Ellen, Sandra Bullock You Can't Use Our Names to Sell Your Junk!!!

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Ellen DeGeneres and Sandra Bullock have joined forces to sue various companies that are marketing beauty and anti-aging products ... claiming they made false representations the 2 entertainers were endorsing the stuff the companies were selling.

Ellen and Sandra claim some of the companies used photos of Sandra on Ellen's show. The companies falsely claimed Sandra was boasting about her "amazing new skin" ... which the company credits to their products.

The company also posted a pic of Ellen falsely claiming the reason she doesn't need a lot of makeup is because she uses the company's serum.

In other words ... not only are Ellen and Sandra saying the companies used their names and likenesses without permission ... they just made all this stuff up.

According to the lawsuit, several different beauty companies used the photos to hawk their products ... without permission from Ellen or Sandra.

The products in question ... Alessa Serum, Elliesse Serum, Lavish Skin Care, Life Cell Skin Care, Glovella and many others.

Ellen and Sandra want profits the companies have made off their names. They also want a judge to order the companies to stop using Ellen and Sandra's names and likenesses.

Billie Eilish Like My New Mullet Haircut, Do Ya??? ... Enjoy It While It Lasts


Billie Eilish has a perfectly good explanation for why she's rocking what appears to be the Joe Dirt look ... and an even better one for why it'll only be temporary. Sorry, mullet fans.

We got the goth pop singer Tuesday at LAX, where we asked her about the new haircut she debuted the day before at the LACMA Art + Film Gala in L.A. ... which turned out to be all the rage among her fans and fashion experts alike. Hey, folks love them some '80s nostalgia.


Welllll, unfortunately for all those people who were loving it ... Billie here has an update they might not be so happy to hear. It was a fluke to begin with, and it ain't stayin'.

BE gives up the backstory on how the mullet even came to be, and it sounds like a salon appointment gone majorly wrong. And yes, as soon as she can grow some of her follicles back to original length ... Billie says America's favorite trashiest 'do will be no more.

As much as you might want her to keep on, keepin' on with that thing -- something tells us it's just not Billie's style. The kid's a trend-setter, not a trend-getter ... dig it???

Megan Thee Stallion My Makeup Artist Has Loose Lips ... I Might Have to Sue!!!


Megan Thee Stallion's taking the beef with her makeup artist to the next level -- she's threatening a lawsuit if the guy doesn't shut the hell up on social media!!!

The "Hot Girl Summer" rapper's lawyer, Dina LaPolt, fired off a cease and desist letter -- obtained by TMZ -- to Megan's makeup artist, Akil McCoy ... claiming he's violating his nondisclosure agreement by talking about his work with her.

The beef started when Akil called BS on Megan telling Vogue she did her own makeup. Akil blasted MTS on social media, commenting on her IG page. Her lawyers say that's a big no-no and he knows it.

In the letter/legal threat, Megan's team demands Akil delete his IG comment and stop blabbing about their professional relationship -- even if he's saying something positive.

Megan means business ... she says the next step is taking Akil to court, if he doesn't zip it.

Kim Kardashian Sues Makeup App for $10 Mil ... How Dare You Steal My Photo!!!

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Kim Kardashian says her image is worth millions -- more than $10 million -- and that's why she's suing a makeup app for allegedly jacking one of her pics.

Kim claims in the new lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, iHandy used a 2017 photo of her to promote a makeup and beauty manipulation app. What's especially galling to Kim -- the photo was one she used to promote her own beauty line.

Kim's lawyer scoffed at iHandy's defense ... that it had no idea it was Kim in the pic they used. The lawsuit says, "Defendant claim, absurdly, as its alleged defense ... that they didn't know that the unlicensed, unauthorized photo they knowingly stole and misappropriated was that of [Kim Kardashian West] ... one of the most famous and recognizable women in the world."

According to the lawsuit ... Kim's lawyer claims iHandy "even had the audacity to threaten [Kim Kardashian West] not to bring claims against them for their blatant infringement, or they would go after her."

