Adam 'Pacman' Jones Sentenced To Jail ... In Bar Fight Case

Adam "Pacman" Jones will be back behind bars again ... TMZ Sports has learned he's just been sentenced to jail for his role in a huge bar fight earlier this year.

As we previously reported, the former NFL star was at Clutch OTR in Cincinnati, Ohio on Feb. 15 ... when law enforcement claims the dude snapped on venue staffers.

Authorities say Jones got into a wild brawl with the establishment's employees -- claiming the ex-football player knocked out a bouncer during the fracas.


We obtained video of part of the fight ... and you can see it was complete chaos -- with barstools being thrown and people crashing to the ground left and right.

Jones -- who at the time claimed he was just acting in self-defense and "did what I needed to do" -- was arrested and later hit with two misdemeanor assault charges over it all.

The Pat McAfee Show

Officials tell us, though, the 38-year-old closed out the case this week.

Jones pleaded no contest to the two charges -- and was sentenced to 180 days in jail ... but 150 of those days are suspended, meaning Jones will only have to go behind bars for 30 total days if he keeps his nose clean.

We're told he's slated to report to jail on Nov. 29.

Jones was also sentenced to nine months of probation -- with a judge ordering him to follow a 9 p.m. curfew as well as abstain from drinking alcohol. Jones was also hit with a $100 fine.

MAY 2019

Of course, this is not the first time Jones has been sentenced to jail recently ... you'll recall, back in 2019, he was ordered to spend 10 days behind bars for his role in a meltdown at a casino.

We've reached out to Pacman for comment, so far, no word back yet.

Blueface Felony Warrant Issued ... For Alleged Club Bouncer Attack

Blueface is a wanted man -- there's a warrant out for his arrest, related to the on-camera beatdown of a nightclub bouncer ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us felony arrest warrants were recently issued for Blueface and 2 other men who allegedly carried out the brutal attack of the bouncer, back in September in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley.

We're told Blueface and his pals have each been hit with 2 felony charges ... one for assault, and another for robbery. Our sources say the robbery charge stems from an accusation that one of the men took a chain from the bouncer.


TMZ broke the story ... video captured the brutal incident, which appears to show Blueface and 3 other men stomping, kicking and punching the doorman.

The man had to be taken to a hospital by ambulance, and needed stitches.

We obtained photos of his alleged injuries -- the guy looked to have been beaten pretty badly -- and we knew the police had taken a battery report after the incident.

Now cops will be on the lookout to arrest Blueface and co. ... if they don't surrender on their own.

The warrant is yet another 'L' for the rapper -- as we first reported, his mom was allegedly attacked last month at a place he owns, and cops think Blueface might have been the intended target.

Macy Gray I Love Me Some Chippendales ... Private Party at Bar!!!

Macy Gray put together an impromptu private party with a bunch of Chippendales hunks ... and she had the guys act as her backup dancers as she belted out some tunes!!!

Sources tell TMZ ... Macy was having dinner with some friends Wednesday night in Vegas when they had the idea to celebrate the world opening back up, so she enlisted the male revue.


We're told Macy rented out the Star Piano Cocktail Lounge, with a few requests ... 5 Chippendales dancers and enough musical equipment set up for a gig.

Macy and her crew rolled up to the piano bar at 10:30 PM and stayed until about 1 AM ... singing some Fugees and even some of her own hits like "I Try."

With Macy showing off her pipes and playing the piano, the Chippendales did what they do best ... dance.

We're told the booze was flowing ... Macy bought a bottle of Casamigos tequila and a bottle of Champagne ... and she cracked jokes in between songs.


Gotta love Sin City!!!

Kim and Pete Secret Dinner in Staten Island

Kim Kardashian West and Pete Davidson had a secret dinner rendezvous Tuesday night, TMZ has learned.

Kim ventured out of the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Manhattan ... and headed for Pete's turf -- Staten Island. Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... the 2 entered the backdoor of Campania restaurant ... one of Pete's favorites.

They presumably chowed down on pizza or pasta ... the specialty at the joint.

It's a big development because everyone wanted to know if they'd meet up after sharing a ride at Knott's Berry Farm in the O.C. over the weekend ... where they held hands on a ride.


As you know ... Pete and Kim were together for almost a week when she hosted "Saturday Night Live" last month ... even sharing a kiss during a skit.

We got Kim out earlier in the day Tuesday and asked if she and Pete were more than just friends, but she was mum.


A few days ago our Kim sources said Kim and Pete were just friends. Thing we want to know now ... define "friends."

