Farrah Abraham Arrested for Allegedly Slapping Security Guard


10:07 AM PT -- Farrah tells TMZ ... "I’m tired of being maliciously battered, attacked, conspired against while having dinner at Grand Master Records, this was a private person's arrest my lawyer is handling from here. It is terrifying and traumatizing that people attack me and I can not even enjoy dinner as I’m the only person out of 3 attacked and harassed when. I look forward to court as always, warning this place is a danger to public figures."

She claims that the establishment's workers attacked her, and further alleges they filmed the whole thing to leak to the media. Farrah also insists she was singled out, pointing out that her two friends were not hassled ... only her.

Farrah Abraham was arrested Saturday night, after allegedly slapping a security guard at a club ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources say, Farrah allegedly slapped a security guard at Grandmaster Records in Hollywood, where she and a friend were partying. An eyewitness tells TMZ someone in the club allegedly assaulted them ... someone described as a Farrah "hater."

Farrah allegedly got belligerent and was asked to leave the club but refused. At some point, she allegedly slapped the guard.

We're told initially cops weren't called. Rather, someone called for paramedics and when they arrived they say someone -- presumably Farrah -- was so belligerent they called the cops for backup.

Someone made a citizen's arrest -- we're assuming it's the security guard but we haven't confirmed. Farrah was taken into custody and released shortly thereafter.

No one was injured. No word on whether Farrah will be charged.

JUNE 2018

BTW ... it's not the first time Farrah was arrested for allegedly hitting someone who asked her to leave. Back in 2018, she was busted after allegedly striking an employee at the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel. She has been banned from there as a result.

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UFC's Ciryl Gane No Bad Blood W/ Francis Ngannou I Plan To Shake His Hand


Ciryl Gane says despite what you might've heard, he has absolutely zero beef with Francis Ngannou ... and fully intends on showing respect to "The Predator" when they fight for the UFC title next weekend.

31-year-old Gane, the undefeated (10-0) UFC Interim champ is headlining UFC 270 against 35-year-old Ngannou, the UFC heavyweight champ next Saturday in Anaheim.

The alleged bad blood? Gane and Ngannou briefly trained together at the MMA Factory in France several years back (Francis recently told us it was less than 10 times), and things haven't exactly always seemed copacetic since.

MMA Factory

In fact, a video recently made its way around social media showing Francis walking by Ciryl ... like he didn't exist.

But, Gane says everything's cool between the men ... there's zero ill will.

"I have no feelings for him. He's just like another opponent and that's it."

It's an intriguing matchup. Ngannou throws bombs ... and arguably has more power than any other fighter on the UFC roster. Meanwhile, Gane is 6'5", 250 lbs., but moves like a guy who weighs 75 lbs. less.

Francis recently told us he believes he'll knockout Ciryl within 10 minutes (2 rounds).


Regardless of how the fight turns out, Gane says he will absolutely extend his hand to Francis "Before. After. During" the fight.

Kanye West Julia Sticking By His Side Despite Drama ... She Doesn't Scare Easy

Kanye West still has Julia Fox in his corner despite tons of drama in his life ... we're told the new couple is still, well, a couple.

Our sources say Julia's been consoling Ye with everything he's been going through ... and not just the latest drama -- a criminal battery investigation after Kanye allegedly attacked and injured a man.


We're told Julia knew she'd have to help Kanye navigate his divorce from Kim Kardashian, but she may not have bargained for all the piled-on drama, including Ye's musical threat to kick Pete Davidson's ass.


Some outlets speculated Kanye and Julia were done, because we last saw her heading back into a club alone while he went on his way ... in a matter of hours, he was allegedly on the attack.

It hasn't scared Julia away ... she feels it's all part of signing up for the role as Ye's GF.

Forbidden Fruits with Julia Fox and Niki Takesh

Julia has had her own drama ... she's dealing with her own split and co-parenting issues.

Kanye's still trying to move forward ... he just dropped a new song with The Game -- where he dissed Pete -- and is beginning to work on his Coachella set, while also working on his "Donda 2" album.

UFC's Giga Chikadze I Deserve Title Shot After I Beat Kattar ... Volkanovski Stands No Chance


Giga Chikadze is the #8 ranked UFC featherweight, but believes he'll have a "C" for champ next to his name very soon, 'cause once he beats Calvin Kattar Saturday night, he says he absolutely deserves a title shot against Alexander Volkanovski.

... and he tells TMZ Sports that matchup would be a very one-sided affair.

