YouTuber Obtiene 6 meses tras las rejas Por simular accidente de avión por clics

Temeraria acrobacia

Un YouTuber fue condenado a 6 meses de prisión federal el lunes por obstrucción a la justicia después de estrellar deliberadamente su avión para avivar sus redes sociales.

Trevor Daniel Jacob, de 30 años y ex snowboarder olímpico, se enfrentaba a una pena máxima de 20 años y fue condenado a solo 6 meses por John F. Walter, juez del distrito de Estados Unidos, después de declararse culpable por el cargo de "destrucción y ocultación con la intención de obstruir una investigación federal" el 30 de junio.

En un reciente comunicado de prensa, los fiscales federales dicen que Jacob confesó haber orquestado el accidente del 24 de noviembre de 2021 y haberlo publicado un mes después en YouTube, el 23 de diciembre, con el título: "Me estrellé con mi avión".

En el video se ve a Jacob volando un avión monomotor desde el aeropuerto de Lompoc a Mammoth Lakes, antes de afirmar que el motor estaba fallando a los 30 minutos.

Las imágenes capturan a Jacob abriendo la puerta lateral y saltando desde un paracaídas justo cuando el avión se precipitaba hacia abajo para estrellarse.

Merry Elfin' Christmas

Los fiscales dicen que Jacbo esperó dos días a propósito para informar del accidente a la Junta Nacional de Seguridad en el Transporte, quien le aconsejó que preservara los restos. La investigación se estancó cuando les dijo que no sabía donde se había estrellado el avión.

En su lugar, utilizó un helicóptero para levantar los restos del bosque nacional de Los Padres el 10 de diciembre de 2021, antes de desmantelarlo y deshacerse de él.

Durante su sentencia del lunes, el juez Walter le ordenó que se entregara a las autoridades antes del 29 de enero. En una declaración transmitida por su abogado, Jacobs dijo: "Esta experiencia ha sido tan humillante".

Añadió que la sentencia fue la "decisión correcta".

YOUTUBER GETS 6 MONTHS BEHIND BARS Staged Plane Crash For Clicks!!


A YouTuber was sentenced Monday to 6 months in federal prison for obstruction of justice after deliberately crashing his single-propeller plane ... to bolster his social media.

Trevor Daniel Jacob, 30, of Lompoc -- a former Olympic snowboarder who was facing a max sentence of 20 years -- was sentenced to just 6 months by United States District Judge John F. Walter ... after pleading guilty to one count of "destruction and concealment with the intent to obstruct a federal investigation" on June 30.

Federal prosecutors say in a recent news release that Jacob confessed to orchestrating the crash on November 24, 2021 ... posting the pre-planned event to YouTube nearly a month later on December 23, titling it, "I Crashed My Airplane."

The video sees Jacob flying a single-engine plane from Lompoc City Airport to Mammoth Lakes ... before claiming the plane's engine had failed 30 minutes in.

The footage captures Jacob opening the side door and leaping out to deploy a parachute just as the plane hurtles downward into a crash below.


Prosecutors say he purposely waited two days to report the pre-planned crash to the National Transportation Safety Board, who advised him to preserve the wreckage --- though he stalled the investigation, telling them he didn't know where the plane went down.

Instead, he used a helicopter to lift the wreckage out of the Los Padres National Forest on December 10, 2021 ... before dismantling and disposing of it.

During his sentencing Monday, Judge Walter ordered him to surrender to the authorities by Jan. 29 ... with Jacobs saying in a statement conveyed by his lawyer: "This experience has been so humbling."

He added the sentence was the "right decision."

Jake Paul I Love Myself Again ... Thanks To Ayahuasca

Jake Paul says his experiences with psychedelics have made him a new person ... detailing his first time using ayahuasca and how it completely changed his life for the better.

The Problem Child dropped his trash-talking fighter persona and spoke from the heart in a sit-down with Aubrey Marcus this week ... where they discussed a wide range of topics -- his highs and lows as an internet celebrity, his transition to boxing and spiritual awakenings.

Of course, ayahuasca is the same brew that NFL superstar Aaron Rodgers has sworn by -- he previously credited it for the best season in his career.