Logan Paul Smacks Heckler Outside L.A. Club ... After Being Called 'P***y'


Logan Paul got in a physical altercation with a man outside an L.A. hotspot late Wednesday night ... slapping a heckler upside the head after he called the YouTube superstar a "p***y."

26-year-old Logan was waiting outside Nightingale in WeHo when a bunch of autograph seekers came up to him and started asking about his rumored fight with Mike Tyson.

When LP ignored the questions, one man called him out and said, "Are you a p***y, or what??" ... before trying to walk away.

That's when Logan aggressively approached the man ... getting in his face and shoving him before smacking him in the head.

The crowd is audibly shocked ... with several people gasping and saying, "Oh s***."

Logan's friend and "Impaulsive" podcast co-host Mike Majlak jumped into action ... pushing and shoving the heckler backwards before security came in and bear-hugged the guy away.

Majlak urged Logan to go into the club, but both guys were able to calm down and even joke with each other as Paul waited for valet to bring his Polaroid camera from his car.

Of course, Logan has been facing off against much bigger and more talented competition recently ... going 8 rounds with Floyd Mayweather back in June.

What's bizarre -- Logan maintained a smile throughout the whole incident ... but it's clear the altercation was pretty tense.

Logan eventually gets reunited with his beloved camera and heads into the club ... but accidentally drops it on his way in.

As for the heckler, he was later let go from security and stormed off in the opposite direction.



G-Eazy's gotta be careful the next time he goes out for a drink in NYC -- he's been ordered to keep away from the guys with whom he allegedly brawled with in a nightclub.

The rapper just left a Big Apple courtroom where he was charged with misdemeanor assault for allegedly punching a guy in the head at the Boom Boom Room at the Standard Hotel.

The judge ordered G-Eazy to steer clear of his alleged victim, plus the man who claims G's entourage smashed a glass bottle over his head in last month's altercation.

G-Eazy was released without bail, and was in no mood to talk when we got him leaving the courthouse.

TMZ broke the story ... G-Eazy was arrested in September after he and his crew allegedly got violent with another group of guys in a bar.

He's scheduled to be back in court next month. Until then, he'll need to tread lightly on the bar scene.

MMA's Jason 'Mayhem' Miller Allegedly Involved In Bar Fight ... Police Investigating

Jason "Mayhem" Miller allegedly broke a guys ribs in a bar fight just days before his domestic violence arrest, TMZ Sports has learned.

Our law enforcement sources tell us they recently responded to a fight at a San Fernando Valley bar. When they arrived, the altercation was over, and we're told no one wanted to press charges, so everyone was allowed to leave.

However, the next day, one of the people involved in the brawl went to the hospital ... and was diagnosed with several cracked ribs.

We're told at that point, cops took an incident report for felony battery. They're expected to turn the case over to the L.A. district attorney sometime in the near future ... and they'll decide whether or not to charge Mayhem for the bar fight.

Of course, we broke the story last week, Miller -- who has a long history of trouble -- was arrested for felony domestic violence after a woman accused the fighter of roughing her up early Friday morning.

During the domestic violence arrest, Mayhem didn't go easy, with cops using a taser in order to slap the cuffs on him.

Police said the alleged victim had injuries to her face and neck.

That case is still active ... and depending on what the D.A. decides, Miller could be hit with more charges from a totally separate alleged incident.

Story developing ...

Blueface Accused of Attacking Bouncer ... Battery Report Taken

Blueface allegedly attacked a club bouncer with the help of his 2 pals, leaving the dude in stitches ... and now, cops are on the case.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Blueface tried rolling up to Skinny's Lounge late Sunday night in the San Fernando Valley, but got stopped at the door by a security guard who asked to see his ID.

We're told Blueface noted he didn't have one, and asked the guard if he knew who he was ... apparently, whipping out his phone to Google himself and show he was famous. The guard didn't care though, we're told, and wouldn't let him in without proper identification.

That's when things allegedly turned physical ... our sources tell us Blue, and a couple buddies with him jumped the bouncer and then left. The guy had to be transported to a hospital by ambulance -- where we're told he was treated for bruises and scratches that required sutures.

We also got a hold of photos showing the alleged injuries, and they look pretty gnarly. You can see the bouncer was left bloodied.

As for the cops ... law enforcement sources tell us they got a report of a fight at Skinny's a little after midnight, and that one person was hospitalized with minor injuries. Officers took a battery report and now they're investigating. The alleged victim's name hasn't been released.

