French Montana Back in the Game ... After Prolonged Hospitalization


French Montana is back on the social circuit ... hitting up a hot WeHo restaurant Monday night ... resurfacing in public after a prolonged, scary hospital stay.

French grabbed dinner with his pal, Megan Thee Stallion, at Catch restaurant. They arrived and left separately.


TMZ broke the story ... French was rushed to the hospital last month with an undisclosed illness ... with symptoms that included severe stomach pain and an elevated heart rate. He believes the problems surfaced as a result of seriously overworking.

He was laid up in ICU for 7 days before being moved to a private room. In all, he was hospitalized for nearly 2 weeks.


Doctors have ordered French to bed rest for 30 days. He's allowed to grab some grub, but no working, traveling, exercising, performing or partying ... though, since his new album, "Montana," just dropped.

What's unclear ... if doctors eventually got to the bottom of what caused the elevated heart rate, stomach pain and other problems French experienced that landed him in ICU.

Sirhan Sirhan Fellow Lifer Charged For Assassin's Prison Stabbing


The California inmate accused of stabbing Sirhan Sirhan in prison has been hit with an attempted murder charge, but if he's convicted he won't lose any sleep over it.

We broke the story ... Robert F. Kennedy's assassin was attacked at California's Richard. J. Donovan Correctional Facility in August by an inmate, and his injuries were so bad he was removed from the state prison for treatment.

Sirhan claimed the assault was random, and the suspect came from behind and slashed him with a blade across the left side of his neck, right below his ear.

According to new docs, the attacker is -- just like Sirhan -- a lifer named Steven Maurice Miko.

Miko's already gonna be locked up for the next 4 centuries for a crime spree in 2000. Now his rap sheet will include 2 more charges ... attempted murder and assault by a prisoner serving a life sentence.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, prosecutors say Miko tried to kill Sirhan by inflicting great bodily harm on him. If Miko's convicted he's facing ... well, it doesn't really matter what he'd face. He's only 17 years into his 432-year sentence.

As we told you ... Sirhan recovered from the stabbing and was placed back in the prison. He was convicted in the fatal shooting of RFK in 1968 during a campaign rally in L.A. He was initially sentenced to death, but that was later commuted to life in prison.

Interesting side note -- RFK's son, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., revealed in 2018 he doesn't believe Sirhan fired the shots that killed his dad and is still seeking an investigation into the assassination.

United Airlines Woman Allegedly Stung by Scorpion While Plane Was In Air


11:55 AM PT -- A rep from United responded to the claim, saying, "After learning that one of our customers on flight 1554 from San Francisco to Atlanta was stung during flight, our crew responded immediately and consulted with a MedLink physician on the ground who provided medical guidance. Upon landing in Atlanta, the flight was met by medical personnel and the customer was transported to a local hospital. We have been in contact with our customer to ensure her wellbeing."

A woman on a United Airlines flight got wayyy more than a trip from point A to point B ... ending her journey instead with burning pain from multiple scorpion stings.

The woman says she was on a flight from San Francisco to Atlanta Thursday morning. She says while in the air, she began to feel a stinging sensation on her leg and went to the restroom when it intensified.

The woman says that's when the scorpion dropped out of her pant leg, still alive, and scurried across the floor. It was eventually caught by flight attendants.

Paramedics met with her once the plane landed to tend to her multiple stings. Luckily she's going to be just fine.

Originally published -- 06/12 5:00 PM PT

Harvey Weinstein Can Barely Walk Out Of Court ... Serious Back Issues

Exclusive Details 12/6/19

9:55 AM PT -- We're told prosecutors asked Weinstein's bail be set at a higher amount during the hearing. Prosecutors said Weinstein has had issues with his ankle monitoring bracelet and bringing it out of range.

Harvey Weinstein can't run from the law ... in fact, he can barely walk on his own.

Weinstein struggled to walk out of a New York City courtroom Friday after his bail hearing, needing assistance to make it down some steps and into his waiting SUV.