Jake labels his first time with the psychedelic as a mirror-like experience ... where he was walked through specific moments of his life when he acted in a negative manner -- incidents he didn't even remember happening.

"It made me take a hard look at some of those situations and the big thing was me being, like, snarky sometimes to people," Jake said. "Like sometimes I'll just snap. It's like, 'Why? Why do you do this?'"

Jake pointed out he viewed these interactions from the other perspective ... which made him question his actions and body language toward his peers.

He continued to explain how a lot of his issues came from his struggles with self-love and the amount of pressure he put on himself -- which created a state of fear and anxiety.

On the other hand, Jake said that same flaw also made him want to work nonstop and pursue perfection ... which got him to where he is today.

Aubrey Marcus Podcast

But the biggest part of the journey -- Jake claims ayahuasca taught him how to love himself.

"It felt like this love that I needed," Paul said. "It was so cerebral ... that was really powerful and I think that was my biggest takeaway from the whole week is working on that self-love and giving myself credit sometimes."

He went on to say the trip reminded him of the beauty of life ... and how he needed to focus on the present moment and let the rest go.

ADAM22 & LENA THE PLUG Launch New Dating Show ... Contestants Battle for Threesome!!!

Adam22 and Lena the Plug are satisfying their needs by starting a new reality show ... where the winner gets to hop in the sack with the newlyweds ... TMZ has learned.

"For the Love of Lena" will see 10 men compete for the grand prize, or prizes ... as the case is here. Some of the contestants include TikToker Cripmac, tap-dancing virgin Cherdley, male porn star John Legendary -- who's known for banging other men's wives -- and "dreamboat" Thugger.

Expect some stiff competition when the show launches Monday on YouTube -- but the eventual champ's threesome with Lena and Adam -- their first male-male-female -- will be on OnlyFans. Sorry, no freebies for the steamy, and very adult, finale.

Adam and Lena are no strangers to making headlines for their unconventional marriage -- you'll recall he became the butt of jokes earlier this year when he fully consented to male porn star Jason Luv sleeping with his wife.


Lena passionately defended his honor, telling us it was a double standard because they had hundreds of threesomes with other women and no one took issue with that.

If you didn't know, the couple's been doing their successful "Plug Talk Podcast" for years ... where they interview a random woman before hooking up with her. Now, they're on to bigger things, leveling the playing field with the reality competition.

For more viral news, tune in to the TMZ Verified Podcast. Dropping every Thursday on all podcast platforms.


Adam22 y Lena the Plug están satisfaciendo sus necesidades mediante el inicio de un nuevo reality show donde el ganador se mete en la cama con unos recién casados, TMZ ha indagado.

"Por el amor de Lena" mostrará a 10 hombres compitiendo por el gran premio, o premios más bien. Algunos de los concursantes incluyen a la TikToker Cripmac, el bailarín de tap virgen Cherdley, a la estrella porno masculina John Legendary —que es conocido por acostarse con las esposas de otros hombres— y "dreamboat" Thugger.

Se espera una dura competencia cuando el programa se lance el lunes en YouTube, pero el trío del eventual campeón con Lena y Adam, su primer hombre-mujer-mujer, se emitirá en OnlyFans. Lo sentimos, pero no hay regalos para la tórrida y muy adulta final.

Adam y Lena no son ajenos a los titulares por su matrimonio poco convencional, recordarás que él se convirtió en el blanco de las bromas a principios de este año cuando consintió plenamente que la estrella porno masculina Jason Luv se acostara con su esposa.

otra vez el doble standar

Lena defendió apasionadamente su honor, diciéndonos que se trataba de una doble moral, porque habían hecho cientos de tríos con otras mujeres y nadie se había opuesto a ello.

Por si no lo sabías, la pareja ha estado haciendo su exitoso "Plug Talk Podcast" durante años, donde entrevistan a una mujer al azar antes de tener relaciones con ella. Ahora, están en cosas más grandes, nivelando el campo de juego con la competencia.

Jake Paul STFU, Haters ... I'm Fighting A Real Pro Boxer!!!


8:38 AM PT -- Jake Paul is going off on anyone who is still hating on his boxing career after the big reveal ... telling any naysayers to simply "shut the f*** up."

"Boxer true and true, better record than me, more wins by KO than me, same weight."

