Patrick Mahomes' GF Harassed at Patriots Game 'Security Moved Us to Safe Place'

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"This place is horrible."

That's Patrick Mahomes' girlfriend ... who says Patriots fans treated her like such crap at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, security had to physically move her to a "safe place."

Brittany Matthews and Patrick's younger brother, Jackson Mahomes, are regulars at Chiefs games -- but Brit claims their experience in New England was one of her worst ever.

Early in the Chiefs-Pats matchup, Matthews said, "As soon as we sit down, drunk dude 'hey everyone this is patrick mahomes girl and brother, let’s give them sh*t' This shall be fun."

Later, she said things got even more aggressive ... with fans yelling at her for standing and cheering on her MVP quarterback boyfriend.

"This place is horrible, people already yelling every time I stand up, am I not aloud to stand up for football game?"

Eventually, Matthews claims things got so bad with New England fans around her ... security had to move her and Mahomes' brother to another part of the stadium.

"Gillette security came and got us and moved us to a safe place," Matthews said ... "That’s how you know it was bad."

Good news for all? Matthews didn't seem too fazed by the alleged incidents ... she was seen smiling and kissing Patrick after the big 23-16 win.

"Everyone was sleeping on us, so we woke em up," Brittany said.

She later added some shade toward Patriots fans on Monday, writing on her Twitter, "All patriots fans 'we still have 6 Super Bowls' Lololol"

"Once patrick has been in the league as long as Brady, then chat to me about Super Bowls! Patrick is 24, brady is 42 you just wait."

Dick Vermeil Sends Warning To Patrick Mahomes 'QBs Can Become Too Confident!'


Ex-NFL head coach Dick Vermeil has seen some cracks in Patrick Mahomes' game recently ... and he's sending the QB a message -- keep that ego in check -- OR ELSE!!!

"I do think quarterbacks can become too confident, I really do," Vermeil says. "Sometimes they have to be humbled."

Mahomes hasn't been nearly as electric the last couple weeks as he's been for the majority of his career ... and Vermeil tells TMZ Sports he thinks the Chiefs star might be feeling himself a little too much.

"Right now he's the No. 1 quarterback in the NFL," Vermeil says ... "My only worry about him is he gets overconfident and takes for granted some of those guys on defense."

Vermeil says Patrick's main problem is his O-line isn't holding up very well ... but he thinks Mahomes also might be trying to do a little too much with the football because of what he's been able to do in the past.

Vermeil tells us he's seen it before with supreme talents like Patrick ... and says sometimes a really rough game can be the wakeup call guys need.

So far, Patrick hasn't had THAT terrible of a game this season ... but the Chiefs are certainly hoping he doesn't learn that lesson during their big game against Denver on Thursday night!

Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Church Holding Prayer Service ... For QB's Ankle!

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That's the message going down in a Kansas City church, where the K.C. faithful are begging the Lord up above to heal up their franchise quarterback after 2 straight losses.

Seriously ... the Asbury United Methodist Church is planning a "healing service" on Sunday morning for Patrick's left ankle -- which he injured in Week 1 and reaggravated this past weekend against the Texans.

"With the last two games, we kind of thought that they may need some type of help," a rep for the Church told FOX4KC ... "We knew that his ankle was injured so we decided to possibly have a healing service to help him heal that ankle quicker."

They're even advertising the prayer service on the sign outside the building -- hoping to recruit some extra parishioners to help out!

There's a bit of a timing issue though ... the Chiefs play the Denver Broncos TONIGHT -- so, hopefully, they're putting in some prayer work TODAY too!

Good luck!

Tyreek Hill Signs $54 Million Extension After Child Abuse Probe

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"You need to be terrified of me too, bitch."

Yep, the guy who uttered those words to the mother of his child just got PAID by the Kansas City Chiefs.

The NFL team just announced Tyreek Hill has signed a 3-year, $54 MILLION contract extension ... this just weeks after prosecutors ended an investigation into allegations the star WR had physically abused his 3-year-old son.

