Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Hidden behind this squared-out star is a gal who wears lots of hats ... actress, producer, comedian but her top role is MOM. Do you have what it takes to guess the lady rockin' this grinning smile? Do it for the moms!

Yes, she's one hot momma to two beautiful girls -- who actually played her on-screen kiddos with Paul Rudd in "This Is 40" -- but going back to the '90s... she played Julian McGrath-Gerrity's stepmother in "Big Daddy".

It's quite obvi she loves spending time with her baby daddy, Mr. Judd.

Can you guess who this famous mom is?

adivina quién es la celebridad misteriosa

Dentro de este cuadro hay un cantante de country y rapero estadounidense que irrumpió en los medios de comunicación hace sólo unos años, pero que empezó vendiendo cintas mezcladas en su carro a principios de la década de 2000.

Su canción "Son of A Sinner", caló hondo entre sus oyentes, hasta el punto de que permaneció más de 20 semanas en las listas. Cuando no está haciendo cosas interesantes, como actuar en "American Idol", es un padre cariñoso con sus dos hijos.

Su mujer Bunny XO puede ayudarte si todavía necesitas un favor.

¿Estás listo para la "gelatina"?

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Shelled inside this peanut-shaped picture is an American country singer and rapper who broke into mainstream media just a few years ago but began selling mixtapes out of his car dating back to the early 2000s.

His hit song, "Son of A Sinner", really resonated with his listeners, so much so the track charted on the music charts for more than 20 weeks! When he's not doin' cool things like performing on "American Idol," he's a doting father to his two kiddos.

His wifey Bunny XO may be able to help you out If ya still "Need A Favor"!

Are you ready for this "jelly?"

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Smothered inside this cheeky-altered photo is a girl from the Bronx, New York City. Growing up, this rapping maven looked up to music icons like Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj. Put your best celeb-foot forward, and see if you can kick this photo edit to the curb!

If you didn't partake in her viral "And I'm Bad Like A Barbie" TikTok vid, you must've been sleeping under a rock!

She's icy, spicy and perhaps a bit pricy ... but Coachella budgeted for this queen to hit the stage both weekends and her fans are stoked!

Can you guess who she is?

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Hidden under this big-eared celebrity is a Broadway star whose remarks and clapbacks are quick like a bunny! Step aside Roxie Hart, this leading lady is "the name on everyone's lips"!

Yes, she's a former housewife, however she first made her mark on Hollywood during her days on "Melrose Place". And, she capitalized on her famous lips by creating her own beauty line.

She may have posed for Playboy twice, but she's never rocked bunny ears like this!

"These lips were made for talkin' and that's just what they'll do!"

Can you guess the mashed-up star? Hop to it!

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Hidden within this cute cheeky chick is an actress and cooking TV personality born in Ontario, Canada. She may not be a trained chef, but her cooking show and two cookbooks prove she know's what she's doin' in the kitchen!

Most recently, you've seen her out and about with Lindsay Lohan as they're starring in a movie together. Perhaps one of the most famous WAGS to a Golden State Warrior, she currently has a bun in the oven, and will soon have 4 cute kiddos to look after.

Make a wish and see if you can guess who she is!

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Hidden behind this cute squishy face is an actor/singer who landed his first movie role in "The Beat Beneath My Feet" starring Luke Perry. He usually comes with a chiseled jawline and a charming English accent, so beware of the incoming clues and see if you can unscramble the unknown figure.

No question he's worked with some of Hollywood's hottest stars ... he played Cinderella's prince charming and cozied up to Camilla Cabello. And, his newest film premiered yesterday where he plays the love interest of Anne Hathaway's character.

Can you determine who this handsome fella is?

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Underneath this mashed-up image is an American actor -- both on the big screen and the Broadway stage -- who first made a name for himself with his role as Mr. Bones. Do you have the celeb knowledge to dust off this rusty pic?

He enjoys giving sound advice at the local diner, especially when he's sitting across from none other than Zendaya. He's also set to play Joe Jackson next year in the musical biopic "Michael."

