NFL's Trevone Boykin Gets 3-Year Prison Sentence ... In Assault Case

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Ex-NFL QB Trevone Boykin was just sentenced to 3 years behind bars after he pled guilty to charges stemming from an incident where he roughed up his GF ... TMZ Sports has confirmed.

Boykin -- a former TCU superstar -- was accused of choking and breaking the jaw of his girlfriend, Shabrika Bailey, during a fight back in 2018.

Trevone was facing DECADES of prison time after he was hit with two felony charges in the case ... and to make matters worse for the 26-year-old, he was also arrested again months later.

In that case, Boykin was accused of stealing money from fans in an elaborate memorabilia scheme ... and was hit with two additional theft charges.

But, the Tarrant County District Attorney's Office officials tell us Boykin reached a plea agreement Wednesday to close out both cases.

According to a DA spokesperson, Boykin pled guilty to felony aggravated assault and felony tampering with a witness ... and he also pled guilty to two misdemeanor charges of theft.

We're told Boykin was sentenced to 3 years in prison for the felonies and 180 days for the misdemeanors ... but the sentences are set to run concurrently.

"Mr. Boykin has failed to take responsibility for any of his assaultive and criminal behavior up until this point," prosecutor Allenna Bangs said in a statement.

"The victim in this case sustained a long-standing relationship of abuse by Mr. Boykin and, along with our office, feels his prison sentence is vindication for what she endured and the consequences he was able to avoid in the past because of his ability on the football field.”

We spoke with one of Boykin's attorneys in the case, Steven G. Gebhardt, who said of Trevone's feelings on the agreement, "I think he's glad to just have it over."

Gebhardt added Boykin is now looking to continue his football career once he's released from prison ... telling us, "We believe that door has not closed."

Boykin had huge potential during his time at TCU -- he was once considered a big-time NFL prospect -- but he couldn't stay out of trouble, most notably getting arrested for fighting an officer just days before TCU's 2015 Alamo Bowl game.


Still, Boykin got a shot with the Seattle Seahawks from 2016-2017 ... but he was eventually released after arrests in 2017.

Maurkice Pouncey Annihilates NFL Reps Over CBA Talks ... 'F*** That S**t!!!'

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"That s**t all f**king bulls**t! F**k that!"

That's Pittsburgh Steelers star Maurkice Pouncey going OFF on NFL reps over new Collective Bargaining Agreement talks ... calling the league's latest proposal an AWFUL deal for players.

"Man, this s**t so f**king crazy, man!" Pouncey said in an epic rant Wednesday. "I vote no. F**k that s**t. Our NFLPA -- the dudes at the top, the leaders -- man, that s**t all f**king bulls**t. F*ck that. They ain't looking out for the best of the players!"

If you haven't seen it ... the NFL is THIIIISSS close to establishing a new CBA -- with owners and NFLPA officials in agreement over tentative terms for a new deal.

FYI ... the proposal reportedly includes a new 17-game regular season, a shorter preseason, and more playoff teams -- among several other polarizing topics.

All that remains left to ratify the agreement is a majority of the league's players have to vote yes ... and if Pouncey had it his way, there'd be no way in HELL that happens.

"If ya'll want my vote, the Pouncey twins vote no," Maurkice said ... "All the vets on each team, stand the f**k up. Stand up! Show these guys that we care about them!"

It's unclear exactly which part of the new proposal Pouncey hates ... but several big-name players, including J.J. Watt, have also spoken out against the new deal.

"They trying to sign a bulls**t-ass deal just so these motherf**kers and the sitting president can go around and smile and say, 'I got something done,'" Pouncey said. "You ain't get s**t done!"

Players are expected to vote on the new proposal sometime in the next few weeks.

Antonio Brown Mulled $2.7 Mil Settlement with Accuser ... Deal Fell Apart

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Antonio Brown just posted an email showing his legal team was thiiis close to closing a $2.7 million settlement with his sexual assault accuser in 2019, but the deal ultimately fell through.

TMZ Sports has confirmed the email -- dated August 30, 2019 -- is real. And we're also told the case in question is the lawsuit filed by Brown's former personal trainer Britney Taylor.

As we previously reported, Taylor filed her lawsuit on Sept. 11, 2019 -- claiming Brown sexually assaulted her on multiple occasions, including a violent rape in 2018.

But in the days before Taylor filed, Brown's attorneys were working on striking a private settlement deal with the accuser to keep her from going public with her allegations.

In the email from Brown's attorney Bruce Zimet to AB, the lawyer explains, "Just got a call from Mediator that she accepts $2.7 million. Am awaiting written confirmation."

