Kyle Rittenhouse Feeling 'Free as F***' at Wisc. Bar ... Drinking a Beer

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Kyle Rittenhouse -- the teenager charged with homicide in the Kenosha, WI killings -- seems to be flaunting the fact he's no longer in jail as he awaits trial ... based on his t-shirt anyway.

Rittenhouse -- who just turned 18 -- hit up a bar in Mt. Pleasant, WI earlier this week with his parents and enjoyed a beer ... according to our sources. As you can see ... he was sporting a shirt with the phrase, "Free as F***."

If you're wondering how he was allowed to drink alcohol, you're not alone ... but it's actually allowed per Wisconsin law if a person under 21 is with a parent, guardian or spouse of legal drinking age.

Nonetheless, it seems someone was concerned about Rittenhouse's presence in the bar, because the Mount Pleasant PD tells us they got a call about him being there. We're told the caller believed it may have been a violation of his bond agreement.

Cops say they looked into it and learned Rittenhouse was at Pudgy's Pub on Tuesday afternoon with a parent, and relayed the info to the Kenosha County DA's Office. We're told an investigation determined he had not violated his agreement.

As we reported ... Rittenhouse was released from custody in late November on $2 million bail. The money was raised mostly by donors -- including actor Ricky Schroder -- who have lauded the teenager as a patriotic hero.

Rittenhouse is charged with killing 2 protesters and wounding a third during the civil unrest in Kenosha following the shooting of Jacob Blake. He was 17 at the time, and was captured on video shooting 2 of the 3 alleged victims ... then walking toward police, who did not even detain him.

Tom Selleck Drops $2,020 Tip!!! Challenge Accepted, Donnie

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Tom Selleck is all about silver linings because he's figured out how to crack a smile in 2020 ... with a 2020 tip.

The "Blue Bloods" star chowed down at Elio's restaurant in NY where he chowed down to the tune of $200. So, multiple that by 10 and then some, and that was Tom's tip -- $2,020.

ICYMI ... this has become a thing. People challenging friends to plunk down a generous tip to support struggling restaurant staffers. Tom credited his co-star, Donnie Wahlberg, by saying, "I am honoring my friend Donnie Wahlberg's 'tip challenge' with my sincere hope for a better 2021."

Tom made Donnie proud, saying, "I found out that my TV dad #TomSelleck has generously accepted the #2020Tip Challenge at Elios Upper East Side! Love ya dad. I didn't start it but I'm proud to be part of it. To those who gave even the smallest extra amount this year -- THANK YOU."

Tom joins a long list of celebs who have jumped on the bandwagon. Donnie himself donated $2,020 at an IHOP. James Corden and Adele are others who have plunked down cash.

The challenge started in Michigan ... where a server got the massive, $2,020 tip on a $23 bill.

Coronavirus Restrictions Cops Raid NYC Bar ... Patrons Vow Seattle-esque Protests!!!

A Staten Island bar's ripping a page from Seattle protesters' playbook by declaring an "autonomous zone" that's defying New York's COVID-19 restrictions ... and its patrons seem willing to go down fighting.

Sheriff's deputies raided Mac's Public House and shut it down Tuesday night for defying coronavirus health orders ... it was continuing to serve customers indoors. One of the owners, Danny Presti, was arrested for not cooperating during the raid -- and his loyal customers are pissed.

As Presti was being hauled out of his pub, a dozen or so patrons gathered outside in protest ... chanting "Hands off Mac's Public House."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As the unrest grew outside the bar, State Sen. Andrew Lanza showed up in an attempt to play peaceful mediator between Presti's lawyer, angry supporters and the authorities ... while also trying to get an explanation why Presti was arrested.

It doesn't seem like it came to a satisfactory conclusion though, especially for one fan of Mac's who's trying to rally a massive demonstration Wednesday night.

@scottlobaido / TikTok

The guy posted his call to action as the raid was going down, pointing out what he feels is the hypocrisy of the new lockdown rules, and says he wants a thousand people lined up in front of Mac's to protest. Referring to the government, he shouted, "If they fear you, they won't f**k with you!!!"

Things definitely could get interesting tonight in Staten Island, which by the way ... is a state-designated coronavirus hot spot.

