Jake Paul Intense Training Vid W/ Sugar Shane Mosley


Jake Paul's pulling out all the stops for his big return to the ring ... and the footage from his training sesh with boxing legend "Sugar" Shane Mosley is INTENSE.

Of course, Paul's fighting fellow YouTube superstar AnEsonGib during a Super Bowl week extravaganza ... and JP's been training like an animal at Mosley's gym in Big Bear.

The footage -- part of DAZN's 40 Days doc -- is pretty impressive ... and despite Paul wanting to avenge his brother's loss and take on KSI, it's clear he's laser-focused for the January 30 fight.

KSI's played a huge role in making this fight happen ... continuously bating Jake until he accepted the match.

“I don’t like Jake and I think the whole world doesn’t like Jake,” KSI says.

“If he does manage to get past the Big Gibber then yes, I will fight Jake. 100%. But, that’s not going to happen, I don’t think he’s ready for Gib at all and that’s going to show on Jan. 30. I think Gib wins this hands down and that will be the end of the Paul brothers.”

But, not if Mosley -- a former 3-weight class world champ -- has anything to say about it ... the fight goes down next week!

Jeffree Star Confirms Split w/ Boyfriend Nathan


Jeffree Star has confirmed what the Internet was speculating very hard about over the last 96 hours or so ... he and his longtime boyfriend, Nathan Schwandt, are dunzo.

The YouTube star and beauty influencer posted a video Saturday titled, "We Broke Up." Jeffree says he and Nate -- who first started dating in 2015 -- had, in fact, broken up ... this amid much chatter over Twitter and Instagram among their respective fans.

Jeffree says it's been a few weeks since they've split and goes on to say they're both in a state of shock ... adding that Nathan -- his soulmate, he says -- is "going through it."

As for a reason why they broke up ... Jeffree kinda dances around a hard point of contention, BUT he does get into Nathan's supposed dislike of the public spotlight JS often finds himself under and alluded to that as a part of why they started growing apart.

That said, Jeffree says they remain friends ... but now, it's time for each of them to focus on one another.

BTW ... Nathan had apparently never been in a relationship with anyone but a female until Jeffree. They started talking over Instagram in 2014, and eventually ... got together. It should also be noted ... Nathan wasn't even remotely famous before his romance with Star.

Logan Paul In Talks With AB For Boxing Match ... 'F**king Serious, Bro'


"I'm f**king serious, bro. You know how serious I take fighting."

That's Logan Paul telling TMZ Sports a potential boxing match with Antonio Brown is VERY realistic ... claiming he's already in talks with AB's camp.

"I think we might be closer than anyone expects," Paul says.

As we previously reported, Logan called out Brown in December -- saying the NFL star would be the perfect opponent to further his pro-boxing career.

Brown responded on social media -- telling Paul, "Square up." Brown has since told Complex he's down to scrap and wants to train with Floyd Mayweather.

So, when we saw Logan in L.A. promoting his brother Jake Paul's upcoming Jan. 30 boxing match against AnEsonGib on DAZN, we had to ask if all the AB fight promotion was real ... or just a gag.

Logan says he's not messing around -- he's deadly serious about getting a deal done and thinks Brown is highly motivated, too.

Paul says transitioning into fighting helped rehab his image after the incident in the Suicide Forest in Tokyo a few years ago ... and a high-profile match could do the same thing for AB.

"In many ways the KSI fight gave me a purpose. I think this would do this for Antonio Brown -- give him a nice pay day, give him a chance to redeem himself."

Paul thinks the fight could be HUGE -- a la Mayweather vs. McGregor.

Jake Paul Splits with 'Wife' Tana Mongeau After Months of Speculation


The first big breakup of 2020 has gone down -- YouTube stars Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau have split less than 6 months after getting fake married.

Both Jake and Tana announced they're calling it quits -- at least for now -- on social media ... claiming they were sitting next to each other as they typed their captions.

Jake says ... "we're literally laughing at how crazy and stupid the past couple months have been and cracking jokes at how silly this all seems."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Tana echoed the sentiment, adding that it's "weird as f**k" and confirming the 2 are taking a break to focus on their own lives.

They also both claim that since they tied the knot back in July, Tana's getting Jake's Lamborghini in the split ... but he's keeping their dog, Thor.

YouTube Star Brittani Boren Leach 3-Month-Old Baby Dies

YouTuber Brittani Boren Leach and her husband, Jeff Leach, lost their 3-month-old son, Crew. After laying down for a nap on Christmas day, he stopped breathing.

Brittani says she laid Crew down for a nap, went to check on him after a while, and he was not breathing.

Crew was rushed to the hospital and Brittani posted, "We are living a nightmare, and I'm dying inside. Please pray for my baby."

