NFL's Pat McAfee Smacked w/ Kendo Stick By WWE Star ... Insane Bruise!!!

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Ex-NFL punter Pat McAfee learned the hard way ... WRESTLING HURTS! 

McAfee was hosting his WWE Watch Along show for the 'Extreme Rules' pay-per-view -- when he invited WWE legend Matt Hardy to demonstrate a Kendo stick attack on his back. 

Hardy reached back and delivered an EPIC shot on Pat's back -- creating one of the most painful sounds we've ever heard -- and leaving one hell of a black and blue mark!!

The entire room erupted ... as Pat tried to cope with the pain. It's insane. 

What's interesting ... one of the stars in the room was Baron Corbin -- who was hit with a Kendo stick by Seth Rollins during their main event match later that evening! 

Bottom line ... it may be scripted, but it ain't fake. 

By the way, McAfee was a pretty solid punter in the NFL -- he was a 2-time Pro Bowler and was a 1st-team All-Pro in 2014. 

He was selected by the Indianapolis Colts in the 7th-round of the 2009 NFL Draft -- and played until 2016, when he retired (partially due to knee injuries). 

Feel better, bro. 

Rapper Boonk Recovers from Broken Jaw ... After Getting Punched


Rapper John Gabbana -- aka Boonk -- is on the mend after getting socked in the face, which left him with a busted jaw ... and some gnarly aftermath footage.

Just a warning ... some of these clips are very graphic (close-up shots of Boonk's broken mouth with teeth missing and whatnot). Boonk recorded himself going into surgery Saturday -- where he seemed to be in relatively good spirits surrounded by pals -- as well as some clips of him from Sunday, when he was apparently recovering from his operation. 

In the video from Saturday, you see Boonk with blood spatter all over his tank top and him holding a tube that he used to suck some of the blood from his mouth. Think a dentist's suction device, only bigger ... and bloodier. That's what we got here.


As for how exactly this happened ... Boonk was sucker punched in the face by a short dude.

It's unclear what led up to the assault, or where this even happened, but the seemingly mild blow left a major impact on Boonk's mug. On Instagram, he wrote ... "Broken jaw on both sides, surgery 7:30am. Pray for me, love you guys !! Gotta show them even when I’m down I’m still happy and oh if anyone ask.. I ran into a wall." 

We've been trying to get a hold of Boonk to get more info on what went down, and whether he's filed a police report or not. Considering the circumstances, he certainly could have.


In the meantime, it looks like he's got some love and affection to help him heal, courtesy of a lovely lady who's laying bedside with him. 

Feel better, man. Ouch ...

Kamaru Usman I Was 'Scared' for Ben Askren ... After 5-Second KO


UFC champ Kamaru Usman says he was genuinely "scared" for his UFC rival, Ben Askren -- saying that 5-second, knee-to-the-head knockout looked REALLY bad in person. 

Usman was in the crowd at UFC 239 in Vegas last weekend when Jorge Masvidal turned out Askren's lights with a ferocious flying knee ... and Kamaru admits, "I was kinda scared."

"Actually, I was kinda sad cause he was out for a long, long time," Kamaru says ... "He was out for about 5 to 7 minutes." 

"I was kinda scared cause he was stiff. I thought something might've happened."

Askren was rushed to a nearby hospital -- but tweeted later that night and says he's fine. 

Of course, Kamaru and Ben have a pretty nasty history ... Askren mocked Kamaru for months by calling him "Marty," the Americanized nickname he got during his college wrestling days. 

But, when push comes to shove, Kamaru says he doesn't wish terrible things on Askren -- you can tell there's some real respect there. 

As for Masvidal, who's been pushing for a shot at Kamaru's belt, Usman says the guy needs to "SLOW DOWN" ... though he seems open to the idea. 

At the end of the day, Usman says he'll fight ANYONE the UFC puts in front of him ... but it's pretty obvious he wants a crack at Colby Covington first. 

