Michael K. Williams Family Says Oscar, Emmy Coming Soon ... Despite Emmy Loss

Michael K. Williams' family is convinced a posthumous Oscar and Emmy is in the cards ... based on not-yet-released projects he starred in before his tragic passing.

Dominic Dupont, Michael's nephew, tells TMZ ... while the family's bummed Michael didn't win Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for "Lovecraft Country," they're hopeful a few upcoming projects could clinch him the coveted gold statues.

For starters, Dominic points to two upcoming films Michael starred in ... the Indi thriller "892" and Civil War-era drama "Surrounded." Dominic hasn't screened either film but believes the flicks give Michael a chance for an Oscar. As for why Dominic feels this way ... he says it's because Michael had the unparalleled ability to bring characters to life.

As for a future Emmy ... Dominic says his role in season 2 of the Vice TV docuseries "Black Market" could sway voters. Dominic, who traveled with Michael during the filming of "Black Market," says after 5 Emmy nominations ... everything teed up for an Emmy win next year.

Dominic says everyone at the Emmys was gracious to him and his wife ... and that they felt Michael's energy in the room. Dominic tells us Billy Porter and Jurnee Smollett greeted him and his family and expressed their sympathy ... while also making it clear they wanted Michael's legacy to live on.


We caught up with Dominic after the Emmys and he told us he was bummed his uncle didn't get an Emmy (it went to Tobias Menzies for his portrayal of Prince Phillip in "The Crown"), but he told us he very much appreciated Kerry Washington's gesture in honoring him onstage.

Maybe soon ... Dominic will accept a statue on Michael's behalf.

'Mighty Joe Young' 1949 Oscar Hitting Auction Block ... Could Fetch $500,000!!!

There's a rare piece of movie history going up for auction ... the 1949 Oscar trophy for Best Special Effects for "Mighty Joe Young" ... and it's expected to fetch a fortune.

It's not often you see Oscars on the auction block ... the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences loathes seeing its trophies sold, but this one falls outside of the rules preventing the sale because it's neither personalized nor engraved.

Willis O'Brien won this vintage Oscar trophy for his groundbreaking special effects work in the original "Mighty Joe Young," when he transformed a bunch of wood, tar paper and old toupees into an 80-foot gorilla.

Willis famously turned down the first Oscar the Academy offered him for his work on "King Kong" in 1933 -- he wanted a trophy for everyone in his crew.

When 'Mighty Joe' won for special effects, Academy rules called for the producer, Merian C. Cooper, to receive the statuette and he did. However, Merian never got his name engraved on it, because he really wanted Willis to have the Oscar.

So, he essentially slipped him the award under the table, and since it's not personalized and the award was given before the 1951 rule ... it's able to go up for sale.

The statuette is hitting the auction block July 16 as part of Heritage Auctions' Entertainment Memorabilia sale ... and we're told the Oscar is expected to fetch $500,000.

There are lots of other big-ticket items going up for auction too ... including a "King Kong" plaster head from 1933, Elton John's Steinway Model D grand piano, Evel Knievel's motorcycle from "Stratocycle" and Marilyn Monroe's dress from "The Seven Year Itch."

Questlove One Regret DJ-Ing the Oscars ... I Wanted To Play Long-Winded Winners Off Stage!!!


Questlove says he had the time of his life DJ-ing the Oscars over the weekend, but his one regret ... he couldn't shoo away winners who took forever with their acceptance speeches.

We got "The Tonight Show" band frontman heading into work Tuesday at NBC Studios in NYC and he told our guy he was ordered by Oscars producer Steven Soderbergh to stand down on playing any kind of wrap-up-your-speech music.

The famous DJ said compiling his walk-off music was one of the first tasks he completed when he got the gig ... but Soderbergh, one of 3 producers of the Oscars, foiled the plan.

That's too bad ... 'cause Questlove said his playlist was tight and a perfect sendoff to long-winded winners.