We talked to the 33-year-old, 14-2 (undefeated in the UFC) fighter from Georgia (country) just days before his UFC Fight Night main event scrap with #5 ranked Kattar -- a fight he's favored to win (-235).

"I'm super excited, man. I've been asking for top 5 opponents since I got in the UFC. I was telling them, warning them that I'm ready for it. And finally, I got the opponent, and I'm very happy that my opponent is from a top 5 ranking," Giga told us.

We asked him if a win against Calvin should set him up for a title shot ... and there was zero hesitation.

"Absolutely. When I beat Calvin Kattar, it doesn't matter if it happens in 2 months, 3 months," Chikadze says, adding "I deserve a shot."

FYI, Alex is fighting Korean Zombie at UFC 273 in April.

It's an interesting matchup. The men have different bodies -- Giga is tall (6') and long, meanwhile, Alex is short (5'6") and stocky -- and fighting styles.

"[Volkanovski] has nothing against me. Nothing. I've been facing the short guys like him for all my whole life and making my living knocking these types of guys out," Giga says.

"There is no chance he can stand in front of me. He can't even catch me. Can't even touch me. I'm so giant for him, it'll be like David vs. Goliath but in a better way."


But first, Giga has to beat Kattar ... one of the most dangerous dudes in the division.

Kanye West Getting the Hell Outta L.A.!!! After Alleged Punching

Kanye West is under the microscope of the LAPD for allegedly punching a fan, but that's not slowing him down professionally -- we've learned he's getting out of L.A. and shifting his focus to a new album and Coachella.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ Ye's leaving the city ASAP, heading for the SoCal desert ... where he intends to focus on nothing but work. We're told he and his creative team already scheduled meetings weeks ago with Coachella production to map out his staging, and he's sticking to that plan.

However, Coachella won't be the only project on Ye's mind -- 'Donda 2' is well underway, and Kanye will use the time outside L.A. to get with artists and producers to finish it up.

Meanwhile, back in L.A., we're told the investigation continues into allegations Kanye pushed, punched and knocked an autograph-seeking fan to the ground. Our law enforcement sources say it's still too early for cops to get in touch with Kanye and his team, but that will be coming in the near future.


TMZ broke the story, Kanye was in a rage outside Soho Warehouse early Thursday morning as his cousin tried to calm him down. A witness tells us Kanye erupted on the fan after asking not to be photographed and complaining he was going through a lot with his divorce.

Cops took a misdemeanor battery report, and witnesses claim the alleged victim hit his head pretty hard on the concrete. He left the scene under his own power, but got checked out at urgent care later on Thursday.


As for Coachella, our production sources tell us Kanye plans to do some sort of Sunday Service on both weekends of Coachella, Easter falls on Weekend 1 of the festival, and we're told there will be special guests involved outside of the Sunday Service choir.

Ye performed Sunday Service for more than 50,000 people at Coachella 2019 -- aka the pre-Covid days, and the last time the festival was held. It's seen as one of the most unforgettable sets in the event's history, so the bar's set pretty high.

Francis Ngannou Predicts Ciryl Gane KO In Under 2 Rds. ... 'This Is Not Karate S**t'


Make sure you take your seats early when Francis Ngannou and Ciryl Gane step in the Octagon on January 22 ... 'cause The Predator tells TMZ Sports he's putting the undefeated UFC fighter down inside 2 rounds!!

We recently talked to the 35-year-old heavyweight champ before his title unification bout with 31-year-old Gane ... and Francis made it clear he doesn't see the fight lasting very long.

"The knockout doesn't come when I search it, so I won't be searching for the knockout, but I don't see how we will end this fight without me knocking him out, maybe under 2 rounds," Ngannou says.

If you haven't seen Gane fight ... he's only been training for a few years. He's 10-0 ... and is the best moving heavyweight in the UFC.

To make the matchup even more interesting, Francis and Ciryl briefly (less than 10 times, per FN) trained together in France, but ain't exactly best friends these days.

It's not that Francis doesn't respect Ciryl ... 'cause he does. But, he believes his power will be too much for the smaller fighter to endure.

"Once again, this is the fighting business. This is not karate s**t, it's all about fighting and how to knock somebody out or take somebody out," Francis says.

Despite the bold prediction from the champ, Gane -- coming off wins over Derrick Lewis and Alexander Volkov -- is actually the slight favorite at most sportsbooks.

UFC 270 goes down next Saturday in Southern California!

Kanye West Rages on Video After Allegedly Punching Man ... 'Get Away From Me!!!'


Cops are investigating Kanye West for allegedly punching an autograph seeker, and TMZ has obtained this video showing the man laid out on the street as Kanye rages at people who apparently work for him.