The baby boy was beyond hope, and Brittani and her husband had to make the excruciating decision to withdraw life support. Brittani said, "Crew's tiny earthly body is still with us, although I know he's already dancing and playing in Heaven. We have some hard decisions to make over the next 12 hours, that no parent should ever have to make."

The inevitable came, and Brittani said she would be donating Crew's organs so other babies could be saved.


O.T. Genasis Side-Eye for 'Never Knew' Hater ... Is it You, Keyshia Cole???


O.T. Genasis' hilariously off-key cover of Keyshia Cole's "Love" ballad is a viral sensation ... so he's determined to find out who got it yanked from YouTube ... and put 'em on blast.

We got O.T. at LAX Wednesday and asked why his pitchy new party anthem, "Never Knew," has vanished ... and he's nothing if not suspicious. Signs point to Keyshia as a likely suspect, but the singer's recently admitted she likes the cover and thinks O.T.'s take is funny.

So, whodunnit?? The rapper might not know for sure just yet ... but his savage side-eye in this clip speaks volumes.

His investigation seems to be all in good fun, though, and the rapper tells us he'd love to collab with Cole ... if it's true she's a fan of his comedic reboot. Still, he warns ... if Keyshia turns out to be the mystery hater, he'll let the world know.


Despite the YouTube deletion ... Genasis is free to perform "Never Knew" live ... as he did Tuesday night at Teyana Taylor's ugly sweater party.

Gotta say, we can see why it's a hit -- but don't sleep on the original.

Olivia Jade Hi Again ... 1st YouTube Vid in Months


Lori Loughlin's daughter, Olivia Jade, has officially broken her silence about the college admissions scandal ...  and basically says she can't talk about it.

The social media influencer posted her first YouTube vlog in a long time -- about 8 months, more or less -- and she titled "hi again." Her last post was on March 10 ... just a couple days before her mom and dad, Felicity Huffman and others were indicted by the feds.

OJ's mostly been off the radar online since then -- although she hasn't shied away from going out in public at all. Now, she's ready to talk about it -- and her first words are basically ... mum's the word on the case, which is still very much pending for Lori and Mossimo.


In her video from Sunday, Olivia says ... "Obviously, I've been gone for a really long time. And, as much as I wish I could talk about all of this ... it's really hard for me to say this, just because I know that it's something that needs to be addressed."

Unfortunately for all those who thought she was ready to spill the tea ... no dice.

She follows up by saying she'd been pondering when to make her YouTube comeback -- or whether to do it at all -- knowing she's not legally allowed to say anything about the college sitch ... even though it's obvious that's what everyone wants to hear talk about.

At the end of the day, though, Olivia says she wanted to come back to YouTube because she's passionate about it and missed her vlogging ... not to mention her fans.

Olivia says she's not trying to make this comeback about her and how she's coping with the legal case -- which could send her folks behind bars for a bit if they're convicted. More than anything, she says she wants to get back to normal and move on with her life.

BTW, Olivia and her sister, Isabella, are no longer enrolled at USC ... the school her parents are accused of getting them into under false pretenses, with alleged bribes of up to $500k.

Joycelyn Savage Parents Threaten to Sue Tasha K ... Over R. Kelly Patreon Acct, Audio Recordings


R. Kelly's GF, Joycelyn Savage, might not be behind that bogus Patreon account -- but her parents don't want anyone claiming they started it either, and they're ready to sue over it.

Timothy and Jonjelyn Savage have fired off a cease and desist letter earlier this week to blogger Tasha K, claiming she's been defaming the couple with several social media posts regarding R. Kelly, Joycelyn and her family.

In the letter, obtained by TMZ, the Savages say Tasha made "utterly false statements" regarding alleged drug abuse, possession of a "black box full of audio recordings" and accusing the parents of creating the Patreon account, purportedly owned by Joycelyn.

You'll recall, Patreon shut down the account after a series of posts seemed to reveal Kelly's alleged abuse of Joycelyn -- however, Patreon said it could NOT confirm Joycelyn was the account holder.

Meanwhile, Tasha claimed on her YouTube channel ... she believed Joycelyn's parents were behind the account. The ATL blogger also posted what she claims is an audio recording of Joycelyn's father talking to R. Kelly's team, and saying Kelly can have his daughter.

As we've reported, Tasha K.'s already in a nasty legal battle with Cardi B.

The Savages attorney, Gerald Griggs, says Tasha's statements are "defamation per se in that they depict our clients as engaging in fraudulent activity that violates civil and criminal law."

Joycelyn's folks want Tasha to take down all posts containing the alleged defamatory statements, and pay for their attorney. If she doesn't, they say a lawsuit will be coming.

Tyron Woodley UFC Should Sign Logan Paul ... It's a No-Brainer

Tyron Woodley says the UFC would be crazy not to sign Logan Paul to an MMA contract ASAP ... because he's PROVED he's got all the right ingredients to be a smash hit.