Of course, haters gonna hate ... so it sounds like that'll continue no matter what.

Jake Paul is sending a direct response to his haters with his next opponent -- he just announced he's slated to fight pro boxer Andre August next month.

The Problem Child is going up against a 10-1 cruiserweight fighter with five knockouts under his belt ... and he's referring to the matchup as a serious challenge as he continues his quest to become a legitimate world champion.

"Ask and I shall deliver," Jake said Wednesday. "August has more KO’s then me, more wins then me, more experience then me, but I like to gamble."

"The path to world champ starts here. Just straight up boxing."

26-year-old Paul is 7-1 with four KOs in his career ... but many have criticized him for taking on older MMA fighters with little to no boxing experience.

The one boxer he actually has on his record is Tommy Fury -- and that's his only loss.

35-year-old August is by far the smallest name Jake has ever agreed to fight ... but he's exactly the type of opponent the purists would want to see him face off against.

The 5'10", 200-lb. Houston native last fought in August, when he won via unanimous decision. His only loss came in 2018. According to his Instagram page, AA claims to be a Texas state champion.

August addressed the upcoming event in a statement ... saying, "I don't talk very much. I’m all about that action! Jake Paul has the money, the fame, the team and the resources but he doesn’t have my hunger."

"When that bell rings, I am going to go straight to Jake Paul and ring his bell and send him back to YouTube for good."

The bout is slated to go down December 15 at the Caribe Royale in Orlando.

Originally Published -- 7:18 AM PT

Logan Paul Becomes WWE Champ After Winning Crown Jewel

Logan Paul is now a wrestling champion, 'cause the dude just won a major WWE event in Saudi Arabia... which saw him raise a gold belt in glory.

The YouTuber-turned-athlete competed Saturday in WWE's Crown Jewel over in Riyadh against Rey Mysterio ... and he ultimately emerged victorious from after taking a pummeling in the ring.

There was a lot of back and forth between and RM ... and a lot of body slams. In the end, Logan won by "punching" Rey after he jumped toward him from the ropes -- which knocked Rey out cold. The reason ... LP had quickly/stealthily thrown on a pair of brass knuckles.

Once Rey was down, Logan went to pin him ... and he successfully held him for 3 seconds.


It's a big moment for Logan, especially considering he's relatively new to the wrestling biz -- remember, he only officially joined in 2022 ... and now, he's already a straight-up champ. Of course, all this WWE stuff is completely preordained/staged ... so, impressive to a point.

Still, we're sure Logan's stoked about it ... 'cause him winning big now means he'll probably have a long, storied future in the promotion, assuming his body can hold up. All these storylines might be bogus -- but the damage pro wrestlers endure is most certainly real.

FWIW, there's also his boxing career that's running parallel to all this ... and there, too, he's finding quite a bit of success. Remember, he's fresh off a win against Dillon Danis.

Sounds like the deck is clear for Logan to focus on the WWE for now ... WrestleMania is half a year away, and as of now -- he doesn't have any major fights scheduled in the near future

Logan Paul Se convierte en campeón de los EE.UU. en la WWE

Logan Paul es ahora un campeón de lucha libre, porque el tipo acaba de ganar un importante evento de la WWE en Arabia Saudita, donde lo vimos levantar un cinturón de oro en la gloria.

El YouTuber convertido en atleta compitió el sábado en el evento Crown Jewel en Riad contra Rey Mysterio, una de las batallas más atractivas del show, del cual salió victorioso después de recibir una paliza en el ring.

Hubo un montón de idas y venidas entre ambos luchadores, además de un montón de golpes. Al final, Logan ganó tras darle un "puñetazo" con una manopla a Mysterio después de que este saltara hacia él desde las cuerdas. Después de este golpe ilegal, Mysterio quedó noqueado.

Una vez que Rey quedó en la lona, Logan lo cubrió exitosamente en el suelo durante 3 segundos.

Es un gran momento para Logan, sobre todo teniendo en cuenta que es relativamente nuevo en el negocio de la lucha libre. Recuerden, que el luchador se unió oficialmente en 2021 y ya es un campeón directo. Por supuesto, todo esto de la WWE está completamente preestablecido /escenificado, así que impresionante hasta cierto punto.