The app in question offers "perfect selfies with professional beauty and body retouch tools, including face life, smooth, concealer, slim and more."

As for why she's suing for $10 mil plus, the lawsuit says it includes the cost of licensing her photo and using her likeness. She also wants them to cough up any profits they made from using her photo.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Baby Mama Jen Harley Getting A Bigger Ass Thanks to Stranger's Fat!!!


Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's baby mama, Jen Harley, is in the market for more junk in her trunk ... and she's gonna do it with the help of some fat donations.

Harley's set to get fat injections early next month, however, it won't be her own blubber. We're told doctors take fat cells out of other patients, clean them up, and then inject them into folks looking for a thicker caboose.

L.A. Dr. Jaime Schwartz will do the honors ... he specializes in performing the procedure on women who don't have enough fat in their bodies to move around.

We're told the process takes about an hour and a half and is pretty much pain-free. Jen will be awake during the whole time.

BTW the procedure costs around $25k.

When all is said and done, Jen's ass will be fuller, rounder and better sculpted.

The timing makes sense for someone looking to move on ... Jen and Ronnie just had a nasty breakup after a domestic incident in L.A. Ronnie's been charged with 5 misdemeanors for the incident, including domestic violence and child endangerment.

We're told the two will continue to co-parent their 18-month-old daughter, Ariana, and hammer out a more official custody arrangement once the dust settles from the criminal case.

Kylie Jenner Trademarks 'Rise and Shine'

Kylie Jenner's no fool ... when she sees something that's hot, she tries to own it, which is what she wants to do with the catch phrase, "Rise and Shine."

Kylie filed legal docs asking the feds for ownership of a slang version of the famous wake-up call ... "RIIISE AND SHIIINNEE."

The trademark would cover belts, pants, coats, dresses, footwear, gloves, headbands, headwear, jackets, loungewear, scarves, sleepwear, socks, swimwear and undergarments ... as well as cosmetics.


Kylie did a YouTube tour of her office earlier this month, walked into Stormi's room -- where she was sleeping in her crib -- and began singing "Rise and Shine" to wake her up. It exploded online and the Kardashians/Jenners are nothing if not brilliant business people, so what better ploy than to ride the wave and take advantage.

As we reported, the hashtag #RiseandShine hit a billion views on TikTok earlier this week, making it the fastest spike ever on the platform. She's also already selling sweatshirts with the phrase, and they've sold out ... and you have to imagine, a makeup line is in the works.

Barbie Malibu Dreamhouse Is Now For Rent!!! For a Limited Time Only

Wannabe a true Barbie girl? Now you can because, for the first time ever, you can stay at the Barbie's Malibu Dreamhouse, but there's a catch.

The life-size Dreamhouse -- located in the heart of Malibu, of course -- is now listed on Airbnb. It's a one-time deal for a 2-night stay to commemorate the brand's 60th anniversary. But, those who wanna book are gonna have to pounce fast when bookings open at 11 AM PT on October 23.

The lucky person who books it will get to bring 3 guests from October 27 to October 29 for an unlike Malibu price of just $60 per night. The 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom pad is quite palatial.

The Dreamhouse has 3 floors with ocean views with TONS of space to spread around with friends and family. It's also got an infinity pool, hot tub and a private theater. But, that's not all.

Airbnb's throwing some incredible experiences -- like taking fencing classes from world-class fencing champion Ibtihaj Muhammad. Famed chef Gina Clarke-Helm will also provide cooking lessons and, in true Barbie style, celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin will drop by offering makeovers.

To celebrate the rare listing, Airbnb's gonna make a donation to one of the charities involved in The Barbie Dream Gap Project on behalf of the person who books it.

OKAY, go ahead and scream.

Little Kylie George in 'Mean Girls' 'Memba Her?!

