Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes We're On The Cover Of Madden Again Flirting With The Curse???

Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes are out to prove the Madden Curse is officially dead ... with the Super Bowl LV foes set to appear on the video game's cover yet again!!

Remember, EA Sports' biggest franchise was notorious for the bad luck each cover athlete would have after receiving the honor -- from Mike Vick to Marshall Faulk to Vince Young, Peyton Hillis and more.

Both TB12 and Mahomes were able to dodge any serious mishaps when they both appeared on the cover in the past ... as Brady was on Madden NFL 18 and the Chiefs QB was on Madden NFL 20.

Now, the superstar athletes are set to stare the curse right in the eyes yet again ... and if they have baller years, it may be time to put the "Madden Curse" to rest for good.

The game had been teasing "2 goats" would appear on the cover ... and anyone who's been watching football the past few years had to see this one coming.

Sorry, Aaron Rodgers.

Le'Veon Bell Sorry For Eviscerating Reid ... But I Still Don't Like Him

Le'Veon Bell is apologizing -- sorta -- for unloading on Andy Reid ... saying he's sorry for his heated comment, but adding he still flat-out doesn't like the guy.

The ex-KC Chiefs running back took a massive shot at his former coach on social media Saturday ... saying he'd straight-up rather RETIRE than play for the 63-year-old again.

Bell didn't explain his beef with the ball coach -- but after he was trashed on social media for the opinion ... he ultimately said Sunday he was sorry for airing the dirty laundry.

"I’ll admit that’s somethin I could’ve and should’ve kept to myself & I apologize about that and that only..." Bell said on Twitter. "but I don’t regret what I said, because that’s how I feel..."

He added, "so you can love me or hate me, I’m gonna be fine regardless ... I’m just giving you a small version from my point of view on why I said what I said ..."

29-year-old Bell joined the Chiefs in October after he was cut by the NY Jets ... but he was largely underwhelming in Reid's system, starting just 2 games and rushing for only 254 yards.

Le'Veon insinuated his problems with Reid stemmed from a conversation with the head coach, though he didn't elaborate.

"For those who have a PERSONAL PROBLEM with me because of what I SAID, that’s have your right!" Bell said. "just understand I ALSO have MY RIGHT for how I feel about MY PERSONAL problem with dude because of what HE SAID to me."

Bell added that he had ZERO issues with Kansas City and his teammates, explaining his beef was solely with Andy.

"I loved my time there," Bell said.

Le'Veon's contract with the Chiefs expired after the 2020 season ... and even though Bell is still a free agent, it's clear as day NEITHER party is looking for a reunion in 2021.

Patrick Mahomes & Brittany Reveal 1st Pics Of Baby Daughter ... 'Hello World!!!'

Patrick Mahomes ain't just good at football ... he's clearly great at producing adorable babies too -- 'cause the QB just revealed the 1st pics of his newborn daughter -- AND SHE'S PRECIOUS!!

The NFL superstar and his fiancee, Brittany Matthews, dropped the photos on social media Friday afternoon ... and it's cuteness overload.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The whole fam was decked out in adidas gear for the flicks -- with little Sterling rockin' her own sweet little tracksuit and black bow.

Mahomes captioned the pics by writing, "Hello World!" while Matthews added, "Hi, my name is Sterling."

Brittany gave birth to the baby girl back in February ... but the couple decided to wait 4 months to reveal her to the world (and Chiefs Kingdom) on Friday.


Britt Reid Pleads Not Guilty To DWI Charge ... In Car Crash Case

Britt Reid is fighting back in his car crash case -- the former Kansas City Chiefs coach pled NOT GUILTY Monday to a DWI charge, court records show.

The 36-year-old is accused of drinking and driving prior to a violent wreck in Kansas City back on Feb. 4 that badly injured a 5-year-old girl.

Officials say Reid had a .113 BAC when measured around 2 hours after he allegedly crashed his pickup truck into others ... and claim Reid was also going 83.9 MPH in a 65 MPH zone just seconds before the collision.

Reid -- son of Chiefs head coach Andy Reid -- was ultimately hit with one charge of felony DWI ... but TMZ Sports has confirmed Britt entered a plea of not guilty Monday.

Britt also had the conditions of his bond adjusted Monday ... with the judge in the case allowing Britt to drive, so long as he uses an interlock device forcing him to pass a breathalyzer test every time he gets behind the wheel.