Dillon Francis For the Love of Artists, Bartenders & Servers ... GO. GET. THE. JAB!!!


Dillon Francis is imploring everyone to follow in his footsteps and get vaccinated. Yes, it can be a matter of life or death, but also ... it can save his and other people's jobs.

We got the famous DJ leaving Erewhon Tuesday in L.A. and wondered if he had any trepidation about the rising COVID-19 cases -- largely due to the Delta variant -- and how it could affect his upcoming tour dates.

For starters ... the "GO OFF (Nuthin' 2 It)" hitmaker tells us most of his scheduled gigs are outdoors. So, all good there. But, that being said, Dillon also didn't waste time urging anyone and everyone to get vaccinated because, as he put it ... "I'm trying to have a job."

He's not just looking out for numero uno, either -- Dillon says vaccination especially helps those in the service industry like servers and bartenders, whose livelihoods almost completely disappeared during pandemic shutdowns.

He tells us he got the shot as soon as he could -- and it's that kinda effort that undoubtedly helped reopen America and allow for packed concerts and restaurants to be a thing again.

We asked him if anti-vaxxers are to blame for the resurgence in cases. Dillon wouldn't go that far, but his message is crystal clear. Get the jab.

Denny's Sued Server Says She Was Called Old & Racist

4:56 PM PT -- A statement from Denny's legal department reads, "Thank you for your inquiry. Denny’s Corporation does not have any information with regard to a lawsuit and Ms. Dejoria is not a current or past employee. As a franchise operation, any employee claims would be handled directly by the franchisee employer in the state where they are located."

An ex-Denny's server has beef with the famous diner and is now suing ... claiming she was canned as retaliation after she reported some of her colleagues for calling her old and racist.

Vina Dejoria filed the lawsuit in Nevada claiming she was subjected to harassment and bullying, which also included co-workers saying she came from the "dinosaur age."

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Dejoria -- who is white -- says she started working at Denny's as a server in November 2017 and was 46 when she got fired. Things appeared to start going downhill earlier this year when Dejoria claims she was called a racist for refusing to wait on tables of customers based on the color of the customers’ skin -- but she says that's not true.

In any event, Dejoria claims she reported the harassment and hostility but nothing was done by her supervisor.

Dejoria goes on to claim she was eventually suspended and then axed from her job for allegedly being the Denny's employee doing the bullying, which she believes was just retaliation for her reporting the alleged harassment from co-workers.

Now, over the last year, we've seen plenty of Denny's servers and hosts raise hell over customers who weren't wearing masks -- like this video from an Illinois Denny's -- but Dejoria's case is strictly about allegations of racism, on her part, and harassment ... on the part of her co-workers and bosses.

We've reached out to Denny's, but so far no word back.

Originally Published -- 12:13 PM PT

Hair-Dragging Victim Demands Sincere Apology ... Honest Convo on Race Needed, Too!!!

The Black woman dragged from a Washington, D.C. bar by her hair says management has A LOT more work to do to be good in her book ... starting with contrition, and a heart-to-heart on race.

Keisha Young's attorney, Brandon Burrell, tells TMZ ... his client feels she was singled out, in part, because of her skin color. She alluded to this during her on-the-street interview, saying she felt profiled when the rationale that surfaced for the brutal dragging was .... she "fit the description" of someone who'd broken the rules Saturday night in Nellie's Sports Bar.


To Keisha and co. ... this reeks of racial profiling, despite the fact that the guard who pulled her out was Black himself. Her suspicion here is that, he and the security team at large, were under strict orders, which Keisha feels helped put a target on her back -- and protesters outside the bar seem to agree.

That leads us to what Keisha wants now, and -- as you'd imagine -- Burrell says, first and foremost, the bar owners and upper management need to apologize to her directly.

We're told their statement simply wasn't enough to right their wrongs ... and they didn't even bother addressing Keisha by name. Not just that, but we're told the Nellie's team hasn't spoken to her personally since the incident.

Beyond that, Burrell says Nellie's needs to seriously look at itself in the mirror ... and honestly discuss how they're treating patrons who are BIPOC. And BTW, we're told that if they want Keisha in on that conversation, she's more than willing to come to the table.

As for how Keisha's doing ... we're told she's mentally shaken up and, physically, suffered bruises -- but Burrell says they'll be getting official word from doctors on her prognosis. It sounds like they're ramping up to sue.

Oh, and Keisha's team hasn't forgotten about the guard himself -- we're told they want him prosecuted, and plan to file a police report soon.