Weinstein's defense attorney, Donna Rotunno, tells TMZ ... Harvey's having health issues, including a back problem that's only getting worse. We're told Weinstein's seeing a doctor for treatment on his back, and he's in A LOT of pain.

As you know ... Weinstein is scheduled to go to trial in January after pleading not guilty to charges he raped a woman in a Manhattan hotel room in 2013 and performed a forcible sex act on another woman in 2006.

Despite his physical weakness, we're told Weinstein remains mentally strong and is ready to defend himself at trial.

Originally published -- 8:51 AM PT

French Montana Finally Out of the Hospital ... But 1 Month Bed Rest Ahead


French Montana is finally out of the hospital after a nearly 2-week stay, and while he still has a long road to recovery ... he also has a new album to help motivate him.

Sources close to French say he was released from West Hills Hospital in the San Fernando Valley earlier this week. It's a big step forward, but doctors have ordered at least 30 more days of bed rest at home.

That means no working, traveling, exercising, performing or partying for the next month, which is a bit of a bummer considering his new album, "Montana" dropped Friday.

We're told docs believe French's various symptoms were the result of seriously overworking himself. Those symptoms included intense stomach pains, dehydration and exhaustion. He also had an elevated heart rate which we're told is back under control after the extended hospital stay.


On a positive note, "Montana" contains features from Drake, Cardi B, Chris Brown, Swae Lee, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Travis Scott, Post Malone and A$AP Rocky. We got a few snippets from some of the new tracks.

Our sources say French is anxious to get back to feeling 100%, so he can get back on the road for appearances and performances -- but that's on the back burner, for now.

TMZ broke the story, French was first hospitalized and placed in the ICU 2 weeks ago. Cops were called to his home for what turned out to be a false burglary alarm, but while interacting with French determined he needed medical help, citing possible intoxication.

UFC's Brian Ortega Suffers Torn ACL Out of Korean Zombie Fight

Breaking News

UFC star Brian Ortega says he suffered a partially torn ACL in his knee during training and has pulled out from his Dec. 21 fight against Chan Sung Jung, aka the Korean Zombie.

"I tore my ACL in training and I won't be fighting in Korea," Ortega just revealed.

"Thankfully it was only a partial tear so I'm already rehabbing it and the plan is to be back to 100% in 2-3 months."

Ortega says he strongly considered fighting through the pain because he didn't want to let anyone down -- but ultimately doctors advised him to call the whole thing off.

"I didn't want to let down the fans, the Zombie and the UFC so I strongly considered pushing through it and fighting anyways, but according to the doctors, the risk of a full rupture in the fight was high and that would put me out for up to a year."

"Sorry guys I gotta take care of this right now, but I'll make it up to all of you 2020 I promise."

Ortega hasn't fought at all in 2019 after a violent clash with Max Holloway in Dec. 2018.

The 28-year-old fan favorite is still considered one of the top contenders in the featherweight division -- currently ranked #2 behind Alexander Volkanovski and the champ, Max Holloway.

We're big fans of Ortega at TMZ Sports, where he regularly comes into our office and chokes out various staff members!

Get well soon, bro.

Terrelle Pryor Lost 3.5 Liters Of Blood After Stabbing ... Attorney Says

Breaking News

Terrelle Pryor was stabbed with a kitchen knife, lost 3.5 liters of blood and was within "minutes" of dying after the scuffle with his GF ... this according to the NFL player's attorney.

In a press conference with media members Wednesday, Stephen Colafella described the state Pryor was in after a fight in his apartment with Shalaya Briston on Nov. 30 -- and he says the scene was grim.

Colafella told reporters Pryor had a "very deep" stab wound above his left pec that just missed a major artery ... but hit a big vain.

Colafella said Pryor was also stabbed in the left shoulder area ... which contributed to the guy losing a total of 3.5 liters of blood.

FYI -- an adult Pryor's size has roughly 5.5 total liters of blood in their body.

Colafella said Pryor was on the verge of death but is now expected to recover. He's unsure if the injuries will threaten his NFL career.

As for the events that led up to the stabbing ... Colafella said Pryor was nothing more than a victim in the fight -- and says the guy was essentially attacked in his own home by Briston and 2 other women.

