Fortnite Champ Bugha Swatted During Twitch Stream 'They Came In With Guns'

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Gaming superstar Bugha -- who just won $3 MILLION in the Fortnite World Cup -- was swatted during a Twitch stream on Saturday ... after someone pretending to be Bugha called police and claimed he killed his father.

The 16-year-old -- real name Kyle Giersdorf -- was playing the same game that made him an instant millionaire when armed cops surrounded his home.

"I've been swatted," Bugha said on the live stream ... which, BTW, is a dumb trend when someone makes a fake claim on a 911 call to get law enforcement to crash an unsuspecting victim's home.

Cops called Bugha's home while waiting outside and spoke with his dad ... and eventually figured out it was a hoax when one of the officers recognized the gamer.

"They came in with guns, bro. They literally pulled up," Bughha said once he returned to the stream.

"That's scary. What if I had just got popped? Jesus Christ, the internet's f**king crazy."

Swatting is becoming a big problem in gaming, and holds serious criminal consequences -- 26-year-old Tyler Barriss was sentenced to 20 years after calling in a fake emergency on a Call of Duty opponent back in March, which led to the death of a 28-year-old man in Wichita.

After things calmed down ... Bugha returned to his friends and finished the game.

FWIW -- Bugha's friends won the game while the swatting was going down.

Michael Holston 'The Real Tarzann' Arrested for Burglary

Miami Dade PD

Michael Holston, the internet sensation who became famous as The Real Tarzann, has been arrested for burglary and assault ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Holston was a zookeeper from Miami who produced viral videos of him cavorting with chimps, lions, giraffes, snakes, otters, kangaroos, sharks, reptiles and other animals was arrested in Miami Friday. He was booked on 3 charges -- all involving burglary and battery.

It's unclear, so far, exactly what he's accused of doing. We will update as soon as we get more info.

Holston has said he wants to be the next Steve Irwin, his hero. He's become popular for sure, with more than half a mil YouTube subscribers. He also fancies himself as an animal educator .. he travels to various schools and teaches kids about creatures in the wild. And, this is funny ... he was afraid of spiders, but eventually overcame his fears.

Holston is still in custody and being held on no bond.

We reached out to Holston's lawyer. So far, no word back.

YouTuber Brooke Houts History of Anger ... Directed at Dog She Smacked on Video

Youtube Composite

Brooke Houts says she's no animal abuser, but we found her history with the dog in question raises serious anger issues she has toward the pooch.

Houts -- who is currently under investigation by the LAPD for animal abuse -- appears to have gotten her Doberman, Sphinx, last November. It wasn't long before Houts began to post a series of angry tweets and videos, venting over the dog ... bitching about his bad behavior.

In one video, Houts talks about a time when Sphinx pulled her down the stairs. She also went on a long rant last month when Sphinx ate a pair of her leggings, saying, "-sigh- goodnight to everyone except my dog."

She also bitched about Sphinx peeing on her bed.


As we reported ... Houts accidentally uploaded a video earlier this week, showing her smack, spit on and shove Sphinx. The LAPD Animal Cruelty Task Force is now on the case, though she will keep custody of the dog, at least until authorities decide if the risk factor is too great.


Houts maintains she's never aggressive with Sphinx ... and that he needs some serious training. That's revealing, considering in one of the videos we uncovered, she says punishment training isn't the way to discipline a dog.

We reached out to Brooke for comment ... so far, no word back.

YouTuber Brooke Houts Gets To Keep Dog ... During Abuse Probe


YouTube loser Brooke Houts still has the Doberman she allegedly abused on camera ... at least while LAPD investigates her for animal abuse.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Brooke has maintained custody of the dog -- for now -- because LAPD's Animal Cruelty Task Force determined the pooch is not in immediate danger.


As we first reported ... the Animal Cruelty Task Force launched an investigation after Brooke mistakenly uploaded video showing her shoving and berating her Doberman named Sphinx.

Our sources say the video itself does not show enough proof Sphinx is in immediate danger under Brooke's care, and that's why the dog has not yet been removed from the home. Of course, that could all change.

We're told LAPD could take the pup from Brooke once the investigation wraps ... if investigators determine she abused the pet.

