Taylor Swift Le gusta un irónico post sobre su ex Joe Alwyn Canta sobre su depresión

Taylor Swift se deleitó con un meme que se reía un poco de su ex Joe Alwyn y que calza con las letras hacia él en su nuevo álbum, y sus fans están encantados.

Antes del lanzamiento del nuevo disco "The Tortured Poets Department" el viernes, la cantante publicó algunas letras insinuando que el nuevo trabajo sería sobre sus ex más recientes, especialmente Joe, con quien salió 6 años.

Como era de esperar, los Swifties abrazaron esta teoría y crearon un montón de memes antes de que saliera el álbum sobre cómo Joe sería expuesto y puesto en vergüenza con la nueva música (lo que resultó ser cierto).

Taylor Swift Likes Shady Instagram Post About Ex Joe Alwyn Sings About His Depression

Taylor Swift reveled in an internet meme ripping into her ex, Joe Alwyn ... which dovetails with the shots she took at him on her new album, and her fans are loving it.

Ahead of Friday's release of Taylor's new album, "The Tortured Poets Department," the singer released a few lyrics ... hinting the new work would be about her most recent exes, especially Joe -- whom she dated for a whopping 6 years.

Unsurprisingly, Swifties ran with this theory ... creating a ton of memes ahead of the album about how Joe would likely be put on blast in the new music (which turned out to be true).

Taylor Swift Seems to Label Kim K a Bully ... New Song Takes Direct Aim

Taylor Swift appears to be taking a major swipe at her nemesis, Kim Kardashian, in one of her songs from her new album ... that's what the internet thinks anyway, for good reason.

Taylor's latest record, "The Tortured Poets Department," dropped Friday ... and there's a song on there called "thanK you aIMee" -- which everyone noticed has certain capitalization that spells out Kim's name. The lyrics themselves also seem to allude directly to KK.

Taylor's lyrics describe "aIMee" as a "bronze spray-tanned statue" in her hometown that "threatens to push me down the stairs at our school."

Taylor Swift Slams 'Bitching & Moaning' Over Matty Healy ... Defends Brief Fling

Taylor Swift is defending her brief relationship with Matty Healy -- which came under a microscope by overly-concerned fans ... whom she's kinda ripping into on her new album.

The singer appears to slam her fan base on "The Tortured Poets Department" on one particular song that touches on the backlash she experienced for dating Matty last year ... the track's called "But Daddy I Love Him," and it eviscerates everyone who chimed in.

Her lyrics go something like this ... "I just learned these people only raise you / To cage you / Sarahs and Hannahs in their Sunday best/ Clutchin' their pearls, sighing, "What a mess"/ I just learned these people try and save you/ 'Cause they hate you."

Larsa Pippen, Marcus Jordan Rekindle Romance In Miami ... Steamy Beach Day Date

Don't stick a fork in Larcus after all ... Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan look like a couple once more -- as they were seen getting close Wednesday on a beach day date in Miami.

The on-again, off-again pair were spotted enjoying each other's company under the South Florida sun ... holding hands, snuggling on lounge chairs, and sharing beverages out of a coconut.

Marcus was also seen chattin' it up with a few other hotties in the area before Larsa arrived -- looking somewhat flirty -- but, take a peek at how he interacted with Pippen once she got to the sand ... it sure seems the spark between the duo has been ignited yet again.

Bryan Kohberger Phone Nowhere Near Murders ... Says Defense Lawyer

Bryan Kohberger's defense team is planning to bring in a tech expert to help support his alibi as he stands trial for a quadruple murder -- namely, he was nowhere nearby.

Bryan's attorney is arguing he was out driving miles away from Moscow, ID the night 4 University of Idaho students were slain in their home. Kohberger's team claims they have cell phone tower records and a radio frequency expert set to corroborate this defense.

According to new docs detailing this, Bryan was south of Pullman, WA and west of Moscow, Idaho on the night in question. The defense claims this was normal for the former criminology student ... as he liked to hike/run in the area and look at the night sky.

Kim Kardashian Locks Lips With Emma Roberts ... During 'AHS' Episode


Kim Kardashian kisses Emma Roberts in the star-studded crowd at the Oscars. Who would think that would ever happen?

Well, it did Wednesday on Fox's latest episode of "American Horror Story: Delicate," starring Kim and Emma.

Per the season 12 show titled "Little Gold Man" ... Kim, a publicist named Siobhan Corbyn, is promoting actress Anna Victoria Alcott played by Emma for an Oscar.

Sydney Sweeney She's 'Not Pretty, Can't Act' ... Says Hollywood Producer

Sydney Sweeney ain't as hot as we all think ... that's Hollywood producer Carol Baum's take, anyway, and she's teeing off on the actress' looks and acting ability.

Carol ripped into Sydney during a discussion before a screening of her 1988 film, "Dead Ringers" -- and kinda outta nowhere, she took issue with Sydney's recent romantic comedy, "Anyone But You" ... slamming it as unwatchable.

