Logan Paul KSI Rematch Going Down in L.A. ... Gunning for Late 2019


Logan Paul says he and KSI are thiiiis close to finalizing the details on a rematch ... and it's gonna BIG!!!

Remember, the two YouTube superstars clashed at Manchester Arena in England for a 6-round Pay-Per-View boxing match back in August 2018 ... a match that ended in a majority draw.

The fight did impressively well -- even drawing compliments from UFC honcho Dana White -- and leaving many wondering when they would run it back.

But, when we spoke with Logan at Quavo's celebrity charity basketball game on Tuesday in Los Angeles ... he told us some of the big details are being ironed out as we speak.

Paul says the fight will DEFINITELY take place in L.A. and the venue is down to either the Staples Center or The Forum ... two iconic arenas.

As for KSI, Logan says he's confident he'll beat the brakes off his YouTube rival ... telling us, "KSI's a bitch, bro! I mean it!"

Paul also says KSI hasn't been taking his boxing training seriously -- and "he looks like a f*cking meatball right now."

Conversely, Logan says he's in the best shape of his life ... and as you already know, he's fighting all comers in the boxing ring he set up in the backyard of his L.A. home -- including fake Ivan Drago.

Chris Brown, Lil Pump Play in Charity Basketball Tourney


A big charity event went down Saturday night at L.A.'s Staples Center, and a huge amount of loot was on the line in a basketball tourney.

The stadium was packed with recognizable faces ... Chris Brown, Jake and Logan Paul, Tana Mongeau, Lil Pump, Nick Young, Pauly D, Jordan Clarkson, James Charles, Austin McBroom, and on and on.

The charity -- sponsored by the ACE Family -- is wide-ranging. Each participant donates $50,000 and the team that wins chooses the charity. In addition, proceeds from the gate go to the chosen charity.

The team that won Saturday night -- Austin McBroom's. The money went to the Painted Turtle Charity, a camp for kids with serious medical conditions. BTW, Chris Brown's team lost ... final score was 100 to 95.

Bella Thorne Cries Over Ex Tana Mongeau ... Engagement to Jake Paul

More tough news for Bella Thorne -- her ex-girlfriend just announced she's engaged to Jake Paul ... and Bella's not hiding how she feels about it.

The actress/model -- who's got at least 2 Instagram accounts that we know of -- posted dual reactions Monday after Tana Mongeau and Jake shared the big news ... Jake proposed, and Tana said yes. The couple's now set to get hitched.

Bella dated Tana for a year before breaking up in February -- and publicly ... she seemed ecstatic for her ex. Bella posted a photo of her holding Tana on her official IG with a somewhat congratulatory message ... that was more about her birthday than her engagement.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Bella's caption read, "Through thick and thin. I love you tana happy bday you beautiful beautiful special girl." No mention of her future with the Paul bro, though.

On Bella's finsta (her "fake" Instagram, which she's publicly confirmed that she runs) ... she was a bit more candid on how exactly she felt about Tana and Jake. Long story short, it sounds like she's pretty bummed about it, and Bella didn't hide it either in a new post.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Bella threw up a couple photos that appear to show her crying -- with puffy, red eyes -- and her caption this time read, "When ur ex gets engaged" with crying emojis. Tana even commented on Bella's finsta post, writing ... "omg."

Hey, at least Bella keeps it real with her emotions. That much we know all too well from this past week.

Jake Paul I Ain't No Bieber!!! I'll Actually Fight Celebrities!!!


Jake Paul says he ain't just talk when it comes to fighting celebrities -- telling TMZ Sports he'll throw hands with ANY famous person who wants smoke ... as long as they "pull up" to his house.

Of course, Jake's brother, Logan Paul, DID fight a guy who showed up to his L.A. home looking for a scrap recently -- an Ivan Drago wannabe who got the CRAP beat out of him in Logan's backyard.

Now, with celebrities like Justin Bieber calling out Tom Cruise for an MMA fight (even though he later backed down) ... we asked Jake if he's serious about some celebrity fighting action.

"I will box anybody," Jake said outside Bootsy Bellows in Hollywood ... "I'll box anyone."

Jake wasn't kidding -- telling us he'd even take on pro fighters like Deontay Wilder ... if Wilder was actually serious about that fight (which he never would because he's a pro).

In fact, Jake says he doubts anyone will actually take him up on his offer -- "When it's actually time, no one's gonna pull up."

He's probably right ... not just because most stars are just too scared, but also because Jake took a fight last year against fellow YouTube star Deji -- and Jake won by TKO in the 5th round!!!

