DeMarcus Cousins Harassment Charge Dropped In Threatening Call Case

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DeMarcus Cousins just caught a huge break in his harassment case ... the NBA star's charges have been dropped, TMZ Sports has confirmed.

We broke the story ... the Lakers center's ex-girlfriend, Cristy West, told police she recorded a phone call with Cousins in which he threatened to "put a bullet in your f**king head" if she wouldn't let their 7-year-old child attend his wedding.


Cousins was facing a domestic violence charge -- 3rd-degree misdemeanor for harassing communications -- which carries a maximum sentence of 1 year behind bars.

Cousins was slated to have his arraignment Friday -- but the case was dropped and won't be moving forward.

One source close to DeMarcus tells us, "It was a just and fair outcome."

Unclear exactly why the case was dropped but it's not unheard of for prosecutors to bail on a case like this if the victim stops cooperating with authorities.

Despite the court situation, the NBA is still investigating on their own and could mete out punishment if they deem necessary.


Meanwhile, Cousins is still recovering from an ACL tear he suffered in the offseason and is hoping to be healthy enough to join the team if they make a playoff run.

Isiah Thomas Kawhi's Load Management 'Extremely Successful!!!'


The fans might be super pissed about load management ... but Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas says Kawhi Leonard taking days off has been PERFECT for the NBA superstar.

It's been one of the biggest debates of the season -- with the Klaw electing to sit out several big-time matchups to nurse a nagging knee injury, despite looking pretty much 100% when he DOES take the court.

TMZ Sports spoke with the Pistons legend about the issue ... and he totally understands why Kawhi wants to take a break to make sure he stays healthy, even if fans get upset.

"I do understand it, and you have to say it's been extremely successful for Kawhi," IT said outside Capitale in NYC ... pointing out Leonard has done this for most of his career.

"So for Kawhi, it's been perfect for him and it has worked out well for him."

But, of course, the big issue is Kawhi is one of the top 2 hottest players in the league ... and people wanna see him play. So, when folks drop up to thousands of dollars in hopes of seeing the Klaw play, just to have him ride the bench ... it doesn't sit well with the fans.

IT understands where the spectators are coming from ... and thinks there will have to be some sort of compromise before the NBA loses support.

"For the fans, I can see how some might be disappointed. At some point in time, the NBA, the players all of them gotta figure out how everyone can be satisfied because we do need the fans and we need the fan support to keep the machine going."

We also asked IT about the state of the Knicks -- and while the situation looks bleak, he did point out ONE good thing the organization has going for it.

Dwyane Wade's Son Look, Dad ... Sick Alley-Oop In Season Opener!!!

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Proud Dad moment for Dwyane Wade on Thursday night ... the NBA legend got to watch his son play in his HS season opener -- and the kid threw down a sick alley-oop!!

The show all went down in front of a sold-out crowd in San Diego ... where Zaire Wade's Sierra Canyon squad beat the hell out of Montgomery HS, 91-44, in its 2019 debut.

Zaire only scored 6 points ... but he made two of them REALLY count -- catching a lob and putting it home, all while Dwyane watched from his courtside seat!!

Of course, Wade was also there to support his best buddy LeBron James' son, Bronny, who was playing in his first-ever HS game.

And, Wade got to see the young James ball out too ... 'cause the kid scored 10 points off the bench and knocked down some DEEP triples!!!

Poppa James couldn't make the trip -- the Lakers are on the road to play Oklahoma City on Friday night -- but something tells us Dwyane's already given him the full report.

Just call it another assist from Wade to James!

James Wiseman Cannot Accept GoFundMe Cash ... To Pay NCAA 'Fine'

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Jay Williams means well, BUT those GoFundMe donations to cover James Wiseman's NCAA "fine" won't do JACK for the Memphis superstar ... 'cause the org. won't allow it.

TMZ Sports has learned ... the NCAA is aware of Jay's fundraising efforts to help satisfy Wiseman's $11,500 mandatory donation -- but our sources say Wiseman is NOT allowed to accept the money.

Of course, Wiseman was suspended 12 games and forced to donate $11,500 to charity after his family accepted a loan from Penny Hardaway to help cover moving expenses in 2017.

Crowdfunding campaigns have popped on the internet to help Wiseman pay the monetary punishment ... with Williams and the Game Seven organization raising nearly $5k so far.

But, our sources tell us the GoFundMe cash won't fly with the NCAA.

As one well-placed source put it ... "Generally speaking, a GoFundMe would not satisfy a repayment requirement. The student-athlete and his or her family are responsible for making the donation, and that donation must also be in line with NCAA rules."

