Boxing Legend Leon Spinks Hospitalized In Vegas ... 'Fighting for His Life'

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Boxing legend Leon Spinks -- who famously beat Muhammad Ali in 1978 -- is fighting for his life in a Vegas hospital, TMZ Sports has learned ... and his wife is asking for prayers.

Details surrounding the 66-year-old's condition are unclear -- but we know his family and friends are very concerned.

In fact, Leon's wife, Brenda, went to social media saying, "Reaching out to ask you to kindly send some prayers out for my Beautiful Husband Leon so that he may overcome the obstacles that have crossed his path."

Spinks has fought back from serious medical situations in the past -- he was hospitalized in 2014 after a piece of bone from a chicken wing caused major damage to his intestines.

The boxer underwent several surgeries and spent weeks recovering at a rehabilitation center.

Spinks is a boxing legend -- he was inducted into the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame in 2017.

His 1978 victory over Muhammad Ali to win the heavyweight championship of the world is widely considered one of the greatest upsets in boxing history.

Spinks is also a military veteran who served in the U.S. Marines from 1973 to 1976.

LL Cool J Drops Truth Bomb on Andy Ruiz ... You Blew It!!!


LL Cool J says Andy Ruiz broke the golden rule when it comes to STAYING successful -- he got comfortable.

If you know LL, you know he's a HUGE boxing fan (see: "Mama Said Knock You Out") ... and it's obvious he was disappointed to see Ruiz blow his run as heavyweight champ.

Ruiz told TMZ Sports he didn't take training camp seriously and "ate everything" -- which is why he showed up to the Anthony Joshua rematch 15 pounds heavier than their first fight.


"At the end of the day when you step in the ring you gotta be ready. And, if you’re not ready for whatever reason it doesn’t matter, you win or you lose," LL said ... "And he wasn’t ready."

"I got respect for [Ruiz]," the rap legend explained -- but he noted, "You can’t come into the ring 16 pounds heavier!"

LL knows a little something about sustained greatness -- he's been famous for almost 4 decades -- and he had a little advice for Ruiz moving forward.

"It’s the things you do in the valley that gets you to the peaks. And, it’s the things you do at the peaks that extend the peaks. Part of being great at anything is having the discipline to stay focused when you’re successful."

Listen to LL. He knows.

Deontay Wilder Rips Anthony Joshua 'You're Boring, Scared and Full of S**t'


Deontay Wilder just WENT OFF on Anthony Joshua -- saying he fought Andy Ruiz like a COWARD ... and says AJ will get "demolished" if they ever get in the ring together.

"He didn't want no engagement," Wilder said about the Ruiz fight ... "He was just scared."

"You got a 6-inch height advantage, you got an 8-inch reach advantage. Why is you running from the smaller guy?"

Wilder says Joshua's style was boring as hell -- "Punch, hold and grab like you scared of confrontation!"

"When you're dealing with Deontay Wilder ... I woulda came in and demolished him!"

AJ has said his plan is to eventually fight Wilder to unite the heavyweight belts, but Deontay says AJ is full of crap ... claiming Joshua wants absolutely NO SMOKE.

"He definitely don't want me, for sure. I live in his dreams, I'm his worst nightmare."

"A lot of people read into [Joshua's] bulls**t and we can understand and identify and we know it's bulls**t coming out of his mouth. We just don't have enough toilet paper to wipe it as it comes."

Bottom line ... Wilder says he's ready to destroy Joshua whenever AJ is willing to sign the contract -- but he ain't holding his breath.

In the meantime, Wilder is gearing up for his own rematch against Tyson Fury in what could be the best fight of 2020.

Stay tuned!!!

NCAA Hoops Player Suspended for Violent Elbow ... Cheap Shot During Game

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NCAA Div. 2 basketball player Isaiah Hill has been suspended indefinitely after he LEVELED his opponent with a violent cheap shot elbow to the face ... and the video will piss you off.

The disgusting play went down when Hill's Saint Leo University team faced off with Nova Southeastern in Florida on Saturday ... when Hill cut to the perimeter and cracked Nick Smith with a nasty elbow.

Smith fell right to the floor ... and somehow, the ref standing RIGHT IN FRONT OF IT did not call Hill for a foul.

Video of the play -- captured by Post-Gazette reporter Mike White -- has gone viral ... and Saint Leo has since punished its player for at least the remainder of the 2019 calendar year.

"Isaiah's conduct on the court is not an accurate representation of Saint Leo's core values," the school's athletic director said in a statement.

"Saint Leo University holds its students to high standards of moral and ethical conduct as a reflection of Benedictine values."