Aun así, estamos seguros de que Logan está muy emocionado porque ganar a lo grande significa que probablemente tendrá un futuro largo y lleno de historia en la promoción. Esto, suponiendo que su cuerpo lo aguanta. Todas estas historias pueden ser falsas, pero el daño que sufren los luchadores profesionales es ciertamente real.

Lo que es importante, Logan Paul también tiene una carrera de boxeo en paralelo, donde también está consiguiendo algunos logros. Recuerden que acaba de ganarle a Dillon Danis.

Parece que la cubierta está despejada para Logan para centrarse en la WWE por ahora. WrestleMania está a medio año de distancia y por ahora no tiene ninguna pelea importante programada en un futuro próximo.

YouTuber Jack Doherty His Security Knocks a Dude Out ... Once Did Same for DaBaby

X / @dohertyjackk

A YouTuber's bodyguard punched a guy's lights out -- all of which was caught on video ... and which reeks of déjà vu considering he did this before while working for DaBaby.

We're talking about Jack Doherty, who's pretty famous among the Gen Z crowd ... and who posted a wild clip of a violent altercation that went down Friday night during what looks to be some sort of Halloween party here in L.A. alongside fellow YouTuber Corinna Kopf.

It looks like Jack was arguing with a couple guys who were rolling with Corinna and her crew -- all stemming from an apparent snub she dished out to Jack while at the party -- and they're all bickering back and forth for a while ... until this security dude rolls up.

Eventually, he confronts one of the fellas Jack's facing off with ... and they start to exchange words -- which ultimately ends with JD's hired muscle throwing a haymaker out of nowhere.

The guy who gets punched -- who's way smaller than the bodyguard -- falls straight to the ground ... and his friends (including Corinna) start to yell at the perpetrator, asking him why he did that. The bodyguard backs away and tries cussing them out in his defense.

Jack seemed happy to post the clip online, and he added "context" underneath ... writing, "they were pressing us," which seems to mean that the guys he was initially arguing with were threatening him. But based on the longer version of this incident ... that's iffy at best.


Now, here's the kicker ... this bodyguard was actually wrapped up in something similar a few years back while working for DaBaby -- something the Internet was quick to remember.

We actually covered this at the time ... DB was performing in New Orleans, when he started getting swarmed by fans as he waded into the crowd -- at which point, this same man (who was working for DaBaby) threw a similar punch ... only then, he KO'd a freaking lady.

A closer look shows it is, indeed, the same man ... and we've figured out who the hell he is. He goes by Kane Kongg on social media. He's a content creator himself -- but obviously does bodyguard work on the side for the rich and famous.

Kane hasn't addressed this latest violent moment -- but when the DaBaby thing happened, he hopped online and tried clarifying what happened, chalking it up to him doing his job. Not sure that's gonna fly this time around though -- this hit looked completely unprovoked.

Taylor Swift OG '1989' Album Streams Skyrocket ... Following Rerecording

Taylor Swift's recent rerelease of her "1989" album is a big win -- not just for the new stuff, but for the old versions, too, which kinda defeats Taylor's original purpose for rerecording!

According to stats from Spotify and YouTube, the 2014 version of Taylor's iconic album had over 15 MILLION streams after Friday's release of 'Taylor's Version.' YouTube data specifically shows 2.8 million streams on its platform alone -- with a wide majority replaying her music videos like "Blank Space" and "Shake It Off."

On Spotify, she's racked up 12.5M streams for the old album, despite the new music being available ... "Style" was the winner with over 2.5M, while "Blank Space," came in a very close second. Other big hits were "Bad Blood" and "Wildest Dreams."

Amazon data shows CD sales also went through the roof  -- crazy, we know -- with her deluxe version selling 271% more than usual, while her traditional CD jumped up 189%.

That's not all in terms of physical media -- vinyl records of her OG album skyrocketed 210% as well .. moving its rank on the charts from 261 to 84.

Those astronomical increases might sound like great news -- but, remember, Taylor's only rerecording her first 6 albums because she wasn't able to buy the master recordings when Scooter Braun bought her former label, Big Machine.

Now she has full ownership of the rerecordings, but the unintended side effect of the latest 'Taylor's Version' is more money in the pockets of her former label. However, considering she just achieved billionaire status, we don't think Taylor's losing much sleep over it.