As we've reported, the alleged attack went down around 3 AM in DTLA, outside the Soho Warehouse -- and Ye was absolutely livid. When the video starts he's screaming, "get away from me" at a woman who's desperately trying to calm him down. She also says, "I am your family," but he continued storming away in anger. We're told the woman is Ye's cousin.

Witnesses tell us this was just seconds after Kanye allegedly punched the guy twice -- once in the head, and once in the neck -- and when the autograph seeker went down, his head struck the ground hard.

We're told Kanye had asked the small group of people outside the building not to take photos and said something about them not understanding what he's going through right now. When someone replied that it's okay, we all go through family stuff ... that's when Ye allegedly unloaded the 2 punches.


We're told Kanye had headed downtown after a late-night session in a Hollywood recording studio -- and a separate video shows he was already pissed off when he left there around 2:30 AM.

Ye was yelling at 2 women about something ... it's hard to make out, but they appear to be the same women who were with him downtown when the alleged attack went down.

The alleged victim refused medical treatment at the scene, but we're told he's now getting checked out at an urgent care -- and as we reported, LAPD is investigating Kanye for battery.

Young Thug Goes Off on Pilot Cops Called for Runway Dispute

Young Thug's travel plans were quickly shifted after one man in his party allegedly didn't have the proper ID to fly -- causing the rapper to blow up on the pilot -- and ending with cops getting the call to the runway.

Young Thug was traveling with friends, including Gunna, Wednesday when the altercation went down. The group was supposed to take a private jet from Miami to New York, but that itinerary apparently hit a speed bump when one of the men traveling with TY didn't have the proper docs to fly.

@thuggerthugger1 / Instagram

As you see in the video, the pilot asked him to step off the plane before it took off ... but that wasn't the end of the problems.

The pilot informs YT someone traveling in the group made the flight attendant feel uncomfortable, and therefore they can't fly. It's never explained in the video exactly what happened to the flight attendant.

Cops were called to the scene, and law enforcement sources say everything was sorted out, and Gunna and Young Thug booked another plane to their destination.

No one was detained or arrested.

Supercross Woman Flashes Crowd ... Fight Ensues!!!

Several supercross fans got into a wild skirmish on Saturday night -- and it all appeared to start because a woman showed her boobs to the crowd.

The crazy scene all went down at the Anaheim 1 Supercross event at Angel Stadium -- when in the upper rows of the venue, a woman flashed her bare chest while holding her beverage with her teeth.

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

Another woman seemed to be so pissed over the sight ... she left her seat a short time later and confronted the fan, complaining about the topless move.

In a video of the altercation, you can hear the woman say repeatedly, "There's children!"

The response from people in the section, though, was not exactly great -- they told her to sit back down, and eventually, they threw drinks on her.

That's when the woman snapped -- and tried to fight people.

It's unclear how the situation was resolved ... we reached out to cops and they told us, "We responded to two fight calls in the view level that resulted in ejections but neither mentioned anything about a woman flashing, and no arrests/citations were made in either incident."

We also reached out to event organizers, but so far, no word back yet.

Boxing Champ Mairis Briedis Gets Jake Paul Tattoo On Leg ... Let's Fight!!!

9:44 AM PT -- Jake's Most Valuable Promotions got wind of Briedis' ink and fired back on Tuesday ... saying, "This man is the IBF Cruiserweight Champion of the world, 28-1 and has been fighting professionally for 13 years ... and he tattoos Jake's name on his leg in the hope of fighting JAKE."

"Now tell us again who is a bigger breakout star in boxing? Clowns."

MVP doesn't necessarily say no to Briedis' fight offer ... so maybe it worked??

A world champion boxer is the latest fighter to call out Jake Paul ... and the dude's so serious about making it happen, he got the YouTuber's name tattooed on himself!!

The man calling out Jake is Mairis Briedis -- he's a 28-1 (20 KOs) Latvian pro who is a 3-time cruiserweight champ and the current #6 pound-for-pound boxer, according to BoxRec.

36-year-old Briedis showed how badly he wants the bout by revealing the ink job on his left thigh on Monday ... saying, "Hey Jake, I got something for you."

MB then showed off the big black and red tat of a bull's head featuring a message, "Jake's Bad Karma" ... a direct nod to Jake's "Karma" tattoo on his collarbone

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

"Now, it's your turn!" Briedis said.

This isn't the first time MB has challenged the 24-year-old boxer ... Briedis' promoter, Kalle Sauerland, made a fight offer last May with one condition -- Jake would have to retire from boxing if he lost.

