Italian Coast

Camila Cabello is doing her European vacation right -- the sun's out, as are her buns ... and she couldn't look any better in that combo.

The singer's been in Italy these past several days, enjoying a little R&R off of the Amalfi Coast with what seems to be her family. During a boat ride this past week, she busted out a bright orange 2-piece bikini and showed off her rockin' bod while on the high seas.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Of course, she's stunning ... and it's good to see she's totally comfortable in her own skin -- this after she opened up about being self-conscious at times with paps crawling around.

You might recall ... CC revealed she has, in the past, been overly concerned with other people's views and comments on her body -- adopting their way of thinking instead of just accepting herself as she was. Since then, she's done a 180 ... and wears whatever she likes.

Well, for what it's worth ... we like what she's wearing too, because she's quite radiant here.

Camila's been enjoying the single life lately -- this after splitting with Shawn Mendes -- and has been busy with her own career. She just opened the UEFA Champions League Final last week (to much fanfare, good and bad) and seems to be cooking up new music as well.

TikTok Chemical Peel Victim Laser Treatment Bringing My Skin Back to Life!!!

The TikToker who claims he received the chemical peel from hell -- which left his skin badly disfigured -- is finally finding some relief after undergoing laser treatments to correct the discoloration.

Neyo White flew to L.A. in March, to see Cosmetic Dermatologist, Dr. Jason Emer, to get several treatments to help with the discoloration on his face.

We're told, they did several treatments to help even out his tone, stimulate new skin growth, produce collagen and plump his skin, which usually all totals around $30K.

The results were almost immediate, and Neyo felt confident and optimistic about his skin looking better. He was advised to let his skin heal for a few months and return in May for a check-up ... and the results have been amazing.


As we reported, Neyo went viral after going to a spa in Georgia in February for a chemical peel ... and he ended up with a completely discolored face full of burns. He told us, it was so bad he sued the spa.

Now ... it looks like things are finally turning around for the better.

Skyar Astin Good Genes or Good Docs?!

Skylar Astin's looks over the years are positively "Pitch Perfect!"

Here's the 19-year-old version of the American actor and singer rocking some tight curls at a "Totally Tisch" star-studded gala in New York City back in 2007 (left) -- just five years before his big break in the film "Pitch Perfect."

And, 15 years later, the now 34-year-old "So Help Me Todd" actor is still treble-making his way through NYC and recently posed for a photo with a more blown out 'do at the premiere of "Spring Awakening: Those You've Known" (right).

Skylar is still scoring a 10.0 in the looks department.

The question is ...

Skylar Astin ...

Kylie Jenner Shows off Post-Baby Bod In New Photos

Kylie Jenner is making a mommy comeback ... showing off her post-baby body, just months after giving birth to her son.

Kylie shared photos for her 338 million followers Tuesday, teasing her latest Kylie Skin bubble bath ... and gave fans little-to-imagine, in a revealing lavender bodysuit.

Of course, this is the first time we are seeing Kylie put her mommy curves on full display up-close, since having her son back in February with rapper Travis Scott.

She did tease her 40-lb weight loss earlier this month, posing from afar while on vacay with her brood in Turks and Caicos.

Kylie has been open about her postpartum struggles, after giving birth to her second child ... and returning to social media.

She told her Instagram followers things were much harder this time around, both physically and mentally. She spoke candidly about feeling pressure over her body, before assuring her followers it's okay not to be okay.

Since then, she's been out and about ... and sharing photos. But, now it seems she's back to fully embracing her body.

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