Woodley says he was super impressed with Paul's performance against KSI -- and advised him after the match to take ANOTHER fight.

"I think you should go and do it again," Woodley told Paul ... "You looked good, you just didn't win."

But, Woodley DOES think he can win in the UFC -- and says he wouldn't be surprised if Dana White signs the 24-year-old to a contract in the very near future.

"Logan Paul fits the exact demographic," Tyron said on 'The Hollywood Beatdown.' "He's got a huge following, great build, he looks athletic, he's a Division 1 wrestler, he's insane and he's gonna talk a lot of s**t so the press conferences are gonna be insane."

Woodley continued, "I wouldn't be surprised in the next 2 months if we see some breaking news on Logan Paul getting a couple fight deals with the UFC."

If he does get to the UFC, Woodley says there's only ONE fighter he wouldn't help Logan prepare for ... CM Punk. Check out the clip to hear why.

Check out 'The Hollywood Beatdown' on the TMZ Sports YouTube channel.

Jake Paul Takes Beating From Ryan Garcia ... 'This Is Stupid'

Breaking News

File under: Things You Should NEVER Do!

YouTube superstar Jake Paul WILLINGLY got in the ring with boxing phenom Ryan Garcia -- and let the dude BLAST AWAY on him ... and it's all on video!!!

The 22-year-old vlogger made the trip down to San Diego for some one-on-one gym time with the Flash ... and threw on some padding to do the #BodyShotChallenge.

Yeah, he's wearing padding ... but watch the video -- Ryan hits so damn hard, Jake gets rocked back around the ring and looks like he's in real pain.

At one point, it looks like Jake tries to get Ryan to stop, but the 19-0 fighter keeps throwing bombs!

"This is stupid," Jake said to the camera before taking the beating ... and we agree. V stupid.

Of course, Jake beat Deji in his first-ever fight last year in Manchester ... and has been BEGGING Eddie Hearn to let him take a pro fight like his big bro, Logan Paul.

Speaking of Logan, he also did the #BodyShotChallenge with Garcia a while back -- and it went about the same way!

Ryan 2, Paul Bros 0.

Impaulsive Podcast

Logan Paul I'd Destroy CM Punk ... Open To Box Dillon Danis


Fresh off his controversial loss to KSI, Logan Paul tells TMZ Sports he's already thinking about his next opponent -- and it could be CM Punk or Dillon Danis!!

Of course, the 24-year-old YouTube superstar is coming off an impressive 6-round slugfest against KSI at Staples Center on Saturday ... and it's obvious he's not ready to hang up his gloves just yet.

Remember, KSI said he's NOT down for a 3rd fight with Logan -- but suggested Paul move to MMA to fight CM Punk next ... so naturally, we asked LP if he was down.

"I am ... I think I would destroy CM Punk if I'm being honest," Logan says. "I don't know if anyone would disagree with that."

41-year-old Punk is 0-2 in his pro MMA career -- he was choked out by Mickey Gall at UFC 203 in 2016 and got beat up badly by Mike Jackson at UFC 225 in 2018.

Paul tells us ... he would consider other opponents if he couldn't work out a deal with Punk.

As for Bellator fighter Dillon Danis -- Conor McGregor's good friend -- he's publicly called for a boxing match with either Logan or his little bro, Jake Paul. Logan says DD might get his wish.

Stay tuned on that ...

Woah Vicky Rips Bhad Babie Post-Fight ... IMO, Her Music Sucks & She's a 'Ho'


Woah Vicky is continuing her barrage against Danielle Bregoli ... but instead of kicking her ass again, she's throwing verbal jabs that are sure to stir up more bad blood.

We got Vicky Thursday at the Beverly Connection, where she was basking in the glory of the apparent whooping she put on Bhad Babie. She definitely hasn't cooled down since then, telling us there's no chance she and Danielle can be friends.

She threw some gas on the fire when we asked about the possibility of them ever recording together. Vicky said she considers Danielle's music "trash." Her opinion of Danielle's dating life is even worse and far less eloquent. Ya just gotta watch.


As for the viral video of their catfight, Woah Vicky says she there's no question she won -- and there's no reason for a rematch since she beat Danielle in round one by a landslide.

As you know, Danielle claims she didn't get her ass beat -- no matter what the video shows. Vicky pokes holes in her archenemy's version of what started the fight.

Danielle Bregoli Gets Ass Beat by Woah Vicky ... Insists Fight Was Unfair


Danielle Bregoli is adamant she didn't lose her latest face-off against fellow viral star Woah Vicky -- saying the girl doesn't fight fair, and neither do the dudes who held her back.

Bhad Bhabie got into a brawl super early Wednesday morning down in Atlanta, where we're told she rolled up to confront her archnemesis, WV, at a studio she was at during a recording session for rapper Lil Gotit. Well, they did more than s**t talk ... they scrapped.