In other words, taking the GoFundMe money could lead to more problems for Wiseman.

The silver lining?? Those donations from Williams' GoFundMe won't be all for naught -- they'll still be going to charity ... and Wiseman will still be RICH when he gets drafted by an NBA team next year.

Memphis Star James Wiseman Suspended 12 Games, Fined $11,500 ... Can Return Mid-January

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Memphis superstar James Wiseman has been suspended 12 games and must donate over $11k to charity -- but he plans to appeal the punishment.

Wiseman, the NCAA, and Memphis has been locked in a back-and-forth battle over his eligibility for weeks after it was determined the 18-year-old violated college rules by taking $11,500 from Penny Hardaway in 2017 -- before he became Memphis head coach.

Wiseman's college career was up in the air after the suspension was handed down ... considering he's expected to go #1 overall in the 2020 NBA Draft.

But, given the new punishment ... Wiseman will be able to return Jan. 12 against South Florida.

The fight's not over, however ... Memphis released a statement shortly after the ruling.

"Based on case precedent, the circumstances of this case and other mitigating factors, the university will immediately appeal this decision."

"We expect a more fair and equitable resolution, and we will exhaust all avenues on James' behalf."

Rob Gronkowski Dances His Face Off With Lakers Girls ... And Venus Williams!!!

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The newest Laker Girl is ... GRONK?!

Yep, the (ex?) NFL superstar hit the court at Staples Center on Tuesday night to join the Laker Girls with Venus Williams and James Corden ... and it was ... something!!!

There were high kicks, hip thrusts and some booty poppin' ... and LA's home crowd LOVED IT!!!

If we had to guess, seems the routine was all for a bit for Corden's "The Late Late Show" ... because why the hell else would this happen?

One person who was (sorta) impressed? Rob Gronkowski's girlfriend Camille Kostek, who used to cheerlead for the Patriots.

"Still deciding if I’m a proud girlfriend over this," Camille said. "Nevertheless .... this is an EPIC #NeverNotDancing moment I am proud to witness by Mr James and Robert James I LOVE YOU BOTH"

The wild show capped off an eventful day for Gronk ... 'cause just hours before he broke it down at Staples Center, he announced he was staying retired this season and opting to party instead.

As for how the Lakers fared with the 6'6", 265-pound beast rootin' them on ... they kicked ass, beating Oklahoma City, 112-107.

Maybe LeBron can do some more recruiting to L.A. and get Gronk there full-time???

Jalen Rose I Love Carmelo On The Blazers ... Happy He's Back!!!


Carmelo Anthony is FINALLY making his NBA return Tuesday night ... and ex-NBA star Jalen Rose says he's expecting the newest Trail Blazer to make an immediate impact.

It's been 374 days since Melo saw the court ... but he'll be making his highly-anticipated return when Portland takes on the Pelicans in a few hours.

TMZ Sports spoke with Rose out in NYC about Anthony getting picked up ... and he's elated the "Free Melo" campaign is over.

"I'm happy that he back in the league," Rose tells us. "I think it's a great pickup to have a Hall of Famer back in the league and have the opportunity to end on his own terms."

We asked Rose if Melo would have any rust in his first game back ... and he's predicting the superstar to have double-digit scoring!!

Dave Chappelle Puts Up Shots At Lakers Practice ... Fans Out With LeBron

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Dave Chappelle worked on his jumper at Lakers practice on Monday -- and if that's not the most L.A. sentence of the day, we don't know what is.

Chappelle linked up with the whole squad at the team facility and even posed for pics with LeBron James, who was wearing some REALLY short shorts (are Dave's arms bigger than Bron's BTW?)

But, when the team took the court, Chappelle went with 'em and even got pointers from Lakers guard Quinn Cook to improve his stepback game, according to Lakers reporter Dave McMenamin.

Of course, ya can't watch Dave hoop without thinking about that legendary "Chapelle's Show" skit with Charlie Murphy ... you know the one, THE PRINCE BASKETBALL GAME!

Chappelle kept his street clothes on this time around ... and while we wasn't exactly hitting all his shots, he's no Chance The Rapper either.

No word on why Dave was at practice ... but the team HOOKED HIM UP with his own custom Lakers jersey!! Wonder if they brought pancakes too?!

RIP Charlie Murphy ... and just for old time's sake, click here.

Bernie Sanders Flashes Buttery Jump Shot ... Hits 5 In A Row!!!

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Move over, Barack Obama ... there's a new politician with an absolutely wet jumper -- BERNIE SANDERS!!!!