Maskless Vandals Break Restaurant Waterline ... After Being Denied Service

@BillyCorben / Twitter

Check out the people who went from jerks to criminals Saturday night after being booted from a Miami restaurant for not wearing a mask.

The party of jerks tried to dine at Ms. Cheezious, a popular restaurant in the MiMo District.  They refused to wear a mask per the owner's instructions, so they were told to leave. The owner, Brian Mullins, says they were visibly upset as they left.

The group stood outside the restaurant ... with a dude lifting a woman with whom he did a 360 for some unknown reason.

The surveillance video shows the 2 men slinking off-camera, and messing with something.  All of a sudden you see water gushing in the air as the group flees.

The 2 men cut the waterline ... it forced the restaurant to close until the line was repaired.

So many things. First, what kind of jerks are these people? Second, it's tough enough for restaurants to survive these days, so to do something like this -- OVER MASK-WEARING -- is heinous.

Hopefully, someone will ID them from the surveillance video.

MLB's Jon Lester Thanks Cubs Fans $47k Of Free Beer On Me!!!

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12:32 PM PT -- 11/02 -- Okay, the numbers are in ... and Jon Lester dropped a grand total of $47,094.90 on his free beer giveaway!

Here's the breakdown ... Lester bought 4,838 Miller Lites for fans in the Chicago area between Friday and Sunday -- totaling around $31k in booze alone.

And gratuity?? Lester dropped a 34% tip (a nod to his jersey number) -- which came out to $16,012.27!

And he's got the receipts to prove it!

"Thanks for coming out this weekend y’all," Lester tweeted.

"Shout out to all the bars, their staff, and those cheers-ing from afar! Whether this is goodbye or see you next year, I love you Chicago! #JonsTab"

Dude loves Chicago!!

Jon Lester's future in Chicago is uncertain ... but one thing is guaranteed -- Cubs fans are getting LIT on the ace's dime this weekend!!!

The 36-year-old pitcher is expected to get a $10 million buyout and hit free agency this offseason ... so he wanted to say "thank you" to his fans over the past 6 years by buying their "first round" of beers at several spots in the Windy City this weekend.

"Regardless of what's next I want to thank the fans for the past 6 years," Lester tweeted Friday morning.

"So this weekend (10.30-11.1) I'm buying y’all my favorite beer."

All fans gotta do is hit up Hopsmith Tavern, The Lodge, Butch McGuire's or She-nannigan's -- which are all on Division Street in Chicago -- and they get a free Miller Lite!!!

"Just tell em to put it on #JonsTab."

It's a very kind gesture on Jon's part, but don't worry -- dude's reportedly made more than $190 MILLION in his career ... so it's just a drop in the bucket keg.

Just remember to wear your masks, bar hoppers!!

Originally published -- 10/30 9:25 AM PT

Maryland Fight Crazy Bar Fight at Joker's Bar

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Kay Ruth/Facebook

This fight proves beyond a shadow of a doubt ... the Joker's wild.

Check out the insane brawl at Joker's Bar and Grill in Maryland, where COVID didn't get its ass kicked -- it's alive and well -- but some bar patrons sure did, as they piled on top of each other and pounded away.

It's unclear what triggered the fight, but you hear lots of screaming as a scuffle starts in the back and then all hell breaks loose.

There's a dude pinned down on the pool table with 7 bar patrons surrounding him. Hard to tell, but it looks like he's being choked.

You also hear glass shattering ... almost like in a western flick. Once the glass goes, there's fighting all over the bar. Someone eventually orders everyone to stop, and it's crazy, because they are still fighting as they move toward the door.

Maryland has been hit hard by COVID -- over 112,883 cases and 3,660 deaths.

What do you get in a bar??? Answer: Corona.

COVID-19 S.C. College Bar Packed To The Gills ... Not The Corona You Want


This does not look good.

Hundreds of college students crammed into a tiny sports bar near the campus of the University of South Carolina, and it was apparently the place to be because of looser COVID-19 safety guidelines.

TLC Sports Bar, just outside Columbia city limits, was wall-to-wall with revelers Thursday night, and as you can see ... there was nary a mask in sight and no regard for social distancing.

It's the proverbial packed-in-like-sardines scenario, where folks are drinking, talking, laughing and maybe the occasional cough or sneeze. None of this is good in terms of spreading the virus.

Richland County, where the campus is located, is reporting 455 cases per 100,000 tests.