Brooke issued a long-winded apology after the video surfaced and she caught tons of flak online ... saying it's too expensive to hire a trainer and claiming she's NOT a dog abuser.

Stay tuned ...

YouTube's 'King of Random' Filmed His Own Death ... Parachute Snafu to Blame


The fatal crash that killed Grant Thompson -- creator of YouTube's popular "King of Random" series -- was all caught on camera ... and though we're told it'll never see the light of day, it's helped investigators determine exactly what went wrong.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... authorities have reviewed footage from a camera mounted on Grant's paramotor, and it appears a change in the updraft caused the parachute to malfunction. It's unclear if the parachute twisted ... but we're told Grant died on impact, less than 4 seconds after the problem surfaced.

The video makes it apparent ... Thompson immediately knew something was wrong but couldn't recover because he lost altitude in rapid fashion. By the time he deployed his reserve parachute, it was just too late. We're told the reserve chute did in fact deploy, but not in time.

We're told authorities are adamant the video will never be released to the public ... it would be gratuitous, gruesome and painful for his family.

TMZ broke the story ... Grant died after a paramotoring accident in Utah. The Washington County Sheriff's Office had said a report came in Monday of an overdue paraglider who had gone off the radar near the Sand Hollow State Park. His coordinates were pulled from GPS data and a helicopter located his body.


As we first reported ... Grant had taken up the sport only 5 months ago and called it his new obsession. He was only 38.

Ninja I'm Leaving Twitch ... For Major Competitor


Bombshell news in the gaming world ... Ninja is leaving Twitch -- and he's going to a direct competitor.

The move will land Ninja -- the most famous gamer on Earth -- with Microsoft's Mixer platform, Twitch's biggest competition with gamers in the livestreaming space.

Unclear how much cash Mixer shelled out to get Ninja to jump platforms, but we guarantee the numbers are HUGE.

Ninja is widely considered the most important gamer in the space and Mixer is clearly banking on Ninja bringing his massive fan base with him.

FYI, Ninja has more than 22 MILLION subscribers on YouTube ... and a HUGE chunk of those people watched him stream on Twitch every day.

The 28-year-old made the announcement on social media Thursday ... saying, "I'm super excited!"

"I'm honestly at a loss for words. I'm freaking out in the best of ways and I'm really just excited ... I feel like I'm gonna get back to the streaming roots."

Ninja says everything about his streams will be the exact same -- just on a new platform.

As we previously reported, Ninja said he makes around $500,000 per month just from streaming.

He also has big endorsement deals with brands like Red Bull.

Bottom line ... he's killing it right now.

YouTube's 'King of Random' Vid Shows Grant Paramotoring with Ease ... Months Before Death


Grant Thompson, creator of YouTube's popular "King of Random" series, died doing an extreme sport he loved and mastered -- based on this video -- even though he'd just picked it up a few months ago.

TMZ's learned Grant Thompson was paramotoring -- it's also called powered paragliding -- when he died Monday night in Utah. In this video shot in March ... Thompson's seen handily operating a paramotor to fly all around and high above an open field.

At one point he pulled off a maneuver his friend calls "so risky" as he recorded the flight.

Law enforcement confirmed a paramotor was involved in Grant's accident.

His brother, Mark, tells us Grant took up the sport about 5 months ago and says it was his new obsession. We're told the footage seen here was taken at the same spot near his home where he was supposed to land ... had he made it back from the flight that killed him.

We broke the story ... authorities found Grant's body Tuesday. The Washington County Sheriff's Office got a call about an overdue paraglider who'd gone off radar near a state park, and they quickly launched a massive search.

Along with Grant's paramotoring gear, a video recording device was found at the crash site and is being reviewed to determine the cause of the accident.

Grant started his YouTube channel in 2010 and amassed more than 11 millions subscribers while documenting experiments, life hacks and random weekend projects.

He was 38.

YouTube's 'King of Random' Grant Thompson Dead at 38 ... Paragliding Accident


Grant Thompson -- the creator and star of the viral YouTube series "King of Random" -- died this week after a paragliding accident in Utah ... according to his family.