NFL's Kendrick Norton On Losing Arm In Crash 'If Nothing Else, I'm Alive'

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CBS4 Miami

Miami Dolphins defensive lineman Kendrick Norton is speaking out from his hospital bed -- saying even though he lost his arm in a July 4 car crash, he feels grateful to be alive. 

"I'm alive," Norton told CBS4’s Peter D’Oench ... "If nothing else, I'm alive."

Norton's voice was shaking as he gave the interview -- his left arm severed around the elbow -- but somehow, he's found a way to stay positive. 

"I'm doing fine. I'm doing the best I can," Norton said from the Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital, with his grandparents and father by his side. 

22-year-old Norton -- a 7th-round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft -- says the reality is sinking in that he'll never play football again, but he's trying to figure out another purpose in life. 

"It's not realistic that I'm going to play football anymore. We're working past that."

"We're going to be doing a blood drive," Norton said ... noting that he's looking for ways to help and inspire others going through a similar experience. 

As we previously reported, Norton and his female passenger were badly injured when he lost control of his F-250 truck on a Miami highway in the early hours of July 4. Norton's left arm was amputated. 

David Ortiz Suffers Setback ... Required Third Surgery

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David Ortiz suffered a setback in his recovery from gunshot wounds -- and required a third surgery to fix complications earlier this week ... the Red Sox announced Thursday.

Big Papi was shot in the back in the Dominican Republic last month ... but after two surgeries shortly after, his wife and the Red Sox said he was recovering well.

But, the Sox just announced Ortiz suffered complications from the injuries recently ... and needed a third procedure to fix the issues this week.

Good news for Big Papi, the team says he is now "recovering well and is in good spirits."

As we previously reported, Ortiz was shot in the back at point-blank range while he was sitting outside of a nightclub on June 9 ... with the bullet striking his liver and his small and large intestines. 


Ortiz underwent emergency surgery immediately after in the D.R. -- and doctors said they were forced to remove his gall bladder at the time.

Ortiz was flown to Boston just hours later to have a second surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital.

David's wife, Tiffany Ortiz, has previously said David was able to sit up and take steps ... and added, "he remains in good condition and continues to recover under the care of Drs. David King and Larry Ronan."

As for the Sox, they say, "We continue to be incredibly appreciative of the kindness and compassion shown to David and to our entire family during this difficult time."

'Willy Wonka' Star Denise Nickerson Dead at 62


9:41 PM PT -- Denise's family tells TMZ ... she passed away in her hospital room Wednesday evening around 10:30 PM Colorado time.

We're told several visitors came by her room on Wednesday to share memories and say their final goodbyes.

Denise was 62.


Denise Nickerson, who played Violet in "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory," is living out the last moments of her life, because her family tells us they have just taken her off life support.

Nickerson, who suffered a stroke last year, was at home Monday and, according to her family, she got into her meds at home and took as many as she could. Her family came to check on her shortly thereafter and rushed her to the ER.  

Once in the hospital, doctors diagnosed her with pneumonia. On Tuesday, she suffered a massive seizure and doctors put Denise on life support.  

Her condition continued to worsen and her family tells TMZ they have now taken her off the respirator, which facilitates breathing and removed her IVs and stopped giving her medicine.

The family says it's now just a matter of time before Denise passes. Her son, Josh, and his wife are at the hospital with Denise, and have started a GoFundMe to honor Denise's last wishes of being cremated, and her ashes turned into glass artwork.

In addition to 'Willy Wonka,' Denise played Allison on "The Electric Company." She also appeared on "Dark Shadows" and an episode of "The Brady Bunch."

Denise left acting behind in 1978 and eventually got a job working in a doctor's office.   

Denise, who is 62, has one son and daughter-in-law, who've been caring for her.