Okay, it ain't exactly Kareem and the skyhook ... but here's the 78-year-old showing off his hoops skills over the weekend -- and the dude can score the basketball!!!

The 2020 presidential candidate hit a small hoop somewhere in Las Vegas on Sunday ... and he was straight cash from the free-throw line -- nailing five shots in a row!!

In fact, Bernie's wife was even impressed with the guy ... saying to him in the video, "Now, you're just showing off!"

It's a pretty incredible rebound for Sanders ... who just a few weeks couldn't have looked more unathletic in a devastating loss to a speed bag.

But, Bernie's team says his basketball performance was no fluke ... in a statement to Newsweek, they claim Sanders gets buckets any chance he can on the campaign trail!

"Anytime we see a court, he'll ask if he can get a few minutes to shoot around," campaign manager Faiz Shakir said.

Someone set the 1-on-1 matchup with Barry O, ASAP!!!!!!

Michael Jordan Signed Check From '82 Billiards Bet One-Of-A-Kind Item For Auction


There's rare sports memorabilia ... and then there's this.

35 years ago, Michael Jordan -- a junior hoops star at the University of North Carolina -- hustled a UNC student on a billiards table ... and was paid his $5 winnings by personal check.

Now, that check -- made out to and endorsed (signed) by "Mike Jordan" -- is on the auction block at Goldin Auctions.

According to the auction site, the story goes like this ... and it's pretty awesome.

It was February 27, 1984 and Jordan -- in the mood to play pool -- went to the basement of the Granville Towers on UNC's campus ... and proceeded to dominate on the table.

The guys were betting money ... and MJ was up $25.

A friend of the guy Jordan was beating thought Michael was hustling his buddy, so he stepped in to play MJ ... and win back some of the money he'd lost.

MJ lost a few games in a row -- which the consignor says irritated Jordan -- so he decided to cash out and take the 5 bucks he was owed.

The friend -- realizing Jordan was likely going to be an NBA superstar -- asked Michael if he could pay him with a personal check.

Michael accepted ...and the UNC student wrote the check to "Mike Jordan" -- the name basketball phenom went by on campus.

The check -- drawn from a First Union Bank account in Pembroke, NC -- was cashed by Michael and ultimately returned to the consignor.

The UNC alum held the check for over 35 years ... until recently deciding to put it up for auction.

Goldin says MJ's signature has been authenticated.

Auction opens November 18.

Good luck!

Kobe Bryant Daughter Hits Fadeaway Jumper ... Just Like Dad!!!

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Like father, like daughter!!!

Kobe Bryant's daughter, Gigi, definitely has that Mamba blood ... pulling off a contested fadeaway jumper that looks just like her daddy's shot ... and it's all on video!!

The Black Mamba posted footage of his 13-year-old daughter's recent game against another "#TeamMamba" opponent on Thursday ... praising players on both sides of the ball.

"I hate seeing my #teammamba girls play against each other. This is GREAT defense by our mamba pg Alyssa Altobelli and a familiar looking fade by our 2gd the #Mambacita."

Of course, Gigi steals the show ... dribbling to the baseline, pulling off a spin move, and hitting the fader right in her opponent's face.

Kobe has said in the past Gigi is "hellbent" on playing college ball at UConn ...  and she definitely looks like she's well on her way!!

Carmelo Anthony Guarantees NBA Return ... Then Signs With Portland!


6:20 PM PT -- Carmelo wasn't lying ... the Portland Trailblazers just signed the forward!!!

Per ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, the 35-year-old is inking a non-guaranteed deal with the team.

Carmelo Anthony tells TMZ Sports he WILL be back in the NBA this season -- and he's even open to returning to the New York Knicks!

Everyone's been wondering about Melo's basketball future ever since he parted ways with the Houston Rockets back in January.

35-year-old Anthony has previously said he wants to get back in the league -- however, no one has pulled the trigger yet.

But, it sounds like Melo's got something cookin' ... because when we saw the 35-year-old leaving The Henry in L.A. on Wednesday night, he was VERY optimistic about his return.

"We're figuring it out," Melo told us ... noting that he was NOT in town to speak with the Lakers or the Clippers.

When we pushed back and asked if he'll be on a roster this season, Melo told us ... "For sure. 2000%."

There are reports the Knicks could be interested in Anthony -- interesting considering the way things ended back in 2017 -- but Melo says he's down to return.

"We open man. We open to every opportunity."