According to Colafella, Pryor, Briston and friends had gone out to dinner ... and after a small disagreement, Pryor decided to head home while the others stayed out to party.

Colafella says Pryor went to sleep ... but was awakened by Briston and two of her friends outside of his apartment -- and when he tried to get them to leave, all hell broke loose.

Colafella says one of the women struck him in the face ... and in the ensuing tussle, Briston grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed the 30-year-old twice.

Colafella says after they took him to the hospital, they "shoved" him out of the car onto the sidewalk and attempted to flee.

As for their claim that Briston was acting in self-defense... Colafella called BS on that, saying, "It wasn't self-defense, it was attempted murder."

Colafella said he's hoping Pryor will cooperate with authorities and attempt to press charges against the two other women in the altercation.

Briston -- who's been charged with two felonies for the altercation -- is still behind bars after being denied bail early Wednesday morning.

Pryor, meanwhile, was hit with a misdemeanor assault charge for his alleged role in the fight ... but Colafella says Pryor was arraigned at the hospital Wednesday and released on $25,000 bond.

Both Pryor and Briston have court hearings on the case scheduled for Dec. 12.

Ron Perlman Scary Accident On Movie Set ... Person Hit by Truck


Ron Perlman was shooting a movie scene when an out-of-control truck plowed into a group of crew members -- injuring one of them -- but it sounds like it could have been a lot worse.

Sources on the scene tell TMZ ... the "Hellboy" star was on set of his upcoming film, "The Last Victim," Friday when the accident occurred. They were shooting at the Okanagan Indian Band in British Columbia.


We're told the driver of the truck mistakenly hit the gas instead of the brake and accelerated past where it was supposed to stop ... sending the crew scrambling to safety. Our sources say at least one person was struck and was on the ground being tended to by others until emergency workers arrived.

As of now, it's unclear who was driving the vehicle, but according to witnesses ... Perlman was visibly shaken up afterward and seemed to be "in shock."

Law enforcement tells us police were called to the scene for a work-related accident Friday morning, and one person suffered a minor foot injury. Nobody was transported to the hospital, though ... and the incident was referred to WorkSafeBC, a workplace safety agency for the Canadian province.

WorkSafeBC tells us it's aware of the incident and an investigation is underway. It adds that it assigned one of its Prevention Officers to go to the set the following day, which was the last day of filming.

Our sources say Perlman also returned to set that day.

"The Last Victim" is a neo-western with Ron starring as the local sheriff. The movie costars Ali Larter and Ralph Ineson ... it's unclear of either of them were on hand for Friday's incident.

We reached out to Perlman and various producers of the movie ... no word back so far.

'PLL' Star Ashley Benson Greets Super Fans with a SuperCall ... Makes These Kids' Day

Exclusive Details

Ashley Benson brought holiday cheer early this year for a group of people who need it the most -- calling sick kids across the country ... and then popping into a hospital for some one-on-one time as well.

The "Pretty Little Liars" star recently partnered up with this new app called SuperCall, which gives people the opportunity to talk to their favorite celeb via FaceTime. On Thursday and Friday, Ash and SuperCall decided to ring up 50 hospitalized children with varying illnesses.

The result, as you can see, was nothing short of a tug of war at the heartstrings.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Ashley spoke to each kid via SuperCall for 90 seconds, and it sounds like the topic of the day was Thanksgiving and favorite holiday meals. AB's is mashed potatoes, classic. On top of the call, Ashley and SuperCall also sent these young folks brand new iPhones.

As part of the initiative -- which was aimed at raising money that was donated to charity -- Ashley went ahead and visited the Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn and talked to a bunch of the patients, including some of the kids selected. Of course, everyone got a pic too.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

While there, it looks like Ashley took time to check in on the neonatal intensive care unit ... where premature babies are cared for. She's been open about the fact she herself was born prematurely, so clearly that hits home for her.

Good deeds, good causes ... good stuff all around.

French Montana I'm Out Of The ICU!!! After Medical Emergency

French Montana says he's getting better every day following a medical scare that put him in a hospital bed ... and he's finally out of the intensive care unit.