TMZ got a hold of footage from the fight, and Vicky pretty clearly got the best of Danielle ... although BB later took to social media to plead her case -- that she wasn't touched.

Danielle says Vicky had a firm grip on her hair, but that despite this ... the older Woah Vicky never landed a clean punch on her face, and thus -- did NOT win this round. In fact, DB seems to suggest she actually won the fight by getting hands on Vicky.

On top of all that ... Bhad Bhabie says the fellas in the room got in her way -- specifically the dude in the gray sweatsuit who literally held her back -- and prevented Danielle from unleashing a proper ass-whooping on Vicky, who can be seen retreating from the room.

BTW, props to these upstanding gentlemen for standing by and recording this -- a minor being assaulted by a barely legal adult. Your moms must be proud of ya.


This, of course, isn't the first time Vicky and Danielle have battled. You'll recall ... they got into it last year in L.A., where they were both swinging on each other at what appeared to be a mall. Once-upon-a-time kid rapper Lil Tay was in the mix too at the time.

She's kinda dropped off since then though ... but it looks like the Bhabie and Vicky feud is still going strong.

Logan Paul Mayweathers Are Using KSI Training Him For Views!!!


Logan Paul says the Mayweather family "doesn't give a f**k" if KSI wins their boxing rematch next month ... telling TMZ Sports Floyd's fam is only training him to promote their YouTube channel.

Of course, KSI has been training with some of the top guys in the industry -- including "team advisor" Jeff Mayweather (Floyd's uncle) -- leading up to the Nov. 9 bout at Staples Center, which will stream on DAZN.

24-year-old Paul was training at Wild Card Boxing gym in L.A. on Tuesday ... when he told us his opponent is being used by the legendary family for clout.

"I think the Mayweathers are smart. I think they know if they put KSI's name in their video, they'll get views on their YouTube channel," Logan said.

"Let's be honest. I'm pretty sure Floyd Mayweather or any of the Mayweathers don't give a f**k if he wins or loses the fight ... but you got those views on that YouTube channel!! Way to go!!"

FWIW -- we spoke with KSI earlier this month about his training ... and he's so serious about pursuing a career in the sport, he's already spent $300k of his own dough on training, diet, equipment, etc.


As for Paul ... he's gotten support from Justin Bieber leading up to the fight ... and he hints that the Biebs might be making an appearance!!

Jake Paul Taunts Dillon Danis 'You Suck and I Hooked Up with Your Girlfriend'


Jake Paul is doubling down on his claim he hooked up with Bellator fighter Dillon Danis' GF ... and he tells TMZ Sports he WILL take their beef to the ring ... just not yet.

So, a bit of a crash course here -- 22-year-old Jake first called out Danis last year, saying he'd beat his ass in a boxing match because his "striking is super weak."

The 2 have traded insults ever since ... and Jake recently went to IG to tell Danis to "ask savannah about the time we hooked up," ... referring to Savannah Montano, an Instagram model Danis has been dating for a while now.

Fast forward to Monday, when Danis told Ariel Helwani he was offered between $4 to $5 million to face off with Paul to finally settle their differences in the ring (while also calling BS on Paul's most recent jab).

We spoke with Jake at Wild Card boxing gym on Tuesday about the huge offer ... and Paul said, "I don't know what he's talking about."

And, then Jake went IN on Danis.

"Dillon, I know you're watching this ... Just remember you're still a bitch and I hooked up with your girlfriend. Savannah, how you doing? What's good?"

Jake added ... "He's not worth $5 million. The only reason anyone knows who he is, is because he's used me and my brother's name to make a name for himself and he got punched in the face by Khabib [Nurmagomedov after UFC 229]. That's the peak of his career."

"He's Conor McGregor's best friend. That's all this guy's done."

Jake says he's not fighting Danis yet because it's not what the fans want right now ... but when the time is right, he's fully prepared to take him on.

At least one Paul brother will be taking the ring soon ... Logan will have his highly anticipated rematch with KSI on Nov. 9, which will be streamed on DAZN.

'Drag Race' Star Gia Gunn Trisha Paytas is Not Transgender ... She's a YouTuber with Penis Envy!!!


Gia Gunn's calling BS on Trisha Paytas -- not just for announcing she's transgender ... but for her ensuing apology she believes was just an attempt to save face.

The "RuPaul's Drag Race" star tells TMZ she doesn't believe for a second that Paytas is transgender, and says Trisha telling us she's not transitioning is obvious ... because she's not legit.


Gia says it's clear Trisha's behavior is that of a YouTuber using clickbait to gain followers, NOT a transgender person. She concedes Paytas may have some conflicted feelings -- including penis envy -- but doesn't buy her identifying as a man.