Logan Paul Stop Showing Up at My House ... Unless You Wanna Get KO'd!!!


Logan Paul's asking nicely -- please don't show up to his house unannounced ... UNLESS you're there to get the hell beat out of you, because that's great for YouTube views.

We got LP outside Beauty & Essex restaurant in Hollywood Tuesday night, shortly after we broke the story ... a man showed up at his Encino home uninvited 2 days in a row, forcing Logan to call the cops and file a trespassing report.

Logan tells us it's not an unusual occurrence, but he'd like it to stop ... because, believe it or not, he actually values his privacy.

HOWEVER, Logan concedes that sometimes dudes showing up at his pad is totally cool ... if they have a gimmick and are down to get in the ring with him and get knocked out.

Case in point -- last week when fellow YouTuber ViktorCrazy camped out outside his gate dressed as Ivan Drago and demanded a boxing bout ... he got promptly whooped. Logan says that video was the best vlog he's had in a while.

So, there ya go clout chasers ... if you really want to walk the line of trespassing to take a chance at meeting Logan at his home, just have a game plan and be ready to get your ass kicked.

Logan respects it.

Logan Paul Home Targeted By Trespasser ... Cops Investigating


Logan Paul's getting used to kicking unwanted guests off his property, confronting a trespasser twice in two days ... and now police are involved.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... a man showed up unannounced at Logan's home in Encino on Sunday afternoon and again on Monday night, trying to enter the property on both occasions and prompting Logan to call the cops.

We're told police took a report for trespassing, and now they're investigating who the suspicious person was who showed up.

Our sources say the guy first came over Sunday afternoon, ringing the front gate before attempting to climb over the fence. We're told Logan and a companion raced out of the house, confronting the man and telling him to hit the road.

But, the same dude apparently returned the very next night, ringing the front gate at 11 PM and then hightailing it on an electric scooter when Logan came barging outside.

It's not the first time Logan's dealt with trespassers at his place ... early last year, the YouTube star took matters into his own hands and made a citizen's arrest after an intruder broke into his home. The guy later entered a no contest plea for aggravated trespassing and spent 30 days in jail.

We're guessing Logan's on high alert tonight ... waiting to see if the man returns for a third day in a row.

Logan Paul Knocks Man Out With One Slap!!! Pulls Out of Competition


Logan Paul laid the smack down on a dude ... knocking him unconscious with a vicious right-hand slap!!!

Ya gotta see, and hear, the video ... Logan winds up, cocks his right hand back with an open palm and connects with a brutal blow to the cheek that immediately sends his target tumbling to the ground!

After the one-slap knockout, Logan turns to the camera with a grin and FLEXES!!!

It all went down Tuesday during Logan's training session for an upcoming slap competition in Russia ... but the whole incident derailed his planned trip ... and now he's not going to compete.

Logan announced he's pulling out of the competition due to an "unforeseen and unfortunate" event that took place at practice. He says he no longer has the "desire to participate in any event that can result in serious injury to virtually anyone competing."

He further explained his decision on Mark Dohner's 'Livin' Large' Podcast.

Logan adds, "I feel my decision will preserve the health and wellness of everyone competing."

Translation ... you don't want it with Logan!!!

Logan Paul Sued by Flobots for 'No Handlebars' ... Ya Know Us Now, Logan?!?


Logan Paul's musical feud with the hip-hop band Flobots is now coming to a courtroom -- the band's had enough of Logan's sense of humor, so it's suing his ass.

The Flobots and Logan have been going back and forth ever since the YouTube star decided to parody their song, "Handlebars" with his cheeky take entitled, "No Handlebars." Based on the lawsuit, it seems it was all fun and games until Logan told one of our photogs he's "not really sure" who the Flobots are.



So now, the band is letting them know who they are. In their lawsuit, the Flobots rip Logan for jacking their song. Parody is one thing, but the band says he crossed the line by copying way too many elements of "Handlebars."

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, they say Logan's song deliberately emulated their trumpet riff, their melody ... and "the lyrics are nearly identical for four successive bars."

Flobots are suing to get an injunction shutting Logan's song, and to get the profits he made off his parody. According to the suit, Forbes estimated in 2017 that Logan made $150k per Facebook post and $80k for his sponsored IG posts.

Their point ... dude's got money by the buckets, and we want our cut.

For what it's worth, it appears Logan's already deleted his "No Handlebars" music video.

James Charles Speaking Tour Pushing Ahead ... After Losing 3 Mil Followers


YouTube star James Charles' upcoming national speaking tour is still on the table ... despite tanking hugely in the followers department during his epic feud with fellow beauty vlogger, Tati Westbrook.