Britt is due back in court in late July for another hearing in the case.

The little girl who was injured in the crash, meanwhile, has since returned from the hospital ... though her family says she still has a long road to full recovery.

Patrick Mahomes to NFL Implant Microchips in the Football ... to Help the Refs!!!

Patrick Mahomes has a suggestion for the NFL to help officials more accurately call games -- PUT A MICROCHIP IN THE FOOTBALL!

"I feel like the chip in the ball has gotta happen at some point," Mahomes said this week on the WHOOP podcast ... "If you cross the line, it just tells you, touchdown!"

The KC Chiefs superstar QB says one of the biggest issues for him is the "pile" by the goal line ... and he believes microchip technology could help solve that problem.

"There is literally no way you can tell if he’s in the end zone or not and like, it’s just whatever they call."

The problem with Patrick's suggestion, as ProFootballTalk points out, is that a chip in the ball only solves half of the problem.

The other issue is ruling when a ball-carrier is considered down by contact.

In other words, if the chip in the football confirms the ball crossed the goal line -- it still leaves the question of, "When did the runner's knee hit the ground?"

So, it's not a complete solution -- but it could be a step in the right direction.

Still, Mahomes says he believes the microchip thing will "happen soon enough."

In the meantime, Patrick says he understands human error when it comes to officiating is "just part of the game" ... like balls and strikes in baseball.

Oh, and for the record ... the NFL already uses a microchip in footballs to track data for the league's Next Gen Stats program.


Trey Songz Off the Hook in Chiefs Game Arrest

Trey Songz will not face criminal charges for his violent altercation with cops at an NFL playoff game ... TMZ has learned.

The Prosecutor's Office for Jackson County, MO tells us they have decided to decline filing charges against the singer, citing insufficient evidence.


We broke the story ... Trey was arrested back in January at a Kansas City Chiefs home playoff game, with video showing what looked like a violent dust-up with a police officer.

The incident started when Songz allegedly refused to wear a mask inside Arrowhead Stadium, despite coronavirus protocols in place at the game.

As we told you, Trey was arrested for trespassing and resisting arrest -- both misdemeanors -- and for assaulting a police officer, a low-grade felony.

The footage police released appeared to show Trey throwing the first punch during his interaction with police, but his camp claimed the officer had it out for him before the brawl. In any event, no charges are being filed in the case.

Trey's attorney, John O'Connor, had no comment.

UFC's Julian Marquez In Talks For Pickleball Showdown!!! W/ Kelce, Mahomes & Hill


Wanna see Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill face off against a UFC badass in an ultimate pickleball showdown for the ages??

You're in luck ... 'cause Julian Marquez tells TMZ Sports he's made contact with the K.C. Chiefs superstars after issuing his public challenge -- and they're already planning the big game!!

The 30-year-old Kansas City native called out the trio of Super Bowl LIV champs right after choking out Sam Alvey during UFC Fight Night on Saturday ... saying he's ready to prove once and for all he's the pound-for-pound top dog in his city with a friendly game of pickleball.

The guys responded on Twitter ... with Mahomes, Kelce and Hill ALL agreeing to the challenge.

But, it wasn't all talk -- "The Cuban Missile Crisis" says he's been in touch with the guys since the call-out ... and it's a matter of WHEN, not IF, they face off on the court!!!

"I've actually been talking to Travis Kelce, he's 100% down," Marquez tells us. "The Kansas City Chiefs are 100% down. The local Kansas City fans are 100% down, and that's all we need. We just gotta figure out the right times for us all."

Marquez points out Mahomes is still recovering from foot surgery to fix a turf toe injury ... so he wants to make sure the guy is fully healthy before they compete.

"I don't want him to have an excuse when we go at it on the pickleball court."

As for the biggest threat on the court, Marquez thinks Kelce is the guy to watch.

"There would be a lot of trash-talking, a lot of jokes. Maybe a couple dances. We'll probably TikTok it out, but I'm just saying, I hope he comes with that same energy he brings on the field."

We also got an update on Marquez's budding friendship with Miley Cyrus ... and he tells us the "Prisoner" singer could be popping up at a UFC fight in the future!!

"I think we're gonna get her at a UFC fight sooner or later. It will be one of her first ones. Either in the stands watching or being there with me and all her friends. I'm pumped and excited."