Taylor Swift Reproducciones de 1989 se disparan Tras re-grabación del disco

La reciente reedición de Taylor Swift de su álbum "1989" ha resultado ser una gran victoria, no solo para el nuevo material, sino también para las versiones antiguas.

Según las estadísticas de Spotify y YouTube, la versión de 2014 del icónico álbum de Taylor tuvo más de 15 MILLONES de reproducciones tras el lanzamiento de "Taylor's Version" el viernes. Los datos de YouTube muestran específicamente 2,8 millones de reproducciones solo en su plataforma, con una amplia mayoría para sus videos"Blank Space" y "Shake It Off".

En Spotify, se registraron 12,5 millones de streams del antiguo álbum, a pesar de que la nueva música estaba disponible. "Style" fue la canción ganadora con más de 2.5M escuchas, mientras que "Blank Space" quedó muy cerca en el segundo lugar. Otros grandes éxitos fueron "Bad Blood" y "Wildest Dreams".

Los datos de Amazon muestran que las ventas en CD también se dispararon, una locura, lo sabemos. Su versión de lujo vendió un 271% más de lo habitual, mientras que su CD tradicional subió un 189%.

Eso no es todo en términos de medios físicos. Las ventas de vinilos de su álbum OG se dispararon 210%, moviendo su lugar en las listas del puesto 261 al 84.

Por supuesto, esto es solo unas pocas horas después de que los Swifties pusieran sus manos en el nuevo material de la estrella del pop, así que estamos seguros de que los números solo seguirán subiendo en el transcurso del fin de semana.

J Balvin I'm Super Proud of Britney ... For Revealing Truth In Book


J Balvin is praising Britney Spears for her tell-all memoir and the book's instant popularity ... telling us she deserves every bit of success coming her way.

We got the "La Canción" singer Wednesday in Tarzana and our photog asked him about Britney's new book, "The Woman In Me."

J Balvin says he's super proud of her and she's someone who deserves love and respect for inspiring so many folks across the world ... and he's glad to see her back on top.

Remember ... Britney celebrated earlier this month with J Balvin and Maluma, with the trio going out in New York during her promotional tour. J Balvin tells us Britney was in a really good place then, and he says that's going to set her up well for any hate she may get for her book.

But, so far, the reception has been mostly positive ... Britney's book is flying off the shelves and, as we told you, her music is getting a streaming bump too.

With Britney hitting a home run here, JB says he hopes she gets in the studio to make some new music, and he's also got an interesting response to a recent diss from Bad Bunny.



J Balvin elogia a Britney Spears por su libro de memorias y la popularidad instantánea del libro, diciéndonos que se merece todo el éxito que ha tenido.

Encontramos al cantante de "La Canción" el miércoles en Tarzana y nuestro fotógrafo le preguntó sobre el nuevo libro de Britney, "The Woman In Me".

J Balvin dice que está muy orgulloso de ella y es alguien que merece amor y respeto por inspirar a tanta gente en todo el mundo y se alegra de verla de vuelta en la cima.

Recordemos que Britney celebró a principios de este mes con J Balvin y Maluma. El trío salió en Nueva York durante su gira promocional. J Balvin nos dice que Britney estuvo de muy buen humor y que va a apoyarla en caso de recibir hate por su libro.

Hasta ahora, la recepción ha sido en su mayoría positiva. El libro de Britney está volando de los estantes y, como te dijimos, su música está escuchándose mucho más los últimos días.

Con Britney golpeando un jonrón aquí, J Balvin dice que espera que se meta en el estudio para hacer algo de música nueva y también tiene una respuesta interesante a unas recientes palabras de Bad Bunny.

Britney Spears Music Catalog Gets Millions Of Listeners ... After Memoir Drops

Britney Spears' book isn't the only thing with a lot of eyes and ears right now ... cuz her music has racked up MILLIONS of streams just one day after her tell-all hit shelves.

According to data from Spotify and YouTube, Britney's library received over 7.1 million streams Wednesday -- the day after "The Woman in Me" became available -- with Spotify accounting for 4.7M of those listens.

