Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Concealed in this mashed-up photo is a man who does it all ... acting, singing, dancing ... you name it! Back in the day, he made his acting debut on "Hannah Montana" with Miley Cyrus, and he has been living the dream with his bros ever since.

Just last week, this slick celeb received a star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame, where he once again proved he's got swag and style for days! When he's not on his tour bus, he's probably having some cake by the ocean!

Raise a brow (or two) and see if you can crack this surprise and guess the sucker!

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Underneath this not-so-simple image is one funny gal who fled her glitzy zip code and attempted to work in the rural parts of the country. Today, she's either with her kids in her LA.. house (of Harlow) or hanging with her Hall Of Famer-father.

Aside from being a reality TV pioneer, she is one savvy businesswoman who created and founded her own clothing line, and speaking of clothes ... this fashionista pretty much put Juicy tracksuits on the map ... now that's hot!

Given these clues, are you able to identify who this unknown figure is in real life?

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Behind this tapered figure is a guy who ventured off to Hollywood as a pre-teen and graduated high school at just 13 years old. You've seen him play a narrow-minded creep, so you should definitely keep a look out for his wondering eyes, as he knows your every move!

You probably first saw him as John Tucker's brother and a hot lab partner, showing off his voluminous curls ... and when he's not gossiping around town with Blake Lively, he enjoys breaking it down and busting a move on TikTok.

Before you stalk this scrambled image for too long, can you guess the unknown celeb?

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Underneath this dramatic diamond is a woman about town who landed on your TV screens and brought all of the hashtags, and considering she was born and raised in the 9-0-2-1-0 ... there's no question this rich kid knows her way around Beverly Hills.

Yes, she comes from a billionaire father, but she has started an empire of her own ... and she's proud of her jewelry line ... so much bling! As an honorary member of the rich and popular, she can show you a thing or two about the high life.

Can you cut into this rock and identify the mashed-up star?

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Underneath this starlike figure is an artistic guy who can dance like no one's watching and own every stage he steps foot on (in a sparkly pair of boots). Aside from his superior singing chops and dynamic dance moves, he definitely knows how to ring in the new year!

He is a true Broadway icon who turned into a fairy in 2021 to help Camila Cabello find Prince Charming. Whenever this guy grabs the mic, it's all ears and eyes on him, and you'll be watching him present an award at this year's Golden Globes.

Can you "wish upon a star" and make the unknown celeb come to life?

New Year ... New Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Underneath this magical snowflake is a Broadway star with a wickedly amazing voice, and just because it's been a minute since she's sung with her green face ... there's no question she still knows how to bust out her singing pipes and let it go!

She may do everything in her power to avoid building a snowman, but she knows firsthand what it means to persevere, be courageous and not sweat the small stuff. Besides, John Travolta's introduction of her back in 2014 'never bothered her anyway.'

Can you melt your way through the unknown snowflake and guess the celeb scramble?

Celebrity Xmas Scramble Guess Who!

Underneath this unknown figure is a lady who definitely put her comedic twist on surviving a troubled Christmas, and even though she's left a family member behind a time or two ... she's still all about "the season of perpetual hope."

And, when she's not road-tripping with a polka band, you can watch her putting up with her other on-screen kiddos, Alexis and David. Needless to say, this Hollywood legend has been around for decades and you've probably already seen her pop up on your screens this holiday season.

Slide down the chimney and see if you can identify this holiday icon!

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Behind this scrambled Christmas tree is a lady about town who takes Xmas lights to a whole other level, and she is committed to outshining her neighbors. Yes, her Christmas character is one for the books, but her gig on HBO's "White Lotus" also got rave reviews.

This celeb is one of Saturday Night Live's all-time superstars, and even though she wasn't always the most popular girl at her private school, she learned how to own the stage and shined bright doing the robot dance with Will Ferrell.

Can you unwrap this unknown figure before Christmas is gone?