Rapper Pooh Shiesty Arrested for Allegedly Shooting Security Guard

6:39 AM PT -- 6/9 -- The arrest warrant affidavit lays out exactly what the alleged victim claims happened the night he was shot ... and it sounds like he was actually trying to prevent Pooh from potentially firing at others.

According to the document, obtained by TMZ, the security guard in question -- who alleges he was shot by PS -- told police who arrived on the scene that as he was trying to escort Pooh out of the building following his show, someone started grabbing at stray bills in the dude's back pocket ... which the guard claims pissed Pooh off, who went back on stage to find out who'd gotten handsy with him.

The security guard claims he then saw a gun that was clearly visible from Pooh's waistband ... and that he tried telling Pooh to hide it and not take it out. The guard says he, again, tried escorting Pooh from the building safely ... but then, on the drop of a dime, Pooh allegedly turned around and fired one shot back into the area ... which the guard says hit him in the ankle. He also says he jumped out of the way when it happened -- which he thinks might've saved his life. The guard claims Pooh handed the gun off to someone ... and they all split.

The police say they determined Pooh had fled the state of Florida, and after having the alleged victim point him out in a photo lineup as the alleged perp ... they started the process of extraditing him. Obviously, they were successful in wrangling him back in.

Rapper Pooh Shiesty has just been arrested over a shooting that went down at a Miami club ... where cops say a security guard ended up getting shot in a dispute over money.

According to Miami-Dade County Corrections records ... the rapper was taken into custody Tuesday around 2 PM on a warrant for his arrest for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon ... a felony.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, Miami-Dade PD was called out to the King of Diamonds nightclub back on May 30 around 4 AM for a reported shooting.

Cops say witnesses told them security staff was escorting Pooh out of the building when, out of nowhere, there was an altercation between Pooh and security staff. Cops say the security manager told them the beef was over money that had apparently fallen out of Pooh's pants.

It's unclear how much, if any, money fell ... but apparently, it was enough to set off Pooh 'cause cops say they were told the Memphis MC took out his gun and fired off a round toward the ground.

Cops say one of the security guards ended up getting hit in the right ankle and was taken to a hospital. By the time cops showed up at the scene, they say Pooh had already bounced.

There were rumors going around social media that someone jacked $40k from Pooh, but the rapper put those rumors to bed, saying on IG ... "false allegations nothing never been took from me."

But, according to cops ... money is at the center of this particular incident, which resulted in one person getting shot.

Pooh Shiesty's best known for his hit track "Back In Blood" ... which has more than 154M views on YouTube. He's signed to Gucci Mane's 1017 Records. We reached out to Pooh and a rep had no comment.

Originally Published -- 6/8/21 1:31 PM PT

Casey Anthony Bar Fight Was Over Cop Ex-BF ... Body Cam Footage Shows

West Palm Beach Police Department

Turns out Casey Anthony's ex-BF -- the one at the center of her bar showdown -- is a police officer with West Palm PD, the same department that responded to her 911 call after the fight.

We just got the body cam from the West Palm PD officer who showed up at the bar, and it shows Casey spilling her guts about the sergeant she used to date. She tells the responding officer she wants to file an incident report because the woman -- identified as Thelma Moya -- verbally and physically assaulted her.

The cop asks Casey what exactly happened and Casey gives up the tea -- "We dated the same person for a couple of years. Malcolm Allison, who is one of your sergeants."


Casey added, "Whether they're together or not together, she got upset that he had texted me. I let her know that he had. And, she came inside and threw a drink at me."

Casey goes as far as telling the cop she can call Malcolm to confirm Moya's alleged past behavior, but later backtracks and says she doesn't want to get Malcolm involved. Too late?

The cop also asks why she hadn't filed a restraining order against Moya, and Casey claims she didn't have grounds to do so before ... but makes it sound like that might be her next move. Later, she said she won't, though.

TMZ broke the story ... the accused, but acquitted, child killer called cops out to O'Shea's Irish Pub in West Palm Beach after claiming an argument with an archnemesis turned ugly.

In the 911 call audio, obtained by TMZ, Casey can be heard clearly pissed off and adamant about wanting the alleged incident documented so she could file a restraining order.

Dominique Wilkins Restaurant Spat Sparks Dress Code Changes ... 'We Apologize'

An upscale Atlanta-area restaurant is now vowing to change its dress code policy and implement diversity training ... after Dominique Wilkins put the place on blast over the weekend.