In fact, Melo even defended Knicks head coach David Fizdale ... saying the team's lowly 2-9 record isn't all his fault ... "It's a lot of things that goes into that."

So, where will Melo end up this season? Stay tuned ...

Ohio Bobcats Coach Dances Like A Maniac After Win ... Billionaire Strut!!!

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Ohio Bobcats basketball coach Jeff Boals channeled his inner Conor McGregor to celebrate a huge road win on Wednesday ... and it's an epic collection of cringe-worthy and awesome moves!!

The 'Cats are off to a hot 3-0 start under the first-year coach ... and it's safe to say the players are LOVING the new guy, 'cause they joined his locker room dance-off after beating Iona in New York, 81-72.

The video is hilarious -- there's the billi strut, shoulder-brushing and a bunch of other moves that would make Chris Brown blush.

Okay, maybe that's not true ... but it definitely looks like the boys in Athens are having a helluva time.

Boals -- a former Bobcats hooper himself -- also served as an assistant coach at Ohio State before taking the head coaching gig at Stony Brook from 2016-2019.

Safe to say the dude's happy to be home.

Joe Johnson Teases NBA Return ... 'It's Possible, We'll See'


Joe Johnson's not giving up on a possible return to the NBA -- telling TMZ Sports he's still training his ass off in case he gets that call.

The 38-year-old stud had a stint with the Pistons earlier this year after BALLING OUT in Ice Cube's BIG3 league ... but Detroit waived him back in October.

The question now ... will Johnson get another shot in the NBA, go back to the BIG3 ... or hang 'em up for good?

Right now, Johnson says he's not rushing to make any decisions -- but he's keeping his body ready in case he gets another opportunity with an NBA team.

In the meantime, Johnson says his focus is on enjoying life and living in the moment -- not worrying about his career.

It's easy for Joe to be so carefree about everything -- considering he's made more than $215 MILLION during his NBA career!!!

As for the BIG3, the league kicks off again in June -- so the reigning MVP has some time to make up his mind.

LeBron James Love For Kyler At Lakers Game ... Nothing For Bellinger?!?

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Here's LeBron James going out of his way to show love to NFL star Kyler Murray at the Lakers game on Tuesday ... it's a cool moment.

But, there's another issue with this clip ... did LeBron ignore L.A. Dodgers star Cody Bellinger, who was sitting right next to the QB?!



Here's the deal ... King James went over to the expensive seats at Talking Stick Resort Arena with about 25 seconds left in the 4th quarter to dap up Murray, the #1 overall pick in the NFL Draft.

FYI, Murray and LeBron have been friends for a while -- in fact, Kyler has a deal with Bron's Uninterrupted media company ... and rocked the logo inside of his suit jacket on Draft night.


But, during the broadcast, we DIDN'T see LeBron show love to Cody ... who was sitting right next to Kyler!!!

Look, doesn't mean Bron didn't chop it up with Cody before or after the game (or maybe LBJ just didn't recognize Cody in a backward hat).

Bron definitely SHOULD know Bellinger ... he shouted out the MLB star for wearing his Lakers jersey for a Taco Tuesday-themed Halloween costume this year!

But hey, at least Cody's killin' it off the diamond ... he and his smokin' GF, Sabrina, seem to be happily in love.

Congrats on that!!

NBA's Corey Maggette Defends Clippers' Load Management Would've Saved My Career!!!


Corey Maggette says the Clippers are doing a "phenomenal job" by giving Kawhi Leonard load management days ... saying if he had those when he was playing, they could've saved his career!

L.A. coach Doc Rivers has been under fire this month after he's given his superstar days off to prevent possible injuries down the road ... but Maggette says all that criticism is BS.

The former Clippers star -- who was out in L.A. this week with fellow ex-NBA stud Cuttino Mobley -- told us he absolutely LOVES the idea of load management days.

"I retired because of major knee injuries," Magette says. "So, I wish they would have had a position where, from me and Cuttino's perspective, that we had a chance to rest and get our bodies back to 100 percent."

In fact, Cuttino says if he was given days off similar to Kawhi ... his body might feel a hell of a lot better now than it currently does.

"Listen, if it were happening when we were playing, I wouldn't have so many aches and pains as we do now," Mobley says.

Of course, NBA fans don't really love the move ... it's led to some of the biggest stars sitting out of some of the biggest regular season games.

But, Mobley and Maggette's response to that??? Too bad!!!

"There's a lot of older guys that are walking around right now that can't really walk because they've been forced to play in their mind," Cuttino says.

"So, if they would have had that load management back then a lot of those guys' injuries wouldn't be as significant."