Britt Reid Charged With Felony DWI ... Mug Shot Released

1:38 PM PT -- TMZ Sports has obtained Reid's mug shot, which the 35-year-old took after surrendering to authorities Monday.

11:15 AM PT -- Tom Porto, the attorney representing Ariel and her family, said in a statement to TMZ Sports, "[The charge is] absolutely appropriate given the circumstances. Ariel will endure this every day for the rest of her life."

11:06 AM PT -- In court documents obtained by TMZ Sports, officials say Britt's blood alcohol content in the moments after the crash was .113, well above the .08 legal limit.

In the docs, officials also say Britt suffered trauma to his groin in the crash that required emergency surgery.

Officials added they retrieved data from Britt's pickup truck that showed he was going 82.6 MPH in a 65 MPH zone just seconds before the crash, and had reached 83.9 MPH at the time of impact.

The Chiefs released a statement shortly after the charge was filed, saying, "The Kansas City Chiefs organization remains steadfast in our concern for all who have been impacted by this tragic incident."

The team continued, "Our prayers are focused on Ariel's continued healing and recovery. The Chiefs are regularly in contact with the family's designated representative during this challenging time."

Britt Reid -- Andy Reid's son and a former assistant on the Chiefs' coaching staff -- has been hit with a felony DWI charge stemming from his role in a violent Feb. car crash ... law enforcement announced Monday.

In court docs, prosecutors said they've officially levied a "Dwi - Serious Physical Injury" charge on the 35-year-old. If convicted, Britt faces up to 7 years behind bars.

As we previously reported, Britt was involved in a bad 3-car crash near Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City back on Feb. 4 -- just 3 days before K.C.'s appearance in Super Bowl LV.

Britt was accused of slamming his pickup truck into two cars that had pulled over on the side of the I-435 highway at around 9 p.m.

The collision caused serious injuries to a 5-year-old girl, Ariel Young, who was in a coma following the crash.

According to the girl's family, Ariel remains in the hospital and has been showing signs of improvement ... but "she still has a long road to recovery."

Investigators say Britt had told them he had taken Adderall and drank before getting behind the wheel. They added in court docs Britt did not perform well during field sobriety tests.

Britt had been placed on leave by the Chiefs following the accident ... but he's now no longer employed by the NFL team.

Originally Published -- 11:00 AM PT

K.C. Chiefs Heiress Gracie Hunt Wins Miss Kansas USA 'Hope to Make Everyone Proud'

The Hunt family just keeps winning ...

Gracie Hunt -- whose family owns the K.C. Chiefs -- has won the Miss Kansas USA pageant ... just like her mother did back in 1993!

The 21-year-old is the daughter of Clark Hunt -- the chairman, CEO and co-owner of the Chiefs.

Clark's father, Lamar Hunt, was a football pioneer who founded the American Football League and eventually merged it with the NFL. Lamar also came up with the name of "The Super Bowl."

And now, Lamar's granddaughter is making a name for herself in the pageant world -- taking the top spot at Miss Kansas USA on Sunday.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

After the victory, Grace posted a celebratory statement on social media.

"I cannot put into words how honored I am to join the VANBROS family and Miss Kansas USA legacy & represent the amazing state of Kansas!"

"Thank you to everyone who believed in me and to God for making my prayers a reality. I hope to make everyone proud through the next part of my journey. And so the adventure begins ..."

Gracie notes she also works in marketing and development for the Chiefs -- while pursuing a Master's Degree in Sport Management from the University of Kansas.

Gracie also serves as a global ambassador for the Special Olympics.

Gracie's mom, Tavia, was a beauty queen back in the day -- after she won Miss Kansas USA, she was runner up in the 1993 Miss USA pageant.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.


Britt Reid Car Crash 5-Year-Old Victim Still Hospitalized ... But Showing Improvement

The little girl who suffered a brain injury in the Britt Reid car crash incident in February has still NOT been released from the hospital ... but she's starting to make improvements.

5-year-old Ariel Young was in a coma for more than a week when Britt Reid -- son of K.C. Chiefs head coach Andy Reid -- allegedly slammed his car into the vehicle she was in during a Feb. 4 crash.

Young woke up from her coma in mid-February -- but doctors diagnosed her with a traumatic brain injury and expect a "long road to recovery."

Young's family, through her GoFundMe page, provided an update on her health over the weekend.