All good though ... Questlove says he's been going to the Oscars for a decade now and really enjoyed the new format. So much so ... he said he hopes it's the new normal.

There were some pretty cool moments (albeit scripted) ... like when Questlove played EU's classic "Da Butt" and got Glenn Close to play along and dance her ass off.


Chadwick Boseman NFT Artwork for Oscars Redesigned Following Online Backlash

The artist who created a golden 3D sculpture of Chadwick Boseman's head as an NFT artwork is going back to the drawing board ... after some backlash over his decision to tie its release to the Oscars.

The artist, Andre Oshea, apologized Monday and added, "I now recognize that Chadwick's face is a triggering reminder of his death rather than his life."

Some fans took to social media to express their outrage -- one tweet read, "Creating a Chadwick Boseman NFT and not even giving him a posthumous Oscar is the best example of everything wrong today."

Another tweeter said, "Sooooooo lemme get this straight: They rushed the 'in memoriam' section to get to Chadwick's face last changed the order of the winners to tease Chadwick winning last and then at the end of the night everyone gets an NFT of Chadwick's head? This all feels wrong."

Well, they got that last part wrong -- Andre confirmed the NFTs were not included in Oscar swag bags, and he did have good intentions. He said he initially created the digital monument to embody Chadwick's influence "as a hero to all the Black kids everywhere while raising awareness about colon cancer and its impact on Black communities."

His redesigned NFT -- which was NOT commissioned by the Oscars -- will be auctioned off, with 50% of proceeds going to the Colon Cancer Foundation to fund 10,000 screenings to underserved communities.

It's expected to fetch over $1 million.

Chadwick Boseman Please Don't Call it an Oscars Snub ... Bro Says Family Not Upset

Chadwick Boseman's family has a message for those saying the late actor got snubbed from an Oscar ... he was NOT snubbed, and shout out to Sir Anthony Hopkins for the win.

Chadwick's brother, Derrick Boseman, tells TMZ ... he doesn't view Chadwick not winning an Oscar for Best Actor as a snub because every nominated actor was excellent and deserving of the award. He says the family isn't upset or agitated whatsoever that Chadwick's name wasn't called at the end of the Oscars ceremony.


What's more ... Derrick tells us the family wishes Hopkins and his family all the best because, as Derrick put it, "I"m sure [Anthony] would if Chad won." Don't forget ... after AH won the award for his role in 'The Father' his gracious message included a shout-out to Chadwick.

As we first reported ... a throng of celebs felt Chadwick got snubbed following his stellar performance on 'Ma Rainey's Black Bottom' ... his last role before he died. Model Winnie Harlow brought it up herself ... calling it "insane" Chadwick didn't get a statue.


Derrick says Chadwick wasn't one to put too much value on the Oscars anyway. Derrick says Chadwick "always described them to me as a campaign." That being said ... Derrick says, yes, an Oscar would have been an achievement, but was never an obsession.

Reggie Bush On Boseman's Oscar Snub Trophies Don't Define Legacy!!!


Chadwick Boseman's impact on and off the screen goes far beyond his trophy case ... so says Reggie Bush, who tells TMZ Sports the actor's posthumous Oscar snub doesn't define his legacy.

Many believe the "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom" star was robbed of Best Actor honors at last night's Academy Awards ... with Anthony Hopkins winning for his role in "The Father."

We spoke with Bush about the results outside Spring Place in Beverly Hills ... and he makes it clear Boseman's body of work speaks for itself -- Oscar or no Oscar.

"It would have been nice to see him win, but it was great to see all the nominees get a shot," Bush tells us.

"Chadwick Boseman, he's a legend regardless. No matter if he wins or not. A trophy is not gonna validate what he did. The work he put in validates that."

It's almost as if Bush is reflecting on his own experiences -- the former NFLer forfeited his 2005 Heisman Trophy after an investigation determined he committed NCAA violations by receiving improper benefits.