Grant's brother, Mark, tells TMZ ... the YouTuber went paragliding Monday evening, but never returned home. Mark says Grant's body was discovered by authorities Tuesday, and that the family is still being briefed on what exactly happened.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office says a report came in Monday of an overdue paraglider, who'd gone off the radar near the Sand Hollow State Park. They say the caller reported the paraglider should have returned an hour earlier, and he couldn't be reached on his cellphone. The call triggered a massive search.

Grant's coordinates were pulled from GPS data, and a helicopter located his body that night. WCSO says detectives found paragliding equipment at the crash site, as well as a video recording device ... which they're reviewing to determine cause.

Mark tells us that Grant got into paragliding around 5 months ago. He had an affinity for skydiving, flying and other airborne activities.

Grant started his YouTube channel in 2010, documenting experiments, life hacks and random weekend projects. King of Random amassed more than 11 million subscribers and nearly 2.5 billion views total. His was the 321st most subscribed to channel on YouTube.

It appears Grant took something of a backseat on his series as of late. Two new hosts have been fronting the video experiments for a while.

YouTube commented on Grant's death as well, saying ... "We're deeply saddened to learn of the tragic loss of Grant Thompson, a gifted, passionate and endlessly curious creator. We send our deepest condolences to his loving family, The King of Random team and fans."

He was 38. RIP

Jake Paul & Tana Mongeau You Get a Refund On Our Crappy Wedding Live Stream!!!


To those who paid to watch the "wedding" of YouTube stars Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau and were frustrated with the quality -- speak now or forever miss out on your refund.

In case you missed it -- the couple got married in Las Vegas Sunday in an eccentric ceremony attended by family, friends, fans and complete strangers ... and live streamed the event.

For some reason -- despite doubts about the couple's authenticity and Jake's own brother, Logan, predicting they'll barely last a month -- 66,000 people paid anywhere from $50-75 to watch live as the couple said "I do." BTW, it started late and only lasted about 10 minutes ... but those are the good reviews.

Those who shelled out the cash to streaming app, Halogen, complained the video was shaky, lagging, froze often and the audio sucked. Many, of course, demanded refunds and we've learned they are getting 'em.

TMZ's learned both Apple and Google Play are paying customers back who purchased the Halogen app through the companies' app stores and bought the stream.


Halogen wouldn't tell us if they're compensating Google and Apple for the refunds. A rep for the company would only say, "Many high-profile creators use Halogen to broadcast their live events. Sometimes onsite technical issues with third-party production providers used by creators can cause fans to experience issues while viewing streams."

By the way ... Jake and Tana's so-called wedding came just a little over a month after they got engaged, and just days after she pulled a pregnancy prank.


As for the ceremony -- a fight that looked awfully set up broke out shortly after the officiant pronounced them husband and wife. The officiant also referred to their glorious day as a gathering in "holy cloutrimony." Sooo ... yeah.

Hard to imagine why anyone would question their union. Oh, there's also no record of them filing for a marriage license in Clark County.

At least viewers get refunds. Anyone who bought 'em a wedding gift -- good luck!

Mr. Olympia Physique Jeremy Buendia Sues YouTube Star ... Over Dom. Violence Allegations


7:32 AM PT -- Buendia made a video acknowledging he's got problems with anger and his temper -- but he's adamant he's NEVER hit a woman.


"I've never ever been convicted of any domestic violence toward a woman. I've never hit a woman in any shape, way or form, or hurt a woman. And, I want to make that very clear."

"In regards to the way I've spoken to women in the past, I have a very, very bad problem with that and that is something that I am actively working on. I take it very seriously and that is something I am very wrong for."

Buendia says he has suspended his professional relationships with his sponsors while he works on himself. He also says he's taking a break from social media. 

Fitness superstar Jeremy Buendia -- who won Mr. Olympia Physique in 2014, '15, '16 and '17 -- is suing a YouTube star over bombshell videos accusing Buendia of beating women.

Buendia -- who has close to 3 million followers on IG -- claims he's been defamed by YouTube star Kenny K.O. (real name Kenny Boulet) in a series of videos on Kenny's YouTube page.