The "Unforgettable" rapper just shared an update on his health ... announcing he's out of ICU and on the road to recovery.

As you can see ... French is still being monitored, but now he's standing under his own power.

It's good news for French ... as we first told you, earlier this week he was still suffering from the effects of severe exhaustion and dehydration following a travel schedule that took place in several countries in only a few days.

French has been hospitalized in Los Angeles since last week. Police were first called to his Calabasas crib for a burglary, but it turned out to be a false alarm. When cops arrived, they made contact with French and determined he was seriously ill and got him an ambulance.

No word when French is getting out of the hospital ... but it's nice to see him making progress.

NFL's Akiem Hicks Angrily Hangs Up On Radio Show ... After Injury Joke

Breaking News

Chicago Bears stud Akiem Hicks was PISSED after radio hosts joked about his elbow injury ... angrily hanging up the phone and saying he's NEVER coming back to the show again!

The 30-year-old D-lineman -- who's been out since Week 5 after gruesomely dislocating his elbow -- went on The Waddle & Silvy show to give a pump-up speech to Bears fans who are down on the team after its 5-6 start.

"Roll with us," Hicks said. "We didn't do this on purpose. We didn't try to get ourselves into this situation. But, we're doing everything that we can to climb out of this hole."

One of the radio hosts responded by making a joke about Hicks' elbow injury, saying, "You mean you didn't put your arm in between those two Raiders and it popped out of joint on purpose?"

The radio host added, "No, I'm joking."

But, Hicks clearly wasn't laughing ... and in fact, the 6'4", 352-pounder got super ticked and berated the hosts live on air!!

"That’s a joke?!" the Pro-Bowler said. “You think that’s a joke!? You don't joke about somebody’s injury!"

Hicks then told the guys this would be the last time he EVER appears on the ESPN affiliate station ... and hung up the phone.

Later, Hicks wrote on Twitter, "You don’t joke about someone’s nearly season ending injury. It’s just not funny. Shouldn’t have lost my cool but 'To err is human, to forgive divine'"

For their part, Silvy responded with his own message to Hicks on Twitter, saying, "The relationships we've built w/ Chicago athletes over the 13yrs we've been on the air is second to none. It was a simple misunderstanding. #Respect."

'Free Solo' Star Alex Honnold Rescues Climber Emily Harrington ... After Scary Fall

Breaking News

Freeclimbing legend Alex Honnold -- the star of "Free Solo" -- is being hailed as a real-life hero after rescuing a fellow climber Sunday who fell off a famous rock formation in Yosemite.

Honnold was at El Capitan -- the epic 3,200-foot formation he impressively climbed WITHOUT ROPES in his documentary -- when something went terribly wrong.

33-year-old Emily Harrington -- a 5-time sport climbing champ -- lost her grip and fell from the formation while attached to her climbing rope ... suffering injuries in the process.

"I took a bad fall and pinballed a bit then somehow hit the rope w my neck," Harrington explained.

That's when Honnold and his pals sprung into action ... getting to Harrington quickly and stabilizing her while emergency personnel arrived.

90 minutes later, Harrington was transported to a nearby hospital where she was treated and is now recovering.

Harrington's boyfriend, Adrian Ballinger, has since thanked Honnold for "calmly maintaining spinal immobilization on the wall, getting things ready for an evac, and telling stories and keeping her talking throughout.”

Ballinger says Harrington is in good spirits, praising her "warrior mentality" and expects her to resume her climbing career ASAP.

Get well soon!!

French Montana Still in ICU ... Days After Medical Emergency

French Montana is having serious health problems ... he's been laid up in ICU for several days, and it appears doctors are still struggling to resolve the issues.


French posted this video early Monday morning which he shot from his hospital bed. There is a dry erase board in the room, with the words "manage pain."

TMZ broke the story ... the "Unforgettable" rapper was rushed to the hospital last week after experiencing intense stomach pain and nausea ... along with an elevated heart rate.

Apparently, when cops arrived at French's home they felt he was intoxicated, at least according to the 911 call. French's people say he was NOT intoxicated.