Carol -- whose credits include "Father of the Bride" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" -- said she'd asked her students at USC to explain the craze surrounding Sydney.

Zendaya Ni una palabra sobre el regreso de "Euphoria" 3 ... "Está más allá de mí"

Incluso Zendaya no está segura sobre el futuro de "Euphoria", quien compartió que tiene cero idea de si la temporada 3 se realizará alguna vez.

Durante el estreno de su nueva película "Challengers" el martes en Los Ángeles, Zendaya dejó saber que no tiene nada que decir sobre si la producción de HBO comenzará nuevamente, a pesar de que está acreditada como productora ejecutiva.

Zendaya le dijo a Variety: "Yo no estoy a cargo. Pero, por supuesto, si es lo correcto para los personajes y todo resulta como debería, por supuesto. Pero está más allá de mí".

Zendaya No Say in 'Euphoria' Season 3 Return ... 'It's Beyond Me'

Even Zendaya is uncertain about the future of "Euphoria" -- sharing she has zero insight into whether season 3 will ever happen.

During Tuesday's Los Angeles premiere for her new movie, "Challengers," Zendaya let it be known ... she has no say on whether production starts up again for the HBO drama, even though she's credited as an executive producer.

Zendaya told Variety, "I am not in charge. But, of course, if it's right for the characters and everything turns out the way it should, of course. But it's beyond me."

Courtney Love Says Taylor Swift Isn't Important ... Craps on Beyoncé Too

Courtney Love ain't showin' much love for Taylor Swift -- in fact, she's got some harsh words for her ... not to mention for Beyoncé and a lot of other ladies in the modern pop space.

The alternative rocker made her controversial remarks in a recent interview with The Standard, first zeroing in on Taylor by calling her "not important." Love accused Taylor of being a "safe space for girls" and the Madonna of this generation.

She then ends her thoughts by saying T-Swift is "not interesting as an artist."

Henry Cavill Yep, My GF is Pregnant ... Your Eyes Aren't Deceiving You!!!

Henry Cavill and his girlfriend had everyone thinking she had a bun in the oven after stepping out in front of cameras this weekend ... which he's now confirmed as true.

The actor and SO (and soon-to-be baby mama) Natalie Viscuso were photographed in NYC Sunday ... where Nat's belly was noticeably protruding, seemingly showing off a baby bump. Of course, nobody wanted to be rude and presume that to be the case ... at least at first.

On Monday -- during the premiere of HC's new movie -- Access Hollywood finally just asked him about it straight up ... but did so in a somewhat sneaky way, stating it more so as fact.

Billie Eilish Kisses YT'er Quenlin Blackwell ... After New LGBT Song


Billie Eilish is leaning into the fact that she's into girls -- planting a kiss on a female YouTuber at Coachella ... and smacking the gal's ass while she's at it.

The singer was filmed at the music fest this weekend, where she smooched with Quenlin Blackwell -- a Gen Z content creator who's been hanging out with BE a lot lately ... and with whom she's sparking romance rumors after this PDA moment.

X / @joeltovarr

Watch ... Billie could be seen grabbing Quenlin's face and pulling her in for a kiss while enjoying music at the festival. It wasn't super show-y or anything ... still, a kiss is a kiss.

Will Smith at Coachella Crashes J Balvin's Set ... Performs 'Men in Black'

Back In Black
YouTube / @Coachella

Will Smith made a rare appearance onstage this weekend -- crashing Coachella to perform a song from the '90s ... and doing it alongside none other than J Balvin.

Indeed ... very random, but no less entertaining. Balvin had an alien-themed design and aesthetic for his Coachella gig ... and at one point in the set, he brought out WS who was rocking his signature 'MIB' 'fit ... only to rap the "Men in Black" song from the titular movie.

Dancing The Night Away

The crowd loved it ... including Jada Pinkett Smith, J's girlfriend, Valentina Ferrer, and BLACKPINK sensation Lisa who were seen dancing together in the artist pit. Will's performance is getting rave reviews too, 'cause people could clearly hear his vocals as opposed to a backing track.

'The Golden Bachelor' Couple Gerry Turner And Theresa Nist Announce Divorce ... After 3-Month Marriage


Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist -- better known as "The Golden Bachelor" couple -- are calling it quits after just 3 months of marriage.

The newlyweds originally fell for each other during season 1 of the popular dating reality show last fall – and then subsequently said their "I Do's" in a televised wedding ceremony.

Now, the two are getting a divorce, making the surprise announcement Friday on "Good Morning America."

Jewel Calls Kevin Costner A 'Great Person' ... Public Fascination of Them Is 'Intense'

Jewel isn't doing anything to tamp down speculation she's dating Kevin Costner ... in fact, she seems to be leaning into the whole idea.

During a wide-ranging interview this week with Elle magazine, the singer turned the conversation at one point to Costner and made her first brief open remarks about their special connection.

As she started blushing, Jewel told the reporter, "He's a great person. The public fascination is intense for sure."

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