Even though his name and image were scrubbed from USC's campus and record books, nothing will change the fact that Bush is easily one of the best -- if not THE best -- college football players of all time.

Taking all that into consideration, it's no wonder Bush isn't sweating Boseman's snub.

There's also another reason why Bush was watching the Oscars -- did you know Andra Day, who was nominated for Best Actress, is his step-sister?!?!?

IT'S TRUE!!! Check out the awesome exchange Reggie and his mom have with our camera guy when they drop that truth bomb!!

Chadwick Boseman Celebs React to Weird Oscars Snub Anthony Hopkins Responds


A lot of people feel like the late Chadwick Boseman was snubbed at the 93rd Oscars -- including a handful of celebs who were at the show ... and they didn't bite their tongues.

We ran into actress Andra Day -- the nominated star from 'The United States Vs. Billie Holiday' -- Sunday night leaving Spring Place in Bev Hills, not too long after the show, and asked if she thought the Academy had gotten better with diversity ... and she said yes. Well, at least partly.

Watch ... she makes it clear they're moving in the right direction, but have a long way to go -- and that pivot starts long before the Oscars get handed out. Of course, we also had to ask about Chadwick losing the Best Actor Oscar to Sir Anthony Hopkins in rushed, anti-climatic finish.


AD kept it real with her answer, and so did her 'Billie Holiday' costar Evan Ross ... although, he put it in more diplomatic terms. Model Winnie Harlow, however, just let it rip with her Chadwick hot take.

Speaking of Hopkins (who wasn't even at Union Station to receive his award) -- he posted a gracious thank you message last night, but also seemed stunned to have won, and gave a shout-out to Chadwick. Fact is, Sir AH was great as the lead in 'The Father' ... so, it's hard for anyone to say he didn't earn his win.


Here's why people thought Chadwick was a shoo-in to win, though -- one, his performance has been called stellar in 'Ma Rainey's Black Bottom' (his last role before he died).

But, more importantly ... the entire award show seemed to be heading in that direction -- show producer Steven Soderbergh literally bumped Best Picture ahead of schedule just for a Best Actor finale.

Instead, Hopkins won ... and wasn't on hand to accept. It was awkward -- and folks question why they changed the traditional order of awards. It sure misled the audience into thinking one thing, but delivering another. Plot twist!

Regina King Opens the Oscars ... Talks Chauvin Verdict Immediately

let's talk about it

Regina King was the first presenter to kick off the 93rd Academy Awards -- and she instantly got into the Derek Chauvin trial ... with a powerful message to audiences at home.

The actor/director -- who's actually nominated for an Oscar this year with her film "One Night in Miami" -- made her way to the stage within Union Station in what looked like the opening of a film ... with a ton of "starring" credits being flashed across the screen.

Once she was in front of her audience, Regina didn't hesitate to talk about the big news of the week -- namely, that Chauvin had been found guilty of murdering George Floyd.

She said that the way that verdict went ultimately decided what she was going to be wearing on Sunday ... instead of heels, Regina says she might've been in marching boots had things gone a different direction. You could hear some in the crowd emphatically agree.

Fox 9

Regina also addressed viewers who were tuning in -- saying she knows folks might wanna change the channel when Hollywood starts to "preach" to them ... but she made a point that no amount of money will ever change how she digests these issues, or the fact that they are real in her own life with her own children. In other words, this is personal for her.

It doesn't look like any other presenters or winners thus far have gotten nearly as political as Regina did -- but we'll be keeping an eye out for other remarks about the climate right now.

Brad Pitt Dissed at Oscars by 'Minari' Star Nice to Meet You, But ...


Brad Pitt's opportunity to announce an Oscar winner from a film he helped make ... turned into a bit of a diss on live TV ... courtesy of the Best Supporting Actress winner.