"Upon review of Isaiah's actions this past Saturday, he will not represent Saint Leo University in competition for the remainder of 2019."

We're told cops were present at the game, but it's unclear if Smith plans to pursue criminal charges. We're told the Pasco Sheriff's Office has not received a formal complaint.

Story developing ...

New England Patriots Pats Fans Fight Each Other ... After Losing to Chiefs

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10:55 AM PT -- Cops tell TMZ Sports no arrests were made in the incident ... a Foxborough PD spokesperson says officers were dispatched to the area, but the combatants had cleared the scene before law enforcement arrived.

First they boo'd the team ... then Pats fans FOUGHT EACH OTHER after Tom Brady's squad lost to the Chiefs -- and it's all on video.

It was peak embarrassment at Gillette Stadium where even the TV announcers calling the game clowned Pats fans for having the audacity to BOO while the team was down at halftime.

But, it got even worse AFTER the game, when a couple of Pats fans in the disappointed crowd turned on each other and began throwing punches right in the stands.

At one point, one of the combatants took TWO left-handed bombs to the face ... and you can hear in the audio, people were pretty disgusted by the scrap.

Unclear how the issues were resolved ... we're still waiting to hear back from the Foxborough Police Dept.

As for the Pats on the field ... it's understandable why some fans are going crazy after their games these days -- Brady and the guys look NOTHING like future Super Bowl champs.

Still, 10 Super Bowl appearances in 20 years with 6 NFL titles ... oh, and they're 10-3 this season, heading to the playoffs AGAIN! Calm down, Beantown!!!!!

Meanwhile, Tom's already claimed the team is focusing on next week's game against Cincinnati ... so, sorry, Andy Dalton.

Originally Published -- 8:41 PM PT

Brother Nature Confronts Attackers Pre-Beatdown ... In New Surveillance Vid


Brother Nature sure seemed ready to fight -- at least that's how the moments leading up to his dual-threat beatdown appear to have unfolded on surveillance footage.

TMZ got a hold of surveillance video taken at the Miami-based sandwich shop where BN was later pummeled twice over ... once in the parking lot, and again inside the restaurant. In this new footage, you can see Brother Nature initially confronting his two attackers.

As we reported ... Brother Nature was allegedly upset that he couldn't be served at his table, and tried griping about it to the shop's staff. We're told he then got in the face of one of his attackers -- who was supposedly filming him -- and you can see that interaction here.

Brother Nature is asked to leave by someone who works there, but not before some words are exchanged between him and these 2 guys who were also more than willing to brawl.


Fast-forward to the parking lot stomp-out ... which then spilled back into the eatery, where we're told BN stormed back in and allegedly socked somebody. It appears you can see that here in the surveillance video as well ... Brother Nature comes in and rushes the slimmer dude, seemingly trying to hit him, before his buddy scurries over and they team up.

The rest is pretty much history -- Brother Nature got walloped by the two dudes ... and by the time cops showed up, everybody had gone their separate ways.

We've reached out to BN to get his side of the story ... so far, no word back.

Alistair Overeem Suffers Gruesome TKO ... Lip Busted Right Off His Face!!!


Alistair Overeem is cracking jokes about it Sunday, but he couldn't even crack a smile after a sudden and bloody ending to his UFC fight, where his lip was nearly knocked clean off.

Overeem went down late in the 5th and final round of his UFC on ESPN 7 heavyweight match with Jairzinho Rozenstruik -- he was winning handily, really ... until then.

You gotta see the video of the shot Jairzinho uncorked right to Alistair's upper lip -- it's almost like his face exploded.

He managed to get back up, and attempt to grin, but the referee called the fight with just a few seconds left in the round. The attempted grin didn't work either, due to the horrific damage to Overeem's face.

A few hours later, Overeem joked on Twitter about his lip not looking too sexy.

If nothing else, the heavyweights made history -- Jairzinho's KO is the latest ever in a UFC heavyweight division fight.

Feel free to insert your own "stiff upper lip" joke here.

Andre Berto Clowns Floyd Over 'Circus Fights' ... Let's Rematch Instead!!!


Floyd Mayweather vs. a UFC star is nothing more than a "circus fight" -- according to pro boxer Andre Berto who says he's ready to step up if Floyd wants a REAL challenge in 2020.

Of course, Berto -- a former welterweight champ -- fought Floyd back in 2017 ... just a few months after Mayweather beat Manny Pacquiao.

Berto lost the fight ... but tells TMZ Sports he knows what he did wrong and things would go MUCH differently if they fought a second time.

"It was hard to catch him the first time," Berto says ... noting he would "let his hands go" a lot more in the rematch.