Sources connected to the case tell us something went sideways before the deal could be closed and Brown did NOT end up writing that check.

ESPN has previously reported that it was Brown who personally blew up the deal. Though details surrounding his decision remain murky.

For his part, Brown has adamantly denied any wrongdoing and insists the two had a "consensual personal relationship."

Alabama WR Jerry Jeudy Explains Star Of David Necklace 'Don't Mean No Disrespect'

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1:25 PM PT -- Jeudy went to Twtter to address his jewelry ... saying "Don't mean no disrespect to the Jewish people! I'm sorry to the people who take my chain offensive!!"

He's never been Bar Mitzvah'd. He doesn't fast on Yom Kippur. So, why is Alabama WR Jerry Jeudy rockin' a Star of David around his neck at the NFL Combine?

"My last name's Jeudy. People sometimes call me [Jew for short]."


Long story short ... Jeudy really likes his "Jew" nickname and decided to cop himself some "jew"elry to let everybody know!

"So, I just got a Jewish star ... I'm not Jewish though."

Jeudy also has a decorative piece with the word, "Jew" spelled across.

Everyone in the media room laughed when Jeudy offered up his explanation -- but the question ... is it all Kosher with actual Jewish people?

We asked some of the Jewish people in the office for their thoughts -- here's what we got.

-- "I think it's weird and f**ked up."

-- "If it's not used in a derogatory way, I don't care."

-- "It doesn't bother me."

-- "I'm not offended by it. I hope somehow the 'Jew' nickname will spark interest in Judaism and Jewish culture."

-- "I don't like that one bit. I think it's making a mockery of people's identity. I find it very offensive."

So, division in the office ... how do you feel about the chain?

Originally Published -- 8:00 AM PT

Jerry's Jewelry

Baker Mayfield Radio Host Suspended Called QB Derogatory Slur

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Well, this is one way to get kicked off the airwaves ...

ESPN Cleveland radio host Tony Grossi has been suspended indefinitely for using profanity when talking about Baker Mayfield ... calling the QB a "f**king m****t" (derogatory slur for a little person) on a hot mic during a livestream.

The talent on TheLandOnDemand were discussing quarterbacks on other teams during a break ... when Grossi chimed in with "Who do we got? A f**king m****t."


Grossi was immediately suspended for the comment ... and has since released a statement apologizing to Bake, the Browns and the little person community.

"There’s no excuse for using that language in any context," Grossi said. "It was said without malice but also without thought."

Of course, it's no secret Grossi and Mayfield ain't gucci -- they've had their fair share of spats in the QB's short time in Cleveland. Remember the "Jesus, Tony!" incident??


Grossi acknowledged the beef in his apology, saying "It is well known that Baker and I have had our differences, and in the course of this experience, I’ve had to question my role in the erosion of the relationship."

"I have always endeavored to report and comment on him and the team fairly, and am shaken by these events."

Joe Burrow Won't Boycott Bengals If Drafted #1 ... 'I'll Show Up'

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"I'm not going to NOT play."

That's Joe Burrow making Bengals fans feel A LITTLE better -- telling media at the NFL Combine he won't hold out (or force a trade) if selected with the #1 pick in the NFL Draft.

"I'm a ball player," Burrow said ... "Whoever picks me, I'm going to go show up."

The former LSU superstar -- who just won the Heisman Trophy -- hasn't exactly sounded stoked about potentially going to Cincinnati.

But Burrow is pointing the finger at the media -- saying, "You guys [in the media]  kind of took that narrative and ran with it. There has never been anything like that from my end."

As for recent comments about having "leverage" going into the 2020 Draft -- Burrow explained he was referring to his workout at the NFL Combine -- saying he won't be pressured into doing drills he doesn't feel like doing.

Burrow insists he was NOT trying to imply he would force his way out of Cinci.

In fact, when asked about the likelihood of being drafted by the Bengals, Burrow pointed out the team is located about 2 hours from his home in Ohio ... and he he could go home for dinner if he wanted to.

So, ya still think Burrow will suit up for the Orange and Black for Week 1?

Darren Sproles I'm A Hall of Famer ... 'I Feel Like I Am'


Darren Sproles says he deserves a bronze bust in Canton someday ... straight-up telling TMZ Sports he's a Hall of Famer.

"I feel like I am," Sproles says. "But it's not for me to choose."

FYI ... Sproles' ex-teammate and All-Pro OL Brandon Brooks couldn't have agreed more with the former Eagles RB while the two were out in LA this week, saying, "Bro, there is no doubt."