The 25-year-old -- arguably one of the 5 best WRs in the NFL -- has been mired in controversy all offseason stemming from an incident with his son back in the winter.

Prosecutors in Kansas say they believe somebody hurt Hill's child ... but after they couldn't determine whether it was Tyreek or his ex-fiancee, Crystal Espinal, they decided not to bring charges against either person.

Of course, shortly after prosecutors made that announcement ... secret audio of Hill and Espinal talking about their son's injuries was released -- putting Hill's NFL future in doubt.


Here's a partial transcript of that conversation ...

Crystal Espinal: "He is terrified of you. And, you say that he respects you, but it's not respect."

Tyreek Hill: "He respects me."

Crystal Espinal: "He is terrified of you."

Tyreek Hill: "You need to be terrified of me too, bitch. That's why you can't keep a f**king man."

The NFL also investigated the incident and ultimately decided NOT to discipline him saying, "Based on the evidence presently available, the NFL cannot conclude that Mr. Hill violated the Personal Conduct Policy."

The Chiefs reinstated him after the NFL's decision ... and clearly felt comfortable enough with him over the last few weeks to sign him to a new deal that will pay him $18 MILLION per year.

For his part, Hill -- who's still battling with Espinal in court over custody of their kids -- has adamantly denied the child abuse allegations, calling them "false."

"To the fans, friends, and family that I have made in Kansas City: I love you and thank you for your continued support," Hill said in a July statement.

"To the NFL, Commissioner Goodell and everyone who assisted in this investigation: thank you for your time and for conducting a thorough investigation. I will not let you down."

Hill is set to be the No. 1 receiver for the Chiefs when they play the Jaguars on Sunday.

NFL's De'Anthony Thomas Cut Deal To Close Weed Case ... Before Chiefs Signing


Chiefs WR De'Anthony Thomas cut a deal with prosecutors to close out his weed case this month ... and as part of the agreement, he had to admit he possessed drugs.

The NFL player was busted for speeding in Allen County, Kansas, back on Jan. 26 ... and when officers pulled him over, they said they smelled a "burnt odor of marijuana."

When cops searched the car ... they say they found weed and arrested the 26-year-old.

Allen County Sheriff's Office

Thomas was hit with charges of marijuana possession and speeding and was facing up to 6 MONTHS in jail if he was convicted on the weed charge.

But, according to court docs obtained by TMZ Sports, Thomas cut a deal with prosecutors earlier this month and entered into a pretrial diversion program to close out the case.

The docs say as part of the program, Thomas had to pay $899 in fines and fees and also comply with the NFL's Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program and successfully complete all of the league's recommendations.

Also, as part of the agreement, Thomas had to admit to both possessing the weed and speeding.

It turned out to be a solid deal for the receiver ... because just a few days after reaching the agreement, Kansas City resigned him to their preseason roster and is giving him a shot to make their final 53-man squad this weekend.

Thomas -- a Chiefs' fourth-round pick in 2014 -- has been a solid contributor for KC the past five seasons, playing in 55 games.

Andy Reid Donovan McNabb's a Hall of Famer 'Great Football Player'

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Andy Reid has joined Donovan McNabb's quest for Canton ... saying without hesitation the quarterback belongs in the Hall of Fame.

It's been a huge debate since McNabb joined the guys on the "TMZ Sports" TV show back in May ... and stated his case for why he deserves a gold jacket -- using some impressive stats to back his argument.


The K.C. Chiefs coach -- who won 101 games with McNabb under center -- was asked for his take on the topic on Wednesday .... and he's siding with his old QB.

"I'm his biggest fan," Reid told reporters at training camp. "I was there. I know he belongs there. When you talk about the great players in the National Football League, five championship games, a Super Bowl, all those things."


"Good football player, man. Great football player and did some things that weren't being done at that particular time in a lot of areas."