Long story short, Kenny posts videos about the fitness industry and in some of the videos posted in early 2019, he claims he's found evidence proving Buendia is a violent maniac.

In his first video, titled "This Video Will Make You H8 Jeremy Buendia" -- Kenny reads DMs from a person named "Jayden" who claimed he worked with Jeremy and witnessed the bodybuilder physically and emotionally abuse two woman.

The problem ... Buendia claims the allegations are "false" and "outrageous" and have harmed his life and career.

In the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ Sports, Buendia also claims Kenny posted a follow-up video called "Jeremy's Response to The Uncovered Accusations" ... which did NOT contain an actual response from someone authorized to speak on his behalf.

Buendia claims his lawyers reached out to Kenny to demand he remove the videos but Kenny refused.

Now, Jeremy is suing Kenny for more than $1,000,000 for defamation and more.

Buendia is also suing 2 other people -- Jerdani Kraja who allegedly posted another video defaming Jeremy, and Chad Nutsch who provided an unauthorized and false comment to Kenny, claiming he was doing so on Jeremy's behalf.

We should note Kenny featured a video interview with a woman who claims she dated Jeremy -- and she says on camera that Jeremy physically abused her. However, she is NOT named a defendant in this lawsuit.

Originally Published -- 6:55 AM PT

Jake Paul Fiancee Makes Him Think She's Preggo ... He Totally Buys It

The prankster just got pranked big time ... Jake Paul's fiancee made him believe she was pregnant, and his reaction was veeeerrrrry interesting.

Tana Mongeau -- a YouTube star in her own right, who just got engaged to Jake about a month ago -- pulled a masterclass prank on her soon-to-be hubby, telling him she was preggo ... and letting panic and chaos ensue. Gotta give it to her, she acted her ass off.

In the clip, Tana tells a seemingly unsuspecting Jake that she's gotta tell him something that he'll probably be mad about, which peaks his curiosity.

After a bit of back-and-forth, she finally comes out with it ... saying she's pregnant, and even showing him a bogus pregnancy test that reads positive. Then comes the difficult convo ... what to do about it now???

Check out the clip ... it seems like Jake would've actually been down to keep it, at least that seems to be his initial reaction. Gotta check with mom first though, of course.

What's also interesting is that Tana and Jake are a relatively newish couple -- having only been together for about two months prior to him popping the question in late June. She makes that much clear by what she tells him in this video too ... they haven't talked about a baby much, apparently.

Young viral love, nothing beats it.

Mod Sun Bella's Off-Base About Girl Code ... Tana and I are Tight


Mod Sun says Bella Thorne getting up in arms over girl code is ridiculous ... because she doesn't play by the rules in any of her relationships.

The rapper was out near Hollywood Thursday when we asked about his ex-girlfriend beefing on Twitter with her ex-girlfriend, Tana Mongeau -- who's also sort of his ex-GF -- and he clearly sides with Tana.

For the uninitiated, Bella dated both Mod and Tana -- at the same time -- and all 3 were cool with the arrangement ... until Bella had breakups with both earlier this year.

Then, after Mod was spotted getting dinner with Tana this week, Bella tweeted she was "no longer good" with Tana ... because she broke girl code.

Mod tells us this new rift is definitely about him hanging with Tana. As we've reported ... things haven't been good between Mod and Bella since their split, so it seems pretty clear she's upset Tana's still cozy with him.

Mod thinks that's totally unfair, though, because he's close with Tana from their time together while he was also dating Bella ... and he says they also worked on music together.


Making matters all the more complex ... Tana recently got engaged to fellow YouTube star, Jake Paul. We got the couple at Craig's Thursday night, and while Tana says she respects the girl code Bella's accused her of breaking ... she adds that all that really matters is her love for her new fiance.

Logan Paul KSI Rematch Going Down in L.A. ... Gunning for Late 2019


Logan Paul says he and KSI are thiiiis close to finalizing the details on a rematch ... and it's gonna BIG!!!

Remember, the two YouTube superstars clashed at Manchester Arena in England for a 6-round Pay-Per-View boxing match back in August 2018 ... a match that ended in a majority draw.