Sproles has a solid case ... the 36-year-old played in the NFL for 14 years and is considered one the best utility backs that's ever touched the gridiron.

The 5-foot-6, 190-pound NFLer rushed for 3,552 yards in his career, added 4,840 more receiving yards and piled up more than 10,000 punt and kick return yards as well.

It's unclear if he'll ever get in -- the Hall doesn't have too many util guys in it -- but Darren is eligible for the honor starting in 2025, having retired after this past season.

As for what he'll do in the meantime ... Sproles says he's trying to coach, telling us, "I just want to help build a football team."

Alabama's Henry Ruggs Will Run 4.20 40 At NFL Combine ... Teammate Says


John Ross' NFL combine record is in serious trouble this week ... 'cause Alabama star receiver Henry Ruggs WILL run a 4.20 40-yard dash in Indy -- so says his Tide teammate.

"Somewhere around that range," Alabama cornerback Trevon Diggs tells TMZ Sports. "That kid's fast!"


Of course, Ross currently holds the mark for quickest 40 time ever at the NFL's marquee pre-draft event ... logging a 4.22 back in 2017.

But Ruggs has a legit shot of breaking that mark when receivers run this week ... because during his time at 'Bama -- he FLEW by defenders on a regular basis.

"Ruggs is real fast," Diggs tells us. "He's going to run a real, real, real good time."

As for how that pure speed will translate to the NFL ... Diggs says he has no doubts the guy will be a stud -- saying his skill level is right on par with Tide superstar Jerry Jeudy's.

"He got good routes, he's fast, he's a playmaker as well," Diggs says. "Like, you get the ball in his hands, like, no one is going to catch him. Like, nobody."

But when it comes to which receiver gave him the most trouble during his 'Bama days ... ya gotta hear Diggs' answer -- 'cause it just might surprise you!!

NFL's DeVante Parker Drops $100k to Rep Alma Mater ... With Diamond Chain!!!

Imagn Composite

Miami Dolphins star DeVante Parker is a Cardinal for LIFE ... don't believe it?? Just check out his insane new Louisville-inspired diamond chain!!

TMZ Sports has learned ... the 27-year-old wanted to go all out on a tribute for his alma mater, the University of Louisville, so he hit up Gabriel the Jeweler to make an iced-out pendant of his school's logo!!

We're told the piece is decked out in emerald-cut diamonds on the border, diamonds to make the Cardinal in the middle, and a pink diamond for the eye!!

In total, we're told there are 60 carats of diamonds.


Of course, Parker was an absolute beast at U of L -- he was first-team all-AAC in 2013 and second-team in 2014 ... before going on to get picked 14th overall in the 2015 draft.

FYI -- Gabriel is the go-to jeweler for some of the biggest names in the NFL -- from Odell Beckham to Jarvis Landry to Antonio Brown.

We know you're wondering -- we're told Parker dropped around $100k for the piece ... and he LOVES it!!

Cedric Benson Incredible Austin Home Hits Market ... For $4.5 Million


Cedric Benson's longtime home in Austin -- which he completely rebuilt from the ground up -- is hitting the market ... and it's got a $4.5 million price tag.

TMZ Sports has learned ... Benson bought the Texas pad back in 2006 and worked passionately to turn it into his dream home.

The finished product is amazing -- it's got 6 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, pool and spa, personal gym ... and it's all sitting on top of a hill overlooking downtown Austin.

We're told it took 2 years to completely rebuild the house ... and Benson was involved in every detail of the house.

The crib is looking for a new owner who will love the place as much as the former NFL star did ... and it's currently listed for $4.5 million.

Benson tragically passed away in a motorcycle accident back in August 2019. He was 36 years old.

Joe Burrow & NFL Prospects Massive Jewelry Spree Before Draft $285K Worth Of Bling!!!


The biggest names in the NFL's rookie class -- from Joe Burrow to CeeDee Lamb -- are getting ready for their big day in the most baller way possible ... by going all-out on some JEWELRY!!!

TMZ Sports has learned ... LSU superstars Burrow, and Patrick Queen, Oklahoma's Lamb and Jerry Jeudy and South Carolina's Javon Kinlaw -- who are all potential first-round picks -- got their ice fix from Leo Frost in Houston ... before taking the stage at the Draft on April 23.

Here's a breakdown of the haul ...

The Heisman winner and national champ copped a #9 pendant in 18k white gold with VVS diamonds, which is worth $10k.