The adults in the room finally put a stop to the potential super spreading event ... cops arrived and shut down the bar, forcing hundreds of students to leave the venue.

The bar is a short walk away from Williams-Brice Stadium, where the university got state approval for 20,000 fans at Gamecocks football home games in a coronavirus-shortened season. The stadium has a listed seating capacity of 80,250.

Maybe the students and bar should take a cue from the football situation. Full capacity is not a good thing these days.

UofSC says it's "disappointed" with Thursday's bar scene ... urging students to wear face coverings, social distance and avoid large in-person gatherings. In other words, the opposite of what you see in the video.

Kelsey Grammer Daughter Spencer Slashed Cops Release Video of Suspect

11:04 AM PT -- 7/26 -- Cops just released surveillance video of the man they suspect of wielding a knife at a NYC restaurant's staff, leaving Spencer Grammer and others injured.

The NYPD Crime Stoppers' official account on Twitter released a brief 12-second clip of the suspect, who appears to be talking to someone inside a building -- presumably, this is at The Black Ant in the East Village, and it would appear this showed the moments before they mayhem.

The police say, "WANTED🚨for an Assault in front of 60 2nd avenue.  #Manhattan @NYPD9Pct  On 07/24/20 @ 11:28  PM💰Reward up to $2500👓Seen Him? Know who he is?☎️Call 1-800-577-TIPS or DM us!📞Calls are CONFIDENTIAL! #yourcityyourcall."

It doesn't look like they've caught the guy yet based on this -- word is he wandered off on foot and made a clean escape.

Kelsey Grammer's daughter, Spencer, got cut up by a man who started swinging a knife in NYC -- all because the restaurant she was at was about to close and wouldn't let him in.

Law enforcement sources confirmed the scary incident went down late Friday night at a place called The Black Ant in the East Village -- which was about to close up shop right before midnight as some guy -- whom witnesses described to cops as seemingly drunk -- walked up and demanded entry ... only to be turned away by the staff.

We're told that sent the guy into a rage, because he whipped out a blade and started hacking away in a full-on brawl with guests and employees. During the mayhem, we're told Spencer and a friend of hers were 2 of the victims who got slashed as the man raged.

Our sources say Spencer and her friend were actually among some of the people trying to pry the maniac off people, and as a result they suffered gashes ... Spencer to her arm and the friend to her back. They were taken to a hospital and treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

We're told the man fled by foot and cops are investigating. BTW, in case you're unfamiliar with Spencer -- you probably know her voice ... she plays Summer Smith on 'Rick & Morty.'

Just another crazy day in the time of 'rona -- and it goes to show ... even celebs and their kin can fall victim to the madness. The New York Post broke the story. Get well, Spence.

Originally Published -- 7/25 12:43 PM PT

Demi Lovato I'm Engaged!!!

@ddlovato / Instagram

Demi Lovato said "yes" to her boyfriend's romantic beach proposal, and she's gushing that she's finally found a "partner."

The "I Love Me" singer's BF, actor Max Ehrich, is now her fiance ... about 4 months after we all found out they were dating. Max popped the question on the sand in Malibu, and he came well-prepared ... with some major bling for her finger.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Seriously ... look at the rock.

Demi shared the big news late Wednesday night, saying ... "When I was a little girl, my birth dad always called me his 'little partner' -- something that might've sounded strange without his southern cowboy like accent. To me it made perfect sense. And today that word makes perfect sense again but today I'm officially going to be someone else's partner."

She says of Max -- "I knew I loved you the moment I met you," and adds ... "I’m ecstatic to start a family and life with you. I love you forever my baby. My partner. Here’s to our future!!!!"

Max dropped some poetry of his own, saying ... "You are every love song, every film, every lyric, every poem, everything I could ever dream of and then some in a partner in life. Words cannot express how infinitely in love with you I am forever and always and then some."

After the engagement ... the 2 hit up Nobu for a celebratory dinner.

Demi and Max started dating in March, right before stay-at-home orders went into effect for the coronavirus pandemic, and were spotted out a few times in masks grocery shopping.

They also had an isolated getaway last month in one of America's coolest vacation homes -- the "invisible house." It seems quarantining together has proven their relationship is the real deal.