French has been traveling a lot over the last couple of weeks. He has taken trips to the Middle East and Europe. Some of his people think he may have been exposed to contaminated food, but that seems unlikely given the number of days the symptoms have gone unresolved.

Tyler Perry Helps Sick Man Leave MEX Hospital ... Covers $14k Tab!!!

Exclusive Details

Tyler Perry just rescued a couple who were essentially trapped in a Mexican hospital, which wouldn't let them leave until their bill was paid -- and the story is WILD!!!

Here's the deal ... Atlanta couple Tori Austin and her fiance, Stephen Johnson, were recently enjoying themselves on a cruise ... but had to get to a hospital onshore ASAP after Stephen suddenly fell ill and was diagnosed with pancreatitis, diabetes and a kidney infection.

They ended up in a Mexican hospital called Centro Medico Americano in Progreso, where he was treated with dialysis and other procedures to alleviate his near-fatal ailments.

Fast-forward to this past week, when Tori and Stephen were told they couldn't leave the hospital until their bill was paid in full -- which, at that point, had totaled up to a whopping $14,000. Their families started a GoFundMe page, but it had hardly racked up enough donations to cover them. Enter Tyler ... who heard about this and offered to pay it himself.

We've learned that Tyler tried calling up the hospital and giving them his credit card info to cover the tab entirely -- but he was rebuffed, and instead ...  we're told he ended up having to wire the money, which should hopefully arrive by Monday.

GoFundMe/Desaree Grimes

Once that's taken care of, sources tell us Stephen is scheduled to be discharged by Tuesday. While there were concerns Stephen would have to be flown back in a medevac plane -- which we're told Tyler was prepared to cover too -- it turns out he's expected to be well enough to fly back commercially.

Talk about a godsend, huh?

French Montana Still in Hospital with Intense Stomach Pain ... Docs Don't Know What's Wrong


10:26 AM PT -- 11/22 -- French remains in the hospital, and sources close tell us his stomach pain remains severe. We're told doctors are continuing to run tests and monitor his heart rate. At this time, our sources say it's unclear what is the cause of his medical issues.

French Montana is hospitalized in Los Angeles after suffering scary cardiac issues, intense nausea, and getting an unexpected visit from cops to his home ... TMZ has learned.

French was rushed to a hospital by ambulance Thursday around 1:30 PM ... but it's cops who made the call to get him treatment. According to law enforcement sources ... L.A. County Sheriff's deputies were called to his Calabasas home for a possible robbery.

That turned out to be a false alarm, but the responding deputies determined French was acting abnormal and seemed out of it. Sources connected to the rapper tell us he'd been suffering severe stomach pains, nausea and perhaps most alarmingly ... an elevated heart rate.

We're told French was taken to a San Fernando Valley hospital, and he's awake and alert right now. He's getting treatment that includes IV fluids and is expected to be released later today.

Our sources say French has been traveling a lot over the last couple of weeks -- including trips to the Middle East and Europe. We're told some around him suspect he could have been exposed to contaminated food.

Story developing ...

Originally Published -- 11/21 5:29 PM PT

Eddie Van Halen Out of Hospital After Painful Reaction to Cancer Drugs


Eddie Van Halen is back home, hanging out with his son after suffering through a few rough days in a hospital with what we're told were complications from his cancer treatment.

Sources close to the legendary guitarist tell TMZ ... he was admitted to the hospital last week with intestinal issues and abdominal pain. We're told both were the result of a bad reaction to the drugs Eddie is taking to battle throat cancer.

He was released Sunday and we're told he's doing fine now.

We broke the story ... the rocker has been flying between the U.S. and Germany for 5 years to get radiation treatment. Eddie believes he developed the cancer from a metal guitar pick he used more than 20 years ago -- he would hold the pick in his mouth and has been told it could be the source of the cancer.

When he got home from the hospital ... we're told Eddie and his son, Wolfgang, hung out and rehearsed music. If ya don't know, Wolfgang became Van Halen's bassist in 2006.

Rock on, guys!