As we previously reported, Floyd is looking for TWO boxing matches in 2020 -- one against a pro boxer and another against a UFC star.

Berto thinks Floyd is too afraid to take on a legit contender -- explaining, "I doubt he's gonna come in and fight any of these other hungry champions out there."

"He might come back for one of these circus acts."

Berto says taking on an MMA fighter is nothing more than a "money play" -- "He's just making sure he's still getting paid."

Larry Holmes Mike Tyson WASN'T Toughest Opponent ... It Was Ken Norton!!!


Mike Tyson is the only man to ever knock out Larry Holmes ... still, the boxing legend tells TMZ Sports "Iron Mike" ain't the toughest fighter he fought.

Holmes was a beast in the ring who scrapped with Tyson, Holyfield, Spinks and just about every other dominant heavyweight of his era. So, when we saw him in NYC, we asked if Mike was the hardest guy he ever faced.

His answer ... nope.

"My toughest opponent was Kenny Norton. I fought Mike Tyson, I was kinda over the hill a little bit. I had retired then I came back and fight Mike Tyson. I really wasn't in that good of shape."

"If I could do it all over again, I'd take more time and do it right."

FYI, Holmes -- 69-6 as a professional -- was 39 years old when he was dropped 3 times and KO'd by Tyson in the 4th round of their January 1988 fight.

In his 75 pro fights ... it's the only time Holmes was knocked out.

As for his 1978 fight with Norton ... it was a 15 round war that Holmes won by split decision -- earning him the WBC heavyweight title.

We also hit Holmes with a question about the ultimate dream fight -- Muhammad Ali vs. Mike Tyson -- in their primes ... and asked who'd win.

"Mike Tyson would get beat up 'cause he's a face fighter. He comes in down low, and Muhammad Ali is a jabber," Holmes says ... "He'd get that jab in there just like he did with Joe Frazier. So, Mike Tyson would have to get around that jab, and he'd have a lot of problems getting around that jab."

"Mike Tyson would've been knocked out by Muhammad Ali."

Brother Nature Stomped Out!!! Allegedly Picked Fight

Exclusive Details

3:37 PM PT -- We just found more about what led up to Brother Nature's ass-whoopin' -- and by most accounts ... it sounds like he might've possibly instigated things.

Multiple eyewitnesses on the scene tell TMZ ... BN was sitting at a table inside the sandwich shop and demanding to be served by a waiter, although the staff had stopped serving at that point. We're told everyone who wanted food had to order at the counter.


Well, apparently ... Brother Nature wasn't too happy with that, according to the people we spoke with. He allegedly got up and confronted the staff, going on to ramble about his celebrity status ... the "you don't know who I am?" treatment, we're told.

The witnesses say a guy was filming Brother Nature from the counter, which BN didn't like either. Eventually, we're told Brother Nature was asked to leave by the manager ... and once outside, our sources say BN challenged the cameraman to a fight.

It was all downhill from there ... the guy seen on video stepped out and handled BN in the lot, came back inside and tried letting it be. BUT, we're told BN came back inside and wanted more ... allegedly hitting one of the attacker's acquaintances, seemingly for no reason.

That's when we're told the indoor stomp out began, with the attacker and at least one of his friends thrashing BN (again). So, it went ... lot beatdown, then restaurant beatdown. After that, we're told everyone went their separate ways before cops arrived at the scene.

We've tried reaching out to Brother Nature to get his side of things ... so far, no word back.

10:11 AM PT -- Brother Nature just posted a vid where he doesn't say anything about the fight, but he is rocking an ice pack on his face for the pretty obvious fat lip he got.


Brother Nature -- the IG influencer famous for vids with wild animals -- had someone wild out on him early Saturday morning ... punching, kicking and stomping him into a daze.

The beatdown happened in a Miami sandwich shop shortly before 6 AM, and it was all captured on video. It's still unclear what prompted the attack, but Brother Nature ended up down on his knees while the assailant teed off on his head.

The crazy part is there were several bystanders in the restaurant who refused to intervene -- even after Brother Nature was clearly down and out of it. Finally, one guy -- possibly a restaurant staffer -- stepped in and tried to break it up.

However, the unknown attacker continued dousing BN with water or soda ... and the viciousness continued outside in the parking lot. Video shows the attacker stomping on Brother Nature's head.


A video, apparently shot moments before the fight, shows Brother Nature -- whose real name is Kelvin Pena -- attempting to order food while at least one other patron is mocking him.

TMZ has confirmed Miami PD got a call around 5:45 AM for a disturbance at the restaurant, and officers responded, but no one was arrested -- everyone involved had already left.

Brother Nature has 2.7 million Instagram followers, and was featured in the Netflix documentary, "Inst@famous."