O.J. Simpson Cuts Through Busy Vegas Restaurant ... Mask-Free BDay Party!!!


Here's O.J. Simpson cutting his way through a packed restaurant in Sin City on his birthday ... and The Juice doesn't seem too concerned with face coverings and social distancing.

The convicted felon wouldn't let the coronavirus pandemic stop him from celebrating his 73rd bday, hitting up Jing Las Vegas in Downtown Summerlin late Thursday night  ... and one blonde woman wouldn't let the fact he killed 2 people in 1994 stop her from getting an O.J. bear hug.

As you can see, there was lots of close contact, flirting and handshaking as O.J. went without a mask indoors. BTW ... wearing a mask in Vegas is mandatory in public and while walking through restaurants, but you can take it off when seated at a table.

O.J.'s definitely rolling the dice with COVID-19 -- his age certainly puts him at higher risk -- but it's Vegas, after all, where rolling the dice is encouraged.

DJ Liz Clark wore a mask in the booth while spinning tunes for O.J.'s birthday bash, which we're told was fueled by flowing champagne.

The Juice enjoyed some cake as part of his birthday presentation ... and naturally, O.J. had multiple beautiful lady friends throughout the evening.

Simpson has been out of prison since Oct. 2017 after spending nearly 9 years behind bars for a 2007 armed robbery ... and this is the typical treatment he gets in public these days.


Fans love lining up for photo ops with The Juice at all sorts of Sin City hot spots ... he got up close and personal with two blondes on a Vegas dance floor last year, but this is the first time we've seen O.J. somewhere other than a golf course since the outbreak.

As you know ... O.J. was found not guilty of murder, in the criminal case, in the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman ... but Simpson was later sued for wrongful death by Ron's family where a jury found O.J. liable and ordered him to pay $33 mil. He hasn't paid anything.

Bottom line ... ditching a mask and forgetting social distancing in a packed house in the middle of a deadly pandemic still isn't the worst decision O.J. ever made!!! Not even close.

UFC's Mike Perry Punches Old Man In Restaurant Tirade ... Allegedly Struck 3 People

Exclusive Details JULY 2020

8:33 PM PT -- TMZ Sports has obtained the police report -- and the details are terrible.

Cops say the man who was punched in the video appeared to be unconscious when they arrived.

A witness told them the victim had smacked his head against the concrete after he was punched.

The victim was transported to a nearby hospital and later spoke to cops ... but said he was experiencing memory problems due to the injury and didn't remember the punch or aftermath.

Cops also spoke with Perry who insisted he was just trying to leave the restaurant peacefully but people were "putting hands on me as I was trying to leave the building."

Perry admits to getting physical with multiple people -- but insists he was only reacting after the others had touched him first ... including the man he knocked down on video.

There's more ... a witness told police that during the altercation at Perry's table, the UFC fighter struck a woman who was ID'd as a friend of Perry's girlfriend. Unclear if she was injured in the incident.

'Platinum' Mike Perry -- a star in the UFC -- punched an elderly man in the face at a Texas restaurant Tuesday night in a violent, angry rage ... and the entire incident was caught on video.

Witnesses tell TMZ Sports ... the whole thing started when Perry got into a physical altercation with someone at his table at the Table 82 restaurant in Lubbock, TX around 10:30 PM on Tuesday night.

We're told a restaurant staffer approached Perry -- who had been ordering Berry Mojitos -- and asked him to leave the restaurant.

But instead of leaving, the witness says Perry PUNCHED the employee in the eye. We're told the employee suffered injuries.

That's when our video begins ... you can see people -- including Perry's girlfriend -- are trying to get Mike to leave the restaurant, but he won't go peacefully and drops several N-bombs on the way out.

It doesn't appear the N-word was directed at any Black people in the restaurant -- Perry is known to casually throw the word around in daily conversation.

As Perry and his GF left the dining area and walked outside, several men followed him out ... and things again escalated.

One of the older men got too close to Perry and Mike swung -- connecting with a haymaker from his right hand.

The older man went down -- and we're told he was later transported to a hospital with injuries.

As for Perry, he sat down on a ledge and challenged witnesses to call police -- which they did.

When cops arrived, we're told a report was taken but Perry was NOT arrested. We're still trying to get more info from law enforcement.

Aside from the alleged battery, we're told Perry also left without paying his bill and sources tell us the restaurant is considering pursuing a theft charge.