Canadian-born Nicole Crimi was only 8 years old when she was cast as the easily influenced little sister, Kylie George -- who drinks up Kelis' "Milkshake" music video and 'Girls Gone Wild' commercials -- in the 2004 high school movie masterpiece, "Mean Girls."

Nicole Crimi stars in the classic comedy alongside celebs like Amy Poehler, as the mom with boobs as hard as rocks, Mrs. George ... and of course Rachel McAdams, as the carb-loading, plastic sister, Regina George, who gets hit by (or possibly pushed in front of) a bus!!!

Happy October 3rd!!!

Guess what she looks like now at 23 years old.

Bieber's Girl In 'Baby' Music Video 'Memba Her?!

San Jose-native Jasmine V (real name Jasmine Marie Villegas) was only 16 years old when she was the bowling and break-dancing love interest in Justin Bieber's music video for his breakout 2010 pop single, "Baby."

Three months later Jasmine V went on the play a smaller part in Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston's flip-flopping follow-up, "Eenie Meenie," in March 2010.

Since Jasmine V's debut, the Biebs' "Baby" vid has cranked out over two billion views on YouTube.

Jasmine now has a baby, baby, baby oooh of her own!!!

Guess what she looks like now at 25 years old.

Jennifer Lopez Launches New Perfume ... Talk About Super Great Timing!!!


Jennifer Lopez runs her business like Tom Brady runs the 2-minute offense with the game on the line ... with fierce tenacity for a payday, which is the only way to describe her new perfume launch.

J Lo launched her new fragrance, Promise by Jennifer Lopez, Thursday night in NYC ... and just hours after she and Shakira were announced co-headliners for the Super Bowl Halftime Show. As you know ... artists don't get paid for the gig, but don't tell J Lo that cause the gig's gonna bring her even more attention, which could translate to big bucks.


As we reported ... J Lo has said performing at the Halftime Show had been a bucket list thing for her. Makes sense .... nearly 100 million people watched the Patriots beat the Rams in Super Bowl LIII. The gig guarantees a spike in sales for the artists performing during the break.

But, with the Super Bowl LIV still 4 months away ... odds are J Lo wanted to pounce and capitalize on the buzz surrounding her announcement.

'Pink Shoe Laces' Singer Dodie Stevens 'Memba Her?!

Chicago-born singer Dodie Stevens was only 13 years old when she found herself launched into stardom when her single, "Pink Shoe Laces," landed on the Billboard Hot 100, eventually peaked at #3 and sold over one million copies back in 1959.

Dodie Stevens went on to release the "Pink Shoelaces" album that included great songs like "Yes, I'm Lonesome Tonight," "To Know Him Is To Love Him" and "No."

Dodie can still be heard over the radio airwaves around the holiday time with her seasonal song, "Merry, Merry Christmas Baby."

Guess what she looks like now at 73 years old!

Jenny Piccalo on 'Happy Days' 'Memba Her?!

New York City native Cathy Silvers was only 19 years old when she landed the role of the teenage, boy-crazy best friend, Jenny Piccalo, in the last few seasons of the classic ABC sitcom, "Happy Days."

Cathy Silver was cast alongside epic actors like Erin Moran, as the best friend and kid sis, Joanie Cunningham and, of course, Ron Howard as the big bro and protagonist, Richie Cunningham.

Fun Fact: Cathy's real dad, Phil Silvers, was on one episode of "Happy Days" ... to play the father of Jenny Piccalo.

Guess what she looks like now at 58 years old!

Mom in 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' 'Memba Her?!

Oklahoma native Cindy Pickett was in her late 30s when she took on the role of the gullible and loving mother, Katie Bueller -- who can't believe her ill son could be absent niiiiiine times?! -- in John Hughes' 1986 classic movie masterpiece, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off."

Cindy Pickett was in the sick flick with an epic cast including Alan Ruck as the Ferrari-kicking Cameron Frye, Jeffrey Jones as the highly suspicious Principal Ed Rooney, Jennifer Grey as the pissed off sister, Jeanie ... and, of course, Matthew Broderick as the sly skipper, Ferris Bueller.