"I think the world of him."

Reid ain't alone ... Michael Irvin also weighed in on the debate ... and he agrees!!!

Tyreek Hill Punching Son Refers to Boxing ... Addresses Audio

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Tyreek Hill says audio of his then-girlfriend claiming he punches his 3-year-old son in the chest was taken out of context -- clarifying that it only applies when they box.

The Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver addressed audio that surfaced earlier this year in which he's accused by his ex-girlfriend, Crystal Espinal, of hitting their son -- specifically, making him open up his arms and socking him in the chest to toughen the kid up.

Espinal also accused Hill of using belts on the boy. Hill has denied the allegations.

During Sunday's press conference at training camp, the Chiefs star said the audio -- which he claims he wasn't aware of until it leaked -- was taken out of context in relation to how he engages his son. Hill says the punching in the chest claim pertains to boxing lessons.

Hill says, "Punching my son in (his) chest. That would probably refer to me teaching my son how to box. 'Cause we do got boxing gloves at our house." He goes on to say that his son likes imitating Iron Man, and apparently asks his dad to roughhouse.


As we reported ... the NFL decided not to suspend Hill over the claims made in the disturbing audio, and the Chiefs welcomed him back with open arms.

There's still a case open with law enforcement -- and the NFL says it'll monitor any new developments that might arise out of that -- but for now ... he's good in their book.

As for Hill, he said shortly after the decision ... "The last few months have been very difficult for me, especially as a father. The false allegations originally reported in March were highly publicized and involved the care of my son. I am grateful for so many things and grateful for so many people who have supported me during this challenging time. I fully respect and accept the NFL's decision."

The NFL regular season gets underway in early September.

Tyreek Hill Will NOT Be Suspended By NFL ... NFL Star Speaks Out

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8:31 AM PT -- Tyreek Hill just issued a statement on the situation ... stating the allegations against him are false -- and praising the NFL for its decision. 

"The last few months have been very difficult for me, especially as a father. The false allegations originally reported in March were highly publicized and involved the care of my son. I am grateful for so many things and grateful for so many people who have supported me during this challenging time. I fully respect and accept the NFL's decision."

Hill added, "To the fans, friends, and family that I have made in Kansas City: I love you and thank you for your continued support."

"To the NFL, Commissioner Goodell and everyone who assisted in this investigation: thank you for your time and for conducting a thorough investigation. I will not let you down."

"I can assure you that I will continue to work to be the person, player, and teammate that you envisioned me to be."

"To my children, my beautiful children: I love you all dearly and I promise you all that I will continue to strive to be the best father, the best friend, the best role model, and the best mentor that I can be. I love you all."

Kansas City Chiefs star Tyreek Hill will NOT be suspended by the NFL over allegations he physically abused his 3-year-old son ... the NFL said in a statement.

Long story short ... the NFL says it conducted a thorough investigation but ultimately could not reach a definitive conclusion that Hill beat up his kid.

"Over the past four months, we have conducted a comprehensive investigation of allegations regarding Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill," the NFL said.

The K.C. Chiefs star was suspended from all team activities back in April after disturbing audio surfaced featuring the NFL star arguing with his girlfriend, Crystal Espinal.

During the argument, Espinal accuses Hill of breaking their 3-year-old son's arm and claims the kid is "terrified" of the NFL star ... to which Hill responds, "You need to be terrified of me too, b*tch."


Hill denied all wrongdoing -- and in a later piece of audio that went public, Tyreek can be heard denying a 2014 attack on a then-pregnant Espinal ... saying, "Did I hit you? Tell me the truth in my eyes right now. Look at me."

NFL reporter Albert Breer says league officials were NOT able to interview Espinal for their investigation despite multiple attempts.

The NFL says they were careful not to interfere with the investigation being conducted by law enforcement officials ... but they also admit they simply did not get access to ALL of the information in the case.