"Ariel remains in the hospital, she is getting a little better each day but she still has a long road to recovery."

As we previously reported, cops say Britt Reid admitted to drinking alcohol and taking Adderall before smashing into 2 parked cars that were pulled over on the side of a highway on-ramp.

Cops announced they were investigating the crash but so far no formal charges have been brought against Reid.

Young's family is clearly unhappy with the pace of the investigation -- saying, "Britt Reid is out everyday living his normal life while [Ariel] cannot, please don’t let her story be forgotten."

"Court will take a long time and we don’t know what will be the outcome of it all. So please keep sharing her story and praying for her and the family. Thank you."

35-year-old Britt -- who was a linebacker coach with the Chiefs -- was initially placed on leave following the crash. But, he is no longer employed by the team.

NFL's Tyreek Hill Hits Insane 360 & Windmill Dunks ... In Wild Jam Session!!


Here's NFL superstar Tyreek Hill lighting up a high school gym in Miami like he's a young Nate Robinson ... and the video is awesome!!

The 5'10" wideout celebrated his 27th birthday on Monday by hitting some VERY IMPRESSIVE acrobatic dunks -- including a 360 and a windmill!!!

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Yeah, we know he can run ... but Cheetah can JUMP OUT THE GYM!!

After the dunk show, Hill played some pickup and flexed his hops all over the court -- while casually knocking down 3 pointers.

Look, this is just another example of Hill's freak athletic ability -- the guy is just built different.

It appears Hill played a little basketball in high school -- but his main focus was on track and football.

And yeah, that worked out for him ... but it makes you wonder how good of a hooper could Hill have been if he focused on basketball growing up?

Scary thought, huh?!

Andy Reid Face Shield, Hat Get H.O.F. Display COVID's Going To Canton!!!

Andy Reid’s iconic face shield just reached Hall of Fame status ... 'cause the Pro Football H.O.F. just announced the Chiefs coach's COVID-19-friendly look is getting put on display in Canton!!

The Hall of Fame announced the newest addition to its "Pro Football Today Gallery" on Monday ... which will now feature the same hat and face mask the legendary coach wore throughout part of the 2020 season.

Of course, Reid became an instant meme when his shield fogged up like crazy during Week 1 of the NFL season ... which Coach later referred to as "brutal."

After the game, Reid had their equipment director, Allen Wright, fix the issue with an anti-fogging product. He eventually switched to wearing a face mask in order to meet newly introduced league protocols.

The Hall points out it's the same mask Reid wore as he secured his 230th win as a coach during Week 9 ... when he moved into 5th place all time.

It's a symbolic move for the Hall to feature COVID-19-related items to commemorate the 2020 season ... we just hope they sanitized the stuff.

Britt Reid Car Crash 5-Year-Old Wakes from Coma

10:52 AM PT -- A spokesperson for the Kansas City Police Dept. says the little girl "is breathing on her own but is still unresponsive."

The spokesperson added the investigation into the crash is still ongoing.

"Ariel is awake."

That's the GREAT news everyone has been waiting for regarding the little girl who was badly injured in a car accident involving KC Chiefs assistant coach Britt Reid.

5-year-old Ariel Young suffered serious brain injuries when Britt Reid -- the son of head coach Andy Reid -- allegedly slammed his car into the vehicle she was in, the Thursday before the Super Bowl.

Young was hospitalized in critical condition and remained in a coma for more than a week, according to the GundFundMe page created by her aunt.

The family had been asking for prayers -- and it seems they were finally answered, because they announced Ariel awoke from the coma on Monday.

The family did not expand on her medical condition -- but the assumption is that it's a move in the right direction.

Ariel's 4-year-old cousin, Julianna, was also injured in the Feb. 4 crash -- suffering a broken nose and a concussion, according to the family. She's at home recovering.

35-year-old Britt -- who was a linebacker coach with the Chiefs -- was initially placed on leave the crash. But, he is no longer employed by the team.

As we previously reported, cops say Reid admitted to drinking alcohol and taking Adderall before smashing into 2 parked cars that were pulled over on the side of a highway on-ramp. The crash occurred just minutes from Arrowhead Stadium in KC.

Cops announced they were investigating the crash but so far no formal charges have been brought against Reid.

FYI, Ariel's GoFundMe page has already raised more than $488,000 to help cover medical expenses ... an incredible show of support.