Tonight's a big night for this shining star ... Will he take home the Oscar for the Leading Role?!

You've got this!

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Hidden behind this reworked photo is a famous young lady from Cuba with quite the harmony! Put your celeb knowledge to the test and see if you can guess the celebrity perking their pretty lips!

Yes, she splits most of her time between Los Angeles and Miami, but she definitely enjoyed the colder climates this winter, posing in nothing but a revealing faux fur coat in the snow!

This birthday girl recently switched it up for her new music ... ditching her brunette looks and having fun as a blonde!

Can you guess who this Señorita is? You've got this!

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Behind this perky-lipped photo edit is a talented actress and singer from H Town! Come get into some Good Trouble with this girl boss in tech ...

Her fans were stoked when she reprised her role as Mariana Adams, and she's gearing up for her show's series finale (which she also co-executive produced)!

And just when you think this brunette babe has done it ALL ... Her striking voice landed her opening for some of music's biggest bands like Earth, Wind & Fire and Chicago!

Can you guess which famous lady is hiding in the mashed-up pic? You've got this!

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Hidden behind this big brown-eyed celebrity is a gal who loves fitness -- she's even completed a triathlon -- and she once turned a plunging green dress into a fashion history moment! Sweet and hot like Dunkin'  ... see if you can guess the hot wifey behind the edit!

Usher may have rocked this year's Super Bowl, but this shining star showed up, showed out, and got LOUD when it was her turn on the stage!

A true brunette-baddie from the block, she just dropped her 9th studio album earlier this week!

Can you guess who's behind the mashed-up madness?

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Hidden behind this squiggly-lipped celeb is a handsome fella who's been in the entertainment industry for three decades. He may not confess to much on social media, but his pics are always 🔥! See if you can guess this mashed-up celeb ...

He's collaborated with music's hottest stars like Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey. YEAH, he's a musical genius but he's also no stranger to the big screen ... He played the deejay in the iconic movie "She's All That" with Freddie Prinze Jr.

He'll be movin', groovin' -- and one can only hope: going "Nice And Slow" tonight 😜 !

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Behind this altered image are two highly accoladed stars who are set to take the stage at this year's Grammys, but it's been a hot minute since one of these singers released new music. You may need to "Turn The Lights Back On" to see them shine in the spotlight!

Yes, there's a 50+ year age gap between these two musicians, but with both of them being Grammy winners ... it came to no surprise their performance at Madison Square Garden was legendary!

Examining this dynamic duo may give you "Deja Vu" ... Can you guess who they are?

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Grinning from ear-to-ear in this altered image is a reality TV star who may or may not have found herself in the middle of lots of drama ... Put down your crispy chicken, pick up your boozy potion and see if you can guess who's heatin' up behind this smiley scramble.

She may not be seen on the upcoming season of "Vanderpump Rules" but this (former) waitress showed up for the Scandoval of it all and fans are thrilled to watch her TV comeback on Bravo's new show "The Valley."

Can you SURve up this 'Witch Of Weho'?

Juego de celebridades ¡Adivina quién es!

Detrás de esta imagen alterada se puede encontrar a una estrella de los reality shows que puede o no puede haberse encontrado a sí misma en medio de un montón de drama. Deja el pollo crujiente, coge tu bebida favorita y a ver si adivinas quién está detrás de esta revuelta sonrisa.

Puede que no esté en la próxima temporada de "Vanderpump Rules", pero esta (ex) camarera apareció para el Scandoval y los fans están encantados de ver su regreso a la televisión en el nuevo programa de Bravo "The Valley."

¿Puedes saber quién es esta "Bruja" de Weho'?

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Underneath this squiggly-scruffy image is a cool guy from H-Town who was famously "picked to live in a house and have his life taped" with six strangers in Phili. He's definitely always put together and has got style for days! See if you can unscramble this mashed-up image!

If you're a "Selling Sunset" fan, you probably saw former cast mate Christine Quinn showin' him a potential pad for him to Netflix and chill in. For now, you can watch him as the culture expert on a popular show alongside Jonathan van Ness.

Can you guess who he is?

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