"The information developed in the court proceeding is confidential and has not been shared with us, and the court has sealed all law enforcement records," the NFL said.

"Local law enforcement authorities have publicly advised that the available evidence does not permit them to determine who caused the child's injuries. "

"Similarly, based on the evidence presently available, the NFL cannot conclude that Mr. Hill violated the Personal Conduct Policy."

Now, Hill -- who had been suspended from team activities pending the investigation -- has been cleared to return to the Chiefs.

"He may attend Kansas City's training camp and participate in all club activities."

The league says Hill will "continue to be subject to conditions set forth by the District Court, Commissioner Goodell, and the Chiefs, which include clinical evaluation and therapeutic intervention."

The league is also leaving the door open when it comes to the case -- saying, if further information becomes available through law enforcement, the pending court proceeding, or other sources, we will promptly consider it and take all appropriate steps at that time."

The Chiefs released a statement on the NFL's decision ... saying "the club fully supports the conditions for return laid out by the league and will continue to monitor any new developments in the case."

"We are glad to welcome Tyreek back to the team and look forward to the start of training camp next week."

Originally Published -- 7:10 AM PT

Chiefs Rookie Mecole Hardman Here's Your New House, Mom ... Surprise!!!

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"It’s my turn to take care of you now."


That's new Kansas City Chiefs rookie Mecole Hardman's message to his mom after he surprised her with a new house ... and, yeah, the video is a tear-jerker.

Unclear where the new pad is -- we're assuming somewhere near Arrowhead Stadium so Mama Mecole can watch her son ball with the Chiefs -- but it looks like a sick place regardless.

There's a pool, a brand-new kitchen and plenty of yard space. It's pretty sweet.

"I been dreaming of buying my mama a house since I was 8 and now to finally do it words can’t explain how happy i am," Mecole said of the gift ... "I love you ma x1000000000."

Mecole was a 2nd-round draft pick of the Chiefs and reportedly just inked a 4-year, $5 MILLION deal ... and he said on camera his mom's new house is already fully paid for.

The Chiefs' season doesn't begin for another few weeks ... but chalk this one up as the first W of 2019 for Mecole!!!

Tyreek Hill's Ex Wants Sole Custody Of Kids ... Declares War On NFL Star

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Tyreek Hill is now in a full-blown custody war with his baby mama -- who's demanding sole custody of their days-old twins amidst allegations the NFL star physically abused their older son. 

For years, it seemed Hill and ex-fiancee Crystal Espinal had buried the hatchet and were working together following Hill's domestic violence conviction stemming from a 2014 incident with Espinal. 

But, things took a turn ... she had claimed Hill physically abused their 3-year-old son in disturbing audio tapes that surfaced earlier this year. Hill can also be heard making menacing statements to Espinal. 

Espinal gave birth to twins earlier this month -- but it's clear she has no intention to amicably co-parent with Hill. She's filed new court docs demanding sole custody with Hill only getting supervised visits. She also wants the K.C. Chiefs star to pay child support. 

She's also demanding a paternity test to prove Hill is the father. 

In the court docs, filed in Kansas, Espinal also notes she and Hill "are not married, never have been married, and do not intend to be married."

It's the latest chapter in a rocky relationship for the two ... back in 2015 Hill pled guilty to domestic violence after she alleged he roughed her up in 2014.

The couple has also been under investigation over allegations they were responsible for injuries their 3-year-old son suffered during the NFL season.

For his part, Hill denied all of the accusations in a newly released, 11-minute audio that was secretly recorded by Espinal sometime in the past year.

610 Sports Radio

Hill has been suspended from the Chiefs since April while the NFL's investigation into child abuse allegations moves forward.

Tyreek Hill Denies 2014 Dom. Violence In New Audio ... 'I Didn't Touch You'

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Tyreek Hill is now saying he NEVER roughed up his GF in a 2014 domestic violence incident that he pled guilty to back in 2015 ... saying, "Did I pick you up and slam you? Hell no."