Originally Published -- 6:12 AM PT

Motorcycle Daredevil Scary Crash During Practice Jump!!! For 'Evel Live 2'

History Channel

A daredevil attempting to jump a motorcycle farther than anyone severely injured both his ankles in a super scary crash during a practice jump for HISTORY's live TV special ... and the video is gnarly. 

The rider, Axell Hodges, crashed hard while attempting to beat Robbie Maddison's world-record distance for a motorcycle jump -- 378 feet and 9 inches -- tumbling off his bike while trying to stick the landing. 

Ya gotta see the video ... Axell is flying through the air on his dirt bike, but when he finally comes down on the other side of the jump, he loses control of the bike and his body goes skidding down the pavement. 

You'll see more footage of Alex's crash Sunday night during HISTORY's live TV special, "Evel Live 2," when female rider and four-time X Games medalist Vicki Golden attempts to set a new world record in an epic live motorcycle firewall stunt.

'Mountain of Hell' Bike Race Massive Crash ... Insane Video!!!

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Terrifying crash during the annual "Mountain of Hell" bike race in France ... where chain reaction pileup sent bikes and bodies flying EVERYWHERE -- and it was all caught on video. 

Miraculously, nobody was seriously hurt in the wreck ... but good lord, this is insane. 

It all went down at the Les Deux Alpes ski resort -- where roughly 1,000 cyclists with a death wish race down an 11,000-foot glacier in snow covered terrain ... first to the bottom wins. 

But, things went awry right out of the starting gate ... when one biker toward the front of the pack lost control, sending other cyclists crashing into each other. 

One guy actually started ROLLING DOWN THE SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN!!!

Some of the riders dusted themselves off and got back on their bikes. Again, somehow no one was seriously injured, according to reports. 

Props to the winner Kilian Bron ... who got to the finish line so fast, there were barely any fans waiting for him!!!

Ex-NFL QB Anthony Wright Shot Multiple Times ... 'Emergency Surgery'

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Shuttershock Premier

Ex-NFL QB Anthony Wright -- who played for the Cowboys and Ravens in the early 2000s -- was shot several times during an argument with his girlfriend's ex, cops say. 

The Concord Police Department in North Carolina says 43-year-old Wright got into an altercation with his GF's ex-boyfriend on Monday during some kind of custody situation involving a minor child. 

Cops say Wright was hit with multiple gunshots after the two got into an argument ... and the former QB was immediately rushed to the hospital for an emergency surgery. 

Officials say Wright is currently in stable condition.

The alleged shooter has been identified as 47-year-old William "Willie" Moses Hooker Jr. -- who's now wanted for assault with a deadly weapon with the intent to kill.

Wright was signed by the Pittsburgh Steelers as an undrafted free agent out of South Carolina back in 1999 ... but caught on with the Dallas Cowboys the following season. 

He got some playing time in Dallas after injuries to Randall Cunningham and Troy Aikman and ended up putting together a decent career ... starting 19 games in his 6-year NFL career. 

The QB finished his career with 3,590 total passing yards with 20 touchdowns during stints with the Cowboys, Ravens, Bengals and Giants. 

He was a backup QB for New York during their Super Bowl run in 2007. 

YG Says He & Crew Will 'Stay Dangerous' ... After Slim 400 Shooting


Slim 400 wasn't meant to die after being shot multiple times this weekend -- so says his good pal, YG

The Compton rapper -- and good friend of Slim -- was leaving LAX Monday, where he gave us an update on how his friend was doing after being gunned down Friday night. 

He says he hasn't had a chance to see him yet, but lets us know straight-up -- guys from '400' crew don't go down easily. He also explains what he and his boys are gonna do now going forward as far protecting themselves ... check it out, sounds like a warning shot.

As far as how serious this shooting was, we've learned Slim 400 took 9 bullets to his body -- and based on where they hit, it's a miracle he's expected to be on his own two feet again. 