James' YouTube account is currently hemorrhaging followers -- about 3 million at last count -- as the fallout over his beef with Tati continues ... but so far the staggering loss of clout isn't putting an end to his upcoming Sisters Tour.

The tour begins at the end of June, and venues for 6 of the initial tour stops tell us they're still making plans to host James.

In fact, tickets are still on sale for each of his 24 tour dates -- and they ain't exactly going cheap. Some people have been shelling out a whopping $500 to score VIP seats.

Outraged fans on social media have been asking for refunds ever since James had a huge falling out with his mentor, Tati, after he promoted one of her rival beauty products. Those fans are outta luck -- we're told all sales are final.

So far, venues are telling us they haven't been notified by tour producers of any change in plans, and production ultimately has the final call. We've reached out to producers, but they've gone radio silent.

Seems a staggering loss of followers won't hurt James too much ... at least on the road. He's currently in the midst of a mini-tour in Australia, and still has over 13 MILLION YouTube subscribers.

Jake Paul Woman Claims She Was Drugged ... During Desiigner's Party at Jake's House

2:05 PM PT -- Jake's attorney, Larry Stein, tells us, "We take this claim very seriously, and are working with authorities to make absolutely sure we do our part to uncover the truth."

Jake Paul hosted a massive party for Desiigner's birthday, and one female guest says things got so out of control ... someone drugged her, and now cops are investigating.

Law enforcement tells TMZ ... officers were contacted Sunday about a possible case of unwillful impairment that occurred Saturday night at the YouTube star's mansion in Calabasas.

We're told cops are looking into whether the alleged victim -- a female in her early 20s -- unknowingly took something that severely impaired her. The investigation is in its early stages, and law enforcement is asking anyone with information to reach out to the L.A. County Sheriff's Department.

Important to note ... neither Jake nor Desiigner is accused of anything. We reached out to Jake's reps, but no word back.

Our sources say paramedics made multiple house calls during the party, one shortly before midnight for a sick person transported to the hospital. Another call was made for the same thing after 1 AM, and a third call happened around 3 AM for an adult who fell and got injured.


As for the party ... Jake's celebration for Desiigner's 22nd bday had a ton of celeb guests, including Chris Brown, Lamar Odom, Bella Thorne, Swae Lee, Justin Combs, Paris Brosnan, Trey Songz, Famous Dex and Cameron Dallas. The party featured live boxing matches and motorcycle stunts.

As a result ... we're told there were private ambulances and paramedics in the driveway of Jake's home, at the ready if anyone needed medical treatment. Still, the 911 calls were answered by county firefighters, not the private ones.

Additionally, sources involved tell us security at the party was supervised by a retired Sheriff's deputy, and they had 38 guards on site to check IDs.

Originally Published - 9:44 AM PT

Cardi B vs. Tasha K Blogger Goes HAM ... I Could've Blown You Away!!!


The blogger Cardi B is suing -- over some wild allegations -- just got served in a heated exchange with the process server ... one that included an apparent threat of gunfire.

We broke the story ... Cardi's going after Tasha K for claiming the rapper's a drug-using prostitute with herpes. Cardi's lawyers hired a process server to deliver the lawsuit to Tasha's residence Thursday night.

This audio from their run-in, obtained by TMZ, makes it clear things quickly got dicey.


You hear the server ID himself to Tasha and a male companion as they pull up to their home. Tasha got pissed because she says the guy was in her driveway, looking through her mail.

Although she was pissed, he does his job ... handing her the docs and delivering the line, "You've been served." Tasha responded by informing him she's within her rights to "blow something in your head."

The server assures her he didn't do anything illegal, but Tasha wasn't having it.

For the record, Cardi's suing Tasha -- and another blogger, Starmarie Ebony Jones -- for defamation, and wants their video posts about her deleted.

Olivia Jade Who Needs College? Good Times at YouTube Star's Party


Olivia Jade's plans for higher education might be on hold ... but it doesn't look like she's sweating it.

Lori Loughlin's younger daughter was hanging at the home of YouTube star David Dobrik Thursday night in Studio City, CA ... with a big smile as some kitchen shenanigans were going down.

We're told Olivia was there with some of her fellow internet celebs, having a good ol' time, but being careful ... asking the group to make it a cellphone-free zone.

Clearly, that didn't happen ... another YouTuber, Heath Hussar, took some vids to chronicle the evening.