It's all in new audio released by Kansas City radio station 610 KCSP ... which reveals more of the secret recording that was leaked several months ago between Hill and his fiancee, Crystal Espinal.

"You was in my house. And, did I pick you up and slam you? Hell no, I picked you up and put you out my door and after that you left," the K.C. Chiefs star says in the new portion of the audio. "And, on my son you did that, bro. And then you get in the courtroom, you want to sit up there and cry on the stand. ‘He hit me, he hit me.’ Man, come on, bro.”

Tyreek -- who was an Oklahoma State running back at the time -- pled guilty in August 2015 after he was accused of choking and punching a pregnant Espinal in Dec. 2014.

As part of the plea deal, Hill was sentenced to 3 years probation and ordered to complete a 52-week domestic violence program. When he successfully completed his sentence in 2018, the charge was wiped from his record. 

But, the new recordings show Hill is adamant he didn't do the crime ... with the NFL superstar telling Espinal, "Did I hit you? Tell me the truth in my eyes right now. Look at me." 

The first portion of the secret recording was released by a local Kansas City TV station in late April, and it showed an argument between Hill and Espinal over injuries their son suffered.


The NFL and the Chiefs are reportedly aware of the new version of the audio ... and an investigation into the child abuse allegations are still ongoing.

Hill has reportedly already met with Roger Goodell over the accusations ... sitting down with the NFL commissioner for 8 hours last week.

As for Tyreek, he's strongly denied ever hurting his son ... and in the new portion of the audio, he says, "You know how I am with [our son]."

"I’m very hard on him but I would never hurt my son in life."

Tyreek Hill Criminal Child Abuse Probe Is Closed ... Prosecutors Say

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After weeks of issuing "no comment" statements regarding Tyreek Hill's criminal child abuse investigation ... prosecutors are now saying there is NO ongoing probe into the Chiefs star.

Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe announced back on April 24 that after weeks of investigating child abuse accusations, he could not charge Hill or his fiance, Crystal Espinal, with a crime.

Then, after disturbing audio -- which appeared to show Hill and his fiance arguing over their son's injuries -- leaked a day later ... KCTV (which had been leading the Hill coverage) said the DA had re-opened its investigation.


Several attempts to confirm those reports with Howe and his office were met with, "We have no comment at this time," responses.

But now, Howe appears to be saying prosecutors NEVER reopened the probe, telling The Kansas City Star, "It is not an active investigation,” and adding that comments he made at his April 24 news conference "still hold true."

It's big news for Hill -- as the Kansas City Chiefs only decided to suspend Tyreek after reports said the criminal investigation had been reopened after the audio files leaked.

In fact, head coach Andy Reid himself appeared to be under the impression the investigation was reopened, telling that to reporters at a pre-draft press conference in April.

But, it appears that was never the case, with Hill's attorney, Trey Pettlon, telling the K.C. Star, "It’s my understanding the criminal investigation has been closed for quite some time now."

"And obviously there’s been some misinformation about that, but it is closed.”

As for Hill's future, he still has an active case ongoing with the Kansas Department for Children and Families ... and Roger Goodell says he is still waiting to interview the WR over the allegations.


Tyreek has not participated in team activities since his April suspension.

Jamaal Charles Nearly Attacked By Giant Spider ... Intense Capture Mission

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Jamaal Charles was ALMOST attacked by a humongous spider ... but fortunately for the ex-NFL star -- he's still got some moves, and ducked away from the big-ass arachnid as it charged!!!

It all went down in the former Kansas City Chief's backyard ... where he was trying his best to capture an 8-legged beast and protect his Texas home.

The video is pretty intense ... Jamaal tries to calmly sweep the spider into a box -- but then it suddenly darts at his left leg!!!

But, the ex-running back is able to move out of the way ... and then he went on an offensive assault -- slapshotting the spider into a box.

Victorious, Jamaal zooms in on the spider ... and the thing is MASSIVE!!!!