The NBA legend said he was turned away from Le Bilboquet in Buckhead, GA. on Saturday ... claiming it was all due to the color of his skin.

The restaurant had initially said it had nothing to with race, but rather the designer casual clothing that Wilkins had worn to the place.

Now, though, after days of drama surrounding the incident, the restaurant is reversing course ... apologizing to The Human Highlight Reel and promising sweeping changes in the wake of the controversy.

In a lengthy statement, Le Bilboquet officials said, "We sincerely apologize to Dominique Wilkins for the events that occurred on May 22."

"No patron of our restaurants should be made to feel unwelcome or less than, and for that we are deeply sorry. It was never our intention to make Mr. Wilkins -- or anyone else for that matter -- feel that way at our restaurant."

Restaurant officials continued, "As an upscale, white table cloth, fine dining restaurant, we have a dress code in place to provide an experience that meets both our brand standards and our clientele’s expectations. While we will continue to have a dress code, we realize our current policy is subject to interpretation and can be unintentionally demeaning and divisive."

“Accordingly, we are immediately making changes."

The restaurant says it will now "provide diversity, equity and inclusion training to all current employees" as well as update their dress code policy to eliminate "any ambiguities that may lead to misunderstandings."

Restaurant officials added, "We will not tolerate implicit or explicit bias. We have done and will continue to do the work to ensure our restaurant is a place where all feel welcome."

Wilkins appeared to accept the apology and the promises to change ... saying in an interview with WSB-TV on Tuesday, "I'm just hoping that they learn from this and that they could get some diversity equality and this type of training to guard against this."

Dominique Wilkins Accuses Restaurant of Racism ... Restaurant Says Just Enforcing Dress Code

Dominique Wilkins says he was straight-up denied service at an Atlanta restaurant because of the color of his skin, but the restaurant shot back, saying it was simply enforcing a dress code that was colorblind.

The basketball Hall of Famer says he was denied service at Le Bilboquet restaurant, saying, "In my many years in the world, I've eaten at some of the greatest restaurants in the world, but never have I felt prejudice or been turned away because of the color of my skin, until today in #atlanta in @LeBilboquetAtl #turnedawaybecauseimblack."

The restaurant denied it had anything to do with race, saying, "We, at Le Bilboquet, do our best to accommodate all of our guests. However, we have received consistent complaints from our patrons regarding other guest's wardrobe choices.  As a result, to protect our restaurant's culture, we installed a minimum standard in our 'business casual' attire dress code which includes jeans and sneakers but prohibits baseball caps and athletic clothing including sweat pants and tops."

Wilkins, who played between 1982 and 1994 for the Hawks, wasn't buying it, saying, "They looked me up and down ... and to add insult, talked about how my clothes were not appropriate when I was wearing designer casual pants and a shirt."

The restaurant seemed to say they're considering a revision of the dress code ... "Though the definition of 'casual' is ever evolving, we strive to maintain our policy requirement daily but it isn't a perfect system." That last part seems to suggest maybe they were too hard on Wilkins.

Tory Lanez Alleged Attack on 'L&HH' Star Prince

Tory Lanez packs a serious punch ... at least according to a 'Love & Hip Hop' cast member who told cops he needed medical attention after the rapper socked him in the face, but Tory's denying it.

Prince Michael Harty, a rapper/promoter who's on "L&HH: Miami," claims Tory reignited their longstanding beef this month at club Vendome on South Beach. According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, Prince told cops he was at his table around 4 AM last Monday when he was approached and struck on the left side of his face.

Prince told cops he turned around and made eye contact with Tory, who ran out of the club and took off in a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van. Tory is named in the police report as a suspect for an alleged battery.

According to the report, Prince also told cops he went for medical treatment and the responding officer said Prince had a visibly swollen area on his left cheek.

A rep for Prince tells TMZ ... he was hanging out with NFL star Malcolm Butler, when he noticed some guys staring at them.

We're told the DJs and hosts made it well known Prince and Malcolm were in the building, and when Butler left Prince alone in their section, Tory came up with his entourage and allegedly threw the punch, leaving Prince with a massive headache and a swollen mouth.


A rep for Tory tells TMZ ... Lanez was nowhere near Prince at the time he alleges and the guy's "obsessed" with Tory. Even further, the rep says there are no witnesses or footage to back up Prince's claim -- 'cause, again, Tory says it didn't happen ...


TMZ broke the story ... Tory allegedly swung on Prince back in 2019 at LIV Miami, and Prince is already suing him over that, and we're told he's considering filing a new one for this latest claim.

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