Originally published -- 9:37 AM PT

UFC's Jorge Masvidal Gunning for Mayweather Fight ... 'I Can Box My Ass Off'


UFC superstar Jorge Masvidal is calling 2020 "The Year of the Lottery" -- telling TMZ Sports he's actively trying to line up fights with Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather.

"2019 was cool," Masvidal says ... "But, if you like violence, 2020 will be a very powerful year. We’ve got a lot of options. I've got a lot of lottery tickets in my hand."

Masvidal -- who demolished Darren Till, Ben Askren and Nate Diaz in 2019 -- says his goal is to fight Conor in April or May ... and then take a boxing match with Floyd in November.

As we previously reported, Mayweather has a handshake deal with UFC president Dana White to box an MMA fighter in 2020 and we're told he's eyeing fighters with top stand-up striking talent.

Masvidal obviously has those skills and firmly believes he's the frontrunner for that fight.

"I can box my ass off," Masvidal says ... "Not saying I’m a better boxer than Mayweather, but man, I’m gonna be in there with bad intentions trying to hurt him."

The last UFC fighter to take on Floyd was Conor McGregor who famously gassed around the 8th round with the ref ultimately stopping the fight in Round 10.

"I'm a well-conditioned athlete that’s not gonna fade," Masvidal says ... "I'm not gonna fade in the 8th or 9th round. I’m gonna be there for the whole night."

Jorge -- who's calling the big Tito Ortiz vs. Alberto El Patron fight for Combate Americas on Saturday -- also had a message for Floyd ...

"If you’re looking for a fight, I’m right here. If you’re looking for an easy paycheck, go back to Japan and beat up those little guys."

Masvidal says he understands why Floyd would be interested in someone like Khabib Nurmagomedov ... it's easy money for Floyd ... but if he REALLY wants a challenge, he'll sign the contract with Jorge.

The video is great ... Jorge knows Floyd is obviously much more experienced than him in the boxing ring, but he truly believes he can get the best of Mayweather and spells out his case on camera.

Think about it ... if Jorge's plans come to fruition, he can make LIFE-CHANGING money in 2020.

The Conor fight alone is big money ... and a Floyd fight could earn him more around $100 MIL.

Here's hoping Jorge gets his wish ...

Evander Holyfield's Son Manny Pacquiao's My Favorite Fighter ... Not My Dad!!!


22-year-old boxer Evan Holyfield's favorite fighter is NOT his legendary father, Evander Holyfield ... it's Filipino star Manny Pacquiao.

Yes ... NOT his dad a.k.a. George Foreman/Mike Tyson (twice) slayin' Evander "The Real Deal" Holyfield.

TMZ Sports talked to the younger Holyfield -- who's dominated his first 2 professional fights -- and asked, who's your favorite boxer?

"Manny Pacquiao. I love Manny Pacquiao. Besides my dad, of course. I'm gonna take some stuff from him, but Manny Pacquiao. I watch that man before I go to sleep, I watch that man when I wake up, when I get bored."

"Manny Pacquiao's my guy. I watched all his movies. I stole so much stuff from Manny Pacquiao, it's ridiculous."

Suffice it to say, Evan likes Manny ... and is super pumped about the prospect of having some face time with his hero in the future.

"I haven't had a chance to meet Manny yet, but I'm sure if I was ever to meet Manny, I don't know what I would do."

"I don't fan out when it comes to celebrities because my dads had me around a lot of them, but someone like him, ain't no telling what would happen."


Jerry Jones Big Mad On Radio After Cowboys Loss 'Get Your Damn Act Together'

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105.3 THE FAN

Jerry Jones dropped a "BS" bomb during a live radio interview -- and was DROPPED from the air -- after chewing out the hosts over Cowboys questions.

The Dallas Cowboys owner appeared on 105.3 The Fan for his weekly radio call -- but it was clear from the jump he was in a BAAAAD mood following the loss to the Chicago Bears.

The hosts asked Jones if he was embarrassed about the loss -- to which he shot back, "Get your damn act together!"

"We're going to have a good visit this morning, but settle down just a little bit."

As the hosts continued to ask questions, Jones warned them -- "I don't like your attitude to come in. I've been traveling all night and I don't have the patience to jack with you today."

Both sides settled down and talked about the Cowboys problems -- from the kicking game to the defense -- and at one point, Jerry used an expletive ON THE AIR!

105.3 THE FAN

The show dropped Jones from the air -- and explained that they panicked when he used the curse word. They had tried to just drop the audio, but they accidentally hung up on him instead.

Don't worry, Jones got back on the air and continued the interview ... but yeah, talk about a tough Friday.