Yuh-Jung Youn won the category for her role in "Minari." We know, ya probably didn't see the film -- like many of this year's nominees -- but you'd have to believe Brad did ... because he produced it!!! However, Youn was clearly not impressed.

She gave Brad a shout-out that, whether intended it or not, played like a major diss. Youn said, "Mr. Brad Pitt, finally! Nice to meet you. Where were you when we were filming in Tulsa?"

The limited crowd at L.A.'s Union Station laughed at Youn's remark, perhaps thinking it was a playful flirtation ... and, who knows? Maybe it was an inside joke for the cast and Brad, one of their executive producers.

But, to the general Hollywood public, it seems like she was upset Brad wasn't more hands-on during filming. Anyway, Youn and Brad did get a chance to greet each other as she walked off stage. Check out the interaction ... seems like neither was too bent.

Ya know what they say, Brad -- no good deed ...

"Little" Chiron in 'Moonlight' 'Memba Him?!

New York based actor Alex Hibbert was only 12 years old when he landed the life-changing role of "Little" Chiron -- who learns valuable life lessons while bonding with Juan the local drug dealer turned father figure -- in the emotional 2016 film "Moonlight" ... which won Best Picture at the 89th Annual Academy Awards.

Hibbert shared the big screen with an incredible cast of actors including Ashton Sanders as the teenage version of Chiron, Trevante Rhodes as the adult version of Chiron ... and of course Mahershala Ali as the paternal, Juan.

Alex Hibbert continues to work in big roles including his character Kevin Williams in "The Chi."

Guess what Alex looks like now at almost 18 years old!

Oscars 2021 L.A. Train Station Location Turns into high-crime nightmare for crew

The Academy Awards are being held at a famous L.A. train station this year -- and while that might satisfy COVID needs ... it's also become a dangerous place for the Oscars crew.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... a man was arrested Sunday morning at Union Station, where the Oscars are set to take place later this evening. We're told the guy tried running past security and breaking into a secured area ... and even pushed past a guard.

Our sources say the dude was detained by security ... and was eventually booked for battery by the LAPD. It might sound like an isolated incident and just a one-off ... but we're hearing that's far from the reality ... there was at least one other violent run-in this week.

We've heard that as crew members were setting up for the big award show over the past several days ... one of those people was actually mugged by somebody in the area. Sources close to the production tell us the guy ended up getting jacked ... and the suspect fled.

It's unclear if that person was caught or not -- but it's just another example of why it might've not have been the greatest idea to host the Oscars at Union Station this year.

Our law enforcement sources tell us this is, indeed, a high-crime area -- Union Station's right in the heart of DTLA -- and sketchy stuff like this goes down often. With more foot traffic than usual ... we're told that could naturally lead to more targets, which is exactly what appears to have happened.

We're being told by law enforcement that folks need to be wary ahead of the big show ... which obviously applies to the stars who are gonna be in attendance. This ain't the Hilton or the Dolby Theater -- so keeping an eye out for trouble would be in everyone's best interest.

Susan Sarandon, Cynthia Erivo Go After Hidden Hospital Fees ... In Powerful Oscars PSA

Power to the Patients

Susan Sarandon and Cynthia Erivo are planning to draw attention to a little-discussed issue they want people to know about during the Academy Awards ... hospital pricing transparency.

TMZ has learned a PSA is set to air Sunday during ABC's broadcast of the award show -- which will star the two Oscar-caliber actresses doing a spot for a campaign known as Power to the Patients ... a national org that fights for patient rights when it comes to this issue.

We got a hold of the ad early, and it looks like Suze and Cynthia are fully on board with the effort ... noting that hospitals across the country are required by law -- as of this year -- to give patients a full rundown of what their services cost ... BEFORE using 'em on folks.

Most people who've been to the ER or who've had long-term hospital stays know this nightmare all too well ... you're in there getting treated for whatever it is you need, and not long after -- you get a FAT bill in the mail that amounts to tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars you never knew you were agreeing to while being treated.