Even better for Burrow ... he didn't pay for the jewelry!! The bling was a gift from Baton Rouge, Louisiana born rapper Boosie -- a huge LSU fan.

Burrow's teammate, Queen, bagged a "Level Up" VS1 diamond pendant in 14k yellow and white gold, worth $45k.

Jeudy went ALL OUT with two-tone yellow and white gold 'JJ4' and 'JEW' pendants with VS diamonds on 14k yellow VS gold diamond Cuban chains, worth $100k total. On top of that, Jeudy also got an 18K yellow gold Audemars Piguet, fully flooded with VS2 diamonds!!

Kinlaw copped a Jesus piece with chocolate brown diamonds on a two-row VS diamond tennis chain, worth $45k.

Last, but def not least, Lamb went with a '32' pendant made with two-tone 14k yellow and white gold on VS diamond Cuban chains, worth $90k!

These dudes are NFL ready!!

Dez Bryant Runs Routes For Patrick Mahomes ... Future Chiefs Duo?!?

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Is Dez Bryant a future Kansas City Chief?!?!!

Seems like it could be a possibility ... 'cause the former All-Pro wide out ran routes for Patrick Mahomes on Friday -- and there seems to be chemistry there!!!

Of course, Dez hasn't played a down in the NFL since 2017 ... but he's been working like a mad man to get back, even telling TMZ Sports this month he's "for damn sure" returning to the league soon.


And, we gotta say ... in the clips of Dez and Mahomes, the former Dallas Cowboy superstar still looks like he has hit!!

Check out how he high points the ball and turns upfield in one of the clips ... sure looks a lot like 2014, right???

It's unclear why the Super Bowl MVP decided to link up with Dez for the workout ... but Mahomes is from the Tyler, Texas area -- so it coulda been just two elite athletes getting some run in.

Then again, maybe Andy Reid put his quarterback up to it to report back to Chiefs kingdom?!?!

Seems Dez certainly hopes so!

Victor Cruz Blasts NFL's 17-Game Proposal ... 'We Got Enough!!!'


Victor Cruz tells TMZ Sports ... Roger Goodell needs to shut down the idea of a 17-game season ASAP, saying, "We don't need any more games!"

"We got enough!" Cruz says. "16 is enough!"

Of course, a big part of the league's new collective bargaining agreement could, in fact, include a 17-game schedule ... because owners believe it'll bring in a TON of cash.

But, when we got Cruz -- a former New York Giants superstar -- out in NYC on Thursday ... he told us it's not a great idea for the players to go along with that plan.

"I just don't want them adding any more games," Cruz tells us. "These players, there's enough wear and tear on their bodies. We don't need any more games."

Cruz says he DOES like one of the owners' new proposals, however ... saying the idea of expanding playoffs from 12 teams to 14 is a GREAT move.

"That I'm not mad at because there's a lot of teams that go 10-6 and if they don't win the division, they might not make the playoffs or get that wildcard spot."

It's unclear if either proposal will go into effect in the 2020 season ... while owners have voted for the changes, player reps still need to give their okay for them to pass.

Terrelle Pryor's Ex-GF Attempted Murder Charge Dropped ... In Stabbing Case

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The woman who stabbed (and almost killed) NFL star Terrelle Pryor back in Nov. just caught a HUGE break -- a judge has thrown out the attempted murder charge against her.

Remember, officials say 24-year-old Shalaya Briston plunged a kitchen knife into Pryor's chest area TWICE during an altercation at their Pittsburgh area home on Nov. 30.

Pryor claims he lost around 3.5 liters of blood and was within minutes of dying -- but thankfully, doctors were able to save him during an emergency operation.

Briston was initially charged with felony attempted homicide and felony assault -- and was facing DECADES in prison.

But Thursday, a Pennsylvania judge dismissed the more serious charge against Briston -- attempted homicide.

Unclear exactly why ... but remember, Briston's attorneys have claimed she was defending herself when she stabbed Pryor. Plus, Pryor himself has been publicly asking for mercy on her.

Briston is definitely NOT out of the woods -- the felony assault charge will move forward and that carries up to 20 years in prison (though it's unlikely she'll get anywhere close to that).

Pryor is also facing a misdemeanor simple assault charge for his role -- though that carries a much lighter sentence if convicted.

As we previously reported ... Pryor required 30 stitches in his chest and shoulder area from the attack. His attorney has said Briston's self-defense argument is BS, claiming "it was attempted murder."

The two had been dating for about a year at the time of the incident.

Both Pryor and Briston are due back in court for hearings on the case in April.