We reached out to Table 82 for comment and a rep for the restaurant told us, "Pending the criminal investigation, we prefer not to comment further because one of the victims was an employee of our company who had asked Mr. Perry to leave."

We reached out to Perry for comment but didn't hear back. However he did offer an official "no comment" on his Twitter page.

Perry is 14-6 as a professional MMA fighter -- defeating Mickey Gall on June 27 ... with his GF acting as his cornerman.

The whole incident reminds us of Conor McGregor -- who also punched an elderly man at a pub in Ireland back in 2019.


Originally Published -- 6:48 PM PT

Tech CEO Spews Racist Rant ... Asian Family, Workers Get Outpouring Support

Exclusive Details
@jordanlizchan / Instagram

3:07 PM PT -- TMZ's learned phones have been ringing off the hook at Lucia, the restaurant at Bernardus Lodge & Spa where Lofthouse spewed his racist rant. We're told since the July 4 video went viral over the last 24 hours, customers have been calling to show support to both the Asian family and the waitstaff for how they handled the situation.

For instance ... we're told longtime customers and others have called asking how they can get upwards of $1,000 to the waitstaff and offering to cover the family's meal. And, get this ... some have also sent floral arrangements to the hotel with notes commending the staff. Others who called expressed outrage over what they saw.

As for Lofthouse, we're told the Sheriff's Department is investigating the incident as well after a call from the targeted family.

A man unleashed a viciously racist verbal attack against a family that was doing nothing but minding their business -- and it turns out ... the guy's the head of a major IT company.

The guy here has been identified as Michael Lofthouse -- CEO of cloud-computing startup Solid8 out in Silicon Valley ... and he was caught on camera this past weekend in Monterey, CA going off on a group of people who were of Asian descent. Lofthouse himself is from the U.K.

Anyway, the video starts after he'd apparently said something pretty vile from his table at a restaurant ... but when the people he attacked started recording him, he clammed up. Only briefly though, because Lofthouse eventually cut loose again, calling the person recording him an "Asian piece of s***."

He went on to invoke President Trump's name ... saying POTUS was gonna screw 'em in November. An employee demanded Lofthouse get the hell out.

The woman who recorded this says the guy's attack was completely unprovoked. She went on to post info about him, including a back and forth in a comment section which appears to show him threatening to kill a guy who called him out for his behavior.

Lofthouse has since gotten rid of his social media accounts. Solid8 hasn't spoken on it yet.

Now, here's a little more context. According to Stop AAPI Hate (an org that documents incidents of discrimination against Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders) ... 832 people in their community have self-reported experiences of harassment in the last three months.

@mynamegangg/Twitter - @myullz/Twitter

That jibes with what we've seen on the streets, especially in L.A. ... with folks like SoCal Karen spewing hate.

The reason for this uptick? Well, the Prez has been blaming China for coronavirus for months now. Still think his "kung flu" jokes are harmless?

Originally published -- 7:36 AM PT

Philly Bar Owner Pulls Gun on Man, During Mask Argument ... Cops Investigating


The owner of a Philadelphia bar claims he pulled his gun on a man during a heated confrontation because he thought the guy was reaching for a gun, but apparently ... it was just a bike lock.

It went down Sunday night in the Old City neighborhood, where you see the owner of the Infusion Lounge, Jamie Atlig, pointing his weapon right at the man ... who begins to walk away.

According to witnesses, the man on the sidewalk was yelling at customers for not wearing masks or social distancing, and then things got political with Atlig.

The man allegedly said, "You can have your MAGA privilege," and the owner replied by saying "Trump 2020," and pulling his gun.

Atlig told FOX29 ... he felt threatened because he saw the man reaching for a black, metal object that looked like a gun -- which witnesses say was a bike lock.

FOX 29

Still, Atlig insists he was in the right, saying ... "He came across and came to attack me. I’m the actual victim in this situation."

The bar owner's lawyer adds ... "He owns a business. He was being threatened as well as his patrons. He pulled out his duly licensed firearm. He diffused the situation. He put the firearm away." Atlig claims he's been receiving death threats since the video went viral.

Philly PD tells us they've opened an investigation into the incident.