Olivia can't be too mad ... these are her peeps and this is what they do. You'll recall ... she has nearly 2 million YT subscribers herself, along with 1.4 million Instagram followers, and made it known she was much more interested in being a famous internet personality than a USC student.

The irony, of course, is that Olivia's parents are facing serious charges and jail time for allegedly bribing her way into college ... and now she's immersing herself back in the world she always wanted to be in anyway.

The people there don't seem to have any problems being associated with her, either ... college bribery scandal be damned.

Jordyn Woods Doing 'Way Too Much' in L.A. ... Before Music Vid Release


Jordyn Woods is back in L.A., and she's already doing the most by doing "Way Too Much" with one of Jake Paul's young YouTube buddies. Hey, girl's gotta eat!

The outcast Kardashian-Jenner sidekick hit the Peppermint Club in WeHo Monday night, where she and 16-year-old influencer Justin Roberts were promoting the upcoming release of their new music video for his track, "Way Too Much."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Jordyn has a cameo in the video and even teased a shot of herself last month on the set.

Unclear why Jordyn is working with Jake's Team 10 crew -- most of whom are super YouTube famous, including Justin -- but what is clear is that she's making moves for herself now.

Jordyn has not shied away from the public spotlight ever since her cheating scandal with Tristan Thompson, which obviously got her excommunicated from Kardashian country.

It doesn't seem that's hindering her ability to make a buck and pose for the cameras though -- she especially seems to be doing just fine on the latter, for sure.

Logan Paul Video Games are Producing Addicts ... Worse than Alcohol or Drugs


This is Logan Paul like you've never heard him before ... almost sounding like a parent who is worried Gen X is producing a population of addicts in the grips of something more dangerous than drugs or alcohol.

We got Logan in Bev Hills Friday night leaving Mastro's, and he couldn't be more down with Prince Harry, who wants to put the brakes on Fortnite.

Logan confesses, he too was once an addict ... addicted to another video game, and it took over his life.

It doesn't end there. Logan worries VR is going to f*** up kids 20 and younger, who will no longer be able to separate fantasy from reality.

Rihanna I Thought I Was Signing with RiRi ... All I Got Was Her Lousy Dad!!!


Rihanna's dad is facing more legal blowback for allegedly pretending to rep her ... but this time, it's a social media star threatening to sue.

First, a little background ... you'll recall back in January, RiRi sued her pops, Ronald Fenty, claiming he's fraudulently profiting off her brand by falsely advertising himself as her rep through a talent development company called Fenty Entertainment.

That case is ongoing, but it appears to just be the tip of the iceberg. Harvey Justice -- aka Chef Henny -- is going after Ronald for doing exactly what Rihanna claims in her lawsuit.

Harvey's attorney, Alex Spiro, fired off a legal letter to Ronald claiming Ronald told Harvey multiple times he repped Rihanna.

What's more ... Harvey -- who made a name for himself on YouTube with more than 9 million views from parody videos, always showing him cooking with Hennessy -- claims Ronald told him Rihanna plays a central role in the company.

Harvey says he trusted Ronald so he signed with him back in April 2018 and was promised a $750k marketing budget but says he's only gotten $50k. Where's the rest? Harvey claims Ronald keeps telling him it's being held up by a South American investor.

The chef says he wants what he was promised plus additional damages ... or else.

Jeffree Star Makeup Warehouse Burglarized ... Millions in Products Stolen

Exclusive Details

Famed makeup artist Jeffree Star got his warehouse ransacked by burglars, and the heist is hitting him hard ... as in millions of dollars worth of stolen goods.

Jeffree revealed on his YouTube page Tuesday a warehouse he uses in L.A. to store a bulk of his makeup line was broken into last month ... and virtually stripped clean by "black market" peddlers.

He says they made off with upwards of $2.5 million of his stuff -- and the break-in appears to be a 6-man operation. The majority of stolen goods were from his skincare concealer line.

The break-in was even more elaborate than what it sounds like. Sources familiar with the case tell TMZ the burglars cut a hole through the roof of Jeffree's warehouse to get in, and also used the rear door somehow. We're told thousands of lip liners were jacked, among other items.

They definitely trashed the place too, as you can see in the photos we got.

Jeffree says he's been working with cops and the feds to catch the crooks.

Law enforcement sources tell us the burglary went down in mid-March, and that investigation is still ongoing. There are no suspects who've been identified yet.

We're told this does not appear to be connected to a string of other high-profile makeup heists that have happened in L.A. lately.

The makeup mafia ... apparently it's a thing.

We reached out to the FBI, but they told us they couldn't confirm an investigation.