Paul ignored the offer and went on to fight ex-UFC champ Tyron Woodley instead ... so, it seems MB felt the need to take it up a notch by getting the ink done.

"Time to collect your bad karma Jake Paul," Briedis said in the video, "Pick up the phone."

Paul has yet to respond -- he's been calling out more UFC fighters like Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz recently -- but the tat will certainly get his attention.

Originally Published -- 8:13 AM PT

'L&HH' Moniece Slaughter ALLEGED VICTIM GETS PROTECTION ... She Attacked Me At Cardi B Party!!!

5:55 AM PT -- 1/12 -- Slaughter's attorney, Joseph Adeife, tells us, "The allegations made against Ms. Slaughter are completely baseless and false. Temporary restraining orders are issued as a form of protection before the court can hear an individual’s case."

He continues, "Ms. Slaughter’s hearing is set for January 28, 2022. The judge will determine, based on the merits of the evidence presented, not allegations, whether to issue a long-term restraining order at that time. Therefore, none of the allegations made against Ms. Slaughter possess any merit or evidentiary proof."

Moniece Slaughter is being ordered to stay away from a person who claims the "Love & Hip Hop" star attacked them at a birthday bash for Cardi B.

According to new legal docs obtained by TMZ ... the partygoer claims Moniece went on the offensive at the event, trying to punch them before throwing a drink at them and striking others with the beverage.


In the docs, the person also says Moniece has been using her fame to harass them ... smearing their name with false allegations.

The partygoer beelined it to court last week, and a judge signed off on a restraining order against Moniece.

Tons of celebs were at the party ... including Offset.

The protective order requires Moniece to stay at least 100 yards away from her alleged victim ... and MS is barred from contacting or harassing them, although the judge stopped short of barring all social media comments.

We reached out to Moniece's camp ... so far, no word back.

Originally Published 1/10 5:53 PM PT

Jake Paul Challenged To Fight By Bola Osundairo 'I'm Coming After You!'


Bola Osundairo -- one of the brothers at the center of the Jussie Smollett scandal -- has a message for Jake Paul ... think you can fight?? Well, I'm coming for your ass!!

TMZ Sports talks to Abimbola -- aka Bola -- about his burgeoning boxing career ... when the conversation turned to The Problem Child.

"Kick rocks. More like the great white hype. And I want you Jake Paul, and I'm coming after you. And we're gonna wipe the hype."

Osundairo then had a message for Paul.

"Quit running. It's time for you to face a boxer. I'm not too advanced, you probably started before me. So we probably have the same amount of experience. What are you running from?"

He also took a shot at the opponents Jake's beaten.

"Stop going after old washed-up UFC fighters. They're not boxers. They don't want to box you. Leave them alone."

Of course, Bola and his brother became overnight celebs after admitting Smollett paid them to carry out the hoax attack in Chicago back in 2019.

That's about when Bola got into the sport of boxing ... and he's no joke in the ring.

Team USA Boxing ranks him the #1 86 kg (189 lbs.) fighter in their rankings. He also told us he recently fought 4 nights in a row, winning all the by unanimous decision.


But, the 24-year-old YouTuber turned undefeated boxer -- who just brutally KO'd Tyron Woodley -- isn't the only one on Bola's hit list. He's also got his eyes on a couple of other well-known fighters.

"We'll fight Tommy Fury. We'll fight Julio Cesar Chavez. Anderson Silva. See I'm naming real boxers, or people who actually do stuff in boxing. We'll fight any of them."

"And eventually down the line. We're gonna fight Canelo."

Tyler Herro, Jusuf Nurkic Fined $25K ... For On-Court Scuffle

Tyler Herro and Jusuf Nurkic's tussle just cost 'em a chunk of change -- the NBA has fined both players $25,000 for their involvement in an on-court altercation, league officials announced Friday.

It all went down during the 4th quarter of Wednesday night's Heat vs. Blazers game ... when Nurkic set an on-ball screen on Herro, knocking him to the hardwood floor in the process.

A frustrated Herro got up and ran after Jusuf -- shoving him in the back from behind. Nurkic retaliated by swiping at Herro's face with his left hand.

In video of the incident, you can see right after Nurkic -- the 7-foot, 290-pound center -- hopped over Tyler's body ... the 6'5" sharpshooter made a direct dash towards the Blazers big man.

Both players were ejected for the scuffle ... and on Friday, the Association handed down more punishment.

"Portland Trail Blazers center Jusuf Nurkic and Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro have each been fined $25,000 for their roles in an on-court altercation," Byron Spruell, NBA prez of league operations said.