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Slim is still in critical but stable condition as he recovers in a hospital after being gunned down Friday night in Compton. We're told doctors found he'd actually been shot 9 times, as opposed to 8 ... as we'd previously been told.

This is where he was struck, per our sources -- his upper and lower back (multiple areas), his face (jaw area, specifically) and the top of his head, which caused some internal bleeding that was dealt with in surgery. Again ... absolutely stunning the guy survived.

There's also this ... we're being told Slim's jaw has been wired shut as a result of the facial gunshot wound. Our sources say he's still heavily sedated at this point, but is expected to make a full recovery in the coming weeks. 

TMZ broke the story ... Slim was rushed to the hospital after the attack. No word on what led up to the shooting or who the culprits might be, but cops are investigating.

Kevin Durant Emerges In NYC With Wrapped Leg and Medical Scooter


Here he is!!! Kevin Durant is back out in public just 2 weeks after suffering a devastating injury in the NBA Finals ... but it's clear he's got a long road to recovery. 

The 30-year-old superstar was out in New York City on Wednesday -- with a team of people helping him out of a building and into a waiting sprinter van. 

You can see KD's right leg is bandaged up from his toe to his knee. An assistant was also holding a walking boot for Kev while another person followed close behind with a medical knee scooter. 

The clip is pretty short but you can see Durant is trying to be independent. It's obvious he wants to be able to move around without help. 

Durant underwent surgery on June 12 to repair a ruptured Achilles -- which he injured in the 2nd quarter of Game 5 of the NBA Finals against the Toronto Raptors. 

Durant had missed significant playing time before Game 5 due to a calf strain -- and some people questioned whether he came back before his body was ready. 

After the surgery, Durant posted on social media saying he wasn't pressured into returning -- and said, "I wanted to be out there that night because that's what I do."

There are reports Durant could miss the entire 2019-20 regular season due to the Achilles injury -- with some speculating he might be ready to go for the playoffs. 

Meanwhile, KD just declined his player option with the Warriors which means he'll officially be a free agent and can sign wherever he wants. He'll obviously get a max contract offer, which would kick off with a $38.2 mil starting salary. 

Get well soon!!!

'Pulp Fiction' Star Peter Greene Zed Plays the Good Guy ... Breaks Up Chick Fight in NYC!!!

R.A. the Rugged Man

Peter Greene, the actor known for playing bad guys, is now a real-life hero after seeing 2 women pounding on each other in the street, and stopping to break it up ... as NYPD traffic agents watched it all go down.

The crazy video of the "Pulp Fiction" villain, Zed, -- obtained by TMZ -- starts with a woman in a red shirt and blue pants confronting another woman in a neon green shirt ... who decides to throw down.

We're told the scuffle happened Monday in NYC's SoHo neighborhood. The guy who shot the vid -- underground rapper, R.A. the Rugged Man -- tells us, the lady in blue pants was acting aggressively before this, even spitting on people, and allegedly assaulted another woman minutes earlier.

R.A. says the lady in neon finally decided to step up and deliver a thorough shellacking ... that is, until Peter arrived on the scene. The actor hopped off his bike and got right between the combatants ... even though they kept going at it for several seconds.

Peter was mad as hell too -- at the women and also at the traffic agents standing on the same corner as the brawl doing nothing to stop it. He let them have it, then took off.

No word what happened to the women in the fight ... but the spitter's face is bloodied.

The irony here, of course, is that Greene -- best known for playing evil characters in "Pulp Fiction" and "The Mask" -- got to play the good guy for once.

Atta boy, Zed.

We reached out to NYPD ... no word back so far.

Beth Chapman Placed in Coma Out of Necessity ... Was Yanking Out Tubes


Doctors were having a hard time treating Beth Chapman over the weekend -- so much so, they felt putting her in a coma was the only way they could effectively help Beth help herself.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Beth was placed into a medically-induced coma Saturday after medical staffers found it incredibly difficult to treat her when she was transported by ambulance from her Honolulu residence to a nearby hospital.