Browns Lineman Greg Robinson Busted For 157 Lbs. Of Weed Facing Up to 20 Yrs In Prison


9:24 AM PT -- 2/20 The Montreal Alouettes -- Quan Bray's CFL team -- released a statement saying they're aware of his arrest.

"We are in the process of gathering as much information as possible as we take this matter very seriously," the statement says. "We plan to make a definitive decision as soon as possible."

"The organization will issue no further comment."

4:45 PM PT -- TMZ Sports has learned that Greg Robinson was busted with 156.9 pounds of marijuana, according to law enforcement docs.

Robinson -- who was also with 26-year-old ex-NFL player Quan Bray -- was stopped around 7:15 PM on Monday evening after a Border Patrol drug-sniffing dog alerted to the rear cargo door of their 2020 Chevy Tahoe.

According to the docs, Robinson and Bray were NOT reentering the country from Mexico -- rather they were trying to get from Los Angeles to Louisiana and hit the checkpoint on the way.

The agents performed a follow-up search and located several vacuum-sealed black bags full of a green leafy substance.

Border Patrol tested the substance and it came back positive for marijuana.

BP says they also found 23 mason jars, a can sealing machine, an electronic scale, and $3,100 in cash in Bray's jeans.

There was a third person in the SUV -- who was not charged. During the stop, Robinson and Bray allegedly tried to get that person to take the fall for the weed.

BP says while in custody, agents observed a text notification on Robinson's cell phone from a contact listed as "Grow House Indoor."

Robinson and Bray are facing up to 20 years in prison, if convicted.

Robinson and Bray were teammates at Auburn. Bray -- a wide receiver -- played a few seasons with the Indianapolis Colts, but never really caught on in the NFL. He was most recently playing with the CFL's Montreal Alouettes.

Cleveland Browns lineman Greg Robinson -- the #2 overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft -- is in custody after officials say he was found with A LOT of marijuana at a border patrol checkpoint.

We're told Robinson was stopped on Monday at the Sierra Blanca border checkpoint near the U.S., Mexico border. We're still working on the details surrounding the arrest.

Jail records show Robinson is still in custody and we're told he's facing a federal charge of possession with intent to distribute.

27-year-old Robinson was an absolute stud back in his college days -- making 1st Team All-SEC during his 2013 season at Auburn.

The NFL scouts drooled over Robinson -- he's 6'5", 332 pounds -- and when the Rams took him with the #2 pick in 2014, they signed him to a fully guaranteed 4-year $21 million contract.

The bad news for the Rams ... he didn't live up to the hype so they traded him to the Detroit Lions for a 6th round pick in 2017. The Browns signed Robinson in 2018 and re-signed him in 2019.

Sources tell us the Browns recently informed Robinson they would not be bringing him back for the 2020 season.

Robinson has reportedly made more than $29 million in contract money during his NFL career.

We reached out to Robinson's rep and the Cleveland Browns -- so far, no comment from either.

Originally published -- 2/19 7:32 AM PT

Ravens OL Bradley Bozeman Crushes 72-Oz Steak ... In Epic Food Challenge

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Bradley and Nikki Bozeman Foundation


Baltimore Ravens starting OL Bradley Bozeman ate 4.5 POUNDS of steak -- PLUS FIXINGS -- at dinner Wednesday night ... and the dude hardly broke a sweat!!!

The epic meal went down in Amarillo, Texas at "The Big Texan Steak Ranch" ... where Lamar Jackson's personal protector decided to take on the restaurant's famous food challenge.

Here's the deal ... ya gotta kill a 72-ounce steak, a shrimp cocktail, a baked potato, a salad and a roll with butter in under 1 hour -- and winners get a FREE T-SHIRT (plus, the meal is free and you get your name on the wall).

Bozeman -- a 6'5", 317-pound NFL stud -- happily accepted the challenge ... and you can see in video of him chowing down, he CRUSHED it!!!

The 25-year-old finished every last bite, with more than 10 minutes to spare ... and afterward, he didn't look any worse for wear at all!!

Of course, when we spoke with Bozeman hours after the meal ... he wasn't feelin' all that hot about it, telling us, "That was definitely the hardest thing I've ever had to eat."

By the way, the reason Bozeman was in the North Texas town was pretty cool ... he and his wife, Nikki, had just finished a successful stop on their country-wide tour of schools to speak to kids about the dangers of bullying.

Up next for the Bozemans is a speaking engagement at a school in Albuquerque, N.M. ... but Bozeman says there's absolutely NO CHANCE he has another steak there.

Good call.

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