Fortunately, nobody was hurt or injured -- players from both teams and officials were able to diffuse the situation before it could escalate further.

Time to whip out the checkbook, boys.

Tyson Fury I'm Down To Box You Francis Ngannou ... Guaranteed Knockout!!

A mega-fight between the best heavyweight boxer alive, Tyson Fury, and the best heavyweight MMA fighter alive, Francis Ngannou, might actually go down ... 'cause both guys say they're all the way down to fight!

It all started last month when the UFC star told TMZ Sports he wants to step in the boxing ring with either Fury or Deontay Wilder.

"I would like to test myself to that level," Ngannou told us at the time, "It's not the same sport, although I'm the champion, I'm in the top in this division."


"At the end of the day, it's just about like trained hands, trained punches, having a good delivery system to produce bombs and I'm sure that if I deliver my own punch, it's pretty good, I can make some damage."

Well, Fury must've watched the interview ... 'cause he posted a fighting promo on his Twitter Thursday, featuring him and the 16-3 (12 KOs) MMA fighter.

"Who would like to see me fight this beast boxing rules UFC gloves?" Fury said.

Ngannou replied to the 31-0-1 heavyweight boxer ... saying the rules should be MMA style but would settle for boxing gloves as a favor to him -- but Fury wasn't having it.

"You want to come into my world calling me and Wilder out to a boxing match," Fury said.

"What I can guarantee you would be knocked out & also paid your highest purse to be so! So, have a think."

Ngannou didn't back down and vowed to go toe-to-toe anywhere and any style after his matchup with UFC interim HW champ Ciryl Gane at UFC 270.

"After I handle business on Jan. 22 I'll fight you," Ngannou said, "Under any special ruleset you want. In a ring, an Octagon or a phone booth."

Will this potential super fight go down?!? Stay tuned!

Jason Derulo Loses it in Vegas, Fights Guys ... Who Called Him Usher!!!


Jason Derulo has a zero-tolerance policy for being mistaken for another R&B superstar -- so much so, he attacked 2 guys at a Las Vegas hotel for calling him ... Usher.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ... cops were called to the ARIA hotel during the early hours of Tuesday morning after Derulo threw fists with the men.


Eyewitnesses tell us Derulo and one of the men were passing each other on an escalator when the guy seemed to troll Derulo by yelling, "Hey, Usher! F*** you, bitch!!!" That's when Derulo got pissed and punched him right in the face, sending the dude to the floor.

It didn't end there ... Jason allegedly also slapped the second guy moments later, and security had to step in to break up the scrum. You can see part of the fight in the video ... even though Jason was walking with a large dude, perhaps his bodyguard ... he still charged directly at the guys after the Usher line.

At the time, the 2 victims did not want to press charges, but there's always the possibility of a lawsuit. Either way, they have up to one year to change their minds and move forward with charges. Jason did get a trespassing notice from ARIA, and was removed from the property.

We're told the injuries didn't require any hospital visits, even though the 2 guys appeared to spill some blood from facial wounds. We've reached out to a rep for Jason ... so far, no word back.

Titans' Bud Dupree Video Shows NFL Player Grabbing, Wrestling Man ... In Walgreens Altercation


Titans defensive end Bud Dupree grabbed a man and then wrestled with him for several seconds inside of a Walgreens in Nashville on Sunday night ... new video, obtained by TMZ Sports, shows.

In the footage, you can see the NFL player walk through the doors of the drug store and immediately get in the face of a man near the cash register.

It's unclear what prompted the verbal altercation -- but sources close to Dupree allege he was being heckled with nasty comments ... claiming the man threatened to spit on the women and kick Bud in the knee.

After exchanging words with the guy, Dupree appeared to try to grab the man's cell phone.

The 6-foot-4, 269-pound pass rusher then forcefully put the man in a bear hug, and all hell broke loose.

Video shows nearly everyone inside the store got involved in a wrestling match between the two ... before Dupree was ultimately separated from the group.

Dupree then seemed to try to leave the store, but as others stayed inside, the 28-year-old Tennessee defender went back, appearing to try to get others out of the fracas.

A separate video of the incident filmed from inside of the Walgreens, and obtained by Broadway Sports, appears to show Dupree ordered one of the people he was with to take a person's phone in the middle of the altercation.

As we reported, after conducting an investigation into the incident, cops cited Dupree for misdemeanor assault. They say the football player is due for booking on the citation in three weeks.

The Titans -- who play the Texans on Sunday before entering into the playoffs -- said Monday they're "aware of the situation and are gathering additional information."

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