We're told Beth was not reacting well when she arrived at the ER ... she was in a lot of pain and required oxygen. Our sources say as doctors tried to treat her, Beth began yanking out the lines doctors were using to give her fluids and medications.

It became so problematic, they put her under a mild sedation. We're told that wasn't enough, though -- she was still agitated, so they moved forward with the medically-induced coma. She's been under for at least 2 full days now.

Some of Beth's family members, including her husband, Duane "Dog" Chapman, are by her side.

As we first told you ... Beth suffered a choking emergency this weekend after she experienced breathing complications from her since-returned throat cancer. She went through something similar back in April, but came out of that at the time okay.

Beth has been battling again after learning her throat cancer had returned late last year. She'd previously beaten it back in 2017.

Justin Verlander Impressed With Scherzer ... Pitched w/ Broken Nose!


Justin Verlander is giving props to Max Scherzer for coming back strong from a gnarly broken nose injury ... telling TMZ Sports, "I appreciate him working through the pain."

Of course, Mad Max took a baseball straight to the face during a bunting drill in Nationals' batting practice Tuesday ... and suffered a nasty broken nose and a black eye as a result.

But, Scherzer toughed it out and pitched for Washington just 24 hours later ... and DOMINATED -- throwing 7 innings with no earned runs and 10 strikeouts against the Phillies.

Verlander -- who played with Max for a few years in Detroit -- says he saw his ex-teammate put in the work ... and he was impressed!!!

By the way ... we also asked Verlander if he thinks he's done enough in his own career to deserve a spot in the Hall of Fame -- and he tells us he ain't so sure.

But, with 213 career wins, 2,839 strikeouts AND an MVP award on his resume ... come on, JV!!!

NXT Superstar I Can Fix Kevin Durant's Achilles ... in 5 Months!!!


Kevin Durant is expected to miss the entire 2019-20 season with a ruptured Achilles ... but one wrestling star says he can help KD get back to the court in HALF THE TIME!!

NXT superstar Riddick Moss -- who also ruptured his Achilles last year and returned in "record" time -- says he can have Durant back on the court in 5 months. And, how can he prove it??

'Cause he did it himself!!

"This talk about KD being out for an entire season, missing next season, I don't like it," Moss says. "I don't wanna hear it."

"I wanna shut up all these people that are saying an Achilles rupture's gonna put you out for an entire season. Wherever you go, I wanna see you hoisting hardware at the end of the season in June."

Moss -- who is one-half of the Outliers in NXT, managed by Robert Strauss -- says he didn't miss a beat when he returned to the squared circle after his injury ... and is the guy to help KD get back to normal.

"Don't call Kobe Bryant for help. Kobe Bryant did not set a record coming back from an Achilles tendon rupture like Riddick Moss did. Kobe can't help you."

So ... maybe it's time to hit up this Moss fellow, KD??

Max Scherzer Breaks Nose Bunting ... Blood Everywhere!!!

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4:10 PM PT -- Scherzer wasn't kiddin' when he said he was gonna try to pitch just ONE DAY after breaking his schnoz. He just took the mound against the Phillies on Wednesday.

Oh yeah ... and he's got a nice shiner to go with it.

Here's how you DON'T bunt a baseball ...

Max Scherzer -- arguably the best pitcher in the MLB -- was working on his bunting game in Nationals' batting practice Tuesday ... when he popped a pitch straight into his face!!

The ball flew into his nose and right eye ... and the 3-time Cy Young winner had to leave the field as a bloody mess.

Bad news for Washington ... x-Rays revealed he broke his nose -- and he even needed a CT scan to determine if his brain was okay.

Good news for Washington? Scherzer is reportedly doing much better Wednesday ... and wants to make his scheduled start Wednesday night against the Phillies!!!

Who said hockey players were the only tough guys left in sports?!?

Originally published -- 8:19 AM PT