The whole idea here is educational ... basically letting people know they have a right to know going in, and not to be afraid to demand a hospital's staff to disclose that type of info.

It's a worthy cause, for sure, and one that'll definitely get eyeballs come showtime.

Bill Maher Skewers Oscars Did They All Quit Cocaine at the Same Time?

Bill Maher obliterated the Oscars Friday night ... musing that the choices the Academy is making for best films require a name change to the Debbies ... as in Debbie Downer!!!

The 'Real Time' host ticked off the nominees for Best Motion Pic, and viewing may require a serious dose of Prozac, 'cause they're all super depressing.

Bill goes down the list -- "Judas and the Black Messiah," "Promising Young Woman, "The Sound of Metal," "Nomadland," "The Father," "Minari" ... Bill describes each and then lowers the boom with this ... "The 2021`Oscars, brought to you by razor blades, Kleenex and rope."

It's a hilarious ride ... Bill wonders, "What happened to show business? Did they all decide to quit cocaine at the same time?"

It wasn't just funny ... Bill had a point -- “Academy nominations used to say, ‘What great movies we make. Now they say, ‘Look what good people we are.’”

Again ... best political show on TV.

Chadwick Boseman Earns Posthumous Oscar Nomination

Chadwick Boseman's earned his first-ever Academy Award nomination ... nearly 7 months after he died from colon cancer.

Chadwick was the second one named early Monday morning when the nominations for Actor in a Leading Role were announced. Riz Ahmed for "Sound of Metal," Anthony Hopkins for "The Father," Gary Oldman for "Mank" and Steven Yeun for "Minari" are the other nominees in the category. It's incredible this is his first nom considering the iconic roles he's played.


Chadwick died in August while "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom" was in post-production and 3 months before the film's release. He played Levee Green, an incredibly talented trumpet player. The Netflix film is about Ma Rainey ... the influential blues singer during the 1920s.

He had already won a Golden Globe, also his first, for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama last month. Chadwick's widow, Taylor Simone Ledward, accepted the award on his behalf and gave an emotional speech too.


Taylor had said, "He would thank God. He would thank his parents. He would thank his ancestors for their guidance and their sacrifices. He would say something beautiful. Something inspiring."

There had been only 7 other actors who were nominated posthumously for an Oscar. Peter Finch won the lead actor award in 1976 for his work in "Network." Heath Ledger is the most recent actor (2008) to posthumously win an Oscar ... for his supporting role in "The Dark Knight."

Cicely Tyson Dead at 96

Cicely Tyson, who forged a path for scores of Black actors on Broadway and in Hollywood, has died.

Tyson was a force in entertainment for decades, but in her early years she had few role models because there were few people of color who were at the top of the Hollywood game.

She won 2 Emmys for Lead Actress in 1974, for "The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman." The year before she was nominated for the Best Actress Oscar for the movie "Sounder."

Tyson started her career as a model in NYC. She was on the covers of Ebony, Jet, Harper's Bazaar and Vogue. Still, her mom was none too pleased, telling her she couldn't live in the family house if she pursued entertainment. Her mom didn't speak to her for several years.

Younger audiences would know Cicely from "The Help" and "Fried Green Tomatoes."

She also made her mark on Broadway and won a Tony for Best Actress in a Play in 2013's "The Trip to Bountiful." That made her the oldest recipient ever of a Best Actress Tony.

President Obama bestowed a Presidential Medal of Freedom award to Tyson in 2016, saying, "Cicely made a conscious decision not just to say lines, but to speak out. Cicely's convictions and grace have helped for us to see the dignity of every beautiful member of the American family -- and she's just gorgeous."


Earlier in her career, Cicely starred in a play called "The Blacks." It was an off-Broadway play in the '60s and some of her co-stars were Maya Angelou, James Earl Jones and Louis Gossett Jr.

Cicely was 96.


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