Originally published -- 5:53 AM PT

K.C. Chiefs Cut Ties with Britt Reid After Crash ... No Longer Employed By Team

Andy Reid's son, Britt Reid, is no longer a member of the K.C. Chiefs coaching staff, this just days after he was involved in a car crash that critically injured a 5-year-old.

35-year-old Britt -- who was a linebacker coach with the Chiefs -- was initially placed on leave after Thursday's accident ... and now ESPN reports his contract has since expired and the team did not make an effort to renew it.

In other words, he's out.

As we previously reported, cops say Reid admitted to drinking alcohol and taking Adderall allegedly smashing into 2 parked cars that were pulled over on the side of a highway on-ramp. The crash occurred just minutes from Arrowhead Stadium in K.C.

Two children were injured in the wreck -- including a 4-year-old and a 5-year-old little girl, who suffered brain damage and has not regained consciousness since the accident.

Britt Reid did not travel with the Chiefs to Super Bowl LV in Tampa this past weekend ... though it was clear the incident took a toll on his father in those critical hours before the big game.

After the Chiefs lost to the Bucs, Andy Reid spoke about the accident ... saying, "My heart goes out to all those who were involved in the accident, particularly the family with the little girl who's fighting for her life."

Courtesy of NFL

Reid told the media he's been advised by his legal team to not comment on the accident or the investigation ... but added, "Just from a human standpoint, man, my heart bleeds for everybody involved in that."

Michael Irvin Tom Brady Didn't Call Mathieu A Racial Slur Super Bowl Audio Proves It

Michael Irvin says he's heard secret audio from the Super Bowl ... and it proves Tom Brady did NOT call Tyrann Mathieu a racial slur during their trash-talking at the big game.

Brady and the Honey Badger got in each other's faces multiple times during the Buccaneers' blowout of the Chiefs, and afterward, Mathieu accused the Tampa Bay QB of muttering something nasty his way.

"He called me something I won't repeat," Mathieu said, "but yeah I'll let all the media throw me under the bus as if I did something or said something to him."

Many thought this implied that Brady had perhaps used racial language on the field ... but Irvin says audio picked up on hot mics showed that flat-out didn't happen.

Irvin -- who has access to the clips through his work as an analyst on Showtime's "Inside The NFL" -- explained on "The Rich Eisen Show" on Tuesday he was upset with Mathieu after audio revealed Brady didn't cross any racial lines with his talk.

"I didn't like that Tyrann Mathieu put that out like that," Irvin said ... "Because, I go, come on now. It makes it sound as if -- it makes people want to know, 'What'd he say?'"

"As if he said the n-word. And he did not. Tom did not. So, you know, I didn't like that even looming over this situation. So that's why I think we should clean that up somewhere, somehow."

Irvin added, "That's what I'm saying. [Brady] didn't say that."

As for what Brady did say ... Irvin says he could not reveal that due to directives from "Inside The NFL" show producers.

"This was just two guys competing," Irvin explained. "That's what that is. Just two guys competing."

For Mathieu and Brady's part, we're told they squashed their beef shortly after it all began ... with Brady sending a text to the K.C. superstar apologizing for the in-game back and forth.

K.C. Chiefs Britt Reid Suspended ... After Serious Car Crash

Kansas City Chiefs linebackers coach Britt Reid has been suspended from the team ... as police investigate his involvement in a bad car accident that left a 5-year-old girl fighting for her life.

As we previously reported, cops say Reid admitted to consuming alcohol and Adderall before a bad 3-car crash around 9 PM Thursday night that left a child in critical condition.

The child's family members say the girl suffered major brain damage in the accident ... including swelling and internal bleeding. She has not woken up since the crash.

Reid -- who did not travel with the Chiefs to Super Bowl LV in Tampa this past weekend -- has officially been placed on administrative leave, the team announced Tuesday.

"We remain in the process of gathering information on the incident, and we will continue to assist local authorities as requested," the team said in a statement.

"Our focus remains on Ariel Young and her family. We have reached out to the family to offer our support and resources to them during this difficult time, and we will continue to pray for her recovery."

Courtesy of NFL

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid -- Britt's father -- also addressed the situation after the Super Bowl loss on Sunday ... saying, "My heart goes out to all those who were involved in the accident, particularly the family with the little girl who's fighting for her life."

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