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Behind this minty-fresh scramble is a gentleman who has quite the voice, and when he's on the stage he loves to pair it with a fresh set of moves. Trace around the unknown figure, and see if you can detangle this beauty of a beast!

When it comes to fashion, this poised guy loves to wear a good suit, and if you don't hit the high notes ... you're definitely getting the boot! All in all, this musician hopes you have "A Legendary Christmas."

"That's what Christmas means to me, my love!"

Can you sort through this mashed up star before he turns his chair around?

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

This mashed-up star is here to count you down to Christmas and get you in that holiday mood! Before you look under the tree, can you pinpoint the unknown character that lies under this altered actor?

For those who need some assistance with holiday cooking, this guy's "Burn Cookbook" just may come in handy. If you're still thrown off by this image ... step away from his elf ears and travel back to 2004 when he famously asked what day it was at North Shore High School!

'Your face smells like peppermint!'

Can you identify the Xmas star behind the scramble?

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Hidden behind this puffy-cheeked figure is an actor who, as a teen, learned there is truth to things being cheaper by the dozen ... can you trace around the mashed-up image and identify the unknown star?

This 'Sharkboy' is no stranger to being strong and powerful, especially when he kicked his workout regimen into full gear during the late 2000s ... physique on fleek! This was also the time he became a household name alongside Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. In 2013, he was quite the "Christmas Surprise" on "Saturday Night Live."

Okay, enough of this saga ... can you identify the scrambled celeb?!

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Underneath this pursed-lipped figure is an actor and filmmaker who definitely knows how to crack a joke, and when he's not playing a comedic role on the big screen or touring on the road, you can find him on the basketball court showing off his skills.

One common theme you can seen throughout this jokester's successful career is his admiration and support for the New York Yankees and the New York Knicks ... and if you can't see the scramble maybe you should prick your ears up because during the holiday season you will definitely listen to his festive holiday song!

Can you dust off this 'Sandman' and identify the mashed up star?

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Underneath this pumpkin head is an actress who iconically plummeted off a bridge -- falling to her death -- and transcended into a ghost!

Her long list of acting achievements and freak-filled roles commenced in the '80s, continued through the '90s and she put an even bigger mark on Hollywood after chumming up with a little mouse in the early 2000s. On a spookier note, she starred in the horror/fiction series "The Exorcist."

She may have once struggled to scare The Deetzes ... but can you successfully carve into this pumpkin and pull out the scrambled star?

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Underneath this screaming and weeping caricature is a long-time actor who could definitely slaughter you in a round of wrestling, and when he's not playing the role of deputy sheriff, you can personally find him on Insta always committing and showing his love for horror.

Even though this buffy guy is most known for his thrilling film roles, he took a jab at the romance genre with Drew Barrymore in the late 90's. It's probably safe to say that this spooky figure has never been kissed.

Dewey you think you can outrun this ghostface and solve the celeb scramble?

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Behind this oblong figure is an egg-cellent model/singer who is free from the carton and has cracked into the limelight with this scrambled celeb's mantra of "Love Myself."

As a Los Angeles native, this Barden Bella found her way straight to the stage at just 10 years old and her poach pitch has been just perfect ever since! During the 2015 MTV VMAs, she iconically posed with Taylor Swift and the rest of her girl squad ... which was also the same year she dropped her debut album titled "Haiz."

Can you crack through this egghead and unscramble the star?

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Underneath this mixed-up image is an award-winning star who you've seen on the big screen -- but recently has been breaking free from acting and singing -- and has made quite the 'Fabletic' launch into the world of fashion.

This Disney gal wound up starring in "Grease Live!" back in 2016 alongside Julianne Hough and Keke Palmer, and she nailed her rendition of "There Are Worse Things I Could Do."

Can you weasel your way through this disheveled photo and make a guess on who the scrambled star is? And don't panic if you need some guidance ... "We're All In This Together!"

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