Coronavirus London Streets, Pubs Reopen ... Wild, Dicey Scene

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England has reopened its doors to pubs and restaurants -- on what they're calling "Super Saturday" -- but the government's warnings/threats seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

Check out the scene in the SoHo district of London, where an insane number of people broke loose Saturday from their flats and hit the streets and bars. There's zero social distancing and masks are few and far between.

Here's the thing ... the UK has banned gatherings of more than 6 people and there's a strong recommendation that people stay 2-meters apart. Clearly not the case.

Pubs closed back in March due to the virus and the lockdown. The government has warned if people don't follow the rules the pubs will be the first to get shut down again.

Europe has 280,000 confirmed COVID19 cases and 44,000 deaths.

The government has also allowed hair salons, outdoor gyms, playgrounds, hotels, movie theaters, museums and libraries to reopen.

Looks a lot like America.

Hollywood Bar & Club Scene On Verge of Collapse ... After New Closure Order


California's nightlife is going back into lockdown amid renewed spikes of coronavirus cases -- something the L.A. bar and club scene might not be able to survive ... TMZ has learned.

If you live in the Golden State, you probably heard about Gov. Gavin Newsom once again ordering the closure of bars and clubs in 19 counties -- including Los Angeles County, where those venues had just started to open back up after months of lockdown.

Newsom also said folks couldn't do indoor dine-in service at restaurants -- so even if a bar serves grub, it's a nonstarter. Fact is ... Newsom had no option. The virus is out of control.

Nevertheless ... it's a big problem for lots of bars and clubs -- especially smaller ones that were ramping up to get back into the game ... only to get shut down for a second time.

John Arakaki, who owns St. Felix -- a couple of stylish bars that have been functioning in the Hollywood area for the past 11 years -- says he quickly went through 60 percent of his government loans on safety training, staff payroll, cleaning the kitchen and everything in between. When he reopened 3 weeks ago, he was able to break even after factoring in all his revenue and expenses. He was hoping to turn the corner during the 4th weekend, but that's not going to happen. He says if he's down for 3 more weeks, survival looks bleak.

Cat & The Fiddle -- a West Hollywood pub -- reopened its doors Monday ... just to have everything shut down again 2 days later. The owner spent 5 to 10 thousand dollars in the past couple weeks on face masks, safety training for their staff, and beer and food inventory.

Heck, even popular Hollywood hot spots like Bootsy Bellows and Poppy -- two popular WeHo clubs -- are on the ropes -- they were ramping up for a big 4th of July, and that's now money down the drain. They say they can survive, but that's a relative term.

Some of the restaurant and club owners are especially frustrated because they feel the second shutdown order came from out of the blue. The reality ... the COVID numbers were on the rise for many days, and at a point, the shutdown was only a matter of time.

Lisa Vanderpump Restaurant Hit by Would-Be Burglar Cops 'PUMP' the Brakes!!!


Lisa Vanderpump's famous restaurant was the scene of an alleged intruder up to no good ... but some quick-thinking eyewitnesses called cops who foiled the would-be burglar's act.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the L.A. County Sheriff's West Hollywood station got a call Sunday night around 7 PM for a possible burglary in progress. Our sources say deputies arrived within minutes and detained the suspect.

Our sources tell us cops spoke to reps for the WeHo joint and they decided NOT to press charges on the suspect. We're told the joint's GM decided against pressing charges because no real damage was done.

Lisa's husband, Ken, tells TMZ ... "He was desperate for a Pump-tini. We can’t blame him."

Sources with direct knowledge of the situation tell TMZ ... a man wearing a blue face mask and a backpack parked himself in front of the main gate and pulled out shears to try and cut open the heavy-duty blue chain lock.

We're told when he was spotted, the alleged suspect put the shears back in his backpack and stood there as if nothing was amiss. The witnesses snapped a pic of the man.

Our sources say the 3 people who witnessed this called police, who descended onto the scene in 7 police units and a helicopter. We're told the man had been seen in the area before, and it's probably what triggered such a large response.

Lisa and her husband, Ken, were NOT at the restaurant at the time of the incident. As you're well aware by now, the restaurant's been closed since California's shelter-at-home orders were implemented.


Looks like that Pump-tini or Pump-kin spiced old fashioned is gonna have to wait, eh? It's gotta suck for the Vanderpump's, though. First the Ferrari incident, and now this.

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