Unclear what Jamaal's intentions are now that the spider is captured ... but we know one thing for sure, his family ain't letting it in the house, 'cause one of them says, "Lock that door. We are not bringing that in here."


Roger Goodell NFL Hasn't Interviewed Tyreek Hill Yet ... Here's Why

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NFL investigators have still NOT spoken directly with Tyreek Hill about his child abuse allegations -- so says Roger Goodell who says the league is trying to stay out the court's way.

The K.C. Chiefs star was suspended from all team activities back in April after disturbing audio surfaced featuring the NFL star arguing with his girlfriend, Crystal Espinal.

During the argument, Espinal accuses Hill of breaking their 3-year-old son's arm and claims the kid is "terrified" of the NFL star ... to which Hill responds, "You need to be terrified of me too, bitch."

Fast forward to Wednesday ... when Goodell faced the media at the NFL Spring Meeting in Florida where he was asked how the league is handling the Hill situation.

"As you know, there's a court proceeding still going on involving CPS [Child Protective Services] and we will not interfere with that," Goodell said.

"The priority is this young child. So we will obviously be cooperative of whatever the court wants there."

Goodell explained, "We are prepared to go ahead and have an interview [Hill] whenever we have the permission to do so. And then we'll make a determination based on what information we have at that point in time.

"And so, again, I won't speculate on where we'll go but we'll certainly get all the information we can as soon as possible."


The Johnson County District Attorney's office is reportedly still considering levying charges on the star receiver ... and the couple is also currently in court fighting like hell to keep custody of the kid.

As for the criminal investigation ... we've reached out to the DA multiple times to find out the status of the probe -- but have received several "no comment" responses in return.

Tony Gonzalez Won't Give G.O.A.T. TE Title To Gronk ... It's A Tie!!!


Tony Gonzalez ain't ready to yield his "greatest of all time"-tight end label to Rob Gronkowski ... telling TMZ Sports his career is just as legendary as the Patriots'!!!

"Hey, we're both great," Gonzalez said at LAX on Monday night ... "We're both the G.O.A.T.s!"

Gronk just officially retired two months ago ... and many have wondered if he did enough in his 9-year career to take the best tight end EVER moniker away from Gonzalez.

The numbers don't seem close at first glance but remember, Gronk only played 9 seasons while Tony played 17.

Gronk -- 521 receptions, 7,861 receiving yards and 79 receiving TDs (plus 3 Super Bowls).

Gonzalez -- 1,325 receptions, 15,127 receiving yards and 111 receiving TDs.

Tony says "there's a great argument" for Gronk to be called the NFL's best ever ... but it sure doesn't seem like he's the one making it!!!

By the way, we also asked Tony about his ex-Chiefs team and how they'll get over all the drama surrounding Tyreek Hill ... and Gonzalez tells us K.C. is going to get through it all just fine.

Dwayne Bowe Chiefs 'Pulling For' Tyreek Hill ... Amid Child Abuse Probe


Tyreek Hill's teammates still have his back and are still pulling for him to rejoin the team ... so says Dwayne Bowe, who tells TMZ Sports he heard that straight from Chiefs players last week.

"When I talk to guys on the team, they're still rooting for him," the ex-Kansas City wideout says ... "They're pulling for him."

As we previously reported ... Hill's been indefinitely banished from the Chiefs until an investigation into child abuse allegations finishes up in Missouri.

Bowe says both he AND current Chiefs players are still in Hill's corner for now ... and claims the only way they're going to change their mind is when all the facts come out about the case.

"It's all he said, she said until the final word is out," Bowe tells us.

In the meantime, Bowe is vouching for Tyreek, saying, "He's a good guy. I've met him. I really don't believe all the things I hear on the internet and in the news."

As for how the whole drama is impacting the current team ... Bowe says he doesn't see it affecting K.C. much -- he tells us the team looked GREAT when he was out at practice last week.