The fight did impressively well -- even drawing compliments from UFC honcho Dana White -- and leaving many wondering when they would run it back.

But, when we spoke with Logan at Quavo's celebrity charity basketball game on Tuesday in Los Angeles ... he told us some of the big details are being ironed out as we speak.

Paul says the fight will DEFINITELY take place in L.A. and the venue is down to either the Staples Center or The Forum ... two iconic arenas.

As for KSI, Logan says he's confident he'll beat the brakes off his YouTube rival ... telling us, "KSI's a bitch, bro! I mean it!"

Paul also says KSI hasn't been taking his boxing training seriously -- and "he looks like a f*cking meatball right now."

Conversely, Logan says he's in the best shape of his life ... and as you already know, he's fighting all comers in the boxing ring he set up in the backyard of his L.A. home -- including fake Ivan Drago.

Chris Brown, Lil Pump Play in Charity Basketball Tourney


A big charity event went down Saturday night at L.A.'s Staples Center, and a huge amount of loot was on the line in a basketball tourney.

The stadium was packed with recognizable faces ... Chris Brown, Jake and Logan Paul, Tana Mongeau, Lil Pump, Nick Young, Pauly D, Jordan Clarkson, James Charles, Austin McBroom, and on and on.

The charity -- sponsored by the ACE Family -- is wide-ranging. Each participant donates $50,000 and the team that wins chooses the charity. In addition, proceeds from the gate go to the chosen charity.

The team that won Saturday night -- Austin McBroom's. The money went to the Painted Turtle Charity, a camp for kids with serious medical conditions. BTW, Chris Brown's team lost ... final score was 100 to 95.

Bella Thorne Cries Over Ex Tana Mongeau ... Engagement to Jake Paul

More tough news for Bella Thorne -- her ex-girlfriend just announced she's engaged to Jake Paul ... and Bella's not hiding how she feels about it.

The actress/model -- who's got at least 2 Instagram accounts that we know of -- posted dual reactions Monday after Tana Mongeau and Jake shared the big news ... Jake proposed, and Tana said yes. The couple's now set to get hitched.

Bella dated Tana for a year before breaking up in February -- and publicly ... she seemed ecstatic for her ex. Bella posted a photo of her holding Tana on her official IG with a somewhat congratulatory message ... that was more about her birthday than her engagement.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Bella's caption read, "Through thick and thin. I love you tana happy bday you beautiful beautiful special girl." No mention of her future with the Paul bro, though.

On Bella's finsta (her "fake" Instagram, which she's publicly confirmed that she runs) ... she was a bit more candid on how exactly she felt about Tana and Jake. Long story short, it sounds like she's pretty bummed about it, and Bella didn't hide it either in a new post.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Bella threw up a couple photos that appear to show her crying -- with puffy, red eyes -- and her caption this time read, "When ur ex gets engaged" with crying emojis. Tana even commented on Bella's finsta post, writing ... "omg."

Hey, at least Bella keeps it real with her emotions. That much we know all too well from this past week.

Jake Paul I Ain't No Bieber!!! I'll Actually Fight Celebrities!!!


Jake Paul says he ain't just talk when it comes to fighting celebrities -- telling TMZ Sports he'll throw hands with ANY famous person who wants smoke ... as long as they "pull up" to his house.

Of course, Jake's brother, Logan Paul, DID fight a guy who showed up to his L.A. home looking for a scrap recently -- an Ivan Drago wannabe who got the CRAP beat out of him in Logan's backyard.

Now, with celebrities like Justin Bieber calling out Tom Cruise for an MMA fight (even though he later backed down) ... we asked Jake if he's serious about some celebrity fighting action.

"I will box anybody," Jake said outside Bootsy Bellows in Hollywood ... "I'll box anyone."

Jake wasn't kidding -- telling us he'd even take on pro fighters like Deontay Wilder ... if Wilder was actually serious about that fight (which he never would because he's a pro).

In fact, Jake says he doubts anyone will actually take him up on his offer -- "When it's actually time, no one's gonna pull up."

He's probably right ... not just because most stars are just too scared, but also because Jake took a fight last year against fellow YouTube star Deji -- and Jake won by TKO in the 5th round!!!