Pickett was also the hot mom, Connie, in the funny 1993 farm film, "Son In Law," with Pauly Shore.

Guess what she looks like now!

High School Wrestling Ref In Dreadlock Cutting Incident Suspended 2 Seasons

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The high school wrestling referee who told a black wrestler to cut his dreadlocks in order to compete has been suspended for TWO SEASONS over the incident, officials announced.

As we previously reported, referee Alan Maloney (who is white) told 16-year-old Andrew Johnson (who is black) to either cut off his dreadlocks or forfeit a Dec. 2018 match.

Johnson -- who was only given 90 seconds to make his decision -- opted for the haircut ... and video of the shameful moment went viral.

Now, the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association has said the incident has been investigated in association with the NJ division on Civil Rights and they agreed on a 2-year suspension.

"Student athletes should be able to compete with each other on a level playing field," Attorney General Gurbir Grewal said in a statement.

"Racial discrimination in the enforcement of the rules of any sport is inconsistent with the spirit of fair play. The Division on Civil Rights' action today makes it less likely that any student athlete will have to endure discrimination that not only undermines fair competition but also violates our state laws."

Rachel Wainer Apter, a division director for the civil rights division, labelled Maloney's actions as "discrimination" and "a persistent form of anti-Black racism."

"This guidance makes clear that employers, housing providers and places of public accommodation cannot police Black hair. And the [decision] will ensure that high school athletes across the State can focus on being their best, not worrying that their hair will subject them to differential treatment based on race."

For his part, Maloney has always insisted he was simply enforcing state rules pertaining to hair and did nothing wrong.

Back in March, he sent a letter to the NJSIAA saying he was planning on filing a defamation lawsuit against the organization.

Emily in '3 Ninjas' 'Memba Her?!

San Jose-born Kate Sargeant kicked her career off in Hollywood with the striking character, Emily -- who is the friendly neighbor girl and subject of the classic line, "Rocky loves Emily" -- in the OG 1992 kids karate movie, "3 Ninjas."

Kate Sargeant was alongside the butt-kicking cast including the three martial arts experts, Max Elliott Slade as the fast-moving Jeffrey "Colt" Douglas, Chad Power as the youngest boy who will eat anything, Michael "Tum Tum" Douglas ... and of course Michael Treanor as the solid love interest, Sam "Rocky" Douglas.

After "3 Ninjas," Sargeant was in one episode of "Sister, Sister" as well as the TV movie "Freaky Friday."

Guess what she looks like now!

Artie Lange My Nose is Reminder of Dark Times ... 'God Spared Me'


Artie Lange is more than 7 months sober and looking happy and healthy, and interestingly ... he says his messed up nose is partly to thank for keeping him clean.

The comedian and "Crashing" star tells TMZ ... he likes his pancaked nose because it's a helpful reminder of 30 years of drug abuse and all the terrible places it led him. Seriously terrible -- like accidentally snorting glass -- and much more Artie's not afraid to share.

Of course, this January mug shot following his arrest for a failed drug test while on probation painted the sad picture of how low he'd sunk.

Artie says he wants his story -- and his nose -- to be a cautionary tale for young people to not follow his path, and that fame and fortune don't make you immune to the perils of addiction.

Lange admits it got so bad for him he accepted he was going to die alone in a hotel room and become another victim of drug abuse like some of his comedian buddies before him. Fortunately, Artie says God had another plan for him.

He's in recovery now, and shared a photo of himself on Twitter this week at the 7.5-month sober mark. He tells us staying focused on comedy and writing is helping him stay clean ... along with sticking to the 12-step program and going to meetings.


As for his gnarly nose ... Artie tells us he caught wind of our interview with "Botched" Dr. Paul Nassif while he was in jail, when the Doc said he'd fix Lange's nose if he could kick his drug habit.

Artie tells us he'd be down for that eventually, but for now ... his reverse Pinocchio nose stays.