As for how the listening streams break down -- Britney's album, "In The Zone," grabbed around 1 mil ... "Circus" got 790k, "...Baby One More Time" got roughly 750k, and "Oops!...I Did It Again" had around 650k streams.

In terms of individual songs on Spotify, "Toxic" came out on top with around 680,000 streams -- while her other megahits like "Gimme More" "Oops! ... I Did it Again" and "... Baby One More Time" landed bewteen the 400,000 - 500,000 mark.


YouTube data shows "... Baby One More Time" -- her debut single -- grabbed over 400k clicks alone. Safe to say, there's some great cross-promotion going on here.

As we reported, Britney is reeling in 25% of net profits from her new book. Sources told us it should cover the advance she got, which was $12.5 MILLION. More than 400,000 copies have already been sold ... but our sources say the trajectory could go over 1M.

Britney Spears Su música recibe millones de oyentes ... Después del lanzamiento de sus memorias

El libro de Britney Spears no es la única cosa que está recibiendo un montón de miradas en este momento. Su música también ha conseguido MILLONES de escuchas solo un día después de que su libro de memorias llegara a las estanterías.

Según datos de Spotify y YouTube, la biblioteca de Britney recibió más de 7,1 millones de reproducciones el miércoles, el día después de que "The Woman in Me" se publicara, con Spotify representando 4,7 millones de esas escuchas.

En cuanto a cómo se desglosan los flujos de escucha, el álbum de Britney, "In The Zone", acaparó alrededor de 1 millón, "Circus" obtuvo 790 mil, "...Baby One More Time" alrededor de 750 mil y "Oops!...I Did It Again" alrededor de 650 mil reproducciones.

¡En términos de canciones individuales en Spotify, "Toxic" se situó a la cabeza con unas 680.000 reproducciones, mientras que otros grandes éxitos como "Gimme More", "Oops! ... I Did it Again" y "... Baby One More Time" se situaron entre las 400.000 y las 500.000.

Los datos de YouTube muestran que "... Baby One More Time", su single de debut, obtuvo más de 400.000 clics, por lo que es seguro decir que la estrella del pop está haciendo una gran promoción cruzada de sus distintos productos.

Como ya informamos, Britney se está llevando el 25% de los beneficios netos de su nuevo libro. Fuentes nos dijeron que este porcentaje debería cubrir el anticipo que recibió, de $12.5 MILLONES. Ya se han vendido más de 400.000 copias, pero nuestras fuentes nos dicen que la trayectoria podría ir más allá de 1 millón.

YouTuber Eugenia Cooney Cops Flooded with Calls Over Skinny & Frail Appearance

Influencer Eugenia Cooney's very thin physique has resulted in her local police getting bombarded with calls and emails ... but we're told the YouTuber isn't in any sort of danger.

Concern for Eugenia's well-being ramped up in recent weeks after she posted TikToks of her dancing -- with many in the comments focusing less on the moves and more on her appearance.


A story also came out about her, sparking even more concern -- Greenwich Police Sergeant Brent Reeves tells TMZ ... calls and emails have been coming into his department about Eugenia from all over the world -- even getting people calling from as far away as Egypt and New Zealand.

We're told the callers are looking to make sure she's doing okay and isn't being forced by her mom to make content and keep up her appearance -- a couple of things that Sgt. Reeves says are untrue.

Sgt. Reeves says he's known Eugenia for more than a decade and they have a good relationship ... they even have a special code. She puts a certain object in her videos so he knows everything is alright.

If that object isn't there, however, he'll know to get her help.

The Sarge says Eugenia has always been skinny ... adding they can't really make her eat more if she's at the size that makes her comfortable. He says she's of sound mind and always has a bubbly personality when he chats with her.

Other agencies have checked on her in the past, but we're told she's never met the criteria to force her to get any kind of help.

This isn't the first time fans have been asking Eugenia to get help -- people have reached out over the years, notably in 2019 when YouTube star PewDiePie asked his followers to send her words of positivity.

TikTok / @eugeniaxxcooney

She's also spoken out in the past about being put on a 5150 hold by her friends when she lived in California ... saying in 2020 she felt betrayed and ambushed.

Despite online speculation, Sgt. Reeves tells us Eugenia does eat -- he says she especially likes chicken sandwiches.

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